(upbeat music) – Hey guys, I’m Kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop Today’s January 15th, 2020, and we have a special guest to Levine – Hi – Thanks for coming So this is gonna be totally her show I wanna start it off with, we have a coupon, I’m gonna talk about it a couple of times throughout the live stream for everyone who misses The coupon is TULA20 That’s gonna give you $10 off if you buy over $50 of Tula’s fabric through the next week Now it doesn’t include notions because those have a map policy, so it can’t apply to that So if you buy over $50 worth of Tula fabric, just put that coupon till 20th and you’ll get a discount – Yay deals – Yay, but let’s just start off with her upcoming fabric I’m gonna let her talk to you a little bit about her fabric There’s links below where you can see it on her site So do you wanna start with that one? – Yeah, so my newest fabric collection, which is shipping in March is called Homemade Oh yeah, there’s a lot of it Every line that I do, I always start with something that I need As a quilter, I make like 50 quilts a year So there’s things I need – 50? – Yes, I make a lot of quilts – Oh! – Yeah, I make a lot of quilts (Tula laughs) So it’s like something I need I’ve always wanted a sewing themed fabric collection, but all the ones that are out there they’re super cute, but they don’t reflect my sewing studio It’s a lot of like vintage black – Yes black – Yeah, like it’s dark, there’s a lot of vintage sewing notions and supplies and it’s like, well, I don’t use any of that stuff, like I use a modern machine and a rotary cutter And so what I tried to do is I went through the steps of making a quilt and tried to assign a fabric to each step So the fabric line ends up telling the story of making a quilt So we have, you start by gathering all of your supplies So there’s all these little handprints – Those were actually her hands or her mom’s – Yeah, they’re my hands and my mom’s hands ’cause we have the same everything, so they’re our hands And I made my mom sit in my studio for like 12 hours going “Now hold it this way, now hold it this way,” while I drew But she’s my mom, so she does stuff like that for me And so you start by with an idea, a passion I wanna make something for someone, for something, a baby, a wedding, whatever And then you have to gather your tools, so I have all your tools – And those are actually like her reflections of her rotary cutter and her scissors that she sells iridescent – All my tool pink hardware Yeah, for sure And then you have to start cutting, so this is actually my cutting mat and ruler design, but made into a fabric And then you, so you get on your sewing machine and because I designed my sewing machine for Bernina I can actually coordinate these things to launch together So that’s actually my Bernina sewing machine that I drew, ’cause I had the prototype at the time And then you based and quilt and stitch and measure and all of that So each piece sort of represents a step in the quilt making process – And what I love about this group is it’s modern, but it’s not modern, like I would totally use it – Yeah – I would like to know from all of you out there, like how many of you have a Tula Pink sewing machine? Because I bet it’s over like 50 of you guys (Tula laughs) – I hope so – Yeah, like that is like the thing, like it’s– – I’m not the one who bought them all – [Lilly] Yeah, they’re beautiful – And also though? – Pretty much, yeah, but I think there’s, I’m sure there’s still some out there, but they went quicker than I thought they would, which is exciting I bought a lot of them, so it might be mostly me I’m not sure – And then we have this kit to go with it And the backing said is one of her 108 inch wide So there’s three, one eight coming this is the backing for it

and then there’s a green, that’s a big measuring tape – I thought it would be fun to have just something really big and sort of over the top for the backing ‘Cause I love a wild backing on a quilt because, so my guestroom is right I share a wall with my master bedroom, my guest room share a wall And I always wait for that moment when my guests get into bed and they pull the quote back and I can hear the, “Oh.” You know, like I love that, like it’s a whole new opportunity for somebody to have an experience with the quilt So I always put the best thing on the back of the quilt So this is the new one and it’s the three color ways are morning, noon and night, ’cause that’s how we do – Yeah, and again, March, 2020, you can pre-order it from us at that corner shop And then our sales rep came, I think on Monday, this week, I don’t know, last couple of days and he showed up – [Both] And this was like brand new Like I got my color card for this the day before I came here, like brand brand new So this will shoot ship in June and this is my new true colors So if you know me at all, I’ve had the dots and stripes for awhile and that had been my true colors – And they’re right here – Yes, and they’re right here And these are just like the, I essentially consider anything without an animal in it to be a basic. (laughs) So this is even though there’s a bird in there, but birds are barely animals, they’re just everywhere But so this is all designed to go with all my lines So this is basic, it’s like my new sort of basics, if you will, this is about as basic as I get But so it’s 42 pieces, we’ve taken the fairy dust, which has been a really fun sort of background piece– – That’s one of our best sellers from 2019, I would buy 150 yards and it would be gone and like 15 hours and then customer service would be like, “Where’s that fabric? It just came.” I’m like, “Oh,” and then I would figure out that I sold out and so I could never keep it in stock And then we would get so many complaints and it’d be like, “Oh, I thought 10 bolts was plenty.” – Yeah, well I thought so too So I was surprised by it also cause typically for me, people buy more of the hero friends, the big elaborate one And so usually my best seller, isn’t sort of one of my support pieces, but this one just sometimes you just hit it like accidentally without knowing And so we blew that out into a bunch of like sort of citrusy, bright pastels and added a really pale gray, which I’ve been really loving using And then there’s this piece called mineral, which is just sort of a Malik height, sort of a stone type design I just wanted something with bine lines that could act as just a texture and then this floral sort of silhouette So these pieces are gonna be mostly tunnels, these pieces are going to be sort of contrasting colors So they’re add ins to all of my other lines, ’cause I’m an illustrator by trade So I tend to design big elaborate prints, but that doesn’t make a quilt on its own So these are going to allow me to fill more of my main collections with big elaborate prints because I don’t have to take up space with some of the supports pieces – So these will be reordereble and you can also pre-order this one and then this one when Lily, can you zoom in, it looks like a polka dot on the screen when I see it, but it is a hexagon and it’s just hard to see, but it is, those are hexagons here on all of them instead of dots, even though it’s reading as dots, that’s the best I can do – [Tula] Yeah, and FreeSpirit was like, Tula only you can take a basic and make it an 18 color print So these down here it’s the same hexagon that’s up here, but there’s four that actually rainbow ombre through the yardage So the ombre runs from salvage to salvage So even in a half yard cut or a quarter yard cut, you’re gonna get all those colors – Yay, so let me know guys, like what questions you have to start with And I have some questions here, but like I know y’all are all excited that she’s here Like I’m sure I can already like in my head, know what you guys were saying – Yeah, so we’ve got lots of excitement in the comments Lots of people who do have the Tula Pink machines we’ll see Pan Bender has the 77 QE, Tula E Hubbard has a Tula Pink 770 and they thought it was funny that it was a Tula buying a Tula Pink machine And then Veronika Alexander says she has the Tula 570 QE

and the older Tula 350 SE – Well done Yeah, two – She’s got two that’s so cool Jennifer Daniel Johnson says a friend of hers has the five series to a pink machine and it’s beautiful – How many have you done? – These are, this is my third, yeah – What happens its like two – Well, there was the one early one and then the two new ones So three machines, but in two goes, yeah – [Lilly] That’s funny Someone was asking if I’m beside myself ’cause I’ve commented on livestream before that You’re my favorite fabric designer, so yes I am over the moon This is such a pleasure Yes And let’s see Monica bought the B77 She loves her unicorn – [Both] Yes – [Lilly] That’s great And Julie Washburn said, “When did you say the new line “with the fairy dust comes out?” – [Both] June – [Lilly] All right And I have a question from Gabriel Fontus He said, Lily, can you ask Tula, what is a secret indulgence that she has that no one knows about? – Oh, that’s a good question – That is a good one A secret indulgence that no one knows about – Well, if they don’t know that it maybe she doesn’t want them to know about it – A secret indulgence that no one knows about is probably Battlestar Galactica – What is that? – [Lilly] Yeah – It’s like one of my favorite TV shows that I never tell people about So naturally this is the right place ’cause it’s real nerdy (Lilly chuckles) – It’s a TV show? – It’s a TV, it’s like an older TV show, well, not older, but like 2000 early, two thousands, that I like desperately love and rewatch often, but it’s super nerdy, so I typically don’t talk about it – Jocelyn over there watches it apparently (all laughing) That’s funny I don’t, yeah I’m clueless now – It’s very sci-fi, it’s like space and sort of there’s a whole mythology, like I can’t get into it otherwise, this is a totally different live stream – I would totally not even I’d probably watch it and not be able to follow it ‘Cause I’m a dork Like I can’t like some of that stuff I’m just like not interested in them I got whatever I just give up – People were asking if you make the remake – I make the remake, yes I did make, I have watched the original, but I mean the remake, – Do you know what she’s talking about? (all laughing) – I’ve never seen that – This is really, really splitting our audience now, like the ones you know and the ones who don’t know what I’m talking about – Well, if you don’t know, then you’re with me, yay – And if you do know, then you’re a total nerd Thank you (Lilly laughs) – My favorite, we had some people sitting in questions before, and my very favorite question ’cause they already know the answer was from Mary Stewart on Facebook and she asked being a fellow tattooed Maven have you ever seen someone with a tattoo taken from your fabric? – I have, yes – I have – Yes, there’s quite a few actually So most tattoo artists won’t do someone else’s work without permission from the artist So I get a lot of requests and my only sort of caveat to that is that you have to send me a photo when it’s done So I have like a binder that I keep all the photos in So there’s been a couple hundred and shockingly they’re all really different Like it’s not like one design that everyone gets, like everybody kind of feels a connection to something different Sarah Lawson of Sew Sweetness has her a whole sleeve of my fabric – She does? – [Lilly] Oh, I didn’t realize that – It’s all from different fabric lines of mine, like all my Woodland creatures – So she just like put it together – Yeah, her tattoo artist, she brought him a whole bunch of fabric and you put it all together, it’s a full color, like it’s wild – [Lilly] I never put it together, like the same tattoos – I mean she had tattoos – Yeah, she used to wear a sleeve thing on her live streets but now yeah, it’s usable, – But her whole sleeve is all my fabric, we’re really, really super good friends and it’s crazy flattering And I don’t have any of my own work on my body – I would like to know if y’all were gonna tattoo something on your body of me, what would it be like? (all laughing) I’m not, there’s nothing in my life You could tattoo piggy – ‘Cause I would do piggy – Piggy, someone, Jacqueline Yvonne Woodard on Facebook asked if you could release an older fabric line, which one would you have reprinted, and she would like to see Akeisha reprinted – Oh, Akeisha I don’t get that one as much – I don’t think you can remember that one, when I’ve sold every one of her fabric collection. – You have, you’re one of the few– – Yay, I’m the best – You were one of the three people who bought my first collection I would say I would like to, if I would reprint anything, which I kind of don’t as a policy, just, it’s not exciting for me It would probably be filming forest in the original colors

