>>presenter: Hi Googlers and hi YouTube I’m [ indistinct ] and I’m a software engineer in the Maps Team and in my 20 percent time I help out with personal growth initiatives at Google So first I’d like to remind everyone here that May is Personal Growth Month in New York City You can find out more at the GoLink go/pgny There’s tons of resources I’ll be teaching a course, an introductory course in meditation and awareness for anyone who is new to the field But today on behalf of the Authors at Google series I’m proud to present Dr. Deepak Chopra [applause] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Thank you [applause] >>presenter: Thank you for joining us today Dr. Chopra >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Thank you >>presenter: So it’s been said that if Dr Chopra were to marry his close personal friend Oprah Winfrey — [laughter] she would become Oprah Chopra [laughter] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I mentioned that on her site and she did not appreciate it [laughter] >>presenter: [laughs] Well, then we’ll cut that from this video But all joking aside we’re delighted to have Dr. Chopra here today He’s world renowned as an expert in matters of spirituality and mind/body medicine and millions of people look up to him for guidance He’s authored dozens of books, many of them best sellers And most recently he’s published a book Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges So Dr. Chopra I’d love to ask you a few questions about your book in general and after about half way through the hour we’re gonna open up the questions to the audience How does that sound? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: That sounds great >>presenter: Great So first of all a warm welcome How are you finding Google New York City? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I’ve been here before — >>presenter: Yeah >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: and I think it’s a great space In the language of the audience it’s cool [laughter] presenter: Have you gotten lost yet? [laughter] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I never get lost >>presenter: Oh that’s fantastic [laughter] Most of us get lost all the time so — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: [chuckles] >>presenter: that is wonderful So I wanna know so having published so many other works, so many wonderful works, what was your main motivation or goal or inspiration for this particular book? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: To reach the audience that we are speaking to right now because my audience is already on board with the idea that spirituality is awareness, it’s consciousness I think many of the people who are new to the word spirituality associated it with religion or dogma or ideology or self righteous morality which is just jealousy with a halo When I use the word spirit or spirituality I mean awareness And awareness has many components which we can talk about as we proceed >>presenter: Fantastic So you would say that your audience primarily for this book is people who are new to the ideas of — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: People who are new to the ideas of spirituality Scientists once again — >>presenter: Okay >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: because I have a constant kind of battle with scientists and we can talk about that too — >>presenter: Sure, sure >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: so I decided to change tactics for awhile >>presenter: Okay, so this is mostly for, this crowd is largely scientific as you must know so this may speak particularly well to this audience >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Yeah, this is an audience of technologists I wouldn’t necessarily call them scientists >>presenter: Sure Think we have a mix >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Okay [laughter] >>presenter: So one thing is in this book you talk about the usefulness of when addressing a problem instead of addressing it from what you called the level of the problem you advocate addressing it from a place of expanded awareness And so I’m hoping you can tell us a little bit about what the difference between these two might be >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Good So let me start out with something that you will be very familiar with because all of you deal with information in a sense When my wife was pregnant with our first child, Mallika who’s sitting in the audience, my chief resident called me and he said, “You know I just took your wife’s blood sample and it shows a thalassemia minor trait.” So I went and looked at the blood sample and sure enough the cells were not what you see normally It took me two days to go to the library to track where I could find that information Then I was in New Jersey, then I had to go to the public library in New York, and it took me another two days And what I discovered was very exciting and that is that that blood trait existed along the exact route that the armies of Alexander the Great took in 323 B.C. from Greece, from

