everyone remain 0 starts layers running screaming well the Jurassic world you’re listening to the Jurassic Park projects you know I consult here or my bungalow Bon dia but hello and welcome to the twenty sixth episode of the jurassic park podcast i’m your host Brad Jost and we are here to discuss all things Jurassic Park in this episode we have some light news a great chat with James and steve from the Jurassic unicast podcast where we talk about their podcast minecraft Star Wars gaming Jurassic Park and more in a listener segment it’s a packed show so let’s get things started off with a bit of jurassic news from around the world 18 minutes new company catches up on 10 years of research that’s just great access is cutie this pictures were taken and possible on costa rica 48 hours ago i want to jump to anything closes right all the time today I got him seated an awesome article found on inverse calm features an amazing dinosaur VR experience Crytek has created the game back to dinosaur island which features you the gamer as a baby dinosaur in an immersive jungle environment the demo has been released on steam for free so make sure to go check it out check out our show notes for a link to the article and the amazing demo video that goes with it do you own the Velociraptor claw toys from Jurassic world well they’re being considered as one of the top 10 worst toys on the market for Christmas this year the claws which are being deemed dangerous are listed by consumer watchdog group world against toys causing harm due to possibly being able to cause I in facial injury now all the toys in that list have already gone through safety tests before being placed on the shelves and there’s other companies out there that are calling out watch for not actually testing the toys that they placed on this list so even though watch says it causes harm it’s still up in the air they may or may not I guess it depends on how you play with them but use your best judgement when buying in this year because most likely everybody will actually be perfectly fine playing with them so have fun Jack Horner who we all know through his paleontology work and advising in the Jurassic Park series plans on retiring from his position at Montana State University he plans to continue his work in the paleontology field so no need to worry about that and I’m also sure he’ll continue his work with the Jurassic world series so why don’t we give him a huge congratulations from everybody in the Jurassic Park community for an amazing career at the University there is a great lengthy article featured at ktv qcom so make sure to check out the link in our show notes this is some this is jake this is travis and we are the drunken dork vodcast tune in every week and listen to us discuss the finer points on superheroes the latest pop culture news as well as all of our favorite moves you can listen to us on iTunes tune in radio or the stitcher app for Android and be sure to catch up on all of our so it’s my visit us over at ww.com dork podcast at wordpress.com and remember folks you have one level run it well let’s open up the doors to the visitor center where James is Steve from the Jurassic unicast podcast chaplain me about Minecraft their podcast and more I’d like to welcome in this week James and steve from the Jurassic unicast podcast how you guys doing excellent how you do it mate awesome you know I like to start things off with a bit of a serious question to get you know everybody in the mood so if you guys are stuck in a kitchen with a raptor what do you guys do and how will you make it out

as a great question stay if you go for our new he’s gonna say that I need you to say you go first right okay right the first thing I would do is duck the second thing I’d do is work out where the drawer is for the knives all hopefully in a space of about 10 seconds I would grab the nearest frying pan I’ve got and hopefully I’d be I’d have enough to sort of defend myself there and then but what type of kitchen are you going with well let’s go with the Jurassic Park kitchen rightly drastic Park kitchen right this is what I would do first of all I’ve locked the door now guy now seriously though what I’ll do yeah is there obviously you wouldn’t think that open doors would you write so what would I do oh my god this is a hard question right damn you that’s right I think I think what I would do if I knew it was chasing me my instinct would naturally take me to the nearest biggest knives I could find and then I were just hired honestly there’s probably what I would do and that’s what if I could yeah cuz you know me that there’s anything yeah I don’t think there’s anything in a kitchen that I could that I would have be able to sort of hide your scent we’ve really apart from covering yourself maybe a bit cooking oil if you can find some but dunno I mean that it don’t really know what else you could do but Steve might have a bit of an idea unless I’ve nicked them all I may go down there slightly different route okay go on in and Aldi trays and pans possible and try and construct a safe suit if there’s time and but yeah it’s like a car you are in man yeah make sure if I am bad but yeah just try and protect myself as much as possible and again hired or track distracting with any of the food that’s in the kitchen I’ve just got it got visions of you without liver of a calendar on your aid right with a spoon in one hand and a baking tray across your chest yeah I love ya company pups as well Alvin glass yeah brilliant that’s a great question Brad what view what have you got in you know I I’ve asked the question a few times and I I don’t know um you know I feel like the movie it that the characters in the movie really got lucky and they got out alive but I think in most cases everybody that’s in that situation is dying right i mean i don’t know i like like you guys im just gonna try to find you know a knife or or and you set a pot so I’ll gonna use that as a shield I guess or to bash it over the head and just try to hide or run so I don’t know this i think in natural first instinct would be to run like then God understand why they didn’t go out the back doors of the I know it wasn’t the back door was it actually I thought there’s not door on either side is there’s only one two sets of doors the kitchen right and yeah okay so freezer and three so yeah the door to know what maybe if I looked up quickly and it was Evans I might try and kick one of them through and try and escape through the top yeah but I guess it depends on how how high it is there’s a really good level on the on the Lego game of that kitchen scene and your and your Lex and Tim and you have to you transfer back and forth to each character and they all they both offer different skills and where Tim is small you can go up and Danielle Vince that’s what gave me the idea then actually you got Danny events and create distractions for the Raptors for then next so they run past it’s really it’s quite clever fallout game yeah that’s awesome i got to try to play that sometimes since I haven’t yet but uh let’s get into your podcast actually so you guys do a Jurassic Park podcast as well so why don’t you tell our listeners here what kind of things they can look forward to you know hearing from you guys and a lot of its kind of England aye sir it’s I don’t know whatever you guys sort of have a different little generic sense of humor to US isn’t it wait wait just so where we kind of take the mickey out of it I say Mickey I’m talking English words again but you know like we tease each other constantly and where we have such different opinions between a lot of us don’t we Steve yeah we tend to like like we did one episode was the Rex t-rex vs Spinosaurus debate now one of our it’s not just me and Steve that do these podcasts up we have a couple of other guys that just not here today they they do it with us and they one of them particulars a rickys

