would you ever consider voting for a communist government or is it an evil doctrine what how is that even a question after we saw the 20th century you’re asking a question like that where you say you’re coming from and i’ve got to be honest i still don’t get this what do you call yourself it’s it’s a fully automated luxury communism this one really takes a pass that’s something which uh my colleague aaron bassani um came up with so the idea about fully automated luxury communism is that because of automation oh no no that’s argument again all my heat is that workers are becoming more and more expendable what how did you even draw in that conclusion you literally built that one right out of the nail the first thing is that makes workers more precarious because you’ve got more unemployed people means you can’t agitate for wages and conditions oh my god man she actually just says that she actually means it surely i’m missing something here i’m gonna have to do a lot more researching her it’s just doesn’t he add up is she getting all this stuffy oh will you look at here owen jones my unknown that’s supposed to be a big scary word which is associated with the horrors of stalin and the gulag but communism is back baby and it’s back because ash sarkar a prominent activist and journalist disclaimer friend of mine as well went on national television with pierce morgan and when accused of seeing barack obama as a hero reply he’s not my hero i’m here i the oh no oh oh my god what actually is communism can we disassociate it from the horrors of the 20th century and what about the horrors of capitalism as well what where is that capitalism you mean all this stuff that your socialism caused such as the wars and the booms and birth cycles you try to project that frontier capitalism because of what your socialism caused so i imagine like a semicolon in the middle that’s my way i’ve done a lot of work the semicolon can tell i have to see literature graduate man i love semicolon communism is a belief in the power of people what are you going on about growing a bit that’s the daily individuals as if to say individuals just go on day that ain’t hang that’s all well said and done but if you get any historical examples of that how are you doing folk scotty so i i just obviously looked up this ash star car it was requested to ash staff carolina i see obviously is heavily in this communism and then i realized that someday else had made a request for me a look at nevada media or something that’s something i will guarantee as well this ash sarkar completely blows your mind would you ever consider voting for a communist government no you honestly think someday we are brain we’d honestly vote for socialism actually i said socialism i never say his communist i just say socialism because that is where socialism leads it’s all well thinking you could ignore economic reality but when you go you put it in practice and you try to you know defy the study of economics you’re only going in one direction this ash staff car she goes on about this utter nonsense about the private sector and individuals and again let’s just listen to what she says on her description of what communism is communism is a belief in the power of people to organize their lives as individuals their social lives their political and their economic lives without being managed by a state folk like ash sarkar have negative communism is in other words socialism they don’t even understand the first tanky daily

collectivism with collective ownership of the means of production all of them try to you know correlate and bastardize socialism and they even try to correlate socialism with decentralization the world’s socialism socialism what does it mean when you’re socializing properly what does it mean when you socialize medicine your universal health care means you’re collectivizing that that collectivise as decentralization it’s not even an f it’s not a but it’s not a maybe socialism is defined by political centralization it’s one of the biggest parts of what defines socialism because you’re taking out the hands of private individuals you’re taking it away from personal ownership a libertarian socialist is an oxymoron because the bottom line is if you take away for the private individual you’re stripping the individual of their rights and their liberty because you’re taken away from them the liberty to owning their in possessions and they’re in property like i says and i have to repeat this the main reason for why communal ownership led to starvation was because the individuals never had the freedom to work for the fruits of their own labor in translation they never got to keep their own possessions that was the whole reason why they were dying of starvation and private property is a barrier to the distribution of those resources that we need to not just survive but thrive and not a facilitator of it she thinks that private property is the barrier to allocating resources and creating wealth when you use a welfare state through socialism to forcibly remove fate one individual or another you’ll know creating wealth right that’s no multiplication all you did was you took repeat to pay a paul the point being is the fact that you’re dividing you cannot multiply wealth by division that’s why margaret thatcher says the problem with socialism is you’ll eventually run out of other people’s money because that’s all you’re doing with socialism that is the very reason why india ended up in the extreme poverty that it did it nothing to do with great britain great britain left in 1947 india gained independence in 1947 so the reason why india for five straight decades was in extreme poverty was because of socialism and what they did was they shut off trade to the outside world so if there’s no trade coming in the country then how are they going to get a bit well that’s it all your left way is the money that’s already left the wealth is already there eventually you run out and everybody ends up in extreme poverty and unfortunately as it is to say through that entire time period india was living in extreme poverty they used up 70 as i said in a previous video 70 percent of the natural resources why did they use this example if they tried a tolerance to you oh this was just the fault of great britain really that’s quite interesting that because hong kong was under british rule although the british government was extremely limited to what it could day in hong kong it doesn’t change the fact unlike india that had vast arribal land and india had vast natural resources they used up 70 percent of the natural resources yet there was hong kong well it was once a tiny small fishing village equivalent to the poverty of cambodia in 1948 they had an average household income less than 200 despite having no natural resources hong kong went on to become the richest city in the world and lifted the masses of poverty you know the mid 1990s sitting around 16 to about 20 000 for an average household income whereas a country that was living under socialism with vast irritable land and natural resources india was living in extreme poverty throughout that entire time period now the reason why i used the example there is because she’s banging off a bit you know resource allocation because your super computers are not going to be able to achieve it it doesn’t matter whether you argue for a moneyless based economy or you argue for socialism basically what it typically is controlling prices the reason why are yet today so often about the economic calculation problem is because it is the primary reason for why socialism cannot be democratic a libertarian for why it leads on the road of totalitarianism and the very reason why you end up doing the road such a catastrophe where resources are overused misallocated etc etc that is to say there’s nothing in the entire study of economics more important than that of the information of prices because prices are not obstacles to getting things that you want prices are signals if you have no get the information or profits and losses how are you supposed to technologically advance how are you supposed to date anything well she’s going gone about this of automation again again you can go and watch my video on automation i’m not going all that again the first thing is that makes workers more precarious because you’ve got more unemployed people