Macedonia to India That the trait, and of course I told my wife, “It seem like your ancestors were screwing around.” [laughter] But it took me five days to get that information Today I could go to Google and take me less than a minute I’d get to some sites and then from there go to other sites and in a minute I’d have that information So what does information do? Information expands our awareness of what is And so through the Google network, which is the biggest search engine, we expand our awareness But there’s another thing that people don’t understand: our state of awareness actually chooses the information that we seek out So if my state of awareness is I wanna understand the causes of war, terrorism, global warming, social injustice, economic injustice, all the things that are kind of surfacing now as the what’s happening in Syria and all the Middle East the so called Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, then my state of awareness looking at this global picture will seek out the right information So they co-feed on each other The information expands awareness but the state of awareness also expands the information we seek >>presenter: Sure >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: And if by awareness I mean spirituality, which is my definition, then awareness has many more components than information Awareness influences your moods so if you’re depressed then everything looks dark and bleak It influences your beliefs, it influences your assumptions, it influences your perceptions, it influences your expectations So in the book my thesis is that all problems exist because of what I call contracted awareness Contracted awareness means you feel separate from the ecosystem The Google network is an ecosystem so you feel separate from the ecosystem that nurtures the web of relationships And that then of course results in fear, in anxiety, in expectations that are doomsday prophesies, in assumptions that everything is gonna go wrong, and so on and so forth So in my mind the analogy is you’re walking in a dark room and you have a candle, that’s the light of your awareness, and you keep bumping into stuff and so everything’s a problem and that’s you’re world But now imagine that you can expand that candle’s light of awareness So now you have a flashlight and you can move around and everything that seemed like an obstacle is actually has a purpose This has a purpose, this has a purpose, that screen has a purpose So all problems are now opportunities for some purpose So that’s expanded awareness You now feel connected to the web of relationships, the network of relationships, which is exactly what Google is, it’s a network of relationships So I like to use the Google example here But then imagine another state which I call pure awareness, that’s called pure awareness in Eastern wisdom traditions And here now you’re in the same room but all the walls are transparent, glass, including the ceiling and the floor, and the room is flooded with sunlight and you look outside and the whole world is your playground There are no problems and therefore no need for solutions, you are the creative, evolutionary impulse of the universe and so you play, you’re in flow, every situation is a conspiracy of the total universe And so the thesis of my book is problems arise in contracted awareness, solutions emerge automatically in expanded awareness, and then when you have pure awareness which is awareness without boundaries, no conceptual boundaries, then it’s pure creativity That’s the basis of this book and you can apply these principles you don’t even actually

have to read the book if you understand the principles You can apply these principles whether you want material success, want to improve the quality of your relationships, want to have an understanding of insight, intuition, imagination, creativity, inspiration, which is spirituality, higher consciousness, or whether you want to solve mundane, easy problems Nobody’s addressing the problems at a higher state of awareness than the awareness that created the problems And that quote of mine is from Einstein He said, “No problem can ever be solved at the level of awareness at which it was created.” Long answer — >>presenter: Fantastic >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: but it’s the summary of the book >>presenter: So now let me ask you, I find it also easier to speak of awareness using analogies because it’s sometimes hard to speak about directly But if I’m trying to understand whether I’m approaching a problem from the perspective of contracted or expanded awareness how can I be sure, what objective signs do I have to know that I’m in a place of expanded awareness — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Your body language, your body language shows it A baby can read body language before a baby learns language So if you’re in contracted awareness your posture first of all is depressed, your eyes are shifty, you have a scowl on your face, you’re contracted in general, you’re probably constipated as well because you have tight sphincters, [chuckles] everywhere >>presenter: [laughs] [laughter] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: your blood pressure’s up, your heart rate is speeded up, and everything’s a problem Your beliefs reflect that, expectations reflect that, assumptions reflect that, perceptions reflect that Everything is bleak So when a baby looks at its mother, if the mother is in contracted awareness, the baby immediately goes into contracted awareness because her voice tone and all the things that I mentioned, body language, reflect that and baby has a, there’s a phenomenon called mirror neurons, that’s how we learn even regular language, but that’s how we learn emotional language as well If the mother smiles, let’s say the baby falls down, the mother screams and is getting upset and contracted, the baby will look at that situation with fear >>presenter: Sure >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: If the mother smiles and says, “Oh you fell down,” and her tone reflects that, her body language reflects that, she has a smile, the baby interprets that same situation in a different way So you can read anyone’s awareness just by looking at them And even dogs can do it by the way, animals can do it, they read your state of awareness just by looking at you >>presenter: So if I wanted to expand my awareness So one way of doing it seems to be to take spiritual problems and address the spiritual solutions to those problems Is there a more direct way of doing it? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Here’s the most direct way: remember I said to every situation you bring your awareness and that includes moods and feelings, expectations, assumptions, perceptions, and beliefs, those are the components of awareness So when you are seeing a problem, any problem, just take my word for it, you’re in contracted awareness and you need to shift that And how do you shift that? There are many ways to shift that First of all you can sit down, just stop at that moment, recognize that you’re in contracted awareness and expand your awareness What do I mean expand your awareness? Establish a connection with the web of relationships around you One way to do is feel gratitude And what does that mean? Just count the things that you’re already grateful for notwithstanding the problems you’re in Gratitude moves your ego out of the way, connects you to the people and situations and circumstances that you’re grateful for Forgiveness is another way Forgiveness means letting go of resentments and grievances because in every state of contracted awareness that’s an ingredient: resentment, grievance Nelson Mandela said that having a grievance is like drinking poison and hoping it’ll kill your enemy [laughter] It doesn’t work Hurting yourself is throwing you into contraction So those are the first two things and then there are other things You can remember an experience of love Everyone’s had that experience whether it’s instinctive love, protecting a child, or it’s emotional, romantic love, or what we call spiritual love So remember an experience of love that evokes feelings of compassion, empathy, joy, equanimity, what we call platonic values: truth, goodness, beauty, harmony, evolution So by remembering that or even imagining that will shift your awareness

Then what you can do is now see how immediately, immediately that changes your mood, that changes your beliefs, first the belief was everything’s a problem now you’re seeing more context, relationship, you’re going beyond win/lose orientation, you’re seeing that the world is relational and holistic and ultimately an ecosystem where everything is interdependent And then you can go beyond that, you can go beyond expanded awareness into what I call pure awareness and that is going into the silence This is a tough one but it’s achievable Going into the silence between your thoughts Between every thought there’s a little space and that’s where there is no thought So right now as you’re listening to me just turn your attention to who’s listening [pause] So as you’re listening to me be aware of the listener [pause] That still presence that you feel that’s pure awareness [pause] It’s not your mind which might be saying, “I wish I’d gone to the bathroom before I came here,” or “why didn’t my girlfriend return my call,” or whatever That’s the mind But between the spaces, the spaces between thoughts is just pure awareness That’s the place of infinite creativity, anything It’s the feel of all possibilities: creativity, intention It’s also a place of ambiguity and uncertainty because without ambiguity and uncertainty there’s no creativity So the space between our thoughts is a field of possibilities, it’s a field of creativity, it’s the place where our intentions come from, and it’s also the place of uncertainty You embrace uncertainty That’s the place where you wanna be even more than expanded awareness >>presenter: That’s fantastic I know a lot of modern science, in particular positive psychology, is definitely validating a lot of these ideas and helping come up with actual practices which have been known forever but are finally being validated and there’ll be more talk of this during Personal Growth Month, there’ll be many more opportunities to learn about it So I think that’s fantastic I wanted to say also the final page of your book really connected with me for a particular reason In there you explain that one of the most important reasons that you speak about spiritual solutions is that it’s a practical way to incorporate spirituality into life and that since we no longer live in an age of faith we may risk losing touch with some of these deep connections Can you speak more about that? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Yeah, the age of faith, the age of religion all began with a spiritual experience And what is a spiritual experience? In short, I’ve outlined it from contracted to expanded and to pure But when you look at all the religions they all have a few principles The first principle is transcendence, which is going beyond space time and causality, getting in touch with something that is eternal Transcendent is almost inexplicable but you feel that that’s real Second, is that the emergence from that experience of the interconnectedness of life as an ecosystem So from that truth, goodness, beauty, harmony, love, compassion, joy, equanimity which the Buddha calls divine attitudes, but they’re there in every religion And the third experience from all religion is the experience of the loss of fear of death because you’ve touched something that is beyond both birth and death where you’re being transcended That’s the basis of all religion and faith But you know what people do is they institutionalize this, they make it a dogma, an ideology, and then it becomes a belief system which is another word for a cover up for insecurity I believe that all belief is a cover up for insecurity You only believe in things that you really wanna be convinced of but are not If I told you, “Do you believe in electricity?” you say, “It’s obvious, right; we are using it.” So belief is a cover up for insecurity So in today’s age, we need a secular spirituality that’s based on understanding, that’s based on science, and that’s based on experience And that was what I meant in that last sentence >>presenter: That makes a lot of sense — that’s what I took from that, too So I wanted to ask you also you already touched on this earlier, but about the role of technology with spirituality So this is kind of a two part thing: first, since we’re a technology company I think some of us might be interested in understanding how spirituality and technology may interface For example how may technological tools assist in deepening spirituality and vise versa how

