hi welcome to Pennsylvania newsmakers and as always thanks for watching well we continue our series of interviews with the candidates seeking election to the three-state row offices I know treasurer auditor-general and today one of the candidates for attorney general and then dr. Stuart Shapiro is in the house what else the big decision that Governor Corbett has to make about Medicaid expansion what we do with it maybe dr. Shapiro will help us figure it out all of that and more following these words this is Pennsylvania newsmakers a fast paced unrehearsed weekly discussion with and about the leaders who shape your world and now here’s your host Terry Madonna I welcome back to the program where we’re going to get right to it we have David Freddie’s the district attorney in Cumberland County a long time prosecutor he’s running for the post of attorney general mr. Freed’s welcome thanks for having me all right we’re going to get through a bunch of things look the Attorney General has a wide sweep of responsibilities when it comes to you know prosecuting wall breakers but almost every Attorney General has an itch you know for some it’s going after you know sexual predators for others it’s health care fraud in addition to I know that you’re going to have to prosecute you know and be vigilant about a whole range do you have a couple of areas that you want to talk about that you would focus if you’re elected I’d Attorney General I do number one Special Victims so the most vulnerable victims in society children and the elderly I think there’s a way to ramp up what we’re doing and frankly in terms of elder abuse combine some of the efforts of consumer protection and the criminal side to go after people that are financially abusing our elder so that’s one number two got to make the attorney general’s office the leader on cyber crimes just talking to somebody before I walked in here in any case in any criminal case certainly we could take a cell phone a tablet a personal computer the only thing that limits us from from doing that is time and resources so the AG’s office needs to lead in resources we need to lead in training investigative techniques because that’s where this business is going the criminals are ahead of us well that’s true in number eight what I see around this Commonwealth I’ve seen it in my own County and I see it in a lot of places is is certainly we’ve got a drug problem but the growth of the synthetic drugs and bath salts you know we we went after that with the legislative solution we got a great ban on certain formulations they’ve been reformulated put right back out there on the streets so I think the Attorney General needs to lead they’re not only getting them off the streets finding out where they’re being produced where they’re coming from and cracking down on that yet one of the things I mean the this whole business about identity theft and it seems like well it’s just another one of those sort of harmless crimes nobody’s physically injured but you know folks have to spend months and months trying to get there he’ll figure out and you know that’s really tough to prosecute because often the the criminals aren’t even in our state they’re not even in our country right there difficult they’re complicated and you know one of the things we have to do sometimes is is asked for help from our federal friends who are sometimes better suited to do these cases but the identity theft statute in Pennsylvania it’s actually a pretty good statute and it allows recovery of restitution for the money people have had to spend to try to recover their finances and that’s unusual usually can only get restitution for exactly what was taken not you not from what it cost you to write yeah you can’t get miles to the courthouse you can’t get money for your day for the days you’ve had to take off an identity theft you can’t but the interesting thing in something like identity theft or power of attorney fraud is this not enough for us just to prove that the money was gone we’ve got to prove where it went and that’s where the Attorney General is in a unique position to help with these cases using investigative grand juries getting the records doing the forensic accounting to prove work to prove that money trail I want to pursue you know it at the in this segment but certainly in the next segment a couple of the big areas but you know one of the things that we know based from what attorney general tom Corbett did is this in a huge number of prosecutions for what we call public corruption and you know how vigilant do you think the Attorney General should be historically most of those prosecutions had been done by the door County DA or by the feds tom Corbett was the first attorney general that actually looked into the legislature and looked in what do you perceive as your role in looking at the public corruption stuff whether it’s campaign using public dollars you know that was the argument here or other kinds and and and that takes a lot of staff I mean that that’s just not go ahead it’s very important it’s a very important role for the office and it’s in the statute it’s indicated that the public corruption is one of the areas that the Attorney General can and should look into