that I designed it in So the colors on that, it was really pastel And so that got changed because it didn’t, they didn’t think it was marketable and quite frankly at the time it probably wasn’t right – ‘Cause she was modern before modern was cool to be honest – Like I was, it’s funny because when I did the all-stars where I did some of those owls again from filming forest the hours I did an all-stars were actually from the original palette that I did So the new ones were the way I originally intended it to be But at the time there just wasn’t a market for it So it was absolutely the right decision for them to change it Like I support it, but if I could go back and do it again, I’d love to see it the way I still have my original presentation that I sent in saying, “Can I be a fabric designer please?” And it’s got all those colors and it’s like neon pinks and super hot teals and like charcoal grays and all these colors and when it came out, it was like lavender and baby blue and aqua, it was the right choice for the time but I would love to go back and redo that the way I originally envisioned it – Yeah, and then people are going to be waiting on that now (Tula laughs) – [Lilly] Comment below which print of tools would be your favorite to see reprinted? – Like of your prints, like of like all time, like what animal print is like your favorite, like the big, like not the birds, but like those big – The big like focal pieces that original owl will always be, ’cause it’s the first thing I ever designed So there’s something about that, that’s always like that’s what started all of this And when I originally designed that I was just doing a Paisley, ’cause I thought a fabric line needs to have a Paisley in it And it kind of started to look like an owl, so I redrew it to be that and when I turned it in Cheryl, the genius design director at Moda was like, “You’ll have to do this for the rest of your life.” – And you know, when I can remember, we were just talking about my sales rep at the time, which was like, I don’t know, 10, 12 years ago He’s no longer with the company, ’cause he retired but when he came to show the line, I can remember sitting at that kitchen table, it was the kitchen table guys with Kevin and the sales rep when they come, they have a presentation they don’t just come, they have a whole story ’cause they want to sell you the fabric And he was like, I was like, “Oh yeah, it’s a fabric collection, “we’re gonna buy it.” And he was like, “Well, do you see the animals?” And I was like, “Nobody’s talking about them.” Like it was before, that was a thing and it was just a fabric collection, like somebody like me who, I don’t know Like I just didn’t know Kevin was like, “What animal?” Like, I can remember that whole, like to let’s get a story and she’s going to have animals in all collections and do you see the animals? And we were like, well – Can we dispatch the fabric already? – But we just didn’t know and we didn’t get it because I don’t know, like it was before, like she was before her time if that makes sense Like it was before, it was a thing, like I don’t know, – But it’s true – Like it was like she made it a thing, it wasn’t a thing before she started it – It bored her easily, so I like to make things into other things (all laughs) – On YouTube we have an interesting X G Garbled said, “What is your quilty origin story?” She wants as many details (Tula chuckles) – Already dementing – She says she’s a beginner and was wondering when you were just starting, what took your skills to the next level and what do you do outside of work and what are your hobbies? – Oh gosh, this is a very multilayered question So quilting for me started So I’m a first-generation quilter I don’t come from a long line of quilters They all quilt now ’cause I made them cause I wanted people to quilt with, but when I started, no one else did it So my grandma gave me like a cheap box sewing machine for my, for Christmas when I was 12, ’cause she just wanted to see what I would do with it, that’s it Like I had, like, I was always making things and she’s like, “Well, she doesn’t have this, “let’s try this.” And I started sewing kind of I think like every kid does clothes, you think that that’s like the natural thing to do And so I started cutting like taking a pair of shorts and laying it on like my mom’s curtains and cutting out a short shaped hole in my mom’s stripes, super fun time for all of us But, and then just take like I had no idea what I was doing, no clue and no one in my family could help because they didn’t know either So my mom was like, “Okay, enough of cutting up all of my stuff, “this is getting crazy.” So she took me to a fabric store and it just so happened to be a quilt shop We didn’t know there were different kinds of fabric stores And I walked in and it was like walking into a life sized box of Kranz and you got to pick all the,

but it wasn’t just a yellow cran, it was like a yellow cran with a print on it It was the most like amazing thing I’d ever seen and I didn’t know it existed And so my mom signed me up for a beginning quilting class, I was 12, I was the youngest person in the class by about 40 years And then they hand me a needle with a motor on it and a pizza cutter and for me to make something and I was like, “Oh my gosh.” So an hour into the class, I had sold through a finger, I had cut my hand and the lady at the quilt shop as my mom refunded her the rest of the class and said, “Please don’t bring her back,” but I had just enough, like we had made our patches that day So I knew how to make like simple blocks at that point Not well, but well enough, but I hadn’t taken the class on binding and quilting and all of that, that was later, but I got kicked out of the class before that So I would just make a bunch of four patches wrap it around my body and so it down the side and wear them until they fell apart as skirts So my early quilts don’t survive to this day, they didn’t make it, they’re on the playground somewhere in pieces But I kept doing it for whatever reason it just, it hit me right and I just never let go of it And like, I put it down for a while, like when I started college, but then I’d always go back to it again and again and again, and it kinda took over all other crafts for me It was just my absolute favorite thing to do And I was a closet quilter after college – Well– – And waving of detail – And it wasn’t cool when I was dating Kevin, like his friends, they were like, “She’s weird – She’s weird, she quilts – Yeah, she’s weird I’m like, “Oh, somebody now.” (Tula laughs) Sorry, I’m just like one of those people who are like, I’ve never like been afraid to be who I am And like I was a filter when it was not cool that people were like – There was a time I was with you If we would’ve known each other, we would have been friends equally not cool in our quilting – And I’m okay with that – Me too But so, yeah, so I started, I was always quilting, I was sort of a closet quilter to a degree because I worked in the music industry and I didn’t want like Snoop Dog to think I wasn’t cool – Did you meet him – Yeah – [Lilly] It’s Kimberly’s dream That’s my dream right there – Snoop Dog specifically – Oh yeah – Yeah, no, he’s cool he loves blondes – Oh wow (Lilly laughs) Well I’m not interested that way, I just want him to see me a little rat, but I’m not interested that way, Kevin sorry (all laughing) – But so like I was quilting and like all of my coworkers and the design department at the record company, like didn’t know about it because, I didn’t want to lose my street credit, but then I started designing fabric, this is when I got good at it So I was a loosey-goosey quilter for a long time Like I didn’t really care too much about it but when I designed my first fabric collection, so originally when I started designing fabric, I designed for Moda and then I moved to FreeSpirit later But when I first started designing fabric, I went to my very first quilt market, which is our big trade show where we launch all our new products and I walk up to the motor booth, my very first one and I’m walking around the booth and I see, Oh my gosh, all these like laundry basket quilts these incredible quilters with these beautiful quilts and I get to the section that says Tula Pink And then there’s like three bolts sitting on a shelf And I was like, “Where’s my quilts? And they go, “Well, did you make one?” Was like, “What, I have to make the quilts too?” And I was terrified because if I was gonna hang a quilt next to some of these people that like I had to get real good, real fast – And at the time stuff was more intricate and it was more like, it’s not like it is now where modern has been the thing and it doesn’t have to be all crazy but at the time it was like a lone star quilt, 45 degree angles, get it together and here it is Yes, and that was what it was at the time – And so I was like, I went home, I was kinda devastated because I was like, how am I gonna compete on this level? Like, how am I gonna sell fabric next to some of these things? And so I went home and I was like, okay, I can get, I can really focus, get really good at piecing or really good at quilting, but not both Like I don’t have the time So I went in search of a long-arm quilter and dedicated myself to piecing and asked questions, every single quilter I met, how do you do this? How do you do this? How do you do this? How do you do that? – ‘Cause YouTube wasn’t a thing – It wasn’t a thing yet, with YouTube now there’s so much information out there, but really just from doing it’s like

you get used to how the fabric moves under the needle, you get used to how things work and how it goes together and what falls into what and nesting your seems like you pick up these little tricks here and there – And it takes time to build that – Yeah, it does But you know, I was lucky enough to find Angela Walters – Did you find her that far back? – Yeah, yeah, it was right after a full moon for so my first line – Wow, and she does great intricate quilting – Yeah, she was a total godsend and an accident – She was new at the time – Yeah – And that was even, that was like when longterm quilt team, like people started buying the machines, was like at the time – And she was relatively new to long quilting Like she’d been doing it a little while, but she was starting to do it professionally and I wanted, so I went to a long-term convention in Kansas City There’s like a MQs or AQS or whatever that show was And there’s like long Armour’s alley where they show their quilting style and you can hire them So it’s like, yeah, it’s like a little section where people sort of show off their skills and then they have business cards and stuff And I was looking for something very specific I wanted a lady who was at least 75, who was kind of mean who could whip me into shape You know what I mean? Like I wanted a mentor, like somebody who could like make me better because I wanted someone who was everything that I wasn’t, I was naive I was green, I was young, I wanted experience, I wanted somebody who had just been like beaten down by quilting and just knew everything And so I found this lady who was all of those things She was super mean to me and I was so into it So I was like, this is my lady Like, she’s a great quilter She’s not gonna let me get away with anything All this stuff have this whole conversation with her, pick up the business card, go home, call the number Well, unbeknownst to me, I had picked up the card of the person sitting next to her who was Angela Walters And so when I called the number, I was like, man, she sounds younger on the phone Like good for her – Oh my goodness So side note, Angela tells the story really differently So we have very competing versions of how we met, but that’s a story for another day But so I called the number I was like, “I’ve got these quilts, “I’m a fabric designer.” We talked it, we talked at the show and she goes, “Oh yeah,” I remember so red flag liar, because I didn’t talk to her, but you know, good customer service skills, I suppose So she’s like meet me at the Starbucks on the corner of whatever ’cause we live about 40 minutes apart And so I meet her with my quilt tops, ready to quilt and she gets out of the car eight months pregnant, walks up to the car and she goes, “Hi, I’m Angela,” and I was like, “No, you’re not.” – Oh – And she’s like, “Yeah, you called me.” I was like, “No, I didn’t, you’re not Angela.” – Oh, my goodness And I was like, well, I have to have him quilted So I guess do your best And of course they were amazing and no one’s ever quilted my quilt since – That’s like, if you think about like life and how I always think about like different decisions can change the effect of your life forever Like think about if it wasn’t Angela Walters and like where Angela Walters would be now and like– – I will be now – All of the things like things happen for a reason and like all of that whole situation could have gone That’s totally maybe in Yes, like it totally could have – It was fate and now we’ve been, best friends for almost 15 years and she quilts everything I do And really my style can’t be separated from her Like my quilting style is, I piece to give her a certain amount of space to do what she doesn’t and she quilts, like we’ve grown up in our quilting together So I really feel like you can’t, you can’t talk about either of our quilting styles without while separating us – [Lilly] All right, I have a question here from Wendy Blodgett, she says, “Would you ever do another house of Tula series? “I learned so much about the design process, “can’t stop myself from making monkey noises “every time I cut a piece from Eden.” (Tula laughs) – So if you’ve seen the series, so I did a little YouTube video series with my publisher a while back about the whole design process And one part, one episode of that was I had drawn an elephant and my mom thought it was a monkey And we got in a huge argument over whether it was a of here on video Well, we showed everything Like there was no, like I was like, show it, whatever It’s what happens, we’re a family business, we argue like, and I was so devastated

