you’re in I’m gonna cheat I’m gonna look up a wrap on Google wow I shouldn’t have said that but yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay everyone welcome to socal you’re here with me pig way we are today doing a rap battle so what do you think about that for COC we shall see who the winner is Nick vs. jub jub jub jubs goes up first slice what a nick with you little asian boys dick you [ __ ] prick errbody lose your so back one of the guys play the trumpet in the blues I’m at the top you’re at the bottom why are you born your dad forgot a condom I’m sicker than the swine flu times to my dude your [ __ ] a trapping yourself or than a wet paper napkin [ __ ] you want to keep this sick rap motion bend over kid I’ll bring the lotion no bow down anywhere we lose the [ __ ] king dude you’re [ __ ] with this you’d go to prison and drop the simple purpose all right we got name ok well all oh my god Knicks are Nick what you got well I’m crime is gonna go right up that off my head so it might not be as good all right yo Joe Joe you got a little chug chug I walk down the hallways in my squad get all the chicks the girls are disgusting you’re just scaring them away man no one lets you yeah chubs always bouncing when you’re playing some basketball came and get your feet off the ground cuz got so much Chuck jub jub jub yeah yeah I like that I guess a little m jo okay round two is gonna be Joanne man round two baby I am unstoppable you winning this battle is pretty impossible well I’m gonna win this game and you better be ashamed because I I’m gonna get all this Fame I’m come to your house bus down your door to your mom on the floor cuz with some guy cuz you just can’t get asked for work I am more money when I look at you you don’t walk you to the club round two of yo bro you say you’re unstoppable man I can stop you with one punch right to the face yes right I go to clubbing all the [ __ ] man I’ll used to sit at home you can ship sitting down watching twitch that’s right [ __ ] i go to throw my smack that ass i get the true let’s break next we have ace and t-dog Oh Halen okay you know what let me just let me just read what i have here love to read but okay I can’t be like like an upper another person’s rep yeah [ __ ] sakes for those of you who are just joining a stream we are doing a rap battle so far Jubjub has won the first round even though Nick was a great contender he was a great sport by participating Thank You name so I’ll go ahead 80 my only like 11 okay ready oh my it’s all because they’re kind of like are your mom rap okay that’s our service okay all right not reading I sorted out I’m not reading yo Trevor your mom so ratchet it’s dead your dad never so how best man you put her in a casket um 10 months oh I can’t do it I guess II really can’t do it Johnny Marty Don make what I do oh shoot pool party rock yeah on you bro what’s the kid’s name ace yo a so simple crap but it’s down on your knees you’re about to get smacked I’m the king of rap and I own this chat you barely even own a hat this rhyme is so sick so most shredders and your ugly-ass wrap your mom’s a ho or your dad’s a [ __ ] you’re so we do you even lift I killed this [ __ ] yo T dog out one more round I don’t wanna do this anymore you’re doing great is I’m so proud of you musica I’m stuck in ice cubes over here ignore something on it sir you should not have said that R&H are you ready round two wait me yeah yes

sir [ __ ] breathe is all time yo Trevor you’re so fat your your cat I’ll [ __ ] that are keen on right now sealy you like he hasn’t just wing it someone yeah go ahead Trevor yo I’m the king of rap they call me dr. Seuss I’m about cool school your [ __ ] book I got more money [ __ ] than you ever did I’m killing the [ __ ] you can’t even handle this that rhymes doesn’t it better than here rap is all that okay lyrics don’t always have to rhyme don’t you know was like who’s or something I had quality over quantity bro oh he’s talking bro I guess so again so tdawg and jumped up god no have no no no no it’s a free wind metal someone yes we have to go get mom sniper so snake point either you are rattling to the halo first I think he’s going to summer quiet first hold on okay Oh rabbit so why I wrote down a wrap I told you guys watch oh oh my god that’s so gross that’s very disturbing oh he’s like I can’t miss anything oh oh oh for [ __ ] sake this is gonna be cycler pegue first he’s gone first go ahead sniper cuz I have nothing prepared I was not expecting to be rapping today I can’t cut it out everyone you meet your parents even is too excited to make you I bet you this kind of kidding we’ll wait a week in line just to meet the guy played Darth Vader putting my spear to me as a [ __ ] second grader I’m done ready I’m gonna let you be but before I go I just wanted to sit let you know GG we gotta say about that I mom 101 let’s go Boston I think it’s illegal in life to pee in front of life do it okay so your name is sniper but she’s taking pisses with people around next time wear a diaper Oh oh snap it’s gonna be you against some Shannon one more time and this is gonna decide to want to go down yeah if you want to all right who the hell you to think to mention my name on my game the door see it gladly don’t let it long ass anyway off the wall sis booked my first thought was right right on time thank you come on worse than others combine voice then chica kilo on respond on this lid on this is short you design you guys can’t stop it see you seem a bit delusional because i’ll give you this one expecting to bad little kicks

