this video I’m going to introduce the basics of how to begin our commercial negotiation class now because this class has so much online there are many instructions to follow but once you get used to it will be pretty smooth so in this video I’m going to go over the requirements what you need to do now basically to get going so what do you need to do now well the first couple classes are going to be in the classroom so it would be best if the first class especially you could come to class in addition to that what we’re going to do is begin online and the first thing you need to be able to do is access this document and the address is this address right here I’m going to put that on the screen nice and big so you can see it and if you go to that address what you’re going to see is this document right here you’re going to see this document that we’re looking at right now this is the most important part of all of the online information for this class because everything is here that you need everything is centralized all the links or years so if you ever get confused or lost come back to this page now this is located on Google Docs so one of the first things you’re going to need to do is make sure you have a google account how do you get a google account or you can have a gmail address is probably the easiest way you may be able to use other ways but that’s the easiest way now when you get your google account or when you have your gmail account or whatever the place you can go to is the google drive which is located here at google.com / drive and the idea is you can access documents online if you’ve never used google drive before i strongly suggest you try using it now it has a lot of free space and you can put documents on there and use a lot of things online such as spreadsheets and writings software on Google Drive in the cloud and we’re going to be using that for our class so it’s important that you be able to use this you don’t need to do too much just make sure you can log in and give it a try okay so once you’re inside of Google Drive it looks something like this on the left side is kind of some general topics and some categories and these are my folders and then on the right side are the sub directories and folders so I think you’re very familiar with this kind of idea you’ve seen this before probably so it’s very easy to organize maybe use something like Dropbox or maybe use something like Microsoft onedrive it’s all the same kind of idea okay so the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a google account and specifically you need to make sure you can access google drive and you know how it works so you’re going to come and get this document here by using this link which is our class schedule and introduction and outline all of the details of our class now on here let me go over some of the links first this is very important so one by one I’m going to go over these links the first link is of course this document we’re looking at right now this is the class outline and schedule so that is most important the next one is class grades and schedule updates etc so this is going to be the document that is always changing depending on grades and how you do in the class and I’m always going to be keeping that up to date so if I click on that and go to that page what I’m going to end up is I have a spreadsheet here and this spreadsheet is a Google sheet I need google drive to use it and you’ll need google drive to use it also so compact this a little bit so you can see here what we have is students numbers and great and we can go over and see all of their grades this is a previous semesters class and we can go all the way to the end seeing what their grades are for all of their assignments okay now when you come here it’s going to be empty so there’s not going to be anything here you need to do something though which is you need to put your name in here so we’re going to ask for your for your English name your Chinese name and your gmail address or the e-mail you like to use now again what email should you use well you should use your gmail just to keep things easy because your gmail links to your account where you can use google drive so that makes it easy so if you don’t have a gmail go and open up a gmail I will also be emailing your school address but the

point here is please pay attention you need to come here first you need to put your name on this list english name chinese name and then your email address and for email the best thing would be your gmail account that’s linked to everything you do in google so these are the three things we need one two and three we’re also going to need your student number so put your student number in there so for things alright so let me just repeat that one more time how do you get there from the schedule an outline of the class that’s just one page where everything we do will be on this page everything is linked to this page this is the one page where is this page up here is the address for this page so this page will tell you everything this is the main class schedule the main class outline where do we go from here the second link down here is your class grades and schedule alright so how do we do that click there and open it and if you have google docs that will open and you’ll be able to see this is our student list what do you need to do you need to come in and fill in the english name chinese name students number and your email for things you need to put in okay so i think that’s pretty straightforward if you don’t do that i won’t know who you are and i won’t be able to open permissions for you to access other documents that are very important now you don’t need to form groups yet but we will be forming groups eventually probably the second week will be forming groups so you can see here we have some group letters or group numbers but I’m going to take that off for the beginning for now just at the beginning of this class just give me those four things your email address your English name your Chinese name and your student number now then at the bottom you can see there’s another tab down there and down at that tab down there it says by book so we have a book and software we need for this class so what I need you to do is after you put your four pieces of information into this tab student list which is yours email address your English name your Chinese name your student number then I need you to come over to the back by book section a tab I need you to go ahead and put in your English name your Chinese name if you have one and again same thing for the student list if you do not have a Chinese name than to leave it empty your student number and then I need you to specify do you want a paper book or an evil if you want paper just write the word paper if you want to have an e-book just write a book price is the same except the ebook will be a PDF in the paper book will be papered so personally I think a book is much easier to use much more portable and easy this also pays for our software so we get a two-in-one deal so go ahead and do that we’ll talk more about the details of that in class but we do have all of the necessary links on this page again so where am I have come back to this page here which is our main page right our schedule and outline of the class okay where did we just go we just went over to look at the schedule and grades page which means this page over here we’re going to have our class list our student participants our book list and if i have any schedule changes that will go over there ok the next link on this page is our textbook and as I said you can put your name on the list to get the text book and you specified you on an e-book or paper bowl and the easiest way would be we collect that money together all at once in the class the total amount is going to be 59 T and T dollars so NT dollars 590 that will pay for the book and the software that’s actually just the price of the book but I’ve negotiated so we get to software with the book so you won’t have to do anything else so if we could do that together that would save a lot of your trouble I think so please go out of your way for the first class and second class see if you can remember to bring five hundred and ninety dollars to the class ok now let’s go ahead down the list here and see what else we have for the Knicks so those were the important links to start the class out now we’re going to go to writing assignments so this is

