everybody i will try to stream today with a machine that is working let’s say let’s stay positive most of the time i’ll do that am i a little pale let’s try to adjust that there it is so yeah so i have some struggle with my pc i’m still waiting for an external drive so i could move up stuff and then i will format all my disks and uh restart from a clean it’s been way too long i’ve been like recycling drive and stuff for pc to pc to pc so i think it just it’s time to clean everything and start from fresh so i will be doing that i’m just waiting for an external drive because you know there’s some file that are not in getup so i need to fix that um am i having the same issue internet is in the floor it shouldn’t okay you know it should hopefully we’ll be able to work today i don’t have a lot of things open so i’m not sure why i’m not sure why what’s the problem like i don’t have like a few stuff you know what are you working on uh for the moment i’m not working on anything but let’s create before we start let’s create stuff so yeah let’s prep that and then after that we’ll we’ll start i have sounds i have the sounds i did test but just before it’s working okay so let’s create some to-do’s i feel like my my table is high today or maybe i shrink i shrink during the night is it possible you think it’s possible that i shrink why that old so i’m shrinking okay i should put that in the corner keep it the show like in the it’s in the corner the task oh no the task will be uh maybe when i’m full screen okay uh so let’s add a few to do’s so for that we’ll go in the chat say to do dash add space and copy that so i wanna review or no let’s let’s um look and try look and try get a new feature did you watch the github universe i loved it so that’s our to-do one titty two will be um and i i have no clue so um we’ll see but um let’s go and check the priorities for url shortener and i will put also tiny blazer and mainland in like that those two projects now are kind of very related sorry about that there’s construction in my house so it might be noisy today and the hair is full of dust because the guy is just cleaning things thank you drid muffin oh my noses tickling tickling oh my god it’s not covered it’s just dust and it’s smelly he’s working just above my head and there’s a i know today is working close to the ventilation duct and stuff so i’m assuming it’s coming through the ventilation it’s you can smell the you know when you work with the wood or cut the wood and stuff like that like it’s smell like the wood dust sawdust and a little bit of burn kind of thing smell that in my office should smell coffee because i have warm coconut okay so um to do yeah let’s add this let’s start to do let’s start i don’t know i cannot start it we need to start the stream before so let’s start it let’s run that intro i will see you on the other side bonjour hi cloudies welcome to the stream i’m frank boucher your host and for the next an hour and a half two hours and a half two hours and a half two hours and a half or two hours i should have look my commander before doing streaming let’s let’s say two hour and a half and if the nobody’s paying pinging me then it will be two hour and a half uh we’ll be having fun uh today the plan of the day is i couldn’t watch yesterday the github universe had like bunch of meetings and uh different things to do i have construction on in my house just above my head and above my office so it could be noisy and yesterday i needed to grab a new sink and things like that so uh you know you need to keep those guys busy so so yeah so hopefully today will be not too noisy so i will be able to stream and uh the plan of today is to try because i watched the keynote and wha did you watch the keynote it was awesome that’s a great keynote it was only kind of 15 minutes long something like that but every second was kind of super polished like you couldn’t cut anything it was awesome tons of new feature uh a lot of them i want to try it and i thought you know i was watching that this morning with my first coffee i was like i need to try that with the cloudys let’s see how it can helps us for projects so uh that’s to do one i already created the to-do’s starting start with without you know with the only the with the the earlier the early birds sorry my english is rusted this morning i shouldn’t middle of the week and uh after that i want to work on the ac url shortener there’s a lot of pr’s over there i want to make the project clear i want to explain things and stuff like that so i want to make sure this project is very clear it should be an introduction things i think your url shortener is a tool that a lot of us wants oh i can remove that thing um so i think it could be i want to make sure it’s clear so i want to make sure that everything is where it’s supposed to be there’s no pending stuff your english must be rusty but it’s still a lot better than like surly dev how are you my friend welcome to the stream yeah my english comes and goes i don’t know why uh but i don’t know it’s it’s strange because sometimes i go in my head like you know like you’re doing a manual job washing the dishes or doing something that you know you don’t need to think too much and if i think about tech or the job or something like that i think in english because it’s i’m always in english and i turn and half my next sentence is in english before i kind of switch context again and finish and my wife or my daughter are always looking at me i was like are you just trying to be cool or why are you trying to speak in english to us so really funny i thought it was really funny anyway did you watch um the getup universe surely dev or dread muffin i don’t know if you’re still here you create your own uh octocat i didn’t mind this morning but um i shared it on twitter and kim replied to me and i completely forgot the uh the hoodie i’m not like i’m always wearing a hoodie and today today do you see that i’m wearing the life coders t-shirt but uh yeah so that’s my uh i’m not sharing my screen frank come on boom there it is the other side um yeah but i need to add the hoodies a hoodie i like a azure thing oh no what are you on about bonjour hi stefan is in the house hello h-y-f-s-s that’s the fan when i say stefan i prefer calling him by his name that this because i cannot remember how to pronounce that thing what i think it’s a little you just fall asleep on his keyboard when it was time to create an alias am i right stefano it means something okay so let’s have a look so today let’s go on uh i don’t even have a browser open so i will ask this question all the stream stephan did you watch it’s random yeah okay i assumed it was did you watch the keynotes or some video of github universe yesterday i’m assuming it’s all no because nobody answers or maybe surely the answer say no because the first thing is that thing here there’s a dark mode yes with jason the orbit thingy oh jason mentioned the uh get up universe yesterday

