hello hello oh my god I gotta go sit down if you guys really want to support this channel I suggest head over to our patreon page check out our weekly Awards I don’t do monthly awards heck no I offer you guys weekly Awards oh hey there how you doing welcome back to League of Legends champion tails and welcome to a new setup that unofficially builds myself basically yes that is chalkboard the walls are all talk board we got our nice TV back here or I get to show you guys what I’m looking at see watch we’re gonna begin exploring broom Terre say look you guys could see what’s going on back here you zoom on in that’s right so now basically what we’re gonna be doing before league of Legends champion tales continues onward with our next champion which is re I believe you guys have suggested that I go in and explore the maps the of room Terra and learn about each and every single section so obviously we’re gonna go in alphabetical order and this is of course part of League of Legends champion tales Abbey because then yeah b-but you could expect a legal legends champion tales episode every single Saturday and if you guys really want it I will have two episodes of this ready for you guys for this week and I think this is a much better setup I’m still working on everything for you guys you gotta get a lot of like League of Legends stuff if you want to send anything you could send the cheer to the PU box which is listed on the screen which is also found in the description box if you guys want to send anything and of course I will be doing monthly unboxings below for all the stuff that you guys do send and there will be monthly unboxings on here when our upcoming talk show comes and this is gonna be the set up for the talk show too so I really want to decorate the space and patrons will be able to draw on the walls and look Nathan Drake wears uncharted that’s the mean here on this channel where’s Uncharted well here is here’s Nathan Drake he he’s joining me so if you guys want to like dress him up or anything patrons will also get access to dressed Nathan Drake up ain’t that fun but anyway let’s get started and we’re on the map here but I went into the region section and it looks like we’re going to be starting with as you saw always bengal city but hey you know I didn’t get set up here we got Bay bando bandle city if there’s a bangle look what the heck that’s like a band name cat what do you say so we got bandle city oh alright so there’s a story which obviously I’m gonna be reading out loud there’s also the characters that are involved within the region and you can also view all the champions and you can explore the other regions so I’m probably gonna be doing two regions per episode if if they’re long then I might break it up into one episode to discuss it and if they’re short like this one then I’m obviously going to be doing this for like having to two regions per episode so to start let’s go up before you see our little little beans as I saw there so key every cell of the screen there are little beans I want to because I’m not gonna read about each of the characters each of the characters are gonna get their own separate video so this is just basically me going and blind discovering the regions of League Legends and also when I get ready to play the game obviously there’s gonna be a lot of fun where I know what each of the regions and make more videos about the maps there’s also comics which is fun but ah alright so let’s get started bangle city opinions differ as to where exactly the home of the yordles oh that’s so cute the yordle oh the yordles is to be found though a handful of mortals claim to have traveled unseen pathways to a land of curious enchantment beyond the material realm so there’s much more like yeah I would have known something okay in the last episode of illegal legends tales champion channels I don’t even know the name of my own show League of Legends champions house we discussed eight rocks and how crazy these mortals are I mean like if you’re exploring certain sections and then you like see a sword again with the whole Asian Hawks episode watch that if you haven’t yet these people are crazy to do certain things so like the mortals have the mortals assist here though a handful of mortals claim to have traveled unseen pathways to a land of curious enchantment so these mortals are just traveling you know these guys better have a passport that’s all I’m saying they better have a passport and check off which places that they visited a league of Legends amusement park make it happen how awesome would that be to roleplay as your own characters going within these places you know somebody make a petition for that League of Legends like a music park or some kind of park where you can go explore other regions in real life but also have your OCS your original characters cosplay as them you know go all the whole the whole

enchilada that but let’s see where was I they tell the tale of a place of unfettered magic where the foolhardy can be led astray by Mauryan wonders and end up lost in a dream never to return at all so that’s freaky okay that’s freaky because it’s like you know foolhardy meaning hey random peeps yo ya go and explore this world yeah okay cool but if you know if you’re not smart cuz foolhardy hello if you’re a fool and you let astray by these wonders because oo everything is so cool it’s exactly like if you’re going to an amusement park and you’re like so like in all with everything and you get you end up lost in a dream and never to return so that’s kind of creepy again legal legends don’t matter how colorful it is it’s pretty dark in bandle city hopefully I’m saying that correctly I’m going in blind obviously I thought it’s bangle City like the bangles like like um like a band like Who am I I don’t even know anymore ain’t bandle city it said that every sensation is heightened tune on your dolls really know how fun is that soul if I have a craving for Wendy’s or something then it’s gonna be even more and I’m gonna have to like make the place go bankrupt cuz I’m gonna be ordering all the Dave singles colors are brighter ooh food and drink out here we go this was just talking about food and drink