hello we are back and we’re here to play another game I meadow hey how you doing across oh my and we’re joined by tish hey so we’re gonna be doing is we’re going to be playing forbidden island and if you remember what ever been desert you’re right desert desert well which one is it I of investor desert it depends on how many s’s are in there if his 1ss desert it was wait if it’s one ss desert if it’s two S’s there you go well does it have 1s or 220 no I’m so it is forbidden desert now if you remember for one of our earlier videos a long long time ago before the dawn of time we did the forbidden island yep and this is the sequel to it because they had a hit on their hands and forbid model was a really cool game and everything like that we played it quite a bit and I’m gonna be playing the sequel which is arguably more difficult than the first one because a couple things you have to watch out for so the whole goal of the game is if you can see on the other side of the board here in front of Who am I we are trying to find parts to a flying machine so we’re going to do is that as we go through this desert here we’re going to flip over tiles and everything like that we’re trying to find these parts and we find all the parts and we get back to the starting space then we win which is a good thing I think yeah however a couple things are working against us first of all there’s a storm that is actually in the middle of the desert here and as you can see these little odd tiles that are placed right here these are Sam tiles and they’re going to obstruct our ability to will call excavate these tiles and flip them over and there are a couple of different things you can find in there you can find equipment and of course the parts for the aforementioned flying machine the other thing that’s running against us is water all of our cards here for our abilities and whatnot but what we are similar to forbidden island we have different abilities there’s also water so there are certain cards in this particular deck here called sons beat Sun beats down and we’ll lose a point of water every time of any player at any player reaches the skull and crossbones on their card everyone loses but how are just like forbidden island forbidden desert is cooperative game so we want to make sure that we attempt to work together to get through here now once again is that like the eyelid sinking and forbidden island um certain things are going to happen this little chart over here that normally stands up but we put it out this way so you can see it if it keeps going up we reveal more and more cards from the deck as the storm picks up and then the region skull and crossbones well then we all lose stuff we picked our abilities or cards or whatnot at random IM the archaeologist and I can clear to sand tiles to stand one topper action Who am I Who you I am the climber and I’m a cake mother player with me when I’m yes and then Trish and the New Year religious I can spend actions to draw fewer storm cards one card for action at the end of my turn or I can spend it one action to storm cards equal to the storm level and optionally place one at the bottom of the deck and X act arguably one of the better cards and again I think two of the best individuals in the game are the meteorologist and then also the water carrier the water boy is yes yes we can also when we’re on our same tiles we can exchange gear cards if we want and pardon me we can also exchange water when give it to someone who really really needs it so what’s going to happen every term we take up to four actions and then we do all the bad stuff and then it’s the next person’s turn so I’m going to do is go ladies first okay so you’re going to get up to four actions here so i won’t know where you like to go here i can move it for you or you restructure choice um move actually where I am now um yes I will remove see okay it’s gonna be one action I’m gonna put it back on the stack you all right I’m good Stan from 1x from Alan okay she got two more left and I can leave do it diagonally right oh I’m sorry I can’t do it diagonally to remember okay yeah it’s correct all right um and you can flip over the our own well we already knew that one yeah ah well it’s been a long time sent it so I don’t even know what’s underneath it it’s probably going to be a gear card okay we might as well turn that way okay so excavate this top yes and this little cell down at the bottom of the card tells you what you can get is a year so it’s going to get blue lagoon blaster remove all sand from your tile or from an adjacent tile I can play it at any time and it does not count as an action yep so all these gear cards you can play them whenever you like and they don’t count as an action this point so if you start to accrue them then you can use them at your whim so you have one more action left there okay um Oh move me over to the title it’s okay so

