A Rosy Life 413-5949 Yellow submarine Trouble on April 13 Stop everything, and lie low till next contact President Doohwan Jeon denied a constitutional amendment during his term, and announced that he will follow the current constitution, and hand over the government next February Executive Producer: Taewon Lee This special statement is for a peaceful handover and a successful national event, the 1988 Olympic Games A decision made before a critical juncture Cast: Myungkil Choi, Jaesung Choi We will have a mess It won’t make any difference Who cares? Cast: Kwangsoo Cha, Jihyung Lee We’re just construction workers When things get messed up, Screenplay: Sanghyo Yook construction market gets depressed You mean people don’t make houses Director of Photograph: Seungbae Park when things are not good? They just live homeless? Be quiet please, we are watching the TV Edited by: Soonduk Park Music by: Dongik Cho Comic Books Director: Hongjoon Kim Therefore, I decided that in order to make a peaceful governmental handover and hold a successful Seoul Olympic Games I won’t allow the consumptive discuss of a constitutional amendment, that breaks up the public opinion, and wastes power of our nation Prepare for the late- night charge Can I stay over? It’s up to you, 1,000 won for the night Can’t you just skip this time? I’ll rather skip my meal You look great today, any good news? Cut the crap! You still don’t know how much I hate that? Hey, pay me if you’re done! You cheeky little thing! Don’t bother me and go to the men’s room if you are too horny What? You need a tissue? Watch your belongings He thinks he’s in a hotel Hey! Hey!

Wake up, time to go Time to go? Late- night is over at 7am Look around, you are the only one They’re all gone, come out! How’s Youngah? He’s fine He will not be fine because of his brother I know Are you coming home tonight? Tonight? Don’t you know it’s father’s anniversary tomorrow? Oh, I forgot that You don’t talk to your mother these days? I don’t, because no one wants to But you, you’re mom’s precious son! I am just busy because I am a senior year I’m absent minded Do you think I know nothing? I might not have a college degree, but I have eyes and ears I know what you’re doing Doing what? Just don’t do anything to hurt others You know you’re mom’s everything She deserves to be happy by you Actually I have a favor to ask, Adult- only Theatre Gold Jewelry How come you need such a big money? It’s a family emergency Never mind if it’s too much No, no I can make it But maybe by the end of the month Thank you, Mr. Han Thank you You’re always welcome By the way, did you think about that? Well, I don’t think I am an ideal bride Let’s try Don’t spend your sweet sixteen making noodles for those wasters He is really a good man! He even has two shops in Youngdeungpo Then why would he see a woman like me? What’s wrong with you? You are a beautiful lady, and you can make a living If only I am not married Actually he used to be married However, he is just a single father now, and the kid is really nice It’s not easy to live with a single father Miss Oh! Three cups of tea for Mr. Yang’s store I got it So you’re still a cleaning boy here? Dongpal! What’s up? So you killed the ‘Double ax’, is that true? I don’t know any double ax nor double balls I was with Bangko because he wanted to take care of someone Bangko used the knife Don’t you get it? Everybody think you killed him! I think Bangko did this on purpose He has his own family to protect him What about you? The sliding window of my bedroom, has a mum painting An Apricot flower,

it’s like my love A small, small boat in a wild, wild sea, with a lady with a sorrow She hated the spring breeze, she hated the romantic snow, so she is going in to the deep sea Miyoung! Dongpal? Long time no see Are you busy? How long has it been? Well, but I have another schedule It’s fine Maybe next time Any news from Bangko? Right, he called me few days ago He said he will be in Ui- dong Maybe he knew you’ll come to me I have to go now Come to the ‘Caneki’, my schedule ends there I’ll buy you a drink All right See you then Miyoung! You look hot Come on, that was cold I am not here for a charity Well, we know the people when we play the cards What? What’s wrong with that? Why don’t you think about yourself? You’re driving me crazy again Military is all about money or connections Which one do you have? You only got hair on the chest! Come to my shooting range, and get some lessons from tomorrow Didn’t you hear that all of my students became the outstanding shots and got days off as a reward? Your turn! She’s breathing alcohol! Where did you get drunk? Sorry, it was a welcoming party for the new girl Hey, why don’t you make a debut here? Good idea! Yeah, let’s have some fun! She is totally gone – How much did she drink? – Sing a song, please Right, a song will be great Okay, after all you are the guests Great My name is Sunmi Yoo Let me introduce myself with a song

