– l say victory will be mine – No, it will be mine This is why l say victory is mine is only mine Mister, l’m not talking about me, l’m talking about my stick Did you think l was talking about you? Really? ls that so? Then beware Munimji? Hey, Munimji! – Yes, Madam? – Has Vijay gone to the station to fetch Ratan? Him? He must be in the garden fighting with Jeet l hope he doesn’t lose track of time Go, call him l’ll go right now and remind Vijay babu l’m blessed, O God. Your compassion lets me see Ratan after so many days – Hey, Vijay, Vijay! – What’s the matter, Munimji? Are you going to stay here fighting? You’ve to go to the station to fetch Ratan babu. lt’s getting late Oh, l forgot about that! l’ve to go to the station, Jeet. l’ll have to hurry – l’ll change and come too – Yes. – Jeet? Mother… Mother! What could l have done? See how l’m running late because of Jeet. But l’m leaving now Change your clothes first, you silly boy Your brother is coming from America – What will he say if he sees you in these clothes? – lt’s alright, mother – The coach is waiting outside – Then let’s go – Mother, where’s my waistcoat? – Waistcoat? Here it is. Careless fellow He can’t even take care of his own things Mother, you’re here to take care of everything – Where’s my watch? – Look in your pocket – Dear God, how late we are! l say, let’s go! – Come on, go quickly! l’m going to the station to fetch Ratan bhaiyya Oh… uncle! Namaste You said May you live long, my son Oh, you’re going to the station? You haven’t left yet? Hurry up! Come, come, Thakur saheb. Ratan babu is coming today, isn’t he? – lt’s a day of great, great happiness! – You said it! That’s why l’ve come too Please come, Mr. Kalyan Singh Have you come alone? Didn’t Jeet come with you? lt’s a joyful day today You speak the truth lt’s truly a joyful day Jeet was here from the morning She’s just gone home – She’ll come as soon as she changes – Please come – But… – But what are you worried about, Thakur saheb? What can l say? My daughters are growing up

– l do have to think about that – What’s there to worry about? lt’s a family matter All will end well – You speak the truth – Please come – Namaste – Namaste. Please come Oh, look, the Lord is just strolling in. Wait! – Forgive me, brother. l was delayed – Delayed! Do you realize l’d to walk from the station? l was delayed because of Jeet Come, have a seat Mother’s waiting at home. And the village elders have been invited to tea When there were so many people at home couldn’t someone have come to receive me? – When l was in America – But, brother, this is lndia And here, elders don’t go to the station to receive those younger to them l’m younger than you, so l came to receive you – Come, sit. Put the luggage here – Put the luggage at the back – Ratan! – Hello, mummy – You’ve come… – Yes, mother lndia will never change lf l hadn’t gotten a porter, l’d have had to carry my own luggage Forget it. Come inside and eat something. Everyone’s waiting Come Nonsense. Do we have to sit on the floor? You say lndia is now free. But the old ways haven’t gone yet Ratan babu, this isn’t America lt’s lndia Our pride lies in remaining lndian The freedom we dreamed of is one where everyone is equal and happy lt’s not one where some can live luxuriously and enjoy life while others live in agony, naked and starving Why have you begun such a meaningless discussion? Sit down and we can have a sensible conversation Er.. uncle, l don’t see Kiran Where is she? Kiran is now studying at the Agra Medical College Oh, very good! You’ve done a very good thing Now instead of cutting vegetables at home Kiran will be operating on human organs? Very good! – lt’s good you sent her there – She’ll be coming home for the holidays – And Jeet, what are you doing? – What’s there to ask her? Jeet and Viyay treat the villagers’ thoughts and beliefs Are you going to stand and talk? Please sit down and continue your conversation That’s sensible lt’s said, brother, that the grass is greener on the other side – There’s nothing special about America – Nonsense! Who says so? America Oh… America is the land of wealth lt rains gold there l’m sure it rains gold for some people But we won’t let our country become America There will neither be capitalists here, as in America nor will poor workers be forced to work like machines Miss Jeet, donkeys can never equal horses The fiefdoms that our forefathers established by the sword and the wealth they earned, do we distribute it among these beggars? Brother dear, times are changing quickly The British conquered lndia with guns and cannons but when the citizens raised their voice, they had to leave So for how long can the fiefdoms and wealth seized at sword point last? And now, our independant government is abolishing the feudal system too But… the lands that we have so cleverly transferred to ourselves who can seize those? Uncle, you cannot oppress the poor by your intellect, might or wealth The lands you transferred in your name will be allotted to those farmers who cultivate them Nonsense, who says so? lndia’s poverty says so Humanism says so and so says the soul of the Mahatma who freed lndia lt’s best for us if we become true lndians Why argue like this? You know the play you are performing tonight? Ratan will understand your argument Be lndian How can you be so high-handed, sir, how can you be so wilful now? Be lndian, please be lndian Where’re you going, O Madam, all made up so fine?

Do walk carefully so you don’t slip on your high heels What nonsense are they spouting, Johnny? We aren’t spouting, we are just saying Be lndian, please be lndian What nonsense! You shut up, you shut up, you shut up! Why’re you throwing tantrums, dressed in a hat and tie? Don’t ruin your country’s reputation when you earn your money here Wear your traditional clothes, speak your native tongue Be lndian, please be lndian These inconsequential things are dear to my heart Fashion is my life We will not renounce these and so we are determined Really? ls that so? Remove your hat, O babuji, and listen to what l say The Britishers’ train has left for London You will also have to pack your bags if you don’t listen to your nation Be lndian, please be lndian – Nonsense! – Please sit down, brother – Why, do you want to insult me? – Ratan! Mother, l’m being insulted in public l can’t tolerate that – Son, it’s just a play – A play? Jeet is using the play to humiliate me – l won’t stand for this – Ratan! Whatever you say, Vijay, l can’t stand Ratan babu’s attitude lt’s because he’s freshly arrived from America He’s aping them so much he’s forgotten his own individuality No, your analogy is incorrect lf the Americans are good, we’re better The Americans may be anything, but Ratan babu is a wannabe – Jeet! – Am l wrong? Did you hear that, mother? l’m being insulted over and over again – and you think l shouldn’t be hurt? – No, Ratan Jeet is an intelligent woman You really should change your attitude and your behavior Nonsense. Mother, are you blaming me too? – l’ll take care of both of them – Ratan! Did you see that, Jeet? My brother is angry But it’s not wrong to speak the truth Whatever he is, it’s not right that brothers are at odds with each other Hey, Kalwa…why are you loitering here? Place my things carefully; l’m going to visit my sister, Jeet – Hello, Kiran! – Hello… Ratan babu! – When did you return from America? – That’s an old story – Tell me, when did you come? – l’ve just arrived – Have you learned how to brandish a knife near the heart? – What? l mean, have you completed your medical studies? l’m still studying. Papa had sent a cable and l had to come lt’s very bad of him – Nonsense! lt’s a good thing – What? – l need you here – Oh? You need me? – Why, are you ill? – No, l’m perfectly fine – but l need you to treat Vijay – Vijay? What happened to him? Er… now you’re here, you will slowly understand everything – Oh, alright. – But do beware of the patient You don’t want to fall ill treating him No, no, Ratan babu l can look after myself – Oh… good! ls Thakur saab in? – Oh, yes Uncle, l tell you, you should agree to my request My dear, it’s a reasonable request But… your mother

wants Jeet to marry Vijay Nonsense. Who says Vijay has to marry Jeet? Just so the wealth of both families can be used for social welfare? That’s a fact but, my dear sir, what can l do? You can do everything, uncle, if you’ll only act sensibly Yes, the matter can be handled sensibly if we can find two sensible people Nonsense! Who says we’re not sensible? That’s reasonable. But, my dear, why are you trying to convince me? This is something you should understand Didn’t you get it? l’ve to think of Kiran, too lf l marry Jeet off to you then all this wealth will be yours What will l have then? Nonsense. Who says you won’t have anything? Uncle, l’ll do exactly as you say – lt’s a family matter after all – Now that’s a sensible speech! But, my dear… you understand what l… l mean l mean, you understand what l’m getting at, don’t you? Nonsense! l understand nothing! – lf you would only make your meaning clear! – ls that so? Then, come on Here… sit down – Tell me, what can l get you? Milk, tea – lassi, buttermilk? – Enough, uncle, no formalities, please Yes, this is a domestic matter So… my dear now everything depends on your understanding Jeet’s land, property, wealth whatever there is What l mean to say, my dear, is You understand? l mean, l wish that half of everything Nonsense! Half of everything? My dear man, Saint Tulsidas has said “lt is customary for men or saints to selfishly love anything that benefits them.” And l, dear sir, l’m a worldly man – And intelligence surely has some value? – Nonsense! Who says intelligence doesn’t have a price? Now you talk sense Now, dear sir, it’s up to you to decide what has to be done – What can l say? – Oh, well, well, well, well lt’s alright Uncle, it’s perfectly alright – You spoke, and l agreed – Spoken like a sensible man So now, consider Jeet (victory) to be yours But… but, uncle – Jeet and Vijay… – You watch my machinations, my dear lf l don’t stop their roaming around together – then my name is not Thakur Kalyan Singh! – You said it! However difficult the path ahead We will continue to forge ahead Moving forward, laughing, singing, celebrating each step, we will forge ahead However difficult the path ahead The path on which you step Will be carpeted by my gaze l’ll pick every thorn that litters your path As long as l live and breathe We will be with each other forever We will continue to forge ahead Moving forward, laughing and singing, celebrating each step, we will forge ahead However difficult the path ahead You’re the only bright spot in this dark world of ours You’re my only succor on this long, empty road of life My feet will never stumble as long as you are with me We will continue to forge ahead

