okay here we go we are alive what’s up everybody I’m back again see I was on yesterday right I’m already forgotten I don’t even know what day it is is it Tuesday I think it’s Tuesday right okay so Nick Welker here Welker farms I decided to sacrifice a nice Walker farm shirt just like the Hat and turn it into some work clothes so they’re probably gonna transform over the next several days knowing my luck probably within a day I’ll probably battery acid in summer you know eat part of the shirt away I’ll probably oil all over this who knows I’m gonna catch it on something’s gonna rip in half so but that way you guys can see all the gear right so anyways Nick welcome from Welker farms we’re in the middle of spring planning the guys are way off that way on both buds see Noi and our other guy Brad he’s been helping us out he’s running trucks back and forth keeping them ffedith fertilizer wait no picture you sure there’s picture okay I got a picture refresh your page make me nervous and people say stuff like that the chats always about 30 seconds late so by the time I find out that the microphones not working or something weird like that I’ve sat there and said stuff for nothing so okay alright so anyways so what I got to do I am spraying I’ve been spraying but I’m running low on Roundup and Hellfire so I went to town I picked up some more so we got to get the spray trailer which is over there loaded up with a new shuttle I’m gonna use a skid steer to do that got a couple barrels to put on it and then I’ll be starting this up running over there filling up then we’ll go spray as you can see the buds parked over here I was running that let me flip the other camera again I like those news cameras as you can see flip again there we go so that’s the 525 50 I was in that yesterday and this morning I lost a shank but found it just walk over there real quick I think I should show you guys what’s still on it see if none of you guys aren’t subscribed Instagram or

Facebook what you should be definitely you’ve got Instagram or Facebook scribed us and this channel to because cool stuff happens I think right so I was out cultivating plowing I like to say plan we say plowing here around the world they say cultivating same thing and I lost a couple things this plow needs some work by the way I lost the shank it’s sitting up there you can see it there’s our big toe cable that’s an inch cable that we use to tow stuff out we get stuck and a sledge hammer that’s another story why I have that is the spring still on here I think it might have come off I don’t see it I think it did so I caught a spring with one of these shovels yeah it’s gone it’s not anymore how long a while I kept plowing in the gonna see how shiny yet but it didn’t fully come off why I lost this shank right here looks like the bolt just came out you can see the brackets still there so either the bolt broke which is this one right here they just they take a lot of abuse and over time either they snap this locking nut comes off sometimes we you don’t have locking nuts so we’ve got regular nuts and lock washers so yes I am gonna spray in this video to you by the way so that’s what I was doing this morning there’s a pin right here this pin right there it has a little roll pin that locks it in place so it can’t sliding it out that holds the front casting meal on well this one right over here was going I notice is wobbling kind of funny this morning and I looked at it closer and that pin is working its way out turns up that roll pin or bolt or whatever held it in there came out well I didn’t have time to keep fixing it so that’s why I had that sledgehammer up there and I just kept beating it back in every time I turn the corner so let’s go fire at the skid-steer and get to work the other guys are working and I’m sitting there talking to you guys so let’s see here we’re taking the John Deere seven four to 70 there’s a neighbor cruising on by their seat in hard to the grass is turning so green around here do you guys can see it’s changed okay here we go let’s fire her up let me flip to the other camera I’m gonna try to drive this thing with with one hand and a knee so you guys will get to see my skills with one hand than me because I gotta hold the phone I don’t really have a good mouth or if I can find a spot to put this phone in here having ever livestream the side of the skid-steer before so it’s got a safety door and you literally put all your controls and stuff up here so you can’t access them without the door being shut sometimes we don’t follow that so what I like to do see a little seatbelt here don’t do this at home kids take it out click it back in that makes it think that I put my seatbelt on and then put your parking brake on fire okay thinks I put my seat belong so if i press this off I talk so released my seatbelt is not on I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna take my knee and I’m gonna press against this side let me get my hand on this side your hand right here is hold the phone – two-speed hydraulic in it right now so what I need to do as I need to take this panel off right here on the foeman’s this is the foeman’s by the way it took at the town just some kind of side rails there I’ve got my shovel roundup the good stuff you know from Monsanto and I had these ratchet on your sleeve would fall off going down the road a little bit okay so let me grab back here on a hook it have

enough slack let me put the phone right here guys well it takes two hands of these things solo there anyone life would be like without two arms okay alright we are unhooked I’m gonna pull them away a little bit because my corks are longer than this show and when I go to grab it off the edge so we’ll just slide it back a little bit all right there we go okay so let’s see here let’s take this phone trying to figure out where I can put this and grab this without well that’s just dangerous doing that I need I need my my phone holder okay I’m gonna take this phone and I’m gonna put on top the cab and you guys gonna watch from there and then I’ll get the I’ll get the shuttle I kind of need two hands you know let’s just grab the mouse bear with me I’m gonna need this mouth to anyways skid steers eat hands this is these bub or this John Deere doesn’t have bucket control with your pedals those are the axillary in case you hook like a jackhammer or more brush or something up to the accessory on it so to operate the bucket I need both my hands and I don’t feel like dropping all shuttle on the ground so I’m gonna do this a little safer let’s grab this guy that’ll make life a little easier and before we use the shuttle this gets deer again my goal is to only get in and out one time here he sub duct tape I’ve done that before I’ve used duct tape many times tie GoPros down and stuff but I typically try to keep mounts they’re a little nicer okay so let’s undo this ratchet here you’ve got a nice little knot that I tie but I think I got a slack in it to be able to loosen this up so I’m gonna take the phone again you guys are gonna get a view from right here you get to see anything there we go just nice and loose let’s go to the other side you definitely want to be safe don’t be doing anything stupid which is probably I’m doing no we’re gonna be smart about this this is a real bracket I mean just hold the shuttles off or sliding around I kind of slapped it together and the shop I stuck him scrap iron we had it works put the shuttle right here and then those two blue barrels you saw how much of the Hellfire surfactant they’re gonna go right here so our pads ready for this the shuttle let me grab my camera mount which is over here the weather is gorgeous right now you guys can see the sky it’s probably 75 about no wind birds are singing it rained a little bit this morning sorry yesterday the wildering tonight so a little bit humidity in the air they’re talking some more rain coming tomorrow night and Thursday so if that happens we might get shut down again so let’s just hope you can get a bunch done before then and they’re talking a lot more this time okay you know you guys need the luxury watch me put this on one-handed let’s tear right there we go this thing is actually pretty solid I like it it’s cheap but it sucks to the windows really nicely there we go isn’t that safer leave that two hands let’s get this job the shuttles 260 five gallons around of I don’t know a round of ways but if it’s

