I have something new to share! Plus of course lots of tips and tricks

welcome to Hedgehog Hollow today I’m super excited because I get to share with you the entire blue blossom trend front on ik studios and of course it’s my favorite color combination of pink of course and blue and here I have absolutely everything in their release I’ve got a little bit of everything to share with you I’ve got some tips some tricks samples all sorts of bits and pieces and I’m going to be sharing some top tips and I have a coupon to share with you as well so let’s dive in and take a look I’m going to start off with the paper site to put those to the side before we start making a mess and so the basic paper in this collection is ballet pink as with all of the crop perfect papers they have that canvas linen Buzzle texture however you like to describe it on one side and on the reverse side is almost smooth which I really like because depending on our project we can then decide which side we want face-up and which side we’d like to put on the bottom and they come in 8 and a half by 11 here in the US or a 4 in Europe and then they also come in 12 by 12 so if you like to scrapbook when you want to do larger projects you have that option too now all of the papers come in 5 packs and that also includes the 12 by 12 if you buy the a for eight-and-a-half by eleven it comes in a ten pack so they’re your options with regards to paper packs then of course we have all of our speciality papers too so the first one we have is the glitter card stock and I know lots of you love this glitter card stock because whilst I do lots of things with glitter and I have a concrete floor and to me it doesn’t matter if I get glitter everywhere lots of you have that glitter phobia of mister being everywhere and having to do all of that clear up well with glitter card stock you don’t have that issue it is no shared so I can do this nothing comes off I’ve always frightened of doing that and some glitter coming off but it really doesn’t and you can die-cut this so you can make words or shapes or ornaments memory books you don’t really absolutely anything with her at all you can cut it out you make card bases really really great is the perfect thickness for die-cutting so really really love this and it’s that blue and silver so you can make icicles for Christmas you can do snick you can do all sorts of amazing things and of course this collection is great because we can use it the whole year round where you can use it for blue babies pink babies we can use it this Christmas in particular because if you’ve been through those big-box stores you’ll see that these are really trendy Christmas colors too and they also happen to be my favorite colors you’ll notice I have pink hair a lot and I wear a lot of pink too so I am loving this collection we also have the navy navy 12 paper I think it looks more black than Navy particularly against some of the others but they say it is Navy and it has these like damask flowers and you see how it catches the light this is actually embossed in there it’s a very tactile paper and absolutely love this paper it comes in an a4 size for those in the US a4 is slightly longer but a little bit narrower than eight-and-a-half by 11 I actually have a course coming very soon on different paper sizes different paper weights so stay tuned if you are interested in that we’ll add a link to the blog below you can sign up for our newsletter if you want to find out when that is coming up because it’s probably one of the most frequently asked questions I get about gsm versus pound and different paper sizes so that will be coming very soon but this isn’t a four size and it’s a lovely lovely paper a really elegant – then we have the satin cardstock I mean how pretty is this this one is called blue obsidian orb sidon love this paper and you all know how much I love my black velvet I feeling this is going to be one of my Christmas papers they released a few in the Christmas trend release I’m definitely gonna be adding this one in because this is just so so pretty look at that almost like a sapphire e-type color as well or tanzanite color and the thing about satin papers is whilst I love a glossy cardstock it’s sometimes or Amira cardstock if sometimes can distract from your project or I think it can anyway whereas a mirrored cardstock still has a little bit of bling to it it doesn’t reflect which is one thing I really like about it which makes it easier to photograph too so I think the guys here like that but it also just whilst it brings your eye into the project and it has a little bit of shimmer it’s not too much shimmer and I think it’s just a little bit more elegant than a boss tee cardstock too so that’s why I really really like the satins we have two handmade cotton papers here as well and I know I’ve gone on and on about how many cotton papers if you’ve seen in my trend unboxings before you’d have heard this tip but you can always turn these how many papers

over and they have a reverse side and they always have the same texture on the reverse side and you can see where I was trying this out earlier you can take a door bar with maybe something like embellishment loose this is the new one out the trend and you can take someone little daughter like this and you can change the color or maybe you want to take the same paper but you just want to add an accent you see how here I can just add a little bit of an accent here with that pink and it just changes the paper slightly so they’re great for being able to alter them excuse me or create them in any color you’d like so that’s another option that you have with those handmade papers then another one we have is this rose gold posies so these craft foiled card stocks are amazing we’ve had some already earlier in the year there’s now a whole collection of them again everything I’m going to show you is linked in the video description plus some exclusive coupon codes and I’m also going to mention at the Hedgehog Hollow members area where you can get an extra temps enough so if you join our community tonic are giving all of our members an extra 10% off the entire store so if you want to grab things out of this trend and I’m sure you’re going to see things you love you can save even more but this is great because this is really pretty just on its own I mean how pretty is that but you can take things like your mica myths your maybe your distress oxide sprays any dye based ink water-based ink your aqua flows you can use you can pop them over the top or even take you alcohol markers and color in areas but the great thing about anything die based is the foiling resists that color like an embossing resist and I’m what I do is I pop an embossing resist video that Greg and I recently did in that top right hand corner if you want to click on it but you can go in put it over the top and then you come wipe away the excess and it won’t sit on the foil whereas if you use alcohol markers it would color over the foil but it’s a really fun technique to do and you can just alter this and make it your own unique colors really really fun and then finally we have a pearlescent pink here as well really really pretty it’s called a princess pink just a little bit of shimmer in there again just adds that little bit of interest to your projects one final a lot of people we have is the blue blossom designer paper here you have 24 sheets in your pad you can see all of them are double-sided there’s eight patterns in total and I have them down the front here so this is one sheet and this is one seat so you have two sheets of blue and then you have two in the pink and I just took them out so you could see the different patterns and you can see them here on the front as well so you have the checks and the dots you got stripes and darts you’ve got the gingham and hearts and then you’ve got stripes and the grid on the other side so you have eight designs of total six sheets of each of the eight different designs making the 24 in total assam delinked lien free so if you are a scrapbooker they’re not going to affect any of your photos in there as well so that’s the blue blossom panelist in one of those for each of the trends this year too so lots and lots of fun things there now we get to dive into all of those beautiful mediums we’ve got embossing powders here when one is the pink popsicle and the other is Dutchess blue and here I have these little samples they can also give you a top tip with so when you open up your embossing powders you’re going to see these little pieces on top and they’ll have embossing powder stuck to them it’s part of the manufacturing process and what I do is I just hold them with my tweezers like this and then I take out my heat tool I hate it so that the embossing powder sets and that’s why I put in my swatch book or I did want to use to swatch just with a piece of cardboard I’d stick that on my swatch cardboard with my label above and then you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to stamp it out and reimburse it you just put that straight in and you’re watch is done for you really really easy no extra work for you so top tip in there we have a new glitter marker and do go and watch our video on glitter markers again I’ll link it in that top right hand corner for you because you can use the glitter markers as watercolor you can use them as an ink pad which is super super cool you can just paint draw it onto your stamp and then stamp out and it works as a glittery ink pad like truly truly glittery ink pad this is how it looks on your white cardstock you can see really pretty there it’s called slinky any press peony this one but it also works on your dark card stocks too look how pretty it is even on your darker and there’s not many water-based products this is water-based you can use on both hence you can watercolor with it as well we also have three new ink cubes so in here you have raspberry smoothies siren blue and midnight surf and I pre swatch them out for you so you can see here that gorgeous raspberry pink that’s gonna coordinate siren blue look at that pretty sapphire I’d really call it like a sapphire blue there and the midnight surf is that beautiful steely blue too so lots and lots of things we can do

with that and you’ll be seeing projects coming up using these supplies very soon but I’ve priest watched everything so I could show you of course we have a new glitter paste or glimmer paste this is strawberry champagne and again we have lots of videos on the channel if you want to go and check out the inspiration we have tonic playlists will make sure they’re all linked up for you but this is what the glimmer face looks like so it’s a more gritty effect versus the glacier paste that I showed you a few weeks ago but here is how it looks dry and I always think things look different dry which is like why I like to have it priests watched as you see here you can use it thin or you can use it thicker and it looks very different of how dependent or whether it is thick or thin so that’s why I have the two different options available to you so they’re your options that we have new alcohol markers in flamingo pinks and the nouveau alcohol markers are a little bit different because their price point is great and yet they still blend beautifully Copic markers are now around $8 a pen which is insane I mean I’m lucky I’ve had mine a long time when I’ve got my collection but Nouveau alcohol markers are around $6 for three so for less than one Copic using up all three of these they come with a chisel and a bullet nib and these are the Flamingo Pink’s these three here and they blend together perfectly so you can get a seamless blend with each pack I take my pee touch and I label all three of these so I know that these three and my Flamingo pinks and it is a tonic download so you can swatch it around a color wheel I know that those three go together because they’re numbering system is actually a product numbering system it’s not like the Copic system that we are used to so just to let you know on that but really really love these Alva markers we put them in the Hedgehog hollow box numerous times and then also on this chart here because I know some of you are more to colorize some of your mock alcohol marker colorist you know you have preferences we do have the aqua flow so the colors this time are pink lemonade which is the bright pink down the bottom here we have cameo pink and we have blue velvet and again I have done six ways in a video to use liquid watercolor pens because there are really versatile medium you can do things with rice you can use salt I mean all sorts of different kitchen things that you can use in your projects and then use them with dyes you can use with stamps and so go check that video out too lots of fun things you can do with them you will extend their life a lot just by actually using your glass mat or your easy clean matte scribble down and then grab a paintbrush add water to them mix your own custom colors as well they’ll last a lot lot longer so some more top tips in there for you when you’re using those mediums and I think you’ll find you have a lot more control if you put them down on a separate surface and then use a paintbrush with them but I think you’ll really love watching that video of six different ways to use a liquid watercolor brushes it’s really great video lots and lots of people have watched that one okay let’s go back to that noose I showed you earlier too which is called poppy pink again i swatched it on some Navy cardstock and then also on some white car you can see it’s a really really light pink it does add just a nice shimmer to your white card stock but if really poppy when you put it on too dark cardstock and if you’ve never played with embellishment minutes of course you know I’m gonna say there’s a video but you can use it as a metallic watercolor you can add it into your lightness spray bottles and use it as a spray you can use it as a paste you can use it as just a medium on a door bar like this you can use it in so many different ways really versatile again Nouveau products are great because there’s always more than one way that you can use them and of course that leaves me really nicely in to some of the confetti zand things that we’ve got so we have the Rose blossoms rose shell blossoms I should say so look at that pretty rose gold color but the really great thing about these is look at that it’s actually a little flower shape how cute is that so again the other thing is when you’re doing shaker cards and things so if you’re doing things like the tonic blisters which again we have videos of a two-minute shaker card and you literally can make a shaker in two minutes with those blisters you don’t necessarily these are actually tea light holders from Ikea and I like to make my own custom mixers in these and then just pop them into my carts this is the new Bluebell glitter which matches perfectly with that glitter card stock it has a rich blue with a little bit of a silver twinkle so you can see that in there too we have these peachy pink tutu with iridescent sequins and there’s multiple sizes in here so you don’t just have one size if you want to stick them on your cards rather than use them as a confetti mix you can do that I mean look how

pretty you can just see that your adjustment shimmer in there too and finally we have our Bluebell hearts so again this is a heart-shaped confetti and see it on my finger there but it has the blue color but also beautiful iridescent as I move this around you can see how they are iridescent absolutely really really pretty lots of fun things we do can do so if I wanted to I could pour some of these in there and then you can see how I can mix them together so now I can make my own custom mixes and then if you wanted to you can just pop it in a ziploc or little box the little sauce packets you get five guys you know when you go and get the ketchup if you ask them they’ll always let you take some home because done that a lot and you can take the lids home and you can also mix in a little bit of glitter and then grab your craft pick or your craft spoon mix it up and now you have your own custom shaker mix so you don’t necessarily just have to use them straight out the packet to make your own little custom mix and that one now that’s really pretty so I can keep that one for a future shaker cup so there’s another option for you so finally we have all of our mediums so we have two new mica myths we have midnight horizon and pink carnation and I have already spritz them out for you so you can see this is how they’re going to look when you’re finished you’ve got that mica shimmer in them here you can put them through a stencil you can spray them directly on your project or spray them onto your mat and then paint them on if you wanted to as well again we do have videos of maintenance from mica sprays because there are a couple of things that are really really important one is to store them on their sides the other is to make sure you shake them around and around not up and down because you’ll clog that nozzle and then when you’re done put it upside down spray until your nozzle is empty and then give it a wipe and finally then just run the nozzle under the tap and that will make sure that your nozzle works next time otherwise you’re gonna have issues with clogged nozzles and mica being in there but that just that general maintenance works really well so store it on its side shake it around it around and I didn’t tighten my lid beforehand shake it around and around and then when you’re done turn it upside down spray run it under the tap so they’re my top tips for that one this one is from where I cleaned it for when I did yesterday’s video then we have what we have next Oh new Nuvo drops to share with you so I have a swatch all of the new Nuvo drops out for you so we have a new glitter accents called a ballroom blue so that’s this one here so I did again do a and there is a download available at the Hedgehog hollow about the difference between bitter accents nouveau drops crystal accents dream drops on all the different drops available but this one dries more gritty so it has more texture to it and you’ll see with the glitter accents compared to a glitter drop the glitter drop dries more translucent and more smooth and this is your new glitter drop it is called enchanting pink so it’s got like that pink color and a little bit of pinky gold glitter inside of it they’re really really pretty again then we have a jewel drop which is called steel blue so it’s more translucent you also have an iridescent pink drop here which is your crystal drop called shimmering rose and then finally you have just a regular nouveau drop it’s not shimmery it’s a more matte finish and that’s called berry blue and they’re all going to dry opaque your regular nouveau drops whereas your jewel drop dries opaque translucent rather and again as I say we have a download telling you the difference and for those of you always say well like it Peaks in my nouveau drops and it doesn’t dry properly we do have videos to tell you how to always get the perfect nouveau drop we have a whole playlist on nouveau drops different shapes different sizes how to get the perfect one how to never get peaks on your nouveau drops how to make embellishments how to make hearts how to do all those different things so if you want all of those tips go check out all those different playlist on the channel hang around for a while bookmark them add them to your favorites come back later check those out lots and lots of different tips and tricks yet honestly you can find out lots of different information and we keep adding to them to make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring the bell because lots of tips and if you always have a request you can drop them in the comments we do compile this and we add those to our next videos that we’re going to make we always want to know what you would like to see here on the channel so if you’re struggling with something leave us a comment let us know and we’ll make sure we add it to our future videos list so the final thing I have for you is a new shimmer powder it’s called meteorite shower these again are one of my favorites because you can paint with them you can create backgrounds with them you can make sprays with them you can do all sorts of really cool stuff with them and this is how this one comes out here I was playing around with it this is lots of water this is just little bits of water there’s a color bus and it’s the only

one I know of that contains mica and mica means shimmer so you can see here it just has that like metallic shimmery finish to it super super cool again you’ve got blue you’ve got pink you’ve got black you’ve got purple lots and lots of fun colors you just kind of tap it out I always use the analogy of think of it like chili powder does start with a little oil you might want a lot by the end but start with little because you can’t take it back afterwards and then spray it with your light mist buffle I could even go in now reactivate it if I wanted to and put more water in and if you want to seal it you can absolutely do that the de-stress micro glaze is a really great way to seal it through the mail and once you’re happy with your finish if you want to do that so that’s what the shimmer powder comes out with if you want top tips you know the deal go check out the videos you can search the channel for those too even a nice to get myself a little blossom on there but doesn’t it look pretty it coordinates as always perfectly with the rest of that trend so that’s the entire blue blossom trend as I say check out the links in the video description below for the latest coupon if you’re not watching this in September 2019 you can’t go and check out one of our latest videos for the latest coupon codes we have them in every single month Ratanak but do join our community as well for even more savings and even better savings as well our favorite companies give us coupon codes every single month and of course we’ll be back at creative ation in january for next year’s trends tours of all the booths so make sure you hit that subscribe button and ring the bell for all of the latest videos we’ll be on the show floor first as always giving you the latest and best coverage and last year the official media partners so we might have some news on that very very soon or – thanks for joining me as always don’t forget to hit subscribe ring the bell hit that joint buns we parked the community and get all those amazing savings and receive your birthday card of course give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this review of the latest trend and some of those tips and tricks and I’ll see you again tomorrow happy crafting everyone bye


TUTORIAL: AliDropship Woocommerce Store (Create a Woocommerce Dropshipping Store) UPDATED 2018

Hey, guys It’s me, Sarah, here from Wholesale Ted and in today’s video, I’m gonna be doing something that has been highly requested I’m gonna be giving an updated, step-by-step tutorial on how to create an AliExpress dropshipping store with WooCommerce and AliDropship So yes, if you are one of those people that prefers to use WordPress and WooCommerce to build your dropshipping empire, then this tutorial is for you This is an updated version of my 2017 WooCommerce tutorial In that one, I used WooDropship but these days, AliDropship is easily the best plugin on the market for AliExpress dropshipping This is going to be a 17 step tutorial and for each step, I’m gonna switch over to my computer so that you can see exactly how to complete each step and follow along with my screen Here are the 17 steps that we will be following If you want to skip ahead to a particular step, then I will have timestamps so that you can jump straight to it in the video description below All right, the fun begins I’m gonna switch over to my computer now and give you a quick preview of the store that we are about to build So here is the store that we are going to build It features a custom logo and a nice, big splash image to give the store character and style Scrolling down, you can see that we’ve created a simple yet professional design by previewing different products listed in our store So coming back up, let’s take a look at the menu We’ve got a working store menu including a submenu under the products tab, showing off the different categories of items that we sell So here are the coffee mugs we’ve listed in our store Let’s open one up so that you can see a product page Here is a product page On the right, we’ve got bullet points promoting and selling our item, which have been proven by Amazon to be effective for conversions We’ve also got a working image gallery on the left and customers can check out the different photos And this product has multiple variations Customers can purchase either a black mug, a blue mug, a green mug, or a red mug Scrolling down the page, you can see we’ve got a bigger product description, great for SEO, and related products at the bottom Scrolling back up, let’s finish this preview off by taking a look at how customers can purchase items I’ve added one of these self-stir mugs to my cart And here is our nice, simple, yet professional checkout page As you can see, we’ve set it up so that customers can pay for their items with PayPal and we’ve set it so that each item has free shipping All right So that is the store that we are going to build Let’s get started Step 1, set up our hosting and domain name with SiteGround To set up our hosting and our domain, we are going to be using a low-cost yet high-quality service called SiteGround and this has gotten a four out of five-star rating from TechRadar Now in my 2016 and 2017 tutorials, I recommended that you used iPage because it was the cheapest form of hosting but now, it no longer is And the reason for that is because as of February this year, Google now requires that websites like e-commerce stores that collect data from customers have what is called an SSL certificate If you don’t have one, they will flag your site as being unsafe, massively hurting your sales and conversions And an SSL certificate is unfortunately not included with an iPage subscription, however, it is included for free with a SiteGround subscription A one-year subscription to SiteGround will cost you $4.95 a month paid upfront, however, sometimes you can catch it for $3.95 a month and if you find it for that price, I would recommend that you snap it up fast Another option is to instead choose to purchase a one-month trial with SiteGround, however, this is not something I recommend that you do unless you are really strapped for cash The reason for that is they will charge you $4.95 for that one month plus a huge $14.95 fee so just one month is going to cost you $20 And after that, if you want to keep your site active, then you’re going to need to purchase at least a one-year subscription plan so it’s much better to just go ahead and do it upfront If you would like to follow along with this tutorial, you will find the link to how you can get a SiteGound subscription in the video description below Please be aware, that is an affiliate link Here at Wholesale Ted, all of our YouTube tutorial videos are free and affiliate links help us keep our videos free Come and click on the Web Hosting button in the top menu Click the button under Shared Hosting Come to the StartUp plan and select Get Started Now, let’s register our domain name Type in the domain name that you want Make sure that you have .com selected I don’t recommend using any other type of URL Then, click the Proceed button and just let the page load All right Now you need to create an account For this, you’re going to need to choose an email address to use as your username and

a password Make sure you choose an email address that you have easy access to and that you don’t mind receiving emails in I’m gonna be blurring out all of my personal details in this section to keep them private And of course, select a strong password as you will be using this site to make sales and collect customer’s private data so having a strong password is crucial All right Once you’ve created your account, you are going to need to fill out your personal details You will need to give your full name, your address, and your phone number Other information is optional After that, fill out your credit card details This will be the credit card that you will be using to purchase your hosting and domain name from SiteGround Again, I’ve blurred out my details for this video for obvious reasons If your billing address is different from the address you gave above, you can deselect this checkbox and fill in the correct details Under Hosting Services, select the period that you want For most, it’ll be either the trial or the one-year plan As this is just a tutorial and I don’t plan on keeping this store, I’m selecting the trial plan And after that, just scroll down to the end of the page, click the confirm checkbox, and select the Pay Now button Then, just let SiteGround load and create your account And, done Now just click the Proceed to Customer Area button Now, if you are really strapped for cash, then you can choose to purchase your domain name through another site like GoDaddy or NameCheap to save a few dollars but if you do do that, then you are gonna have to go through the technical process of updating the nameservers and then pointing that domain name at your store which is why I recommend that most beginners just purchase their domain name through SiteGround They will connect your domain name for you, which means that you will have less technical hurdles to have to overcome, meaning that you get set up faster and that you can start making money faster Step 2, install WordPress WooCommerce is a plugin for the content management system called WordPress Before we can install WooCommerce, we need to install WordPress Luckily, WordPress is free and SiteGround makes it super easy for us to install it in just a few clicks Let me switch over to my computer and show you just how easy it is to do this Come to the Members Area inside SiteGround Make sure you are in My Accounts Then, come and click the Launch Setup Wizard button From the menu, click the Start a new website checkbox Once you’ve done that, choose to install WordPress, not WooCommerce You will then need to create your WordPress login details Choose an email address that you have easy log-in access to You will also need to select a username and a password Don’t create a weak password It is very important to keep your account secure And once you’ve done that, click the Confirm button On the next page, they’re just trying to sell you unnecessary extras you don’t need, click the Confirm button again On the next page, tick this checkbox and then click the Complete Setup button and then wait for the page to load This may take a few minutes This is absolutely normal Don’t exit Awesome Now just select the Proceed to Customers Area button to return to your SiteGround admin area and you are done Step 3, install WooCommerce Now that we’ve installed WordPress, we can now install WooCommerce and that is really easy to do Let me switch back to my computer and show you how to complete this step Once again, start out in your SiteGround account Make sure that you are in the My Accounts section of it Then come and click the Go to Admin Panel button Now you’re at the log-in page for your new WordPress site Log in using the login details that we created in step 2 And now you’re in your new WordPress site On the sidebar menu, click Plugins Now, click the Add New button All right Now we just need to come to the plugins search bar and type in WooCommerce Once you’ve typed it in, the WooCommerce plugin should show up and then you just need to click the Install Now button It may take a few minutes to install Don’t click away, just be patient Awesome Once it’s installed, just click this button Now we need to complete our WooCommerce setup You’ll need to select what country you live in and fill out your address I recommend keeping the currency to USD and selecting that you plan to just sell physical products Once you’ve done that, click the Let’s go! button Now again, we just need to let it load This can take a few minutes That’s absolutely normal Don’t click away, just be patient