Moving forward, laughing, singing celebrating each step, we will forge ahead However difficult the path ahead We have to strive together to turn this sorrowful earth into heaven They are ours, we have to teach everyone the love of humanity That which shines the light of hope We will light such a beacon We will continue to forge ahead Moving forward, laughing, singing, celebrating each step, we will forge ahead However difficult the path ahead – Hello, Vijay babu! – Oh, Kiran When did you come? You didn’t even inform us of your arrival Where’s the fun in informing everyone of your arrival, Vijay babu? l prefer to jump in suddenly lt’s easy to jump in, but reaching the shore is not an easy task Kiran knows how to swim and will swim surely and easily to the shore – You’re still wearing Khadi? – What else? Hmm… l can see the influence here as well lf you’re interested in designing clothes, you should meet my brother lf he learned nothing else in America he has certainly learned different fashions Excellent! l’ve already met him Say what you will, the man is interesting Yes, indeed. He’s returned from America, no doubt but is still dreaming about it night and day Fine… fine. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming Vijay babu and you have a dream too Yes, Kiran. We are dreaming a very beautiful dream We dream that these villages will be paradise one day l have a dream too And l wish to fulfill it l’m anxiously waiting for that day – ls it that you will open your practice here? – No, no, Vijay babu Aren’t there enough physicians and quacks here in the village? But it’s the villages that need good doctors How can a good doctor survive in a village? You may not earn much money but you will get an opportunity to serve the villagers No, no… money first! Money is the real power in this world Money is beauty, money is love – ls this what you learned in the city? – Well, you only teach Jeet So l was forced to learn wherever and whatever l could True knowledge comes from life experiences Fine… fine Each utterance of yours is worthy of being inscribed on my heart Vijay, it’s getting late Let’s get to work – Let’s go. – Jeet, won’t you come home with me? Kiran, you may go if you’re in a hurry – We have a lot to do yet – l see – Come, Vijay – Let’s go – Don’t you want to come to work, Mister? – What do you think l’m doing now? – l’m working right now – The work suits you Seems like you’re a washerman by trade A servant can do this Come on, let’s go to work l don’t let the servants do my work lt would be a different matter if l get a wife l’ll have to ask mother to get you a washerwoman Munimji, Vijay and Jeet are an ideal couple l’ve told you that so many times, ma’am Why are you simply standing around? Come and help me l’m not a laundress. l’m Thakur Kalyan Singh’s niece Every man is a washerman, silly You mean to say that every woman is a laundress too? Yes. Everyone should wash their own dirt The dirt of the body, the mind or of the clothes? lf one can’t wash their own clothes, how will they cleanse their mind? But there are some beautiful people with dirty minds They need someone to cleanse their minds Why don’t you cleanse your brother, then? Time will cleanse him We should keep ourselves pure Hang these clothes and let’s go to work Will l get a reward for this work, or will my efforts be in vain? How do l know? Why don’t you ask yourself? Ratan’s babu’s numerous bills are vexing me no end Some new charge, a new bill everyday

l’m in a strange quandry l’m noticing that too First, a person increases his expenses and then strays on wrong paths to fund those expenses But why would Ratan babu worry about money? He’s been blessed with plenty, after all That doesn’t mean, however, that we spend it all on ourselves One has to think of others too lndeed. That’s the difference between Ratan and Vijay – Namaste, mother – Bless you, Kiran. Come in Hey, you’ve changed a lot When did you come? – You didn’t even let us know – l come like a sudden storm, mother Now don’t go away like the storm Oh… l just might go away like a storm Who cares for me in this village, mother? l’ve to return to the city You’re a silly girl. Jeet looks upon you as her own sister Oh… fine! lf not the flower, at least the thorns have embraced me – Er… did Jeet come here? – Yes Vijay and she have just left on their social work They are immersed in the task of making this country a paradise on earth l see. So they want to create paradise here? Our nation can be paradise but only if we each know our jobs We’re free now. And if we know how to take advantage of our freedom – then our nation will truly be paradise – What has freedom given us so far? Freedom has given us the opportunity to be the masters of our own destiny Now it’s our duty to move forward with hard work and dedication But… in order to move forward, we need resources When we begin to understand ourselves when we unite with love and forget our differences and decide to work towards the progress of our own villages then, we’ll find the resources What’s the government doing for us? Now, we don’t have a foreign government and so, we can force our government to acquiese to our wishes But we should also ask ourselves, “Are we doing our part?” Let me ask an inconsequential question Do you wish the government to sweep our houses? We are free today, and we should understand the value of that freedom So that no one gets an opportunity to mock us My sisters, let’s prove that villages are in no way inferior to cities Set your traditional clothes aside and start wearing neat, clean saris Because city dwellers mock us for wearing traditional clothes And we shouldn’t give them a chance to laugh at us Do you wish us to reject our traditions? lf rejecting something benefits us, we should do so Sarees are inexpensive and quite easy to keep clean Besides, they look beautiful too Anyway, please come here tomorrow at this time and l’ll tell you a few more things – Goodbye. – Goodbye – Goodbye Oh… Namaste, Vijay babu – So you came here too? – Strange Are you displeased that l did? l would like as many men to take this path as possible But, Vijay babu, l’m not a man l’m a woman. – Oh? So you’re a woman, are you? l hadn’t thought of it before Don’t tease me, Vijay l see what’s happening – What are you seeing? – My defeat and someone else’s victory Defeat… victory l don’t know what you mean You really are very innocent You can’t see defeat and victory, Vijay babu. You have to feel it Miss Kiran, l think something’s wrong with your reason You’re a doctor. Treat yourself before you treat others – Who’s being treated? – She is Miss Kiran, your sister, has fallen ill herself while treating others Kiran, if you’re ill, why did you come out in this heat? You should’ve rested at home – Actually, what’s ailing you? – Nothing much. lt’s just mental Oh, l get it. The same thing that ails Ratan babu’s mind? Jeet! Jeet… come, let’s go home lt’s very late. Or father will be angry with you Don’t worry about me, Kiran l’ve a lot of work left Understood? Now, please go home Fine. Just come home Excuse me, is Munimji here? Who’s it? Thakur saheb? Please come in, Thakur saheb Please have a seat – Please come in – Alright Please have a seat, Thakur saheb Tell me, Thakur saheb, what brings you here? Let me first catch my breath, dear sir. Then l’ll tell you So, Thakur saheb, what will you have? Tea? Or milk? Munimji From now on, l won’t be able to drink even water in this house Oh, Thakur saab, what are you saying? What fault did this family commit? No, not at all, Munimji l’m not faulting anyone here l want to strengthen the bond between our two families

