Today I want to tell you about myself experience as I have done during this time for manage to win 80 thousand dollars with wilder all and well it’s just the first part of the first stage of the road right now Let’s see how much we can earn not known but we will do so minus one a calculation of how much would be we can win with a thousand errors already in one ago about ago 5 or 6 months and we will see is this book called profitable franchises and in it he revealed how I win I managed to earn 10 thousand dollars a month with w√≠lder this book became best seller in in amazon and good or it is already another figure today we will be talking about 80 thousand dollars a month and forgiveness monthly not 80 thousand dollars with w√≠lder all and well For that I have to prove it, I’m going to move on to share my screen but before sharing the screen I go to say hello to mali maribel zambrano also welcome carmela Nawal and also Tony Valenzuela welcome everyone now yes we go to start screen sharing here I want to show you this screen so that see is good in the range I want first tell them that there is more in w√≠lder or less about 40 thousand users and in that range between promoters I am in position 14 until Today’s date, I have been several months there in that post I went up yesterday was 13th place but Today again I reached 14 with two thousand 868 points is something that can be achieved you have to work hard yes but you can reach and well I have been there for several months in this in this position and over here they I will reveal the figures I wanted to show you this figure and so plus there are some other figures that I have earned in euros and in Brazilian reals and good and there is another amount of money they are on their way ok so this not for every day we are winning money in some cases it would almost be at autopilot but in other cases we must continue working to increase income first of all and second to replace the people who are they withdraw because obviously you have know that all the time people are not kept in the lead or people who maybe buy some they buy for emotion others do not know that are buying some don’t learn to use it other people don’t see utilities and they retire and there are some other people who do not learn use it and then they also leave so you have to be working you have to be working all the time to be replacing those people and good for here within the people’s I will show you this second page I want show you the ranking a little so see some of the people and what places are already this because you if you open your w√≠lder platform or find the street in the first place second sabbath led and six weak in third place and good everyone these are referent referents internationally most some others come from the market Brazilian because lead at the start in brasil y bueno has many promoters most promoters are at brazil not because it started there first well around here we see marco van trova unitary wilder barbie figueroa del mar lorenzo si itunes rafael rodriguez spencer gym terol from came roberto rodriguez franco dorival and i am luis Hern√°ndez in position 14 and good here there are other affiliates of all we are going to see it here some of them well they are selling every day they are selling wilder today not this is more than everything monthly and this that they are here are the best affiliates today so there are also other people who that although they are around here, they are generating income they are earning money every day with wilder from We charge these commissions from weekly and well there is nothing first present the product must first show what bill terol is like by inside and this exhibition that I’m going to do today today I want to bring this page which is the affiliate page of w√≠lder there and I want to go to this part of

here it was a phrase that was good to me among other people here the people who are already building their businesses With a leader or people that we have already started some time ago not as they are patricia camelo still stands rub√©n santiago also the same David the girl here I am Luis nancy hernandez forgave is also yesterday was disputed also keep promoting w√≠lder but to these words that were the words of er and salgado which are seven irrefutable business laws successful were those who initially well they shocked me and I took them apply in my life and right now I’m going to show and were the cause of all these amounts of money that I have won with this product which is a affiliate product a product of third parties that generate income recurring on two levels and right now I’m going to show you why I took them for me and it has worked for me that is why I want reveal fabrics today and you can go to this affiliates end of dotcom page ok I want I want to know if you are watching my page so if you confirm me please if are watching on the screen and now 106 let’s start and let’s talk about each of them what first I want to tell you about him perfect product so here it tells us bild her√≥les one of the best digital marketing platforms and website construction in the world and it is true because of the ease meets some requirements and also has not only to build web pages but which has lots of tools digital marketing i want to tell you that when I started with barely bill deron had 17 marketing tools digital today is over 30 and the price it’s the same and every day they are improving then I will show you some of them it’s a guitar it was in the build event I think that you already know but what I want to show you why this product is one of the best in the world because it is a product that we can Get it from $ 19 to less 70 dollars and we will have this product integrated to all of these tools then it’s a good one product provides good support has been maintained for good I have three years using it and it has remained very well obviously like every product has failure has improvements to make but is improving all the time then I love that so let’s look at some of them this is the guitar funes leader the builder from chih tang funnels this is the the the builder the drach android and is also to build web pages and use the drag principle and drop since it is cut and paste this is the tool one of the latest tools you have build erol and it’s as simple as copying and paste in this way because it is built in pages here and I also want to tell you which is the constructor that has the best loading rate of web pages that is indexes very easily has a times Extraordinary Loading Pages that are created in this constructor are extremely fast if you know how to create it obviously because some people begin to add defects and photographs do not know how to optimize the y obviously it took a little longer then we have here the tool of email marketing which is the inbox mail there’s also another page builder web which is the pixel perfect is also they build the pages very easy and was functional you can also use either one there is a crm to manage clients customers arriving here at clm we can handle them from any way we can put labels we can fill a database them we can follow up we can know how hot or how cold are to make a purchase or not on cdm will give us statistics if they visit our website if they reached our web page which pages visited on what page took longer if they saw our video if they only saw one part of the video if they watched the entire video or how many minutes did you watch the video on end this gives us strong statistics about our prospects there is also the test tool social a script generator that it is also very important for everyone those texts that we want

