as you can see our numbers are growing we are far more people today than we were during our first two protests animal agriculture contributes more to climate change in the entire transportation if she wants to be a vegan she can be it’s her choice not mine well you’re a vegan they look after people like you you know watching the new Tim sheep I’m ready to go vegan and I’m not even sure what that means recent findings show me consumption has a much higher correlation with diabetes than shelter the data on vegan and vegetarian diets is looking really good it was a sobering day for meat lovers and there’s the convergence of forces that finally make this the right idea at the right time these are these are real animals with real feelings and real family groups you are destroyed Jag’s SP took a vow of silence for 365 days to promote compassion to animals this vegan lifestyle is sort of the solution to so many of the issues that are going on in 2015 the mainstream media started to bring attention to the growing health environmental and ethical awareness around the globe however it’s done this in a very confusing and nonlinear way what this film is going to suggest is that a clearer trend has been set in the last 12 months from a more grassroots level with a narrative that’s more coherent compared to the one provided by mainstream media and to understand exactly how this is happening you have to look at the events of 2015 early 2015 centered around Gary Yourofsky an American animal rights activist he’s being criticized and even banned from entering Britain and Canada as a result of his activism yet held by many as a hero of our time thought to be responsible for the explosion of veganism in Israel were 8% of the population and now vegan in early 2015 Europe’s key stop giving public lectures and started with social media activism and his talks online have already had over 3 million views and in January he was promoted by the famed musician Brian May I’m contributing to his current Drive he’s been a great inspiration to me ladies and gentlemen Gary Yourofsky 2015 is gonna be a fantastic year of activism I am so excited people like Gary Yourofsky inspired a huge surge of vegan advocacy online just take the vegan hashtag on Instagram for example which has been used over 19 million times at the start of the year had been used 10 million times showing the remarkable increase in 2015 alone GG Tube channels have started my veganism in 2015 including fun fluey humorous fitness joey graceffa kalau luke is not sexy ben brown a spin over a ham ffunny hair elisha secular talk not only smart jacksgap reality changes Lois Lane and sigur rós jenna Marbles who has one of the largest YouTube followings are spoken to the importance of veganism other big channels they exclusively promote the lifestyle continue to grow in popularity just take free the banana girl for example whose subscriber base and views have nearly doubled in the last poll most vegan gains only set up his channel a little over a year ago has already started to change the face of the bodybuilding world online even channels like Blogilates the tiger fitness and the hodgetwins were not vegan and thought to be against the lifestyle and now talking about it I can eat but I just can’t kill ya see vegans they got a point our vegan bodybuilders yes it can exist yes you can be a good bodybuilder as all of these influential social media profiles have changed so have consumer preferences for example in the US over 400 million fewer animals are killed for food last year compared to 2007 likewise in Canada meat consumption has reduced led by a 31 percent drop in pork and a 19 percent reduction in beef consumers are taking to the knee non-dairy milks with these alternatives now counting 20 percent at the overall market you know the fact of the matter is that the plant-based category in China’s big and us growing quite quickly Dairy Milk prices are plummeted for example in the UK milk prices will open water resulting in farmers protesting by doing the ice bucket challenge of milk milk sales are also going down in other parts of the world but mr. Gallagher you