And that’s it We’ve successfully installed WooCommerce Let’s move on to the next step Step 4, install and activate the AliDropship plugin AliDropship is the best AliExpress dropshipping plugin for WordPress It is very similar to Oberlo Not only does it greatly speed up the process of adding items to our store, but it is going to semi-automate the fulfillment process, making it much easier to process our customers’ orders AliDropship costs $89 to purchase Keep in mind though that this is a one-off purchase, unlike Oberlo which charges you fees once you sell 50 or more items a month Once you purchase AliDropship, that is it I will have a link to where you can get AliDropship in the video description below Please be aware, that is an affiliate link If you would choose it, we would greatly appreciate it All right So to begin with, we need to start out by purchasing it and installing it Let me switch over to my computer and show you how to do this Come to the AliDropship site Again, I’ll have the link to it in the video description below Click Buy Plugin button On the next page, click the Buy Now button On the checkout page, enter your email address You don’t need to add any comments Then just scroll down and enter your credit card details If you’d prefer, you can choose to buy the plugin with PayPal instead of a credit card After that, click the Complete Order button Now just let the page load It may take a few minutes, that’s normal Don’t click away, just be patient On this page, just click the Continue button This is an upsell page and we don’t need what they’re selling us Awesome We’ve purchased AliDropship Scroll down and find the AliDropship WooCommerce plugin and click the Download button When you click it, the plugin should download to your computer Okay, so what we’re gonna do is switch back to our WordPress Dashboard while keeping this page open We’ll need our license key later On the left menu, click the Plugins button On the Plugins page, click the Add New button After that, just click the Upload Plugin button On the next page, you’ll need to select Choose File and find the AliDropship file you just downloaded and select it Then, click Install Now The installation process make take a few moments and again, this is absolutely normal Don’t click away Awesome Now just click the Activate Plugin button and you’ve successfully installed AliDropship All right Now that we have purchased AliDropship and installed it, we need to add our license key to it so that we can activate it Earlier, when we purchased AliDropship, I said to keep that purchase page open and the reason for that was because it had our license key on it So go back to that page now and I will show you how to add the license key to your plugin and activate it Come back to the AliDropship purchase confirmation page Find your license key and copy it And then switch back to your WordPress Admin area On the left sidebar menu, click the AliDropship Woo button Then come and select the License button Then all you need to do is paste in your license key and click the Activate button After that, it’s time to move on to the next step Step 5, install the AliDropship Chrome Extension Later on in this video, in step 9, we are going to automatically add AliExpress products to our store using the AliDropship Chrome Extension That means if you haven’t already, you are going to need to get the Chome browser and install it So if you haven’t done that already, go do so now To download the AliDropship Chrome Extension, you will need to go to the Chrome web store and I will have a link to how you can get there in the video description below All right Let me switch back to my computer and show you how to do this Come to the Chrome web store extensions Again, I’ll have a link to it in the video description below Go to the search bar and type in AliDropship When the extension appears, click the Add to Chrome button On the pop-up, click Add Extension When it successfully installs, you’ll see this success message in the top right of your browser Close this message Then click the AliDropship Chrome button and type in the URL of your new store and click Add And then that’s it You’ve successfully added the AliDropship Chrome Extension It’s time to move on to the next step Step 6, install the AliDropship Theme – Shopper One of the quirks of working with the AliDropship plugin is that it is not compatible with many WordPress themes You need to make sure that you are choosing a theme that is compatible with AliDropship There are multiple themes to choose from and you only need to use one of their free ones You don’t need to pay for any of their premium themes I think that the easiest theme for beginners to use to create a simple yet professional

store is the Shopper theme so that is what we are going to be using in this tutorial To download and install it, you will need to go to the AliDropship Themes page and again, I’ll have a link to that in the video description below All right So let me switch back to my computer and show you just how simple it is to do this Start out by coming to the AliDropship Theme page Again, I’ll have a link to it in the video description below So scroll down until you find the Shopper theme We’ll be using this one so click it On the Theme page, click the Download button When you do this, it will start downloading to your computer When it’s finished downloading, switch back to your WordPress dashboard On the side menu, put your mouse over the Appearance button and click the Themes button from the submenu On the Themes page, come and click the Add New button Then on the Add Themes page, click the Upload Theme button Click the Choose File button then find the Shopper theme file that we downloaded to your computer earlier and open it And then just click the Install Now button and wait for it to install Awesome All that is left for you to do is to click the Activate button and you are done It is time to move on to the next step Step 7, edit the AliDropship settings In this step, we’re gonna be doing a couple of things Firstly, we’re gonna be setting it so that AliDropship will override the customer’s phone number with our phone number on the checkout page That means the supplier, if they need to get in contact with us, will use our phone number and not the customer’s Secondly, we’re gonna be adding in an automatic note to each order that will tell the AliExpress suppliers to not include any invoices or marketing materials with our order This is called “blind dropshipping” and it means that the customer will not find out how much that we originally paid for the item We’re also gonna be setting it so that AliDropship will check if any of our suppliers have run out of stock and if they have, it’s gonna set our inventory to zero So I’m gonna switch back now and show you how to edit AliDropship settings Come to your WordPress Dashboard and click the AliDropship Woo button on the left menu When the page loads, come and click on Settings in the left menu Now we’re gonna update the Checkout settings First we’re gonna set it so that when customers order an item, the AliExpress supplier will be given our phone number not the customer’s So come to the Default phone number and type in your phone number Don’t worry, the customer won’t see this Then click this button so that your phone number will override the customer’s number And after that, type in this custom note This will mean that no promo materials or invoices will be included in the package In this industry, we call that blind dropshipping Then just click Save Changes All right Now we’re gonna change the Order Update settings Come to the left menu and click the Updates button Now, come to this button and click it Change it so that when a variation disappears or is out of stock, that the quantity for it will automatically set to zero Keep the rest of the settings like they are You can change these if you like though It’s entirely up to you Now just come to Auto Update and click the Enable button Keep it set to update once daily and then just click Save Changes Step 8, add a custom logo and update our store’s color scheme Adding a custom logo and giving it a custom color scheme is gonna help give our store a brand and a unique feel Now, you can create a logo for free using a logo maker and I will have a link to one in the video description below For most of you though, you’re probably gonna get a much better logo made if you just head on over to Fiverr and get a graphic designer to make one for you and it’s gonna cost you just $5 plus a $0.50 transaction fee And something that you will want to do before you go ahead to complete this step is to pick a color that matches your store’s niche For me, I’m selling coffee accessories, so I’m going to choose the colour brown since coffee beans are brown So once you’ve gone ahead and chosen your colour, follow along with me on my computer Start out on the Dashboard On the left sidebar, click the Appearance button Now click the Customize button after putting your mouse over the Shopper Theme Okay Start out by clicking Site Identity Then, click Select logo Click the Select Files button Now, find where you saved your logo on your computer and open it Once loaded, click Select On the next page, you’ll have an option to crop the image I don’t need to crop my image so I’m just gonna click Open Image Fantastic We’ve now added a custom logo to our store Let’s modify the color scheme

Come and click the back button Now, select the Color button in the left menu Come to the Link color and click Select Color Choose the color that you’ve already chosen for your store Because I’m selling coffee accessories, I’m gonna be selecting a brown All right So when you’ve chosen your color, come and click the Publish button to save it Next, click the back button On the left side menu, select Buttons Now come to Background color and choose the same color that you chose before Almost there Now just click Publish And that’s it We’ve added a custom logo and color theme to our store Step 9, add products to your store For this step, we’re gonna be going over to AliExpress and then importing products directly in using the AliDropship Chrome Extension So, of course, that means that to complete this step, you’re going to need to open up your Chrome browser So go ahead and do that now and then head on over to AliExpress Come to AliExpress and do a search for the product that you want to add Let the results load up Once the results have loaded, scroll through the list and find the product that you want to add Put your mouse over it and click the AliDropship button Wait a few moments while the product is being added to your store When you get the tick, it means it was successfully added Okay So I’m just gonna scroll through the listings and add one randomly All right So let’s choose this one I’m gonna click the AliDropship button and give it a few moments to add it to my store Success Now I’m gonna switch back to my WordPress Dashboard to show you it’s been added I’m gonna come and click on the Products button and look, there are the products that we selected So go through now and add each of the products you plan to sell from AliExpress Step 10, how to add product categories Come to the left sidebar menu and hover your mouse over the Products button and select Categories from the submenu All right So I’m gonna add in one item category, coffee mugs So I’m gonna come to name and type in coffee mugs Next, I’m gonna add in a Slug If you don’t know what this means then don’t worry about it It is optional Now I’m just gonna scroll down the page and click the Add new category button And then that’s it Coming here, we can see that my coffee mug category has been successfully added I’m now gonna pause in the video and add in two extra categories Done I’ve gone and added two new categories, coffee spoons and travel mugs So go on and add your product categories now Step 11, how to create an About Us page On the left WordPress menu, click the Pages button Then come and click the Add New button Come and enter a title A simple title like About Us works great Now you just need to enter your content I’ve already written up some filler content for this video I’m also going to use an image as part of my About Us page I’m going to set it so that the picture is on the left side of the page with the text I’ve prepared in advance written around it Don’t stress too much over your About Us page It’s important to have one as it creates trust and legitimizes your store but a simple page with three to four paragraphs is plenty in the beginning I find that a lot of beginners overthink things like the About Us page and put too much emphasis on it You can make a better page later, once you are making sales Once you’ve finished adding content, click the Publish button And then that’s it We’ve successfully created our About Us page You can preview it by clicking the Preview Changes button It’s time to move on to the next step Step 12, how to add a Contact Us page On the left sidebar, click the Plugins button Now, click Add New In the search bar, type contact form Click Install Now next to Contact Form 7 and let it install Once install, click the Activate button Come back and click the button titled Plugins Click the Settings button under Contact Form 7 Come and copy the shortcode on this page Then click Pages Click Add New Type in a title Contact Us works great Now paste in the shortcode that we copied earlier Then just click Publish and you are done You’ve successfully created a contact form Messages from it will be sent to the email address you created with your WordPress account Step 13, how to add free shipping For this tutorial, I’m gonna keep it nice and simple I’m gonna set up one shipping option and that is free shipping It means that all of the products in your store will be eligible for free shipping

This means that you’re going to need to be keeping this in mind when you’re pricing your products since you need to absorb the cost of the shipping into the price that you are charging Luckily though, shipping costs on AliExpress are very, very cheap Something else that is very important to note is that for this tutorial, I didn’t specify any particular countries so my shipping was applied worldwide but I don’t suggest this for most people As I explained in my video “10 Things to DO BEFORE Dropshipping,” I recommend that beginners stick to countries that have fast, efficient shipping options And the absolute easiest country to begin with is dropshipping to the USA I recommend that beginners just start out focusing on the USA market because they have a very fast, efficient shipping option called ePacket All right Let me switch over to my computer and show you just how easy it is to do this On the left menu, hover your mouse over WooCommerce and then click the Settings button Then come and click on the Shipping tab Now come and click Add shipping zone Name it Free Shipping You can also select which countries you want to ship to in the Zone regions If you don’t select any countries, it will be a worldwide shipping option Once you’ve done that, click Add shipping method A pop-up box will appear From the dropdown menu, select Free shipping and then click Add shipping method And then that is it Something important is that if you selected particular countries, this shipping option will only apply to those countries and people from other countries won’t be able to order from you unless you create a shipping option for them This is a good way to limit which countries you ship to Step 14, how to set up PayPal To keep this tutorial and accessible for people worldwide, I’m gonna show you how to set up your checkout with PayPal To accept payments, you’re going to need a business PayPal account Luckily, turning your personal PayPal account into a business one is free Another good payment option is Stripe Now, if you are eligible to use Stripe while having your currency set to USD, I highly recommend that you add this to your store But for this video, we’re just gonna be adding in PayPal Let me switch back to my computer and show you just how easy it is to do this On the left menu, hover your mouse over WooCommerce and then click the Settings button On the Settings page, click the Checkout tab at the top of the page Now just scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page At the bottom, click the PayPal button All righty So enabling it is simple Just click the Enable checkbox This will enable PayPal Then, add your PayPal email address in the PayPal email box After that, just scroll down to the end of the page and click the Save changes button And once you’ve clicked that, you are done Now customers will be able to pay for their items using PayPal There are other options on the Checkout settings like Direct bank transfer and Cash on delivery but because we haven’t checked to enable them, they won’t show up for the customer Step 15, how to customize your homepage It’s a myth that you need a super fancy store design to make sales Having a simple, clean design with a bit of a unique feel is all you need for a profitable store So we’re gonna keep this tutorial nice and easy We’re gonna, first of all, add a big splash image to our homepage and then we’re gonna set it so that we’ve got a title and a subtitle overlaid on top of it And next, we’re gonna set it up so that we’ve got different products that we’re selling in our store previewed on our homepage It’s a really nice, easy way to keep our store looking professional Okay, come to the left menu and click on the Pages button Then come and click on the Add New button All right So what we need to do is create some headline text for our page and some subtext that will go under the headline The headline text should be typed into the Title box and the subtext should be placed in the big text box I prepared some text in advance Just a quick note While I’m writing worldwide free shipping, that is a more advanced tactic I recommend beginners start out by just dropshipping to the USA Once you’ve added some text, come to Page Attributes From the dropdown menu, select Homepage Next, we need to add a splash image This image should be at least 1080 pixels long and 500 pixels high A good place to find a splash image for your site is Google Images Be sure to search for images that are free to use and edit, even for commercial purposes If you don’t use images that have a license that lets you do this, then you will risk being sued For more information, watch my video, “How to Not Get Sued When Dropshipping,” which I will include a link to in the video description below Being sued may sound scary but don’t worry It’s very easy to avoid this happening to you as long as you follow my advice Once the image has finished loading, click the Set featured image button

Awesome We have now added our homepage splash image Now we just need to click the Publish button Now we’ve got to go and set this page as our homepage so on the left menu, come and hover your mouse over the Settings button and then click the Reading button Next, to your homepage displays, click the static page checkbox And then from the dropdown menu, select the page we just created After that, click Save Changes Almost done Now just come and click on the Appearance button in the left menu Then click on this Customize button Now click on Home Page Here, we can choose which product categories we will preview on our store homepage If you have all of these showing, the page will get cluttered Remove two different previews and remove the product categories and blog preview from the homepage And that’s it We have successfully customized and updated our homepage design As you can see, it’s got different product previews that we chose to keep and we no longer have the categories or blog posts listed on the homepage To finish, just click the Publish button Fantastic I’m now gonna open up the homepage on my full screen so that you can take a better look at the design All right So here is the homepage As you can see, our splash image is at the top and it has the title text that we wrote and the subtest that we created is on here too And, of course, scrolling down, we can see the product previews we chose are here as well We’ve created a nice, simple, clean homepage design It’s time to move on to the next step Step 16, update the product pages For this step, I’m gonna be editing two different products I’m gonna be editing the self-stir mug, which comes in multiple color variations The second product that I’m going to be updating is this camera lens travel mug and it comes in a single variation and that is black I’ll also show you how to set a product on sale using the self-stir mug and I’m gonna show you how to set a product to not be on sale using the camera lens travel mug Now, this part is easily going to be the most time-consuming part of setting up your store Creating unique product descriptions can certainly be quite time-consuming but it’s well worth it So let’s go ahead and edit our product pages All right So come to the left menu and click on the Products button So the first product that we’re going to edit is the self-stir mug It’s a product with multiple variations so I’ll show you how to delete the ones you don’t want and edit the ones you want to keep First things first though Delete the product title and enter your own Next, delete the description and enter your own I’m gonna be pasting in a description I have prepared in advance Now scroll down the page until you come to the short description box In this box, write some bullet points that promote and sell the item I’m gonna be pasting in the ones that I’ve prepared in advance Okay So next we need to edit the product data Don’t worry about changing any of this in the Inventory tab and you don’t need to change anything in the Shipping tab either And you can optionally choose to link products for upsells and cross-sells Something we do want to edit though is the Attributes For the Color Attribute, I’m deleting the colors I plan to remove, the sky blue mug and the yellow mug And then after I’ve done this, I’m going to be going through and hiding some attributes that I think look clunky and unprofessional to include I’m gonna be hiding these because they’ll show up on our product page This data has been pulled directly from AliExpress and a lot of suppliers on there have awkward English, which leads to these clunky attributes And in addition to hiding them, you can permanently remove them or you can even edit them But all of these are optional You may disagree with me and want to include some attributes but hide others and that is absolutely okay These attributes won’t be in the main section of your product description They’ll be in their own separate tab Once I’ve finished editing this self-stir mug, I’ll show you where they appear And I’ll be honest, setting up product listings is one of my least favorite things to do but you need to make sure that you don’t take shortcuts It’s important that you edit them to make them look professional and engaging and it’s at this point that a lot of people get bored and they give up Don’t be one of those people Dropshipping requires more than just throwing money at ads We need to do our best to convince the customer that not only should they buy this item, but that they should trust us as well And having professional-looking product pages helps to go a long way in getting them to trust us Fantastic We’ve updated our attributes Now we’re gonna click on the Variations tab This sky blue mug is a variation that I don’t want so I’m going to remove it Cool

It’s been successfully removed I’ll now show you how you can update the prices of the variations that you do want to keep I’m gonna be putting this mug on sale from $19.99 down to $14.99 All right So as this is quite a long process to watch, I’m now gonna pause this video and remove the variations of the mug that I don’t want and update the prices on the variants that I want to keep Done Okay, after you’ve edited the variants, click the Advanced tab Untick Enable reviews and then that is it We don’t need to update the Supplier info or the Review tab Then come and click the category that the item fits into And then just click Publish Perfect, we’ve updated a product with variations I’m gonna preview this page now so you can see what it looks like So on the left is the image gallery and on the right are the bullet points from our short product description Down here, you can see the main description that I added And if we click on Additional Information, you’ll see the product attributes that we chose to have are visible All right So let’s switch back and update the camera lens travel mug On the left menu, come back to the Products button and click it Now, I’m just going to find the camera lens travel mug and open it This item will be different to edit as it has no variations Again, the first thing we want to do is delete the title and put our own one in Next, just like before, we want to delete the description and write our own And then come to the Product short description box and write some bullet points promoting the item Coming back to Product data, just like before, we don’t need to make any changes to the Inventory or Shipping tabs but you can optionally add upsells or cross-sells if you’d liked to in the Linked Products tab Once again though, we need to go through the attributes and hide or remove any that we don’t want While I’m doing this, I want to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about my product description I wrote that product description as an example of one that is optimized for search engine optimization traffic, that is why the description is very long However, if you’re planning on running paid ads to it, then don’t feel you need a long product description A short two to three paragraph description along with stuff like a shipping disclaimer and trust lines like Secure Checkout with Mastercard and Visa should be more than enough That product description was just filler Don’t copy it I just wrote some text to help people visualize what theirs could look like Once you’ve updated the product attributes, click Save attributes Now, if we come to the Variations tab, you’ll see that it looks very different because there are not multiple variations of it but we still need to come to this page to update the item price I’m not going to put this mug on sale so that you can see what an item looks like when it’s not on sale All right And just like before, we’re gonna come to the Advanced tab and turn reviews off And we don’t need to make changes to the Supplier info or Review tabs Tick the correct category for the item I accidentally ticked coffee mug instead of travel mug, whoops And then click the Update button And that’s it We’ve updated the page I’m gonna preview the product listing now so you can see what it looks like So we’ve got the image gallery and the bullet points at the top and there is no sale price this time And scrolling down, you can see that the description I added in is here along with related products at the bottom And if we click the Additional Information tab, the attributes we chose are visible Looking at these closer now, I think that I would edit some of these since the values in them are wrong but luckily, as I’ve shown in this section of the tutorial, updating them is easy So go on, edit your product pages and we can then move on to the next step There are a couple of things that I want to note Firstly, I accidentally said that my items would arrive within one to two weeks If you are doing AliExpress dropshipping with ePacket as your shipping option, I would recommend telling the customer that it’s gonna take two to four weeks to arrive And again, I really don’t recommend that beginners start out by dropshipping worldwide If you are new to this, then I recommend just focusing on USA and only selling items that have ePacket as a shipping option I also forgot to show you how to edit images in the image gallery It’s pretty simple though You can delete images and reorder them in this gallery section here All right We are almost done Congratulations on making it this far Just one final step to go Step 17, create a store menu All right Now we just need to create our store menu and on it, it’s gonna have a link to our homepage, our About Us page, our Contact Us page, and a link to all of our products And we will also be creating a submenu that contains links to our different product categories All right So let’s switch over to my computer and complete this final step

On our left menu, hover your mouse on Appearance and then click the Menus button We’re only gonna be creating one menu, the main menu Come and type in a name for it The name Primary Menu works well After that, just click Create Menu Awesome When the page loads, click Primary Menu as the display location After that, click the Save Menu button All right Now come and tick the pages that I am The first page on the list should be your homepage Don’t worry, we will be changing the name of it for our menu Once you’ve selected all of these, click to Add to Menu Perfect Let’s change the funny name of our homepage to to say Home I’m typing in caps because as part of the theme design, all menu items get capitalized anyway I also like changing Shop to the name Products since I think it’s more descriptive People will know that if they click it, they’ll see a list of our products After that, it’s time to add in categories Unfortunately, we have to add to add these URLs in manually so in another window, open up your Product Categories page Now you’ve got two options You can either right-click the View button under the category you want to add and click the Copy Link Address button to get the URL or you can open up the page and you can copy the URL in the browser screen Some people might find that easier to do Once you’ve got the URL, come back to your Menu page, under Custom Links, paste in the URL And then in Link Text, type in the name of your category Then just click Add to Menu Perfect Now come and click the category and drag it so that it is both under the Products tab and indented like I’ve done here This turns it into a submenu item for that Products button Okay So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pause this video and then add in my two other categories Awesome So you can see, I’ve added in my two other categories to create the submenu So what I’m gonna do is show you a preview of the site so that you can see how the submenu looks All right So if we come to the Home button, you can see it takes us to the homepage And if we hover over the Products button, you can see that our submenu pops up And by clicking on the different items in the submenu, we can go to their respective categories And if we click About Us, you can see that that works And finally, if we click Contact Us, it takes to that page as well Well, everyone, that’s it We’ve completed the final step Congratulations, you’ve completed your very own AliExpress dropshipping store using WooCommerce and AliDropship And that is it We are done Congratulations on creating your new store Now there are still several things that you can add to it to make it even better For example, I recommend that you add links to your different social media accounts in the footer and I also recommend adding a refund policy page And I would highly recommend going in and updating the metadata of your store, in particular, the title But for now, if you follow this tutorial, you can set up a nice, basic, semi-automated dropshipping store that works Now, if you would like to get even more free dropshipping training, then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted and click that little notification bell next to it so that you can be notified anytime that we post a new video And we’ve actually got another freebie for you Here at Wholesale Ted, we have a free eBook, “How to Make $10,000 a Month Online with Dropshipping.” You can find a link on how to download this eBook in the video description below



(laughing) – What? (beep) – What’s your numerology number? – Who? (beep) – What? It’s so Aquarius, what are you talking about? (beep) (seventies music) – Hey guys, welcome back to Clevver Style We are sitting here on a couch which is kind of a change up for us We wanted to be super comfy because today is all about exploring (ethereal music) our personal souls – Wow – Our s-, is that the video I signed up for? – [Loryn] I didn’t sign up for that – So what Sinead is talking about is today we’re gonna be doing an astrology exploration where we’re gonna dress like our signs but with a twist – Right, so we’re not gonna dress like our signs, we’re gonna dress like each other’s signs – [Erin] Yeah – And make it a competition We have been encouraged to use props in our outfits which is very interesting You guys might need to go to Trader Joe’s and get some wine – You’re a Pisces, what’s your sign? – I’m an Aquarius – I’m a Aries – We are doing three looks total and each one of us will be judging our sign You will judge the Aries street style, I will judge the Aquarius formal wear, and you’ll be judging the Pisces lounge wear – And to be clear, I will be dressing as your signs – Right – And you’re gonna be dressing as my sign And then I get to judge what you guys picked out – Right – For myself – We’re gonna judge the outfits on an emoji – I’m gonna do fire – I’m gonna do the emoji with straight tears (baby crying) – I’m gonna do – Black heart? – Yeah let’s do the black heart because that’s rebellious and apparently everyone in this entire office has thought it’s so weird and nobody’s ever said anything – At the end whoever has the most points, apparently they’re telling me right now, oh yes, yes, that we will be winning a prize at the end but none of us know what the prize is But the only hint that I have is that it’s really, really good – That it’s actually a prize this time – [Erin] Science stuff – I’m prize motivated – I’m free-stuff motivated for sure – I am, too – Well I don’t know much about my sign at all At all – We know more about your sign than you do – Should we start with Loryn’s birth chart? – No, why? – What’s your numerology number? – Who? – You don’t know what time you were born? – Do you? – Yes, 4:16 p.m – 8:35 in the morning (crickets chirping) – To be fair the reason I think I don’t think I know much about my sign is because Pisces are the least interesting sign – The Pisces are really sensitive Sorry, babe, Neals Is a Pisces – How are we friends? – What do you mean? Neals is a Pisces – I know and you’re so blunt – I love him, I love you, but you guys both drive me nuts (laughing) – I usually don’t like Pisces for a fact (crickets chirping) – Crickets! – So as an Aries you are outgoing – Ding – Passionate – Ding – Independent – Ding – Competitive – You are competitive in these videos – You’re competitive (bell chiming) Keep telling me more about myself – Okay, okay, okay – Alright, sorry Courageous – I think so, moderate – Have you seen your outfit? (record scratching) Hey-o! – Keep going, next one – Energetic – Yep, sometimes – Life of the party, no (buzzer sounding) (laughing) – Well that was real quick – I think Might have focused or manic energy – Yeah, I don’t need Adderall as much as some people do – Rude – I don’t know what that says about my style but – Speaking of your style, Erin, these are the style characteristics of Aries Love attracting attention with your outfit – I wear weird stuff but not because I think other people Like I don’t dress for other people (buzzer sounding) – Do you love the color red and black and white? Literally what you’re wearing – She’s not a natural red head, you guys That was a choice – And you’re wearing black and white right now – Oh lots of hats and hat accessories and a giant head – Oh, giant head’s in there? – No – Yeah – Yeah I love hats – Such an Aries thing – You do wear a lot of questionable hats – [Loryn] Doesn’t your husband hate your hats? – [Erin] Yeah my husband hates my hats – Sporty and masculine looks, that couldn’t be further from the truth – Yeah you’re wearing, but she’s wearing biker shorts right now – This is not normal And I also haven’t shaved my legs in like three days so that’s pretty masculine – Is that on here? – Think French girl meets grunge – Not me (buzzer sounding) – This is very confusing – I don’t think this is you at all – No – So next up is Sinead’s characteristics as an Aquarius Rational and analytical – Dude you analyze (beep) to death – Yes and no (giggling) Because rational, I think rational analytical are two different things I’m gonna analyze exactly what this is right now (sped up talking) I guess for the most part I’m pretty rational, definitely analytical – [Loryn] Yeah – That’s why we’re still talking about this – Okay, independent – Yeah – Easy going – No (buzzer sounding) – The OCD is not an easy going trait – Definitely not easy going – Okay, doesn’t get stressed very easily – No (buzzer sounding) – No Curious – Yes I ask so many questions all the time – Yep – [Loryn] Okay takes time to make decisions – What do you mean, yep? Why are you saying it like it annoys you? – Well we, it’s all known that you talk a lot – Yeah that’s true – Okay takes time to make decisions – What do you think? – Takes time to do anything – Time is a, yeah – Takes time to drive, to do our makeup – Doesn’t display emotions very often but is very internally emotional – I don’t think I display emotions on the outside a lot – You do if they’re like, anger (growling) – Okay let’s go through your style – Okay – Artistic meets chic – [Erin] Yes – What are you talking about? – You wear stuff that like, is so cool – I wish I was chic though I don’t ever feel chic – I don’t really know what that means – Chic would be like, “I work at a magazine”, which we do, oh – I feel like on Instagram she’s chic – Maybe we don’t know what chic means – Experimental, rebellious, unique and unusual looks I totally see that – 100%