the Spinosaurus fan and always has been but he’s a little bit younger than mean Steve his I think he’s 23 and he grew up with Jurassic Park free being the main film that he saw at the cinema Oh so yes so I think that he kind of he loved the Spinosaurus and thinks that voice full I kick t-rex’s ask blah blah blah blah and being Steve we like shut up it’s all it was just bad choreography you know how you do get into they don’t you yeah so what we did on one other episodes which other if you haven’t checked it out it’s actually quite amusing we got we had a courtroom scene with my friend David being the judge who happens to be a t-rex fan then goes up against me and Steve in a debate and yet in a foreign against debate about who would who’s the better dinosaur between the Spinosaurus and a t-rex now we make dance we’re on the on the Jurassic Park trilogy box set as opposed to a doctor a Bible to not talk talk rubbish and to have valid facts for the reason why he’s the better dinosaur went my voice rebellion ya if ya we’ve been two minutes of the podcast he admitted defeat already it really honestly is so it is funny is if you’re into that sort of side of humor like I think I think you like we were all hysterics just in the same right we were creasing up with each other because we was all together at that point because what we watched we thought this will just join up because we’re all local let’s join up much watched Jurassic Park free and when we’re watching it we’ll just talk about what we’re watching and where are all in the same room it was just hilarious when it yeah it really was funny and but we don’t just we started off by doing the film’s didn’t we stage yeah but then we’ve moved on to all stuff like the games what games our favorite music from the older films and just basically anything to do we have Jurassic Park yeah the first the first podcast we did was the Jurassic Park one podcast and basically we I know the people the most people that would listen to it would be fans anyway so they’ve seen the film but we did literally like a little a small recap of the film and what happens spoke about a few characters and but then we gave a bit of trivia and things about about the film that maybe some fans didn’t know and then deleted scenes and we spoke about what we like best we give it a little rating at the end in way in and we did that for the next two films as well did it for dresser parts two and three and I don’t think we’ve done one for drastic world you every not probably know now we gave a review we did a review podcast on we’ve got all the boys together again after the film had finished and we spoke about it but we didn’t we haven’t done the podcast based the same as what we did for the first ones if that make sense yeah and but yeah then when we started getting into the Lego game and the music like Steve just said and there we go now we’re asking guests to come on because it’s always fun isn’t it to sort get other people’s opinion so oh yeah yeah that’s what I love I love having the conversation with people because everybody has different opinions and I think it’s great to kind of show off everybody and their different points of view and I think if you guys are anything you were when you answered that that kitchen question I think people are gonna have a fun time with your podcast well hope so wait we’re doing it we’re doing it for just just to keep the the fans interested in the franchise ready by and I’m glad that there’s a lot of others out there that are just trying to do the same thing because nindo day we’re not we’re not really getting anything out of it it’s just I like to get other people’s opinions and see what they fall and because it’s a worldwide thing isn’t it like you get from the states yourself and right it’s good to get other people involved i think so yeah there’s there’s a bunch of different podcasts out there for jurassic park and i think because we all have different takes on the film and add something different to the community it’s just a great way to communicate you know between all of us and you can listen to one or you can listen to all and you can just get a different perspective and i think it’s a great way to continue the community while we’re in between films mmm yeah hundred definitely and it keeps the excitement going doesn’t it and oh yeah a film like like Jurassic and like the star wars they look like they want that that that excitement to build up before the film was out and I think it’s important for him so yeah and speaking of Star Wars I mean I don’t know if you guys listen to other podcasts outside the franchise but star wars in general has like basically hundreds of podcasts that talk about the same things and they’re a little

different they’re all unique and you can find something different in each one and i think it’s it’s a great part of that community as well and i listen to a bunch of them and each one like I said has a different take so it’s really great that we can do that here with Jurassic Park and people will be interested oh yeah definitely you understand much um stevie you a happy to a star wars fan oh yeah yeah quite big boys night number four five and six but I didn’t break one turns pretty much to be honest I think even in number three I watched about an hour of it and then skip to the end oh really Wow see now see now the first it’s just really bad I know right don’t kill me now I’m gonna say what can move up I watched a watch 45 m 6 as a little kid like a little kid but not enough to understand and i don’t really i didn’t really remember much of it at all now one two and three i watch all three of them at the cinema when I was younger and so for me it made the four five and six make a lot more sense because I watched them in order really to understand them in order yeah and I watched the four five and six again as an adult and it made me sort of it made me love it made me love Star Wars more actually because unlike the first I think the first free are important they get a lot of stick and they take a lot of like bad press if you know I mean but I think that they’re really really important because it helped it helps to understand I know it’s going to make it understand that the story better but it I think it does like although the effects obviously are better than yeah the old films but I think it makes you appreciate how and how the simple techniques used in the old films still are still really really top-notch oh yeah absolutely there’s not make no impressive and while they’re different than the the newer ones they’re still awesome to watch and I love that about that yeah definitely laughing I think the old ones are actually quite amusing as well like i was i was watching i think it was the poster woman where is he oh does the middle one is near the empire strikes back the other day and when Luke finds Yoda and he’s rummaging through his food and little things like that tickle me and I know that ideal for that as a kid because I didn’t find that side of it funny but I find as an adult like the things you find in using a different aren’t mater what they were when you as a kid in Star Wars is quite funny but I’m looking forward to this new one but any we can get on to star wars anything yeah I mean it happens everybody loves Star Wars so it’s it’s easy to just dive into it and talk all about it yeah yeah what’s your favorite once day and i would say probably Empire Strikes Back yeah yeah although I do like the fat with he walks out of return returns my favorite one return of jedi what about yours spread ah you know I really I’m kind of like a new hope guy I really like that one Jedi is awesome too and I think you’re missing out with number three there I think that one is is actually really good i like i like the last half an hour of this revenge of the surf was was amazing yeah that fight scene and Anakin turn in and killing all the Jedi as all that side of it awful was brilliant storytelling own applications like you know yeah consoling oh sorry no I actually like the beginning a lot I think that battle sequence is is just incredible looking and it’s it’s different it’s something we don’t really get a lot of in Star Wars we see smaller battles but that was a giant battle so that was cool yeah now definitely up there was a think Iran internet recently on in the UK gonna hit the US or not it was about a jaw-dropping it’s being a Jedi and it was honestly and and you can’t argue with the blog because everything that come up with each said how he reacted like before he jumped into the big lagoon thing where he’s underground underwater world is he did he did like a Jedi somersault in here he he ducked before one of the well then blaster things called food and the ones on the wheels oh I don’t remember Ben things anyway yeah those guys no shot here when he came he ducked before it shot him and then as he ducked he flipped one of dead droids around and end up killing that another droid it does things by accident makes him look clumsy but this year but this thing had a at a gift attached to it and it’s done it in so much slow motion showed him ducking and looking what was going on and actually sort of