oh you don’t know what i’m talking about so uh yesterday and for the next three days or two days it was getup universe it’s the github um i don’t know type that get out universe let’s add that to the note at the same time it’s a big event from github and it starts in two hours so after my stream we could watch that or like i cannot trade they are not on twitch so i won’t be able to raid them and bring you to that event but it was pretty cool and yesterday the keynote is available so you could definitely watch that it’s only 15 minute it’s super fun and watch everything until the end and it’s pretty cool it’s very well done and everything really cool yeah yeah the orbit thing yesterday was jason yes it was cool right i didn’t watch everything because i had an appointment that i couldn’t miss with my mentee but uh i’m looking forward to uh to watch this thing uh we want to do some collab with that that team so will be pretty cool so first thing first let’s switch to dark that was one of the thing boom that’s cool mentee yeah when you’re i’m a mentor so i have a few mentees dark mode i love that i love that super cool right watch it also only by other topics didn’t understand it completely oh yeah the orbital thing i’m a proper developer now come on this is rude charlie dev i don’t code but i would like to code mod a lot more but at the same time there’s so much thing i wanna do to so um i think i have a good balance between code and share and videos and stuff like doing a lot of different things but i like that there’s a dark and you know what since i have a dark mode i can i do that yeah i can do that i will manage my extension and i will remove dark reader boom i only had that for um i only had an over here first land second land undefined process and the cryptographer are landing right away and i should um i should um should drop two oh that i saw six figure that is there welcome aboard this is the last time i’ll come you’re not coming back until the next year vacation time vacation time show them okay so that was one of the new feature yep christmas in germany yeah that’s christmas here too but uh yeah christmas is still in a few weeks so i will still be around i’m not sure if i will be streaming all the time uh depending uh there’s a there’s some time where i probably won’t like the christmas week i’m assuming and maybe the next after i don’t know i don’t know exactly oh i should start the to-do’s to do start one and time yay it’s dark mode time go go go um