use to generate sales we can use it for hyphens of sales in sales letters for scripts ad sales to create alluring ads in let’s say on facebook or social media yes we want to create email campaigns marketing from here we can generate all those campaigns or the texts the scripts of the texts we can generate with the electric generator we have e-learning which is a tool to create academies virtual this is the old one right now I show that there is another one that is new and very powerful there is a tool to create webinars another tool called site bots these are a kind of chat bot that you can place in each of the pages of your website and you can create answers in automatic is the tool and commerce to create virtual stores that good for these days there is a lot of need people bring their businesses to Internet for all the pandemic that forced to close businesses then they are wanting to have a sales strategy online ecommerce is what we going to help you get it have a build tool or building app app there is the magazine tool you you can create magazines or magazines digital inside the leader there is a design studio to create images videos or facebook in short everything you can do from here from the studio design there is a builder from presentations as is as if was chaired as if it were an powerpoint also from here you can using floating video is one tool to create floating videos and be able to post it on the website these these videos are those that are build with green background and can be place on any web page seems let your image float there a video tag tool for good is a way to edit a video that is already uploaded let’s say to youtube or any platform we can we can bring it on video call the video and place there some and you have important for capture or to do some action by example capture email or for put a button on it to take you to sell or to download something you can do with this tool a 3d photo editing studio app notifications it is also a tool to create animated videos the tool eo reports the hot map tool for that you know where on your page it is where people are browsing the most frequently a car tool post there is a chat bot to use with messenger or lock to share or iron lakers sometimes to access viral content is the tool of Roulette to deliver coupons mainly from amazon want from soon do some strategy with Amazon coupons you can do it from here is the video break with these videos can be made as a video nothing that your videos for your videos squareAdos to make strategies of marketing through social networks please help me they close the microphones but I was given here select all microphones ok thank you very much there is an autoresponder tool for instagram you can connect it to tourist grant and you can have answers Automatic programmed from there the tool to send sms messages en masse with text messages there is the responsive blog creator There’s also a new tool from block I am going to show them right now is the integration with wordpress you since weak you can’t install it wordpress to hosting came and you can work if you like use wordpress for your projects is a tool to build let’s say if you are in your city want to create a directory and host there the different businesses What is in your city because you can do with this tool too you can create emails or emails professionals more than everything are accounts business email no for different and maybe you use it with your domain does not need use tools like gmail if not you will use mail tools professional using your domain also this access tool to other users that you want to hire or who want to help some virtual assistants you hire at other places in other countries or at

same city but want to come to help you let’s say build web pages that they can give them access with this tool is the tool of a webinar builder is also very powerful from here you can manage the dns of each of your websites is the video with him WILDER THAT TOO very interesting I recommend that you give it a little pass if you need help then there in this part in aid because you go to find so you know a little more about what a builder is all about special responsive to build web pages for mobile devices there is a marketplace tool at through which you will be able to sell the products you create the products digital you think you can sell it here in the marketplace is the tool automation telegram or you you can create automatic messages here Automated via voice for promote your funnels through telegram and here as I was saying is the new e learning and this is a platform that it is well it is renewed it comes very interesting to create virtual courses then I wanted to make you this review so you would have it important it is cost-benefit leader everything you take for a maximum of $ 70 there are others there are plans for 49.9 there are plans for 29.9 and one of 19.9 but it is interesting to see that there is no other product on the market Let’s say give as much benefit for cost so little that it is so low that has ok so for me it is very important to continue using wilder on and keep promoting lead all because delivery too much maybe not all people reach use the full potential of w√≠lder by that’s a super super important product to promote and is the main product that I have in my portfolio of products to offer really is is wonderful that’s why it sells so much and that’s why it is also sells and more than anything let’s say if you are in the European community there that there is a life style of life with higher level because for you on cost may still look smaller for us Latinos the cost is seen a little more inflated no but for europe the cost is still very much very much more representative good let me answer here some questions before continue clear subtitle that if you hurt I want to continue with you here I am going to share the screen again so after seeing everything I want to go back here and we see that it is a perfect product it is ideal that is How do I tell you the cost / benefit ratio it’s awesome there is no other product as complete as good as this one even I have been in this for three years now I think this story has reached use about seven tools from all because the ones I’m using specialized in using them well and with that I have managed to win 80,000 more than 80 thousand dollars then not this one this is a recommended product we will the second of the seven laws which is to be a high demand and application product real just look around the entrepreneurs and business owners are looking at the web every day an easier solution and cheap for your websites and the digital marketing and demand continues growing day by day and this is literal really right now as I was saying we are living in a time of pandemic where then confinement us forced us to stay home to close it on Most local businesses during some time and some businesses have lasted closed more than two months and not they endured and went bankrupt is amazing to see see that most of businesses are not ready for two months without generating income not then all these businesses that are going bankrupt or those who have not yet gone bankrupt are looking for alternatives to take them to internet the person they had let’s say a hardware store or the one that had one boutique or the one with a sale of books or those with what do I know so many options so many businesses that are looking to try today bring all these strategies to internet and guess what they need a hosting and guess what they need a mastery and guess what they need it to be easy to implement easy to use and