I’m gonna move you on over to here so that’s your for now what’s going to happen is then what we have to do is we have to do the bad stuff oh no it draws hands for himself right now we’re at storm level two here so we’re gonna get two cards here so actually I should turn this like this simply because we can see and you can actually even though the way the compass rose is on the backs of the card you should match the compass rose on the gemstones yeah I a damn oriented this way so that way they could see that that way they can see the cards that are going like this hopefully on the edge of the board here maybe yep down the bottom so this means that the storm is going to go this way however whenever any tiles get moved now the piece of sand gets put on it and the empty area on the map will always be aware of the eye of the storm is so okay Tish is finished there so I’m so that’s your second type of you ut oh great we got two of them it’s been a long time ok this one that means this one is going to get moved down so think of that normally what will happen is that once the first I got little San towels put down it’s okay you can move through it however once the second one this place it becomes blocked and what you can’t actually go through it unless you remove sand enough with one tile or lesser but although with my clamor ability i can go through a block top good okay so we’ve got the two tiles will move the level twice there so it’s going to be my turn here you can clear stand for two so I’m going to go I’m red I’m gonna go one here you okay and what happened is we have don’t put that won’t put that out yet this is one of the locations the north and south version of where this particular item is that goes to the airship so we find the east-west version wherever the intersects is where the treasure is going to be and we need to go and spend an action there to pick it up so i def the 12 I’m get rid of these four because part of a bit like clear to sand from one top for action let’s go do that and then I’m going to do I move for that storm is going to yeah I’m going to get buried if I go there so I’m going to be eat over this way so one two three four so let’s see what disastrous things are going to come my way here okay so this means that we’re going to move up to here mmm each of those are going to get ass and tile what’s the next one some beats down players each lose one water unless they’re in a tunnel or under a Solar shield so uh I am currently with two water left you have three because you had more starting and you had to yeah okay now under two of these particular tiles there are actually um there’s three times there’s three of them there and there are 0 ACS I think that’s the word for multiples comb well smells um what does it take one is a fake it’s dried up two of them um once it has been excavated all the individual on the target to refill the water up to their max so it’s usually a good idea for everybody congregates when one water tile and then flip it over exactly water so if you say okay we’re going to go for now there is one particular card in here uh we’re two of them I think it said goggles what not you can peek underneath the tile so you could say should we go that way let me take a look okay those are both of my cards weren’t they yeah so great wonderful absolutely fantastic on beach now does that mean fingers okay you know that’s going to be storm pics on edge right here and then what would it was slow increase by one notch each time it goes up I think there are two or three in the deck so ah since my turn is over it’s good to be who I stirred okay i’m gonna move this way 12 Wow okay so what happened is that take that sundial trip put it right here because during my previous term found the the north-south and this is going to be the east-west so wherever it intersects where the tread is going to be so you’ll want to you can go back and pick it up if you want three and i’m picking the hell yeah so you want go ahead and put it on the ship why not technically I guess at the end of the game you’re supposed to do it but it gives us a concession there you go okay so we’re gonna get you two cards here first ah this one is going to go up and I’m gonna get very well you just get one tile there and since there are no other tiles down here it only moves up one so the next one is going to be this way so then will I one never got lost yeah well then just in order to pick it up you have to actually get ready and all that yeah so what is going to be okay so all that’s done it’s going to be Trish’s

turn tis mr. trisch dish turn over the card that I’ve got okay excavate here and another treasure so we found the east-west for the propeller all right um that’s one move yep one please two and then flip over that card three we got another gear and you’re going to be getting wu x rattle take two more actions during a turn and again i complained it anytime and i don’t go play on my turn and it does not count as an action to play this card so basically she can get six actions total for one of our terms all right and as my final action i will clear those fans from this good job okay so for the first that stuff gonna move down to 12 whoops and boom I got knocked over that one hand and this was on to eat here so okay not too bad right now next is going to be this way okay so that’s that so it’s going to be my turn okay well hmm i’m going to you can’t excavate out there’s any sandoz money to one for my other action number of these two two that’s nice that you can do that