so says hello hello everybody it is 12 31 p.m central time on the 21st of december 2020 it’s monday here in the united states hope you’re doing well man do i have some breaking news for you in the last eight hours or so over here in hawaii on the big island of hawaii are you holding on to your hats kilauea has erupted with a noteworthy eruption and for those of you who didn’t know we’ve been talking about this for the last two weeks since a new earthquake swarm it’s broken out on the big island of hawaii leading up to 4.0 plus activity at mauna loa and mauna kea and dozens if not hundreds of small earthquakes around the middle east rift zone around kilauea itself and the new eruption is pretty impressive this is a picture from the eruption so lava vents vents again fountains of lava the crater lake that had formed on the inside is now gone it’s evaporated off filling with magma or lava at the surface this is what the crater lake used to look like and it was actually growing in size this is a story from msn just showing again they’ve got it at two to three hours ago they’re talking about this in the news i’d like to go over to the hawaii volcano observatory and just see what they’ve got on their website first visit today ah look kilauea volcano updates see updates while they’ve got it at red all of a sudden okay now we have to go back again in time i’m not going to bother reading what they’ve got on here you guys can pause it and read it if you need to it’s just talking about the eruption and a 4.4 earthquake that struck right around the same time as the eruption taking place now i would say the 4.4 earthquake is likely just the deformation that’s happening at the surface or very close to it the breaking that’s happening through the rubble pit that was there and to understand what happened first we have to go back almost two years when well i’d say it was right around almost two years ago when hawaii drained out here on the big island over here at kilauea there used to be a lava lake up at the surface pretty impressive looking and it was right here where they have the pool of water now what happened was the lava lake had actually drained out and left an open tube in the ground several hundred if not a thousand feet wide and thousands of feet deep and it couldn’t hold its own weight on the sides since the magma was actually supporting it up in the tube and the tube collapsed as well and the top of the magma chamber collapsed and formed a big rubble pit in the ground now that’s just where it started then the collapsing carried on and you can see the edges that collapsed here all the way out to the right hand side or east side and over to the west side this was all level when this started two years ago about and it collapsed and subsided all the way down a few thousand feet at the center and around the edges the whole caldera basically shifted down and the area around it went down as the magma drained down and out way over here on the side of the middle east rift zone now i’m going to bring this in at an angle to show you the middle east rift zone and tell you why i was talking about it over the past couple weeks so an earthquake swarm started here at the base of mauna loa notice how mauna loa is up above kilo away here and notice how mauna kea is up above mauna loa really and the swarm started here went down to the coast right across the middle east rift zone this is hawaii volcanoes national park right in here right up at the top where all the trees are and the magma that fills the chamber goes down at least a few miles or at least a few thousand feet

several thousand feet down below and the magma chamber started to refill back up over the past year or so now in the past couple weeks the swarm broke out which led me to openly postulate about the magma chamber reaching its limit the reason i thought it reached its limit was a series of other noteworthy sized earthquakes started to break out at the other volcanoes up above kilauea again you have to understand that kilauea is really technically at the base of mauna loa here and mauna loa is the biggest shield volcano on the planet at least on the surface not counting undersea volcanoes so this thing started to rise first then a 4.1 earthquake struck at mauna loa and then within a few days a 4.1 earthquake struck up here at mauna kea and it was going all the way around the big island all the way down here out to sea right to the north side of loihi the undersea volcano out here offshore so we had earthquakes here at loihi earthquakes of kilauea earthquakes at mauna loa earthquakes at mauna kea and a ring of quakes around the middle east rift zone leading me to postulate that it had reached its limit and it was likely going to be doing something pretty soon now i then went on to talk about how the professionals would get some kind of tilt meter notices or sulfur dioxide notices and apparently some of those did come in but they didn’t put out some kind of big warning in the news like you think they would so here we have me over the past couple weeks putting out warnings and notices telling people in hawaii to pay attention to what’s going on here and then at the same time i made my videos over the past couple weeks the usgs came out and issued a statement about the earthquakes that i was talking about in my video and they said that there was talk online well there’s much talk online except for for me i think but they said the swarm of threes didn’t mean anything basically you read their article and what they said two weeks ago they’re like oh it’s just a swarm going up to threes they put out the article the next morning after they put out the article saying it was just threes and basically meant nothing that’s when the first 4.1 struck at the top of monologue this is all in the past week and a half two weeks so let’s recap again we start seeing a bunch of earthquakes around here starts becoming a topic of discussion in my videos then the usgs comes out tries to downplay it the next day after downplaying it a 4.1 earthquake strikes at mauna loa which is pretty rare then a couple days after that a 4.1 earthquake struck at mauna kea that’s two 4.1 earthquake striking at two of the other volcanoes on the big island indicating that the magma chamber at the middle east rift zone was pushing up and out to the other volcanoes proving they’re somewhat connected seismically speaking too which is a huge discovery so now it’s erupted and i do want to go back and just take a look at their multimedia page and just see if they have any pictures of this event taking place guys look we’re doing the filter let’s just make sure that we’ve got the right year selected i guess you think they would have it up front top and center on the multimedia man i’ll tell you what let’s go to the webcams see what they’ve got there well look at this let’s just take a look and see what we have do they have the animation oh man their site is running really really really low there it is there we do we do have an updated picture let me click on it so you can get a bigger shot of it oh boy live thermal image of halemaumau there it is now it’s a small picture i guess clicking on it is taking me over to a different view that’s that’s odd let’s go to the webcam and see if the webcam is even working these are all live okay so this is a shot but man that is the tiniest little image let me try and blow it up obviously they’re throttling they need to have a cloud at this point can i get an amen to that stop trying to use their own servers and just put it on a dang cloud or on social media but there it is there’s the vent and this is a fountain that has now filled in the crater and it’s going to keep filling it will keep filling for a while at least now it could stop any time now that it would reach maybe up to where the vent is i don’t know how much higher or lower than the than the vent it will go again this is uncharted waters for me and for all of us really because this happened the last this really happened was like 200 years ago when the last collapse happened at the last caldera and it shifted slightly the lava lake but now the lava lake’s coming up inside here which is actually comforting to know that the blowout happened here and it’s not happening around the park you have to go back a year a year and a half after it stopped the lava flow went on for months and months but when it stopped we all including the professionals