anything like water that’s 265 times you’re 65 times 8 a flaw wait this gives tears rain is to lift about 2800 pounds I think what’s max left I’d like to get as far in as I can I’ll lift it up a little bit here pull it back and grab again there we go let’s just take it off I set it on the ground I’m gonna grab it again at 34 grab another angle cuz I don’t want to put it on this way round up right now is where we got this was uh sixteen dollars a gallon so take sixteen times two hundred and sixty five gallons and that’s how much money is inside that shuttle right there hey let’s grab again be careful not to break it into plastic off the bottom these shows are pretty tough I’ve heard stories of them falling off trailers full and not breaking open so they’ve definitely been engineered well grabbed his whole and carried over there all the way like this there we go I don’t lay on the ground it’s coming at a time out mix ratio of this 16-ounce work fuck y’all maker my god big around 1600 gallon lining up I wanna put this down on the ground the back off a little bit my boys check out the other side again – forward a little bit it’s always a scary part now I’m gonna try to see what I can see throw away a nice and slow I guess the underneath right now so I’m just watching from the bottom yeah we touch the other shuttle someone sitting down back up a little bit pick it up again I want to try to slide it forward a little more that’s a good right there I want to make sure I did push teller shuttle all the way push that one out just to hear something I’m gonna hold back on a screen screen and else throw their evenly other ones practically empty so I could tell about early cook

stupid neck Hey we go bring it back right there that’s good yet see where my forks are there we go magazine I stood up off my seat first I couldn’t kick the safety on there we go okay ever good as I wanted right I’m gonna push the other one over is the hair there’s probably about 30 or 40 gals yeah these skid steers are noisy so we’re just gonna take it where’s gonna lightly push in the bottom let’s go straight to know it seems to be pretty bumpy at times suspension entire Bowl on air so they don’t for a little return yeah we’re done here let’s move on this is not a turbo to just get to your other way but it does have plenty of power it’s hot in there heading down the ER going alright so I don’t need this until we drive that so I’m going to drop it off on this um you want to know Google Earth exactly where I’m at if I wasn’t live-streaming I could pull up an app on my phone and find the exact lad latitude and longitude for you but if I try to minimize this app at all for a second they cancel it closes a stream on you guys so I have to leave it open all the time just kind of frustrating you let’s fire the foeman’s up go for a little spin like 100 yards all right here we go so we put the backboard on here I’m gonna slide these off on that on that at the truck the spray trailer okay all right we’ll go over here and I’m gonna take those two barrels those who have Hellfire in them which is a it’s a water conditioner it makes your chemical more effective by eliminating our healthy neutralize the pH and other other things with the water so I’m gonna get real close to trailer so those barrels are little heavy so let me go for a little more here I’m gonna

back up and get an even closer there we go its back okay like that that’ll probably work it’ll shut her off I’m gonna have to probably I can get out this door sometimes I get too close I get out the other door don’t scratch the paint nice and easy there we go okay so what I want to do is I want to get these right here over here let me take this I’ll move this all the way for right now go squared those shuttles up a little better right now okay I’ll hook that over the top them in a second let me scoot this for a little bit all right I’m gonna take the phone guys and I’m gonna put it down you’re gonna watch me work okay all right the truck and the field is often which is nice still with me oh yes you are all right okay so let’s look this strap right here flip it over we’ll go ahead and hook this down here like so around the other side and to loosen this up so let’s put the phone probably let me see a strap and a couple things but look what you write there for right now and then a trick to fold these ropes in I’m still learning it perfected it truckers know

this really well if you roll it in like so I’m already messing it up and somewhere right here grab reach guru grab this pull this through and then I take it and pull it through again which their trip Hey so then you’re not doing this that’s what we always used to dare just wrap it around stuff as many times as you can cuz you got a strap and just sit turn flops in the wind and so I’m getting better at it but that technique there there’s a nice easy quick way to tie those up so remember that future thought okay um we’re all good here I’ll put a strap on those soon let’s go ahead and put this back I’ll put that on in a second I need the Carter pin that goes with that and then let’s take the foam ends thanks okay back in the truck we go all right Park with the foeman’s and then let’s go get this big bridge and we’ll get going Daris this truck is awesome every time I Drive it I just I’m just blown away about how much power it has and just how tight everything is it’s just such a sweet pickup okay little parking or next to skid steer so we’re thirty minutes in the stream and all we’ve done is move the shuttle and two barrels on the chemical trailer but everything you do takes process just up non-stop grabbing let’s grabbing that need this this won’t start gotta get jumpers Gratus grab a screwdriver don’t have the right wrench tighten the battery clamps just always like that okay let’s go time fired the brute it’s it’s a Ford f-350 with a 1200 5.9 liter Cummins in it it’s tuned way up it runs awesome it’s a very nice pickup okay that’s why we call it a thumb ins it’s a Ford Cummins and big brute still has a fuel leak having that time to fix it fuels cheap just let it drip on a big deal gotta run it after spring works done we’ll be able to get a chance to go and fine-tune this girl all right okay where to put the camera mount I’m gonna put on the front window right now just because that’s easiest and then I can move it around later with them in the field going so actually show you guys I start this up don’t see that in stick I’m going to put some water on that just fire her up try that again I didn’t have that stuck very well god that wasn’t my phone falling off okay there there we go that’s solid okay all right till its far the trim below it’s a 2050 triangle egg services out of Fort Bend came and set that up for us they’re gonna probably come in sometime this week to fine tune it it’s not quite came up again so I’ve been on this thing that’s same times these mounts that’s my fear my phone is hitting the ground hard okay guild nice and clean was probably together felt like it was on there and

the line keeps going up like that all right squish all the air up tight see I feel solid I don’t know it somehow it’s sucking air I’m gonna leave it like that see if it comes off again so we’re in neutral parking brake off got to remember the parking brake cuz I forget it because this trucks so powerful that it’s parking brake can’t hold it back and so there’s been many times where I’ve driven it with the parking brake on and not even knowing burning the brakes up in the back here we go this thing’s are running really nice – I’ve got the cruise control fairly figured out there’s a couple things we gotta do to get it to work like it should but for right now I can at least use it which is nice Vikrant have a nice sunset tonight okay walk to the water truck here that’s good right there put a neutral parking brake back on GPS is telling me that I can leave auto-steer on and drive into a pole or a house or something so be careful let’s open this up all the way some smudges on there looks good please wait while coverage is being logged okay still staying on so we’ll leave that there floor get back to that 50 gels in the tank or so like the Linux otherwise it pressurizes the tank really put the phone down again guys all right let’s see here somewhere here and my gloves but I guess I’m not even touching the chemicals I’ll be okay we’re going to use this free inch line we’re just filling just water in but the products will use the two inch line for the product with the handler this thing’s sweet by the way I was using it the other day see that thing looks like the broad head of an arrow you take chemical jugs and you slam them down on there and they just open up initially dumps the entire jug inside and then there’s a pressure washer you turn this knob right here blast water inside your job rinses it everything goes in and then when you’re ready you suck it up the bottom it takes the sprayer way cleaner than just dump it in everywhere really like a little Idol a second I don’t like these barrels as much as the clear ones because you can’t tell how much cross you have left so I gotta give him a shake test so I feel like it’s heavy so it’s good there’s still product in there so we’re good there looks like our roundup is right here I can see the level right there we should have enough to fill us for area 40 yawns so I’ll find out down low on switch to the other thing is right now the water is pumping between these two tanks third take right there when this level mistake drops down what sarnies valves and then this water can gravity feed into these tanks so water’s coming up I read here pump comes back out next down goes into the venturi which is right here waters they blasted they’re creating a low pressure low pressure sucking from this tube into the meter last time at 42 gallons in it and I control sucking your fact and using vacuum basically