I think unique 100% Everything you wear I’ve never seen anybody wear or how you wear it or the things you choose Like that’s why whenever we do these fashion episodes we never pick out the same things – That makes me feel so nice ’cause I literally, I never think I have a style, ever – Oh my gosh, your style is more stylish than anybody here – Yeah, 100% – Yeah, for sure So your colors are violet, turquoise, electric blues, anything vibrant and red – For jewelry I have tones of like, turquoise, teals, purples, things like that But clothing, you guys know, I wear black and I wear white and mostly black – Oh, accessories are a statement That is so you – That is so you – The category for you that we’re shopping for is formal wear – I would say channel Harry Styles He gender bends a lot with his style and I think that is part of being an Aquarian Well ’cause it could be dresses, or it could be like pantsuits, or it could be two pieces – So that is chic, then ‘Cause you said you’re not chic but that feels very chic – We don’t know what chic means (crosstalk) Moving on to Pisces, which is what Loryn is It’s a water sign – She knows nothing about her sign – I know of my sign and I don’t feel like it at all – Creative – Yes – Great intuition – Yes – Sensitive, you cry all the friggin’ time – Yes – You didn’t know that until like five minutes ago You just said that like, you literally have it written down in a book Love to daydream – Daydreaming sounds boring (buzzer sounding) – Can find beauty in every situation – 100% no (buzzer sounding) – When she doesn’t like something she is done – And she will tell you – Love nature – No (buzzer sounding) – Wait I feel like you’re always snowboarding – So here’s the thing I love snow but it covers up all of nature So when I was a kid and when I was growing up, I’d go play in the woods and there’d be bugs everywhere and I’d get gross But then when it snows, I will go outside, I will climb the trees because everything’s clean and the bugs are gone – That is so funny – That is so deep That’s so deep So for style characteristics – Yeah – Romantic and flowy, yes – [Sinead] Absolutely – But she only likes big flower prints (laughing) – [Sinead] Or hearts, she loves hearts – And not small flower prints Very feminine, I would say yes – [Sinead] Yes – You think I’m feminine? – Very, very – I absolutely think you’re feminine – Oh – [Sinead] You have a very delicate style and delicate fashion, you know what I’m saying? – Okay – Delicate styles – Oh wow Did you read that before you said that? – No I didn’t I really didn’t – That’s weird – [Erin] Wow, that’s weird Whimsical, ethereal – No (buzzer sounding) – I wouldn’t say ethereal Soft fabrics? Who doesn’t love soft fabric – I mean, yeah, that doesn’t – A Pisces thing? – Like polar fleece, ’cause you know I’m all about that – So true, if you guys are doing lounge wear – But what if I did like a satin, like silky thing – No, no – She doesn’t like that – Nothing lingerie, nothing sexy Am I gonna vote for it? No – She’s not wearing it, we’re wearing it – Oh that’s true – I won’t vote for either of you if you’re wearing lingerie – Just the idea of it upsets you? – Yeah. (giggling) – Alright, your colors: sea green, violet, indigo and gem tones I could definitely say gem tones – [Erin] Gem tones – ‘Cause you don’t like pastels – For sure Accessories – Sea green, as opposed to what, regular green? – Have you watched “The Little Mermaid”? – [Sinead] Yeah – [Erin] It’s that green – [Sinead And Loryn] Oh – That’s a nice green – Some other famous Pisces: Justin Bieber, Millie Bobby Brown, Camilla Cabello (gasps) – I love Millie Bobby Brown’s style and what I was learning about modern interpretations of Pisces is that they’re young at heart and they tend to gravitate towards younger things So that is so funny that I love Millie Brown, Bobby Brown so much and she’s a Pisces – I don’t really know what to do with this information I’m gonna have to dress like Loryn in order for her to vote for me – You guys can do whatever you want, just make sure you follow all the rules – Alright to the mall we go – Alright, so we have our plan, we have our strategy, we’re shopping for three categories, two looks each – Yeah – I’m doing Aries street we-, Aries formal wear – No – No (beep) – I’m doing Aries formal wear – No – No You just said it the second time the exact same way – Oh my God (beep) – Aquarius formal wear – Yes – Aries street wear – And I’m doing Aquarius formal wear and Pisces lounge – Yes – But not lingerie, not lingerie – Not lingerie And I’m doing Aries street wear and Pisces lounge wear, but not lingerie, not lingerie – Not lingerie – Okay, and I’m just gonna buy some lingerie (laughing) What would an Aries do to get us off on our way? – Huddle – Okay, that’s not a huddle – Wait, what do you mean? – What are we doing? Oh my God this is so embarrassing, what are we doing? – One, two, three, let’s shop – Let’s shop? – Astrology? – Shop ’til you drop – One, two, three astrology? One, two, three – [In Tandem] Astrology – Wow that was so sad Why did we all whisper? – None of us wanted to actually draw attention – ‘Cause Aries are uncomfortable in public – Astrology! (laughing) – I’m walking behind Sinead and Erin and they look so confident There they are, not a care in the world Aries and Aquarius, just killing life Meanwhile, Pisces back here stressing Oh we’re passing ’em I feel like I’m in Mario Kart I just passed Erin – So I’m headed to Windsor I’m looking for my Aquarius former, formal wear I’m looking for a pant suit mostly because Sinead said pant suit And then also I’ve never owned a pant suit and I want to so, it’s a win-win for both of us I think so, let’s go – Alright you guys, my (fumbles over word), my strategy is pretty straight forward I’m just going to try to embody Loryn and Erin as much as possible and then put the rules as my next priority, even though I love following rules I think I know that they don’t pay as much attention to rules so

I think I need to try to channel them but I mean, I’ll probably still end up following the rules because I really can’t help myself I need help – Do you like this? Is this street-y? – No, I would never wear this is in the street, only in the sheets (laughing) – Ouch, poor Matt Turquoise? I keep getting distracted by things that I want Is that a Pisces trait? – Does this say like, “I’m ready for the job, I’m qualified I have lots of special skills, one of which includes Microsoft Word”? – Alright I’m wearing my sunglasses because I have to wear this 24-hour makeup for a separate video and it looks awful I am in H&M right now and I feel like for the Aries street style I really like the idea of doing maybe like a more feminine skirt and then like putting the grunge on the top Surprisingly enough I’m not mad at this skirt Really I’m just thinking about what I want to add to my wardrobe – I’m so conflicted emotionally What else is new? – Ooh, you know what I was thinking would be a good accessory? Come here Yeah? It’s not her birthday but it’s love jewelry that has a meaning – I think if I wear an actual face mask with the outfit maybe I’ll get points for creativity Holographic, maybe? It’s a shame that they don’t like, have like eye patches that say, “give me wine” on them ’cause I would definitely win if I could find that (upbeat pop music) – Well it said bold unique accessories, that’s so Sinead I’m gonna hold on to these two things I think Sinead would kill me if I went this formal I might go back to my original plan of like, electric blue It feels like more of the Aries colors, vibrant There’s violet, there’s electric blue and she likes black Ugh, Sinead you are so hard Do you think? – I like this one obetter – You do? Okay – I just think it’s more – More interesting You’re such an Aries – There are too many things to think about And it’s already hard enough when you shop for yourself thinking about the things you like for yourself But to try to then find things that other people would like for yourself is just so many layers of inception that is really is mind blowing I think I might need a hard adult beverage after this – Okay so my idea for Loryn ’cause hers is lounge wear and since she has very specific taste when it comes to pajamas She doesn’t want anything lingerie, nothing sexy, so I’m like what if I get like a cool tie-dye set as well but like different, a little bit different from the one she had Maybe like, a little off the shoulder On Amazon you can get iron-on patches And I’m gonna get an iron-on, wait, hold on It’s my competition I was about to share my like, my awesome plan for my Pisces outfit but Anyways, so then on Amazon they have these iron-on patches so I’m gonna get a white, white claw iron-on patch and make it look like a white claw set Right? That’s amazing I’m super stoked about it, too Thank you – Okay this is sort of along the line of what I was looking for but the wrong color Is this a skirt? Oh my gosh, what are kids wearing these days? – Okay so being the intuitive Pisces that I am, on our way out of that last store Erin like was touching a couple jackets and looking at them and I know she was not looking at them for what she needed to get for me or Sinead, so I think she just looked at it ’cause she liked it So now I’m gonna back here and I’m gonna buy it I’m thinking denim, these denim sparkles are very unique but comfy So I found this really cute little camo dress that would look really good with her hair but it’s not her, it’s me who has to wear it So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna buy it smaller than I might ordinarily, squeeze into it, hope I don’t stretch it out, and then if she does actually like it I can give it to her ’cause I don’t like camo, but she, it looks so good on her, no wonder it’s like part of her style, hopefully I hope, I hope Erin That’s cute, too – I got some stuff from Forever, like a black choker, a hair bow and this belt bag Just because I know for a fact Erin likes stuff like this and I felt like that was a good way to appeal to her as well but also keep it like grungy And then for the top I’ll go a little bit more feminine and then like a bright red lip and then I’m done I just don’t have any props for that one, I’m gonna need some help Oh, headphones, I do! Oh my God, I should just accept my prize now Do you wanna tell me what it is? – [Erin] Okay – Oh darn I thought this said “driven” – Our shopping is complete, well at least at the mall – Mostly – Mostly, we all have to do some online shopping – Yeah – I feel like – You guys got a lot of stuff – A lot of stuff – I don’t have to do as much online shopping as I thought I was gonna Just maybe prop, accessory, shoes – Shoes – And that’s it I got all my main pieces for you guys – Oh I definitely don’t have all my main pieces but I do think I nailed a lot of the accessories – I’m excited, I have a really great accessory for you – I wonder – I have a surprise accessory for you – I hope it has like a 14% alcohol content

– See you back at the studio – We’re not actually walking away because – Oh, you’re supposed to cut already – Our producer’s holding the camera so we have to all leave together – We can go We can go – Don’t let her fool you (beep) Alright, we have completed our shopping endeavors – It’s time to finally assemble our outfits that we have put together I don’t know what accent that is – So we’ve compiled outfits, props, lots of surprises – I know there’s like food being delivered or something I can literally smell the box from here – What? – Yeah, I’m cool – Guys! – I don’t know what it is – You know my donut sensors go off – Stop looking at things – Okay, it’s fine – Loryn we need to get you – I didn’t think that anybody was gonna get me donuts – Do we have any Fireball? Oh, okay – Alright and we are of course going to judge these ’cause it is a challenge that we have named “I styled the sign” ♪ I styled the sign ♪ ♪ And it opened up my eyes ♪ (crosstalk singing) – We have to vote based on the emojis that we chose – Are Pisces forgetful because I don’t remember what emoji I chose – I think it was a fish – Or was it a cry face? – Maybe it can be a crying fish – I don’t think you can just invent emojis – Our editor can – And there will be a winner – And there’s a prize (burping) That’s not it It smells so bad – Like salmon, like fish? – You just had salmon – Ew – It smells like Pisces – So we will be rewarding each other with emojis in three separate categories: Would I wear it? Does it match my sign’s style? – And can I eat it? – The last one is actually creativity – Okay I’m gonna judge the first round so you guys go get on your lounge wear – Okay – And I will wait here as the Pisces that I am Actually we’re really impatient, so hurry up (pop music) Ladies in lounge wear (panting) Oh my God, oh my God, hi! – Do we look just like you? – We actually look like very similar – Like we’re going to the same pajama party – Oh my God – [Erin] Did you see? – Oh ’cause Pisces are extremely creative so I made sure to add a DIY element – I will upsell her because I got one of these bags for you as well – [Loryn] It’s really cute – So you get to take one of these home with you – Oh! – Well you also get this Harry Potter water bottle – Aww – And, and this lightning bolt necklace – Oh my God! – To match the Harry Potter water bottle – Guys, I feel popular I feel like, I feel so loved – So I think my biggest thing was I wanted to at least incorporate some of the sign’s, like the whimsical feeling The blue actually really worked really well into that And then, like, I was like oh gold, and then like maybe like, some sort of like hair clippy thing – Yeah – Like things like that – The details – Like the details – I feel like I’ve seen you wear something like just like this like on stories with your cauliflower escapades I feel like the bow – I had one on earlier – I know I like saw it as I was checking out, I was like this is something Loryn would like I just thought this like felt very like, underwater, aquatic. (record scratching) Is that a word? – Aquatic – Aquatic? – It’s like you combined the sound a duck makes (duck quacking) – This is so hard You guys did a really good job I am honestly impressed and surprised Okay, so, I’m going to rate you for the first category, would I wear it? Five emojis! – Yay! – I knew she was psyching I knew it – I was so nervous – [Erin] I knew it – Do I think it fits my sign style? This is tough ’cause I know that you were totally basing this off of me I feel like it doesn’t match as a whole So I’m gonna give you – I’m sorry, what? – A four – That’s fine – Creativity is where you get all the points The fact that you DIY’ed that yourself So I’m gonna give you five for creativity You know what? I’m gonna give you two extra points for all the Harry Potter stuff – Yeah – Which has nothing to do with Pisces but it is very personalized to me and my love language Okay Erin, would I wear it? Clearly, this is a five I really like the matchiness of it all, it looks super cozy, very comfortable Next one, do I think it matches my sign’s style? I really do I think this is a five for match my sign’s style I’m gonna give you a four for creativity – If there was a fireball in this bag things would be different – I thought there was going to be ’cause you said that – I know I thought about it once it was too late – It’s still creative, I like everything you put together You just didn’t DIY anything – [Erin] I know I didn’t DIY, I didn’t – I’m gonna give you two bonus points ’cause I get to take a bag home and it’s really cute – Yay! – So who wants to go next? Oh God you’re soft Holy moly – Okay I hate to do this to you guys but I will judge the next one which means you guys both have to take off like your really comfy cozy lounge wear and stuff and put on formal wear

It’s okay – Well we knew that It’s fine, I mean (pop music) – I’m gonna get that camera pregnant It’s on birth control but it don’t matter – Three, two, uno! Oh my God you guys look great – Oh Sinead, oh wow – First of all, I feel extremely under dressed So everyone’s aware – Oh, you didn’t get the memo? – And donuts – Yes – Teacher’s pet over here – Cosmic donuts – I didn’t really wanna go too far Aquarius ’cause I know your style is so really not that You wear a lot of black, you wear a lot of white – You look great Like this is a really nice sleek chic outfit I like it, you look super cute – Thanks, thanks – Alright so I know that Sinead is a stickler for the rules so I really went hard on the Aquarius side The electric blues, the like deeper bright colors, I definitely leaned into that And then I know she loves accessories and she usually picks like out of the box accessories I know that you don’t like to show your toes – Nobody will ever see my toes – Have we never seen her toes? – [Sinead] Not like actual heel heels – Oh my God, what do your toes look like? – Ever – Okay, I don’t know that Aquariuses are all about their accessories but I know that you are so I threw some hair clips in, I got the sunglasses, I got the bag Of course you’re obsessed with donuts so got ’em to go – Those look so good – And this isn’t for me, this is for you You get to have these, I mean I’ll take one – Get a room (laughing) – I’m so impressed, honestly Like you really did a lot So, would I wear it? I mean I would wear something very similar to the style, so like personally I’d give you like a three What?! It’s a c-bell accessory – Yeah and this is the worst part – [Loryn] I knew you would never – Of the whole outfit (laughing) – [Loryn] What? – What?! it’s so Aquarius what are you talking about? – Everything I think I know, I don’t know – It is safety! – You’re taking away from something that’s so sleek and like nice and like (phew) – If I took it off I would be nude! – I’m okay with that I’m like way too much of a mom, I’m gonna cry myself – You’re fine, it’s okay – Is it my star sign’s style? No But there are elements definitely of it that I think really do work more so with my style Like the sleekness and the edginess of it for sure I think I’m gonna have to give you another three, please don’t be mad at me – Oh I’ve been mad at you, it’s fine – Okay, so – Can I have one of those? Does it have booze in it? – She’s taking a long time to judge – Yeah She talks a lot, remember? – Okay I do, I do talk a lot – Dang, these are dense – Creativity, creativity Formal wear is hard so I think that in order to make it look as formal as you did, is like still a really good, a really great feat So all together for creative I’ll give you a (laughing) – What? – [Loryn] What a heart – I’ll give you a five for creativity – What? – I’ll give you two bonus points for incorporating my two favorite colors, black and white Alright Kesha, let’s go – Hi, Kesha? – So, would I wear this? There are a lot of things I would wear about this I would wear every single one of these accessories, those shoes are amazing actually – Thanks – And the style, this is my style Yeah the colors are a little – Aquarius? – Predictable, in a way Like the rhinestones match the rhinestones match the rhinestones, you know what I’m saying? Would I wear this? I’d give you like a four, honestly Is this my sign’s style? I mean I think it’s pretty obvious that you are a five because Aquarians are obnoxiously obnoxious when it comes to colors – Yay – Yeah, creativity, I mean your creativity is like off the charts – You’re holding my creativity – It’s delicious as well – Yeah, creativity is like off the charts So for creativity I would give you five Obviously I have to give you a couple bonus points for the donuts – Well, as an Aries, I’ve been waiting for my moment to shine, slash judge, the heck out of you two And I have already taken notes based on how you’ve judged me – What? I gave you a donut – It’s time for me to judge my street wear – [Sinead] Oh no I’m in trouble, she’s mad – Uh-oh, you did it – Don’t poke the bear (pop music) I don’t wanna look – C’mon, just do it – What the (beep) is going on? What is happening? – We look so totally different – I don’t know what the Taco Bell is – Bitch loves tacos – It’s dope – But doesn’t it look like a purse? (laughing) – I feel like both of these outfits are from like, I don’t know, Lizzie McGuire or something – Are you kidding? I look like you! So I know you have a big thing for hats, so I got one – It’s a head accessory as an Aries, yep – Yep and red is the fire sign color so that’s why I picked red – I saw you touch this jacket when we were shopping I don’t know if that was you touching it ’cause you thought it was God awful

or if you liked it, and I also know that you always wear your jackets like this Green looks really good on you and you like camo but this felt like a cute camo But also, fun fact, this dress is your size Doesn’t fit me, it’s not zipped up You get to take it home And then I got you tacos ’cause I know you like ’em – Very interesting, okay Let me just clarify In the Billie Eilish video there is a point in that video where I say I don’t like everything that I touch but I just can’t stop touching everything – Crap! Hold – True, true – Hold, turn that way (devious plucky music) – Okay – Well what about now? (laughing) I couldn’t decide – I actually like this better – Oh, okay – Believe it or not I feel like it looks more intentional – Yeah this is all very interesting – I don’t really eat Taco Bell very much – Oh, but you tweet about tacos – I do tweet about tacos – I do though, so So for my look I tried to channel the Aries that was like French girl meets grunge But then I also wanted to appeal just to things that I know you kinda like So I know that you really like plaid, and like booties And like even though I’ve never seen you wear anything this edgy I do feel like these are something you would actually enjoy – I like those – The plaid like school girl skirt, I feel like that’s so you Another thing I know about you is that you love like, studs – Yep – And like details like embellishments in a way, you know, like – Oh like rhinestones on a denim coat? Apparently not – So this is probably like the least you but I wanted to just really try to tie in like, that French vibe so I got a button up shirt and a sweater like they do in the movies, and then of course the matching burgundy headphones – Anyway, okay Gosh I have to start rating now? This is really hard because I’m gonna be real I hate both of these outfits I would like literally never wear them However – Then why did I get this in your size? – I would wear it if it was here and I had nothing else to wear, I just threw up on myself – Y’all I wanna do my round again – Out of five I would give this, would I wear it? I would give it like a three I do think it fits my sign’s style pretty well with the red hat and like kinda just being bold and like making a bold choice So I’m gonna give it a four for that For creativity I really – Tacos, you’re holding my creativity again – That’s true So I’m gonna give it a three ’cause there was effort there and I appreciate that I have to give bonus points to Loryn because food is the gateway to my soul and spirit I’m gonna give three because there’s enough tacos here to feed a stadium of people – Dude, you would never wear that outfit in your whole entire life – That’s not what bonus points are for, Sinead – The bonus points are here in this box and I’m gonna give it a three – Alright maybe I’m taking this bag and these headphones home with me – So Sinead, would I wear this? On a scale of one to five I’m gonna give it a two I like plaid but it’s kind of like a bland color But I do feel like it does fit the French vibe of like the Aries like look so I think I’ll give you like a three for hitting it on the head for the Aries look You did like accessorize and really like think of the red – [Loryn] That was pretty good – I played soccer for 10 years – So did I and I can’t do that (laughing) – It’s my round! – Sorry, keep going – Okay – I’m not even mad just keep going – Creativity, I’m gonna give it – C’mon now, let’s call a spade a spade I’m creative AF right now – You do have a lot of accessories so I think I’m gonna give you a four just because there are multiple accessories So those are my final scores I don’t know what our final final numbers are, though Okay, the votes are in The source of the tally is in my bosom (intense violin music) This is shocking news Breaking news everyone, there is a tie – What? – So who’s the runner up? – The runner up is Sinead – Oh whatever, your guys’ all sucked, so (laughing) (beep) Listen, your styles are so similar that this makes sense I was targeted (laughing) – But you didn’t lose by much You had a score of 25 emojis Loryn and I were tied with a score of 29 emojis, which is weird because I felt like I did not do a good job in this video – So you guys can open your eyes So you have won presents and prizes – What is it? – Spill it already – So we have a tarot deck, a Mystic Monday’s deck, a deck for the modern mystic – You can have it! – I can’t take that home – It’s for you – It’s too scary – No, no – I think it’s too scary – Some of these cards in the deck, oh my God! You want me to take this? I guess if the winner can’t fulfill their duties as being grateful for the presents then I will take it – Is that wine? – No – Is it close? – No – Can I drink it? – It’s for water, tea and for water – What? – I want that one – Oh I love that – No I want that one (crosstalk) – It is a crystal infusion bottle,

this is cute – Oh that’s really cool – And you put crystals in it – Is there something in there? – It’s got gemstones in it – Ooh, thank you – Gemstones, wait! But that’s a Pisces thing And they’re purple – But I’m an Aries and I make bold – Aries are thieves – Accessory statements – Thieves