were wondering is it going to blow out of the top or is it going to blow out the side when it refills that was pretty much the question the reason i was asking that question is there’s a string of previous blast craters and then calderos as well but mainly craters like here’s an old caldera but then there’s craters where there are blasts so it makes you wonder is there going to be a blast or is there going to be a collapse and now what we have inside of the previous collapse inside of the rubble pit which is what i talked about a year and a half ago that it made sense to me that it would probably come up through the rubble because that’s a weaker break point as opposed to punching up through the crust around it well now we know it came up through the rubble now you have a filling lava lake inside of kilauea after about a year and what year and nine months or something almost two years and i’ll i’ll say it the signs were there i can’t believe that it would take a person like me with a high school diploma to come out and talk about the logic behind why we would think kilauea is reinflating over the past week with all the earthquake activity spreading out around the middle east rift zone again those earthquakes matched almost perfectly to the area around the middle east zone even right now you can even see it in the past two days let’s look at the last week do you see this do you see how it makes like you can play a game of connected dots all the way around the north side of mauna loa back around the southwest side and back down around there’s only a few oddballs on either side and that’s going up to the other volcanoes going up to mauna kea and down to lo ihi so the big ring is around the middle east zone which is right in the middle on the side east side or the east south east side of mauna loa one more time there’s mauna loa here’s kilauea here’s the middle east rift zone right through here going all the way through the park and now it’s blown and it’s rare again this is a 200-year event that no one really has any idea of what’s going to happen and i’m just going with what to me is the most logical based upon the seismic activity that’s showing up around the areas this should be a sign to everybody when you start seeing a bunch of earthquakes around a volcano pay attention to the volcano don’t just dismiss them and say they don’t mean anything professionals especially the usgs hawaii volcanoes observatory now tongue-in-cheek i’m joking around a little bit i’m like i hate to say i told you so and i was laughing and joking about it nobody got hurt so no one got hurt that’s the good news the other good news is this is the egg on the face of the professionals that needs to happen in order for them to move forward in science the embarrassment of being behind the times being behind a youtube video maker is something that i think would drive a professional crazy who went to school for 20 years and spent their whole life trying to do this that for me it’s just a hobby it’s something that i just do on my own with no again no professionalism in it at all i’m just telling you what i see and what i think is happening and i would encourage more professionals to do that to go out on a limb and be wrong to take the attempt to tell people what you think is going on even if you could be wrong as a matter of fact i would even think people would respect you more as a professional if you were wrong more than you were right and you’re like look and you admitted it too you’re like i was wrong here and i was wrong here and i was wrong here and then finally look i we looked at this and now it makes sense we file this away for future events in hawaii that this is again a sign that something was getting ready to happen over the past two weeks and if you live on the big island you got a two-week warning for mother nature that something was getting ready to happen now did you get a two-week warning from your professionals you got a two-week warning from me and the only reason you got it from me is because mother nature let me know what’s going on or whatever you want to call it the world let me know what was happening here just by the earthquakes that was taking place around the middle east rift zone so it’s kind of a no-brainer bunch of earthquakes around a magmatic chamber that previously collapsed within the past year and a half to two years and it’s refilling we know it’s refilling because it’s supposed to refill it’s never gonna sit there empty and we see a bunch of deep earthquakes that stopped start to pop off and then stop so they started and then they stopped but now here we are again and we have a new round of deep earthquakes taking place which gets me into the rest of this update we have a new deep five point something earthquake right here and it’s down at let’s see let’s get the the depth on this well first of all we have a shallows 5.7 next to it but i’m concerned with the deep one at 463 kilometers deep raised high up the globe here now this earthquake this deep five can lead to a shallower larger earthquake and it did seven hours later first this one 10 o’clock utc time and then by 1700 hours seven hours later a shallower larger earthquake pops up right next to it

yesterday when i did my update yesterday this was the open silent zone and i talked about this new caledonia at the u-shaped bend and mentioned that it was an open area that was going to be filled in by a larger earthquake than what was on both sides and what was on both sides a 5.1 on one side you see it marked in pink here and a 5.2 on the other now guess what if you take a 5.2 plus a 5.1 guess what it equals 5.3 and right in the middle that 5.3 again let’s wait for it right here struck last night filling in the middle open silent zone now the middle of the middle just got struck by a 5.7 let me show you the middle of the middle on the usgs plate boundary map over here see the big cluster of quakes so once again we have a 5.1 on one side over here and we have a 5.2 on the other side over here and in the middle the 5.3 struck then the middle point of the middle point just got filled in with a 5.7 and the middle point going up and around the bend this way so first the middle point got filled in here then it adjusted out and a new middle point was filled in between the other previous sets of fives so middle point upon middle point the equal spacing is perfect going across the region if you follow the red lines of the plate boundary like a wave tank now we do have a new earthquake right here a new five has just struck in philippines hold on wait wait hold on a 4.9 that’s right folks a 4.9 is struck over here in the philippines on top of the other 4.9 that just struck last night yesterday sure is a lot of 4.9 and going on across philippines japan the izu ridge it’s all like 4.9 and i’m not exaggerating 4.9 there 4.9 there 4.8 here 4.8 and 4.9 here 4.8 and 4.9 up here that’s a lot of the same sized earthquakes the whole region is shifting on a 5.0 basis and when i say the whole region i mean it it’s up across philippines up into japan back down across the izu ridge back down to papua new guinea all of this 4.8 4.9 in the last day and a half two days and now we just have a new 4.9 that just struck right in the middle as i’m here talking let’s just find out what time that struck because that’s like a recent earthquake here 4.9 at 1814 utc the last 30 minutes that 4.9 struck okay up to the north it’s gone completely quiet the pink earthquakes here are from yesterday here’s today’s quakes up in japan nothing right we have to go up into russia into camp jacket to get a 4.5 that’s a drop off from where we were i would call this like a surfing analogy we are between waves right now between waves so we had a swell come in a day ago with the six in japan now we’re waiting for the next swell to come in the whole region to the south is all 4.8 and 4.9 in plus a new set of deep earthquakes down below the plate now for if you’re new here let me explain the deep earthquakes what i think is going on down below the plate this series of standing waves that are forming and forming in on each other in a concentric wave that can’t compress down into the fluid of the magma so it spikes up and puts the combined force of the whole deep earthquake up into the plate from the underside from the magma and it’s hammering up into the underside of the plate like a jackhammer and it’s the combined force of hundreds if not thousands of miles of hammering action up on the underside of the red lines here so that hammering action that i just showed you in the concentric wave tank hammering in on the underside of the plate across hundreds if not thousands of miles now where’s the concentric wave coming from it’s coming up out of the magma which means the magma is being perturbed by something something greater down in the core of the earth coming up very low frequency okay so hammering action spreads out once it hits the underside of the plate this giant spike of all the combined force of the wave it then spreads out through the plate following those red lines that i’ve been showing you since the start of the update following the plate boundaries like a wave tank so imagine these red lines on the map here like the wave tank in the laboratory containing the wave and the wave spreads out across the whole tank and drops off same size to earthquakes either at the peak or the trough or the valley the bottom of the wave or the top of the waivers anywhere along the curve from the top to the bottom but i would think it’s either at the top of the bottom and we’re getting same-sized earthquakes spreading out across whole regions just like waves in a wave tank standing waves in a wave tank so far the new push has reached up into philippines all in the five range now this is all going to combine and go up into japan again and it’s going to strike the new middle point between the previous sets of earthquakes

