did you come to order uh dr first yes so uh welcome board members and staff welcome to the july 21st 2020 regular school board meeting we do have some items we definitely want to go through with our trustees this evening and some presentations prior to doing that i think firstly we have miss janice hernandez who is going to lead us in the invocation followed by the pledge of allegiances and i want to thank those staff members who are here and trusting that social distancing is definitely in effect and if you’re not speaking you feel uh as you wear your maps yes thank you so much can you hear me yes yes dear god we thank you for the dear god we thank you for the opportunity to come and gather together this day we ask for your hand of blessing on this meeting we ask that you would guide and direct our meetings so that it is full of wisdom productivity and respect for one another thank you for helping us to accomplish our work and our goals this day amen i place the flag under god indivisible with liberty thank you mr hernandez thank you thank you the next thing is recognitions and i see we have no recognitions and the next thing is public comments we have public comments and somebody in charge of that tonight jesse you had three thank you sir i’m sorry um he’ll need to unmute himself if he’s on the line hello can you hear me can you hear hey good me yes thank you good evening the focus of my comments this evening concerned that the horrible treatment of dr gardner by this district served with dr gardner for well over a year and have come to learn much about this remarkable woman and i shared many of her her experiences have led us to this point the district still is not forthcoming with the reasons for her removal has chosen instead to install a new principle that hasn’t been in a classroom for 14 years and hasn’t served one day as a school administrator given the state of the country with coven 19 and the uncertainty and apprehension of our students and families during this time do you not think there are serious parent concerns about your judgment you’re replacing a proven effective experience principle with a wannabe feedback from several parents after several meetings with the new principal virtually indicate that they are not impressed no matter what you replace dr garner gives one’s pause think about your fitness to run a school district the more that comes out the more legitimacy there is to claim that this was an emotional rather than a logical decision made by someone who quite possibly had their feelings hurt or felt threatened by her there are continued requests by dr of dr garner by southwest employees asking for information on various aspects of school operations why is this is the u.s cert the district wants to go in a different direction there are also questions raised about retaliation on at least two occasions dr garner has been called quote a quality person of value that you are investing in her future at southwest isd through reassignment and you look forward to bringing her talents and expertise to her new district assignment unquote that’s the case you have an odd way of showing i’ll highly value her abilities as i understand that she’s being demoted to an assistant principal position in a middle school with an associate with an associated substantial cut in pay as well at a school she has yet to be told where there are currently no vacancies this cut and pay will jeopardize the safety and security of our family the family is trying to figure out what things they’ll have to do without to make ends meet these are things that the elitists within the district cannot fathom could any of you expect to survive on a drastic unexpected and short notice pay cut doesn’t how you have not done the things you needed to do which includes an evaluation during the past three years her ability to leave the district and seek employment elsewhere has been roadblocked you drag out her due process

regarding her grievances adding to the stress and uncertainty she and her family face so she’s a quality person of value that you’re investing in how do you explain the despicable treatment of her it appears that there is an intentional purposeful effort to punish her for speaking up for her students and her school she has no write-ups it is evident that she’s being retaliated against but if she is as valuable to the district why would that be is it for her resolute actions of standing up for what is right which made people in the district uncomfortable or for the color of her skin your continued travel down this path regarding dr gardner will have more telling consequences come election day quote a phrase taken from the headlines during this time of national unrest southwest isd no justice no peace thank you miss harrison can you hear me man miss harrison can you hear me i’m going to go on to mr nukes and we’ll come back to this hairstyle uh mr nukes are you there sir can you hear us speakers please meet yourselves yes sir mr nukes is that you sir that is correct all right sir you will have three minutes here to get your comment we can hear you loud here okay good evening for president members of the board and superintendent of schools i am here today to address concerns community members have regarding the board meeting that took place on july 14 of 2020 on july 14 i as well as many southwest isd taxpayers were trying to get access to the board meeting online over the phone for 45 minutes we tried with no luck we also video recorded the process to show that we did not have access either online or via phone at 11 50 a.m on july 14th i emailed the administration about the pub the public not having access to the meeting i received a reply from the administration at 4 22 pm the same day in their response administration stated the following the original posted board meeting link was inadvertently deleted by a staff member what concerns community members the most is that the two items discussed and approved by the school board on july 14th have been effective july 14th even though the public was denied access to the board meeting administration uh claims the following though board action is effective july 14 2020 at a duly posted meeting a board member motion and another second the motion and all president voted in favor of the two agenda items providing an alternative health insurance opportunity for our 2000 employees does this mean that it is okay for the southwest isd school board to vote on ios without the public having live access does this mean that a vote took place in closed sessions since the public did not have access to this meeting something to think about to make matters worse a city southwest isd school board member made the following comment on facebook i am not sure why one would want to address the board about employee health insurance does this mean that the southwest ise school board does not care about public input how will tea feel about a comment like this how was the texas attorney general feel about this so many questions and concerns arise from this comment it is good thing that we took a picture of this comment something to think about we are a group of southwest isd taxpayers that are demanding for transparency and fairness we are getting stronger and larger and we are not not backing down i thank you for your time raul denis lucas respectfully thank you mr lucas miss harrison are you there ma’am i need your mutual mic ma’am so we can hear you miss harrison can you hear us ma’am dale do you see anybody on the call annette harrison there’s one person here but uh let me try to unmute them and see ask her again miss annette hairston are you ready to make your comment ma’am i guess i guess not don’t wait sir if they’ll does here at some point during the meeting we should come mr

president that uh thank you sir from there we’ll go on to item five consent agenda board members questions do not need a motion professor vasquez moves we accept the consent agenda as presented second motion is made and seconded all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carry moving on to item six is construction update yes we have mr chris uh who’s gonna lead us in construction updates i think uh there are about four uh projects uh that he is gonna cover uh bring the board up to where some of those items are and online i have raspberries uh where we are as far as the editorial that’s the idea of when we get to have this thing accomplished and built and swimming we’re all working right now through somatic design uh entering design development and hopefully by october we’ll have construction and big documents out and then bringing the gmp to the board budget the first part is he will be telling you as we’ve been moving forward as far as design uh around 24 million so they’re in 2 000 the total project will join the architectures and all those things at uh and then so currently where we are now in dbs uh even over the weekend we’ve got it down to uh 24 to 70 68 which means we’re right on time as far as budget when we’re in design development so understand these aren’t actual mid uh numbers because we’re still gotta get through the design development and i’ll tell you a little bit about these are a little conservative yours is making sure that we don’t have any hiccups or anything that’s hidden down the road so we did have a couple additional ads to the project uh from the last time we discussed this with you all uh the drainage channel that the city came in and because of the drainage that we have to put into place because we’re building an editorial there’s an added house there the second room which we went to see walker pool that everybody was interested in so we can have full meets so we entered that second room and then we upgraded our timing and scoring uh system uh similar to open software where it has a better system as far as timing and also a scoreboard with some video capability and so that that that’s an additional ad in this project we do have some contingencies for the contractor for us and that’s any issues that may pop up so we have something in place yes sir where’s the contractor’s fee and overhead is it in the tunnel or is it in construction that is going to be in the total project budget okay so then how would you describe the 24 million that’s direct cost for materials and labor so raphael can you hear me i want to make sure i said that correctly hello can you all hear me i feel is that so i’m saying it correctly uh the contractor fees or is that in the construction budget number or is that in the total project budget number no sir that is in the construction budget so the that’s their fees with including um the direct cost of cost of work the 27 includes all of the additional soft costs which is design fees permit fees any other city fees materials testing so that’s where the 27 comes in but the 24 2 has uh joris’s fees included on them okay and so you have all of the subcontractors anything able to do direct which is in the total and including

uh the contingency team yes sir okay uh so this is the ringers uh once again this is kind of like just a profile from uh you have parking lot which is going to be closer towards the first hall road area and you’ll see an interesting access boat here it’s own interest they can also use a polo that’s available today if you have buses to come in and we’ll be able to house if you have smaller meats you have to use the loot put the business in we have a huge regional meeting down the road one day we tapped into transportation uh just kind of this is everything that we wanted before the two pools of pools uh the two meeting rooms that’s all included and so over here you have the athletic offices you have the locker rooms etc mechanical second floor uh all right but this is the entrance second floor is where the athletic offices are and then you have where it stands and where the folks and that’s a kind of quick update for you all i don’t know if you have any questions for me i have a question um the added scopes that you were talking about at the beginning that added the three hundred thousand dollars what is that did we discuss that what when did that happen so when we went visited uh the walker pool uh we talked about adding a second meeting room so we could have talked about having an event having two events so that we can include this and they have a meeting room on this side meeting on this side uh the timing system is something that we’ve been talking about if we could fit it within budget say within budget number that we wanted to upgrade that similar to what they had at walker pool the drainage channel was strictly because of uh because of permitting and what we have to do to fix the drainage when we build a building on that site so that 100 thousand here is really induced by yeah i remember talking about that i just didn’t know that it was an added um correct as we were working through schematic design we didn’t include that number okay did we ever have any or what was the rest of the conversation with regards to the soil issues did we ever come to a conclusion there yes can you explain what we’re doing on the soil issues yes so we are going to have a suspended slab or grilled piers on the building itself that was that’s being included in the 24-2 on our last board presentation that was an ad in terms of soils that added just over a million dollars we did do excavation and investigation all throughout the site just to see if we were able to relocate the building and not incur those costs unfortunately there were no better soils anywhere on the site so uh if we moved the building further away we’re going to incur cost on curbs asphalt driveways so in terms of location we decided to locate it and place it uh where we originally wanted but that 24 million two includes the ad for the soil remediation structure of the pool and what was the amount it was about a million dollars oh okay thank you yes any more questions on the editorial the construction side of it so as we start getting into construction uh they the district will have will be reimbursed certainly that costs and so yeah that number has that built in but when i when we come with the gmp we will ask district for funds to cover that and then we will invoice the city and they will reimburse us because the reason why 3.8 not four is there some fees in them for indirect costs for them to run with us and send their people out to inspect uh currently uh this is about 12 completed but based on the payoffs this project uh right now they’re hitting areas the cyberpatriot area uh they can hold the cyberpatriot area and they started to work on painting and uh upgrading the light fixtures and

