welcome to the recording of our sales force solutions webinar with Anna Crotty from mission edge my name is Seth Goddard I’m the VP for business development here at predicted response and for those of you who were with us for the live recording please stay tuned to the end where I have added a screen demonstration of how predicted response implements the strategy outlined in this webinar enjoy okay let’s kick it off on a karate from permission edge welcome thank you so much thank you everyone for joining us today I’m going to start with some quick introductions so that you know who we all are that I am I’m talking about today mission edge is a nonprofit dedicated to other nonprofits I’m the CIO there we provide services to do almost anything except deliver a nonprofits mission we offer fiscal sponsorship finance and accounting services HR operational services and information management and IT the work we’re talking about today falls into that last category so next up who is voice of San Diego if you’re familiar with nonprofit news then voice of San Diego probably makes sense to you but if you’re not it’s a very different model than traditional news they do not reprint other people’s news they do all their own investigative reporting and voice covers issues as narratives that go on for weeks or even months as reporters really dig into stories and readers become more and more educated there’s almost no print component it’s just a monthly magazine that’s in print so because voice delivers their mission online they are very aggressive about using technology well that’s what makes them particularly fun for me to work with you’ll notice that I often talk about voice as we even though I’m not an employee there and I’ve got to put in a shameless plug if you live someplace that is served by nonprofit news I definitely encourage you to start reading now that you know what voice is there’s one really important thing for you to understand for today’s discussion and that is that voice members consider themselves to be close personal friends with the organization and they take it personally when communications indicate otherwise so how do we work together we’ve been working together for about a year on several different projects all these projects are about the long-term sustainability of voice of San Diego there’s no one system they can do everything voice needs to do so we’re taking advantage of WordPress Wooper a lots of custom web org Salesforce eventbrite predictive response and one thing that we love about sales force is that we can connect salesforce to all these systems we’re not just connecting them for the fun of it though this work is all about understanding the audience better improving service and most important moving people from engaged to committed which we’ll come back to in just a moment today we’re really focusing on the work that mission edge has done with voice of San Diego around predictive response and Salesforce I get asked pretty regularly in my job to compare predictive response to something like MailChimp or constant contact and I always tell people those things are just not in the same league predictive response is really providing sophisticated automation tools not just a way to send email to a bunch of people so in today’s conversation we are going to talk about three big things how voice uses emails to increase donations why those emails need to be automated and how we used predictive response to do that the driver behind this work is our effort to move people from engaged to committed we group people into three different buckets the first is informed and these are people who are coming to the website and reading the news but they are anonymous to us we don’t have any way to contact them people take a step to become engaged when they sign up for an editorial email like the daily morning report or they sign up for an account on the website so that they can comment on articles at that point we can contact them and then we’re very focused on moving these people from engaged to committed we need people to support voice financially and to attend events as well so we have all the information about engaged and committed people in Salesforce we have a very clear well thought out strategy on how to move people from engaged to committed this is a lot more detailed than just everyone should donate I’m going to show you a slide next that has a picture of the marketing strategy flowchart I know you can’t read it but I want to show it to use the can see that voice put a lot of work into defining how they would take people from engaged to committed if you’re interested in doing something similar to what we’re outlining today I’d really encourage you to start by mapping out your idea very thoroughly in order to get the most out of predictive response you really should spend the time up front on this work otherwise you’ll most likely set up some campaigns and then realize that they really aren’t what you want and you’ll find yourself starting over which is always frustrating so now you know what we’re up to let’s get a little more specific and talk about the three kinds of communications that we’re