l’m from the girl’s family Oh, so that’s the reason, Thakur saheb l think, Munimji – that Jeet’s marriage… – Oh, Thakur saheb, what’s there to think about? God has preordained the match Jeet was born to be the daughter-in-law of this house You speak the truth! Munimji, Jeet and Ratan will be like Lord Vishnu and his consort, Goddess Lakshmi Good God, Thakur saheb! What are you saying? Jeet and Vijay have already chosen each other Children may create a world of dreams as they wish but their elders have to consider their best interests Munimji, l wish that the honor of both houses remain unbesmirched Thakur saheb, if l may ask why do you fear that our honor might be besmirched? Munimji, if Jeet marries Vijay then, Jeet’s property and wealth will be sacrified at the altar of social welfare And people will blame me Tell me, won’t they? Alright. Alright, Thakur saheb But what l want to know is why are you so gracious towards this family? lf that’s the case, then why don’t you get Jeet married elsewhere? What’s that you said just now? Munimji l wish that these two Thakur families are forever united And, believe me, Munimji Jeet is such a calm, well-behaved girl she will be able to rein in Ratan’s more colorful impulses Alright, Thakur saheb, alright lf this is what you desire, then l’ll certainly speak to Thakuraniji Now you speak sense. Alright, this matter is now your responsibility Oh, yes, don’t worry You may rest assured – Alright, l’ll take your leave now – Take care, Thakur saheb Munimji… was that Mr. Kalyan Singh? – What did he want? – Er… he wanted to talk about Jeet’s marriage And he left just like that? What did you tell him? l told him l would speak to you What’s there to discuss? They are the ideal couple Er… so… so… should l let him know we accept? Why do you need to ask me? But… ma’am, don’t they need to be compatible? You’re a very simple man, Bholanathji Jeet and Vijay are one The day Jeet steps foot into this house as my daughter-in-law Vijay will be delirious with delight But Ratan babu wishes that Jeet marries him. And now, Mr. Kalyan Singh desires that too No! No, that will never happen l will not allow an orphan to be treated so badly – l’ve brought him up – Madam! What are you saying? Since l’m responsible for revealing this secret, l’ll not hide anything This harks back to when we lived in the city You were not with us, either Ratan was a toddler then. One day, his father placed a baby in my lap He told me that the baby’s father had saved his life Now, he has no one l said… the son of the man who saved my husband’s life – is my son – You’re indeed blessed And from then on, Vijay was fostered by me And my husband considered him his son as well So, madam, does Vijay know this too? No, Munimji A child who’s fostered in another home always feels lesser than No matter how much love is showered upon him he remains sorrowful He was an orphan. l didn’t want him to be burdened by our benevolence l wanted him to consider us his family Nonsense! Mother, your philanthropy is strange You desire to make your biological son a beggar And a beggar the master of this house? l won’t let that happen – Ratan! – That orphan has become the owner of this house And he has spent thousands of rupees on social welfare just to woo Jeet – What does he have to lose? – Ratan! l’ve brought him up He’s my son… your brother! l kept quiet because l thought he was my brother. But now, l’ve had enough l’m fortunate he’s not my brother Fraud! Cheat! – Ratan! – Mother! Ratan bhaiyya (brother), don’t upset mother Mother, please allow me to leave this house

– What are you saying, my son? – l overheard everything Vijay is your son. He will always remain your son But he has to leave Ratan’s home This house belongs to you, and then to Ratan lt was your father’s wish that whatever he owned was divided equally between you Would you insult his love for you? l have no desire to insult your love, or that of your husband But l want nothing, mother, but your blessings My son Vijay! Vijay – Er… Vijay! – Munimji Vijay, leaving the comforts of your home you… are building a hut here? l’ll have more freedom in a hut to achieve my dreams, Munimji But, my dear boy, who leaves their home in this manner? The world’s my oyster Vijay, in your absence, your mother cannot even find solace in prayer Why do you grieve her so? Mother l yearn for mother, too But that which upsets her biological son l cannot do that either Please reassure mother that her Vijay would prefer to be independent and earn his keep He wants to practice what he preaches l know, Vijay, that you will not be swayed But once in a while at least, Vijay, come and meet mother – Alright – Alright. Then l’ll take your leave Well, well, Miss Jeet… have l committed an offence? – Yes, indeed – Let me know my transgression Only that l don’t want to speak to you and yet you deliberately seek my company Why do you hate me so much? l don’t hate you l pity you Pity? Excellent That was a nice thing you said. lf you pity me, please accept my proposal Please allow me a chance to bare my feelings Please move out of my way You want me to leave you? – Then why did you come to my house? – l’ve come to meet Vijay babu Vijay doesn’t live here any more He left the house – Where did he go? – Jeet! Mother… where did Vijay babu go? He left this house He’s upset with me He’s angry with you? How dare he? Please don’t worry l know where he would have gone l’ll bring him home right away, mother As it is, l don’t like this squalid hamlet and then you want that l stay at home all day! Should l count the rafters of the roof or keep filling your betel leaf? No, no, papa! l can’t do this – This is a hard punishment. – l’m being punished for the sin of being your father You flit around here and there You don’t like being at home And there, Jeet is roaming around with Vijay So who is being disgraced in front of the village elders? Stand still, will you? l’m the one who’s disgraced! Papa, times have changed Now, women have become free too Your village elders can’t shackle our feet and keep us bound inside the house Uff! lt’s very late Okay, l’m going now Namaste Hey… hey, hey! Listen Huh! She left! Excuse me, whom are you planning to destroy? Someone. How does it concern you? Of course, l’m the only one with such bad luck Uff oh! So you’ve come to my papa to repair your ill fortune? No, Ratan babu – Your case is… hopeless – Why? Nothing can be done Because There’s a ‘No Vacancy’ board hanging outside the door to Jeet’s heart Nonsense! lt’s a challenge! – Are you challenging me? – lf you have the guts then prove it by marrying Jeet – [Humming] – So you can have a clear field? – [Humming] – To reach Vijay’s heart? – Okay, l’ll help you – No, no, Ratan babu l don’t need anyone’s help Why don’t you focus on repairing your own destiny? Bye! Nonsense! What a girl! There’s neither lime nor betel nut – Hello uncle – Ratan? Come in, come in… sit – How are you? – l’m just surviving Uncle, l don’t know when you will take pity on me

My dear boy, what can l do? Vijay has entranced Jeet so much that she bristles at the very mention of your name Nonsense. But, uncle, you are her guardian You can get her married wherever you wish But, my dear boy, those days are long gone when you could tie a girl like a cow to any post you like There has to be a reason to force her, after all Uncle, marriages are always arranged between equals Vijay, who has neither home and family nor knows his parents’ whereabouts he’s dreaming of marrying Jeet? What are you saying, Ratan? Vijay is your brother Nonsense! Who says he’s my brother? – Eh? – He’s an orphan who was fostered by my father – Eh… eh…? – Yes, l learned this secret from my mother only yesterday – What are you saying, Ratan? – l’m speaking the truth – Really? – Yes. – So you’ve provided me with a reason Now Kalyan Singh is a lion Why are you sitting here? Get up… go! Go make arrangements for the wedding Nonsense! First, ask Jeet l’ll cure Jeet’s madness in a minute What madness is this? – Madness? – You leave your mansion so you can build a hut? What’s this, if not madness? You call this madness too? Those who live in large mansions consider hut-dwellers mad. You’re the daughter of a wealthy man, after all l think your brains are addled When l lived in the mansion you thought l was rational Today, l’m building a hut, and you think my brains are addled l don’t just think it, l say so as well Your brains are truly addled My brains aren’t addled now They were addled to think you would walk the same path with me Today, Vijay doesn’t own a mansion so Jeet doesn’t value him – You’re of that world, after all – l didn’t know that Vijay would be as small-minded as the others Now you know The rich cannot support anyone How can a man who is disloyal to his own mother be supportive of anyone else? Hey! Vijay? How handsome you look building this hut! There’s a certain beauty in madness – Understood? – Then make me a part of this madness? Be the boat that sails on the ocean of my life, Vijay Then my world will also be as beautiful You forget, Kiran l’m an unmoored boat with broken oars l am still fond of this boat – l’ll repair this boat – Kiran, Vijay is not Ratan You’re as harsh as a mountain, Vijay – And yet you come towards the mountain? – Yes l wish to melt the harshness of the mountain’s heart Vijay’s heart has already melted But there’s not a drop of affection flowing Kiran’s way? Your touch will defile it – Am l that poisonous? – Yes – And Jeet is nectar? The Philosopher’s Stone turns even iron into gold l’m not iron. l am Please go away from here. l’ve no use for butterflies like you Fine! Oh… hello, Jeet Good morning – Er… l said, ‘Namaste’ – Namaste lf it please you, shall l get a few formal clothes stitched? You may wear clothes of gold and silver – what do l care? – Oh. Of course You only care about Vijay, whose parents are unknown and who has depended all his life on others’ charity Listen, Ratan babu, you’re crossing all bounds of decency Of course. Because my words bear the force of Truth Why don’t you ask Vijay if he wasn’t dependent on my father’s charity? An orphan taking such advantage of my father’s benevolence that he considered himself a heir to his property? Not only that he conned you? – Then l’ve made a terrible mistake – lt doesn’t matter A person who realises their mistakes should not be blamed lt’s never too late to make amends Without a doubt! l have to make amends – But where are you going? – To make amends for my mistake Bravo, Ratan! Jeet [Victory] is now yours! Munimji, hasn’t Jeet returned with Vijay’s answer? Vijay is very self-respecting, madam He will not come back Not even out of pity for his mother? – ls he angry with me as well? – No, madam You mean the world to him He yearns for you as well