information about the writing assignments remember one third of the class is practicing writing business communications for negotiation so the software page that we’re going to be using for our cloud software for our cloud writing assignments is quick business letters or qpl which is located at this address you will not be able to use it until you get your registration number which is after you pay for the book so once you pay will be able to give registration numbers you can go ahead and go there though and download the help manual in Chinese or English and there’s also videos there for help in Chinese and in English next we have another link here which should link to the quizzes now here’s an example I go ahead and I open that up and I scroll down and here we have a fling a list of links to quizzes and what this is is a list of our eight quizzes that we’re going to have however if you click on it now go ahead and click try to open it it’s not going to open because it’s not time yet it will only open during the time that the quiz is open and for us that will be usually a six-day period you need to read a chapter and take a quiz and you have about six days to do that for the eight chapters we have ok I’m going to close some things up here clean up a little bit ok so here we are back at the outline page and we just saw the link to the quizzes and to the writing assignments ok so that’s all the individual work in this class next what about the lectures remember the lectures are not going to be in the classroom they’re going to be online so if lectures are on line where is that going to be well they’re going to be on YouTube and they’re also going to be on our school system but here we have a very easy link to the YouTube links so let me show you that online video lectures and you can go ahead and click this link to go to lectures right there as you can see it opens up and it’s going to give me a list of all the lectures so this is a playlist on YouTube that will help me help you quickly see all of the lectures and they will be numbered by chapter and topic so it depends on the topic and the chapter and you can see all the videos there and you just click on in the pledges like any YouTube video we also have a lecture introducing the RPG game and you can go there to watch the RPG games click that link if you’re curious then you want to get some information beforehand and I’ll just jump ahead and yes you can see some of the details there ok so I go over it step-by-step giving you the idea of course we’re going to do this in class also but it’s a great way to do it online to get up to speed on it and if you want to check things out before you decide if you want to take this class you can check this out two very cool very fun activity that I think you’ll enjoy and it really does a great thing of learning by doing that’s keep the key to this planet learning by doing not just talking about a bike but doing and it makes it fun and interesting okay next we’re going to go down and we have our upload evaluation sheet and remember i told you in a previous video that we have a evaluation sheet and this evaluation sheet is on google drive and i can go ahead and upload my groups sheets there and you can see here is a group groups from previous the previous year and every time they had an RPG game they uploaded their evaluation sheet which is one group one evaluation sheet and how does that work people who participate the way you want them to that you’re satisfied everyone in the group is happy they get 100 everyone in a group you have 100 that means everyone is equal that’s the participation on the other hand if you have someone in your group is lazy doesn’t show up you give them less and they’re going to get that percentage less of the grades if you give them 50 they’re going to get fifty percent of that activities great so it’s very serious and a really great way to keep your group organized and working together and to be fair I think one activity one RPG game one evaluation sheet for proof and you only evaluate your own group and you all agree on it