here the venturi and then it’s being blasted by this water right here it’s being shot the two inch hose is rare is there I got a better chart in this truck that one’s kind of seen better days I think this is one right here that’s twenty two offices no that one’s not quite enough let’s try out the check so you got another one in here I thought I saw a better one that’s not the right one thought I had seen Davey nine those are all a heavier gallon so I guess we’ll have to use the line we got in there which is 16 ounce 16 ounces an acre where we have 4.5 for 6000 gallons right here five point nine or six gallons just a cold 1,600 gallons start here yeah you forward a little bit so gravity 6.5 Creedy is exactly right we used every every machine that we get a good deal on I really wish guys I could be flying as your own the big buzz right now I got responsibilities too I can just make videos former first right then youtubers just 37 we gained about 200 gallons here well 250 or so was right here and we started the agitation running inside the tank I feel like I have already it’s all the same full and then hurt get the annotation on sorry I use it over in this for me I did this thing

the vibration yes zoria see right here drop down right here sports pretty much Joan we like to try to make money I wish you happy birthday three rounds right there as you take your places I’m sure I’ve rambled you think loser it was like concussions as they were very spaced out there was over years of hard your brain use your brain 3 Rd injury has Lana’s on players Brazil water water goes and we’re spraying hard

three straight holes arm cerio’s great tempo maker 10,000 acres we spray the whole bar probably in good four or five days like 70 first raise when I start Barbie I start nine years old shrunken tractor I was driving pickups before I could touch the floor as far as actual farming not just assisting dad right now there’s only one man that’s me to run a sprayer and we got this girl running so why not run big brood the attache is ready to go we got it all ready Sun will rise it’s a good sprayer and I love it get to it quite yet so we’re getting some on for here somebody get off here at home first thing I did guys I turned this valve immediately that stops all flow from the pump going this way to tank it stops all the back flow from the tank going back to the pump crucial because right now this tank is about as tall as the water level in these tanks and if you don’t shut this valve off back if I’m gonna sit in here and have the valves open with a pump off it’ll back run and go into our tanks at the Kami or tanks I don’t want that so water Sternoff clumps turned off all the valve the shut-off we’re get here I’ll shut these valves off and since our water level is now down well below house and each our taxes of two thousand gallon tanks so right now it says we’re about seven hundred gallons but the truck is tipped towards me right now so it’s probably more like eight hundred gallons so we have about sixteen hundred gallons of these two tanks left which is one load on this well I’ve got this little tank here which is plumb full of 1200 gallons I’m gonna open this valve up in this valve and now that takes that a gravity feed into these two so when I tell my comeback this water levels now I’m gonna be up here somewhere it’ll be some of that tank which is nice puts phone down and then just because you can always have some exposure my hands off right it’s for you I have new gloves coming normally I be wearing gloves when you this stuff but the gloves I had were too tight and I could hardly get them off so I got a new ones coming they should be here today or tomorrow they actually might even get the house I should’ve checked I saw UPS come by they probably dropped it off the price and see it and I got so they’re all with my arms that way when I do all this it’s Saturday shut off sprayers ready to go you just look back here oh fast

yeah it’s actually supported see it’s not on the stops so these leaf springs are actually holes notice right now which is surprising because before when I start first started filling it the leaf springs up to be broken or something but it was squatting down let’s go for a ride time phone in my mouth we just still stay on the windows so it’s all these that’s good suction now nice nice sunset starting there get a drink of water and I’m gonna fire this thing up where you go okay barking brakes off drive here so we’re a heavy right now I don’t know ugly way holy I have never weighed this truck somewhat it’s a max weight is but we’ve got a good 14 thousand pounds of water on us 14 15,000 pounds now shakes a little bit okay see all that green on up do you guys can see you probably can’t it’s a bunch of green and that field in front of that’s growing we got to spray that next that’s our chem follow so we’re not going to be seeding that this year but once we’re done with planting and priests prayed for planting then I can focus on that and start really knocking out both bakers good that we have on your the Bigfoot hood here that turbo I’m covered by the old hood the hood will cover the entire engine they wanted to get rid of these annoys you know why manufacturers deal I like the noise you just saw me edge of the shadow here we’ll be back in the sunlight we’re getting close to Magic Hour here Magic Hours when the Sun is just low enough where everything turns golden drilling steam I’ve ever wanted to put twin which we don’t need attractors twins tires or twin turbos I typically would never twin-turbo anything that was dart winter mode de salida de 32 interval then I’d leave it at that it’s nice sticking up on turbo twin turbos typically as far as my knowledge goes the reason do it twin turbos so you can you can give it a turbo lag because they’ll usually once your most smaller and the other one we could lose stuff quicker it’s our pretty boost reunion by the time the bit larger ones fools up that way yeah boost and it keeps your power band more consistent but I think sometimes twin turbos docile just use because you want more pressure and some of these engines may need 60 plus psi so they gotta crank it in there were two turbos so I was spraying this field earlier in fall into this one here’s got an approach right here that are neutral here you can see my old window okay you see where I was already today it hasn’t finished loading yet but there’s actually all this is sprayed you can see right there so I’ve got one pass left on this field and then I got to find a new place to spray that will decide okay let’s go ahead and put it in

low range and those turn on our pumps we should have had this agitating earlier already forgot that so now our hydraulic problems pressurized up doesn’t show up pressure I’m at will in a second but the tank is agitating now I could have a nice coat of an in that a little earlier will be okay so let’s go and raise the boom up here so you know is the cost is big group cost beneficial compared to a normal sprayer well let’s put that in perspective real quick here that’s a good question a new sprayer 100 foot boom sprayer with a 1600 gallon tank which they don’t typically make rim any of those unless our trucks rare brand new you’re looking at a good 350 to 400 plus thousand dollars so four hundred thousand dollars for a self-propelled John Deere case New Holland all those Apaches are good $300,000 at least brand-new we built this rare for under $50,000 we figure we have somewhere around forty forty two thousand dollars under I know reason being is we did already on the sprayer which is what’s on the back of this we have that we bought that in 2009 for thirty seven thousand dollars but you can buy those used right now for under $12,000 places just want to give them a little a they have too many of them nobody wants them anymore so they all want to stop repels prayers so a lot of these dealerships just have tons of them sitting there and if you came in and say I’ll give you ten thousand dollars for one of these I bet you they would sell it because they want to get rid of them they’re just sit in their inventory so we’ve got the truck for seventeen thousand all the GPS systems is a good ten thousand dollars we had to do some work to the transmission this truck and then ran the parts and accessories and iron building the fuel tanks all that stuff so when it comes out to it’s about forty thousand dollars so yeah we had this whole four hundred plus horsepower spraying beast in the machine for forty thousand dollars and to replace two hydraulic motors on some of these new hydrostatic drive sprayers is about forty thousand dollars and there’s four of them so yeah that’s our justification there okay let’s go ahead and spray I’m gonna put us in second so it only goes up – uh no sorry fourth gear maxes fourth gear I’ll turn the cruise control on let’s turn our master switch on so we start spraying interceptor GPS here a lot of you guys every with me earlier a couple days ago got to see all this but for the new people this is a GPS system I’m doing as I’m intercepting the GPS line the steering wheel gonna take over for me as a motor built into the steering this is like easy pilot from Trimble and so are you gonna accelerate to my speed here in Summit cruise control want to go about 17 so I’m looking for 17 miles an hour there we go what’s it gonna ruin 15:16 right there that’s good enough 17 okay that’ll keep our water pressure you guys get early read it but it says 30 35 psi that’s about where I wanted so truck steered itself right now it’s driving itself I’m not doing anything to the truck my hands my feet are completely off everything it’s keeping it in a straight line it’s spraying by itself there’s a water hole right here I don’t want to run it to I’m going to drive around that all I have in this field left I literally ran out right on the other side is water wall here turn my GPS auto-steer off okay and that is it we’re done with this field so let’s let’s skip over one field how about that great control keep taking us here we have ducks all over the place I wish they’d stay here year-round production so there’s ducks and swans and geese and