that I had spent days drawing this elephant And because I had made the ears really round, she thought it was a monkey And so, yeah So that was like a really funny part of the series They’re like, “Do you want us to cut it out?” I was like, “No, leave it it’s I mean, it’s honest, you know?” So I read through the ears and it no longer looks like a monkey, i looks like an elephant, but people often look at it upside down and think it’s a peacock So who knows? – Oh, my goodness But that’s what happens when you draw your things – I don’t think anybody would ever want to argue, like see an argument with me ’cause I always win arguments and I will look like a total arse – But do you ever argue with your mom? You can’t win an argument against your mom – Oh, I can – Oh, you can’t – I can wait an argument against anybody I don’t let, I don’t back down, I’m a little crazy – I have absolutely no authority over my mom – Oh no, my mom and I No, no, no, no, no, no I went all are letting all of my children, who we had an argument this morning and that was like, you will get out of this car and I will win the argument (Tula laughs) – [Lilly] And Emily has asked about tattoos, Wendy Blodgett said she would get a Starbucks cup tattoo in honor of Kimberly – Yes, I need somebody to give me some free Starbucks ’cause I’m going broke I’ve been going three days, three times a day like this crack No, Kevin is really giving me a hard time He’s like, “This is ridiculous, “look at the credit card.” He does not need to have all these a hundred dollar charges And I was like, “Well, you could kind of talk to your daughter “about buying drinks for her friends too,” that kinda go away – [Lilly] And then Marsha Baker says she has no tattoos, but she put your face on her inner forearm – Aww – [Lilly] And M Tillman was asking, will there be embroidery designs release with the homemade line? – Embroidered designs for homemade, yes there will be like machine embroidery – I’m assuming – Yeah, there will be homemade machine embroidery They’re actually working on that now – [Lilly] And then Wendy also said that if– – She wasn’t busy – [Lilly] Wendy’s busy– – She’s she’s like one of our biggest fans, she’s like all over YouTube, all over Kimberly stitch squad, she’s my thing – [Lilly] You probably getting calm stay Wendy She said, “if I wasn’t a chicken, “I’d have the Otter from spirit animal.” – Oh, I haven’t actually seen that one yet – [Lilly] That’s a good one – That is a good one – [Lilly] And Laurie Fisher was asking, “Is there an animal hidden in the homemade?” – Is there there’s not any, there are no animals in homemade, but there are hidden notions – [Both] Oh So I’m always trying to do something unexpected Like when I sit down to design, I think what do people think is coming and then try to do something else because I want it to stay exciting I don’t ever want it to get boring for people So I was like, well, what do people most expect when I sat down to do homemade? And I was like, well, animals obviously So what if I did align with no animals? So this one’s no animals – Yeah, love this line I wanna do well, actually don’t want to do a bag I wanna like find somebody who will make me like a big tote bag and just have the like machine like centered Because if that would be like, so hip, can you imagine me at Starbucks? People would be like, “Where did you get that bag?” And I’ll be like, “I made it,” but I didn’t ‘Cause I don’t know how to make a bag – It was part of the naming that actual sentiment was part of the naming of homemade When we were thinking about what to call it, when something’s homemade, that’s usually not compliments typically It’s like, that’s not how it’s seen And so we’re like, what if we, I want to design this great line and then call like sort of reestablish the word Because I think homemade things are awesome obviously that’s why we’re all here, but just sort of give that word a sort of a new vibe – Like if you think of the eighties, like growing up, like people would be like what? – Your grandma made your shoes – There’s some high water song – [Lilly] That’s me, and then crucially said that she would tattoo your quilt that says you do you cause it’s her favorite You always say – Cursive font Well, I just think that like I’ve been talking about my kids so much about it There’s so, this days people are, so Emma is so worried about being cool I’m like, who cares? Why do you care? What somebody thinks live your life She’s like, I’m not like you mama I actually care what people think you don’t care And I’m like, I don’t live your life Be the best person You can be a good person, but why do you care? What anybody thinks? Like, come on that, I don’t know It’s like that whole culture of social media I’m like, “Why, why, “how did I have this child who has no, like, she doesn’t have that.” – It’s all kids right now – I can’t take it– – She has a sister that’s 13 and I just she like that – Yeah – They all it’s just like, Oh I can’t, I cannot – They are twin sisters,

they’re 13 – Twins – Yeah, they’re twins and no, not even a little bit I don’t even think they’d be friends if they weren’t related – That’s how my twins are – But like one cares and one doesn’t And it’s interesting how popular the one who doesn’t care – ‘Cause the way you carry yourself as like, look at me – There’s like, there’s a vibe to it There’s a vibe to it, for sure But it’s a social media thing I think when everything’s quantified by a likes, it sort of trains you and so for those of us who grew up pre social media, I don’t have that, everything I do amounts to likes thing And so I think it’s just different It’s just really, it’s a different world right now for sure That got deep – It’s true though That’s my whole thing about you do you like, why live your life worried? Just like when I was dating Kevin, like I would cross stitch I would like so pillows and people, they would, his friends would look at me like, “Why aren’t you gonna marry her? “She’s weird.” (Tula laughs) And I’m still that person, like, I’m just me and it’s okay I don’t need everybody to like me – [Lilly] Gabriel Quintas asking, “Have you gone back to visit the cult shop where you first “took your first lesson?” – It’s no longer there I think it has been purchased and changed a couple of times, but at the time that I was going to the lady who owned, it was like already like in her seventies or eighties and this was many years ago So it may have changed hands and change names, but I don’t think it’s the same shop It’s just certainly not in the same place anymore – [Lilly] And then a few people were asking if you would ever do an animal or pattern chart for cross-stitch – An animal or pattern chart for cross it? – So draw it out, publish it – We actually talked about that at dinner last night Yes, I would I did some needlepoint kits a while back with anchor, but I didn’t have quite enough control over it They just wanted to take the fabric and put it on the canvas, which wasn’t the way I wanted to do it So I never totally loved it It was great, but I didn’t think it was as good as it could have been So I would love to go back and revisit that because I do counted cross stitch – That’s we do – And I really enjoy it a lot – Well, we’re gonna have to get on that because – I would do it. I’ll do one for fat quarter shop – [Lilly] Ooh – ‘Cause people will be asking like, “well, where is it? “Where’s the where’s.” I think it’d be, I’ll totally stitch it – [Lilly] And before we move on to more of your questions, Kimberly, we do have a new YouTube member and Julia Hearkens welcome Julia – Oh and I’m so excited we were like 300, well, when I was driving, I wasn’t supposed to be looking, but I was on comments this morning – Cars drive themselves I was like 300 away from 200,000, right? – [Lilly] Yup – So please subscribe, because I want to see that 200,000 number – – [Lilly] That’d be cool – Congratulations – I really want to see the 1 million number, but I can live with two thousands a day today So let’s see if she wanted to know what kind of hobbies you have – What kind of hobbies I have? Oh my gosh, I have no hobbies I live for sewing – Really? – Yeah, like legit live forward, it’s kind of all I do I only take breaks to go to my little sister’s basketball and volleyball games and essentially I sew like 12 hours a day – So I would love to ask about Cameron He’s like super cute and stupid, like sweet and like so nice And I would just love to like talk, ’cause I know he does a lot for you and I’m always very curious about him because he’s very, he doesn’t talk at, everybody knows about too So what does Cameron do? – Cameron is my brother and basically my right hand So he is my partner in everything All decisions are made really as a group between my mom, my brother and I we’re all sort of equals in this, but I credit Cameron with a very significant amount of my success for sure ‘Cause he put me online – Social media – Social media, so he started my Facebook page in secret without telling me because I had zero interest I wanted to be completely anonymous – You did? – Yes, I had no interest in being in front of my fabric ever – Oh that would have worked out I know I just to stay home in my pajamas and draw stuff and make quilts I never wanted to be – A celebrity Yeah, whatever this is I never wanted to be any of that And so he he’s like, you really got to get online He was in college at the time He was like, you really gotta get online And I was like, no interest I have zero interest in that – This is so interesting

– And so he started the Facebook group, the Facebook page and waited until it got like over a thousand members or friends or whatever, I still don’t know anything And then brought it to me and was like, look And I was like, Oh wow And my sales started going up and all, I mean really I’d probably still be like a garage designer if it wasn’t for him So he gets a lot of credit and no he’s wonderful He’s we went to business school ASU and when he graduated, I said, well, come work for me until you figure out what you want to do And that was like eight years ago – And he’s younger or– – Younger, he’s nine years younger than me – He is, I didn’t know that – And, and the only boy in a sea of girls – How many girls? – So there’s four girls and one Cameron (Tula laughs) – For your mom, Oh no – He’s the best, he’s totally the best He’s like he runs all my online content All the social media manages a lot of the marketing – And shipping, does he do shipping? – Well we don’t ship anything – We don’t sell anything We’re like a mythical business (Tula laughs) – [Lilly] We’re going to give a confetti cannon to cam here – Yay Cam He’s probably watching (Lilly chuckles) – Literally, you cannot mention my name anywhere online without him knowing about it – Oh, I bet That’s awesome – He knows everything that’s happening online And I get sort of like a filtered version of that – Like you can’t do what you do and be online all the time Like that’s what I try to say on the videos Like if I was on social media all day, there’s no product that you can produce – And there’s only two things that can happen for me reading every single comment One, I read a whole bunch of nice stuff about myself and I become a total monster because I think I, my ego explodes or I read one bad thing about myself and I’m in bed for a week So those are the two possible options of what can happen for me reading everything So all the responses are me, he says, this person asked this question or this person, and they’re all me I just don’t physically do it But we work on all the content together and everything, but yeah I mean I’d probably have to retire – Yeah. It’s hard Like we talked about that this morning because there was like a comment yesterday It wasn’t, it was like negative, totally negative But I think it’s hilarious I was like, that’s funny Like I just like take the main stuff it’s like, but it’s again, it’s just like, that’s fine Yeah. Like whenever – We get some real weird stuff too – I think that people just it’s the whole, they can hide behind a computer – Well we were talking last night I got an email a couple of weeks ago and some of them are just so funny and a couple of weeks ago that said I heard you were popular So I went and looked at your fabric and I just wanted to tell you that there is not a single truck or airplane in any of your fabrics So I will not be purchasing your fabric I was like, cool I don’t know like what my response to that like, was that supposed to like, make me want to design a truck or an airplane? I’m not really sure Like what the motivation – Definitely no inspiration in that Like, if you want something you gotta ask nicely But yeah – Or nice ones then that those are the rare ones, but we print them out and we have like a little book of them ’cause they’re just funny It’s like – I could write a book Like I always think I should be, instead of running my mouth, I should be writing all this stuff down Let my kids do, like I would have the funniest book and then maybe I could retire – That’d be fun – [Lilly] Tula Pink call I’m assuming is Cameron says “Hi everyone.” And then he put a little emoji welcome to the chat and you’re awake – I’m never sure if they’re actually like going to work or not – [Lilly] And Nelson had said instead of celebrity, you’re a so leverage – There’s that – [Lilly] And Dot Doc whose design was asking, “Do you have any four babies?” – Oh, well, so my brother has a dog that sleeps with me most of the time because I love her so much And I said, no pets So Cameron, I live on the same property we bought together and like separately, but on the same property and the dog can go between the, our houses And so she hangs out with me I think she likes me better, but you know, I’m sure Cameron, it’s a golden retriever She’s an angel and perfect and I was like very,

