First we drove to the west all the way from Tampa, Florida to Oceanside California We did stop by Baton Rouge, Louisiana and to see the Marfa lights in the Texan desert El Paso, Texas touristy Tombstone, Arizona We spent a few days among thouss of nomads and Snowbirds in Quartzsite, Arizona■ Then, forgotten California Mainly Slab City, the Imperial Sand Dunes and Bombay Beach We stayed at the Coachella Valley And finally reached the Pacific Ocean Today we beging the trek back east Well, greetings from the Mesa, Apache Junction KOA

Not too bad as KOAs go, although a little pricey

at about $47 per night and the staff, (sighs)

well, this is what happened They closed the laundry on me five minutes before 9 p.m with my clothes in the dryer. (laughs) I was not a happy camper, and I called their 24 hour line and the same grumpy lady who took me to my site last night begrudgingly opened the doors so I could take my clothes Anyway, on to nicer things I am going to drive a little to the east here towards Superstition Mountain There are a couple of attractions in the area (disco music) This here is Superstition Mountain, or Lost Dutchman Museum and as soon as you step out of the car, it almost feels like you’ve stepped into a western movie I mean, check out the picnic tables and the golf cart You see what I mean? (humming) What’s going on? Here’s the gift shop and the museum, it is $5 to see it, but I’d rather explore the outside first Very cool to see all these species of cacti There’s the chapel Actually, before going into the chapel, let me check out this stagecoach right here I guess this was the main mode of transportation in these parts during the wild west days Hmm, it has stairs Maybe I should step inside This is not very big in here Just big enough for four people, maybe Not very comfortable It’s pretty cool (people chatting) Now let’s see the Elvis Chapel which was moved here piece by piece from the Apacheland Movie Ranch It was built, actually, for the Elvis Presley western, Charro Fun fact, it was the only Elvis movie in which he did not sing on screen He only did it during the opening credits Inside, it almost feels like a shrine to the King There is this sculpture, guitar in hand, at the main altar They have a bunch of movie posters and memorabilia and photos of Elvis movies and other movies, as well (“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers) ♪ Know when to walk away ♪ Know when to run ♪ You never count your money Apparently, a bunch of western movies were filmed here in this area, including the Charro movie by Elvis Presley Charro Okay, let’s see what else they have here Some of these sets, like the church and the barn, were moved here from the Apacheland Movie Set in nearby Gold Canyon after the fire of 2004 which almost destroyed the whole set There’s the telegraph machine These are interesting rules You may pause the video if you want to see them Mesa 21, Tortilla Flat 11, Goldfield one, Globe 81, these are there where you bought tickets

for the stagecoach There’s the barber and dentist and everything, all in one The saguaro cacti and this mountain certainly epitomize the image of the wild west we have through the movies There’s the barn brought from Apacheland We have this cart and the outhouse, of course All this old equipment here And they have a blacksmith shop (upbeat music) – [TV Narrator] They flocked to the railroads to carry them to the American southwest – And that’s a pretty cool train set, but I believe there is a much larger one towards the back Let’s go out, check the rest of the trains Yep, I think I am definitely into model trains and this one is one of the better ones I’ve seen It basically depicts their role that the railroad played in the development of Arizona, particularly for commerce (train whistles) (upbeat music) (train engine roars) Each section of this set depicts a different scenario from Native American settlements to frontier towns Well, this is supposed to be a cattle ranch (train engine roars) Such exquisite detail (train whistles) (upbeat music) Different types of mines like silver mines, gold mines Well, that was the Superstition Mountain Museum Definitely a pretty neat place to visit (upbeat music) Well, here we are The Goldfield Ghost Town Goldfield, established in 1893 Yep, the original Goldfield was established as a gold mining town, although I’ve learned this is all a recreation Let’s go to the train station first (train engine roaring) Yeah, I think I’m gonna do the train ride first and then we’ll explore the town Looks really nice There’s this narrow gauge railroad that goes around the town It is a 20 minute ride for nine bucks, so let’s go inside and get the train ticket here at the gift shop, which is pretty nice They have the usual trinkets and knick knacks (train engine roars) That is one noisy locomotive Alright, all aboard! (laughs) – [Conductor] Thank you – [Robert] You’re welcome Well, if anything, we’ll get an overview A lay of the land, if you will (train whistles) Yeah, the audio system is really bad, barely intelligible, so I will narrate a little bit here (bell ringing) I think what I gathered is that this saguaro cactus here is 75 years old, which is pretty young, actually Okay, a little bit of history

The original Goldfield only lasted five years before it started to die down when the gold vein played out After that, it survived on and off until around 1926 By the way, that’s, of course, Superstition Mountain, which the Apache considered haunted and sacred at the same time Check out all the cacti We’ll see many more of those – [Conductor] Is everybody enjoying our winter? The small peak sticking up there coming to a point – I think that’s the rock formation that they call the Witch’s Hat It is an amazing looking mountain, isn’t it? Very iconic This is the entrance to a mine, originally with a steam-powered wench And here we have some rust and abandoned mining equipment (upbeat music) We continue moving, ah, very slowly As I was saying, the town pretty much died in 1926 Then, in 1966, this guy, Bob Schoose came to Superstition Mountain and fell in love with the area He wanted to own his own ghost town and when he found Goldfield, well, there wasn’t much there left, so he and his wife, they bought this land here in 1984 where the Goldfield Mill was and they rebuilt the town little by little I don’t know if this actually looks anything like the original Goldfield, and my guess is probably not, but it sure looks cool (upbeat music) Oh, and there’s an RV park (conductor speaking unintelligibly) (train engine roars) That was about 45 cents a minute I don’t know if it was worth it for the information or the entertainment value of it, but it was a nice overview to just go around the whole town I got a little bit of the history The town is, of course, mostly shops, and now that I know that it is reconstructed, I get more of a tourist trap feel, but still, the setting is so picturesque It almost makes it feel, in my mind, more authentic, if that makes sense – [The Lost Dutchman] They’ll get you out there on the gizmo clean and teach you how to pan for gold just like I did – The town certainly fits the image about the wild west that Hollywood has planted in our collective consciousness They have, of course, one of these places where they will take old time photos of you in costume Sage Maybe I’ll go to the saloon (music playing) Okay, there we go, ghost town information This is falling, so this must be authentic It’s a museum and it didn’t look all that inviting You know what looks inviting right now? The saloon The gunfights are only Saturday and Sunday Maybe I’ll come back There’s a Goldfield jail? What’s inside? (people chatting) You know what? One thing for certain, it looks a lot more authentic

than Tombstone for sure Yep, but looks can be deceiving Let’s get a drink (people chatting) – Jeffrey, I used to like you That’s it (people laugh) – [Man] Me, too – [Bartender] This is not the first time – [Man] ‘Cause I called here, too, and I said, “nope, couldn’t find it.” – [Bartender] You didn’t ask for Cowboy Dan – [Man] Yeah, I called and canceled it, then – [Woman] I got you these – [Bartender] She lied like a son of a bitch – There you go, very cool That stagecoach in the back might be one of the few authentic things here It was brought from Tombstone and restored Very cool bar regardless (people chatting) Nice, they have an outside patio with a view of the mountain And live music ♪ Just ain’t what she needs ♪ From the ladies and Maybelle ♪ Were the work of a sad country song ♪ Very cool place here I’ll be back I’m gonna explore the rest of the town Definitely a very cool place and that bartender, that guy’s a trip I later found out that that bartender was Bob Schoose himself, the founder, owner, and mayor of Goldfield And there’s the bordello That, we’ll visit later There’s the church on the mount Let’s go inside Let’s check this out (train whistle) Yes, cowboy commandments Pause the video for a laugh, actually Well, this is it, the church The chandeliers are made from old wagon wheels and they do have service on Sundays at 11 a.m There goes our train And here’s the Eagle Eye Shoot’n Gallery Wind chimes Here’s one of the many shops This one, selling wind chimes and here’s another one on the ground floor, below the bordello Let’s go up the spiral staircase and check out that bordello that I was telling you about Very nice view from the top, and I just love the landscape in this part of Arizona with all the saguaro cacti and I just love this little town Even if it is fake or recreated Okay, let’s go in I get pretty much a private tour from this very knowledgeable former employee (scoffs) Just kidding – Got a quarter mile up the road up there, there was a town of about a thousand people up there This part of the town is where your miner’s worked Where your miner’s lived, they lived in tents all surrounding here We had three saloons, we had one brothel, we had three cribs, and then we had various other things, so there was about 25 structures here There was one decent woman to every 50 men and what they didn’t spend on their tent and their food, they would come and join our hurdy gurdy girls here Now, if the gentleman wanted something a little bit different and a little bit he had money, he would talk to the bartender and he’d be introduced to one of these girls up here These are brothel girls Now, the brother girls, as you can see, were a lot cleaner, but one thing about the brothel girls, they were literate They could read and write Please, join the room in there, take your camera in there This is supposed to be the highly haunted room, if you wanna say You could see the size of a brazier there, sir Most of the women were about 5’5″ and weighed over 200 pounds The madame liked the women big because if they were big, they probably were not diseased This is our madame’s room This would be her beautiful room right here She did allow the miners to come in and have a bath there, but that’s pretty much all they could afford in here I wonder how many bodies they’re gonna pull out of that thing today Every time they get out that thing out there, they’re pulling bodies out of it There’s a graveyard down there The whole place is a graveyard Every time they dig something, they find bodies

The women would use copper or another type of a coin for contraception Another jar would be put in their room and when the jar was full, the madame would get all the jars together and she would escort you, she would get in her carriage and take it up to the town up there and that’s what we call dirty money (laughs) Let me tell you about a shot glass (walkie talkie beeping) This wouldn’t happen up here, but it would happen in one of your saloons across the street up there A gentleman, miner would walk in, “I don’t have any money “I spent it all with the girls.” “Okay, what do you got?” “My bullets.” So the bartender would line it up there and he’d probably get his cheapest whiskey that he had down there or watered down whiskey He’d line it up to here and line it up to here, give him two cents for this bullet, five cents for this bullet, and if he wasn’t in need of this for his .45, he’d sell this for about 10 to 12 cents, so that’s for a shot for a bullet That’s what a shot glass comes from From the western days, that is So anyway, any questions? – [Robert] No, no, this was– – Please look around – [Robert] Very interesting – We go some stuff from Tombstone These are original badges from Tombstone Not that your camera would like that – This, of course, is the abbreviated version of the tour If you wanna see the whole thing, the whole 10 minutes, I’ll put a link to that video uncut somewhere That was really cool That was a cool tour here of the old brothel Let’s continue exploring (upbeat music) There’s the outhouse, and this is where they do the mine tours and let you do gold panning and all that (upbeat music) It is so very picturesque, but we must go on Well, this was a lot of fun here visiting the Goldfield Ghost Town Check out that mountain, check out this, it’s gorgeous (upbeat music) This here is the state park Maybe I’ll stay here next time As the day slowly comes to an end There’s our favorite mountain once again Well, let’s drive around the neighborhood We’ve got some pretty nice houses here as we approach Superstition Mountain (gentle music) I wanted to eat here at the Dutchman’s Hideout, but it is closed Check that out That view in your backyard, oh (gentle music) Well, enough snooping around this fancy neighborhood Let’s return to our campground in Apache Junction And at some point, we’ll make it to Phoenix, right? (gentle music) Decided to go to Phoenix