That foolish boy has left his mother drowning in tears Vijay! Jeet! Are you crying, you silly girl? l’ve just become whole again My storm-tossed boat has safely reached the harbor Where could l have gone? l cannot live without you True love transcends lifetimes You’re my beloved, my life itself You are the blessings of the ages You bloom like a lotus in my heart Your love adorns me like a necklace You are the deity of the temple of my mind You are my beloved, my life itself You are the blessings of the ages When we meet it seems like flowers bloom in heart and mind My hopes and dreams laugh in delight You are my beloved, my life itself You are the blessings of the ages l’m the lamp, you’re the wick You are my beloved of all lifetimes You are my honor, my pride and self-respect You are my beloved, my life itself You are the blessings of the ages You are my beloved, my life itself Mother… you seem very sad What’s the matter? ls it possible that a mother will not grieve when a son leaves home? When a mother remains upset with her son, won’t the son feel sad? – Why don’t you undertand my grief? – What are you sad about? Do you think l have no problems? That l’m heartless? That l don’t need anyone’s affection? l’ve become an eyesore – A mother hates her son too? – l don’t hate my son l hate his vices But, mother… love can change a man for the better You lavished all your love on Vijay He became a good man. Give me a chance to turn over a new leaf – Do you really wish to change for the better? – Yes, mother – lf l get some support, l can be a better man. – Support? – What support do you want? – Promise me you will give me what l ask for? A mother can give up anything for her son’s benefit – l want Jeet – Jeet? Yes, mother. lf you so desire, Jeet can be mine

Jeet is Vijay’s life. How can l snatch it away? Won’t Vijay sacrifice this much for his mother’s sake? Mother… mother… do you wish to keep me alive? Then let me have the crutch of Jeet’s support. Please, mother Please say yes, mother, please How can a mother kill one son to keep the other alive? Fine! You are casting me out of love’s embrace into a sea of despair But mother… Ratan will conjure up such a storm in which neither Vijay nor Jeet will survive – And mother, this Ratan will also lose himself in that storm. – Ratan! Ratan… Ratan listen to me Kiran! – Arre, please listen to me – No, no, daddy! l won’t stay in this village l’ll return to the city Go to the city? Do you have a free bank account there? – Where will the money come from? -There’s no dearth of patients in the city Even so, if l fall short, you can send me money After all, of what use is your immense wealth? Of what use? Arguing with girls is a fool’s endeavour Totally ignorant, but is quick to say “Of what use is this money!” You silly girl, this wealth is neither Kiran’s, nor Kiran’s father’s This wealth belongs to Jeet and her father – So what did you do your entire life? – Whiled my time away Destiny ordains whether you’re wealthy, you silly girl And l cannot change my destiny Men can only struggle, search for ways and means – and l’m doing just that – That’s good. Really good – Do strive. Please do try – Now you speak sense lf you want money, stay here; you will get it – Alright. – lf everything goes as l’ve planned then we will be rich beyond our wildest dreams But, daddy… where will the money come from? You’re still a child. Focus on the ends, not the means – Oh, alright. – You want money, don’t you? – Yes – The money is coming… – Where’s the money coming from, uncle? Money? Heh heh… Money will come and go – But where are you going? You can’t roam around any more. – Why? Until l learned the real facts about Vijay l didn’t stop you. But now l cannot allow your reputation to be harmed ls Vijay our equal in status? You shouldn’t have anything to do with him Uncle, l wish to respect you Please don’t issue any orders that l’ll be forced to disobey Then you shouldn’t do anything that will disgrace us – We have to live in this society – l haven’t done anything that will dishonor my family So isn’t it disgraceful that you roam around with a wretch whose parentage is unknown? Uncle, don’t call him a wretch! You dare talk back? Go inside l’m tired of listening to the rumors Papa, you shouldn’t have raised your hand on her Shut up! Who asked you? Children, learning to read and write is not enough You have to work on your habits and behavior too You are the nation’s pride lf you become strong, the nation becomes secure The nation’s destiny is influenced by the effects of each one’s actions By shirking your duty, you harm not only yourselves, you hurt the nation too Our country is our motherland, and it’s a child’s duty to keep his mother happy Yes… it’s the children’s duty to keep their mothers happy – Mother… – Son! May you live long – Alright, you may have a holiday – Holiday! Yaay! Holiday! Finally, the mother had to come visit her son – Come, let me wash your feet – Silly boy The servants can wash my feet and ease its ache But only a son can ease the ache of my troubled heart Come sit inside, mother As long as l’m there, no sorrow can trouble your mind – Come sit inside, mother – No, l’m fine here – Did my leaving grieve you? – Not at all l’m happy to see that you’re happy here You’re teaching the village children to become responsible men But… who will teach Ratan to be a better man? There’s no one in this world who can humanise Ratan, mother No… there is – Who? – Jeet Jeet? Yes, son Your brother can change if he gets Jeet Mother, Jeet is my life My son is generous

What can he not give up to fulfil his mother’s wishes? Mother… Jeet is not a toy that l can pick up and give away lt’s her decision Jeet will listen to you But mother, how do l tell Jeet to strangle my love? A mother is returning empty- handed from her son’s door Tell me, Munimji… is there a problem with the accounts? No, sir The fact is, my lord ever since you’ve arrived, the accounts have been problematic So Munimji, perhaps you should take leave of all these accounts – l’ll handle it. – Then, my lord all these accounts will only be in name – Nothing will be credited. – Who says l don’t know accounting? lf you did, my lord wouldn’t you have known that two is less than three? – Even a child knows that. – You’ve reduced one person from this house and you think you have benefited the house? l can tell you that when brothers fight, homes are destroyed Forget all this. lf you have anything hidden away, give it to me – Hidden away? There’s nothing, hidden my lord. – Take it out, quickly! – Alright. You’re forcing me, my lord May God take care of you – Here, take this. – Nonsense! You give thousands when others ask, but for me, the purse is always empty Give me some more. What enmity do you have with me? My lord, can a servant be inimical towards his master? l gave you what’s available – Fine, take it from there. – There’s nothing there. – Take it out. Quick l beg you, call Vijay home – Take out some more. Quickly! – There’s nothing left Hello, mummy. Did Jeet and Vijay agree to your request? lt seems you have returned empty- handed from your loving son’s door So the son you love most hesitates to sacrifice for your happiness? Be quiet, Ratan Jeet… Jeet, my dear – What’s it, Uncle? – Are you angry with me, Jeet? What can l do, my dear? These villagers don’t give me any peace l made a terrible mistake yesterday – You’re my elder, uncle – There, you speak sensibly – l’ve an important matter to discuss with you, my dear. – What’s it? l need your signature on this paper But, uncle, this is a blank paper Just sign it Whatever has to be written, will be written later How’s that possible? My dear, there’s some litigation involving our city property An appeal has to be made on your behalf But l have to know what kind of appeal is being made My dear, l’m tired of these lawyers They have requested that l send your signature and whatever needs to be written will be done there The trouble is that there isn’t time to go personally – Are you sure there won’t be any fraud? – Good God! Do l want to burn in hell for cheating my own niece? – So… shall l sign? – Now you’re being sensible ls this something you have to think about? – Here you go – Excellent! – Well done, my dear. – May l go then? – Of course, my dear, go Jeet… Jeet! – Yes? – Where’s the signature? l used the same ink to sign that you used to write this appeal Okay. Namaste This child has learned to mock me, huh? l’ll see to her Kalwa Mister, come, let’s go to work Why are you lazy? Are you tired already, my friend? l’m not tired, Jeet. But l’ve reached a crossroad in life where both choices are difficult ones

