hi everybody i’m allen from you do AV today we just have a quick easy tip this is how to save a few bucks when you’re putting together your phone modules inside of your side of your AV closet not on your rack on your AC cabinet the one that’s inside the wall there’s a couple ways that you can do it one is you can get like a phone module which is a whole bunch of different blocks that you can terminate each plug in and then put it on there we’ll try to put a picture up for you so you can see what it looks like but you can save yourself a little money if you do something like this this is called a 66 punch block this is what we use on commercial applications they’re pretty inexpensive if you can pick it up for like 10 15 bucks and they were great they work perfect so this is um this is what I’m going to use on my house since I have a lot of phone lines and I’m going to save a little bit of money doing doing it this way so how this works is each one of these metal pins here each one of these metal pins receives a wire and these two the two pins on the Left are connected to each other the two pins on the right are connected to each other in each row so on the top row the two pins on the left are connected and the next ones down are connected and the next ones are down are connected and next ones down are connected they’re not internally connected to each other up and down they’re just internally connected left and right so the left one is connected to this one and this right one over here is connected to the one next to it so this is how you apply so you would land your home wires on one set and you’d land the live wire on another set so I’ll explain what that means so here the first thing we have to do is since these things are connected to each other we need to kind of pre wire this thing this is going to take a little longer than your regular phone connection but it’s it’s still pretty quick and easy and it does save you a little bit of money so the first thing I need to do is I need to mark the terminals to where the wires go so in each cat five wire there’s I’m sorry each cat5 cable there are eight wires there’s a white a white blue there’s a white blue a blue a white orange orange white green green white brown brown that’s eight wires okay so the order goes white blue blue why orange orange white green green white brown brown and it goes down just like that and then it’s going to start over with the next wire the next wire will be why torrent or white blue white blue blue white orange orange white green green white brown brown it’s all going to go down just like that so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and mark this okay so I’m going to mark the first wired each one with a pencil this is my white blue blue my orange orange white green green white brown brown white blue okay white blue blue white orange orange white green green white brown brown white blue so it’s going to go one two three four five six seven eight nine and Mark one two three four five six seven eight nine and Mark one two three four five six seven eight nine and Mark one two three four five six seven eight nine market one two three four five six seven eight nine and mark it and there won’t be enough at the bottom for another one and so then I can go back up over here to the top and I can just go straight across mark that one mark that one I know right now you guys might be confused on why I’m doing this soon you’ll find out okay so what I did is I went ahead and I marked my my sixty-six block to indicate where my white blue goes on every cable and that’s going to tell me the first wire of every cable your phone line number one your phone your phone system line one is blue line two could be orange or it could be green depending on how you wired up your house they have an a pattern they have a B pattern in my house we use a B pattern so my line too is orange my line three is green my line four is brown well I’m going to wire Molly and even though I only use lines one and two my house I’m going to wire

them all in so this will be the first pair of wires but what I need to do is make sure that line one is the same all throughout my entire house so I need tool and wine one here and landline one here and landline one here to make sure that lamp line one is landing on every block throughout the house so what I did is I went ahead and I took some cat 5 cable and I strip some cat 5 cable just like this and I grabbed one for each color and this is how I’m going to mark this is how I’m going to connect I’m going to interconnect the phone line throughout the entire house so I’m going to use the second row can we use the second row of pins not the first row the first row is for the home lines the second row right there is for my splicing okay so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead oh you need a blade this is a punch down tool right here okay there’s a couple different blades you can get you can get a one ten blade the one ten blade would do your outlets the phone outlets the inside of each room that’s your one ten blade and then your sixty-six blade get them there you send them a gun your sixty-six blade does your 66 blocks and on your blade is reversible you have a cutting side you see that I see there’s a sharp edge right there that’s the cutting side if I take the blade and flip it over this one’s blunt there’s no cut edge on that okay so this is if I want to punch it down but I don’t want to cut it off so my first line gets cut off so I go over here I’m going to lay my white wire in the first pin my blue wire in the second pin I’m going to punch it down and it’s going to get cut off um okay over here and bam so you can see right there my white wire is on my top pin and my that’s white blue and my blue wire is on my second pin okay now I’m going to go ahead and interconnect that all the way down so go ahead and do that so I’m going to make sure that my white wire stays on top and it loops all the way over to the second pin and then loops back out okay looks just like that white wire came into the top looped over and came back out blue wire BAM just like that okay notice I haven’t punched down yet I’m just looping it okay we’re going to keep going down to the next one so I’ve got my mark white wire goes above the mark the blue wire goes below the mark hook it on that dude bring it right back out see there’s my first one punch down my next ones are just looped just like that brought them in and put them right back out right on the right right on my kids okay go ahead and keep going now I’ve done this a lot this is how the company used to work for back when I was newly married that’s how we did all of our phonebloks save some money for them of course now I’m doing two wires at the same time you guys might not like that it might be hard for you that’s fine you can do one wire time all right you can see top up do it in all the way down to the bottom now what I’m going to do I’m at the bottom I’m going to bring it up the bottom here and I’m going to come back from the bottom up this way I started from the top work my way down here go go start from the bottom work my way up