means you can’t agitate for wages and conditions again folk there’s a lot of contradiction in which she says and she starts going on a bit wagey so this implies that she’s now speaking about people having wages but then she confuses me she starts going on about people while they need work you see these socialists are all over the place one minute they’re talking about oh let’s have fully automated communism which communism in theory by the way basically means you have a moneyless based economy but then they start contradicting themselves and start going on about wages they can’t make their mind up the reason why they can’t make their mind up is because they don’t even know what it is to start with they don’t even understand the theory of communism never let alone that of how it turns it in practice but she also says this but on the other hand it shows you a glimpse of a possible future of a world where human work isn’t necessarily um you don’t need it in order to generate abundance that we can all benefit from go and watch my video on the economic calculation problem get to understand the whole thing today with that scarcity this is something that socialists they don’t live in the real world they don’t understand the fact that your land is scarce housing is scarce in other words it’s not just the case that you can just have an open door policy is if they say placements such as education or health care or whatever it is it’s no case that it’s unlimited you can just flood as many people in as you want and you can just completely ignore the laws of supply and demand and that’s exactly what people like caladein and they’re speaking about resources is that it’s infinite i’ve stated this before now say it again see if resources were infinite there would be no requirement for the study of economics she doesn’t understand the fact that economics is a study of trade-offs she thinks it’s just a case you can just do whatever you like and that’s it you might have heard from nigel farage and his merry band of reactionaries that the country is in grave peril no not from that it’s from migrants crossing the channel in rubber dinghies you’d consider too flimsy for poodling around shadwell basin let alone navigating the world’s busiest shipping channel while carrying women and children in contrast to the government’s hostile environment for migrants the media has fostered a much more hospitable one when it comes to super dumb opinions about migration because there’s no context images of brown men in small boats are no pun intended floating signifiers they’re seen through the lens of much of the prejudiced dishonest and alarming coverage which you find in right-wing print and political media journalists are failing in their duty to separate fact from popular feeling the plight of migrants at sea has already been reduced to far-right talking points determined by nigel farage and given governmental legitimacy by pretty patel myths like the uk is uniquely burdened with refugees because other countries are failing to take on their fair share so you’ve got the justice going on about the immigration and then try to call it a methanol it’s not natalie david the skin color anybody and forget the point that you could go on about oh well we need skilled workers and all the rest of us the main issue is today we an economy you cannot ignore the laws of supply and demand when it comes down to that of housing everything today with health care education there’s a legitimate argument that folk have had that you’re letting specific dangerous people in this country regardless of whether you believe it’s done through that of a government or you want decentralized immigration control i think it’s sensible that you have uh control over immigration people like carl have no got a clue about the laws of supply and demand they think it’s just something you could just brush aside and it doesn’t matter this is i think a really damaging uh trend in our public discourse which is if you criticize the way that britain has been run by elites the outrages that have committed in our name you are cast somehow as a britain hater rather than someone who wants our country to be run better in a more just way in a more egalitarian way i despise that lord folk i can stand up this idea of egalitarianism equality stood for equal opportunity and that was it what these communists have done they’ve turned everything into egalitarianism how do you do that without forcing your will upon everybody else to try and create that so-called egalitarianism and even if that person is better than you as mere skilled and works harder than you you’re going to force them to work for the same wage as you so this idea of just wanting a just society in this egalitarianism etc it’s all nonsense because folk like you who have never ever ever touched an economics textbook in your life you’ve never studied prices you couldn’t even tell [ __ ] about price shortages why it’s created through price ceilings ending at all about where money comes from you just go on about this theoretical fantasy world we’ll just do this and we’ll have a moneyless based economy and everything will all be okay we don’t need money