dropping awesome let’s go smaller let’s go full be in my corner okay so um so yeah so that was one of the settings uh oh yeah there’s a new github cli that looked pretty cool and there’s also another thing like i forgot what it’s called like community or discussion or something like that oh and by the way can you hear the music um i think right like my pc is not working very well right now like i’m just waiting a drive to back up my stuff and i will clean everything but uh i think when i start spotify uh to put to play stream beats um there’s some issue like i mean i’m not saying it’s the fault of uh spotify i’m just saying like there’s some issue when i do that so uh right now i’m running spotify on my phone on the speaker so it comes through the same speaker as my voice i’m not sure if you can hear that but at least it’s not like 100 silence the music is only in your head that’s fine it’s cool it’s not very loud ah i scratched my eyes this morning and damn okay so i wanna enable if i go in the url shortener ah see they they thought about me look at that trying a new github discussion of course we want to discuss right jeff jeff hatz is landing so uh i think that will be wonderful um so we could talk about feature we want to add like have questions and stuff like that are not issues so i think that would be a lot of good things to do on that thing let me put back this so uh let’s get started so it’s under the settings uh if you go in a project you go in settings and then there’s like the feature you can enable like wikis restricted issues sponsorship oh oh yeah i forgot i i turn on the sponsorship for this project project preserve this repository and discussion so let’s check that discussion is a space for is it small small kind of right discussion is a space for your community to have conversation ask question and post answer without opening issue and the good thing is like if you ask like hey that would be cool you could turn that in issue also they show that in the keynote so let’s set up discussion engage with the community having write in a repository i think it would be cool welcome to easy url shortener discussion that’s pretty cool optional customize the content below to let your community know that your intent to use discussion four welcome we’re using this one as a place to connect with each other uh we hope that you ask questions you’re strong about shares ideas uh engage with other community member welcome banana get started comment below with an introduction of yourself cool fred had a cat that was about time freda what’s happening announce to your community that would be cool also so when i have new feature and stuff uh if you use your template if you use issue template a link any relevant issue template oh yeah such as question committee oh that’s cool uh for the main thing here here are some tips cool what it looks like it just looks like that cool can i have um i want to put a cloud because you know i need a new cloud uh is it like this yeah welcome cloudies but they are not cloudies if they are not on the show right but you know there’s a little cloud so

you know i’m talking to you if you’re there what are you working i’m working on watching this stuff that’s pretty cool i like that so now i have discussion yeah i love it so if you want to try it leave your comment say hello say who you are you are from it’s time and i am it’s strange that the welcome to uh your shortener start at 240 234 right first message number 234 so i’m assuming they reuse the same issue and it’s a different type but you know what i don’t mind i like it it’s cool so that was one of the thing i like that give feedback i will i will oh i like that dark mode it’s really nice my height is scratching i think because of the dust this morning i have my eyes were all and i scratch it too hard damn it um that’s cool um okay so what else let’s uh yeah the github cli let’s google that do i have a quick link to azure says google cli university what shop swag oh yeah you can build now your own octocat so yeah yeah you should do that like claudi’s come on do that and share the share that that would be cool like you could go go there and then like you decide how you want it like you could put any hat hair facial hair mouth and stuff like that that’s pretty cool that generation come in discussion yeah awesome and there’s the swag i think i will buy the hoodie what do you think it’s cool right yay get kraken also gave me a new license to give away so i need to find nice way to uh give that one i’m not sure how i will do that i just don’t like i don’t know i don’t know i will like so if any suggestions to to do that the schedule applying the game design stack ah that would be cool introducing mungo ah so fun i need to spend so much time in that okay uh i was looking for damn i’m easily uh squirrel today right discussion oh that’s cool be sure to mark someone comment as an answer oh yeah that’s cool oh now there’s it yeah i have an idea you get the hat a hat and you write a name and you say i’m going to pick a name on the hat and the winner is and the name of the piece yeah just like how do you deserve to have your name in the hat i want to give away that to people who are showing up like surely that like you’re there a lot of the time with your butts making animation you’re interacting with me there are some people leaving comments on youtube giving me feedback there are some people even in french that they shout out that my content helped them to pass a certification so i want to help that community i just i don’t want the you know like someone is the first time just to arrive don’t know me or he’s here just for the like the thing and he got it and like people really want to would like to use get kraken don’t have it so i need to find a way to give it

