– [RCSparks] Joe can you come here for a second? – [KrazyJoe] Yes sir – [RCSparks] Now I know you missed last week but people really want to see you as foreman And – They’re going to – [RCSparks] I don’t really want the other guys to know that you’re foreman, but I still want you to treat them like you’re foreman No matter what – So do nothing different then? – [RCSparks] Keep going – Absolutely – [RCSparks] You’ll see I built a new pad for the loader – It looks great! – [RCSparks] Now you can get up, sit nice and flat there there’s no issues – Sweet! – Fill up the hopper We’re gonna have the conveyor running a little slower today so we can keep that hopper full and keep constant pay going into the mine – Yes sir! – [RCSparks] Have we fired up the pumps yet? – Yeah for the small sluice – [RCSparks] Ah let me see They look nice and shiny One, two Nice even flow – [SluiceBox Steve] Level – [RCSparks] Yeah, nice and level I emptied this out already This one’s not up and running yet but soon to go Kev – Yeah? – [RCSparks] I need to see you for a second – Uh oh – [RCSparks] I want you to be foreman today – Okay – [RCSparks] But I can’t tell the other guys that you’re foreman But I want you to assert yourself and to tell them what to do when they’re telling you want to do – Okay! – [RCSparks] Thank you very much good luck today – Thank you – Thank you (water splashing) – [RCSparks] Got a great slope on there About one inch of drop per foot Angle of the camera makes it look a little different but for the length of the sluice boxes everything’s set up nicely I know that you were foreman before and I feel a little slighted that you’re not foreman any more – Yeah me too – I want you to be foreman today You tell them what to do (machine rattles loudly) – Oh gonna have to get it a little more level there (stones bounce around in the machine) – Rookie – Yeah – [RCSparks] I gotta tell ya, last week phenomenal gold job – Yeah friggin’ absolutely it was – [RCSparks] Best gold that I’ve seen – That’s right – And today no matter what, I want you to assert yourself as a foreman Somebody that doesn’t (air horn) from anyone Someone that doesn’t take orders from anyone And you go ahead and run the team the way you see fit Crack the whip – All right – [RCSparks] Good man! – Yes sir! – [RCSparks] Dude he’s sleeping on your jacket – He’s got his face buried in my jacket – [RCSparks] What’s wrong? – He’s just not starting the truck first – What’s the matter? – Kev, Kev slow down – [RCSparks] There it’s started! – There! – What’s wrong? – Nothin’ now – [RCSparks] All you had to do was start it before you drive it man – You do know how to turn a key right? – Yeah yeah I know – Okay – Just nobody’s shown me how to start this thing before – Oh I see – with the radio – Okay well – What type of foreman are you? – Now you know how right? – Yeah – Okay – Yeah yeah you should– – Carry on! – Sluice-ter – Hey – [RCSparks] What’s up? – Well we can’t run the shaker – [RCSparks] So there’s no power? – Yeah no power – It’s a power issue – [SluiceBox Steve] Yeah Got a broken wire right here Just the butt connector pulled apart – [RCSparks] The what connector? – The butt connector – [RCSparks] Can you grow up and stop being so immature about these things? (air horn) (laughing) – Okay – These nozzles plug up as fast as you unplug ’em – [RCSparks] Did you unplug ’em? – Well I’ve unplugged them all but they keep plugging up – [RCSparks] Perfect! – Would be great to get up and running (electric motors whine) – [RCSparks] Kevin a well experienced operator His resume says he has over 10 years experience just on this kind of excavator alone He’s probably just lining up for the perfect cut (clears throat) He’s charging an expensive– more than little giants he charges by the hour, he lives closer, it makes it easier for him to come out He must be just getting a feel on this new excavator here Getting her all workin’ Kev? – Yep! – [KrazyJoe] Let’s go! – We can start moving some pay anytime! – [RCSparks] Hey foreman are you gonna let him talk to you that way? – It’d be great to get this pay up to the plant here today – Come on Move faster Ah! Where do you find these people? Call this a hole operator? – [RCSparks] Joe brought Kevin! – You gotta un-curl just– – Yeah