all kinds of migratory birds that have come onto the farm since we have so much standing water a lot of them as a decided that it’s a good place to stay there’s something in the field over here what is that box it’s looking at your handout or is that a gopher oh it’s a bird it’s like I think it’s an owl yeah it’s an old that’s cool Pelosi owls didn’t even care let me drive right by and we’re driving across this field it’s Redick on the other side gonna be rad these are easy fields to work on the nice and flat there’s not much to them they’ll wash out just a little bit of water and some squats but this one does have some power poles I have to be careful about I don’t really want to wrap the boobs around a power line that’d be a bad day I don’t like bad days let’s go ahead and drive down to the end down here I see we’ve got a lot of water on this one actually cruise on down the other side here we’re going on the right side of this water all there’s probably about five acres in this field at our farm worker is in pharma law right now there’s nothing we can do about that water it’s just gonna stay there until it eventually soaks in the ground and evaporates yeah the EPA they have their way they would like to banish far meeting anywhere in the area standing water even though the standing water is very temporary it’s gonna be gone and won’t come back until next year but it doesn’t matter the EPA they would rather us not even farmers land if they have their way there won’t be any farmers in the United States so okay keep this on alright John Deere take care John Deere Jared all right we are being at my a v-line setup so it’s tricky to do here I want to shift it over all right here there we go Oh steer clear honest ears working forgot to put it on me gallons we have the spare but I couldn’t flush that actually no I did refill it up yeah I did okay it’s good it doesn’t automatically that’s nice what’s Peter we go we’re going 13 miles an hour right now I’m gonna speed it up in a second here let’s uh get around this water here so ready get close to us without driving in it it’s always hard to tell if it’s doing muddy right next to it or not like right now it’s almost completely dry when I’m driving on right now I want to get all that green stuff growing right there so I’m gonna do a lap around this water hole and we’re just gonna get the glue right on the edge of it a lot of water in this thing it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this much water this field we’re gonna be seeing this in a couple days so I got to make sure I get this sprayed a lot of cheatgrass go to this field that’s why I’m spraying this because I’m trying to kill a cheatgrass it’s the type of grass that just overtakes fields it’s really easy to kill roundup it’s very very simple to Roundup but once it’s established you have a wheat crop on it you can’t do anything about it and it will take over a whole field that’s why we’re not gonna know now get rid of it it’s expensive to take care of it like this but it’s way more expensive loose crop to it at least this way we’re giving our fields for our crops fighting chance

to maximize yield custom make a living you gotta maximize your yields that’s how farming has become it’s all about yields you’re gonna try to do everything you possibly can within financial and environmental reasons to try to make most you can throw alarm as farmers get expensive okay here we go alright so some cruise control again alright stick it over for me alright we’re back in business I’m gonna go are this power line here and then once I get around this off then I can put the phone in a place where I could watch any more attention what you guys are doing let’s drive around these power lines here without smacking them there we go come back in this field on this side has big water will I do as you can see right here and if I’m not driving through that so I got to drive around this on to was amazing how much water’s in this place this is all water that ran through our farm a couple weeks ago it ends up right here and it basically can’t go hardly anywhere else but here coffee all right look out green that is that is one giant mat of cheatgrass I want that all to die it’s going to when he gets a whiff of this width of this roundup it’s gonna wither up he’ll start turning brown it always takes a little bit round it’s not a fast-acting agent but it will fly so fetch say not just round a place of faith but it does its number to it it’ll take care of a nice nice and quick so by the time they’ve seen it in the week comes up all the cheatgrass will be dead but I want to buy a big but 747 yeah that’d be cool actually there’s only one of them known it’s not for sale at this point and if it was for sale I don’t think we’d have enough money to buy it I can only dream about it but it would be pretty cool to have that thing we’ll be practical in our farm not really it’d be way overkill for power for size fuel burned all of that it just wouldn’t make sense the tires alone to replace on it I’ve heard are more than what the tractors worth you’re at least $200,000 and to put new tires on it because they’re one-of-a-kind specially made and sunsets getting gorgeous we’re sprayed along the edge of a rock line right there these are old rock lines back when farmers first started turning this land in the fields there was just rocks everywhere thousands and thousand thousands of rocks you can see some right there these are all glacier rock so used to be glaciers that covered this land a long time ago and so this rock was moved out here by glaciers and the farmers painstakingly by their hands and wagons and horses and everything took all those rocks they kept pushing them further out along we call rock lines and so as I slowly as we’ve slowly made feels bigger and bigger and bigger we keep moving those rock lines further out were to getting rid of them entirely so there used to be little fields all over the place and now these fields have turned into just giant fields because it’s way easier to farm big fields it is small fields you can stand them longer we got a larger equipment it’s just nice so yeah we like we like big fields where is a 747 with a 747 big but is in a museum in Iowa they don’t know Williamson brothers from Big Sandy Montana who owned it but they’re leasing it to the museum so it can be on a show floor so people can go to aisle and go see it I had a chance someday I never made it to Iowa go check it out dad set our cruise control again come on steer there goes now it’s doing now I’m over screen a little bit than the other field here to sell the GPS line worked out that’s thanks for explaining this anyways soon so how do I really mind the flow if it runs out

there this boom does have four sections I could technique show off this ring here turn into a three section sprayer which it isn’t quite covering the whole field so that’s what I’m gonna leave it on because I want to get everything so we’ll turn that one back on how big is the field that I’m in right now this field is 160 acres commenda 160 there’s 80 on that end and 60 on this end when I say and the powerlines the center separates it yeah where we are with you you would try to drive the big bus set 47 if I saw it probably I actually know how to drive it would be really easy to drive it because it’s almost identical to our series 3 big bud the calf transmission everything so I don’t think it’d be too hard to learn how far as I know it’s probably like very similar I was a family doing the field he’s doing really good my brother had a baby just recently and I’ve got a and I already have a little girl it just turned one and she is gorgeous he’s a lot of fun I love her dearly she’s uh she’s she’s a blast she learned how to crawl upstairs today so she’s learning quick one second guys all right living at large of the montana yes I guess he called large that’s we’re doing it it’s a big feel this is a big field 160 acres is is one of our bigger fields turn my fans up there we go blow to my eyes but yeah we have we have some bigger one they have smaller ones but typically 100 acres or cells are typical Hawthorne this valve here just doesn’t sound right I need to think I need to adjust some pressure to it sometimes it doesn’t have the right right hug that you want I went overboard on the big bun decals why why wouldn’t we isn’t this whole thing overboard I would I would say this whole truck is a definition of overboard that’s how we like it because who else has one of these right and it’s already sprayed in 3000 acres but it’s going strong so I think we made a good choice we got $100,000 from our crops oh that’s good cluttered thousand makes I’ve read that right that’s awesome no it’s gonna be making some money would you buy a bar Ball super hem ohm is that one of those really really old tractors if it was really reasonable price I probably would making man passes here guys sorry I’m on the end of fuel already we just drove on miles from endianness feel is a mile see what time is it it’s 8:20 6 p.m 26 and we’re right along here puts phone right here there we go that way I could turn the corn I got got hands now so I can his back on the GPS here and your supply okay what’s up we’ll see here the sprayer thank you do I still have the Magnum tractor yes we do we used to have the Magnum is still for sale it’s had some interest on and off there’s been some guys that looked at it new takers yes kind of in this area get a pod class because some guys would want a little more horsepower a little bigger if they want full of great alright and a lot of guys are doing the using factors like that to pull ourself or their sprayers anymore so in this area that’s not as desirable of tractor as in some other parts of the country but if you were to take it to like say I don’t know Idaho Iowa back east where their fields aren’t quite as big but they they run smaller machinery they can do a lot more work there and it’d be