getting out of the wire bullets and also he was there was another link that was attached showing him when they were when there was a scene where the princess was getting escorted not princess the Queen was getting escorted down some steps by some droids and that guy over the Billy Connolly looking guy that was nothing and he was and he was down the steps as well and then the think it was guac on gin ob1 and George are at the top looking down on them and they they jump down to kill all the droids but Jar Jar hangs on top of it and then falls down a different side that looks like as a continuity error error but it wasn’t because the droid on the floor was shooting at where ja ja ja was and the both of them will look in there and then he comes down from a different angle and then joined in and yeah but after that was quite clever you know I think a lot of his uh his routine there could be perceived as just blind luck you know all that stuff that he does um but yeah if you look at it that way he almost could be like a Jedi unknowingly I know a stupid as it sounds because he is a clumsy oaf and I can’t help but laugh at him and I think he’s a really good character but like when you look at this with I’ll tell you what I’ll find the link and i’ll send it to you it’s gonna agree with it that’s fair enough I because it’s everyone’s different I just think you I was just like you can’t argue with this that’s it my friend sent it to me on facebook i way you have just changed my life Joe okay so it it’s very interesting perspective that someone’s found let’s put it that way so but anyway carry on sorry I’ll get a bit carried away no no always talking Star Wars is great but uh let’s let’s promote you guys let’s do that guy no you guys actually have you know your podcast which is awesome it’s fun and one of the one of the best parts i think about it is the Minecraft videos that you guys do along with it and I think I think it’s some awesome stuff so why don’t you guys explain to the listeners here you know what you guys do in in the Minecraft world and how it pertains to Jurassic it’s like your most evil yeah well basically we’ve created a sort of like a studio tour because we mainly build it on the PlayStation 4 so we don’t have like a full world edits we can’t have people coming in and seeing what we’ve done so our basic idea which we started about a year and a half ago doesn’t know about James yeah yeah and we created basically started off with Jurassic Park one and we have a movie tour that sort of trail takes you through dress but one seen other sites that were in the film then moves on to the lost world then dress apart free and then finally Jurassic world we’re still it’s still developing the drastic world isn’t it yeah the thing is we’ve we’ve graduated with a drastic world thing he’s there this well this whole minecrafting that we started doing it kind of um it gave us something to do while we were waiting for the film it was so excited than the film coming out with all the rumors and the fan forums and the Twitter just going mad every anytime something slip it come out that Colin Trevorrow posted it sort of just kept giving us ideas and we was online and and we bought the game and started off like i said before like as what size as Steve said as the Jurassic Park one but when the drastic world came out and the trailers came out we got little glimpses of say main street and and different things that were in it it give us we started building didn’t we yeah we took screenshots of like YouTube on our phones like yet we need to build it like she don’t let any little bit of footage we add for you we had to do it so a lot of our builds were built were based on early screenings of the film and it wasn’t until the film came out the UM realized a little bit rock here and how wrong that in some places we were right i thought we think we’ve got the scowl of Main Street in terms cow to the leg the little minecraft person to is roughly two blocks it’s a scale so are two blocks is to do meters okay so we kind of use that scale to make it look right if you know I mean I think your stout we’ve done for Main Street is actually really good but um there’s bits of those places in it that could be done a bit better okay um yeah because you want to walk through kind of with your character right so it’s everything has a the appropriate height right yes definitely though what you’ll find these doors there and the opening closed on the game are the right size for the

human characters on it but when you look at it from from distance you can’t you can only buy doors that are like a normal front door of your house yeah you can’t you can’t use doors that for example you know like when you go in like the Jurassic Park doors when you go into the innovation center their big honor their big a deal yeah it was so you put the two doors there and then you build the closest thing around and to make the doors look bigger ah ok so it is slightly different and but it’s gonna make you do rate yeah it’s the closest you can get really more than you did and but it’s always just fun to do sometimes it can be very taxing like Steve did this aviary riot of a dressy pop free section and my god did he moan about making that thing the made my existence at say i tried three or four different one is just to guess they don’t shape richer yeah that’s one it looked like a cone at one point eight way it was it was Square and boxed yeah everything but I’m everybody yeah and just ah it was so frustrating yeah I can I eat is I can attest to that because you know I when I’ve played the game it is very hard to construct things that look similar to real life items like like a dome I feel like that the scale of that needs to be huge to to make it dome like so and the way we built here Brad was basically Steve would lie down what he worked out the foundations of the the circle structure and the way where it needs to go in as he got higher and what happened is that I didn’t have a clue it was in his head I hate I didn’t I didn’t ever clue what he was thinking and how he was doing it but what I did know what he was doing was has he was go as he was going around the circle there was blocks that needed deleting as he was going because basically when you when you make a circle structure you say you do three at the bottom and then you go up one and then do then you go in a lightly if you understand what I’m trying to say in pixels it goes it’s slightly squared isn’t it if you zoom in on a pixel it goes square doesn’t it a circle shy air and that’s how we did it as if it was massive pixels if you like and I kept deleting ones that he didn’t need after so the structure was making shape slowly as he did it but when we looked back in it was speaking there’s so many blocks that are wrong now and we just filled in the gaps in the end of it but we’d have been gone for ages but the thing is that’s the difference between the ps4 on the pc mod see when we spoke to the pc a guy and who does the pc one the dress it will smith emc he m he’s got a sphere a generator generator yeah so he can just type type in on a maker sphere and just make it as big as you want huh so he is that an idiot after to my instructor city once and I’m put me and Steve like a mouthful openly said that I was just like you killed him for your with how much we would kill for that oh good I we ended up doing I think it’s about four to five layers of this circle going upwards four to five layers at night just because after that would go I’ve had enough yeah let’s just get this let’s play rocket legal this place played fifa or call the jury decide yeah just something different that we can kill someone with yeah you get a pup let out your anger yeah i think you actually see on our youtube channels you’ve got about four different videos of us making the Avery yeah and it is just probe it’s just progress really that week we didn’t want to show too much of the rest of the jurassic park three section away and yeah that’s another thing with my said it’s not a dressy park for a hurry although it looks more than a dressy pop for Avery Leland rustic park 31 we haven’t based the inside the Avery on the jaycee park for on drastic world sorry we based it on drastic part 3 and it’s just the way our world work that we load it up and it hasn’t got any mounting structures in it so where the drastic pop3 Avery was built on the side of a mountain wasn’t it we couldn’t do that so we dug downwards instead so instead of being up higher we’ve made the Avery dome like the Jurassic world dome but inside the Avery it’s a big almost like a crater and with a river stream running through the bottom so it goes down underground but when you’re inside it looks like you’re on cliff edges if that makes sense oh yeah see if you ever iffy fans