easy to get going than before one week your business is rolling by internet and you can find this with w√≠lder all that’s why a product which is very good and you know it’s not going to disappear or people are buying more and more and right now is watching the sale of has exploded domain and the sale of hosting and you are in the market we are in the market that more prepared it is to grow in the next months then it’s a product the third is very high in demand to rule of the seven laws of successful business is to be a niche enduring look here the internet tells us they’re not going anywhere and I’m talking about the internet niche and We are also not positioned today as a leader in a niche that will never end we are committed to becoming a player important in this industry at next decades while the internet lasts It will last as a leader because it is high demand not there at least this team barely for europe is starting so I think there is a lot for sell there and the internet in general is a niche that will last a long time time is here to stay and now more that we are seeing the need for communicate and the need to do sales and the need to carry knowledge education through internet then this is the most niche enduring that will exist during next decades and well we are preparing to generate income during all that time ok I hope you also see this possibility internet cover many its niches not it matters in the business that you are not what you do matters to what you do dedicates you will need a presence at internet and if you are willing to pay here is vile terol that does not offer you his hosting and all its more than 30 36 digital marketing tools la fourth law that has monthly income recurring all of us here we know that we acquired some wilder plan all and we have to pay it monthly while interns are at us generating income or serving us so that our businesses generate us income so where the income recurring monthly will be arriving and if this one you arms a network of consumers recommend this product to many people 50 to 100 200 500 people that you I recommend and these people stay there buying because you are going to have income and best of all is that you go to be able to collect every Thursday the best way to build a business long-term sustainable and promote the products or services that people need to survive and this is almost a must now onwards and some time ago I kept watching but right now it’s more important than before when promoting our monthly plans you can start to build a monthly income recurring for months and years coming then this is the product suitable for monthly income Recurring is not a product of one only sale but sold month after month and automatic irresistible vile terol on the platform digital marketing more than exists today from just 19.9 dollars per month is not only one of the best products available but has the price that but the price it’s irresistible look I’ll tell you I will return to see something here look let’s see some of these tools there are email marketing tools that they are worth more than 70 normalistic dollars there are crm tools worth more than 70 dollars a month there are platform tools schools that pay more than $ 70 monthly there are e-commerce tools they also have to pay for example copyright has a $ 60 plan no I think the cheapest plan for chopi file is $ 29 a single month one single tool then there are different tools which cost more than the same leader and w√≠lder on you can start at work it out from a $ 19 plan so I think it is very important that you know that this law applies here from irresistible way this offer of w√≠lder on is very very attractive to anyone entrepreneur who takes his business seriously on the internet well the sixth law that the product that you go to promote have marketing professional and sales funnel yes no no

no use was the creation of worlds and marketing can be complicated and confused but don’t worry we have you covered we have elaborated Carefully professional materials Marketing Sales Funnels That Get You will help make sales faster it is never that bill give a se specialized in building the tools we need the most entrepreneurs digital when starting a business on the internet then there is this law is one of the most important and not it only serves to promote bit of the signs that you can also promote your own products the products you have for sale if you suddenly have a fruit sale a greengrocer you can create a page website of a virtual store with all tools this davidson is promote them and you will be able to generate more income that only having the physical business because what your business will be exposed to more people and it will take them easier the person from home maybe they go to to be able to take the products and they will go to be able to make digital payments and the product if you have a service of home delivery you will be able deliver it to people at home then it is something that is also attractive to them alright let’s go to seventh law which is the leverage of sales and here tells us that with our two-tier membership system you can take advantage of the work of others to build a business that doesn’t will require your constant attention then We already saw this represented in these earnings I should only have like about 90 people in me front level and below it as each one has been getting more people and has been building networks some more than others not all have the ability to build networks but some people for example they buy w√≠lder on only for your personal projects and that it also generates income for me and there are others What if they want to sell there for promote it and start networking and that also generates income does not matter that they arrive and maybe we will show you look maybe I get commission of 8 dollars is for example which is let’s say in my second level and in the first sale I do not earn anything but from second month I will be generating recurring income $ 3 $ 0 one dollar dollar 0 72 000 2 52 45 dollars 8 dollars and the sum of each 26 dollars 26 dollars the sum of each of these of this quantity d because month after month it increases and goes generating more income I don’t know if they are does it’s interesting to have an income recurring they are getting every month that are receiving month after month and in this devilder all case for example that we pay weekly I don’t know if anyone here are receiving weekly income by internet for example well I think Maribel told him that if I don’t know if you can open a moment of the maribel microphone and if you find it interesting in all this Revenue All-Wilder Strategy recurring first and second level you need around here with a leaflet which of which I have never received the 100% nowhere on the first of the first sale that from the first At that moment the called me a lot attention that is because they are usually given a proportional part but 100% or be that is for me very well and for the other side her the fact that she charges weekly as in america in the us is charged all week then it seems to me that I am in the US that charged a week and everything here in europe there are no issues and weekly then that also is true that when it comes charging every week gets excited because even if it’s on the first income is getting excited because depending on the action you know that this fight is going to grow I I always say well it’s like a little girl fight until the fight grows but also something else that calls me very much very much the attention will come and acquiring knowledge and that you pay for it because you need to internet yes or yes learn the internet to get your business up and running or else you have to do this from your business so knowledge for me is very valuable because you are learning but is that at the same time you can share So, for me it is like wow I am

