lady barb bird hall wow what a great way to kick off any discussion when he should disturb just a curiosity how many people in here have heard a bird off seeing it you’d be so pleased if Burke were here today to tell you that I’m about to tell you about the most influential Chris MANET skill the aviator of the Lafayette Escadrille and you would all say gee that’s not point to history governor I’ve spent three years doing research on this project it has been a blast and I’m going to try to make it as funny as possible unfortunately our culture the material it was the reason the Berghof legend and for those who have heard the heard of bird you know we’ve all form various opinions of it vague somewhat questionable background prior to the start of the war which I have been able to kind of cut through a little bit one of the original members of the espadrille Americana he did secure victories in the espadrille display but supplements periods of tried directing over the years he did leave the unit under dubious circumstances there’s always been a question of whether burke was brought out of the s figure out whether bird laughing uh-huh I think the answer is he did continue to fly he did secure more victories a lot of people avoid question did Burke really go to her mania did Berg really go to Russia things like those lines and the answers are yes actually was burdened to server to the air service frontier service yes and I will tell you that the French Foreign Legion is storable been ticked about and we time I dealt with them they were like Mary why are you doing this some of this man wasn’t no deserter and there’s still a little bit mad that it was kind of fun he allegedly wrote two autobiographies from being dispelled a myth on metal started in silent films I went to China as a mercenary was arrested we found guilty and as part of a fraudulent art of sale and was the last of the original members did not I always liked but would captivate me about Burnham had been working on the lost Eagles which was about frittering zip when I came across the quote that his files and he attributed the bird that said them that love me love me well them that don’t can go to hell I thought a little bit about the research grand challenge that I had was Bert’s two autobiographies which don’t match one man’s work which was written later which was talking about and then Helen air those things were really you know they don’t match it at least which has always been part of the reason the last Orient’s have discredited mr. Hall hopefully though I tried to go to our kind of resources as much as possible and that was a real challenge I did come across some things have really altered my opinion of birth now you probably come away saying late legs burger he’s but there’s something so honest and sincere about the guy that you end up having a lot of respect for burglary because intruders what really surprised me out of all of this was the rivalry that Paul Rockwell had Allen totally kind of steered me down to Washington and Lee University there’s 26 boxes of Paul Rockwell’s records there if you’ve never done research into the US figure you’ve got to go there and I spent two days down there just reading up on how Paul Rockwell needed brutal which was a lot of fun and I’ll talk a little bit about that it was definitely a one way of rivalry which made it even more entertaining Rockwell he didn’t call I

don’t the caller a little bit about her and always kind of surprised I always like to give you the genealogy of anybody I’m doing turns out Berg actually came from a family of heroic people you know relatives that fought in the Revolutionary War and surprisingly they fought for the Americans this is great-grandfather served in the station in several battles including Pat’s massacre which was an interesting battle because it was a group of cavalry men that were from the Carolinas that rode into a camp they thought they were Carlton’s men because of the green coats they were wearing and it was actually the Americans and then they slaughtered them while they were standing next to them a little question of open kind of a typical battle for that southern campaign his father had served under general Shelby and then gone on Shelby’s Exodus down in New Mexico George all did there’s actually a lot of accounts of George Hall during that period but he went down for the Confederate Exodus and to show he came back and moved to Missouri and literally Hall was raised shortly very sort of distance brother it’s a rare fact I found the newspaper article for Shelby’s death one of the men that was at his bedside was Burke hauls dad and he served as a pall bearer for general show he was actually his assistance as his father was for those of you know assistance and you know evening camps and the Civil War his father was literally standing next to Shelby was always at the front so it was a very 30 precarious thing so from these audacious and wonderful circumstances we end up with the character Ellsberg thank you despite the myth of legends about where burg hog was born I’ve heard five different locations from Kentucky to Eagle Pass Texas I was able to finally confirm that it was born in Higginsville Missouri my fern always told a different story about that I think he’d just like to keep people around that was part of this from the speak up some of the things I found interesting when you started digging into this we’ve all heard the stories or read the versions of birds life where various times he was a human cannonball he was an audible racecar driver turns out a lot of these actually did have