and look how many there are so there’s at least one at taiwan one in south japan one on the coast of northeast japan and one up at hokkaido that’s four earthquakes that should strike each middle point between our sets of quakes should get filled in and i’m counting at least four one two three four this one right here in the middle is where they all overlap that’s on the most famous earthquake zone on the planet the coast of honshu northeast of tokyo so they’re due for four quakes that are bigger than these 4.9 the combined total of all the 4.9 is going to combine and go up into japan again and strike at the middle point it’s going to combine on both sides of the plate boundary and go up to the letter h shape bend in the blade now the halfway points from taiwan south japan coast of honshu up to hokkaido all are going to be filled in by larger earthquakes than what are here right now larger than the 4.9 as we go over to the west we go quiet across western indonesia one lone earthquake up here next to mount cinebung but the rest of the activity let’s go look at the volcanoes really quick i mean come on the kilauea is blowing so we just have to go quickly check and go see if there’s anything else going on volcanically i heard rupahu i can’t pronounce it down in new zealand has had the alert level raised over at it but let’s just go take a look sakurajima blowing in south japan savankaya going in peru buego in guatemala popocate patal kilauea there it is steam and gas look it’s not every day you’re going to get killer whale on the volcanic ash advisory center but their remark is no volcanic ash is observed it’s steam and we wouldn’t expect big volcanic ash unless there’s a huge blast those lava fountains are just gonna be making a little bit of smoke and steam not much ash but if it blows if there’s a huge blast that somehow happened let’s just say that this is a pinhole prick in the top of the magma chamber and i’m wrong and it’s not just going to be some kind of lava fountain look at this stuff on the look what dude okay look at the ad on the side of that you gotta be kidding me all right we’re going back over let’s go back to the volcanic ash advisory center list just really quick one more time so mount aetna in south italy klugetskoye wait wait hold on there was a hold on i didn’t know this i just found something out about this it’s not in the stories not in any of the mainstream media stories there was a flight level 300 volcanic ash cloud observed up to 40 nautical miles south southwest from the summit area a volcanic ash cloud flight level 300 detected on local radar well i mean okay so it’s confirmed there was a 30 000 foot high blast that accompanied this now they don’t have any more warnings going for it so i guess it blew up and went out down into a non-flight zone out in the middle of the ocean okay so when it blew when it blew it did send off a 30 000 foot high blast my god that is a huge deal guys so it’s not like it’s just a lob event like i thought so there was a big blast out of the center of this thing oh thank god it went out into the ocean oh my god if it would have you guys got so lucky on this because of the time of year that this is happening happening if this would have just been a few months later it would have blown right over it over to you that’s amazing oh talk about luck well hey hey hey look people in hawaii okay you guys got some good luck going for you out there right now all right getting back to it now we’ve seen the list there’s no new additions to the list except for kilauea now let’s show you down in new zealand where rupahu i can’t pronounce it let’s go down and just pull the name and you guys could try and do it probably better than i can i could probably go look it up but what’s the point there it is don’t try to correct me don’t try to tell me rapu is one of new zealand’s most active volcanoes let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat it’s a complex strata volcano constructed during at least four cone building episodes dating back about 200 000 years ago sounds so much more believable when you say it like that all right now so the middle point there in the middle between our previous sets of earthquakes is now under stress look where the rings overlap between our five up in the kermadecks or is that our six between our five up in the kermit x and a 4.5 down at well let’s see that’s north north of christchurch okay uh so anyway where the rings overlap right on the volcano on the

north island one more time look where the volcano is it’s south of toppo oh and by the way the the area down here kaikora it the location is just south of kaikoura just north of christchurch so it’s not technically a kaikoura the 4.5 now let’s go further over the west now that we’ve gotten the volcanoes out of the way we’ve got the deep earthquakes out of the way we’ve got the alert level in new zealand out of the way and kilauea out of the way we’re gonna go over into china where there’s nothing to report another day now this is getting really weird because we’re going days and days on end without anything reported out of china and russia weird right but then we go right to the border and we pick back up with the reporting of earthquakes and i mean right at the border of afghanistan iran is even showing up on the list and it’s all 4.3s 4.3 4.3 on both sides of iran in the middle of 4.1 to 4.2 but i mean i would call that about the same size earthquake over to the west into greece another 4.3 so it’s the same size energy going across again look 4.3 4.3 this isn’t me just selecting 4.3 so i’ve got the 0.0 and greater feet turned on 4.3 in the middle of 4.2 that they downgraded to 4.1 another 4.3 over in turkey it’s all four point threes in the last two days across the whole region and the whole region is bisected by the plate boundary let skip back over and show all the new viewers this plate boundary that goes through iran over into europe and look where it goes it goes back over into afghanistan pakistan back across over into nepal and 4.3 here 4.3 here 4.3 here 4.3 here 4.3 here all the way across how much energy do you think it would take to actually displace all of the middle east on a 4.3 basis in a day take a lot of energy it’s not just a little bit now let’s talk about this a new 4.0 earthquake has struck in poland on top of yesterday’s 3.5 additionally a new mid-range three struck down here right next to campo baso right on the plate boundary in south italy let me show you where both of these are compobaso’s on the plate boundary right down here south italy south central italy mid-range three comes rolling in but poland you’ll see up here we have an arrow and uh look at my other earthquake reported out here i shouldn’t say my people think i made it look at the other earthquake reported out here off the east coast of the uk brits north sea and we go back all the way to romania it’s a spread of threes going across all of europe romania 3.3 italy 3.3 italy 3.6 up to the north we’re at a 3.9 in poland 3.1 off the coast of uk and x marks the spot 3 in a 3.3 iceland three it’s all threes going all the way across the plate and the newest earthquake is this new 3.3 that struck i didn’t mention the 3.6 there’s an additional 3.6 on the plate boundary at central italy from last night so another way to look at it everything from iceland down to the azores back to the uk over to poland back down through romania it’s a perfect match uk poland romania look at the arrows going right out to rx same within central and south europe into the mediterranean going down across the eastern side of spain pooling up down at the straits of gibraltar yesterday’s 3.0 activity down at the canaries now today’s 3.0 activity out at our letter x at the azores if you’re keeping trade you can just go watch my update from yesterday to hear me talk about all those locations that i just named i even brought up southern africa last night at 3.6 because it was about the same size of the canaries and we talked about it basically spreading out across the whole planet central and south america let’s just quickly cover this north peru right at the ecuador border the area that i talked about yesterday in yesterday’s update that was open has now been filled perfectly in by the same-sized earthquake that struck down to the cell what do we have down to the south the 4 up to the north we have a 4.5 further down to the south we have a 4.3 and a 4.4 the spacing again the equal spacing like waves in the wave tank standing waves spreading out across the region but in this case the wave tank is the red line going across south america and right here in the middle where there’s a big open area we have an erupting volcano sapankaya volcano erupting right here that fills in that middle point going all the way down if we go all the way up you’ll see another equal spacing of same-sized earthquakes that were