say you don’t think so that China is giving up on New Zealand milk products but we’re now seeing a slump in sales from New Zealand to China food corporations around the world have been quick to adapt to the new preferences and there have been a number of announcements in 2015 Ben and Jerry’s have said they’ll be releasing their first vegan ice cream in 2016 snarl Buck’s are currently testing new vegan products Pratt and Monterey are considering opening a vegetarian shop chain the company corn now make vegan products new dairy-free yogurts have come out 7-eleven have switched to egg free Mayo in all US stores Trader Joe’s have added new vegan products to that store smoothie giant Jambo juice have introduced three new vegan items to their money and Taco Bell’s new mani now includes 26 vegan options as the UN have made it clear in recent years that plant-based diet is going to be key to reducing global warming it is no surprise that this message has been amplified in 2015 the billions of farm animals that are being raised for consumption which is for one causing huge areas of forest to be destroyed to grow grain defeat them and for two they are producing a very large percentage of the methane that is an even more potent greenhouse gas than co2 we could save so much in terms of resources water for example half of the water used in this country is used to raise animals for food the award-winning documentary kalispera sea which explores the link between animal agriculture and environmental destruction has finally been brought to Netflix with Leonardo DiCaprio named as executive producer guinea lad who have 17 million views on Facebook also released a video called the dangers of industrialized animal agriculture as a result there have been many up-and-coming eco friendly companies that specialize in meat replacement food products impossible foods is one such company the last month received 108 million dollars worth of investment in fact Google back in July tried to make an offer for the company Google reportedly made an offer to acquire startup impossible foods for between 200 to 300 million dollars Patrick brown CEO of the company turned down that offer and has recently been explaining his motivations behind setting up the company our challenge was to make a product that would appeal to the hardcore meat lover we wanted to have a product that would deliver all the pleasures that people get from eating meat without any of the baggage no cholesterol antibiotics hormones ecoli they already testing the products in undercover food trucks and planned to release the first items in 2016 other similar companies that receive funding this year include modern meadow beyond meat follow your heart in Hampton Creek we started the company to say if you could start over in food what the hell would that look like and we think if you start over in food the thing that’s a little bit better for the body that’s a little bit better for the environment would taste veteran we would be less expensive we just launched 36 new products this month we’ll be launching a lot more next year this food startup revolution is coincided with a trend emerging even healthcare it is fascinating to see and exciting that there are so many new Trish minded and even plant-based physicians I mean that segment of the medical industry seems to be growing rather quickly hundreds of physicians around the world now recommend the Whole Foods plant-based diet after looking into the signs the more you move towards a Whole Foods plant-based diet and the more you exercise and the more you meditate and the more love and support you have the better you feel 14 of the 15 leading causes of death have now been scientifically linked to eating animal products and what’s more plant-based eaters have the lowest risk of developing all of those leading causes of death those who tend to not have diabetes despite high carb intake are vegans the simple fact that a plant-based diet could just change your life this isn’t just an option I mean this is proven science that is powerful like I find it more powerful than a pill that I have another physician who recommends this way of eating is dr Michael Greger 2015 dr. Kim Williams became president of the American College of Cardiology he was asked why he follows his own advice to eat a plant-based diet I don’t mind dying dr. Williams replied I just don’t want it to be my fault Branka is currently the director of public health at the Humane Society of the United States he run is the popular Nutrition Facts website which provides free updates and the latest in nutrition research and recommends against eating animal products Gregor is also released

a new book this year titled how not to die and in the city Gregor is from an e vegan Medical Center is opening in November which will address health issues through plant-based nutrition other centers and health care providers announced how the benefits of plant-based diets for health include but not limited to Kaiser Permanente the Physicians Committee and Wellness Forum health in addition a plant-based milk delivery service called Forks fresh meals has also come out this year as well as the website plant-based doctors to org which is a directory for plant-based doctors around the world and a new documentary has also come out who plant your nation which explores why we haven’t heard about the health benefits of plant-based nutrition until now so this film is for everybody it’s for everybody gets breakfast so you know we’re addressing the political question but we’re also showing that this is an idea that has the potential to truly transform the world we could save seventy percent on healthcare costs if we shift it to a Whole Foods plant-based diet in this country when people have awareness of this health concept and they understand why they haven’t heard this before that awareness can then become the basis for a movement in 2015 many professional athletes have switched to vegan diet from slim athletes like professional golfers and football stars to much heavy athletes in addition many long-term vegan athletes have been thriving in setting new records preparation how far out if you had to work with it well I’ve been thoughts into this since I became a vegan eight months ago so ultra marathoner and vegan athletes Scott Jurek his CET année running record his latest quest was the Appalachian Trail more than two thousand miles through 14 states from Georgia to Maine it takes most hikers who managed to complete the trek 5 to 7 months directed it in 46 days eight hours and seven minutes three hours faster than the previous records in the Silk Route this year Forest Green Rovers with a fast Club to go vegan chairman Dale Vince has introduced an all vegan menu that can be enjoyed on the terrace or at the table our fans buy into it as well you know people come up to me and they say things like you know I’ve gone vegetarian has changed my life it may be a while before meat is completely taken away from football for the report and success of forest green certainly this food for thought there would be a huge number of animal rights protests this year two people named Lee Jane velez-mitchell and Bonnie Moss have been at the forefront of many of the campaign’s reporting them to the world via social media we produce original animal rights news videos and print stories not covered by the mainstream press there is a mainstream media news blackout on handle rights so we are doing an end run around mainstream media and getting directly to the people on our huge number protests around the world Oh we’re going to go to their board members now we’re going to keep coming back over and over all until they see the light show some compassion shame on you for supporting the fur industry Oh