kernels of truth tied to them in 1906 he was working for service he was listed though I’m their payroll as a marketer which many did one of two things he was either the person that put up the playbills and talents in the circus was in town or he was a caller for the various shows you know stuff right now do those things there’s absolutely no record that he was ever fired out of a cannon despite some of the myth around her did you left home at a very early age around 14 years old he returned home in 1907 when he did return home he married his first wife and by the way we will need to keep track of these Berger in his first wife who was only 15 at the time I did find the burden per chance for younger women always he then ended up for a while in San Francisco as a chauffeur then in Kansas City she was dragged me for cashmere Welch driving a car as a chauffeur now Cashner Welch was a political boss they literally called it the Tammany Hall of Missouri the stuff that he did so Burt was really more of a [ __ ] than a thriver that he was anything else but he did serve in there I never found a divorce for the first one they have to work this way but he did marry in 1910 in Kansas City Emily Harris he did end we never found the divorce for her but Bert that didn’t seem to slow him down as you’ll see Bert then did get a job in Galveston Texas where he was doing auto racing I found newspaper articles from the period they used to do races on the beach at Galveston and Bert Hall was one of the race car drivers you didn’t kind of a remarkable thing he did travel with that family and way to Europe and was there no he told the family I found an interview

that they gave dirty water he told them that he was leaving their employment to go fight in the Balkans now this will always stupid blood I will tell you I have contacted the Balkans the various governments that made up the Balkans I contacted the Derbyshire has Bert in his second autobiography that always claimed that he was the first aviation fly combat flag flew in the Balkans more I have confirmed it with all the government archives they have no record of bird call over there showing up any fly but you have to bear in mind that came out of his second thought away I talked about that a few minutes why we could how that gets bringing me to historical tell you about vert was one of those interesting fellows thank ya it was one of those interesting fellows in fury I always talk to something last night I said he was a great place at the right time but somebody said the wrong place he was in Paris he has he must drive a taxi cab at the time when the war broke out he had been taking around with the Americans at the hotel Royale they started you know as we know Americans were all highly motivated to 43 of them to go I hadn’t joined before Anita Burt did join the Legion I found some fascinating account that he broke through the neuter of times during that period and I mean it was blog account what he did during his period with the legion before him in an aviation absolutely fascinating you know he was wounded at least once while he was in the Legion paruparu boys claim that was alive but I have found some substantive evidence that Berto was indeed wounded like a few of the minute that period he did mind his way into aviation for the record thought did as well claim his last name was called Toronto so then you know so you know bird always gets painted as the bad guy for mine his way and aviation but a lot of the guys did to get out of that that fight and pause in the upper corner of that picture looking away the others are all over their walls in the frigid air service of Bert immediately arrest suspicion he started bragging about being that charge that he was involved in the men knew that the Legion had not been involved in being that charge so they immediately stood some spies to sleep on both sides of this bond assume yourself to and mine he did crash an aircraft the account that we’ve all heard about before I’m sure many of you have where Bert claimed that he could fly an airplane climbed into it and never flown an airplane before it crashed it into the barn and they said what are you doing but he said like just thought I’d pick it up you know and they thought well we keep him in it didn’t help with the whole spy thing because they thought maybe this guy’s a Santa to her you know my you know Bert they actually went through his aviation training it was posted to him 38 and there weren’t any combat kills that word of security during that period but ever 38 did flight number of missions during that period for those who remember some of the earlier aviators where they would flying missions behind the enemy lines land the aircraft drop off saboteurs and then pick them up I didn’t find anything particular that hidden Bert to those types of missions when we know those missions were flown by that SP co he always had claimed that he first Americans of all German hands was engaged at one of those missions with M s 38 not a Lewis Byers yeah first prisoner or American prisoner of war definitely there’s definitely substantive evidence that Bert did fly those types of missions he was been an instructor are he actually instructed campus-wide so that was there this is where it gets a little interesting and did find out he married and now have a number them wife number three 16 year old French girl Suzanne who came to town he did marry her and it is interesting because throughout that period we have heard the stories that Burke was notorious for going to the brothels when he was with the espadrille but he was married to her and she was living outside the base so I don’t know if it was there’s two possibilities either Bert was going home to his wife and he never told men and