When the sun sets in the Soyang river the night comes And a bird cries – That’s awesome! – in the field of reeds I was only 18 when I fall in love, if you don’t know that, what shall I do? The young girl is just troubled Something is happening here I like you more, Mr. Lee Come here, baby Miss Oh, do you have more coffee? Again? You shouldn’t drink that much I had no choice, just wanted to train her You watch here What are you writing everyday? Nothing – Miss Lee, two cups of tea! – Yes Will you pay for this? Ah? How much is that? Not more than 10,000 won Don’t worry So, you are a fortuneteller? No Or a writer? No, no Then what are you writing? Just, it’s my hobby She is a rose moss A rose moss not noticeable in the garden She doesn’t want higher position from the lower position That’s why she is a waitress With Miss Oh’s skinny legs and a man asking a cup of tea Do.. Dongpal? Where’s Bangko? He is.. Uh I know he’s here! Bangko, where are you? Bangko! Come here, man! Dongpal Hwang! You, you think it’s okay to hurt my family? What a nerve! You’re so dead today! Wait! You don’t know something, Shut up! Damn it! Don’t heat too hard!

Who is it? I left my bag here Come back when it’s opened I don’t have time, please let me in! Hold on Make it quick Go away! No! Get out! Hold on Ma’am I don’t have enough money,

can I clean up here and stay over a night? No over nights for kids Get out Please ma’am We will be out early in the morning Do you think this is a camp for troubled kids? I said no! Hey, come here So, you don’t have a place to stay? Ma’am, I will pay for him Let him stay Hey, get me a bottle of Soju from the liquor store You son of bitch! What are you doing here? Sleeping in the couch? – Come out here! – I am sorry – I am sorry, dad – I said come out! Right now! You idiot! I am so sorry dad Is this your place? What do you think you are dong? Getting money from a runaway kid? A what? Bull shit! Do you think it’s my fault? What? Bull shit? This is illegal Let’s go to police with me Hey, it’s not her fault I told him to stay What is it again? What is it? Watch out your tongue, he is older than you – What did you just say? – Sir, sir, I am sorry We cannot ask their stories every time Oh, you are the owner? Come with me! Please don’t do this We were just worried If we didn’t let him stay, where would he go? I was trying to send him home in the morning Well, you shouldn’t let him in Think about your child, next time, uh? Yes, sure I understand Please take a cab with this It’s late, take care Move, stupid! Good night, sir I should really quit this! Jeez! Um.. I was thinking about yesterday Hey, Mr I will tell you clearly Nothing happened between you and me yesterday Do you understand? Okay, go away Are you always like this? You are used to that? That’s right! I am used to a man like you! Do you think I don’t know that? I know a man like you! Dirty, ignorant, and disgusting! Get out! I won’t make a report, so get out! So you mean, how many guys did you Shooting range Hey, Miss Oh! When are you calling me? What’s wrong with her? I don’t need more clothes

It’s my gift for you to leave I like this place, makes me comfortable Do you think I am happy? In the dirty comic store, dealing with scumbags everyday? Don’t say like that They’re all doing their best! Don’t be stupid! They can’t get away, they’re just what they are I don’t think that’s their fault Is that why you are here? Do you think you can change this? I am not asking you to pass the bar exam Wake up! Don’t be like me You can do better than that The relationship between Korea and US will be not easy Government should work hard to gain trust for both people, and the private corporations should be aware of the potential of US market Stupid! What the heck are they talking about! What’s wrong? We were watching it So? Come and turn it on again What? You got a problem with that? Suit yourself You son of bitch! What’s wrong with you? Uh? Because I don’t like you! Stupid! You, why did you hit him? Hey, it’s not your business Is he your man or what? Does it matter? Why do you care? What, do you want hit me? Damn it! Great! You two have fun! So, did you see my brother? Is he all right? He never calls me these days He is my only brother He didn’t talk that much I could not get his number Maybe he is into something He might call you sooner or later Would you get his number and let me know? Give me your number Well, I am not staying in one place I will call you every 2 or 3 days It’s your turn You do that Hey, it will take 15 minutes, wait for me I will buy you a drink Hey, Dongpal! Did you know that I liked you? You think I am nothing because I am just a dancer? What about you? Who do you think you are? Here, it’s my place I live here, nice, isn’t it?