we don’t need prices what what’s that for uh we will be fine without prices we can allocate resources we’ll know all that information no you don’t that tells you you’ve never studied the economics and it’s the same hanging with the same argument i’ve heard before and somebody says humanity is more important than economics jesus christ man yeah okay you you tell yourself that it’s like saying that you know you could do whatever you like in the economy and you’d face no consequences for your actions well that just doesn’t in the real world and the reason why i think jeremy corbyn most certainly doesn’t hate britain is because i listened to him at a talk just the other week and watched him celebrate the history of the abolition of slavery the trade union movement the chartist that’s not someone who hates british history or tradition you’re honestly having a laugh your trade unions absolutely ripped the ass right at the british economy they were dictatorial that’s the reason why margaret thatcher stepped in and booted the trade union congress right in the teeth in fact by doing so she ended up creating three million plus jobs they were that totalitarian trade union congress blackmailed non-union members and says to them you’re not going to find work wheels any industry you’re involved with if you don’t become a union member that’s that’s totalitarian and you think that’s all right then you’re going about how jeremy corbyn the one who sympathizes with the likes of hamas and he sympathizes with all the terrorists the same labour party that’s spat right in the face of democracy and you’re telling us that you don’t hate britain and now we see of recent the bbc typical left-wing bbc is wanting to do away with real britannia anything makes british people proud to be british it doesn’t matter what you hank in the context to the the song rule britannia i’m not saying that i’m proud of stuff today with the imperialism or colonialism in the past you show me a place in this world that’s been absolutely spotless you could go through all the empires throughout you know the world history such as the roman empire etc does that mean that i should look at italy and scotland and stick my nose up early there’s many things that britain has done that we can be very proud and fair enough jeremy corbyn goes on about the slavery so what supports socialism that is slavery what what are we talking about it’s a world without scarcity and it’s saying that just because a robot’s taking your job it doesn’t mean that you can’t feed yourself you can’t feed your family or you can’t home yourself but where does where does the where does the money come from so what it’s saying is that instead of that money being kept by a few tiny elites it’s distributed amongst the people that generate that so was she going on a bit no no she’s contradicting the entire theory of communism and being moneyless she’s not even got a clue all but karl marx said this and karl marx said that the theory of communism is moneyless classless and stateless that’s the theory of communism so obviously i’ve never read and understood communism to begin with she’s now conceded to the fact that she supports money number one you’ve conceded to the fact that you want money money can only come from either two places one the private sector or two the printing press the printing press inevitably without even a question not even an f a bot or a maybe printing press leads you right in the road towards hyperinflation she doesn’t understand the single hinky daily economics and she expects people to take her seriously red hood goes on to mention capitalist towns cannot exist in a socialist society well socialist communes can exist voluntarily in a capitalist society one of the things that a lot of folk don’t understand about that of individualism you have individuals that have the freedom to choose whether they go and work in a collective group or not of course like you said you could have these individual communes if they’ve you know freely wish to whereas when you live under socialism it forces its well upon everybody else takes away individual ownership that means all personal ownership takes away private ownership and it leaves you destitute peewee goes on to say the argument of not having a choice but to participate in a capitalist society can be also used against socialism because in socialism every land is collectively owned meaning that you have no choice but to participate in the collective pb is absolutely spot on the other thing you know is the fact that it’s not just a case that it’s all collectively owned it’s a case that they end up building walls in that they kind of have folk leaving their country the reason why in such regimes like that of east germany or why they had to build the berlin wall why you had the iron cotton etc when you’ve got people working in communal ownership under these socialist regimes let’s say one individual is putting in all that hard work and then he decides to just given and pack up and and wants to leave the country how that’s actually viewed as it’s viewed as treacherous this person is then viewed as a traitor the reason why he’s viewed as a traitor is because

the fact that the work that he’s done is done for every other person and since he stops that work then he’s a traitor he should be punished for doing so and that’s the very reason why you can’t leave these socialist countries backwoods man 95 goes on to say you need to compare actual capitalism with actual socialism and ideal capitalism with ideal socialism uniquely mock ideal socialism as not translating to reality but then you can’t put up the real version with a real free market i’ve got historical examples to show where the market was far better off the 19th century for example in the united states of america you would say well wasn’t it exactly fully free market you’re right insane yes there is periods of governance intervention if you look at between 1794 about 1845 the private turnpike industry in the absence of government’s subsidies the market was far better off yet when government intervened in the 1860s through abraham lincoln once he began the internal improvements the corporate subsidies it basically resulted in that of bankruptcy roads were left unfinished because of government they started building roads through people’s own private farmland without their consent etc etc resulting in bankruptcy you have to look at periods because nothing is black and white you have to look at parts of the market where it was left be and then compare it to what happened when government interfered in the market and in the real world the free markets well they’ve performed far better enough than any of the mixed economies a lot of just socialism in general if you’ve got anything you would like to add yourself comment in the comment section below of course i’ll be sure to get back to you be sure to like the video share the video and of course um it’s been quite interesting like i say thank you for watching i shall talk to you later cheers

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