yesterday these three pink earthquakes that overlap with one another that was yesterday now spreading out from them going down to the south you see it up to the north central america it’s all pooling up down in central and south mexico going right up to the border of guatemala in guatemala fuego volcano’s erupting another way to look at it on the usgs map here we have a bunch of earthquakes across mexico right along the coast going right down to the border of guatemala now look what begins in guatemala the plate boundary for the caribbean plate and we have fuego volcano erupting right at the mouth of that so like a river it’s the volcano’s right at the top of it or the start of it the flow goes out over to the east and we’re expecting that to go all the way over i talked about this yesterday that if i’m wrong and the earthquake does not strike out at the edge of the caribbean it’ll be striking back here in puerto rico and i don’t want to be wrong now letting us know that something’s coming across right now haiti and dominican republic were both struck by small earthquake activities just both in the two range but something’s coming across let me show it to you this way something striking here in haiti here in dominican republic a swarm in puerto rico and i’m looking for something out here on the east side and energy is coming across again we got volcanoes erupting here a bunch of earthquakes back up behind it and this is the flow out like a river okay uh one moment hold on okay sorry about that now let’s get into the continental united states so continental u.s again let’s just quickly recap hawaii blue hawaii blue guys 30 000 foot high blast which is not in the news reports you have to go over and actually go to the volcanic ash advisory center to see that usgs playing dumb for the last two weeks acting like nothing’s going on there and i’m the only one on the planet aside from maybe one guy in hawaii who’s actually driving out there and talking about it now it’s obvious the seismic that shows up at a volcano before it erupts should not be ignored and should be talked about and told to the people that live there now up into alaska 4.7 coming in right at the aleutian island chain and then a 4.3 actually over in canada of all places which is pretty rare for us to get earthquakes reported out of canada at all but man it’s right on the edge of the craton look at the edge of the craton that goes up through canada do you see where it goes goes right along the mountain ranges and you can see the mountain ranges just really dictate the edge of the craton the folds and bends that go down through vancouver or down through bc i mean and down through british columbia and over into alberta so four is coming into the plate and really this just jumped off the ramp look at it like this the energy coming across the aleutian island chain going up into alaska jumps up into the plate and the plate absorbs it and tries to take it down along the edge of the craton so now that a new four has struck up in canada guess what’s going to increase down here on the edge of the craton in the united states earthquakes yellowstone’s going to flare back up idaho will flare back up montana will flare back up the number of earthquakes will increase coming in from the northwest edge of the craton now let’s go in and take a look go see what’s happened in the continental united states in the last day since doing my update this is 24 hours worth of earthquakes we’re getting ready to see now so it’s going to actually remove a few off the list let’s hit refresh there we go and there’s 24 hours so idaho expect the number of earthquakes and the magnitudes to take a full magnitude step up could go up as high as four-ish maybe even larger but i’ll put it at a four-cap 4.0 range in central idaho we’ll warn yellowstone for a swarm outbreak you’ll notice there’s no earthquakes reported today out of yellowstone yet in the last 24 hours they have hundreds if not thousands of tremors per day at yellowstone that’s regular but i’m not talking tremors i’m talking earthquakes breaks in the plate fractures in the crust and you’ll notice again they don’t have any earthquakes reported today so that’s going to flare up over to the west i would expect an increase back at mount saint helens and mount rainier maybe even at other volcanoes but we already have two earthquakes right below the crater of mount rainier ashford washington they’re two small quakes but i would expect the number of earthquakes the frequency and the power behind them the magnitude the amplitude to go up so we’re going to see an increase in magnitudes we’re going to see an increase in the number

of earthquakes hitting at these volcanoes look where we are we are right below the place mark for mount rainier from the smithsonian and again this is the crater oh wow wait what is this what is that when was this an imagery date i don’t recall seeing this before did they update the imagery what the heck look what’s going across the top of the crater it look i’ve zoomed in on this a bunch of times before we’ve zoomed in on this many times they must have updated the imagery here on mount rainier and look what we have up at the top a giant fisher what date was this on do i even have that i don’t we don’t have the imagery date um it says 2020 updated from google wow well that’s interesting all right moving on i’m not trying to create any problems or anything it doesn’t mean that it’s going to erupt it just means there’s some kind of crack at the top maybe i’ve just missed that the whole time but it looks somewhat fresh through the snow wouldn’t you say let’s move on amboy what’s down at amboy well we got a road and a few other things here nearby old hotspot when did this happen from september 10th we’re on the southwest flank or southwest side of mount st helens i would say we’re far enough away from mount st helens that we should look for other nearby volcanoes for instance west crater is closer than mount st helens and that’s a lava flow by the way that came out of there it goes back up to the top to west greater here okay well that’s also interesting so we have one that’s right below the crater of mount rainier that has a crack in it now that i can see at least on google earth imagery the other is coming in next to west crater southwest of mount st helens is that some kind of explosion or something no 20 kilometer depth we have to check and make sure these aren’t some kind of blasts that are taking place especially now in light of what’s going on in hawaii let’s go over to the east and see this 1.0 benton city washington okay this is spot we haven’t had to look up in months i’ve had to look it up before but it’s been months so i don’t really remember what’s there let’s go see benton benton city what’s this chandler butte not even marked what they got radio towers up on top of chandler b look at that microwave dish tower right there and we do have tuftagen basalt on the top of it but it’s not marked as a volcano interesting well you know what this is right next to gravity hill right through here and gravity hill is really just gets a slang name or wait wait where’s gravity hill is it next to prosser it’s somewhere right here kind of doesn’t matter this is the hanford nuclear waste storage facility and these are all the old experimental nuclear reactors they disassembled and left the caskets on there b reactor for instance and the ligo gravity wave sensing station here with its long lasers that detect the gravity waves so it’s ironic they have gravity hill which predates ligo’s gravity wave sensing station and gravity hill is a spot where they say that your car rolls up hill and skeptics say it’s just due to the sloping of the ground on either side of the road and it just gives an optical illusion like you’re rolling uphill and never mind all that they built the gravity wave sensing station right next to gravity hill which itself is pointed at the most heaviest elements known to man on the periodic chart all stored in one spot hey how about no earthquakes reported in oregon again that’s just that’s just getting weird they’re weird they’re weird up there no offense you know hey i’m weird too you know but not like that i wear vaporwave clothes matching outfits and stuff that’s i’m that kind of weird but up here they’re the kind of weird that doesn’t report earthquakes unless you say something and complain about it now we’ll go here into northern california where they don’t have a problem with reporting earthquakes and we’ll go take a look and see what’s there at shingletown now this takes me into yesterday’s update really because this is the same spot that we showed yesterday shingletown california right next to la tour butte there’s snow mountain silver lake mcgee peak la

