ah another beautiful day wintertime in Alberta got the fire going got a lot of the rocks cleaned off trying to find a good line for our crawlers check it out two trucks right here huh my ascender and a trail finder – and who is here with me David jr. buddy welcome back yeah Wow here to do some crawling yes I see you brought your beautiful trail finder along I did 1.9 size tires you got a blue interior I see yeah and and is there a reason you have a blue interior with a tan truck what’s a Minich it’s a mimic yeah what’s a mimic I guess rough life tells a better word it’s a replica uh wha right there yeah you got your new truck buddy yeah tell me about this truck before we go traylen well it’s a 1982 Toyota Hilux yeah isn’t its the previous version of the Tacoma yeah this one has a three-inch left with 31 inch tires nice heads it’s just an awesome looking truck but it’s it’s a classic man that’s for sure yeah exact same as the trail finder too buddy Wow so you basically made your trail finder to look like your real Hilux I did the bumpers the paint job the grill color the tires are as close as I could get I love it I’ll let people see your drive line look at this guy’s all scaled out because of course it’s full scale leaf suspension yeah axles are identical they are are scroll drive did a darn good job and you have a blue interior I do the truck used to be what color white white so you replicated everything from the bar lights to the roll bar your plate you have a toolbox in the back I do I think the only thing we need for your little truck is is those shoes a good side view so everybody can see let’s have a look at your truck man okay no no I mean this little fella Alan yeah I guess they want to know what’s in it yeah I think they want to see cuz look at that ah even the bumper man you made the bumper yep made the bumper the rollbar and they bumped the rear bumper and sliders my full size we’ll be getting those within a year beautiful dude yeah and you moved the motor it’s lower I did I dropped that down you twisted the transmission yep you’ve changed it around good job man waterproof servo yep looking real nice skid plate so I got rid of the shovel yeah yeah I know it really gets caught on things hey deacon are a strand and brushed taken 35 turn pro hat that’s not the pro anyone today yeah that’s the hand-wound that’s a heavy-duty yeah as far as I understand these are hand wound as well oh yeah I think so I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure yeah it just kept very simple one-point-nine those are 1.55 these are 1.55 s yeah I see if people are gonna want to know because it’s going to go up against the 2.2 mud slingers I have in my ascender today we’re not really doing like a vs. video we’re just having fun yeah yeah chilling out seeing seeing which rig can do what and Wow even the toolbox dude that’s awesome and we have to get you a little Jack – I do look at this this is where you put the battery yep dad’s over taking the body off that’s brilliant yeah and I had like 45 minutes to an hour off that battery and what that’s a 1300 mAh new amp power yeah Wow very cool in the three-self shall we do some crawling I think we shall yes the first line beyond my controller is going to be the climb that’s right here now it’s on an angle you guys can’t really tell the 2.2 tyres are going to do great on it we may run into a little bit of trouble but we’ve got the 1.5 fives yes yep all cleaned up and dry it’s not the warmest days so they’re not super sticky and both of ours are air filled and sealed yeah so you’ll be seeing quite a bit of tired white today and David why don’t you start off the the drive here sounds good great approach Oh in the hall Oh in the hall okay take out the GoPro yeah you’re gonna roll right onto it see that was that motor mod I was able to nice dude uh you lowered the center of gravity by lowering the motor yep like major it’s below where it used to mount and then

the only thing that would make it lower now as I moved the battery down okay I don’t want to do that it’s so easy to get at okay so we’ll have to take the hood off before we’re done and have a look at how you did that Hey well yeah awesome I guess it’s my turn up at bat yep okay ascender time so I’ve got my exponential set to like 90 degree or 90 percent so I have to pull the trigger and it gives me incredibly slow crawl I have to pull the trigger quite a bit to get it to move and the reason why is this for control see there we go beauty oh sorry okay good luck we look for yep very nice nice I’ll follow up behind you there we go pom pom pom pom pom those rims and tires look awesome yeah they’re very because there’s no foams in them they’re very effective at biting a rock so I almost like letting your air out in full scale to get out and up yep and up really important to find the right line for your tyres you got a bit of a dip there ascender ascend I’m stuck I’m hung up ah let me back up the camera and there we are beautiful tire placement first tire on the inside dude first try look at that first try beauty oh oh oh oh oh not quite done done deal I think you can back out of that yeah if you turn your wheel the turn to the left no you’re gonna scratch it let’s repo it okay I’ll try it again you try number to see if it’ll be this time i jinxed you that’s the problem nice good crawl very well there goes my lights on top Congrats and there is the GoPro good shot by the way so quiet it is extremely quiet I thought my trail finder was quiet this is such a wide truck with those mirrors it’s kind of hard to line it up right but if you you know get the tire biting along each side of the wall you should be able to get through Oh scratch on the body that’s what they’re for and through awesome so we had to make our own best bridge we could to bridge the gap from this giant rock all the way up there and it is doable it’s a bit of a challenge because if you get your bumper stuck down here it kind of gives you a bit of a tweak to the side and then fell off and then you ball just couldn’t go we could drop onto here yeah Rock but we can’t make it up through here up there up here no I love this rock so there’s lots of like lots of traction but we’ll reposition that in the springtime good luck bud all righty the fire in the background looks like the pine trees on fire does it yeah you can see while your trucks in the way now there it is dusty lining it up the perfect line of good luck okay I might not be lined up very well here back in way out there let’s see what’s it does Beauty slow crawling allows you to be super technical with radio control you can see pitfalls shall we reset yep okay reset very nice okay good luck bro that first drop-down stuff right there yeah nice it worked dead now we’re gonna get all super Slynt very nice right over the cliff Oh executed like a champ good job go your turn my turn see if we can get this right first you start over here Oh bumper that’s okay bumpers like to catch on

