hello guys welcomeback to my chanel hayabutaw gaming are you worried and thingking how to get your 1000 subscriber on youtube in just a week if you are one of worried about that like me before im woried about how to get 1k subs is becouse im just an ordenary people im not an artist and im not famous thats why i made this vedio for you so don”t skip the vedio watch till it end im going to reveal the website that helps you where you can get 1k subs on your chanel in just a week im telling you the truth guys its not a prank because i get mine 1k subs in just 1 week using this website im going to teach you to suppoeted format of this first how it works on pc or loptop second is how it works on android phone okay lets start open your google chrome next the links im going to paste on it is the links your going to use i put this links on description box bellow just copy that links and put on your chrome and that links brings you on this website this is it all you have to do is click the sign up today you will get 1,000 free points for signing up the links is the only door to open this web becouse if you search this web at your own takes to long to find its not easy to open this hidden web so just use the links there is no othere method to login exept log in with google you dont have to worry becouse you can use any google account you just click campaign first step you do is click that next go to your youtube chanel then get the chanel links that you want to promote click copy click the green add chanel button and paste the links

if how many subscriber do you want just put on that save your chanel your chanel is sucsesfully added now click the creat campaign this button is to add your vedio back to youtube then get the links of the vedio that you going to use copy back to the web and paste click next dont do your on idea if your new to this webs becouse it is not going to work if you fail some info just follow the step by step tutorial select o minutes it requres 30 second next select 1 minutes in the percentage select 4% percentage of comments select 40% in this button you dont have to upload file leave it blank bellow just write a generated comments that you want to appear on your vedio example this vedio was great i love it write 35 35 again write 30 in this part just gues a title vedio of othere youtuber that you want to rank you vedio then on that right side select 100% the vedio links that you put on your campaign you have to shorten that link go to bitly.com and shorten that links paste the links and shorten then copy the shorten links paste the shorten links in this part on the right side select 100% don”t put any number on it just click the save below

dont worry about that reed letters is just normal its just mean after you like and subscribe to your co member don’t unsub and dislike that chanel if you do that your account on this website will automatically baned and your account will deleted but when it happends accedentally you can make another account on this web in just after two days becouse the website can tracks your ip address now you thingking how it works be petient your time is usefull we have a last step on it download the extention we need to dwnload that extention because it is the key to run the program if you can see the files dowloaded extract that file find the extention settings on your chrome your device is requred to on the developer mode click the load unpacked now the extention is already added next we go to android set up

wait im going to merror my phone to the android user you have to download the kiwi browser because kiwi browser is the only one browser can access the extention

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