Skern Racing Festival Pan Americano Salinas – Subtitles press "CC" for close caption.

I’m Eddie Colon, mechanic and crew chief of Darth Vader We are in Puerto Rico, the home of the race car adding what we promised, a few adjustments and a few things we’ve done to the motors We began working on the can and it’s been documented, everything is working out CorretjerFilms traveled from United States to document this project and cover the event at the track thanks to Roberto Santiago and Mike in Orlando they are responsible for making all this possible and Gaby Skern Racing for helping with the motor so we could be at the Pan American event Good afternoon, Jose Diaz better known as “Gaby Skern” Skernracing.com…..we are at our laboratory Sporty Motorsports As you can see we have CNC machinery we also have CNC lathe we have motor balancing machinery CNC plasma cutter and surface grinder Currently we are offering services on allignment and rotor clearance in addition to the balancing, which is being used in the fastest cars in the world today also provide the stud kit and machining service We are fabricating fuel rails and injector bosses we also have a 3-D Laser Scanner, latest technology we can also fabricate any type of custom parts stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or what the client demands As you can we are using the centre bearing eccentric shat

from Xtreme Rotaries thanks to Rohan Ambrose at Xtreme rotaries who has helped us and support us when it comes to our engines and has helped Gaby a lot with Skern Racing on balancing, in this case this eccentric shaft has quite a few passes on the motor it has had 6 second passes and we continue to use it, it’s still working fine, it’s the same one and we’ll continue to use it in the new motor we’ll be building We are very satisfied and happy with the results at the Panamerican Festival at

Puerto Rico Internaltional Speedway in Salinas with the 4 cars we took

all 4 cars qualifed at the event we won the 1st round at the event with all 4 cars

One of them “Carlos Racing” The other is “The New Castro” “El Papote” of Jimmy Bou and “Darth Vader” that traveled from USA We obtained 1st Qualification of Puerto Rico with “Carlos Racing” In Team USA we had 2nd qualification with “Darth Vader” and very happy with the results and progress we’ve obtained with the changes to the cars the adjustments for example “Carlos Racing”, we ran 6.93 @ 206mph during the event the car was “bracketing” within the 6 seconds which is not too common We are very happy specially with “The New Castro”, our newst addition to the Skern Racing Team since we finished “Runner up” at the event, this time running a MicroTech LT16 which will be soon replaced by a MOTEC M800 the guys are trying very hard to get us all the parts to improve the car that even with all the problems we faced on the forward suspension among other we finished runner up at the event with a new record 7.20 @ 188mph, never done before Normally our cars, for example “Carlos Racing” the 1st 3/4 chassis to run 6 seconds…Rotary in the world it has had the same motor for a whole year thanks to the mechanical details and the tuning of Skern Racing as well as “Papote” which has been using the same motor in many events winning many of them with the same engine, which fills us with satisfaction all the work and sacrifice leads to these rewards And one more time demonstrating Skern Racing Team and Sporty Motorsports what we are caplable of making with our clients people that work cars that are built by “Breath” how we like to say “Low Budget”, we are competitive always winning events…1st, 2nd….qualifying strong and pushing forward those who don’t have the budget to race at the level we are it fills us with satisfaction and pride being able to accomplish this without the budget that others need to reach these goals


Let's Play MotorSport Manager PC Career | #161 Vélan Racing Season 10 Race 11 VANCOUVER

hello and welcome to low budget gaming and welcome to my Let’s play of motorsport manager PC career mode we are in season 10 with Velan racing and next up is the Canadian Grand Prix in Vancouver and so far we haven’t done that well the season even though we had a win in Milan couple of races ago last time out in Phoenix silikov got a 5th and Cristiano finished outside the points I think 12 maybe 13 but yeah he hasn’t been scoring a lot of points as you can see total is only minus 11 and the reserve driver Bianca Del Naja he came in for two races and he got a fifth place and he scored temer so as you can see Cristiano has been struggling so with that being said let’s get ready for Canada Canada it looks like it’s going to rain a bit and as you know we tend to do very well in the rain and let’s hope we can do something again so Balthazar on Phoenix poor car condition update Balthazar winds let’s see the interview you attempt at a quick pace was not a mistake everyone chairman criticized him yeah every second makes a difference gay drivers are happy with that no I think I see Ana wasn’t and pit crew could report to bestow postures he have they had a mistake okay it seems that we can take matters into our own hands did we fire him nah just give him a rest I think he’s been with us for our answer 52 I mean our guys are the best ones that great west or second best usually so we can’t complain they’re just human so they’ll make mistakes and I don’t know what the science is behind them making mistakes now let’s just check the contracts again three races thus hire him hire him yep we just make sure everybody is up to 12 races so we don’t suddenly run out of people there should be some sort of system telling us that okay pit crew needs renewing their licenses I mean contracts otherwise they will leave us something like that like a few races before the contracts are done of came a tree and build people okay this is good on fixing but nothing else – Jax I’m fixing this guy’s alright yeah but nothing particularly stands out okay let’s go back to the mail and continue from there yeah forgotten about the repair in not repairing the parts what where are we on the parts building the suspension will be ready in three days we have plenty of time three days eleven hours about four days as far as the improvements are concerned suspension rear wing and engine so engine is almost fully upgraded the rear wing okay okay this one is fully done this one is also fully done so we don’t really need to get these done so why are they still highlighted okay we can remove them I think we have to this wait just to become fully and four we would like to use the new wings the front wings the legendary ones we’ve just prepared but we also want them to be fully ready for the race I suppose since you’re not working on anything else we need the reliability to only about 60% okay almost ready care breaks it breaks also this one is almost done they are both done so we have suspension rearing engine what I’m thinking is do we have time to build a railing can you let them finish the suspension then we shall see suspension build finished okay let’s have a look suspension 40% okay let’s get working on this see these are not disappearing they normally go sort of like if we do that

and the pricks are also done 49 days after race what is holding up the show I think it’s the front wings I think they do that in okay whenever they’re done together that’s when they give you the message okay so should we build another suspension we have time so here on what is the current number 14:11 1436 is the maximum so we need something more than that 14:36 it is our plus 40 on the corner sortie – max risk l1 okay so nothing’s pressure here we do this and we do this 14:56 okay it is better I suppose but reliability goes down if we remove that and increase the reliability but the redzone was done that’s no Houston what about this it takes five days more I don’t know if I want five days because I would like to get to the next levels okay they are on to that let’s look at the sponsor situation which is pretty bad golden tiger second above second above second above seriously let’s take them one and a quarter million we are not going to finish second at least get our balance right and slot right we have ambrosia giving us four sixth in a pub wine Choi is giving this is the realistic one and they’re giving us good money as well however the problem is if we don’t select higher paying sponsors we end up with lowering our marketability so we’ll have to go with ambrosia and it will be between ambrosia for six or above for golden tiger we can get six or above that is doable see we have only a three star sponsor appeal we need a five star sponsor appeal okay stop stop stop okay Mordy returning what India’s Prime Minister know we’ve had a well-placed source engine Modi of a guy no idea he was trying for that team okay he she’s threatening us again now we need to get the Performa see this is done now see is clean chit here I get that thing done come on kept working on that so this is up to 57 percent reliability I think we are good we should focus more on where is the suspension fifty-five suspension is crucial though so we just need a bit more on the suspension but we need more start working on performance please and let’s see let’s do the wood spec engines once again although we are suffering badly because of the engines I would personally prefer to have our own engines will not benefit traditional seem so it’s not going to benefit anybody apart from chariot so I think we don’t even need to vote I think people will just vote against it anyway yep exactly we save up our words for more important agendas okay 49 days political recess new suspension done okay report on a 29 lap race three point three nine miles 117 forty percent chance of rain we need good suspension we are trying to build one we have built another one and B are hoping we can use them during the race which may not be possible okay go back to reliability people we need that thing ready hey in seven days fourteen eleven fourteen twelve so these are already better than what we have our D front wings looking fifteen nine sixteen ninety three so this one is slightly better so we need that to be better than that okay but the front wings are not that important for Canada the engine is fully fit for purpose now we have seven days what is important for the next race in Singapore we need a gearbox brakes and front wing see we are working on the front wing we have built a few care boxes but the problem is we haven’t touched the brakes every yes we haven’t even made a single set of brakes so I

