hello everybody and welcome back to insane brick gaming my name is vsta and if you must know now I left you what I left over playthrough when I was in school and uggs on the hallway or somewhere ever anyway I stopped recording but realized I had to go and save it if I didn’t save it and turn it off it would’ve been [ __ ] so that’s why I’m in my room right now um so let’s switch back okay just muck muck around with me now score is still ongoing we’ve got a task to do what’s this sleep they want me to sleep mmm I’ve already saved it so I don’t need to do that all right was it nighttime ja I can’t even tell all right I don’t know what I’m doing here at this point so I think I want me to sleep must be nighttime right yep it’s nighttime mmm or we can go outside let’s see what’s outside all submission to do a little help ok will do this mission go on PT go cry to the teacher tell them I was nasty to shut up Gary you’re such a jerk man oh my p oh you’re so cutting I’m really upset actually I think I’m gonna go cry identity just like you cry little girl oh look out your gums Jimmy just knock it off Gary you’re out of line oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was hanging out in the girls dorm silly me shut up man you’re boring boring I’m boring you’re none too interesting yourself friend look I’m sorry both of you I apologize okay I just get a little overexcited forgive me forget it it’s cool anyway I’ve got a good idea for some fun let’s go out and torment someone really helpless an unfortunate that horse guy oh come on help talk to someone help us you come a little Petey come on i’m sorry i’ll give you a kiss and that’s what you want shut up then come on oh by the way thanks to be guys who have subscribed in the last week I’m just a shout out to you guys i hope you are watching uh hi Sian 248 harassing some gin cinnamon and k’rin krn thanks for subscribing guys alright so what do we got to do hey Jimmy tell me about this guy does he like to go his own hair the X button the UM is a prefect [ __ ] I wonder they’re already received my application trying to get there without being hounded mmm alright maybe we just go for that building well everyone else walking around so assume it’s ok [ __ ] all right who were gonna rise wait what the [ __ ] oh [ __ ] with trespassing oh [ __ ] she doesn’t need medication excuse all right oh I just go hang a dick [ __ ] so I don’t get it we were supposed to come in here just told me I don’t get it who’s funny boy huh I might need that I’ll got rubber band trespassing deserves you know what I use [ __ ] you [ __ ] uh-huh minor crime major crime i punish kids according to my move [ __ ] [ __ ] your most disturbing sounds son of

a [ __ ] further mission so we had to go in the girls dorm and do something my bad what the [ __ ] up uh you your bed became available from 7pm following these two get back to your dorm room start a little help ok so we’re going against our little help and it’s time we will i’ll skip the cutscene i think we can do that I think I did it last time y’all try to the teacher right so we don’t need to see that that’s good and God for that normal keep seeing that she area so we’re sneak in there and try and avoid that teacher maybe I wasn’t too smart with that gonna be fun look for the I wait look for the hobo behind you old Scott okay my bad I didn’t get there okay so we don’t go in the girls dorm but to be honest with you I don’t know where to go it’s so [ __ ] dark sad look out for an idiot I’ve got some kind of itching powder all the way around my god is so dog man I love all right look it up this is annoying I don’t is just to open the door you all make your life hell oh alright before we end of this lets just dodged my do something real quick because the sun is on my TV and it’s really pissing up and barely see is making it difficult okay all right I’m back hopefully I makes it a little bit better I will get a user’s hobo it’s a little better at the best what’s this bag of molly or whatever that was what the [ __ ] give me a piece of [ __ ] hahaha I’m violating curfew now apparent it right here we go the junkyard like kind of thing in it where is this dirty old perv you know you’re not very nice scary and you’re a loser PD one of us is unfortunate so I guess the rumors are true Jimmy your dad does live on let’s leave this guy whose welfare payments come on let’s get out of here just get out of here kid why should I there’s otherwise I’ll kill you what’s your problem yeah that’s a long story you got any liquor no I’m 15 well what about drugs no look I should not kill you I 10 tough guy kill me all right you know our kid I like your style you’ve got guts when I was on that Ridge and courier watching my buddies get killed by friendly fire I couldn’t use somebody like you yeah thanks but I bet you can’t fight you do me a favor and I’ll show you some real moves classified move real special army stuff cool just get me a part for my radio and I’ll show you what the army taught me what like how to get shot by your own side exactly so there’s an army vet living uh homeless that’s the sad truth about the the world today there are plenty of them even in the UK if you’re in the USA by the way um ok so I’m violating curfew as