may spirituality inform technological progress? And then the second part is how might it relate to Google? Are there specific Google products you see that may help or can we do a better job? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: You can do a better job and I’ll tell you how >>presenter: Fantastic [laughter] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: But — >>presenter: That’s what I wanted to hear >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I’m the biggest fan of technology I think God finally got, whatever that mystery is that we call God, got frustrated and said, “I better use technology.” [laughter] >>presenter: [laughs] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: So technology’s the latest incarnation of consciousness and as I said I’m a big fan I have this little thing that, this little gizmo that’s right now monitoring everything that’s happening in my body I have another one here in my pocket that does similar things I can USB these things and put them in a Cloud and compare how my body is doing with, or my state of awareness is doing with other people that I’m in contact with in the Cloud >>presenter: [laughs] [laughter] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: And so here’s the future: all the things that we’ve spoken of in Eastern wisdom traditions are now subject to technological innovation I’ve been working here with someone right in the audience and in a few months we’ll have a little gizmo that you can tune in if you want into deep sleep, dream state, or any other fantasy that you will >>presenter: Where can we learn more about this? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Google it >>presenter: [laughs] [laughter] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I’ll post it on YouTube But here’s the future, technology future is, you should be able to regulate what’s happening in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, by watching something on a monitor and then shifting your state of awareness >>presenter: So biofeedback? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Biofeedback, I prefer the word bioregulation >>presenter: Okay >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: So bioregulation because not only biofeedback, biofeedback is getting the information Now what do we do with it is bioregulation >>presenter: Okay >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: So so far Google is into the age of information The next step for Google is the age of knowledge What’s the difference between knowledge and information? Knowledge is information that can be put to use, divine or diabolical We can use knowledge to cause a nuclear plant to leak or interfere with traffic signals with this or shut off a pacemaker or whatever else you wanna do, you’ll be able to do with this little thing >>presenter: Sure >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Cut off electricity in New York So knowledge can be diabolical, destructive, knowledge can be divine, constructive Create a peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy and happy world And you can do that That’s what Google can do and move from the information age into the age of knowledge and move from the age of knowledge to the age of wisdom A wisdom based civilization using social networks as the neural networks of a global brain, and ultimately a cosmic brain That’s the future of technology >>presenter: Great So before we turn over the questions to the audience I wanted to ask you just one final question So I noticed in this book that in contrast to some of your earlier works that you avoided using some maybe quasi-scientific terminology like quantum healing which may have appeared in your previous books And I’m wondering is that based on feedback that such terms may confuse some of your readership or was it for a different reason? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: It’s a very interesting history When I used the word quantum healing and I was in my mind using it very legitimately and I got attacked by all the scientists In fact I got the Ignoble Prize [laughter] Do you know about that? [laughter] The Nobel Prize for ignorance [laughter] And I was attacked by scientists and so I backed off a little bit because I was convinced about the terminology I was using but I’m not a quantum physicist >>presenter: Um >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: So I was being criticized by quantum physicists so I said, “Back off a little bit.” >>presenter: Okay >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: But then in the last three years, I started holding a conference at my center through our non-profit We call it Sages and Scientists So I’ll bring in all the skeptics, I’ll bring in all the people who are interested in consciousness, and I suddenly found that there was a bunch of really high level scientists including Nobel laureates, not Ignoble laureates, — >>presenter: [laughs] >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: but Nobel laureates who were closet spiritual, consciousness adherents >>presenter: Sure >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: And I said, “Let me bring them out of the closet Let me out them.” >>presenter: Yeah >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: And so I started to do that and so recently what I’ve started to do is I started to post those conversations with them on YouTube —