think we should start working on the brakes because we can build on a set of suspension but I don’t think we need suspension for a while the ideally I would like to have everything done by the end of the season like at least up to like the legendary risky parts but as you can see until Brazil we don’t need the suspension curious because we have good brakes anyway if we don’t build a new set of brakes would that hurt us see your front wings are only third-best I mean not only like only behind Rossini and Steinman our brakes are behind Rossini Steinman and fencer we have good brakes to begin it suspension is very like can see we are only eight engine app engine is slightly better now we can’t build another set of engines can we don’t have the money seriously and what engines are we using right now epic engine so there’s another level we can go and we go more than that the problem is we’ll have to I think we can’t really go better than that we can make a set for next season like a risky risky ones and hope for the best so if you go this one very risky be covered top-seed plus $30 it was 15 very risky again don’t speed 22 max we’re stripping performance risk level – on top seat 40 reliability my stand during race okay let’s go with that top speed 60 red zone 15 well time four days tops eat 40 reliably 25 I say we go this and we got this so it just I don’t really want reliability here that’s the problem because we haven’t unlocked this which means we are not really that great this is 1956 max if we do this this doesn’t change anything so I don’t mind making risky parts but okay let’s build again okay risk risky one forty-two Max or should we go receive a still 42 max so it’s 1926 20-22 max plus 40 top speed 40 and see we don’t have any risky stuff here plus 35 plus 30 let’s say we go with another one of this 1956 this we go to 1956 still and this is only going to be slightly better than what we have unfortunately we don’t have level three unlocked on the factory so we can’t really get a better engine so we are going to struggle a month–is season without a good engine is there any point okay let’s not get carried away with the engine let’s let’s focus on something else see if we build another suspension we won’t be able to use it anyway for this race so let’s just start work on the brakes just start building brakes so we can get that have to level something or other so anyways we wasted too much time building parts let’s go people let’s go that was quick the build-up brake brakes will finish race mechanics what I think I don’t know something right now they’re definitely all so far no question ok ok happy nice for the feedback ok we got a set of brakes in 1596 see if you can get them ready for the race ok 61 1695 hour the suspensions looking 35% no no 60 this is not good enough people we need everybody on reliability duty only four days – okay we can make another gear break in four days we might actually have this ready so 22 max reliability – 10 bill time five days deceleration plus 40 reliability – 20 plus 5 plus 30 okay let’s go with this we are not planning on using these for now what happened we raise gossip okay don’t because if people

okay so let’s check the parts before heading out so 47 68 I don’t think we can use these suspensions I would like to but we simply don’t have the time we can however reuse the new front wings okay so high tire wear high fuel burn okay so no scope for anything and we’ll go with 6 or above let’s take a chance and we have super soft tires here with high fuel I tire where they’re giving us seriously you will need the soft tires here two qualifying runs we won’t be using the soap ourselves but we could use it if it rains or something yeah I think this is the right mix this would be the right mix let’s just fit the parts before heading out we shall give you guys the new front wings brakes are not important right but 51% is just not good enough sadly we give it to Christian Alice let’s risk it I mean isn’t scoring any points anyway so just giving him a better break could make things a bit easier rail rings suspension sadly we can’t use the suspensions it is 68% it is worth the gamble I suppose but is it worth the gamble no less less not okay Canada we have actually done well here whenever it rains not whenever but like a couple of times we won the race but it was in the dry conditions actually in season four with LAN twister we won the race and that was because of a safety car I believe yeah there was a safety car incident and that helped us out and one stopped that that was the reason we also had like a two and three or like a double podium something we did not win it again but I think we had a two and three two and four something like that okay I did the right thing bringing a risky part not receiver I mean unreliable part breaks our 70 will go 63 here because as 51 51 is just not good enough we should probably have left it this is 51 this is a bit too it goes 79 don’t even okay let’s hope we have some sort of setup saved up I think we did a good set of last year Mike over Vancouver Marlene had to excellence and a great think to stints on the soft would be really comfortable and this Tiana also had two greats to excellence electorate and how many laps is he getting 16 to 18 so even he will be comfortable I feel Ruth who stands on the salt okay guys I’ll see you after practice welcome back practice done both cars got to excellence and a great and level threes on the Kali pointer and the rest I so pretty uneventful no rain or anything in the practice session I hope it rains in the race as we are hoping for some rain and yet let’s see what we can do in quali qualifying is also dry looks completely dry yep okay so we can do two runs here okay yeah that’s to poly hmm so when do we go yeah we’ll do our usual

two runs okay surah kahf out you cool exit is fine here the exit is actually quite short it exit okay Christiana hold our folder and hope we have enough time to do two stints with him as well okay let’s go back to see if this means surah kahf has a clear track no is the answer he has a red car getting in the way keep keep ahead of the red car see if you can yeah this is definitely affecting his lap times yep his lap is ruined one point eight of the pace yeah that wasn’t great I know I can see that and what about Cristiano if he goes faster than obviously silikov had a bad laugh okay still stolen saw Rico I think about a 140 should be okay for getting out of the pits let’s send out your Cristiano first let’s see if that changes anything okay let’s send him post you go now surah kahf will send out right at the last moment talking about now hopefully we haven’t left it too late it’s pretty late action okay I think it should be okay obviously this is the best time to get any grip on track okay still about 12 seconds to spare not bad a Cristiano is going faster in the first sector so Lyubov is also going faster Cristiano is not in the second sector sorry coffee is in the second sector oh wow surah kahf got inside the top six again he hit the sponsor object you see he is he is doing very well here he is overachieving with our car and Cristiano isn’t well he is not entirely to blame basically but the gap between the two mates to teammates is starting to get a bit annoying huh okay good good job sorry coffee got us a lot of money now hopefully he can do the same in the race and please it rained please please yes I see drops but this is interesting but it doesn’t look like very heavy rain interesting it is hmm so what should we do okay so if we go down here I think lap 14 is when we will have to go onto the drys 13 to 14 we don’t have any work done on the so if we do one stop first enters then we go on the soft tires I think that would be the right strategy now that would depend on when we let’s see how many laps we can get out of the soft tire 18 to 20 silico would be comfortable we can go early if we want that Cristiano we can get 16 so even he isn’t that bad so if you go lap 13 even he can manage because the reason why I say 16 is doable is we won’t push Plus first 13 12 abs will reduce the fuel on the car so that would make it a bit easier I see actually how many nose you can get other dainties aha so this is quite then okay we won’t push anything we’ll just draw and hope that they can get over the line okay sorry cough if you can hold on to your place I think that would be a good result nope he has already surrendered come on you

won in the rain last time okay push on the fuel push on the fuel push on the fuel we are good on fuel this one thing we all go down and that is secure miss Chiana has gone down both have dropped one place should we push on the intercessor yes or no a lot of people here push push push sonic office drop three places come on get back get back come on that’s a result of also again a spore guinea on that guys this time he’s got us come on come on okay back off on the fuel back off on the fuel we can’t really push anything here still 90 struggling hard against Giuliani Julien is a faster car it’s the result of horses that’s annoying us once again we already 11 seconds behind okay push on the pure we have a bit of fuel again cars are not getting warmed up here okay somebody has crashed safety car safety car no we can’t do anything we just need to look after the fuel look after the tire tires will be cold suddenly these guys have started crashing I think it’s just a wet conditions they are not used to it they get too aggressive now we have used up a quarter of the tire should we look after the tire so realistically we could go in early but we don’t want to go in so early that we can’t get to the end and who knows if my trading in should we go Phyllis just go conserve on the tires because we don’t want them getting too cold we may go aggressive on the restart but saving of fuel means we can be more aggressive and it’s a red card and a scratch so that helps us getting further up the field okay Taniguchi has crashed in Italy as well and he’s crashed here he’s not having a good time it’s also good to see other people crashing a Cristiano join up to the end of the queue please I want you guys should be yeah because it’s a safety car period see the guitars have completely gone cold and we’ll go very aggressive on that restart push on the tires push on the fuel and see what they can do but they can also crash if we do that a safety car will go in this lab see we don’t really need too many laps all of these interest now miss surah kahf he can do 18 laps so let’s say 17 realistically so he needs some more lap 12 out of these so another six laps the Christiano again about 6 to 7 laps there is the smoke of Taniguchi scar now we just don’t want them falling at the back here there’s a result of Corsa and two Panthers in front directly in front okay safety car is running away now and get ready to push so we’ll push here and push here as well we won’t go over things because that can result in crashes I mean this can still result in a crash party okay good jobs record yes yes come on get on the inside get on me as I stay here stay here perfect surah kahf brilliant move brilliant I hope he hasn’t crashed at the back now he’s dropped to 40 surah kahf my man you are doing a great job here I am impressed he is a very good driver like very very highly rated like if he wasn’t with us he would be a torch a Mian already come on okay come on he’s very aggressive here Christiano is still dropping how is he dropping to 14th twice in a row okay maybe not push so much on the tiles that we don’t have any tiles left we can definitely push on the fuel okay let’s push a bit more on the fuel to stay ahead of those Panthers ok we are look