the Escadrille about his wife or Bert was going to the problems and with Bert I tell you it was one of the other because a you know April 16th his name was not an originalist for the Escadrille America it was added and I think the third passed but birds name finally appeared on how that original list which is entitled them to that that his claim that he was yeah he really did you know it’s remarkable and even Paul Rock will be gradually will say them during his early days with the espadrille that Bert didn’t do he’s secured a big in the second victory for the Internet 22nd of May as far as I’ve been able to pin down this is behavior that took down as close as I can get to that he did secure another victory the 23rd and he claimed a victory on the 24th that remains kind of questionable as to why but Burke was an aviator who saw combat and and there are numerous accounts I found a lot of newspaper interviews during the period asking many of the men of the estuary and there are many accounts of birds heroic actions some of them for lesser robbing others some of the newspaper accounts for lo there’s this new Yankee trick called hiding in the clouds and this is the Germans Americans invented this I don’t quite I that but you get the idea you know there was quite a bit going on I’m not going to bore you by detail about these musings these are not spectacular victories by any stretch even Burke can tell you it’s one case one twenty-fourth you said just squeezed off two bullets in Cubans death according to Paula Rockwell and rushed off to the Paris office in the New York Times another American journalist spent and Pendleton story of this conference death of newspapers before the record Burt wasn’t there a difference to they were actually in Paris at the time but according to Paul Rockwell his benefit really begins at at this point Rockwell was that Burt was also in history by the way I found absolutely nothing to back that about I’ve checked there although article there are little references I could find usually particles about kittens death and there’s none that quote bird Hall or have any reference to all or anything else the truth is there were a number of men in the Escadrille that were in Paris at the time all of them went back to the edge of the espadrille Burton did not he stayed there I think the assumption was that he was out peddling history and whether that really happened or not I have proof that seemed to be the turning point between Paul Rockwell and then burden that’s where things completely changed up until that point he had nothing but praise for his Merrifield he acted almost like her – press agent in many respects like he did all the members in this Prince’s death Burke was president you could see him sitting at the end there and the photograph for that but as we’ve all seen there’s been a lot of photographs you tend to see burn all of a photograph and so he’s standing about 5 feet over there definitely was some bad blood there was talk of in one letter that was very interesting that we need to consider giving Berkman cure which is what they referred to the cure was what they gave counted which was one of the men who drove him out of the espadrille there was talk about that that came from our wonderfully theater from Virginia he was pushing through this it was very much a fraternity type of situation and Burke didn’t fit that situation no there’s a lot of accounts that bourbon was kind of checks that he was stealing money from this squadron mates that he was cheating at cards I will tell you Bert it was a entire player his whole life he actually made a living for a while playing bridge tournaments I have no doubt cheated at cards did he take money from these guys absolutely have no problem dealing with that and I think from this perspective as they had money in hand it was worth doing no all right well at this time Bert

in his second autobiography claims that he had been shot in the mouth and had lost several of his teeth now anybody who tries to figure out the mechanics of shooting out their mouth without having a bullet hit you in the face or leave scars that achieves the mechanics in that are pretty hard Bert’s claim I did find an article where he claimed that you know he was a man in dental problems during that period in having Tina Paul Paul Rockwell’s version is Bert was having his teeth pulled to avoid doing the fly for those who friend elements wonderful article about the flying times yes because a recent issue of great art spurred me to go through and pull up the actual Bible see how much did bird fly he was flying in the lower third of the number of people that were flying during the period but there were a lot of people on the espadrille who flew a lot less than Berger so I don’t think Bert was shirking away the way Paul Rocco I also don’t believe any of the accounts at burger shack about if anybody can figure out the angle is you can do that skaara I love to hear it burnout finally bid adieu to the end of the sto now there’s two accounts of this the prevalent ones one is that they basically kicked him out told them to leave the other is the bird said I’ll see you later I’m out of here I didn’t think it falls into that job you’ll remember the quote better 90 is the O’Hare from me yet well he was right he was great and what was interesting was he left and literally walked across to where and 103 was posted at the same marriage problem so he didn’t