intoxicated isense is for years and once we’ll never be forgotten so what this tasted you’re gonna I need more of it so I mean this kind of reminds me of I just started watching food Wars on our patreon so for anime watching on Wednesdays and on our patreon we have the watch athan when I watch it out of my go check food war so they have it says a food and drink intoxicated a sense of for years this reminds me of a scene as a fish scenes in food wars so that’s kind of funny but imagine if you were there you know and you were in the city and you see all this food I mean if I see one Ds and I mean I get like that all the time even now I’m gonna I’m gonna like crave it but if this is like intoxicates it even more like you’re you’re good at your senses are heightened to the point where it’s like Holy Mother so I think once tasted will never be forgotten so it’s like you’re trapped here forever but you’re ain’t never gonna forget the taste so then you’re gonna keep eating more and then you’re gonna be 500 pounds unless you’re like me who has a freakin fast metabolism and it burn everything off to the point where I literally have to eat 50 million calories per day sure story hey maybe this place to be good for me III get on my way back with this alright let’s say the sunlight is a turtley golden well that’s good I’m gonna run through the fields and look at get a nice tan I’m pale it’s a vampire um let’s see the water Chris the waters crystal cleaner that’s good and mean island drink some bad water and every harvest brings a fruitful bounty whoo what do you want to live here I want to live here perhaps some of these claims are true or maybe none loser gets interesting for no to tell tale tellers ever seemed to agree on what they actually saw so is it it differ it differentiates am I saying that correctly it differentiates from each and every single one of the travelers so if I went there I’d be like what nice get now all the tape singles dripping all of that and if you guys visited this place you’d be like maybe McDonald’s KFC Burger King I don’t know I mean I made a funny video about that once where it’s like all the weird fast food commercials check that out get the video up some views well my favorites I must say only one thing is known for certain and that is the timeless quality of bandle city and its inhabitants so it has quality hey as they always say quality over quantity so this might explain why those mortals who find their way back often appear to have aged tremendously well many more never return and also who so the timeless quality meaning like they’re spending here forever but then when they come back they’re old so if you leave this world you’re obviously going to aged like millions of hundreds of years or as I say while many more never return at all that kind of means guys that they did they did they died there because they ain’t you know bit dead you’re dead I’m dead you’re dead see jobs dead even if you never saw that Kanye West meme please see it now alright so this is

interesting to me I would want to go here but if it’s kind of like a trap to me like I’ve realized that if you go here you’re gonna end up never leaving which is never good which nobody ever wants because some people just want to go home but hey overall this is a good place I mean it has nice food you feel great but again it’s warning you the foolhardy are the people that go here and stay here forever so I’m one of them let’s go there guys let’s go to bandle city all right so let’s now review each of the champion throw beans my god even this guy who’s Courtney I like that name we got Corki Lulu Rumble Teemo just just Tana common name oh you don’t see her yeah just ten is there and then we got you all the band also yo and then we got the new guard like a vinegar we got oh she’s vegan it’s a big boy it’s a big boy big boy there so um I’m not gonna read any of their stories yet because I don’t be saved for a completely different episode where each of these characters get their own episodes yes I know this is a huge task for me to undertake but my lovable evil of duty beyond wha what my legal edges love that made no sense my love for legal legends he’s so strong and then I want to dedicate each and every single one in these characters to have their own episode what I heard a lot you guys said that you don’t like team Oh whose team oh oh no but that’s not gonna be for a while he’s T so we ain’t spilling the tea on Teemo yet so we get to the tease that’s great so bandle city overall very curious place place I would love to explore obviously but a place that you may never be able to return to ever again because either you’re dead or you won’t might not be able to return to your old realm because you’re dead that’s it I’m dead Royalton conspiracy theory I know let’s move on so now we’re gonna go to builds water fantabulous I want to go to build water hopefully I’m saying that right I just like the little icons cuz bandle city has like a little little cute little guy there looks low hamster dude I don’t know I don’t know though Bandol guys yordles the orals what are they just little animal creatures they’re cute I want toys of them if there’s toys then let me know but each of these places have ooh-whoo they all have their own symbols i gotta review those symbols let me moving on to Bilgewater ooh the old water so built order it looks very pirate like me mateys baby I’m a pirate sphere so we had these towers extremely tall how well that’s really cool they’re all yeah whoa throw okay you see this I’m gonna I need only I mean one of those laser points oh my god like one of those go look and then okay stop I’m a teacher okay let pay attention in class and perfect the cat here but that’s the cats here to teach you about something starting in Jersey accent incoming so right over here we have these like em tall buildings it kind of looks like they’re inspired by like pirate ships but they’re really cool because it’s like you see the inspiration from each of the pirate ships like right there and right there but then they go up so man I get it build water so water like that traveling in the water and then this looks like a little sea serpent dude their icon but hey look there’s more pirates coming in so that’s cool I love that little bridge is everything but it’s cut I love about this too is like it shows that like you have each of these little pirate things like the little pirate ships but they look like buildings but the same time they look like pirate ships so that’s cool but this it’s very misty so maybe it’s very mysterious here yeah like a legends world is huge my man alright so Bilgewater gonna get more dramatic nestled away in the blue flame isles are cheap Ella go our chick pal a go Archie Pope aspiring voice actress here aspiring voice actors but so ADHD she can’t frickin read for her life unless she lets Google Translate translate everything mind blow anyway builds water it’s a port city like no other home to serpent hunters dock gangs and smugglers from across the known world well ain’t that

