our last video we left off near the bridge on elmwood here we’re looking left on elmwood and this is where WJ author coal company was young Nicole come he’s sitting further back on Hamlet was the EMF manufacturing company a manufacturer of automobiles my original intentions on this building was just to spend a couple of seconds and go on to something else but as I researched and about out there was a wonderful history here in it and a great story so I’m going to give you a little more information than you’re used to in these videos the e and EMF comes from what Byron ever now everybody call it in Barney you learn the wagon building trade in Chatham he traveled to Detroit the 19th at work for carriage maker he became affiliated with a body building enterprise of the Wilson family in 1899 he started his own body building company receiving body orders from Oldsmobile and also Henry forward with his business prospering he lost his own car and assemble one called Gawain around 1904 but it was his coach work which really made him rich it was said of mr. ever he has made painted and trimmed more automobile bodies twice over than any other concern his is one of the biggest names in Detroit at the time the m and EMF stood for william p med skirt he was born in illinois in eighteen sixty eight and emigrated to michigan at age 10 and he was a bicycle merchant until he visited london in 1895 and attended the world’s first automobile show his enthusiasm fired he returned to Detroit bought a batch electric car and sold them that a bunch of steamers did the same is that what was most likely America’s first automobile dealership in D to it as the century was about to turn he helped States America’s earliest automobiles shows in Detroit and also in New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1900 where investigator was one of the prime movers in the automotive industry he affiliated himself with a northern motor car company in 1902 that same year was one of the organizers of the venture that we come to build a car quality cadillac he took orders for 2700 at the New York Automobile Show in 1903 only three cars so far at that time had been produced it was son of william Metzger he could sell anything last but not least come to ste f her for mr. walter flanders lenders left school at fifteen to seek his fortune tending to mechanical things for cash including sewing machines during an apprenticeship at singer it was here that an order came from Henry Ford in Detroit for a thousand crankshafts the order was not only filled that was spilled on time a rarity in those days this commence forward that flanders was just a man to have on the team he was assembling Loomis company into mass quantity manufactured Baltimore bills Walter Flanders knew how to arrange production machinery and to invent it he invented various drills and vertical boring machines valve grinding machines he was a man to have in the machine department and I came to cutting supply an inventory cause there was no one better than Walter Flanders he wasn’t interested in cars so much is building them he was a huge man enclosed at 275 pounds and as Ford associate Charles Sorenson come in it he could be heard in a crop for explaining and reboard worry bit that the force of flanders personality might become a problem he were into Flanders by overwhelm and possibly even over cake for din his own company well the three men got together and decided to do on their own company burning everett was affiliated with the wayne automotive company and Messner was affiliated with a northern automotive company and so the three men decided to merge these two companies together and make their own company emm the announcement of the new come me was made in the motor world edition of March 1219 a week and one week to the day later Henry Ford sent a circular to his