we are challenging the Steinman’s here just by overtaking just by using the overtake button come on sorry fuck you have fuel we are not doing the same with Christiana because he is likely to crash also he is likely to not score any points anyway I see surah kahf has left behind the Panthers he still got fuel he still got fuel e still pushing still pushing is still pushing brilliant surah kahf I’m very very impressed look at that look at that it’s like a different car all together really and man one romanced here I hope we can actually get something wow that was the best overtake I’ve seen him do ok he’s lost it but come on come on don’t fall I still do it slipstream yes brilliant that this is proper racing ok he’s used up all the fuel but now mine now mind this is good this is good should we still be out on the interest ok lap 12 see the problem with you my friend is you are the one who is not good on tires okay less less why if we paid him he’ll struggle to get to the end unless it rains again okay let’s hit him not another set of interest see 16 isn’t enough 17 to go okay you need to do another lap my friend surah kahf is the one who needs to pit so the 17 laps to go so rakov has done a brilliant job contract you can push on the tyres you can even push on the fuel if you like stay ahead of that Steinman if you can if we can keep him behind before the pits that is good enough but I don’t think both the Steinman’s can pin on the same lab so that guy could suffer badly this is lap 12 so another 17 a cristiano has no tires we have to pit him yeah a strategy one second and strike normally yeah we are not even paying attention because he doesn’t score points and we are not even bothering it Cristiano even getting a cigar is almost at the pits okay the Steinman did come up so they are queuing up come on under one okay we did not have a good pit stop that was not a good pit stop we came out behind several people all that good work a sort of golf did seems to have been wasted how did the – Steinman’s get two of their cars in and out before us that is scandalous so we go just look after the tyres these guys will fit again don’t worry about it you are still fine look at him look at him he’s just got some pace where has he got that pins from maybe that front wing is useful maybe that bit of engine is what’s helping him Cristiano you need to somehow manage these tyres to land see we have gone past a panther without too much problem here if I’m honest on the same set of tires now if you see in front of us we have Balthazar lithograph lobby lobby lobby I don’t know Hashimoto Giuliani bourguignon apart from bourguignon I expect all of these guys to pit again which leaves us in a very good position now the question is we don’t let anybody behind us get ahead of us and when these guys hit we don’t want them to be so far ahead that the pit come out on very fast tires and then get ahead of us again realistically forth is what we should be targeting behind the Balthasar the racino of Alcazar and the – Steinman’s because the – Steinman’s they’ll fit in about two laps so even if they go on another set of interests they all still struggle christiana on the other hand is see everybody around him is on the same tire so there is really no hope for him even now because he still fall down so rakov as you can see is doing a remarkable job keeping the Avila behind the sea Pathan and his teammate is fighting the Avila and the longer he keeps him his partner his teammate behind the better we have a chance of holding all because the

Panthers are really the good cars on Tyra better than us the others are not so sure I’m very confident the others are not as good as us so our tires are fine but they are not warming up and what is the track temperature here 17 degrees so it’s not that what buyer is going to get slightly hotter sorry cough just needs to stay close to bourguignon because if he stays close because bourguignon styles are a slightly more used than us we have 60% bourguignon has 55 so we are slightly better on the tyres see somebody’s already pitted CWD Aviles pitted and look where he ended up 17th so far down ok he is now unhappy about the suspension I thought Cristiano had the bad suspension a suspension is definitely dodgy on silicon okay I’m a bit nervous because there’s still seven laps including this one the boat fuel wise we are good so we can keep pushing now as you can see bourguignon upper head is out of reach a bourguignon could score a lot of points here in it get past us at the start and that is what has helped him yeah you have been stuck but I can’t really pit you what’s the point up to five Hashimoto is in the pits yes just as I expected but they’ll come out on ultra soft tires and they’ll be really fast see there are a lot of cars very close to each other this is tight Alcazar is going to fit I’m really confident about that but thirty seconds ahead even if she does fit she’s still coming out in front of us see Lobby behind us is on super sauce and now we are in big trouble we can’t hold off lobby on super sauce can we actually finish inside the top six because Giuliani and Hashimoto they are not that far behind and they are on the ultra soft tires those tires are insanely fast I can see them coming up oh this is this is not good this has a lot of potential but I don’t know if we can do this look at that look at how fast the skies we are working very hard here but it is not looking like it’s likely to fall apart at the last lap or maybe this lap so recovery is having problem solved ignore ignore ignore ignore so Ragab is also running out of fuel fires are also not lasting as long as we wanted come on this is snapped when a I wish this was the last lap we could have done something see this is now impossible see bourguignon has pitted he could not hang on we are struggling to hang on as well this is easy for I’m sorry got comments Oracle can you get a podium man I don’t know Lobby is too fast come on silicon come on silica so recall sorry cough come on come on just one more 101 101 corner yes once again surah kahf over achieves gets us a podium and Cristiano I don’t know did he finish at this point I’m not even paying attention it’s hard enough focusing on one car and making the strategy calls with the other one not being good enough consistent enough it’s even harder think once again surah kahf has done a great job and we did not get a good pesto and I don’t really think we could have done any better like this was even better than I expected I will I expected a fourth behind – Steinman’s and we actually managed to keep one Steinman behind us yep no dodgy parts we don’t use dodgy Parsi we hit our targets both sessions

you got a third surah kahf gets a second podium well-deserved podium he’s gone up to 98 points so he’s just behind the only other car is Giuliani apart from that he is the best out of the top out outside the top four so he has already Panther is only 30 ahead now we need a bad result for Panther and a bother cause finishing that’s the problem border cars can’t finish I’m literally in love with Christian do step why we marry him if you want can have him I don’t care yeah see we were thinking of firing him last season but behold held on to him because Marlene got greedy and wanted more money otherwise I think he would have gone with someone else a penis is down to 9% that one sir I mean that was a good result come on sorry cough we made more than a million come on this is probably our best race in terms of money making smart I don’t care if she files as she rises breaks up built ah so at risk job is at risk it lost a lot of percentages see if Cristiano had been backing up his team meant this would have been a good result for us even if he had finished like sixth or seventh this would have given us like positive feedback Nancy next race is in Singapore this is a track where we struggled badly usually we have a good engine we have an avid sorry we’d have a good front wing we have good brakes and we also have a decent gearbox when our score is still the 7th on the grid so anyway let’s hope we can achieve something in Singapore because if we can do something in Singapore then definitely this is a step in the right direction and obviously if we can hold on to the job at the end of the season then we’ll have a lot more money coming in for next season so we can even build something at the HQ some end s track or something so we can build better parts and hopefully gradually get better I suppose so anyway thank you for watching the Canadian Grand Prix and we’ll see each other for the next one in Singapore


[NGC]R:레이싱 에볼루션 Chapter 5/R:Racing Evolution Chapter 5/R レーシングエボリューション チャプター 5

게임큐브 R:레이싱 에볼루션 Chapter 5 Round 1 -재팬 투어링 카 챔피언쉽 클래스 3 -스즈키 서킷/JPN 3 Laps 지금은 2군이지만, 이 챔피언십에서 1위를 차지하기 위해 직업을 바꾸지 않았다 G.V.I.는 이 장비를 지원하므로 쉽게 이길 수 있다 게임큐브 R:레이싱 에볼루션 Chapter 5 Round 1 -재팬 투어링 카 챔피언쉽 클래스 3 -스즈키 서킷/JPN 3 Laps 게임큐브 R:레이싱 에볼루션 Chapter 5 Round 2 -재팬 투어링 카 챔피언쉽 클래스 3 -요코하마 스트리트 서킷/JPN 3 Laps 두 번째 레이스는 요코하마 스트리트 서킷이다 다음 장비는 클래스 3 보다 강력하므로, 오랜 기간 동안 머리핀으로 들어갈 때를 주의하라

게임큐브 R:레이싱 에볼루션 Chapter 5 Round 2 -재펜 투어링 카 챔피언쉽 클래스 3 -요코하마 스트리트 서킷/JPN 3 Laps


Jak X: Combat Racing – Episode 2 "Kras City" (Jak X Playthrough)

