good god man couldn’t you wait until you got back to base to eat his ass? Jeez how’s it going gamers I am VastGameMaster and I’m pretty sure you guys guess at what game I’m playing this time. But, in case for those of you who can’t read English, this is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon heroes unleashed this is the latest heroes unleash mod. heroes unleashed 1.0.1 this is the recent one that just got updated. oops, that’s not what I wanted to do now I’m gonna go and do a mission and at the same time. I’m going to try to multitask and talk to you guys about about this one what this mod is supposed to do is supposed to add word just came down from HQ John hey I’m talking right now not you but this mod is supposed to add is that it’s just a mod that’s supposed to enhance the the realism and authenticity it’s supposed to make it also more challenging it’s supposed to also improve a lot of the AIS and and give a lot of special effects and events that goes on at a game to give it like a better unique experience and I’m gonna be playing this on the hardest difficulty because why not alright so I’m just gonna play it play to prevent I’m gonna play to the briefing and I’m just gonna be quiet from this point until it’s done word just came down from HQ gentlemen we have official confirmation that at Oh 600 hours three Russian armored divisions crossed the border and linked up with the rebel forces in the north the Russian Foreign Minister has issued a statement condemning international meddling in regional affairs looks like we got ourselves a full-scale international incident for now the u.s is still backing the legitimate Georgian government our orders are quote to aid the Georgian Army’s defensive operations in any way practical short and sweet that means we’ve got the green light to blow stuff up first priority is the slow the main armored column headed for doubly C we’ve identified an ambush point about 60 klicks west of here where the highway crosses under a rail line a Georgian command post is nearby if it’s overrun their entire western flank will collapse take out the Russian advance patrols first than the tanks all right I like blowing shit there’s my I picked this mission it’s because I actually done this recently on a campaign and all the other ones were challenging and they were longer but this one was actually kind of straightforward and short Buzzard why not just go ahead and play this all right well this is gonna take some time because I gotta edit these load ups so I might as well talk about the guy that designed this month the guy this that design is fly decided back in early 2000 I think it’s like 2002 Orcas hasn’t won it’s one of those two and that’s probably around a time where this game came out and he was so he was so passionate so loyal to finish my day he wanted to give this game you know a kicker like he wanted to make this a little more realistic for the sake of realism and he will also wanted this to be as authentic as he can possibly you know taking and so he did he tried his best he tried to make it as hard as he could it’s not like insanely hard like some games as you said if you play it on the hardest difficulty it’s a one shot one kill and ask for everybody including you and your team don’t go with this 240 but I want him to have an RPG I guess I’m just gonna have to dial it home and this is how you select your loadouts this mod adds and a bunch of new textures and actually adds in a lot of new calm I’ll make sure I leave a description for refer to mod in the in the the link in the description so you guys didn’t get downloaded but it is a big mod which means it’s probably than depending on on your bandwidth and might take you like an hour to because it’s just it’s a huge mod with a lot of content it comes with like a few additional mods that comes inside the new extra photo folder and inside Ghost Recon already has a mod folder so all you have to do is once