dealers announcing his new model T what was happening was the same idea mass quantity manufacture being contemplated in two different camps with one significant difference Henry Ford opted for the low price field Flanders who was driving force in the rival can’t believe the motoring public more likely to accept the well finished car and opted for the middle price range in essence the new every Metzger Flanders company represented a merger of the Wayne automobile company and the northern motor car company in which we a mess occur quickly and conveniently acquired a controlling interest this provided EMF would three ready made plans plant in Detroit from the Wayne auto company which is the one you’ve been looking at which a my dad was greatly exaggerated by the artist here and the northern oil company plant which you’re looking at here of course has the new EMF signage on and the second northern auto plan which was in fortune on elmwood it was built in 1906 were targeted new EMF corporation was not simply another it was celebrated at dinner in a restaurant Paris France on jun 2nd 1908 it was a great affair normal he’ll come in industry’s history had ever been given a grander introduction nor had any held grander promise for the future they dined on frog leg which was reportedly brought over with them from Detroit onavo departure from standard great banquet practice was the invitation to reporters and gifts to bring along their wives and sweethearts on all over the most unusual way to reveal the birth of a new automobile company but then this was no ordinary new company the three men certainly had all the qualifications needed to start an automobile company they lacked one thing one thing that they didn’t have could be supplied by Studebaker studebaker company was a family-owned and operated business ahead enjoy preeminence in the wagon building field since before the Civil War this photo is the Studebaker brothers had founded the company it was the only corporation that was successful in making the transition from horse-drawn the gasoline-powered vehicles the Studebaker brothers founded one of the largest vehicle manufacturing firms in United States the firm established his first branch office and st. Joseph Missouri where it helped to outfit settlers moving west firm produced more than 750,000 wagons during its history so chances are when you think of those wagons moving west or see them in the movie originally there are probably Studebakers due to maker experimented with and produce sir automobiles finally introducing an electric car in 1902 hope you thought these electric cars they have today or something new you’re wrong they had them way back then notice the corner to plug it in later on gasoline powers to the bakeries came in in 19 / for the car my generation remembers is that cool car with the wraparound windows in the back and the bullet grill so what does due to baker have at EMF 1 it well it wasn’t wagons it was dealerships Studebaker had over 4,000 dealerships for their car EMF entered into a cooperative greement with Studebakers to sell their cars and studebaker showrooms automatically giving them 4000 dealerships through their cars which is what they needed and so the detroit plants on the porch or plant geared up to produce the first new EMF their advertising strategy was this nothing added no frills nothing omitted that experience has proven or convention taught you to consider a necessary part of a first-class motorcar not one original feature at a single novelty no startling innovations not one experiment not one harebrained theory or half-baked mechanical idea not a non tried or unproven invention we discover in DMF 30 so what do these cars look like that he MF made well actually there are pretty good-looking cars and you really can’t tell from a black and white picture so

on these next few pictures that you see I have taken a black white picture and then the next picture you see will be a current restored version of what that car look like when I was new color pictures are so much better than see what these cars look like some are pretty sharp I enjoy looking inside of some of these cars especially at the dashboard and how it compares to a dashboard today is pretty simple 1909 EMF placed fourth behind that of Ford Motor Company Buick and Maxwell with Cadillac running fifth in 1910 and again held on to fourth place behind Ford Buick and overland and in 1911 the firm placed second in overall assemblies of twenty six thousand nine hundred automobiles produced for the year the MF also made cars for the fire department police department they made racing cars they were pretty popular this was a promotional stunt these cars were so easy to drive even a child 50 would also note that all the steering wheels are on the right hand side but that was a common practice in those days begin a promotional stunts EMF had a tremendous promotional opportunity in 1909 when they were chosen to be the Pathfinder carpet occludin tours the Gooden tour was not a leisurely tour that you took in your car it was a grueling test of both man and automobile the tour was named after Charles Litton pictured here with his wife that was a larger-than-life character who first became successfully involved with the Telegraph in his shoes Clinton invented and set up the first telephone exchange in eighteen seventy eight after having met Alexander Graham Bell glidden made a fortune in the telephone business and sold out in 1901 and soon became involved with the automobile in its development 1902 a year after he retired he and his wife Lucy started a tour of the world in their automobile they were both certainly adventures sometimes when the road was impassable were there were no roads he carried an extra set of fly inch wheels so he could put the collar on the railroad tracks as you see here and drove along merrily on his way in 1904 he took part in the first trip away tour in the 1905 the tour was named the glidden reliability to learn his honor Clinton donated the prize money in the trophy annually here’s a photo of the trophy that Gooden presented to the winner and the winner also got a miniature of his car and sober put a top the pickle here you see an actual trophy that was donated to him the scene if you notice on top of the world that will carve so longer there so I don’t know what happened miniature cars made out of silver the globe out of porcelain and the base on the silver the winter cockpits along with a two-thousand-dollar award which was pretty good money in those days Charles couldn’t believe that the automobile was not just a toy for the rich we develop into a serious means of transport as required building confidence in the pledging horseless carriage and a solemn road system at this time major travel was usually undertaken by train or by river steamer so wolf trip away and glidden wanted to encourage new road building to encourage people to travel to go for their West the original tours were started by Triple A and we’re designed basically for adventurous tourists and also automobile clubs that wanted to be involved in over the time manufacturers of the automobiles could see a tremendous sense of advertisement if their automobile could come in without any points against them and showed that it would be a very reliable car and so after a while it was pretty much all taken over by manufacturers which was a case in 1909 but in this video clip of an earlier Tory you can see everybody that seems to be included even motorcycles you’ll also see a lot of different cars represented here I know this clip will make the video longer that is very rare footage of the very first tour at the Triple Aim put

