hi guys welcome back today I’m gonna be shooting a video a little bit different than normal there’s a lot more maintenance and this slum more hasn’t really been maintained very well I don’t change all like I should try to get by a couple years on the blades but this time the blade got bent so another four out it’s time for the oil change a good thing about this particular model this is the ys 4500 and I’ve had it for about eight years or so maybe a little longer he’s got a Kohler probe 20 horse the color of courage and it needs a good bath I’m a running the water at Peter Marshall I’m gonna let it cool I just have drove it down here for barn but the good thing about this is it’s got a a big look all right me going I’ll see if I can get a shot of it hundred and thirty two point one hours since I’ve owned this thing I bought a friend you would probably had had left an hour only when I bought it so I tried to change the oil and every 50 hours or so and I’m a little bit behind on it so usually you could get a kit and somewhere on this thing if you got a craftsman should have a parts list may be able to fall asleep somewhere somewhere but anyway if you got that number right here model number then one seven two seven six one eight one you can go to crash and they looked out the park for you that’s off oh here it is it was on this thing some birdies can’t see it but under this hood they the parts list watching you know all the parts you need our filters smart plug fuel filter mall capacities 51 ounces and I bet I didn’t well I got two quarts so two quarts is 64 so don’t know why I hold two quarts so that’s a good thing to have if you got a Craftsman lawn mower look under your hood and it should be a list of the park numbers you’re gonna need when you go down to Sears to get parts or order them offline or whatever you’re gonna do trash supply if you got one of those and thereby carries a lot of parts for these actually went to Sears all I could find Sears was the old filter the blades and the spark plug and then went trash supply got the air filter I could have bought the blades cheaper at trap supply but not the premiums and all and so everything I need is in this trash can I just throw everything in here they’re just replacing the hope from a pressure washer had to buy it go we burn a hose and the other one let’s burn a hole in hose so here’s the oil filter and here’s spark plug why they’re not using Kohler spark plugs or craftsman plugs whatever I don’t know first fire I’ve never used them before the part numbers FF 20 but it replaces these down here and then I have to get the air filter got the genuine cooler and this a weird-shaped air filter we got a little block down there and hadn’t got the color range and all but six buck support for this I don’t know what the difference is probably could get by with any good internal and of course I’ve got the premium heavy-duty blades from Craftsman for the few bucks mower it’s well worth the money to get the premium heavy-duty blades because the chief ones seem to only last about a season they just work slap out this made out a lot thicker material and I usually get a couple years out of this blades faint cutting dirt so first thing one dude

there’s a crop this dick slide it out from under and change the blades clean the deck off done and of course I had to have air supply because you just about will meet an impact get these nuts off the bolts off the spindle so I got my air out here not sure what size sockets yet these decks are usually pretty easy to get off there’s only a few clips on each side I think I’ve already done a video on how to drop a deck off this thing so look back if you don’t know how just look back in my videos and should be in there somewhere no time um go ahead and get the deck off turned over I’ll let you see what it looks like underneath the other around lately place whadya know that right if they were bent then perfect it wasn’t a whole a whole lot of life left in these hockey’s distance this one over here for a spare it’s spilling crude decent shape next time when I’ve been just going off with this alone and fading it’s 20 bucks for a little while everything pretty good cutting buddies into the ground all right so these premiums come packaged in some really sick plastic so I just take you feeling nice pull down the back and on the back you can see the star the star here and we’ll get fastest firing now held paper back movement good comfort thankfully now on the way the sale just gonna place grass lads so grass side is gonna go power going big home with the grass we’re gonna put it on like this make sure to sleep all the way flush let singles out then we will have issues coming loose and tearing up the bomb defenders my buddies always hold the deck out to do this my house tractors pick up the front in and oh yeah we’re sending alright so it’s also a good time to check I went ahead and blow the grass out of here I went ahead and blowed all the grass away from the spindle you can see I’ve