tour butte smithsonian marked pleistocene volcano and acidic lava cone one to two million years ago is this a road or is this a set of power lines here or is this a pipeline well there’s a road so you can see that’s not a road this is something else some kind of clearing and i’m looking for power lines but i don’t see any so if we have a clearing that doesn’t have power lines on it but it goes on for miles on end and it’s not a road guess what it is it’s a pipeline then or it could be buried power lines but they don’t normally bury high voltage transmission lines so you would look in and try and find your pipelines through the area find the substations that power them get out right there yep pipeline and they have these spots where they can go in and shut off or in case of emergency and you’ll find the pipeline has spots where the roads cross and they’ll put markers along where the roads are so let’s just go see if they have markers here indicating a pipeline yeah there we go there’s the markers indicating the pipeline and i actually the yellow is certainly yeah css petroleum well you can’t really see that it says petroleum petroleum pipeline so that’s oil some kind of oil black gold all right and you know what they take that pipeline right through the volcanic field let’s see where it goes across the lake really yeah is that a oil sheen coming off of that going into the lake i hope not yeah there’s the pipeline right there there you can see it goes back in the ground let’s see where is this thing going it just keeps going oh look look it goes through the lava field this is these are this is the lava field right here lava spring state park it goes right next to timbered crater and keeps going and keeps going is this going up to like canada or something anyway it’s going up to oregon let’s go down to the south where we have alone 0.0 and then a cluster of earthquakes over to the east of it as a matter of fact let’s just pull the cluster of earthquakes and then look between lake tahoe and pyramid lake this all happened since yesterday a cluster outbreak at fernley nevada up near the surface 0.4 kilometers deep so this is pretty close to the surface a surface quake if you will what’s there take a look look where we’re going i’m serious look where we are black butte volcano on the edge of a geothermal and solar electrical generating operation these are all solar panels these are geothermal pumps there’s the volcano and the earthquakes right across the road from it we also have railroad here we also have power lines here and i’m wondering what this is ah the geothermal pipeline this is the drill point for the geothermal we can follow the pipeline on the surface carrying the steam likely back over to a geothermal well let’s see did they go oh yeah yeah here we go here’s more of them and follow the pipeline over to the east and they should go right back to the station to pump to turn the turbines okay so we’re right next to the geothermal drill point there’s a swarm there now the other earthquake is right over here next to this giant oval shape the giant oval shape is in between lake tahoe and pyramid lake and it has geothermal fields on both sides of it up here the needles at pyramid lake the geyser field and small volcanoes that go down into the lake and down here on the south side steamboat springs but i actually want to pull the coordinates on the zero i know it’s just a zero but it’s in the east side middle east side of the giant oval which i think is a caldera of an ancient super volcano as yet undiscovered by professionals yeah we’re right next to sugarloaf peak butte casimiro one of my viewers lives like right out here you got an earthquake right next to you bro but really it’s next to the super volcano the caldera which it’s lined with volcanoes and gets hit with earthquakes around the outside edge and in the middle over to the west let’s go pull the coordinates on this cobb california wait a second let’s pull the coordinates again the geysers depending on which earthquake you click on one will tell you what’s there the other does not cobs no there’s no cobs there there are geysers here at this geyser field at geyserville california on the side of clear lake

volcano here another ancient volcano that’s been drilled into take a look drilled into this thing to get steam to turn the turbines to provide electrical power to the power to the area and the earthquake is coming in next to another geothermal drill point and i mean right next to it these spots where they drilled in to the volcanic field to get the steam as we go further to the south we have another little outbreak i wouldn’t call it a swarm but it certainly is an outbreak in the bay area next to the hayward fault let’s go pull the coordinates i think we’re back at the spot we were at yesterday but the only way to find out for sure is to look it up yeah a rolling wood i think that was the location from yesterday so it’s really i guess just carrying on from yesterday so let’s put the coordinates in and show you what’s there we looked this up yesterday we’re right on the hayward fault there we go directly on the hayward fault we’re also at a landfill and makes you wonder it really does makes you wonder methane landfill hayward fault shifting breaking but the fault is what i would lean that to over to the east we have a power station but it’s far enough away we got hit at this power station right across the road right over here like two weeks ago an outbreak right below this tower that’s why i marked it but now i again we’re on the fault i don’t see anything else there but i could be missing something if you guys know of something leave a comment down below and i save this over on youtube you guys know about anything here i mean like what if there’s an old mine here or something something major whatever it is uh what is this a cemetery oh no not again oh oh i got a cat meowing okay now let’s carry on from the cemetery and go down to the east southeast we’re next to monterey bay 1.8 2.2 1.1 all three are directly on the san andreas so i don’t even need to go look them up but i will pull the middle quake just to show you the san andreas we’ll turn on the usgs plate boundary map again tectonic plates and us vaults the thick red line is the san andreas and oh well really we’re on a fault a mile to the east of the san andreas i don’t know the name of it oh boy okay i need to find out i’m just that retentive i need to find out the name of it’s like a no hold on right here the sergeant fault zone northwestern section of the sergeant vault there’s the san andreas okay again i just want to know for my own sake case anything happens there the whole area is shifting going from the volcano down past the bay area at the hayward fault down to the creeping section of the san andreas same time that’s shifting and it’s not that great of shifting it’s just all in the two range basically over to the east the same sized earthquakes zeros ones and twos striking over next to the geothermal pumping operations we go back up to the north one quake before we get to complete radio silence out of oregon the volcanoes up to the north getting hit and over next to the ligo gravity wave sensing station getting hit over at the california nevada border this gets fairly easy all of these earthquakes here going from the 1.5 across to the little swarm of zeros over to the big stack spread around a super volcano called long valley caldera going over to monte cristo hills volcanic buttes with this line of quakes and the line of quakes points back to the super volcano let me just show it all to you over on google earth and i show this in almost every update so it’s like getting kind of old for me but for new people there’s a line of quakes going from here all the way back down pointing to this the other giant oval shape and i don’t have to guess if this is a super volcano it has a thousand cubic kilometers of melt measured down below confirming it as such in the middle of it they drilled in to get steam that’s where the little outbreak’s taking place next to the geothermal turbines in the middle of the caldera then we go to the border we’re at mono lake and we jump across over to monte cristo hills volcanic center border mono lake oh wait let me turn the borders back on here’s the border here’s mono lake the other earthquake right next to it and then that big line going all the way across here and that big line of quakes mimics where the crack in the ground formed