very against having a dog because of the fabric and all of that stuff I was like, no animals Kim’s like, I’m going to get a dog I’m like, no, you’re not And then my mom and came, like, we’re going to go to the movies And then they came back with a dog and my mom and it was little like eight week old puppy And I was like, I can’t believe you guys did The OSI said no And I was being all mean about it And she hands me She puts the little fluff in my hands and it’s like, we can take it back to the pound if you want, so mean And I was like, Oh my gosh, I love you So now and now she sleeps in my bed and I never tell her no So there’s that? Oh yes – I love dog – I do too – [Lilly] And we do have another new YouTube member, Kathy Bell confetti – [Both] Yay I wish I had real life confetti – [Lilly] We’re working on that – Just as I walked through the world, – I was like, like jelly roll strips That like be so cool Like, Oh my coffee is so good this morning confetti was for every, every little celebration – [Lilly] I’m kidding we’re not gonna have confetti in here – [Lilly] Back to your questions – So when you’re creating your more complicated fabrics, do you have an image in your mind before you draw or do you just create it as you draw? – Oh, that’s a good one I essentially know what I’m drawing when I sit down to draw So I spend the entire time between fabric lines, sort of thinking through a lot of things By the time I put pencil to paper, I have an idea of exactly what I want it to look like So I’m pretty much know where I’m headed, but it detours and I let it do what it’s gonna do, but I pretty much have assault Like I make lists actually of everything that I want to accomplish in a line And for every fabric line I draw like maybe 20, 25 pieces and only about eight to 10, make it in the line – So tell us about the process of your drawing and how it gets to the manufacturer and who filters that out And so get final, say – I Do get final that’s an earned privilege I didn’t in the beginning, but you know, as you work with a company longer and longer, I’ve been with FreeSpirit for, I don’t even know, like eight, nine years now They trust me So I determined my skew count, like how many pieces are gonna be in it? How many colors of each piece, what the colors are I really don’t get any pushback on that at this point, it’s pretty much all up to me, which is delightful, but also a lot of pressure sort of, I always heed what came before it So if something did really well the time before, I wanna figure out how to ’cause that clearly is an indicator that people liked that, so I try to move more in that direction, but really I’m just filling the voids that I see in my own work when I’m making a quilt, like, “Oh, really wish I had a piece “that did something more like this.” So I tried to put that in the next line I think it’s really important to be a quilter to design quilting fabric – Yes that’s so I could tell so many sales reps that, and they just look at me and I’m like, yeah When they show stuff, sometimes I’m like, “What are you, what quilts are you gonna make with that?” And they just look at me and they pull the card back ‘Cause I’m like, you have to be able to know what you’re going to do with it – And so a lot of times it’s okay, ’cause I probably design I ask a lot of the people who use my fabric, there’s fussy cutting there’s I do ask a lot of people who use my fabric, but when I do that I try to show them how to do that So I design all the quilts that go with it or not, all of them, a lot of them FreeSpirit has some designers that design their own as well But I always try to figure out when I’m designing the fabric, how is this going to work? I’m working on a piece at home right now that is a vocal piece And I have to figure out the spacing so that you can cut a 10 and a half inch square without cutting into the next one, but still make the fabric interesting ’cause that actually is an exceptional amount of space So how do you make that space interesting, but not so interesting that people feel bad cutting into it So there is a strategy to those big prints on how to do that And I have to decide early on, am I gonna design quilts where this is cut on point is I’m gonna design quilts that are where this is cut street, because that makes a difference about how I lay it out a big difference So when I’m designing, I start, everything is paper and pencil I learned how to design fabric from books on William Morris

that I checked out from the library because he was the only designer in the textiles section of the library that showed unfinished sketches that showed how things fit together So I could see the mechanics of the repeat So I still go back to that space a lot and look at his sketches if I’m doing something really intricate, I go, how would William Morris put this together? And so I design everything pencil on paper, I don’t take it to the computer until the sketches exactly what it’s gonna be So I often designed to scale in repeat on paper So the computer doesn’t do any of the work, it’s just a tool to get my idea to the mill So once the sketch is done, I’ll take that I scan it into my computer and then I retrace it in Adobe Illustrator And that’s just so that I have like a digital, because I don’t want to paint out every single color way because I’ll go through 20, 30 color variations before I land on one that I feel like is sitting right So often I have like 20 color ways and then I just pick the three best ones and send those to the mill – And then this is a good one that talks about that, like how do you stay creative? Is there something in your life that keeps you like creative and being able to keep designing because sometimes designers like maybe not in this industry, sometimes people burn out or they just have a roadblock or – Well, burnout is my greatest fear So I am terrified of burnout and I battled burnout by quilting So if I’m like just happened the other day, I’m in the middle of designing my next collection for next year So I work about a year and a half, two years out So I was in the middle of the collection and I just, it just wasn’t like happening, like sometimes it’s just not happening and there’s nothing you can do about it So I just stopped and sewed for like three, four hours and it kind of cleared my pallet, cleared my mind ‘Cause there’s especially like simpler quilts It’s just, it’s sort of repetitive, I love it, it’s like a meditation So I made this like really easy sort of repetitive quilt and it really cleared my mind And then I went back to it So that’s how I battled burnout is really through sewing I never am afraid of burnout and quilting I don’t know I just, yeah, I don’t feel like that’ll ever come, but with creativity, I feel I’ve never really had creative block, I usually suffer from too many ideas, not enough And I’m dealing with that right now I have a list of about 20 prints that I want to make and I want all of them, but I need to get rid of about half of them So I’m like, which ones are more vital to the collection, which ones tell the story better But I feel like I had this really great experience in college was the teacher who talked about creative block And all it is really is fear If you’re being judged, fear of it, not being good fear of whatever – What someone is gonna say – What someone’s gonna think, whatever And so I factor bad ideas into my process So I give myself a week where I’m only allowed to have bad ideas Like I just instead of being afraid of it, I just incorporated it Same thing like with sketchbooks, when I get a brand new sketchbook, I take a big marker and scribble on the first page because everything in it will be better than that first page – I can never do – So it eliminates failure or that fear of failure because everything will be better than that first page, no matter what it is So I actually factor the fear into my process – That’s good I don’t think I could do that (Tula laughs) Well, I’m not very, I’m definitely not like I’m not creative I could never do a fabric line or anything like that but – I don’t know that seems pretty clear to me – [Lilly] We have a cool comment here from Mary Tobiah She says, “Love you too are the David Bowie of the fabric.” – I will take that – [Lilly] And lots of people agreed with her in the comments as well – And I want to remind everybody, we have a coupon it’s TULA20 that gives you $10 off of $50 or more purchase of fabric in last a week, it does not apply to notions That’s pretty cool – [Lilly] And then Gabriel Flores was asking how advanced is the spool Colt behind you? – Oh, that’s easy – So easy – So this is a really good example of how I sort of think about the quilt while I’m designing the fabric

I needed a block that would fit the machine That was something else, that I want the quilt to keep telling the story of the fabric So doing all these little spool threads was kind of a fun way to do that and so the scissor from the scissor print fits perfectly in there The machine fits perfectly in it You get a little bit of the top branch and the bottom branch ’cause I needed like a large rectangle and it’s really, there’s not a lot of blocks that are based on a rectangle They’re mostly based on a square So this is Berry very simple It’s, there’s a 40 like a fast 45 to draw the line So on the line cut off the excess, that’s like the hardest thing you do in the whole quilt It’s super easy – [Lilly] And then we also have another YouTube member, Mary Tillman welcome Mary – And if you guys haven’t subscribed to our channel, definitely subscribe we’re trying to get to 200,000 today Yeah, let’s do that I was trying January 1st, but now we’re on January 15th, but goals, hey – January is January – Even if it’s 2021 – [Lilly] And then I know we have some quilts that we wanted to show, so we want to do that or – Yeah. And then I’m going to let Tula, so Skylar, our big helper that we forgot to give, thank you to you Last week and he’s going to hold the pulse and she’s going to talk about them – Thank you, Skylar (speaks faintly) Yep. So your top is here There we go All right, so where do you want me? Oh, okay So this is actually not my pattern, but it’s probably my favorite quilts that I’ve ever made because of the backstory So this quilt, I was in Australia at the Sydney quilt expo and I always carry this which is my place for everything bag with all my hand, sewing in it And I was at the Sydney quilt expo Your arms are going to get tired I’m sorry, but you can take it And this had all of my pieces ’cause it’s like a 20 hour flight And so this had all of my hand sewing for the flight back and it was the last six blocks of my Millie Fiori quilt that I had been working on for like three years So they were all based at and everything in this, I was at a book signing at the Sydney quilt expo and I put the bag down and someone took it So it just walked away So that night I was super devastated, mostly because I had nothing to sew on the way home and 20 hours with idle hands is not fun for me So I put on Instagram that night, I said, “I’m at the Sydney quilt show expo, “somebody mistakenly walked off with my bag, “like no blame, “turn it into lost and found,” no questions asked, it had 45 threads, spools of thread in it It had all my hardware in it It had, I mean so much stuff – Your life – Yeah, my life, my whole hand sewing for the next however many days So I get to the show the next day And apparently a lot of the people at the expo had seen my Instagram post and were devastated for me They’re like, “Oh my gosh, “we’re so embarrassed as a country that someone did this.” I’m like, “don’t worry it was probably a foreigner “I’m sure it wasn’t an Australian.” And as I was walking through the show that day, the first booth I came to was Jen Kingswell’s booth And she hands me the smitten pattern, which is by her daughter, Lucy Carson Kingwell, and she had, and I had been in her booth the day before talking about how much I love this pattern And she goes, “Oh my gosh, “I’m so sorry someone took your bag “and all this stuff in it “Here’s the pieces and the pattern for this quilt.” As I walked through the so expo, every booth handed me something to help replace what was in my bag So this quilt is made 100% out of the generosity of the quilt community There’s nothing in here that wasn’t given to me on the floor of the so expo And it’s the only quilt I quilted myself Because I felt like that was a really important thing So this quilt to me represents the community at large One of their own was suffering in some small way and the entire community and a country that wasn’t even mine, that I was at for the first time made this quilt possible So this to me is probably my favorite quilt because it represents sort of how I feel