more valuable to those so we ever to haul it off take it someplace like that I think it the sold a lot quicker but it’s a good tractor it’s sitting there doing great I think I’m just gonna run without the cruise control easier okay this is kind of just basically doing little tasks back and forth see because I got that water hole on this side that I doesn’t take long to get to at 70 miles an hour which is right there so I’m just running up to a real fast spinning around a real fast spinning around second guy’s been around this there we go brian is the best donated one Canadian dollar I think that’s Canadian right thank you did write any message though it just says null you write a message I appreciate it Ryan and I won’t block you like I did the other guy the other day hey guys donate donate 20 bucks to me and I walked him right every donated it I was trying to see if he wrote a message or anything so I clicked on his day and clicked okay without really read what it said and what I was really saying was do you want to ban this guy for five minutes go bad about that Thank You Ryan the cruise control is the katroo screws control working Ryan it is working kind of I can get it on it’ll stay on but it still thinks the set button is being pressed so I can’t slow it down and speed it up by pressing the cruise buttons and every time I engage and disengage it gets slower and slower every time I said it so it’s kind of weird I learned how to kind of make it work but to get it to reset start over again so you can set it out the speed you want get the shut the whole truck off and start over so I typically have just I’m just not running on it off if it’s a really long field and I like this I’ll keep it all in but these fields at 70 miles an hour I’m getting to the end pretty quick so it’s easier just to use the foot throttle will tell you there we go almost out of this side it’s not gonna slaughter whole literally almost stretches across the whole field all right what are we doing here let’s see from Flathead Lake I have not been on Flathead Lake in a while it’s a beautiful place Clyde Lake is awesome last time I was on Flathead Lake my friend dislocated his knee wakeboarding it was a really really really bad dislocation he almost lost his leg because of it but they got it fixed and he’s a he’s walking again no problem but yeah flatly it’s beautiful it’s a massive lake in Montana beautiful country we didn’t we get a chance we like to go over a couple times a year Kalispell Columbia Falls whitefish all that area I drove on the flat leg last year went to poulsen a couple other things and it wasn’t the fires were we’re going strong it was just terrible because the whole valley was just one big smoke so why do you seed do you plant we are we already planted or yellow peas we plant a chickpeas or garbanzo beans that going to fall them out and there right now we’re in the process of planting weed I’m spraying ahead of the Cedars right now so they’re gonna come back and see this very field in a couple days so what I’m doing right now is I’m just trying to make sure that all the Grays that’s happy in this field right now which is mainly the cheatgrass but we’re worried about I try to kill it off before they come and see it because you can’t spray it after the crop comes up so I guess you could it’s just really expensive for something chemicals and they’re kind of so-so if they work or not we’d rather not spray the crop and we don’t have to use the best do it spray the land first and then seated and then that he could spray later so Milo Valley Farms hey okay what’s up hi for Mississippi Blackwater have you

have any interest in field days at MSU field day at MSU would that be bringing out some students to the farm I’m guessing I do like MSU a lot MSU is a great great school their egg program is top-notch I did not go to their eggs egg program my dad did way back in the day but MSU Bozeman is an excellent school and you guys do a lot for our farms and foot studies the farm and everything we really appreciate it but as far as a field day goes I don’t know we probably could do that yeah we’d have to they have to see how to set it up so the up semi email okay how many miles away is the hill the distance this one right here that’s probably about a half mile or II talked in the sweet grass Hills that are way back there those are about 30 miles away 25 30 Joseph wants a shout-out Willie do the livestream all seating yes I haven’t really done one yet partially I’ve been doing I actually did a lot of seating I’ve seated over a thousand acres myself but I was out of service most the area when I was seating and now that I’ve run a big brood I’m back in service I’ll be back on the air drill soon so yes I will be doing some some CD videos my dad is a Montana seed manager at the close bar but I actually they work and have field days for farmers every year that’s awesome okay oh yeah oh look us up send us an email tell your dad we could figure something out that’d be cool Michigan here love MSU of class of Oh nine the face Jake that’s great MSU Michigan that’s great okay let’s see your serious question us here at Oklahoma are hurting cousin Trump and China not winning our cotton has it’s affected you I’m sorry to hear that it has not affected us yet it when there was talks of tariffs and stuff but the commodity markets did fall a little bit you know but they recovered right away and they really didn’t last we didn’t think it would there you can see the chemical bumpy those are bad your holes I’m driving over right now that hole this bone steady for you guys take the seat back there we go with those dirty that’s better holder like that how about that letter so yeah it hasn’t really affected us yet but I’m sure you never know what China might do I totally understand what Trump’s trying to do and I believe China has been ripping us off as far as the trade deals I know the u.s. buys a lot more than they buy from us so but it’s just unfortunate when you’re the one that’s affected by the whole problem and that sort hurts it’s I know it’s not easy so I don’t know if having a tariff or is really the way to go about it but only time can tell do you need okay Nick when is Kathleen going to join you the tractor does she only join in the combine she’ll come join me in the tractor I think she will I actually still gotta get a buddy seats to all of that tractor we never put one in it since we fixed it up but we’ve got a seat I can bring it put in there for her yeah she’s gonna come join us we’ll probably have a little girl Rosie with us it’ll be awesome so for those of you that want to join us when that happens it could be in a day or two if we get some rain tomorrow night that’ll probably last a little bit so by the time – our live streaming in the tractor it could be you know later in the week but I will we still have another two weeks left to see it again so what’s the gauge out the window those gauges right there I’ll zoom in on it for you we cycle for my cameras here there’s those one on the right is my water pressure that’s how much psi the water is going through the nozzles out the sprayer these nozzles are designed for about 40 psi if five gallons maker at 17 miles an hour that’s what I’m doing the one on the left is my hydraulic pressure and that’s about 2,800 psi the reason we have that is because when we built this thing we needed to know what our hydraulic pressure was in the system because it wasn’t calibrated so it was easy to have a gauge on here and that way we could watch as we grow the hydraulics the moon controls and everything and see how the gauge moves but it’s been really steady it stays right there we got it set at 2,800 psi is where we want it so Gary Breda you’re a good man well I appreciate it I try to be not always a