that was a 12 mile long surface fissure fracture which formed right here now i was contacted by people who wanted to let me know something was over here to the east that i had never pointed out well i never saw it i think google updated their imagery recently because now over here just to the east of monte cristo look at the giant power generating station that’s here these are all mirrors that point in at a center boiling point that center boiling point creates that steam which then turns the turbines and provides major power for the area now what are the chances i’m serious guys now that this is updated you can see this giant power generating station over on the east side of monte cristo hills and this is the spot right here where we get our 6.5 earthquake and outbreak next to the giant power generating station that’s massive i’m gonna say it it’s related and it just now i’m just now noticing because of the big solar farm that’s right there and the station is putting out power and likely the power lines are going along these areas too and i’m just not seeing those yet i didn’t look for them close enough nonetheless out here at the tip another way to look at it the power station is right here no exaggeration on the back side of our arrow perfectly again the arrow comes over and goes right in through here and that’s where the power station is man so super volcano at the california nevada border moving we go over here to the far east and again this one another spot lone earthquake out next to area 51. rachel nevada but really we’re next to goblin knobs and the lunar craters so there’s a volcanic complex there’s area 51 to the west of here this earth earthquake several kilometers down below in the crust got some houses there here are the lunar craters so if i’m going to lean towards it being something it’s likely related to the lunar craters didn’t mean to hit the microphone there again i need to move this away from my face there we go okay lunar craters and that’s a lava flow that comes off of an old butte so these are older this was formed a long time ago and then a younger flow broke out the side of it think of kilauea what just happened to kilauea a younger flow came out the side of the older volcano and that’s what’s going on here but it’s a giant lava field that goes down to the goblin knobs which are just older versions of lunar craters so lunar craters are the younger ones and goblin knobs are the older ones that’s where the earthquake is directly at it what about the other lone quake down here just to the south of the super volcano right at the california nevada border silver peak nevada paste those coordinates and look it up man what a day today is i’m telling you guys i don’t forecast eruptions but when i see seismic activity taking place around the volcanoes i have to tell you look where we are on this we’re on the side of you behind the craters we’re on the south side of the volcano the super volcano way up here but really we’re right next to the ube heavy craters i always look within forty four zero miles because the magma chamber can shift by many many miles over the course of a long period of time the plate will move and the magma chamber will shift they’ll separate or stretch out this is just 17 miles so definitely close enough and you behave craters are huge that’s a crater look at that down in the ground that’s not a that’s not a peak you know again you look at it from the side you can see it’s depth oh hello wednesday come come hither as we go down to the south wednesday we’re going to go look at some volcanoes down here in owens valley we’re going to start up here next to kozov volcanic field where they’re generating power at another substation and geothermal power plant where they drilled in to get steam and we’re going to go down here to the east south east darling we’re going to end up down here at lava mountains so we go from one set of volcanoes down to another and one power generating station and down here to the south at lava mountains is where they’re expending power military test range let me show you we start with the earthquakes up here on the north side of this volcanic field called kozo volcanic field you can read the smithsonian on it well you can’t read the smithsonian on it but i’ll read it for you it’s an old volcanic field from the ice age wednesday now we go down to devil’s kitchen

and here we have geothermal turbines where they drilled into another volcanic field the line of earthquakes goes east by southeast down to the lava mountains where i said there’s military test range and there really is the rocket test range military test ranges all the way across here and i showed them yesterday here let’s see if i can find one the rocket site let’s see if i can yeah here’s where we were yesterday right here or they do the blasts they’ll hook up a rocket in there and see if it burns out fully the bunkers that are in here and all that good stuff okay that’s where we are so a line of quakes but the number of quakes here super low one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven you could call these two twelve and thirteen thirteen earthquakes we’ve seen hundreds go on here in a day’s time so the flow has been cut off up here to the north and it’s like a line going across the california nevada border going over to monterey bay the flow has been cut off you see where the flow is right now central california we would expect a break between the two okay as we go further down to the south down in southern california the east portion of the l.a basin started to move going right up to my warned area that did not get hit this past week flop out belly flop total bomb out got it wrong i issued a warning here down in southern california on the san andreas for up to 5.5 and nothing hit zero i mean well zeros ones and twos so next to nothing seismically speaking struck instead the energy went over to colorado and struck with a four in colorado in a four or near four in kansas a swarm of threes in kansas so energy went out on the edge of the craytown over the east and i struck out down here in southern california but the flow to southern california has been cut off so it’s all zeros ones and twos actually just zeros and ones and then we get down to mexico and we got a two how many twos are in here like one two down in southern california one that’s low the number of earthquakes is low the amplitude or magnitude behind these also low i want to go see where they are though san gabriel california nine kilometer depth down below northeast la again we just got to go see what’s there there could be an oil pumping operation there or it could just be on the fault but if there’s an oil pumping operation there that’ll make a difference it’ll mean that the man-made pump points are getting struck i just gotta check and see okay it’s far enough away hold on unless there’s one here i don’t know south pasadena or something in here so there’s no pumping ops right here let’s go check the faults famous last words wednesday just told me there was come on come here this cat i swear this cat is the best cat in the world 20 years old almost 21 yeah okay we are we are directly on is that the san gabriel gabrielle fault it looks like it is let’s just go in and see coming in through here northeast la let’s turn on our topographic map street map satellite view and compare northeast la right along yeah you know what it’s gotta be that’s gotta be so right up in here it’s probably not called the san gabriel fault though does it matter i i should try to find it i really should oh no it is hey it was a good guess that was a guess san gabriel fault zone honor roncho section rancho section okay one earthquake on the fault down in northeast l.a again like i said that’s low the rest are going along with san andreas and we branch off around both sides of the san andreas now this is the only change that i can really see in the past week that the east side of the salton sea look at the spacing on this 1.5 1.3 1.2 1.2 1.4 and the spacing is virtually perfect all the way down the east side so let’s show you the east side of the san andreas east of salton sea to see how this is making that bend around salton sea do you see the thick red line normally the flow goes right down across the san jacinto path of least resistance but it’s going around the outside edge

