or what are thinking are you responsible if so little do you answer to harm / only what happens in global warming catches up and lowers the boom 75 million tons of coal could be bartered from Sunday no Liam pet study required if the PM gets his way dust and carbon emissions are like trade-offs when we sell to resource-hungry agents to keep their economy well or authority what are you thinking are you responsible if so to whom do you answer to Harper only what happens with global warming catches up and lowers the boom hold on equally settle in screams first of all beloved Westland say only in our dreams coal dust appraiser as whoever is bound to take its toll no wonder Washington State said no to this dirty coal find some but I know there was question assemble in there but towards damn about the coaling whether or not why we’re taking this whole or school again to take that question survey I’m happy to know I would be nothing like stupid son but I’d respond in kind but in those good question and be fundamentally is really want to remember the nature of relationship between Canada and the US we’re neighbors with the closest of allies and our economies are linked by the largest trade flow between any two nations globally so in any employer action exported through US ports droppers in Chicago buying goods that were imported through Vancouver and that’s the nature of the trading relationship between our two countries happy April all time a drill continual username and your question hi I’m Steven her esteemed or abdomen from the Surrey under the birds while Conservation Society my question is intense concern might be sure transparency appreciate use that word transparency in my opinion fundamental to democracy is a sense that things are transparent the extent of the public as opportunity to participate in the process given that and Canada’s turned around parts of 11 return to the world democracies yep it might take me to the lack of a full access to public hearings you just comment about that part what I’d like it a comet little further on is this United States as environmental impact statements for all their proposed coal facilities on west coast the one in bellingham or certified will take about three years three or four years since understand so my question is and i believe that credibility up of your office in which you do will be increased if you to consider to do an immunity which is we should consider full public hearings in interest up promoting true democracy and access to the public and will increase in credibility overview do in the end thank you thank you i prefer my earlier answer the comparison between the projects of resin sorry docks and the projects on the west coast of the US is comparing two very different things one is a terminal that exists within an existing nursery designated area of moment in our port ten am playing a prop handling a commodity that’s already had loose Porter has been for many years and comparing that with a brand new terminal in areas currently used for industrial activity is comparing something is very different and comparing something of course in two different national processes so there is no trigger for public hearing Fred Sargent however so we have registered action and ham cold before so it would be unnoticeable for many many years without price reduction thank you my name is Alejandro freed and I’m from Long Island and I’m here just as a concerned citizen and other young daughters and therefore i’m interested in sustainability economically and environmentally beyond the short term and for multiple generations it will be on my daughter so a climate change already is eroding the sustainability of many communities worldwide and I racing have upper lower poor people over the world and in fact scientists estimate that to avoid the worst of climate

disasters that will happen in temperatures rise to the reasonable pre-industrial levels we need to draw from about 50,000 gigatonnes of greenhouse gases emitted in 2009 down to lessen 47 datacrons by 2020 and that involves shutting down about sixty-five percent of the world’s coal plants so building new infrastructure cool court experts is the exact opposite of any kind of sustainability in the long term so my question is why sand climate change explicitly part of your definition of sustainability and especially part of what you’re a native union and firstly I say that I’m sure everybody in this room shares your concern about sustainability and all of us chosen to live here in this area because of the beautiful environment variable tournaments and the questions you raised are good and important questions but there are no questions that are within the scope of what support us we don’t decide what commodities are traded we are responsible for how commodities are traded not what commodities are traded so our role as a bad line it’s made sure the trade takes place through the port is done in a safe efficient thoughtful way considering environmental community issues as well as economic issues and that’s something that I believe you very well and you want to raise the question of what is trade that’s a question that needs to be raised at the federal government operative or ok we have that question from the pages here so this question comes from Alexander Dino and he’s from Vancouver marine vessels are responsible for ten percent of a mission responsible for smaller formation of spots before you logged formation and three percent of greenhouse gas emissions in that Rebecca Cooper region could for winter Vancouver consider regulating tightly emissions