So, I was doing some research, back at the campground You know, the usual top ten things to do in Phoenix and such, and this came up – First Fridays And guess what? Today is the first Friday of the month It is officially called First Fridays Artwalk, and thousands of people take over downtown, and there’s art and music and food, street performers Let’s check it out – Justify yourselves before God on the day of judgment I implore you, I urge you tonight, to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ alone – [Narrator] As you probably know, whenever there is sin you will find someone preaching the gospel That’s just the way it is Yes, lots of people here There’s someone playing the congas (conga beat) (crowd chattering) This is insane Got amount of people here on the street, on Roosevelt Here in Phoenix, Arizona By the way, this is Roosevelt Avenue, and this area is apparently also called Roosevelt Row, because of all the art and the restaurants (beatboxing) (crowd chattering) (beatboxing) Not exactly what I expected, but it’s pretty cool As you can imagine, the street musicians are my favorite part so far Some are really good Some, eh, work in progress They have here what looks like cargo containers, but each one has a different art exhibition Just a little bit crowded in here, and I am using the wide angle camera, so in reality, it is a lot more cramped than it looks in the video These are like, cargo containers There’s a little art exhibition inside each This is really cool What can I say? I like shiny lights It’s like something out of that movie, Avatar, kind of Here’s more interesting stuff Jewelry All kinds of artsy stuff for sale here Kind of reminds me of our own Carnival on the Mile in Miami, kind of There’s food around here Here’s looking back real quick Will you just take a look at that (fiddle jig) (laid back classical guitar) The corner of 3rd and Roosevelt, it seemed to be the epicenter here More music (rock groove) The audio is okay, but band is not bad Yeah, a lot of these street musicians are good, but I am unimpressed with the audio quality I guess that’s the best they can do, running on batteries, but still – Receive forgiveness and get a brand new life You know that’s what you want to do (crowd chattering) – I’m actually quite happy with the life I have right now (funky bass with rap) – [Woman] It’s a paper towel

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana) – [Narrator] As I said earlier, better audio equipment would greatly enhance this, but it is what it is Of course, you’ve got to have food trucks and dog friendly restaurants (hip hop groove) Yep, all kinds of music here It gets even more crowded as the night goes on – Hey, how you doing? – We got fresh squeezed lemonade – [Narrator] Cool, a record store Let’s go in, let’s check it out Well, this certainly brings back memories I used to love going to record stores (’90s rap beat) Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” also brings back memories of the ’80s Too many people, too many people And the moon It’s coming out The Motorhome Experiment are here I’m gonna see if I can find them It’s gonna be a challenge among all these people, but it might be possible (singing in Spanish) Selena back there, but I think she’s having technical difficulties Hey, I bumped into the Motorhome Experiment, Paul and Lorena I’m tired guys It’s been a long day – He doesn’t know who we are – And then Kevin, and Laura You guys probably know them from Paul and Lorena’s channel And we’re here – First Friday – First Friday I just found out about it I was researching what to do in Phoenix, and this came up and, I have to go – Yeah, it’s crazy people Art and music and crazy people – And obviously everybody thought about the same thing because it’s just crowded – Oh my god, yes And the moon’s coming out, look at the moon – Did you catch it the other morning? The blood moon? – Yeah – Aw, I hate you – It was great seeing you guys once again See you on the road – Bye now – Bye – Well, that was cool, bumping into these guys again I’m going back (laid back electronic groove) Well, good morning From Phoenix, Arizona Where the sun is about to come out Actually, not Phoenix We are in Apache Junction, at the KOA But today we’re going to Phoenix (exciting groove) That, at one o’clock, that is a self-driving car by Waymo, which is the Google division in charge of the self-driving cars And I guess they’ve been testing them here in Phoenix Ideal conditions, perhaps You know, polite drivers, good roads, it hardly ever rains If we’re going to the city itself, I hear one of the best views of Phoenix is from Dobbins Lookout, at South Mountain Park, so let’s check it out Okay, to make a long story short, I think I got lost Maybe got confused by this closed road I think I was supposed to continue straight, but I saw no signage anywhere for the aforementioned overlook It is a pretty park though, with lots, and I mean lots, of saguaro cacti and hiking trails, and rude cyclists

On to Phoenix we go Going towards downtown on South Central Avenue, and it definitely feels like a Hispanic neighborhood I mean, most of the signs for the businesses are in Spanish Pretty cool Driving across the Salt River, we are almost there Let’s drive around a little bit and find parking Here we are by the University of Arizona, not to be confused with the University of Phoenix I think I am going to come back to this area later Hmm, I’m going to park right here Who would have thought I would find a painting of Havana here in Phoenix? Hmm Yeah, I imagine this must be bustling with activity Monday through Friday, but today it is Saturday, and, aside from a few people, most of them homeless-looking, there is not a whole lot going on here Hmm, this is more like it It must be the local residents Not a very lively downtown At least, not on a Saturday Most of the businesses are closed Starbucks is open So, I’m just gonna continue here, and maybe go somewhere else You still got Scottsdale and Tempe are more lively Lots of construction in this area as well My timing, as usually, is impeccably off It is 10:00 a.m. on a Saturday Maybe in the afternoon it gets livelier In any case, it a good looking downtown, architectural-wise (pumping electronic music) Seeing as it is a little desolate here, I am going to drive further west, towards the Arizona State capitol There it is Before we go in, let’s take a stroll here along the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza Oh yeah, that much is certain The monument to Arizona casualties of the Korean War USS Arizona In memory of the gallant men who gave their lives on December 7, 1941 on the battleship USS Arizona This park is just west of downtown Here is the anchor from the USS Arizona Of course, sunken during the Pearl Harbor attack And towards the back, the restored gun barrel and mast And we can even see the capitol building in the distance (laid back groove) Here’s a closer look at the USS Arizona mast Ernest McFarland and the American Dream Here’s the Ernest MdFarland Memorial He was a senator, a governor, chief justice, and even a television pioneer “Whiskey for drinking, water for fighting.” That, of course, refers to the dispute between Arizona and California over the water rights to the Colorado River Here’s the Firefighters Memorial The Enduring Freedom Memorial, of course, recognizing those who fell during the current War on Terror era Father Albert Brown, OFM And here we have the Vietnam War Memorial And a monument to the Bill of Rights And here’s the first amendment The gentleman on horseback is none other than Eusebio Francisco Kino, Jesuit missionary and explorer And the statue, a present from the adjacent Mexican state

of Sonora Maybe it’s time now to go see the capitol (relaxed groove) Here we have another memorial, and a replica of the Liberty Bell Of course, sports are very important in any city, and the Phoenix Suns seem to be pretty legendary around these parts Next, we have the USS Arizona silver service collection There are several older artifacts, including a piece of the ship itself Now, onto the second floor In the Arizona “Takes Shape” exhibit We will learn some of the history of Arizona throughout the 1800s until it became a United States territory in 1863 On to the third floor Here they have the state mine inspector’s office And some rocks Some items belonging to Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court Here, let’s walk into the historic House Chamber, as it would have looked in 1910, during the Arizona Constitutional Convention And the Speaker’s office And the Chief Clerk’s office I really like seeing all this old office equipment And the old GE electric fan to combat the fierce Arizona heat Might as well go all the way to the top, right? Now we are walking onto the House Gallery, which was a public place to observe the House in session This was in use until 1960 Let’s go back down This is very interesting actually I love visiting capitol buildings Alright, let’s continue exploring Phoenix or Scottsdale or Tempe You know, around the city Well, I am driving back east, towards the Arizona State University and this area called Heritage Square, located at the original town site of Phoenix There is this Victorian house with a museum, dating back to the 1800s Should be interesting And here we are It looks like they are having some antique car show Event parking is $12, so And there’s the Children’s Museum Oh yeah, event parking, $12 It’s not like a cheap skate or anything like that, but no (laughing) I’ll go one more run and try to find a meter Otherwise, I’m leaving and going to Scottsdale – [Automated Voice] Turn right onto North Fifth Street – [Narrator] Found a meter I don’t remember how much it was, but certainly a heck of a lot less than $12 You know, it’s not like I’m going to be here all day It’s called the Mercado We’re at ASU Yes, this seems to be part of the Arizona State University Obviously, not very crowded here on a weekend Everything seems to be closed here on the weekends Alright, let’s go to the main event

Well, here we are It’s a free family festival Classic cars, cultural crafts It is called the Motoring Through Time and Heritage Festival and, aside from the parking, it is free Well, cool It actually works (rumbling motor) – [Man] These are grinding sticks If you need to hear a lot of grinding noises, you keep playing with these If you do them just right, they’re quiet and they change the gears – [Narrator] Well, that was a pretty cool vintage Bugatti 1915 Willis Overland Wouldn’t it be nice to take this guy off road, hmm? Maybe not 1910 Hudson 1915 Ford Model T (smooth jazz) 1916 Model T I love these old cars There’s a very cool wooden teardrop And another vintage teardrop, towed by a Packard, I think There’s a 1955 Field and Stream, and a ’55 Bel Air, one of my favorite cars of all time, besides the ’57 Bel Air The band is getting ready to play By the way, that Victorian house we’ve been seeing is actually a museum nowadays The Rosson House Museum It dates back to 1895 Of course, you’ve got to have baked goods, you know, why not? 1972 Porsche And those fins, yeah I knew they had to have a ’57 Chevy Bel Aire That’s my favorite car of all time Check out that 1974 Bronco (vintage jazzy music) Hmm, believe it or not, I had never heard one of these in person It’s amazing Pure acoustic reproduction ♪ Blue Ridge Mountain home ♪ Where the pine trees were swayin’ ♪ ♪ And the hound dogs were bayin’ ♪ ♪ That’s where I long to roam ♪ When the sun comes a-gleamin’ ♪ ♪ And they start in for dreamin’ ♪ – [Narrator] Ooh, he has a mock up Cuban license plate on that Mustang That’s another beauty Gran Turismo Silver record Gran Turismo And the band is getting ready to play Give me an A, please (brass band warming up) (brass waltz) That was pretty cool and serendipitous here by the Arizona State University campus I saved myself $12 by walking two blocks (energetic electronic music) Okay, might as well, let’s do it Let’s check Scottsdale off the list I know, there is so much more to see here But you know what? I’m feeling a little off today You know, my mom was supposed to join me for this part of the trip Instead, she’s been playing up in Chicago in the snow, now she got a cold So I don’t think she’s coming Anyway, here we are, arriving at the Scottsdale waterfront Let’s check it out (birds chirping) Yep, this seems to be pretty upscale Very very nice (energetic electronic music) Here we have some piece of street art called The Doors