usual um apart freeze radio so this is gonna be a bit of a [ __ ] because we can’t we’re gonna call out by teachers and God knows what I can’t understand why kids [ __ ] how do we get over there controllers still feel odd to me ah what’s this climb so it must be up here then score take the transmitted to the hobo hmm money does not buy a class haha like that it’s kind of cool okay damn it what’s that oh cool G&G cards collected so shitty collectibles I hate collectibles what’s this rubber band for me yep four out of 75 found damn man so [ __ ] dark oh yeah I know I just came since how confused I am rice is one room this go round like an idiot right now back to the old hobo why am I still too [ __ ] all right what movies are gonna teach us thanks kid you’re one of the good ones and what hands are old coot ETA I learned this one from this crazy guy I sure wish yeah okay with mark walkin uppercut good so going up a cot billet you now come back jump down but not too early don’t forget to bring me a transistor when you come back alright we’ve unlocked an uppercut and we’re gonna find the transistor for the next time Oh fine with hidden transfer okay after hours hmm more training so we’ve got a trophy our first trophy of a game hmm and much going on either prefect over here are you well I’ll still beat you prick oh [ __ ] get the hell out of here oh [ __ ] you’re not in bed by 2 a.m you’ll pass out on the spot [ __ ] no that’s two of them up I don’t fit as much to do well right now anyway so I suppose we might as well just go to bed I was trying maybe leave the school and whatever let’s just go back and then we left the school we can see what else we can do on the local town or whatever I’m going I’m going [ __ ] I think I’m going the right way again I think I’m getting tired that pass out I sleep with my eyes open yeah all I passed out [ __ ] all right you started lyrics better hospital it’s morning good [ __ ] the 32 blight Oh sis play game an old school arcade game

fuji street race 2165 let’s just go start the Metro town okay so i start up way slow come on [ __ ] this is why you will never see me play racing games no this is me driving the real life by the way [ __ ] come on how bad I’m on man it just come on yeah ah what well I blew up ah [ __ ] dad terrible I lovely to worst driver ever come on I get closed and I [ __ ] up always a boost I see long are you follow these [ __ ] whoa [ __ ] I’ll go play second man [ __ ] well that’s in the back game over 905 all rights reserved all right let’s get on with it class is about to start [ __ ] prefect odd yup we get over there that guy’s looking I’ll [ __ ] off all right I’m starting something now save algae ok mm oh so you’re the new kid huh nuts he’s talking about you who are they and what are they saying nothing just that you’re friends with that sociopath Gary socia what sociopathic means I’ve never mind forget I said anything I need you to help me wait you need me to help you I’ve got some library books that need to be returned but I’m too scared to go to my locker do I look like a librarian no listen I need your help pretend we’re friends walk with me I’ll pay I’ll pay you to box two bucks are you crazy make it 5 no 2 bucks great five bucks let’s go buddy so someone’s bullying him no doubt and we got to eat okay like that’s kind of course fine five bucks just a walk with him and get his books my mom calls me Prince algae she says a really special light like a prince you know oh you’re special or I dude special add

take out the book take out the bullies come on he’s just a fat kid once he’s walking guess I’m I pick that up oh I’m just gonna [ __ ] die [ __ ] here now this is luckam Oh fire off sunshine uh-huh just wait till I catch you I really have to pee I’m scared you see I am extremely take out you to the school bathroom ah the red ring around the clock the time i get allergy to a ball from before it runs out all right I’ve already went myself once this month hello Jesus relegated movie [ __ ] nut is this the right one oh [ __ ] it’s upstairs the boys one-armed man [ __ ] thing please just prick gonna go get it to class you little time I’ll [ __ ] off killing me and I’ll show you okay I was so ridiculous all right Leah that little jokes mind I told you I bring you down ah [ __ ] sake [ __ ] préfet two dicks man right run class now chemistry one what are you doing in here all right bass take care all right I’ll this 10 unlikely as we will be working with volatile chemicals today begin very good carry on good work you have a future in chemistry good job keep paying attention yes still no tired like how was the other day it was easy firecrackers now available ok you can count on Jim [ __ ] Rob let’s just pause it for a second I just wanna check the timing of this video I really want a algae in the compartment where 23 minutes alright so let’s I wonder if we can take that nerd guy to the bathroom sounds really weird i’ll say that but you know i mean it was my cousin’s fault they turned out like this when the hell did have to go to get that mission [ __ ] maybe it’s just starve area looking for a stink bomb behind us by pushing our one when people are chasing us i suppose i hit all the library right so this is just where at so I’ll kill I’ll kick the UM the bullies asses and then we rush there before class starts and the prefex are after us buildings it easy parts of prefix at dicks alright so we can skip this I always wonder all right take out the

bullies we’re on it oh oh [ __ ] [ __ ] move your fat [ __ ] screaming like a [ __ ] algae okay oh man stinks right now we’re gonna run before you saw us taking it pissing himself up the stairs all right come on I’ve already wet myself let’s get there before class never fit all right here we go I’ll he’s indicated by the blue thing okay cover me i’m going in mission complete keep the ball from clear judges said they went into the bathroom I’ll take you on [ __ ] oh man sorry Shawn scroll through these keep the bar from clear is that it come on dude jeez locker all right man schools about to start here it is here we go thanks Jimmy here’s the cash I’ll tell my mom but not everyone a Bulworth is mean huh no to respect 5 and I’ve got five dollars I’m good that’s all there is to it I really love the bunny there’s so many biology hmm principal no okay um well now we’ve completed that I think this could be any of this video about 27 minutes in um to do yeah anyway guys please like share comment and subscribe and i will see you on part four thanks for watching

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