making money and I’m learning and I’m helping so this is on future for me is the future is what I I can share thank you very much many thanks maribel for me besides being the future is the present and you just got say three things that are very important and that I like to help learn and make money and you know we are winning money with practically the best product that is on the internet then that also fills me with pride precisely with rossi that rossi is here It is a girl who entered me because I did A pitch that I also sent you one photo when I put my first post until the first is the second but from the first of the strategies that we launched it took 127 thousand reached and the price only 10 10 10 and 14 the first time well the second time and between her entered Rosa she entered by a strategy of 14 days because the hitch with the topic of the 14 days of life I do not know I have created a hook to give value and I enter rossi for the strategy that not yet I start the strategy but I don’t start because you bump me and pushed and until I’m not there is time I will not do it you so rossi entered for the strategy and now I have as a plan you already have a prospect that an entrepreneur will also enter Imagine that is and I like that a lot already not because I have already sold the plan but what is the illusion when a person deposit in you that you are adding value and rossi takes me plus two or three weeks and has already learned to do things that she She is super excited and when she I ask something says it already I have it done in the rally is surprised says why I’m going doing what you tell me and there it is where do you realize the people that you you say and take action when they do and the thanks you already have every day at she what you help what you have said is the emotion that each entrepreneur gives you thank and at the same time you are also learning with them but you also win money then that what to me falls in love with this of course many thanks Maribel really is very important to you contribution and congratulations to you congratulations also to rossi because they have entered an impressive business and it will continue to grow I want to follow you sharing because I know that many of the people who are here will be asking clear you brought me to meeting but I want you to tell me how it is what did you do to win those 80 thousand dollars online well let’s go to the strategy around here the first thing I did that I saw when i entered the internet it is not there were many people promoting builder when i saw w√≠lder or lillo I said wow wow I have a chance awesome because I saw we had a super product and I saw that I could do it and The first thing I said is I’m going to go to youtube and if there is nobody on youtube and indeed there were very few people promoting I will try to reach first places Let’s say position ourselves in the first places with the videos doing tutorials and promoting wilder then I did it but unfortunately at February they hacked my channel on channel it had taken two years in build it and well it had about 6 or 4 thousand 500 followers but I lost it because it has stayed and right now I’m starting practically from scratch and I’m already talking to you of that but the important thing is that we started seeing people that they were doing business on the internet and between them, well, start to see these pages the first thing I did was come to see the pages and these testimonials at English obviously but how is the video on youtube Well I went and put it to be translated and I could understand and every time I was motivated more and well here is rub√©n Santiago who was a person who loved me helped a lot in my beginnings taught me a lot and good it helps me to take off really on the internet gave me a lot strategy I saw a lot of people in it spoke Spanish and speaks English so it was one of the first references that I had in build drone and have I have passed many people here and I want tell you that all the people who are here here we will see where where where here there are people who are here and others people who are no longer obviously because he speaks in english and saw their strategies and applied it me for my channel in Spanish my talk strategy and strategy also frank who also used many strategies to promote very well there is another person who is no longer

but that I also gave strategies of him and I said well I will replicate it on my channel from youtube and also uses strategies of them, that is, not only one can plan strategies but you you can see what they are doinggoing on leaders if you get here there are looking for all these people watch on their channels and you can see their channels you will see that each of them has a strategy different copy emulates it and set it to your style and sell and I’ll show you with good in order I come and see all the testimonies I begin to follow them through the channel of youtube I learn I begin to apply what what I see of them and it starts to give me result because they start coming first followers then this is on english but then when we say for Spanish was not that page yet and I was already a reference at the time so they called me also for appear in the success stories of w√≠lder on in Spanish and we were one of the first references patricia camelo David the girl started selling well he also started selling well together with her brother victor la chica they started selling well on the internet and they work at that time too with luis eduardo bar√≥n and well I entered under lu√≠s eduardo because it was the person who showed me the product and obviously I started to learn from him him was the one who introduced me to this product I am very grateful to him he does not appears here but sold a lot also as a leader then there we were also talking to rub√©n Santiago and well, thanks to him that also I managed to send my video and it appeared here in the success stories of w√≠lder on and good had already appearing here in the success stories I had to not honor that name too I met Nancy sorry or who is on my nets still remains daniel 8 sitting yesterday and there just to see and that alfredo garc√≠a good in this video already like it disappeared but this one all others we continue in leader and good comments on social networks and me would also position as like benchmark thanks to the work I did and Now I will explain how we did good i also met armando granado a great friend with whom then I have a great friendship and who else can fernando rubio too I knew him that what is still on I don’t almost talk to him but I know which is still then we start at put together strategies there if you want to know a little more I brought my website here because I start to capture on my website everything I’m doing everything I’m doing online talk to me with photos and with the greats referents and what I wanted was that when people will look for me at Internet better said when I did a post in any of social networks and the person did not know who was I then who came here and will find out who I was and what I could know that I already had the enough knowledge to guide him then as juan carlos castro square crisis your patrick peker every day get on all of them start me to go to the conference to meet in meetings with them and already stand out as a reference in the business market by internet here is luis eduardo bar√≥n good is camarena miguel ‘camarena by here is my friend mauricio g√≥mez people who are references in internet business pablo delgadillo around here andreas rojas in short well there are enough there is enough over here again with creel go up here I’m with Rub√©n Santiago, finally I create the book launched where he explained how it was that I got to win 10 thousand dollars monthly with w√≠lder did not become amazon and these 20 if you have the ability to write and achieve position a book on amazon this sells and they position you because it gives you authority no but what main month between was on my youtube channel this is not the channel that I started with is the one that creates just two months ago not the other me they stole in February do not start at make a lot of videos and be in that one so I was like two years old from channel and did not reach 50 subscribers and now and today this channel what is March