or any other fans of yours or anyone this listen to this podcast checks it out you’ll you’ll see what we mean by the video and but we also have a Facebook a can of Jurassic guinea cast where we post our videos and podcasts on there so you don’t even got on youtube so yeah I think you know what you guys have built is is so incredible like you know it’s on a bit of work my own in there and I can’t build anything to this scale and I think it’s just something you you learn after you just keep trying and you spend hours and hours so you know you guys said you’ve been doing this for like over a year now so you’re in a few how long does it take to build each section because you have built on four movies yeah uh-huh it changes depends really on what you’re building an age section doesn’t it’s dave was the original visit center from Jurassic Park one took was about five hours to build okay then once asked that was the first thing we ever built in Minecraft but once our skills got better we knocked that one down completely destroying I never so much fun yeah every bill a I think one twice the size so it looks more to scale yeah but they’re not only took us four hours yeah because the thing is I think where you get penetrate you get quicker like and also like we’re both copying the same photos like here will be on his computer and i’ll be on mine and i’ll send him a text with the butters photo of right I’m gonna build dis and then we’ll both book the same structure and then up at the door you go left I’ll go right and yeah so everything like the roof and everything we did is that he would stay off and you do one section of the roof and I’ll do the other section and if it’s on the safe we’ve as long as we’ve built the base the same will build up and it all everything gets done double the speed and it does work a lot better by that but yeah and for example in our lost world section it’s completely different to Jurassic Park we haven’t done any dinosaurs at all it’s you’ve got the the trailers hanging over the cliff that we did which are which to be fair I’m actually quite proud of because with the first attempt we did Steve did but yeah it was really early on Steve wearing it yeah and we made it out of it just didn’t look right and I you know what I’m going to redo these and see what it looks see what Steve Fink’s and after that we can build more and we’ve somebody rebuilt them and they look a lot better and attached and behind that whether the tour bit on the monorail bit goes on as if you go into the next part at all we built the the set that the San Diego South yo you go docks with the boat crashing God yeah and that boat is big while to build because obviously you’ve gotta get an angle to make it look like a boat and you’ve gotta build de cage and the container immune unit that the t-rex was being held in and opening slightly must add and then we built attached to that the the docks with the buildings and the barrier that smack the wrecked the wreck smashes through as he walks after the car and it’s comparable as well oh okay Mel comes cover forgot about that we’ve also built the the engine compound unit it makes no sense to look at as a whole because they’re all in different places because we’ve built something that’s on the island to something that’s off the island yeah but but we’ve literally just to be fair we could probably add a few more things to the Jersey part to say cucumis do yeah again if you’ve got any M if you check the videos out and got any ideas just proposed to comment and say build this and we’ll give that a go if we can yeah just built up in manhattan from san diego uh yes i love yes Kyle San Diego just do it oh no but I think that’s like awesome like the lost world stuff that you bill it’s really cool and I think you know throughout all the different movies you have like you said this this movie tour essentially where you you drive the cart through and you see on your right you see the trailer falling off the cliff and then you you come across yes see there you go port and it’s just so cool how all this stuff is right there it come in it’s just awesome but the fact it’s great to hear like but you say things like if that’s what we was aiming for wasn’t it Steve and it’s good that people sort of well appreciate will be done yeah that’s that’s great already but to sort of understand and get what we’ve done as well as another thing so yeah it’s good that you’ve enjoyed watching what we’ve done well yeah and I think there’s something versus you know if you made it in it and it looked bad you know you could tell but when you go into your world it looks it looks like spot-on and I can tell instantly what

you guys have feels and what you’re going for yeah now ask it to hear it’s good deal with doing good safe yeah definitely absolutely it’s so much fun in you know I wish I could go in there myself and just uh ride along and react react to all the scenes in the movie I’ll say you won’t get pissed for you can come join in pal so that way that I’m saying is to get it but a dressy pop a drastic world section we’ve got we’ve only played in one video so far and on that we’ve managed to me I think we went up to the end of main should we showed Main Street and the Moses or Serena but okies second Soros arena as well which didn’t get shown in the movie unfortunately bad we built it based on the lego version okay yeah on the Lego game so if you ever when you ever check that Lego game out when you see the package service or Serena on the game we built which is really fun to do by the way because you get to go in there and you can be your whatever dinosaur you want and you can go in the arena and actually face and battle and stuff that’s really cool yeah that’s really giving up in the game oh but we built that based on on that lego version it’s probably not movie accurate luckily we didn’t see in the movie I was yes luckily I would have loved it’s in it because if we could have built it properly to scale but you know and but the rest of the store we haven’t shown you because there’s still bits of it that we’re building that we’ve we’ve built our in shack with the old visitor center but in ruin and we’ve built Owens you know the Velociraptor panic yeah where he trains them we’ve built that and which dave and and what’s the other things we’ve built the islay new blah fairy and the there was a concept I think the poster wasn’t of the iris stadium uh uh yeah that’s the right that wasn’t shown at all that’s your favorite built easily agitated or is it not anymore yeah just the look of it i’d be like that one yeah we build in it’s just basically like a like a soccer stadium here and it’s based built but it’s built for the indominus but we built it literally based on that one picture concept art that they’ve got leaked for the indominus paddock and we built it from the front and the rest of it we’ve completely made up it could be completely wrong for it in their ideas but we just built it on our imagination any more than anything and I think this there’s a gyrosphere valleys where all I’ve ever we should show cat in the first few first video and and I don’t know what else would plan number of the wish we did show the this know that the control room didn’t we may add yeah we’ve shown that section but there’s still doesn’t mean that there’s the film’s got so much to offer them yeah it gives you the chance to build different things that’s right when you compare us out of the year when you compare the buildings you know between our four movies there’s not a ton in those movies but when you when you go to Jurassic world you’ve got the entire main street you’ve got all the different paddocks and it’s just there’s so much that you guys had to build so I really I really think that’s awesome how you guys did that it’s great that it keeps us tough to do it because if the film is on the night if the film was just on them on an online at the Los world I think that’s probably why we’ve struggled to do things with a lost world because there is no bike on it all of a sudden there’s no iconic buildings as such yeah that you remember like Dungey wrong the compound we’ve built but we only with it we haven’t built it to the depth of going inside and having a look round and because you don’t see as much of it mmhmm yeah whereas the the visitor center from the first film and the innovation center from the full film you you get to have a look you go inside and with the extras on DVD on the dvds and blu-rays and stuff you get to see bit more detail as well oh we built that bit wrong let’s go back and correct that how do you know I mean so yeah that’s I mean I know you guys said it before but you kind of compare and contrast your pictures versus you know what you’re building so that’s got to be really hard to kind of come up with that concept of what this is so like I should like this I’m where else happens yeah yeah it can be frustrating sometimes I we have had a couple of them disagreements oh yeah that just shows passion yeah but it’s in or sometimes it’s just colors as well die like yeah Steve might see a color thinking it looks like one color and I might think we’ll know it if you look at it in the sunlight it done at that color so then we have to come with a mutual agreement of which color to do it so it’s it’s just not anything really like but my to the time 90 pieces at a time where you completely angeles in agree on things yeah

