Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam || I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us around the world at this moment through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, and through two-way videoconferencing in twenty-six places all over the world, in twenty countries around the world as per the statistics Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Kuala Lumpur, Houston, Toronto, Guadeloupe, Surrey-British Columbia, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Los Angeles, Ohio-Prayag, Hyderabad, Seattle-Chidambaram, Charlotte-Srisailam, San Diego-Pacific Beach, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, East London, Devon-UK, Singapore, San Jose-Madurai, New Jersey, Port Louis, Indrani-New Jersey, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, San Diego-Pacific Beach, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Kathmandu Nepal, Oman-Sivagangai, Paris Home Temple, Varanasi…..! I welcome all of you with my love and blessings! Today I will expand on “THE POWER OF COMPLETION AND ENRICHING”, how they help each other, how Completion helps enriching, enriching helps completion! Human life in its pure presence is eternal excitement Please listen! Come to the space of listening! Human life in its pure presence, is eternal excitement. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! Human life in its pure presence, is eternal excitement! That is why, all the qualities of life are based on change. Listen! Change! Is the law created for excitement? But when you try to bring stability, you try to bring a space where the change is not possible But, unfortunately, even if you are successful in that, you get into the mood of boredom now Please listen! I am making a very powerful statement Out of incompletion when you try to bring stability by stopping the change or creating

a buffer not to let that change happen in you – these are some of the important statements, please listen – when you are really powerless and loveless – both are one and the same; only when you have power you will be able to love; when you are able to love, you will have tremendous power – when you are powerless and loveless, you bring marriage as an alternative lifestyle Please listen! I am not against the marriage system itself; I am against getting married due to the incompletions of insecurity. It is like, if you have insecurity, will this love be ever eternal? If you have a doubt about the person, and insecurity about the person, you cannot milk love from that person out of marriage, please listen, you cannot milk love from a person out of marriage. No! It is not possible! If you have incompletion, fear, insecurity, ‘Whether I will have love from this person, or love in my life forever?’ – there are two things: “love from this person” or “at least, love in my life in some form” – if you have that question, if you have that problem, the first thing you need to do is Completion! The first thing you need to do is Completion! Nothing else! Please understand, I wanted you to understand this important truth. This is the basic truth of the whole Hinduism. From the beginning, all decisions should be towards “nivritti”, from completion to more completion, to more completion, to more completion. But, unfortunately, when you start making the decisions externally for your internal incompletions, when there is internal incompletion, whenever you think changing the situation externally is going to alter, is going to change the situation, is going to bring you Completion, you are only going to get into more and more mess The worst mess a human-being can get into is deciding anything out of incompletion I have seen people who decide, due to incompletion, to take sannyas, struggle and suffer with their whole life and destroy their life. And same way, people who have decided to get married out of incompletions, destroy two lives – their own and the other person’s also! When you make sannyas decision out of incompletion, you destroy one life. When you make marriage decision out of incompletion, you destroy two lives! See, the whole humanity is nothing but destroying each other’s lives. People spend their whole life just to destroy somebody’s

life! Like yellow journalists! Please listen! Any karma left incomplete, without completing, any action done out of incompletion, is “pravritti” – more and more dangerous! You need to know: more and more dangerous, more and more disturbing, more and more powerless! Only if you are taught the Science of Completion before the age of seven, you can even grow as a human-being As early as you can, if you learn Completion and start living in the space of Completion, you come towards the human space! Continuously live in the space of Completion Completion is the Puja! Completion is the Homa! Completion is the Tapas! Completion is everything! Completion is Tapas! Completion is Sadhana! Completion is Practice! Completion is Puja! Completion is Devotion! Completion is Yoga! Completion is everything! Please listen! Again and again and again, I wanted to make this one statement: Completion is the Path, and Completion is the Goal! Everything should be stalled for Completion to happen Everything in your life should be stalled for Completion to happen in you, whether it is the decision to go to some school, or decision to study, decision to take up a job, or decision to get married, everything, everything, human beings have to go through a thorough Completion before they take any decision Introspecting out of what pattern you take decision, and completing with it, is very important, because when you try to get married, most of you do it out of the incompletion of not having love and thinking that the other person is going to add love to you. Please understand, if the decision is out of that powerlessness, you are only going to be adding more and more powerlessness to your life If you are centered on powerlessness, how many hundreds of people are added to your life, you will only destroy them and yourself! If you are established in powerfulness, no need for any people to be added in your life; you will go on enriching, go on enriching!