April May and we are in June as well two or three months have the channel and I have 544 subscribers, obviously, now I have a greater route and it is done easier but back then in two years I didn’t even make it account subscribers and when it starts to upload the tutorials is that people begins to see me as a reference like a guide with a tutor and start at ask me and hey I want to be at your team and what I did was I published video for example learn to use girls I don’t know if we are going to see and under the video what I do is teach how to use cheetah but below where can you find me and obviously you will find me where on my devilder affiliate link here is going to open wilder all and people start shopping And you know that when they buy with me Affiliate link remain on my network or even I had to talk to them but they came and from water or in addition can try for 14 days and ready come here and they test it and then they write me by any of the formats in some of the parts of my channel I always leave and at my and whatsapp or my email so that write to me and we wrote here by the same youtube in the comments they wrote to me we agreed and then being inside create business infinity that was the academy where I start teaching and in more depth all the concepts to do business online but using leader or as a base right now I’m talking about then you should do the same if you know makes it easy for you to create tutorials you can come here and do this and leave here all your links and in some of the links because people are going to arrive and in some of the links go to register with you that’s what I did one of the most powerful strategies so obviously I had to get to the top places and when people will look for w√≠lder on be in first place or hello leader at Spanish video references then I’m not here today because they stole from me my previous channel is the channel because it was closed it was stolen by some Japanese people they looted they started to climb a lots of videos and they did one awesome shell and youtube closed it the video then obviously me too sorry channel obviously me too had reported and today they are here at first place global yang in this word luis ossa who is also inside me network rodrigo corso global yang marketing digital Alejandra and Toni and Cesar Pescador It is also a reference start with Andrea Salinas Rodrigo Corso Luis Ochoa Caesar fisherman in short I do not have still video positioned around here because It discourages me, among other things, it gave me It was very hard to lose the channel and I said now I do nothing more but good daily next I went to rage good at two days to three days and I spoke to one of the girls who works with me at my favor download all the videos that was in the canal the canal in the center was still active then we started downloading and had more than 400 videos we download all this by upload them ok then back then the idea was not upload material let’s say high quality but wanted It was a lot and being in the first places well here is easy how easy with Iv√°n here is also olive francs from digital empires he also arrived these videos to be in the first places is no longer but it does compete with he and well I was always in the First places Gaspar L√≥pez also positioned very well gaspar lopez is in my network at diana castle I also saw that he has done a very good job anyway that is the idea that you three as many videos as you can and what place here because because this is going to give organic traffic you don’t have to pay for prospects but here you organic traffic is coming now Of course I will start again with my campaign to position myself here at first places is not going to be so easy because there is already competition in that so the word was not not they had discovered not so much sought then it was not so easy but now I it’s time to make another strategy wish to position myself here as in first places you find me like louisville pain if i show up at first places but even if I you are looking for as luisa hern√°ndez you are not going to find does not need in the first places singers in short I was already positioned in the first places but good this happens one was demotivated but has have to start stronger and here we go here we go and my channel as I showed you