nothing you like getting home wrap it we’re gonna hold on we’re gonna have to go a goner now so for those of you that don’t know I’m caramel my name is caramel frappuccinos sniper think that he could beat you though he’s so I’m gonna boy across the country watching me though I don’t know our judge open gtalk whoever wants to go first i’ll let you guys go that would have been a good start off to the pier rapido things first is you’re the worst understandable if you now getting some Larry ready all right go me just trying to show I’ll try ladies first cuz you’re the worst I’m gonna put you into a curse Oh your mom so your mom sucks dick and your little creek I actually think Hannah good works now yeah okay jump jump we’re ready for you whenever you’re ready bro Oh mutti the whole time okay you ready yeah ready your face I’m stepping on my flow so cold you better put your sweater on I’m to ambassador buddy getting home it’s kind of speak my language rosetta stone by the way on the prius at COC also alessia raps have come at me I’m an animal rapping solas huge fit rhymes on Shakira to channel last night applause now’s your only both let’s do your raps and don’t choke he was our only boat hey yo mama we’ll all right all right oh you got tdawg round one little girl all right Chuck jumpiness his biggest enough your mom’s before she [ __ ] round it’s not a surprise that you were a mistake being dropped on your head is maybe explains why that rapture sucks [ __ ] you can’t even wrap and then wrap you just did with Shaq your apps don’t ride but mine’s drop times you don’t get [ __ ] in your parents two-digit this beat is sick I’m like your name Jeff Jeff more like dumb dumb your face is flat you stupid white trash hmm I’ll go choke job snap 80 dog that last draft was weak your biceps are tiny man even at their peak stop right now here’s some advice former group with the vanilla ice I heard it’s nice stop rapping to keep on clapping cuz i’m alana to wrap their flaws you’re not whether you suck and I’m so unlike your rep you don’t even live in your app your app is so bad it crashes the screen and the King your breath you’re not easy the king of [ __ ] my flow so good it pushes to [ __ ] you’re [ __ ] [ __ ] that likes to suck dick Jeff Jeff what a [ __ ] dum-dum think you should [ __ ] chew on fatigue of our city college girl ilocano the same room I think I know your feet European one of your lines well there on the sad know what you’re talking about like I won’t this be outta here okay no no don’t talk about it I could go walk up how long did you talk about you with an umbrella oh is this your life haha hey yo so you guys got your stuff written down already yes on anything oh I wanna face I’ve actually keep on that if it runs all the time even though it’ll make a gun Oh let’s go smack her come on home Cho Cho your [ __ ] I am I gonna be he’s choking I got I got you so it’s low do I think his arm is Paul is no no no um I gotta beat actually drink a lovely water no no beats this is a continual ghost my phone don’t I / a little particle I won’t let you lose it mommy oh you got up you leave ever oh no no music would just continue how we’re doing it at all I got