>>presenter: Fantastic >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: and we’re getting a lot of good feedback and still a lot of attack Last week in a physics journal, Nature Physics, there was a scientific paper by the guy, Zellwinger or Zell — >>presenter: Zeilinger? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Zeilinger about retrograde causation and I’d — >>presenter: Um-hum >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: spoken about this 30 years from today — >>presenter: Um-hum, um-hum >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: because it’s all there in the wisdom traditions So this time I said instead of me writing a blog about it and posting it on the Chronicle and Huffington and YouTube and all this — >>presenter: Yeah >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I’ll get a computational physicist to co-author it with me So I wrote the article, I got a computational physicist in quantum physics to co-author it He made a few changes technically — >>presenter: Um-hum >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: and now it’s the buzz, it’s in the physics community >>presenter: Zeilinger’s quite popular — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: so we’ve come back full circle to quantum healing and I feel validated >>presenter: That’s fantastic [laughter] That’s fantastic Well that’s a great finish to my questions So now I think we have time for audience questions So there are two mics here and here and if people have questions please feel free to come on up [pause] I think everyone’s shy >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Do you want me to give you the questions or not? >>presenter: [laughs] [pause] Alternatively if there are things that I haven’t covered during my questions — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: You’ve covered a lot >>presenter: feel like — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: You know since time immemorial people have asked these questions Who am I? What do I really want? What’s my real identity? Do I have a soul? What happens to me after death? Does God exist and if so what’s He, She, It doing about me personally? These have been answered through religion but as you recognize now that most of religion, although based on experience and legitimate experience, is still cultural mythology So we need a new framework and that framework can only come through science and technology And I think for the first time we may be able to address these same questions that human beings have asked for a long time through a new state of awareness Yes sir >>male #1: Hi When you were speaking about being in the room in the dark with a candle and then moving from there to having the room have glass walls and glass ceiling, I was thinking of chicken and egg problem I don’t spend a lot of time sitting in the cancer ward holding people’s hands or going and feeding the homeless Not because I don’t care but because I find it so overwhelming that I cannot fix those problems And so the idea of suddenly having this global awareness of everything that’s going on is rather terrifying And I don’t think that that’s what you’re talking about So I was wondering if you could kind of address how those two things fit together >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Yes, it’s a very important question because in the last one year we’ve hosted at our studio here, Deepak Homebase which is a few blocks from here I’ve hosted people who speak about climate chaos and the fact that in the last three years there were 40 million climate refugees in the world that most people don’t even know about That new epidemics like malaria are killing a child per minute That 50 percent of the world lives on less than two dollars a day, 20 percent are less than one dollar a day That there’s gonna be water wars in the next 10 years And every time you speak to one of these experts they’re correct when you look, I mean we’ve got like 50 years to, at most hundred years, to repair our ecosystem before we go extinct, literally extinction If insects disappeared from our planet today life would flourish in five years If human beings, sorry, if human beings disappeared from our planet [chuckles] life would flourish If insects disappeared, life would disappear So as far as the ecosystem is concerned every form of life is more nurturing to the planet than us humans And your question, this becomes overwhelming I worry about my grandkids when they grow up, what’s gonna happen? So either you can say, “Give up,” or you can say, “We have the technology right here,” and Google is a good example of that to actually not only expand awareness but to take that feeling that we have of love and compassion for the rest of life on our planet and take

action Because for every one of these problems there’s a solution, for every one of these problems whether it’s climate change, whether it’s the ecosystem, whether it’s water shortage, whether it’s energy depletion or oil, there are creative solutions There are special interest groups that’ll prevent that from happening Today if all war ceased in the world the U.S economy would sink If today we had a cure for cancer the medical, industrial complex would have huge problems Cancer’s a huge business with CAT scans and technology and chemotherapy That’s how we make money I’m a physician I know how we make money Every time you do something, even if it’s harmful, you get paid So the only solution to this is a critical mass of humanity saying, “Enough.” Everyone to take action That’s not going to come from institutions, it’s not even going to come from academia, it’s going to come through collective consciousness I don’t know why in my mind I thought, “If a hundred million people,” and that’s why I’m here at Google, if a hundred million people committed to personal transformation, not even social transformation, personal transformation, the world would be transformed because we are the world What’s happening out there is a projection of our consciousness There’s no social transformation in the absence of personal transformation So that’s where I’m hanging my bets and if it doesn’t happen I’ll