it’s downloaded and it’s unzipped and everything just click and drag it and drop it into the mod folder launch the game go into your options and just activate the mod then hit accept it and they gave them probable cause like a second and then we’ll go back to the main with a completely different kind of King I like the m240 aids in the Cornmarket 40 services the difference between the 48 and 46 46 shoots 556 NATO and and the 48 is a 76 – that’s good just go with it normally I would use stealth on there so I would have like a different stealthy optional approaches but this time I just said it was so I just say screw dead noise but we’re going balls out if I’m gonna go in there and kill a bunch of baddies I want to do it loud and by a reflecting this takes such a fucking long time okay well obviously alpha is the assault team it’s gonna have one face when I have two riflemen one with the m203 and then you’re gonna have to support gunner I could give this guy a shotgun but he’s not gonna be going in at close quarter combat so there’s some point come on I’ll freeze up on me there you go em City all right the back to the mod the guy who worked on this mod goes by the account name on ModDB called what’s-his-face you know I should give this guy a clean just yeah just so we can have the option use claymores because if we are on the fence right so getting some clean ones goes by the name of it out of a pax and he actually I’m not sure if somebody did an interview or he did an interview for himself but regardless there’s and he has like an interview buzz he’s been working on his mod for about 16 years and he recently considers this finished like it’s just now finished according to his book which is amazing to see a guy that’s dedicated to ghost recon and how it used to be and speaking of which speaking of which I actually did had a conversation with buddy 325 about us deciding whether or not if if we want to go back and play Ghost Recon wildlands and ice I told him that I wasn’t really having any plans to do it and the reasons why is because I’m just too disappointed game that game it’s just it’s not Ghost Recon it’s it’s nothing what it used to be it’s nothing like how this was you know the like for starters I could definitely say that where’s the where’s the the option to customize and for inform your team just like you could in Ghost Recon I know that they have customizations for single players and all that stuff but I want the AI I want more single-player features it’s just not there’s not enough of it yeah it is fun to play to play with players but not everybody is has a bunch of friends and that is sad to say but it’s also kind of true if you maybe think about it I remember having a conversation with somebody in the comments about about the the tactical shooters and I had to explain a little bit because he didn’t really understand it so which was fine you know a lot of people has not played tactical shooters before I remember playing Rainbow six culvert ops before which I’ll probably will make a video of me playing that one sooner or later but that was the first time I’ve ever played a tactical shooter that’s close quarters which was kind of fun cuz it’s just uh it was such a unique gameplay and I

played it a bunch of time one on like my well we don’t have that computer anymore but when that game was out for those computers it was like an old-ass computer but usually I played it a bunch of time I remember I we kept kept a computer downstairs where it was cold which for the computer it was nice but for me it was cold so I’m ever just walking downstairs sitting in front of the computer like i am now and just and just play Rainbow six covert ops and I would always like triumph a few times and I was I would always fail a few times hearing there yeah that’s good I might not need to clean it depends on where I’m gonna have these musician teams yeah this alright however I just yeah I just went downstairs and I just played Rainbow six covert ops then I was like the first time I’ve ever played at I’m playing a game actually I’m never playing Ghost Recon I think Island Thunder at some point it was just it was different I thought I’d never played a game before boo honestly after after I’ve seen the mud I just had to pick this up and play it again there what do I have that HUD indicator I thought it turned off oh well cool with it then I plan out for my bravo Bravo I’m gonna probably r2 these tracks no problems here we go dear alpha it’s gonna go to the bridge and the reason why I want the then the B position there is because I I remember playing this the last time it took me a bunch of trials in order to get there all right guys holding just go into this is at this point I’m not really worried about patrols too much it’s just I need to get in position before they do actually that hilltop will probably work seems like an okay position we put Bravo over here but the Bravo on yourself good thing I moved wait it was alright yeah you put this thing on on higher difficulty the enemies are Parker and eat happy that’s just it just happens but luckily this mission is short so I don’t have to I don’t have to go to much the only problem was that we didn’t get there fast enough but then they started in above I’m gonna run all the way over there we do have a sniper which I should have also formed up Charlie Charlie team the watched right flank so I’m not sure how this is gonna play out now because I’m not doing exactly how I did it it worked have to figure it out then if it doesn’t work I’ll make some adjustments now I’ll just stand behind here that way at least I got some cover I’m gonna leave alpha there I oh I put sandy behind a tree why you standing I