focused on today one is the Welcome emails the next is the potential member funnel and then the membership renewal reminders what these all have in common is the list of recipients changes every day every day is renewal day for somebody and new people are always engaging without predictive response it was very tedious to compile these lists and then to send out the right emails I’m going to describe these emails just a little bit the Welcome emails are emails that people receive when they do something for the first time like sign up for the website or the editorial emails or donate for the first time the potential member funnel is a drip campaign in predictive response anyone who has never donated or is more than 30 days past their membership expiration is a potential member we have to be really targeted and relentless with these emails we have of course a lot of people who read the news but don’t pay for it and we need to change that as much as possible and then finally we have renewal reminders as a member gets closer to expiration we want to remind them until they renew and then we want to stop reminding them this is what the membership renewal campaign looks like in predictive response we get to the screen directly through sales force you can see each of these emails listed out and I’ll show you very briefly what they look like here’s the first reminder that members receive 90 days to renew and here’s the second 60 days left and the third we also do 13 weeks before membership expiration and then one week for membership expiration if none of those generate the response then there’s the we miss you email which means you have expired if there’s still no renewal after this then they get put into the potential member funneled so relentless and targeted now you know how we’re using email to increased of Nations and you might be seeing that’s really not that hard why do you need a tool as sophisticated as predictive response it’s true that in theory we could send these out without this automation tool and in fact we tried that what happened was we found the emails didn’t go out very often a big reason is just the time required to send them out on this is Paula Paula is our membership and events manager and she is supposed to spend her time talking to members she is fantastic at this they love her but here we’re faced with the decision do we pull her off the phones and have her spend half her time printing lists and sending emails we’d rather have a computer take care of that and let Paula focus on what only a human being can do in addition to the time however we had another problem and that was when somebody carved at the time and sat down and crunched the list and sent the emails this happened we would send out maybe 150 welcome emails and we’ve get a response like this nobody remembers the hundred and forty-nine emails that went to the right people they remember the donor they had to call and apologize to just like any of us would people take it personally when we communicate with them in a way that indicates we are not close personal friends and then there was this one this really happened and we sent out our potential member funnel and almost everybody got the right message there was one very important person who got the wrong message and you can see how if you’re the person who receives this email you find a way to make sure that you don’t have time to send those emails again right it’s just it’s human nature none of us want to do that so now you can see how tedious plus scary meant that these emails were not really going out very often we knew we needed to automate we then looked for an automation tool and we chose predictive response because it could really handle the complexity of our situation we needed a system that could create new lists every day without our put and send these emails without our input every day right we needed to set it up and just have it run along campaign flow is a feature in predictive response that has been extremely important to us it’s the feature that lets us set up rules to determine the list I’ll talk about that more in just a second it also allows us to set up rules to determine when someone is complete it’s very important that we stop sending these emails once someone has donated and the great part is that the person doesn’t have to click on the email to donate no matter how they donate we know about it in Salesforce and so we can have campaign flow automatically mark them is completed once a person is complete they stop getting the emails and we can then run nice charts like this that show us how effective our emails are right how many of the people we send emails to wind up being committed and that of course was the whole point so if you’re thinking predictive response might be helpful for your organization the next question is how as I said at the beginning the first step is to make sure you have thought out your marketing strategy very clearly you’ll find it really hard to implement if you haven’t done that second you need

to consider that campaign flow uses information on the contact record and only the contact record so if your criteria is about information on other objects like opportunities which you might be calling donations or accounts which you might call organizations you need to set up some custom fields that pull that information on to the contact formula fields in rowlett fields are very helpful for this we wound up creating about eight custom fields and a couple of workflow rules to populate those fields we didn’t have to write any triggers or code this is a campaign flow record for one of our campaigns and you can have many of these campaign flow records for any given campaign so you can do you can have a lot of different criteria that indicate who should receive these emails and now time for the tips about using predictive response well first off use Salesforce reports as you are setting up your campaign flow in your campaigns to make sure that you’re putting exactly the right people in the campaign you can do this all before you start sending anything out like anything new in Salesforce it’s easy to make a small mistake if you test it with reports you’ll be able to correct those before you send out any emails we’ve also found that using the minimal number of campaigns makes our dashboards more meaningful we want to see a completed rate for the entire membership renewal reminders for instance we don’t want to see individual reports or charts on 90 days versus 60 days versus 30 days right so it really makes sense to have a single campaign for for anything that you can and finally communicating more and with more precise information will reveal issues in your data nobody’s data is perfect we were very explicit in our early emails saying things like our records indicate that you’re not a member if that’s incorrect please shoot us an email and let us know and we got responses from people um they were in our system with several different email addresses and we didn’t have any information to link those all to a single human being when they contacted us we had that information we were able to merge the records and improve the data this is what had been so discouraging in the past now the campaign’s just march along while we respond to notices like that and we know that we are improving our data as we go along that’s a good feeling you also need to make sure that your whole team is prepared to see the flaws and the data both for the cleanup you need to make sure people are trained on how to merge records but also for higher ups to hear a few complaints from people that they know if leaders are expecting this and they recognize that it’s a step towards better data they can be prepared for those conversations and makes it easier for everyone so we are almost at the end I would just sum up what we’ve talked about voice of San Diego is using emails to increase donations by welcoming people reminding them to renew and relentlessly targeting potential members predictive response automates this for us which allows staff to spend time with people all of this means more donations and that’s what voice of San Diego needs in order to thrive if you would like more information about predictive response their website has lots of information and stuff has told me that he will be posting a video of this webinar in the next couple of days if you’re interested in mission edge services including help with setting up the kind of thing we’re talking about today you can check out our website or you can contact me directly here’s my info okay thank you very much Anna Crotty thank you mission edge for showing us your solution and how you use predictive response and campaign flow and our adaptive mailer to do your membership renewals and and also the potential member funnel so I’m going to go ahead and show you how we do that on the back end here predicted response again my name is Seth Goddard I’m the VP for business development and I have submitted a lead via a web form which is what you just saw into our Salesforce instance and now we’re going to see how campaign flow and the adaptive mailer take that potential member and turn them into a member as well as then remind them to renew their membership so we’re going to review the three email types that Anna talked about which was the welcome email the potential member emails as well as the membership renewal reminders and we’ll see how campaign flow completes people in the campaign’s that they are moving through and so the first one that this new lead has entered is a campaign that we’re going to call the prospect funnel and here you can see the initial email is already over here in my inbox which is the welcome email and you will see here that this is a drip campaign and so it will be followed by three more in this case potential member emails and let’s just assume then

