thanks for tuning in to face and Jesus ministry my name is mike barking the preacher man I like to start with something fun god bless you enjoy to come into your home everyone area please stop by faith in Jesus ministries and worship with us being apart of one of our service promise you’ll make the right house start with something funny about this family lived way back to the would be easy and never left the woods and never left by what television eight outdated frog proposition crabs and catfish all the time that implication New York City father was showing this one thing that skyscraper on crack especially intrigued by the elevator and what it was only want to walk but also opened up its removal goes back to their concert they just be second same walls of backup beautiful 24 year old woman out almost in disbelief sunset happen that no one’s gonna beat your mother it’s in life over reach Arlen are very patient allow the court is not going to get well I don’t break the addiction and been able to do it easy several where we are never going to change picture says in Malachi honor God with using open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing in a contain only reach your limit on your own obstacles you can see the comment news is you’re not on your own because you’re here with your honor and god under the open windows have to get your passion back start believing expecting again your passion back it’s gonna rain out they bring down favor rain down on spring down to break more importantly not looking at this open windows seven stealing your available women is raining down to do with medicine and that is that the final play gone argentinian careers open windows every train down I’m connect an opportunity been able to write that bitch is it is that the way it’s always gonna be in advance to the open windows matter time for free and main sail but like it’s a hundred thousand dollars sometimes people think we’re being an hour we have connection experience mark about taller I had a better personality to be successful you think you’re a dissipated little bit she think black you’re gonna have lack the thinking on the desk and I’m lacking turn it around i’m under open windows the heavens everything I mean on talent abundant good look on the idea on straight funded health really lack of the bunt is not a thing yet don’t worry your time got to do something unusual extraordinary have a bless you have regular that means if you have really never seen a homeless what God’s not going to give you so many opportunities and take them all they can choose only class many parishioners so many church-going people that’s so much business yet something your coworker many resources so much savings at your children grandchildren not this material thanks so much noise he can share joy happiness every one piece strength and stability and needed to be encouraged and encourages there’s the listener you’re the one mile people stay friends ok windows ever found another place picture blood came nose day and he opened the windows f water covered the whole little sprinkle of minor and major full of huge down God says he’s going to open the windows of heaven your life needs and help the day string it after problem good we’re grateful for every day not to flood the good of his favor do some major we sit back and allow I didn’t see that coming God good we’ve listened to cannot contain a nice flight you can say is that students died i know a lady this got can surf and she would do all the x-rays the MRIs as scheduled to have surgery to remove one in the morning doctors one more xrays verified for the operation are then friend Abby back on the operating line came out stretching his 26 years of practicing I never seen this tumors no longer there and one x-ray but not the next to this live under the open windows the heavy rains down with your stay the rains down George pressure brings down favor and good brain crush the next level can be able to explain about follow our next in last you’ve been chosen we look up your further you ever drink after the heavens rain down increase brother my god love look brother mine is he spreading the word a pistol where you could not do tier of yes II think you can I like with this lady the metaphor for suddenly turns around and suddenly takes all doesn’t break the addiction suddenly get a new job and suddenly get a new car suddenly getting to have new plane been faithful you giving you serve ready to heavens are about to do something never seen