Jak X Combat Racing Jak and Daxter Jak 2 Jak 3 welcome back everybody check X combat racing today were to be heading to crest CT and doing the loading docks Brenda not like that and dirt Stadium get writing gold medalists death race Jack and it’s one of the crowd’s favorite events yeah just to this challenge even just your ex but also to take out as many other guys you can before time runs out you get points for each vehicle can now it’s not pretty but you’ve got to do this to qualify select the road blade maybe I’d be better off the tank vehicle but just look at these days hi made this is just calling so I got Terry automatically it’s like but does this thing artistic these things out you get a hit a record number to get the Gold Coast let’s see how this goes even though it’s like my first race to see and gets dark eagle ability as fast as possible I don’t even know the map yes I gotta get my math knowledge up there ocean ocean ocean expert cemetery here the monarchy don’t get in there it in the doctor gunn just keep fired I don’t stop firing the this time take all you guys I love this ability the dark eagle mode is like favorite thing how my favorite thing about this game like and there’s cops assignments great how cops I wrote a commentary at get home I got the I cops probably sounds like I’m the middle of the street right now sucks living in the hood anyway they call you guys out was the gold medal record though like ship get all you guys one it yes Crescent or the two yeah it’s nice to I wanna look kinda drivers they got here are they robot to these are these real people are killing right now because effect a shit gonna crash in blow-up perfect spot for Health Net I was ever put that there bless your heart a way for every lap that you pass to get a multiplier for to you and as you guys could see that guy just their bid fell off I don’t know if I rode his transmission is some shit but home I got the shots 2.2 2.2 but will come o come o come o with a side of fries and chicken strips please feel combo yes 3 more I’m at the is the like the weakest think this is actually not available anymore because this is pretty whack when it comes to doing his best race what’s my score supposed to look like to like for gold left we are troubled by the way no home push it push it push it push it push it got what the goal is to 110 I was the looking a mess I was very much Chris likes so wide that I was focusing on this flower I was their biggest so hard so the coldest 10 can I just finished the race at this point I was just focusing on slaughtering these people wow I’m such an asshole that is gold has set a world record holder wi-fi to finish the race for the record Wow I G shack on that one Mike oh mike got you gain got shit on Jack right now you know what you now except for a little rash in the nether regions I feel fine maybe crew was bluffing about the whole poison Fang I had the bottle analyzed there were traces a black sheet at the bottom a rare and deadly plant found in the wasteland we will be waiting to frighten father never cut corners trust me it’s the real deal not impair when the going gets tough tackle Dennis added we’re just gonna have to win the whole thing against those allied take a right to what are the odds you don’t want to know no thanks guys but I’m not going to trust my life to anyone but me just stay outta my way are between well somebody here at Barrow n are on the right path and very dead alright so old little and the Haven laminate battle and a new area as well like so what that mean to customize the Scarlet a little over get a really but this shit up you don’t say go back to spark issue Cressi being a head back to sparkys because I wanna

finish everything in the valley is a freeze Valley Jack raise the past is the most important thing in the stack you also have to hit the tide freezers to stop the clock get the lowest 10 running into each 30 hot the clock breastfed a fucking the more you free the clock to lower your cholesterol time will be pleasers are worth my time yeah to pick you have widely people aren’t actually get black alright said to perform it a little bit more armor I think that’s it for our mother raised its acceleration and terrible it’s not buy that next um yet even beat this free rally actually think I hated this type unload the most another big raises up I’m again alright this is like Crash Bandicoot relic racing right now I remember that but you have to go and click the boxes to free the time now is some gay shit back oh my god memories flooding right now but antsy of freeze race without maxed out turbo you try to collect all the freebies we can maybe a once I was sweet to the left I miss you too right left first then right get my drift acts Alice Carter have a miner’s own oh my I it up you can go Shantou K 5 I get that one afterwards 10 for introducing drifting alright to get this we got this article on the right here let’s keep going it actual house defying the laws of physics I don’t on select god’s basically but thats I’ll I just crashed into a piece avoided blew up hi to see if you keep this going if I keep it slow and steady like something lead from all the jack next two games part this dole called me on this right now because I remember by maneuvering with the break and learning to brake properly you actually have better time than actually just tryna push the gas and try to ram regulate the whole map which is probably the buck wild thing to do but you don’t want to do that amor doing then Jack to and everything that works so maybe over here may be the same concept but then again we have terrible as knowledge that socios does on another back get a 10% off to come back a tactical bakula so it took me one lap one in 46 AC-one so if I hit everything and is it is a good chance they’ll get a goal on this hopefully let’s try to keep the speed on the control come on do this would forgive you if I was go glow like it is I’m cheating the whole way the entire race against a transmission growing quick but the vehicle can try and other can piccolo in killing drive no tell me I’m checkin probably will provide acid right now really really be a buzzkill actually jumped off on purpose to get this now lead over here which ones don’t miss it in a colossal gotta give them 10 10 difficult one for this good drifta tokyo drift write some money but habit lol about Oscar after that oh yes I can disappeared off the face in your just like me hit a couple months ago because the school and all that I college here yet another one parts about 1 minute 20 seconds lozano cratchit any when a piece of wood I should be set right should be set ok I’m a I was named my professor by the way for biology CEO here okay getting a lot of ya call we can make this kind of fast Sonic where’s the ended I miss that was like a big deal to me I was like panicking outlast we have another minutes but there it is come here bitch ass got your ass here yeah but you can’t escape my wrath not every got the gold wow I was in I at 52-52 I was very lenient

in my pls apparently it into the main menu you can do one more race I guess truck style: home I was by some cable capacity and he’s more terrible you know it’s a to spark this is complete began had six airport here the seaports you have honed his dirt stadium just because down the list death matsch it’s come back to the gap between you and other drivers in the rain is no mercy no clue as to how it’s just have to have come back into battle that pitted the driver with the most skilled at the end game to match there are no plans for second place good luck the complete armor for this s boost the turbo like celery sorry no way I don’t have enough money it embodied are got boost the gearbox next in the engine really on Max’s car out hires to start this to deathmatch are team deathmatch the Fendi objective poets this kid edge run energy and this whole Ashlyn then there’s me check GX people I so whoever gets most children aids this as a yes I get my revenge aids bitch I used to be that king I love this game old wow I really did like I would destroy everybody to play BS other oh my I just goes to return back to go and she just push to meet doctor Cup and I’m getting blasted on somebody that’s three shots yes up there on my ass i right at Red track is loved trips life to get this you hello can talk to top bastard 52 because they have line one to on the edge I get but about them both the agree with this second I can get guess just speech just call cut up by Scutaro is that they had he always has been I can get this killing nevermind 00 yes all not I’ll take it away from I’m gonna kick his ass they do that they do the give-and-take again ives and they hit on me just like that alright so for you coming from where you come from two alcohol yet mark potter 100 height 100 per come back come back which asks exposed I specifically the subject but you go we go a groom up a crash into me and just yes just he’s only assuming position gotta dark eagle hours and days don’t get off me get off haha right this thing to shreds to all of them like not that crushing blow you’re gonna love it now I got to go to work always first to 10 ownership well not the save somebody’s orbs or else your faith in the Grand Prix qualifying Jack in addition two seasons Danny you must turn the ball madeleine each qualifying race in order to be invited to the big Grand Prix is back well I feel important a stress a I’m now here comes old pink random South you newbies are finally going to see what I’ve been talking about all along what makes this the most watched sport in the world ultimate speed had come lead danger I hope you didn’t eat breakfast this morning you’ll find it all over your suit later a we not afraid catch right Jack 30 staff well come no one about fastest tracks in the world this is not dead told many people have died on those lanes chasing said 3 make the crowd screaming mommy good luck you’ll need it more than I need a ratings this is all right come primary qualifying event lot on the line here today wait for and how much for us to get this term I will get it down once again if the a feel for it like many years like that where you get the field what