in the past day the whole san andreas has shifted down to the south but only on a one basis ones all the way across 24 hours time from la all the way down to mexico now once we get to the east side east southeast side of salton sea we’re at volcanoes and geothermal pumping operations there’s a volcano down at southeast side of salton sea called sultan buttes down here where the 1.4 is geothermal drill point down here where the 2.5 is in mexico another volcano called cerro prieto volcano in a geothermal drill point there let me show them all to you starting east southeast of salton sea here’s the sultan buttes marked by the smithsonian and on the side of the sultan views all the drill points geothermal to get steam to turn the turbines to provide electricity sound familiar it’s like the tenth place i’ve shown you that’s doing this now we go from the volcanoes and the geothermal drill points down next to westmoreland where there’s another set of geothermal drill points and the pipelines that go out to all the drill points are around here then we go down to mexico right across the border and hear cerro prieto volcano and it too has been exploited for geothermal by the mexicans and here’s their geothermal field with all their drill points taking it back to the turbines to provide the power and we have a hot spot there to top it all off right now wait let’s just make sure we have a hot spot right there are these like solar farms or something no no that’s all fields right across the border looks like we got more geothermal warren h brock reservoir i don’t know don’t wanna make about all that a hot spot right there on the mexico side of the border this could turn into a really long update now i have to go look up the hotspot see what’s going on out there california mexico let’s go in on a sub-regional sector view of southern california as a whole ah that’s not gonna show up let’s go to a localized sector view right down here in mexico that’s not gonna show it okay let’s go to a localized sector view of the border there that’s gonna show it and we need to turn on shortwave infrared and now i’m gonna tell you something i’ve noticed i think they may have changed the shortwave feed guys to omit those beams that we were seeing it looks a little cloudy doesn’t it it doesn’t look as high resolution as it used to right it looks like they adjusted the bands maybe oh yeah look at our hotspots down there they’re flickering on and off like a little christmas tree on both sides what’s this over here on the east side this is in the sanaran desert hold on we have a hot spot down here too right down here in the desert what is all this i don’t know some kind of farming going on out there okay well it’s on the edge of the sonar and desert which is really just on the edge of pinakate which are the hundreds of volcanoes that are littered across this volcanic field look at all of them and look at the younger ones these are the younger and the older look how many there are those are all volcanoes and lava flows out in the middle of the sonar and desert and just west of there we have our hot spot there and a hot spot up here right along the border two hot spots all of a sudden on a clear day let’s make sure it’s a clear day before we say that so you know i mean somebody will try and tell me it’s like caused by a storm or something no completely clear day 100 clear let’s go turn back on our shortwave infrared just see if there’s anything else across the state gotta look there might be there might not be who knows only the shadow knows who knows the secrets in the hearts of men or whatever all right where are we we are well we have a little hot spot starting to appear in the east side of the valley right now right up here i need to go zoom in really close on the northeast side of the valley yeah yeah right here watch right here at the center of the screen it just appears right in the last frame right there i might not even be on google earth yet let’s go see nope no current hotspots marked across the east side of the valley at all the last one that i have marked here is from september 10th nothing okay well when it refreshes

we should get some kind of hotspot signature out here over in the east part of the valley marked on google earth because a little speck is showing up there today on a clear day amazing hot spot in the east part of the valley let’s go up to the north part of california see if there’s anything going on up there again where there’s one there’s more now this to me right here is interesting hold on look at that hot fog hot steam hot fog east of monterey bay in the valley this morning that’s like a steamy fog and just vaporizes off but it’s dark it’s warm we gotta go see what’s there east of monterey bay were there was there an earthquake there oh man look guys look look where our earthquakes are and this hot spot right here hot fog or hot steam eastern monterey bay i gotta go see if there’s anything of significance up there right in here ah look at this a lake of some kind what is this place called the san luis reservoir recreational area showing up is warmer with some kind of fog or steam above it right next to the san andreas that’s what it is that’s what that is right there and then vaporize is off wow well it’s warmer than the area around it i don’t know what to make of that other than it’s warmer than the area around it enough to show up as something that drew my eye to it now let’s look across northern california see what’s going on there we have some hot spots starting to develop in the valley again around sutter buttes just one right now and it looks like this morning there was also some kind of warmer fog that was in the area that vaporized off right there at the last second let’s go see and show you what’s there here are the sutter buttes these are marked by the smithsonian and around the sutter buttes we have these that go into the side of the volcano all the way around at all of these i think that’s geothermal but there might be oil and gas mixed in with that it goes down into the fields here and it goes it skips a little bit and then up here we got another cluster of them up here and that’s where this new little flickering hotspot showing up which is just now showing up in the last frame right there it’s the tiniest little thing but it’s showing up let’s go up to the north and look in oregon oh wow we got several hot spots across oregon right now here’s this morning and then poof right there three one two three and this hot spot is coming up up in central oregon we could probably even determine where the location is in oregon really quick by turning on the county lines let’s do that county lines it’s right on the count oh this should be pretty easy to find look at the stair step of the county line there and that black dot that just appears there suddenly let’s go see what’s there there might be something of significance there like i said should be easy to find it’s in central oregon stair step pattern on the second stair step up of the county line oh look google’s refreshed and it’s got the most current hotspot right there what do we have here nothing do we have any power lines around the area that i need to be aware of any kind of power generating station that needs to be brought to light i don’t see anything like that oh wait over here we got huge power lines huge one two three sets of towers wait four sets of towers one two three four four sets of towers and power lines going right next to the area now how many miles is that away ten miles away like i’ve talked about looking within a couple miles but 10 miles seems far enough away that it wouldn’t be related unless it’s somehow electromagnetically going into the crust right next to an airstrip of some kind but that looks pretty rural in its own right just a random hotspot out here in the middle of nowhere what’s this okay just a clear cut nothing