and Sound Passage As you step inside, it is like being inside a kaleidoscope Pretty cool This is the Soleri Pedestrian Bridge The shadow of the bridge marks the different solar events, such as solstices and equinoxes, and the solar noon And this colorful ribbon here is a temporary art installation here in Scottsdale during the months of February and March It is called Reflection Rising Quite beautiful (street guitar playing slow) You know what? I don’t really feel like being here anymore, so let’s move one (relaxed groove) There’s another self-driving car This one by Uber ♪ Riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free ♪ In my RV ♪ Yeah, I’m riding ♪ Riding, riding I know, there is a plethora of other things to see in this city, you know, museums I actually wanted to hike Camelback Mountain and go to the Dobbins Lookout at South Mountain Park Remember I got lost? Also the college town of Tempe Cave Creek And, for crying out loud, some of the local cuisine and the wineries, breweries, you name it But guess what? Now I have an excuse to come back next year We are leaving Phoenix, so you can start saying goodbye to the cacti for a while, because we are going to go up in elevation in a few here, quite a bit, actually ♪ Riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free ♪ In my RV, yeah This is what I mean And sometimes you gotta go 40 in a 60 mile an hour zone because you just can’t do it Yep, we’re gaining some serious elevation here ♪ Yeah Sometimes you have to go down to 30 or 35 See my temperature gauge? Yeah, in time I have learned to watch that gauge very closely when I’m towing uphill and I have found out that as long as I slow down and take it easy, I can tackle almost any mountain, so far I think we’ve reached the top, for now Rest area Yeah, I need a break It is called the Sunset Point Rest Area Coffee break I’ve been told that the desert critters don’t come out when it is cold, so we’re safe Well, in any case, it is a nice view and I needed a break And there is Minitini, looking cute I actually overheard some people at the rest area say how cool my little camper was (light rock music) Let’s continue It is gorgeous out here This downhill drive here is just gorgeous, as we approach Camp Verde, and the Verde River, and the Sedona Verde Valley We’re getting close

First, let’s go see Montezuma Castle National Monument I did some research on Google Maps and it looks like there is RV parking Well, here we are Here at Montezuma Castle They have a small museum here, explaining the history, and you exit through the gift shop (light flute music) It is such a gorgeous day, and there it is, what we came to see The main cliff dwelling here (light ambient music) Well, the story goes, this used to be home to the Southern Sinaguan people, who lived here in the Verde Valley since around the year 700, and then in 1400, they just moved away, nobody really knows why The Sinaguans were farmers, hunter, gatherers, and at some point, just like the ancestral Pueblo people of Mesa Verde, they moved into cliff dwellings as well, and that’s what we’re seeing here Yeah, this is where cliff dwellers, very similar, I guess, or probably the same as the ancestral Pueblo people we saw in Mesa Verde a couple of years ago See, very very interesting, very cool I got to use my annual pass for the first time (light electronic music) Well, apparently this was like an apartment building here And according to the archeologist, it burnt down at some point, but this is what remains It was like six stories high As we look at the rock face, we can only imagine what it must have looked like when the Sinagua people lived here There are two other major sites in the area, Montezuma’s Well and Tuzigoot, but we’re only going to visit this one today The well doesn’t have oversized parking, none that I can see in the satellite image and Tuzigoot, it’s a little bit of a detour In a couple of days, we’re also going to visit the northern Sinaguans at Walnut Canyon, which is just east of Flagstaff, so stay tuned for that Sinagua, by the way, comes from the Spanish words sin, meaning without, and agua, meaning water, so these are the people without water The name was given by the Spaniards when they arrived and couldn’t find any permanent rivers in the area (suspenseful orchestral music) Well, let’s continue Sedona awaits (light electronic music) At 5000 feet above sea level, it is getting a little hot in the engine bay, and people are passing me at double my speed Well, there is snow up here It’s first to get here I have to climb to almost 7000 feet, though I have decided to boondock at the Coconino National Forest, so I have to drive almost to all the way to Flagstaff on I-17, and then backtrack a little bit south on the 89A, which gets really picturesque as you approach Sedona I’m going to leave the trailer in the forest and continue with Kia on the steep grades and hairpin turns

We can see the San Francisco peaks in the distance, so we must be getting close Here’s where we go back south on the 89A Here we are, our home for the night Well it is a little wetter and muddier than I expected You know, even a little slippery In fact, right here, turning right, my traction failed, my wheels spinned, and I almost hit that sign (sighing) First scary moment of the week, but not the last one for sure More about that later Let me just find the site and regroup here This right here looks nice enough Well, this is the Coconino National Forest And guess what, this is where I’m staying A little bit of a challenge, coming down this road, but we’ll be fine (light electronic music) To Sedona we go It is past noon already, so we are no going to be able to do all that much today, but there’s always tomorrow Going south on the 89A It is the most picturesque segment of the road, as we go through this canyon here The part that I wanted to avoid towing the trailer That’s why I drove further north on I-17 and then backtracked This is the Slide Rock State Park I’m gonna check it out tomorrow Yeah, wishful thinking The sight of all these rock formations is a sign we are getting close to our destination And here we are, downtown Sedona The Pink Jeep Tours seem to be a staple in this town The landscape, so uniquely beautiful I actually stumbled upon this residential neighborhood and decided to explore Figured the hill would give me a better view, but what I’m really looking for is the Chapel of the Holy cross and I think it’s this way (light rock music) There it is, on the left Let’s find parking Do those look like people or is it just me? It is such a beautiful setting (light ambient music) Considered one of the seven man-made wonders of Arizona, this is one of the must see sites here in Sedona It was completed in 1956, inspired and commissioned by local rancher and sculptor, Marguerite Brunswig Staude (choir singing) Check out this landscape all around us,

the contrast of the red rock and the green vegetation against the deep blue sky (light ambient music) It’s so peaceful out here, as I walk down the ramp, towards the parking lot (light electronic music) I think it is time to continue exploring Sedona Let’s stop down here one more time to get a better view And they have Porta Potties A little further down we get this other view And now for the final view (light rock music) By the way, no RVs allowed, that is, of course, unless you have a fancy class B Okay, one last view of this wonderful structure, which seems to be wedged on the rock It is almost surreal to finally be here and see it in person (light electronic music) Well, the day is quickly coming to an end and I want to return to the forest before it gets dark, but before we go, there is one more place I want to see today This is the spot called Lover’s Knoll, and as suspected, it has a great view of these rock formations I really wish I would have brought the drone, but, you know, one of those things I left in a bit of a hurry Yeah, this is just awe inspiring What a great view I’m going to drive a little further down this road to this other vista point Yeah, that’s the shot, right there, between the trees (light rock music) Well, it is time to return to my boondocking spot

in the forest, and tomorrow, tomorrow we’ll return and do a hike or two Well, good morning from the Coconino National Forest here in Arizona That’s where we slept last night And is that ice? Yep, the ground seems to be pretty frozen still And so is old Kia We’ve got ice Huh (light electronic music) Let’s go back to Sedona and do a hike or two I am particularly interested in the Cathedral Rock hike and maybe one of the famous energy vortices in the area Should be fun Here we are Nine a.m. in the morning Not many people on the street, not yet anyways Hmmm, no drones I’m telling you, they are banning them from all the cool places, but in all fairness, it looks like there is an airport nearby Where you buy the pass And then this you just put in your car (light electronic music) Let’s do the Cathedral Rock Well, so far so good here I am not in the greatest of physical shapes, but not too bad And, yeah, it’s up and up and up Check out the other people on this rail up there I think this was the easy part Now comes the hard part Well, I’ve certainly never climbed anything like that It is a very steep part of the trail I had to put down the camera because I needed my hands to support myself and continue ascending here and I think I’m gonna have to put down the camera again It looks like someone lost their hat here Getting closer Yes, by far, the hardest hike I’ve ever done Yeah, by far, the most difficult hike I’ve ever done That part down there, you know, crawling through the rocks

Now this part is easy Easy peasy Check out the view Almost there (light electronic music) Well, one thing for sure The view is absolutely breathtaking Check out the parking lot all the way down there Well, I didn’t quite make it all the way to the top You know, a man has to know his limits and as it is, this is more than my limit I think I pushed it It’s a beautiful view I think it was worth it Look at that You know, let me give you a 360 Maybe next time I’ll make it to the top here I’ve got to practice It’s a long way down and that Kia is somewhere down there Just getting down through there And now we continue I guess these piles of rocks also mark the trail going down Look out My camcorder just had a glitch, but apparently it is back (laughing) Yeah, don’t tell anybody, but I dropped it on my way up Wasn’t a bad drop, but yeah (laughing) Oooh, this is gonna be difficult Right, so beautiful out here (light electronic music) I’m back at the parking lot for a quick break I went to the car to take a break, get some water And now I’m gonna attempt to do the trail that goes to the, it’s an energy vortex (light electronic music) It is called the Templeton Trail, and as you can see my camera is getting worse by the minute As I confessed earlier, I did drop it on the way up to Cathedral Rock, maybe cracked a circuit board or something? I don’t know By the way, check out all these houses They must have a tremendous view We’re getting close to the river, which is where the energy vortex supposed to be I think we’re getting close I hear water Well, the camera finally died Luckily, I still have my phone, at least for now It’s not the greatest, but I have it This here is called Oak Creek, and somewhere down there is the aforementioned energy vortex, the Red Rock Crossing Vortex, it’s called