things that are in there they also did rotc lifesteals they completely demoed that area that has been painted as well they also started on the locker room the restrooms and the gym that needed to be upgraded and so they’re hoping to have those actually completed by king of august they push them to get that ready just in case uh volleyball uh could begin so we have those restrooms ready for some pictures here there really is not a lot of pictures of the demo areas this is your patriot space that’s been developed appears that if you recall the shooting range in the rltc area that’s all been demoed out and painted they put in the new light fixtures uh and then we’re going to go back in with a speaker soon have that all so really focus on those four reasons a lot more to go uh we’re just taking into sections so that’s what’s definitely for self-esteem the other project uh real quickly i’ve kind of run through which is an exciting project is our hvac systems for all our elementary gyms all elementary gyms all 11 the units are actually in place now they’re going just to rub them in and get them ready to go before we start school so uh as we thought this would be phased over time over a year or so and next summer they’re actually on pace to finish those off this summer and so all 11 will have ac gems hopefully by the time students enter we have four roofing projects in this same project with the same member the follow-up uh last week so they just started that and all of our communities have been completely hooked up uh penny hooked up i’m sorry and then you have pre-world and uh elm creek they scraped up all the gravel off of those and they’re gonna be getting beginning to work on those next week so hopefully all our our rooftops are in uh in our gyms and our our roofs are on our bui uh the quick update is in the comments over at uh at legacy that’s on on on face to finish for school starts um they’re pretty much going in with the reference now and no work so that’ll be exciting to see once it gets ready once we once it’s uh completely it will take you over and then you look at it but that’s what you finish up this summer the last thing i want to share with you we’ve been approached uh i just want to share with the board that we’re going to district in uh looking at purchasing some legends in southwest id uh the firehouse it will be off the smartpak road in the area that we have between scoby and big country we want to make sure we’ll take away from the students when they use it for fields and ball parks but so we’re looking at the area closer to the dollar general actually across the street from uh sonic sunny uh so we’re here yeah so we’re gonna meet with now uh i just have to know it’s a face that looks like a familiar face we’ve talked about that piece of property for a long time and it was always a buffer uh for the the middle school students who get out so they can go out and if they have a younger sibling big country elementary and so a great opportunity gives a resource for the community and also a resource that’s adjacent to two of our schools that they could be on the spot in response they also offered an opportunity to be available for those weekend football games we’ll get we’ll get back to uh normal at some point in the future so it’s really we’re not bringing any recommendation yet we’re we’re ending a dialogue with esp5 they like that area and i think um we’ll

bring that information to the board to make decisions i couldn’t think of another better facility to have a conversation with to utilize that’s going to be a great support for the community and for the schools in that area yeah and now i was under the impression that we couldn’t build anything in that particular area between there’s a little road that runs looks like there’s a gas line we’d have to kind of be behind that uh and closer to the trees are all further down closer to where between spokane country now they don’t they don’t need a lot of atheism the whole area but we would still and one of their biggest concerns right now is the the firehouse that they have to run their calls from to the big country area and the freewald area it takes much longer now that they’ve done all that construction on in that area so i want to say it was like um yeah so that it would the people in that in our school district area would really benefit from something much closer and one of the things i learned along with that because the side roads are not one ways remember they used to be too late but another one was so they got to make a loop to montgomery right montgomery road by the way y’all can thank an ex-board member that passed away a long time ago for coming to the board and asking if they wanted to make money on it because he found out that that was for sale very cheap so whatever that’s worth but then the other thing is i found out that their new firehouses are legit firehouses and they’re not you know what they’re used to tin barns anymore and they’d have ems and fire truck there i mean the response time to our schools i’m picking a building new new firehouse montgomery road and this is this would be 12 to 24 months down the road but we need to get the conversation started you know they need to know if we’re interested if we either work it out with them um so that they can plan for it because in their current space they’re designing their current building and they’re in but they’re pretty much landlocked and how big is it they’re ones that they have right now i don’t know they just said they could they’re at 16 firefighters right now and they could go to 32 and they have a bigger it’s because of the bedrooms remember you said yeah so that they would take care of the schools as well yeah and all big countries three schools they already take care yeah well because that area grew a lot too where they’re at the tranquil on the outside of 1604 yeah junior high the elementary would really be great for them that’s all i have for a long time president that concludes our construction update all right you’re still up there how about the tax report that’s right uh we’re we’re checking at 96 uh we’re pretty much on where we were last year uh like point 45 below so it’s interesting to watch to see how we ended the i year because um i’ll talk about the tax rate collection rate that i’m trying to use the budget for next year so as long as we stay on top of where we were last year i think we’re going to be in good shape right thank you all right the finance investment gifts report any of that y’all get with him later in enrollment report of course we don’t have much of a enrollment report now uh purchases over fifty thousand if you have questions all right the handbook review and purchase of i’m sorry the handbook yes sir uh we have uh dr faye with administration resources so i believe adrian ramirez who’s the executive director for administration people services has it online to share with you the changes and updates uh to the one we had last year are you there adrian yes i am can you hear me

okay so good evening uh board president frazier board members dr verstapp we have actually made some changes to the student and parent handbook uh the student apparent handbook is designed to serve as a general reference guide only and is designed to be in harmony with with board policy in the student code of conduct the student apparent handbook is not a complete statement of all policies or procedures and rules but may be applied in a given circumstance the student code of conduct addendum governs all behavior at school at school sponsored in school related activities and during school sponsored travel the uh the handbook is developed using the tasmania model there were a few changes that we actually made to this year’s handbook and i’ve actually highlighted a few of those changes one of them dealing with child nutrition is uh one change that was made was that since all campuses are now participating in the community eligibility provision uh information regarding lunch applications and negative lunch balances has been removed from the handbook regarding athletics information pertaining to the athletic college signing recognitions has been added curriculum instruction added some information regarding class ranking information for secondary grade levels for the 2021 2022 and 2023 cohorts that has been added to this year’s handbook for health services information about the district being able to implement health and safety procedures and practices to meet local state and federal level guidelines has been added this includes but is not limited to the use of personal protective equipment and social distancing we also added some information in the area of dress and grooming uh information about personal protective equipment being appropriate and this is equipment utilized by students being appropriate and not depicting signs symbols or logos that are associated with prohibited substances gangs cults and violence finally we did also make changes to various charts in the handbook and some of these charts include testing dates dates for credit by exam uh and uh dates for sat testing and uh act testing so these are these pretty much highlight the changes that were made for this year’s handbook you have questions thank you sir thank you thank you employee handbook we have mr will baker uh from administration resource uh we’re going to give information on the accomplish it please you do have very minor changes this year mostly regarding title ix reporting federal government came out just recently was titled nine guidelines i’m going to deal with discrimination for retaliation there will be some training requirements for all employees as we start at the beginning school year and those who will be in some reporting requirements with an investigation requirements on the district and those will be summarized for the employees as far as employee standards of conduct there’s two minor changes to some ethical standards and one that was added the one that added does have to do with sexual harassment thank you sir i’m sorry i interfered with your job mr uh superintendent the next one is idj um i didn’t hear you sorry uh jay uh project plan this is uh our re-entry positive plan and just want to he learned what applies to board where we are in our thinking we know that there are a lot of questions concerns about coming back as a senior level administration as a task force has a larger group of decision makers based on uh i would say countless hours of zooming with local state uh local health advisors a judge

we’ve been in at least six zoo meetings throughout today uh tuesday’s birthday the 2018 day uh tj as an agency has done a really great job of providing information to the point that there’s so much information uh the information is so fluid i can tell you i’ve taken the last week it’s different this week that’s kind of been the only common denominator uh since i would say the month of may uh is that everything contains so many balls what we’re what we’re doing as a senior uh uh administrative staff and uh as a larger decision-making body and our task force is bringing our first draft to our trustees this evening of the presentation but we want you to understand it’s going to look a lot different next week it’s going to look a lot different after that and it’s going to be very really user friendly and so we’d like to go through kind of our deck today our senior admin and other folks uh have some presentations uh i’ll start with the first line there one of the questions that we get a lot are we starting back to school when the first day of school arrives uh the answer is though that we are under a local border right now in fair county san antonio uh that closes every school uh which is labor day so that’s the earliest uh that is school can open up for any type of face-to-face instruction uh however our first day of school in the southwest isd is still august 24th this order that you see right now really kind of provides some guidance uh that first bullet point we will be in a remote environment through labor day uh that it is incumbent upon these school districts uh through work with the board of trustees to make sure that our families and our students have access to technology you know we’ve uh been working in that arena for a long time uh we’ve got some long-term projects underway with the county uh then we have some other kind of fixes that we’ve been doing uh and we are purchasing uh more of our hotspot uh this order also the second bullet allows teachers uh to teach remotely uh in their classroom during that as long as there’s a lot of talk in our local meetings amongst all the school districts about the importance of equality uh did a really great job of doing that environment over one weekend or one week and providing uh access for uh teacher learning but now that we have time you really want to create something that’s more bold more engaging is more effective for students because there’s still a requirement all districts keep creating an appropriate level of needs and to be able to offer an engaging environment for our students so that second bullet this health order allows for teachers to teach in their classroom during the interim because there is a good chance that this order can be extended beyond september 7th as well that all depends on the second the third blood sorry uh the emphasis on the face to face uh that’s not available uh through september the seventh and the fourth bullet uh basically is uh we are required by august 21st to submit our face-to-face plan to our local and leave our state histories about how we would incrementally uh start face-to-face the idea that we have that part of our plan is as fast as we can get them in there to mitigate some of that learning efficiency that will be taking place during the time that they have not been adapted to face-to-face environments you can see on our next slide beyond this one uh this is our group i think i’m gonna turn it over to talk to pay here he’s gonna talk more about uh you know our district is divided up into these divisions uh and so we didn’t work but we also