everyone’s fell swoop I would have to yeah oh yeah but I only 241 action so I wish I had remove a full stack but that’s what you do much of a difference 23 not a tunnel I’ll find a tunnel is that there is another tile on here that has this icon which means that you can actually move from this up tile to let’s say it was up here you can just move right over here for one action however there’s also a gear gear icon written there so I’m gonna grab this here dude a blast which is gonna be the same thing is I’m going to add this to my collection there so I have one more left all night the other advantage of the peleliu is when you get some beats down you don’t lose water exact you’re out of the Sun so I’m more I wonder if I wanted to go north yes well let’s live dangerously go that way okay so let’s see what the first bad things going to be okay on to so buried there ok so the next one storm picks up move the sandstorm mark up one tick mark start drawing this amount next turn so what happens now instead just drawing to at the end of every turn we’re going to start drawing three as you can see if you have played the game before or you every time this card code keep moving up a notch until we’re revealing six cards a turn that’s not going to be very good because the next point is going to be we all lose the game so okay that’s that that was let’s see here that was me together I guess who must hurt okay hmm well something tells me what keep going up and see if we fear as much losses one three okay he’s got a good heart heart yay you’ve got a terrace cope what does it say their terrace cove peek under any honey a peek under any unexcavated tile sorry brand new tongue from walmart yes so what it is that sometimes I say okay which one of these wells is actually going to be the one that’s dried up now when you can sort of use it to figure out which one it is or if you think I think the propeller thing is going to be over here you could use it like that well okay here’s what I want to ask you guys I still got one more turn would be smart to me use the terror scope to check this well pile because if it’s not can we know that two above us are the ones we want if you like doing more than welcome to so another word well well your and that on over so I can discard it and that is not a glob well yeah well we can show it to everyone there yep and that’s the one that’s dried up so we can basically sort of ignore that one and then we know that both of these up here it’s a shame that word spread out because you have to go all the way back here again but we know one place that we don’t need to go we don’t need extubated either so it’s one less actually we have to worry about you still got you I don’t want to get you ate food until we need water exactly so tears didn’t yeah so I guess I will clear this pile of sand I start working my way around the pits so now what we do is we’ve got three cards I return here persico store picks up we start drawing it next turn so don’t worry about that that was the first one oops where we still got three still draw three God still true and 12 so we can’t do anything here because it’s our storm was already right here we can’t movie

tiles up and then same thing nobody does that storm will like it okay then that was that okay I have a curve kitchen both rules since I’m starting on a title that has stand on it no I have to remove that stand before I can do anywhere no only if you had only of the powers block so if it did if this was over here if you were like this you would have to remove sand order to do anything but as it is I can leave it yes okay you just can’t you couldn’t excavate it let’s just say all right ok so I’m going to move up here is one excavate for 22 as you’re gonna get a gear card all the gear card Solar shield you and other ponds on your tile may ignore the effects of the Sun beats down until the start of your next turn so I can play it at any time and it does not count as an action and I will discard it when I’m done so it’s a one-time thing but everybody on my on my note I’ll yes’m ok so that was too you have two more left hmm ok ah let me move to here is 3 and then flipped one more over as for and there’s the other tahoe there’s a tunnel ok and then they get khareji got another another solar shield so you and other pawns on your tile made ignore the effects of Sun beats down until it’s dirty neck strain and so once again this is where the other end of the tunnel was so we can go back and forth from here for what just one action ok so let’s go for retards here uh we can’t go that way Kenley Sun beats down so you don’t lose anything because she is in a tunnel however I lose one and whom I highly want we’re down to one each come up to the water ok and what is all start recording with you for me this is my third card we can’t do that one either can we storm likes us and eventually it’s kind of a is gonna be all their blow up during my turn here ok it’s going to be my turn here I’m going to go one two three four I think that might be a good idea so I want to do one that’s the landing pad and this is where we need to get but I’m sorry that wasn’t the starting tile it was that you get to the landing pad with everyone in order