right now has more than we’re getting close to the 500 videos and 544 subscribers in short you have to customize the channel because around here I haven’t done it yet but here in this part I have to place my whatsapp my website instagram my fan my phone ran everything here so that people have a channel how to communicate with me here I think which is more information I do not have even nothing like that then I have to optimize the channel first and then start uploading videos from current tools with tutorials current to start searching again I will be First weakness of forgetfulness but not in Spanish online business digital marketing who are the word that more traffic generated at the time of doing business on the internet ok this is what I recommend at youtube because it is free traffic and well simultaneously I created the academy infinite business and at first it was not as much as an academy if not more personalized training every Tuesday as well as this and started at teach one thing and another and change mentality and already see how the were made internet business and how they were put together business structures how it is I created a funnel how was a infrastructure online and was already taking more form I created several courses so what I did is put on a platform and after we made the platform we deliver much more training valued at more than seven thousand dollars that was when we created the community of leadership and here we deliver all of these Completely free trainings at people who will buy builders under our affiliate link and what we did was also expose this to Community-wide provision of all people below us so that I also did both vouchers are delivered vouchers are valid for an increase in sales then it sold a lot it sold very much during all that good time here this whole page is no longer there functional because we no longer deliver these bonuses but we continue to provide access to the academy that already has more training courses are 100 by percent of us from students bill of those who have started at also build your ventures at internet and they are already success stories no So let’s see here I think it was where to good here at this part then then the other than did was start bringing traffic from my fan page but here on fan page if I he had to pay here what he did more motivational tutorials as well this that are to say nuggets are squares and in each of them always I put the link right now I am sending to infinite business because obviously from there we have one strategy that within business infinite is that we sell w√≠lder on but it does not serve me all ways to run traffic all the major amount of data to see is useless that you have a website that you have social networks if you do not leave your data if you don’t leave your website if you don’t leave your mail if you don’t leave your whatsapp in each of them does not stop that people follow you look for you that by any dice where I look for you find no then that’s what I started doing here but here if there is to Paying here did pay campaigns from a dollar a day not that you can do and you can segment what happens is the following that w√≠lder is a product all niche and right now I’m going to demonstrate people who arrive here at w√≠lder on there is everything or you cannot dedicate yourself to reaching an entrepreneur only to entrepreneur because there is everything is multilevel and there is a coach there are people including others industries maybe dental professionals in veterinary medicine and is good well then this tool what I like it is that it is all public you you can put together the strategy you want to the public that you obviously want to be has segmented and can generate income with those graphic designers web developers all kinds of public are there for I got enabled and that’s what I I did here with facebook and obviously well that the community began to grow many more people began to arrive and I started having more sales the same in this great great Peronist no It is my strength I am still nurturing it but I also do exactly the same around here I always leave my link so that people then contact me or contact us or see the strategy we have and well out there generating income I do not sell vile openly stopped not selling or selling or the product openly always explained how to do something and then I say this what did with came using this tool and that’s what led me to launch this

program that we use for seven days in december the first seven December days your first call internet business here we did several sales and what we taught here were people as well as says their name to have your first person online business who had never had a business in internet and that today they already have their businesses on the network did not have a website they had no presence they did not know how to do a video how to make a picture how make a logo and I’ll show you right now the pages so you can see that you can manage to build with someone’s guidance with a mentor then I became mentor of people around 70 people bought this workout not all are disciplined not all are educated some have already retired before inclusive of starting work we give them away at this time We give a free consultation completely free initial consultation and 70 only 46 arrived and of those 46 not everything applied then more or less about 20 people finished with an internet business in less than about 34 months and here it is Some of the course was quite a course intense over 200 lessons but I was teaching everything marketing mindset digital infrastructure online construction of construction website funnel in consultancies look at personalized consulting here are 46 consultancies from different parts of world united states spain costa rica Argentina from all over the world Entrepreneurs arrived and they already have some of them already do business at internet ok as is the case with mirtha go what Well, he spent the whole day the school spare never had one website and today it has its page web bought his wilder plan all and now It has its website and it is already shown as school reinforcement specialist at Let’s say a specialty that there is not one university that has that title but you you have to headline you to tell people hey sold I help you kids at who perform better at school that’s what she did ok and after you already had your personal website look I think this this course which is called learn and educate teaches other people to also be student tutors then because she I have never made a video we teach make videos sellers are coming I do not know if any of you have seen my video where we are always being interrupted on street vendors as something like there is this good then you already have your landing page sales letter your product made fully functional already recorded all videos and good is for sale her course and had never had We don’t even train a website from scratch and you know you are already a customer of Vilar√≥n and entered with our link of affiliate and if she keeps selling and keep taking advantage of this and want have her website while she is do will continue in build erol and this It is a real application of a person who knows nothing or did not know before we didn’t know anything about marketing digital dignity internet business and today he is selling his reinforcements through the internet look we have also the case of sergio occurred in this Sir this gentleman that we see around here that as you see a person with gray hair once and nothing I was not an impediment too we did with the consultant and on going to such a beautiful page that they have with sergio season we help you get the name we help you get your logo look at this beautiful thing the such nice colors of good he is Mexican and I think what he does is teach people how to sell their recipes to teach cooking type Mexican and over here because you go to find look at all the nice ones that has and before this because there was no had your website worth and this page it was made with bill they gave ok and already we can show the public and this is can do with uruguay bing had over here we also have our page which is called mommy transform and is a page that teaches women to highlight your beauty from the side internal and also from the external part how to eat well how to lose weight be at a healthy weight have a lifestyle it was delicious not eating well doing exercise and well this is another one of the success stories of that training and this person then as long as they have this course for sale because it also goes to go on build erol and it can show you in many cases more than the people of all blonde rose case that too she came to our training and she has this talking coach product that we also started helping each other with page and finally all this we did with