– [Automated Voice] You’ve arrived (light rock music) – Well, vortex or no vortex, it is still a beautiful spot No, that’s fine Thank you Well, it is time to head back Did I tell you I broke my good camera on the trail? Luckily, there is a Best Buy in Flagstaff and I’m gonna try to get something relatively inexpensive just to get by Maybe I can get it fixed – [Automated Voice] Continue on Back O’ Beyond Road for half a mile – Gonna have lunch here at the Cowboy Club I sit at the bar, of course, savoring a good local IPA and the cowboy barbecue plate, mmm, delicious Well, if I was staying here tonight, I would probably have the wine tasting, but it’ll have to be some other time Well, this is kind of the main strip here Downtown Sedona Well, now for real, it is time to go (light electronic music) There is vista point here, the Oak Creek vista, overlooking the Sterling Canyon Oh yeah, truly breathtaking views from up here I mean, I wish my good camera was still working (light electronic music) And there is still snow on the side of the canyon Also, here by the parking lot, they are selling Native American crafts and jewelry and all that good stuff Before I go, let me show you my environs right here in the middle of the Coconino National forest (light electronic music) Okay, to Flagstaff we go! Well, this is for sure the highest we’ve ever been, 7,000 feet There’s an RV park right here to the right Maybe I should call and find out if they have vacancy, but, you know what, first things first Let’s buy that temporary camcorder Mmm, there’s a better spot here The RV park is called Black Barts

and they even have a steakhouse Let’s go for a quick drive around the town Well, let’s explore Flagstaff just a little bit – [Automated Voice] Take the next right onto North San Francisco Street, then your destination will be on the right – And while we’re at it, let’s put this new cheap replacement camcorder through a quick test here It’ll have to get me by for the rest of the trip, you know? Here’s the famous Monte Vista Hotel, as I look for parking here There’s the courthouse (light jazz music) And there is route 66, which we will tackle on the next video Here’s the Orpheum Theater, dating back to 1911 Check out all the snow on the street Okay, let’s continue Being the astronomy buff or enthusiast that I am, I want to see the Lowell Observatory It is on top of a hill, pretty close to downtown It looks like we’re gonna get a pretty good view from here, so let’s park Here, let’s enter here It was originally established in 1894 and it was here that former planet Pluto was discovered back in 1930 It would be nice to see the observatory, but I’m really tired, as you can probably tell It’s $15 admission, so, I don’t know for the amount of time that I’m going to be here, if it is worth it It seems to be geared more for children, really Although, it would have been cool to see the place where they discovered the planet that is no longer a planet That is not the planet Look, a kaleidoscope Oh well Gonna see if we can go there just to see the Copala And then I think I’m gonna go back to the RV park, edit some video There it is – Well good morning From Black Bart’s RV Park here in Flagstaff, Arizona They do have a steakhouse but I didn’t go last night And well today we continue east Getting our kicks on Route 66 (jazzy music) ♪ Riding, riding in my RV

– Here we are, on the Mother Road, and the first point of interest we’re going to visit is Walnut Canyon National Monument ♪ Yeah I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ I’m riding in – [Robert] Well here we are at Walnut Canyon National Monument The museum inside depicts the life of the Sinagua people – [Video Announcer] To Walnut Canyon National Monument – Here’s the loop trail This one is called the Island Trail It takes about an hour she said It’s about a mile So let’s check it out Very nice (dramatic music) These by the way were the same cliff dwelling people who inhabited Montezuma Castle, in the Verde valley, which I visited a couple of days ago The Sinagua, in Spanish, the people without water, lived in this area sometime before the year 1250 but it is almost impossible to know with certainty how they lived because they left no written language Their history has been pierced together by examining objects, and comparing them with other prehistoric groups, and through the oral traditions of the Hopi, which are the most likely descendants of the Sinagua Ponderosa pine It’s a long way down If these walls could talk (chuckles) A lot of it is reconstructed, you know that (dramatic music) I mean I do like the fact that it is smaller than my other camera But then the viewfinder quality is not the same, the dynamic range is not the same, the stabilization is definitely not the same, and it is, it is not 4k But the auto focus is faster And we’ll see how accurate the colors really are So anyways this, check out all the cliff dwellings here (R&B funk music) This is the sunny side, the south side of the canyon Vegetation is different (relaxing music) And there, you see there’s still snow on the ground Check it out It’s another dwelling there on the other side of the canyon (exclaims) I have to go all the way back there I’m starting to get a little out of breath here

We’re almost at 7000 feet above sea level Well, yes, it is a beautiful canyon, although we must continue soon Check out the San Francisco peaks in the distance Well, there is another trail that goes around the rim But if I wanna make it Albuquerque today, I gotta keep going Oh, wow, look at that (R&B funk music) Route 66 is nearly non-existent in this area, so it is going to be I-40 for the most part; still we’re going to see some points of interest along the way Here for example we encounter Twin Arrows It was originally a trading post now abandoned Apparently is closed down in 1998, and even though the building sits in ruins the two arrows were restored by the Hopi tribe and Route 66 enthusiasts back in 2009 This was probably part of a diner Oh yeah, see it is completely abandoned Check out the kitchen It’s completely abandoned and probably unsafe to be in here, to be honest about it Check out that roof It is a sad reality that a lot of structures sit like this along the side of the road, not only on Route 66, other roads as well Sometimes I fail to see the “historic” value of keeping something like this, in such decay, but that’s just me This is the building I was just in It was called the Twin Arrows Trading Post Back here they have like a garage And that’s your Twin Arrows and the very famous Minitini (dramatic music) Let’s go to the modern Twin Arrows casino for breakfast Well this is actually one of the places that I had considered last night for overnighting There you have a nice Thor A.C.E And this is the Twin Arrows Casino It is kinda here in the middle of nowhere Well hello there Well this is called The Four Elements Cafe Well here’s my Navajo breakfast (bright music) Check out this lamp Oh what a mess (gasps) guess this cabinet opened and um, all my stuff went in the floor (playful music) Well, yeah, that was probably that bump on the road I hit as I was entering the casino This is the ghost town of Two Guns Well this is what remains of old Route 66 in this area This is the ghost town called Two Guns Yep This here was part of a zoo that had mountain lions and other Arizona native animals In fact, after the late 1920’s when Route 66 first passed through here this became a full-blown tourist trap

Here, in these chicken wire cages is where they kept the mountain lions They also had something called the Apache Death Cave, which is still here somewhere nearby To make a long story short, the town was always riddled with bad luck, which some called a curse, and all that ended with a fire in 1971 Here’s what remains of the gas station Probably not too safe to be walking around here, but I’m going to do it anyways in the interest of historical research, I guess (upbeat music) Let’s go There’s a suspicious looking van here Talking about curse, I had the great idea to try and continue on route 66 It looked like a normal road on Google maps, and since I was trying to save data, I neglected to check the satellite map Yeah, big mistake Well this is what remains of old Route 66 Not very well maintained these days We’re running almost parallel to I-40 (upbeat music) At the beginning it looked like a relatively well-maintained dirt road, so I kept going Soon it became evident I had made a mistake as the road became virtually non existent, and since it had fences on both sides there was no room to make a U-turn Trust me, I did try, but no, couldn’t make it I also tried driving backwards, but I had driven too long a distance, it would have been extremely difficult to make it back I was really in a pinch here I was getting desperate at this point so I decided to try something radical, like backing into one of the fences until I actually pushed it a little bit, then back and forth, back and forth, again and again, patiently Eventually I was able to make that U-turn and return back to safety Let’s make sure Minitini is still in one piece though Okay let’s not do that again (bright music) Our next stop is the Meteor Crater Oh bummer And by the way they do offer RV parking I’m here with all the other RVs There’s even a Phoenix Cruiser And I guess I won’t be flying the drone here (jazzy music) Well according to them they’re running a special today $11 It’s usually $18 And your America the Beautiful pass is no good here This is privately owned So one thing to note Here we are Even have an Apollo test capsule The mountain is beautifully framed American Astronaut Hall of Fame

Starting with Alan B. Shepard of course Kind of does look like a painting, doesn’t it? But when you move, it moves with ya It’s a nice view, for sure Until the early 20th century, the crater was believed to be volcanic in origin, but further testing and science has proven that it was formed by a meteor impact about 50,000 years ago It was a 150 feet wide meteorite that created this huge crater, 700 feet deep and 4000 feet across Is it worth 11 bucks to see this hole in the ground? Only you can be the judge of that It’s pretty cool For me being a kind of a fan of this celestial things It’s pretty cool I’m gonna go to the lower platform and then, we continue towards Albuquerque We’re late At one point in history they tried excavating and drilling in a effort to find the meteor, but it is nowadays believed to have disintegrated on impact Okay, it’s time to continue (bright music) We continue due east on I-40, which as you can see, in this area has completely replaced Route 66 Our next point of interest, what remains of the Meteor City Trading post Well here’s another abandoned structure Here in the old Route 66 And this is the Meteor City Trading Post They have this teepee here Let’s go have a look inside Oh, it don’t look like much It’s all abandoned, as you can see (R&B funk music) Dating back to 1938, the trading post finally closed its doors in 2012, and it has been vandalized and in ruins ever since Let’s continue Albuquerque is that way Okay, next stop, Winslow, Arizona (bright music) Here we are, arriving by that famous corner in Winslow, Arizona, immortalized by the Eagles in their 1972 hit, Take It Easy Let’s find parking Well here we are, standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona This is not the correct corner though We’ll have to turn around here Well, it’s a thing Yep, the corner store is blasting Eagles music in a loop, and I do believe the song talks about a flatbed ford Well there it is Well here I am standing on the famous corner in Winslow, Arizona with the Eagles and the famous red pickup truck of course Check it out Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona And they’re playing the Eagles at the store Hotel California Wrong song, but anyway Well they’re certainly milking this corner for all it’s worth (upbeat music) We continue Here’s the Cholla power plant, near Joseph City

We are going towards Holbrook, another historic route 66 town This is also the gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park which I really wanted to visit, but I made the mistake of making a reservation in Albuquerque, so I have to make it there at some point today, and time’s running out At least I found this place with all this petrified wood I’m not gonna make it to the Petrified Forest National Park But they have some petrified wood here (mutters) It’s pretty cool It’s like, crystallized Alright, this guy here, his store, they have a lot of petrified wood But, as always I miscalculated time I have to be in Albuquerque because I have a reservation Although I’m gonna be late I already called Called the KOA for a late check in (bright music) And with that we say goodbye to Arizona And welcome to Nuevo Mexico! – [GPS] Welcome to New Mexico – The New Mexico Welcome Center Got a nice road map I’m gonna take a picture right here And make some coffee and continue on the road We’re going to pass by one last town here, Gallup, New Mexico, before it gets dark Here we are, El Rancho being one of the more recognizable landmarks We’re actually just going to cruise along this section of Route 66, here in Gallup, one of the towns actually mentioned in the famous song about Route 66 (upbeat music) (relaxing music) Well we’re gonna arrive to Albuquerque at night, which is not my favorite thing But yeah, we saw a lot today It’s a beautiful area out here As night falls we continue pushing east

towards Albuquerque, New Mexico, Let’s begin by driving up to Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital I’m starting to see some adobe-style buildings, so we must be getting close Actually, let’s park right here Well, here I parked $2 an hour, not too bad Hotel made to look like an ancient pueblo Here we have the Loretto Chapel, famous for its miraculous spiral staircase which seems to defy the laws of physics We are going to see it here in a bit This was actually the first Gothic building west of the Mississippi, built in the 1870s It’s only $3 to see it, so that’s reasonable Nowadays, the chapel only works as a museum and for special events, like weddings (religious music) – [Announcer] We would like to give a special thanks to the Santa Fe Desert Chorale and their music director, Lawrence Bandfield – [Robert] There, there’s the miraculous stair in the back The fact that it has no central pole to support it is what makes it so peculiar It is also supposed to be a remarkable feat of woodworking, especially with the crude hand tools of the era in which it was constructed (religious music) – [Announcer] The Loretto Academy operated on this property His miraculous stairway is 23 1/2 feet high – [Robert] Here we have another look at the Gothic facade, and this nice park here with all the wind spinners I continue walking around, admiring all the quirky art everywhere I think maybe I made a scheduling mistake again because the town is pretty much deserted Here was my plan: I’d see a bit of Santa Fe in the morning, then have lunch, and then go to the Taos Pueblo, which is about an hour 1/2 away I think maybe I should have reversed it, and done Taos in the morning, and then Santa Fe in the afternoon when it is more lively It seems like it might be a really touristy area at the right time, which is not right now Here’s the Santa Fe Plaza Check it out, an old GMC I love those old motor homes I continue walking around the plaza, admiring all the adobe-style buildings This one in particular is the Palace of the Governors, with some Native American craft vendors outside Inside, it is a museum, but I didn’t feel like paying for the full tour Not in the museum mood today It is actually the oldest continuously occupied public building in the United States, believed to have been constructed in around 1610 Lots of Native American crafts and lots of museums in this area (crow calling) I continue walking around, wandering into these interior patios here