he could do it every other time after that are I torque but assume this dick elect I’m at the I by nonstop stop OPNET so I have to get the gold sonar mean do after with I have to win taking out a picture my first yes I a father people raising a summer house do now out the irony don’t hit me yet the it may get a last last it’s a million pace it haha I was for the place I was tryna use it use it wisely the new guys if you guys really remember like back in the day jack connector what was like number one thing you guys did my number one thing was probably the Jackass our franchise was going back to Jack to and playing is dark jacket just smashing everything make my own storylines in my head I still that was such a huge fan this game in a manner they didn’t we do it at least for something i mean like I so some other big channels out there now we’re seeing a balancing times the right XD arm saying that they wish that the last the bus team that made from not like know your team that made the last was made Jack next Thursday because has been so many years since we’ve gotten a real guess what 2006 from Jack X and I don’t even count the lost frontier so don’t even but I mean if that Nanda with their new abilities but make another jacket next if they can make it work people say the platformer is dead but sly cooper: clearly came back at me they can bring that back and and practically continued on but so people say it’s played out and I kind of agree on that the Jak and Daxter had such an amazing story had a good story the comedy in all the I think has enough tell mister survive other now help %uh not but vital she ever care credible yeah I thing as every element again to survive in today’s ecosystem what do you guys think tell me the comment section below I was hoping that could see something in like show me how I go on the path to becoming mark and things like that like going back to time see things as they are travel meeting his mother like this is some kinda Avatar The Last Airbender should like to go beating his mother shit like that but on on on on get get away from Italy on I’m lets you T this can believe that right there further you get away from these douchebags that health yes response to have gotten in kills speak at the death up while just having fun over here by myself I mean I guess the range to shoot that’s so let’s just keep these dark ego things flow following up help help help help help perfect time that guy was the way he way far behind by the starkest monetary casts the age as she gets ya Salam first episode on Mike got that it was so annoyed your call the second game tonight on this one so far at least come on keep the temple going to keep the temple going and not get killed a shot blown off in these next few minutes I million I’ll in keep mister take a right there ship must be right behind you keep the health up I don’t get blown up Michael Conlon as coupling but it was kinda weird my first realize that they focused the whole game like just racing a jack is a good race to numbered I was awkward and where we got the gold medal keepers to second behind while of I ride with you 12k cash I like that as I should I do like sorry BB Grand Prix spark this is complete Nexus crest City people like the icelanders everything bring artistically for now is let’s head to the garage 30 quicken customize this alright Knauss it’s like the vehicle to in the performance I what’s

acceleration and top speed go up so these two go hand in hand engine first that I gotta accept this week’s like invest thank you guys so much for watching me she does like a favorite subscribe for more we see you guys next time if you guys enjoy Jack text tell me how much you at love in the comment section below be seen you guys next time take care to get this amazing car


How to Build a FPV Racing Quadcopter!

hey it’s norm from tested I’m here with Carlos also known as sharp ooh yep you guys might know him from his amazing quadcopter videos on YouTube first person video fpv quadcopter flies it that’s it so a couple weeks ago I joined you guys for morning excursion you guys were flying clots racing quad copters and so many people wanted to know how they could build one and thankfully we’re very fortunate your sponsor illuminator was able to provide us with a kit basically to assemble a quadcopter and I want to run through all these components and basically teach you guys and learn myself how to build a quadcopter yeah so what’s the very first component we want to talk about well I guess we kind of started I like to divide the bill with like two sides of things one of them being the actual quadcopter which you can fly without any of the fpv gear so this is the area where we have like the radio and the rest of the stuff and then in here we have the fpv side if we have to start somewhere I’ll say for example the frame before the frame this is the QV 250 and basically that’s what you’re gonna put everything on you know is your airframe it’s made out of carbon fiber is pretty light and strong and you know there’s a lot of a lot of different sizes a lot of different like waist sizes and arranged with yeah configurations and this one happened to be a 250 size that’s not a fifty millimeter yeah diagonal and but there’s a lot of other other ones like also if you have a 3d printer already you can you can actually get files from online for example a guy locally here called hover sitcom you can find it they put the files online and you can actually download the file and print your own your own starting version for popular downloader thing yeah yeah print their own quadcopter yes so that’s also great this is more of a more of professional hardware stronger kind of frame for racing and to be able to you know push the limits with this kind of a frame so what’s important about a frame if you’re looking at if you whether you buy one or download the print one quad copper obviously there are four struts here the distance between the main body and the struts is that important yeah because depending of the distance that you have here it’s gonna allow you to feed different types of propellers for example on this case we want to keep it as small and this is this is what actually started this whole racing new thing is the size and it’s so portable and these ones use five inch propellers so if it’s five inch propellers the whole entire like that yeah there’s the satellites of it so you know if that’s a good starting point and it’s really agile because the propeller size smaller it let it spin really fast but then there’s upgrade that you can add to the frame in order for example to feed bigger propellers or more thrust which I have over them and we can show it after yeah yeah do you want to see you know so in terms of materials – this one’s carbon fibers really strong you want the frame to be incredibly strong yeah yeah the cool thing about this frame is this is really simple design you know it’s like just a flat surface with what you put all your components and then another layer right well you well you just cover the top section of it and then and there is in a clever way of things around here we have a power Power Distribution board where is where you will solder the rest of the components and this all of that goes under here hidden so you don’t have to pull it inside and it should take space and it keeps the the electronics called we there so that being said this is this is the frame one of the important part of the of the build I think the next thing we can probably talk about is the motors right so we have four motors here yeah this is some lumineer motors this is I think 20 2,300 yeah 2,300 kV that’s how fast they spin and this is a small size so you see good size for for a quad like this one what you arrange when people look for motors on these kind of frame size we go from we go from two thousand to twenty three you know that’s the range like generally people go two thousand or twenty three most of the time you always have to keep in mind that you know depending of how fast like a 2300 kV that they spin really fast so you have to make sure that the rest of your setup can work ya can that did that configuration in this case that kind of send us to the ACC controller that’s it so they control the speed of the motors and you gotta make sure that all your components kind of work together for example in this build we’re gonna we’re gonna use 3s battery right so we that’s so much power we’re going to send to the motors and we need to figure out how much power the motors draw and depending on how much for the how much power the motors draw you have to choose the right ESC because if they don’t have enough they don’t support a no vamper it’s then it’s gonna they’re gonna no work this one is 12 12 amps and they work completely fine with something like this also depending of the size of the propeller is gonna draw more or less

this is like a conservative car propeller is five inch by the pitch is three so that’s not a lot of pitch so they don’t draw that match they’d all the propellers that have like a four even 4.5 that means more thirst but they’re gonna they’re gonna be taking a lot of so you probably you know you have to start reevaluating what you want to sear it’s you look at it from a whole system standpoint yeah start when you’re buying a quad you know what’s the frame size right again 250 right now meters then you talk about okay knowing this size and the size of strut I can use 5 inch props yeah and then with you know this type of pitch then I can use this speed motor this type of electronic speed controller don’t leave this amount of power okay okay that’s exactly what it is and you know it it generally when you look at the motor it’s gonna tell you all of those things so you don’t even need to test it yourself you read it and go like okay how much how much this motor will draw with these propellers this match okay I’m gonna get DC SC soar so we’re chart that you so you don’t need to do all of that stuff apart okay so that’s the kind of like the power configuration there and then I guess so this is a thirteen hundred million fifty hundred milliamps here and you know the more capacity users the denser it is heavier it is yeah it’s at least a good capacity yeah I mean it really depends for these kind of models and these kind of probes 5 v 3 this is a good battery and you can probably fly you know over five minutes where they’re more than five minutes which in these things does the average five eight minutes something like that enough on a build ladies that is probably gonna be pretty light I’d say more than five minutes with something that small and but again you can scale this up and go to like you know pick your models then bigger bigger bigger battery you know everything kind of skills up I guess I know that the next thing will be now that we know all of that we can talk about the radio the radio we’re going to be using is a free sky Taranis it’s a pretty like affordable radio and it’s programmable so it’s like a nice nice starting point there you can use all kind of radio there’s a lot of different but we’re just using this one because this is the one that I use so a good starter radio yeah and this one for for flying fpv has some the features like the audio feedback yeah you can take it talks and you can program a lot of stuff I mean you know you can do this kinda leave me basically you can program if you are good at it you can do scales up like this is a radio can yeah and then keep with you for a while yeah yeah if you want to use this transmitter for multiple quadric if you have different quads and you just buy different receivers yeah you have a you can actually open this this little port here and you can put different modules okay my set up that maybe we can show later I can show you that I have another module on it because I use in a longer range kind of transmitter and receiver for got to be able to go a little further let’s see what what the main thing yeah we’re forgetting the main thing is the brain the brain is the flight controller the one we’re going to use today is in 932 it’s pretty popular component and it’s really affordable you know I think it’s probably around $25 and Gratz it’s really affordable flight controller for what it can do it’s a really simple one because we want it for racing so it doesn’t have a lot maybe as many features as oh they’re like more expensive and so this one you wouldn’t get necessarily for autonomous flying for programming actually I’m nervous I as it is like this no I don’t think this one half because this is the acro mode the occupation of it and I actually don’t know because I’m only been using this for am for ready for racing so and this one but it gives you some options I mean it definitely gives you gives you a level mode that will level it for you so you see sure to fly it and then it gives you like a red mode which is just like completely my new various like you know like full control and a couple of other things I mean I think you can do more than that I’m using it for but you know for racing this is more than enough yes sir compensates automates some of the fly makes it easier to cut your just and balanced all for the motor yeah each other but when you’re shopping for a flight control you can spend lots of money yeah yes something that will you know that will automate that well you could program with your phone and do flight paths yeah you can do craziest and this one is more orientated for you know the racing at least is the one that I really like to use these days so and what we’ve talked about so far that’s almost it yeah terms of components if you want to build a quadcopter to fly yourself yeah oh maybe we forget these this is just the the receiver we see for the radio yeah it’s a really small version and I really like it cuz for a small frame like this you can feel it right in there and this ministers also have telemetry telemetry means that you can connect your your battery power and it will actually read it send it send it to the radio and read it for you if you have a no battery left or not and yeah most transmitters come with a receiver but you can also buy a module stuff yeah yeah I will send your information back yeah you can have again a lot of options but okay then I’ll see you the FPV