l can’t decide which choice is right So what’s there to worry about? Walk the path your heart tells you to And if that’s not right, you can always return l’ll walk with you, too But the dilemma is whether Jeet and Vijay can be together There’s no power in this world that can separate us A very strong power had come to snatch you from me – Which power? – Mother Mother? Ratan’s mother? Yes… my mother She said only Jeet could change Ratan into a responsible man – So what did you say? – What could l say? Mother left saying she was leaving empty-handed from her son’s door Mother said that? And she left? Where’re you going, Jeet? Your weakmindedness caused you to make a mistake l’m going to make amends Jeet! Vijay has blinded Jeet so much that she refuses to obey me at all Being the daughter of such a wealthy, respectable family she’s infatuated with a penniless good-for-nothing like Vijay She has no respect for her family’s honor she’s also squandering all her wealth in the name of social welfare lf our clan’s daughters behave wilfully, ignoring the advice of their elders how will social conventions prevail? You’re her uncle! Break her legs if she steps out of the house You make sense But, my friends if l do that, you will blame me saying that l’m ill-treating my niece so l can usurp her property So what do you want? l wish that Jeet not be allowed to spend any of her wealth And that she agree to marry the man l choose How does it matter that we agree? Jeet has to agree Jeet will obey\nthe elders’ decision lt’s good that you’re gathered here Or l would have had to inconvenience you. Uncle give me that blank stamp paper that you wished me to sign – Jeet – Don’t be afraid, uncle l’m only going to do as you wish – l’ve decided that that’s in my best interests. – Now you speak sense All of you know my uncle very well All these years, he’s been taking care of my father’s wealth – But now, greed has blinded him. – Eh? What are you saying? Why don’t you say you’re blinded by Vijay? But this blind girl understands that my uncle, having counted the money in the safe for years is now greedy enough to want to own it Did you all hear what this girl said? l want to rescue her and her wealth from the clutches of this goon – and she wants to malign me – Don’t call him a goon, uncle He’s not yearning for wealth and property Nor do l desire this wordly wealth l will renounce my wealth in front of the village elders Give up your riches? To Vijay, in the name of social welfare? An honest man doesn’t require wealth Those who are slaves to riches – l’ll give my wealth to them – Daddy! – What will happen to us? – You speak sensibly – l’m thinking the same thing – Kiran… it’s good you are here Listen, you elders… l give all my wealth to Kiran of my own free will You speak – Come, Kiran – Daddy! My dear, when Jeet is not agreeable, then go You folks saw everything, didn’t you? The girl, she’s fiery She’s exactly like her father, who was a true Thakur Oh, so you got taken in by her as well? l tell you, sethji, whatever she’s doing is driven by her madness This is all Vijay’s training Jeet… what are you doing? Does anyone renounce\ntheir wealth like this? l want to know, Kiran whether, without this wealth that causes family to become estranged l can be happy and content Here, Kiran. Now you can live your life the way you wish You’re very devious, Jeet You’ve kept the most precious thing for yourself – And you’ve given me worthless junk – Are these worthless, Kiran? What do l have that’s so precious? – Vijay – That’s true But mother had gone to Vijay today to ask that l marry Ratan But that’s as it should be. lf you and Vijay can make this sacrifice then this fight between the brothers will end Yes, Kiran. l’ll put an end to all disputes today – Go now, Kiran – Alright No, no, papa. Do you wish to steal your daughter’s wealth as well?

Speak softly! What l mean is – l wanted to keep this safely – No l will take care of my own things But it’s risky it’s a lot of wealth Papa, you’ve become very old Now you should forget about this wealth and think about God – Eh? – lsn’t that right, papa? – But where are you going? l’m going to see, papa how this wealth affects others – Meaning? – Papa, you won’t understand Oh… it’s rather late Bye! How times have changed! – What’s your final decision? – What’s my decision? l’ll marry some rich guy Marry a rich man? A rich man will only marry a rich woman Uff-oh… so you think l don’t have any money? l’m a beggar? Wow! Within this small bag lies a large bank, mister – Bank? – Yes, indeed Look at this Tell me… do you realise the facts? Please give it l’ve to hand it to you This is called Destiny – But how did this happen? – Why? Are you envious? All your schemes failed Tch, tch l’m very sorry – Scheme? What scheme? – What scheme? To marry Jeet and become the owner of all her wealth – What else? -Oh, what nonsense! – Kiran, you misunderstand me, too? – No, no, Ratan babu l appreciate you You are full of life. And Vijay? Village bumpkin! Uncouth! – And you – Lovely, Kiran, lovely When you talk, it seems as if you’re singing a melodious song – l wish – What do you wish? l wish l could lose myself in your sweet, melodious voice Okay. Then Laugh and sing, my beloved O my beloved, do laugh and sing Dance the divine dance of love with stars Laugh and sing Laugh and sing, my beloved O my beloved, do laugh and sing Bearing sweet dreams Comes the beautiful night Each limb quivering with new desires of fresh, vibrant youth Come, let our eyes meet Let’s laugh and sing Laugh and sing, my beloved O my beloved, do laugh and sing The whole world laughs When you come and smile The beats of my heart tell me Someone’s creeping into my heart Who will guard my heart now?

Let’s laugh and sing Laigh and sing, my beloved O my beloved, do laugh and sing – Jeet, where are you going? – l was coming to you – You were upset with me yesterday – No – Come with me. l’ll show you a farce. – Farce? Yes. The farce of this world l’ve unburdened myself of my wealth And now, l wish to lift the burden off your shoulder – My burden? – Yes Your are troubled by the fact that your mother left empty-handed from your door – Come with me. – Lord knows what you intend doing Come – Mother… – Mother! – Vijay! – Vijay babu has committed a terrible mistake. – What mistake? He had sent his mother away empty-handed, hadn’t he? What are you saying, Jeet? lt doesn’t matter what happens to us but we can’t bear to see you unhappy, mother Come, let’s go to Ratan babu Please come Kiran, how long will you torture me like this? Oh, give it here; l’ll light your cigarette for you You delight in setting my heart alight l’ll only be at peace when the wedding pipes play at our wedding Why, have you forgotten Jeet completely? Jeet? And me? That was only a joke To make you jealous Actually, Jeet is a strange girl – That weird girl is here for you – For me? – What do you mean? – You couldn’t be a man if you didn’t marry me, right? So, okay. Marry me and become a man l told you Vijay would never brush my request aside What are you thinking, brother? Take the little that is mine, too Nonsense! Mother, Jeet and l don’t have anything in common – She’s an old-fashioned, traditional lndian girl. – Brother! – l don’t want this marriage. – Shameless wretch! Why weren’t you still-born? Why did you live to disgrace me? Aren’t you ashamed to have played with our feelings? Mother, l knew that Ratan babu and my uncle wouldn’t leave me alone That’s why l bestowed my wealth and property on Kiran Don’t worry about Ratan babu, Mother He will get his heart’s desire from Kiran Please come – Ratan babu… – Kiran, please leave me alone now Ratan babu… l can’t leave you alone now l’m burning in humiliation l don’t feel good at all Ratan babu, l’ve also been insulted You be the flame, l’ll be as the storm – Between us, we will destroy Vijay’s and Jeet’s dreams. – Kiran! The carefree winds and mischievous streams Let my heart not be swayed How lovely is the evening today Let my heart not be swayed by careless winds and mischievous streams My heart is filled with tumultuous desires Like the waves of the sea Won’t somone offer me safe harbor

Lest my heart be swayed By carefree winds and mischievous streams Life doesn’t move on without a beloved Nor does a journey pass without a companion l’m searching for a haven Lest my heart be swayed By these carefree winds and mischievous streams How lovely is the evening today Let my heart not be swayed By these carefree winds and mischievous streams Let my heart not be swayed By these carefree winds and mischievous streams Hello, mister cooking, l see lt looks like the wood stove isn’t alight What can l do if the firewood is damp? You can’t do anything. What can\nyou do other than lecture people? So, madam, why don’t you try your hand at it? Please come See? You can’t even light a wood stove Oh, what great feat did you accomplish? But you couldn’t accomplish this little task So how will you accomplish great feats in the future? l don’t have to light a woodstove in order to accomplish great feats – This is a woman’s job. – Women are born to light stoves and grind flour Who else will say this? What do you know of the greatness of women? What’s this? You are upset? lf l don’t understand the greatness of women, who will? Jeet is a woman, and so is my mother Whatever Vijay has learned has been from them Stop it. Don’t praise me to the skies – Anyway, tell me, what’s cooking? – Khichdi [Kedigree] And it will continue to cook slowly Until then, let’s go Let’s ‘cook’ our dreams Oh, Munimji… tell me, when did you arrive? – A short while ago – You didn’t call us? My friend, l thought the two of you were dreaming lovely dreams why should l be the third wheel? Listen, tell me, how is mother? Until there’s a rapproachment between brothers how will mother know peace, Vijay? Tell mother not to worry We are dreaming of peace for the entire world Yes, Munimji, we wish that everyone in the world is content – That every village is prosperous – Huh? – Yes, Munimji Look at one facet of our lovely dream Our dream village look here – Here’s the big school… – and here are the modern houses in place of huts – Here’s the cattle sheds – and here’s the town hall – Here’s the dispensary – and that’s the post office – And all the roads will be paved – And… – Hey, hey, dear friends lt’s a very beautiful dream But how will this beautiful dream of paradise on earth be possible without money? Where do the poor villagers have money for this? Riches don’t fall from the skies on the wealthy either lts the poor who plough gold from the soil and they also labor in factories that print rupee notes And the products that are bought with that money are also manufactured by poor laborers When the poor can slave to create a paradise for the rich in the cities can’t they labor to create a beautiful village for themselves? – Absolutely correct! – Yes. Everything is possible when we work together Er… it’s a wonderful idea Vijay, a fight has broken out between our village and the neighboring one – A fight? – Yes