This one, a shop called The Rainbow Man Here is one of the restaurants that I’m actually considering for lunch later today Let’s go and see the cathedral This building here with colorful columns is the Contemporary Native American Art Museum And, there it is, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, commonly known as just the St Francis Cathedral The Romanesque Revival building dates back to the 1880s, built on the site of an older adobe-style church, which was called La Parroquia There is St. Francis, surrounded by all the saints of the New World Here’s the very ornate Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel (water flowing) Oh, yeah, that was the cathedral Very beautiful inside Let’s continue exploring It’s very quiet today here in Santa Fe But we’ll continue exploring We’ll see what we can find Diego de Vargas Zapata In this area, we encounter a bunch of art galleries as we walk towards Canyon Road, which is supposedly an artsy neighborhood around here Here we have the New Mexico School for the Arts How appropriate, huh? It turns out, however, that people don’t usually go out to look at art in the morning Who would have thought? This Canyon Road is listed as one of the top things to do here in Santa Fe It’s very, very, very eerie feeling that there’s nobody on the streets, absolutely no one Oh, I’ve seen the real ones all over the place here in the city Apparently, this is the river down there But the river is kind of frozen here

This is the famous Desert Inn, where the Santa Fe Bite is located, but I’m gonna go somewhere– This is a government building, the New Mexico State Land Office Oh, here we have it, the Mexico State Capitol building Let’s continue exploring There is what is called the Family Sculpture here in front of the capitol, also called the Roundhouse It’s becoming a little more lively as the day progresses Well, if you are into colorful Native American garments, there is plenty of that here The Chili House Let’s go find something to eat, with chiles in it, preferably I don’t know Oh, that Casa Sena place looked fancy, so let’s check out The Shed one more time Well, I’m gonna begin with a local IPA, as it is my tradition now It is very nice here, good service I am having the carne adovada Very spicy Okay, let’s go Well, off we go That was by far the spiciest meal I’ve ever had Let’s get back to the car Funny thing, as I get ready to leave town, it is getting livelier around here They even have live mariachi music at the plaza now But wait, that’s “La Bikina,” one of my favorite Mexican songs There’s something about the cadence and the harmonic progressions and the rhythm Yeah (mariachi music) Well, as much as I am enjoying the music, I’m gonna have to get going I’ve got more stuff to show you How about we go to the oldest house, not only here in Santa Fe, but in the whole entire United States? The oldest house in the USA, from 1646 We enter through the gift shop This section here is an 800-year-old adobe house Although the tree rings date the house to about 1646, it is believed this part of the structure itself might be older, even dating back to the 1200s This is what it must have looked like back in the day There’s a coffin, of course That was the oldest house in the USA How cool is that? Serendipitously, I just happened to pass by it – [Announcer] Taos Pueblo may close within one hour of when you arrive Head southeast on East De Vargas Street toward Orchard Drive There, I knew I should have done Taos Pueblo earlier, but, now I’ve got less than an hour Well, I changed my mind

We are not going to Taos after all Perhaps another trip Actually, a viewer recommended this place in the mountains called Tent Rocks, so I’m going to try and make it there This is called Los Alamos They just asked me for my ID Hm This laboratory here is something Of course, Los Alamos You know, where they invented the atomic bomb? I was just oblivious when I passed the checkpoint Who knows what kind of secret military stuff they’re making here these days? By the way, we are really going up in elevation here More research should have gone into this, for sure There, some local wildlife So cool My altimeter says that we are 8,000 feet above sea level Then 8,900 We are really way up here This is called Valle Grande Of course, we still have quite a bit of snow here on the side of the road Yep All right, let’s continue I’m supposed to turn left here, but I think we may have a problem The road seems to be closed Yeah, that’s a fail of epic proportions after so much driving, but, hey, at least we got to see the snow and the mountains and the pretty scenery, and the highest old Kia has ever been, for sure Let’s go back to Albuquerque Actually, the RV park is in a suburb called Bernalillo Now going through the Jemez Pueblo here Yeah, we’re stuck behind a school bus Our luck We’ll be there soon The sight of the Sandia Mountains means we are getting really close – Well, hopefully, today we’ve done a little better planning than yesterday and the first thing I’m going to go to the Old Albuquerque area, maybe have some breakfast, and then we’re gonna do some Breaking Bad locations, and then we’ll see (upbeat guitar music) Here we are, Old Albuquerque Let’s find parking Well, once again, it’s dead here early in the morning, so

we’ll go back later Although I was getting kind of hungry but I can wait So I stumbled upon the Visitor’s Information Center What a concept, right? And I spoke to the very knowledgeable, very nice lady there, and apparently nothing opens here in downtown, or Old Town, rather – [GPS Voice] Take the next right on to South Plaza Street Northwest, then turn left onto Rio Grande Boulevard Northwest – ‘Til like 10 or 11 a.m so okay, that’s that, so what I’m going to do now in the morning, I’m going to – [GPS Voice] Turn left onto Rio Grande Boulevard Northwest, then turn right onto Central Avenue Northwest – If she lets me talk I’m going to do the Breaking Bad locations Another one that is really far away in the middle of the desert, because it’s like 40 minute drive and I know 40 minute drive usually turns into an hour, two hours, but I’m going to go to like Los Pollos Hermanos, the car wash, Walter White’s house, and then I’m gonna come back here to the restaurant that I was going to come to anyways, which is this church – [GPS Voice] Take the next right onto Central Avenue Northwest, Route 66 – And she recommended that, yeah, this is the oldest restaurant in town So I’m gonna have an earl lunch there probably – [GPS Voice] Continue on Central Avenue Northwest for one mile – Around 11-ish, and then there’s a post office, I have to mail a sticker to England So I’m going to mail it from there and then we’ll see, there’s so much to do There’s the Nuclear Energy Museum, there’s, of course, the Sandia Peak Tramway, there’s Nob Hill, although she says that Nob Hill is under construction so it may not be the greatest experience, so we’ll take it from there (upbeat guitar music) By the way, she also had a map of all the Breaking Bad locations and I was even considering taking a tour, but you know, I made myself a little bit of a tour here I saved some of the locations in the, in Google Maps and I’m just going to, you know, explore Ooh, by the way, if you’re not really into Breaking Bad, feel free to skip ahead about three minutes or so, and we’ll continue exploring the rest of Albuquerque after that Here we are at the infamous location of Los Pollos Hermanos, which is Twisters Burger and Burritos fast food chain here in New Mexico and Colorado Let’s go inside I’m not gonna eat, I just want to see it Of course, they have a Pollos Hermanos sign right by the entrance Hi, good morning Let’s make sure that we don’t have any GPS trackers here All clear We’ll be on our way We continue on our Breaking Bad locations tour (upbeat guitar music) I know, old Kia is kind of filthy and in a bad need of a car wash, but that’s not why we’re here This is the car wash from the TV series I was tempted to do a car wash, you know, patronize the building, the business but, but let’s continue towards Walter White’s house How about that? (upbeat guitar music) Hmm, I guess they got the same idea as I did, or maybe they’re cooking meth in there, either or Ah, yeah, the new owners have put up fences and cones I don’t think they are thrilled with the idea of having a famous house They have a sign that says take your pictures from across the street, do not disturb I won’t disturb them I just want to throw a pizza on that roof Leaving Let’s find another, oh by the way, the guys in the RV, I think they were taking pictures of the wrong house Okay, let’s go Actually, if I owned that house, I would decorate it just like in the TV series and offer tours But then I guess I would have to license the rights It might not be worth it Anyways, I’m not going to spend my whole morning on this, so last but not least is one of my favorite locations,

Hank and Marie’s house You know, the cop brother-in-law? And it is located on the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in the very nice Glenwood Hills neighborhood That’s the one Down the hill we go By the way, there was a trail head at the end of this street Maybe we can do it some other time The next time we come to Albuquerque for sure So the idea now, I’m going to take a historic Route 66 into town I don’t know how long that’s going to take, but sounds sensible and then we’re gonna have breakfast at the Old Town (upbeat guitar music) This here is Central Avenue, which became part of Historical Route 66 back in 1937 when the road came through here And we’re going to be approaching here a neighborhood called The Nob Hill, which is supposed to be very lively with this eclectic mix of locally owned businesses (upbeat guitar music) Well, might as well make it all the way to downtown, right? This here is the Civic Plaza, and apparently they do concerts and special events and when it is not in use, it is a great spot for the homeless to charge their phones, I hear What does this building remind of you? It’s like the InterAmerican Plaza in Miami We are back by Old Town Let’s check out Old Town here in Albuquerque We’re back here This place is supposed to be right behind the church Now I am really getting hungry, so let’s go to that Church Street Cafe to have an early lunch Yeah, I think that’s it over there – [Woman] Hi, how are you? – Here we are Church Street Cafe I start with a coffee because I thought it was going to be breakfast, actually This is apparently the oldest house in Albuquerque Then I changed my mind to a local IPA because you know what? It is almost noon This is the combination platter, some bread and everything Tamale and enchilada and I forgot I think it’s a chiles rellenos That is fantastic A bit pricey, but it was really good And, well, you know, you are in a historic building after all Wow, that was a very, very good meal Check it out (guitar music) – Bye bye – Bye Well that was very nice By far, the best meal I’ve had in New Mexico, so I’m very pleased And it supposedly the oldest private residence here in the city, as I mentioned Owned until 1991 by the same family (upbeat guitar music) Alright, let’s continue exploring Old Town a little bit here All these shops here in the back This little alley here I am back by the Old Town Plaza and the San Felipe de Neri Church Here’s the official historic marker And we have these cannons And Native American crafts Let’s check out the church