components mm-hmm because that’s that’s what you were really excited about flying by sight yeah how many what you need to get for that well obviously we mentioned these in the other video but basically you need a set of goggles video transmitter which is the guy here this will send this image to the to the goggles and then a camera on this case we’re using a set that comes all together and it’s really easy to setup so it’s a good for a starting point generally people upgrade to two different to something different maybe a little more advanced but this is a good starting point and since we’re gonna be a little all today if feels like this would be like an easy way of like put all right this is a fat shark one of those basic starter kits in like you said it comes with a camera yeah comes with a transmitter the goggles but each of these components are things you can buy separately yeah so yeah by you know HD goggles if you want to have unity transmitter yeah they you need different type of camera you can everything is upgradeable you know but this is perfect to start because it will take very little time to put it together the cool thing about this setup actually I never tried it before but the camera that comes with it actually records as well oh so it’s not only it’s not only the flying camera but it actually you can have a little memory card there and record the footage oh that’s very nice so you don’t have to add direction you don’t have to put a GoPro on there which is something you can do yeah yeah yeah so let’s see what wait then how do you know at which point that you know your weight limit of your your motor is there well flying it I feel my personal opinion is just just fly it and you will feel it you feel like okay this I’m punching and it’s not going not going up high fast enough then you probably are put in a little too many things in there I mean it’s not either necessary to get obsess over it but it definitely something that you have to consider the weight you don’t wanna just throw away too much yeah for example something that is you can you can you can run it without a problem and this will have plenty of power right but if you think you know I mean actually these can actually carry a GoPro as well but if you start putting more things like maybe big a battery a GoPro and stuff like that you just have to maybe start reconsidering I’m thinking maybe I need a bigger mod maybe I need a little bit of motors or big a battery or and you just have to balance it basically it’s like a balancing game or awesome well we have all the components we’re using here listed in the description in a link below and let’s get sorted some building this hmm let’s build this and then we’ll come back and talk about what we’ve done yep yeah that was fast fast for you guys yeah not so much for here but it looks so very fast built yeah yeah yeah us so let’s talk about every part of the build here here it is mmm yeah it’s really really nice-looking kid yeah Wow let’s talk to step by step and recap everything you did to assemble this it looks like the first thing it was solder on to this this control board in the back the bomb yeah right this is a Power Distribution bar here right and we pretty started to put all this hair on it and then place the EEOC’s and solder them in right and therefore ESC is each connected to a motor mm-hmm and then the way you know you we did some cooking with the wires get it slightly fitting here use some double-sided tape yeah that’s a good trick because if you leave them if you leave them by like just hanging in there any crashes might make them vibrate and might become loose so the connections might be became loose so what we did is put a little bit of double side tape tape it in there and I will keep it nice and steady also we added a little bit of hot glue in each connection to make sure that you know I mean the more you crack the more you learn you want to put little thing the little extra things that will guarantee

that things won’t go wrong so they glue just in case some water gets in there and it connects the two the two wrong poles or anything like that then you want to put some hot glue to protect it now on this power distribution board that’s where the battery also connects yeah so you check the battery then this yep connection your guy there into the back mm-hmm all right and that was basically it for the part yeah that was that’s pretty easy for these set up and and then we added that extra one right here just so we wanna if she’s we’re starting with a fpv kid that is sold together then we didn’t need to use this but I left this on just in case you want to upgrade to a different camera or a different setup you can have that power and right there plug it in and you’re set there are a couple different contact points we didn’t use yeah there’s another one two three four they’re not Chris detection yeah yeah now when you’re looking at a battery to connect you want to make sure the batteries that I have in a full charge capacity to power them all this stuff yeah yeah do some math yeah you got to figure out the voltages and figured out on every part of the quad every of your electronics you have to make sure that are compatible with the voltage that you’re sending to them otherwise you’re gonna need to add regulators in this case everything was really easy because the FPV here is already set up and easy to to connect okay so after the Power Distribution board we can’t get that with some spacers like add that to the main body of the frame and then the control board yeah the frame is super easy to build is almost like builds itself like you said and then the next thing with it that’s it we didn’t ace the NACE comes without the pins started to it so we started them in there’s a little mistake in there but it works fine so we solder them in and also since we are using this there’s different ways of connecting the neighs – mm to your radio sorry to your receiver in this case we were using a ppm ppm what it does is sends all the channels through through a simple like three cables power and will signal cable so that simplifies the rig a lot because you don’t need to connect all the pins you know I need your motor pins which are the ones back here the ones that we solder and the rest with the shatter the cables straight into the nay’s and so it’s a different type of receiver you might have to thought of all the all the channels so then you will have a bunch of themes here coming out that will have to Center in this case it keeps acting yeah I kept it simple now the motor connecting pin that’s where we had maybe a little bit of a flood but still connects yeah that’s fine exports are there oh yes we just have to make sure that you plug them in the right right right right side because two sides but this works fine it’s just a Lea sort of connection but it’ll be fine and then double-sided tape again yeah and it double side tape is is your friend of these kind of things because it’s so easy to change and so easy to to place the way we did it in this case we didn’t have standoffs but we’d use double side tape I personally always use double side tape because again the more classes you have the more you learn the stand of sometimes are really hard crackers they might give up and just break and you have to change the stand ups so it’s a little bit of gear a little bit suspension you have a little bit of suspension and also I actually think it helps eliminating some high frequency vibration so I do like two layers you can see it on the thing that we saw but two two layers so have a big you know absorbing section or even three layers if you prefer and then we wrapped the connections to the motors and we actually you marked the oh yeah controller so we started them in yep because you have a specific order yeah like yeah this is supposed to be connected to a specific point yeah my controller Tenet’s the nays controller the way it works is I see if we see it from here well easier for here the motor the model configuration will be one two three four so we want to make sure when we’re placing them here we want to remember because the cables are going to come up up in the frame and if you didn’t mark them with the numbers you might get confused on how to plug them to a flight controller so we just mark them with some sarpy yeah and or you can use you know anything tape whatever whatever whatever works and then we didn’t actually zip tie the motors on to the ESC yeah yeah yeah yeah because that was actually really simple connection – yeah again yeah on this case is the kit it comes with a priest priests adder 2 millimeter bullet connectors which is really easy to say that you just plug them in but like you say we didn’t put the zip ties because we have to first make sure that the models are spinning the right way the right direction got it and when we check that on the computer then we can just put the zip ties and clean it up knowing that they spinning the right correct the right direction so flight controller installed yeah we think it works next is the receiver the receiver yeah the receiver like we said we started on the board when we were preparing the flight controller and then they I don’t know if we can see it correctly but right there is our or receiver right there the antennas are coming out of here okay this still needs some cleaning to do right but the