got paint coming off with it some reason these mowers is terrible by packing grass around the spindles you think it will just blow them out but it don’t Oh Jase belt listen listen deadly rage favorite place they’ve got some bad spot right there next time I probably be looking gonna bail I don’t know it may be the problem like it this year definitely is ready when you get ready to fly back in you will make sure things or down this way because we’re back on the way you guys slide back out go around grab the discharge side and easily pull this back under alright so pretty much everything that we’re gonna need to get to is on the left side of the motor I don’t have a pan that will fit in here so I’m just using a couple of meats and cups I’ll take two of them so first thing won’t do drain this hole and thing I should have got a feel for while that see see this is pretty pretty neat how they do this they got a cap on it and then this thing here just twists and pulls out I’m gonna have to touch back up twist it counterclockwise this whole needed changing probably the last year and I’ve just been doing like that load check it check it every time I use it a lot of times I check it it might be just a hat paddle over maybe left 28 ounces so now we’ll move on to the oil filter not be a another hat pining it and hopefully we get off by hand big news the whole filter Rancher I’ve got this big are channellocks button get moment always won’t make sure that the gasket came off with only you always want to free lose the gasket you don’t really have to put all in the filter dozen easily lubricated so that it won’t slide against the metal and we just hand tight tight as we can get it by hand that’s

all you need for spit leak you can always time for this there’s all sort of spout pants boomba Kurt close there I know need and checking the level because it’s going to show high and how much I feel blevells gonna show hotter you crank it up so i feel oh we’ve got a fungus damn cover the one out of a water buffalo should they get off shake after our crank and a little bit opens wind ain’t too much wind noise a little breeze out here alright so the next thing we need to do is playing the lead notice that how this goes on facing outwards you can see how gertie it is maybe pretty dirty now this other thing it goes up eeriness didn’t have one cause that last kid I bought it didn’t come with it it’s like a pre-filter and yeah just a please free cleaner said the other kid didn’t tell me one so I didn’t put one in it couldn’t find it in the kit form but this one go right up here and that’s one goal out right sure sleeveless all the way around and felt maybe you had to free all that briefing here but I didn’t see any instructions pre-order so alright then the final flank is the spark plug this doesn’t a little bit tricky to get to the gift of spark glow want a golfing top so we got boat here losing them right now we got a boatload rear bumpers buy the whole filter I’ll be able to clean so we’re going for dipstick away we just cover up get to this hole up here yes that’s all flavor five-eighths spark

plug wrench who brought attention this line has been running by it so really firstly this plug actually needed changing but it’s always a good idea and this is a champion so I don’t know what I mean champions seem to do pretty good small engines but I don’t really put them in no be convenient we’ll save the plug in case the other plug craps out a lot of ain’t never had no hope he was that kind of frantic plug see that plug thank you real good shape no fouling no all the electrodes a little bit rounded over but not bad I don’t know what the proper gap is I can see work I don’t have any anti usually all I do holy gonna find wild back the case seal a spokes right in here was loose and leaking all but it appears that I fixed that issue when I tighten it back up back out that pretty much all it is to do routine maintenance on these lawnmowers I even say it’s cheap blades that craftsman or receivers are $20 apiece filter $20 air filters $20 all $6 piece so that’s 12 for 21 32 plus 40 is sandy – plus the all filters which was $13 I believe is 90 and the plug you’re gonna spend a good hundred dollars on these thing I see just hope you can get by a few years in between I think it’s really been about three to two years since I’ve changed all and put blades on this thing I don’t change all every time I put blades on so maybe three years but anyway it needed it and this guy and crank it up well my since I’ve got it sits out winter with that crappy gas in it fires right up and like I said only issue I’ve had is that one all leak and

just routine maintenance is the third all shames I’ve give to it and coming on nine years and I ain’t got that meaning I was going I do I did have to replace the gas tank it went to leaking on me and actually the gas thing believe it or not aimed like 20 bucks can you believe I figured it’d be 60 or $70 for that gas tank but it was really cheap and so far this one’s too stood up I think the first one went to leaking after about two or three years so anyway guys thanks for watching hope you enjoy the video and please rate comment subscribe if you haven’t and stay tuned for more I don’t know if I’ll do more videos on the craftsman here but I will be doing some videos on that truck I’m building so stay tuned for that thanks for watching

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