everything in prosecution in 2012 and going into to 13 2013 he’s a resource issue and any chief prosecutor has to set priorities and put assets to areas of greatest need now it’s my fondest hope that we’ve cleaned up what was going on in Harrisburg and maybe we won’t have to spend as much time on that but any chief prosecutor has to make that decision of what are the most pressing problems and putting those assets to areas of greatest need all right we’re going to run to a break when I come back you as well as your opponent both have said that they you would review the investigation into the Penn State sexual abuse scandal you would review the investigation not conduct around both of you has said that I want to talk with you about what you perceive if you’re elected what your role would be after we pay some bills back in a moment this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by the Pennsylvania chamber of business and industry the statewide voice of business this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by better safer roads calm to voice your support for safer highways and less traffic congestion visit better safer roads calm and by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association business in Pennsylvania is our business I welcome back to the program with David freed he’s the district attorney in Cumberland County and he’s now running he’s the Republican candidate to be the state’s next Attorney General let’s talk a little bit about you know this Penn State sexual abuse scandal there’s lots of controversy over it some people think you know Governor Corbett when he was Attorney General didn’t put enough investigators on some he is indicated and I’ve talked to him about it that you know these investigations take time we had to get all the ducks in line that others say well you know you were running for reelection or for election the governor you didn’t want to get into all this penn state stuff if you’re elected and obviously you’ve already said you’ll review it what do you think the next Attorney General what to do about in reviewing the invest and am I using the right word reviewing i think i think is an appropriate term i I have said from the outset about this case that any responsible prosecutor is going to look at a high-profile case like this to see what could have been done better what could have been done differently so I think there’s some major distinctions between my opponent myself when we talk about this case when I talk about reviewing the case obviously there’s there’s a lot of public interest and people want to know what happened now certainly some of that came out in the trial and in one sense the person the pudding and the result speaks for itself but what I’ve said is I can’t comment on the questions they’re out there because you because you haven’t had the facts yet exactly not until I read all the testimony until I read all of the investigated reports and frankly talk to the people involved in the case right you don’t know why it like the way it went now ultimately it was a successful result and you can’t have it both ways you can’t say this is a blockbuster case and then criticize the case in the same breath so I’m not going in there with any preconceived notion about what we’re going to show I mean one of the concerns I think that the critics having and I certainly understand this point of view is that there were you know young foot kids you know being sexually abused and which is horrible and we all we all agree there and that if it wasn’t vigorously pursued enough then there were victims here I mean that’s the other side of that and I think that I think you would agree that’s a really valid concern and that’s what an investigation you know go ahead I understand that perfectly and you know the easy thing to do as a chief law enforcement officer is file a charge right the hard thing to do is to gather the evidence tell people you’re not ready yet and absolutely the concern with any investigation I was talking to somebody this morning about an ongoing investigation where there’s somebody walking around that we believe is guilty of something but we don’t have the evidence yet to prove it and with with this penn state case boils down to high-profile defendant delayed report lack of physical evidence you better build a strong case or you are not going to win in court it’s just that simple in general we you mentioned this i think earlier how important generically would you put your office’s responsibility for sexual abuse cases i mean they primarily a county role first and where would you place your the DIA you know the the the attorney general’s role in the context of how to pursue those sorts of cases i don’t wanna get too far in the weeds

because in one sense it depends on the charge there are certain things that the Attorney General is is has primary jurisdiction over unlawful contact with a minor a lot of the the technology related things that you’ve seen the attorney general’s office do in the past then there are the cases that come via referral or resource issue as sandusky did which was a referral to the AG’s office but in any in any event the Attorney General is a chief law enforcement officer the common well pennsylvania and should lead on all the major issues so the resources need to be there in the AG’s office to make sure that if the prosecutor is new in the case need assistants the AG can step in provide that assistance or do the case if need be so I would say the office needs to lead on all the big issue III before you go I want to this may be a sensitive subject but I feel going to ask it you know there’s this ad by an outside group you’ve responded to it but