good man but I guess none of us are do it but I try to be as I try to be a good person when I can you know it’s uh it’s definitely not easy where as human beings we can be rotten to the core so it takes a lot of a lot of time seeking things higher I guess you could say to Oh Jade you know better person so that’s a beautiful sunset right there what’s that son this is why I draw wait for it’s gonna drop blow that cloud right there I’m gonna have about probably ten minutes ten minutes where it’s gonna turn everything golden out of here it’s gonna light up the farm and the sky is gonna turn brilliant red and orange colors and that is when you take your drone out and you go fly and film guys and a field or whatever you’re doing or go your cameras out so it’s just gonna drop below that and it’s gonna be sweet I do have the drone it’s right back there in that case but I have flown it while driving this before but it’s a little work it’s very stressful because it doesn’t know we do it I wanted to do so do you watch how farms work oh I think I’ve seen a couple little videos from it but I but I love to see very beautiful colors the Sun going down Thank You Jay cope it’s just about the drop under lead us right there for now guys right there to keep it steady okay Brown let’s just making sure I got everything back there’s a couple skip spell speed back up here okay the bumps here here’s our nice waterhole I’m the boy never got swear I want to intercept this that line right there the yellow on straighten out starting to steer on there we go okay we’re taking over there’s the Thomas lights holding up the Thomas lights are doing really good the relay went out on this truck that we put in it was a used relay so the front lights are working I have to go around open the hood and wire them in manually but when they’re on it’s like daytime when I’m in this thing which is awesome Sun is just starting to come out underneath there we’ve got a power pole count up here I don’t want to run into that so I am going to work my way around turn on the auto steer here we’re gonna do a sprayer on the circle here like this see how close I can get to this there we go sorry guys lost you for a second there my finger press the volume button when I press the volume button it shuts the stream down for a second I don’t know why does that we’re back up and running again as beautiful sunset that Sun is just about then you start getting this gold and look on everything and lights up the surfaces of everything the field start turning gold was just beautiful when’s your next big bun style project there’s a bump right here slow down there we go no too bad I don’t know when the next projects gonna be because it’s hard to say we typically do projects if we need them like our big buns to eat an overall or a makeover because they are getting worn out or just an uplift or a facelift or we build the machine like this because we all kind of work out the money would cost a buy one so we make one but the next big blood project is probably going to be our serious rebate but it hasn’t been touched yet we’re due to we’re due to do a paint job a cab interior might draw like work there’s a

lot of stuff that gets done to it it’s never had a facelift since it came off the factory floor which was over 40 years ago so we’re doing to fix it up subtle the next project if it might happen this next winter we’ll see you have the most famous sprayer in the corporate holes I guess so but it is isn’t it I never thought it would be the brood I’m still I do think brood is a good name for it there was a lot of really good needs you guys gave us a lot of really good suggestions I really liked big herbicide or her bud side there was a big spot a big sprayer bud big swell yeah big spot Big Bob you guys had a lot of good suggestions but big great fits I think have you Randy wild hog problems no we don’t have wild hogs up here I think the winners get too cold for them at least at this point so what the day might come they might come up here I know whether it’s Colorado but I haven’t heard of them being in montana yet all right can you get a shout out my friends and dad Dillon and Austin Devon building Austin hope you guys are doing good thanks for being buddies with your buddy who’s wants to give a shout-out to you guys right big dude yeah that’s a baby could’ve used your confidence and projects like these are amazing me we’re gonna light green that’s cheatgrass right dude that’s we’re getting rid of that stuff is just blanking this field you know we went into some of these projects not knowing what was gonna happen on the other side I don’t always feel 100% confident doing this stuff there’s a lot of uncertainty we run into issues that really can drag us down we’ll find problems and were like oh no what do we do about this how do we get around that oh this is gonna cost us so much money or take so much time to do and that happens but you just push through it you just keep going if you don’t know there’s always people way to help we have a lot of local people help those diesel people help us friends help us you know so you just gotta keep doing that and then of course you got to have a decent shop to do it and you know we can’t do all this stuff without the tools and equipment that we have you know we had a skid steer that took a lot of this off we have a cream the cream we use to assemble some of this I’ll have that in my future video you guys will get to see that you know the the hood was donated by it was donated by a big equipment company from hammer rod Harmon I mean that’s an authentic big blood hood there they can’t get bad her house so I mean that wouldn’t happen without him so Levi said Iman ten dollars so whose pay day is it today should I Bagni up guys Levi I don’t know let them stay this time Thank You Levi that’s awesome ten bucks while Eva its Sue’s paydays it today well um I guess it’s mine right ten bucks towards a new camera that I just bought today I’m not gonna tell you guys what I bought but I did order a new camera and it’s gonna be here in two days and I really think it’s gonna transform my videos it is something really cool a lot of money I felt really guilty eight I had buyer’s remorse from I bought it block him I should I add my remorse when I bought it because I don’t know it cost almost much as a drone does but I’m really hopeful if it doesn’t work that great I’ll sell it or get rid of it I can always do something like that and get most of money back out of it but I think it’s gonna make my videos really cool so I’m excited to get it try it out I’ve been debating about it for a while now but until I get it start filming with then I’m gonna show you guys so we’ll see we’ll see how it turns out but yeah I’ll put that 10 bucks towards that new camera right why would I block Stephen or see them Siva Siva why would I block him it’s a inside joke from a couple days ago there was a guy a couple days ago who donated me 20 bucks and I went to check out his name I pressed on my phone here when I pressed the button I accidentally blocked it for five minutes right after he donated either 20 bucks so it was just a funny joke we’re all laughing about it because he had to sit there timeout it be 20 bucks so thank you Levi today or three months takes place little percentage today or three months your people said yes it’s true I gotta go to sleep I have to get up earlier for school the mud redneck good good deal definitely don’t want to be sleeping in class I’ve done that I can’t go to school tired but do you think you’ll ever get a