go far we still share the message address so they did their our letter accounts when they said oh we saw her the best today except drive so they still recognize me was there he did receive a citation for a kill on the 6th of November and the second citation which I posted up here I like the the description of him as clever and energetic clever I definitely do University daily attacking enemy planes at a very short distance shoutout German plane and 200 meters from our churches yeah again well bird is often portrayed by most accounts as being kind of a coward at this stage what we see is when he goes to have one of three he jumps right into combat because actually fly with an off under an officer that he flew with in m38 and so the guy knew what he was getting he had dealt with bird earlier so you know we just don’t really get that that feeling that bird was this this power although there will be some times I had to change that as we go out of bird out of the received an opportunity to go to the French mission to Romania now the French mission to Romania and are already taken off the list are you doing their spam in political context Romania was always on the verge of collapse France and then tons of arms aircraft artillery first of all the aircraft Lisa perhaps need to be rascal and they were there to prop up for Romanians Burke showed up about three weeks after the mission went you know it’s it’s interesting I did manage to get the French records of the Romanian mission as much as they are there they actually think say we still have not fully documented this is like so he’d been under but he didn’t allegedly shoot down to her the one City Golf drove me nuts I couldn’t find it I mean if you look on the map today can’t find it I had to dig up about the 1912 now and it was a small village in Russia it’s one of those that disappear during the Stalin era so several interviews that Burke gave while in Romania he definitely wasn’t Romania and he was definitely doing the fly they never had fully accredited him with those victories however but they are listed in the summary document that you can call of the Romanian mission Berger classic bird form was made his way to Russia and Petersburg only Birkin end up in Petersburg during the Russian Revolution he did I found State Department Records Burke went to the American Embassy and requested alone to travel back to the United States he claimed that he had served in company gave the six deserting

cavalry during the spanish-american war lying through his teeth you know I felt so stupid pulling up those records just to verify that I had to check the bird never served in this manner but he told the Great’s Bernie they actually learned them the money there is absolutely nothing to substantiate words autobiographical comments where he smuggled millions of dollars but he did travel up a brush all the way across Russia during the revolution and Burton did his clarifies and he told the French this is actually in is his records from before in Legion but Burton did tell the French to do an act to enlist in the American Air Force and that’s what he also told the American ambassador American air service he did try he was rejected for health reasons fill this visit home hard to believe you know a lot of these guys had seen combat for a long time but as we all know a number of those men then they asked me jor-el such as thought didn’t pass their physicals and it found a great article that kind of detailed some of those men that did that Burt instead of returning to the unit where he should have done since he didn’t join the French Air Service he should have gone back to France during the unit bursitis day the United States he went to film a movie called a romance in the air and is a movie about the Lafayette Escadrille started it’s a birdcall production ended up in New York it’s an interesting silent movie to watch it also is the best way to validate what the Mendel’s bird actually had because there’s a scene where they show the medals and explain each medal they had the metal list you’ll find over the years got added to you know so he was obviously picking some up war surplus but he then went on to write kalimera his first autobiography and to really kind of emphasize how things were going for Burt the French reached out to me a schematic is better he’s doing when the movie up here the romance of the air he didn’t just show the movie Burt came and talked it he talked about all his exploits anymore Vettel’s then they showed the movie and really added to it that’s literally how that movie travelled around it was a big hit it certainly came out in October to November 1980 when the world was really wrapped up is one of those guys that the FBI came after him because the French study had no right to wear the uniform as it was technically a deserter the FBI told the French there’s no law in our books about wearing the Foresters the FBI was then contacted by his wife Susie Anna and said that he had abandoned him and their daughter Nadine and the you know they wanted to be in contact with mr. Hall for a financial institution that didn’t seem to slow down Burt by the way who never seemed to reach back out to susana and her daughter’s daughter which comes up later he didn’t marry Dylan Byers who was a vaudeville performer and while she is giving birth to westenberg Hall junior Burton left her to marry helen marie jordan who then they had six months later another child by the same name this is a promotional shot actually it’s funny because typically either the shot