away to someone that supports the community our community right a cloudy a real cloudy you could automatically had anyone who has already commented on a video yeah already i mean i didn’t know but at the same time like if it’s legit right it happens you ask your first question today and it makes sense like i don’t want to stop anybody good afternoon it’ll look like a fine project wonderful like that’s cool i love it congrats yeah i like that this project is start to be uh really cool 105 fork this is impressive like five 105 person fork this project uh okay so get up get up cli it’s on github of course it is on github i want to start that project i want to follow it let’s read a little bit get up cli get up come in bring pull requests issue oh that’s cool oh interesting so it’s also available on github enterprise server so if you’re running your own server well that’s cool right and then it run on mac os linux and windows that’s pretty cool see the manual for setup and construction so installation on brew linux but since i’m on pc i will just do a chocolaty i think let’s open a new terminal open oh i think i should have done with the shift or out and forget all the time alt no shift i forgot anyway let’s paste that let’s zoom so shoko install do you know does anybody know if let’s put it the other way around any anyone doesn’t know what’s chocolaty chocolaty is and i’m not talking about the chocolate it’s it’s a tool i have something in my eyes something a cloud in my eyes i don’t know what it is but it’s annoying me i should have departed like yep it is exactly it’s like apd get but for windows exactly yes i’m assuming because i was not not successful access deny yeah i need to start it as i forgot how you do that how do you start it as a forgot the key do you remember like you hold the key is it ctrl alt no shift alt how do you start that as an admin forgot so let’s do this and i will do dash y because instead of having chocolaty asking me for confirmation i will provide the confirmation right away it’s working

file install complete performance blah blah blah environment variable like path as i’ve changed close and reopen chill excellent that’s cool so let’s close that boom and now reopen it okay and now it’s working it’s working yeah but how do you know haha i need to log in make sense right i was wondering like how did they know which thing and then i’m assuming we’ll need to specify which repo right so at login what account the owner logging into use the arrow to move type filter getum.com ah i could paste the notification token that’s cool let’s do it the login open this i should receive a thing a thingy is it safe to show those yeah like right is it let’s do it offline just just in case it’s not working okay there it is enter the code display on your device by do it but it’s only it doesn’t match i can understand anything so make sure you enter the code correctly yeah i would like to but um i don’t understand let’s write get up come correctly cli um what’s the code i don’t have any i don’t understand oh frank frank so make sure you trust the device yeah yep get up cli account just the organization repo yup

enter your password i have no clue what my password is congratulation i am all set apparently apparently we did it yeah your device is connected yeah i had like that my reflex was that in your eye okay so you’re not like that’s a good thing like because like it it pop up the browser then i was focused on the browser and it was showing just the link under this code with eight digit right like there’s two series of four but when you go with the two-factor intensification it’s six two series of three so that’s always like confused it was like well like i don’t have a long enough code so i was i couldn’t compute now i like um i use a keepass for a long long long long long long time because it was working on android and like it was one of the first to work on multi-platform so it was just useful uh i should go ssh cool yeah are you using that also stefan that’s cool okay so now we have that let’s clear the screen to get back at the top is it big enough like i could make it a little bit bigger right oh and we lost our task manager okay so now if i go up issue list because i didn’t set any repository excellent so i need to set a repository how do you get this so github uh is there repo maybe list clone create fork view oh do i need to be in that folder is it the how it works oh that’s cool right so if i understand correctly just here you say like it’s not a git repository meaning it depends like i’m just in my dev here so i’m not in a folder so i’m assuming if i go in the good folder so if i change and go to get um and fb and then azurl i don’t know why go to shortener and let’s go with that so now i’m in a repo right so if i go do this ah it’s working this is so cool keepass is great yep you’re using it it’s free open source and very flexible to use with sync one drive yep that’s exactly how i use it and i have a security password so like i have across different things pretty cool well why would i like to create a gist just are the piece of code right the just i have a few have the twit twitch chat command when you type come in right commands i think