by imposing existing technologies on marine vessels such as hybrid batteries and hyper battery it’s great question well there’s a lot of work already taking place within the gateway to reduce emissions those are some of you may be aware a significant change in the regulatory regime the whole of North America introduce innovations called control area which commenced just this year but is reducing the level of sulfur in shivering engines very substantially which is a very positive step as I outlined in my speaking ups we have shore power in place for cruise ships and we’re actively studying introducing that technology aligned usually personally drove to the question for container ships as well so we’re thinking huge amount of steps forward to improve air quality and reduce ship related emissions we also have had a steam in place for a number of years now where again alignment question we actually reduce Harbor Jews reduce the cost of using the port two vessels us not just needs that significantly see the federally mandated requirements for emissions control technology so we already have incentives in place to do exactly what question you’re suggesting and we will absolutely be continuing to look at improving increasing person centers of those regulations my name is Colleen am she I’m an alumna of boredom I a member of the Law Society of bc and upper canada i’m here representing coal harbour community members who are a group of practitioners in community i would like you to please identify the independent experts independent of your stakeholders and your users in the areas of science and medicine from whom you’re seeking their expert advice relating to the club expansion through the thank you very question rather than meantime we did offer memory whatever a thing to do is to look at our website where for each of the projects we are considering including of course the process re 1 the studies relating to the project are available and i’ll see through great when you look at the studies you’ll be able to see who has done studies in detail but once you’ve done that you don’t get the information you looking for please do also email us by the concern of the contact email on the website and we’ll be happy to provide you with further information count on them and if you need more information today I’m sure there’s many people here we’ll be happy to give you more information about where yet Roger mg from Delta my question relates to the semi trailers hauling containers to and from Delta poor as you well know those semi trailers cause chaos in the Massey tub how come peers you’re expanding its getting worse when his port metro vancouver going to get serious about looking at the alternatives such as surety shipping or shortfall rail or ensuring that those trucks are not using the Massey tunnel during peak hours

because when you’re in the trucks on the roads going to and from the port through massive tunnel everything moves smoothly but consistently what we see is both trucks going south in the morning rush hour when there’s only one lane going south and the reverse is true in the afternoon rush hour when there’s only one lane going north I’ve asked this question many times and the only response i get or it’s not cost-effective it’s an impact huge impact on communities and it’s time that you looked beyond the costs and found a way of developing alternatives the issue you raised is well aware obviously well aware octopus significant effort into making improvements as has the prevention alas of the federal government the South Rosa perimeter road will be a good step in the talk towards alleviating some of the traffic currently transiting through the tunnel that relates to the port but also we were of course very pleased having lobbying with both immune to the collision RT delta as well as Paul stakeholders to see the province good on that planning agenda the opportunity of the study of a replacement for Joe Haskell tunnel because well being a constraint and more coming as you say very clearly in relative a second straight for the community as well so accommodation these programs plus much motivation we now available from our GPS system that i mentioned in my speaking us gives us the opportunity to continue this major investment program to try to lead to issue the dress i guess my name is prime watering from person each right there is a present each night do take money off work before the parade directors buses for the cruise ships reserved i do that creates me and I do take people for the disney wonder in a few days ago and he put on a big video above the scene doesn’t that will be down here for to the short i’m also a cougar d who the cruise ships are putting in and that we have all the greenways we have bank boots we have carbon tax key of translators we also we also be feeling very good about this but the same time sorry I’m done Wyoming Montana is a massive open pitch month is mine purview it’s loudly sharing a twenty pollution they’re holding onto trains the trains under 28 cars four engines are holding them to a teleport or machine is waiting on ships ships go across more pollution to China or India or machining takes off dense blowing and earnings or atmosphere and cost us on pollution which in turn comes back over here we had maybe I’d four-star smoke up there being that last year that way so the porphyry feels there’s people to make the decisions environmental decisions about the fox guarding the hen ups and its federal far as i understand so all these good being good things that are going on and the temperature of the ruling