– What is this? Excavator school? – It should be we need an excavator school – Well then carry on! – Do you need me to show you how to do that? – Joe how about you do this? – Joe, you know what? That’s an order You do it! – An order?! – An order?! – Yeah, yeah! Whoa whoa whoa whoa – [RCSparks] If anyone here is not a team player speak now or else maybe help out a fellow brother – All right I was trying to show ya Yeah can you just give him a hand there Rookie? Oh we got pay coming We just, we had some operator difficulties here – Oh? Equipment or operator? – Oh it was operator error – [RCSparks] Bring in the gold! Nice! Loader in the way! Someone move the loader! Beautiful (electric motors whine) First one up the ramp! Should be nice and high, careful make sure you’re centered! (laughs) Wonderful that looks amazing Wanting more of a constant flow of pay now Steve’s gonna have an opportunity to keep this hopper full Pay for the excavator It’s what it’s all about; moving dirt, washing the rocks, getting everything clean, taking the gold out Hopefully Kevin now everything has had a chance to sink in he’s feeling a little better on the excavator control Looks a little stiff though, looks almost like my excavator could use some lubricant But that’s not the case, it just looks like Kevin might be a little rusty Rookie pushing dirt today buddy like a boss! Getting down on our pay There’s only one way to get it out! (muffled electric motors) I switched Kevin and Sluice Sluice has slightly more experience on the excavator There look at that You want to back up just a tad and you’ll get it right in the hopper here – [SluiceBox Steve] How do I back this thing up now? – [RCSparks] Come on, meeting! Everybody in here – Oh meetings are never good – [RCSparks] Stop there Everyone you’re working way too efficiently and way too hard I don’t feel any humor here today This is YouTube Gold not YouTube Efficiency you understand? – All right – I want to see laughter, and you guys beating each other up! And right now it is required that you all skull a beer Fastest one to skull a beer gets to be foreman for the day and bosses people around I want to see it! I want to see it, look at this Joe’s in the lead Already of course Rookie straight up behind This is good it is, look at this Come on there we go Holy (air horn) look at this, Joe a boss! Look at that oh yeah Kev! (beer can hits the floor) Oh! (Joe sighs) – Yeah I’m foreman – [RCSparks] Sorry guys, Joe clearly wanted it more – Yep – Let me see Oh he almost got that – Well I got my ass kicked eh? – I know he got a 20 second lead on me! (laughs) – Wow! – Oh! – Did you get shot in the gut? – Yeah baby – Yeah – Guy touched my beer Oh no no – They say, they say – We’re doing well the last few times – [RCSparks] They say we shouldn’t be operating heavy duty machinery while we’re ripped right? Everyone in the comments section? – Nobody’s gonna work here then – [RCSparks] And how is it we get 100,000 people watching the show but only 300 people comment? Can you guys explain that? – I don’t know! – I don’t understand – Come on! Step up the comments! – [RCSparks] We’re gonna have to figure I got a new loop machine Shall we do some like dead rat? – Let’s piss around a bit – Do a YouTube – Yeah! – YouTube Gold looping mix?