interested so basically like they said here it’s a jock it’s a port like city so you know with ports and boats and things like that like you you’re gonna want to be there to see the stiffs things and it’s unlike any other so yeah serpent hunters people hunting snakes and other serpent like creatures we got duck gangs so yeah I’ve got the gangs guys who hang out on the dock and push all the fishermen in the in the waters we got smugglers cuz you know me and stuff and then from a quest that from across and we what’s from across the known world so they’re from all over there are notorious they’re famous for being bad I just define that for you here fortunes are made and ambition shattered in the blink of an eye so you can make fortune but then your dreams are gonna be come crashing down then ain’t good they didn’t get it at all so in a blink of an eye that can happen like you could be like um be happy for a moment look you have the cash you get the nice less money and then suddenly your dreams are just destroyed Eliseo money right I’m kidding for those feeling free you go to all talk for those fleeing justice debt and prosecution the old water can be a place for new beginnings for no one on these twisted streets cares about your past even so with a new dawn careless travelers can always be found floating in the harbor their purses empty and their throats Oh crazy am i right so it’s a place for new beginnings for anybody who is a criminal so if you be walking hear yourself okay let me put you in a nice little storage situation time to roleplay so you’re walking okay is walking in you you want to advise some grub from a nice little pub that you see that’s down in Bilgewater suddenly all you see is criminals everywhere masterminds everywhere thieves everywhere and you’re thinking yourself all I wanna do is get some getting this drink from pub or some some grub from a pub that’s all I want and then these guys just come in there’s your purse there’s a knife next thing you know the next thing is thieves you go black your mind is gone you’re just floating there in the water smugglers take your purse and then it’s all over it fades out I can do it some more Oakland here don’t buy that it’s it’s kind of crazy because it’s looking if you’re just walking in this place you could run into serpent hunters you can run into these duck gangs an unsettling again you’re you just swimming with the fishes that’s that’s what you gotta be doing so one incredibly dangerous Bilgewater is right for the opportunity only from the shackles of formal government and trade regulation I mean if there’s no law there’s no order but that kind of bad it sucks because it stays right with opportunity but there’s no law which means everyone’s gonna be again swim or the fishes if you have the coin almost anything can be purchased here from outlawed hextech hextech to the feet of local crime lords you know you want to be safe you’re gonna doing so in the Mafia this is the place to do it the same thing too is if you want to be a pirate obviously this is what Pirates do this is this is pirate in general this is what they do they steal they trade stolen goods and then they make a profit off of it so if your character wants to live within Bilgewater this is the place to go for them and this is this is the universe page to really read because they hey come here your character is going through this they need a timeout in a timeout ship but hey you know it’s really cool because you know if your if your character lives here and you want them to like thinking of your own original characters obviously this is what this channels a lot about well there’s a feature video Holy Mother Oh we get to see the champs – before we go to the video I want to see the champs but I don’t know if you if you would have your character live here along with the champs themselves because the world is so big and expansive that League Legends offers you allow to roleplay within it so that’s that’s pretty cool but I’ll leave the the video to the last yeah so we got the champions of Bilgewater oh there’s a lot of them all

there’s a art gallery – why didn’t that Bob the beutel’s bundles Buggles the other place have this whatever champions of Bilgewater oh look at him look at a little dude fizz he’s so cute oh my god his little frog toad guy ah I love them on adopt him we got fists I don’t know what his abilities are we got gangplank why just tell me how you really feel man your name is gangplank you’re cool you look like a pirate but it’s it’s legit saying that his name is gangplank what does that mean folks means this man’s in a gang oh I said we got graves grabs is it grabs of graves either way say I’m putting you in the grave that’s right my friends oh I saw him I remember him from one of the shorts I believe cuz I remember the guy with the mustache who had the big gun and start shooting everybody I think was a new dawn new dawn and a new day and a new place here new jersey I remember that’s comedies good that worked uh I meant to that oh yeah we got allow she cool she big woman we got a hill up I can’t say it in Lowrey Illinois Illinois ain’t like Illinois Miss fool its fortune hey you doing this don’t look how cool she is she looks like ass she’s definitely a pirate but uh Italy allowi Allah I can’t say she looks like she’s like um no she you don’t