so just everyone together says yes you did a hundred percent you did under present we’re all under percent everybody gets one hundred percent that’s normal in fact it’s unnormal it’s unusual abnormal to have something different but maybe you have bad luck in someone glazes you can punish this for that ok lastly we have some negotiation information so if you want to learn more about the negotiation there’s an excel sheet you can download here and there’s also an RPG PDF sheet for buyers and sellers the game is divided clearly between buyers and sellers so that’s how you would go ahead and take a look at that if you want to get it or really where you want to begin to learn about it now okay so what’s left I think the last thing I want to look at in this video is the schedule for the class so let’s go ahead and on this outline schedule page we have the actual schedule and here we go so let’s take a look at the schedule and once you see the schedule I think you’ll like it a lot remember the goal of this class is to make it as easy as possible for you to learn to gain information to gain some know-how and to learn by doing that doesn’t mean we have to be in the classroom so on this schedule you can see this red color this kind of light red that means in the classroom in this light yellow means online classes and of course we have 18 weeks which is the normal taiwan semester and out of that we’re going to have one two three four times in the classroom only four so the very first class is in the classroom I really hope you can come to the first class because we’re going to be moving quickly in that we want to get right up to speed and then shift the online right away lots of students missed the first class because they’re like well whatever i’m just checking things out I don’t mind you come and check things out and don’t come again but please do come the first class if you’re even considering the class because there’s so much to cover to get going online to make sure to help you the second week we’re also online I mean in the classroom the second week we’re in the classroom the first week we’re in the classroom the first week is very basic introduction traduction show you the list show you the best outline show you these things i’m talking about but then the second week are our group formation so we’re going to make our groups and then we’re going to also test out how do you take a quiz how do you do the QB L online writing assignment and how do we do the RPG what are the basics of the RPG game so that’s the second week so if you come in the second week but you did not attend the first week you won’t even know that you need to have a Google account you’ll be like well what do I do now where do I begin so that’s a little bit trouble so the first week and second week are going to be in the classroom and hopefully you can make the first week third week is online we actually do an RPG game our first one and it’s a practice one the great doesn’t count we’re just practicing and then we meet in the classroom another time why do we meet then to review what happened in the RPG to understand how the game works a little bit better in the answer questions for anyone had a problem or issue so that’s really that’s it that’s all there is for the classroom everything else is going to be online we have a holiday here and then you can see the rest is online so if you follow me down here you can see what it looks like for example we’re going to have a chapter and the chapter is part 2 and you need to go ahead and read part two and then you need to complete the quiz you can see there’s a quiz there and then during the week there’s an RPG game to play and we have a special time that begins the game which is our class time which is a monday morning 9am we begin the RPG game and then you go ahead and you play until you until you finish until you’re done for example if you’re a seller until you’ve sold all of your product if you’re a buyer until you’ve bought all that you need to a 12 x and then we go ahead and the last time is sunday night is when it’s closing so if it’s past sunday night then it’s not going to it’s over game over right game over actually say so that’s pretty neat so that’s monday to sunday so it’s pretty cool of course groups that are aggressive and get going fast have an advantage if you sit around and wait until sunday you might not be able to find any offers or counter offer so if you’re a buyer and you’re in the market to buy but the sellers have already sold all their inventory and you wait till sunday there’s not going to be anybody selling anymore so that’s kind of the idea but it’s up to you how you manage your time and how you do things none eat alright so then this is our last time in the classroom is to review that RPG oh I got one more time so that’s the fourth time I’m sorry I think I got that wrong but the fourth time is to review that RPG so we come into class we say hey who did well who did not so well why did the people who do well do well why

do people who did not so well do not so well so we can review that get some ideas get some input and then we go right back to the online class which is going to be another RPG here and reading the chapters and having a quiz you see so it’s very straightforward read part 3 take the quiz and play the RPG which begins right here you can see begins at oh-nine-hundred on 1031 so that’s a monday our class time do not come to class you do not it’s online we meet online we meet inside Google Docs and we’ll see that you can look at that now when you want to look at the video on how to play the RPG shows you how to do that and then we go down through the semester you can see it’s basically the same thing every week you have or every two weeks you have a chapter to read for example here part number five and then you take the quiz for part number five and we may have some exercises to complete inside the book which are very straightforward not difficult ideas just to practice and then you can go ahead and we’ll have an RPG also and here we can see it begins at oh-nine-hundred 1121 november 21 that’s going to be monday morning our class time but we do not come to class it’s going to be online where we meet it’s like local docs and it just kind of cycles for that like that for a while part six part seven part 8 and then we also have here you can see the last couple weeks are all writing assignments our QB L assignment number five and qpl assignment number six so I’ll throughout the semester we’re doing writing assignments they begin let me see where would they begin they begin back qbo assignment zero that’s a practice assignments zero meaning it’s not going to count that is in the fourth week so the fourth week we begin our writing assignments and before that we’re doing other things so you won’t even have to begin doing writing until the fourth week and then you can see it’s a it’s a writing assignment in the fourth week but in the fifth week there’s a holiday and then in six week here the sixth week we have no writing assignment but you do have a quiz and you do have an RPG then in the seventh week you do not have an RPG but you do have a writing assignment and then in the eighth week you have a quiz and you have no writing assignment but you do have an RPG so that’s kind of the way the class is laid out that if we’re doing the RPG game we are not doing the writing assignment because it’s too much and if you’re doing the writing assignments if you’re not doing writing assignments than you are doing our RPG so each week we’re doing something you’re either reading a chapter taking a quiz and getting ready for an RPG or playing an RPG or you’re writing an assignment for a business negotiation letter ok so that’s the way the semester breaks down 18 weeks again let’s review very quickly what do we got 18 weeks four weeks in the classroom first week second week in the classroom please try to come the first time so we can get everything out of the way then we have some online and then we meet again to follow up and we have some online we meet again to follow up to see if there’s any problems and that’s it just four times in the classroom so very convenient to you you could be anywhere you could be in another country for all I know as long as you can contact your groupmates your classmates as long as you can access google and everything will be ok so if you’re going to China that might be a problem since you’d have to use a VPN access Google otherwise you should have no trouble ok thank you very much you

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