They get stuck in their heads if you have a good song – One we can irritate the (air horn) out of– – Listen to this – You need a sample of all of us doing YouTube Gold baby – [RCSparks] Oh that’s a good idea – [Everyone] YouTube Gold baby! – [Sampler] YouTube Gold baby! – All right – In one take! (drum beats are added to the guy’s singing) – [Sampler] YouTube Gold baby! YouTube Gold baby! YouTube Gold baby! YouTube Gold baby! – We don’t want to seem repetitious – [Everyone] YouTube Gold baby! – Step up the comments! (Joe stutters) – Step up the– (Joe stutters more) – Step up– – We we we don’t want to seem repetitious – [Everyone speaking slowly] YouTube Gold baby! – That’s what gold rush is – That’s what gold is – Well that’s– (laughing) – [RCSparks] That’s the parody isn’t it? – That’s like every job, – Yep! – Repetitious – That’s right – Well and efficiency is really not on our priority list whatsoever – Well it is an RC show right? Everyone’s very serious about us catching gold and I love gold as much as everybody – I love gold – Gold! – but this is my gold hey? – We get gold – [RCSparks] Oh Rookie’s itchin’ to go, he looks ready to go He’s like “Enough beer time.” You know what that’s what a foreman would say Guys I have a question for you – Shoot – Yes? – [RCSparks] Have any of you ever wondered what this red box is? – I have wondered – Yeah – I’ve backed out of here – I’m assuming – and almost hit it – I’m assuming it’s the main – I have – electrical breaker – wondered a time or two – [RCSparks] I want the foreman to make sure everyone is paying attention – [KrazyJoe] Okay everybody pay attention – Hey! – Hey pay attention guys – No no no no! – Pay attention – I said the foreman – He said the foreman – Okay are we ready? – Well I’m right here – He said the foreman – Yeah yeah I’m right– I’m here I’m here – I beat you in the – No! – beer chugging contest! – Oh that’s true that’s true – Don’t tell me! – There was a beer chugging contest – True true – Are you ready? – He did win the chug yeah Ugh! No – Electrical plug female you know? – No But Steve saw it – That’s the one – Steve saw it – Power – Power! – Yeah There’s been power here the whole time and you guys have been making – Why are we running me use the generator? the generator if we have power right here? – Oh for Pete’s sake! – [RCSparks] For years? – What? (laughing) – What do you mean what? – Come on boss why? – You couldn’t tell us this? – [RCSparks] I thought you guys would like it – Efficiency’s not on the top of our list – There is is It can’t be a mine site without a noisy pump, would you not agree? – I totally agree! – True! – We need the pump – True We need the pump – Okay forget you ever saw this red box! – Get the top in first – [SluiceBox Steve] Didn’t need choke I guess (engine starts up) – [RCSparks] Beautiful! Looking good! Got water buddy! – [SluiceBox Steve] Hey the nozzles are staying clear now – [RCSparks] Firin’ it up! Let’s get to gold mining! – Whoo Gold gold! – [RCSparks] Gold gold gold gold gold gold! Yeah! What’re you thinking Sluice? Looks good they line up well hey? – They do now, the aggregate was hit– the aggregate was hittin’ this here – [RCSparks] On the end? – Not bad foreman! – [SluiceBox Steve] Fallin’ off it still won’t close – Yeah I see it yeah right there (bulldozer tracks squeak) (truck engine running) (machinery running all at once) (muffled engine sounds) (motors whirring) (dirt dumps into the machine) – [RCSparks] What are you doing? – We’re just getting rid of the over-burden on the top cut there – We’ve been finding some artifacts, I dunno if we care but looked like we had a world war here – Oh! A shell cool! – [Rookie] You may have had ribs last night (laughing) – [RCSparks] Careful buddy (laughing) – [KrazyJoe] Yeah I’ve had enough accidents lately I think – [RCSparks] I would agree Such a cool machine