Please listen! Just like money makes more money, popularity makes more popularity, power makes more power, Completion makes more Completion, incompletion makes more incompletion. When you try to bring stability, because of your incompletion, you will only be reducing the beautiful flow of the innate quality of life of change, because change is exciting Please listen! Any action you do out of Completion without losing the excitement of life; without losing the excitement of life, you know how to bring stability, you will know where to keep the change as law of life and where to have stability. I tell you, having the clarity, the cognition, that life is change, is the greatest stability you can have in your life. Please listen! Having the cognition that life is eternally changing and the change brings excitement, is the most stable lifestyle you can have! That is the greatest stability you can bring to your life! Out of completion, any movement brings the greatest stability and the most exciting Out of incompletion you bring anything; listen, you bring anything, out of incompletion you bring anything, you should know, when you are working out of incompletion, if you bring, if you try to bring stability in your life, you will kill the excitement in life Excitement in life always comes by change! I am talking about a very complicated subject: Whether to have excitement in life, or stability in life? This is a big question human-beings have Excitement comes by change. Stability brings the curse of boredom. Excitement brings the curse of instability. But, out of Completion when you move with stability, your decisions and your being is such you will have stability and you will not lose the excitement of life. Out of incompletion, whether you try to be stable or excited, both will lead only to more and more complications. I gave you one example of trying to have marriage, listen, trying to have marriage It is like one guy wanted to have milk in his life. So he gets a cow and starts taking

care of the cow the whole day. Finally, when he gets the milk, he feels, ‘I did too much work for this milk. How can I consume it? I should sell it and make money, because so much of my whole day’s work has gone behind this milk.’ And, he sells the milk! Please listen, whenever you work out of incompletion, you will always become tired and bored by the time results come. So, you stop enjoying the results. Please listen, the result becomes boring, tiring, the result is no more exciting. The most horrible thing that can happen to a human-being is working your whole life and never seeing any joy and never seeing any right result in your life. This happens in human-beings who constantly work out of incompletion Please listen! Never a person who carves deities keeps the deity for himself to worship, because when he makes the best piece, he only plans to sell it. Never a milkman or a man who has cows and works the whole day, gets milk, drinks the milk, because every glass he thinks, ‘No, no, no! Money, money, money!’ Never a jeweler wears the best jewels, because he thinks, ‘No, no, no! I’ll make more money by selling it.’ The whole mental setup to enjoy is lost when the work is done out of incompletion. Please listen! The whole mental setup to enjoy is lost when you work out of incompletion I have seen in my life, in front of my own eyes, people going through the whole life I gave you one example: Because you wanted to have milk, you buying the cow, feeding the cow, and taking care of the cow, and suddenly when the milk comes, you feel you’ve worked too much for it and so you should not drink it; you should sell it and make money. And you save all the money continuously. Again one day you feel that you have less number of cows. You buy more cows with the money you saved and you save more money by selling the milk, without you drinking even one drop, and with the more money you saved you buy more cows. Suddenly, one day, in some disease or unknown reason, all the cows die and you sit with depression! Please listen, when you are working out of incompletion, now what I described is exactly the outline sketch of your biography. Nothing else! Out of incompletion anything done, anything done….! The man finally who wants to have milk, just for that bought the cow, never enjoys the milk!

Same way, you think you will have love in your life, because you lack it inside you, you get into marriage, and you get somebody in your life whom you think will constantly give love, or expect that person to give love or whatever you want to do. But, I tell you, love has to be experienced within you I am defining “Love”. Please listen! The confidence you have about you is “Love” The confidence you have about you is “Love” The strength you have about you is “Bliss” When there is no confidence about you in you, the concept of Love is lost Please listen! Understand….! Now the solution is not “not getting married”. With this example I gave, the solution is not “not having cows” Knowing clearly you are enough unto yourself and establishing yourself in the space of Completion, then decide what you want, then decide whether you want to buy the cow or not Please understand, when you bring Completion in you, and then any change you bring externally does not take away your excitement inside, even if you bring stability does not lead to more boredom inside Please listen! Stability without boredom is Bliss. Change without feeling unstable is Bliss. Change continuously without feeling unstable is very important If your cognition is established in the truth ‘change’ happens in life continuously! Life is changing! If you are established in that cognition, listen, then you are in the most stable place on the Planet Earth. Because the effects of the change inside your inner space, the effects of change inside your inner space, listen, that makes you afraid of change