handled almost all the piece of the airship to win the game so I was going to be 12 when use this tunnel 3 and move up here for so I’m going to be ready hopefully by next turn here so we’re going to do would be three of them yourself and now this is going to get to be able to move just that one and this one so the second one ok two and the third one it’s going to be Sun beats down yeah we need that water yeah because i’m currently as your water i’m in terms of water so if we get another Sun beats down then we basically lose the game no basically we do we can trade cards if we’re on the same time yes ok so whom I’ve you come up to my um it oh yeah i can give you a Sun beats down when you’re sitting here waiting for me to show up you’ll have a shield to keep you from dying yeah ok so why did all through my cards your turn ok so i move one now can she give it to me on my turns you got me oh well that is a good idea that is a good idea uh okay uh in addition to the above actions players on the same time a share water and pass equipment cards at any time during the game for free to share water one player must mover you auntie meter one down yo yo yo ok ok so that’s guys 115 up to yeah I’m saying I’m gonna have to for those thing is put if I come over here then you too 3i will just be here with you up there and I want to be there won’t reveal the Lord okay let’s get rid of that yeah I knew that okay so you know what ah i think i’m not i don’t know if the silver shield can be all we got three Sun beats down all right I think they’re only three in the deck mm-hmm so maybe we have a Sun beats down so I don’t give you the holder with your more than ten easy protected the two of us thank you so much welcome yes I’m just wondering if Sun beats down if you can use that because i think that is what you can do

um I think you can use it in response to that says use it anytime that what it said yeah yeah I’m just I just don’t know if you have to use ahead of time but it’s okay so did that second is going to be I can’t move it anymore and last one is going to be I need to move three of those down there I’ll grab these ones here there and there and there okay so it is your turn all right um I will join the party for one and one for two I will flip over the water robux yet again hit one or two no you REO you go wait wait let’s see here add to water to their canteens that’s it so it’s not full it’s just too too all right okay you stop to up okay that is where enough details director from the end yeah the engine so that’s the east-west one we just find a north-south and we started probably one for the propeller yet have we either of course going to be on that side yeah that’s going to be all they’re all on that end of the board great so I’ve got one two three okay okay so first one move that one down one put that there and then we’re going to flip this to can’t do anything and this is upside down apparently store fix up not too bad you’re still on three yes okay then it’s going to be my point I wonder where I’m going to go this is the tongue right yes one two three and then another toe how the thousand you connect right I think so three all I get a gear part 2 I get the jet pack move to any unblocked I’ll other player on one other pawn on your starting tile may come along for the ride one two three let’s get rid of the stand so one next one’s going to be Dow can’t and of that and then the last one and move up one ok that is that is my turn ok looks like you all have that end pretty much covered so what I always think was if I go to the tunnel come down here that I start working around this way and meets you ok so I quantum is 0 1 2 2 3 whether that Liz one we knew that Stella that one is well yeah really seasoned occlusive the three then removed but with sands three and then remove Santa now on 44 there we go I did something ok first one is going to be the tunnels covered I mean Jack’s I’m fit to be whoa this way and then the last one for the deck here is going to be can’t do anything with that one ok so that was who monster and I’m going to shuffle these and then I’m gonna let you take your turn there shuffling I’m over here 1123 to flip this over oh here we go north south for that no we don’t have another one for that okay so we know where the remaining guts well one thing for each of the three remaining part 12 wears yellow three Mike we don’t 12 with the propeller we have the inhaler we have Rosie and the engines all right indonesia okay so is that all four of them that’s three but I’m going to spend an action to draw a fewer storm cards one card per action at the end of your turn so high you’re one less one yet right so you wanna draw too okay so first one here you have a move over one so get with the block on top and then for the second one because once again use the action so from three to two gonna move Wow make up your own it’s just one to bury that like that ok so at