I founded in the Smithsonian with the film so it was a promotional shot they did for the movie he felt another movie called the border Scout was an abysmal failure shown three times it’s a missing film the wood knows where it is it was about a bunch of Boy Scouts that went down with the Mexican border and killed Mexicans I mean I don’t think it would play today we have a classic movie from the period in 1927 and you know burger can actually got into doing long-distance flying he actually secured a manufacturer – literally – trying to fly across the Pacific I was altering degrees in that period of what was going on literally the flights of Limburg like that on the west coast bird call there was a lot of articles with this bird Hollis could have been flattened Civic he was actually beat out by a couple of Australians that made the flight but he was really pushing to do this crazy I can imagine an aircraft manufacturer doing a good haul it was interesting as you get into the 1920s you get closer to 28 was the creation of the memorial from Lafayette Flying Corps that’s Cottrell I personally it was interesting to go through Iraq most papers on this because of all the original aviators there’s a few that are diverse omitted from the official memorial but always one of them Rosen Rockwell really conspired to keep out a handful of people Eugene Bullard we were talking about this last night it was kept out because it is black rose had no problem with that and there didn’t Rockwell they were very unabashed to addition he was being kept out because was black right was a deserter Cao Lu was considered a coward / deserter the juvenile yes Pedroni birth they didn’t want to end there because they can serve him a reprobate and quite literally there was no reason for it to really be omitted other than Paul Rockwell claiming when we can’t have deserters out here it’s teaching this memorial which mothers have said there’s always an amount old story and I spent a lot of time looking for this it’s it’s perpetuated primarily by Paul Rocco that when they dedicate the memorial 1928 there was a chair for her chair for mrs Hall and the three women went beating one over the head with a purse I never found that account outside of Paul Rockwell but I also have no problem I’m sure if they were drinking trek down Bernthal that if you were one of his ex-wives that so place you might show up but there’s absolutely no written account that really does enhance lives now how many people have read one man’s work who is author of many books on American music for allegedly co-wrote with Burt Hogg one man’s work and that really created the whole myth of bird flying in the Balkans war it created the whole myth the bird sleeping with Mata Hari it doesn’t match up with any known accounts of the Lafayette Escadrille or his previous autobiography I checked out John Jacob Niles papers there at the University of Kentucky yeah actually the whole wing of their library dedicated to this guy and I pulled up all the hall correspondence and your guys are going to love this because it’s a great story Berto was being scammed by John Jacob miles he admitted the 1980 turnovers Diaries and books to him and he wanted him to help himself short story the datagrid and niacin let’s do it except Burt went to China Niehaus grown-up what man’s war and sold it but never told birth so Burt literally has letters these were through China going when did this book come out when can I get a copy to look at it terribly title without within he said how much money are we getting from this curse this was 1929 October and his dad what a contender so Burt was were focused on how do I get the money from this now for the record Burt turned the tables on Niles he went to the bank and the letter he had typed up that he claimed was from

the poet for an advance of $1,000 Express Bank in China and actually got them to get the money so now the publisher got involved going let’s guys drunk $1,000 China we’re going after miles and they’re like you better get a lawyer and he better be good lawyer it’s just three years to work out for payment of these I thought was pretty goodness Annihilus really scale for the common to do that was remarkable but it really explains a lot for those of you have always said one man’s war even proves bird halls of product Burt never even saw the book until it was already in prayer it’s a complete piece of management you could throw it away I’m sorry it’s got the good of a fiction file but it was pretty funny to find out that someone did see a bird all I have to say only Nixon to China only bird could go to China yeah China was kind of like the wild wild west after the word a lot of aviation pioneers the pilots from the war movement over there each one of the city-states was forming their own Air Force they have RV there were civil wars going on it was a perfect place for bird hall to go Bert Hall went over there claim to be an aviation expert he was by their standards he actually got involved with the nationalist effort her deep I’ll bring the story on bird that said this this man that’s claiming to be a Chinese general we Chang is actually called went over there he got involved when I found some State Department roads where he was trying to sell some horse aircrafts of Buenos Aires he didn’t actually have a license to sell the aircraft but he was competing about bidding all the other sellers there was a lot of things that would flew back and forth on that Burke was the Julian mission went the American mission went to China to take a look at their aviation situation the representative for China had bird Hall sit in on the meeting to