this one here is on the right one two three four five six seven eight nine eleven what’s right oh I’ll mark it wrong with my pencil that’s all I miscounted a pin remember your white wire goes on top all right then I get to the top when I get to the top you can see how I did it all the way down this side here and I came back up this side here okay come up here to the top and this time I want to cut it so I’ve got my cutting blade I’m going to damn cut and cut all right so now I’ve pre-wired this whole thing I still haven’t punched down those wires they’re just hooked onto those there’s little hope you can see but it’s got little needles on it little noses little edges on it I don’t know if you can get a good shot of that there you go that’s a decent shot see there’s a little edges right there that little hook I just hook the wires over the top of that but it doesn’t make a connection until it’s pushed all the way down to the bottom that’s the pledge down to lows okay I’m going to take my blade I’m going to swoop it over now I’ve got the dull blade and I’m just going to go punch punch punch punch punch all right what that just did is that just push the wire into there so now that line one that blue pair is connected to it’s going it’s in the right position so that it’s going to splice together every blue pair from all the individual cat5 cables there’s going to be one individual cat5 cable that takes up this much space another cat5 cable takes up this much space another one that takes up this much space and I’m going to land the blue pair out of each cat5 cable on this left pin all the way down this side and the right pin all the way up this side so what that does now that we just put those jumpers that’s looping together the blue pair on every single wire so now they’re all interconnected so that means all I have to do is heat up I’ve got to make live the blue pair on one on one of my wires and bam it heats up all of them so that’s what we’re gonna do I’m going to do that now on my line one are connected I’m going to do the same thing with all my other wires blue pair first then orange next one down is going to be green then brown I’ll go ahead and do that off camera to show you what it looks like what it’s done there we go they’re all punched down now it’s time to install this thing inside the cabinet and put my phone wires on it remember all we did here is we just linked all the lines together so line one from this wire is now linked to line one on this wire just now link to line one on this wire just now link to line wire and line one on this wire and so on and so forth and we used the inner pins okay we left the outer pins we left those open those are going to go for our home lines okay we cut off the top over here we cut off sorry we cut off the excess over here we cut out the XS over here these are just looped through we used our non cutting blade to punch all these down alright it’s gonna put this in the closet this is inside my media closet where the phone line is going to go this is the base it’s just the plastic base I’ve already installed it I just use some metal screws some very short metal screws because I didn’t want them to go through the other side

of my drywall so I got some very sharp metal screws just screw to man like I said they do make the modules that just kind of click in place but this is cheaper it actually holds a little better sometimes those modules click out the kind of a pin button so next thing you do click my wired well actually no before I do that I need to get my wires in place so this thing right here will hold up to 12 wires so I have wires that I’m not going to be able to use I don’t plan on putting a phone there I just ran them just in case when I was wiring the house so this thing will hold six wires on the left six wires on the right so you just go ahead rearrange your wires the way that you wanted to look and then click it in place I’m going to go ahead and click off the camera and get my wire straightened out all right try to get a little more light so you can see this is the string got it stripped to somewhere between the orange and green pair about halfway where all the wires are going to land after I pull the string get all the cable out we’re going to cut the string and I’m going to cut this jacket off being very careful not to damage the wire when I do it okay once I do that cut the wire to a manageable length now I like if I start with a blue and I pull it tight the wires going to kind of end up at the top like that I like it when the wires I’ve kind of in the middle and the wire kind of fans out I kind of like the way that looks so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and land the orange pair first so just untwist them split them up and I’m going to land the orange pair the white where the white one goes and the orange one of the orange one goes I can go ahead and pull it tight remember we’re going on the first pins not on the second and I’m going to use my cutting blade my cutting blade here that is the cutting blade okay go to the top bam and bam orange pairs punch down now that was punch down I’ll do the green one this you’re just keeping the wire I’m only doing this for looks you can start the top if you want but I just like it to look like even okay green white boom solid green BAM do the blue one now I’m twist it white wire on top white blue on the bottom arched oh I made a rookie mistake the orange side is the cut side the blue side is the not cut side put the wrong side on it didn’t do anything luckily I missed okay last wire is the brown one all right it’s gonna show up of that see I got the these the ones I did right here the wires in the middle looks good so then after that I can relight my right my label which was guest bed ah terrible handwriting I promise you that says guests all right there we go you just put repeat that same process for the whole block making sure that your active one is on the top and you save yourself a little money takes a little time it looks nice once all said and done whoa dress up your wires makes it look pretty nice in the cabinet right there goes in and it’s kind of hard to

tell take an after picture once I’m all done all right let’s take a look at that all right let’s take a look at that finished phone block here you can see all the colors match up white blue white or white green white brown all the way down go here to the side wires a neatly stripped yeah my handwriting is not great now you can also write on these writer these sides you can write your labels on there too you don’t have to do that you know people can argue that a phone hardwired telephone is a dying breed but I disagree I think there’s nothing more convenient than being able to pick up a phone and make a phone call and it’s definitely part of an AV system so here’s our AV rack we’re making progress we’re out there yet but we’re definitely making progress got the network switch up there here’s my satellite stuff my phone stuff my cable stuff over here we still got some work to do what we’re getting there here’s all my rock wiring yeah that’s not yet landed so once again I’m Alan and today we did AV now you do AV you

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