Our Astrology Signs & Personality Test Results

– Hey everyone, I’m Hallease I’m a digital storyteller and video producer – And I’m Mr. Hallease and I’m a nurse and a loving husband – Okay, and this is The Beast Cast Your favorite aunt and uncle talking about married life and things like such as – Music! Season two music! (electronic music) – All right, y’all, so season two We felt like, well, I felt like since I didn’t really tell you – This was a shared (laughs) shared thing – So I felt like our last episode just felt like a good end to the season Because it was talking about take back your voice And right at the end of that, you were talking about your employment and all these other things, and so – Oh, what a good break, you’re right – Yeah, it just felt like a good break so that was season one – Hmm, okay, okay It’s also maybe been a little bit of time since the last episode – Yeah, so I was, we just gonna call this– – We just went on a mid-season break! – Yeah! (laughs) – Or, post-season – Yeah, yeah – Pre-season two break – Yeah So welcome back, season two, here we are Beast Cast, it’s happening, hello We’re gonna start off each episode now with something a little new And we’re gonna call, what are we calling this? I don’t even know, comment of the week? – That’s a title-in-progress – All right, TBD, comment of the week. (laughs) Mine is from episode 18 Mine is from episode 18 which was about finding the silver lining when I was like, I wanna take a year off! And you were like, excuse me, what? – Mhmm (laughing) Did J.R.R. Tolkien write that or, like? It looks, it’s like a novel almost – It’s a little long, but it’s poignant So it’s from Oya Oshun, I hope I’m saying your name right But I really like this comment because they are really good about just rephrasing what we’re trying to work through in the episode and I just felt heard, you know what I’m saying? So here we go, they put, “It seems to be that the confusion “is in the needs wants of different spirits “Hallease has a spirit of creativity which needs “periodical, like, unrestricted material consideration “to replenish and recharge and re-inspire the soul “which then allows her to transform and build so much more “than the status quo.” – Mhmm – And then, “Mr. Hallease appreciates all this “but is tethered and weighed down “by the old frameworks and paths “of economic stability and his financial burdens.” – What the heck, man? (laughing) – They’re not wrong though I am sure, (laughs) they’re not done “I am sure he’d be able to dream bigger, “even a little, if he didn’t have “the financial debt weighing and dragging him down.” And then they had listened to more, ’cause they wrote this comment and then listened to more of the episode, and then were like, “Wow, so much honesty and truth here “Hallease, you are a natural solo-preneur.” I still don’t like being called that, but okay “You both have solid amazing desires “and you could both have it, if you just worked “and collaborated rather than thinking you are at odds.” – Ah, so now she balanced her opinion so it’s less you and a little bit more harmony – Yeah, “I wish I could chat with you both in real time “because the life you both crave would be, “is attainable if you both work hard.” – My favorite comment (laughing) was from the take back your voice episode – Ah? – And it is from Lillian – Okay – And she says, well, on the topic of Glen slash Beleaf making a new song for The Beast Cast – Oh, yeah – She said, “Beleaf would make such a fantastic theme song!” But she does like the current one already too, though – Oh – “Anyway, you guys,” both of us, “are both very intelligent “and I loved your transparency with this topic “I also like how you each respect “each others’ thought processes “I felt like you both could make “quite an awesome professional team.” – She said we could make an awesome professional team? – Yes – Aw! – And I still think so Thank you, Lillian – Yeah, thank you So yeah, those are our comments of the week Again, name to be determined But, every week we will read our favorite comment on air So let us know what you think about The Beast Cast Whether it be in the comments on YouTube or wherever you’re listening to this via the Anchor app or whatever podcasting platform Leave us a comment review so we can see it and possibly say how much we love it – Somebody talk to me! – Yeah, please Or, better yet, if you wanna leave us a voicemail, that’s really cool too You can go to @TheBeastCast’s Instagram which is this guy’s responsibility I’m looking at you, I’m pointing at you Leave us a voicemail there or on the Anchor app if you’re listening to us on Anchor All right, so this episode is actually based on another comment, so

– See, see the trend? Ah, that was a segue – That’s true, it was a segue It’s based on a comment that we got on one of our previous episodes It’s from Lisa Sims and they actually gave us a few topic ideas Thank you, Lisa, so much We’re gonna focus in on one part of their topic ideas, though And it was, do we believe in personality tests and or astrology? Do we believe like in the validity of them and whatnot? And then she, I’m assuming it’s a woman, “I personally love both “and they both have helped me understand myself “but I am curious to hear other people’s thoughts.” Much love, thank you, Lisa I’m weird, I kinda, as far as astrology is concerned, I kinda do sorta believe in it in a way In a blasphemy kinda way – No, you believe in it – Yeah, I mean I kinda do, yeah In so few words But I don’t like it to, I also don’t like being told who I am – Hmm – By an entity in general I use all of them as guidelines, you know? So it could just be, so I’m a Virgo, right? So it could just be that I just have a lot of the characteristics of a Virgo or whatever But I feel like you kind of have a lot of the characteristics of a Virgo as well He’s a Taurus, so I don’t know, y’all But I do have, what was that app? When I used to have an iPhone, I used to use the app Co-Star ’cause it gave you not just your sun but it also gave you your moon and then like the other thing Like, it told you all the things The thing you present to other people as and the thing you think yourself of as or whatever – So how accurate was that? – The Co-Star thing? – Well, just presenting you with, oh, well this is how you present yourself to other people – It was pretty accurate! Like, reading each section of it, it was like, drag me – So here’s my thing – Mhmm – Laredo Morning Times, the newspaper, had astrology forecasts or whatever the heck they’re called and I would read them, and I said, okay, cool cool, that’s cool, Taurus, yeah, what is it gonna be like for me tomorrow or like this week, you know? – Mhmm – Hmm Well, it’s gonna be this, this and that Okay, well, what about these other signs? And that was the only one that I would read And then I got bored a little while later and read some of the other signs and I said, that’s the same thing as mine! What about this one? That’s very similar and very vague Huh, what about this one? Oh, it could apply to almost anybody, cool – Yeah, you’re not wrong – There’s also a certain level of, and I’m not, if you really believe in astrology, I mean, like, more power to you If I’m disconnected from it and it’s a legitimate thing, whatever, like I apologize for you but I’m gonna roast it for a little bit (laughing) Yeah, so, it’s also like a little bit of magical thinking because it’s like the forecast for how things are gonna be and so, like, when it’s a weather forecast and you say it’s gonna rain today and you prep for it, right? – Right – But, so it could either rain and the forecast could be true or not Right? – Right – So a similar thing with astrology where you say, oh, well this is gonna be a bad day for me or this is gonna be a bad week or something – Yeah, I mean, I can’t, so, it’s awkward because I’ve actually done videos for the National Center for Atmospheric Research and so it’s like you can’t compare the two because there’s like legitimate science at work (laughs) with the weather forecasts – I was just thinking about forecasts in general and the general idea in people that, oh, the forecast is wrong or the forecast is this or that, and it’s like, yeah, well right, they’re trying to make as accurate a prediction as they can with whatever measurements that they have, right? – Yeah and they got a ton of them, though Like you have no idea, it’s so crazy – Whereas with astrology, you’re thinking, oh, well this is gonna be a bad day for relationships so I should close myself off from relationships ’cause it’s gonna be terrible – Hey, everyone (laughs) Thanks for listening slash watching this episode of The Beast Cast If you’re watching us on YouTube, please let the ads play, that helps us out a lot We know they suck sometimes but if you can, if the spirit moves you, let the ads play We’re actually really trying, in the process of trying to upgrade our gear so that way The Beast Cast is a little more streamlined and whatnot So if you want to, please consider becoming a producer of this channel and this podcast So you can go to patreon.com/hallease There you actually get a lot of benefits You actually get to hear or watch these episodes before they go live to anyone else You also get a discount on merch and if you’re interested in what it’s like to be a business owner then you get to have access to my Monday motivations where I talk about weekly what I’m doing

to build up the production company So, check it out if the spirit moves you Back to the episode – I’m reading a book right now So, The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-Time The protagonist is a kid with autism and so like one of the quirks that he has is when he’s being driven on the bus to school, if he passes by or the color of car that passes him, if there’s three red cars in a row then it’s a bad day, if there’s four red cars in a row then it’s a super bad day and if it’s five red cars in a row then it’s like a black day for him – Oh – And then he bases that, yeah, so that’s how he explains like just shutting himself off from the world ’cause it’s like, no, it’s a really bad day, I just need to keep to myself But that’s a sort of, it’s not quite magical thinking but that’s the sort of thinking that you have as a kid ’cause with me, I would say, oh, well is today gonna be like a lucky day for me or like a good day? I’m gonna have a good day today Oh, but then this other thing that’s happening at school is gonna be tomorrow and it can’t alternate, ’cause the good and bad days would alternate So it’s like tomorrow can’t be a bad day so today has to be a bad day so tomorrow can be a good day and the next day can be whatever, it doesn’t really matter Right, but that’s– – What imagination! – That’s a type of imaginative or like inventive thinking that I feel astrology is bringing into the table – Ah, okay – And then on top of that, there is a level of egoism Egotism? Someone’ll correct me in the comments Assuming that you are so central of a figure that the stars have an influence on you and how you live – With the grand gesture. (laughs) – It might have been cut out of frame too – Probably but that’s okay. (laughs) – Yeah, and that’s like the logical or scientific thinking It’s like, you think that these giant either gaseous or just like spinning bodies light years away have any impact on you (laughing) as a person and how you may or may not develop relationships or like find love today – That’s interesting I mean, okay, so I understand your point of view It’s very logical. (laughs) Christianity, you’re not really supposed to believe in all such things, right? Astrology, that’s kinda into blasphemy territory, if you will And things like such as But at the same time, if I were an outsider looking into Christianity I would roast it like that too, you know? – I mean, if you look at the Catholic faith in Latin America it’s like we still hold our quasi-paganist views but they were integrated into the Catholic faith – Right, I mean just with Christianity in general, there’s a reason why we celebrate the birth of Jesus during Christmas My counter to your whole like, I don’t think it’s very egotistical, at all Because I think the argument then can be made that we are all dust, right? We are all technically star dust, right? And the moon shifts, like messes with the Earth in regards to tides and all of that kind of stuff as well – Oh, you touched on it – And so it’s kinda like who’s to say that the stars don’t have an effect on us because the universe, like, we’re all interconnected And you can even tie it back further We’re all interconnected because we were all created by God – Yeah, even so, I mean, as an ER nurse, the whole thing like, oh, it must be a full moon ’cause people are acting foolish and being dumb I mean, that was confirmed, right? It’s like, oh no, it’s a full moon, idiots are coming in and like, what did you do? You ate batteries, why did you eat batteries? ‘Cause you were low on energy, cool (laughing) Just go over there – So see, there you go though, even you yourself when you were working as an ER nurse would be like, there’s a full moon out, people finna act a certain type of way I need to prepare thine self – Supposedly studies have shown that full moon and like the lunar phases and whatever, there is no connection – Okay – To births, heart attacks, deaths, suicides, violence, psychiatric hospital admissions and epileptic seizures, among other things – Okay – There is no connection – But you still sit here as a former ER nurse and say – There is some, I mean people attribute it to the moon because like that’s what you do, right?

Like what is the immediate thing, centuries ago, like oh my god, what’s going on? Oh, well, something is blocking out the sun which must mean that demons are coming so we should clearly throw the infirmed off of that cliff – Yeah – That makes perfect sense – No, you’re not wrong, you’re not wrong – You have granny by the arm and you’re like, yeah! Evil begone – Evil begone. (laughs) – I just, I don’t, I don’t think it’s a thing – Yeah – But – Yeah – Now, on the same subject, when I first read this comment I was like, oh okay, well, you know, astrology’s bunk But – But? – Like, personality profiles and stuff I mean, there’s science behind that, duh! And we were talking about this on the drive up to Austin for a crawfish thing Shout-out to Keith – Hey! – And then I started thinking, well, wait, so this personality test that I took lumps you into four different categories and they’re color-coded and it goes off of green, gold, blue and orange – Yeah – And so, they kind of separate it out and tease it out just a little bit more ’cause you could be a different color at work than you are with other people or at home – Well, it’s not even that, something that I actually like about this is that they aren’t actually based on you are one thing It’s just saying in, it orders them by you are the most this to the least this So you are all colors But you just rank them differently – In that way, I do like it So if it was, if as an astrological sign Yeah, there’s the sun and then the moon or whatever but it’s like, no, like literally you are – Multifaceted – And it’s not literally You are, yeah, you are a little bit of this and a little bit of that and a little bit of that and then there’s this algorithm that determines what part of you is what – Yeah, so the test that he’s talking about is called, what is it called? – It’s Ntrinsx – The test is called Ntrinsx and apparently it’s a personality test that’s used to rate employees and it’s a way for, I would imagine, employers to have employees do this to then learn about themselves and then also learn how to communicate effectively with their other employees, with their bosses, et cetera If you’re in management, it’s probably gonna help you to know what kind of employees you’re working with or leading, et cetera – If anybody does anything with the data which more than likely this hospital system does not do – Anyway, so he ended up having to take it for work and he ended up bringing it home ’cause they printed it out so I could see what his rating was and then he also had a free test for me to take and I took it as well and our findings were very fascinating – And so actually we should correct the verbiage that we’re using ’cause it’s not a personality test because supposedly– – Oh, okay – Personality is the way that others see you, whereas the probing questions that this personality, or, god, I keep saying personality, that this tool uses is how you see yourself – Ah, that’s fascinating – And that’s another term that they use but I totally forgot – If you’re interested in taking this self-assessment we will link to it in the show notes and or in the comments, or in the description box below – Right, okay, so green is intelligence or competence so it’s, you’re more abstract-thinking, philosophical, analytical, logical There’s gold, which is dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative, more responsible and reliable Blue is more intra-relationship, I guess So, you would be more harmonious, supportive, expressive, empathetic and self-expressive And then you have orange, which is fun and free and they are more flexible, practical, decisive and adventurous So clearly, I was the lowest of orange (laughing) Just in general, and then it’s almost, it’s almost like a one or two point difference between the other three colors But for the most part, I’m green, then gold and then blue, and that’s just overall – Yeah, but then what was interesting, because to me, when I read that for you being green, gold and blue first I was like, I mean, I guess But then when you showed me your rating for when you’re at home I was like, whoa, this test is actually quite interesting because this feels this feels like a lot more sense, makes more sense to me about who you are – Right, so at home I’m actually more personal relationship-focused

– So blue first, empathetic – The analytical part goes to third But the fun part is last – Still. (laughs) – Still – So yeah, he’s blue first, which is like, empathetic, supportive, expressive, emotional, and then he goes to, what is it, yellow? – Gold, so gold remains – And then gold, number two, which is dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative It’s like, that’s so you And then you drop logical and the last one is fun, flexible I was like, that’s so accurate! – And they say that the main color or the primary color is the thing that you tap into the most The second one is still something that you can call on readily The third one, again, is something that you can still tap into just a little further away And that’s not to say that I cannot be fun or free but, (laughing) it’s something that I maybe only dip into 5% of the time – This is like a blueprint on how to talk to you about anything and everything Which also got me thinking, though And then after this I’ll tell you all what mine was But this also got me thinking though, for someone who has my personality which is someone who’s like, what’s the data? And then I’ll adjust who I actually am according to the data I feel a certain type of way that now I know this about you because then I begin to wonder how much will I use this knowledge to manipulate you into doing things for me You know what I mean? – Well, that was the same point that people made at work But everybody so quickly forgot Well, I mean, no, they were very tribal about who or what they were – Oh, okay – So everybody was very tribal about their colors at work But no one, it doesn’t seem like anybody fully read into the manual to see, oh, how can I leverage somebody to do this and that And even then, you’re only positioning yourself onto like firmer ground to try to leverage But this doesn’t like eliminate free will, free action, free thought – So my ratings were (laughs) overall, I am green first, so you and I are the same in that way, so intelligence, competence, abstract, philosophical, analytical, all that fun stuff Then I am, that’s gold technically, that’s what they say? – That’s orange – Orange! Then I’m orange Freedom, fun, flexible, practical, decisive, adventurous Then I drop down to blue, so That’s really sad I am not very emotional up front You gotta get there with me And then the last thing is yellow Which is, I don’t even remember what yellow is What’s yellow? – Dependability – Damn, (laughs) I am not dependable apparently – Dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative – Yeah, so overall, that’s what I am How am I married? I don’t know And then (laughs) at home I am still green first, but then I’m blue second So – Hmm – I’m very emotional at home with you, right? – Blue is like harmonious and supportive and stuff – Am I harmonious and supportive? – That’s why I kinda made a face – He don’t think I’m harmonious and supportive! – I mean, I think you are – You don’t think I am – What’s two, no, that’s still like part of, I think you can be – I can be! – Well, I don’t think it’s number one, definitely not And it depends on the person and the situation – Tell me how you really feel, Mr. Hallease – Well, we talked about this in previous episodes – Did we? – Mhmm – All right, if you say so And then, number three, I am, what is it, orange? Freedom – Yeah, freedom and fun – And then the last one is yellow for dependable, reliable So apparently at home I am not dependable or reliable Gotta work on that I feel like, so actually now that I’m really looking at this thing again, I feel like it’s right, but then at the same time I’m like hmm, I’m the first one that’s telling you to go do something like, no, yeah, you can totally do that Why are you doubting yourself? Go do it, you know? – Well, and so that’s why I felt like the self-assessment was very similar to astrology ‘Cause there’s only four categories You’re telling me that– – Every person can be lumped down into four categories – All seven billion people on this planet can be, it’s just basically boiled down to these four colors – Yeah – And yeah, you could be different colors in different situations but you are only ever these four things

– And then like, why gold? – And so yeah, you’re– – Of all the colors, why gold? – So for the most part– – I already feel like they’re rating a color high just ’cause it’s gold – Yeah, they’re giving added value to it? – Yeah, instead of just like red, yellow, blue, green or something, you know what I mean? – Well, ’cause red is negative – Oh, right – You show a doctor a red color on a graph – That’s true, fair enough With friends, though, I’m yellow first Dependable, loyal, organized, cooperative – I mean, that’s true for the most part Well, I mean like, that’s true I feel like you are very loyal with friends – But not with you, not at home? – And so when you are betrayed by perceived friends – Oh yeah, I’m like, you out Made it to the inner circle and now you did that, psh – Yeah, then you get cut – You’re dead to me. (laughs) – I have not broken eye contact with the camera yet – I know, when you play me you play yourself That’s like, that’s how I get with friends – ‘Cause then I get the backlash – You’re still looking at the camera! (laughs) – And then people get cut That may get cut – Yeah, you’re right – To the commenter’s point, it is just good to use as a reference point So for the most part I am this, this and that So I just feel like it’s good to know oh, my spouse is also very analytically minded which makes sense, she is And then she’s also very fun and outgoing and this and that Like, oh yeah, that’s totally true ‘Cause for the most part you are more, you do feel like you are more introverted than me which doesn’t make sense – Yeah – But you are very out to go and do things – I’m down to do, yeah, I’m down for experiences All the way – Not necessarily with people, like any people – Yeah, it’s gotta be specific people, for sure – So, I mean, it’s just more validation as to how I see you Like, yeah, you are analytical and then you like to do things, you like to do adventures, you like to have experiences and then you’re supportive – Also, in a way, this was very validating in regards to just realizing what I prioritize in life With astrology, it’s definitely more abstract and I’m just kinda like, I mean, how do you really know who or what someone is, right? Whereas this, it’s kinda like, they’re actually asking you questions to gauge where to place you within these colors Whereas with astrology it’s like you’re just born into it, you know? Maybe that’s your problem with it is it’s just like you are born into this frame of being and you can’t be anything else but this frame of being – So that also bothers me about astrology (laughing) ‘Cause the signs changed! – What do you mean? – They changed! – Oh no, they did! I used to be a Leo, you’re right I forgot about that, I’m a Lirgo. (laughs) – Some really like important person was like, hmm – Wait, did they actually change, let’s google that – They did, no, they did So you wanna make an argument like, well, you know, science has different recommendations, professional organizations change their opinions all the time – True, based on data Usually – That’s based on data and then in addition to that – I forgot about that! – There are suggestions based on the evidence – I forgot about that! – You’re just saying, well, no, the stars were wrong There was like, there was an asteroid in the way So I couldn’t tell, I couldn’t feel that planet! And now that planet feels kinda weird to me So now, you, you this weird lion thing – Wait, but the other thing about this, though, is that NASA was the one that changed ’em – NASA don’t change nothing – No, NASA, I’m on a simple google search – During whose administration? (laughing) Astrology is not astronomy Astronomy is the scientific study of everything in outer space Astrology is something else, it’s not science (laughing) No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future – Why are you reading with that tone? – Or describe what people are like based on their birthday – Fix your tone, stop – This is on the NASA website – Oh, I’m sure – And it’s got a little graphic with some button-up dude saying, astrology is not science! (laughing) I’m also experiencing male pattern baldness But astrology is not science – So wait, did they just change for that year? Oh man, I wish we had googled this before we started – Wow, oh yeah, there’s an agenda with NASA Still, like reading fantasy stories, many people enjoy reading their quote astrological forecast end quote or quote horoscope end quote in the newspaper every day Oh, that’s funny, – Did you find something? – No, I’m not a Taurus, I’m technically an Aries – Why? All right, so according to mine, if we’re going by the traditional dates that everyone knows and loves for horoscopes and such, I am a Virgo I start off August 23rd, I start off the Virgo season But, if we’re going by what the new one is,

I guess, or what the right one is, quote unquote, I am a Leo – According to the BBC, the updated calendar meant that a whopping 86% of the world now had a different star sign – Woo! – But NASA took to Tumblr in a statement last Tuesday This is a previous article – Yeah, from years ago – To make a key distinction and remind everyone that astronomy and astrology are not the same thing Astronomy is a scientific study of everything in outer space, wrote NASA Astrology is something else, it’s not science (laughing) – I don’t know, y’all, at the end of the day who can really define who you are but you You know what I’m saying? They’re a guide. (laughs) – I’m shook, I don’t know – People are multifaceted beings Anyone is capable of doing anything if the right pressure points are there – So you are the same person, just because you thought that you were a Taurus your entire life and now you’re an Aries, that don’t mean that it invalidates the past I don’t know how many years of your life You were just always the same person that you were This is just an arbitrary categorization So – Yeah – If you feel like it, if it helps your life or it helps guide, you know, the way that your day is gonna go or your week then that’s cool, right? – Mhmm – If you make decisions on it, like I don’t, Capricorns be messy or I don’t know what that is (laughing) Capricorns are messy, I don’t mess with no Capricorn Especially in bed – (laughs) Okay – Well, I mean that’s a thing – No, yeah, there are people that date within specific astrological signs – If you want to pigeonhole yourself and other people, like the entirety of the planet based on this thing then do you booboo, but – Why are you just so, you sound like, you sound so militant right now – No no no, I’m just saying, if you wanna live your life, live your life I do not invest in such things and so I am checking myself with this self-assessment that only goes but so far It doesn’t determine who you are – Yeah, if anything it just says what are the ideal situations for you Or what’s the ideal like I don’t even know – Well, and it’s based on probabilities By the way, probabilities are a thing that I always sucked at at math But, you know, 60% of the time you act like this And you’re like, oh, yeah, I do kinda act like that And it’s like, cool, so 60% of the time I am this way, 20% of the time I am this way and blah blah blah So I think it’s a good road map – I guess now that I think about it, I’m hesitant to ever want to be defined on paper by anything Also, just because, so the way the human mind works, like, and we’ve talked about this before too I still wanna make an episode out of this Or not an episode of this, necessarily, but I wanna make like a vlog-umentary or documentary about this idea The science of, like, tolerance Or the science of unlearning something – Unlearning something? – Yeah I have read that the way the brain works is it’s constantly making correlations between things and it wants to make correlations all the time – That’s, I told you that – It’s not just you though, I learned about this before – Smarter people than you told me this, shut up – No, I’m just saying, and that’s how you get stereotyping and all that kind of stuff, right? – No and this is true, yeah – Yeah, so keeping that in mind, it’s kinda like with astrology or even with these tests, it sort of is catering to your brain already wanting to make correlations about yourself – Oh snap, that was – To everything – That’s a good argument – Or just to the rest of the world, to your environment, to all of these things, and so I’m just kinda like, damn, I don’t know if I like that because I think, in general, you should always be trying, not necessarily to go against the grain or anything like that but just don’t, I don’t want, and this might tie into me being free or whatever, I don’t want to be defined so much that then I never push to try something new or like gain access into a new area that I wouldn’t think I’m capable of just because I took a test or because I’m a Virgo or because I’m whatever, you know? – I would say that the brain is lazy but it’s just efficient so it’s kind of the same way that you see, so if you’re shown a word where the first and the last letters are in the proper order but everything else is scrambled, like, you’ll read it because you know that when a word is about that long and begins and ends with that it’s more than likely that word And so, yeah, you will categorize things together

But I mean, so my point is, this is not, you’ve read The Giver, right, the book? – Oh, it was a long time ago – A long time ago – Yeah, I don’t even remember – Essentially it’s kind of like a more, the premise is a little bit more of an aptitude society, like an aptitude test sort of society where you test into certain professions and so like you can’t go against what that test showed This is not the world that we live in We live in a weird type of world right now – We actually might become that though Like with the whole futurist talks and all that – Anyway, that is not the world that we live in. (laughs) – Yeah, we went way off-tangent If you’re a die hard astrology person, go ahead and drag us in the comments and be like, typical Taurus fashion not believing in the things, you know? (laughs) – And then I’d point out that you wrong again ’cause apparently I’m Aries – Right, fair enough Or if you’re a person that believes in behavior tests, so you know, what is it, Myers-Briggs, that’s the one – Myers-Briggs, yeah – Myers-Briggs or if you’ve taken this color Ntrinsx thing, let us know if you felt like it was accurate or not – Or if you’re a hardcore astronomy person – Astronomy? – Astronomy – Okay, like science? – Yeah, just hit us up in the comments I won’t know what you’re talking about but – Say things about the moon and the stars to us – We enjoy you being here – (laughs) Please do And yeah, we’ll see you next week Bye! – Bye!