1793 This here church is the oldest building in the whole city, and the only building here in Old Town proven to date back to the Spanish Colonial era, although it did go through some remodeling after 1817, like the bell towers and the pitched roof and the interior decorations, those are newer (whimsical music) Well, I think we’ve seen enough here for today, so I’m just going to slowly walk back to the car, admiring all this adobe style architecture, the chili peppers ever-present everywhere (drumming music) Here’s another restaurant I was considering for lunch today, although I think I made the right choice Here’s the main entrance to the Old Town area So it’s Don Francisco Cuervo Y Valdes, founder of Albuquerque, April 23rd, 1706 The plan is we’re going to go see some nuclear weapons Nuclear, or nu-cu-lar, how do you say it? Anyways Saying goodbye to old, I don’t know where I am, Albuquerque – [GPS Voice] Take the next left onto San Felipe Street Northwest – Thank you Check it out, Old Town – [GPS Voice] In 300 feet, turn left onto Mountain Road Northwest – See the church? Yeah We are going to transition here from colonial Spanish history and old Mexico to a much more recent time period, the Cold War Our next destination is The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, which I am really looking forward to because I grew up during the Cold War, and I was stuck on the other side of the Iron Curtain, kind of So it is a very interesting historical period for me, personally Here we are Adult admission is $12 In this first section, we learn about some of the people involved in the study of the atom, and Einstein’s letter to President Roosevelt World War Two, Hitler and the Holocaust And the Nuclear Threat And then we get to see some artifacts from the era, from the different countries involved The Manhattan Project that involved the design, assembly and testing of the first atomic bomb in nearby Los Alamos, very close to here, actually Fascinating stuff (upbeat music) Here’s a replica of Fat Man, which was the bomb detonated over the city of Nagasaki, Japan This flag flew at the site of the first atomic test The limo that transported the scientists of the Manhattan Project Gadget, the first atomic device ever tested The Nagasaki aftermath The Soviet section, perhaps? Ever wonder what a fallout shelter used to look like back in the sixties? Yeah There is so much stuff here, I could make a one hour video of the museum alone, but don’t worry, I’m not going to do that Here’s a section about nuclear medicine You see? It’s not all war and doom and gloom There have been, actually, many contributions to the advancement of medical technology

There’s another section on radiation, they even have a Geiger Counter here, measuring the radioactivity of different materials Electric power, and of course, a pretty substantial section about atomic pop culture There is, of course, a famous DeLorean, and something called a Flux Capacitor Great Scott! Well, as I said, we could spend hours here, but before we go, let’s step outside into what they call the Heritage Park As I step outside, a museum docent, a very nice guy follows me around everywhere and explains everything, actually, like the fact that this F16 would be carrying a hydrogen bomb under its wing and heat-seeking missiles and yeah Here’s a B-29 Super Fortress, just like the one that dropped the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki And it was from a tower like this one that they tested The Gadget, the first nuclear bomb, at White Sands Actually, on the next video, we are going there Here’s a Nike Missile We saw one of those at the Everglades not long ago This, of course, is the legendary B-52 I recently had a chance to see one of these up in the air, and all I can say is, what a sight This thing is majestic It is almost the size of the whole museum building And that’s where they kept the hydrogen bomb, down there This here is the B-47 Stratojet, nicknamed The Widowmaker Wonder why? It looks to me like an oversized fighter jet, and according to my guide, the pilots used to say that once it was up in the air, it actually handled like one We move on to the rockets, the intercontinental ballistic missiles, but at this point, it’s information overload I believe this is the Titan II, a staple during the Cold War, always ready to be launched, pointing at the Soviet Union, of course – [Guide] This one’s called The Peacekeeper – The Peacekeeper – [Guide] This is a four stage Special type of epoxy – Let’s see Kevlar Here’s, once again, the Titan II, which was designed so it could fit on a truck on the highway, and under most tunnels Pretty cool Now we go to the, to the Tramway, to the Sandia Peak Well, yes, we are going to do one more thing today before we turn in to the campground And there is another one of the top ten things to do here, the Sandia Peak Tramway There is actually so much more to do here, really, but I only allocated one day on this particular trip, more like an overview of the city this is You can bet we’ll be back here sooner than later We’re going north on Tramway Boulevard here, which actually hugs the eastern city limits and eventually will take us to the Tramway Hi – [Ranger] Hi there, how are y’all today? – I’m doing great, how are ya? – [Ranger] Great, it’s a beautiful day, I’m on the mountain – Yeah Yeah, it’s very good (laughing) – [Ranger] Have you been before? – No, first time – [Ranger] Where are you from? – Miami, Florida – [Ranger] Miami? Woo, well it’s lighter there And lower Been there, it’s a nice town – Yeah, it’s good – [Ranger] Well, two whole dollars – It’s two whole dollars to go over there, right? And then how much is the tram? – [Ranger] $25 – 25 – [Ranger] 20 if you’re a senior, but I don’t think – No, not yet, not quite yet (laughing) – [Ranger] Just follow this road around It just landed, you may be able to catch it – Alright – [Ranger] If not, the next will be down in 15 minutes – Alright, perfect, thank you so much (upbeat jazz music)

Well, let’s take the Sandia Peak Tramway (bell ringing) – [Woman] Thank you, Robert (whistling) – [Man] Watch your step – [Woman] Thank you, coming through – The 50 year old tramway goes from 6500 feet above sea level all the way to 10000 feet, along 2.7 miles of cable As we ascend, we’re going into the Cibola National Forest Passing Tower One now From here up, the Tramway was constructed by helicopter 5000 helicopter rides it took – [Announcer] Mount Taylor’s Mountain, about 75 miles to the west there, it’s about 1000 feet higher than we are, and it is a dormant volcano Just to give you guys an idea of how big things really are from the Tram, on the right hand side here, we’re passing Fish Rock and then right out back there on top of that hill, there’s a big boulder perched on top, looks curiously like a cannon, we’re real imaginative, we call it Cannon Rock, it’s about the same size as this cabin, so things on the outside of the Tram are much larger than they appear You can see Cabezon from here, too, if you look out to the Northwest on the horizon out there, it looks like an outie belly button sticking up out of the horizon That’s the, that’s El Cabezon, that’s the hollowed out core of an extinct volcano (whimsical piano music) – There’s the mark from a lightning strike that looks like a face, or a skull rather (string music) – [Announcer] At the very tippy-tip-top of that mountain up there, there’s a little small square granite cabin called Black Window, and the longer you look for it, the easier it is to see I know that sounds weird, just totally out there, and it’s right where the sky meets the tippy-top of that mountain up there And that was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps It was built to house workers that worked up there a long time ago, but they don’t use it for anything anymore It’s just a national monument But you all can hike there, it’s about a three mile round trip hike from upper terminal to Kiwanis and back – We’ve made it to the top Well what do you know? There is snow up here No drones, why am I not surprised? Here’s the view looking towards the other side, to the East So beautiful There is our tram car going back down (whimsical music) There is pretty good wifi here in upper terminal, so if you recall, I did a live video from up here back in February Such a commanding view Ready to head back down Not many people going down now because a lot of people come up here to see the sunset So it is coming up full and going down nearly empty By the way, Sandia means watermelon in Spanish, and the mountain, at sunset, due to its color, it kind of looks like a sliced watermelon, I guess Yeah, I kind of see how it could look like a sliced watermelon I’m actually glad that the tram is coming back down nearly empty because it is so much better

to take in the views There comes the other car – [Woman] There must be tons of people going up because they want to see the sunset or? – [Announcer] No, usually, like we usually get busier at this time Here is gonna be a swing and a miss (laughing) – We are almost back at ground level Let’s drive back to the campground, as the day comes to an end Oh, by the way, did I mention that there is a brewery right next to the campground? Yeah, I think it’s through here Where is the brewery? And there is the brewery That’s people in there What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in Key West? I am eating Buffalo Frito Pie, and an IPA, of course Well, it is our last sunset here in the West It’s a beautiful one Well, for sure I am going to miss having the Sandia Mountains in my backyard, but the show must go on And tell you what, I think it is time for us to put a New Mexico sticker, so I’m gonna do that right now Here’s my remaining stickers here on my map Let’s put up New Mexico and then I’ll tell you what I intend to do here By the way, a lot of people have asked me where I got this map And you know, it’s the store that we all love to hate Camping World I got it at the pop up store that they usually have at the Tampa RV Show I got it the same year that I got my travel trailer 2015, and, 2014 actually And let me tell you about, actually January 2014 we got it Let me tell you about my map and what I intend to do because as you can see, I’m about halfway done with The United States, I think I have like 25 states left exactly So now in the fall, I’m gonna cover this whole area here Because I’ve driven through many of these states, but I haven’t actually been in any of those states and my premise for this map is I either have to sleep or do something significant in the state, and I kind of cheated with Alabama, because all I did was have lunch at a rest stop, but I didn’t want to have this gaping hole here in the South So, let’s head south I am leaving Albuquerque and I’ve been going back and forth, you know, changing my plans Originally I wanted to go through Amarillo, Texas, to take a part of Route 66 along the way, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen Let me stop real quick, I think I forgot to close my basement Or storage, whatever it’s called Okay, I closed it but I didn’t lock it

Let me, I’ll be right back Well, as I was saying, there’s a storm coming and, a winter storm, it might even rain here in Albuquerque so I have to head back south I’m going to El Paso, Texas, once again and then I’m gonna take I-10 east all the way back The one positive thing about – [GPS Voice] Take the next right onto South Hill Road – Thank you Google lady The one positive thing about this is that I might be able to stop for a few hours in San Antonio which will be cool because I’ve heard it’s a very neat city This is where I stayed, Bernalillo ♪ Riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ Yeah I’m riding, riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ I’m riding in my RV ♪ My RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ Yeah Let’s fly the drone here one more time (upbeat music) – [Drone Voice] Landing (beeping) – Well, yes, this is when the drone decided to land by itself on the other side of the highway – [Drone Voice] Stop landing Stop landing, stop landing (beeping) – I was able to take control and bring it back as fast as I could But it was a scary moment for sure (futuristic music) Well, this is breakfast here at the rest area, I’m heating up some, made like a wrap with ham and cheese with those new tortillas I bought in New Mexico And here we are at the rest area – [Robert] We are going south on I-25 Then at San Antonio, New Mexico, here which if you blink, you missed it, we turn onto US 380 East It is such a beautiful drive I mean we all know I have a thing for the mountains and the deserts right? This darker area up ahead is the Carrizozo Malpais lava flow which was caused by an eruption about 5,000 years ago See how it looks on the satellite image? Valley of Fires Recreation Area is here towards the end And, what a desolate place this is We arrive by the town of Carrizozo, where we are going to refuel and join US 54 South As you can see, the landscape is starting to change And here we are, this adobe style building under renovations is the visitor center Hi, how are ya? – [Man] Your turn – [Robert] Thank you I have the annual pass – [Man] There you are – Alright, thank you so much Oh, no drones, okay Yep, drones are forbidden here too