be gone anyway [laughter] >>male #2: So your comment about quantum healing reminded me of something that I read about, a phenomena that I read about, that I wanted to hear your thoughts on I read a book a couple years ago called Measuring the Immeasurable and it was about how people could influence each other through some phenomena that’s not measurable in current scientific methods So what they had is they had people in different rooms where if, especially if they knew each other, if the person thought about the other person during a given moment of time you could actually measure response on the epidermis, like you could measure nervous activity So humans were somehow influencing each other And so this was like one of the first pieces of scientific evidence that there’s some sort of connection between humans that goes beyond the physical or the verbal or whatever So I was wondering is this, first of all, is this somehow related to what you mean when you talk about quantum healing? And also are you aware of this phenomena and do you believe in it, do you know of more evidence of this? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Okay so there are two questions: first of all quantum healing No quantum healing is very simple idea it means that when you get to your baseline status, your pure awareness, your body goes into homeostasis which is self regulation We were all born with self regulation as a given and that’s in medical language we call that homeostasis It’s a dynamic state of non-change within the change So we all have that capacity That’s quantum healing What you’re talking about is something called non-local correlation and it has a vast body of literature on it and if you stay tuned in the next two weeks on YouTube you’ll find actually my interview with a guy who used to be a spy for the U.S Government, Russell Targ, who had the U.S Government including the CIA sponsored research on this and on non-local remote viewing and remote correlation But this is, here’s an experiment we did at our own center We did evoked responses So we have two people who are emotionally connected, they’re in love or they’re mother and daughter or whatever, they have a close emotional bond We separate them and then we tell them that we’re going to take you into deep meditation and in that meditation we’ll introduce the thought that will remain connected So we’ll introduce and then we put them in separate rooms and we surround them with what is called a Faraday chamber Faraday chamber is a lead shield that does not prevent a signal going in or out so your cell phone won’t work in the Faraday chamber Now we do something called an evoked potential We take a flashlight and we shine it in one person’s eyes and their brain shows the response to the light It’s called an evoked potential Low and behold the other brain in the other room in a Faraday chamber shows the same response at the same time as if those two brains were the same brain Now because it’s non-local, it’s outside of space time, it doesn’t matter where these

two people are, one could be in New York, on could be in Los Angeles or one could be in New York the other could be on the moon, it does not matter Distance and space time doesn’t apply to non-local reality That’s what the Zell, Zelling — >>presenter: Zeilinger >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Zeilinger experiment is about right now That there’s a domain in the universe that’s called non-local, outside of space time, where everything is not only connected, because connection means a signal, it’s correlated instantly and that correlation is unmitigated, means the robustness of that correlation does not diminish with distance and space time or even past and future So it’s unmitigated, it’s unmediated, there’s no signal involved, and it’s instantaneous This is what Einstein objected to and he called this spooky action at a distance and he died unhappy thinking about this because the mathematics for this was already existent Now Zeilinger and others are actually proving that this is true >>male #2: That’s amazing Thank you >>presenter: So let’s take one from this side >>female #1: Hi Deepak, it’s such an honor and privilege to have you here >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Nice to meet you >>female #1: And actually I spent a lot of time in your center in Southern California and especially working with Dr. Simon So my sincere condolences on his passing And I guess for me, with his passing, and how much he personally helped me I was just wondering on how you personally in terms of spiritual solutions worked through everything that happened with him and how did you come to resolution? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Well there were lots of things that went through my mind because he lived an amazing life and so for him to get brain cancer, and he was a neurologist by the way So here’s a neurologist who diagnoses his own brain cancer and then dies from it in less than 20 months And it was very difficult for me to reconcile with this because of all the things we teach And so this is what I discovered, now I’m not saying there’s a direct causal relationship but this is what I discovered and I’m glad you asked the question When David was a child he received radiation to his head and neck for tonsils This is what happens with our medical profession we think something works Then I found out that in those days they were treating asthma to burn out the mucous in the lungs with radiation That if you went to get a shoe size you would actually get an x-ray of your foot So I, in my mind, now have chosen to believe that that radiation had a lot to do with it, a misguided system that looks things in isolation For all these years we didn’t know that but now we do in hindsight and David was a victim of that Secondly, I of course went through the grieving process which I still am In the beginning there’s