– [KrazyJoe] Ah it’s not such a sketchy dump site – [RCSparks] Well done, yeah looks perfect man Everything is flat Beautiful large scoops Kevin! – [Kevin] Thank you! Gotta get that pay! (muffled motors) – Hey guys! Process what you’ve got, shut her down! – You process what you’ve got and shut her down! – [Kevin] Hey hey! – Hey who made you – You know what? – the foreman? – Just focus on what you’re doing! – I won the – I’m gonna take orders – beer chugging – from Bob before I take – contest! – orders from you! – I’ll decide! – Too many chiefs around here chief! – [RCSparks] Shut her down guys! – Okeydoke After you’re done processing – Boss says last pile shut her down! – Yeah yeah well shut her down once everything’s processed! – [Rookie] Does look good It seems inefficient but it looks good – Hey hey come here come here come here! – [Rookie] Uh oh, oh in the corner! – I can see it from here – Hey! That’s why we’re doing it! – I’m seeing something! – [RCSparks] There is is! – Nice – Right in the corner, nice! – [Rookie] See what happens when Rookie’s foreman? – Stop it! I won the beer chugging contest fair and square pal – It’s my gold – Any gold in the box? What’s goin’ on over here? Lots of yelling Holy look at the nugs sitting there – I know they call you Rookie and you run this show but it’s my show today I won the chugging contest fair and square! Period! – How is that any way – Period! – to pick a new foreman? – Fair and square? You got a 20 second lead on me and I still almost beat you – I was on the top watch guys – [RCSparks] Last bucket! – Last bucket! – All right – [RCSparks] Bringing home the gold baby! Conveyor number two almost done! Old faithful Clean Final bit of pay! – [Kevin] Yep! Heck yeah! (generator is shut down) – [RCSparks] Holy cow! – [Rookie] Oh it’s quiet all of a sudden What the hell – [RCSparks] Wow! That makes a ton of noise – That does – [KrazyJoe] Shuttin’ her down! – [RCSparks] Shut down the pumps! – Pumps off! – [RCSparks] Pumps off, good job today gentlemen – Whoo! – I saw a little bit of gold up there that’s nice to see – I see some gold in there yeah – That’s not a little That’s decent – Very nice leaks – [RCSparks] That’s nice, saw two in the top corner right there – Water! – Water running! – Water! – Turn on the water! – Water! – Water! – Water! (air horn) – [RCSparks] Looks see I know yeah some right here – Whoo! – Oh all kinds in there – No sunlight right now that kind of sucks – Yeah that sucks (grunting) that’s a big cloud – [RCSparks] Oh my lantern look at this one! – Whoa! – Yeah we did good today – I hope we did good – That’s right I was foreman today – Look at here! – [RCSparks] Oh! Look at this right there – Yeah! – [RCSparks] That’s a nice one look at that – [Kevin] Ooh that’s a picker – Oh yeah – Yeah – Where’s your little – Oh yeah plastic jug? We may if we see them – This is a nice one too – [RCSparks] No don’t touch it just leave it – [KrazyJoe] Oh yeah! – [RCSparks] We’ll wash it through anyway – Except we’ll lose it (laughing) – [RCSparks] Yeah on the ground? That’s pretty darn good – [Kevin] Hang on to it – [RCSparks] There you are, in the container Good thank you oh it sounds good, clunk! – Sounds good, all right – Hey! – Hey stop spraying us – My new t-shirt! – Oops! (laughing) – Here’s number two – Why so serious guys – Number two! – come on! – [RCSparks] Number two! Oh nice, gold in the pan boys

– [Kevin] Whoo! Shake that money maker! – [RCSparks] Kevin adding water to the pail If you guys are just joining this show, this is the concentration table I got from 911Metallurgist online This actually helps us sort the gold from the dirt – Nobody said something – [RCSparks] Forward On – [Kevin] Please go on grinds – [Rookie] See what they do – [RCSparks] Gold baby! – [Everyone] Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold! – There is is! – Oh! – [SluiceBox Steve] Yeah! – [RCSparks] Yeah here look two pieces! – Woo! – Side by side Yeah baby! – [SluiceBox Steve] Nice – [RCSparks] I gotta turn up the exposure so people can see – [Kevin] Bang bang! – [RCSparks] Right there! That’s a beauty! Wow that’s a beautiful piece of gold! – [KrazyJoe] Clunk! – [Kevin] Don’t lose it Joe! – [Rookie] Can’t lose it, captured system – [RCSparks] Oh we have lost gold before Rook (Joe laughs) – [KrazyJoe] That’s ’cause we didn’t wash tailings for