one of the best things that Steve included which I thought was a really good idea on our on our videos is making the logos above the gates yeah those are on it really adds it really adds into the section like isn’t just the jurassic park gate it’s got the logo above just to sort of add that extra thing extra difference to it and then we did the same thing with the lost world although we didn’t have a gate we made one up that made it look a bit more or wild and viney and you know bit more taken over by the jungle yeah so give it a bit more rugged effect and put the logo on top of that one and the dresser pop free I did when Steve wasn’t around and but he still helped me of that to make you look bit more less egg-shaped a bit more round and then the drastic world one Steve did on his own so um yeah well we’re getting there eventually come into the finishing product of it but then you know address it well to come out and then the metal don’t know what that’s gonna be about we’re gonna start get away we have a hole through sections days oh yeah you know I think it would be an ongoing project for the next three years oh definitely it’s gonna you’re never going to stop especially if there’s a trilogy of movies hang out you know what Steve said to me why don’t we do Star Wars Norfolk oh god I love to make the Millennium Falcon I love to but I don’t know how long and let that type to build you know if we did have the idea and that couple of months ago didn’t we but then we looked on YouTube and there’s empty smith easily their Star Wars how East what he’s done so far has been brilliant he’s being so good fit I’ve got given the credit it I east he’s very good right aye sir I’d say he’s probably probably better than us but he but with the tools that he’s gone he’s going to be anyway tonight I mean yeah but i’m still hundred percent proud of what we’ve done i think we’ve done a really good job and long may it continue yeah yes out people are really possessed with Minecraft and you guys obviously must be obsessed to to go to this you know level to create all these worlds so what do you think it is about Minecraft that draws people in and we just Evan you guys first yeah it’s a different sort of game to what up of people play I mean we’ve got like we play fifa ok Claud and after you know you get so angry playing it sometimes though tipster little bit you know it’s a point where you throw you control down and think what is the point but you go on this minecraft then you know it’s like I’m not really a very good job forum but at all so I’m not really artistic but as I am on this just relaxing you can chill out there’s no real end objective yeah it kind of it really does mel are you out right it’s a type of firm did you ever play the scene I’m spread oh yeah I love the sims i love that Deb you know if you know the same yeah you know the st. the sort of it completely absorbs you into the world up we don’t mean Steve never ever ever play the survival mode on on minecraft and we have done but we just we just done right the survival mode is really good but you can like and you play almost like a call of duty style and go around killing each other and you start again and what means Steve made this amazing my eye is on the game which is huge is like almost like the harry potter maze you know in the fourth film yeah you ever watched oh yeah you know I big that Macy’s is huge like a Hunger Games style my hair but you get so let again you get frustrated cuz stiva find the box with all the diamond doll mar and make him basically himself invincible it just come along product maybe with a sword and i’m dead and i forgot i’m like right outside the maze again and after farm away and you lose it you just like end up or frustrate then we go back onto the creativity mode and it just mills you out so yeah it’s always it it’s always the worst when you die in minecraft because it starts you you know at the complete other end of the the map there hey you know don’t know yes I just try you up there you’ve got yet it’s all gone but that’s it that’s all with this literally all we do on minecraft though we don’t ever place it we don’t play the game to be a socially you know like the way you do on a multiplayer on call of duty or yeah black do you know what I mean because I don’t ever do it for that reason we lit should go on it was like defense your build yeah right in this guy and we’ll going maybe even cracked something or destroy something because it chills us out and it’s a good one before you got a bit as well because you’re not your mind