stuff they sure do those front toe points they like to hook up or they get stuck on rocks all the time I think we’re having the same problem with my single toe point on – yeah that’s exactly right perfect yup nicely done thank you let’s get a different oh it’s all right nice save and up we go big drop oh and he made it nice job almost over very nice same big drop diff cap diff catcher but that’s okay push past it the sender has nice small dips it does it really has good clearance so the trail finder – that he is driving has a two speed transmission and mine you need a backup of it I do go ahead mine is a single speed transmission but doing pretty good with the exponential set so I have to pull the trigger very good control so David is up on the perch basically and he’s got to go down this side and then down this rock wall and then straight up here it’s gonna be a bit of a challenge but good luck dude I almost want to go up that rock wall yeah I see why my love do this hahahaha yes ooh there you go back bumper issues oh yeah I powered through it good job oh into the snow we’ll get you out of there I’ll pull you out with your toe strap okay no we’re doing this I should tell them where I got that toe strap yeah sure so long story short the dog’s leash yeah who made it or where we got it but dog’s leash got burnt on the fire yes and inside was all these strands of perfect size to rope all this colors yeah there was black and gray and red and green and blue and purple and so I said to dad you know can we cut this up and he said sure now all we did was put little pieces of chain like what Aaron uses where’s Jess yes on the ends and we bent it back and then used was it it was telephone wire we stripped the casing off the telephone wire yeah and we used the copper wire inside and made a nice little end on the toe strap nice nice and scale I love it man it does look good problem for me here is pulling you out will see because I don’t have much room on that side but I’ll try to pull you up the hill enough so we can get your tow point on kollene power there you go that’s what tow straps are for helping a buddy out okay I might as well just continue up this rock David if you want to try and follow me sounds it’s a very skinny perch at the top though nice little bridge yeah but it sure takes a bit it’s quite the incline Oh got to ride the outside counting on my diff to throw me over like that good tire ah perfect you want to follow me up yeah good luck this should be fun oh dude first try like a boss great job it’s like a boss indeed now if I can get off of it uh-oh I have me damaged heavy damage okay so that is not your drive chef that was a spare one in the back yeah okay that’s okay but I see we snapped a light right off that’s okay casualty of trailing dude let’s see yeah yeah look at that the plastics intact the metal screw snap yeah well you did blend flat on top of a rock I did let Z fix other half is there yep shall we try it again yeah sous-chef repo round 2 don’t do let’s see if I get up in the home beauty oh you got it you got it you got it Oh turn into it there you go oh no that’s what a roll bar is for yeah that saved your life if they work that well on the full size there’d be a lot more people doing crazy stuff yeah got it yeah there you go buddy that’s a cool flex that is a cool flex look at that nice and that stock Springs and stock shackles on that and air-filled tires yeah very good it worked perfect I’ll

