Hey everyone, Cricket here doing weekly in-depth Gwent guides chosen by the community, which which is you! This week you wanted to see a more uncommon monster deck, so we will take a look at an Arachas Swarm Deck with a unique round 3 winning condition We look at the deck and the cards, then how to approach the mulligan our gameplay plan how to tackle each matchup and then we look at some example gameplay Tell me down in the comments below, which deck you would like to see next week and subscribe if you like what I’m doing Let’s start! The deck has two phases, and we need different cards for each phase Phase 1, which ideally fills our round 1, is all about thinning our deck of cards we don’t want to have in round 3 and to get a big chunk of points onto the board Cards we want to get out of the deck are Harpies and Arachas Drones Harpies jump from the deck onto the battlefield as soon as we destroy a beast and playing one Arachas Drone, summons all remaining Arachas Drones You don’t need to play a drone from hand, you can also play an Arachas Behemoth, which summons 1 Arachas Drone everytime you consume a unit, therefore pulling the other ones out of the deck for a big point burst To pull Harpies, you can play Celaeno Harpies, which spawn two eggs, which then generate a 1 point beast token when destroyed Consuming those tokens with your Arachas Queen or your Forktails will trigger the Harpies in your deck Arachas Queen lets you consume three units and Forktail two, but Arachas Queen has the added benefit of being immune to targeted spells The eggs spawned by Celano Harpies are valuable as well because if you consume them with another unit, they will add 4 extra points to the unit, in addition to spawning the little 1 power Beast token Phase 3 is our endgame and is best played in a freshly started round 3 In this phase you want to get as many 1 point units on the boards as possible and following cards will help you with that: Draug resurrects up to 8 units from your graveyard and turns them into doomed 1 point tokens without any ability Ifrit spawns 3 1-power tokens and deals 3 times 1 damage on random enemy targets, and Germain spawns 4 1 power token cows After putting a lot of 1 point units on the board, we utilise Triss: Butterflies, which buffs up all the lowest friendly units by 1 With Draug alone this gives u 8 points per round, but the more units we provided before, the more points it will rain each round However, enemies will try to disturb this by either trying to kill Triss or by damaging one of your units so Triss will not buff the big crowd and only the small unit So our second point bomb is Yennefer, which we use as a finisher or as soon as Triss: Butterflies does not find value anymore Yennefer lets you choose between buffing up all units by 2 or by damaging all units by 2 At this point we should have way more units on the board than our enemy, just think of Draug, so Yennefer will buff more units on our side, resulting in quite some points for us Then we have some flex cards, which can be played in any phase Frightener is always good to have to counterspy the enemy and Alzurs Double Cross gives us access to Frightener or Germain, enabling us to more consistently play our combos Monster Nest gives us access to another Arachas Behemoth, which often comes useful since the enemy’s removal will be focussed on them But Monster Nest into Barbegazi comes handy as well if you’re missing Forktails or you want to prevent an enemy from drying passing in round 2 Ruehin is a very underrated card, which strengthens all Insectoids and Cursed units on board, hand and deck by 1 You can either play him in round 1 after you swarmed the boards with Arachas Drones, created by your Behemoths so Ruehin will strengthen half of your board Or you play him in round 2 to buff up the tokens generated by Draug, making him a 16 point play as well Last but not least Royal Decree lets you access your main combo cards, adding more consistency to the deck Let’s talk about the mulligan, which is a bit tricky with this deck Cards you want to keep for round 1 are: Arachas Behemoths, Celaeno Harpies, 2 Forktails, Monster Nest, Yennefer and Royal Decree Depending on your Hand you also want to hold on to Triss and Draug, so you don’t need to draw them later, but most importantly, you want cards to get Harpies and Drones out of your deck Talking of which, cards you want to get rid of are: All your Harpies and all your Arachas Drones, except when you have no access to Arachas Behemoths or you know that none will survive at least 1 round Then you can keep one Drone, to at least summon the rest out of your deck, but this is merely to prevent further damage and should not be your desired gameplay Depending on the amount of enemy removal we need to adapt the Mulligan, but let’s talk about that in the Matchup section For now, let’s look over our general gameplan Depending on our starting hand, we may want to play each unit multiple times The order would be: Celaeno Harpies, Arachas Behemoths, Arachas Queen and the Forktails The idea is to put something consumable on the board so we can start with that immediately, in the case our Behemoths are at the risk of dying As soon as Behemoths and Harpies are set up, we consume as many beast and eggs as possible