tractor which is mostly software like say John Deere or stick with real mechanical tractors I need tools to fix those laptops you know I’m sure there will be a day we’ll get no more technically this engine to this truck has a computer this transmission has a computer it’s an Allison MD 6r 3066 so I already I’m driving a truck with a computer it’s got an ECM in it you got a plug a computer or a laptop into it to read its codes we’re already there our trucks one of our Peterbilts has a computer in our series one for 35 big one is an m14 that’s got a computer in a our apache sprayer it’s got a computer for both the transmission and engine but when we can get equipment that’s a good shape that does what you need to do it it doesn’t you know will obviously go to our house but just because it has a computer doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s just it’s just when the computer is integrated in the entire machine and not just the engine like some of these machines you know it’s either greater than the hydraulic system – transmission systems obviously all your exhaust systems and so when one of those throw it to the mirror code it shuts the little machine down and then you got a pea Tech’s come out on the computer that you don’t own and it costs a lot of money that’s where it’s frustrating so you know we gotta upgrade our combines we can’t always run 2588 I mean there 2008 combines they’re gonna wear out eventually here and what they do you know we’re not gonna buy two older by an older combined we’re gonna have to get a newer combine so which is definitely good in some ways so yeah won’t will eventually in a project more computerized machinery there’s just nothing you can do about it but our big bugs we can always keep for the longest time we’ll be able to run run our big buds with the mechanical engine to them and everything so okay whereas I like watching this channel I want to become a farmer when I grow up that you are an encouragement to me to become a farmer that’s great Shannon I say go for it I would never say don’t follow your dreams it’s definitely not gonna be an easy road if you don’t have anyone that’s already farming in your family or have anyone to marry that’s at the farm but you know what it’s amazing people I’ve seen they’ve ended up on farms and have got to be a part of um that never had any background to us so it can happen okay where do you guys buy cab kids from what price range I have about twelve seventy 1086 I need foam and stuff um you know I found a website on the Internet I just Google soundproofing cab insulation headliner that kind of stuff I cannot remember off the top my head what the name of the website was I think I’ve used two different websites it’s pricey I just did the headliner and are in our big bud and to our series one I had to buy a twenty feet of it and I think they come in up 5 foot 5 feet wide roll five feet of 48 inches wide you can get him as long as you want like up like 20 or 30 feet or something with depending on what to do but it was price he was like 400 bucks but it’s really good soundproofing he by cam of 3m adhesive spray for interior and that works really well but yeah it’s just a web site of lines when I go to so just google it I have the day off top my head I would get put it out of here but I don’t so have I ever raised barley I never have personally but my dad and my grandpa and great-uncle back in the day did they raised some barley on it alone but we never really have barley is a risky endeavor some people works really good for I don’t know you can make sometimes you can problems barley is it because rained on it’ll sprout and with sprouts you lose money and become SpeedGrade and feed grades like worthless so it’ll be it worth a lot to work nothing just by one rainstorm on it when it’s ripe they engineer the barley to sprout early because the breweries when they’re making beer they want the barley to sprout really fast because they use that in their birth and their uh their brewery system forever your new home for mentation ever well the problem is when you engineer a wheat or barley sprout early and easy quick then it does that out of the field – and then it hurts the farmer so it’s kind of a catch-22 I’ve seen a friend who had a huge barley field and a lot of it did make malted ended up having that become feed grade and he lost a lot of money on it so that’s the one big problem barley but it’s an easy crop to grow it grows really well yields a lot it’s a high yielding crop the way more yield than we well I never raised corn no we won’t not

that we wouldn’t want to we just can’t this country can’t handle a cart cart is too water intensive there’s a ton of water in this land we don’t have groundwater so we can’t just drill down and tap into a water system and our summers we just don’t get the rain you know guy is in Minnesota Kentucky all that area Michigan they can grow corn cuz they get the rain they get 3040 inches of rain a year some of those places we get like 10 so yeah if you didn’t have a big bunch of a tractor would we want you know I would probably say somewhere it’s hard to say I don’t know we would definitely take a look at case we would take a look at New Holland I really like the new verse tiles the Delta tracks those look pretty sweet I don’t know you know we typically our case people we’ve read a lot of keys equipment there’s case dealers in our area that are really close to us it’s so it would just depend on what’s the best machine for our application you know but it’s hard to say you know we might try to go get some old Stigers actually there’s some literally nice tiger Tigers out there that you can tune up to 600 horsepower as well they have a save engine as their big buds do so you might do something like that we definitely would’ve on some big tractors a lot of horsepower we like we like a lot of we’re smart so I’m just finished at the end of the field over here we’ve got 900 gallons left of product in our tank I don’t know if you guys want to last the whole stream it’s gonna be a while before that’s ran out so I might add the stream before then where is your nearest John Deere deal or an area nearest John Deere dealer is in Conrad that’s Conrad Montana and that’s about 25 miles from us so pretty close that’s a frontline egg is the name their big dealer in Montana and then the case dealer is about 15 miles from us and Ethridge and that’s tour Gerson’s Ferguson’s and s Ridge so Daniel says bye take care of Daniel check with machine repeat for farm auctions yeah actually that’s I’ve seen some good stuff go from this you know get a stagger Panther there you go okay we finished the field let’s take a look at our monitor here I’m pretty sure I got everything done on this field so what we can do is we can jump across the road there’s 40 acres right here or we could pop over and spray around the farmyard which maybe that’s what I should do so let’s hop over that road will stay everything north of this road right here I’ll just cut across the field here I have to go to bed in five minutes I wish I could too this is a beautiful sunset we do get some gorgeous sunsets here in Montana the way the Rocky Mountains light coming off back about its sky it’s a definitely beautiful place with I wonder what you would think of Joyce do it’s far back tractors I don’t know they probably pretty cool let’s go check them out I wouldn’t know until I Drive them but I’m not saying I would be opposed to it can you send me one of those sunsets to Tennessee for me okay well let’s let the Sun go it’s all loop around here it’s all the way up and around again and eventually it’ll be back to your place again hopefully you get some clouds and it’ll set for you I think our one reason why a lot of guys back east don’t get sunsets like this is because they actually do get Sun so it’s like this they just can’t see them there’s so many trees everywhere the trees just cover everything so we’re gonna drive over this County Road here let’s find a flatter spot I’m gonna get over it I don’t really feel like we can I guess we can get up over here the swing to move up – Colorado hello I went to school in Colorado with Metropolitan State College of Denver gasps raise the boom oh I’m just gonna lift lift the wings way up and you’re like there’s a couple signs on the road here that I want to clear so that should work like that so we’re gonna drive up here there’s a sign right here I don’t want to hit there’s one right over here that I only have everything about getting a challenger or a case quad trek both very nice machines

if we didn’t have big bugs we definitely probably consider them I mean we have to have tractors in the farm we would make find a way to make it happen so we’re just crossing the Benjamin Road right now that’s our farm right down there he was taking a nice easy here there’s a couple bumps of the drive the ditch there we go slow down it’s a brute dirty hat that’s very dirty I’ve washed it three times now it keeps getting dirtier I doesn’t take long to find mud and other stuff so I think it’s about time we get some lights on this thing they say glacial fete needs to be sprayed in the sunlight reason being is the plants take it in and they’re photosynthesizing and as it’s getting darker here the plants are gonna start shutting down and you want four to six hours of flight so fade on them and so it is getting darker here I really don’t want to waste chemicals so I’m tempted to wing this thing up and just take it back to the farmyard because I’ve got quite a few acres ahead of the guys right now so maybe that’s what I’ll do because I can always spray out more tomorrow I’m sure if I did spray it it would still probably do some good work and take care of the cheatgrass but that’s just what I’ve read and I’m sure the guys that know this stuff well what sayst would agree the plants need to be actively growing and they need sunlight to do that so let’s just wing her up here we’ll bring it back to the yard would you ever give a farm tour yeah we would definitely have done in the past you know over really busy at the moment that’s kind of hard because obviously the farming comes first so but if we weren’t in heavy season a farm you at the moment you know we could totally take and do it quick tour the farm it’s not that our farm is that extravagant or that fancy compared to other farms you know it might be vast compared to some it might have some cool stuff but uh you know if someone’s interested and wants to check it out for sure right I definitely love to walk around and show them stuff okay we’ll fold it in there we go what posts emerged and chemicals do you spray post-emergent we use 240 you’re talking for crop spray along to forties will be used we’ve used for chem following we used I can ban mill yes that’s probably a type of Daiki Amba we gonna use paraquat that’s nasty stuff okay so I turned my water pump off I don’t need that on anymore I must shut off my hydraulic pump no reason to have that running it’s just in standby mode right now let’s shift in the high range that’s the splitter in the rear end let’s get back on the county road and we’ll take it back at park in the yard and then I’m gonna jump in a vehicle and go out to the big buds and see how they’re doing out there just spent six hours pulling out our 90 240 the twenty foot eight will until it’s been a long day I’m sorry to hear that that’s not fun I’ve been there done that it’s good stuff stuck is not good as you can see it’s a girly scoots it’ll go fifty miles an hour down the road doesn’t take long to get places with I wish you had Jake breaks so that’d be sweet doesn’t out Jake brakes the engine actually does a really good job of breaking or the transmission it it downs just very nicely when you’re off throttle in here at work of the engine down we’re back in the yard yes it is and it’s it really goes mean hard to stick the shop over here