out and in this story you won’t see the competitiveness of manufacture so much of people just out there having a good time kinda let out of this video clip but I want to leave enough in so you get a feel for what the tool was like and also the number of cars that were involved with different types of cars were involved you as you can see here some had a little bit more difficult time getting up a hill to others 19 09 gluten curse were the first or travel west of Chicago the 2600 mile course was the longest and most rigorous course up until this time they went from Detroit the Denver Kansas City as a matter of comparison the 1907 to her average 98 miles per day 1908 or 132 miles per day while the 1909 gluten nights would average 180 miles per day the increased strand the cars as well as drivers resulted in fewer participants there were 13 contestants for the clinton trophy at the start of this race and of those eight finished with a perfect score one contestant remarked at the trouble with most glidden tours was that could weren’t enough losers road conditions were particularly tough on Springs which were a source of a chronic trouble many of the roads were deeply rutted and fast tracks of San were also encountered the cars that were equipped with shock absorber seemed to fare better than those not so equipped in contests and suffered less fatigue the dryness of the weather and countered also caused considerable trouble with the wooden spoke wheels it looks like most these folks are having a good time what’s this got to do with EMF oh I told you before that EMF was selected to be the Pathfinder car for the good in tour of 1909 the Pathfinder car was responsible for finding a route that would be passable for the Grand Tour and they would find on many rooms that were impassable and have to turn around and find another Road this would be the car that would take the most abuse of the whole trip and as such it got a lot of prestige for being that car and the company could put it in all their advertisement yourself back in that time period think I’ll tuck it would be I’m able to take a real adventurous and spirits and be able to do this on these cow paths and dirt roads with mud water that they had to go through with no gas stations along the way they had to carry pretty much your own gas as much as they could then of course they had no motels back then so you know where are they going to stay well we’ll address that in a minute they also had to use your ingenuity when they had problems I mean if they got stuck and the gun bogged down they couldn’t get themselves out they had a fine meniere’s farmer she would get a horse to hook it up to it maybe the men themselves had a pole and be pretty

difficult situation I think today they would have had t-shirts selling on stands as as I survived the glidden tour and they mapped out the Rope they were pretty much always near the railroad does where most of the roads were and even the call password near the railroad tracks and so each night they would meet the Train it was a special glidden Train the Train provided food lodging car repairs and hospitality there were six sleeper cars and to diner cars on observation car a garage car that had the equipment to fix any problem and may come up with the cars and also a newspaper car for the reporters which carried the latest communication equipment for that era and the MFP in the Pathfinder car for the Torah certainly did hurt sales at all there’s a photo of the cooks and the service staff for the train once the EMF pathfinder had established a wrote he took it back to the core committee and everything was put in place to start this tour of 1909 this is what the Detroit water proper flake in 1909 but before the race started on Monday July 12 Detroit hosted a big party for the tour there were banquets and factory in show room tours a band concert in front of City Hall in an afternoon and Belle Isle with a parade of over a thousand cars many of them decorated followed by gains an athletic competition the parade began at Woodward and Grand Boulevard and proceeded down Woodward to Jefferson and across the ballet old bridge and around the island there were of course floats but a lot of the cars are made into their own homemade floats and other thicker having a good time this looks like George Washington Crossing the Delaware notice that some of these clothes were taking advantage of the prayed for advertising here we have Morgan right tires and on this next book we also have Morgan and right tires but they weren’t alone there’s Goodyear tires they want to make sure that everyone knew where they could get their tighter through the lungs automobiles there and of course they had music for the festivities and the night before they had all camped in downtown Detroit here you can see the tents I was kind of surprised to see that every car had the coupler foot over pretty good care of the car I guess maybe just mainly to keep the dust on you have to remember that a 1907 there were them any cars in Detroit so a lot of people had to take the very across the valley you know I don’t think I’ve seen a woman than any of these pictures on the ferry all men there are so many people going over to bail on that the D&C both the city of Cleveland was put into service well eventually was time to start the race and so they r escorted by dance escorted all gotten position at the starting line and we’re ready to go and in this photo you can see the glutens were there to wish them well of course there had to be a starting gun but has been here enough like a good deep end Detroit so one of the Pope’s didn’t just keel over from the fumes and they’re off only twenty six hundred more miles to go course the crowds were huge in Detroit they lying both sides of the street for quite a ways as cars started their tour and no matter where they went on about hospitality was always shown another tour I imagine some people was just curious about the automobile perhaps the first one they’ve seen at least not that many at one time I can just imagine one of them saying hey look mall there’s one of those horseless carriages I can imagine the