look a breath from Breslau that’s what she looks like she’s like one of those big women wrestlers you don’t mess with it she’s just crushed it between her thighs we got misfortune who it looks like she I don’t know if she was up against steel owie a long way I can’t say it Aloha um she was up against her own I don’t mean she’s she’s very petite but she cool she close she got she getting this hat on could probably do a nice twist with the with the watching mccolts the guns gosh yeah um so what there’s a lot of these dudes oh my god we got we got not not no not till note Ilyas note Elias so know Tilly it’s kind of porous but alright so yeah oh he looks like he’s a submarine dude he really looks like he came from the submarine it hasn’t emerged he’s not from mortars for many years I’m gonna guess I mean this he’s trudging through the rain poor guy probably has like soft mouth or something we got punch ain’t cool he looks like kind of like a like a suck ate him halfway is this head coming out of a shocked by anything like what is that you see that I don’t even know we got uh Tom tahm Kench he looks like he’s a big mafia boss you luminous with these and done you know you won’t mess with them man he got nice little top hat too kind of looks like that for me yeah woo Twisted Fate I remember you you again with the cards is a go okay was in him yeah he wasn’t nude aunt that was under dawn oh my god what your Twisted Fate what were you win what was here trying to remember what he was in why can’t I remember wasn’t no it wasn’t on your dawn a twist of fate that’s what it was a twisted fit I get it now Twisted Fate it was kind of about him ah I get it now all right move it out to the art gallery I actually go save this I’m gonna save this reaction for a separate video because this ain’t squad reacts this is leaked legends champion tales so I’m gonna save that for later on which you guys can expect to see in the channel soon so oh man what’s look at these separately Oh have you told them how stories these are different sections are different Oh getting different regions okay so builds what a bay how you doing mate built what a bay or the person there’s this so cool that agrees I feel like this place hardly gets any Sun but there was like Sun trying to peek through desperately person over there mm-hmm look how it’s like there’s a flickering nice a flickering stuff that’s so cool all right so let’s read this Bilgewater Bay surrounded by treacherous streets and towering cliffs sort of a is as dangerous as though which you call at home I like that comparison there cuz everyone who lives here is dangerous visitors are often seduced by seemingly limitless opportunity and become permanent residents realizing that the longer they stay the more they can exploit others for power and wealth well I mean look if you come in here and let’s say you’re Oh Sees coming here and there first like if they’re an innocent

character and then suddenly they get taken away from all the craziness that has in store within Bilgewater bay arrived but my thing here is is that it freaks me out because you could start out as like your character of himself couldn’t start out as like someone who’s innocent somebody’s fun and then suddenly everything just goes downhill and because why because they get hungry with exploiting people they get hungry with power and wealth and builds water Bay I mean you want to hang out the bay mean you see the land of opportunity but things just get dark and they’re kind of freaks me out but I like that I like getting freaked out sometimes I’m moving on butcher’s bridge this is what it was I’m not opening the for the opening of it so we got the pirate ship we got the next pirate ships in the air right there which is on the cliffs so all I like that so it let’s let’s look at this for a second we got bilge water bay here and then see this green that kind of matches on this one right over here so builds water Bay must be like around that section somewhere somewhere worth in between but we got the pirate ship we got this kind of stuff forgot that and seagulls – I just don’t know how if the waves are really mushy you know like I’m not sure about that but but I butch is bridge so let’s read about Butch’s bridge looming over the main Harbor is butcher’s bridge an ancient stone overpass built into the cliffs connecting the bustling piers with the notorious slums beyond like that I see that my mind is writing dad there’s so good writers some still use it to access the temple of excuse me Nega Caparo sauce what nagakabouros now the Kaaba Rose nagakabouros snag Rose I don’t know temple of Naga Kerberos temple of Naga kha buh-bah roasts temple of Naga Kerberos I like that name tongue twister there let me know if I’m saying there okay let’s do this again soma some still use it to access the temple of nog Koko’s but most now gather here to Floyd duels or exchange the relic to where’s I like to see somebody find on that pirate ship that’d be pretty cool I mean imagine your character sitting on you know he’s about to walk the plank or something that brings out his sword or something in a fight with each other what does fighting with each other that’s good I like this it’s pretty woo I like how this continues so you could kind of see them where the boat would be and then it zooms up you know like the boat will be probably over here and then what moves up to that so we’re going to be a new beginning hello well we got here I mean that looks like there’s cannons which is really cool because it’s like coming out of the come on the houses but there’s cannons God hopefully they’re not usable cannons because everyone be going boom with each other there’s lots of lights living on a waterfall will be cool but I guess imagine people walking across that like I just imagined something before um wow it’s awesome alright so a new beginning lacking natural resources for construction much of Bilgewater has been built up with whatever people can bring find or steal that’s pretty cool I mean it’s kind of like building things from scratch you know when you’re starting out with something you want to build it from scratch and I’m boom use whatever the heck you could use