no why it’s not working is then it’s come in why it’s not working does her butt crash no interesting oh because that was oh we need to fix that does those like stream music arts so all those were arts it’s it’s not spell reference yeah all those were um done by the stream labs but so all those commands don’t work so does so work none we need to fix all those oh let’s let’s do that uh okay okay so uh let’s open a new tab well like i’m i’m excited guys it’s not okay let’s create okay so let’s do a time log time cool so and then and then it’s the disk are you still there claudi’s sorry about that sorry about that so cloud cloud but cool so now i want to go and do github issue and create maybe do the help to see what that’s a lot of stuff load the plane yay stefan land congrats to nine so title buddy okay let’s try to do that i thought it was a little bit interactive like i i’m tempted to try to do just this

huh that’s cool title e to launch notepad oh this is so sick this is cool um let me sorry it’s small let’s make it bigger so all the stream commands let’s put that like this the stream commands were implemented in stream lab obs wow oh and we got some uh new name suggestion also i need to show you that it’s true okay and then like like that that’s cool submit yeah summit continue in the browser add metadata ah this is awesome hi issue 47 jason is in the house be careful everybody don’t touch your keyboard or your mouse you could be electrically electrocuted jason is here welcome my friend how are you we’re talking about you earlier today because um stefan watched your particle show yesterday and i missed most of it because i completely forgot that i had my mentee appointment so i saw the beginning and then i went to see my mentees and uh when i got back you were ending the show so i completely miss it but i will definitely watch the recording because i’m excited about that particle project ready to inject cows oh yeah you look you know very you know smooth and calm but you know like this guy uh we’re playing with the new github uh universe feature that was announced did you watch the keynote jason it was awesome i don’t know if you watch it if you didn’t you should it’s really really cool uh it’s only 50 you did yeah it’s cool so right away how come oh yeah because that’s just but uh right away now our git ul shortener dark mode is turned on we have a discussion feature turned on pretty cool and now we’re playing with the cli so we just create a new issue in cloud but that’s pretty cool so and i want to visualize it and if it was 47 so i want to go and do get up issue and then is it view and then 47 that’s so cool that’s so cool hey copper birdie is a rating with a party of 32 hello hello my friend hello raiders welcome welcome join the cloudys we’re just having fun

this morning so uh welcome i’m frank boucher and um today uh let’s go back and uh at least no let’s go full mode uh and today we’re playing with the github new feature how many of you did watch the keynote at least the keynote of github universe yesterday and if you have no clue what i’m talking about raise your hand or let me know in the chat and i’ll share with that because it was so fun like 15 minutes a video make me laugh or at least smile loudly i it was so cool approaching the target zone sure they have okay cool how to change the default oh yeah yeah yeah um yeah i know no you didn’t oh you need to watch that copper birdie uh it’s really cool only 15 minutes uh like first example now we have dark mode enable inside get up like natively that’s pretty cool if you will go you should app it should appear maybe just github then yeah here delete i cannot trying to do the uh the movie where the guy is like opening and turning the light with his voice i forgot the with uh stallone i watched it in french so that’s why i’m having issues i don’t know i’m not sure what he’s saying in english but i love that and also a new feature is the the this tab here in the tab like remember we have issue pull request and now we have discussion so discussion is a place where now you can have like kind of a discord type where you have like question and stuff like that for rom a little bit so you could have like things like that and then like you could decided to turn the issue or the topic like where is it preference in a new issue so you could create a new issue i thought it was convert like i need to i still need to explore that so that’s pretty cool uh just one do you say know what to get them in the verse finally i can save my eyes yeah yeah exactly exactly and yeah and and right now another feature was the github cli though it’s been there i think for a little while but now i’m assuming it’s ga or like it’s strong enough so you can use it so i just realized a few comments in the chat like tb is watching us right that’s the chat bot it’s monitoring the chat keeping track of your best core uh if you want to know your stat like to play the game you just need to play drop and then you do stats uh to have your stats or score and every time you beat your own score just like what happened right now cb will celebrate for you pretty cool i need to make more stuff with cb but uh i realized that a few comments like comments stream music arts riff rolls were all maintained or were all actions come in from the streamlabs obs chatbot that i’m not using anymore because i move from streamlab obs to just ubs obs ups a mix between usb and obs it’s called ubs it’s a new thing i’m working on that we’ll push the soon in the store close to your house whatever i completely forgot what i was singing so anyway so those commands were missing so we create using the new github cli we created a new uh issue this is the issue we were working on just testing the stuff it’s super cool uh so you could visualize by doing the command here github for the github like you know gh issue view 47 uh could i see like if i do let’s clear that if i do get a an issue and then i say list that’s cool right