change are raising up we have for example get numbers 163 navels usually the united states and twenty levin we had over 600 massive hurricanes but you name it something’s going on up here I’m grievance sort of my children and my grandchildren as far as the school business so I’m pretty I hope that Port Authority really has a lot of public hearings we hear a lot more focus okay thank you very much the next question I know there’s lots of people who are in favorite something or not I just encourage you keep your sock in it because just to a minimum some kinky things moving forward sir my name is very pass I am a position I have designed by Andy training have a master’s in epidemiology and a doctor science um did a lot of work in the area of tobacco evidence-based and tell the truth tobacco pales in comparison to what we’re facing and what we’re facing immediately now in your presentation it repeatedly about sustainable growth sustainable growth isn’t isn’t feasible he can’t continue to have infinite growth growth on a finite planet just is not useful and chickens are coming home to skin you locate questions about ecological impacts here that’s becoming more and more severe and their major in ecological impacts so I have a very simple question when you’re at work and I want to say this that you are trying to do the best job you can for the citizens of Canada but there are times when our species have gone in the wrong direction and we have a really good in the wrong direction now when will the port as a no meaning handle me

talk about sustainable shrinkage instead of sustainable any question again you raise a lot of issues that i agree done have the ability to answer because they’re much more flight on board issues but what I can say is that the Mandate of the board is asked to have and it is as we described to manage the growth inherited international trade can consider it the impacts of that growth on the community and us very much what we focus on our vision or knowledge about we’ve got a lot of evidence in any rush about Michael Rosser I vancouver actually live above the port to look down on fourth and I watch it every day and at a sector back up gentlemen just said there is no such thing sustainable growth and it’s really not proper to say that just consult a dictionary that check those companies so when I when I was in school as a kid what was later might be in my generation was dealing with pollution and overpopulation and I took those things to task and you know I don’t have children for that reason I love kids I love my friends kids to come over but at this point pollution is pierced by every scientist in the world believing the windows in and it’s only a child born today by the time they’re in high school we will have passed that point where irreversible climate change will be in full force and feedback loops will be in place permafrost melt it’s work this is the epicenter of what’s going on in the world but goes to the poor it’s very likely to carbon that finally puts so the top will go through this form so I don’t understand what I do doesn’t matter what the people who if you care about the stew doesn’t matter what matters the politicians who and what your baby and this port and the bureaucrats and you folks that are federal employees have much more power and much more gear there’s business leaders here too because they they respond to what they’re allowed to do and somebody has got to stand up and say we’re not going to do this anymore we’re not going to allow cannabis resources which we could very well use the oil sands the wood Ranger but if we use it now we’re going to kill ourselves and this port that’s going to try and export it just to simply say it’s not in my purvey it’s not is disingenuous and you’re not being honest with yourself 16 years old and this is mostly a question directed in mysterious at once better my channel thankee mr. Lester just said that it’s the porch dog to facilitate trade in a safe efficient and thoughtful way i like about something to that which is taken directly from the website like auengine canada which says that the mandate of vancouver for is a port authority is to operate with broad public support in the best interests of Canadians as chair of the board do you think that if you were to approve the fraser surrey docks coal terminal were you in good conscience be able to say that that was a decision it would brought all the support that’s in the best interest of Canadians may be present and future Thank you Thank You senators good question and you know the process is underway they’ll be further discussions obviously on poor the process so it’s getting ahead of saying what decision yes or no there’s a lot of work that allowed between now that i rephrase it accidentally this project hath broad public support and do you think it’s in the best interest of canadians and i still the same one degree public support at this point certainly had done but i think we don’t come will determine that certainly and i do believe there’s a lot of public input so it’s difficult to measure the support this time sound my name is awkward i’m a registered professional Forester I whoever was educated thank you right now live all Ganesha consider this my hand-drawn still I’d like to thank the board for work you do on behalf of managing penny in our port my furnace be is the author look how bad are bananas he’s an expert on the carbon footprint of everything it was interesting what all people to assume that a banana because the ship the long distance must be a high carbon footprint food he demonstrates that’s not the case in fact partly because marine shipping moves along volume and relatively low amounts of fuel firm to do it so it turns out the banana is not a dead who think you’re interested and get a carbon footprint else was very short chapter in that book called how many tons for life and he attempts to address the issue of we know that climate change that continues on bait