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How we rebuilt our VW Beetle engine | Redline Rebuilds Explained – S1E4

(bouncing, thumping beat) – Hi, I’m Davin Reckow with Hagerty, and I’m the dirty hands behind these videos This is my cohort Ben, with the clean hands behind the camera Today, we’re gonna go through our Volkswagen rebuild video, and we’re also very glad to see that you liked it sofar, but here are some of the inside track on it – [Ben] We’re happy that you guys got a kick out of our little joke Yes, we do know that the engine is in the back (Davin laughs) – [Davin] But how do you not start it off with that? – [Ben] Exactly – [Davin] Yes, to address some of the questions and concerns about this Beetle, it is a kludge of parts, that’s for sure, relative to the year that it is and different taillights, and bumpers, etc That doesn’t take away the fun of driving this Beetle, and the enjoyment that we both actually share – [Ben] We did run the VIN finally, which I don’t know why we didn’t do it before It is a ’73, so thanks to all the commenter, for pointing that out What are we looking at here? – [Davin] Here’s the underneath, getting the engine out I found that a tyranny jack worked phenomenal for doing this because of the square pan at the bottom You can see, it has decades of leaks that have accumulated on both the transaxle, and the bottom of the engine, but preserving it from rusting, so that’s good, with the exception of surface rust on the suspension – [Ben] We had lots of people commenting that we were cheating by doing it this way, that we should have had it up on blocks, and dragging it out with the dolly – [Davin] I’ve bench pressed plenty of transmissions, and I tell you what, if you have access to the tools, I don’t find that cheating But hey, to each their own – So, we’ll get this guy out of here, and on we go to the rebuild The general thing with these engines, is everybody says, “Oh, it’s easy to drop ’em out “They’re easy to rebuild “They’re so simple, air cooled,” that sort of thing What, I meant there’s four bolts to undo there? – [Davin] Yeah, there’s four bolts to hold it in, and then a splash pan is all that’s really there I think we had roughly an hour, hour and a half, in doing it, and that’s moving around for filming So can you have it out in 15, or a half hour? Absolutely If you’ve done it before This is the first time I ever done it, so at an hour and half, I’m fine with it – [Ben] What are you taking off here first? – [Davin] So, the first thing I was getting out, I had left the exhaust on it Actually taking it out in the car would have been a pain my mind, so I left the exhaust on it The heat exchanger is the big piece that goes up underneath the valve The valve cover right there with the little loop That is how you get heat to the front of the car It basically runs the exhaust fan or a blower fan that blows through the tubes, and then up into the rocker panels of the car – [Ben] Off go the heat exchangers, and this thing had all sorts of shrouding – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah In fact, it’s interesting because as your pulling it apart, you’re thinking, wow this thing is air cooled Well hell, air can’t even to the cylinders, because of all the shrouding But the shrouding is there for the routing off of that fan blower going around That washer Look, that washer’s right there Ben I’m not sure why we couldn’t find it when we couldn’t put it back together, but hey – They even had to manufacture that little cone washer to put our pulley back on, because it got lost in the– – [Davin] It got eaten somewhere in the shop – [Ben] Lost the mix somewhere So, Davin, you were taking the carburetor off here, but there was a funny issue that the carburetor had in regards to the throttle linkage – Yeah, the way everything was set up, it was only getting quarter throttle – Anyway, we shot a little clip, while we were taking this apart to show you So, here that is – So basically, I think we can double the horsepower by simply allowing the carburetor to open all the way So, it’s going about here on the pedal, but that’s why it opens You can see that the angle that this is all at, won’t allow it to go to wide open throttle Well first off, this is on the wrong side It should be over here, I’m gonna say, based on where it comes out through the fan side of things Put the spring on this side, but it almost needs a extension on here, to where it’s out this way, so it’s a straight pull That would allow it to go to wide open throttle Right now it won’t – [Ben] All right, so carburetor comes off, plug up more bits – [Davin] The coils out Just kinda stripping things down to get to the brass tax of the engine – [Ben] So this is all interesting, just in terms of how it was all kind of woven together,

which thing to take off first – [Davin] Yeah, there definitely is a sequence to put things back together So you have to pull the one side intake runner to get the main intake out, but, of course, you almost have to pull the generator off as well Yeah, it’s wound together, and, of course, that intake system, it’s functional, but it’s not all the efficient, I wouldn’t believe – [Ben] Which is why a lot of people who hop up these things do the dual webers – The dual webers, yep Now we’re pulling off that upper shrouding on top of the cylinder head Pulling the pulley off, the main crank pulley – As you went here, like you said earlier, this was your firs time too We kind of in this disassembly, it’s like, while we’re working over here, that’s not gonna come off, we gotta do this on first – [Davin] Exactly right Yeah, there was a couple spots where you had to remove a bolt to get to one shroud, but then you couldn’t get to the second one – [Ben] Then speaking of bolts, out comes the torch – Yeah, so with anything, there’s always gonna be a bolt here or there that you gotta heat up This one happened to be in the head We heated that up and we’re able to work on those cars So, they a slot-headed screw to begin with, so that doesn’t make it any more fun At least it wasn’t a Phillips, so that was a benefit All right, so there’s the valve cover It’s got like a little piece of bailing there to hold it down Here’s your shaft rocker assembly, which wasn’t really expected I was expecting individual rockers, but a shaft rockers definitely appreciate high rpm better than the individual Then your push rods Then you can see in this shaft that the valve covers were leaking a little bit, that’s why you’ve got that grime on top of the– – [Ben] Gadget – [Davin] Intake, or right up the intake Here’s the long and short studs – Well, what was your first start? I mean, we’re coming off doing the Harley, which we pulled the cover off, and it was a mangled piston, so at least we didn’t have that – Yeah, we’re happy to say that we didn’t have that There’s no holes in the top of the pistons A lot of crud on top for a running Motor, a decently running motor You saw, I through out dowel capper just to see where the bore was at, because I personally was impressed at how big the bore was The bore size on this was what, 94 millimeters? – [Ben] Which isn’t stock for this These are bigger than– – [Davin] It is not stock, yeah It’s got oversized jugs in it So instead of being a 1600 cc, it’s a little over 19 – Gotcha This one, I remember, sitting here with this, and we couldn’t fight out why each individual jug wouldn’t come off, and there ended up being a washer jammed in between those ridges in the slot, in the cooling vents, or the cooling ribs – [Ben] So you had to pull them off at the same time, it was very confusing, and then we look in there like, oh yeah, there’s this little washer jammed in there All right, so the other side, pretty much exactly the same – Except one jug at a time No washer holding them together – [Ben] At this point, you’re thinking pretty straight forward – [Davin] Yeah, should be – [Ben] I found this interesting This was a kitchen strainer – [Davin] The kitchen strainer for a filter, which there is an aftermarket function you can get for to add a filter, a remote filter to it – [Ben] Okay, now what are ya doing? – [Davin] This was the oil pump Yes, that’s right because it had the metal cover, and the oil pump, and then the aluminum piece that’s kinda jammed in there to some extent There’s a special tool to utilize We tried to– – [Ben] You mean it’s not a hammer and screwdriver – [Davin] Nah, probably not the best place to start We were gentle There’s a difference between gently prying, and getting nuts – [Ben] There you got it off – [Davin] Yep. We got it out of here Pretty straight forward from that site I mean, the reason they had to do that is because putting it down on that end, you have that parting line of the new case, so you’d have no way ever be able to seal that to create a good pump, so that’s why that separate piece is there – [Ben] What are we doing here? – [Davin] Just pushing things down to get the pistons out The pistons are a floating pin, so they’re not pressed into the rod, and it’s just a matter of taking the C clip out of there, and then knocking the wrist pin out – [Ben] Okay, so now were splitting the case – [Davin] Yeah, so these are two case halves that come together, so you got modified engine stand here, enough to hold one side of the case and not both The reason we’re prying this part two is there’s some locator dowels,

that you’re trying to lift off of there They’re not pressed, but they’re definitely snug, and then of course, the sealant just has some general block sealant between ’em – [Ben] I remember this is weird kinda goin around being like, did we miss a bolt, because it was a bit of a struggle to get it separated ‘Cause there isn’t a gasket but you would put some type of– – [Davin] Yeah, just some sealer – [Ben] Sealer in there Now what are we looking at? – So here’s all the guts, so you got on the bottom side of the screen here, with the big gear in it, that’s your cam shaft It’s two pieces, but it’s not bolted together The factory ones are riveted, the big gear to the cam, and then your crank on the other half You can see the lifters are underneath the cam shaft here, and when we lifted the one-half off, of course, lifters fell out I remember we were like, how, wow, I wonder how we’re gonna hold those in when we do it, but there is only one way to do it, and you have to have ’em in there – [Ben] So out come the lifters – [Davin] And there’s your crank craft assembly – [Ben] What were you digging out of there? – That was the distributor, distributor gear shaft So, you got your main distributor, piece, and then you go a short drive shaft for it Then pulling the bearings out of the case shaft – [Ben] Okay, we’re off then engine stand, but still a little more disassembly to go – [Davin] Well, I had planned on pulling and replacing the stud, so started taking those out Used the torch once again to heat it up I’m pretty confident this is a magnesium case, which in some worlds magnesium heating up could be a problem, but it’s only the powder that burns, not the chunks, the big chunks, so I wouldn’t really worried about an uncontrollable fire in my shop So we’re heating things up, and making it stinky, and double knotting to get them out – This is when we had our first inkling of uh-oh – There was I don’t know how many I mean they have an insert anyway, where you can see here, the insert is coming out – Right here – So, you got the insert that’s into the aluminum block You gotta have something steel to hold onto for the heads, head bolts Eventually there’s one that was just JB welded in, so it didn’t unscrew, it just pulled out I was like, “Oh boy, it might be the very last one.” – [Ben] Yeah, you were scraping at it, you heated it Yeah (chuckles) – Yeah, there it is, yeah there it is – You can see there’s no coil on it anywhere – It’s a chunk of JB weld – [Ben] At that point, were like “Ooh.” – [Davin] Yep This had a lot of different issues as far as the spacers, and how the hela coals that were in it The jug wasn’t actually sealed to the block, there was a gap I mean, it had miraculously ran I’ll put it that way – [Ben] Yeah, it felt like one of those things where the sludge that was on it was the only reason it was still right – So, here, I’m taking the rods off the crankshaft, different than normal V8s that we have been working on where the crank shaft would be set into the block, mains caps torqued down, and then you put the rods, and these are the opposite, if you will It’s about like a snow mobile from that standpoint – [Ben] We have the whole assembly – [Davin] Yeah, have the whole assembly and put it in Then you have main bearings that are diameters that slip on, pulling off right there Then you have the brass deal is your gear for the distributor Then your timing gear, and then another bearing which those are all pressed on to some extent, and then that bearing will just slip off Likewise, on the bearings on the other end So, different than other engines that I’ve worked on, where normally here in the center where we’ve got a half shell, so you have two halves of a bearing, normally you’d put one in the block, and one in the cap Then you’d tighten everything down This you had diameter bearings of foot complete diameters, that would slip on the ends and then only the bearing in the center, which going through this found, and it makes complete sense based on the two halves So you would take the case, put it assembled together, go in and mike everything out, which we did on this case, and determined what the OD of the bearing is, then, based on the crank, then you’d find out what the idea of that bearing needs to be Typical circumstance is the OD, is the OD, that normally doesn’t change, but the ID changes

relative to the crank being turned This has actually two areas of adjustment to make parts work Then there’s also, and you can just see it in the bearing over here by the timing gear, there’s oil holes, and then there’s a locator hole, or basically an anti-rotation hole There’s a subsequent pin in the block that keeps them from spinning relative to the block Then to the far left there’s the shims that you use between the flywheel and the crank, so you set your in play of the crankshaft right to left, down the block – So define and play what’s the problem with not saying that, and– – Well if you have too much in play, basically, you’ll wipe out your thrust bearing on the rear main right here Typically there’d be a flange on the crankshaft that would hold it moving right to left, or down the block if you will These shims basically do that, and that gap was tight Roughly, it’s like two or three valve if I remember right It was really tight You use a dial indicator on it That’s later on in the assembly, but this kind gives you a nice breakout of where it’s at Here’s our progressive weber, basically to give it a freshen while we’re here, clean it up, and make it look a little nicer as well, and replace any nasty bits in any of this – [Ben] Now we opened this up, and it was full of crap The poles were just filthy, rusty I mean chunks of stuff – [Davin] Chunks of stuff I can’t believe, it’s one of those that you open it up, and like, how did this run smooth at all – [Ben] When we drove it 2500 miles, and it went 75 miles an hour at a quarter throttle (chuckles) Then off to Thirstily there we go – [Davin] So at Thirstily we polish the crank Basically they’re taking any ridges out of it, but you change the diameter slightly but still within the zone, if you will of not being turned, if that makes any sense – [Ben] Gotcha – [Davin] Just a pure polish – [Ben] So, we left it up to Mark to pivot, and disassemble the heads for us – [Davin] Yeah, we kinda threw that on his plate From what we can tell, as well, based on the valve sizes, these heads are actually off a Porsche – [Ben] If that’s true, it would of come off of like a what, a 912, or a 356? – [Davin] Yeah Whatever Flat 4 would be Here’s he’s heating up the guys They give them out, which you heat up the aluminum a little bit, it swells enough, and they tap off pretty easy then – [Ben] We were originally thinking he was just gonna do some cleanup on it, but it ended up being – [Davin] Yeah, the seats were shot – [Ben] The guides I think were the main issue – The guides were really bad, yeah When the guides are bad, it causes that valve to do this inside the guides which slams the It slams the seat It doesn’t hit centered every time – [Ben] We made him put them back together for it – [Davin] Yes That’s one of the reasons I didn’t pull those apart is my valve screen compresser wouldn’t reach, without heavy modification – [Ben] Now he’s pressing out – [Davin] So, we replaced the bushings on the little end, so that’s what he’s doing here, is he’s pushing the bushings out, put fresh ones in – [Ben] Yep, they’re getting pressure Then what’s he doing here? – [Davin] So here he is He’s cleaning up the big end of the rods, honing and resizing them – [Ben] Making sure they’re circular – [Davin] Yep Taking any oval out of ’em – [Ben] And sizing them to what they need to be with whatever – [Davin] Yes, and making sure they’re to spec, as well, Not hadn’t been oversized He’ll do the same thing with the small end as well, which is what he’s doing here, so that brand new bushing, by the nature, it’s always a little bit, call it undersized, or a little small, so he’s setting it to the size, and then, of course when you push things in and out, you can disturb the edges of them, just a little bit, and that takes any of that out of it – [Ben] You gotta rebuild kit, essentially to put all new bits in here – Yep, yep, a complete rebuild kit, all the gaskets, the jets, and that type of stuff, are reused but they’re cleaned out real well

You can see, I have a brass, the key here is there’s a brass brush, and you wanna use brass, because it takes off the gunk, but not remove any material You don’t wanna add any scratches, you don’t have to You can still see in the bottom of that bowl, there’s still a little gunk left, and that does get cleaned out before we reassemble that – [Ben] It was just filled wsigth crap – [Davin] Yeah, that stuff was more staining than it is actual chunks floating around So fresh gaskets, all the screws goes back in, evenly tighten them around You can see, I put a little of actually wheel bearing grease on the threads You’re going into aluminum, steel and aluminum just makes sense You could use anything from a lubricant I’ve used wheel bearing grease obviously, Vaseline, anti-seize, anything, just to put something there, and then a clean up, and there it is – [Ben] Now the fun stuff – So here’s the crankshaft, as we mentioned before It has to go in the block halves as an assembly, so you have to assemble everything here – Now you’ve put it on the flywheel – I put it on the flywheel simply to stand it up You could do it laying on a table Actually I found it was very handy, instead of it rolling around – [Ben] Wait, was this the one? – [Davin] Yeah, there’s something to note here You’ll notice that I had a little, I’ll call it flung the rod, after I put it on The reason I did that is the first time we put the rod bearings on, it didn’t fling – [Ben] It just clamped onto the – [Davin] The crank was standard size, and we had 10 under bearings, so there was a mass of interference, right about seven thousands Yes, for those of you watching, no initially, I did not check I would of caught that if I would have put one bearing in and miked out the crank The second time I miked the crank, and miked the bearings I think that’s the first time I haven’t done that – [Ben] I think that was just sort of like we assumed that the right part got ordered – [Davin] Yep we did – [Ben] And, they didn’t, so we’ve got the right pieces – [Davin] Which that’s a cardinal sin, because you always make ’em, regardless of the right one, blah, blah, blah – [Ben] ‘Cause they might send you the wrong one – [Davin] It bit me right there – [Ben] They might accidentally send one of the wrong ones, and three of the right ones – When we talked in our description, that just because everyone says, “Ah, these are the easiest things ever.” They’re the easiest things ever when it goes right When it goes wrong, they’re just as crappy as anything else – [Ben] Same thing said for Chevy small block – [Davin] Absolutely, right – [Ben] Or really any engine, but the ones that have the common sort of, “Oh, they’re so easy, yeah.” Yeah they’re easy until they aren’t – Right Everybody on the couches aren’t doing ’em, ’cause they’re not that easy They’re not a bag of chips This is after we went through the, “Oh, your crank case is no good We’re like, “Oh no.” – [Ben] So, speaking of the crank case – [Davin] Here it is – [Ben] Here’s our fancy new one – [Davin] This is a brand new MP crankcase, aluminum built, way heavier than the stock one, which bit us on a couple spots, but only from a clearance standpoint, but it’s a lot beefier case It comes line honed It’s all ready to assemble I did have to clean it I rinsed things out and got some bits out of, from shipping and that It’s got beautiful steel inserts in there, that are not JB Welded into this case, so a couple cool things like that Actually, in one of the spots, you could see right where the hold down clamp, it looks like I’ve already hit that See the hold down clamp there, and the– – Right here? – Right here That was one area that had the clearance with diagrander, because the case was beefier right there There were plenty of meat to work with, just the clamp I had, I had to clearance it so it sat down Flush Otherwise it was kicking up – [Ben] We did, as we come into this new case here The reason we did get the new case wasn’t just because of those JB Weld things to be pulled out of there, we took it to the shop to have it checked, to see if we could reuse it, and they basically told us no We got a quick clip of Dave explaining that, so here it is – So after we carefully taken apart the engine block and separated everything out,

got our stuff apart We started doing the inspections A couple of critical areas in here are the journal for your crankshaft, and the journal for your camshaft These can be honed, align honed after they’re assembled, both journals Then bearings purchased accordingly Of course, bearings are only offered in certain sizes, and what we found on our inspection was these journals have already been taken to their max, plus you’ll see that there’s been some damage to the journals, specifically the pin that holds the bearing from rotating, and this one has been completely been wiped out If you remember, we had to use a torch in a couple areas to get studs out We had some pretty ugly inserts that have already been put in here, and been replaced, and pretty nasty So whatta you do when you have problems with a block? In this case, you do this right here, a brand new one, all beautiful, shiny, perfectly machined, and ready to be assembled The other case was ugly – Yeah, it was – [Davin] It’s seen all of its life So here were’ putting in the head studs You see I’m wiping off the excess, but using some aviation sealer to hold those in High Tack is another version of that The idea is it seals them for oil leakage, and locks ’em in place – [Ben] Now you’re getting ready to drop the crank in, and the cam shaft – Yep, rods are on You see now the camshaft That’s a brand new camshaft Again, there was nothing wrong with the stock camshaft that was in it, other than it didn’t compliment the bore, so the bigger bore size, you might as well take advantage of a little more lift on the camshaft, in different durations, so it’ll fuel it better It has an aluminum bolt on, timing gear, and you can see brand new lifters There are the brand new main bearings, and camshaft bearings, just using a little assembly lube, so it’s on there when everything goes back together Put the timing gear back in I’m sorry, the timing gear and the distributor gear So there goes the lifters into that half, which is easy, because they’re on the downside, so they’re gonna stay where they need to be at, set the crankshaft in, obviously making sure the rods go through the hole in the bottom, making sure that those dowel pins are lined up for the main bearing so they don’t spin Putting in the last, or the center bearing, which I got it lubed up, but you can see it’s not there That half goes into the other case half, lock tightening in the bolts for the camshaft, torque ’em down, again lubing up the cam lobes for initial fire up Here is the lifters for the other half Now, I mentioned earlier that we were concerned how we’re gonna hold them in there Actually what happened was really nice, is they typically don’t ride all the way in They ride, I don’t know a hundred thousands up, but when you push them in, just that hundred thousands more, there’s just enough bite, just enough resistance in the case, that they hold them so when you flip ’em upside down they stay there, and then you can just push them down into place – [Ben] Okay, so on goes – [Davin] So here’s the case half sealant, so wiped everything down Everything is clean There’s no burs, all that type of stuff, and just putting a real thin layer on all the surface that come together Again, there’s some aliment pins and everything You can see that case half syncing together In goes the oil filter strainer – From the back your getting the pistons ready, go – We ordered pistons, and didn’t think anything about the price, because it was reasonable for four pistons When we got the pistons, the pistons had the rings on them already Of course, it came with wrist pins, but it also came with new jugs It was like, “Wow, that was dirt cheap for pistons and jugs It was under $400, and I was like, “Wow, that’s crazy.” – So, we didn’t need to replace the jugs – No the jugs didn’t need to be replaced, but at that point, we got free machining

by buying a brand new jugs, so it just made sense to use ’em So, here’s the only trick if you will, and you can see it in the background We put the piston into the jug with the ring compressor first Then slip it down over, push the wrist pin through, so through the piston into the rod, then of course across the other side One clip is already in the piston, and then here I’m just putting the last clip in, that holds that wrist pin from coming out – [Ben] There goes the pin Now the pin’s in, and there’s the clip – What you were doing in the background there was you were adding a little bead of, so that’s a little separate Just before I put the pistons into the jug, speaking with a Volkswagen officinado, he recommended to take instead of using any of shims and all of that, because I had already set my head height, on that top end where my hand’s at We had machined those But, any rate, to get the right compression, so then when I set that in there, I put a bead of high temperature silicone, the orange alter seal – Around here, right – Yep, right at the corner if you will, the cylinder jug to the fins, – [Davin] The ray where it meets here – [Ben] Right where it meets there, yep That is to seal that up right there, because you’re really only sealing You’re sealing some crank pressure, but for the most part It’s not a normal head gasket, or thought process of a head gasket, it is just sealing the oil So, by doing that, that puts enough sealant there, without getting ugly, and you might be able to see it when it pushes in I put it just in the corer I remember a couple spots where you could see it There you go So, you can just see the orange that pushed dowel – [Ben] Now what are these going on here? – [Davin] These are very fancy push rod tubes – [Ben] I thought it was cool when they tie mikes here, as he tightened it down, you can see those little areas compress There it goes – [Davin] Yep Now this is the first set of cylinders we’ve put on, ever This is the first time I have ever done this For those that know, we’ll see that I did not put in the shroud There is absolutely no way to put the shroud in after you put head on in the tubes A couple commenters caught that – A couple commenters caught it, and they were 100% right On the second set, I caught it when we went to do the second set of cylinders, I put it on the second set, and I had to come back and pull the head off, basically redo this sequence I didn’t obviously pull the cylinders off, and then slid that in there So, in the car, it is there Something else I want to note too that we powder coated the valve covers Pretty much anything that matte black, has been powder coated Reason for that is it holds up way better than paint Now, I don’t believe this engine’s gonna get over 400 degrees, and have any issue with the plastic of the powder coating, so if it does, then we probably got different problems – [Davin] Yeah, if the the valve covers are getting up to 400 degrees, then we definitely have some issues So same thing on the other side – [Ben] You can see that red goop again There it is – [Davin] Look at that, there’s the shield That’s on the other side – [Davin] I shouldn’t say it’s a shield, it is part of the cooling system – [Ben] When it comes down to drive it across the bottom side of that – [Davin] So, there’s a rocker assembly on there You can see, I set the valve lash right in there There’s the fuel gauge setting the valve lash We didn’t necessarily show the wrench on there rotating the crank shaft I have to set everything correctly – [Ben] All the bit so you’d only catch in a frame – [Davin] Yes – I guess, I would say a lot of the comments that we get on these in terms of how we did these, is usually in regards to stuff that we did, but because of the nature of the videos You’re just not gonna see, or they’re just mundane enough that it’s like, “Well there’s no point in shooting ♪ Dun, dun, dun ♪ – Yes, you gotta have the book out Only because the first time it has a half load type of function, or an off center mark,