I don’t know that a lot of folks in our viewership would be familiar with it it’s an ad run by an outside group they’ve run ads before and past races in this case accusing your opponent of going easy I’ll put it that way on on a rape case and that the victim may have been more damaged by the fact that she went easy this is the allegation and it apparently looks like given what the victim’s father said that this was not the case and you have said on a record that it’s not you you didn’t do it you won’t get you want to further just sure because it you know it is coming up in the news that something and I think it’s gift frankly Tara the other side’s done a pretty good job tying it to me right but it’s not my ad it’s not the Ottawa to run and I’m disappointed with it and I’m disappointed with with any outside add that is not factual and and because it takes away from both my opponents opportunity in my opportunity to be talking about what we think are the bigger issues in this race yeah so we understand this is a big race there’s going to be outside spending on both sides but I hope that it’s factual and fair okay would you go so far as you say it shouldn’t be run have you said that I mean I said your discipline it’s it’s not for me to support or denounce it I just didn’t have anything to do with right now I there’s one question that I have to ask you and I know why would we asked this before someone’s in the office you folks that get into this office always look above and say I want to be governor and you know look at all your all the predecessors in the office from Governor Corbett the Mike Fisher through a former attorney general is now on the court to earning prieto unfortunately spend some time in Britain but you know what do you think about you know Dave reads long ambitionz here there’s one of those former attorney general attorneys generals were really close to me who didn’t run for governor yeah and i consider myself much more than that camp okay i got it all right look thanks for coming good luck all right coming up guess what the governor has to make a big decision about Medicaid expansion about what 450,000 people in the state could be eligible for Medicaid if the governor decides to go along with that stuart shapiro will be in the house and we’ll talk about that after these words this broadcast of pennsylvania newsmakers is brought to you by Pennsylvania credit union Association Pennsylvania credit unions where people are worth more than money to find a credit union that is right for you check out I belong o RG and by the Energy Association of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania’s energy information source this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by the state system of higher education 14 state-owned universities the state system is the largest provider of higher education in Pennsylvania and by the hospital and health system association of Pennsylvania working towards a healthy Pennsylvania welcome back to the program well dr. Stuart Shapiro joins me we’re going to talk about two big things one is Medicaid expansion I want to ask him about insurance exchanges and where they’re gone and maybe apology legislation if we can get into that but the big thing dr. Shapiro is simply this the governor has a decision to make about whether to expand Medicaid coverage to about 450,000 Pennsylvania’s they don’t have it under the decision reached by the Supreme Court which upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act otherwise known as the obama obama care what where is that now in the process of being reconciled being agreed upon being rejected where does it stand first Terry thanks for having me on a get or because you know I always still in facts and not slogans right so let’s deal with the facts Pennsylvania

currently pays a larger percentage of its budget to Medicaid than 48 other states that’s because we’ve expanded entitlements over the last decade in Pennsylvania which this governor has put a stop to that expansion the governor is now faced with the same choice that the other governors are and that is do they expand Medicaid under Obamacare and if you look at what this governor’s philosophy is which is let’s be prudent with our finances and he’s right and let’s spend money on priorities of the must-haves of our state and he’s been doing that you have to come to the conclusion that you have to think very very carefully but whether you should expand Medicaid if the state decided to expand Medicaid under Obamacare there is a myth that the federal government would pay for all of that expansion they will pay close to a hundred percent are those that are brand-new that are above the poverty level for the first two years and then it tapers and gets ratcheted back so that’s going to cost the state about seven hundred million dollars over the next five years there’s a bigger problem and that is the state already has 2.2 people 2.2 million people on Medicaid if and that doesn’t include all of those that are eligible today who would probably be because of all the marketing signing up for it going forward that would add on 1.3 billion dollars so the state’s current Medicaid expenditures are just under knife or but it’s about 9 billion dollars States would add row about 24 bit but state about 9 billion right you would add 2 billion more almost a twenty-five percent increase in Medicaid spending without any cost of living increases for the providers right