with Arachas Queen and Forktails to trigger the abilities of our Behemoths By eating the Beast Token spawned by the Harpy eggs, we also get the remaining Harpies out of our deck, resulting in a significant point spike often pushing the enemy out of the round On Red Coin, I like to keep playing in the round, getting rid of cards that would be suboptimal for the Triss Butterfly push, like a Forktail, when there won’t be much to consume Cards like Ruehin help you to stay ahead here Some tips for Round 1: If you are missing Celaeno Harpies, you can always resort back to playing Germain and using Arachas Queen to pull out all the Harpies Don’t be afraid to play Arachas Behemoths into removal, because every Alzurs Thunder played on a Behemoth, is one less Alzurs Thunder played on your Triss Always ensure to play round 1 and to get units in your graveyard or your Draug will be useless in round 3 In Round 3 we start off with Draug and all the token generators like Germain, Ifrit, but also Celaeno Harpies if we still have them Then we drop Triss: Butterflies and use Forktails to consume units, the enemy has damaged so Triss can continue to buff as many units as possible The last card we want to play is Yennefer into the buffing Unicorn because by putting the 1 power unicorn onto the board, Triss will continue to buff only that unit instead of our swarm But that’s okay because either the enemy hasn’t dealt with Triss and we are quite ahead, or the enemy has already dealt with her, and therefore Yennefer won’t brick anything However, each matchup needs to be approached differently, so let’s start Greatswords Neither they nor we have many options to interfere with the other side of the board except Coral and Muzzle Generate one Behemoth with Monster Nest to get it out of Muzzle range and ensure that you can summon your Drones from your deck After that, we ignore them entirely and try to set up a good value push with 2 Behemoths so we can pass after that At this point, they will just have finished their Greatsword setup, and their score won’t be too high so we may get an additional card out of them, but most importantly, they need to do their setup once again They want to play in round 2, which is where we will need to utilise cards like Germain and Triss Butterfly already to keep up Important is to keep a good finisher for round 3 like Draug and Yennefer to counter their big resurrected Greatsword Veterans If they don’t play the Morkvarg variant, then you can safely play round 1 like mentioned above In the case they do, then you won’t gain much from winning round 1, because Morkvarg will prevent you from drypassing and they have reasonable access to Spy with Hym or Skjall In the current meta, I’d not risk it and just drypass and then out-tempo them in round 2, which they’ll play to set up their graveyard They may have a perfect hand and drypass into a round 3, which denies us the use of Draug Therefore we need to focus on Yennefer, Ruehin and swarming the board with Arachas Drones Beware in the round 2 and 3 Mulligan, because you may run into Harpies and Drones Axemen Put your Harpies into different rows, so Skellige Storm does not get rid of the eggs that easily Triss: Butterfly won’t find much use, since their weather and ships can stagger our unit, so better get rid of it Push them in round 1 and keep Yennefer and Draug for a decent round 3 finisher Deathwish They can use their Cyclops to kill your Behemoths, so try to trigger one early, before they play units big enough for Cyclops You don’t want your Drones in your deck Other than that the game is relatively straightforward and there are not many surprises that can ruin your day Moonlight This matchup is a bit troublesome because their Blood Moon will get rid of all our small 1 point units Therefore try to get as much Moonlight out of them as possible in round 1, while keeping Germain and Ifrit for round 3 Start off round 3 with those cards on different rows and then play Draug on the last empty row Since they have only 4 moonlights available and some need to be used in round 1 and on their side of the board to trigger Werewolves and such, you should be okay Nekkers As always, push them in round 1 and utilise Yennefer to secure the round, because you will have a full board, while they will only have a few units on the board Controlling round 2 is critical here, where we will bleed them of their win conditions to then secure round 3 with Draug into Triss Except for Mandrake, they don’t really have much to interfere with our side of the board, so get all that Arachas Behemoths out! Scoia’Shupe With the changed Wardancer, you don’t need to be afraid of Winning round 1 anymore, so stick to our gameplay and push round 1 Keep a Forktail on hand in case they play Dol Blathanna Bomber and eat their bomb to prevent a significant point loss on your full board Scoia’tael Handbuff Get Behemoths out and trigger them asap, because as soon as Swordmasters are buffed, they can get rid of them Other than that try to push round 1 and utilise Yennefer instead of Triss, because Triss is an easy target for their Swordmasters Nilfgaard Handbuff They need some time to setup, which is your chance to establish Behemoths and get your swarm going Play round 1 and utilise Yennefer, Ruehin to keep up with their big units

Try to get control of round 2 to force them to play their Handbuffed unit for a smooth round 3 Even if you can’t get it out of them, the more cards you draw out of them in round 2, the better for you After Leo Bonhart, Triss should be a safe play in round 3 Alchemy Viper Witchers suck to play against If you are not able to play at least 3 Behemoths (1 maybe through Monster Nest), then consider keeping an Arachas Drone to get them out of the deck and improve your later rounds through that Yennefer is a better choice to keep than Triss, but you may consider Triss in a round, where all Witchers are already on the board She won’t hit for top value, but it’s better than nothing This is probably the worst matchup for this deck Spies Play your round 1 until you played your big point push and you have seen some of their engines, preferable all their enforcers Since they want to play long rounds, you can safely pass, to deny further engine value on their side and to play a semi-long round 3 They will dry pass round 2, to at least get some value from their Impera units in round 3 Finish round 3 as usual, but in addition, try to get some more Arachas Drones onto the board Radovid Radovid wants to lock two of your Behemoths so only play one and start consuming asap to get Drones out and tempt them to lock only one Behemoth After that play the remaining ones If they don’t lock the single Behemoth, then play the next Behemoths after the counter of the first one is 1 or 0 Get the swarm going and overpower them in round 1, but pass if there are too many engines on their side Yennefer is your sorcerers of choice in this matchup because Triss can be locked, and often they play Reinforced Trebuchets further messing with her ability Okay then, lets head into example match

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