nothing of any significance around the whole area let’s pack it out and see if there’s anything else we’re to the east of a volcanic butte called black butte and blue lake crater these are all lava flows if you want to see something impressive all these are lava flows going back to belknap knoll yeah that’s not forest fire those are all lava flows and yeah we’re just to the east of there but i don’t have any volcanoes marked here at all you guys know of anything around here around prineville please let me know i mean volcanically speaking or electrical what if there’s some kind of power plant here that i’m just missing in which case there could be enough energy generated then to put into the crust to cause a hot spot come up 10 miles away but as i see it right now i don’t see much of anything there somebody’ll be like that’s where the nuke plant is dutch like does oregon have nuclear power plants i don’t think they do the only way to find out would be to look that up but we’re not going to bother that right now let’s turn off the counties and go up into washington see if we have any hot spots up in washington nothing nothing in washington just in oregon and california are there any across the rest of the plate let’s go see the new madrid seismic zone nothing i guess all the farmers just stopped burning their fields ah there’s nothing now we go down into the south into the southern states and i haven’t checked that in weeks but let’s just take a quick look looks like georgia might have a few we do we’ve got one two louisiana louisiana has a few clusters flickering on and off right through here through the river valley talk about a lack of hot spots okay that’s good i mean it’s not like we want to see them but now that just wraps it up then then we have hot spots that are going on across the west coast at a time where the whole pacific plate is going into overdrive and let’s just go back to the start of the update which is kilauea’s eruption i wonder if there’s video killer uh eruption let’s just see oh wow wow look at that guys that’s like a current shot oh should we go back over to the hawaii volcano observatory and just see if they’ve got any kind of video of this kilauea volcano updates red warning kilauea maps quality summit photos and video december 21st 2020 wow wow dawn arrives at kilauea summit where scientists are monitoring the new eruption with kilauea caldera since december 20th three fisher vents on the wall of lame mile crater have fed lava into a growing lava lake dude oh man this person’s loving it you know when i rip on the usgs i’m never ripping on a person like this i’m always talking about an egghead in washington dc okay just let’s get that straight even if i’m ripping on the hawaii volcano observatory i’m just ripping on a theoretical non-existent person persona of an institution never on the person that’s actually there that’s gotta be the coolest job in the world for cry crying out loud okay so it’s flowing lava down into the center of the crater we will get some video out of this let’s go look at the air quality tracker a non-government website uh-oh thurston lava tube it’s called thurston hey how often do you use the word the name thurston how often do you hear the name thurston because last night i was joking around about being stuck on an island with bill gates and that i would be the professor and who’s going to be gilligan and then i said bill gates would be on the island he’d be thurston holla the right and i was joking around i said hey thurston we were joking around in chat that’s just too weird i i mean thurston is not exactly a name you you readily are saying on a daily basis that’s freaky okay so we have co2 so2 trace amount emissions and other gases also

mixed in with that i’m not shocked by that let’s just click on this and get a greater view is that is that the biggest we’re going to get on this okay that’s the biggest let’s go to the original this is the original amazing stuff going on there okay well you know what i don’t need to see a video although there probably are videos they’re probably recorded by private individuals which then it would be a copyright violation i can’t really show that anyway do you have an earthquake plan you know i say this all the time and whether you know me or don’t know me whether you like me or you don’t i’m gonna tell you whether you’re a troll or a lover a hater or whatever please take the time to have an earthquake plan and maybe if you’re open-minded you should start to maybe look into some of the stuff that i put out over the last 10 years about the relation between earthquakes across distances and fulcrum points and seismic swarms that show up before volcanic eruptions take place this isn’t me beating my chest although i probably could get away with it i’d feel a little guilty afterwards if i was but who else is gonna get on here and tell you that i warned for this and caught total hell for the last year man they went off on me hard and i mean they really made it difficult for me and they said i was trying to scare the people in hawaii you remember this you can go back and watch my videos from a year ago direct accusations from people who made videos saying that i was trying to scare the people in hawaii to get views and to make money and i had to remind them that i was doing the best i’ve ever done financially before hawaii ever even took place i don’t need to get those kind of views i’ll get them just fine doing what i do regularly so trying to scare the people in hawaii really like come on man i don’t live there i don’t know anybody who lives there and i’m not trying to scare anybody it’s something that we’re observing seismic taking place around the volcano that increased and when an increase takes place around a volcano i would encourage all of you to pay attention to it and to monitor it until it decreases there’s no reason not to and that is a proper double negative to use so take the time to develop an emergency kit and an earthquake plan because you may need it and if you don’t use the emergency kit for an earthquake you might end up using it for severe weather fire or flood evacuation maybe even just a power outage you can go and fumble for your emergency kit get the batteries out if you lose your car keys you can actu actually have an extra set of car keys or house keys in your emergency kit you’ll end up using it for other stuff besides an earthquake but the point is is to have the emergency kit somewhere where you can get to it easily so buy a door that you might have to go out don’t go file this emergency kit away into a back closet somewhere where you might not be able to get to it okay time now 1 48 p.m kilauea has erupted within a year and nine months let’s say almost two years of the collapse usgs said they thought it would be years plural many years i said i thought it would be about a year and here we are just under two years or just at two years and boom it blows thirty thousand foot eye lava tube erupted or is exploded out with fountains of lava filling it back up i don’t know if i don’t think it will fill it back up all the way although it could it could fill it up like a lake being fed by a spring or it could be that that flow just takes place until the pressure is relieved but now we know pressure was building hence the 4.0 earthquakes around the big island up in mauna loa and mauna kea aloha guys aloha hey you need it you need somebody to come on out i better i’ll have to take a boat i’m not i’m no way am i getting on an airplane man you know i’ll be just in the news a loan loan fatality from airplane crash defense right you know that’s not no way you’re getting me on a plane out there and if i’m taking a boat we’re going through the warm waters and we’re bringing extra lifeboats but i can come out and visit you out in hawaii we’ll wait a little bit how about that we’ll let all this blow over no pun intended and then we will come out and say hi to everybody so you guys are great word up and much love i’ll save this as a video and we will put it back out over on youtube to watch back at a later date much love guys

people are saying there are pics of the blast that there are picks so let me go and see if i can find him hold on oh wow okay hold on you guys ready dang are you ready man uh and people were telling me it wasn’t a lol moment yeah nobody got hurt nobody got hurt nobody had to evacuate it is a total lol moment man it is egg on the face egg on the face of the professionals here’s the vent filling up the lake but look at this look at the blast dude come on everybody say it along with me you ready one two three there it is sound effects and everything let’s click on the original dang wow oh yes this 3.0 swarm means absolutely nothing the usgs says two weeks ago oh dutch senses are just trying to scare people for views well wow i’m gonna save this one we’re saving this save the image as killah you ah there killaway r exist yeah yeah we’re gonna replace that wow amazing stuff going on there that’s huge i’m glad we got to see that thanks for telling me guys thank you for telling me we will be back if anything else goes down peace out

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