uh have a task force uh that we’ve given some direction and guidance to uh being able to take information out then bringing that information back so we’re dealing with the most uh current information and understanding it’s going to change tomorrow until we get to august 24th i just i really want to emphasize to our trustees that we are taking this information we’re bringing it to you but it is in no way shape or form a final product this is our big milestone of our five points we hope one of those decisions is to rename it instead of a re-entry plan we call it something else but we we have to take advantage of this opportunity when we’re able to collect our board in the regular special features enough to take stuff so i’ll turn it over to dr faith and i think she might remember this ida has a question can i just make a quick comment lauren so um i know that we were like in an emergency situation in when we didn’t come back after spring break so um you know we were all just flying by the seat of our pants basically right trying to get our kids as much instruction as possible which i think our teachers really did a great job of you know that being thrown at them and you know doing the best they can with what they had and you know our parents trying to be teachers at home while still working a full-time job you know it’s just it it was a lot right but i think the population that was hit the hardest was our special ed population because um and special ed is such a huge umbrella right so we have the kids that are in the gen ed population that just need inclusion support right so they could probably learn you know not as well as they could but they’re still able to get some kind of enrichment right but then we have the population of special ed students that receive zero enrichment right because unless you have the training to teach a life skills student then basically they have been vegging out since march to today right because you can ask them to open their laptop and and try to watch and that special ed teacher is doing the best he can to engage that student but a lot of our students with autism with whatever disability they have are not able to engage they’ll just close the laptop because for one thing we’ve kind of ruined their whole schedule which is crucial to some of those children so i understand the um need to be safe and i understand but what’s really aggravating in this whole kobit 19 thing that our nation’s going through is that we’ve just kind of thrown a blanket out and engulfed everybody in that blanket and education is supposed to be individualized learning i mean that’s what we always preach individualized learning individual but we’re leaving out a whole population of children and i know that the state is telling us we have to whatever the health directive is but there should be some pushback in that regard to our specialized population so it’s not fair for these parents who have been basically school is a respite for some of them and we’ve been asking them to be 24 7 with these really high need children and if there’s i’m just like begging that if there’s any kind of input that the school district can give to the state and our local leaders if we’re not opening up our schools on august whatever it is 24th or 21st um if we’re not going to have the gen ed population in there we’re going to have a lot of room in that school at the social distance so if it’s at all possible we really need to look at those kids that are getting zero learning as opposed to the kids that are getting somewhere and so i just want to express that i mean that it’s not it’s not a it’s not a reasonable thing to expect our parents you know there there’s going to come a point in time where they just cannot

function anymore 24 7 with their high needs students because they feel like they’re being left out and basically they are because there’s some that just cannot learn virtually so i appreciate everything everybody’s doing but i think a little pushback with the state to really include that special need population is we need to be that voice for those families and i think the very valid studied point well um uh i know i work with a small group of local superintendents to uh punishing that request specific to vulnerable student groups uh specifically uh to the ultraviolet folks and it was it was ended last week i think the feeling was in so our new question is asking what metrics could it take in order for us to be able to address the needs of our most vulnerable let’s start close or 10 and work up and so i think that’s kind of what we’re working our conversation now but i hear you and i hate what you’re saying i think it’s representative of a lot of me that we have in our backyard but also yeah and i saw i saw something on that where there’s three or four pops that really populations that really need our attention that’s one the other being homeless you know you think about the homeless as well then we have nowhere to go so i think we’re poised well uh to service um that need we are putting out surveys constantly to our our community but one thing that we covered today in our previous meeting was a very specific survey to our families that we have special education kids and so that has been completed by aubry hogan the world maker representative to senior staff in our larger group this morning and i think that they’re getting ready to push that out but it’s only specific to our special population it is not just something general going on can i add something about that parent survey i spoke to one of the parents that was trying to fill out the survey and she said the question was um do you would you prefer virtual learning for the 2020 school year or in person so they didn’t answer it because they don’t know what’s going to happen so like right now they’re like oh i like virtual for the first six weeks but i don’t want to have my kid at home all year right so they didn’t even end up turning the survey in because it didn’t they couldn’t answer it to give enough good information right so i’m thinking that a lot of our parents that are saying yes to virtual i don’t think they mean the whole school year you know what i mean so maybe our survey can be a little bit more right i mean she just said it just she didn’t feel like she could turn it in and really give good information like she didn’t want her voice to be heard but it wasn’t what she wanted what we’re referring and like i said i appreciate all you’re doing i’m not complaining i’m just trying to voice for that population so for purposes of our meeting tonight i want to thank uh when we did move into that environment in march mark figueroa was leading us through something called the soup meetings which is a continued operations and so we’ve transitioned that that team uh to this particular team which is more of a task force led by senior leadership uh with their respective uh divisions uh taking the lead the project leads on these are listed there but we also have up to 67 to 70 members of our um either counseling staff admin teams teachers that are on each individual committees that are helping us devise our plans for purposes of tonight our plan is not to share with you internally what we are doing with the

staff so you will not see that as part of our our plan today we do have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow to get input on some of the work that we’ve done there but that’s specific to internal uh with our employees of the district so for our purposes tonight this is really about what is our plan to educate our kids when we come back to school on the 24th in whatever environment that we’re in and so informed by the research we are developing a comprehensive five-point plan designed to keep our students faculty and staff healthy provide flexible flexibility for families unable to return and plan for future contingencies so the five points that we will be discussing tonight are prevention incident reporting learning options and supporting students and then finally contingency planning in the and so we did do some surveys uh to your point um on this broken and board uh 44 of our staff which is 428 out of 981 indicate that when we meet inner schools for the fall they will be willing to return to work on campus if you can see there is the i don’t knows uh probably because they just don’t know where we’re gonna be at that time and so i think that is as much as it is true to our community it is very true for our staff as well um this is uh surveys majority of staff increased sanitation efforts and regular hand washing hand sanitizer used by all students and staff very very specifically uh 983 out of our 1200 responses wanted daily screening for all people including students weekly uh screening at 516 um let’s see the district can uh restrict campus visitors um 964 uh increased sanitation efforts regular hand washing and hand sanitation by all almost almost 95 98 uh student uh deaths seated six feet apart which we will address through our social distancing uh staff wearing masks face shields uh much of the day students wearing mass facials as well and then staggered entry and exit uh for class transition so i think that’s some really good feedback from our internal uh employees on behalf of what needs to happen for our kids so we did have a parent survey as well uh and we we ended up getting a lot more feedback in the last two days because we actually pushed it out through a campus link this time and not just through a district link so this number was sitting at about a thousand on friday and we’re up to almost uh right over 4 000 responses now uh 77 of southwest isd parents indicated that at this time they prefer virtual learning environments for their kids and so you can see that only 23 percent pick face to face um and so i can share as a parent as a student in the system i don’t i was very challenged with even answering that for myself yeah our local isd that we meet weekly several times a week so we do have different people that will be presenting their portions of the plan so that they can uh ask the questions that you may have tonight first up we have the word prevention which is um so the survey that you just saw really reflects what we are going to be doing during the school day um hygiene practices lots and lots of hand washing you should be doing that anyway but now we are really going to make it a part of the day because that’s important to help prevent this part of that disease uh we have tens and entire stations at the campus entrances and throughout the build our campuses actually begin designated locations we’re going to work to put in pens advertisement in our classrooms as well uh plus the hand washing actions we will continue to put those up so that way students understand the unfortunate 10 washington processes we will implement temperature screenings for anybody who’s entering those facilities that will be part of our daily morning routine um ppe just as you all are wearing masks we will have masks and facials for our students and our staff that will be an expectation that everybody wears a mask because masks really do help to contain a spread of any respiratory droplets

that could potentially house so the magazine virus right so we want to make sure that that is done throughout the school day is that also when they’re sitting at their desks yes yeah so the little kids will be wearing a mask for like eight hours so it’s not a math facial we will implement some sort of break in between but really the important thing is all of these things should be done all together not just one over the other to really minimize the risk of the spread of open 19 so that’s really important so we do want to encourage that now of course we know what’s developmentally appropriate for free fair may not be the same for a high school right so those are things we need to define so i’m just curious if it’s supposed to be sick you’re supposed to keep a six foot distance it okay so the masks don’t have correct me if i’m wrong but the mask idea is if you cannot maintain social distance and social distance is six feet so if we’re going to have the desks six feet apart then why can’t the student not wear a mask when they’re seated at their desk so we are going to try to do both but that is definitely something that we have in our plan when they are that is something that we are taking into consideration i’m just bringing that up because for health reasons of the little kids too being having a mask on for that long is probably not healthy right and if you understand that again yeah i just don’t want to blanket it because that’s where we i can’t quite get the answer to the mandate that is currently in the city mandates 10 years and older for a mass but we do want our younger students to wear masks as well because they know the purpose of the best is really to contain those respiratory droplets would you say that the most current science is showing that if you’re indoors the best practices for everybody to wear a bass because it travels it’s airborne absolutely so if there’s a lack of windows or a lot or if our ventilation systems are not they’re not they’re not prepared to handle this kind of right so then indoors the mask is for that so outside we’re six feet apart it’s safer but inside all that continues to just exactly circulate right and again i want to enforce that it’s not one thing over another really happy culmination of all of these things to help minimize i just want to make sure that we’re very clear and we pin down the science behind the recommendations thank you for that yes absolutely but then that being said the science is changing all the time right because originally they told us not to wear a mouse and now they tell us to wear a mask my concern is i’m pretty sure that i have read which you know could be changed since yesterday that it’s not healthy for a child to wear a mask all day because they’re just constantly breathing in their own whatever i’m just i’m just saying i don’t want to i know we have to be cautious and i know we want our children to be safe but we don’t want to err on the side that we’re going to make them sick because they’ve got a mask on hold it so one of the things that we’ve been looking at is we’re treating everything we you’re doing security layers of protection so we’re looking at other options like best device the splash guards on the teacher’s desk like we’re doing in the front office and that’s one of the things that we’re looking to do and you know when we have the six feet we’re looking at the divided effects class dividers you know younger kids we know that the masks are a little bit more restrictive so we’re looking at age-appropriate face shields and i agree with the facial but what i heard you say earlier was both yeah i don’t want him wearing a face shield and a mouse at the same time no no no no okay all right i’m sorry no i just want to make sure i just don’t want i wanna i like yolanda says we have to be super super clear because if we’re hearing you have to wear a face mask a figure if you’re not six feet apart then i want to be clear that that does not include inside the classroom you know what i mean so you know i have a quick question and that is what do you do if the kid just doesn’t want that we’re treating it as an educational just like we do with the id we don’t want to make it a punitive issue we want to get the parents involved we want to make sure that they’re aware of why we’re going through the protocol recommended from the cdc recommend for pa and for our local health authority and another piece to that is also