how long? Settle down! (air horn) I can’t keep up – There’s another one Oh three! – Lots the whole shebang here – Hey slow down! Where? – There’s four right here – They’re all right here – Five! Two more right there – They’re here – That’s six – Anything? Yeah – Nice – Whoo! Ha! Oh the shiny! – Another one right here – And look at all this fine gold – Gold! – Right nice – Let’s see how much gold we got when I was foreman – Hey don’t mess with it Let it do it’s job – Let it stream – [RCSparks] Let it do it’s job (intense whirring) – [RCSparks] There cars They all keep comin’ – [SluiceBox Steve] Yup – Never any – Yeah you got two there – Oh my gosh we got – a great clean up today boys – There’s a little one – [SluiceBox Steve] Way richer dirt man – [RCSparks] Gold flake right there Beauty – [Rookie] There’s another huge chunk right here – Yeah? Holy cow guys – It’s giant – That is a nice one – [Kevin] Yeah – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s square – [RCSparks] It is a square That is weird – [KrazyJoe] Gold comes in all shapes – [RCSparks] Huh that’s a flat piece – [Rookie] Yeah that’s awesome – [KrazyJoe] C’mon hoser (laughs) Gold! – [Kevin] Yep – I see it – (mumbling) – [KrazyJoe] There we got it – Gold hunters – Got it! – Yeah man – There it is There’s another one – [RCSparks] Here it comes We got this one We got that one There’s another one – [Kevin] Yep – [KrazyJoe] We got that one – [Kevin] There’s another one – We got this one – There’s two – [RCSparks] Yeah yeah – [Rookie] Get it from behind Steve if you can – Yeah yeah – [RCSparks] Wow Where you goin’ with the gold?! – [SluiceBox Steve] Did you recover that piece of gold? – No I’ll be right back – [RCSparks] Hey? – [SluiceBox Steve] I missed that – [RCSparks] He just left with the whole tray of gold – (mumbles) but I can’t get my hand in there far enough – A piece of gold right there – Yeah we see some gold! – [RCSparks] Ah ha! Gold in the pail! – [Rookie] It’s the pail works – [RCSparks] It’s supposed to be like Rookie was saying – Yeah ’cause we’re not even supposed to use this – [RCSparks] Exactly – You’re supposed to let the table do it’s thing – [RCSparks] It’s all supposed to go in there We’re just doing this part for fun – [Rookie] This streamlines our process, that’s all it does – It took all that pay and basically took it and gave us that so we can run it – I let some gold go down that pail – [RCSparks] You don’t want to have a pail like this just empty! That’d be boring We gotta have some pay off in the gold pail – [SluiceBox Steve] Okay folks – [RCSparks] Fire up the wheel of gold! – [SluiceBox Steve] Hittin’ the switch – [Kevin] C’mon gold! – [KrazyJoe] Well we had next to no issues today – Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold c’mon! – Here we go here we go here we go! – [Kevin] Yeah! – [KrazyJoe] I don’t see anything yet – [RCSparks] I don’t see anything yet either – It’s okay it okay – [RCSparks] We’re just starting – Oh oh oh! – There’s a little more There’s a little more, some small flakes goin’ up – Go ahead – There’s a big one! – Ah there’s a big one – There’s a big one! – yeah! – [KrazyJoe] Yeah! – [RCSparks] There goes a flake (laughing) Wow that was, that was– – That was very exciting – [RCSparks] Wow that was authentic! (laughs) – Here we go! – There’s more coming There’s another one – Yep – Yeah – [SluiceBox Steve] Little guy – Whoo! (laughing) – Oh my God! – Whoa! – That’s a nice one – That’s a nice one – [KrazyJoe] There we go – [Rookie] That is beautiful – [SluiceBox Steve] Oh it’s stuck there – Stuck right on – It’s okay to leave it, it’ll– – [RCSparks] It’ll pop out (singing) – [SluiceBox Steve] Cracking a beer – [RCSparks] Yeah cracking a beer – Yeah beer happens – Why are you looking at me? – [RCSparks] You didn’t need to be holding the container it’s supposed to go in here I’m defending you – This is the time of the day when I am free to drink some beer while somebody else feeds the God damn (air horn) gold wheel – [RCSparks] At 6:00 a.m. this time! (laughing) Gold baby! – [Rookie] This determines the season – C’mon c’mon!