denial and anger but then you must grieve And then thirdly I learned so much from him that those memories keep him in my awareness So there you are >>female #1: Thank you >>female #2: Hi there When you were speaking about contracted awareness versus expanded awareness it just struck me that maybe at a place like Google people, that feeling of stress or the feeling of contracted awareness is kind of what actually drives us to be productive and efficient and to work fast And I was just wondering if you had any words of advice of how to try to kind of achieve that more enhanced awareness but still be kind of efficient and productive rather than — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I’d say start your day, and you’re gonna do a meditation class anyway right? But start your day with five minutes of silence asking very fundamental questions: Who am I? You don’t need to know the answers What do I want? How is this day going, what’s the best way this day would go for me? And have a vision of how you want that day to be And then ask yourself some deeper questions How can I create more joy for me and joy for the rest of the world? ‘Cause you have the technology to do it That should drive you and that will drive business in the future The number one trend in the world is well being right now, the number one trend But well being is not just physical well being it’s also spiritual well being, it’s financial well being, it’s career well being, it is social well being, it’s community well being If you take the holistic picture of well being you’re in the best place to make that happen From all the statistics I have if you ask people in the world how many people actually enjoy what they do, only 20 percent, only 20 percent The rest of the 80 percent don’t enjoy their work

That’s a very dismal figure More people die in our civilization on Monday morning at nine o’clock than any other time [laughter] Of heart attacks which is an extraordinary accomplishment for which only the human species can take credit [laughter] No other animal [chuckles] has this ability So knowing that how can we improve our career well being? How can we improve our financial well being? These are very important things and that comes from shifting awareness So happy to work with you on that Just letting you know [laughter] >>presenter: [laughs] It’s fantastic, actually >>male #3: So Google’s a company based on search Made quite a lot of money and changed a lot of lives by facilitating something where somebody can go and search for something that they are looking for, it’s a choice And now I guess to all of us here today who made a choice to be here for whatever reasons based on your name, what we’ve seen of your history, and I think that indicates a certain I don’t know collective consciousness about a willingness to be open to messages, a willingness to look at spirituality and things like that What about all of the people who would never dream of doing that? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: We can’t worry about that There are people, everyone’s at his particular stage of development, spiritual or in their awareness, and you can’t worry about that What I like is that we have a relationship now with YouTube, which is a Google offspring I think now, and we’re creating something called the Chopra Well and we are going to be offering techniques for well being, techniques for improving your financial and career well being As soon as I finish this I’m going to do a Hangout in your YouTube office right here in this building And I think that’s a sign of the times This would not have happened 20 years ago So there’s something happening and I think whether it’s the Arab Spring or the Occupy Wall Street Movement or the Anti-Corruption Movement with Anna Hazare in India This would not be happening in the absence of the social networks that we have And so from search engine which you have a big advantage of because you can access any information, we need to move beyond that just searching the engine and harnessing collective creativity, collective intents There’s a phrase, “Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant.” But love in action, that’s our series here in New York, it can create miracles So maybe you should adopt that as your mantra, love in action >>male #3: Thank you >>female #3: I’m understanding what you’re saying as expanded awareness It’s just presence and presence with yourself and connection with others, mindfulness And you talk a lot about how information and awareness go hand in hand and how technology can help us with our expanded awareness but what are the limits of technology in expanded awareness? I mean for me sometimes I feel like the information and the amount of information that technology enables prevents me from being present and mindful and leaves me more interested in the social networks that you mention that can help us be aware than actually being aware of what I’m doing and the people I love are doing So what are the limits? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Again this is a very important question So here are the simple answers to your question: number one technology’s unstoppable It’s like the next evolutionary impulse in the evolution of human beings so you don’t even think about stopping it >>female #3: Yeah >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Okay? It’s unstoppable The capacity of technology is doubling almost every year and information much more than that So in 10 years the capacities that we have will be a million times more than we have, in 20 years maybe a billion times, you can’t even imagine So that’s a fact Anybody who doesn’t embrace technology they’re going to be not adapted and according to Darwinian principles which says those that don’t adapt nature lets them go, natural selection >>female #3: Um-hum >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: So technology’s unstoppable, we need to embrace it Now here’s the main thing to understand: technology’s neutral, it’s neither divine nor [chuckles] diabolical It depends on us how we wanna use it That means our state of awareness So I always keep in mind that technology for me is a means to expand consciousness so I’m