amount you’re earning your doctors here doors have been closed for years suddenly get out and have to go after opportunity opportunity to come after you you’re part of the day father’s day mother’s open windows seven policy either you’re born a blessing I cannot contain I make is not going to happen for use with Jenny believed the devil is a liar thinking down for what he’s about it’s called 70 Lori courage complaint keep the rain coming down no not be out to happen that this is what face is all about I don’t see you later when you have a way to convince them that I’m not moved by what about what i know so I’m under the open your hip to get this down your spirit be intimidated outside of your dreams big story four problems licking your this confidence that the another moment the heavens gonna open a young man battling against another state find the east and treatment indiana versus the place where folks this decline that 4dr take the treatment and then drop on by an hour because her to message on XM radio coming to give her and tight income police medical bills travel expenses makes sense and is my toes are told me to take her blood pressures on later boss called and asked about traveling going out east flying out to system even driving stuff that I don’t want to drive anymore start flying all your place all your travel our company credit card showing me with so many off moobot situation over a year to start type was that he sits under the open windows seven policy to do your part God will be our people to be good there cause people to donate money to open doors piano playing dogs that provision in elem in the person of your dreams a cat person under yuengling your butt heavens open up its going to surprise him go out of the way track scholarship job money bank account playing cars trip travel opportunity come looking for you at four taps play people be 40 they just going to love to love brother life because Jesus is in his love mercy pneus and kindness is all in me clear my head with the crown of favor in jesus name he opens the blessing open the heavens course blessings upon my brother Mike’s life he doesn’t have read receipt going cause fall into place you’re worried about the legal situation problem that works that was not yours to battle Lord teachers indicated protecting your reputation feeling you’ll see the delivery or have a sooner than you think outfitters saw yes let’s see Nick words that will tell you this is not for you they don’t let your mind talking about it here where you’re planted and how the most promising will open for our blessings in I was gonna say he will refuse the Devourer for your face means what would add to our doctrines our finances to losing children don’t think breaking down because your dear God refused to devour to say one thing woman crying stand against the forces that he hears under the open windows 7 30 years or said I’m going to rise rebuke the Devourer Ortiz I have to live worry fear of tire pressure inside protector you have the Holy Ghost you have angels stand behind you with their swords cool stronger than the Secret Service looking out after your interest in Jesus name the Most High God with both my god and guard over your life then many times God is reputed to our brother my you nothing about it kept me from that sickness and protect you from the accident at that tree from falling on your house you so much in repair supervisor only back saying God for the blessing the emotion the favor I’m genius thank God for did that you didn’t get faked being killed in that car wrecked that car worked at the last minute to get laid off the child didn’t get troubled God behind the scenes for abusing your devour say chapter ones are start forming beliefs but they’re be like a hundred eighty-six thousand miles an hour like lighting day cause the dark knight the first day of creation or anything God didn’t create the son of the Moon or day he had life they want a source for life showing us bless you with outsourcing promotion without people being 40 million without the tree angel came to marry that you’re gonna have a baby i wanna make doesn’t God broadwater a lot I you string your source look at your situation makes me all the reasons why well the comments should really embrace the picture with me Jesus is not limited by what you’ll have to have a

traditional solar God told the universe me like he didn’t wait for the Sun he says let there be light 186,000 miles an hour like calm to me as light without his distance breathes out of a treatment treatment office or do a traditional way man and ninety percent of the most comments section or doctors had to remove it told me never speak only my real name ever speak to me like we’re talking there anything wrong with medical Marvel not explain i want you to see he doesn’t check with your vocal cords is playing for you he doesn’t get your mind out in just your friends day of crude didn’t jesse is going to become your flesh without so repeat things happen they had no energy just for laughs and the reason trips down the field picking up a leftover leaks of a high look at the owners feel unbelievably on purpose and more than enough finish at the windows they haven’t opened up he has the long blessing she didn’t see a source know the owner bowl at doing this to make things at a regional resource a tradition spring because you don’t see how your situation working out ways are not our ways iron better than sounds waiting for life because I don’t need to have chapter 8 he told me and travel a great distance as long as the temple treasure for the Machine little man safely way back home he’s writing this chariot vocalizing it is very with Peter and John the church had a great step will appear to fill up and said go down to the desert rose from the truth of god’s name is still undergoing brain area now very solitary asking ppl only location Jerry running full-speed content to it and reading the understandability read it Philip gotten cherry with our Isaiah said Jesus came as saying there’s a good news so excited he’s awesome are always driver stop filling onto that has me and water right now his whole life was changed that one lone interesting this man was looking to let me know good luck chasing down thanks les he won’t mind around this very nowhere till it showed up and gave you the next level because you’re honoring God was first through your first ten percent of your income first ten percent can have the right people searched you out because his brakes may not realize right now still up Jason your cherry brother mind chasing you carry their blessings got ordained track they’ll let me use their experience their influence which for me go we cannot go on your Phillips are coming your way was leading the simple and Phillip they come to go to have the Lord is fragile you get home sometime this week sometime this year Philip shows us an unusual unexpected you’re under the open windows of heaven call back over my life back still early 20 in the early age I walked into the jewelry store to buy a battery for my wife Phyllis for the Rachel for the first time it’s Jason again god i found story about taking 2005 a book called me i look at the others my next book looking for him he had a powerful female operator hello hello years ago executive from x-men series radio calls to our program brother my program the brother my world under generally tweet my wedding the risk about we give you your own 10×10 series 128i hello Philip but after a game after me he got four first-place your giver here under the open windows seven dollars will overtake catch you by surprise brother mine got a car that goes 200 miles an hour it’s a Lamborghini 2016 lamborghini it will do over 200 miles an hour in outrun got it I got a boat that will do 230 miles an hour and outrun guys flip i have a ninja’s it will do 205 miles an hour and outrun god bless I have a jet citation that will do 1,500 miles an hour and it can outrun God’s blessing god blessing the waiting on me without land indeed the name need to get ready for philips about shoulder in your life right you didn’t be comical go out of the way to be good opportunities that will crush brother Mike to the next level may have ppl to me you didn’t have doing knows the hand of god you’re single believe in the rewrite earth pro my single believe in the main rapper look for the mic up for things happen in life romaji value my row on the right path by brother my butt is on the way better than revenge Jake ad men Phillip Phillips sister and she’s 51 scripture bushes to get the people people will be kept you seek after God the line connects people little movie further into debt they had been a drought Mary of green athletes water no rain drops by little food