about the community at large and how the community treats each other – [Lilly] That’s beautiful – And this is my free-fall backing – Do you want me to go hello? – Oh yeah, so this is, where are we? There he is. (laughs) So this is actually an unfinished Tula Nova that I had made And it’s actually much bigger than this, but I ran out of time to finish it before quilt market So I just took as much as I had done and then sewed it onto this and made a big like Euro sham out of it So I like to say when I teach, when I teach English paper piecing, which is my favorite thing to teach, I give you many exits off the highway of English paper piecing ’cause not everyone can take it, ’cause these are not projects you get done in a weekend And so this is one exit off the highway, you get this far, you think you’re going to finish it, you get home and you go, “I’m not going to finish this.” So when on a pillow, this is why I have no unfinished projects in my studio because if I’m over something, I just sew it onto something smaller and call it done Like I let myself stop at a certain point and call that good enough – And people are going to flip over this Look at this, gold Oh my gosh! – I made this – Its so cute – So I made these little tags for myself that are on all the quilts and projects I make myself because I figure like in 150 years when they’re having the antique roadshow on Mars, I wanna make sure that the evaluator knows that this is a quilt I made specifically And I’m hoping that that will have some impact on its value – [Kimberly] I think it will – So everything that I make, myself bags, pillows, everything has this tag and it says, “I made this.” – [Kimberly] So what else we got over there? – A lot of stuff, sleeves at the top Yep, you got it – So this one is called Hex on the Beach so this is another English paper piece pattern that I designed And this uses all of my solids and all of my dots in color order So this quilt I designed based on like sort of a Missoni knit, which is an Italian knit fashion brand And they make these great like sort of Chevron knits And I really wanted to make a quilt that sort of had that same vibe So this was originally designed for fabric line I did called Saltwater, which is no longer available And I remade it in the solids and dots But when we made this quilt, originally, it came out as a kit with Freespirit and I named it and wrote the pattern and everything incented into them and they made it into a kit and we were on the quilt market floor, the trade show floor and the design director at FreeSpirit comes running over to me and she goes, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this happened.” I’m like, “what?” She goes, “A customer just made us aware that, “do you realize that the name Hex on the Beach has like “sexual undertone?” And I was like, “Yeah, I did know that.” And she’s like, “Oh no.” So I’m no longer allowed to name any of my own kids at FreeSpirit – [Lilly] That’s hilarious – [Kimberly] Do you know like sometimes– – It was funny, generally speaking, if something’s not funny, I’m not interested So the backing of this quilt is a piece from Zuma, my Zuma fabric collection And so from a distance it’s sort of embryoid, but as you get closer, it’s a little hexagons and as you get even closer, there’s little things inside the hexagons, like little anchors and little different things inside the hexagons But the actual pattern is the tea is actually a tide chart for that day at Zuma beach when I was designing this So it’s a visual tide chart and the piece is called high tide – [Kimberly] And so is there a pattern available still or was it only in the kit – No it’s available as a standalone pattern now? (Tula coughs) Excuse me It was winter when I left home and it’s like practically summer here So my body is freaky – [Kimberly] I’ve gotten sick this year because it’s like hot, cold, hot, cold I’m like, just go spring Like I’m done I like Lily has been sick for like two weeks because it’s like, I told her like a week ago I was like, go to the doctor now it’s not going to go away Because I’m an old lady– – This one. Oh, sorry

I didn’t mean to cut you off I get excited about quilt – Look at the kitty – This one is actually not a pattern, but it’s going to be coming soon It’s another English paper piece pattern I love hand sewing I spent half my life on airplanes, which why I have so many hand-sewn quilts, but this one is called, is gonna be called Mosaic And the way I made this quilt in particular is I just made it in rows And I started with no pattern I started with yellow and went through, just adjusting each color by row until I got back to yellow – [Kimberly] So like hours, it gonna take you to make a quilt like this – This kind of a quilt, one this size takes me, like I probably worked on this for like six months I don’t know, hours wise, but I hand sew every day just a little bit Oh yeah. That’s the backing This is the new Pinker bill 108 wide backing But something like a Tula Nova, I can make an about seven, eight days The Hex on the Beach quilt I know I can, because I had to meet a deadline, make that in nine days But that’s like serious, like sitting down sewing, pretty extreme sewing for nine days So nine days, probably six hours a day So like 36 hours Wait, does that work out? Did I just do math out loud? So yeah, something like this, this but one of my rules about English paper piecing, unless I’m doing something for quilt market or a specific event is I never give myself a deadline quilt hand piecing on a deadline, takes all the joy out of everything And I had no idea how big this one was gonna end up being or anything like that Oh, thank you – Oh, sorry – Yeah, no, that’s perfect Thank you – [Lilly] A few comments that have come in here Mary Stewart said she loves Zuma She made her ultimate beginner quilts for Zuma – Oh, cool – [Lilly] That’s amazing I haven’t seen that You should share it to the Facebook group And then Marsha Baker says, “Y’all be sure to hit the like button on YouTube, “give us that thumbs up if you’re enjoying the show.” – Definitely we love a thumbs up So this is actually a quilt from my book, “Quilt with Tula and Angela.” So our book, I guess more aptly our book, but this one I like to talk about because I actually, I talked to a lot of people have trouble choosing fabrics or it stresses them out, choosing fabrics and they don’t know if they’re making the right choice So I like to bring this one to talk about So for this quilt, I actually chose the binding first I knew I wanted this stripe on the binding and it has a lot of different colors in it And then I chose all the fabrics from the binding So you don’t always have to start in the middle of a quilt to choose fabric, which it’s like I have to start with my main piece And then I have to build out from that And I have to add in a certain number of things, but I often choose the binding or the backing of a quilt and then match everything to that and let that guide me And so this is a piece from chipper, but the, in the book I talk a lot about fabric selection and we go through the book Each chapter is based on a color And I talk about how I choose fabrics based on that color And orange is a color that I really struggle with Like everyone has sort of like a color blind spot for me It’s orange I just never occurs to me I like the color I just never think of it And so when I got to the orange chapter, I was really lost Like, I didn’t know where to start And so I chose that I was like, well, this binding has a lot of orange in it, so I’ll start there So I developed the quilt from the binding in instead of the quilt out – [Lilly] And then I have a few questions here Julia hearkens was asking, “Do you have a favorite color Tula?” – Do I have a favorite color? I wanna say no, because I feel like I’d say a color and then instantly think of five more What I’m more interested in than a certain color is the way colors combine So I love two colors together And what those two colors do to each other more than a specific color I would say the most useful color to me is like an aqua minty aqua color That to me is a neutral cause everything looks good on it It’s like a really great pair of jeans

You can dress it up with heels You can wear sneakers Like it’s really versatile And that’s where Aqua is for me So like a neutral thread color, like I own boxes of aura fell 28, 35, which is a minty Aqua color It’s definitely in one of these somewhere Yeah, this color So I own boxes and boxes and boxes of this, of large spools of this color And it’s 28, 35 Look at me know the number This is my neutral So this is the threat I saw with everything – And then coming from Mary blinds, she says, “I participated in Instagram’s tool, “the Palooza challenge and may 12, “two laptops this year “and her granddaughter got the pink wealth would quilt.” And we’ve got another cool to show here – So this quilt is actually not a pattern and probably won’t be a pattern So don’t get too worked up about it It’s very large So this is called the United States of Tula Pink And if I was a country, I wouldn’t be able to decide on a flag So this would be my flag I’d have a flag for every day, but this is just my dots and stripes And then where I didn’t have a matching to the Stripe, I just used an animal ‘Cause my flag for my country would definitely have animals in it And this is like a lot of different fabrics in the backgrounds and stuff I just pulled from my stash, which is I have a commendable stash – [Kimberly] Can you show the bottoms? – Oh yeah. If you could like scoot it up – See, wanna grab this side – There we go – So this is the United States of Tula Pink So every year I go on a sewing vacation because when I take a break from work, I just do the same things I do art work I just don’t sell them And so it’s a group of us that get together to sew for a week or so every year, sometimes twice a year, but we’re all industry professionals in one way or another I’m a fabric designer There’s a shop owner There’s people who work in this industry for a living And so our only rule for quilt retreat week is that you cannot monetize anything that you do in that week or else you can’t come the next time So it’s how we get a chance to sew for ourselves and keep our passion Because no matter how much you love quilting, if you only ever do it for work purposes, sometimes you need to explore without the result working out But often at that retreat, we will find that if something’s getting really good and someone goes, “Oh my gosh, this would be a great quilt for my next book.” It slides off the table and into a bag and goes away and they finish it at home so that they don’t get kicked out of quilt retreat next year But so this was one of my quote retreat quilt – [Kimberly] Oh, that’s so good – And that’s one of the few quilts that wasn’t quilted by Angela I try not to bother her with my fun side projects So this one was quilted by Kathleen Riggins in Canada And she is also a genius I think she used like 32 different thread colors on that or something – [Lilly] And just to reiterate, ’cause I see a few questions about this The thread, the tool that was talking about is number 20,35 – Yes, thread 28, 35 I think I should buy stock in it – [Kimberly] I’ll be ordering more of that ’cause – That’s my neutral Like I don’t use like a beige or a cream or gray I use 28, 35 That’s like my machine thread I probably have a hundred bobbins pre wound with that And so this next quilt is actually, I didn’t make this I actually partnered up with Angela Pingel to make this quilt And this is called the pattern’s called Hidden Agenda But what I love about this quilt is it’s a lot of traditional piecing, but put together in a more, in an unusual way, but it had a lot of big spaces for some of the bigger prints little spaces for some of the coordinates And then she put it together in this like really pretty rainbow ombre So I didn’t make that, but, and this is one of the new backings, the 108, and this is all of my 108 are printed on it’s a hundred percent cotton, but it’s a cotton sat team So it’s really soft and sort of silky against the skin