and it was just a question for me of where does everything need to line up Depending on the year that we don’t know, and depending to this, that and the other thing, there’s about four different positions of where it could be at, and at the end of the day, I need to make a judgment call of what it needed to be So here we’re getting that in there, and what the flashlight’s doing in there is “I’m looking and making sure I’m getting everything lined up, because there’s a shaft, a spring, and then the distributor has to line up to everything as you go in there Then you have the nice hold down clamp for the distributor Oil pump goes back in – [Ben] What kind of goop are you using? A little bit of that Again, that aviation, sealer, gasket make, type of stuff Then gears go back in, and filled it with lithium grease and the idea there is it picks up faster as far as the pump is concerned – [Ben] Meaning the pump turns into a pump faster It’s got more suction to get the ore moving – [Davin] Exactly We opted to reuse the kind of an ugly oil cooler The adapter and everything is cleaned up, and I flushed out the oil cooler really well, and was happy with that – [Ben] I think we had a comment, or somebody sent us an email, that said that their company remakes or refurbishes– – [Davin] Which I have now on the list, so that’ll happen next time A fuel pump went in here to the right, and then the stand for generator is what’s on the farthest right – [Ben] Also the oil fill tube too – [Davin] Yes, and the oil fill is part of all that assembly there There you can see it really well – [Ben] Yeah that oil cooler is kinda heinous, isn’t it – [Davin] Yeah it is But it works – That’s right It goes away here in a little bit End up with pretty much all brand new shrouding, just because the other one had some tabs that were beat off, broke up, and it wasn’t worth repairing them for $30 – [Ben] These are all Again, they were brand new I bead blast them, and had them power coated, so they’ll hold up a little better The paint that was on ’em was pretty thin Crank pulley back on I mean it’s starting to look good again here, if you will – But now you can see, we have both of those – Yes, there we go, proof, right there So there’s one there, and one there We redeemed ourselves there before it went in the car These are what we were just talking about, is this bottom heat duct shrouding for the cooling in the bit They were flat, pretty much, in a vendor put in position They weren’t ridiculous, but it took a little effort to get there – Now we’re nearing the end here – Nearing the end, so now I’m putting the big heat exchanger back on That actually has a high temperature paint put on them, that’s gold when you spray it on Then you bake it to 550 degrees, and it turns that gray, and that is the best coating I’ve ever found for exhaust – [Davin] So here we’re putting the fan all back together again, and everything was stripped and shot – Now this was a fun process This was a fun process because it was not happy For whatever reason that shroud wound up, or the fan itself wanted to rub on the shroud There was a lot of shimmying and cussing So again, if you look right there by the distributor in my hand, there is a rod end and that little linkage piece That’s the key to getting the– – Look at this guy, which the old intake manifold did not have – The old intake manifold did not have that, so what was happening is as the cable came out of the fan shroud, it was coming up at a 45 degree angle to the carburetor, and pulling down, but it has to go past the six o’clock position to go to full throttle This rectified that You’ll see it here again when we get the carburetor on, but that little cast in bond, was the key to all this We reused the fuel pump It was fine Obviously, the distributor, so those two pieces show a little wear there, and the generator is good Freshly reloaded carburetor on there, a long search for the washer to go here, but fabricated all the nice one It looks good – [Ben] It looks good we painted it So last step now is to get the exhaust on I don’t remember what that brand was Somebody asked, and I’ll have to get it – I got it through Apple Tree in Michigan – [Davin] All right – [Ben] So here’s running

the ignition wires over to the correct area, and figuring out how we wanted to lay the fuel line, based on for all intents and purposes, whoever was not designed to go on this engine It’s on backwards, if you will Because your choke adjustment, and your fuel intake is on the back side, against that shroud, and it is a pain in the monkey to do it, especially to adjustment it This is where it’s handy that it’s light, – And handy that there’s a video guy there – Although I want to look at the look on that video guy’s facing going, “Holy cow “This is the heaviest camera I’ve ever lifted.” (Davin laughs) Now here, this is were I was talking about We’ve set me in play, so there’s the gauge I got the flywheel on I’ve got it torqued out Now I don’t have it torqued down to crazy number that needs to be yet I’ve just taken up the slack – [Ben] Oh, is that me trying to murder you there? – [Davin] It looks like Ben’s trying to take me out – [Ben] I was bringing you a hammer – [Davin] You were bringing me the hammer, because I use an aluminum plate to put the rear main seal in after I had checked and knew what kind of shims I needed in there to get that endpoint correct I didn’t happen to have the right clutch alignment tool, so I had to turn one on the lathe I didn’t worry about any spines, because I just used the diameter Diameter, diameter’s the same thing – [Ben] That’s why you’re special, because if we don’t have a part, you just make it – [Davin] Just make it That’s right – [Ben] There’s that, – [Davin] That is all stainless It functions fully like the original stuff does, but I’ll tell you what, the flow is a lot nicer, and it sounds good – [Ben] I love the fact that this engine sitting there You could just start it up sitting there if you wanted to – [Davin] Oh, absolutely Yeah, absolutely – [Ben] There’s no radiator to hook up – [Davin] No nothing – [Ben] It’s all right there – [Davin] Yeah, it’s all there – [Ben] I mean you just basically need fuel, and– – [Davin] Put the battery into the spin it Yeah ’cause the starter bolts to the transmission side of it, but– – [Ben] Now we’re back on the training jack This right here is where two more inches would have been fantastic, and it has nothing to do with the other exhaust, ’cause it was equally as a bear to get that little piece out right there – [Davin] What the time doesn’t show, is us spending like a half an hour finagling things to get it lined up – [Ben] Instead it’s like, “Oh look, we did this in five minutes We’re pretty much wrapping things up here – [Davin] Yep, everything’s wrapped up Timing set, we broke the engine in right, between that shot – But you know, it’s Hollywood We gotta make a play You guys don’t wat to sit there for 20 minute watching us break it in – [Davin] That’s not real impressive I don’t think either – [Ben] So it’s off you go – [Davin] Off we roll (VW engine purs) Glad you’re still watching We’ve got more things to come As you noticed, or may not have noticed, in the shop there’s some where’s Waldos in there, a couple of the projects, and a couple of things up our sleeves as well Not in that shop – Yep we have a couple maybe out of the ordinary for what you’ve seen so far, for the red light and rebuilds, but leave comments If you have any more questions about this video, or if you have any suggestions for what engines we should be working on I know we’ve gotten comments about doing a Chevy big block, a Ford 289, straight six, straight 8 Some people ask for a Porsche engine I mean, isn’t that the same thing as what we just did – Pretty close – It’s just two more cylinders Thanks for watching We’ll see you next time – [Davin] See ya (engine roars)


Make the Butterfly Flutter Necklace Project by Fusion Beads

– [Cody] Hi, today I’m gonna show you how to make our Butterfly Flutter Necklace This necklace features Czech glass beads and Vintaj components for a fun summer necklace Let’s take a look at the products and tools we’ll need to make it (bright music) For this project, I will be using a 4mm Milky Sapphire Fire Polished Round Glass Beads I have a 8×6 mm Pink Silk with Bronze Bottom Cut Faceted Drop Czech Glass Beads I have a 6mm Alabaster Pastel Olivine Round Fire Polished Czech Glass Beads I have a 15×19 Natural Brass Butterfly Charm by Vintaj I have a 17.5mm Natural Brass Medallion Filigrees by Vintaj I have a 20mm Natural Brass Moroccan Tile Pendant by Vintaj I have some 3.5mm Natural Brass Curb Chain I have a 12mm Lobster Claw Clasp I have some 4mm, 21-gauge Open Jump Rings I have 11mm, 14-gauge Roped Open Jump Ring I have some 1.5 inch 22-gauge eye pins, and I have a two-inch, 22-gauge head pin, and then for my paints, I’m using the Abalone Pearl Vintaj Patina Kit, which comes with these three colors included in it For my tools today, I will be using round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, wire cutters I have a tape measure I have some paintbrushes, a paper towel, and a cup with a little bit of water to clean my paintbrushes as I’m painting You can find links to all these beads and supplies in the description below, so let’s get started Okay, so to begin your necklace, we’re gonna start with painting our filigrees So we’re gonna take our, just our blank natural brass filigrees and we’re gonna paint them with the Abalone Pearl Vintaj patinas So this patina kit comes with the three colors in there, and you’ve got an Ocean Pearl, a Seafoam Pearl and a Seashell Pearl, so those are the colors that I chose to use today So I have a couple of examples here that I’ve already painted to kind of show you what we’ll be doing So this Moroccan tile I painted with the Seafoam in the center and then I just kind of did the edges with the Ocean Pearl, so it’s got that kind of green and blue look to it Then on this little medallion, this one was painted all over with the Seashell, the pink, and then I just did a little bit of the Ocean Pearl, the blue, in the center So I’ve got those ones already done, so now I just have some blanks here that I’m gonna show you how I painted those So this medallion, I want it just to be the same as this other medallion, because they’re going to sit on each side of the jump ring as I construct my necklace So I’m just gonna set my butterfly aside and this other guy aside right now So I’m just going to have that one there just so I have a reference So I’m going to take the pink, the Seashell Pearl, and you just want to make sure that your paints are really shooken up in that you hear the little roller ball moving around quite a bit before you begin to use them So I’ve already pre-shook these, so they’re good to go So what I like to do is I like to just take a little piece of plastic and then just drop a little bit of paint on there, it doesn’t really take much, just so I have a working surface, and then I’m going to take my paintbrush, I’m gonna get just a little bit on there, and then I’m just going to paint my filigree And I don’t want it to be super solid, so I’m gonna just kind of brush it on there ’cause I kind of like a little bit of that natural brass not really showing through but just that it’s not so solid, and you don’t want to block the holes because we will be attaching to this So I’m just gonna go ahead, oops, and paint all over And I see I got a couple holes blocked, but that’s okay ’cause I’m going to then just put my brush in the water there and then I’m just gonna take a little makeup sponge and I’m just gonna kind of blot it because I wanted that little bit more of a soft look here so I’m just gonna let that dry for a second I’m gonna go ahead and clean my brush here in my water And so all you need is just a little bit of water to clean your brush and then just get like a paper towel and just dry it off there So these do dry pretty fast It’s pretty fast drying I am gonna use this other little brush just ’cause it’s a little smaller and so then I’m just gonna do the little blue area in the center there So I’m just gonna get another paper, and again I’ve already shaken these up, so I’m just gonna put just a tiny drop of the blue on there and then gonna put some on my brush and then I’m just gonna try to do that center part and just kind of mimic the other one that I’ve already done I just kind of started in the center

and then I just kind of moved out there So I just kind of So I’ve got that in there and then I just like to, again with the sponge or a soft cloth or even a paper towel, just kind of blot it a little bit ’cause I just like that a little bit softer look on the blue And then I think I just took a little too much off there, so I’m just gonna go up a little bit more ’cause I just want to make sure that it kind of matches that one And they don’t have to match exactly exactly, but it’s nice if you can get ’em to be pretty close So I’m feeling then that is pretty close there So again, I’m just gonna put my brush in my water and then dry that off really quick so that I can use it again All right, so there I’ve got my two medallions done, so I’m just gonna set those aside right now See how that one’s been painted? He should be okay on the board there Hopefully it won’t make a mess And I’m just gonna wipe this down in case any of this is wet, but it’s not, so we’re good to go So I’m just going to continue to use that same surface Now I’m going to paint my butterfly So for my butterfly, I decided that I’m going to have him kind of have like a little bit of a blue core, mostly pink on his wings and then maybe just the tips I’m going to do blue So, but again, you can paint your filigrees any way that you like, so that you can kind of make the piece custom to your own I feel like my paint is probably still pretty good, so I’m just gonna grab a little bit and I’m just gonna start on my wings here ’cause I just kind of want it to have a little bit of layer on there So I’m just like just using a slight little brushstroke, just just kind of pull it out, just to do it on the wings there and not the whole body It’s a little bit tricky when you’re trying to do the other side, to try to find something to hold onto, but a lot of times that little loop works pretty good I need a little bit more paint, I believe, so I’m just gonna put it, whoops, maybe a little too much paint, but that’s all right So grab some more You can always blot it there and then just kind of paint that other side And you might get a little bit on you, but it’s not gonna hurt you or anything All right, so I’m gonna just, ’cause you can see on this one one side there it’s a little bit more solid than the other side, and I like them more solid, so I’m just gonna try to copy that here so that both sides are even I’m just gonna pick him up ’cause I feel like I need to get there And then, too, if you have too much paint, just wipe a little bit off on a paper towel so that you can get the look that you want So there, I feel like both sides are pretty even I’m just gonna do a little bit here on that side just so that that edge is there All right, and then I’m gonna clean my brush again Get my paper towel here I’m just gonna set that one aside and grab a new one, ’cause I’ve got that one pretty wet So now I’m going to switch back to just this other little brush ’cause it’s just a little bit finer and we’re gonna do the blue ’cause I think I’m pretty much done with my pink for the most part I might just save that little package there of paint in case I want to do a little bit more So again, just make sure you shake it really good I’ve shook ’em earlier, but it’s always good just to give a little shake as you’re going Put some blue on there and now I’m gonna try to just paint his little inner core And as you can tell, that paint dries really fast, so it is pretty quick to work with And you can just like paint that side and then let it dry for a second and then you can go ahead and do the rest of it So I’m just gonna try to just paint his little body there So a really fine little brush is probably the best and that way you can get into the littler spots, but really any brush will do So there, he’s kind of, I did his little core, which is kind of fun, and then I just want to just add a little bit of tip, a little bit to his tips So I’m just gonna kind of go over here, just do a little bit, and then I’m gonna take a sponge or a little soft cloth and I’m just gonna kind of blot it ’cause I just want to soften it there a little bit And there, it kind of just makes a really, a very subtle little look, which i think is kind of fun, but if you wanted him more, like solid, you wanted them just to be, like not even see the filigree under there, you could just keep painting it and do it a lot more solid and then that way it would cover it more, but I think it’s kind of fun to see the little bit of the the filigree finish coming through under there And there, it’s like I have my little butterfly I think he’s pretty good I might just do his little core just a little bit more, just ’cause I want that to stick out I don’t want that really to be faded so much,

so I’m just gonna do a little bit more, trying not to block my hole like I just did, so I’m just going to take a eye pin and I’m just gonna pop that through there so that it doesn’t stay blocked ’cause we do need to use that hole to attach our charm later All right, so that is all there is to it It’s just, you just like paint really It’s however you want to do it It’s kind of a fun process, so you can put as much as you want, take some off You could even use some of the relief blocks to kind of sand a little bit of the finishes off if you wanted to, if that’s something you’d want to do in your look, and you don’t have to use these patinas just with Vintaj materials So like you can use these on the Vintaj, you could do it on TC (TierraCast), on Nunn [Designs] It’s like you could really use it on any kind of product that you wanted to paint So it’s like, that’s a really fun look, and you get three little colors in a package, so that’s kind of fun, you know, you get some options there So I’m going to go ahead and get this cleaned up and then we’re gonna start to build our necklace, so I’ll be right back Okay, so after you’ve painted your filigrees and they’re all dry, you’re ready to construct the rest of your necklace So I always like to start kind of at the bottom and move my way up So this is one of my center focals here, and I have a little drop bead that I want to hang off the bottom of the tile So to do that, I’m just gonna take a head pin I’m gonna put on my drop bead, wide side in first Then I’m gonna just bend it over at a 90-degree angle Then I’m going to cut the majority of it off, just leaving enough to turn a simple loop You wanna make sure, though, your simple loop is big enough to go around the little edge of this tile, so just make sure you leave enough wire there Cut your tail off, then you’re gonna take your round-nose pliers and you’re gonna just roll it back in a simple loop So there we’ve got my simple loop and then I’m just gonna open it to the side and attach it to the tile here and then just close it, moving it back to the center there So now we’ve got our little tile with a little drop there, so it’s kind of cute, and then our butterfly is gonna be layered on top of this tile kind of hanging towards the top there and he’s going to be attached to this 11mm jump ring And to attach those, I’m just gonna use the 6mm fire polish on a eye pin So I’m going to take an eye pin here and I’m going to just slide on the 6mm round and just gonna make another simple loop on this other end, just like we did with the head pin, bending this over Again, I just want to make sure my loops are big enough to go over the jump ring and to go through those two little guys there, so I’m gonna just make this one side a little bit bigger So grab your round-nose, grab the end there, and then you’re just gonna roll it back into a simple loop Then you’re gonna open that loop that you just made, move it to the side, and then you’re gonna just slide on your butterfly charm and then you’re going to slide that top hole of the Moroccan tile, and then you’ll just close that loop to secure them So see there, they’re just gonna hang right like that and then it will go to the other ring So now I just need to make sure that my loops are straight across here You can see this loop’s going this way and the other one’s the other direction I just always like them to go the same way there, so I’m just gonna adjust that Then I’m gonna open the loop on the other end of that eye pin, and that is gonna go around my jump ring here Oops, all right, so got that there So see there, your butterfly’s just kind of hanging there on top I’ve got our little drop here, and now, so this is kind of like our main focal and then all of our our beads and everything are going to come off of this So I’ll have the medallions here on both sides and then I’m just going to make another little simple loop link here

to have this green go to there and then we’ll start up the side of our piece there So I’m gonna just do one more, putting it on a eye pin, bending it over, cutting off, just leaving enough to make a simple loop on the end there Grab your round-nose and then you’re just gonna roll it back and I always like to make sure that my loops are going the same way before I put ’em on there, most of the time So just adjust that and then you’re just gonna open that loop that you just made, you’re going to attach it to the jump ring, and you’re going to close that So see, it’s going to come up to this one side here and then this one is going to go to the medallion So then I’m just going to open up the other loop And it can be a little tricky to get these to go through the medallion holes It does go through, you just have to, you know, make sure the right end is pointing there, and it just pops right through there And then you’ll just close that loop And there, I’ve got one side of my piece done, except for, unfortunately, I put my medallion on backwards there, so I’m just gonna flip that around real quick Just opening that back up There we go Now it’s the right direction And just close that loop again All right, so here we got one side going, and now I’m just gonna do the other bead on the other side and come up the side there So I’m gonna go ahead and my next bead is just going to be one of the drop beads here So but this time, I want my bead to have the small side down first, so I’m gonna go ahead and do that Slide the narrow side down Then again, just doing the simple loop on the other end Cut your top there, leave enough just to turn a loop Take your round-nose and then just go ahead and roll that back Then you’re gonna open the loop that you just made and just make sure it’s nice and closed there And then I always just take my two chain-nose and adjust to make sure my loops are in the same direction So I want the narrow end to kind of be coming away from this piece, so I want to open the loop that’s towards the narrow part of the bead, and then I just chose a little spot where I wanted it to go I found out that it’s like, I just want it to be like seven pieces over some of the little, little openings there, so it’s like here’s two, two and then that’s two there, so you just like, but you can really pick wherever you want yours to go on That’s just how I want mine to look, so I’m going to just try to find that little seven there, right, so it’s like there So we got two, four, six, and then that seven should be that guy right there And then just get that little, have that little drop Sometimes it’s easier if you have it with your chain-nose and then that way you can have a little bit more force to push it through You can really attach anywhere you want to on here, just so that your piece sits nice and straight there All right, whoop, it doesn’t really want to stay in there very good today for some reason All right, let’s try it one more time here This is kind of what I meant earlier, is like sometimes it’s a little harder to get it to go through there for some reason There it goes All right, so I finally got it on there And then just close that loop All right and there, so now we’ve got like one side kind of started there, and then our medallion will be just here on the other side So I’m just gonna continuing to build this here, so I’m just gonna continue to make some simple loops, so I’m just going to get all my little loops prepped and then I’ll be right back and I’ll show you how to construct the other side of the necklace

Okay, so I went ahead and I prepped up some little simple loop links here for all my colors, so now I can just quickly assemble my necklace So I’m just gonna grab the next bead in my pattern, which is the little milky sapphire I’m just gonna open the loop I’m going to attach it to this loop and then I’m just going to close it And then I’m going to grab one of these drops and I kind of liked it where both of the wide ends were pointing towards the sapphire, but again, you can kind of construct it any way you like So I’m just gonna open the loop on the wider end here and I’m gonna attach it to that 4mm sapphire and I’m just gonna close that loop And then the next bead is going to be my green, so I’m just gonna open one of the loops here and attach it to the loop on here and then I’m just gonna repeat this pattern So then it’s back to the little drop here So I’m just gonna open the loop on the narrow end, ’cause that’s what will be facing this bigger bead here Slide on the chain there and then close that, and then I’m going to pick up a sapphire, open one of the loops on there, and attach it to the wide end of that drop And then I’m gonna grab one more drop, opening the loop on the wide end and then attaching it to the sapphire, and then closing that Then I have just one more repeat to do here and then we’ll add the chain So I’m gonna go ahead and add my olivine bead here and then I’m gonna open the loop on a drop bead on the narrow end first and attach it to the green Then open the sapphire and then attach it to the wide end there And now I’ve got my last bead So this last bead, you wanna open the loop, excuse me, on the wide end, ’cause you want the wide end to face your sapphire, and then go ahead and close that And now at this point, we’re going to add chain, so I’m just gonna turn it around so it’s actually facing the way it’s facing for a necklace So we’ve got our whole little pattern here Oops, it’s kind of just stuck on there There we go And then I decided to end it just to go to some chain So I’m just gonna take some chain here I’m gonna take my tape measure, ’cause I need about 2 1/2 inches So I wanna grab my tape measure and then I’m just gonna cut a length of chain for the one side of the necklace So if you’re, most the time it’d be best just to do the, cut your chain at the same time, so just cut two lengths of 2 1/2 half inches, ’cause you’ll need one for each side of the necklace there Go ahead and just cut the link off and then you can just open the loop on the last bead there and then you’re going to attach that to one end of the chain So you slide that on there You go ahead and you’ll close that And then on the other end of this chain is where we’re gonna attach our lobster-claw clasp So I’m gonna grab the lobster claw, and I’m gonna grab a 4mm jump ring, and we’ll just see if I can find the end of that Yeah, there we go And then I’ll just go ahead and open that guy, go through the loop on the lobster-claw clasp and go through the last link on the chain and then just go ahead and close that And so now I’ve got, one side of my necklace is done So now I’m just gonna go ahead and repeat the exact same process to construct the other half So I’m gonna go ahead and do that quickly and then I’ll show you the completed piece So I’ll be right back Okay, as you can see, I went ahead and I finished the other side of the necklace So I just made the simple links all the way up and then I connected it to 2 1/2 inches of chain and then I just added a 4mm jump ring on that and there, so my lobster claw has somewhere to attach to So that is all there is to it

for the Butterfly Flutter Necklace I hope you enjoyed this tutorial You can find all the products and tools for this Inspiration design at FusionBeads.com (upbeat music)


REKRU TIER Interview mit Roman & Manuel Nawrot (Spitzenmanager bei Hyla)