antennas should be it will help if they are far from from other electrons for example the antenna from the from the fpv that the video transmitter right if they’re far is better it doesn’t necessarily matter as much because they’re pretty far away frequency wise so but you know the separation is always good to have so here what I probably do that we didn’t have but probably put some like like we were saying some straws or some her last yes Stefan my and to keep it to keep it a up rocks model in an angle like this to get the best the best range out of it so many years yeah yeah many years yeah so do that and then in front of the receiver there the camera yeah and this case is a little different because I never set up a camera like this before but this one records as well like we said earlier so it’s a little bigger but I feel completely fine yeah we put it right there double side tape down here and then a depth I help you helpful sip tile that works so well just holiday together and it’s pretty steady and I mean and this frame actually came with a nice guard yeah in the front there initially we try putting the fpv camera in front of the frame but you don’t want that yeah faster than something that’s you can break the camera off so we put it back and it stays in there nicely so if you hit anything for example the ground you know a one in the camera now say we’ve talked about the receiver here that the fpv camera and of course the fpv camera has its own transmitter yep up on top here we didn’t talk about earlier with frequencies yeah what do you control this on so this one is a really simple setup that it works really nicely and this use the the frequency we’re using here is 5.8 okay and is the most the most use I think in minis because it’s really simple and it doesn’t have problems with the radio frequency because you always have to make sure that everything is compatible in this case we’re using 2.4 for control for the radio so we want to be far away from that so this is 5.8 it’s far away and it will it won’t create any issues and then the way we set up the way we set up the transmitter is on the frame we just again double side tape some zip ties in here and the way I like to do it is not ideal because antenna gets you lose a little bit of singer but when the battery being right on there but this way from all the testing that I’ve done is the way that keeps it together when crassus so if it bends and that’s what happen is you’re elevating that high you won’t fly underneath something it hits you want it to be kind of like flexible a little bit and I like this way just with zip ties here and here and if it hits anything it will just bend anyone damage the connection to the transmitter and that’s why you have the transmitter right there yeah and she also told me that you don’t want the transmitter you want to power it on out in tenants oh yeah that’s that’s a big no um because as a powerful transmitters if you have know if the antenna snow connected the power won’t go nowhere so we’ll go back in and just an out per the board Esther up yeah oh man okay so where does the power from the fpv camera come from well all the power here is coming from the same battery and I set up like this and bigger rigs people divide it and have another battery specifically for the fpb here the thing is you want to keep the the power clean so when you are when you are the best way to have two batteries because one body will feed the fpv so that’ll be completely clean on a setup like this so small we’re sharing the power with one one only one battery the cool thing about this little set setup that we use the kit the fpv kit is that it also comes with a connector to power and filters the power and regulates the power so you don’t have to do a lot you just basically would use power to the quad there and then you use the balance plug onto these really add up the small adapter here that will be clean power to the video and it’ll be clean image okay and so this relay adapter here it goes free from the battery and you know it regulates that it cleans it up but it prevents us from using a different accessory yeah you know that’s when things you know you gotta choose and choose a peak while you prefer on this case we don’t have anything to tell us they how much battery life you have on these lipo batteries it’s always really important to keep control on the on the on the lower side of things like so when you’re when you’re emptying them you don’t want to go and over these to charge them because you will damage them and they will don’t know perform as well you one kind of want to monitor it as you’re flying ya know you’ve about five to eight minutes you want to check it every couple of minutes yeah you want to take that you go on you don’t go on during a specific voltage per cell this is three cell generally I stay of I don’t want to go lower than 3 point 5 volts per cell so a little tool like this that generally this is the easiest thing you can put it anywhere and you will connect your balance product and this is gonna be a little loud but maybe trying yeah and would plug it in and it’s gonna beep and it will tell you

it will go through cell all it tells you the voltage that’s pretty low but it’s good 3.8 first number to 3.5 so it tells you it’s what’s what what’s the reading and you can set with these little click here said your put your your alarm sorry in here I have it at let’s say three point seven if that drops any of the cells drop lower than three point seven is going to start beeping like crazy right that’s one way of monitoring the battery another way which I think for this setup will work better is having some kind of telemetry right and that’s information directly from the flight controller yeah right there and that we didn’t actually start with those we didn’t Center this in but if you if you go and research a little bit more about the board it’s really easy to have a couple of pins that will will send the information to the to the receiver here and you’ll get it on your radio right and that can be broadcast also on your radio yeah so will tell you you know your voltage is low or whatever whatever you want it to tell you also let me try to remember what what are the things we needed Sattar here oh yeah one thing maybe to mention that is helpful that we didn’t stutter this time because it was kind of fast build is there the beeper hmm there is another two pins right next to the telemetry ones that allows you to connect a little beeper and then from your radio you can click a thing and it will start beeping so that is okay yeah if you crash somewhere dark inside a building or something you can actually then use that as a we’re just going and see c25 yeah okay that’s really useful yeah there’s an add-on that will take you like five minutes to do it so that was basically it I think so yeah muna master I mean we haven’t flown this yet because after you installed all the hardware we have to plug it into a computer there’s software there’s a USB plug yeah I’m a flight controller yep and then you have to monitor make sure we first of all you test it yeah if the motors are spinning in the right direction calibrate everything yeah and you can find presets on mine they’re actually really good tutorials will relate them in the yeah description on how to set up the software yes they do your first calibration yeah because that’s that’s something that it doesn’t take that long but you know is something that it’ll be nice to what videos there or some links that you like you’re saying that we’ll splain it more in detail because it’s nice to learn all of that stuff it doesn’t take long though the moon you connect it to a computer doing a couple of things and then the thing like right now is probably ready to fly you know as it is that’s exciting so that is a very beginner quadcopter fpv quadcopter and you’ve been building this for a while now so you actually brought one of your own yeah that’s a more advanced version yeah well yeah this is just a lot a lot bigger like one of the things that we’re using on this frame is the lumineer extension arms this allows you to put bigger propellers okay I mean more thrust right right because they’re some of the struts you’re further away yeah I will show that no not only that but it also they’re tilted forward okay so meaning that you will get more momentum forward without having to angle your camera because the way that works obviously is like when you’re going forward you’re tilting it more and more near to the forward yeah the problem is you have to balance that by tilting your cameras considered you will be shooting the grounds that way so these these adapters make the frame longer bigger propellers and also tilt the motors to help you with speed you have a GoPro attached on yours yeah in addition to your camera and you’ve also cleaned up that’s nicely wrapped here yeah we have it for your frame as well but we haven’t installed it but this is this is basically a nice little thing that protects your protect your frame from like air coming in and also what I really like is like for the grass this morning we were racing and a lot of crashes on the grass and there was a little little wet because it was raining before so generally I finish a finish after one of these races and I will look inside and you’re like full of like wet grass and things that you don’t want there so this thing actually did a really good job of protecting it which was an extra thing that I thought well that’s kind of a cool addition so I think you should definitely put that on yours when you’re when we’re finished setting it up you know and then that’s a crazy yeah antenna there this right now what we’re using here is a different different kind of a setup we’ll use a long range video just so people know that there’s a lot of different ways of doing this I’m using long long range video which means well let’s play it this way the video and here is 2.4 ok but if you remember for trans we were just admitted so then that eliminates us using the same signal for transmitting so I’m using two point two point four video but in this case I’m using long range long range control which is a lower frequency that won’t one create any problems with a daughter the cool thing about these this right now is that you get more range else a and more penetration the the downside of it is the antenna size it’s a little bigger it’s still doable you know as you can see this is still completely fine the other one is a little better protected and smaller but this is still like a good frequency and then you have one more alright good yeah which this one is we go to 1.3 and this is pretty big antenna so it’s a little a little harder

to put in there and on this one you get even a little more range a little bit less definition actually it’s kind of funny how it works then the lower the lower the video signal the frequency you have a little less resolution but you have more penetration you can go further away so this to me like 2.4 is a nice in-between yeah I mean I don’t think there’s anything else out here that was different well the fpv that maybe might be worth mentioning on yours would do like like an EC all together boom connected and it’s working on this one is more advanced I have an OSD installed it is a display that you can see your battery reading and/or your voltage okay so that’s a little more advanced I’m using a camera that is that we like we said on the on the other video it’s a security camera that might be a little better than these times in time of refreshing and how fast you get the video feedback normally it’s a low latency so that’s a little better and other than that you know 4 components it’s the same principle yeah it’s just different components and maybe a little more advanced on this and this build you know and a little add-on here on your case that we say we record with f2b camera because I have a little SD which is nice on this one if you want better resolution you can put a GoPro or any other small camera and this one for example I have with this little anti-vibration mount it eliminates any extra vibration there the quad might generate and then we just put their GoPro in there the GoPro for that as you can see is you’ve already had some damage but it’s pretty amazing that for for for the crisis that has been having the GoPro is like keeps going yeah um so there’s a lot of resources online we’ll share some links below but this is something you wanted to get across that anyone can really do yeah you don’t have to be an engineer just be enthusiastic about it yeah I mean that’s really important I mean that’s one of the things that kind of like made me start wanna do this and again all these buildable these this stuff that we’ve been talking about from me is coming from a perspective that I’m not I’m not an expert on this I just know enough and with enough research you can do it yourself you know which is kind of like cool it’s so excited to dive in thank you so much Carla human for coming in helping us build this and thank you luminaire for providing the components get fpv I believe it yeah well that’s a store where you can find all of this stuff like all this stuff that would bill here is get fpv you can find it I can’t wait to take this out with you guys yeah yeah baby that race but just fly around and maybe observe your race I think you’ll start racing soon enough I mean you see as you’ll be like I want to go in yeah thank you so thank you man let’s try taking this up yeah this air yep and we’ll see you guys in the skies bye my god Wow