education that we are writing education uh into our classroom because that is important because we know we will not hire them it will be very difficult to do that so it will become part of their education at the beginning so that way those expectations are good opportunities yeah well there are probably some holes on work as well and maybe some teachers but uh certainly there’ll be seniors that it’s a good way to get kicked out for them at all i think the phase difference is that we have different modalities now so addressing uh but i do think that now that we’ve got the various modalities of actual learning and delivery that’s going to be accessible to our kids and will allow us to address that situation very specifically and i think the face shield is just a much better option for our kinder first grade second grade kids and i know that special ed already had ordered face shields and they were like making them kind of cute at the top you know like to so yeah like you know whatever but uh i mean i’m not i don’t want you to think i’m saying not to wear a mouse but if there’s an option of a shield versus a mask it’s just better eight hours we’ve had teachers we’ve had uh administrators we’ve had consular social workers part of our health and wellness group we’re wanting to get the feedback as to what type of ppe you need for the pk 2 325 and so forth and one of the points that they made with the younger kids that are learning words they need to see the teacher’s mouth how they enunciate the word so we’re going to recommend the facials for that it’s going to be age appropriate with instructional piece tied into the protective we’ve been working on this is so in terms of the cleaning guidelines kudos to officers the maintenance not we have available daily king protocol weekend that we have a deep clean protocol whenever there’s together so that has not changed so what we’re looking at is new products to support us that are epa not only fda approved but also epa approved that’s being uh put together on the list by the texas school safety center as well as uh regional service centers and local so our street names gentlemen are testing those out we’re looking to also order the electrostatic guns that we use for the deep cleaning process for every campus so a lot of that that those items are on factory uh the ppe we did get 11 pallets of pve we picked up today that was provided to us by gea so we now have those in our distribution warehouse and we’ll be taking inventory that includes uh face shields face masks thermometers uh as well so those are uh items that we’re going to be putting into our plan as we start to bring the staff the thermometers you’re using are you going to be using like you said the monitor are you going to use those ones to hold in your hand or the one you stand in front of what’s up camera okay and those are pretty accurate so the reliability of them is not great but they do provide a scout way to take temperatures and then we will have to recall them without them we won’t just keep that for streaming have you seen the ones that are on the tripod do you have something that you stare on the tripod they look like a real high-tech camera and you just stand in front of it and if it beeps you have to go to the side yeah and a lot of those exercises we are looking at some of those and just trying to get

so our goal is to kind of bring you this big picture and as the plan develops a link to that area so you can see the development of every one of these areas our second point so this is a somewhat of a combination um uh sharing of incident reporting uh talking about schedules and spacing but i think we’ve kind of already covered it unless uh adrian do you want to turn in on the schedules uh just that some of the work that we’ve been doing has addressed the development of procedures and practices for various scheduled activities these activities include how students are going to be arriving at school with of course the idea of social distancing keeping that in mind how some of the activities also include things like transitions or any transitions that might take place especially those that pertain to lunches breakfast and even dismissal at the at the end of the day so that’s some of the work that we’re doing in the area of scheduling that’s all dependent on numbers of students in buildings correct so administrators secondary level you’re looking at the high school you can tell the activities about 14 16 deaths that we could use in our standard classrooms and then at another level we’re looking at 12 for like 13 fifths and then the smaller grade levels that have the curve tables they don’t have the best words something that we have had some experience with this year already is what happens when you do have someone that has been identified in our buildings or in our student populations or adults um when something does happen and we find out someone has spoken so i think we’ve had experience there uh i think valerie will speak to what happens when someone a student just positive recovery and then we’ll speak to what happens now so these are pretty similar because if somebody is actually diagnosed with 2019 they do have to be out for a certain amount of time and we would not um do that without consulting our local health authority metropolitan health district because then what what happens when we have our kids back in class is do we have to then have the whole classroom out what does that mean or is it a campus that’s very dependent on the situation and the circumstances but we are working through that and we’ll come up with a protocol definitely that guides us as to what to do again in collaboration with peninsula um with that come contact tracing again just making sure that we contact those who were at close contact meaning within 15 minutes or longer to ensure that they are routine because the incubation period of 19 is up to 14 days and again this is to help uh limit and minimize the spread of open 19. and so the same happens with staff currently we’ve had more experience with stuff because we don’t have and we’ve had several staff members who have had close contact with people report back to us and we have we had a few who have come to work and have complained of symptoms so we have a procedure in place by which uh the department heads or the principal will of course send those folks home and then alert myself and i alert mary livery and valerie we’ll work together to either contact tracy as a team we’re anticipating we get more staff back on we’re going to ask each department in each campus to have a contact tracing team which the nurse will lead at that point and we’ll ask the principals to identify two or three more people to be on that team to help if

we have someone who comes on the campus we need to know where they’ve been who they’ve been in contact with and then we’ll collect that information and send it up to senior leadership so they can make further decisions on how we should react to the incident that’s going mary lovery will contact all the employees that have had benefits and she will go within their leave options at that time and how they might use the ffcra which a policy in which uh if a staff member wants to go get tested we’re giving them 48 hours to go in and get that medical advice and then tell us what they’ve learned what kind of advice they’re getting back from their doctor and then we’re able to use that information to tell them about their options eventually we have closed our kind of listing uh how we make decisions uh let me tell you back in april if someone was in the building uh had a test positive shut the building what we’re moving to is perfect contrast contact tracing so we don’t have to shut all buildings down there is a protocol under the ea guidance guidelines that if we do have to shut a building down uh that you know we have five days to disrespect and get the building up uh or immediately so that uh if not we would lose 88 so there’s a lot of different protocols that we’re kind of looking at as we built this as well so the next part of this is actually the part that i think is most challenging is trying to make sure that our kids are still learning during this time and so mr linda garcia will be visiting us thank you so just like doctor shared earlier our calendar is going to begin an instruction of opposition before and what the state has allowed for us to do is to consider placing the students in a working environment at least for three to four weeks and so for that reason our district has offered to recommend september the 18th being our first date where we begin our face-to-face instruction so what the state is also saying is that on that first day of august the 24th we have to make sure that that digital divide has been taken care of and in this case we cannot take care of the additional divide we have to then make accessible instructions and so for that reason we are looking at the capacity of the buildings in order for us to look at those crucial populations of students that we would have to then provide in any same way in certain times but they do not have a digital device so i know that when the work of our friend has been racial enough to continue to move the devices and order the devices and just making sure that that is not a reason why our students are gonna get receiving instructions at home to begin with so the next thing is a learning modality the state has continuously adding additional learning modalities we begin and we’re familiar with what virtual materials what they have been really intentional about is that last year they took the device they went home and how are we trying fighting and learning is happening so the state has come up with two technical terms which is asynchronous and simple the last year when we took off in march we went ahead and put out a schedule where pre-k so great we expected for the students to be logging in for almost six hours during the daytime so for that reason the state has come up with a stigma but asynchronous model is the students at any time can log in to receive instructions so a saferness that means that the students can either engage during live classroom instruction or if not that the parent can come in the afternoon and log in and also see that instruction has been reported that happened during the day so now for the parents we are allowing them to either come synchronously at the same time when the teacher receives a live instruction or a separately at any time that the listeners could be available now what happened last year is we started targeting we started uh record-keeping we started looking at how did we know that we were engaged and we came up with our own definition whether the students log in and this didn’t show up in the google classroom if the teacher gets the future students well by now the state has changed and has made a very rigorous requirement which is called the daily tractable so they’re very specifically specific for the same technical engagement that

in order for us to get funding we have to have evidence that the students have been engaged on a daily basis and so those three uh areas are they have to make sure that they’re curricular progress that we are seeing that they’re progressing that’s going to be one on a daily basis it could be of three things and it’s either or even um problems so right now the state although they have put these um requirements out there we are still looking at what is going to be the learning platform that we’re going to have our students learning so right now we are using google classrooms and there is additional requirements the state is looking at two additional learning management systems 30 management systems that yes they can see the teacher live but at the same time the teacher can go ahead and post an assignment and that is financing is going to be trackable daily engagement that we would know that every single student on that device and by the description of that day is finished for the competitors the last thing would be is that they do complete faithful activities last year we had students with eight assignments for the day so this is why we’re being very careful with how we are designing this that the learning management system in itself is already going to have an opportunity for the students to know that they were engaged so the state has been very specific for the example this time that it’s not just because they are on the computer that we consider their name the other thing is that for the teachers they will be following what we call the secrets so we do want for the teachers to be available on a daily basis following their daily schedule just because their face to face instruction were to be happy so it’s the option of asynchronous is more for the students and because we understand the situations that are happening at home for we will want to be able to give the students and the family the opportunity the only other option is a hybrid and that is one for the high school and this option would just become available on friday but again we went back over revised and we’re looking at schedules so for the high school there are certain courses like c2 or korean medical courses that require lab hours so for that we have to bring other students that our high school is often to be able to offer that as one of the choices so the high school is looking at hybrids and also the learning network now going back to that special education and special population service based on that we are looking at even the capacity for the building so we look through theories we have our face-to-face instructions this is something that has to be available for individual middle schools now the face-to-face instructor we’re going to substitute this on a daily basis with a hybrid the eyes we have and we’ll here we’re keeping in mind the percentages so right now due to our health ordinance we can only allow the temperature capacity in any building so we’re keeping that in online with daily evidence for progress with a remote instruction and now the asynchronous synchronous that is tied to attendance already the management system that the state’s gonna uh have us use is that already up and running or have they picked it or so we have been using pockets of ease off because supposedly and they’re also recommending system for the secondary now the reason we’re waiting at the state is because if we wail them and if it’s the state of proof we will be getting this organization system for free for the next few years we’re also looking at google classroom which the teachers have really learned and they’ve experienced with it and we’re still going to come back during our teacher professional development day really focusing on making a learning management system platform really accessible to the teachers train the teachers and that’s going to be here are they going to have a choice are we going to tell them so we are going to tell them what are going to be the learning management systems we’re going to adopt that are approved by the state because we have to somehow face it eventually and at the same time we can make sure that we have female support to train them so we’re going to be the ones choosing the elementary platform and the secondary fashion the short answer to your question is no uh the state has not have not completed the element what they said today today’s zoo meeting is to expect more information specifically on thursday about that’s how fast it it’s been ongoing for a while uh so they expected 48 hours to have some more information about the elements