represent the Chinese Air Force you know it was just absolutely my father he was involved with Eugene shoemaker and the pilot from the great work they actually ran operations of hangzhou you know he was a classic bird hall maneuver I mean he was literally in the midst of us there’s absolutely no record that he climbed in an aircraft and flew a mission from the record but he was definitely hip deep in those operations I like the picture over there think I’m for deep a great picture of Burke Hall and the known Chinese officer and Robert shorter those of you know Robert sure American kind of renowned fighting the Japanese for the Chinese over there shot down was made up here huh really so the Obert wasn’t the thick of all it’s kind of amazing when he left to go to China yeah he said message to his wife since scene Thursday and left for several years she actually intentionally introduced they have their divorce person he got involved with Elizabeth Champlain would become a deliberate hallway he ended up getting about the deer crafty old emissary their halftime she make her had a license to sell them as aircraft to the Chinese Douglas Aircraft undercut their own representative and sold direct to them and it cost Berkley the money he got arrested for his involvement with that he had taken some money as part of an advance with the Chinese wanted back he told them you know had to turn the money back over but it got out of that legal mess but he never really forgave Douglas Aircraft Ethan went on to sued them again and he also wanted a little bitter revenge go ahead I caught one man swindle berkos baby comes back to the united states for a few years it’s involved in Hollywood he’s about with with well men Richmond any other guys that are apparently Reginald any on the hobby store

originally come in every Saturday it was a big deal for all the kids left fun but up hurt goes back to China and it’s involved with general home to cop this guy was seriously he’s like a Bob Dylan his own representative two birds party to torture be able to find out information about Berger about before and physically tortured decided he was going to become a Novartis dealer he was also in the process of buying the iron casino but he got to an elaborate arms deal we’re selling the Germans surplus World War one of munitions to one of the factions in China he didn’t have any of the diamonds never hurt procured the guns but he took the money Bert got on a boat with this girlfriend who wasn’t his wife’s his child’s babysitter he brought to China with their with I can’t make this stuff up it brought his baby sir with to China home with the kids that bird out of the boat and they had to stop in Japan before going on to China now the American the authorities were wired ahead to intercept bird huh but he had given this his girlfriend of money so they captured all the money went on to the United States to jail they tied him up with the counseling clerk and loved the clothed from the judge I don’t believe a word to obsess about there being another person implicated in the deal I don’t believe your papers were taken by Japanese authorities you plan to steal this money you’ve lived around with this woman for 18 months living by your wits and then you plan to get away with this money it was like he was sentenced all right well I’ll have a day with this Patricia dear Association to Breanna they do he’s like Bert Hall finally got his comeuppance we all knew he’d end up in a federal penitentiary at some point really soon enjoy most people that would have been the end of their career but Bert kind of dusted himself off he came back to Hollywood he was involved in a number of different things including a consultant a Shirley Temple movie came back there’s actually photographs and destroy his book of BIR Tawil Shirley Temple it’s just he filed a lawsuit against Oh Sara Crafton won $20,000 for the Erebus Wow he went back to China a State Department record where he was snitching on our sellers in China and they said this comes to us from a trusted agent well we’re going exclaimed if you think of his autobiography toys cleaning later in life that he was a spy on the bottom for the government this is about the only tangible piece of evidence that and I personally don’t think he was a trusted agent 1941 he was running a hotel in New York throw out he moved to the Dayton area where he claimed he was working for the government during the war was kind of interesting a couple of things that came out with his one of his sons Donald Jordan Hall went to fly for the British and he acted there’s actually a picture of him with Clayton Knight from the Clayton knight Commission to trade American pilots today they went to Canada a tree and then they went over and they were letting him wear his mighty wings his father’s laughed at flight programs now I could find a lot of records the British were really funny about releasing the world work to personnel records but I did find several accounts of Donahoe being checked out several times so we know he was involved in fighting in Africa kind of a remarkable if you think about we missed the book from Donald hall or he could have told all the visits wait sprays like his father leader in life his son the urban hall actually that without the because you become a racer raised in the India Indianapolis my mother he told some great stories he said you know they’re forgetting Burt would show up with one of his wives at random that ISM an ex-wife’s house to meet the kids and just show up when they dropped off the wife went to a poker Dean came back to the taxicab then he had won the poker but had lost the family cards you could