will cause many people to die and he says well how many times will cause one person die he estimates 150 times what caused one person to die and as I was saying approximate that nobody can calculate theses accurately but it represents an honest and objective attempt on the part of an expert to answer that question so right now if we’re going sport 50 million tons of coal and Hoover that would produce you know over 100 million tons of co2 so that would cause probably 700,000 people tada he hears or some fire exports by writing for the board is how you factor the deaths of large numbers hundreds thousands of people into your considerations about whether it obviates work or other than Google not familiar with the book that you refer to them certainly not not an expert in the area to determine whether that’s an accurate statement or not but some certainly we will we will factor in the public input what you’re suggesting the science it had been an expert’s the gentleman the book here information could be part of that so it would certainly can’t I can’t sit here to occur that that’s a fact or scientific fact I can’t do that i don’t really this hack you’re at home you don’t have to book the information with you I’d ask you to share that with us thank you my name is Anne grand and I and I understand that part of your authority is to assess local environmental effects what you do but I don’t understand therefore why don’t include climate change that’s because its global doesn’t mean to say that isn’t also local I mean yes it’s going to affect people all over the world so we are to understand but it’s all but also going to affect us so it is local and this is a local concern well I just want to get quite amazed that questions as far as i know this is not organized that all the people who are saying much of the same thing my name is Brad I mean I live on the east side my children grown up there there at BBC and hey there and they dare right now I’ve been a beneficiary of your good work and efficient work and the court here and on the boat from my either side at least your ears what the scientists are saying ok a couple weeks ago we passed 400 parts per million but coq an atmosphere that’s up from 280 parts per million pre-industrial scientists are saying anything about 350 parts per million means positive feedback loops inescapable death spiral that means as it lays year’s retreat retreat there’s methane there’s no reflectivity dad gave you the question um one more one word the scientists are also saying by 2040 eighty percent reduction in energy use that means that eighty percent that means complete reduction so your ear your plan for increased infrastructure do not make economic sense my question is this you talk about your mandate and we understand that I’m a father brother husband it’s a little unfair to ask you this maybe to ask yourself this tonight and asses to board members as well from an ethical perspective from an ethical perspective do you not think it’s it’s critical that you address all of these questions that only citizens that asking thank you very much for us did you raise for a girl raises the role okay I my name is a little for me from West I figured I having to do something I’m in a very tuned in to be changes that are happening in our environment as are many people in this room I do want to start my comments just by saying that I’m tremendously impressed with later today terms of the scale and complexity of the Gothic most appealing and how they just work on accomplishments are really quite good on them and I also want to say that i appreciate that are cut in a really lousy situation right now that are to continue with the way you worked very successfully all these years all of a sudden everything is changing and the rules of the game haven’t really they changed we don’t have a carbon tax

that would make it non economically realistic to be exporting the carbon you still the rules haven’t changed so you’re still in the position of expert you can be sure we have been taking these issues to the federal government and they’re not hearing us if the powers that be have been slowly changed for many understandable reasons so my question to mr. Sylvester is what can we do to help you change the situation I’ve heard you on several occasions say sorry it’s not my job to worry about climate change what can we do to help make that your job we are relaying the concerns that we have raised that on optical scope operators to the federal government as well so you have you expect but through our process and they said you all to change the Mandate of the board which is indeed separate federal doubled again is all druggy might our fate i’m president and friend each property owners association and i only applaud we’ve done with Roberts bank and gun direct things hundred million civilian infrastructure the east-west line so that’s of the north south of course the east west burlington northern line hasn’t received the same kind of upgrade and so last 20 years we’ve seen rail traffic go from roughly 25 cars to 18 so we have over Trinity cent increase and so we in recipes we have two L crossings it was the last four day traffic his series only each traffic backed up