because when you think about quilts, (Tula coughs) excuse me, one of the things that sort of a major tenant of my quilting philosophy is that you should always put your best fabric on the back because that’s the part that touches your skin So the only way you can ever upset me really is by telling me, you put an old bed sheet on the back of your quilt, because really the back of your quilt should be the best part of your quilt, the best fabric, not the afterthought fabric, because when you give a quilt to somebody you love, you want the part that touches them to feel the best And so I put our backing fabric that FreeSpirit makes for me is unmatched It is the most beautiful cloth ever And I take whatever’s left of the 108 and I backed pillows with it or lined bags with it So I use that extra bit, even if it’s a quilt about this side – [Lilly] And Kathleen quilts is in the chat She said, “Hey, that’s me “and that’s so much fun quilting this on,” great job, Kathleen – Move over, Just – Did you ever get your backpack? – I never got my bag back – [Lilly] No – Its so sad – And it was actually at the time that it happened, that that place where everything back was still in that place for everything baggage genius It’s a patterns by Annie, bag it’s fantastic In case anyone was wondering, I have like 11 of them and each one has a different project in it So I have them on a bookshelf like books and I just they’re all like this And then I just pull out the one I want to work on It’s a thing – I have like bags and they’re just like on the hook and the like, like on the door handle and they’re a mess and my kids are always like, why are you buying out of the bag? There’s a back there Not at the back I want right now – You need many bags, many bags – And I gotta look cute, like if I’m at a dance convention, I have to like, look like I am normal And then if I’m like, wherever I got to look like I don’t care I mean like there’s roles, studios have rules on how you dress when you go That could be a whole reality show I could have a reality show on all of that And it would be real It would not be scripted It doesn’t have to be scripted – [Lilly] So questions I came in, as we were showing those quilts, Kathy Gomez was asking, what mediums do you use when you draw? – Pencil, I draw all in pencil I just use, like, I have a favorite brand of mechanical pencils and erasers Tombow pencils and erasers are mostly what I use And then I draw on design Belem And so the design vellum that I drawn, it’s kind of like a tracing paper almost, but it has a printed grid on it because I have to know when I’ve reached my repeat limit – It’s like big sheets? – Yeah, some of them are big They’re like this big because our repeat has to very specifically fit on a screen So a screen is either 25 is typically like 25 inches wide So my repeat has to be evenly divisible into 25 So I have to draw to five inches or 12 and a half inches or like it has to work out Otherwise you have a big jump in the fabric – And I do think that’s why some people who designed fabric, they’re artists or they make stationary And then they, the quilts, the fabric comes in and you’re like, this is not usable because it wasn’t thought through And I think that you’re going to see, well, we see that like the people who actually use their fabric, the most, their fabric sells the most – I can tell a designer who doesn’t – It’s easy – It’s actually it’s pretty easy I have purchased fabrics before that I thought were great and were almost unusable I had the hardest time using them And then there’s fabrics where they just, every time you cut it comes out and you’re like, and by come outright, like if I cut a five inch square or two inch square or a 10 inch square or whatever, the same amount of color is in each piece So if I take a piece of fabric, obviously a focal piece, isn’t gonna work that way But like a piece like this, if I cut it into two inch squares and some of those squares are just pink, some are just green, some are just blue, then it doesn’t go back into the quilt Looking like it all came from the same fabric So I can absolutely from a mile away, tell a fabric designer who does it – And they always get better because they use it And then they’re like, “Oh, that didn’t work.” And then they’re upset because it didn’t work in their quilt Well then they’re like, Oh,

I got to fix that for next time – Do the, I still do that Like, I’m probably a thousand in, at this point designed over a thousand fabrics And I still, as I’m sowing go, you know what, next time I’m going to do this this way And sometimes that is like, one of the things I did on the new, true colors is that hexagon piece with the ombre rainbow Normally I would run that across like parallel to the salvage because typically that’s how you run a print, but this one, I actually turned it and made sure that it repeated at least twice for between salvages So that when you cut a fat quarter, you get the all the colors in each pack quarter So there is a lot of sort of engineering and thought, but I wouldn’t have thought of that unless I had had a previous fabric that didn’t do that the way I wanted it to So there’s, I’m still sort of learning, making changes every time I make the quilt I think, the next time I do a print like that and I make myself a note like change the orientation, make sure that when you cut a straight quarter, you have everything in that quarter that you don’t need a whole yard to get everything you need – [Lilly] We do have a super chat from Todas Perez So they is super Peggy Oh, this is the place across the screen – Oh my Gosh that’s hilarious – [Lilly] And it was a super chat for $19 99 cents And they just put a little pair That’s jumping up and down saying goal I guess we just hit 200 K – Oh yay – That’s exciting Woo. Yay All confetti I need you to follow me around – (laughs) That’s great Okay, we have another question that’s not about quilting, but I thought it was a very interesting question Nicole Natal says a strange question, “Tula, what is your favorite animated movie? “I grew up with, ‘The Last Unicorn’ “and it was a huge influence on my style.” – “The last Unicorn” is good I mean animated movie Oh, gosh! – That’s very different I think I know what Kimberly’s is – [Lilly] Mine has nothing I thought it was, “Frozen.” – I mean, it’s all right (all laughs) I don’t, movies are not my thing, I don’t know any– – I don’t know my favorite animated movie I’m like going through like a vast catalog right now I might have to come back to the animated Was that I watched that So like does like, – Isn’t that like CGI? Like I feel like we need to put, see now I’m getting nerdy I need parameters – [Lilly] Is a computer graphics The ones that are more 3D – They look more 3D I mean the “the Last Unicorn” was really good I mean like with “the Dark Crystal” be considered animated That’s poppets. Isn’t it? – I don’t even know, I’m — – Like not people Like, I feel like I need parameters This question is just too big – [Lilly] That’s funny – Too big for me – Huva asked her, if you would like to set those parameters Feel free to comment – Yes. And then, yeah – ‘Cause they were saying like a movie was more stop motion, They just made it look like stop motion Okay. Probably – Like I’ve only seen like two movies like that then ‘Cause I don’t watch movies And then Laura O. Gwen Parker was asking, “Are you a reader? “And if so, what type of books or favorite author?” – I am a reader I love to read, I love story telling of any kind, whether that’s someone telling me a story, reading a story, watching it on TV or a movie or whatever I just love story telling in general I read all kinds of things I read total garbage I love Harry Potter Like more than life itself I probably read it like eight times the whole thing All seven I love classics Probably the thing that I go back to a lot is like Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle I love stuff like that “Pride and Prejudice.” Just that one though I love Mr. Darcy I am a girl I’m like everything I will read anything and everything – I haven’t Jeffrey Epstein book the Kevin Murray – There you go – You should read it – But I love business books too I read a lot of business books and yeah Anything I’ll read anything I love all things – [Lilly] We have a lot of animated movies, suggestions in the comments Let’s see, we have “Fantasia.” – Oh yeah – “Never Ending Story.” – Is that enemy – I think it’s integrating – The thought of it “Never Ending Story.” but I was like that’s I don’t know that that’s animated,

but that’s a great one, “Fantasia” that is a really good one – Is that Disney? – [Tula and Lilly] Yeah Like early Disney Like when Mickey is like, well he’s sourced from multiple source for Mickey and he’s like conducting no idea world Yeah, it’s fantastic – [Lilly] I love him (Tula laughs) – Someone else said “Secret of Nim.” – Oh, yeah. Oh gosh You guys have some really good ones See, this is why it’s hard because every time you mentioned another one, I’m like, yes, that one That’s the one – [Lilly] That’s great Oh, someone was saying “Outlander,” but that that’s a TV series, right? – Yeah, “Outlander’s” a TV series I love “Despicable Me 2,” like that part where she gets the unicorn and she goes, that’s like my favorite line – I have seen that – That was great. Okay Back to quilting questions Pauly D Angela was asking if you starch – Do I start? Oh yeah, you do big time – Okay how do you do it Well I best press, which is similar, but do you do it like soak it and let it dry I soak it before I cut So I do all my best pressing before I cut I douse the fabric, I let it dry Okay. And then I press it out and then it’s, there’s so much best press in there that I never have to do it again So what is your scent that you like? I like either the ocean breeze or the laundry clean linen something, I typically don’t do the fruity ones They just get, I used so much of it It gets overwhelming in my studio – So is your studio in your house? It is my house, it is my house So I bought a building So I live on the third floor Cameron lives on the first floor and the studio and offices are on the second floor So he comes up to work I come down to work – So does his dog scratch? Like I need to go up– – We leave all the doors open She can go anywhere she wants, she rules everything – I see So it’s, it’s pretty cool We’re getting ready to build a new studio on the property though ‘Cause I feel like if I left my house, that would be better for me psychologically – Oh yeah – Because I have to put on shoes Like I feel like that would do something for me, so yeah – [Lilly] That’s great Wendy Bulge was asking, “Is there an awful pack for homed?” – [Kimbery and Tula] Yes There is – It is not out yet, but yes – It’s coming It’s in a gold tin, it’s a really cool to be on our coming Same page. Yes Yeah. And it’s actually printed on the tin It’s very cool And you can use the 10 for like a ton of stuff after – I think I showed it in person with a video with Lily while I was at market – Oh yeah – So I, there is somewhere where I’m holding it – So there is that it’s I should have brought one – I don’t even know where– – [Lilly] It is on the coming soon where I saw it yesterday – But it’s but the video, like where you can like, see it, see it ’cause I was like, Oh, I was open And that was like, it’s it’s the most adorable one yet I think it was looking at me like, are you open to all that? – So it comes the cool thing about it is there’s 10 little spools that are like really saturated colors that match the line and then bore large spools that are more of your sort of neutral So that 28, 35, there’s a cream, a pale gray and a charcoal gray that are your big spools, that sort of work across all things And then your smaller spools for things like top stitching and where the thread really shows – [Lilly] Gabriel Quantas had been asking if you’ve seen the new “Star Wars,” since you liked that – You, the new star Wars It’s just like a really vast universe I have a hard time Like, I don’t know where to begin I’ve never seen one “Star Wars.” So there’s that one of my sisters is really into it though I don’t, I bought her like a real lightsaber – [Lilly] That’s so cool – The gamer one – That’s right, her sister wants to be a gamer – I have a gamer sister – What does she play? – “Fortnite.” – [Lilly] Fortnite – Oh, yeah That’s the thing right now – I think like, I don’t want to say too much and embarrass her if she’s moved on from that thing – The kids play that very specific My kids play NBA 2K And they play it It’s a new thing that Santa Claus brought and it’s above my bedroom and I don’t appreciate it because jump up and down and I’m like, you’re hit the button, don’t jump up and down And then Kevin says, “Can you hear that?” I’m like, are you joking? Like I’m gonna move that thing – Yeah. Jane has, – It’s like the first time they’ve gotten one – Jane has a whole like system, like in part like a whole part of the house that no one else goes in That’s all lit up It looks like a rave in there It’s her gaming situation My mom’s house is this very like beautiful tasteful,