Come, let’s go What’s the matter? Tell me what the matter is! – Vijay babu! – Why’re you on the streets? – Don’t interfere between us – Get lost from here Settle this peacefully Kiran… what are you doing here? l’m watching the drama of social welfare – And its main characters – You mean Vijay? Nonsense! Forget Vijay – Now we have to begin our drama – Ratan babu whatever you say, Vijay is Vijay Vijay is Vijay! Nonsense! He set out to reform the villagers He rejects you? Now watch him get beaten up by the villagers Please listen to us before you fight We shouldn’t settle our differences with sticks but seek to resolve them through mediation You have to deal with it peacefully We are brothers, and it’s better that we live with amity lf brother fights brother, how will a nation progress? Vijay babu, you don’t know the reason for our enimity Friend, it doesn’t matter. lnstead of fighting each other, or going to court our internal fights should be resolved by the Panchayat – Vijay babu is right. – Yes, he is – Alright. – Now go back to work – Go – Eh? The villagers have cooled off? What magic does Vijay have – that they all listen to him? – That’s why l said – that Vijay is Vijay – Nonsense! Let’s go Come on – Papa! – Namaste, uncle – Oh, you’ve come? – Why, papa, do you think l don’t want to come home? What else? Today’s girls don’t keep their feet on the ground, let alone inside the home You’re exactly like Jeet, both of you soaring free Nonsense! That’s unimportant. Do you have any idea what’s happening here? What’s happened in the villager? Has there been an outbreak of plague? ls our hut-dwelling brother any less a scourge than plague? Ah, now you make sense But Ratan babu he’s lost all right to your wealth and property – And Jeet has nothing either – Nonsense! That’s what you don’t understand This social service is just a front to incite the workers and farmers against us lf the villagers unite then our fiefdoms, these shops money-lending, etc., will not last for a minute Ah… you speak much sense So this hut-dweller is striking at the foundations of the wealthy lt’s natural, papa. He’ll destroy what he can’t have Vijay babu will evict us from these mansions and settle us in some hut He has Jeet to help him l’d thought that Jeet had renounced all her wealth and property Now, even if she marries Vijay, how will that affect us? That’s absolutely wrong Papa… Jeet’s and Vijay’s wedding will be our biggest defeat Ah, you’ve put your finger on it l have to take care of Jeet – And l’ll bring my hut-dweller brother to his senses. – Marvellous! Madam… Ratan babu has gone\ntowards Vijay’s hut l don’t know what he’s going to do Please come quickly Ratan has gone to Vijay’s? Come, Munimji And we’ll change our nation, village by village All you village chiefs gathered here l want each of you to decide that, from today you will work for the progress of your own village What’s the use of our efforts, Vijay babu? This is the government’s job lf the government works, something can change No, Patelji. We shouldn’t look to the government for everything This is a bad habit. We’ve looked to the government for 150 years that’s why we became so poor. Now, we’ve to stand on our own feet And… now the government is also ours We just have to learn to work together and firstly, we have to ensure that our villages are clean The root of this filth is poverty, Vijay babu Can we get rid of poverty by ourselves? No, Choudhuryji. The root of this filth is laziness lf we refuse to be lazy, and keep our houses and village clean what can poverty do? This poverty is also of our own making lf we all work together, our fields will produce a rich harvest United, the sky’s our limit The farmers have to believe they belong to one family Combine all the fields into one Then, work together to plow and seed it

Then, divide the yield amongst everyone The yield will also increase, and you folk will be free of clutches of the zamindars and moneylenders Yes, that is right, chief But we need someone to show us the way We offer our services Come, let’s begin work on the fields tomorrow On whose land? ls it your father’s property? – Brother… – Shut up, you wretch! You dare call yourself my brother? First, tell me why you built a hut on my land without my permission lt’s a matter of foreclosure But instead of handing it over to the police, l’ve come myself And l’ve granted this stay because you grew up on my father’s charity Ratan babu… don’t speak that way to Vijay babu – He speaks for our benefit – Nonsense He’s simply inciting the farmers against the landowners He wants to destroy the moneylenders l won’t allow such a dangerous man to remain in the village – Clear out from this hut – Who are you to evict him? Your mother is still alive Vijay will remain here Vijay will not remain here This land and property is mine – You have no right to interfere – Right? – l’m your mother – But you’re not being fair, Madam The land rightfully belongs to Ratan babu Sure, but a mother has complete rights over her son. Understand? lf this becomes a police case,you won’t like what happens, Munimji So the police will intervene between a mother and son? The police will help the enemies of the nation? The blood of the Kshatriyas [a fighting clan] runs in my veins Apologise to Vijay. At once – l won’t apologise to that wretch – Wretch? – Mother – what are you doing? – l’ll beat him to death today l’ll show the world that a mother can kill her son for the sake of the country l’ve nursed a snake in my bosom Today, l’ll defang him Forget it, mother l’ll leave the hut too Do you want me to beat you as well? l don’t know the law. All l know is that l’m a mother And both my sons had better obey me Listen to me, my Krishna The world Your world is full of suffering Listen to me, my Krishna Please listen Some people revel in their mansions While others have to stumble from door to door One laughs, while the other weeps in this world How can you bear it? What injustice is this, O Krishna? Your world is full of suffering Listen to me, my Krishna Please listen This land yields gold While nectar rains from the skies Yet, in your world, how many Yearn for a piece of bread Thousands go hungry Listen to me, my Krishna Your world is full of suffering Listen to me, my Krishna Please listen Amidst the strife between beliefs and religions Your world is being destroyed ln the name of riches and wealth, a brother is willing to spill a brother’s blood Awaken us, show us the way

Please protect my honor Listen to me, my Krishna Your world is full of suffering Listen to me, my Krishna Listen… please listen – Tell me, sir, all packed and ready? – Yes You’re very eager to go to the city? And if l don’t let you go? Then, madam, forget about social service lf l don’t go, who’ll bring the press for our newspaper? You’re going to the city. Are you taking your brains with you? Look, it’s the city. Even the best can lose their minds Be careful where you step You could slip anytime Of course. As if l haven’t seen the city before l grew to be tall and strapping in the city l simply warned you. You may take it or leave it as you please Don’t worry. l’ll be back soon Until then, take care of the villagers. Yes? Alright This has become necessary but the matter has to be completed from our side – Then no one can harm us – Papa this is a case of insiders causing the most damage Here, your niece, Jeet, is causing enough drama and there, Ratan babu’s mother has turned into the Goddess of Destruction Nonsense! That day, l forgave her because she’s my mother but l’m not one to quietly accept my humiliation What can l say? You’re unique Jeet! Come here Come here! You can’t go anywhere now So you are not satisfied with my wealth and property? Property, my foot! Go inside! You’re bent upon disgracing your ancestors You may well consider that l don’t belong to this family So l’ll consider that upon your say so, and the world will accept it? You’ve become shameless, and l’ve to protect our clan’s honor l order you not to step out of the house l’m sorry l cannot obey you Can’t obey? l order you to go inside – l won’t go – You won’t? – Won’t go? When l keep you under lock and key then you will come to your senses. – Uncle! l say, go inside! Well, now we’re free Jeet has been caged l’ll take care of Vijay l heard Vijay babu was going to the city to buy a press for his newspaper l’ve already made arrangements for him – On the way itself, he’ll be – That’s the height of wretchedness – Hooligan! – Who’re you calling names? l have the strength to give you a hiding but to reform you l don’t wish to use a stick l wish to win him over Hello, doctor. What’s the patient’s condition? How’s he? He’s alright now You don’t worry He was lucky to escape, poor guy lf l hadn’t gone to survey the village those hooligans would have killed him l’m glad l brought him to the city where he could be treated Where am l? Jeet Where’s Jeet? A few desires had bloomed Yet l couldn’t even smile to my heart’s content Even though my heart has cried itself to death