we are allowed to be here everybody do not let them intimidate you one story which was a passing protest was covered by mainstream media and now James is speaking for the first time this morning on sunrise what a pleasure to have you here James can we have a drumroll what your first word are going to be oh why did you do this okay the reason I took the bow songs was to raise awareness for the voiceless victims of this planet do the animals we all say we love animals and we all are against animal cruelty but we pay people to mutilate torture and slaughter animals and it’s not for any necessity it’s not because we need to for our health it’s just because we like the way they taste so I went for us because their voices mmm thought but then I realized they’re not actually voiceless and they cry in pain they scream in terror and when they do that they’re using their voice to tell us their suffering the problem is we’re not listening because they have wings instead of arms no they have fur they have scales they’re different species we don’t take their suffering seriously many celebrities this year also spoke out for example in August Morrissey sat down with Larry King in his fast in passing interview in nearly 10 years I became vegetarian first when I I was very young when I just caught sight of a program on the television showing slaughter and I’d never seen it before the abattoir the slaughterhouse and I I was frozen for five years I couldn’t believe that in our society a place like this could exist I ate things until I’d listen I don’t agree with bullfighting but you know you know the guy doesn’t deserve to die well what it was defending what what was it meant to do it’s got horns it tried to stop a sadist torturing it to death that’s all it was trying to do before I think it was a bit weird like to think it was a bit weak laugh at your toe and vegan a bit weak and stuff so yeah I can speak from both sides and I want people to realize that it’s normal I want everybody to realize that it’s just so normal is but if the normal thing to do I like meat we gotta go vegan I gotta go vegan think big my nose it’s a new Stevie Warren lassie go B go B go B get Adam back to go vegan vegan girl vegan stay back back to go big celebrities Harry Styles and ex Jackass star steve-o performed bold public stance against SeaWorld in 2015 leading to the company’s profits plummeting Pamela Anderson set up a new vegan cooking show called the sensual vegan as well as a new vegan fashion line the famous tattoo artist Kat Von D launched a new vegan makeup brand famed film director James Cameron and his wife set up the first vegan school The Daily Show host Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey announced they were setting up an animal sanctuary a number of other celebrities revealed they’d become vegan including Miley Cyrus movie star Liam Hemsworth and Bollywood’s biggest star Aamir Khan but there was some odd events in 2015 Beyonce launched a vegan meal delivery service and said it was key to her lifestyle but then said she regularly eats meat Ellen DeGeneres appeared to be a committed vegan but then launched a lever Footwear line a scene I Neil said she was going to promote veganism over the internet but then deleted a huge social media accounts Jordan younger tried to discredit veganism but then it became apparent her bad experience with the diet was a result of chronic under eating the press scrutinized a Yulin dog eating festival and the death of Cecil the lion turned a blind eye to the large-scale factory farming taking place across the globe but the epicenter of this nonlinear 2015 was the American Egg Board scandal in September it transpired that the American Egg Board and the USDA took part in a concerted effort to destroy vegan company Hampton Creek at the dark heart of this story was leaked emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act which revealed the USDA

acted criminally and it consequently being investigated by the US government at the same time in the UK vegan politician Kari McCarthy received criticism of ridicule for suggesting that meat eaters be treated like smokers what none of the critics realized was that the UN the same month released a report clearly confirming that the most commonly consumed animal products such as bacon and sausages a ranked as level 1 carcinogens like tobacco this morning a major new report from the World Health Organization says eating processed meat poses the same cancer risk as smoking the report puts processed meat such as bacon and hot dogs at the highest risk rating although there have been some small political parties making progress in 2015 like the humane party in the US and an animal allies party in Canada it is clear that changes unlikely to come from the political sphere but there is a large group of individuals campaigning beneath growing in numbers and diversity due to the great work by activists and campaigning organizations like Viva Mercy for Animals in animal aid the true horror of farmed animals lives is plain to see people getting the compassionate message out using platforms like Facebook Instagram and YouTube we are taking control and we are using social media and as young people predominantly get their news from these social media platforms now a new generation is being created in the biggest health environmental and ethical social justice movement ever to have existed new books have come out such as the plant powered way do unto animals in protein holic Costa Rica fancies animal sacrifice is no longer allowed at Nepal’s gander my festival the first vegan charity shop has just opened in the UK veg visits the air B&B for vegans has also come out even car manufacturer Tesla Motors are considering making one of their cars vegan long beach have approved meatless Monday this year t and the French have finally caught up adding vegan to their dictionary the 2015 the gallery campaign was four times more popular than in 2014 interest in the vegan lifestyle was now overtaking vegetarian in the UK five percent of the US and now vegetarian or vegan Google’s latest figures show three-fold increase in vegan searches from 2007 to 2014 and the company say they’re adding plant-based options to the worldwide food programme doctors are increasingly using the plant-based diet to reverse the most common chronic diseases and a pioneering new alternative research methods for drug testing that do not use animal models vegan fast-food brands are also doing well vegan eggs are now a real thing and are being sold in the US Burger King said this year they’re considering launching more meatless dishes McDonald’s for the first time in that page shut down more stores and if open this year and shareholders reveal the food company could be in its final days this was compounded by the fact former CEO from McDonald’s Don Thompson recently perfected speaking start up your meat veganism is no longer viewed as a fringe lifestyle choice it is a moral framework that searing into the consciousness of huge numbers of people with its importance being recognized around the world for a number of different reasons the question now is what all 2016 bring you

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