like really lovely, she has excellent taste And then you go to this one corner and it’s all black and neon lights and like flashing things It’s like epilepsy and like three dimensions – And then it’s like, that’s like when your kids rule the world pretty much – [Lilly] And we have a question here from Teresa She says, “So many companies moving to digital printing, “what are your thoughts on designing for digital? “And do you see that in your fabric future?” – Digital printing, I love conventional printing I really prefer it because the digital printing is essentially screen printed So the ink actually sinks into the fabrics and saturates the threads of the cloth where digital printing really sits on top of the fabric And I don’t feel like it’s gotten to a place where it’s good enough to replace conventional printing – It doesn’t feel as good – It doesn’t feel as good There’s also something in the limitations of conventional printing that really forced a designer to do more ‘Cause I have a certain number of colors that I have to use and I can’t go past that And there’s different things that we use Like we’ll use a pigment ink in some places where I’m So when two colors overlap and change color, that’s called trapping that space in between where like if you printed a yellow and a blue next to each other, where those two colors overlap, it’ll turn green and that’s called trapping And so I work with the trapping in my fabric to create colors that I don’t have room for – Okay that makes sense – So if I am out of color places, ’cause with conventional printing, there’s only so many spaces for colors and you have to have room to let inks dry between like there’s a whole sort of system method and system to it that I think can create results that digital printing can’t create And so sometimes when I really want to put, like, we actually did it in a couple of these homemade prints were in one of the machine prints I print like this bright kind of pale peachy orange on top of aqua And it’s a really fine line and the trapping would have made it mud So we used a pigment ink, which is actually an opaque ink, so it rises up on the fabric just a little bit, but it creates a dimensionality So I play with those things I think the sort of boundaries of conventional printing make me have to work harder to make things interesting, but it takes me to places I couldn’t get to with digital printing So there is something really tactile about that I will never truly let go of, but in my opinion, digital printing hasn’t gotten good enough yet for me to completely replace it Although it has gotten – When sales reps show it, like when they pull it out of their bag, you can instantly say that’s digital, right That’s digital and the funny thing that to me, it costs a lot more and I’m like, but it doesn’t look as good to me there are some prints out there that do – There are some that couldn’t be done conventional – But a lot of them you’re like, “why would I pay more?” And then I don’t want the customer to call and say, “Why did I pay $15 a yard?” And this feels bad – Well, one of the things, I think if you’re going to digital printing, because it cannot be achieved any other way, like when you’re using it genuinely as a tool to execute a concept, that’s a totally different thing The way I design digital printing, doesn’t add anything to my process So I don’t really feel like it’s right for my work, but there are some things like I bought a digital print recently that I was like, this is really cool and different and could not have been achieved any other way So in that case, I was like, cool with it But for my fabrics, I don’t know that it’ll ever be something that really works for my fabrics to make it better – [Lilly] And then question from Laura O’Quinn, “What business book would you recommend “for small business owners?” – Probably the book I go back to the most and this is going to sound super nerdy Oh my gosh Everything I say sounds nerdy I don’t even need to preface that anymore Is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is one that I actually like go back to from time to time It’s just really good, solid information that I feel like never goes out of date ‘Cause one of the things that I’ve worked on, I started as a designer, but had to build a business around it

And that’s a really different thing And I want, one of my goals always is to be a good manager Like, and it’s a hard thing to do – Like not easy – It’s really difficult Like how do you encourage somebody, but also give them room – To the right way, give them room, not cut them off, but then if they’re not going the right way, be able to cut them off – It is, it is And I don’t think I started out really great at it, (Tula chuckles) especially working with family So everybody who works for me is a member of my family And now my brother, I am nine years older than him So I’ve been the boss of him since he was born So that was not hard My mom on the other hand has been the boss of me since I was born I can not tell her what to do, telling your mother what to do is very difficult And so I had to, I wanted her to work for me or with me more appropriately because I trusted her And so I had to just do that And with my brother too we all got to a place like working with family is hard and it didn’t start out all roses and daisies, but we got to a really nice place because each person is 100% in charge of their domain And so if, if I say, I really want to do this with social media, but Cameron says, “I don’t think we should do that “We should do this.” There’s no contest – That’s exactly how Kevin and I are like, it’s like, he does this, I do this If I really want something, I will just be really, I’ll walk in this office and be really nice Can you please work on this? And he usually is like, it’s on the list And then I leave And like, we’re very clear, like we have certain employees and they don’t cross You can’t do it You can’t, you have to do your own thing and you have to be in charge of it and then it’s easy for me when somebody says, well, this I’m like, that’s not my job Go to Kevin Like you don’t, I don’t know You just that’s the only way, it didn’t start out good We used to yell at each other, it was just us it was, and like two or three people working in the warehouse working 120 hours a week, we were thinking, we’re like young, we had all the energy in the world and we’d just like yell at each other Now we’re like, Oh, whatever – Yeah. I mean, it took like quilt market was a big one for us because all three of us are alphas We all think we know exactly the best way to do something, to do the booth, to build the booth That was such a struggle in the beginning And finally I was like, okay, we need to put one person in charge of this Who is the one person of the three of us? The other two will listen Absolutely mom So mom is now in charge of the booth and we can all have ideas on how to do it, but whatever she decides is the best way to do it is the way it’s done You can ask questions And she’s really our hardest worker, if I’m honest So I put her in charge of stuff it gets done – [Lilly] A lot of people are asking what the dog’s name is – Lily – Really? – Now this is just, I’ll never get it right Is it L-I-L-L-Y or L-I-L-Y – It’s L-I-L-Y – [Lilly] Mines too – I know his real name is Liliana with two double L’s Wait, nevermind See, I’m not going to get it right? Yeah. So your dog is one L and, but Lily’s two ELLs and she’s really one L I’m like, can you be one or the other? – One she’s named after our grandmother who gave me my first sewing machine – Oh my gosh So she’s Lily Mae ‘Cause that was our grandmother’s name is Lillian Mae – That’s beautiful – [Lilly] I’m named after my mother – I wanted to name her Dr Evil, but I was overwritten – That’s amazing So I don’t know that it’s anybody, is it? From “Austin Powers.” Yeah. Dr. Evil. Well, because my mom has a golden retriever that was already named when she got it And his name is Megamind So I thought Megamind did Dr. Evil We can have like a super villain dog, golden retriever group, but no one was on board What’s Megamind like another cartoon villain. Yeah – [Lilly] Michelle Allston was asking your favorite notion is – Well right now, so again, categories, this is like the animated movie all over again My favorites, I have a favorite scissor, which is the micro cerated Ben Tremor is like my favorite thing ever, that’s mine But I don’t want to be an ego monster So I’ll name something that isn’t mine also And that is my favorite new notion is the so tight

I don’t know if you’ve seen it. It’s like a little magnet – We don’t have many of them so I’ll have to reorder that It is like, I get a lot of little notions that people give me for things and they’re all really useful, but it’s rare that one gets like very heavily incorporated into what I do I have so tight snout everywhere They’re in every bag, everybody in my house So I use them for two things One for English paper piecing clips to hold, well, it– – Magnet – It magnets So I use him for English paper piecing I used to use wonder clips, which are also great, but they have the plastic thing that sticks up and my thread would always get wrapped around it And so I – The idea we’re going with, so we have another idea going, I was like, she’s saying the same thing (Tula laughs) – And so somebody, well, the girls who came out with this so tight, they handed me one at market. I was like, Oh cool You know, and kind of forgot about it Took it home and started using it just ’cause it was in my bag And so it holds the two pieces together, but there’s nothing sticking up It’s totally flat to the fabric So my thread never wraps around it It doesn’t catch on anything and on an airplane, I put it on my shirt and it becomes a needle minder So I don’t drop my needle in the seat for the next customer – Now, are there a bunch of sizes or one side? There are sizes So there’s like little purple ones There’s big aqua ones and then there’s like the little orange dots I use the little purple ones I use all of them really But the other thing I really love it for is I make a lot, a lot of Bayani bags And so whenever there’s vinyl, you can’t pin those So I can magnet them And so when you use wonder clips on those two, which are also really great, I’m not saying anything bad about wonder clips I love wonder clips, but they also stick out so you have to remove them as you sew these, you can put the magnet on the vinyl in the middle And so right through it without having to take them off, it’s kind of one, it’s sort of amazing I never thought about that They’re really great I use them for a lot – Okay. So I’m just warning you guys We don’t have very many of those in stock, so we will order those Yeah. They’re great That’s I didn’t really know what they were for – I didn’t eat, I don’t get it, but I get it now – Yeah. I mean, for English paper piecing, they’re a godsend for bag making. I’ve started using them, especially when holding ’cause they’ll go through all the layers of soft and stable and stuff So when I’m making a bag and I have a lot of pieces held together and I can’t get a pin through all of it without bending my pin, the magnet will hold all those together as well It’s pretty genius – When you go through the metal detector, does it go off at the airport? Because it’s a magnet? – No, they’re usually my bag Okay. I don’t think that would set it off I dunno. I dunno what sells those things off? I’m always, the person pulled out a blind for the like extra sick – I used to, I used to do the thing where I would just be like, I’m not going to the machine It’s going to give me a cancer I’m going to like whatever. And then I just said, forget it I’m going to try to do what Lily has Lily has TSA pre-check I just need to do it Like I just did it It’s amazing And so she’s always like, don’t check in Let me check in. So we can go through Peachtree – Every single airline expedited, like I have global entry clear I have pre-check I hate waiting in a line for, I don’t like taking my shoes off – I’ve seen. Okay It’s disgusting too There was a study and it is out there and you can read it And then they went through an airport, like a health place and the dirtiest place is those feet It’s disgusting. I’m like, and I don’t even like, when we go like to like say six flags, I’m like, don’t touch the railing You’re going to get germs – I don’t do it to know – And I don’t touch door, handles nothing It’s disgusting. And so I’m like, I don’t know One time I like wiped my feet and I’m almost like, that’s embarrassing. I was like, I don’t care – Actually on the flight here I saw. ’cause I think that I, so I have like a real hardcore airport etiquette thing ’cause I’m an airport so much, like, don’t look at your phone while you’re walking down the aisle, you’re going to run into people Their suitcases like pay attention and– – In real life – But like always put your suitcase over your seat Don’t put it over my seat and then go 20 rows back So I have a lot of airport, like finickiness because I’m on airplanes so, so much But on the way here, I sat down on the airplane and the guy like across the aisle from me, I was like, what is he doing? ’cause he was real busy He was taking wipes and wiping down every surface of the seat and the tray and the like everything before he sat down I’m like, that guy knows what he’s doing He is not going to get sick after this flight