You are staying tonight Hey, Dongpal! Where’re you going? Dongpal Hwang! You bastard! Dongpal! Dongpal! Hair Salon – See you – Thank you I am having fun, what’s up? You look great Whatever I really don’t get it, why are you doing this? Hey, Mr You are not a young boy, what’s wrong? Well, nothing, I just want to talk I am very busy today I have nothing to say, don’t follow me I said don’t follow me As Mr. Han said, you’re a beautiful lady Well, Mr. Jo, you are already in love! Why don’t you say something? Well So you own a business? Yes, it’s just a comic book I like comic books! I used to live in the store when I was young I see At least you get paid in cash, right? Even I make the a big sale, most of them gives check, and when I get check discount, I get paid, but I also lose money I don’t know about business Wow, nice view It refreshes my mind! How was it? Are you going to follow me all day? I have a work to do I won’t disturb you You are disturbing me, please do your work Either drink or fight Who is this? Miss Shin? You’re really dressed up today! How are you? I am fine All the men here miss you You could come earlier I was busy Any new books? Well, new books everyday Two new episodes by Hyunse Lee, Youngman Huh, Hangseok Ko, and Bongsung Park Let’s see, for romance Did you have a husband?

Shinjin Bookstore – Do you need a porter? – No, thanks Why pay extra money? Let me go! No! Say what you’ve promised to me First, Kiyoung that son of Well, apologize to Kiyoung Second, do not say or do things people doesn’t like in the store Third, do not step into your private life Fourth, Fourth, do not stare me up and down During Ministers of Defense conference between US and Soviet Union, the main topics will be about the regional conflicts and the recent spy incident at the American Embassy, for three days They both agree with reducing medium- range nuclear missiles in the European region, but US insists that both countries should reduce short- range missiles as well I owe you an apology Are you satisfied? Hey, – Aren’t you under age? – No! Shut up and show me your ID How much is that? Are you kidding me? Let’s go Damn it! Excuse me, isn’t it hard to work alone? So, how about hiring me here? I don’t need a salary, just provide room and board I will do my best Hello, everyone I am Yoojin Choi, a general manager Thank you for visiting us Now, let me introduce today’s movie for you The first movie you are about to watch is ‘Snake in the Eagle’s shadow’ staring Jackie Chan This movie is a Hong Kong martial arts action film Together with ‘Drunken Master’, this film made Jackie Chan into stardom Second movie is Delta Force, staring Chuck Norris, based on the real life of US Army I heard that Chuck Norris learned Taekwondo from US Army in Korea, but he never sent any thank you letter so far Just turn it on Yes, the third movie is the your ever wished erotic drama, ‘The wild horse 3’ That sounds nice Yes, this is produced by the ‘Pink Production’

and is a still undisclosed erotic movie This movie is about a young widow, a wealthy young widow, who goes to a deserted island with a wild young man And they fall in love in the island I hope you enjoy our movies, thank you Good Good job, you look handsome how about being an actor? Miyoung? This is Dongpal Hello, how are you? Did Bangko call you? No, not yet – Miyoung, – Yes? No, nothing – Dongpal – Yes? You didn’t look so good last time Wherever you are, don’t skip your meal All right, talk to you later I will call you back Okay, good bye The only one’, this is perfect for the beginner The story is good, and you can learn the family tree of the martial arts, If you are the beginner Oh, if you want the hard- core, there is ‘Universal Blood’, and if you want erotic one, we have ‘Twin martial arts’ Which one would you like? I’ll take this – The only one? – Yes Have a good time Yoojin, why don’t you get some sleep? Thank you – Where’s my noodles? – It’s coming I am sorry Stupid, where’re your eyes? – Clean it up! – Sorry Make sure you clean my pants! Isn’t it too much? He didn’t mean to Who the hell are you? Just don’t make any mess You’re not the only one here, all right? Hey, stop it! – Are you all right? – Yeah Let’s go and play pool! In today’s meeting, the rebellious elements are expected to disrupt society so the authorities will focus their full attention on efforts at preventing riots and arresting rioters The headquarters of Police said it would take strict actions against illegal demonstrations and other actions disturbing the public order The Director General of Police ordered strong action to all police forces against both opposite parties and students breaking laws for the successful government hand over and Seoul Olympic Games Thank you for yesterday Don’t mention it We need rules in a group life Let me introduce myself My name is Yoojin Choi, general manger here – Nice to see you – Dongpal Hwang Why don’t you come over here? – Yoojin Choi – Kiyoung Kim We’ve already said hello to each other Well, it looks like a meeting of directors Hey! How about a foot volleyball? Attention, Please Attention, Please We are looking for a 6year old girl Bastard! Hey, didn’t you hear me? She is wearing black shoes Please contact to Karibong Church