need y’all to be on the bridge what the hell you doing there’s a reason why I want you to be up here telling me if you tell them the whole position they’ll take cover which is great I don’t want these guys to be position right here form like a line Oh Bravo which they’re not in a elevated position which I wanted them to oh wow okay not work at all alright so I had to adjust the plans a little bit it was working for a little bit until they got flamed alright so I’m just gonna have to obviously have alpha and Bravo to be at those terms because the whole point is that alpha alpha and Bravo supposed to be watching each other’s flanks Bravo watches alphas left flank while they’re on the bridge and alpha this the same thing for Bravo with our right wing and I I think I’ve tried this before in a eyes their accuracy greatly reduces whenever they go to longer range as you said whenever you get too close they’re at their accuracy goes up this majority of them are spread our spraying prayer’s anyway so close quarter combat they’re just deadly but by how much they’re just that long-range they’re just they’re not as good for the hold F to say I think takes a word usually when I do this and what they guys to take over it’s good it’s good to free upper hands because then it allows me to kind of do like a coordinated commands with your squad to get them in position now let’s say ice take over two controls yeah I think it looks good no this hand over to Bravo I don’t know what is he’s a con and they’re gonna be nervous this over to Braavos alphys yeah they’re doing well my guys got shun away while you download it within two or three there’s a reason why I wanted to

start here is because all these guys are climbing got one and like a motherfucker right now they haven’t crossed the spawn area so right now I’m just spawn anything my stuff like that there yeah the only one who’s got shot was a sniper he got shot in the right leg I think it’s because of me trying to adjust and move him victim and this little guy came back a little bit to be able to shooting this is a good position because when a hey guys comes over this rising heel in front of us they’ll expose their heads making it easier for us to shoot them so I make sure I got them as few of them are trying to sneak up on the fire it’s okay we have 100 I won wounded in action but so far it’s not critical while actually is critical digging for that go bird they should be in position by now some things get too they just walked in this morning thousand objectives we still got some infantries the Northeast patrols probably around right here kind of sneak up on us okay I’ll take care of I’ll take care of them all right now I’ll take command of Walter Thompson if he’s got the javelin and I’m gonna run over here real quick player back blast all tangos have been mostly dealt with except for the Northland Patrol hey I didn’t feel like any more like John liked John ran though I would think this is this would be one of those cases where he would feel like darn rainbow

but Aang and John John Rambo from movies you just found a green beret I just want to line these guys up perfectly because I kind of want to put them in a line information hey guys of course on the parade those guys are just standing up right they shouldn’t be doing I think one of the patrols have gone past us because of the way the AI is facing they might have we’re gonna walk over there I mean we already killed most of them here right below we just have to go over there and take care of them all right one still hiding somewhere it’s always it’s always that way all righty so these guys are gonna are gonna look for baddies and when they do find it I’ll shoot them and now they’ve taken cover because they got contact so this is where I stood then we’re going on the left cuz cuz the shots fire was coming from one direction might actually be behind a hill somewhere so I’m gonna have to get the 203 up you mean your grenade launcher let’s get Bravo up here now I mean this is the case we kind of need some assistance this you can cross the bridge it’s early ain’t nobody gonna shoot you they’re all mostly dead anyway I have to be really careful here because normally they all of them should have been dead already but there’s still a chance for one of our own to die and I’m not taking that chance that being said I’m on my die after all okay I’m so position these guys appeared in this sniper ads apparently stuck oh that’s tough you soon didn’t even have a guy who wounded in action actually anybody should have been d-backs yeah don’t mind don’t mind that they’re just uh good god man couldn’t you wait until he got back to base to eat his ass cheese but like I know I know I know you’re happy and all but Jesus