Yet not one tear escaped my eyes A few desires had bloomed When did these ties break? When will these chains of sorrow break? Look at Fate’s helplessness He could not come to me nor l go to him Oh, the garden of my hopes bloomed and withered Our hearts united only to be separated He lost me after he had made me his And l having lost him, could never hope to get him back A few desires had bloomed Yet l could not even smile to my heart’s content A few desires had bloomed Despite having him, l’ve still lost him He lost, but could never have me Who couldn’t have you, Kiran? You’re mine now My hopes had bloomed a little yet l couldn’t smile to my heart’s content Hey, why are you talking such nonsense today? Our hopes and dreams are just going to bloom l’ve decided that after the wedding we’ll go to America. All our dreams will be realised there Er…l’ve heard that it’s very expensive to go to America? Nonsense! Do we lack the finances? And now, Jeet’s wealth is also yours – When will that come in useful, after all? – Oh So this is the day you were waiting for? Ratan babu, you love money – And now, l hate it – Kiran! What are you saying? What’s come over you today? l’m speaking the truth. l disgraced myself for this wealth You destroyed Jeet’s and Vijay’s dreams for this wealth You saddened your mother. When this wealth was with Jeet you were busy wooing her When this wealth became mine, you switched your attentions to me l hate you, your values, and your false protestations of love Kiran, don’t prevent me from reaching my goal l know how to crush the obstacles on my path And l can destroy your hopes and dreams. Get lost! That’s fine, then l’ll see to you later Munimji – ls there any news of Jeet? – No, madam God knows what’s going to happen And Vijay hasn’t returned from the city either Madam, people assume Jeet has gone to the city to search for Vijay Madam… madam Madam! There’s news of Miss Jeet Thakur Kalyan Singh has her locked up in his house We heard about it just now from his daughter Munimji, we have to free Jeet right away Thakur Kalyan Singh cannot keep her prisoner Thakuraniji, please listen to me Jeet is not at home ln fact, l’m quite worried as to where she’s gone There’s nothing to worry about, Mother Papa’s memory is beginning to fail and he’s forgotten that he’s shut Jeet in a room upstairs

– and locked it from the outside – What are you yammering about? – You’ve sprouted wings too, have you? – That’s right, papa When one sprouts wings, they soar freely in the skies – Come, mother, we have to free Jeet – Thakuraniji please don’t meddle in our family matters l may behave anyway l wish with my niece l have the legal right Thakur saab, please don’t teach me the law By imprisoning Jeet, you’ve broken the law Er… Thakuraniji, l’ve done nothing illegal You’re breaking the law by entering my house Papa, you forget so quickly This house belongs to Jeet, and she bestowed it upon me – Now l’m entitled to this – Eh? Please come, mother. All of you, come on and break the lock Thakur saheb, let me remind you, this is the 20th century. Understood? Come, my dear Come out of this jail – Who has the power to imprison you? – Say victory to Miss Jeet! – Kiran! You! – Yes – l’m not playing a part – Yes, Jeet lt was Kiran who brought me here – Kiran! – Jeet! The way these sisters have reconciled if only the brothers would reconcile too l’ll consider it a mother’s victory We – will – all – work We will all work We will make a name for ourselves in the world We will make a name for ourselves in the world Jeet… is there any news of Vijay? No, mother. l don’t know what’s taking him so long Don’t worry, my dear Vijay will definitely come l don’t feel like working alone, mother l’ve come to support you Now l’ll stay here and help you with your work And l’ll see who stops us – Let me go, Nurse – No, please don’t get up l’ve a lot of work to do lt’s important that l leave No, no… you need complete rest – These are the doctor’s orders – Order! How will you understand the ache of my heart? How will you understand the ache of my heart? What do you know about fulfilling love’s promises? You have learned how to stoke the flames What do you know about dousing the flames? You wish that l weep Weep so much that l lose my life You have learned how to make others weep What do you know about shedding tears? Please don’t trouble me any more Look, l have lost and you’ve won You have learned how to torment my heart What do you know about easing its ache? The path on which we were to walk together Live together die together You deserted me on that path

What do you know about staying together forever? Do your work, everyone, do your work Do your work, everyone do your work You should make a name for yourself in this world You should make a name for yourself in this world No one shall remain unemployed No one shall remain unemployed – No one shall remain helpless… – Vijay babu has come! Vijay babu has come! – Vijay! – Vijay! – Jeet? – Vijay! – Where were you? – l… just – l told you not to go to the city alone – Namaste, Vijay babu – Oh, Kiran is here too? – l’ve admitted defeat – And in that lies your victory No, Jeet [Victory] is really yours – That’s true. – Will you just stand out here, or will you come inside? – Alright, kids, it’s a holiday. Go – Holiday! – Holiday! – Come on Er… Thakuraniji, whatever happened to Vijay was planned by Thakur Kalyan Singh and Ratan babu Give us leave to bring them to their senses Friends, no matter who was responsible for this we shouldn’t take revenge We have to win over even our enemies with love But Vijay, people like them understand actions, not words You forget, Munimji our country achieved freedom through peace and love So can’t a few wayward minds be reformed? Besides, our time is valuable lnstead of wasting it on squabbles amongst ourselves we should be spending it on work that benefits us Vijay babu is right lf we put our hearts and minds into our work then our village will tranform Now we will all work together Anyone who does not work hard will be evicted from the village – Now, our duty is to work – Yes God helps those who help themselves Today, we are poor but wealth is created through hard work Together, we will work hard Every bit of effort counts Come, let’s vow that, through our work, we will set an example for the nation Then watch how it brings us fame Work, my friends, work, Make a mark in this world Come, let’s transform our lives, the world it’s a-changing No one should remain useless, nor should they be helpless Work, my friends, work Make your mark in this world Work is our strength, comrades Work is our devotion Work can help turn our fortunes around Work, my friends, work Make your mark in this world Rid yourself of old customs Leave behind old ties Forge a bond with these new times, this fresh, new world Work, my friends, work Make a mark in this world Let us unite, forget our differences Let’s spread the word No one is a stranger

Work, my friends, work Make your mark on this world ‘Work, work, work!’ Nonsense! lt’s intolerable. The ‘Do your work’ committee is spreading like wildfire And your daughter, Kiran? She, too, has embraced the flames – Now you have to resolve this – My friend, that’s the problem l suggest we find a solution quickly Unfortunately, one of our volleys misfired – and Vijay escaped – What’s strange is that this year, during the sowing period not one farmer came to me to borrow money We’re in trouble, Thakur saheb This is Jeet’s and Vijay’s doing They have a unique vision; they will unite everyone They will destroy class distinctions and make everyone equal What do we do, Thakur saheb? That’s what we need to decide, my friend How will we find a solution to this? We cannot resolve this by force We have to visit every house in the village and convince them that – we wish for their welfare – How? With money. We have money We will buy machines with that money And we will tell them that for a nominal rent they can hire the machines which, without any difficulty will plow their fields in minutes Their yield will be ten-fold and they will be swimming in riches And to convince them we need to find a helpful argument You said it! Ratan babu l used to think l was quite unique But your brain also works when necessity strikes Hey, tonight we celebrate the Spring festival – lt’s a great opportunity – Let’s get a stage dancer and invite the villagers – lnvite the poor people too – You said it! What’s up, sir? What are you thinking of? l was thinking that it’s been over two years since we got our freedom but our people are still suffering, still dying of hunger My dear sir, thoughts won’t help people become prosperous l don’t know what to do We’ve explained to the villagers but despair still clouds their minds These people cannot progress without the government’s help lt’s the government’s fault lf it’s the government’s fault, then sitting around won’t help us get the government back on track First, we have to fulfil our responsibilities And then, if the government doesn’t help us, we’ll change the government Because, now, the government is ours lt exists due to our votes To abolish the British government our nation’s youth sacrificed their own lives They climbed the gallows with a smile And now that our country has become free we can’t find any young man who can travel to each village to make them understand that we can only progress if we stand united This is our fault We seem to think that our work is finished now we’ve attained independence Will our prime minister plow the field in every village? Farm? lt’s up to our country’s youth to go educate people in every village and teach them what to do Then wait and watch how our country will progress But that’s the problem Today’s educated youth don’t like to come to these villages They prefer to stay in the city and look for jobs there – You’re upset again? – Yes. – Why? Because l didn’t realize you would lose confidence so easily Have you forgotten the day when our battle for freedom – was begun by one man? – But what can be done now? Just what we’ve been doing Look… with our concerted efforts this barren earth has borne fruit But transforming a small piece of land will not satisfy the nation’s hunger l think of that sometimes, too But we may have to give our lives to fulfil our duty But how will we fight alone? For how long? Alone? l’m with you And when l’m with you why do you think of yourself as alone? You’re right Then promise me you will never despair