– [RCSparks] Oh we got some time left at least – [Rookie] Yeah, we have (laughs) – Slightly disappointed – Looking good baby – thus far, slightly disappointed – [RCSparks] I thought we’d have one big huge gold scoop – C’mon you put one scoop in so far bud – Well there’s not a lot in here – Two scoops – Here’s one here’s one! Here’s two! Here’s two and three! – Oh there’s some there’s some – That was a rock – No! – I think that was a rock – [KrazyJoe] That’s not rocks guys – [Kevin] Yes it is! – That’s a bit of rock – The rocks fall off – [RCSparks] Ahh Shut her down? – Shut her down! – [RCSparks] What have we got? – Think we all wanted that – And three, two, one Yeah uh – Whoa What – [Rookie] Well you know it’s – the hell – Where’s our pickers? – [SluiceBox Steve] Where’s all the gold? – [RCSparks] Well that is, that is a picker That’s two pickers – There’s pickers I see the pickers in there but that’s all I see – What the what? – [SluiceBox Steve] Ah we’re missing a lot of gold – Boys there’s some gold missing – [Kevin] Yeah there is – [KrazyJoe] Who’s got their pockets full of gold here? – Is it in the container? – [Rookie] It shouldn’t be – [KrazyJoe] I think everybody should dump their pockets out – [SluiceBox Steve] There was more than this sitting on top of that one sluice box – [Kevin] Yeah somethings wrong here Joe? – [KrazyJoe] I only got changed Here you go There you go – [Rookie] It’s horrible – [Kevin] Where did all the gold go? – [KrazyJoe] There’s no gold in my pockets – [RCSparks] That’s it? – [KrazyJoe] I could have sworn there was more gold than that – There was – There was definitely – [KrazyJoe] So who’s pockets is it in? – [RCSparks] We played a trick on you! Where you goin’ with the gold?! – [SluiceBox Steve] Did you recover that piece of gold? – I’m just, I’ll be back – [RCSparks] Hey? He just left with the whole tray of gold Here’s the real stuff! (laughing) – What the (air horn)! (laughing) – Why did you do that? – We played a trick on you! We played a trick on you! – I was fucking literally shitting myself! – It’s right there! – How much that is dude! – [RCSparks] Dude! – [Rookie] But keep this in mind, we got this out of the crap after you guys left – [RCSparks] That’s right – [Rookie] Then we dumped the good stuff out – [RCSparks] This is out of the gold pail though, that’s what we said should have been there – That’s out of the bottom of that pail that’s where we got it – Yeah – Well we knew there was at least one in there In that pail – This is the rest This is the real deal – [Rookie] Everybody is showing everybody (laughing) – We’re all stressed out man! – What the hell boss?! That’s not even fair – Hey a little team spirit! – Rookie was in on the (air horn) wheel here – I knew we had more! – Look at this right off the bat here, you can see it trying to get out – Gold baby! – Oh my lord – Gold gold gold gold gold there it is – [Kevin] There’s my big picker that I saw! – [KrazyJoe] Who was the foreman today? That’s right it was me! – No it was me! – It was me! – Bull (air horn) I won the (air horn) chugging contest – I was foreman for a while Look at this – That was last week right? – I was foreman! – I was foreman, I won the chugging contest – I was the bloody foreman! – It wasn’t a very fair chugging contest You got a beer, drank it for 20 seconds– – Gold gold gold gold! – Gold gold gold gold! – Gold gold! – Gold gold gold gold! – There’s some more gold – There is some more – Oh – Right there – My – [SluiceBox Steve] Oh you didn’t put the cup back in – Gosh – [RCSparks] So funny! You actually got me there for a minute! (laughing) – [Rookie] Not actually a rookie, just my name – [RCSparks] Yeah sweet! Hopefully this is a lot better (laughs) I know we got you didn’t we? (laughing) – You totally had me – [SluiceBox Steve] Me too – [Rookie] Hook line and sinker there Like “Oh my gosh.” – Not even fair Not even fair – Really looks like – Is there ever? – Oh my gosh! – Let’s see the real deal – C’mon show us the money! – This a little better? – [KrazyJoe] I’m disgusted – I know – I can feel the weight – [KrazyJoe] There’s so much God damn gold in there – Here we go! (everyone shouting) – [SluiceBox Steve] Wow! (everyone cheering) We can retire! – Yeah! (laughing) – [RCSparks] What the what dudes? What is up with that?! Holy cow look at those! – Look at it – That is some coarse (air horn) gold – Wow dude – We just keep getting – That is nice! – Better and better at this (Joe shouts) – [RCSparks] Yeah! (everyone whoops) One, two, three YouTube Gold! – YouTube Gold! – Dude – Holy crap – That is like 90% coarse – [SluiceBox Steve] That is really coarse gold – [KrazyJoe] That’s why it looks so much better than last year – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s brighter looking that last year’s gold – [Kevin] That’s because it’s chunks not (mumbles) – Hey Rookie you got your magnet bud? – [Rookie] No! Not here – Dude that’s definitely the biggest yet, that’s huge – [KrazyJoe] That’s right I was foreman – Oh my gosh! – Hold on let me get the rest of this water – [KrazyJoe] Look at that gold boys! – [RCSparks] Yeah that’s nice – [KrazyJoe] That is a bunch of gold – Yep nice – Great job fellows! Whoo! – [SluiceBox Steve] Like it! – Favorite time of the day Gold counting – The gold count – [Kevin] Whoo! The gold count! – This is last year’s gold This was– – Hold on hold on zero that please – [RCSparks] Yeah hold on – There it’s ’cause – Oh that was your finger – [RCSparks] My finger was on it Last year’s gold This year’s gold, to date Today’s gold – [Kevin] Yeah! – [RCSparks] Got some sand in there We’re gonna have to – Nice – [RCSparks] to deal with that – [Rookie] Friggin’ awesome – Don’t worry! – Ah man that’s a lot of gold there bro

– It is all over Okay watch out (whistling) I’m actually just gonna pour it into here first and then pour it into that one ’cause it’s easier to handle There we go Okay it’s just sand, and one piece right there Yeah? – How much does – Wow! that picker weigh? – Damn! – Just this one? Just by itself? – That’s a big one! – Yeah – [RCSparks] One, two, three (the gold piece drops into the dish) – Quarter gram – Point five – Half a gram nice! – Nice! – Point five – [Rookie] Decent – [RCSparks] Okay here we go – [KrazyJoe] Holy, there’s a lot there – [RCSparks] There is a lot There’s a lot of Okay so One gram – One – Two point– – Two point two? – Yeah gold counter Kev – Nice! – Two point four! Two point six! Three! – Nice! – Oh sweet! Three point two! Three point five! Three point seven! – [RCSparks] Get out of here – Three point– (everyone cheers) – Four point three! – Wow it’s course! – Whoa! – [Kevin] Four point three grams! – Okay so let’s– (laughing) – [Kevin] Oh! – [SluiceBox Steve] Bro! (laughing) – Oh my gosh! – Lights out! – He’s out! – That’s good, that’s good! Sorry I must have blacked out, someone just said four grams! – [Kevin] Four point three! – No way wow! – [SluiceBox Steve] I guessed four point four – Nice man! – Whoo! – Let’s roll it up with the rest then C’mon – [Rookie] That is– – Four point three (whistling) – friggin’ ridiculous – [RCSparks] This is the season total Four point six C’mon baby! Five seven, six eight, seven Dropped a little piece on the table, ten Look at this guys, look at this 15.3 grams – [SluiceBox Steve] 15’s good – [KrazyJoe] Where do we gotta get Rookie? – [Kevin] 21 – [Rookie] No it’s 24 I think – [Kevin] 24? – [Rookie] 24 yeah it’s three quarters of an ounce? – Ohh! – [Kevin] Oh there’s one small (mumbles) – Nine more grams – Yes but we – Three more clean-ups – [Rookie] are only half way through the season – Three more clean-ups? We got more than three more clean-ups coming We got like seven or eight more clean-ups coming – Yeah but we’re almost at the end of where we’re going – So? – Like we’re almost at the end of the cut – I understand but we gotta pull out of the bottom cut – The bottom cut is flooded and there’s no way So either I spend all that time or we pick up and finally go and move to the stream like we thought we should – Then we should move – [RCSparks] Is this crazy or what? (coughs) – That’s a lot of gold – We’re over half, guys – That’s a nice piece – We’re over half guys – [SluiceBox Steve] I gotta take a picture How many episodes did we do last season? In total? – [RCSparks] Oh 18 you’re right It was 18 episodes – Oh 18 that’s right, and where are we at right now? – [RCSparks] This is episode 12 (laughing) Yeah – [Rookie] Six more episodes of this, we’re there – [RCSparks] Yeah right – [KrazyJoe] Oh we’re more than there Tony can go (air horn) suck it, ’cause we’re gonna get there (laughing)

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