this training you can also do a workout like this sells training and inside you also sell w√≠lder on is that there is not one strategy to sell bill but they are multiple strategies each in one time at a certain time and every one of that strategy is channeling you it will generate five sales 10 sales 15 sales each month is generating a Momentum better not everything will come from overnight immediately you you are going to have 500 sales we are not going browsing and gaining experience until get what we want such is the case of once we wanted to do the challenge a million entrepreneurs we take them to the internet with several friends many people made sales because it was a blog let’s say it was a challenge which was group and between several we did and each generated sales project me he pushed a little more and helped me create the tour a million entrepreneurs and so we started to do coreferences by different parts of colombia from mexico no and here are some of the evidence of the conferences we have done and not we only sell let’s say trainings and we don’t just sell to w√≠lder all virtual but we also talk about it with people one one and we also talk about it in conference and we do workshops and also there we sell everything everything wilder is not As I tell you, a single strategy is not make an ad a picture a banner place it on facebook place it 100 dollars in advertising and you’re going to be millionaire not giving one thing the other the experience is giving it to you and I came here to give you ideas on how to start sell wilder or well this helped me that I will also create my own agency digital marketing that if you you become a marketing expert here at the academy we at academy because we help you to that to you you make me learn everything digital marketing necessary for You can also create your own agency of digital marketing I did not create my agency digital marketing and from here then we also sell development of web pages and there is this web page the We stay at the w√≠lder or we do it at people who buy from us buy bild and their website at we work in w√≠lder vale then look at all these pages they left there and all that you are going to be able to do if it joins with us at the marketing agency digital forgiveness at the business academy infinity and every Tuesday we are doing meetings like these live and every time we are uploading more courses even now as you saw I previously showed you that an arrived new elearning because there I go to I will begin to teach how to do tutorials for a new course for academy and I’m going to teach it here ok but we also have this system after seeing that people too They learned but did not take off because some learn at a different rate from another then we create this system that the dif system also for business infinity is a funnel that is semi automatic and that you can promote with a single affiliate link and the people also use it for let’s say get prospects get customers and show it to others prospects and also this is a help that we deliver to people who are in our affiliate network so as you can see they are multiple alternatives the ones you have to use to attract customers by internet but best of all is that as we said here in this part here in this part is that first of all it is an enduring niche anyone who wants to bring their Internet business is a niche for you and today salespeople writers coach people who people who talk about finances to lose weight to gain weight from those who have an office dental people who have a workshop people who have ideas from bitcoin internet business multilevel coaching in short there is no limit niche then don’t worry if from soon someday someone says hey you have to put a internet ad but you have to segment the first thing you have to tell him because I am not interested segment I can reach all the world what I do want is to get there obviously to a range of people you don’t you are going to sell to a boy who still have no idea what the are businesses that we had not yet needed to generate income and you have to and reaching people who may have finished college whatever over 24 years of age who are in need of generating income to maintain your home

people who have vision and want come and learn and while they learn start generating income and that’s it to what I have dedicated myself to teach them to the people who generatedin income and best of all is that from when entered this year my mission is to help more people who don’t know on the internet and make life easier because doing Internet business is not easy is not simple you have to learn but what we did with this system is that people can get here and even if they don’t know anything about generation income can enter and see what is various products to promote and within of them is build in which our flagship product and while they start at promote and generate income train at the business academy infinite begin to learn can last 12 36 months one year two years as long as while time they want to do business can be there at the academy and the best of all is that they can take off and they can count with the help of a mentor for that We have also created groups of whatsapp the telegram groups where also support with the community because many people have them same problems as the ones starting and they are progressing even if they are at a lower or higher level so dear friends like this It is how I have been able to generate more than 80 thousand dollars with bill deron is one of my sources of income there are other sources of income as already given counts but almost all sources of income are dependent on bildu for example the agency we create it with bildu and use of web pages so far too we built the academy with bill Then there is no limit there is no limits dear public well let’s see what’s around here tony let’s see challenges louis siret watch tony in that so I was super focused on generating income in generating income and in generate content content a lot quality content and he didn’t take care of my passwords no he didn’t I double checked I didn’t know what was building at the time they took it from me I said my god I know they took a part of my life it they took a part of my generation from income this does not happen to me again is good that it happens to me to learn but I will never do it again in my life and I will I assure you that right now that account has all levels of security I’m here yes that is that the one that one has written with block change for that nobody can enter there if not me so if I took all the measurements from I also hope it works for you as an example is is there something to take care of the heritage that we we have the greatest assets are the online infrastructure and those are our social networks to take care of ours let’s say our fanpage our channel youtube our web pages to take care of our lists everything must be taken care of and be Veronica and how it was that they took everything that photo with all of them has been found at events and veronica he paid a lot too I want that clarify I have not paid a lot to go to one training to another training at another training and then without penalty I go behind each one of them and I knew I had to be with all of these people because it has influenced positively in my life and I asked him for one photo and the best thing is that They are neither selfish nor credits like we say here in colombia they are the most one photo you dance hey I want to take a photo with you with the greatest of tastes and everyone takes the picture who the who doesn’t dare is one but every time that you go to an event to prevent a photo look for that person and take a photo with them later it is easier and you you become friends with it drink beer you drink coffee they have lunch and it’s easier the photo there are even meetings where not there are photos and then he says wow he had what to take a photo withn this person who It is also a reference and I forgot but good if there have been several events and the face-to-face events also help help change mindset and improve says Tony amazing there is history You will no longer find the seo strategy If you know what I am going to do, I will use training to teach yourself or on youtube

