the sustainable renewable energy supported solar panels so i’m very passionate in that [Laughter] i’m still a nerd basically how many hours of sleep do you get six yeah six is good yeah better than what we do yes eight on weekends yeah eight is is perfect yeah um i thought okay uh i need to learn something so i said to my parents this time i really want to choose the place [Laughter] it’s a good thing that i learned i was more active in sports just through anything [Laughter] [Laughter] that was a very interesting uh time uh yeah by networking yeah and then learning a lot things in new york yes yes that was that was one of the uh down moments because i was really proud uh can be a second calculator the universe has the us so i was helping i was the arranger actually for that chad i did not apply kanappa i did not apply karna my late grandmother already juan tijuanti poconos somehow the recruiter somehow at the end after we’re done three days to stay milan uh why don’t i interview you too okay okay for johnson and johnson can you imagine it’s a very good company one week one week before i was supposed to move uh to new york you know you should come back to check yes but now i realize that everything happens for a good reason right newcastle is a very good reason otherwise i wouldn’t be who i am today uh cambodian it’s a good reason then i can contribute more i could find my purpose better so you know it’s like so i just came back and worked at bluebird ever since let’s talk about bluebird

prosperity for all stakeholder okay then slalom my late grandmother itu and my father also cannot be smelly grandmother than my father the one who took over as a ceo whatever we have sustainability stakeholder meaning not just shareholders so that’s that’s a basic uh vision very minimal according to uh in manifestation so that’s the main reason why kitas lalu maintain the engine to be in in prime conditions then get us the sustainable renewable energy supported solar panels and so i’m very passionate in that renewable energy introducing zero emission transportation we took that opportunity straight away it was a huge gamble passion so we were actually starting to get attraction um yeah now we we still only have 30 degrees by 2021 it took it at least half of our fleet skepta okay so that was our intention reprioritizing lagging so we were actually betting on the technology uh

mass production on the other hand transportation we have to take care so i don’t know but at least whatever it is whatever we can do then we should do it if we can do something why not get together so if you want to replace all the pre-existing cars bring an e-villa it’ll take 25 years so you you are actually game changing the conversation yeah and we we wish to continue that seminaria yeah so we hope after this conference situation is over kitab is uh uh continue to argue with our project uh because we still believe in uh zero emission uh incentive is very important catalyst come to us then we want to be able to collaborate uh at the end of the day ketanga can be some american significant impact alohania it has to be bigger in total significance

i think so you see this as a process of incrementalism the mana i don’t think i don’t think the government will make such changes uh massive yeah in the near future in the near future maybe for example a new capital initiative so on a like a secluded area you know you you really need to initiate what is the most efficient it doesn’t mean that um it is going to be still very long and advancement technology because it’s not attractive anymore okay um it is gdp is just one of the factors then maybe that’s the time it’s not cool to be a driver yeah in the future it is real yeah yes that is of view it is very efficient it is actually very good economically yeah um i think we’ll get there yes and it can be very soon yeah um so it’s in certain areas it can be used even now the airport airport yeah yeah uh

capacity and the need to manifest it in the way it embraced technological innovations do you see bluebird 20 to 25 years from today as a transportation company or more as a technological company or technology company i think we see ourselves more as a mobility as a service company okay um okay because technology is the enabler yeah what we give to our customers are the service itself autonomous right um uh 20 years from now samoa orang autonomous vehicle then we’re going to deliver the mobility as a service then we will deliver the surface so it’s not about the product it’s about the service mobility as a service right so of course mobility also as a service it back up the technology part and the human part a lot of times the human part human is real then kita is very important then it took constraint point yeah extend the service agile character cloud laggy so we always will will embrace the new technology mobility as a service and personalized so as under as possible so we’re very strict with that so safety factor is important technology is enabler and it changes all the time then uh human behavior and scenario you can actually do you can science it up that you have the map of where people go and how frequently they go from one place to another yes you can predict the unpredictive economics then you can venture into something else yes or you can monetize better yes yeah yes that’s why um i think we’re looking into that opportunity it is not just pattern tendency so that’s what we’re learning at this moment then then don’t forget that’s data point where do you see indonesia um indonesia is a very rich country yeah resources how many women presidents will we have seen by 2045 well we’re half of the population so hopefully half right i like that you cannot we’re half of coalition so it is not about women and men it is really about empowering everyone and indonesia if we want to compete with the other countries so it is not about women and men anymore

we all have to fight together as one um jedi hopefully is half but that’s just because of the ratio of the population [Laughter] i think it’s higher than probability deterministic hey i want to i want to end this and then a rapid fire questions okay we’ll start easy you answer you buy the stock or you sell this and i don’t even play in the market would you buy the stock would you long the stock here again evie bye okay i’m gonna push it by d or tesla we have both what do i do okay i’ll make it easy i do believe okay tapi byd was started as a battery yeah so the core is better yeah they’re ahead of the curve yeah i guess okay so volkswagen have to find a partner that is really good in developing that yeah okay uh sending a kid out to a school that’s in the middle of nowhere buy or sell the concept this is rapid oh no bye because you went through that yeah you did okay women president buy or something okay i have to say that’s too easy for you okay how about education buy okay it’s the basis for everything i like it yeah i like it okay one last one singularity bye because i’m a strong believer in in you know in that um assimilation if we can say between technology and human part and i think that is very important noni thank you thank you yeah so it’s great conversation likewise thanks you

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