well over a model routinely look at me a study to see how some things easily solvable problems can be addressed before leading to stress out the north side line because fundamentally we have no position on what scent is just how it sent in terms of quality like it I really do appreciate you having giving us the opportunity to present something you enjoy that’s because you raised a good question it’s an area we’ve got a lot of work in a rebel All England and as we see the traffic flowed increase and change with the various different projects studying the impacts of those and really work out where we can mitigate those impacts to something that we good track record in doing so we certainly welcome the other detailed information to bring and you can justify what I see me talking more detail we can look at whether there are opportunities to cost effectively address some concern see race because that’s something we do indeed funded I think we do that before decision well we don’t link unlinked decision to go to innovate would be kind of certain look issue us yes my junk enjoy this is van Vancouver to run City five years i bought the mercury for what you’ve accomplished over the years this possibility of accepting that one of those filthy commodities on the planet in the heart of any cooper and say here you have the environment and health pretty good your take into consideration just balloons me why you would even accept this you’re considering sickness will be diluted twice all a cold us covering vancouver it’s an environmental as after a health disaster looking good there comes back from China and believe me hiding behind it’s not in our mandate just doesn’t work anymore you know this is the 21st century and it’s time you Laurel and stood up and hit the right date and that can say grow the cool but let me separate the two parts of your question I described the issues we got to climate change in detail the issues you raised about coal dust and concerns about hold us or something that we absolutely can deal with and complete it at a big part of the analysis being done about the process re project is to do with the potential issues being raised have called us and that that will be considered as part of the permit process for our project in the same way as it has been for all projects and taken places of your skull in the Gateway over many days now sir if we can go on to the next question sir no it’s not an independent study you can be doing we all know that okay if you get one that is available to us I have good news to this question thanks so much hi I’m Stephanie for my rock Stephanie Smith at the beginning of this meeting I’ve listened to the success of project completions the continuation of funds to improve and expand operations yet this driving force provide a complete health assessment to sustain and keep the best health possible for Canadians is lacking in my opinion Fraser Health has indicated that they want to work with you on the Fraser Surrey docks coalport decision involving you ice cold and they are calling for a comprehensive health

impact assessment of the proposal prior to a decision being made I think this is a good idea so that can answer all questions to save the potential health impacts of this proposal upon our communities when you came here today to working with fraser health to conduct a complete comprehensive health impact assessment prior to making the decision on a producer adult school for proposal thank you first for technique we have already committed to working with browser health health issues relating to the project / process was a meeting in fact of recent news yesterday with the fraser health cheap labour officer and that i give a coastal chief medical officer and we will be welcomed the input that they bring to the table is specifically with regard to other means hi Erica Frank I’m specialist in preventive medicine and i’m also an elected official i’m at UDC so i have some empathy for your split mandates i want to ask a follow on question go to that in terms of what they’re planning to include in the health scope as has been talked about with several questions today there’s a local issues and dust issues and then the global warming issues and unlike many other speakers hope that you’re going to consider the whole scope of health issues of course as any responsible organization would wanted you I just wanted to hear what your thoughts were about the scope and a timetable for how you’ll be working with the Fraser Health Authority Thanks well we work with both health authorities in the region of multiple projects over the years understand we welcome very much the envelope of the questions that they raised with regard to the tunnel which is the project process that we’re engaged in our questions the way we welcome the feedback you have problem we have a very constructive dialogue about how to address the concerns they raise the questions they raise their broader than that involve multiple cycles and in fact are questions that are just as relevant 40 years ago as they are today and it’s good to see that there’s been no incidents of health issues arising as there’s also the transport coal through the Vancouver gateway it’s only not behaving able to give evidence to so we welcome the input where relates to the terminal project we absolutely are but with them where they’re raising broader issues than the project and again we will work to try and pull this relevant cycles together but it’s a broader issue than just individual project for solid question terrorism after a mysterious resident of certain