Let's Play – Diddy Kong Racing (German) [Part 4]: Schwere Geburt {mit Wismar LP}

Hallo Leute und willkommen zurück zu DKR PT: Wir können jetzt endlich den Boss machen und ich habe hier heute mal… Begleitung sage ich mal. – Tach PT: Das ist der Wismar LP WLP: Es gibt einen Preis, hat er am Ende gesagt WLP: Soll ich mal probieren? – PT: Ich glaube nicht, dass du das schaffst 🙂 PT: Ich sollte mal die Sonnenbrille abnehmen, weil ich hab gerade eine auf, ohne Scheiß. – WLP: Das ist ja professionel!^^ PT: Ich weiß. Sehr professionel PT: Habe das Gefühl, dass das am Ende sogar lustig werden könnte… – WLP: Mal was anderes PT: Auch denke ich, dass ich dieses Walross nicht mehr einholen kann PT: Dass ich noch einen Versuch Nr. 2 brauche PT: Jo, Fail. Meine Tastenbelegung… Ich habe meine Tastenbelegung vergessen! (lach) WLP: Wie??? PT: Passiert, wenn man den Controller neu gemappt hat und denn die Traste zum Abschießen sucht! WLP: Welche Taste ist das? PT: L Und wir haben gefailt, oh mein Gott Das sind jetzt z.B. auch wieder so Sachen, die ich rausschneiden kann Ich mach das Vieh schnell platt. Bis gleich 3 2 1 Jetzt haben wir das 2. scheiß Amulettteil Wisst ihr, wie lange ich an diesem scheiß Rennen gesessen hab? WLP: Währenddessen hab ich ein bisschen aufgenommen und auf “P”gedrückt Ich bin grad ein bisschen angekratzt. – WLP: 2 Teile noch? – PT: Jo genau, noch 2 Teile. 2 Welten… + eine Extrawelt. Ja, genau. Es gibt eine Extrawelt. Aber das wusstet ihr warscheinlich eh schon. So, jetzt machen wir mal noch das Trophyrace Das pack ich jetzt auf jeden Fall noch im Part rein. Mir kommt das so vor, als wenn ich schon wieder 20 Minuten aufnehmen Aber sind erst zwei Minuten Weil das so ewig lange gedauert hat! Kannst ja co-moderieren, muss mich aufs Spiel konzentrieren WLP: Ok, also er konzentriert sich jetzt aufs Spiel, hat soebent den blauen Ballon verfehlt… und was red ich hier fürn Müll? xD Ich hab mir vorhin total einen abgefeiert bei dem Rennen mit dem Walross, weil er so ausgerastet ist. Was bewirkt der Magnet? PT: Damit kann man sich an die anderen ranziehen. WLP: Dann mach das! Da ist jemand erster! Du bist erster. Jetzt weiß ich, was mit dem blauen passiert. *unverständlich*

Naja, so geht das natürlich auch, weiter nach hinten machen. WLP: Deswegen hab ich ja verlängert. *unverständlich* PT: Voll die Nintendowerbung -.- WLP: Das ist noch ein “R”. PT: Hey, das ist mir noch gar nicht aufgefallen, dass das ein R darstellen soll 😀 Da haben wir wieder ein Hufeisen, was ich wieder nicht einsetzen kann, weil ich erster bin. Weiß nicht, hatten wir das schon? Glaub nicht. *unverständlich* WL: Der 2. Part ist beim Rendern und der 3. ist beim verkleinern. PT: Ja, irgendwie so Aalen internet-betrug Kosten darüber beraten Ehrenamt er überbrachte Minden Rich Steinmeier warb mal weinend wir warten am 11 die Abwehrspielerin zu finden ich weiß nicht wie gewünscht schrecklich was immer noch 0 0 dass Duisburg vermutlich Wettbewerber Patric Scott verpflichtet und nur Leichen und Brad Pitt bei Pramac hatten Fraport geordert werden und bequem per e-mail dort müssen Herr Pinkwart FDP Hartmut Buschbacher Apropos erprobt wieder Breakball im Verborgenen aufgeteilt heute Abend ab halten KB Prozent geraten Prozent Duisburger Bürger Bundeswehr ein die Stadt also gerade beliebt mit dem Angebot von Herrn Dr Trecker Migranten in die Türkei gerade kleine Kinder in einer Kita bringen die Künstlerin weiter darin können der Trend im Trend Digitec sich sitzen lassen Kleintiere Flugzeuge oder das noch normal dass sie lag bei 0 Grad

den Titel gewinnen TR wenn jemand nicht ein paar Lage erlaubt Rinteln dil Benedikt erinnerte eine eigene Meinung ausgegeben ab dann wird gekürzt wird jedes Implantat wird für Tabakprodukte Fläche beträgt Rieckhoff Volkert Art Maldonado damit würden limburg-weilburg dunkle Regenwolken regierten r BRE dort hatten Ochoa Edgar Oehler seine Frau Vergnügen können but Life goes on schließlich zogen ja ich durchgekommen Rheinfelden ibö da kommt auch gut wenn eine Nation er bekommt Mark s hier spielte laut es gibt noch offene Foren Armen und nun aber behoben worden Poppe commerzbank-tochter BRE wann und wo ab ja Allergiker 7 Peace auch in anderen Abteilen geladen waren weitere mitgebracht oder bei Parral Problem erkannt er prüft ob Deutsch Gretel ob er denn immer perfekt machen war eingeplant dort wird Burkhalter will Zverotic bald ist er tot sie begann mit Beate Triberg 11 mit 5 0 die Wette überbracht Raúl Essen würde deutlich ausgebaut CT Kontakt überall auf der Welt Waiblingen weiters wurden die Wanderung wer auf dem Land lebt auch immer in die gleiche Richtung bitte nicht gut Euro Dr b berichtet wird Leichtathletik ein Blick ein Quarterback Tyler

Würtenberger obwohl der IWF ab Achtung zweitens steht mit dem haben Coface Newsletter Druck Gerdes ihr Wetten Mar die Branntwein haben und selbst tv-aufnahmen Oper Bonn Holcim +2 Obama erklärte er ich habe irgendwo über die Börse im Gleichgewicht denn mit dem Klick Natur für den wm-titel danach ist es werden künftig nicht ihr erster Auftritt war Gott ist wieder einmal Nahverkehr gelten Rossi sprechen 5 wie ein Blitz es ist ein Titel es hätte für Griechenland aber für Capital Corp b seit dem 11 deshalb müssten in einen einmaligen durch den Vorschlag gemacht Porträt Kenntnis wo gebraucht würden wenn Alberto Coto flog beendete einen Eintrag zwar zeigten zwar dass er zweimal täglich ca keiner ist da ist er sich einig Düsseldorf RPO wir sind noch nicht fertig wird dort aktiviert wird StarTrek Birgit Wiechert Wettbewerbsfaktor die Punkte nachdem für aus Transfercoup der Markt dafür begleitet wird das sofort das Wertpapier gratis das Bildformat hat wie etwa die atom-chips Vitus jetzt nichts übers Knie gebrochen Deutsch das «zitterpferd» die Rinderzüchter interpretiert wurde Jürgen als Richtwert die Geräte besitzen Xobni der Strecke in der Probezeit bei der Kom Tel aber da sind auf Knopfdruck auf dem Wasser geborgen worden Lehman Brothers rückt wir sind Helden zudem kommt Altintop fehlten verletzt obwohl auf gibt er an Kritik dann klettert durchschnittlich werden

das ist bitter Notebooks kopiert zuvor war ein Treffer dpa zwölf Helfer alles fertig war für Wirtschaft Joseph Deiss am Sport haben ausgereicht bitte Ort eingeben Hamburg jetzt laut «Blick» produziert das Basaliom sie alle leiden müssen er trägt weiter die donau-post der Besuch wird ersichtlich befürwortet wurde er trifft auf unbefristete Zeit der Treffer von Ivo Opstelten bringen grundsätzlich gehört die Filme the Life Ibbenbüren der Teufelskreis ich weiß ich bin für die Aktion sehr sehr viel Freude gemacht seit 2000 der letzte Auftritt dapd Vitezslav obwohl er lange vorher es würden ja sie dabei nicht überstieg Oliver Bierhoff für Frühbucher fahren Godard wurde mit oder ohne Darm durch Stocker musste möchte doch auch den Topf geben wer da geglaubt haben sollte


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