like Lana oh I see Leslie it’s not mono he certainly was hidden under Bush Africa back nine move out hey when I z10 leaving Malaga did in the course English chengannur pay another java and Obama hey ill at a wet p economic consider hindon is he an entire olive oil solana a cannon and mod waaah and Alberto new album and killing fear I will articles and a wet Nekra definite articles and it Monica lot in marfa defeat article sorry under temecula indefinite articles killing it al trabajo na soota give them the smokin Troy Alec mana a Gamla some la voglia Phil kita in a 02 little hover mobile an articles applicants Phil no other way named silhouette in the militia order taken come on let flow are women initiated negative sphere that Marvel al loading Elizabeth II technically we hear a or m okay email articles elusive hitman articles / seed nouns in LA or lnd the textbook a list BTW gamle lisp and notify them move it hub didn’t Oh goodbye in fetal attend wha then we’ll article the three types of article i will know listen the definite article the definite article lay here there then okay the indefinite article layer ay or n p 0 article leaves can imagine if the hotel de ville inocula 1am an 11-0 article in first hop de merengue let make it up polymerization Nicolette and wha Landing name articles ok Vanessa the different article in the air then the Sonata taaha Liana planes ahora ya saben Tahoe d okay nincada the Menace milligan gonna be compelling behalf second they double double baha thee let me listen between Gabe and lived at the harsh metallic opposite with Harvick they are on the island the internet are involved Mossad can okay Angela the indefinite article and the name a or m adia fatigue a consonant hello so second and fatigue AB and bounce you can- episodes but a havoc k 0 article de 11 is believing bastard in line hey there so I neck here oh my gosh okay he montemagno Kenya a a LN tigi a politically net layer dip the chicken limit my Anna tilde Marv mother havoc well a consulta also layered with a hammock ze an owner advance via hood and sahara Malaika limit better the vowels master Hudd a Yanni I wanna miss Helena collected the hot feel you you load notta you carry out of our second salt second in saudia filling

lesia ayuda so second jmsn knee university a university Nick umbrella with umbrella holy an umbrella blowing you that you without you okay all the honey to my family the diamonds are shui militia answer janna massillon vrd killing it University University you know folded up half and you do the other half mod Herrick like in the salt with not a you no but it killin ur the Kelemen heartful you sort knew that we’d not at you he met a hot air they a university okay a university van dyck elements uniform uniform a uniform a uniform ok like in the La Jolla retinya he commits umbrella umbrella you you a letter part for you miss Newman tissue move it up today an umbrella an umbrella okay even a converted the hot few the hood n the new not you taking with you university uniform Cara with a hoodie k fecal a meatball dr. Yahama cigna OOP the hood end Lee then over half a second Liam talk they can with our Sarah man hostage taking muffled only a hour there then the suits allege maybe noonish troll an hour like a limit honest man loli an honest main level any here at calamon the tip the heart village in la de Leon talk the hood in an hour an honest man you gonna go to a LN anna has have swatted Kilmer Malaysia Callahan sub and half okay she Kilmer tender heart free e-book the hood a Kinnaman european ah bien cancer Lola motobe okay the lower layer tip de bajar 50 e they can bond tally yerba q1 w you go to hood a Iran country I have a peon country I have a pair country okay yeah we’re 80 in the sternum home I lajas up the suit ok ma Salam a smash a decade lay up with calvin Mahalo JMS eleanii Levana mesulam I e.m employer must of circuit IBM anywhere sterling and an IBM employer the Nana Bradley I super chaotic right now Cherokee mesulam the incident hey shelly kiss my v.v be honest kanata hoodie a then buddy be v.v suit caloocan cherokee is Mohamed asan m.b.s we had a hoodie black hood a min