least it’s good that you can hear in our village Allah but I can’t get through to clean on I can’t get rid of that way now ok hmm one two 3 i’m gonna regret this 4 i’m gonna regret that way because the storm is right next to me oh ok I now once again because I after a draw free so first of all is good today yeah I thought what ya told ya oh this is never goes up one and on the landing cut ok I could have used my jetpack to jump through there but still I got rid of much so i can use the dune blaster to it though I’ve okay that was old my stuff ok 12 I got a year tile you got you got another Isco tetris coke or whatever it turn 34 so we get you I don’t think there’s any way you don’t need to look at under two quick put 12 Sun beats down so everyone is out in the open i believe and the other she got a full of shield episode but she starts a bunch of water right now have a lot of water you can’t do anything ok I’m sorry autónoma 12 now now there’s something you could do I know if you want to use the doom blaster for that instead you can quickly turn over that time attorney thing but something to do is pursue them right I use please doomed blaster blaster get rid of all is it is in other words you that means you still have do it all for because you lose your mind we left to really ooh there’s the engine part well that means that means it’s I believe he’s on i believe so on the tablet you just revealed because they’re both right above each other no it’s on this row and this column so it’s right here oh ok well let’s do it that way okay right there oh so that’s only three actions from me should I go back and pick up for bees position to pick it up next time oh wait cuz a storm’s far enough we hopefully won’t catch it it’s gonna catch me and look it’s gonna catch me or should I leave no it’s gonna get me you gotta go ahead go ahead brother actually i’ll leave it as is and i will draw a wonder fewer storm card on the plan so i was gonna draw tip Sun beats down this is not as nothing to be good get some old weena 44 here and i’m down to zero again oh I i would suggest we all go back to get water again but I will put my towel if I campus is I guess it was going after you there yeah it don’t like me anymore all right there’s my two thirds yep it’s me uh because my best hope is to try and find a tunnel down here and there’s got to be a bubble in one of this one is from distances for the tunnel road up here one well there’s three tunnels I’m betting there’s four well I it’s been a while so I don’t recall every what I’m going to do is I’m going to go genpact by Terry I don’t think I can answer that time no but I language clean this on idea one and two and it was um dear friend I got secret water reserve all players on your tile receive to walk at all run run run run well I think I know when that comes out oh really mm-hmm and then just in case might as well use it yep use it ilysm okay so we’ll be okay I have faith in you to

make up your mind where you’re staying hey we’ve already discovered i’m not working and then it’s going to be on your move your tile down there come on okay I’m glad I’m clamor yes I’m trying but you all your cat in a way yeah you can’t well you can move over to that tunnel at least and get out of the Sun yes true or you can go you can move you can move on block tiles right he’s one two three four yep so well okay uh yeah man three and four so I’m going to wait for Trish okay come on over just my here we need to get our all right car nice lovely one two three we haven’t seen me in a dune blasters from out yet yeah yeah here it here on one one thing i should note that nothing they can see them on off the video here we got a whole stack of these particular tiles if we ever run out of these if we lose the game yes there a couple different ways we can lose the game yes differently we can ask your staff to get they’ll stacked against you keep okay oh and I got oh we got one more card this is pick up your mind no really using two tiles that way okay so it’s going to be major me to do okay now what you can do is that if i can use this at any time if you have the notion to go somewhere else okay after some technical difficulties where were we uh uh uh yeah Trish was about to begin her turn here think I was deciding what she was going to do okay yeah you know Oh what I was oh that’s right what I was saying is that since I can use this at any time if you run up that way if you have the notion to do something else as you’re running by that tile I’ll just use the water reserve here giving everyone then you can continue on your merry way okay um in that case I will use my time throttle which which lets me take two more actions during a turn it solvent plan to me and that doesn’t count as an action so you have a total of six right now right so I’ll move one here to here to pick up the engine those are my two actions for the time pro and now i start my turn my regular turn with four actions I won’t live here okay I’m gonna use the water reserve so everyone gets everyone to water to you get your water too so you got three left auction yes okay i will use one action to look at the storm cards equal to the storm level and optionally placement at the bottom the deck so I can move 0 3 cards from the top of the deck yeah and then I guess you return them in the same order just next very handy pathetic take one of these out partha what is it holy ok I was thinking better show it show that you gotta show that do the three stores picks up ok well at least