that this person has gone ahead open their email read through it said great this sounds awesome I maybe I’ll go to an event so they learn more about the event and there they consider becoming a member and actually do it so let’s take a look at how that person then becomes a member and how we’re going to turn off their membership in the initial campaign so here’s mr. charles watts and we can see that we’re going to now go ahead and convert this lead to a contact we’re going to create a new or actually it connect that mr. charles watts to the existing drum kits account this person becomes a contact with an opportunity let’s just assume then that this membership opportunity moves from being prospecting to actually closed and one and this is where we’re going to see campaign flow go to work campaign flow had initially sent this first email at least triggered it to be sent as then welcome now what you’d want to see is that once an opportunity closes we are going to change the status of mr. Charles Watts from being in the initial campaign to being completed in that campaign so let’s just go take a look we’ve now closed this opportunity you can see it’s closed in one and so let’s take a look at mr. charles watts and we can see here that campaign flow has automatically completed the initial trip which is great thank you very much campaign flow for doing that work let me just take a good look at how that happened and here you can see that campaign flow sitting on the campaign object right here was how we added the web to Wed leaves and here is how we’re going to complete the membership and so in this case campaign flow takes a look at the contact object and decides to change the status to completed when the amount of the opportunities in this case greater than one and the stage is also contains the word one and so that’s all that campaign flow needs to go ahead and complete somebody in a campaign and now the other example that we looked at was when a member has a renewal date and that renewal date matches a renewal drip campaign so for this instance we’re going to say that the renewal date is let’s say august 31st for this person’s membership go ahead and hit save and now campaign flow takes a look at this date and based on that information goes to hit goes ahead and sends the initial renewal campaign renew today and you can see then that Charles here has been added now to the renewal drip and has already been sent the initial email and now let’s just assume then that mr. Charles Watts goes ahead and creates another renewal membership so we’ll call this membership renewal and with a closed date let’s just say let’s make it today the eighteenth stage is now closed in one and the amount let’s say was three hundred dollars great go ahead and hit save and so now after this opportunity has been created we can go back to mr charles watts and we can see that the campaign history now shows completed in both yet that initial renewal drip and the or the initial prospect funnel and the renewal drip that followed you can also see that Charles has been added to a San Francisco event based on also the completion of the opportunities and that person’s address so that’s how campaign flow and the adaptive mailer moves people into and through campaigns and what I’d like to do now is take a quick look at that San Francisco event campaign that mr. Charles Watts has just been added to just to give you a quick look at how we then actually send the email through our adoptive mailer here you can see it’s a very simple create design test and send interface the email editor is a standard WYSIWYG HTML editor provides you know insert merge fields and templates it provides uploading

images and your standard HTML authoring you can also access the HTML itself if you have coders in-house or you have templates that you want to upload so let’s go ahead and take a look at what it looks like throughout the process here so you go through creating designing testing you can send it to yourself or if we have a group of testers a be test and you can review through insight the look and feel of your email and various browser types and finally you go ahead and send the email right now it’s scheduled to be sent between a certain window here from ten a.m. to two and i’m going to go ahead and send it right now to our recipients and in this case we should see that Charles will be receiving the email the initial email at least for this campaign and here we can see that it’s come in come to the event hellish and thank you very much for watching our webinar I hope you enjoyed learning how mission edge has put their strategy to work with solutions from predictive response we saw how leads were added and nurtured toward a purchase and then how members were automatically added to a drip campaign as their membership renewal date approached we also provided a look at the adaptive mailers easy design test and send process used for scheduled adaptive and drip campaigns and to learn more please visit us online at predictive response com thank you

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