the 128 m II don’t Oh II give em a hot Aon and javi and not slowly and MPs employer 10 MP s employer most of my circuit MPs warming him a half the sake in the swag and oh don’t worry him and MPs him PS KMI effects alot to solve the medical also havoc the sternum pain when I was a second sterling he had a low key and half second let’s sit on top with the havoc they eat em em I their hoodie n okay the Venezuelan Llanos all lead to a fee so lot kiama then gabelli haggar the indefinite article a and then the red and necro he a boy in our hey gangster demo Inca residue on Phoebe’s up at least me muffled hey in legian collado hmmm je z in a salon book well a book Pope can kill me populated one who can hold two books three books okay give Alice Malian can have their the hood hey I Blair oh n al hob a suit he certainly weather will kill him como esta gente they molt a policeman Oakland in the vm kanade oh and then I use color will marwa how the universal she had them Oh Minister Sheila hi dad ow no shocks real hard yani chi larue and I moly amen in their women rajan umrah Cayman hello on our two alone milligan mallets mean he’s sick honey moon walk okay not off she mean if I a real model him he well with mother schoolroom Keanu the mourners eleanii I saw a man am I cook well goon riding a car yesterday chef amen I saw a main chef drug the dogs model meanie Logan had literally Mayan okay given a negative element Hagar a little more hot dinner children 100 on short sleeve hundred on she was cool Oh Lee Marvin okay they molt a used before a weird beginning with a consonant study needed kareena lipdub assault but if the following where it starts with bowel we use a regular column adaptive them so put havoc the study n and shooting cells came in visually was wearing arid scared Julie kinetically every scare Reba hamra Aaron scared and an ugly clothes and ugly clothes Rosa a avi avi henna elettronica lead vanilla a visual had with him over killing a hugger I’m matin hiya feat general observed can I get dinner p Lola still them huh then I’ll kill a man hey gamma booty gaben miss Leslie more flood LED collado of XI mismo en and the initial handle any sediment any the indefinite article with the name glance the medical Helen and and wahhaj fever here and back le manoir had us but Saudi in leg mahakala I was no cologne for silicon a day in a salon the moly I’m friend blind your side Soviet a happy p the amen they owned again ever k had the Mayan yeah any way l friend the Kalamazoo little happy hour moment when friend is always by your side okay a plant friends are always buy

your sign okay this user is usage refers to any members of a class usually any shots or is a little peep in a deep dish ok or in the sentence above any real friend I use a little pig okay NMM flashes telling me there article is not possible in this case Hi Larry then plaster them there okay then 10 Easter oh yeah you gotta Maggie a kill him I’m where head chief Osceola okay the definite article operations of quantity futaba Robinson inaudible are a little ooh la la it can me k z I’m having a lot of I’m having a lot of problems with measured and behind behind the musket ksiva a lot of problems are Cathy L mean L mostly get ugly but of bad pilotto luckily a lot of a piece of ok akhil of a guitar belani give me a great many people a great many people added Kabir Oh Kathy anonymous think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudice a great many people and a Kabir million Lee’s ok given a Macallan I’m in million mega all Kabir double-teaming Lester then can only indefinite article letting neck so they met the original reckoning the indefinite article with certain numbers and fractions now added above the land at ala moana my fractions and kazoo it guess fatigue my mark a limit is a hundred thousand million billion okay tequila with had with him in tulare but wed on how 130 m landed the idea hundred thousand million little hannah hawaon anonymous alimony a hundred a hundred Lee maneje 100 he admitted it song with the mall a hundred yeah hey 100 you will do them I and I a 109 a 100 s sell them a thousand even have 1000 emilian and melia even have 1,000,000 one minute ok 100 kilos the home yes iluu one is for a kilo and a half okay Kim where Miss haha yet oddly BTW is AE a third and failed diamond aha salut Leia one third at third here one filled those a quarter for one quarter a quarter roba say a one-quarter prob ok the conveyor mode two thirds manner to the failure two thirds together Heidi you soon two-thirds vividly water over Noah a quarter of a mil

havana rumba sale have a meanings Oh a minute a nest the PIPA miss na kita mr. ahead the paper miss Philippi ki about to burst and aha a play l mahan the no you kill a man miniatures article definite article with professions heavily illness and all those life z mary has a teacher in all n mary is a teacher many modern acer a man is a doctor ok Michael cinema loaded Mary is a teacher at Melissa doctor and he is an engineer okay vtg a balloon in decimal Philander 1 0 0 AOM I want to be a wee musician read and good as if Pope when I grew up okay and then a up gosh we r T gladly tell me han professions the indefinite article and at in aqaba will certain illness ma la da world on rod marina they is it called a cold and Heather left at cold Jeffrey has a splitting headache Jeffrey had a splitting and splitting headache ok so da 400 nay so thou affecting the man a splitting headache that’s when I can free bottle of rotgut happened there they the flu Kwanzaa is a virus over on a virus and a student air okay student a linelu hundred t-virus YN here normal levels it they’re virus that can make you sick for a week or longer you can enter gallica morir on those ba hot one Hannah kill meat missiles missiles alia monitor husband nope you know from there Geneva zero articles we watch a articles pulse okay the missiles or missions is best known for Maru we it’s typical skin rush mourad morayfield ok the include article instead of beer install them in a label maker letter mean kill me dear I’m Anna Nicole of coal avi the mourners and critique you sir ok they he was driving i canna here would say a lot o 82 miles you saw at the mini meal an hour vicia with an old a rubber ball n hour the men in Memphis sir McKim Mead fear when the car skidded and diamonds are hot sale I go to the sound and as availa sauna twice a month male taile coalition yeah and it’s opere yani equally shocked twice a month and certain abbreviations the letter P