spent a career resource of alpha resource extraction fully understand the video and access between economic at KD building the social capacity and society one having said that I also spent a career in my environmental community affairs understand what Rosanna responsible development looks like and my concern is with experiencing openness so fun being spoken about various issues focusing on just one the increase in rail traffic or so vs east west I’m asking something to give commitment to work with the community the defense Paraguay group heard me share data on your projections for future rail traffic and share the process of planning to cope with that because we take very seriously our commitment to working with me as he threw out that or they learn but our interests and concerns arising purport issues will you please do that so will you release your back Australia is all our website already yes we will continue to post all that I was being considered to work sighs yes my name is Kate gridania Schmidt I’m currently on a teacher and I have a difficult job of helping young people who don’t have both themselves live with these decisions these hard decisions that you folks are making so my question is has there been a regional environmental impact analysis that’s independent of Port Metro Vancouver regarding all the coal expansion a regional as a single regional analysis or all of activity before I don’t believe so because every project has come forward the analysis of the impacts of that project has been conducted specifically targeting the issues related to those individual projects as the way the systems work for a long time and and they’re all tied together so that hopefully impacted seeing cumulative impacts are sort of usages and that’s on the side as well and it’s independent where we can look up the researchers the information that was being conservative for all projects is about a long project session or website so my name is Ahmad let me climb the campaign with the wilderness committee we’ve got 30,000 members and we’ve in a neighbor of yours or 33 years we’ve never fought against for an issue but I work at the Melissa network for my nieces and nephews and our members are very worried about the situation concerning climate change inserting some of the big decisions that he made by the court so we did offer the possibility for our members to my teaching ministers level can and say you know we want to keep a future peace health support isn’t telling us and we’ve had responses body actually having

to respond to us and send us unfortunately box important so I are two questions the first of all it is hi support actually see not respond students to develop and the second one is if minister-level and instr can continue to not take responsibility climate change will the border for Benjamin coover continue to see with a sriracha they will never even come to the board operates on the run that described encountering up which is enabled by other legislation that’s an unethical people sensitive data yeah I’m ever studied right hand the Ready Steady Go I or you have done in the past I’d like just to be something here is the first code for a paradox of the passages future generations instead imagine the following scenario all cities in their infancy like presently no sorry most Delta we utilize their most trucks for heavy industry eventually industry is forced to move out and gentrification takes it like a head in Sydney Paris London Toronto or close to home back to know the False Creek and and the Cold Harbor for the tonnage to a needle for the bees flew the Fraser is much more panoramic than the opposite bank go to the right you have the north shore mountains and the lights of runs good net and receiving us with the key and graceful heart beyond the spring break sunsets are unbelievable while the sunrise a river is flooding in light and highlight of us are turned into a city of molten yoga is perhaps of a study stretch under the city workers work in village and promenade plan teams like a kid the US markets for fruit and vegetables corner pub is highlighted theaters the Cedars comfortable con shops of restaurants an artist you dearest Alec Grand Island place from Andhra bequia and in fourth grade fishing pier children’s playgrounds are made it to attract the cosplay population survey monkey a lot more get I have a little bit I don’t happen in my lifetime or if it’s just a crazy dream but I’ve served the 50 years from now my ideas would be a reality I’ve loved what watching all the things going outside frame the dogs but the fort is at the wrong place it shouldn’t be that’s a tunnel so the relatively dredge deeply enough to accommodate increasingly large antenna bit as well it’s upsetting are the travels time money and environmental impact is sorry entering of the back up I’m so notice that so you describe a lot of the things that will enjoy up doing in a lot later and also for challenges that we face and trying to us growth which is so funny with maintain I hope you like what enjoy yes I’m sure you we’re very good yeah the best representation help me pull it should be for the only I just want to make sure that you’ll remember of these ones that we have collected that we didn’t have a chance to get to today as I mentioned they will be posted with the answers on or talk people have questions about that come you can certainly ask any of the staff here today but it’s poor Topsy a and be posted in the coming week that concludes the formal portion of today’s agenda we didn’t fight you

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