we’re still going hello hello this is back in the spring one of the greatest challenges for school districts in remote although we do have a uh an issue with the digital divide as far as human buildings so so we anticipated that back in the spring of uh you know when we did our bond we have money to actually make purchases of phone books and so we actually put important boards to purchase 7 000 chromebooks this summer so we’re about to get that unfortunately the whole world was ordering chromebooks and so we’re still dealing with that market trend right now of uh finding new york books they’ve been sent to the place that they’ll imagine so we will have those before school starts if we would like to allow especially when we get into the when we have remote learning and face to face and there’s a hybrid especially high school if they’re hybrid those students would want to come in a couple days and then go home so we may not want them to take the device and keep their lives the friends that try to have kids take them home so we would have one in their classrooms we actually uh ordered uh 1600 more hot spots so there’s 800 in there right now so those are actually coming in we’re surprised that we’re getting those and so we’ll be over uh 2300 hot spots that we’ll be able to teach the students that are in the uh mr freight we only had 400 uh i know the state is working with other resources to allow cheaper rates for families like they did in the spring to extend those i’m going to cover that in the next section on budget most of that that looks as far as 88 but they’re not giving us a step faster anymore we’re going to have to really on a daily basis they continue somehow whether they’re through the talk about a physical thinking attendance for the kids in a face-to-face environment or they’re in the synchronous environment or async so that we can really identify what that looks like for us because it will be very different in different scenarios and so the state has been very clear on uh ways that we have to do that and if it’s going to account for so we’re just trying to work through that there’s also a social emotional component and so we are going to be focusing on a daily basis synchronicity we’re going to be offering some financial marketing messages we want to make sure that we just mentioned this as important we know the academics is important but right now also for crucial resources and this panorama is going to allow us to get some guidance lessons very specific topics and at the same time with panorama we’re going to be able to log in and track any other students so we have a student that continues to explain some things that you’re able to discuss and right now our online platforms that we use it’s not easy for us to be able to try something so this is why we’re going to be agreeing a little bit about that can i ask a quick question on the social emotional thing are we gonna i know our teachers we kind of train them and give them support on how to recognize child abuse right because they’re the biggest reporters right and so since the children have not been in the classroom the reports to cps have just like tanked uh it’s not that child abuse is not going on it’s just that nobody’s reporting it because nobody’s seeing it so maybe give the teacher some kind of message or some kind of training on how

how it would look just seeing them from you know like what how you know what i i don’t know exactly how to phrase it but they are our number one reporters and they’re the number one protectors of our children and they’re not able to do that right now and so i don’t know how that would look to them only seeing their children work you know through that moment awesome thank you okay so the final thing and i think we live in this contingency planning for tomorrow right we are continuously finding and really this is about what happens when right obviously we’ll follow the guidance from our national state and local and that will trump anything and that really planned and we’ve seen that happen um we will have district and campus expectations uh that will before we will have student expectations and staff expectations and when we say contingency planning um and i i was really true to my core in that i feel like we live in that world right now where we’re just always planning something different it really is about what happens when we have a student at campus a that is diagnosed with programs what do we do for that population in that classroom that campus that hallway and how does that impact the district right and so uh we will be working through that uh with mark and val will baker brandon all of us have that in the back of our mind always about what is going to happen when because it’s going to happen i know that we are also looking to assimilate our students and our faculty back to this environment of coming back to work and so that will be a big topic for our staff meeting tomorrow with our employees but we will have considerations that we’re going to have to make for people that are in compromised medical conditions of particular age groups with hard times at home so there will be those things that you have to work through uh and we will be producing some guidelines for principals to make decisions around that uh the first two are very clear you got coded you’re taking care of some similar covet the third uh component is uh i don’t know don’t feel comfortable coming to work so we are going to be working with will’s team which is has several principals and several teachers on that committee to kind of design a guideline and a framework for how principals are going to have to make those choices and of course as always central office will be there to help them make those decisions so that we make it in the best possible way for our employees and so that’s what we have for tonight uh as far as our five-point plan which still maybe i pulled the wrong one into my flashlight it has changed literally like six times today so i don’t know if i got the right drop but uh we thank you for your attention and just want to open it up right now if you have any questions oh did you want to cover the timeline weight so i think we try to put right here and i really want to emphasize the fluidness of this as our 6.5 we are able to move some things around uh to make it uh easier to kind of talk about the big rocks and now we’re going to take these big rocks behind it so what we plan to do because we’re still in the uh taking information now trying to train people thinking around uh what we’re thinking about prior to that we send an email out the staff we already have over 200 questions so we know for our staff we’re going to uh with concerns or ideas into the overall plan uh we’re doing that through the task force but we also think that we can do that for people who work with that information on their own as well so we’re also conducting uh the count off for elementary parents uh that’s going to be on the 23rd where we’re going to give information bring this thoughts and provide the parents an opportunity to ask questions provide us information that they want to see including the plan uh and then again why do we have a town hall

for our secondary parents as well you can see we’re going to keep doing this uh for our official meetings every week covering this information we’re incredible to be a part of the information we get and then we have the board meeting today we have our administrative personal administrative retreat on july 3 31st for this uh plan is going to be a big part of that we have our school launch for day school uh 24th and we have the face-to-face it says here with me first uh we changed that after we had a meeting with our local isd partners and everyone’s kind of set the calendar around level and state level is uh offering uh providing an opportunity for the children of teachers uh some form of uh daycare and status because we know that the quality remote destruction we know uh so there’s nothing set in stone yet the conversation i know we have a region between today we got some direction on it how do they get on the town hall meeting how did they participate in the town law meeting uh there was a link sent out sent out the staff like the day before and then there’s another link that mr hernandez i don’t know if she’s on the meeting right now you want to uh answer that question better jenna yes ma’am absolutely yes sir um so the way we’re conducting the town halls for the staff uh it’s an internal town hall so we’re using zoom and youtube and that email has gone out to staff on links on how they can get get access to the town hall and then for our uh community i’ll be sending a link tonight for both youtube and zoom again on how they can join and be able to to see all the lists and kind of see the presentation how are you we’re sending it through social media through remind um and and uh an email okay so it’s on our facebook page no not yet i’m working on it i mean it’s going to be on the facebook page yes yes ma’am all right thank you thank you well that’s that’s where we are uh today uh tomorrow by noon if you ask uh to can promise change i think we have a really good start uh we have some really great exemplars throughout the state at tea shared with districts today uh that we definitely are going to use some of the their thinking that it looks really good so we think we can get there as well for the next couple weeks now one quick question and that was is it fair to say that at least in region 20 or maybe san antonio the school districts will be aligned or very close to aligned or will they be some are doing something different i would say fair to say that we are working the collaborative we know the importance of that we know the importance of we go further together so but everyone has the governing board to present to it but yeah short answer yes we do understand all right the next thing is okay

to give you an idea about how uh budgets turning out i’m gonna hit some of the highlights i know that we’ve had a lot of time on the last topic so i’ll try to hit the highlights and get you through it really the main thing that came out uh from the commissioner in tda was how we were going to fund uh students that choose remote learning we know uh the weights for the students who actually come in and we take attendance we know that we’re going to have students that are going to choose remote learning whether uh completely disappeared for some crazy reason or not i think that most people um across the district the state and the nation know that there’s introducing seriousness we’re going to choose whatever reason to stay home uh and so the ada is really going to depend on the method of structural delivery so face-to-face a wait for that synchronous there’s gonna be a way that they’re gonna create that as far as 88 and then if it’s synchronous uh they’ll be able to take attendance just like they were if they were in a classroom i will say this as something that we are looking at i know uh district leaders are looking at this if any students that were enrolled in private school or homeschooled in 1920 last year uh they’re not eligible for funding through more construction if they come and join southwest id and so we could add extra students and they would if they were doing remote learning they would not count for our ada so that’s something that uh we are we probably can’t turn them away we cannot turn them away but they will not count for us for ada we went through a response to their response to that question today i’m going to tell you i look at one of the exemplar models and what they’re offering is speaking to your governor’s excitement our home school has to be not qualified remotely for uh ada uh they’re only offering face to face and that’s but are they funding the private schools are they funding them separately on their own or private schools well they’re not doing any type yeah so schools must operate personally instructions like daily that’s a ruling that came out there’s some exceptions and obviously the first exception is the first four weeks of school they’re allowing districts to kind of trickle people back in and now we have an ordinance from our local health officials saying that we can’t put in our schools until after september but we have to offer instructional uh on a daily basis unless there’s a school closures like state law by a governor or uh someone here at that sort or there’s partial or complete cultural schools who’ve been and i’m talking strictly this is all about ada and how we can get funding uh and then already talk about the first four weeks and then if a student commits to remote construction and chooses the asynchronous or the remote learning platform uh that won’t impact us and they choose that but we have to offer construction on a campus every day after those first four weeks and so if a student wants it we have to offer it uh and we take the finish that we want to look at uh insulation calculations there is a whole harmless provision which uh i stated that they are not going to uh like they give us a pass in the spring on ada so we didn’t have to be defended uh we still have to take attendance the first six weeks in the second six weeks where we see a drop in our ada but uh you know like one percent compared to what we had this past year and the first six weeks in the second six weeks they will use last year’s numbers to maintain that two things are happening now one after the third that third week there it’ll start impacting us and so if we don’t have great attendance records and our plan is not working we need to make sure it works because when it comes to the third six weeks then they’ll host account for that ada so that whole furnace goes away uh the other part of this if we choose asynchronous uh we have to submit a plan to the state uh