And here it kind of makes sense, since we are so close to several military facilities Most notably the White Sands Missile Range, home of the Trinity site, where on July 16th, 1945, they detonated Gadget, the first nuclear weapon ever (epic music) Alright, let’s stop at this trail head here It’s Minitini in the house Or on the sand rather Oh let’s take this boardwalk It is called the Interdune Boardwalk White place Here’s some of the plant life we might be seeing here in the sand dunes Let’s continue Here we have more infographics and signs talking about the fauna and the flora of this very interesting place (mysterious music) We continue, immersing ourselves into this surreal otherworldly landscape Well let’s go for a little hike Well, it is a five mile trail I’m obviously not gonna do the whole thing But let’s just walk, you know over the dunes and back And this is the Alkali Flat Trail Amazing What we’re seeing here is gypsum sand And the bright dots are selenite crystals This type of sand, I’ve learned, is quite rare because it is water soluble Good thing it doesn’t rain here very much These sand dunes are also very popular for downhill sledding And because of its composition, the sand never gets very hot, not even on the hottest summer days (mysterious music) People from all over the world come visit this marvelous place Well let me just give you a 360 here of the White Sands National Monument And as the name indicates, it’s all white sand It’s kind of off white, but those sand dunes, it’s amazing how they look Especially those back there That’s pretty cool with the mountains behind them Really cool place But Texas awaits So we’re gonna continue on our journey Next time I come though, I’m doing that five mile loop, is it five miles? Three miles I forgot Bring some water Well yeah, it’s pretty amazing (mysterious music) Well yeah, amazing place, the White Sands National Monument

I mean look at it, look at it It’s like we are in the I don’t know, I don’t know where we are, but it’s, it’s not Earth for sure (bright country music) Let’s continue towards the land not to be messed with The Lone Star State, Texas – [Woman] Welcome to Texas – Well, it was bound to happen I get stuck in some rush hour traffic here, just west of El Paso My next stop is Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse, which I’ve heard great things about And while it is going to be a little bit on the pricey side, I figured, you’ve gotta have at least one great steak while in Texas, right? So I’ve decided to splurge tonight Well when nature calls Yes, the ranch is a little bit out of the way of the Indian Cliffs Ranch, a good 10 miles north of I-10 I arrive right at sunset It is a huge property Very pretty, very well maintained Luckily they have RV parking So they direct me to park right behind this class A diesel pusher Beautiful I’m here at the Cattleman’s Ranch and I’m parked here with another RV Check out these guys They’re very well nourished here It is a beautiful evening here in western Texas Let’s go inside (bright music) I feel particularly odd being here by myself, especially since there is no cell phone signal So my only entertainment is other people conversations and the menu Wow, my ribeye here with baked potato, cole slaw, bread and um, baked beans Well yeah, I knew this was going to be an expensive meal My last restaurant meal of the whole trip Well this place is huge But they got a pretty good steak I approve Of course there’s a horse And we’re parked there, the RV bus parking area Okay, here’s the plan There is a Walmart nearby at a town called Horizon City I have to backtrack about, hmm, 10 miles Not the end of the world And then the idea is to drive to San Antonio tomorrow And maybe spend a day there But hmm, my plans are about to change Anyways here we are at the Walmart (techno music) – [Woman] Turn left towards Horizon Boulevard,

then turn right – Well out of all the places I’ve ever stayed overnight, tonight for the first time, I feel uncomfortable at this place, so I’m leaving This is the Walmart at Horizon City – [Woman] Turn right towards Horizon Boulevard, then turn left onto Horizon Boulevard – This is the Walmart at Horizon City in Texas – [Woman] Turn left onto Horizon Boulevard – It’s just east of El Paso It is a very busy shopping area It is Friday night And there were a bunch of youngsters jumping off my rear bumper I mean, I think I’m gonna stay at a rest area on I-10 I brew me some coffee It’s still relatively early, it’s 8:30 I can drive for a couple more nights on I-10 And look for a better place I drive late into the night Finding all the rest areas filled to capacity with semi trucks So eventually I end up at the Pilot in Van Horn I wake up at six a.m. now in the Central time zone So I’ve lost one hour The sunrise still about an hour away (mystical music) (techno music) Hey look, there was an RV park The crack of dawn is starting to crack There’s that faint bluish glow on the horizon, indicating it is going to be daybreak soon Now even more visible and check out the moon Well it is the crack of dawn The crack of dawn I think I’m losing my mind (techno music) Well to make a short story even shorter, as I told you last night I left that Walmart The eastern outskirts of El Paso It is not I felt unsafe, but I didn’t feel comfortable It was not quiet, there were a bunch of youngsters, you know partying and even some kids that starting jumping on my rear bumper So yeah, so I decided to leave And I was hoping to find one of these rest areas or picnic areas out on the road But they were all, you know all already full by the time It was 9:30 ish You know truckers, late at night all these rest areas are insufficient compared to the large amount of truckers in the area So I drove around 90 miles to Van Horn and I stayed at the Pilot truck stop I arrived around 11 p.m But actually it was midnight because I changed into Central time zone now So I slept about six hours I put my alarm clock for six a.m And around 6:30, it was still nighttime, I left It is now 7:30 so I’ve been driving for about an hour And it’s gonna be a beautiful sunrise And it’s actually everything works out because now I expect to get to San Antonio today And not tomorrow So I may be a day earlier than usual I mean than expected So I put my home address into the GPS And it says it’s gonna take me one day and one hour to get home So if I were to drive nonstop, I didn’t have to put gas, I didn’t have to eat or go to the bathroom, I would arrive tomorrow at 8:30 a.m In Miami, Florida Of course it’s gonna take a lot longer than that And check out, the sunrise is about to happen

(ominous, yet expectant music) All of a sudden, a drastic climate change as we start driving into this thick fog Guess we’re not in the desert anymore Well this is actually the bad weather I was trying to avoid The reason I changed my travel plans back in Albuquerque Better to tackle the storm down here in the south than up in Oklahoma or Kansas where they were forecasting snow and sleet and all kinds of crazy weather (bright music) Yep, it is really foggy out here Let’s continue It’s too early This is exactly where I put gas, right about two weeks ago Well, I’m hungry Let’s make some breakfast Well here cooking some quick breakfast on the road Some spinach and mushrooms here And some eggs, scrambling We’ll see how this comes out We’ll add a little bit of paprika here Oops, too much paprika It doesn’t matter, I love paprika Salt, pepper There we go, spinach and mushrooms and very soon we’re gonna put the eggs in there There we go, put an egg on it Or two I was able to flip it over Now is that pretty or what? (bright music) It is for the most part a long and boring drive And the gray, gloomy weather certainly doesn’t help matters But some areas, oo some areas are absolutely breath taking Let’s exit here by Sonora, Texas for gas The GSP has decided to take me through the middle of town, so let’s do that I can certainly use a change of scenery, even the most beautiful landscapes can become tedious after so many hours on the road (jazzy music) Now passing by Junction, where they have the park that offers three nights of free camping ♪ Riding, riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ Yeah ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ I’m riding in my RV – Well here’s the scenic view I guess Well that scenic view wasn’t so scenic after all (sighs) I’m really tired I started driving at 6:30 a.m And it is now 1:30 p.m One more hour to go ♪ Riding, riding, oh riding in my RV ♪ ♪ My RV – [Robert] We’re getting close here

We’re getting kind of close Approaching the Texas Hill Country ♪ I’m free in my RV ♪ Yeah riding, riding, riding ♪ Riding in my RV, my RV – [Robert] Well here we are We have arrived in San Antonio And we have a few hours here until sundown So let’s take advantage of them as much as possible First, let’s go to the campground and unhitch ♪ Riding in my RV, my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Yeah because I’m free ♪ In my RV ♪ Riding, riding from Florida to Tennessee ♪ ♪ My RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV ♪ Yeah riding, riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ‘Cause I’m free in my RV Well, not the greatest weather but at least it’s not raining This is where I’m staying at here at the San Antonio KOA Let’s head to downtown We’ve only got a few hours here so let’s just check off the highlights (funky music) Luckily, the KOA is very centrally located just a few miles away from downtown Here’s public parking I don’t think it is the cheapest at a $15 flat rate, but here we are right next to the Alamo so let’s explore Well finally made it to San Antonio I think the Alamo must be somewhere back there Yep, a short walk away and here we are Oh yeah everybody said it would look disappointingly small, it does Make a short line here and then we go in Oh by the way, photography inside not allowed Mm mm, they watch you like hawks They don’t let you take any pictures inside, so but I’m assuming out here is fine, right? Here we have some signs depicting the history of the Alamo And back here, the grounds, they are really nice It is kind of a bummer it is such a cloudy day I wonder if these tents here are part of some kind of reenactment (upbeat music) Well in any case, it is a nice area to walk around admiring all these oak trees, and I must admit I am kind of lost, can’t seem to find the exit By the way, you exit through the museum slash gift shop We’re out Well we’ll continue, we’ll continue exploring Let’s see where the river walk is and I have a couple more places that I want to show you For now, that’s all I could show you of the Alamo Here’s a monument bearing the names of those who died in the legendary battle of the Alamo So many tourists This lively street is Alamo Plaza and we get antique cars and horse-drawn carriages, definitely a very touristy area