if you have seen this little girl Who ordered coffee here? I did Sit down, please – How much sugar? – Two spoons And creamer? Please Join me, Miss Oh About last time Forget it! Who’s this? We are from the hair salon Mom sent these – Here – Yes – Thank you – See you Bye – Sorry, handsome – That’s fine – Have some tea – Come on You don’t look like someone who would work in the comic book store What’s your story? I am bored Miss Oh, you’re off tomorrow? – Nice – I’m here to collect gas money Come back on Monday! Here, 1million won Thank you Don’t thank me and leave And never come back again Call me on Thanksgiving Let’s visit dad’s grave When I ran away from home, dad was looking for me with his stick That’s what life is, we hurt people, they hurt us I don’t have bad feelings against mom and dad However, but if you if something happens to you, get hurt or go to prison, I will never forgive you Do you understand? – It’s a lovely day – Right It reminds me of my childhood When I woke up from nap, I cried because I was alone – You never did that? – No Where are you from? Sangdodong It’s not that far from here, why are you staying there? Oh, that thing I just want to be a writer I need some experience to be a good writer Sleeping on a dirty couch makes you a writer? Sure, writing a book is writing the real life I can see lots of people, and I can observe them, I need that Some people become a sailor or work in a coal mine, to get the experience My job is much easier

Not all novels need such special stories – For example, – For example? I mean the common experiences Love, break ups, you know Do you have such an experience? Hey, about Miss Oh, do you know I did it? Really? Hey, tell me about it She said no at the first time, but once I was in her, she really liked it That’s was something No, no, yes, yes! Yes! I thought she was shy, maybe I was wrong! Hey, that’s what I liked about her Can I ask her for a date? No, way! I don’t want to be your brother What’s wrong with that? Come on Be quiet please Hey, we’re not talking to you Don’t interrupt! Go and cook the noodles! Stupid! Go! You! Didn’t you hear me? Hey, stop it You stay out of this He brought this Take off your hands! Yes, yes, I got it Yes Police is coming Behave! What’s wrong? I said police is coming for crackdown! Do you have a cigarette? Just follow me

It’s on me, don’t worry You don’t need money Do you like it? What story do you have? I got this when I ran out from home, after kicked out from school Someday, I might have better life like this rose Rose is always a favorite Do you still think like that? What? That you might have a better life I’m just saying that So, how’s your business? It looks just fine Same old thing How’s your kids? They are fine Let’s have a drink later Let’s go, we have more places Who’s he? Is he new? He is a guest, who wouldn’t go Really? – Hey, hey – What? What’s wrong? This is my house! Let me go! Come on! Where’s he? That son of bitch! What is it? What’s wrong? Tell me where he is How do I know that? Why, did you sleep with him? Or why would you protect him? Shut up! Great, you brought it on yourself It’s my store! Don’t touch anything! Damn it! No! Don’t touch it! Leave it! Let’s go So, what’s wrong with your life? You stay in the store all day long I’ve got laid off from my Soju sales job I am waiting for another chance Maybe a new job Comics Novels Martial Arts Novel

We have to find out what happened Please calm down, don’t lose your temper Get away! Get out of my way! You need to control your temper That wasn’t necessary When I kick some ass, I kick like a hell Stop it! Take off your hands from them Well, maybe we can work it out a little with this Forget it! I don’t need that! I am tired! I just want to quit! You should leave If you want to leave, you do that We are not leaving Says who? It’s my store It’s closed when I close Stop being stupid No one is taking yours We will repair it, you just do whatever you want to! I never expected to use the skill I learned from my old man With an electric pad, you can have your own bed here – Where should I put it? – Uh? Put it in here Somehow I worked as a writer making a martial arts novel I wanted something special So I wrote a novel against our politics I simply thought students might love them I was right, and both publisher and I had a good time