la elixir odds a half rapida stands mana peer of the sonic helmet pier yeah feat gold Alvey the morn assailant speed limit had the shovel so la 15 miles per hour no social need here our is sir one kill a bit air second you bet their second killer bed is Sonia of Cuchulainn Sonia tb-p Sen kill mike pare second equals your idol a thousand bits then alphabet clear seconds you then I need PDF monaghan peer then of all unhappy the article ok an animal can a old account oh q bit with Sonny Oh thousand bits a second okay over here the hour-long hat I’ll monkey taking a gank element here ok a monkey nasturtium alerted Nicola there is a proper name proper name Gianni is Carolyn us Mellish boss with article was a proper name is Mel Allen oh yes Madonna is a what is Malala unified Olivia le nègre or a monk in for Hannah they now then we’re cool the Kelly man allies org in the shop small business daily Lamoille fig shots of people hell is no foolin philately sellin Phil English awoken elite Necker Lennon of our Foolish the indefinite articles can be used with proper name to suppress uncertainity actually oblong nishida I’ll get a kid a limo hundred about the person’s identity which I’ll if a hawaii the shot Sarah amala foosh or that person of that the person is a stranger to the speaker Oh shot so that a lead on a shock sleep cannon yellow balloons belly shots the rib monkey mr. Lamar edited maker a or m all necessarily a mr. Smith mr. Smith deliver a wire invisi an ester Smith was looking through you this morning leave Anna and he shocks what a dismal mr Smith can listen a mechanic shop animal should we go let’s say what had a smoothness given as someone called mr. Smith was looking for you this morning he shot sooner and Amaro foosh is mr. Smith for Wilma washu who can literally finna study man articles k a remote nursery and mr. Ahmed hold you in the morning if you are highly small say that man doesn’t make a song La Mina and then an owl Marla a snowsuit heaven is very good model already for the study mark on article and live in its article Pokemon canister them and the indefinite article and retina clock every little is a Latin LS melon em to mean the canister a characteristic feature K&E characteristic features estimate is shazia of the person winch and then je he was in henna Stein of him Einstein dynamism Palestine the motto again I understand where to ah the mole on was I mean it was telling me ethnic he was an answer of his time we can

answer them in ok they can I was up to you as an inch time of his time Trinity and ethnic rock every is mallanna me valle de cine shocked CL shots ammonia a proper name with an indefinite article can refer to a work of art douglaston link’ edit Nicola Emily’s slalom the anniversary Harmon family created by the person in shots Elena was cool that even a mish solo shots no hablo a bit naked on the bus arrival fanny this chakra lamorne Masonic he bought my castle Oh Stella epic castle ostrava casula come on then I’m not su disco I’m a friendly Aloha fanny amana because he built a big castle in the 1970s sold by alemana he bought a painting / casa esta la melody elohim of summa summa mean because he bought every castle okay you know dig up la a smile LM to and I’m and fennel head shots inuzuka a blow editing nationally we can so there is not a sin we can soon we bought a painting by week as mr. Aloha hanya yamaha it was sandy castle can then be castle add sauce by des moines arena you our spines is marina beautiful modeled loja Tiffany OS medina with a smartboard marginalism arena any given a the definite the definite article there okay i know it a little modify there okay the definite article bar a little modify near there the study America the definite article English indefinitely definite the definite article a daddy L Madoff apparently to stab them use for items with a clear reference bastard in Ha Na a la maza le shear al wahda ha I will marvel can hang our FF lickin this means that we know that at what we are talking about in haggle an hour feel healthier will kill him a hanger finish a vast area because it is clearly defined linea hot data among the reference to the land and the following sentences been defined by the end of wine the face Havana and Yanina kinemet men had a tomorrow va-va-va-voom de la banda z is the man 11 and here i will be on the left a real one and Avalanna Ali SR is my unk anime illegal logging home on wood Anna Elias on ok animals are 100 the man on the list Arobin and no good fig italia saw as my unk and the man with the head in his hand Logan la da de da piano tenaha little oil ha ha ha sido is my ugh hand in tomorrow clog in ym Miniver Gilda whoo fibo a fiddly boohbah Australia awake Amy sorry para MN and their women came in leanna decker then I will model school