and they’re we already submitted a letter of intent but we have to submit that time by the 36 weeks or we stop losing 88 for that and so those are some key things about ada that we need to have so if we haven’t had any unapproved construction plans by that point for asynchronous we would lose 88 uh kind of just some updates on the calendar where we are looking at today i’ll give you an update uh on the 25th of august i’ll have a budget in front of you and we’ll have a public transit for our tax rate uh about that today so that we can adopt our compensation plan whether we’re giving an increase or not we stopped about the 2020 2021 uh compensation plan it just stayed the same or update at that time uh are you gonna send all these dates out to us yes sir uh the key to this year’s budget going into 2021 is you always use your historical trends you look at your trend data on enrollment look at your trend data on ada you look at all your ft’s and all your special populations and try to determine what that’s gonna look like next year that’s been a challenge uh and so it was a challenge just figuring out what our trend data is for 1920 uh because we lost those you know the last two six weeks of data and the last two of data usually is a trend downward for us where students are either transitioning it out or for whatever reason our ada goes down so what i’ve done mostly is i’ve kept the data and then we’ve created this year with so what they had to do was do the first four six piece and then you take the last few situations we discount those and we use previous year and so we came up with a formula there to get our trade data for this past year and so instead of trying to project a trend that we don’t know what’s going to happen but maintain that same data for 20 20 21. so i don’t have us losing in a moment but i don’t have this gain in the moment i’m not sure how conservative or or liberal that is i know in some districts they’re maintaining the same thing i’m doing and some districts are are lowering their debt uh i think this is something that we have to monitor as we adopt the budget as we go forward uh preliminary values our certified values come out this uh saturday on july 25th that’s a that’s a big deal because that’ll let us set our tier one tax rate uh for the interval side uh one thing i talked about when we talked about tax collection every month you asked me where we had on tax collection so that’s a big deal because that’s our revenue that we’re getting in uh normally we train about 99.5 of collection by the end of the year so we collect 99.5 of all our taxes uh so i have to set that budget so if i budgeted it all 100 i know that i’m not going to get all yeah the part that i’m watching right now i’ve set it at this point for next year to get nine percent i may go a little lower which will drive our revenue down it’s just going to see how we end up doing this year we don’t know how the market’s going to do as far as people that they have so those factors could be in the play on the tax rate uh so that could impact our collection right so i’m going to share that with you but i am maintaining a 99 for next year right now on this year’s but i’ll continue to look at it as we finish up this year i really won’t have to trade that until we get a full year of being encoded and being with the marketing americans today uh so our budget assumption so as i told the revenue on how much revenue we’re going to get i looked at maintaining our same aviation we had at the end of this year uh 12.521 so that’s what i’m using for our projection it is a bigger driver of our revenue from the foundation program uh currently it looks at our taxable value it’ll be about four million uh so it does a little bit it’s it grew a lot and it’s kind of steadily stayed right in that same area uh and so i’m using the 99 percent collector and so right now calculating the mno rate which is what i’m doing on my end but the state’s gonna calculate our tier one rate so a little bit more once we are certified values but it looks like our inventory is gonna be a dollar uh in 21 cents and then if you add in our ins rate which is our debt payment our debt rate that’s point four three eight uh so that’ll be a rate of uh dollar forty five uh right now our dollar forty seven so it should go down uh based on the estimated diet so a little more by all the sport uh once we work through this uh they’ll that’ll give us two cents back yes sir so there is a uh i brought this up last time and i want to talk about it now there is a funding lag i have to discuss this with you at two meetings because of our first training i have to share with you that the state changed from primary values to new year values the reason why prior values were important or different is uh

it helped us in the formula so it was negative and positive for us it’s always been positive because our values have grown so we always took advantage of the extra revenue until we found out that we got more money and our values enough so the next year they lowered our foundation some districts declined in value and and they’re the ones that really were you know had issues with it because their values declined the foundation side of the state didn’t make up for that so the this is our tier one uh in our tier two so this is our foundation so our total uh foundation even though this current year i’m estimating us to be at about 91 million dollars uh our collect collection rate at 99.5 and with the foundation for this school year distracting about 130 million now we have other revenue sources uh for investments you know we have some you know we collect funds for uh revenue and sporting events so we have some local stuff that’s us but these are the major buckets of funds that we have using the same data that we have right now ending this year maintaining uh we’re able to because of the mechanism and house filthy there’s still some compression and things going on uh we’re actually going to get more funds because our values did go up to our taxes so we’re going to collect a little bit more practice and our foundation is actually going to go up so we’re going to receive an extra you know looks around 3 million points and extras but that’s if everything works out ada wise we have no issues and we have no over ada and other populations i will say some of the foundation stuff that we’re seeing a rise in the foundation isn’t our special top cte uh budgets was actually projected better special ed uh we have a bigger budget now with more funds than that so it’s really specific where there’s extra revenues actually making up ed uh in our content our active students our particular guest numbers and based on the tiers we receive more funding for those two on the ins side you can see that uh on the state aid we got about 2.7 million we collected about 16.5 so everybody knows we made all their debt damage this year just last one today so that’s a big deal for us when we want to vote for bonds that’s the main question you make your mortgage payment a little bit more uh that’s why we really think suppress the debt rate at all because this next year we owe about 19 million uh in debt payment so you’ll see that’s our eda and ifa and then that’s what we need to collect to make our debt payment so we just try to make sure we get enough money to pay our payment based on whatever so as we move forward and that’s i told you we were getting about three more million dollars uh next year everything works out with those projections we do have some uh stuff that’s going on across the district uh we had some staff from past high school because they’re getting a junior cohort we have some other campuses different campuses across the district may need a teacher here or there uh so i didn’t bring them all down but there’s just like one here it’s not specifically legacy probably had the most because they had the most growth uh the autism academy uh that’s coming out of grants we need to pick that up in our funding uh and then we have previous acquisitions that have been established that one of our this year that we added that uh we’ll be into next year’s budget so right now just a new staff across the districts about 1.4 out of that where i’m seeing that three thing that we have but uh i want to also bring up that i’m still working through these uh i don’t know if you can take that little thought off but you know we’re going to have some extra expenses in overtime that we did this year uh substitute costs uh and then really supplies on creating a supply budget that can meet the needs of all the things that we’re talking about dividers and we’re going to purchase some of those now but as we get depending on how long this thing lasts we may have to keep your place just hand sanitizer just pricing that can be anywhere

between twenty thousand dollars you know for just a pump at every classroom well everybody had a gallon of it and then replenishing that over time so uh we may have some increases in transportation that we put as we look at tears and trying to get the effect of social justice from buses against the neighboring buses longer uh during this time in face-to-face when we come back technology obviously uh we’re buying more hot spots that’s going to be a cost every month and then the one group that’s gonna uh i will share with you that that’s gonna take a hit this year will be through service child nutrition so i’m anticipating that they’re gonna spend a lot of their planned balance that they guys built up this summer uh because of the losses of the revenue that service gets from serving so many students through the year we still pay for all the staff and if this occurs we don’t have the as many kids coming to get bills we still have all the staff so that may be an area that the general fund budget may have to supplement uh the compensation budget so that we can maintain them uh so where i’m at uh overall when i talked about the extra revenue based on what this we do as a district we’re about 139 million uh and then the proposed expenditures is about 139 million so i have about 600 000 right now that is actually on the positive side but i haven’t budgeted it for these other items that i just talked about for clothing supplies so i may build some extra budget and safety and different narratives i want to talk briefly about compensation because we’ve been trying to figure out what other districts are doing for the most part i know that most districts are are not adding uh right now because not necessarily because of the funding this year but the more of the funding next year anticipating what the next biennium is going to do as far as if know at i’m trying to make sure everybody’s on the same page if they’re not getting a raise uh so we just show comparable rates through apple’s applications so you can see where we are comparable to everybody else and there’s people human races so many different rates that are uh they weren’t competitively anyways and so i want to make sure we had that data for you uh everybody’s kind of holding off but i think for the most part is there’s a consensus that this is not a good time to do another race since you get a substantial one last year uh i did talk about i will talk about one thing that normally when we do a zero percent nothing happens then we fix the scale and so what i think this year that’s what i mean next year so if you take that first a teacher who makes 54 or 625 i know it’s not going to be a lot but the next year i would expect to make 54 725 for that year experience froze if you didn’t do anything move the scale so that that somebody zero to one made the same thing they didn’t i didn’t increase and get that so that’s something i’ll keep looking at i’m on the numbers i didn’t run the numbers to do that it’s about if we can allow teachers librarians and nurses get their step it’s about four hundred thousand four hundred seventy thousand to the book which i mean that’s something that we’ve discussed but there’s some other options uh so i put that there 470 thousand we did a tattoo study uh so there’s some positions where we do the caffeine study that we’re in the brain and talk about uh that are below market so we look at all those positions and comparable to 10 percent below market that we might want to take a look at and then uh possible attention to uh depending on how the budget works out uh and expenses uh i wouldn’t put a number on it yet but i may bring it into the plan to always go back and look at it and then bring a number to you later and get actual good revenue to see what we could do maybe another retention how we’ve done that for the last two years throughout christmas time so that may be possible a possible compensation consideration so there’s only three choices right now and then we can also i mean at the end of the day we want to do a two or three percent i could put that number in there but normally when we get it in there as far as our three months supply we’re in good shape we have some some projects that we’ve already approved that we’ve been working through uh one thing went on there that i will share is that that’s why i put that on there so we can track it so you know that that’s submitted until we get reversed for the most part uh we’re gonna get reimbursed for those that’s all i have if you have questions uh on august 4th i want to bring