the battery in years old but there are wooden because they know this mode so you their word so that you know why balloon wisely dies their defeat when is he heading horse then commemorated the other side of the street and who can really want you they don’t stack up to my skills and then i will keep track of all my pills please you can aim to hobo if you can remember how many more things please if you think you guys can come and get then going great a little we already getting hotter than things by getting too close to you I’m not just hiding to jump on but i’m going to start back still waiting for the next four let me know all these are the snacks it’s a waste of time away somewhere and get someone got the ball call me out i’m chillin like brabham shuttle I’m going leave you it is people chanting my name I got because I gave you what they can t board and I can never be tamed oh because I got on the internet know already I wrote it Romeo sent you a picture run no no yes indeed all right good job sniper good job stifle all rights I believe I know you had time slot good job sniper all right we got faded see what he got I r we go Piper just calm down you’re getting a little too an item andaman you’re more annoying than vampires hiding do didn’t love your voice oh I rat you know what come enjoy I’m done don’t want to put done got the rap god all right ready for round two yeah courageous like my all into one but so we’re gonna yeah yeah you ready for round two join good then in vanilla hotter than space dust many clothes something saturday oh oh it’s never the same thing boys and water them right I’m human eyes I made you all the fishes I’m gonna read the height Heidi Fleiss I slow it down so I naija you got the butter loser will think about that Stephanie why’d you can call the tribes battled me here all the ways for you know the cannon go ahead that’s all I good a lot so i’ll write down and the time because you yeah don’t think i just kind of ID like it lasted about five minutes all right we’re gonna be like one the last one we’re gonna leave it to the chat again who want me with little between home fading and sniper 14 fated to meet worst night works so we’re gonna let the chat beside real fast and then we’re gonna have the final round and the final round we’re going to have the person who wins the giveaway what’s the giveaway I haven’t decided yet um I’ll leave it up to murder when is it not cool I’m so pumped right now let’s go are you okay who’s first wait wait wait we’re gonna do a red purse no no no I cancel it will just let them go so whoever wants to go first this is the only round so good luck guys ok let’s go first I’ll go

first don’t wanna go further ok ladies first t-dog you’re in the flaws you suck you’re stuck eat and you can’t get out I’m the [ __ ] King I have so much money just look at my bling you can trap you just sing you have no skill you need a pill add are all 80 milligrams I’m going ham look just read a book I am The King you are the rook alright [ __ ] a number on the scale is higher than my swag level which is impossible like you’re beating me I’m your biggest obstacle huh I think this wrap is gonna end it’s gonna make your brain bed so I’m coming down with this white flu we’re done through alright alright you don I’m gonna follow that up I see it on fire okay wind I give auntie dog no pressure but pressure ABC 123 do you think you’re as good as me you think you’re right get ready for me to beat your face your wraps are ice cold let me show you the door my flow is like gold you don’t even know the [ __ ] I’m spitting out make you pal get out of my face because your life is crap I’d rate your skills very low and your softness is at a pillsbury doughboy level chub chub you can’t even see your own dick [ __ ] that’s problem i can’t pick up chick you’re on here rapping against little kids day I’m your mom such a [ __ ] she placed up for [ __ ] my name is Trevor and I’m the rap god nice alright he knows nice is that the final or yeah final we have a little more round they have to round know when I was one ready I blow up yeah I actually thank you guys for stopping in oh thanks for participating I’m gonna feel silly right now but imma let the chat know and then i’ll let you guys know through the stream who want and then just send me your details i shall choose which one you want so you could even booked for yourself get in the chat guys it’s well done ! vogel original face space on the number alright guys hopefully you guys enjoyed that that was different was pretty hilarious I thought it was hilarious thank you so much the Steelers who actually donated to us also with the donation from sniper you guys are helping us out a lot we feel very blessed yeah for everybody who else is just watching us in adding to the viewers around four to four viewers right now hopefully you guys enjoy that Oh jumped up to 54 there are 54 viewers of the rap battle thank you guys for joining in it took a lot of guts to actually get on the call and try to do a wrap and put it together and say to somebody so I’m actually going to give you either a dream xsplit so but I think you guys want the gift card that’s what it sounds like people want the gift card thanks for joining us let’s see who the winner is

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