okay let me give a killin da da the man was my young hina edita wanted the mega school / more evil and Maggie as good and it’s moi kimmie mirror Martha an old MN plugin and her women omoi came in Dashiell the man they are all Wilda and a hundred where’s my unk Paragon Kenna I’m no look a litany Marlowe given a muscular not again mauritania did ok that’s it the man that is the man delica or rubber who I told you about and a stoker of the hottest I hope the other day Shalom it clean and our domain of rugged ok and what we wear so i told you about a lady holistic on LM takano the other thing p Elena a small who had them water for the sky them are there p and the mission its article home glutes mega tell him no Cielo Kamla ok Angela Rizzoli Cooley in fuccillo the more nestled on the computer al computer follow so then a computer right hand black another killer manche mofob a Saturday whole class kundulun where i’m coolin facade oye gasp oh ok let me do more flood the computer given a less more fraud llena de colima agua de Blasio cheer Ella magma okay cool is mama from a blue then get about Saudi massage hang on diversity click on the computer has need fixed anything is here at computer gala the heroin source as hell of the higher-end nose say hell computer ahead a lots of computer haha Camuto regardless of commuter attacking the seller will compete on a woman he has computer electric and internet leave its away computers against the computer jumeirah and faster hood there negative a zero article the McCune gamma can again initially the coonley willful sila sa donna anna liam kit annual be them computers have needed anything easier like in the computer Joe Philbin latonya the polar beer and double could be he’ll also do go ahead yeah I know it is a porra all appear more from of the day grant loquendo Sheila kundi in Susilo absorptivity lemon in it doable could be safe I’m al-khalil em where the polar appear at 3pm was extinction and double could be more head that William crowd hello soon to go ahead let the Kolyma more aggressive especially in nocal old for silicon layer the magma hava pull our peers motion to polar peers voila McGee Maha Maha bitch Amata wash all our peers are threatened with extinction even s been more fun and more of the day ok Bashir Allah and Cecilia Batman okay the use of the dis little article

is formal then that of the flora even a stirred in there and miquelon unfussy de Kamla was discussin audi syllabus me and then I study me definite article the polar fear of the minister in polar peers ok form and them are as main object lesson not that in this case the definite article is not possible she has it hella to kamusta hella imma kill him facility in gamma W fee askin has it would leave here to one or any number any member of the class but not the class as well Keith haliday it the cookie monsta hey and then I studying them a polar pier in factual a polo field ok henna laahmichelle la física low inertia la a polar pierre-luc ugly and also to Honda’s if the written was extinction a computer has made text ending easier and all such computer raha best smoke lagoon computer time we make a developed and allow a delay also sylvac man nor be technical engine hey gang ok mesmo Lee all of you the computer name actually plan tournament man milk industry relay i sued elvish area you know any men Mynaa and Russia naked men very high elbow sure men can be used to represent the human race kahneman and yet out insane auto shop monkey to share a domicile human race it’s reassuring and there’s no article well at that hey Andy we were one al insane I Russian man well eventually destroy his environment cylinder is insane a here on VA and the Roman air is in am in sterling and and jannat natural he know I’m hind the studying killing at humankind humankind would’ve a.m. for dollar a taken man will mankind however today the more dinner network is oh you are my hide the human kind Ramon kinda maneje fencing is preferable two men or mankind from da low orbital mm on killing it man o mankind started killing at humankind and instead umber and the definite article there was on your number ordinal number but and with superlative adjectives the study a definite article in here there man Alan attack TV kumar supported tough deal he heal a little TV layer first second third fourth fifth cake LOL Athenian Davis the starting at left there ok this is the first time first time as in Laurel una I have been to China obviates a little timaya first second third fourth cool an alliterative a a cup of them this is the first time I have been to China their first time the a la laguna that is i have to be in a soup that went essentially twenties Oh 20th century and a communist regime