The effects of change inside you makes you afraid. I tell you, the fear of incompletions you need to go through during every change puts you in a space that you are afraid of even change! But without change, it is not just that you are going to be happy with your life Peace brings boredom! Internally you have a strong idea that peace brings boredom; so, ‘Come on, let’s have some change!’ When you have a change, you’re afraid of the incompletions the change is going to bring! Out of incompletion, any decision, whether it is marriage or sannyas, is changing from one jail to another jail! From Bangalore Central Jail to Tihar Jail you are not going to have any difference other than the language the prisoners are going to speak. Out of incompletion, making any move is nothing but a “jail change”! Out of completion! Please understand, this is the most important lesson a human beings needs to have. Every time look only into that Every time look only into that. Whether you are in a bad moment, or wrong moment or right moment or happy moment Many times, I have seen, people come to me with some big problems. I tell them, ‘See, externally what is the course of action is different. Internally create Completion. I will support you, I create a space, your problem will be dissolved.’ Once it gets dissolved, they come with so much of excitement and bliss and tell me, ‘Oh, Swamiji, I am so happy! I am out of the problem!’ and all that, but they forget that even this moment they should continue to hold on to that Completion. They think the Completion is like a solution for one problem, and they solve it and now they can throw it away. NO! Even while you are in the excitement that you are out of your problems, please continue to be in the space of Completion, so that you will establish such a space. You will not only never get into this kind of problem anymore, you will not allow any other problems anymore, it will be such a joy. Not having problems alone is not life! Life is something more. Unfortunately, you start living in a basic survival frequency I have seen, when I initiate people into Completion, the moment they are out of the problem, they stop Completion. They stop feeling the necessity for Completion in life. No! I tell you, do this like a religious, rigorous ritual; rigorous, religious ritual: Every night, spend at least twenty-one minutes doing Completion. You actually don’t even need to search for incompletions! It will be there! The moment you sit, whatever comes up in you will be incompletion! Complete with that! God has sent you with automatic programming! The moment you sit, whatever comes up is incompletion Complete with all that! In all our schools, gurukuls, ashrams, I make this as a system. And now I am declaring very clearly, this should be the lifestyle. All our devotees, please understand, now I am making a very clear statement. I am not expecting you guys to do any other Kriya, any other Yoga; those things you can pick and choose; whether you want to practice unclutching, whether you want to practice Nithyananda Yoga, or whether you want to practice some diabetes Kriya, those things you can pick and choose as per your requirement. Only thing I will request you is, at least twenty-one minutes

of Completion every night before you go to bed I tell you, just by Completion I am learning Hindi now! I am not doing any other specific thing. I’m just sitting and saying, ‘whatever may be the reason’; you see, whether fortunately or unfortunately, my earlier two incarnations also I was in the South. The first, I was travelling all over. But in those days, unfortunately the language ‘Hindi’ was not developed; it was all Sanskrit. And then the next one, I was completely soaked in Tamil in Madurai So this language bio-memory was not at all there as a part. Now, I am completing; just by the Completion and creating a space for language, I can see, in my communication system Hindi is becoming a part. I am telling you this for all of you to understand the power of Completion! It is not only a problem-solver, it is a power-giver! Please listen! Completion is not just a problem-solver Many times, people use Completion like toilet a paper: that’s the right word I’ll use! You wipe and throw it away! Over! No! Completion is not toilet paper. It is an eating plate on which you have to eat every day It is a power giver. It‘s a food. Not even eating plate; it’s a food! That’s the right word I will use. So, even if you are out of some problems in your life, what you think as major problems in your life, because of your decision to live Completion, please continue to be complete; please continue to do Completion, because it will create such a powerful, beautiful space in you, so many things will happen in you! So many things! I tell you, many extraordinary powers will start expressing in you! You will have intuition! You will have powers! Please listen! Assault, or attack or rape does not mean only invading into somebody’s physical space, and physically forcing them into sexual act, or sexually exploiting them No! It is one small definition; even if you enter into somebody’s space without their permission, and defame them and abuse them, brutally without listening to their side of the story, it is rape! I may give a new name to it, ‘Identity rape’. That is more powerful, worst torture, than physical rape! Physical rape ends in few minutes, or few hours. Of course, you have to psychologically recover after that, but this identity rape is such powerful torture! Abuse! I tell you, I have gone through the identity rape. From my experience I tell you, the only strength I had to recover and recoup, because everything else was taken away from me; whatever you call as a social strength, whether it’s a money power, organization