very selective about how I use it And there are periods when you totally shut it off So if you’re having your meals, if you’re with your children or engaging in company you put it away This is another thing we’re learning through neuroscience that your brain cannot multitask, it can only do one thing at a time at least consciously Unconsciously it’s doing a lot of things: regulating your body, etcetera So here’s what I think and I owe Daniel Siegel who is a great friend of mine in the neuroplasticity business He says that there are different kinds of time: there’s sleep time, there’s playtime which is recreation time, there’s relationship time, there is exercise time, there’s mindful awareness time, and then there’s focused work time and you don’t mix them So when you are engaging in technology just engage in that, when you’re not don’t and then you’ll not be so overwhelmed >>female #3: Do you feel like through your research and through your experience talking about expanded awareness that like a major hindrance to it now or are just people being able to enter into being mindful? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: It’s always selective One of the problems with my audiences they’ve already decided that they [chuckles] want to expand their awareness and if they haven’t they’re not in the room >>female #3: Yeah Okay thank you >>presenter: And by the way Dr. Dan Siegel actually did come and give a Tech Talk in Seattle at Google a few months ago so his talk is online if anyone wants to watch it I — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Yeah he’s — >>presenter: highly recommend it >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: I would say his works The Mindful Brain and on mindfulness are very brilliant and very contemporary >>presenter: I agree >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: He takes them out of the religious — >>presenter: Yes — >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: connotation >>presenter: very much So I think we have time for approximately one more question >>female #4: Thank you You hear stories about people who kind of experience death, they stop breathing and for all intents and purposes they’ve died and then they come back to life And you hear their stories of what that felt like and the peace that they feel Is that kind of, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on that Is that like the pure awareness? Is that kind of the next level? Have you heard of stories of this? What are your thoughts on kind of the next level when people have these experiences? >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: First of all, there are lots of very interesting videos on that on YouTube so check them out Secondly, there are two schools of thought: one school of thought is that’s the experience of pure awareness and that everyone actually to some extent has that experience as a near death or post death experience There are other schools of thought that say that’s brain damage Now I actually have had conversations regarding this, some of them are also online, with skeptics and with people who actually say, “No, that’s the real experience That’s real consciousness.” And the problem is right now, and this called the hard problem in sciences, and it’s the most unanswered question in science today, how do you get an experience of, right now you are experiencing yourself in your body aren’t you? [pause] Aren’t you experiencing, is everyone here experiencing themselves in their body? [pause] Well there’s no proof that there is someone there We cannot scientifically explain an in body experience So try to debunk out of body experiences is kind of, should be the next step when we can’t even explain an in body experience So the real research in science today, the unanswered question in science is: where is experience happening? If I ask everyone right now to imagine a sunset on the ocean, do it Can you see a picture? [pause] Where is that picture? If I go inside your brain there are no pictures; there are just electrochemical impulses So that in science is called the hard problem We cannot explain consciousness We’re looking for it in the brain, we can’t find it We’re looking for in the body, we can’t find it And maybe we can’t because we’re asking the wrong question Consciousness is not in your body, it’s outside of space time where the real action is And so that picture you saw is in the transcendence space, that’s where we experience everything: sensations, images, thoughts, feelings So my personal bias is that the near death experiences are totally legitimate, there’s a multi-hospital center trial going on in New York City right now in 19 hospitals, where

people are looking at what happens after death or near death and they’re coming up with the same experiences: a white light, a tunnel, feeling of peace, and all the other things that religious traditions have spoken about [pause] >>presenter: So we’re just about out of time but I wanted to give anyone offsite a chance to ask questions I know we can’t see you so if you unmute and were to ask a question then maybe we have time for an answer [pause] Okay, sounds like nobody offsite has any questions So with that let’s wrap up Next, Dr. Chopra will be signing books There is books being sold in the back, back here And before you go I want to remind you once again of the go/pgny site Check out all the fun things you could be doing for personal growth this month in New York Thank you Dr. Chopra for joining us >>Dr. Deepak Chopra: Thank you Thank you [applause]

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