heads and pretty exciting times on that trip I know I be pretty excited just going across this bridge okay where were we now oh yes EMF I got off and a little bit of a tangent there I just found this Clinton who are so interesting and there was so many photos and this film is over 100 years old ivy I was excited to see it all and I thought well you might enjoy it too and indirectly it is connected to EMF because they did have the Pathfinder car there so what happened to EMF why did they go out of business well basically there’s three reasons the first one is Henry Ford every time that EMF would cut their price Henry Ford we’ve got his price as well so they were never able to gain market share the second reason is quality control what started out as a very reliable car became very unreliable so much so that people began making jokes about what those initials stood for EMF some said is to throw every morning frustration others said that is good for every morning fix it some said it was every mechanical fault and snow others said every misfire guder Baker became very unhappy with EMS poor quality and lack of management they gained control of the assets and plant facilities in 1910 to remedy the damage done by EMF Studebaker paid mechanics to visit he John satisfied owner and replace the defective parts in their vehicle at the cost of about a million dollars of the company the EMF name continued into 1912 with the Studebaker name becoming more and more prevalent on the car in 1913 name was replaced by Studebaker the third reason was that the partners were quarreling it was over Studebaker metzger had not favored the alliance from the beginning and now he convinced Everett then it had been a bad idea to Flanders scarcely the diplomatic source pumped and pumped and literally blew the partnership away in may of nineteen oh nine it was revealed that the E and the M of EMF were leaving the company selling out their interest the Studebaker Lander stayed was Studebaker and rend DMF division of her number of years of these three but eventually they parted ways to what happened to the three men after the left EMF is another story in the south but i’ll give you the condensed version here they all went on to build their own automobiles which all failed eventually but then much later on maybe 10 12 years later you all got together again and decided to build a car named after Eddie Rickenbacker the thing was World War one East thinking back was very involved in the automobile he was an excellent mechanic he was a racecar driver and became vice president of the new company they built a very unique car as you can see from the pictures here but the company came to an end Flanders died in an automobile accident and the company basically fell apart after that due to Baker eventually sold the poor urine plan to the Havers auto company what I didn’t realize is that this plan house four different car companies first was northern they built the plan in 1906 then of course it was taken over by TMM corporation and then of course Studebaker dissolved EMF and sold their own cars out and then eventually the plan was sold to the haters whole company organized and poured Sharon in the spring of nineteen ten by brothers bread and her miss Havers the Hebrews motor car company sold their first production vehicles in 1911 cars original manufacturers in space declared within the courtier an engineer treasurer company facility but in 1912 the Havers motor car company purchased the former pmf factory after a Studebaker closed the plant neighbors built no more than about 1,200 cars between 1910 and 1914 so it’s very rare to see our restored Havers there’s a couple here that we’re showing you pictures of but and the whole country there’s just a handful notice the stache there’s a little bit more intricate than the last one that we looked inside of every year they put a few more things in the dash I’m tell what we have today the night of July seventh nineteen fourteen a disastrous fire destroyed the factory complex I always thought that they went out of

business because they didn’t have insurance on the factory but that wasn’t the case they did have insurance I revived the company announced plans to rebuild but creditors had their doubts and petitioned the court to have it a judge bankrupt the creditors thought that the management team at Havers left a lot to be desired and the Havers come he never recovered all this history connected to this brick building on Elmwood I wonder the folks sitting in as Havers automobile thought to themselves someday poor turns going to be known for their automobiles and we almost were in our next video we’ll look at something else on how would Street

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