whatever resources you can use because you know there’s not maybe there’s not a lot of resources and we’re saying it’s like it’s built up it’s like yeah see lucky natural resources for construction good for you people look for you that’s sorry this artistry right there but you can repurpose masonry masonry why can’t I talk or even the broken holes of the ships they traveled in CI like that that kind of they referenced it I noticed that before it was the broken holes of the ships every part of the ship is like scavenged recycle to rebuild that’s pretty cool it’s one thing I’ll give them that’s really good ooh life on the water builds waters lowliest inhabitants dwell in the labyrinth of meandering Kent channels and hidden inlets that’ll love these words right with no separation between the homes they build in the sea where they ply their trade indeed Travis Travis Singh Travis traversing Trevor perilous waters is not just an occupational hazard but a part of daily life so it is its perilous borders oh I see there I get it

see perilous waters let me point to that right now perilous waters you see where my mouse is right there that’s a shark that’s a shark fin a dude is traveling right there was lanthorn as a little canoe and then the shock boys just coming in check boar and Lavagirl best movie on the planet please watch it it’s traveling right there and yeah that’s kind of creepy you’re going out let’s say you’re going out get me some nice thick groceries you get them next thing you know maybe you have something that’s like red meat or something what you know what trachsel Sharky’s because you know the blood and everything so then you haven’t you’re like oh I’m gonna make this nice red meat into some kind of steak or something and go what happens you get you become mistake you become the next meal gets the shock I wouldn’t want to live here I already I’m already a hypochondriac I don’t want to deal with this anymore all right moving on ooh ancient architecture so let’s look at the shower all right so we got a lot of dudes right there a little lady right there they’re all looking at us like what hey how you doing hope you guys are going around going well what was that like if I’m a black man but like Grell from blackboard like going well um I like that that’s like uh where’s that called I forgot what that’s called stress with a damn but anyway um man they look like they’re having fun I mean that guy right there he’s just my name is on business those guys would look like talking about something that girl looks like she’s peeping on somebody well looks like a little pub I like how it’s like you know like you walk up the stairs and then all the all the pubs are there you know Jersey accent struggling so it’s like the pubs are all up there and you go in maybe grab some bite to eat and then go down there maybe party that’s kind of cool but I don’t trust this if you see this construction this board I don’t think that’s that’s kind of safe but a ancient architecture let’s read about it various settlements within the greater city have been built upon the remains of a far older civilization long abandoned temples have been converted into homes and places of business with scaffold walkways leading to one establishment to another again that’s very dangerous but cool at the same time so long abandoned temples have been converted into home so that’s kind of cool maybe you can find some like ancient relics or something since this is a nook a cup of whatever how to say the temple of yeah us that’s cool though oh yeah the slaughtered ox wonderful name so meaning bison my stomach was growling oh my god I am starving so the slaughtered ox great obviously by seeing the name you already know that this said this ain’t a place to be messing around with so oh my god you already see it there’s legit blood dripping over there like it’s it’s the waterfall now we got a bunch of sharks swimming around there’s at least 20 of them over there if you could see that you also have a bunch of guys just be like okay we’re gonna fish a minor in business they don’t even freaking scared well so we got a dead carcass of something I believe that is I don’t know that looks like it to me someone might be being hung here or it may be caught like a mermaid I don’t know and there’s a dead fish right smack in the middle of our face when birds are flying in a certain direction you just you know you gotta run if you ever saw the movie birds but and that thing that boat looks like it’s alive there’s a lot of people are still more sharks a lot of people back there there’s more smoke coming all the factories in this loaded docks so oh and there’s a big boar right there I realize that like I don’t know if that’s a monster or something but sure looks like that to me boards are feeding on something feeding on flesh I really want to live here yeah huh all right so the Florida docks sea monster attacks are constant threat around bilge water else that is a sea monster I get it now sea monster dude is connected so that might be part of the sea monster and then yeah alright but in the years monitor lucrative it will look all right if look athd kicking oh my lord lucrative lucrative the Daniels industries have grown out of hunting and harvesting the massive creatures so they’ve grown out so they just let them roam so they’re just gonna be in you know they’re gonna be in our waters you know sewer systems and just roaming around cuz they gave up on it fantastic fantastic vessels hold them back to port to be rendered down into meat oils hides armored scales even bones and teeth for sale at the thriving dockside markets so grown out of hunting does that mean they still do it that’s why I’m gonna get out of this cuz they let’s see you get some nice meats I don’t know if