– I just, Oh yeah well you know me, like I think my thing with airports is I don’t want to be around that many people ever I don’t want to go to a concert I don’t I want to go see Gabriel Glaces I refuse to go because he’s going to Frank Erwin center I’m not going, I don’t want to go to a full book I am so scared I do not want to be around that many people If it gets it’s like almost like a full on panic attack Like somebody could shoot me There’s all these people They could touch me There could there’s germs Like it just becomes, Oh my gosh And Kevin’s like, you’re weird I’m like, you knew it when you married me Sorry. You’re the one I heard the quilter Yeah, but it’s just very like no – A lot of people in one place – It’s like, Oh – Also you have to get off the airplane row by row Don’t come back from row seven If I’m in row five and try to get off before I will throw an arm out There’s an etiquette to how we, if we all get on and off the plane and the way we were supposed to, it will happen much faster I have rules – [Lilly] Theresa was asking since Tula is here Does that mean we can look forward to two live videos on the channel soon? – [Both] Yes That’s why she’s all right And lots of people are asking about the Bayani bags we have on set if we could show them real quick – Oh sure – Yeah. So this one is probably the one I’ve made the most So this one is called a place for everything And after my last one got stolen, I made this one very menacing so that people wouldn’t steal it So there’s this there’s a snake on it and it says keep out So I thought that would help deter people from stealing it and it hasn’t been stolen so clearly it’s working – Keep out down touch – But this one, so this is all my threads I have in here So I have all my threads in here, I have my pieces, my needles, more pieces And the cool thing about this bag is that if I am sewing and I don’t know what thread color I need, but I don’t want this whole thing out Like planes are small So I can just take this page out with all my thread colors in it and put this in the overhead So this is a really great like travel bag ‘Cause I can just take one page at a time and I can add pages to it So I can put pages from another book into this one – What is it called again? – A place for everything And she means that, man, I love Annie’s patterns I am actually a terrible bag maker My sewing skills do not translate into three dimensions, but for whatever reason I can make Annie’s patterns and they work out right every time Any other pattern, a mess – I learned the most from her when she came, because I was like, wait, you do what? Like I just, I mean, it’s like, she can– – She is a stone-cold genius – Like she can translate it to like, like if you’re not a bag maker, sometimes bag makers are like, it’s like talking to a sower and you’re like, what does that term mean? Or what– – Its a different language – it is and like her, you could like understand and you’re like, Oh, I could do it – The other part of this bag around here somewhere Oh the strap – Yeah, the strap and the scissor case I think it’s over somewhere – This one – No – No – That’s a different thing That’s just my computer cords – As I open it – Do you know what I’m talking about? Jocelyn? No, it’s the same fabric as this and it has all my hardware in it Oh, is it the one over there? Yes, it is the one over there So ’cause these all go together So this is the strap for this So there’s a couple of things So I worship at the alter of Annie, like deeply I just think that she is probably the best pattern writer on earth – And she’s got, so she’s got all the colors that you need – Everything, the zippers are great Her pro soft and stable’s great Like the way she puts a pattern together, the only time anything ever goes wrong when I’m making one of her patterns is when I start to think I know better And so I’ll, I’ll let go, Oh, I’m just going to do this really quick, ruined, follow the instructions exactly the way they written and they come out great every time So this is actually, these bags are sort of a collection of, they all kind of go together So this one and this one are called, take a stand And then this is a separate pattern, but sort of goes with it And this is called running with scissors and this bag is sort of amazing So the only two things I don’t like to do or make straps or zipper poles, I don’t know why I just, it bores me I can’t do it So I use ribbon for all my zipper poles – That’s Renaissance ribbon

So this is the homemade ribbon that goes with the fabric collection So you have all the little designs from homemade on ribbon So I put, I just saw the ribbon onto webbing and then I don’t have to make a strap ’cause boring, but this one, so this is a pattern that Annie actually called me and said, “What do you need?” And I said, “A place to keep all my scissors.” – Oh my God – So this is so it holds all of my scissors, all of my hardware and this is actually for thread, but I put all my machine feed in it And the cool thing about this is that it’s designed to sit – That’s right I’ve seen that, okay – Can you see that there? So it’s designed to sit on that So I keep this Oh, except it has a pillow in it and it’s a little wobbly, but normally it stands up really good But so I keep this next to my sewing machine on like a lazy Susan And I just spin around and get what I need out of it And then when I want to go somewhere else, just pack it up and it all fits in this and then this is the strap for this guy – [Lilly] So Cool – So this is, these two bags are called, take a stand, these two sort of triangle bags and the scissor bag is called running with scissors And she just kind of thinks of everything, which I love – It actually is like a sower and a quilter And like, I don’t know what I feel like her products are just made right, like they’re high quality Like you’re paying not that much for something that is really good and useful and it’s no more expensive than what you would get if it’s not as useful or – And what I love agreed and what I really love about her patterns, this is becoming an Annie commercial, which I’m totally okay with Is that the way she makes bags? It’s like she designs bag making for quilters because you essentially just make a bunch of little quilts and then bind them all together that I can do There’s typically no templates, there’s no like weird big pieces of paper You have to cut out, which I’m sure are fine But as a quilter, it’s not the kind of sewing I’m used to So I don’t do it very well But this, like, this pocket, I made one square and sewed it onto this bigger square with binding Like, it’s all makes sense to a quilter’s mind and they feel substantial, which is another thing they’re not floppy – Because they’re soft and stable – Yeah And that’s a pretty genius product as well – [Lilly] All right So we have just a little bit of time for some last questions here So I’m gonna do kind of just a quick round of questions They were asking if you have a favorite designer that you buy fabric from – Ooh I have a couple of designers that I really love mostly because they do things I can’t do Like Carolyn Friedlaender is one I don’t understand minimalism as a concept And so I’m always like baffled by her fabric And I have tried to make her like baffled in a good way I’ve tried to make her patterns out of my fabric It doesn’t work Like there’s so much better in her fabric and for a designer to have such a complete vision is really impressive to me Like she is her fabric I love Alison Glass I love Anna Maria Horner I love Kate Facet I mean, Kate Facet is the first fabric I ever sew that made me realize that people design fabric that it’s not just all reproduction So, I have to give him a lot of credit for getting me into this – Yeah, ’cause he was like the only like 24 years, it was like, if you were modern I mean modern, wasn’t a thing – It wasn’t a thing – It wasn’t a thing but like if you like that style, that’s all there was – It was the first fabric I ever sew that I felt like, was designed for me Like it was so original and so clearly made by a single mind, like a vision And then as Brandon Maybelline became a designer under Cave, and Philip Jacobs, and they formed that collective like such a complete vision I tend to not be emotionally connected to a quilt that’s not at least 80% my own fabric I’ve discovered that recently I’ve made a quilt completely out of Liberty of London, which I adore And I have like no emotional, it’s a beautiful quilt and I totally love it, but it doesn’t feel like mine ’cause it’s not my fabric

And so I’ve realized that if it’s not mostly my fabric, I have like no emotional connection But I collect all of Alison Glass’s batiks, which she is very aware of because I harass her often I collect all of Kate’s large florals I collect basically anything Anna Maria Yeah, I have quite a stash of fabric actually – [Lilly] All right, and do you wash your finished quilts? – I wash my finished quilts I don’t prewash my fabric – [Lilly] And with all your focal print fabric, would you ever do a panel? – A panel is a hard thing for me to wrap my head around Because like with a panel you sort of leave it – Yeah – And I don’t know how to make a quilt with like, just like a thing you just leave, be Like it’s not using to me I’m not against it I don’t know how I would design a panel Like I’ve been asked that by actually FreeSpirits asked me to do that several times and I’m like, “Just don’t get it.” Like what I would do with it Like I just leave it – Yeah, and then it’s like, if she designed a panel and it would be hard for her to work with, then it wouldn’t be like hers It wouldn’t be certainly a thing – It’s a weird thing Like, because for me, the joy is making these images connect and a panel doesn’t do that Like it has edges And what I love about designing fabric is it’s unlike any other sort of drawing or painting because there’s no edges, it has to repeat infinitely forever And that’s what I love the most So I dunno, maybe I mean, I never say never, but I haven’t yet come up with a way to do it – [Lilly] And are you planning on doing another machine with Bernina? – Am I planning on doing another machine with Bernina? I mean, I hope so someday Maybe, I don’t know I mean, that’s more up to Bernina than me (laughs) – [Lilly] Oh, okay And real quick, Kimberly We are doing a giveaway after this live stream is over, which will be in a few minutes If you could read the details of the giveaway – So, on the giveaway, if you leave a comment after Lily publishes it So not right now, but after it is its own standalone video, after the live stream, let us know what your favorite thing about Tula Pink’s live stream today Whether it be her, her project, something she talked about And we’re gonna pick two winners, one from Facebook and one for YouTube with a signed patch and enamel pin And we’re gonna announce it You have until Sunday, January 19th And then we don’t work Sunday, on Monday, we’ll post the – And these are all totally gone These are from my personal stash of pins and patches because they’re long sold out But – [Lilly] Very exclusive – Very exclusive – A fun comment from Marsha Baker She says she’s 69 and has had her lightsaber for many years – (laughs) Oh, that’s amazing – [Lilly] That is amazing – And then a lot of people were wondering if you had any advice for people who feel like, they buy a lot of fabric, but then they’re afraid to cut it up – Yes, I do have advice for people buy a lot of fabric and are afraid to cut it up because I too fall in that camp So, one of the things that I have that I’m terrified to cut up or used to be is all my old Heather Ross I’ve collected all the Heather Ross fabric for years and years And so now I’ve actually, my workaround for that is I buy two sets of everything, one to cut, one to keep (laughs) But I took all that Heather Ross that I had forever that I can’t obviously go back and buy more of at this point And I made one epic, like master quilt that took me four years to make And now I see that fabric every single day where I used to never see it at all So, I’ve actually sort of like turned on that And it’s like, if I really love a fabric, I make something epic to honor it And as a quilter, I always believe you should sleep under your best work So the quilt on my bed is always the one that I think is the best thing I’ve made And so right now it’s my Heather Ross sort of tribute quilt that has a lot of my fabrics in it too, but it’s work took all my stash of Heather Ross and I fussy cut every single piece and made it really, really special And now I get to see it all the time – [Lilly] And we do have another new YouTube member, Ayleen Jackson, welcome Aly – Welcome – [Lilly] (chuckles) All right And then I have one more question that I’m gonna ask here, Tim Finney’s Quilted Life is asking, “Are your tattoos designed by you

“or any of them related to your fabric lines?” – All of my tattoos are actually, well, should we just do this, are all based off on, they’re all inspired by my fabrics, but they’re actually all William Morris So, this is the owl from Foreman’s Forest This is my bird from Plume, but it’s not really my bird It’s like through the William Morris, all the foliage is William Morris This is from Chipper, little chipmunk This is my rabbit from a slow and steady And this is as much clothing as I’m willing to take off on camera But yeah, so there it’s actually, each one represents a fabric line, but they’re actually all based on William Morris illustrations And all the botanicals are William Morris – I would’ve never known that – And they’re all, there’s no color If that question’s coming, they’re all black – [Lilly] Does she has the same person doing? – Yes, the same person does all of mine except for my knuckles, but all all of my illustration tattoos are all done by an artist’s named, Rachel Hauer – [Lilly] Do you have any questions, Kimberly? – Awesome, I just wanna say thanks for watching We’re so excited to film some live videos and we’d love for you to subscribe And just to reminder, I won’t have a live stream this Friday, so I will see you guys next week and have a great weekend – Thank you everyone – [Lilly] Bye, everyone (logo whooshing)

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