the stuff top two will be there and the bottom one open here oh ok hey hey hey now you’re what are your card so my my truck my turn was to move here right are my first job was here long my sugar Mary was to look at the oaks tore my heart and now i can spend actions to draw fewer storm cards 14 card at the end of your turn so i will not take picked up two cards so Bailey pick up one part yes ok we know that there is another party coming up another where is it but so in other words Who am I is gonna start drawing for cards at his turret ok so of course first one is going to be okay don’t pizza why am I so three use two actions ah geez dress I’m using two actions so she’s just gonna draw one of our key parts right so i only think i’ll start picks up so that it’s going to go up to just under four there ok i just thought of something could you just repeat it the first thing you said you had three actions i’m gonna use one action to take the top card for the bottom set guard put it the bottom third time and put the third card all about and we wouldn’t have to worry about some pics up at all it’s hecka all three of them do it right

to the bot oh yeah well so okay so it’s going to be my turn so i’m going to go one two 340 and now a crystal connects they’re here oh it’s gonna be right there on the on the landing spot so all we need to do is get one more try to run back there and we win okay well that was in your thing yes so I’m gonna be getting three cards 1g did you say about me I was gonna have them stored picks up no no I know this thing is that you start drawing this amount next turn knows you’re gonna start drawing for but it says continue to draw this number here Sun beats down I’m still in a tone I’m still one of us hit response gonna use the jetpack to jump back to the head last was going to be this or so yeah we need to okay this was just these two please feel free this yep either way okay so what’s that that was three yep did it good thing your climber you can go that tunnel if you want this trip yeah but it there’s there’s nothing there a little rear right the only other thing would be with it this is a tunnel we don’t know I need them on 23 it’s at last one no it’s a gear heart you got a jetpack sir yay and that was all my turn so let’s see here I don’t think there any more Sun beats down right now so one these are going to go up make up your mind make up your mind which means switches this one will go here and I think it stays on the Sam towers are closed for the table yes we sure want to get to reveal but mine has this as the storm is its Justin I’m haces when you reveal the second clue for any part Amelia placed apart on the tile where the row and column intersect ok so here I will put it up with you have an ideal in the second place uniquely identify the location a part of merely place it on the indicated towel now when the storm blows towels around the part will move with the tile ok so we have one more card huh that one ok ok mine yes so you need to run down into that corner because that propeller piece is sitting in one of those pecan tart is you know one of us is really good is you when it comes to start lifting all those towels oh let’s see there’s something that might be able to do here where were you thinking about excavating first for you because what I’ll do is that if you move down to my tile like a use a jetpack and jump us to another column c1 it from there where would you like where r were you thinking of going if I go down here if you like to do that though and then what I’ll do is well then you know we have to move all the sand out because we can’t do anything otherwise ok 1 2 2 or should I leave it to you to clear out the stance and since you’re better at that and then i will look at fewer car I will pull for Cutie good that way cuz i can removed cuz I’ll help she’s moved to if he used to do Lester right now though oh that’s a good idea she can just step down there and clear that one that’s a good idea so I used in blossom grow and let’s give us a couple porn tiles here alright so then number three is to move there a number four is to flip it over your hook your car tonight so you’ve got yourself you got your job back oh ok could you have ok that was all your action yes hey you’re going to draw and I’m going to do fightin to make it easier for us to okay i only use my tara scope right now oh um pick which one of those you think i would be best at all you know what why don’t you pick one because i don’t want to be responsible for bad luck cuz I’m bad luck I’ll take them on its varied Morgan and we’ll see what’s underneath of it ok look in there