that’s edible I don’t know if I want to survive off of sea monster stuff alright that’d be gross oils okay that one makes sense cuz the you know the greasy they’re oily you know let my skin um we also got hides one also makes sense armored scales that’d be pretty but you shouldn’t be doing this he’s gonna be hunting the poor creatures even bones and teeth so who would want bones and teeth I don’t I want it for sale at the thriving duck side markets I mean I I for one would probably only want the scales and maybe maybe if the meats edible but I wouldn’t want to take that from a creature even if it is a sea monster and maybe you don’t know if it’s evil or anything but hey you know this is the resources it’s just like fishing for something all right so the slaughter Ducks I’m not sure if I want to move here yeah obviously don’t want to move here but I’m just stay positive okay let’s keep going oh oh it just realized what that was oh don’t look at that oh oh disclaimer disclaimer okay carving pays again what this means out there cocaine you see this okay that is the guts this whole thing right here that they’re carving this ain’t just like a wood and think nope this ain’t a ship no this is a huge sea monster dude alive still I believe I mean his eyes are glowing so it might be still be alive but they’re cool they’re literally carving in and the blood is dripping in these little pools and dripping into the oh and they’re collecting oh okay I get this now over here these dudes right here that’s the oils that they’re collecting from this big oily guy then you got the guys just dumping the blood into the water which then turns it red that we saw before no what no wonder that the Sharks are swimming there hopefully these guys don’t fall link is then the dead I think they’re carving it there’s a teeth there’s taking the skin the meat I don’t if it takes anything like – no maybe I’ll consider eating this but oh my god carving base let’s not try to throw up here from Mecca guess what what is this from MEK greetings Mike Regan’s I think I said it right all right let’s do this from Mike Reagan’s kill house to the renowned outfits of the blood harbor slaughtered ducks operat day and night to turn death into profit hey man just Uther a man just fun yeah there’s a negative do with a positive means at least they’re making a living off of this right how dark it is only the most successful captains can ever hope to run their own dog so most are forced to haggle for the best year before the prize begins to rot in the water hey I’m gonna how much time they have to carve all this shizzles out but it’s another question for another day high and dry yeah all right so what we got here we got a lot guys like hey yeah you get away you Lana give me some of this stuff ain’t got my arm around your shoulders you’re giving up oh you know they do you know I gotta get some of us some of that meat said that’s a nice oil oh oh my god there’s a squid dude there these are like this is a very different place yeah my wife and kids this is old thing I could do I feel I got me I could sit here for two hours talking about that guy with the squid got the squid I salute you and that guy’s just like I’m looking up I’m looking up and those guys look I’m looking down I’m looking down yes boy Ben right there maybe they’re trying to form boy Ben and that girls like some attention yeah I mean but that cleavage what she’s showing there obviously she’d be getting two million subscribers right away oh man so it looks like these guys are like kind of like haggling and as they were talking about before making some deals and stuff but let’s see what else we got so high and dry there was a commonly accepted truth in Google’s water the higher you climb the less likely you are to drown those with money in their pockets well freaking the Uptown taverns enjoying fine drinks and Merry conversation even though in a day or two they will be back down at the wharf wrangling a crew for their next dismal voyage so at least they have at least there’s some positivity to this where they can enjoy themselves talk for a bit be human by the next day they could be killing each other so you know let’s let’s make a story story time you you’re

in a pub okay you down here you’re like hanging out with each other you make a new best friend best friend you you’re like yeah I’m gonna trade you this give me some of my coins therefore give me some fresh oil xand meets and teeth and stuff so you know my new business talk about the most each other you’re happy everything’s going smoothly yeah you’re sharing things sharing pictures about your family back home you’re saying like hey I went to build water because you know I found this was an opportunity and I thought that I was gonna be here and just stay here for a few months but I feel like it’s really helped me in my family and it suddenly grow better person and next thing you know the next day you’re in a friend who just exchanged pictures with each other story with stories with each other yeah just slit in each other’s throats you’re back into the waters that they said with the purse and then you’re dead and then that whole friendship was meaningless and so that’s what that sucks about it’s like one day you give you friends next day gonna be enemies kinda sounds here on YouTube coño really sounds like you’re on YouTube nunny the hue or a temple it looks like there’s no there’s a dot what does that mean this is a mystery we must solve it okay so I have to go maybe they just took that off also the syrup and dials is lease I never say that word correctly so the sapa dials let’s go well much of the valor and knows the archipelago of the blue flame isles to be ingenious I’m just kidding I know that word to the indigenous people of booboo they’ve only ever been the serpent Isles where he Bert but bathroom but guru gurus ancient culture is highly respected reflected and sometimes imitated in the daily life of Bilgewater including traditional medicine and monster hunting techniques so what we got so we got oh that’s cool she’s uh she here they are they’re dressed up as some of the monsters they get some suction cups on there hopefully that’s not like something growing there hopefully not we got a guide it’s all icon Goodwin look nice and given me Moses pipes I know some leather book with the staff and everything and then you get the whole bit fish smell this is cool but I mean yeah yes it’s nice that they’re they’re adapting since some kind of culture and this gives more cultural references don’t know why this is God from this page it’s a mystery to me but hey let’s move on