They also paid me a bonus However, suddenly my book became forbidden, for violating National Security I had no interest in democracy, or the military dictatorship I thought those things have nothing to do with me But I am on the criminal list, like student activists I can’t go home, I can’t read, I can’t see my friends, I can’t write I can’t do anything Dongpal Hwang! Do you know Dalsik Jung? Dalsik Jung? Bangko? He said you killed a man and you’re a fugitive Son of bitch! He killed the man! I was just a lookout You’re in trouble, Dongpal Hwang You will be rotting in a prison for a life time, or maybe 10years if lucky So, let’s talk about something else Do you know Kiyoung you’re staying with in the comic book store? He is a very dangerous man I mean a real commie We want some information about him, and if you could help us I will be on your side so you don’t get in trouble Wow! I thought I came to wrong place Hey! Come in! It’s nice! You must have spent some money Hello, You did great job I came with him, because he wants to buy some drink Drink? I will join the army tomorrow I wanted to say goodbye And celebrating the reopening and farewell party for him Come on! Act like a man! Let’s just drink and make up! Ma’am, would you go with us? I need to prepare for the opening Have fun Okay, let’s go Come on! I really miss it! Crying will not bring her back, but it eases my sorrow – Hey! – Yeah When I get a vacation,

we will have a great time! Sure, sure! You will become a real man! – Hey, manager! – Yes You know Miss Oh, she’s gone, did you know that? She had a sick husband, and when she got caught, she left the town and disappeared Bitch, she could just do me! Hey, you two had a thing! Liar! The summit of beauty and love And Venus was her name She’s got it Yeah, baby, she’s got it Let’s go! I’m your Venus I’m your fire At your desire Well, I’m your Venus I’m your fire At your desire Hey, Jiho Min! I didn’t expect to see you here! You’ve got wrong person You’re Jiho Min, a fake employee! I was the one who fired you! Don’t you remember? So, where are you working now? Damn, such man should be sent to a prison Get up! Get up! Who the hell are you? You son of bitch! You scumbag! Jiho Min? Who’s Jiho Min? It’s none of your business! I don’t like educated freaks! Damn you! You’re a scumbag! Why are you in the bookstore? What about you? Answer me! Why! It’s my sister’s place! Stupid! What did you just say? She is my sister! Damn! Everything messed up! Hey! Kiss my butt! So you’re leaving with Jiho?

Look! Back to back houses They live from day to day I really hated this town and tired of them and always wanted to leave the town But I am the only one staying here I won’t leave I will just watch second grade movie with those guys and drink with them I just realized, that I am one of them Go if you have to! I can live with that! I won’t think about you anymore Maybe you will get hurt in fighting or maybe you will live with a decent girl and think about me just time to time I’ll be back I will come back here I don’t care! You don’t have to! I can do it by myself! So in 1987, April the 13th, I, Pilsoon Shin from Umji comic books, announce that I will open a small shop in this little town for those people seeking for a place to lie down I beg for every god, god of video, comics, noodles, and martial arts, please come and have some food I have prepared here I hope many lonely people come and stay and have a good time Let violent comics, erotic comics go away and let funny comics, romantic comics and happy stories stay here all the time I wish my place become bright and cheerful than the library with dead knowledge, and I wish this place becomes the head of intelligence So please let me get more money and make this old lady get married and have a cute son And make her happy In addition, let other employees like general manager Stop it!

Hey! Where’s Jiho Min? Find him He ran this way! – Where is he? – Yeah, right there Did you find him? A little rat! Where did he go? Jiho Min! Jiho Min! This is No.3, We got him! No1, answer No1! – Yes, – He is on the other roof He is not alone I get it Stay back Jiho Min! Come out now! Jiho Min! Show me your face! Let’s not make any trouble It’s over, don’t do anything stupid Don’t hesitate! You real want something else? Don’t you get it! Don’t make others get hurt Just come out Come out! This is your last chance Come out! Don’t move, you sons of bitches! Are you insane? Sure I am If you move, she is dead Don’t you move Dongpal! Donpal Hwang! It’s not your problem It’s obstruction of justice! Bullshit! I said don’t move! You stupid! What’s wrong with you? Yeah! I will never be your dog! Donpal! Don’t do this! I will just go Shut up! Stop it! Don’t move! You want finish like this? Do as I said! Run! Just run! Do you know what you have done? Stop before it gets worse! If you do something, she’s dead That’s enough You are in big trouble – What’s wrong? – Let her go

It’s my last call Do it Stay where you are! Whatever! Dongpal! Dongpal! Dongpal! Dongpal! Before the 1988 Olympic Games, the daylight saving time will begin as of today Please advance your clock one hour from six pm today Mom! Let’s go and get changed Uncles are coming today Uncle Jiho? Yeah, with uncle Yoojin With lots of presents Let’s go Korean Film Archive presents Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google Translations and subtitles by Free Film Communications

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