so the governor has to really look very careful costs at the cost it’s a cost fact as you know I’ve been working on health insurance for 30 years or but right now in the recession we’re in the question is where do we prioritize our dollars and now be not to be the time to do a massive expansion that’s that’s a let’s look at some other aspects of it hospitals are now close to a billion dollars in done compensated care a good bit of it and nursing homes have a huge proportion of their budgets covered by Medicaid right right by Medicaid so how does that all fit in and then you have these I’ll use a number four hundred fifty thousand four hundred sixty thousand Pennsylvanians it would be eligible who wouldn’t have health care coverage at all I’m just pointing this out something you already know but go ahead but let’s be clear but we have a problem with health insurance in our society we don’t have a problem with health care people get the health care they need and if we expand Medicaid because the pot of dollars the state can’t manufacture that two billion new dollars many of the disabled individuals in this state are going to have to wait longer for services the elderly are going to have to wait kids are going to have to wait okay and he’s going to need to design he’s going to need to delay services in order to meet a new expansion we just shouldn’t be expanding entitlements at this time all right when we come back I want to ask Stuart Shapiro about tort reform apology legislation it’s another huge issue we’ll be back after these words this broadcast of Pennsylvania newsmakers is presented by Highmark Blue Shield changing the way health plans work for business with a variety of plan options for employers and more choices for employees information is available at highmark com have a greater hand in your company self and by the Pennsylvania health care association the future of long-term care back to the program we’re talking with dr. Stuart Shapiro about the health care reform we talked about Medicaid expansion weather which should go or not go we’re now going to turn our attention to a couple of aspects of tort reform all right dr. Shapiro at this point we the Pennsylvania I know a lot of doctors a lot of folks in the medical community one a capital none economic damages you know in pain and suffering takes a constitutional amendment in this state doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere you have any what’s your weedy tort reform in Pennsylvania right now if you look at the way states are rated

Delaware’s rated the best state in the nation in terms of lawsuit abuse reform there has been good reform there right Pennsylvania has been getting worse and worse and worse on compared to the other states and West Virginia is now rated the worst in the country Pennsylvania is slipping closer and closer and closer to being rated just like West Virginia right now we are worse than every other surrounding state around each day the critical piece of legislation which passed the house for example of 18 months ago sitting in the Senate is called apology legislation right now doctors and hospitals their workers when something unfortunate happens maybe someone didn’t even make a mistake they tend to not they tend to be told don’t talk about it because o made it will be used against you in of also correct is that it and what so what they do is they don’t talk about it the families get mad and the family sue the family are not upset about the outcome not every outcome is perfect and people understand that what they are mad about is that people don’t say I’m sorry point look I’ve talked to some physicians about this you know who love their patients love their work and they say it would be nice if I could just sit down and say look this is what happened you know maybe it was not like vote go ahead and data from across the country 40 states have this now has shown that this dramatically reduces lawsuit abuse in the state simple thing Senate could pass it they’re coming back and you next week I mean it seems not controversial what what’s the problem in the Senate do you have any clue the trial lawyers are a very effective lobby and they have pushed the Senate to the limit to not pass this this is common sense that they think that’s a tool they can use in a case I say we use it and they use it now as you said because if a doctor says I’m sorry he may have done nothing wrong but it leads to a court case and doctors and that takes up time so if you simply could say sorry about the outcome this is what happened lawsuits would be reduced common-sense reform every state surrounding us has it it makes sense and it would reduce and make Pennsylvania a much it would help recruit doctors to Pennsylvania which and weird and it would reduce our costs fifty percent of the doctors within ten years reach quote the retirement age rather retire that’s another matter and and we already have a serious we’re about out of time primary physician problem right so so it’s all it this is all inner it’s all interrelated correct absolutely all right we don’t have time now but I want you to come back and we’re going to do an update on these insurance exchanges and what that would mean for the folks who don’t have coverage now but who are eligible for it unaffordable Care Act look we’ll see you next week for another edition of Pennsylvania newsmakers and as always stay well you

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