isn’t constantly stimulated like if you play call of duty or something before you go to page your minds like you’re all around when you close your eyes aren’t they you know I mean where is when you’ve got something like minecraft act she tires you out because you’re looking at something not really moving you like yeah I’m done now this Steve’s like yeah I’ve done building it all right then let’s go I’ll catch you later sort of thing and yeah there’s something about that game it’s I think it’s the music and the scenery and everything it you could play that thing for hours and then eventually you’ll get tired of it but I just I love that game where are where i work at school and steve works from home quite a lot when i’m on half terms you know like school holidays well yeah we could be on it from ten o’clock in the morning to laugh four o’clock after a Maya yeah so probably dissing house right now and he’s like yeah i shagged a big show ladies wife out from work and paper kid a bit of attention yeah probably but it does do that see though it really does it’s a great game man to play yeah five minutes into three hours yeah I know I know once you start something you can’t you know just give up you got to keep going yes its kind of while I’m guilty pleasures this it’s not something like but we go go but we’ll go online to it and the months that Steve you online tonight like yellow on in and we’ll start off of something right rocket League which is like a a soccer game that you play in driving around in cars it’s really good it’s honestly it’s as good as it sounds it sounds hot earth is as good as it sounds and you can do somersaults and boosts and stunts and everything yes so good it costs us wait or wet you mean Steve downloaded it for free on the playstation store at the time it’s now 15 pound because it got such high demand oh wow the yeah we we do it whether it was free it was brilliant and we play that all the time and then because steve hasn’t bought fifa 16 this year we play our own individual games as well and then is our arm sick of this I’m sick of dying now but enough to just and play minecraft do and we’ll chill out for a couple of hours so it has its positives as well as its yeah our own obsession negatives so you guys mentioned the Jurassic Lego before are you into any other Jurassic games like for the the mobile games or the tell-tale game that was released in the past few years see we didn’t get the tail tail game over in the UK didn’t come out okay so it came out and PC betting come out on the console so we missed out on that one yeah the mobile games I didn’t I didn’t play Steve had it in ya ya got the jurassic world build up and yeah quite addicting today quite higher level I haven’t so enjoying that and ya got the mega drive as well with the original Jurassic Park game yeah we get our with did we do a podcast on that stage or did we just play the game like the deposit ours yeah I think we played yeah we played the old plastic I think it was the Jurassic Park and one was he was he cold the one way you can be the Velociraptor at the one wrong eager yes I go the Genesis 14 you years over there yeah it was a bit weird the Mega Drive is the same I think there’s a same system just different name and yes at that game we played that one that was pretty cool wasn’t it hard to you I should I think they should revamp the graphics on their games and make it almost like a little planet sort of looking game oh wow yeah that would be awesome and in a 2d I’d mention how could that a beam of today sort of graphics that they’ve gone not in 3d just literally to date 2d like a platform that would be really really good I I gotta dig that out and maybe hook up my Genesis and play that that games us it is awesome it’s so difficult but he’s opening eyes how difficult it isn’t you play again you like Jesus how could I bladi since I’m kid I think me and Steve died on one level about 50 times Indian year we just skip to the next level using the cheat codes good rap ass covered enough on road kill myself okay I also played a lot of the arcade games as well actually in our arcades yeah the lost world games really good we’ve got one and one of the guys BAM Sam from Jurassic class he go he lives near a near a seaside near where we not fast from us about half an hour away from us okay and there he goes down there and place the lost world game craft and so I’ve been there a few times I haven’t been with Steve yet to play it but I think we may have done in there’s a place festival leisure park near where we live and they’ve got a bowling alley

and arcades and I think couple of years ago they had the lost world game i think me and Steve played it in but you can spend pounds and pounds on that game because yeah you’re you’re you’re hitting few but it just takes over like you kind of think you know I’m not dying I gotta keep going okay careful you know you spent like a tenor in there and I am I should probably leave this game now just accept the feed yeah the best thing that arcade games should do is take credit cards oh yeah have you played the the most recent arcade game I haven’t steve has yes yeah I found that quite difficult as well oh really yeah it’s definitely worth it goes quick is a good game but didn’t get very far at all yeah yeah it has three three or four levels to choose from i chose the t-rex there were typically Rex but yeah it’s good game just yeah quite difficult yeah I talked to the creators of that game and they seem like they put a ton of work into it so it was respectful to the series as a whole so I Stefan I’m gonna definitely give it a go when I can find it yeah and to actually to get the time to go down there really and it’s it’s done it’s the same place where the other game is the lost world going be no different this is a different arcade somewhere and so it’s round the same area she styled I haven’t found it I just know I’m sure I’ll get the door I’ve got down a mistake one day maybe a sin and we’ve got a stripping south areas has got probably about 10 or 15 different arcade places it’s um it’s just it’s just a seaside resort it’s not much to look at like you’d probably come over and think this is your C saldras haha but it’s as best as it can be in the area it’s all right it’s yeah so I wanted to actually ask you about um like what do you think about the film’s oh yeah probably one of my favorite films of all time really I’ll say that drastic part one is my favorite film purely because of the whites written and you know it’s the first proper experience of dinosaurs in a movie or oh yeah people up and just seeing that the fact that they used animatronics I mean the animatronics were absolutely amazing from stan winston school of animatronics the film was just immaculate isn’t it yeah completely impressive and perfect in my eyes yeah yeah absolutely and I’m glad that they carried the animatronics into Jurassic world as well they didn’t go full CGI which i think does ruin a lot of films yeah then yeah axis can play off animatronics they can’t play off perfectly with see joy yeah I think you’d miss a lot of that feeling in heart that you get from the Apatosaurus scene in jurassic world so I think you know there was some news recently that maybe they wouldn’t be doing it but you we know that’s a lie there’s going to be you know animatronics and they can’t totally get rid of them so hopefully they actually step it up and have more next time around yeah I think the response they got from the animatronics and aggressive world was you know a great addition to the film so take a fully would be ridiculous yeah I think that would be a mistake because that’s what the films were brought up on you know animatronics and mixed with CGI but it wasn’t one or the other so I think I think that would be a mistake I’ll just don’t want them to lose that essence of wonder yeah me either because I think like I’m quite easygoing when it comes to the films like I just I’m just happy to see dinosaurs and today i love i love to Terra Nova and I mean Stevie and actually got through all of them yet I loved it as cheesy and as low budget it was the special effects weren’t great at all they were awful but I think it it didn’t bother me I’m just happy that I’ve got a TV series that’s got gangs it’s got a bit of bit of romance bit comedy and it’s got dinosaurs in it and it’s got um what’s his name Stephen lane yeah it’s just such a brilliant actor it just makes it’s just quality so i was happy do you know what if they did rebuild we bring out Jurassic Park I would like them to base it more on the novel because there’s there’s aspects of that novel which but then then you look at the mark rotten write that book in what 9th when was in 1990 was it or something like that I’m not sure I learned that Rebecca yeah he it was it was a old site old science wasn’t it so