more to you on budget uh better protections let’s keep working through it and then uh compensation recommendations you said something about a meeting of july 25th did you mean august 25th yeah i mean i’m sorry at the end of because we have to wait that long because we have a meeting with you before well i have to have a public hearing uh so you haven’t meeting before that i just don’t know if i’ll be completely done with the budget but uh so if i can get uh some with the conversation in there we’re getting the difference been this year and last year i couldn’t have done it sooner uh but the state is setting my textbook and so they’re going to go all the way to probably in august at some point and then once i get that there’s a window that i have to put public carrying paper to get it so i’m shooting for the 25th and depending on that window that i need to have it out the paper maybe i just did it before in august i’ll probably have it done by the 20th it just depends on that timeline anybody else thank you brandon um our last item of information uh mr president is the item l a bear county school board coalition uh a letter to the governor and i know that mr vasquez and montgomery lopez have been working with the very county coalition i’d like to turn it over to uh mr alan garcia who’s going to cover this fight so just very briefly the bear county coalition had a couple of zoo meetings and uh basically um they wanted to talk a little bit about how different education groups are reaching out to the governor regards to uh push back on the plans for reopening a lot of different groups have been making their um their wishes known or their uh wanted to give feedback i guess and there were parent groups uh there were student groups there was union groups uh superintendent groups that were uh sending letters in to the governor and the commissioner and bear county coalition basically felt like it would behoove us to uh also chime in on um the things that we felt were important uh in order to best deal with the challenges that we’ve been facing over the last several months so uh in getting together uh the fair county coalition came up with four points uh that they felt were very important and all of them tie in with the uh with the idea of uh the fact that we are representatives that we’re elected representative uh officials of communities that we serve and uh that all these points uh give us the flexibility in the space to make local decisions uh when it comes to dealing with the pandemic so i i passed around a letter so the bear county coalition created a letter and uh that was sent into the governor last wednesday and uh mr blanc the president had uh wanted the uh had asked the individual districts if they could um create a separate letter and send it in just in support and so i just um took the liberty of rewriting and reiterating the points on the main letter but this would be coming um directly from our district and the four points are are are you know they’re pretty you know easy to understand flexibility to determine if and which of the schools can open and how and when online instruction can be provided um to determine any timeline to say associated with school openings uh revenue and expenditure discretion to manage the district budgets and the last one facilitating and fun and funding a robust school-based testing infrastructure so these were basically the four asks that uh that uh bear county coalition felt were important that we uh make known to the governor and the commissioner so the letter from southwest is is very it’s very similar i just shortened it a little bit made a few changes reiterated and supported the one that bobby said and uh thank you and if you can just sign we can send it in any questions i think everybody signed it yeah thank you thank you thank you for your hard work this is gonna be a zoo meeting i believe tomorrow tomorrow i think it’s tomorrow

it’s six yeah i think the item number four came from the southwest group i think it’s a really great ask and uh it’s about if we’re gonna uh um the support infrastructure uh to have accessibility uh more people here all right the next thing is a superintendent and we will postpone item a and b and i think uh sylvester has item c i i just wanted to talk a little bit about uh this is the seat that i once saw many many moons ago currently we have four directors casually directed at region 20 and they are currently karen from northside sandy from northeast uh robert from church civil university and then uh the one that’s up for re-election was belinda it was uh not the same thing that said uh someone that i’ve been working with for about a year now i’ve known him for about three years is jd rodriguez is i’ve been sort of mentoring him he is going through casually new years right now uh he is uh from derry isd the sergeant and texas dps and and uh he is he would be if elected uh the only of the four south of san antonio uh region 20 for those of you that are wondering what it covers it covers all san antonio districts shirt civil university left region 13 about two three years ago and joined region 20 and then there’s program and then there’s about 35 school districts that are south of us all the way down the eagle pass that are represented by region 20. so i i’d like to give my uh support and uh to jd rodriguez do we have any others that we want to talk about can everybody give their vote to him i wanna make that motion so we support you i have a second one all those in favor aye opposed motion carry moving on to ida mate uh mr superintendent yes i’d like to uh just uh be able to uh perform the board the next two items the first one a human resources consider approval alternate health plan i believe this is what was mentioned in the public comments today i want to apologize to the trustees there was a human error at the brown bag uh where we uh had two uh board action items one being this item and the next one being the very next eye item that you’re gonna hear tonight uh you did uh have a motion to take a vote uh on this item uh after we found out the same day that we uh have lost the linkage between the uh site for public review that brown bag board meeting special board meeting and also the telephone site that kind of sought out legal opinion from one of our attorneys to make sure that what we did was in concert and the information that i received from legal is that best practice we need to put these items back on the very next board meeting which is tonight but the fact that the portugal action doesn’t negate that action so we’re able to move forward but as a best practice i would like to

come back to the board to ratify the vote that the board did take at a special meeting on july 14th of one of the two items and so we do have uh i think either dr faye or mr baker who can go back over that information for the board i would also like to add that uh at that july 14th meeting uh we did post in our notice that if anyone wanted to speak to either one of the two items we were talking about to please let us know by that monday just like we do every meeting that we’re doing virtually and i want to add that no one did sign up to speak for either one of these items as well but we do want to do the best practice and bring it back so i know well you want to just say a few minutes this is that uh providing our employees and alternate interns and i’ll let both speak a few minutes for that go back over as you remember we went through the process where we admitted our dli our distributed innovation plan so we to go out in uh some alternative planning plans for our employees uh our school our site-based management team recommended it ratified that amendment so we were able to go out and look at some plans and humana came to us and offered us what we think is a really great fully funded plan an alternative that we will offer in conjunction with the trs plan we will also work off of the prs plan and show you those rates at the ls meeting we’ll offer in most cases of substantial savings to our employees and uh second all those in favor say aye opposed motion carried going down to business and finance uh mr superintendent a yes sir uh a uh is the consider adoption of education service center uh region 19 allied state cooperative and local agreement resolution uh that is basically uh the the entity uh that we can access uh to provide this alternate insurance uh to our employees so uh there is no cost to the district so we’re asking again uh to allow us to have a resolution to join that co-op cooperative so that’s our ask here tonight i know mr chris wants to speak um next education allows us to join in the program so uh yeah all those in favor say aye aye aye opposed no motion carried business and finance b yes sir item b uh is awarded our insurance agent uh rfq 1920-125 and i’d like to turn that back over uh to mr chris uh i think he are you going to go over every one of these yes yeah i’ll just introduce each one separately uh our insurance agent uh rfq came to an end and so we released our another rfq uh to seek services and certified and licensed international we released a request proposal and we had three vendors submit usi southwest crosston brown and brown and we went through the process to determine qualifications so the professional fees will be utilized from helping budgeted funds that would be the fiscal impacts that i am recommending that the board approve cross insurance for the contract for rsq 1920 125 questions hi mo second motions in 92nd all those in favor say hi aye opposed no motion carry businesses a financie yes sir uh tonight uh we’re asking the board to take a look at uh the property next to the transportation department uh this is a part of it a property that’s the union pacific is reaching out to us

to purchase they’re they’re trying to add another track so they can add uh like a waiting line so that they can pass by and so we’ve gone and kind of negotiated pricing and so we have reviewed their proposal and we agree with their amount from a district perspective and we’re asking the board to agree to the purchase of the sell of the property to union pacific at a rate of 48 770 and that’s uh 22 acres that’s by the bus bar right next to the bus farm and the value there is a little lower because we’re going to have another one here in a minute comparable in size uh but it’s motion carried d yes sir uh salt is looking for an easement that runs through the back part of sun valley uh there is a an issue we’re having here with the sewer and a manhole and so in order to fix that we need to sell them an easement so they would run a new line there and run it to another manhole and so this is 0.21 acres of land and so for the purchase of easement they’re offering us fifty six thousand two hundred uh we’re recommending that the board of food just purchase for the cell to uh solve for six thousand two hundred to help us dedicate the issue we’re having now with the sword hi moon second oh shit united seconded all those in favor say hi hi opposed motion carried hi to me yes sir uh tonight we’re bringing in uh consider approval of the guaranteed maximal price for the slowly middle school project the contractor is martin kawk and the architect is far as a bomb burger they’ve been working together on a bid process for this project and tonight uh they’re here they’re not here but they came up with a proposal to get us to gmp and that gmp is at ten million eight hundred fifty five thousand one hundred thirty two dollars uh this will be funded by the 2018 bond uh i will tell you that the budget was 11 million so we’re about 126 000 uh the amount of 10 million 855 thousand one hundred thirty two dollars and allow us to negotiate terms and conditions on uh unity i’m um second oh she’s been made and seconded all those in favor say aye aye opposed ocean carrier plus plus like all the stuff that when we walk the library and stuff great item uh this this purchases uh i want to talk about this is really to help mitigate our social distancing and uh and in the classroom so we are looking to make purchases of bins and all our elementary classrooms uh and what this will do is it’ll keep kids from going to their cubbies currently they put all their supplies in their cubbies uh and even in middle schools some kids use lockers and they use backpacks and things and so forth for kids to be able to put stuff under their desk we’re going to use a purchase we don’t know what that cost is we put 250 on here because we’re going to shop around there’s quite a few bits to purchase uh and so we have all the vendors that we’re going to look at all these vendors are either on a cooperative that we’re a part of i don’t think we’ll be able to purchase from one i’m sure a lot of districts are doing the same thing that we’re doing this is a purchase that will probably be in line with some other purchases when we come back to you or allow us to go out and procure these things but we wanted to get it not to exceed a amount so that we can go ahead and move forward uh because we’re going to press for time when you come back so the idea is that the kids don’t leave their desks for anything well not to go get supplies and not to go get their books and so at least at their desk uh instead of them having is part of social distancing is oh yeah you’re in your classroom but you have kids having to get up and go get i don’t know how we’re going to keep them in their desks all day i just don’t know yeah it’s a good idea i think it’s a great idea just trying to picture the kids in their desk all day so they’re ready to get to the walk right now yeah the recommendation the board of the safety and is store units for student materials that’s it see 250 000 uh