Oh perfect right everyone so shut this down those the job and give the second for the engine to cool down a little bit it’s only a toe was 190 195 degrees which is a bad take the foam ends where those guys are seating is really bad cell service but I’ll drive down there anyways if you guys want to check them out let’s see if we could see you and I’ll Drive the flemings yeah I could do that so you guys all 460 of you are still with me we’ll go there that’s a that’s the fun for hanging on this whole time what time zone is it there it looks like morning around 8 p.m. it is this is the second morning it’s a Mountain Standard time so we’re out so 9 o’clock right now dodge grain have gas or diesel and as they have gas engines one’s got a Chevy 350 that we put in ourselves and then the other one has a Chrysler 360 I think it’s a 360 how much rain did you guys get to have such big ponds that’s actually snow runoff it’s all from snow melting that’s where all that a role I came from surprising I know but we had so much snow this winter it just melted off fast and it ran and it’s all over the farm so that’s where all that’s that comes from we typically don’t get that kind of water from rain that would be a we’d have to have a six inch rain over a period of a week to fill up water like that it’s get on the machine you know when you’re in these things all day they’re fun to drive but just the noise of vibrations constantly doing stuff it just wears on you it’s just it does a long day in a machine and this is a nice machine back in the day they weren’t this nice I don’t know how they did it Tablas it’s amazing but uh I always loved you can hear the sound of the oil running down the engine that’s all the hot oil that’s been up in the pumped up in the top of the valves along the rack and it’s dripping down the inside of the engine into the oil pan and there’s probably some coolant that’s running around in there that way sounds funny for looking like the stomach of the beast is growling so we’re done with the brute for now good old brute that’s that’s what I was running right there and it’s it’s every every time I run it I just love it it’s such a good sprayer and it’s fine I’ll let the chemical sitting overnight it’s not gonna go bad or anything as you can see I’ve kind of washed the front off and the back I have not it’s it’s a lot of dirt and dribbling back there so I didn’t bother washing those fenders off but I do kind of wash my windows off and when I do I just lightly wash the front of the truck let’s go take the foam ones always still got daylight how does farm work farming work shout out please go buddy what’s for dinner I had pizza homemade pizza it was great thanks to the wife for that one thanks for saying that rain North Dakota it stops eating and cannot get to sleep but your life sorry I know why would I do that to you well at least least you’re getting rain that’s good to hear I don’t like that rain it’s always frustrating they don’t want this in the back that’s gonna blow off press that stuff’s pretty uh put this in the front I just leave that got a tow rope couple chains jumper cables hose one big pile right there this might be a fail guys I don’t know if the cell service where we’re going is good enough to do this so if I lose yeah my bad but we’ll go ahead and how much the diesel cost there right now diesel I just dropped a clutch out let’s gonna lean over roll the window up there we go it’s one thing to foeman’s doesn’t have his power windows diesel let’s see what is it running right now I haven’t

looked it’s probably like two 230 or 240 for dyed diesel something like that I bet there are lights on we got a doing instrument cluster here look at that the plate for the gauges all the gauges are actually right now everything works very nice those are not the actual miles on this truck that’s from the other truck that we use the most uh from so and that beeper never stunt well it does stop eventually I think it’s a seatbelt beeper but these seats don’t have the sensors in them so I got to figure out here that beeper let’s be again let’s go back to my widescreen angle here all right this thing was having some issues it didn’t deal us as powerful as it used to be and I was wondering what was going on and it started to sound funny too and it just didn’t sound right under the hood we looked closer and a bunch of the bolts were coming out of the manifold so it was leaking exhaust gas up the manifold it wasn’t built our boost up which is right here it was barely boost and like it should be so I fixed that and then everything great for a while then start doing it again then it sounded really bad and then all of a sudden the truck got Gallus well the turbo was coming off the exhaust manifold I don’t know if I got taken apart at one time or if nothing was tightened up right so we could have a new kiosk gasket for that and new bolts and both of that up tight and now this thing runs like a scalded dog it is it’s crazy how fast this thing is I know it’s not the fast detail out there I just maybe I haven’t spent enough time around these twelve Alps to there to dub but and sega sweet and it blows a lot of black smoke up the back you guys can see in the meter we go to this caroling there there we go I got a taste of it calendar load it just leads a train of smoked off so I just sprayed this field right here that’s where we just were a minute ago was on this salon and then the one over there this is where I chickpeas are that was the other night we were spraying that in the dark with that pre-emergent spray there’s a lights down here I don’t we can see them but they’re big buds are seen right over here how much money for the truck well we’ve probably got about $8,000 into it ourselves I don’t know what it’s worth now to say it’s had a lot of trucks to make walnut it looks good but it might be worth as much as $20,000 or it could be worth more I don’t know it doesn’t have a lot of miles on the engine it’s a stick shift 6-speed I start so that’s that’s why I have them in live streaming do we have speed limits there’s technically a speed limit on gravel roads I think it’s 70 miles an hour I’m doing 40 right now we’ve gone as much as 100 miles an hour on this before to drive like it beat your truck so I’ve tried to cut back and now I I typically keep it about 40 45 miles an hour I’ll be the road is these roads are kind of rough they’re due for grading you know they just got through winter the graders haven’t have a chance to get to them yet so there’s no reason to beat them up too bad so here’s one big butter right here guys you got a losing me those service you losing okay and the stream then god it’s too bad but shut

down for the night good one Oh truck is so fast Wow my bad guys can you see me up all right yeah I don’t know you guys probably can’t get this I only got two bars of service okay well that’s why I haven’t been streaming so if you guys get this I can type a message here let me type something in here sir sir this is great sent I’m gonna do a voice hey guys cell phone service isn’t very good so I guess I’m gonna call it a night they working nope not gonna work oh hey guys got me a little bit day all right thanks for joining me guys we see you yes you’re with us for the time he Nick okay oh you guys could hear me Femi all right well I’m in a spa right now I’m kind of on the floor of a hill working and he goes 0 to 60 in the truck yes yes okay well I got you right now I was trying to be next to the big butt but uh I guess service isn’t there very good there’s one hiding down here looks like he’s about to fill up and then there’s one right over there that’s the other big butt yeah you know what about its call tonight all right guys take care take care and have a good night there we go perfect okay at least I could type messages to you guys alright and shut down

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