there’s a time and a place for that and it’s just not one of them whoa okay was that just because I selected the mp5 what happened well I had to reboot the game and the videos are already going longer than I wanted to so we’re back at added we’re just finishing but this time I’m not I’m not really playing the mission right now this is a replay from the mission that I was talking about that I did earlier right now I spawn in an entirely different team um I still have three guys for alpha and I also have Bravo which Bravo is a two-man team just one guy with a m203 and one of the Joplin and I also have Charlie which she’s a sniper he’s going to go and run wild uh well alpha and Bravo is gonna go back to the same positions where I put them in except they’re just gonna swap places the sniper I had wanted him to be over here and he’s actually in the wrong place no he’s in the right place but he’s facing the wrong direction I wanted him to watch more up here towards this direction start sniping some guys but though key point was to put was to put out a photo Bravo on to a good overwatch position and on here I just took command of alpha saw a couple of guys standing around so I’d started spray then and then after I started taking fire I quickly backed off and went back to the tracks and I just uh I just stay I staged here and then I just set up position and started to fend off and at the same time Bravo is over here on the bridge and they’re pretty much killing a lot of people right now on that bridge and I and they are taking fire but it’s more sporadic so it’s not it’s not even like accurate shots fired it’s more just than spraying frame majority of the time the ice will just suppress you anyway from this range so Charlie my sniper is still facing the wrong direction Alfre is still holding fast and right now they’re in a good position for them to hold what they got but this time the efforts to leader actually has a shotgun and a rifle being four and in the the m110 shotty I figured that would be the standard loadout for alpha because alpha is always the assault team there are always the ones that has the the rifles to go to go in there and screw up some shit and just to fuck up some shit where are you doing I said I set them to suppressive fire which was like plus and he’s glitching out on the loader place so I took him in of alpha again and I was just I was trying to reposition and try to figure out some stuff and then I saw some guys came over to heal and well the rest is self-explanatory but the kind of guns that alpha Bravo has alpha has the team leader has an m4 a cog in four with a ACOG Bravo has two mark 46 in 84 and the Grenadier has the sr-25 to shoot 7-6 twos and is equipped with that in two or three yeah right now he’s just sitting at the ground for whatever whatever reasons and Siberia is still not facing the right direction see the thing is that the sniper was just was not the main focus I was just focused on alpha and Bravo time so fast forwarding this to the end of it I didn’t know how to fix it until I just took them in of the of the Grenadier and

just fired one shot at senior fits it that’s a command of the Grenadier and I took position behind his tree started a fire some forty mike-mike over the hill just trying to get some good juice to make sure that most of them are not hiding over there and you’re getting killed that’s pretty much all I all I did it was just to pretty much hold this line because alpha and Bravo those guys have not even nobody got got shot yet and yet they’re they’re taking a lot of fire they’re taking a like a lot of aggressive fire right now at least alphas and the tanks are now rolling up it’s funny how he went from a let’s play series to a commentary video of me reacting to my own save replay supposed to know that mp5 5k with the bugs out crosshairs was gonna do something like that but I never actually tried recording this on OBS so that’s a new thing I was so focused with the outfit that I didn’t really see what was going on oh my god spraying all over the place okay yeah I was I took control over the guy the javelin and this sort of tank yeah it took care of one tanker at ages it’s pretty much the same as everything else yeah tips don’t set the a is to specify Hisle not only not only are they burning through ammo but they’re active she has reached I mean suppressive fire can be very useful of you if you want to provide covering fire for your team while they don’t want to lose or you just want to keep the the the enemy like denied him from advancing you could do that that’s a command there you go nothing no none of the AIS will do it is I would actually have to take control of the ones that had some launchers and manually fired as myself but just took over alpha and that’s it mission complete far as I’m concerned there’s none either have stealth I could have done and stuff Lee but there’s no point and there was no casualties I think I finally took control of Charlie and forced him to face the right position and that’s it the replay notice the the mission that was trying to show you guys and well that’s it for now guys if you want to download the mod the link is in the description try try out Ghost Recon buy for yourself see what it’s about it’s on the first Ghost Recon game this is the first original Ghost Recon game this is what like help this is like another tactical shooter that I’ll also probably start it up the whole milsim group sting back then and this is what uh and this is kind of late like where all this started just like how Rainbow six was like the first tactical shooter that that day ever come out in his time which I’ll make a let’s play of that sooner or later but make sure you hit the sub button and notify also leave like sure to share the video with your friends if you guys wanted if if you guys think that that this was good enough redundancy and I’ll see you guys next time

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