yeah but we’re on to sort science-y a brontosaurus was will say was an animal then it’s now not classified so and the t-rex and in 10 days stood upright or more it wasn’t so did tonight I mean so the they’re not scientifically accurate some of them as much as the genome side of it was brilliant that than phenomenal but I think things times change don’t they so if they made that book now it might not flow the same way with the old technology at the head yeah oh I don’t know no it might be this I’m always open yeah I’m open to the concept so may hear they in the end of the day they’ve covered the Jurassic Park novel over the course of the four films he’s a Spinosaurus swimming after a boat which was a scene in the Jurassic Park one novel there’s an Avery in Jesse pop three and four there’s and you’ve got the the visitor center with the pyramids from Jesse part one that’s great and then you’ve got the pyramid itself in the Jurassic world yeah you’ve got the futuristic cars and you’ve got the Apatosaurus eventually you’ve got your pet asaurus in there so everything that the book suggests is covered so the only thing that isn’t was the the volcanic nests of the island but they’ve got the hierarchy and the Raptors so a you’ve got the different types of dying in the lost world you’ve got the different types of dinosaurs it takes it back to the mainland you see a different behavior from the animals there’s a rugged a native sort of feel to the music there’s a lot of character deaths and Ian Malcolm did I mean what more can you ask for from the lost world yeah jurassic park three is definitely the last on my list of pitiful and as it is for most people and we’re big t-rex fans through and through and just seeing it being destroyed by the Spinosaurus in such an easy way they ruined it for quite a lot of people yeah i think that uh definitely put the shadow over the Spinosaurus and people really hated that dinosaur i think because of that scene yeah yeah most definitely because then we’ve had so many arguments in the past the debates we got in whose best the Spinosaurus a t-rex and the facts adjust their data TX is a hundred percent better I mean don’t get me wrong Spinosaurus as a dinosaur on its own you know it absolutely it’s a beautiful dinosaur yeah yeah I do like the Spinosaurus but in a debate between t-rex or spino t-rex wins hands down yeah I think I think everybody would pretty much side with you there but I think the the Spinosaurus I think it was actually kind of great I mean it got a decent introduction in the beginning of the film with with it you know basically knocking the plane out of the sky and but then from there on it was kind of muddled you know it had a terrible animatronic scene with the trying to get the people out of the airplane and and then I obviously killed you know the t-rex and which was terrible and I’m there on out i think it was actually represented pretty well yeah so did you enjoy jurassic world as a whole or were you disappointed with it um I think enjoy as a whole it wasn’t much disappointment confined in it the only thing that I could think that should have been added more well for me personally would be the river cruise I thought they could have done a little bit more with that just the only soy front 10 second clip it I was really hoping they’ll be like a rampaging you know the RX rampage and down that river career trying to the kayaks and canoes I thought that would have been brilliant but but yes absolutely happy nothing after them say bad about it really yeah you know those those scenes that we got quick glimpses of like the river cruise it would have been amazing to see that thing in action and see what else they pass by and maybe see the I Rex just totally dominate some of those canoes or whatever they were using that had been awesome yeah yeah is a shame but you know they can’t they kinda fit so much into a film yeah i mean i would have been perfectly content with a four hour film but i guess mainstream people no definitely not and a saying that the thing that did a sort of put spoiler on the film was the connection between own

and Claire I didn’t think that that was really needed yeah and how about probably nine now unless they’re you know making way for dress-up world too but if you look through some of the deleted scenes in Jurassic world if they added in the you know their progress as a relationship together the kiss would make more sense what I found yeah yeah you’re probably right yeah it’s just one of those things that you know every films got a kiss scene evan a hey everyone’s go everyone stay yeah I don’t know I mean Jurassic Park got away with not doing that and there was like a semi like love connection there you didn’t you didn’t get a ton of it but they they definitely showed it there in the film and they actually really surprised you when they came back in the third movie and there was no connection at all and that was kind of like a heartbreaking moment yeah and you gave his like a sick world yeah i’ll put it up there with the pulley on the same and i put it up there a number two I break them the scientists different completely different films in my eyes obviously neck but they look different they are different but I mean in terms of what what you can get out of them then you’ve got the Jurassic world which brings back slight cameos of some car sorry Malcolm on the book for example a lot honest alger it gives you the park that you’ve always wanted to see despite it not actually showing enough of it but that’s do not mean what can you do it in two hours you’ve got have a bit of a villain as well haven’t you Graham so you’ve gotta play a bit story as well a visual so that side of it could have been better but with a free hour film yeah all day but two hours I was happy with what they showed me their fight scenes were phenomenal the CGI I thought was incredible people didn’t like it I can’t see what the problem is is better than any other Jurassic Park films it’s just at the time and it was the best thing that they could compare to now I mean when you compare the the anime that drop be the CGI effect from the Jurassic Park 12 foot 24 is a moral difference it’s completely different of course and I don’t know what people can expect I don’t know no films 100-person perfect like you look at the Avengers as like this complaint CGI constantly and there was a scene in the seat in the one of the first I think in the avengers age of ultron one of the first scenes when they’re gone for the forest you know when the big battle gound for the forest bit ly before he picked up a lamp post or something and it looked so like unhuman when you move the lamp post around but you know I didn’t care and let’s let go it bother me I thought yeah that’s a do you know it is does that mean you hear our brightens know that it’s not real so they’ve just people have just got to get past that yes animatronics you can’t be in am electronic in terms of reaction and physically feeling something that’s there you can’t beat that but then sometimes you look at the react you think yeah that’s a puppet you know it’s a puppy it cuz you know the dinosaurs aren’t real so yeah what to me it’s no different I don’t see what the problem is unless something looks blurry and actually looks completely stupid like it’s someone you know like the 19 other know something you’d get to in this 1970s films that just been hologram don then I can’t really complain like their estate is the best technology that we’ve got around they’ve put all that money in so I can’t complain so that’s why I think I like it so yeah yeah I think your head it right on the head there yeah let’s say wed Jurassic Park go in 20 you dear man i’m actually i don’t care i’m easily pleased as you can help as you can tell conclusion we’re all happy here it is so I want to actually just uh let people know where they can find your stuff online yep we’re on twitter @ JP underscore to underscore i underscore dire and on facebook jurassic unicast as well as YouTube Jurassic unicast as well yet we post all of our videos and podcasts and and anything that we relate to maybe minecraft or even screenshot Steve sometimes isn’t it we close to as much of this stuff to facebook so if you’re a member on our Facebook page then you’ll see all this stuff come through and and we try and do as much as we can on Twitter don’t we yeah so am but yeah that’s basically where we can find us to really start we’re open we want as many fans as