okay and i don’t have okay let’s try to add some uh labels because i don’t have any labels here so could i do get a issue um is it i’m assuming 47 yeah cool um no it doesn’t exist so close list reopen status view but it’s already open status view maybe i cannot add the metadata let’s clear that to get um dash dash help oh there’s an api also we could do bunch of stuff help show blah blah create a shoe rip clone check out manager issue that’s cool i like that they they put also the link hi frag bird my friend it’s been forever how are you nice to see you and i wish i could move the target to make your day better but i can’t okay um that’s pretty cool so let’s go back in here um we so we did the installation what was it comparison with hub for many years hub was the unofficial oh yeah i didn’t know yay i didn’t know it was a it was called hub just being busy yeah oh yeah chris you use hub and that’s not the get command that like we used to use right okay so issue so when we create the issue we could have the labels but how can we edit and add labels after is it small a little let’s let’s make it bigger so um you should create title label issue create label but that would create the label right label bug label okay assign mostly for creating repos locally without a need of get up probably evan huh so we use the in mojo hi john galway is in the house everybody welcome john how are you did you watch i’m asking that to everyone today did you watch github universe yesterday

i’m just super excited super like i knew it was coming i was planning to watch that and then life happened so i didn’t watch it and uh even like you know you didn’t watch the keynote at least it’s 15 minutes you did not watch the keynote uh like it’s pretty cool get um i should bookmark it right get a oh it was there boom the link here the keynotes you know what let’s put that here and oh and don’t play don’t play this one just won’t it’s yeah 15 minutes pretty cool um they passed through this stuff i’m sure there’s more i just watched the keynote this morning with my coffee um really really cool i really liked it uh really nice stuff okay so this is or no this is a guest get skits i don’t know pronounce that so let’s try to see if we can add in a cloudbot let’s visualize it and i want to turn a discussion on on all my projects so cloudbutt that’s cool we have nine issues stream commands are missing so i want to add labels here um so before so we did create someone needs to find that about figuring yeah but you could create your own if you want um did you create your uh octochat i’m assuming no that’s pretty cool too i didn’t mind this morning but i need to redo it because i forgot to put the uh a hoodie i’m always wearing a hoodie so i need to put a hoodie and then i will maybe do the sticker a t-shirt and of course the who do you look pretty sick with the multiple color logo i mean you know christmas present from frank to frank could be a thing right it could be a thing uh so yeah so when i create the issue earlier i use the interactivity so i just say hey create cool when it was to create the body am i lagging again no i’m sorry if i’m lagging a little bit to time to time my pc is in a bad shape i’m just waiting for an external drive to back up my stuff and i will clean that pc like we’ll scrub it to every little bit nothing will left in um but right now like it’s working uh half and half sometime uh so yeah so you enter the title and then for the buddy you could launch an editor that’s pretty cool and then like it give you the url for your stuff but if you want to create flag you could do it like this issue create web oh and then it opened the web that’s pretty cool but now i want to add labels so i’m not sure if i do like this here like i think i’m just creating a label so let’s try that so if i do get on issue create and then dash dash label bug yeah i know i thought i could update i wrote the book