just imagine if you were trying to deal with birds it’s a great shot I think with Robert Ripley and Edith first female licensed female pilot no names even Quinn Bible he can’t even read Robert you know Robert Ripley’s Believe It or Not has one of them and he was still claiming to be the first American aviator to fly from the Balkans were so he completely embraced one man’s war just because it was easier to try to spend mentality you know Street just think of all bird ended up in castelia of highlights over by Sandusky and he had been up opening the sturdy toy company and you know his last few years of his life were kind of sad because he went to Rotary Club meetings and do various schools to speak but the turnouts with ten or twelve people you know nobody wanted to hear about World War one eighty years after World War two it wasn’t the thing he did die in a car accident had a heart attack while I was trying to crash the car things before today pictures here again think every day I was able to actually find some overhauls toys for those four in the Washington chapter actually brought them yeah you couldn’t make these today they all have nice jacket horribly beautiful dangerous things it was kind of sad because when Britt died and that’s when literally lose of Time magazine Bertie would be buried in Arlington National Cemetery I’ve checked the art elective records using Burke wasn’t buried there he was actually somebody contacted Arlington and told them that Bert had never served in the American forces didn’t deserve to be very Lizbeth his last wife reached out to the Lafayette Memorial and said to Burpee interference and Paul Rockwell actually penned the letters and you know Bert was not entitled to be interned here they actually actually made the offer could he be buried in the Irish in other words don’t be buried in the cookie because ash has been put in art they said there’s no place for Paul Rockwell enemy just never ended you know and it’s very last plane from the birds took him back to Higginsville Ohio and flying over his hometown you know it’s kind of sad when you get down to it you’re talking five or six victories can be confirmed one of the original members that’s definitely one of the more colorful did things his entire life that Dane could do you know especially in the ex-wives but if you know his daughter’s really went through his daughter left in France actually reached out to grows at one point they had medical bills they couldn’t pay Rose ended up selling copies of there’s a lot of bad blood but Burke didn’t seem to be like this I will say this one of the things that really stood out was how much Paul Rockwell really spent his life kind of trying to change you know the history of the eschaton right through all out of that and when you go through the records down Washington lead with historians will read books they would write Paul Rockwell he would bring these terrible things some of those have deducted the books I think that’s cloud in the lap of our history of what we think there is bad but I always like this he was named different quarters mother’s boarding house you know he could good good all of the heretic why would I was in debt report no idea and we actually found out through the census records they actually have the guide listed there must’ve Burke she’s living in the house of like lot so we had yeah what was what was to knows opinion of Birkhoff you know it’s interesting we read to knows but I

Hollis mentioned twice and the entire book of Lafayette yeah he never really said too much although he never said anything about town either I think he was worried gentlemen and didn’t say anything bad about the gentleman like but there was definitely a feeling that by that period when it snows make started came out etc there was a lot of effort to just not include further in the descriptions he when you read Parsons but he goes to be a chapter of each member of the thumbing before the SP but Bert Hawkins six references oh yeah quite a few and I brought along the movie of the film good of Romancing here I finally tracked down the only tax and got a copy Branagh show this legitimate yes in regard to Romania there’s a picture of them standing beside a new pool 11 I believe with markings we finally figured out were most likely Romanian red yellow and na and blue and Romania at the time he came out there was already pissed saving it had got jumped into the war like Italy thinking the time was right but it in its case it badly underestimated things and ended up being invaded by the Germans and the austro-hungarians and the French were sending in second-rate equipment to try and prop up its air service and the Russians launched an offensive trying to bail Romania out which is how we probably made his way to Russia and it’s conceivably he may have scored that victory in late January but by the end of January Romania was formally out of the war so if he scored anything after that it might have been with the Russians but that I guess the reason he’s not acknowledged as an ace is because all that was rather vague under the chaotic conditions under which Romania finally folded one more question guys as far as work so why buildin Unwin klepto in France doesn’t than they be seen out of you not a success very bad business plateaued didn’t do that at all there’s a bridge aircraft commander to be blessed to spell felt though the airfield there because it was a plateau you know there she could be solved in the bar

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