to the next and last page which is the nazca cob ropes naga carros naga kerberos naga Carrboro say i’ve no learn about you in syria new Christine let’s go central to mover whose culture is Naga Kerberos god of life growth and perpetual motion also known as the mother serpent the great cracking or the bearded lady she is commonly depicted as an enormous monstrous head with many spiraling tentacle if this is anime you better be careful cuz you know what this I’m kidding oh my god tell me what do you say it oh my god this is a PG channel okay so now good Carrboro not gonna cut now good copper oh okay not a cob Boros not good compost every I’m saying that correctly no so this is kind of like the God that they they preached to when everything with just mother surfing the great crack and the bearded lady what just the be needed later they can’t that cuz like she has a not beard but it’s like the tentacles maybe she’s company depicted as an enormous monstrous head with many spiraling tentacles so maybe they consider of the bearded lady because the tentacles that hang down and everything I’m not sure but what do I know I’m just going in blind with this just hopefully that my reactions are fun for you guys um yeah so she is like kind of like a Kraken and like a serpent put together which is awesome um how many eyes does she have one two three four she’s five unless you kept eyes like the eye of all no way or something that’s cool wow this was fun this place had a lot of lore to and my goodness alright so let’s go back this was the art gallery hopefully I didn’t miss anything yeah the boobs have those gone oh oh what a week is this a short story this is a short story which I will make in another episode I’ll start doing like um short story type reading things short stories shadow and fortune look at this sure it started burning tides well this in itself has a whole new episode look at that so I will make this oh man that’s so cool so I’m gonna make the short stories their own separate episode in the next episode for you guys cuz there’s one two there’s three short stories

have a story time with that but hey these are the champs again we got fizz getting plink graves or grafts lol I can’t say her name the wrestler girl misfortune we got knocked Ilyas can’t Stice a let’s say right pike he’s really cool we got now mr. mafia dude mister you know what ridiculous family don’t betray my trust no but for you yeah so come off you do tahm Kench and then Twisted Fate what a twist of fate was basically about but oh my god I’m so happy and cannot wait to learn about each of these characters within the upcoming episodes but yeah this was nice to learn about Bilgewater and all those short stories will be in a separate and a separate one for you guys because I think that’s it should be how it is because this was more about just learning about the the regions rather than learning about the characters so I think misfortune short stories should be with misfortune the butcher blades and the hyung of Jack because I don’t want to like spoil anything the rat down slaughter Dax they smell as bad as the name suggests so and then we got the other regions too but I don’t want to read anybody short stories with its pointed myself or the character so I’ll be sure to check that now and the featured video for legends of Bilgewater tall tales of the deep sea so this will be Wow listen as Lars spins the tale of four built order legends note Ilyas fist tahm Kench and pike and discovers a terrifying fact woven in his fiction i will be sure to react to that soon and one of the upcoming episodes so let me let me see so we got bandle city let’s just hope I didn’t miss anything with this bandle city there wasn’t much which just surprises me and there wasn’t like concept art or anything so vandals sitting with her a nice little like how looks like candle on a sword battle City and bilge water but yeah alright guys so this is ruined tower Explorer then discover runeterra and here on legal edges champion tales we will be exploring all the regions before going on to all the champs thanks to you guys I mean the next champ that we’re gonna be doing will be re because we did eight rocks already but we’re gonna go to Aubrey and she’s gonna be a next champ but like you guys suggested which again I take all suggestions and feedback and everything because you know you guys are the audience and I want to make sure everything is to your liking obviously I mean I’m just I’m just hosting this and producing this for you guys it doesn’t take that much work Who am I kidding but though I want to listen to your guys feedback and you say please like um look into the regions and check out all the regions and everything because it’s really important in order to get a totally different impact because I mean look haven’t there’s so many there’s so many different regions and I want to be able to explore all of them on here on LegalZoom champion tales because each of the champs live here and what’s more important is not only just the champions themselves but where they live the settings because you’ll get a totally different feeling when you read their read aloud their short stories or visit like the different sections and like know where you are so like with eight Roxas story there were many different sections and I didn’t know any of the regions so this is why it’s important for me to go back you know before going into any other champs learn about each and every single one of the main regions and then go into it because I will instead of me asking questions like what is this and having go into a blind this way I’ll have more of a bigger understanding of where the characters are what they’re feeling and possibly like if they’re in like a sandy place they might get like something with sand or if they’re in the water they might be drowning or there might be a sea monster or if they’re in fire but there might be a reason why maybe the fire is blue or purple or pink or something like there the lore is very rich with this so I want to be able to like experience all of it together with you guys so thank you so much for your feedback on this and you know if you guys want me to be able to produce