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und das haben wir auch durchgemacht und dann stehen wir auch da wo wir sind und wir haben sehr sehr viele menschen in den drei jahren auch sehr erfolgreich gemacht gerne und wir haben sehr sehr viele neue leute auch natürlich dazu kommen wir können uns vor anfragen derzeit auch gar nicht retten also wir haben schon viele anfragen die können wir selber gar nicht mehr abarbeiten will ja das macht halt irgendwann die runde könnte ein bisschen was zu ich weiß nicht dass er schwer wenn wir jetzt jemand nach internas fragt aber wie kann man wie viele partner hat die insgesamt wie wieviel betreiben das geschäft hauptberuflich wer kann davon leben können könnt ihr habt ihr da eine größenordnung für mich also wir haben jetzt den letzten drei jahren ca 2 200 aktive mitarbeiter aufgebaut also die sind aktiv 200 aktive mitarbeiter und davon sind ungefähr 20 30 prozent hauptberuflich dabei okay das ist aber das ist natürlich ungefähr wenn man das network marketing vergleicht sind es ungefähr den faktor x 100 x wir haben ihren kurs forderungen dieses produkt unser produkt koste 1950 euro kann sich aber jeder ab 34 euro 50 auch leisten auch denn den einstieg und von dem er ist aber natürlich sehr sehr hohes volumen wo natürlich bei uns bewegt wird also 200 leute entspricht 20 30.000 im network marketing system ungefähr ist gut dass du das sagst ich erkläre das auch immer auf unseren seminaren so weil ich sag mal ich hatte in der finanzdienstleistung oder wir hatten knapp 130 leute unter vertrag damals und dann schauen produkt networker die schauen dann immer so ungläubig so nach dem motto wir wovon habt ihr dann gelebt aber ist gut dass du das sagst wenn du natürlich ein reiches produkt verkauft oder finanzdienstleistungs konzept wie wir damals haben wir auch gesagt dass es entspricht ungefähr 10.000 partnern im network ja im klassischen produkt network mit einem 50 euro produkt oder das produkt richtig also wir werden da manchmal auch angeschaut obwohl meistens die wurden tausende von leuten in den in den downline haben sind meistens die wurden auch manchmal überhaupt kein geld verdienen und das war von uns dann oftmals gar keine option und ich weiß jetzt wie es zum beispiel der geht aber für uns war es immer wichtig etwas in der hand zu haben das heißt wir wir verkaufen weil wenn wir bei den kunden sitzen keinen traum sondern wir haben immer ursache und wirkung wir haben ein system an der hand also ein gerät das der kunde zum beispiel im ursache und wirkung hat und das ist was ganz wundervolles da wir auch natürlich so auch immer den deckel schnell und am gleichen tag zu machen können hätte man ein sofortiges ergebnis der kunde und natürlich auch der vertriebspartner die tun sich natürlich sehr leicht weil wenn unsere mitarbeiter verdienen halb wie gesagt ich schon vorher gesagt hat ich natürlich der antrieb nummer eins die hoffnung und die meisten leute steigen wegen produkte einen aber natürlich auch geld verdienen aber antrieb nummer zwei ist natürlich auch die hoffnung in die schlüssel zum geldverdienen und das machen die leute halt bei uns schon ja also die kommen schon sehr sehr schnell ins geld verdienen bei uns die leute also eine mehr hausmutter wobei uns den count landschaft oder so in den ersten drei monate hat die schon zwischen 6 und 8 tausend euro bei uns verdient wenn die einsteigt ist natürlich du hast gesagt wir haben produkte lassen sofortigen effekt das kann man vorzeigen das hat eine wirkung die leute sehen dass und das ich sag mal das ist schon vor teil ohne frage lass mich mal ganz kurz noch mal auf eine andere sache zurückkommen ich habe in einer in dem youtube-video was sie mir geschickt habe daher gab es die aussage von dem auto 14 monate und wie viel kilometer drauf 140000 oder 30.000 ja sowas um den 340.000 km wir haben unseren gekauft jetzt war ich weiß gar nicht genau der war eineinhalb jahre her den er jetzt vor kurzem abgegeben wir haben uns neu gekauft und ich glaube der hat 140.000 kilometern eineinhalb jahren er worauf ich hinaus will ist ja im prinzip den den leuten auch so ein bisschen klar zu machen alles hat seinen preis oder sieht zwar alles toll aus wenn wir euch jetzt so sieht also ihr seht eigentlich aus von der außenwirkung als ob wir gar nicht arbeitet ja aber ich denke dass ich das einschätzen kann ihr reist schon ordentlich runter seit auch unterwegs oder ihr seid viel unterwegs gewesen wahrscheinlich habt fleißig oder immer noch mehr denn je wir haben diesen monaten februar komplett ausgebucht wir haben bestimmt über 20 chefs vorstellungen im februar wo die leute auf uns warten dass wir an eine geschäfts vorstellung sprechen und haben natürlich individuelle einzeltrainings meetings alles also wir arbeiten sieben

tage die woche der zeit von 10 15 stunden am tag weil wir natürlich schon ein hohes ziel haben obwohl wir unsere ja ziele erreicht haben haben natürlich neue ziele und gesteckt und die werden wir 100-prozentig auch erreichen ja für uns war es immer wichtig bei dieser firma es zu schaffen zum einkommensmillionäre hinauszuwachsen das war immer unser ziel wenn du das jetzt schon so sagt dann frage ich einfach mal habt es geschafft schon einmal geschafft ok coole sache gratulation ich meine das ist ja das ist ja eine magische geschichte ich sag mal ja ich sag mal einkommensmillionäre gibt es ja mittlerweile auch immer mehr der heutigen zeit aber es ist ja trotzdem auch nicht ganz einfach man muss ein bisschen was tun und es ist nicht nur glück sondern ist natürlich auch echte schweiß und harte arbeit und ich glaube da seid ihr gutes beispiel ich würde jetzt gern noch mal folgendes wissen wollen in die indy in die anfangszeit noch einmal zurück zu gehen also ihr seid wie ihr seid gestartet und dann habt ihr wahrscheinlich erstmal selber umsatz gemacht also selber verkauft oder habt ihr gleich mit expandieren angefangen leute gewonnen wie wie hat sich das dann so entwickelt könnte da vielleicht ein paar wurde dazu sagen ja also wir haben relativ von anfang an begonnen den vertrieb mit aufzubauen was uns aber persönlich wichtig war was uns bei vielen anderen firmen aufgestoßen hat war dass die meisten redner vorne auf der bühne schulungsleiter et cetera pp spannender weise keine ahnung vom tatsächlichen geschäft hatten und das hat uns persönlich ein bisschen abgeschreckt und von dem her haben wir gesagt wenn wir es machen dann wollen wir diejenigen sein die das geschäft am besten beherrschen und das haben wir natürlich geschafft das heißt wir waren platz 1 im einzel umsatz wir haben dies gemacht haben jedes gemacht und sind bis zum heutigen tage nicht mehr so viel wie früher weil unsere zeit nicht mehr da ist und weil unsere aufgaben sich natürlich etwas verändert haben trotzdem noch beim kunden und generieren eigenen umsatz um auch bei meetings oder wenn jemand vielleicht am schwierigkeiten hat um diese person zu helfen aber nicht aus der theorie sondern auch praxis leben und das war für uns wichtig und es waren wir bis zum heutigen tag und da sind wir auch wirklich stolz darauf dass wir dieses system das produkt und unternehmen aus dem effeff ausnahme schütteln können klasse wie ist das etwas von gesagt mittlerweile melden sich tatsächlich auch leute ist es ja immer so am anfang muss man den kam richtig anschieben und uns gesagt was ich bei euch war am anfang wird keiner mitmachen und irgendwann wenn du es geschafft hast dann dreht sich dreht sich die medaille oftmals auch um wo habt ihr denn oder was ist denn eure strategie wo kriegt er denn neue leute hier habt ihr bestimmte vorgehensweisen holt ihr empfehlungen macht ihr direktkontakte seite tier anzeigen oder was ist das es zu eurer geschäfts credo also unsere geschäfts credo ist zum ersten mal auf jeden fall unsere begeisterung wir haben uns noch nicht mit sehr viel erfolgreicher menschen zusammengesetzt wir haben sehr sehr viele bücher lesen war auf viele seminare im ausland im land haben uns natürlich darf weiter gebildet und es ist aber auch so gesehen auf dem dichter gekommen jeder motivation speaker jeder persönlichkeitsentwicklung die sprechen ja oft mal über dieselben dinge es ist aber so wenn bei einem mensch die begeisterung für ein produkt für ein geschäft über längere jahre hinweg anhalten dann kann aus diesem geschäft schaffen oftmals sind die menschen wie fähnchen im wind das heißt sie sind begeistert sind motiviert und sobald die erste hürde kommt hören sie wieder auf so und da gibt es ja viele menschen davon wo einfach halt müsst ihr nicht die mentor gehabt haben wo einfach gesagt habe du passt auf wenn du dich dahin schreibst du machst du fünf jahre deine augen zu und guckt nicht nach links und rechts sondern verfolgt nur deinen traum mit diesem unternehmen weil es bringt nichts wenn du diese fähigkeit machst du in den unternehmen benötigt das du erfolgreich wirst hier nicht dir aneignet und hier nicht schaffst die anzueignen dann wirst du in anderen unternehmen genau an dem selben punkt scheitern und das ein leben lang und genau das geben wir unseren mitarbeitern einfach immer weiter ihr müsst eure fähigkeiten immer verbessern wenn er was nicht könnt müsst ihr so lange es trainieren bis ihr die fähigkeit erlangt hat und perfektionisten zeit ohne vielleicht eine story wo vielleicht noch ganz interessant sein kann will natürlich die frage die wir

uns gestellt hast sondern natürlich oft gestellt werden woher wir die menschen finden für unser business und wir haben damals begonnen in unserem hauptbahnhof kiosk mit einem schüsschen untenrum mit dem schiffchen auf dem kopf haben wir begonnen die ersten kunden aber auch vertriebsmitarbeiter anzusprechen und aufzubauen und wir haben damals schon unsere unsere produkte unseren ersten mitarbeitern am kiosk haben wir die übergaben gemacht also die haben uns besucht haben neue geräte geholt weil sie verkauft haben und eines tages sind über eine empfehlung nach hamburg gekommen und dann hat der manuell zu mir gesagt mensch wo man jetzt haben eine empfehlung von dem kunden in hamburg was soll man denn da machen nur wegen dem kunden im fall schlecker mehr rausholen und damals angesagt cup kommen dann mach mal mit nur uns ein hotel raum und wir machen eine geschäfts vorstellung in hamburg wir kannten damals ganz flüchtig ein paar menschen dort haben sie eingeladen und trump da kommt wir zeigen euch was wir machen die kunden eingeladen und haben so begonnen mit fiat punto den wo man schnellstmöglich in der tiefgarage ganz hinten versteckt haben das im jahr niemand sieht haben wir begonnen den vertrieb aufzubauen und dort raus sind jetzt mittlerweile sogar mehrere büros gewachsen also sich wirklich nur der fleiß und das engagement wieder man ja schon gesagt hat die anhaltende begeisterung für sein unternehmen für das produkt und für sich selber und dann kann man natürlich bäume ausreißen ihr seid schon brutale macher was würdet ihr denn jetzt jemandem empfehlen der jetzt alleine ist also gerade so das stichwort mentor gefallen ich weiß nicht ob ihren mentor habt oder hatten und zum zweiten mal könnte jetzt euch ja unterstellen man könnte jetzt sagen ja die sind brüder die sind die sind einfach die kennen sich in- und auswendig haben alles zusammen gemacht wenn er einmal durchhängt motivierte anderen wieder aber die meisten sind ja jetzt allein und betreiben das geschäft alleine habt ihr da vielleicht so zum ende hin noch ein paar tipps wie es ihre art zu denken und vor allen dingen womit motivierte euch also klar habt ihr vorhin gesagt ihr wolltet schon immer irgendwie hoch hinaus aber gibt es noch ein paar andere sachen sie mir die leute mit an die hand geben können oder wenn ich euch jetzt fragen würde was wäre das also das wichtigste ist erst mal zur ordnung wo jemand hin möchte der muss sich wirklich in ruhe für sich hinsetzen und dann muss er wirklich im detail sich aufschreiben und nicht oberflächlich das möchte ich wirklich in meinem leben haben was möchte ich aber das haben wir doch alles schon mal gemacht auf jedem seminar sitzen leute sah mensch diese zwischen boot und die ziel collage und trotzdem schaffen es zu wenige haben alle ihre dämliche ziel collage zu hause hängen ja und trotzdem kommt niemand aus dem knick wurde der unterschied also wir haben zum beispiel unser ziel collage gemacht und nach ja also wir haben den stufenplan zum beispiel als unsere ziel collage gehabt und dann noch ein team poster neben dran und wir haben alle ziele erreicht auch den stufenplan gericht ich nach dem datum alle stufen wirklich erreicht nach stich und es ist einfach so dass die wenigsten menschen also viele menschen träumen von ihren zielen die träumen aber sie nehmen wirklich nicht ihre verantwortung übernehmen nicht ihre verantwortung eben und möchten wirklich daran arbeiten also sind zwei verschiedene grundlegende dinge träume ich wirklich für meinen zielen oder arbeite ich an meinem zielen und viele menschen vertrauten des träumen halt mit dem arbeiten aber andersrum und die wollen zwar aber der leidensdruck ist oftmals seine menschen doch ja gar nicht so groß dass die wirklich mehr arbeiten mehr tun mehr wie alle andere weil wir haben immer schon mehr gearbeitet wie alle anderen damen haben es auch dorthin geschafft und es ist wirklich nur der fleiß wo ein dorthin bringt nur der fleiß und wenn man sich halt fleiß ehrlichkeit und loyalität zum unternehmen die dankbarkeit was ein unternehmen für eine nacht und wenn man das wirklich machen wirklich arbeitet und sich auf die einkommen produzierenden aktivitäten einkommens produzierenden fähigkeiten sich konzentrieren dann muss man den stufenplan das laufende es gar nicht anders sein kann aber viele menschen halten sich die lassen sich zu viel ablenkende weder vom umfeld vom eigenen partner von anderen dingen und die ablenkungen das nicht fokussiert das ist es warum die menschen ihre cream poster ihre triebe poster zu hause nie realisieren werden weil die sich immer viel zu viel ablenken lassen und nicht fokussiert sind wenn ich fokussiert bin dann mache ich das was ich tun muss und ich konzentriere mich dann auf die einkommen- produzierenden tätigkeiten in meinem unternehmen und eine einkommens

produzierende tätigkeit ist halt nicht an einem flyer 100 stunden lang um zu basteln es bringt nichts sondern ich muss gucken dass uns neue kunden gewinnen da sich neue mitarbeiter gewinnen diese mitarbeiter motivieren und meetings realisiere geschäfts vorstellungen das sind diese dinge wo ich mich darauf fokussieren muss in meinem geschäft open network marketing strukturvertrieb direktvertrieb letztendlich geht es immer ums gleiche und es ist um den ungeheuerlichen letztendlichen fleiß und den muss man sich einfach an trainieren schön dass du den den flyer grad nochmal so erwähnt hast also es ist er ist läuft über direkte ansprache über empfehlungs name den telefonhörer zu nehmen und das stichwort ist einfach auch mal sein ja sein seinen arsch hoch zu kriegen und vielleicht auch mal seine ängste zu überwinden das vielleicht mal was ich werde von euch jetzt darauf antworten möchte also fleiß beharrlichkeit deshalb mehrere viele aber viele können dann auch das ging mir am anfang so mit diesem wissen ich gab es bei euch absagen viele könnte mit 0 und lassen sich dann so runterziehen und immer wieder aber ihr hört euch an also wie so was gar nicht kennt oder wir haben natürlich alles durchgemacht wie gesagt werden ja vorher erzählt dass wir natürlich im eigenen verkauf groß geworden sind und die praxis natürlich erlernt haben und wird erzählen oft unseren leuten dass wir mal also wahrscheinlich die meisten niederschläge vor der ganzen gruppe selber leiden tagtäglich sogar manchmal aber da die erfolge sind zehnfach so hoch wie die niederschläge und es ist der einzige grund denn weiter zu machen jeden tag kommt ein anruf der manchmal nicht erfreulich ist oder dort funktioniert was nicht oder und auch manchmal widerstände die haben wir jeden tag auch zu durchbrechen aber die erfolgreichen news und die die menschen die wir wollen und diese informationen sind 1000 mal höher und wir haben natürlich absagen gab termin ab sagen dass wir ‘ne ganze woche ohne termin da standen aber wir haben natürlich keine zwei tage irgendwo auf dem sofa verbracht und die decke über den kopf gezogen sondern haben geschaut mensch was können jetzt aus dieser zeit machen um halten haben dann halt kaltakquise betrieben und haben dann trotzdem maschinen verkauft weißt du also man muss einfach die verantwortung für sein leben übernehmen und meiner meinung nach kann man die verantwortung in seinem leben nicht übernehmen wenn man sich von emotionalen schwankungen irgendwo beeinflussen lässt ein tag ist mal in ordnung aber eine woche oder zwei wochen da kommt man nie an sein ziel also wichtig ist einfach man muss sich auch an ziel setzen fünf jahre lang vorjahrs durchziehen und immer das ziel fokussiert halten und sich wirklich auf die einkommens prozent produzierenden tätigkeiten aufhalten und dass auch wichtig ist dass man einfach nicht so viel wert legt von menschen was die von einem einen will dass ich auch bei oftmals von den leuten was meinen was meinen meine freunde hier zu mir was mein dass meine familie jetzt von mir was denken die formieren und eins ist sicher das ist vollkommen egal was die von einem denken weil die müssen einen unterstützen in dem was man tut und kraft geben und das ist das wichtigste und da muss heute mal bissig mal ausschalten was die leute über ein denken sondern einfach seinen eigenen weg verfolgen und dann wird man eigentlich schon auch sehr sehr viel schneller auf reiche und vielleicht doch ganz zum schluss man kriegt manchmal wer kann von cross lines kontakte die rufen uns an von anderen firmen bekommen wir zuhören mensch unser sponsor hilft uns nicht wir werden allein gelassen und so weiter wo wir zwei begonnen haben hatten wir zwei tage einschulung und das war’s wir haben das produkt mitbekommen und hatten keine ahnung was wir machen sollten und haben mittlerweile über die jahre wo wir mit dabei sind ein komplettes online-schulung center aufgebaut und so weiter und haben uns alles selber arbeitet und meiner meinung nach ist sein erfolg ein sponsor schuldig kein unternehmen kein produkt nichts kein perfekter einstieg oft mal heißt du kannst nur wenn du am anfang an dabei biss beim unternehmen ich kann es doch vor lauter so schwachsinnige aussagen unser unternehmen gibt es seit über 25 jahren und wissen eingestiegen und haben es bis an die spitze geschafft als es lauter ausreden wo die menschen nicht dorthin bringen wo sie wirklich wollen und es funktioniert einfach noch so wenn man die gesetze des lebens einfach kennt und die auch nach haifa tja schön also hat spaß gemacht jetzt zuzuhören ich las dass die aussage von roman mal so stehen du hast ja gesagt vielleicht zum ende noch ganz kurz ich glaube das war ein schönes abschluss statement männer sage ich jetzt mal hat mich riesig gefreut dass wir heute miteinander geredet haben ich kann das nur sagen ich hätte ich ist ja eigentlich ein frevel dass ich noch nichts von euch gehört habe ich glaube ihr seid eine echte bereicherung für die

branche insbesondere weil ihr natürlich dem den erfolg auch lebt und damit irgendwie auch ein cooles testimonial abgibt wie es funktioniert und vor allen dingen auch dass es funktionieren kann und das ist auch gar nicht unbedingt 15 jahre dauern muss das motiviert mich immer am allermeisten insbesondere bin ja mittlerweile mit 41 auch ein bisschen älter insbesondere wenn junge typen junge mädels richtig gas geben und da was draus machen ist stell dir vor wo er mit 40 seit wenn er noch fünf jahre gas gibt ist ja unglaublich also vielen dank für eure zeit bin mir sicher wir lernen uns demnächst persönlich kennen dachau ist ja nicht allzu weit dann gibt es selbstverständlich jederzeit auf einen kaffee oder wasser immer eingeladen das dass das freut mich also manuel roman wünsche euch einen schönen tag bleibt auf kurs und viel erfolg weiterhin wir sagen auch schon viel herzlichen dank auch an alle deine zuhörer und wir freuen uns natürlich auch euch alle vielleicht irgendwann einmal persönlich kennenzulernen viele viele liebe grüße danke danke


Meet the 2018 Walled Lake Northern softball team

hi I’m Hannah leaky hi I’m Samantha Harris hi I’m Courtney Callahan this is waldek northern South Lawn I’m life we take it game by game so if we go out mercy team one game we come open-minded the next game like act like you don’t know what it’s we always say that our hardest team that we’re going to playoff season is the next game we have so we really just take it game by game so we always are like always focused we’re and more like such a very determined team so but we also like to have fun we always our chair at each other on and just like I just like seeing them succeed and just their energy and you know their enjoyment for the game and that a lot of these girls put a lot of time into the game outside of just the high school season and it’s good they know exciting for me to see them grow and achieve their goals and continue a winning tradition here


Multi-Leg Option Strategies | Mike Follett | 8-19-20 | The Pros and Cons of Weeklys Options

good morning all hey this is mike today we talk the case for and against weekly options or i should say weekly’s options technically that’s their name all right we are live and welcome everybody today is the is it the 19th of august i think it is yes it is wow um i think i looked at the date yesterday and i’m just shocked at how fast time is going um anyhow uh maybe i just don’t want summer to to be gone uh i love summer anybody else love summer as much as i do anyhow welcome everybody uh hey we do this class every single wednesday same time same place if you’re listening to the recorded session is wednesday morning and the bell just rang uh which means that uh the market just opened uh i don’t know if schools are open where you are but i think they’re actually opening back up here when i think of the bell ringing i think it’s cool uh anyhow my name is mike fallett on board with me i’ve got pat maloney he’s helping out in the chats and uh some good information is already posted there in the chats from pat some important data to think about today and of course earnings from some of these retail stocks uh target we talked about this last friday but target reported we’ll take a look at that chart in just a minute uh also tjx and uh kind of mixed uh markets out there in general uh between the s p and the nasdaq and so forth uh anyhow we’ll look at all that in just one second my twitter handle is there on your screen pat miloli’s got a twitter as well and his is way better than mine he posts a lot of really good charts uh that some of you might find uh extremely interesting based on anything from economic data down to using different indicators so check out his twitter uh anyhow let’s go ahead the bose that question always comes up uh let me let’s go ahead and hit some disclosures this class is for educational purposes only i remember what we talk about is not an endorsement for a stock or a strategy also there are education or not education but transaction costs that need to be thought about and in order to demonstrate the functionality of the platform we need to use actual symbols but again we’re not making recommendations past performance is not a guarantee of what’s going to happen in the future also paper money is for educational purposes only all investing involves risk including the risk of loss no soliciting no recording and no taking pictures and while this webcast discusses technicals and well sort of the there’s plenty of other uh techniques for approaching markets options are not suitable for all investors there are risks inherent trading options that could expose an investor to potentially wrap it in substantial loss losses when you’re dealing with these multi-leg strategies uh just be aware that the complexity can go up and also the transaction costs can go up as well because you got multiple legs going on um anyhow trades involving minimum benefit can be more significantly impacted probability analysis is not a guarantee of an outcome and also these uh short-lived options kind of like these weeklies right that we’re going to talk about today just remember uh that those tend to require closer monitoring uh you know there’s more explorations to think about also there’s a quick look at the greeks over there on the right hand side uh futures and futures options is not speculator is speculative and it’s not necessarily uh appropriate for all investors so just double check your risk tolerance and suitability before you get involved in futures also rolling and we will talk some roles today uh just be aware that um they can entail additional transaction costs uh when you’re rolling all right so i want to talk about the case for and against weeklies and one of the one of the main cases that some traders look at for weekly’s options is the way that they can be used potentially for the more active investor to generate income especially if somebody fancies themselves as a stock investor uh so somebody who is willing to maybe buy and sell stock but they like the idea of generating income along the way uh there uh there are some strategies and i want to go back to demonstrating some of those today where somebody could combine these weeklies with individual stock transactions uh and use a strategy for example called a a covered strangle or a long stock and a short call and a short put that’s a way for a trader to get uh possibly some of the benefits of

stock ownership plus the income from both the put and the call side of the market as long as they’re willing to buy new shares and sell their existing shares but they buy stock low and sell stock highs so it’s kind of an interesting case there for weeklies but there are some things to think about on the negative side as well for weeklies so it’s not just going to be a case four also you got to think about the cons associated with weeklies as well uh but this week remember last week we talked a lot about uh rolling you know and estimating role values i hope that was a useful class for you talking about those role values last week this week i want to focus on applying that information and talk about uh when it comes down to actually making roles what are some things that traders need to think about uh you know for and against a role and we’ll go through a couple of examples here today and hopefully get some new positions established as well so anyhow i hope you enjoy the session uh and uh certainly uh make sure you take advantage of uh different classes that we offer which can also uh back up this type of information kind of round uh the education out for you all right i’m gonna go ahead and jump over and uh by the way there’s target uh look at that how do the analysts get that one so wrong right so the earnings estimate was uh a dollar 64 and they come in at 338 in the middle of a pandemic right um in the market gaps up 11 bucks uh that’s eight and 8.5 half percent right how are they so wrong on that that’s all i want to know right uh how does the street put together an estimate of a dollar sixty four and it comes in at 338 on freaking target uh anyhow interesting to see some of these moves uh speaking of these uh some of these retail names they’re not all uh doing tremendously well in fact uh pat just mentioned uh tjx i believe there in the chats uh that is the symbol right it’s tjx i thought it was tj maxx uh uh yeah for some reason and maybe these charts just are not gonna work for me this morning uh let me try uh maybe home depot hd all right home depot’s not working either but uh anyhow we talked about this before just a big week for uh for these uh retail names uh okay these charts uh are not treating me kindly so i’m gonna move on from using some of these charts uh but uh you know since um since we’re uh on uh on the trade screen right now and we’re looking at individual options uh let’s uh let’s talk a little bit about weeklies okay we’ll just launch right into our weekly’s discussion uh anyhow weeklies are not available on all stocks okay there’s i want to say there’s what 500 550 something like that stocks that trade weekly’s options so it is kind of interesting when you look around for example uh one that jumps to my mind rost speaking of retail um is it our i thought ross and i’m just out of sorts here maybe it’s tj maxx is ross did ross just start trading weeklies i didn’t think they had weeklies anyhow some of these stocks uh i’ll find one eventually they don’t trade weekly’s options okay uh there’s tj maxx here on the uh on the trade screen you can see that stocks down uh three but i should say tjx companies uh it’s down three dollars and 82 cents uh but anyhow not all stocks are going to trade weeklies and i forget what the actual number is of stocks that trade them now but they don’t all do it now what is different about uh weeklies by the way well weeklies were kind of a creation of just those who like the idea of trading options that are consistently closer to the expiration week or the expiration date so for it for instance if somebody likes the idea of time decay time decay tends to be faster the closer one is to expiration right time decay speeds up the closer options are to expiration so somebody who likes the idea of generating income for example and especially if they’re okay with additional transaction fees and sort of the activity associated that you know it provides them with an opportunity to sell options consistent consistently they’re closer to that expiration date and kind of be in that quicker time decay but the thing is time decay isn’t necessarily just you know all you know kicks and giggles time decay or theta also has a negative aspect to it in the sense that if the market actually moves against that trader right if somebody’s selling options for the decay but the market