struggling vial of Elijah could you guys not air over i’m sure be nice trout didn’t complain Elijah went on top of our farmers in the same God the rains come here thank you Lord the rain changes things in my face that is assisting out at sea there isn’t a cloud came back said that no sorry crazy doing to the mind having given IV comment on the servants nothing is better than this change still in the driver’s seat being discouraged i could imagine turned up spray open the windows have it rain on the way because the man back in the manager no clown this time I felt different seven a little crowded wasn’t much of a little guys well i just said the word the AF they actually sounds fun bring the key Elijah her training series already know how always put things in your spirit before Lee that’s why you have to latch on to the middle of struggle at get electric car here abundance phone if you have your friendship Cygnus yep hell DoubleDown opposition to your victory I just talking here and we better get your chariot office let you down have gotten his cherry and out that the Taurus the Bull bday I gave life special strength in government had a vague and carry over later next outran the chariot i read where horses can run 40 miles an hour he ran faster than the holds it in the open windows and help you accomplish things could not comment on your call up to cherry the belgian man watch out in Cherry Hill have the heavens opened really have to drop the knees huge down the line is hurting the spirit suddenly came to pass things you’ve been hearing your spirit on this drink feeling chapter in that in the right person on the inside speed it up like largest that bringing thank God in the right thing get ready to see abundance of joy and abundance have abundance of money burn in hell bunny Scout not just come to outrun the chair will further than I ever match building these didn’t know God is going to bless you outsource focus on which don’t have eyes had with little cloud is raining we serve a supernatural God the water line down killing trees motion without people being boring altered a father face aki much of the windows every policy abundant out this is not for our blessings he cannot contain the Phillips about ketchup to your chariot takes days or divine they aren’t you healing breakthrough financial or fullness of your guests declared in the name of Jesus seen any savings today thanks to the Holy Spirit the message i like to give you opportunity today to make Jesus Lord of your life just stay with me this simple prayer Jesus I repent the Mycenaeans come into my heart I’m making my lord Vader you said that simple prayer with that like to believe you got say it into a good bible christian church for God first place they’ll take place you never dream taken for the blessing may the Lord bless you and show you his kindness his love and His mercy may crown your head with the crown of favor they open the windows of heaven and pour blessings funny like him the room receiving Jesus and be sure to life and share my videos and be a subscriber to my channel the gift of good holy spirit filled Virginia and share my videos to get other people from good Holy Spirit will preach in Jesus name and thank you for supporting faith in Jesus ministry we administer the gospel around the world to West Africa South Africa North Africa South America Mexico to the UK to the canada in the United States and Jesus name if people don’t go to hell because they spin they go to help they don’t know the name of Jesus so we are debt free so we like to see the CD of the mind my favorite sermon on CD into you on a monthly basis if you subscribe to faith in Jesus ministry we’re able to see that we totally debt free for your partnership any amount any dollar amount in February’s Jesus and for your monthly partnership you’ll get that monthly yes so Jesus will bless you we figured out YouTube exercises dollar reviewers get people say but he sent me ten dollars i get 10 people say he sent me twenty dollars are good 20 people like you send me a thousand dollars are get a thousand people into the habit into the kingdom of heaven Jesus name and you’ll have mansions and treasures in heaven in

Jesus name we thank you for the gift it would take to the giver and name of G so blue bless you with thirty sixty a hundred fold in a thousand times return for blessing faith in Jesus with seed money for Jesus name and its really hard out here the spread the gospel is it’s like in the days of Noah Noah preached for a hundred years and didn’t save anybody that’s how brother mine feels that I’m not not doing any good here because no one’s getting saying no one sending me finances no one’s backing me financially so you know I just don’t like think I mean my goodness it’s being the children Africa important to you people please God let it be in Jesus name there’s no one hungry and pieces money so thinly 20 hours i could take care of the problems of the world Jesus name thank you lord thank you lord thank you lord

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