l promise – And you won’t sit around moping? – No And believing Jeet [victory] is yours – you will immerse yourself in your work? – Alright Happy? Come, let’s go lf he has invited you to the festival, – you should certainly go – No, mother we won’t go there This seems to be my father’s and Ratan babu’s ploy, mother Yes. How can we trust them? Who knows? They might set up another obstacle But we have to confront obstacles, not ignore them Yes, and that takes courage You should certainly go Friends seeing you here today gives me great happiness Jeet? Vijay? Why are you sitting there? Come here sit on the chairs Come No, uncle. We’re fine here Those who serve the people will only sit amongst them Everyone, say, victory to Miss Jeet Victory to Vijay babu – Silence! – Victory! – Silence – Say, ‘Be calm’. – Victory! – Be calm, everyone. Be calm Have you come here to chant victory slogans or for the entertainment? Please sit quietly and listen carefully to the Thakur saheb’s speech – Yes, Thakur saheb, continue – You are right Friends, er.. we feel that without ensuring your prosperity and happiness we cannot be happy or prosperous either So… please think of us as one of your own and believe in us And That makes sense! Why don’t you tell them? Look, you are immersed in your work day and night Despite all your hard work, you can’t afford two square meals This is shameful When l was in America O American saheb! We are dying of hunger thanks to people like you What’s the use of arguing about that now about why our countrymen are dying of hunger? lt is said, ‘Bury the past, and look to the future.’ Now… we wish to tell you how you can all be prosperous Yes, my friends. Take the case of America The jobs there, the trade business… why is it progressing so much? Because machines do the work there Even farming is done by machines You should also get machinery to work your farms And as you watch, your fields will be plowed your crops harvested your homes will be overflowing with grain Where will the money come from to buy these machines? That’s a great question The money that we have collected so far when will it be of some use? We will buy the machines with our money And lend it to you You can repay us slowly by giving us a part of your yield Now, whatever we wanted to explain to you we want you to understand it well So now, watch this small dance item in peace Work, my friends, work Make your mark in this world Why do you toil so hard all day? And yet, you starve to death Why endure sorrow, why lose your life? Come, l offer you a haven, come, come to me What you do in years

l can do in minutes Worship me… worship me and you will be happy Come, l offer you a haven, come, come to me O Goddess, to worship you We will need a heap of riches Where can we get the gold and silver? How can we approach you? We are your servants, my friend We are your followers Come, come with us Rid us of our differences And with these new machines Pile up heaps of riches Why endure sorrow, why lose your lives? Come, l offer you a haven, come, come to me Stop this farce! This is just a ploy to trap us farmers That’s right! These landowners will turn us into debtors – That’s right! – That’s true – That’s right! Nonsense! Vijay has misled you We’re talking about your well-being, and you don’t understand us? – Uncouth rustics! – Ratan babu you have no right to call these people names This is between us landlords and farmers. Who are you to interfere? Be quiet, Ratan babu Miss Jeet and Vijay babu show us the right way lf you say anything against them – it wouldn’t be wise – Yes, it certainly wouldn’t be wise [Muffled shouts and exclamations.] Be quiet! Please don’t get angry Ratan babu wasn’t so far off the mark There’s nothing wrong with using machines to farm. But, for now we have to stick to our plows We don’t want spend our money to import machinery from abroad When our country begins to produce machinery then we will use machines to farm Okay. The poor will not be the slaves of the rich for this When our country becomes truly independent – then this too will follow – Miss Jeet is right We will not listen to them anymore. Come on, friends [Let’s go. Come on.] Brother… l can’t think of anything any more No, uncle. We can’t admit defeat so easily l wish that the flames of vengeance burning in my heart set my enemies ablaze Arre, why don’t you leave the burning and the setting enemies ablaze to us? And you won’t find even a trace of your enemies’ ashes Bravo! Now you speak sense! Nonsense! Then we’ll all be in the clutches of the law! You’re still an innocent, my lord lf you are so scared, then learn to tolerate it He speaks sense! My friend, the time to scare and be scared has passed lt’s a matter of our life or death l say we need to clear the field Then, Thakur saab, why don’t you watch the immolation today itself? – Bless you. – Yes. – Alright, then come with me. – You said it Jeet, come quickly. Madam, they are setting fire to your house

– Our house is also burning! – My home is also burning? [Shouts and screams continue; confusion abounds.] – We are destroyed. – There’s nothing left. – We’re shattered Look, madam, the fire at Vijay babu’s hut has destroyed the village Forget that our huts burned down but Miss Jeet’s and your mansions have also been razed to the ground Why don’t you just say that my house burned down too? This is all Ratan babu’s and Miss Kiran’s father’s fault He claims to be a patriot You haven’t really understood Kiran yet lf this fire has inflamed your passions then, come with me l can’t listen to your taunts all my life – Come one! – Let’s go – Kiran! Kiran! Listen! Vijay! Jeet! See this? This is my plight! – My house is razed to the ground – Nonsense! What can l do? What’s my fault? The fire razed the entire village My house is destroyed too When l was in America Just shut up! America, America, all the time! This is your fault. lt was your idea to set the fire Nonsense! This was my idea? You were the one who raised the idea of a blaze Now you blame me? Aren’t you ashamed? – Was it my fault? – So it was my fault? – No, it was mine Damn you! [Shouts of a furious crowd.] What are you doing? What are you doing, you lot? Friends… l’m not at fault here – lt’s all his fault – Uncle! You’re insulting me in front of all these people Friends, Thakur saab is to blame for all this Don’t malign my father Friends, both of them are to blame – Kiran! – Father! That age where man stayed quiet when humanity was destroyed has long gone My dear… Kiran what are you saying? Remember l’m your father? – Your father! – l know that you’re my father But as the Bhagavad Gita tells us, as our duty tells us that however great the oppressor is we have to confront him But my dear, whom have l oppressed? You have not just oppressed us, you have persecuted us Friends, let’s show the men who burn down others’ houses how hot fire can burn Come on! Chief! Arre, l didn’t do anything Let me go! [Shouts in the background] My dear… Kiran what are you doing? You want to set your father on fire? Arre… Kiran Darling, take pity on me, at least – l love you! – And l consign such love to the flames! Now l love the Truth Today, l want to show the world what an lndian girl can do in the pursuit of Truth Kiran! Why do you want to go down that path that has never benefited anyone? Jeet, my sister what are you doing? These people deserve to be set ablaze They have razed an entire village for their own selfish ends We can’t win by taking revenge Killing evil people will not eradicate evil from this world How many evil kings have been decimated before this? Men have destroyed each other but evil and oppression haven’t ended We have to show the world a new path forward lf, even today, for our own selfish ends, we keep humiliating each other destroying each other taking revenge upon each other then these flames will never be doused And like our village was razed today the world will burn in the fires of hatred Please release him Dear Jeet, if we set these people free they will create trouble of some sort again They can’t do that anymore lf we keep our humanity alive then evil can never raise its head again We must win this world over with love and peace

lf we let our anger blaze forth and destroy these men how will they see that day when our courage and unity will turn this world into paradise? Their eyes will be opened to the truth Our triumph lies in letting them live – Say victory to… – Miss Jeet! – Victory to… – Miss Jeet! Mother… forgive me, mother – Vijay! Vijay – Ratan bhaiyya! Vijay, in the end, you were the victor No, brother lt’s not man but ideals that triumph – lt’s a nation that triumphs – The country is our mother So one has to say that the victory is mother’s A mother has certainly triumphed but our entire village has been destroyed Thakuraniji, l’m the main reason for this destruction lf l weren’t greedy for wealth the village wouldn’t be in this state now l genuinely repent for my actions Mother, today everyone is full of repentance Ratan babu will also support us from today onwards Yes, this tragedy has taught us so much We are cleansed of all evil thoughts We have nothing today but it doesn’t worry us When man came into this world he had nothing But he acquired wealth through his hard work and struggles He established villages and big cities Now we will strive together and make this our dream world How difficult the path ahead however impenetrable the way we will forge ahead smiling However difficult the path ahead We will continue to forge ahead Moving forward, laughing and singing, celebrating every step, we will forge ahead However difficult the path ahead We will continue to forge ahead Moving forward, laughing, singing

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