power, even the power of convincing others with your ideas; even that is a power, inspiring others with your ideas, even that was taken away from me by banning that I should not to talk! The preaching ban put on me! I don’t know in India, after the freedom, anybody else has gone through this where their fundamental right to speak is taken away! But, I tell you, even after all that was taken away, actually now when I look back, I understand, Kaalabhairava wants to tell the world with an example, that without any power; just by one power, a person can come back and rebuild the whole thing! That is the power of Completion! I only had one power with me! Please understand, when I was literally identity gang raped by yellow journalists, and blackmailing media, paid media and by sadistic popularity seeking police officers. There are some police officers, if you just get the cameras, just for the sake of media, media pressure, they will do anything, and they don’t care about legalities! They don’t care about law and order, law of the country, law of the land! The powers being misused, abused! I have gone through that whole identity gang rape! I also wanted to give you the good news! From this whole thing, I came out just by the power of Completion! You do not know what Completion can bring to you! See, I went through the identity gang rape is a bad news for you, but I have a good news for you; I came out of the whole thing, got everything re-created, rebuilt in a much better way, just because of the POWER OF COMPLETION! So, that is why I’m telling you, make Completion as your religion! Make Completion as your spiritual practice! Make Completion as your life! Maybe for the sake of new viewers, visitors, I’ll define Completion once: Going through your past with a deep attention in the present, but completely disidentified with it! Have a mirror in front of you, just like in those days, in the purana movies they show, in the mirror the whole scene is shown, how a queen is kidnapped, or a princess is kidnapped; the whole thing will be shown! Just like that in the mirror in front of you, see your whole past with attention, without missing a single incident, visualize and start seeing, with your attention established on it but disidentified with it! Please listen! Whenever you give your attention to something you identify with it. Whenever you disidentify from it, you take away your attention. Now the whole twist, the important thing you need to know is, you have to give attention, but not identify with it. That is “Completion”! Giving attention without identifying, is “Completion”. That is the secret key! That is the secret key!

Listen! Every day, live Completion at least twenty-one minutes. If you can sit for one hour, that is great and best. I can say, a Sannyasi has to sit at least one hour in the space of Completion A person who wants to become a Sannyasi, or who is a Sannyasi, even if you are a Krama Brahmachari, Krama or Naishitika or Sannyasi, or Rishi, or Rishikul, at least an hour in the night, sitting in the space of Completion should be done! I am also very seriously contemplating to start one more satsangh every day evening from 9 to 10. So, soon I may launch this one more thing. We are waiting for the infrastructure to be ready. If you attend any one satsangh, that is also okay; that’s enough. But whoever has the time, whoever wants, whoever wants to listen to one more satsangh. Both will be in English only. Morning 8 to 9, and night 9 to 10. Because, in some countries, people are not able to see this time (morning in India). This time is night time for them So, I‘ll be answering your questions and giving more and more knowledge Actually, when I start speaking only I understand so much needs to be shared! I have to speak on so many scriptures! Still I have not completed the major Hindu scriptures. I only touched and opened. I have to complete at least the major Hindu scriptures like Ashtavakra Maha Gita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Spanda Karikas, Guru Gita, and Brahmasutra completely, all the 108 Upanishads! There is so much! So much! I will dedicate one satsangh just for this “Shaastra Series” – Scripture Series One satsangh I will call it as “Shastra Series”, means, making the scriptures as a weapon, tools to live your life. So, may be, one we will call it as “Smriti Series”, one we will call it as “Shruti Series” – “Nithya Shruti Satsangh”, “Nithya Smriti Satsangh”! Because, I feel people should have Completion as a lifestyle. I‘ll reach out, reach out, reach out, reach out, and reach out! Continuously, tirelessly, I’ll reach out to people just to teach them the Science of Completion!

I bless you all! Let you all experience Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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