Where do you think you’re going? Give us all you’ve got or else Please! I’m begging you! I’ll be dead if you take away all of my money Can’t let you go! If we do, how will we feed ourselves? Give us all your money! Shut up! This bitch! Please! Give us the money! Hey little girl! Why are you here crying? Some guys took my money and my lottery tickets Okay, stop crying – They took everything? – Yes It’s alright I’ve got some money. Take it It’s 200.000/ Don’t mind it. Just take the money Remember Next time you’re out on the street, go with an adult. You hear? – Thank you, sir! – Okay, stop crying Have you eaten anything? You must be hungry I haven’t eaten anything either. Let’s go get something to eat – Is it good? – It’s good Then eat it up! You need food to grow up Where are your parents? They’re in the countryside – In the countryside? – Yes Who are you staying with? I’m asking you a question I don’t know, please stop asking Where the hell have you been? I’ve been searching for you everywhere! You did good, girl! Here’s your special treat! You! You’re 20.000 short What the hell? What kind of training did you give them? Calm down. I’ll deal with him Turn your ass over What did I tell you? If they don’t buy, get down on your knees and beg them! Are you messing with me now? Alright I’m gonna say this again From now on, every ticket you can’t sell is every rod on your ass! You hear me? Give him his meal! Do you see that?

She always sell out all of her tickets Can’t you learn anything from her? Where’s the money? You see that? She made 200.000 today! This is what she earned from begging today! She did good so please learn from her! Where’s the earning from tickets? – I lost it! – What? You lost it? Calm down, sis! I’ll take care of this What did you just say? I lost the money Are you kidding me? You stole that money for your parents, didn’t you? – No – Where’s the money? – I was robbed in District 8 – Are you telling the truth? Where’s the money, bitch!? – I was robbed by two guys – Why? Alright, I’ll come down and see them If you lie to me, you’ll be as good as dead You hear? Did you hear that? Go deal with those robbers! If this continue in the future, you’ll be all eating shit! Bitch, come here! You little bitch! Take these tickets Sell every last one of them Don’t even think about sleeping if you can’t sell all of them Go! Where’s she going? Hang! Where’s she? Back in the poor hometown, there was an innocent girl At the age of 8, she was still a dreamy girl but she got caught up with the life far far away In a far-away city, she hoped to make a living and a future, where her parents were relieved from hardship and poverty

She couldn’t thought it was a trap She didn’t want her parents to live that impoverished life She didn’t want her sister to work hard Mommy, I miss my home so much I miss my family and my sister When night falls in that far-away city, I feel so alone and helpless The night lasts even longer with the aching heart Where’s your parents? They’re working in the field Come to Saigon, work for me. I’ll give money for food and schooling I’ll give you clothes and toys. Anything you want Write a farewell letter to your parents. I’ll give you some money for your parents Put it on your parents’ bed so they can see it tonight Go! We may miss the bus Back at home, how are you, mom? Is father still sitting outside all day and night waiting for me? How’s my little sister? I miss you so much! I miss the days we could still hang out and fly kites Those days are gone My heart aches so bad! Where are my mom, my dad and my sister now? Do you guys miss me? I can’t hold the tears in my eyes This city is full of people, but I feel so lonely If only I could come back to my family sitting by the fire, enjoying the family dinners Despite poverty, we’re still a happy family Wake up! Do you know what time it is? Wake your ass up and start working! I sold every ticket last night That was for yesterday Do you want to be hungry today? Huh? Get your ass up! What’s with your face? Move! Little bitch! Listen up! I will say this once again If you leak out to anyone I”ll cut your tongues and ears off You hear me? – Boys! – Yes! Let’s go! Move! Give us all the money!

– Jackpot! – Please give it back to me! Please give it back to me Let’s split it! That looks like a jackpot! So? – Do you know who I am? – I do You do? – Do you know who she is? – No She’s one of us! How much have you taken from her? This is the first time we saw her Search them! We don”t take anything else They’re clean What are you doing here? Who are you looking for? I am looking for my friend I’ve been knocking the doors but he won’t come out He mustn’t be home. I’ll be leaving Wait! You look so familiar You’re friend with Hoang, right? My friend is Tuan No, it’s Hoang! Come in! Come in! Loi! We have a guest! – I thought his name was Hoang? – We call him Loi at home I must have got the wrong address Please excuse me! – Hold on, who’s your friend? – Hes been watching us for days! Get him! Freeze! Where are the rest of you? Move! Freeze! – You’re good! – So are you!

You little bitch! Stop ratting out from now on, bitch! Begging for mercy huh? What? What do you want? Do you want to see your parents again? – What are you doing? – You’re killing her We need her to work for us They lock you up in here? Stop crying – Do you want to get outta here? – Yes Okay Now, I hid a blade in my shoe Take it out for me then well get outta here Okay! Right shoe That’s right Use both hands Pull it out! Cut me loose! What are you gonna do now? What else can we do? We have to leave! Can’t wait any minutes Now we will get you outta here! There are a lot of them outside Do as I tell you – Understand? – Yes I’ve been doing business on this turf for years! You said I should leave then how should I do business outside of my turf? I think you should Can’t. He’s a cop Cop? So what? Are you afraid of him? I am The cops are probably onto us My belly hurts so bad! What’s the fuss!? You, go take a look! What’s the fuss? Wheres the cop? Freeze! On your knees! Stay still! Get up! Get up! Move! Freeze!

– Sit-rep? – All clear! Cuff him! My girl! My sweetheart! How are you, mom and dad?

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