Ooh, and bicycles too, all modes of transportation This down here is an extension of the river walk, it is called Paseo del Alamo and there’s a beer garten And what do we have here? Cinderella’s chariot It has a little bit of that old city character which is really cool, especially this area Check it out You see that big horn on the corner of that building? That’s where we’re going That is the Buckhorn Saloon established in 1881 and there is a museum with a collection of animals but I’m just going to the bar Back in the day, the original owner had the brilliant idea of accepting horns and antlers as payment when the patrons didn’t have cash and the rest is history By the way, the beer is way larger than I expected This is the original cherry wood and marble back bar and lots, I mean lots of dead animals on the walls That was a pretty cool bar Let’s continue wandering around downtown a little bit Uh oh, they found me (laughing) This here is the Majestic Theater I continue wandering, admiring the different architectural styles And there’s the river walk but let’s explore a little more before going to the river walk There’s the historic San Fernando Cathedral in the distance Let’s go down into the river walk and this is the beginning, I guess Not too lively around here One of the main activities here is, of course, taking these boats that cruise up and down the river Here we are, by the way, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio In this network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, as you will soon see, lined up with shops, bars, restaurants, public artwork This idea originated after a very bad flood in 1921 and so they developed this flood control system that involved a floodgate, a dam, a bypass canal By 1946, this flood control system actually proved to be very effective The Casa Rio restaurant opened its doors and the rest, the rest is history It has been so successful that they keep expanding it and expanding it like on that area we saw earlier by the Alamo with the beer garten Of course we are here during Mardi Gras weekend so some of the boats are decorated as floating floats and there are some people in costume and there is a very festive atmosphere all around They even have masks decorating the bridges Unfortunately, I think all of the Mardi Gras related activities were during the day so we missed them (festival music) Well of course you have to have mariachis at a place like this, right? (mariachi music) Hmm, I think I hear live music

Hmm, there’s an audience And I think the concert just ended there Here’s some street art for ya and some Mardi Gras floats, this one’s floating for real It’s all very lively and kind of crowded actually, many of the restaurants have a long waiting time so I’m gonna call it a night and start heading back Although, let me tell you, Casa Rio sounded really tempting This monument here is called La Antorcha de la Amistad, Spanish for the Torch of Friendship, a gift from the Mexican government to the city of San Antonio back in 2002 The sculpture seems to look kind of different depending from where you look at it and the sculptor says that that is how he sees the two nations’ relationship Sometimes it is harmonious, sometimes it’s complicated El presidente Well that is the end of our two and a half, three hours here in San Antonio, Texas Very cool city, I do want to return with more time and explore a lot more beyond the river walkway and the Alamo and all that, but for now, this is it I don’t have to tell you I’m very very tired, I’ve been driving most of the day so I’m going back to the RV and see you on the road Cool to see all the carriages illuminated at night Next time, we will definitely have to go up there That, by the way, was the Tower of the Americas which has an observation deck, a restaurant Hello there (bright techno music) Well good morning from the San Antonio KOA, it’s kind of cold, it’s drizzling a little bit But you know what? After two weeks in the desert, I find this kind of weather kinda neat, actually There’s humidity again Well they have a breakfast place here at the campground so I’m gonna check that out and then dump, propane, and off we go, to the east It’s actually colder than I expected I’m just gonna leave I’m not really that hungry yet and I can have something on the road in a couple hours, you know, take a break so off we go I’m getting some Texas water for the road Yes, it feels so incredibly cold this morning here in mid-February, it is probably in the 30s but it feels like mid-20s with the high humidity and the wind chill But first things first, let’s pay a visit to the dump station I’m also gonna get some propane, one of my tanks got depleted last night (upbeat music) We’re leaving San Antonio Well it’s gonna be a nasty drive today,

it is cloudy as you see, it’s windy, but anyways, I didn’t stay there long enough to give it a thorough review of the campground It seemed fine, I got only a water and electric site because it was only for one night I dumped my gray water, I got propane it is 8:30 in the morning here central time The goal is Biloxi, Mississippi, but I don’t guarantee we’re gonna make it there We’ll try though Oh by the way, you know I’m from south Florida so I’m kind of ignorant about cold weather issues, but I just realized 40 degrees in Texas with humidity and wind is not at all like 40 degrees in Arizona with dry air and no wind It’s incredibly cold here this morning Well it is actually 36 degrees, no wonder it feels so cold Yeah and now Weather Underground says 34 and it feels like 28, no wonder (laughing) We’ve got seven mile per hour winds coming from the west That is actually good, tailwinds might be good once I’m on the open road And 20% chance of precipitation today Well there’s our 20% precipitation Don’t you wish the odds worked like that at the casino? – [Navigation System] In a quarter mile, merge onto I-10 East – Yeah, well it is kinda windy out there so it does make for a stressful drive Let’s make breakfast Did I mention it’s cold? Much better Well we’re gonna make some pancakes, these are delicious whole grain pancakes, and this milk that I bought back in I think it was in Phoenix and I think all I need is an egg and some oil Half cup (mellow music) we’re a little off-level here, that could be a bad thing but we’ll manage Not the best turn I’ve ever done but it’s not bad Well this one came out much better Bon apetit, yeah? I think this is the coldest it’s felt throughout the whole trip, the whole month I’ve been on the road Oh my, it’s really really nasty out there Let’s continue So many flags Anyways, here we are approaching Houston I definitely have to visit Houston one of these days but today I’m on a mission here, Florida or bust I am thinking Florida by tomorrow, south Florida by the day after Houston is the city that never ends and we have been driving through Houston for what feels like forever Luckily, it is a Sunday at 12:30 so there’s not a whole lot of traffic so that’s good I know Texas is long, I’m almost done with Texas but it is a long, large, huge state Crossing the San Jacinto River And there’s Buc-ee’s, that humongous gas station and convenience store It is true, everything is bigger in Texas – [Navigation System] Welcome to Louisiana

– We did it, crossed the entire state of Texas once again, a feat only comparable to crossing the whole state of Florida To put it in perspective, crossing Texas here through I-10 has been about 875 miles From Pensacola by the Florida Alabama state line to my home in south Florida is about 700, not that big a difference in the great scheme of things We are once again here at Breaux Bridge If you recall, I spent the night at this Walmart here on the way west and I am very tempted to stay because I’m starting to get tired, but I’m determined to continue pushing through I’m just gonna take a break and continue I’ll just make one Americano for the last leg of the trip – [Navigation System] Head southwest toward Rees Street – Well I took a little bit of a break here at the Walmart – [Navigation System] Slow down on I-10 East near Baton Rouge that is causing a 17 minute delay You should reach your destination by 8:46 p.m – Okay, maybe by the time I get there Anyways, here I’m at Breaux Bridge in Louisiana and off we go, about three more hours Oh yeah, this is the Pilot that has a casino Next, we’re gonna cross the Atchafalaya Basin, which, cool fact, is the largest wetland and swamp in the United States On the way west I crossed it at night and it is not like I’m doing much better today but at least we can see something And the city lights of Baton Rouge illuminate the skies Here at Louisiana’s capital once again I cross the Mississippi River (relaxing music) I drive into the dark stormy night At 9 p.m., although it might as well be 2 a.m. I’m so tired, I arrive in Mississippi and I go into the welcome center and there are no overnight parking signs everywhere So when the security guard came, I thought he was going to kick me out but he just told me to park in this other area away from the semi trucks and check it out, it is almost like a pull-through site at a campground, sans hookups, anyways good night Good morning Well I slept here at the Mississippi welcome center rest area in theory it says no overnight parking but I guess they just want to deter people from camping here indefinitely so they don’t really mind, the security guard just told me to park by this area and leave that other area over there for the trucks which is fine with me Well the idea today is to make it to the east coast of Florida, to the Atlantic Ocean and that way we would complete our coast-to-coast road trip back and forth, so let’s hydrate and hit the road It is another gloomy day here with the non-stop drizzle Here to the right is the INFINITY Science Center and there’s even a lunar lander exhibit right here at the rest area which I didn’t see of course, I didn’t know it was there Now that is because we are right next to the Stennis Space Center, NASA’s largest rocket testing facility Too bad I’m on a mission here because it would have been great to visit This morning, I am taking a little bit of a scenic ride here towards Gulfport and Biloxi because I want to see the Gulf of Mexico here in Mississippi but as you can see, the weather is not quite cooperating this morning Will this count as driving coast to coast? Well if it doesn’t, we’ll be in Florida soon enough Well here we are, it’s not the best weather but we’ve made it to the Gulf of Mexico Not exactly perfect beach weather by any means

but here we are, made it to the Gulf Coast Amazing to think that just a few days ago I was in a different ocean back in the Pacific But now I’m here just days away from the Atlantic That sure looks like hurricane damage Hurricane Nate in 2017 perhaps Alright, let’s continue our journey, it’s kind of chilly this morning (rock music) Check out all these mansions here and they are almost, I mean almost oceanfront, or gulf front, waterfront I guess in any case There is also a famous oak tree somewhere around here called the Friendship Oak, I wonder if there are any RV parking restrictions Do you see any signs for no overnight parking? I don’t I mean I’ll have to look up the city ordinances but I bet you we could boondock here for the night and nobody would bother you Yup, more research shall go into this because I would love to wake up next to the Gulf of Mexico right here, maybe not with Minitini but if at some point we can get something a little more stealth, yep for sure We are approaching Biloxi and I’m going to turn around right here because I spotted a historical landmark, I saw a brown sign on the road and here it is, Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’ home, y’know the former Confederate president Not a whole lot to see from the outside so instead, I am going to make another U-turn here and have breakfast with a view This is going to be breakfast with a view I’m making pancakes The only bad thing about this site is that, it’s not a site, I’m parked here in the middle of the street, let me show you, is that sometimes there’s a lot of traffic coming through here on the Yep, I’m gonna call it pancakes by the sea Well this is a lot of fun but if I don’t get off this scenic route, I am never, I mean never going to make it so we’re going to rejoin I-10 here in Biloxi Here to the right is the luxurious Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, the Hard Rock a little further down Some of these casinos allow overnight parking so at one point, the plan was to overnight right here Well, time to take the faster route, Florida awaits ♪ I’m riding, riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ ♪ I’m riding – [Navigation System] Welcome to Alabama – Sweet home Alabama, sweet wet Alabama ♪ Because I’m free in my RV yeah ♪ ♪ I’m riding riding riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ Because I’m free in my RV yeah ♪ ♪ Riding riding riding ♪ Riding in my RV ♪ Wherever I want to be – [Navigation System] Welcome to Florida – Well, we are in Florida Only 716 miles to go Gosh I am so tired I sound like I’m drunk

Now crossing the Escambia Bay in Pensacola We get stuck in traffic near Destin The rolling hills near Tallahassee The problem with Florida is that, for the most part, it all looks about the same, particularly from the highway As the day comes to an end, I am going to stop for the night at this rest area in the Osceola National Forest, somewhere between Lake City and Jacksonville ♪ I’m riding Nah, not riding anymore, I’m tired Well good morning, I want to go home now (reflective rock music) 95 South, we are on the home stretch now and the sun even wants to peek out I need to make one last dump so I’m going to stop here at the Sunshine Travel RV Resort in Vero Beach It is $10 to use the dump station and it is one of the cleanest ones I’ve seen Making the final dump (bright salsa music) Well hello good morning and greetings from Miami Beach, I thought it would be a fitting ending to our coast-to-coast journey to end it right here at sunrise from Miami Beach on the east coast I really hope you have enjoyed this video

and check it out, pelican, fly pelican (laughing)

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