at level says The same happens to me I do not sell direct I first call for action and then with his hook is that we should not sell w√≠lder or first second bill deron does not allow us to use your logo its pages to sell I think it is prohibited or I believe it is limited no because a trademark already registered and third doing it the right way when you you start putting people in a product they don’t understand it they don’t they know they don’t know why for what it is then they will not buy you because they don’t make sense to me why am I going to buy those and I don’t know what it is but if already begins to explain it and this is for make web pages to do on points of sale you can have your products and start doing the tutorial and people begins to understand says wow I need it so I created the need carmela tells him says let’s go to to see this video again this video of business revolution 3.0 no you can see it in my funnel revolution 3.0 in funnel I don’t understand carmela I don’t know if has made clear to me and that video that you just put right now what does the revolution 3.0 say if they put it in me good because that helped me do it marta they put it in the funnel and then I’ve been going through that funnel at several people until one person me he says but the video is not seen and I entered to see and if you really did not see the good video I ask that I upload it to vimeo and if you caught it is the link that I I have on vimeo that video is protected so that it can only be seen on this channel on my channel not on other channels then then if you want the form is not found downloading them is not ethical no but I give permission and you can download and upload it to your channel and already from there if they can if they can reproduce what and what she asks you is of the videos of the video 123 of when you gave us infinite business you Do you remember that there were some to the video dispensation they will talk about video 2 on video 3 then was of revolution digital video how it was connected to your channel youtube which is the one that closed you ok otherwise I don’t download it because it didn’t upload it on your channel so that’s why right now I don’t know because I don’t know how he marks it will have done it because the normal thing was that achieved downloaded and would have uploaded it in the carmela channel because I have downloaded your video invite me to them and I can see it and if you want why not you pass him the affiliate link though the sorry the link of your video so that it can see why those videos are they lost if you took that link from me from my video even I had to rethink many things and change many videos of your funnel of when and you went past the previous one of the calendar there are already changed several things didn’t do a previous funnel anymore several things changed right now is this one new funnel if they can do it then I recommend that you take this new video I don’t have the public link yet that’s why they won’t be able to have it but there are applications that allow to do the download the video ok and you don’t have the video provided to us at the agent is not that I want to put it on difficult for me to work a little bit this good this week I do not have I have time a little limited but for there at the end of the week you can write to me Today in Luis you promised me the videos so I make you the link ok good carmela says i sent you a message to help medon’t me unit works from no partner who does not has been able to connect negotiates good carmela I think this is the same video as that we are talking about not then solve it that way but partner who has been able to connect us with infinite business write me write to me on my whatsapp and what we solve veronica says that the following entrepreneurs let us know how take care of our best youtube accounts because I still I don’t have but I know I will have it look no it was only youtube because they had to enter my email hack my email and there was all the information that I got arrived my bank accounts Let’s say I have an account there company called one and one where I bought several domains I forgot the password because it’s been a while I bought and that was connected with my email and now I don’t know how to recover that good account just ask lost the youtube channel but everything had I lost it I have also had to go to

all these entities to banks change the email address with others companies that had an alliance too change better said is a disaster not I knew the value it had but I will I’m saying so that it doesn’t happen to you are worth there are bad people there are people that not all the time sometimes one think it’s like one who is acting and working with a good heart no and there are people that is perverse, do not take care of maribel says through the numbers louis not everyone has the louis resistance and cdm I train every second week to advance as a team if maribel this is not a competition flat speed of 100 flat meters no It is a long-distance marathon and here it important is not that you are smart or that you are the person who knows the most more technical engineering not here what discipline and staying important all the time one month two months ten months one year two years three years until it works ok I said it in one of my videos when a fool goes for a I walk or the fool ends, that is I walk both are not eternal in my case I think the road will end This fool does not finish this fool for times as far as we can give and give and give and give and give and achieve more goals the way is not easy but nobody has said I don’t know can get all of us here we can achieve it and there are several cases of success does not pass bad link to see if you get it out edilberto infinite business point is you go there you can get it but you don’t have need of his brother insect maribel and according to you Luis good the truth is that I wanted show you in all this experience that I have lived a life experience no just for them to earn $ 100,000 80 thousand dollars but to earn a lot more than that I already have more than 80 thousand and I’m on my way to 100 thousand I hope get it what do I know three months two months there more or least I don’t know how to celebrate a birthday of the first $ 100,000 and nothing and for the million dollars that is possible now as I say no it is only with a thousand deron there are others tools there are other strategies there are other businesses that you can create around if you can control it then you are going to generate more income we are seeing what I earn with wilder there is no there are other businesses that I have around glass you don’t see those figures ok but what the good thing is that one thing complements with others and you can control it do it and this will help you to take off a lot Better your good business for me was a true pleasure to be with you all I hope you enjoyed it so much here like me from this training and see you next Tuesday bye bye and have a very good rest of week

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