no that’s not it suggests what’s under the last one there so I can I 12 I can get that item next turn so you’re gonna get rid of your chairs good card obviously yes you’re right nobody oh I pick up for car dug into my turn 12 we’re not really worried about it isn’t it up there come do you think I’m worried about it can’t do anything Sun beats down fool knows what yeah so the problem is is you’re going to get rich off hold here so how many cards we do we did three this was three already put there we go and nothing can be done there okay so can you pick that thing up and then come back to my to my title because i have a Solar shield so the Sun beats down he can use his jet but are just no Jeff anymore Doug if I do I might have saw my jacket well then on your turn you can get back to hear you sure meet archaeologists thinking clear both flip it said be one or the jetpack wouldn’t count 12 and move pick it up and come back oh we did it that way wait can you can you eat can you land on a tile is all clap all move to any unblocked I’ll however I can do that in reverse order you can walk down and hear it you can water two two three four now where does this word as intersect probably right here in my time yes three and then what I will do is I will use the jetpack to jump back here that’s the last time we got this game because I can move 12 and usual as I am of any number of unblock or move no no what one port 11 other paw another pond in other words yeah but the problem is we still have to get to hear someone saw us to pick it up and we also have to all be there so it’s going to be Brian othr round or to me yeah well my turn I can go over there one because this is not blocked for me one Wow 23 and it step in there and I’ve got it but we know you’re getting the last one beats damn car here yeah that’s gonna be that’s gonna be that’s going to be fine there so okay so that was that was me then so I need 19 for cards 1 2 3 which is oddly enough it’s bitter loss if you don’t mind off all this time go ahead do you take care of it you take care of it okay and the last one I think I doesn’t it doesn’t matter we’ll fix it later exact that time started to write my big doing here you last 10 get another storm picks up yes okay okay that was yes that was my turn just hope with you now there are four Sun beats down in here yes okay I’ll take you on a rose but say do you want to run to a double no come over and come over to my title if you can it ended my title if you can I have the Solar shield which will shield you from the effects of Sun beats down which it’s more for him because he’s he’s only got one left but if you want to stay out we can I only got one left as well but if I go ahead and move one two three or I guess it okay what you could do all 10 man 3 4 do you have to clear it before you know I think you do but then I thing but let’s just assume that you have to okay all right but you have yep you need another action to pick it up yes okay so now what we can do is if who am i if we do not flip well you must do if you do not get to Sun beats down we can win the game on a Trish’s turn okay the way to happen it yeah but you’re forgetting in my luck no well here’s what’s going to happen is that during her term you pick that up for one item yes I use my jet Pat ought to take two of us over to the landing party pick that last one out ten and then we went in theory it will work let’s go okay we’re so good one Jim and these can be piled up to the ceiling well yeah he really it was your breath you’re okay

turning the green area I’d say we’re gonna win we’re so close yeah so if we ran out of that hand we get buried and then okay so the first four times I play this game we lost I think we officially won okay that’s that so what you’re going to do all right first time I yeah I will use my jetpack two dishes take me long to write oh gee I say so this does not take a faction to move over here so that was one action to actions oh no my second action is to pick that up the Civic collector and for the third action we fly away Nicola tons yes into the desert say okay everyone that was forbidden island um arguably desert you said forbidden island again which is the prequel which spells it’s also a good good oh okay this was forbidden desert yes not gonna hurt desert if anyone is um arguably more difficult than island yes because you have the other management of the water towels and everything I’d like to see them do like a third one we had an island we had a desert I mean desert no i don’t what would be the third one you look mountain or juggle I was thinking jungle but if with mountain that be very pretty good too i just tunnels you had we’re like animals in the tunnels in an old Mel lunch in a mountain what you’d have to worry about avalanches you’d have to worry about making sure everybody has enough oxygen cave as in water here David’s my wheelhouse know what if went to a snow snow region or yeah well oh whatever they’re going to whatever they’re going to come but I hope they come up with it because I’m I really do enjoy them because they’re re the good thing about it is that there are a few cooperative board games this is a sort pseudo board game but it’s either every woman’s or everyone loses and it’s a great family game that I think and I yes and it was a cook couple of months ago I think yet he had a copy forbidden island yes Milan out there and I I really pushed it to someone’s like yeah I think I’ll get it so yeah so okay once again that was forbidden desert and thanks for tuning in this morning or this evening or afternoon or night whenever you may be tuning in and i hope you looking for our next video in the future so once again I meadow kumon and Trish hey everyone see you later bye bye

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