get out of your way you got quite a drop there again I do nice nice job nice oh good had to fill that in a bit it was just absolutely impossible hey log logs logs are natural things totally those are just red woods right yes oh there goes one here oh I saved it nicely done yeah good luck bro yeah one light no you tricky driving home tonight yeah ooh nice I love that two-speed you can go so slow yes when you need wheel speed you need it almost let me get out of your way okay so I’m going to try and make it across the bridge in this area you can’t see how steep this rock is so I’m going to do two shots of doing this one of just crawling and getting up there and then I’ll repo the cam this is a really tricky spot that is a tricky spot like you’re lucky I’m not lucky ha ha ha come on vertical there we go the secret is to keep that back tire on the other rock look at that straight vertical it’s slippery the tires are wet but oh ho ho they bite and go that was he beautiful I did it you can do this girl actually I don’t think I’m gonna be able to follow you but we’ll try Oh it’s very nice straight vertical oh you’re in the hole couldn’t do it before and I don’t think I’ll be able to it now I think you can I think I don’t think you can do the hole but I think you can go around it and still climb up the other side I think so right there let’s see what that I’m gonna push you off the rock I’ll get out of your way yeah nice job nice job okay I got a crawl out of there the angle on this side they just can’t see it but it’s it’s crazy it’s straight down and wet the rock is completely soaked that’s okay we’ll get me out of this area here and I’ll see if I can film and drive yeah oh I got it ah ah ah okay yeah you hold the camera shoot me off the toe strap up right there no hold on I don’t give up yet ah as soon as I back up I’m gonna fall I’m thinking yeah my bumpers holding me up there yeah oh ah let’s see your back tire is way off there Oh down he goes you’re leading now bro okay nice side healing this is where that motor mount move yeah he’ll lower motor lower center of gravity and I wish they could tell how steep that was oh that’s deep from this angle from this angle it looks easy easy that’s just a lot of fun yeah this is fun this is exactly why we do this kind of our scene is to get out and to test the trucks you know there’s just something about the slow crawl that nobody understands until they try it yeah well and to really kind of push yourself both in your driving like this helps my full-scale driving just for tire placement knowing weight distribution yeah here we go and you know there’s something about altar trucks that’s fun but the slow crawl you really get to see what your truck can do oh man I’m so close to flipping over you’re back on uh-huh slidin ah almost hold on ah let’s get this veil up close good luck bit of body rub back up a little back up a little huh ah um um I failed yeah okay you can do this bro yeah I think the trick is to come across the top a little bit more yeah of course yeah

I know we’re not going so far go nicely done beautiful Oh hang up Oh Oh God I think you down ball Oh leave it there yeah okay grab it and over the top get down the other side keep sliding I am sliding I can just add some wheel speed go ah beautiful done your turn pal you can do it very nice well I’m not gonna make it there I’m gonna have to get up further on that Ridge there’s my axle touch in there yes front axle good I love these axles with the aluminum and the whatever paint they have on they look really cool I rock rock rock rash is that how you say it I don’t know rock rash yeah from scraping then yeah we did it I gotta get out of your way we got that slide happening again yeah right onto the smooth skinny rock beautiful I had to make sure I keep my tires on the right hand side here yeah there you go bumper snag you passed I do yeah I got to kind of turn my truck around here yeah it’s quite a fall wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle legal Oh from bumper stuck up your sack Oh L missed okay buddy you can do this sure can I’m moving the rocks that’s okay course modification with tire weight is just fine oh oh dude lining up the tires in between the holes there’s a whole art to that that people with huge tires they understand just don’t get it yeah good scale crawlin Dave we would have been dead a hundred times but great job Oh 101 take your time think it out now you got slippery wet tires you change the whole game yeah it’s totally different and the all the lugs are full of snow and mud yeah when you get to tire tread full they just turn into slicks especially scale tires like this just like in real life well I guess this is real life see how he’s new this nice here comes the hook yeah I’ll get up well done there we go good job buddy good job good crawl I think everybody enjoyed that I think so oh so it’s always nice to have some insight into how we’re crawling or why we’re crawling or why we build scale trucks to begin with yeah do you have a good time I did thanks for watching guys see you got well do you want do you want to do one more video after this and we’ll just do it without any talking sounds good yeah let’s do it let’s do it we’ll see you guys in that episode ciao bye everybody he’s changed his transmission around just this plate has clogged it these are this are three I think it is transmission sure plate is completely clock about all the way around okay so all I did was blocking do some shaving nice man doesn’t look like you’ve been doing much shaving actually man so the motor in comparison cuz here’s one of my old trucks here’s where the motor sits normally up above the shock tower correct and here’s where his sits way down low so you’ve changed obviously so here’s where the servo goes yeah you’ve cut this mount right here yep you can see it just drops down right nicely inside then this mount here RC for all drive like some people used it but this little prong here yeah yeah I cut that off yeah and then the motor clears beautifully and then right here I had to remove this washer yeah with the 3m s

you have a crazy motor will hold it fine and I just filed down these until it cleared the frame you can see with the battery wires move there yes yes and that’s it it’s a reversible mod and it’s nice and clean I guess and you had to move the steering to make yeah but still it did really well today it did I love surprise thanks for showing us that thanks for having me out

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