in motion motion’s been made and seconded all those in favor say aye opposed motion carry moving on to item 10 curriculum and instruction a item a uh we’re going in actually going to be asking for a contract renewable i know we have uh mr leila garcia who’s going to take uh item a of the first contract for occupational therapy services good evening how are y’all good thank you um back in 2018-19 a solicitation for proposals uh was advertised and opened for occupational therapy services um at the time two companies uh were granted um and that was soylent health and order health and at the same time the option to extend the contracts for two additional years was approved at this time we’re asking for the final year uh extension to be approved for these two companies and the cost of the services uh for occupational therapy for 2021 will not and exceed thousand dollars questions i move second motion’s been made and seconded all those in favor say i i opposed motion carry item uh yes last year um the south fan uh regional day school for the deaf was disbanded and we entered into an agreement with san antonio isd to provide this service um there isn’t an rfp associated with this process it’s a ta process we go through uh that we follow to disband the south stand and join the san antonio isd so at this time we’re asking that we continue with san antonio isd and their uh regional day school for the deaf um and just y’all know the uh the cost is different per year and it depends on how many students uh this past year we paid um about eleven thousand three hundred dollars per student and we ended up with nine students at the that today’s school um at the south sand um we were paying about 30 000 per student and the reason for that is just because the saisd is so much bigger what the state is doing now is they’re going to um bigger bigger groups because it just it’s hard to pay for the smaller groups like when we were in um um southbound isd so we’re asking the board to prove our agreement to uh continue to work with uh faisd and serve our um students um deaf needs thank you thank you oh she’s been made and seconded all of them ever say aye aye opposed motion carried mr presidents consider approval of the contract renewal uh for speed therapy services rfp 1516 nasa can you cover that rob uh yes this is similar to the occupational therapy um rfp that was posted um at that time um three companies were approved with the ability to extend the contracts up to uh additional years uh this would also be the final year of an extension if approved and the companies that we’re asking for our uh speech specialists to san antonio and tech star speech language service um and the total amount for that would be um no more than 400 000 um at the time uh there was three companies that were approved uh the other company that was approved that wasn’t able to find a staff so we’ve gone to these up just these two companies questions hi mo well she’s been made and seconded all those in favor say aye opposed motion carried item d we’re going to have mr figueroa speak to this kind of goes back to part of the social emotional learning the sel we’re looking at and we have some i think really tremendous people doing some great things and the whole sel umbrella uh mr andre and miss benavidez who are also working uh with our challenging students and our 504 students and what they have found over time is that we have so much information all over that we don’t have a kind of a one-stop shop and this is where a panorama i think

would be able to help in the sel in providing uh really great access for the adults to access information as the person of our students so i turned over to mr figueroa good evening yes sir i wanted to uh put all these doctors into a group that we’ve been putting together this whole past year to deal with senegal requirement threat assessment from informed care and uh also suicide prevention awareness so that group has been support that has been moved forward with looking for resources and products and transportation to our staff the southwest group is made up of different individuals from departments uh from police department social workers community partnerships and uh we began this research a while back looking at something that’s compatible with what we currently have yes i am can you hear me sir okay so southwest isd utilizes a variety of programs to identify and support students with at-risk academic behavioral and social emotional needs these programs however are not all compatible with the current student information system to allow for full integration in the development of monitoring and intervention student support plans it is also difficult to compile comprehensive student support plans from all of the various programs that are used to collect data as they work from different technology platforms the panorama actually provides for the integration of these programs and so um we have i believe luis is going to share some additional information uh that supports the sel efforts in our district yes sir can you all hear me yes yes good evening everyone and yes uh i will i will provide a little bit more information on that as far as the full integration uh with our sis or our teams along with several programs like high station euphoria college board and so this allowing us to create a better and a full picture of our students progress across different areas for example across academics assessments attendance behavior and of course as we’ve mentioned social emotional needs with the seo surveys that panorama provides we can measure our students social emotional well-being and through its research-based seo lessons we can utilize these through teachers counselors social workers and really any other staff and so that we can implement these uh whether regardless whether it’s face-to-face or remotely in a panorama is also uh will help high schools keep track of their college and career readiness data and get a full picture of students progress towards graduation and based uh programs that panorama has partnered with that we will be able to utilize it our programs such as second step second step character strong move this world and several others that they’ve partnered up to to create this this full uh service part of our process on top of cares after bedding is we roll this out to our principals uh let them demo it we had several planning sessions with them and they’re all on board what’s beneficial is that it’s a one-stop shop that’s controversial where you don’t have to pull data from different uh different programs that are not compatible with our team student information so panorama uh was an awarded vendor for our rxts from cni for student educational software and professional development uh so that goes to july 2023 and the annual cost for this program for the rti and the seo module will be 98 840 so we are recommending at this time that the board approves the purchase of panorama education rti and seo modules i just have one quick question so you said that uh uh you said the majority emotionally of the principles what were the concerns of the principles that didn’t want it um i don’t think we had anything so it wasn’t in the sessions we had all of them participated that’s why i mentioned okay but that’s the benefit of i’m sorry i thought you meant that all the principles had the

chance to voice in some sort no but so no negative thing from the principle okay i have a question so all the programs all the different programs they’re all going to get downloaded into this one what happens is they they import our student information the things that are the demographics and they’re able to incorporate that from teams which is frontline and they’re able to pull that data where we can do uh reports based on uh it may be at risk for something or the uh any indicators that come up there’s also surveys that we can use to bring kids back find out what type of social emotional needs will support their community right and that’s something that will allow us to track the student develop monitoring plans and also intervention plans where we can support them in-house but also we need to refer them outside and we’re going to want all the kids managed all the kids are going to be we started this process uh when we were online we’re virtual started getting data to find out you know what are some of the issues we need to start planning another another neat feature too is that we don’t have to look at the various areas like attendance behavior and academics in isolation we can look at them all together and we can even make connections um you know with with all those areas and look at how maybe one is impacting the other you know how is in attendance impacting maybe academics or behavior how is behavior and uh how our behavior and the students social emotional needs uh impacted or connected or you know things like that so it allows us to look at all areas together rather than in isolation okay oh she’s been made and seconded all those in favor say hi opposed i to me this right to me is uh we’re going to ask the board to approve a local ensemble level four uh part so we have this course uh all the way from one two three so i’d like to turn great great uh board members and dr burst of senior staff uh this uh this course uh has been already established previously or for whatever reason it was established with only levels one two and three there is a need that eventually our students that are seniors will need to take this local ensemble course uh and that level four uh does not exist at this time so uh basically a technicality making sure that we have all levels available to all students second oh she’s been made and seconded all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carried item thank you very much thank you richard yes item f uh uh this is the information that we brought for uh when we had conversation oh gosh it was early in the spring uh about the uh need to go back to the secondary day at both of our high schools and now this evening we have a high school health schedule recommendation uh from each one by two uh traditional high school and so i’d like to turn back over to mrs garcia uh thank you so in the last uh years high school schedule and so along with the financial recommendations we are bringing not only just like information but eventually action but i think we have to be special in the world good evening i wanted to provide an update and ask approval for the southwest high school and southwest legacy high school campus bell schedules we align the bell schedules with the master schedules for a seven period day these bell schedules are for face-to-face instruction on september 8th i want to thank the high school principals and academic coordinators for their input and collaboration on these schedules um as you saw in the board packet both schedules have the same uh start time and end time but differ on the amount of lunches for southwest high school we have two and southwest legacy we have three and then also the placement of the career and uh college prep class so tonight we are asking for the approval of both bell schedules do we have any questions or concerns you can see those reflected on

your page 182 and 183 there’s a little variance difference between the two uh one of our high schools has three lunch periods built in and one has two lunch periods built in which is the only difference other than that is pretty reflective of last year with the exception of about eight hey move hey washington maiden second did all those in favor say aye opposed no motion carry uh dr superintendent do you have any questions sir or anything to add no you know uh i know it’s hard uh to meet uh like this is easier to meet in person yes sir he is helping me for all virtual and so i think by social distancing and being able to do the business of the district i want to thank you i i want to commend the staff we’re all having to learn by doing some things in person and something with this um be frustrating i just want to thank all of you for uh sticking with that and thank all of our our staff members there’s a lot going on uh and we’re trying to keep up with that i can promise you we’re not perfect but definitely we’re going to keep chopping that make sure and always look after their safety and well-being that’s that’s the most important to us but understanding how important education is the face-to-face education that we get that too thank you for your service and i want to thank all of our staff for everything they do the ones here tonight the ones who are out there anybody have anything else all right at 8 30 we’re going to executive session under uh permit 551.001-551.146 everybody ready yes all right we come back into regular session and it’s 20 minutes to 10 o’clock and we go back to item seven superintendent and the first one is superintendent’s recommendation on personnel i move we approve the superintendent’s recommendation on personnel my second the motion’s been made and seconded on the superintendent’s recommendation on personnel all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carried item b consider possible action concerning possible settlement of action against a special ed hearing officer for the state of texas i moved to accept the recommendations the superintendent of the school attorney and direct superintendent of school’s attorney to proceed as discussed in closed session concerning settlement of anticipated litigation before a special education hearing officer for the state of texas i have a second a second motion’s been made and seconded all those in favor say aye aye opposed motion carry what else we got that’s all we got i want to thank you for your time thanks everyone anybody might be even past your bedtime all right we go home and it’s 17 minutes to 10

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