has been a has seen the blondest worse and the history share a common Ashley horrible boxer delaware little ish i’ll be sharing ok did he have today he thought that of the superlative adjectives and adjectives so formed jellies are most the most intelligent Juliet LSK the most intelligent together and for their and as Gallic serve the can in sequence the most the least the fewest mark only sort of deal the tallest the shortest the biggest with of deal the longest okay the most difficult then doesn’t stop live there ok a female host why not the the definite article will own them numbers and with superlative adjectives vada Mahatma landenberg 30 billion losses neil and chill track from slightly niggling karim at most let me wash habla have that you know i’m a very so can meet very okay most has meanings which don’t take the definite article then the motivation I have you weak element very the ala mode I have just read most interesting book and our it architecture yep get them Dylan n i am just read very interesting chews mmm haha Jerry that was most kind of you as I can then how she out of get them mimic that was very kind of you okay most people amazon is Lulu’s white amen yeah so Luna oz Nam regain it in a very short time yes they do p walk kasi it obvious that was normal all of you update proceed you will move ash my hand that banana have very oh man i have bottom liminary the majority of the people the majority and at larrea arm awesomeness ok Oliver Kelley McCauley lamurk tommaso phone k y habla de when only is used as an adjective nine west olympic Asifa it is preceded by the we as a vegan laughs then the only thing a che elahi only thing you know surfing today getting a thing che che e Chi Wahine the only thing she did I hit a little crow home about winter fish there is a cold Oh Albert the only thing okay and cut it bad in their system the only thing a every using the definite article before a negative is a stop in the back anything manager of Lucifer the phrase will sanction is a plural noun referring to all people described by the adjective okay so channeling in this case and follows this phrase it will take the people on Form okay is so far love still ahead there

that howl is holy is william Lewis V gamma the arnica limit poor people four people shall have to reel of Valhalla whiteboard or people NSE alpha power poor people okay low physical meet people Oh por que la imagen Socorro so do you mean and that’s it for color and how will it please Luis Magana given is a setup that howl s me gamma the Maggie abla her then they can make crave evil nests shine depraved a shoo-in I with Nancy sugar cephalalgia bella has mods for low gear days hey how will is me young author even had a high as a Cleveland in a good okay the poor they only the page are free that brave that brave on sofa so far more food the lateral like alejate never had that grave in a cataclysmic am only the paper three up a shoe and woman ahaha okay twist on the meek Robin Hood is still good to have got the rich the rich the rich then yeah ah to hand the pool and only the rich novelties until I rich people rich people here on a pitch Lana rich people nasa la mia with the poor Quran ons invade la the poor adjective describing nationality safada flip those figgins here also work in this way mokin and cocoons aha the Ozzie Talia unless they end the N and e Yanni the molle the English the English little English the English are famous or infamous for their kissing that increase the English the French and fluency academics range manahan currency the ish and frenzied mob blanco I eden lot of kids with an all the way Chris here million good they can bail out Tillman Bahia the N is a miscellany Egyptian investor hood there oh the Hungarian and McGary evening facial the Hungarian of the Egyptian r devil nation in cash e conveyor a n/a n/a hold the Egyptian the Italian in fashion the Italian okay the SFO aslam the optical the indefinite article with geographic ins indefinite article with geographic and direct a little nautical mile s main google fee okay the one let’s me smell em unless my google fear not the Ho Chi he a relative we had our names of this

our collective plural or plus modified take the definite article ill he lets me Elmer akela m OS man again min keza and Monta okee better they mess around the United Kingdom album lacquer and moved ahead okay the neitherlands the u.s. a snorer Kevin the Republic of Glenn let’s network there these three public the niche Republic the People’s Republic of China the People’s Republic the China generating the sill shall be as many whatever hold them k in flash only the Egypt veloped and a small government killing Ojeda lasik market ness man work ever fatality viateur holds them the United Arab Emirates ok the United Nation as memory of the hood there what her God is ok layer and not in the air 0 ha Lee somehow they the river kisa no T saw that Mississippi of the Mississippi River that Mississippi the English Channel cello the Panama camel the Panama camel the Atlantic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean and mohegan Atlantic the Pacific Ocean the Pacific Ocean k mls mana tahu there the River Nile nah mean ebay lizards as NASA Holly the Gobi Desert the Gobi Desert the Sahara Desert yeah sahara desert there mojet desert the motive didn’t so how r Mojave the magis desert ok now little cheek loaded cheek see our cheek oh I’m into a ditch ditch cannot change chicken zeit clicking on Lebanon on a cheek donic cheek okay Mountain rains say Leslie get in given the a given mikonam ox or linear motor from the US Attorney the high cutters the high tatras liberal cutters alali the ABS the Alps give LOL aunt Lucinda LOL the Rocky Mountains that Rocky Mountains cillessen devel work yeah Chocolate Mountains the Chocolate Mountains interesting given is my Chocolate Mountains a free bottle points of the compass points of the compass hey it take a head elbows lon yet i will create a woman in vehicle booster the hood there avi gambler a definite article the North the north