more episodes like this and get more like stuff to set up just join your patreon page and help us fund out this channel I’m basically working on a lot of things and fun cool shows for you guys a lot of them were mentioned throughout this episode and also how we have like our chalkboard here patrons will be able to vote on what gets next on some of the episodes and obviously I want to draw some things with Lika legends because you know this is you know what I’m doing for this channel and the League of Legends champion tales again is a passion project it’s a huge project that I’m working on and something I really really really hope you guys do enjoy but also something that I hope that can I could do mainly like three times per week because as long as it gets support and you guys really do love it that I’ll know that you guys won’t have more of this on the channel and also though thank you again for those of you who like said like when I asked like per week I’m like what are you guys looking forward to and you said legalizes champions house I’m like you get it like my stuff like I’m so happy that that actually happened but what i’m excited for is i want to be able to produce

maybe three to three per week these take a very long time to produce and i want to me I’m a stickler for great production I’m I’m quality over quantity over to any day like like I really am very very like into my editing and making sure everything is perfect for you guys so at least take a while because they’re not just reactions or discussions or commentary their reactions like everything pushed together in one huge episode and they’re very long – so if you guys want more per week and I will probably change some of the goals on patreon and I’ll be able to do this three times a week and I would love to because there’s there’s so much for us to discuss there’s so much for us to really explore and obviously I’ll be playing the game I’m gonna be doing I went into League of Legends I signed in and I was like okay this is perfect for me like how crazy it is like how everything’s all over the place but I’ll be streaming it on Twitch be sure to follow us on twitter which is all ages a geek TV so it’s twitch.tv slash all ages of geek TV I’ll be doing live streams there and possibly I hope soon if I’m able to again get fully funded on patreon but also get not just like not full this is the thing I tell people there’s a fully funded one like there’s a fully fully funded one which we’re not even near yet but if we get the second to the last one fully funded then I will be able to possibly stream three times per week because I want to get into legal legend like League Legends is going to be my go-to game for streams and I already I’m considering a few of the character it’s like I’m gonna main as but I’m hoping before I like I really want to start streaming but at the same time I want to learn more about the characters before streaming but if we do start streaming with during this time and streaming and doing the series at the same time that’d be fun too because I could even do like a league of Legends champion tales live one day that’d be fun that’d be fun but yeah just so you guys know this thing if you want to support the channel and you want like more of us per week one per week is great for me right now within my time frame budget and everything but if you guys want like two three per week check out our patreon cuz I do weekly Awards not monthly awards those always say because I think you guys deserve more and I hate when people just do monthly Awards sometimes cuz it’s like if you’re if you’re impatient as me as you as impatient as me I totally understand that you want more you want like weekly work so I was like okay let’s let’s let’s make it happen and I made things weekly so if you want more of this type of stuff and the heavily edited stuff I definitely want to like get fully funded on patreon but hey it’s it’s it’s a goal and just like the goals with League legends and one goal is definitely to get good at League of Legends and possibly stream it daily for you guys but that’s that’s hey that’s way into the future very excited this dream I am a very excitable person my only issue with streaming would be tech issues right now but once that’s over with hey I’m in the game here I’m going in I’ll go in my friends I’ll be like have my headphones on connect above my friends but like guys I’m streaming them this would probably be the setup where I do stream because this is where my desk is and you can’t play league without a desk but yeah I’m very excited yeah that’s my few announcements for last episode here I hope you guys did enjoy this I’m gonna go in alphabetical order and what how the how the order is my armpit just oh my god they aren’t out of the RP I’m gonna go in alphabetical order and how the order is on the website because you know I’m sure respect to the website how its set up this took a probably freaking while to set up and everything so you can follow along with me and that’s why I want to make more interactive shows so you can really follow along with me but anyway guys be sure to check out all the links in our description down below we have a lot of fun series going on from patreon exclusive two exclusives on twitter and instagram so follow follow follow us there because there will be a lot of fun things going on and i want to build our community make us strong make things happen that’s right my friends cheers to that whatever you drink and let me know whatever you eaten let me know I hope you guys have an amazing day you see we have you still on the phone you stay off of my friends until the next video embrace your fangirl I’m gonna feel boy every single thing bye guys doo doo doo doo doo doo doo I’m fun tripping thank you guys so much for tuning into this episode I really hope that you did enjoy it and now is just a special time to give a shout out to our awesome and amazing patrons that you see that it’s listed on the screen right now honestly we would not be able to create anything if it were not for you guys you guys believed in the vision you guys believed in this journey and you guys 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