possible to sort of come in and join in with us yeah and actually but just to share our staff and the love of the franchise more than anything because we don’t get anything out of it it’s just sort of like just fun to do isn’t it time yeah it is yeah and I think a lot of people will appreciate what you’ve been doing on YouTube and with your podcast so i really suggest everybody go subscribe and follow you guys because it’s some awesome stuff thank you very much yeah thanks for joining me guys yes yeah thanks we’ll have to have another chat soon excellent thank you very much talking I’m supposed to be a genius or something I can’t get Jurassic Park back all the latest if I did we shouldn’t be here there’s five dinosaurs how many Sarah’s do you think her on this island we received an awesome email this week from Claudio asking us to cover a topic on an upcoming episode I think it’s a great idea so let’s see what he had to say hi man have a request for you if you find the time to do it it would be really interesting to listen to an episode about what the Jurassic universe could have been like the lost world should have ended in another way they change the ending in the last minute jp3 had an entirely different script and Jurassic world had the john sales script to begin with it would be really cool if you dug deep into those three scripts and told us about it said it before saying it again great show thanks Claudio hey man that’s an amazing request I cannot wait to do an episode covering all those things soon I’m sure there are others that would love to hear about this as well the timeline of the film series would be completely different if things worked out the way they did if there were all these original scripts involved and I’m happy though that we received the films that we did with the lost world and jurassic park three even if you know that that latter one isn’t my favorite but the future of Jurassic Park would have been very very different so I’d love to sit down drag out all the details pertaining to all those movies and make an episode for you guys to listen to thanks for the email Claudio and I hope to hear from you again soon this next one is a voicemail from sickle claw on Twitter let’s take a listen to what he has to say hello this is a Twitter you learn sickle cloth calling in this one time leave a message for you guys on the podcast so hopefully it will show up and next podcast you have what I’m going to talk about is that that hoax article they ran the other week the one about the drastic Park remake that one got me off and really scared for about a couple of hour before it came out that it was fake I mean I’m glad it was fake but at the same time it was you know something where women share whether it was real or baked and for a minute there I would i have to admit i was really worried about where universal would allow the franchise to go and there was some indication that might be fake given that they said it would be oh I’m gonna have la remake along with drastic world saw at the same time but yeah in retrospect it was very obviously fake until so it did give the fandom one on one moment where they’re on unsure I can agree on that and and I would very unsure as well about where the franchise was going to go from that direction onwards you would just a moment of shock you’re unsure and this is going to be big news or disappearing and thankfully with the prey but but still praying nevertheless I’m glad it turned out to be fake but for instant only if it’s going to be the big news that’s going to take over the franchise for the rest of the year but yes but now I’ll eat some the franchise can move on with the drastic world series and in my second part of my message was going to be talking a bit about a Jurassic world too and the franchise going to be heading right now we’re still very scarce on details for the second drastic world movie but I had a suggestion it was Colin Trevorrow talked on the talked before about how it would be sense need dinosaurs or open source other companies have them they’re not the only people can create a dinosaur okay so far my idea is Jurassic world to LA how the for the marketing for the most drastic world got them as Ronnie site but what about in Jurassic world too we had a this is twitter user sicko claw again

the phone dropped my last message oh yes you can edit it in in the recording session I’m going to say whatever a drastic world to the the marketing had legs up a fake websites no in universe website for the other up when he say like I Olson or something found we all in there David to lost world The Phantom had wondered where by Olson might be in this universe and I think with hmm the Jurassic world I think Jess perfect time for to come back obviously well if they replace it with another company like like in the failed sale script it was thanks so much man for the voicemail sorry it sounds like you got cut off there again but the whole fake news story about Jurassic Park being remade was a huge mess that article if any listeners don’t already know came from film school rejects calm and the article was stating that jurassic park would be remade and exist side by side with the jurassic world series now thankfully it was all fake and it was really just an uncool move by the site to release this random prank article with really no reveal saying it was fake anywhere on that specific site but alas it is fake and we can really relax now so yeah man it’s it’s a real total relief that it was fake and as for the direction of the sequel I think you’re really onto something with the alternate company websites because ms Ronnie and the jurassic world websites did a great job at creating this this in world experience for everybody accessing the sites you know it really made you feel like you were learning something about the companies or getting an inside glimpse as to what the progress of the company’s was throughout the years and and then the aim is Ronnie terminal came on board and you really felt like you were hacking into a website and learning all the secrets of the company so like you said I would love to see a bios in type company maybe with their you know terminal of their own revealing some more secrets you know something about the sequel so I really think you’re onto something and hopefully this happens and we get to dig through it pretty soon thanks sickle claw so if you have a question about Jurassic Park or a comment for the podcast you can send us an email to Jurassic Park pod at gmail com I’ll make sure to read your email here or you can send us a me audio recording and I’ll play it for you or if you don’t want to do that you can call our voicemail the number is 7 32 8 2 5-7 7-6 3 give us a call and we’ll play it on the air thanks thanks for listening to the 26th episode of the jurassic park podcast a huge thanks to james and steve from the jurassic unicast podcast they are both awesome guys and do great work within the jurassic community with their podcasts and their minecraft builds so make sure you go follow them on youtube twitter and facebook also a big thanks to Claudio for submitting a great email suggesting an upcoming episode and I cannot wait to do that for you guys so stay tuned now of course i want to thank sick of cloth for calling into our voicemail line and leaving that message it’s always great to hear from the fans of jurassic park directly and get all those unanswered questions from the series like is Jurassic Park being remade or awesome suggestions like having a BIOS in website where we can learn even more about the sequel now if you want to interact with us we do most of our work over on Twitter at Jurassic Park pot but we are also on Instagram Tumblr and Flickr you can listen to us via iTunes stitcher SoundCloud podomatic and youtube so make sure to subscribe it would mean so much to us if you hit subscribe hip follow hit like do all those things and stay in contact with us we’re also usually spotted commenting on the jurassic park subreddit as Jurassic Park podcast all of our links to our web presence are in our show notes now I know I mentioned it every week but if you haven’t already please do us a giant favor by giving us a five star review on iTunes it will seriously help us build our rankings and make it easier for fans like you to find this now if you want to get a hold of us like I said earlier you can email us with any news stories mp3’s segments ideas pictures top 10s or comments to jurassic park pod @ gmail.com now if you’d like to record something for the show send it in to us and we’ll feature it on an upcoming episode now if you don’t have a way to record you can give our voicemail call and leave us a message the number is seven 3282 5-7 7-6 3 thanks for listening and enjoy

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