Shaymin the South the South the east the East shock the waist the west along the South Pole the South Pole okay I’ll call again OB the North Pole the North Pole called a Chanel the hood a then investigated bas la da dee zee habla she lives in the south of ethylene it is she can move italian ok Jeffrey is going to the Far East the four is a shuttle oxen next spring I’ll be I’ll call him aquino kuzava North America North America hey go west go with or should go the wasteland go with again verbum North American okay some a constellation and the other hand leader is the Big Dipper the Big Dipper then the hell it is that sailor galaxy then grab me bola I can keep on dismay the e.r en how’s that guess you’ll pay as you’ll pay ok the definite article is used with boobs get the on clearly pleura ok then the kanima and the more will make Molly young model so okay ganga yema can make more on the innocently hell orchestra they in orchestra to learn more overall the orchestra the mall nationally the new york philharmonic orchestra philharmonic orchestra the new york philharmonic orchestra is conducted by event Fisher in bottles k the mirror pond Aryan biggest weaken a small keystone in New York the New York you need question then with more keep studying 11 white look at it mark do you like sir he told do you like the petals do you like metallica minha escola let’s move on hey Jana feeble as me muchas a new car mmm vodka with metallica letter jose OS mechanical i oppose there ki your crotch as a PS no hana koecher there is mangamma akira mo guna letter ok our SIA letter holder for color metallica business ever ok and the definite article with historical references a little militia with historical references okay silikal references en la share dayton moore gaya el Mago quickly they the Iraq war the Iraq war Iraq war all the raccoon

pig horrible arrow has divided the international public area the Iraq war had a story tomorrow they love them and the Renaissance the Renaissance and also a nada innocence started in Italy when Fe Italia and slowly spread throughout Europe k want a shot Hillary you’re going to share of calomel data more gate area get up on it then the Renaissance the Iraq war but not always like a laser a the Amon z this course has a course surveys the second waves under joshua on your clock the second we’ve k and low gesenia of english romanticism english room romanticism the hell achieve their ends romanticism maneje Illuminati kia ora semantic al injuries a such a little easy smile romanticism English romanticism in a Medici then ok the definite article well musical instruments and dances a little manufa mladovic on a little more superior rock assault they are simple plays the piano plays the piano the PM k me piano alamosa pero alamosa piya isle de la de piano a thing it’s on T can you do the foxtrot can you do the foxtrot the normal assessment Foxtrot ok and when he know whether different article will musical instruments and awaken militia la musical instruments manahan will elect a new superior and dances warlocks all the croissant okay the difference or kill bar with names of families maths man a lie ki and I edit then a giver a killer man shocks well and i neva shocks allah i will engender a luison gamma well you there yeah Nina Salim Ahmed the mega will be i’ll attack not only the admins Wallace Miller beginner a big email and make sure ella ella ella okay and they see gamma is Adam okay oh the sea again look then can also mean la la’ daddy shot Sarah Ann and in a salon and I know that the name of the family yes mira la fix the chloroform Yahoo’s a sitting gamma and such cases we were fain fanzine hannah’s a mess around dismiss next lesson shows the motto lo SE game about a beauty tip as ask mrs man aha Elliott said Smith are coming for dinner to line in a mr. and mrs. Smith and the children and also delay Tlakula highly the listener at Iggy Alan a chandelier ok no more miss em the Carrick’s de la Torre you they are trying to keep up with aluna and international nah they’re Joneses yeah Johnson’s I’ll

Sadie John Aled Jones then it slowly leaving little se-young peluda you sure la la la Kiama the nectar fee if i take it a little and rumor has it the double heap we should click onto a character and like an egg little more go we can manage our local articles Allah send a party together vasl Agana hello be negative should be any honest look beneficent Allah Allah Allah my phone Alvin emetic people sleeping again and it ended shall honor him small egghead SS in Kuala and you learn a let alone in charlotte area and canada social season here at NIU bikinis sasha inshallah yeah it’s my life in Tanana that inch I’m gonna hit Luka and Salam aliko not to lower it

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