goes against them the losses can be magnified they can be much faster and and much more magnified being closer to expiration because really an option right is all about in terms of its price uh whether or not that’s going to be in the money on the expiration date or whether the market believes that option could be in the money on the expiration date and tjx uh is pretty wild market this morning so let’s go back to home depot but let’s uh maybe narrow this down so we don’t have as many options on our screen but um you know this is all about uh you know option premiums are about whether or not they’re going to be in or out of the money on the expiration date and if an option is in the money on expiration it’s going to be worth its in the money value and if the option goes way in the money on expiration it’s going to be worth a lot more value but then again on expiration when it’s out of the money it expires worthless right but if you can if you can visualize how that might work out an option seller if they sell an option and that option winds up going in the money and in the money by quite a bit well if you’re dealing with a weekly there’s not a lot of recovery time number one and number two because there’s no recovery time and because that’s all in the moneyness now those options can increase in value very quickly against the trader now that could be a pro though if somebody is buying options for example so uh an option buyer if they buy a call for example two days from expiration on home depot and home depot winds up going up you know five points uh you could have this 285 call for example right here and uh if home depot goes up to 290 that 285 call goes to five bucks very very quickly um so there’s there anyhow there’s pros and cons to trading these weeklies but they kind of fill a void for investors whether or not they want to buy options or sell them but one of the angles for an income generator is the idea of weeklies options close to the expiration date provide that opportunity to get that really fast time decay now one of the things about these weeklies that can be a struggle is this especially um when you think about weeklies that just kind of are new for example i’m going to go out and take a look at options that are expiring in 44 days on home depot these are weeklies right but these weeklies have not been around all that long uh they’re relatively new issues here if we take a look at for example these uh 287 and a half calls right here the open interest on those is 36 right on the 287 and a half call if we take a look at the nine day to expiration uh weekly well that is uh that one’s actually got 774 on the open interest there it’s this uh third column in uh that i’m looking at right here so you can see that these weeklies when they are newly established they they will tend to have very low liquidity levels of liquidity which means when they get established they have a tendency to have wider bid ask spreads potentially and you can even see that in these two options here right the uh the one expiring in 44 days goes for 8.85 to 960 so uh you know not quite a dollar but it’s getting up there and then if you look at these that are closer to the expiration that have the greater amount of open interest here uh the spread on that between the bid and the ask is closer to like 20 cents and that’s here at the market open it it might actually tighten up as time goes by right but that’s another uh con potentially of weeklies especially when they’re further away is that there’s less liquidity out there but interestingly enough if a trader understands that as these get closer to expiration they tend to receive more participation and oftentimes you’ll see that liquidity or that open interest actually grow so anyhow just just be aware i’m describing some of the reasons why people would trade weeklies and some of the things that could cause them pain if they trade weeklies but when it comes right down to it the difference between weeklies and anything else any other option just a standard expiration is just that it’s just the expiration um their their multipliers are mostly the same right occasionally you might get like a split or something like that that could affect maybe the multiplier or the deliverable amount or something like this but weeklies when they’re issued they’re just a regular option it’s just that they expire closer to the expiration date now uh let’s talk about these from the standpoint of somebody who maybe would like to generate income for example and i’m actually going to go a slightly

different route here i mean uh everybody’s talking about the retail names and things like this uh just be aware the example that i talk about is uh is applicable to you know anything that trades weeklies right so certainly if if you wanted to practice what i’m going to show you here uh you know you could apply that with uh any stock uh that’s uh basically what some of the criteria might be a liquid or an actively traded stock and then something that somebody wants to generate income with and a stock that maybe somebody is okay with buying and selling right uh so let’s just go with uh maybe something that hasn’t been looked at as much lately uh energy uh energy has gotten some traction over the last couple of weeks although this week energy’s been one of the laggards out there uh but uh in the energy space there are some uptrends of building and uh these are kind of some stocks for example here’s apache uh involved with uh uh natural gas and uh even oil you know uh natural gas liquids and things like this uh but anyhow we’re starting to see some trends that are starting to build to the upside there um although it’s this sector so beaten up right it’s you still have uh quite a bit of volatility relatively speaking implied volatility priced into these options uh and these stocks naturally of volatility relatively speaking is higher in some of these names well it’s because it’s perceived the risk of owning some of these stocks is certainly uh higher that’s the perception anyway when volatility is higher well let’s take a stock like apache and as i’m looking at uh my portfolio here my little uh paper money account i just kind of looking through some of these names there’s really not an energy position of any substantialness in here so i’m gonna use uh apache here as an example let’s say somebody is okay with starting to build a position in a stock like apache okay and for illustrated purposes let’s say that trader wanted to buy a hundred shares of stock let’s go ahead and hit confirm and send let’s say we’ve got a stock purchase going okay so we just bought some apache and at the same time that trader right just the current price of the stock is what about 15 37 but at the same time that traders thinking i wonder what it might look like since you know these option premiums are a bit juicier than maybe you might see in different underlying stocks because of some of the risk associated with energy uh what if the traders thinking well i wonder how it might appear if if uh if the trader decided to sell a covered call right for example maybe an out of the money call but use these weeklies in order to do that i’m gonna go to the option chain and uh in the option chain we’ve got uh some contracts of course the weeklies are available here uh it looks like i’ve got four strikes on the screen but let’s open that up to maybe 14. let’s say the traders thinking you know what they’re okay with selling the stock that maybe they just bought at 14 you know for 15 and 35 cents or whatever that was let’s say they’re okay with selling the stock at 16 right i’m gonna go ahead and choose these nine day contracts so those are uh expire in nine days basically and the 16 contracts here strike price contracts are going for 35 cents right now if a trader did that in association with their long stock they’re effectively just in a covered call trade here right but that covered call interestingly enough uh really is only tied to the option for the next nine days right many covered call traders that have been doing this for a while they might be tied to an option for anywhere from a month to maybe three months out or longer right if if a trader found it appealing to generate more instances or more occurrence of income potentially they could use these weeklies options and if we looked at just for fun if we looked at these nine-day contracts those are going for about 37 cents right now if we compared those to contracts that are expiring uh 30 actually i can’t go 30 days because there’s not a match out there but if we compare those to these contracts that are expiring in uh let’s go out 58 days and see if there’s a there’s no 16 contract 58 days out either stinking apache anyhow we’ll go with 44 days here just for fun if you think about the amount of time associated right so uh this is again this is a nine day contract

uh how many nine day periods are there in 44 days right i’m just going to take 44 divided by nine and that gives us what almost five occurrences of nine days right within a 44-day time span someone sold these nine-day contracts uh this is going to be cheating just a little bit but like five times right just kind of prorating that uh out uh they’d be getting 37 cents times you know almost five for 37 i’ll just go times 488 48 times 0.37 and that would generate income of a dollar eighty total does that make sense so if the 16 strikes nine days out if you’re thinking if someone were to do that at the same rate right just every nine days for the next 44 days rather than selling this 44 day contract it actually all said and done be able to generate a dollar 80 worth of premium there which is higher than these options that are expiring in 14 days or excuse me in 44 days uh trading for a dollar eleven so the reason i’m telling you that is that for an income generator somebody who’s okay with the all the activity associated even though these nine-day contracts just straight up uh have a lower stated premium than something that’s farther away uh that premium per the time that the investment occurs is higher right and you can see that just through the proration there so now if a trader did this this would be basically a covered call they would have an obligation to sell that stock at 16 right which means they could get the appreciation in the stock from where the shares were purchased all the way up to 16 plus this premium over the next nine days now if a trader wanted to kind of get a sense for the amount of income that could be annualized or the amount of profitability that would be potentially annualized i don’t know if you’ve ever seen this before but you can actually go to uh one of the columns here i’m just going to choose my position column go down to option theoreticals in greeks and in the menu here you could use something called for example covered return i’m also going to take this implied volatility and i’m going to switch this over to max covered return so max covered return and covered return the covered return let me uh use my annotator here it’s not a vegetable but my annotation tool to outline these two numbers the covered return tells us okay if someone were able to generate this premium every nine days but they did that on an annualized basis like you know out of 365 days you’re actually doing that every nine days out of a calendar year that rate of income is actually 98 right so think of that as an annualized stated rate a little bit like you know on a credit card or whatever kind of the annualized rate there um now on the other hand if the stock kept going up and the uh option kept calling the stock out right under obligation to sell the stock at 16 that would result in a 201 percent return if that happened every nine days for a calendar year is that likely to happen no volatility changes and stocks don’t always go up right but this is one way for a trader to kind of look things over and ask themselves if it’s worth their while to go after that income because it’s like i’m telling you there are some risks here this expires in nine days so if in nine days the stock is above 16 basically the traders selling out of the stock right if they don’t do anything with it but it’s it’s kind of a binary thing but if the traders wondering you know is it worth my time these are just a couple of things they can look at to sort of evaluate that covered return and max cover to return but remember these are annualized numbers and that can be compared in contrast to different strike prices different expirations and so forth but if a trader were doing that that would result in if they own stock shares a covered call but they’re willing to sell their existing shares at that higher strike price now let’s say the traders also interested in potentially adding to the position so if the stock winds up going lower buying more shares it may be a slightly lower price but at the meantime they wanted to generate some additional income and if the stock winds up going higher have an option that could expire worthless well at the same time somebody could sell a put right so as they’re selling that call at the same time they could potentially sell a put at a and i chose a lower strike price here strike price of 15

that would put the trader under obligation to buy stock at 15 and they would have all the risk of buying shares at 15 but they’re getting gener they’re generating income of 30 whatever it is 37 cents on the puts plus if they did this at the same time as the calls their total income generation would be a total of 80 cents which is getting to be a pretty big chunk of the value of the underlying stock here right the underlying stocks at 15 and a half right now right but um you know so this is going to be on the more active trading end but this is an example of what some traders call a covered strangle right if they own stock shares and they’re willing to sell their stock if the stock goes higher and generate income at the same time if they’re okay with building a position so adding to their stock position that they already have they could potentially sell a put out of the money and that means if the stock winds up going lower than the strike price they sell that well they’re going to keep the income anyway from selling the put and the call and they would buy into new stock shares at a lower price than they are existing or than the current price right now so this is one way for a trader if you can visualize this you know if you ever thought um you know about building into you know or adding and subtracting in pieces layering in and layering out of a position it’s kind of what this is like it’s just the trader is willing to generate income to do that along the way and let the option strike prices basically be the represent the levels that they wanted to buy and sell the stock shares for does that make sense here but this is the idea of owning 100 shares of stock at least selling one call that is going to cover the stock or the stock covers that one call and then at the same time sell a put and that puts the trader under obligation to buy more shares of stock at a lower price generate income from each side but if you’re thinking about the total risk of the position the risk of everything the long stock plus that new put is is the same as 200 shares of stock okay so if a trader’s doing this they might want to think about starting small and then building up for example starting with a small stock position and uh generating income that way and then if the stock winds up going lower they could add to that stock position if the stock winds up below their short strikes all right um anyhow covered strangle here i’m going to go ahead and hit confirm and send on the strangle part and we’ll go ahead and put that in so now we’ve got a strangle here uh that we’ve added and let me i don’t think i put those in the multi-leg account so let me go down and actually move this uh to the multi-leg group here so there we go and here’s the apache position now if somebody is evaluating this from the perspective of the greeks right what do they get uh with a position like this if they if they’re looking at the greeks this is going to be a bullish trade right this is equivalent to basically 94 deltas or 94 shares of stock but in addition to that though it’s got almost six dollars a day in time decay working for it and it is a little bit short volatility here where uh if volatility does come down this position could potentially work uh faster or profit faster but you know here you can see long stock the obligation to sell that long stock is 16 which means there’s some stock appreciation there between 15 37 and 16 right plus the premium we got for selling those calls and we’re under obligation to buy new shares at 15 hey but we got premium for doing that and uh basically the trader now has uh something that represents buying new shares lower selling existing shares higher and generating income from both sides of the market along the way right so i don’t know if you thought about buying low and selling high but that’s what these options represent uh and if you’ve ever thought about the idea of generating income that’s what being on the short side of these options represents as well now remember assignment is kind of part of this right if a trader’s doing something like this generally they’re gonna be okay with assignments uh not in all cases but a lot of traders are thinking okay if i have to sell the stock to 16 fine or if i have to buy into the stock at 15 fine because i pre kind of bake that into the cake so to speak but on the other hand some traders might decide to roll right roll the position and let me show you an example of something this we did this uh about a month and a half ago as i recall

but this was a covered strangle that we put on in boyd gaming uh boyd at the time after we did this covered strangle the stock started to drop and so we got assigned and what started as 100 shares of stock it turned into 200 shares of stock because one of the puts got assigned so that’s where we are now now at the same time though with the 200 shares of stock the next step that i applied and not everybody has to apply this the same way but the next step that i applied was just selling straight calls against this right just once the stock position was about as big as uh you know the trader wants it i then one thing they could do is just think about selling calls after that point and that’s what we got here we’ve got two short calls there’s no puts now now one thing that has occurred here is that the stock has gone up right so the stock is right now at 27 and we are short the 25 puts or excuse me the 25 calls so if we do nothing with this position and the stock stays where it is right now in two days what’s going to happen with this position so if we do nothing with this and the stock stays right here for the next two days what’s gonna happen we’re gonna wind up selling out of our existing stock shares okay and so if we have to sell out of our stock that’s fine as long as the trader you know has baked that into the cake like i said some traders might decide to roll and this is where hey if the short options are getting close to the expiration date the trader could always consider buying back those short options and potentially sell another set of options in an extended duration and that’s all a role basically is and so for example in order to create a role if i just i put a right click on this short option right here in the menu that pops up up we could go to create a rolling order create rolling order and what we’ll get is another menu that pops up in that rolling order that’s going to show up as sell calendar okay so that means what this does is it buys back the existing set of options oh this is one that doesn’t have weeklies actually there’s no weeklies in this one maybe that was the one i was thinking of instead of ross but anyhow so weeklies would not necessarily apply on this one but nevertheless you get the point uh the trader could buy back their existing set of options uh expiring in august and at the same time sell a new option at the same strike in the next month out now in this case this shows a mid price of a dollar 62 that’s a pretty wide spread in this case but if the trader was able to for example get this roll filled for a dollar 55 for example given up some of that mid price that would be a way to generate income but they’re under obligation to still sell the stock at 25 now if the trader were thinking i’d like to give this more upside i’d like the stock to have more of the upside here the trader could rather than sticking with the same strike right stock right now is above 27 but they could sell maybe a higher strike price and so for example if we bought back the 25 and sold the 26 right under obligation that’s not what i meant we’re under obligation right now to sell the stock at 25 if we if we got this roll through that would put the trader under obligation to sell the stock at 26 so that would get another dollars worth of appreciation as long as the stock stays above 26 and right now it’s a 27 and it would create another dollar five worth of income in terms of the credit if it could be filled for a dollar five i’m not terribly confident that could happen but let’s just say 95 cents something like that we’ll give up something but this is a roll right and this is just extending the duration basically one way to avoid assignment and quite possibly if you just step back and think about what that means whatever the short strike is what the obligation is obligation to sell the stock at 25. what if i swap that out for the obligation to sell the stock at 26 that means as long as the stock stays above 26 there’s another dollars worth of stock appreciation in there plus whatever credit if the trader could pull a credit out of that on the roll okay but anyhow i’m going to go ahead and hit confirm and send and there’s a roll not with weeklies i apologize uh however the principle still kind of applies there now um that concept of rolling right so we just talked about um

the idea of uh weekly’s option using weekly’s options and one of the ways i wanted to demonstrate that was through this process of buying stock and then selling an out of the money call and selling an out of the money put so basically obligation to sell existing shares generating income obligation to buy more shares generating income a way to potentially scale in and out of a stock position over time uh using weeklies but there are negatives associated with weeklies as well and you know one thing um that i did want to make sure that i got out there that i don’t think i was very clear about in that example on this apache you know if a trader is wondering hey you know what uh strike price are they going to sell if they’re going to go with these weeklies these near-term options like this what strike prices do they use you know i use something out of the money something above the stock and below the stock if a trader’s wondering you know sometimes you’ll see traders go somewhere between 30 and 40 deltas on those short strikes and on this apache let me just go back to apache apa uh i kind of did that subconsciously but i didn’t call it out the stock’s actually going up here a little bit but when the calls were sold the calls had a 37 delta and when the puts were sold the puts had like a 35 delta something like that the stock’s gone up a little bit here but somewhere between 40 and 30 deltas that way these are out of the money options and it would take an up move in the stock to get assigned on the calls and a down move in the stock you know to to see the assignment likely on the puts and remember obviously the obligation’s there so assignment can happen no matter what uh but you know buy the stock at 15 which is lower than where it is sell the stock of 16 higher than where it is but that’s just a range maybe between 30 and 40 deltas on these out of the monies and on the expiration basically just use some of those techniques that we talked about to select an expiration that seems right for the individual but balance that against the liquidity that’s available in those weeklies as well okay now moving on if you remember last week and this is going to go more into the concept of rolling we’ve already demonstrated a role example using the apache weeklies right but last week we did an example on federal express fedex and we were using this example as something uh kind of like a calendar spread prior to an earnings announcement that could be coming up now fedexpress they have earnings coming up on the 15th right um so there’s still a couple of weeks before that earnings happens more like uh just under a month right but we’ve got this calendar spread where we’re long an october contract at the 110 strike and we’re short uh uh august contract at the 110 strike there’s only two days remaining though on the 110 short option okay so this is then this is something that comes up a lot when we’re talking about rolling and using things like calendar spreads but see how this call is in the money right here at 210 uh the market is at 209.51 if the market just stays right here 209.51 two days that 210 call uh expires worthless right this short option so some traders ask the question well should i just wait this out and see if that short call will expire worthless writer what do i do because this short option still has 200 217 worth of premium left in it some traders might wait a little bit longer but other traders just hey if they’re close to expiration like this and by the way we bought that calendar for 8.45 and right now it’s worth 10.70 so it’s gone up a couple of bucks that’s nice but sometimes you’ll see traders just kind of think about this logic well if the option that expires in two days has gone up in value or has held its value like that well that means the new option that expires in nine days or whatever it is last week we sold the nine-day contract that means that it’s gone up in value too right or it’s going up in value as well so rather than worry about whether that option’s going to be in or out of the money expiring in two days some traders will just sell the next week out because they know the next week out option is getting inflated as well or is holding its value as well and so to avoid some of that gamma or some of that closeness to the expiration concern uh what some traders will do is just roll right especially if we go right close to that short strike which is really good for a calendar spread uh now a roll would look something like this like right click on this position i can’t because this hasn’t been rolled yet this shows up still as a calendar spread don’t sweat that too much but just right click where it says calendar and then in the menu that pops up create a rolling order now the role here

is sell a calendar right we bought a calendar originally sell a calendar in the next and what that does basically is it is it buys back the existing option and it sells the next week out right now in this case it shows that that would generate a credit of a dollar 85 or a dollar you know it’s oscillating back and forth right now 1.85 now if the trader were okay with generating some additional credit here and reducing the risk of the original calendar spread or bringing that down they could apply that role right there now interestingly enough if the trader were thinking that there’s more upside for federal express they could actually consider rolling their short strike higher as well i don’t think i’m going to do that in this case but just like we did on that covered call right even though a calendar spread is covered by a long option uh the same kind of principles of a covered call could still potentially be thought about here or if the trader wants to give the position more room to go higher right if they’re more bullish they could buy back that existing short strike and sell a higher strike price and in this case that would bring in 93 cents and i’ll tell you what i’m gonna do one of each i’m gonna sell one of these higher and bring in hopefully around 93 cents or so credit confirm and send and then i’m going to do another one as a straight calendar spread and sell the exact same strike sell calendar and we’ll just do one of those buy back the uh uh august and then make sure i sell the september for no uh the august uh 21st and then sell the august 28th and look at that it says it’s actually going for almost two bucks now right now it says 1.85 but on one of them we’ll roll the short strike higher and on the other one we’ll just kind of keep it the same i’ll hit confirm and send and uh hopefully that will get filled here but this is an example of uh maybe you know doing one of each uh just rolling one straight across and then another one uh rolling and selling a higher strike price and that’s something that could be done as well if uh sorry i’m gonna do a cancel and replace on this if there’s pros and cons to each side all right let me just hit market on this all right there we go but if there’s pros and cons to each that’s something that could absolutely be done is is do one of each here where did that go did i just buy back the wrong one i think it’s down here why it went to that other section here let me move that back to the multi-leg group and there we are so anyhow there’s an example of rolling just using the calendar but kind of layering in uh two different strikes right now if someone does that if they’re they’re creating a more bullish position they sell a higher strike price they’re creating a more bullish position one thing that’s frustrating is that uh you know we basically lose track of our original cost of our calendar spread this is going to be looked at now is basically a bunch of separate options but the same logic applies let these short options work uh and as we get closer to expiration next week you know role opportunities might present themselves where a trader can do that again generate income and possibly make adjustments to those short strikes okay uh anyhow uh how are we doing on time we’re about out of time uh so i’ll tell you what i’m gonna wrap it up there but there’s uh with that fedex situation that’s really another example of how those weeklies could be used as a way uh for a trader to uh you know kind of find those in between sort of expirations the flexibility of those in between expirations where uh there’s more role opportunities but also you know the trader when they’re rolling more actively transaction uh costs are going to go up and there’s definitely more activity involved but you can see that there are actually pros associated with doing that in terms of the rate of premium that’s received relative to the time to expiration but there’s there’s pros and cons to using these weeklies options so what i would encourage everybody to do is just maybe practice using them for a while if you haven’t already maybe in a paper money account either do a calendar spread or maybe a covered strangle and then practice what it looks like how active you have to be when you’re trading those uh shorter term weeklies options but hopefully you’re learning some things about weeklies what they can do for and also what they can do against a trader uh it’s not all pros there are definitely some cons in there uh and hopefully going through a couple of roll examples

gave you a better idea of how these these roles whether it’s a calendar spread or whether it’s one of those covered strangles how that might be applied i don’t have the opportunity to go through rolling all these um because there’s just time constraints but uh hopefully that was still a useful session for you anyway all right if you want to learn more about strategies like calendar spreads um and even for for example how to use options more actively based on volatility scenarios i go to the education page and i can’t remember if i’ve shown the group this lately but i’m going to do it right now but under the options section in the education page there’s actually course work here called options for volatility and if you haven’t gone through that you might want to because that allows you to kind of see multiple examples kind of in written format of using time spreads basically where you’ve got those different expirations and that explains kind of the concept of rolling and how those positions could potentially profit or hurt right um you know when you got those multiple expirations associated uh so hopefully uh that will give you something to work on as well on the education side throughout the week all right guys um i gotta go hope you enjoyed the session uh if you did enjoy the session we appreciate the likes so uh go ahead and uh and like the session if you enjoyed it also more than anything subscribe to the channel there’s a little subscription button there in the lower right hand corner you just hit subscribe that’ll make it easier for you to go back and identify and listen to the archived and recorded uh webcasts uh we do have more education coming up in fact today in a couple of hours uh that’s gonna be at 10 30 my time so 12 30 eastern time i’m going to talk about uh iron butterflies not the 70s uh rock song or uh no uh iron not the 70s rock band right in a gadda or uh iron butterfly in a gadda da vita but the trade right which is another way that a trader could use basically short strangles but defend short strangle uh by buying options that are out of the money quite a ways uh and uh trade basically you know uh short premium strategy to generate income as well so anyhow if you can make it probability based options i’m going to talk about iron butterflies today all right thanks everybody here’s your final disclosures thank you pat and uh everybody have a terrific day bye now you


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