oh gee yeah yeah jason oh really i didn’t know you wrote a book about uh about that i knew about your azure devops thing but not the azure devops but about your devops stuff but i didn’t know about that one oh that’s that’s cool let’s check the video we’ll put on on mute are you talking about that one uh i need to find that hook butt figurine on that desk behind him up on the desk oh that one the yellow one hey that’s cool jason i didn’t know that chat ops not chatbot i read chat button oh well reach out i’m assuming you receive the same email i receive in my inbox so you know you could ask did you create your uh octo chat a person from chat yeah it’s pretty cool i need i need i need a hoodie not no i don’t need a hoodie i have so many hoodies but i like these i like to change and today i’m wearing the life coders t-shirt excellent i haven’t made it one yeah you should should it’s cool now i just need to like i was super close to um to uh to print a label and order stuff and it’s like you know like let’s pause and wait a little bit and then kim on twitter because i share my uh octo chat up to cat i share my uh icon on twitter and like kim replied to me sharing her and she was wearing the hoodie and was like what i missed the hoodie so i need to hand now a hoodie on my on my thing i’m definitely doing the sticker will go on my laptop but i was like oh should i go with the like the t-shirt also and like the hoodie look cool like i really like the hoodie but the hoodie doesn’t have my personal one custom one shirt is white i’m wearing less white t-shirt these days i was like ah what to do you know yeah everything costs money too um okay so apparently we cannot maybe well i like that i would love to be able to um add labels though i’m surprised we cannot have labels but that’s cool that’s cool so let’s come here we’ll have the labels through the ui or we could have done it with uh get kraken whales it’s a bug um it’s a bug good first issue definitely yeah if someone wanna help definitely cool uh and you know what now let’s do that let’s do the tour of our project and i will turn on the um turning on get um this question on all projects voila so when you arrive in a project earlier for me i had a pop-up thing

it’s not there anymore oh i did update this documentation though it’s not 100 uh finish but now i because i show like the commands and um i say how to use it and like you could now use it directly from the code or where is it using docker container so i explained like you could do this like that and blah blah blah blah blah and like i link the repository i need to learn how to proper do the versioning in github like for me it’s not clear how do you package the version like i know you i did that many times for url shortener but i feel i’m i’m doing it wrong i think you need to do a release and then kind of change i’m not sure how to do it i need to learn how to to to do that like properly it’s because even on the url shortener i feel like i’m doing it wrong and when i will do that on github i want to have that proper version thing but right now i think the version i’m using it’s dev so maybe i should have like a cloud but dev i don’t know i mean i need to uh maybe it should be that like cloud but dev i think it should be a version i’m not sure how to do that so much stuff to learn so i want to enable uh discussion so as you can see right now it’s not there and by the way i have wiki i’m not using wiki i don’t think i will use project in this this one so i want to clean up those things so to do that what you do is you go in settings here so i’m in the root of my project i will go in setting here the last tab and with your option you could upload some image right now that’s social preview upload an image oh yeah i have tons of image let’s do that right like it’s totally not what i was planning to do but um okay so feature so that’s the feature we want to remove the wiki i’m not using it uh issue is cool sponsorship no no projects i will remove that because i don’t plan to use that um like i’m planning to use get kraken for that uh preserves discussion that’s the feature i want to enable it we already did that for a z url shortener so we’ll create that here boom and i will set up the discussion that’s cool so now we could remove that part here add a little cloud because you know it’s me cloud and yeah just like that boom cool so now if you go there you could see welcome to the da-da-da and then i could say hey and i should redirect to the part to the part that interests us uh cloudbutt scroll scroll scroll and on this link voila check here for more uh and uh first time yay yay

cool what oh select category uh general ideas q a show and tell yeah cool okay so now if we go in discussion only looks like okay so i have like that little icon here that oh that’s cool like that community guideline i need to uh i will need to dig into that top answer unanswer it’s pretty cool how do you like this discussion do you like it cloudys you like that that discussion feature feature that this this that word is so hard to say do you like this discussion discussions this questions how to talk in english by frank you should clip that discussions bonjour high that’s much easier right damn it uh yeah there’s the master of the clip master is on the stream oh can we make an announcement i think i will do an announcement um you know i don’t know if jason is still there but there’s now this guy we have all around azure twitch channel so we’ll be able to have our own schedule stream when we want all the time you will have a notice when we are live jason and i uh so it won’t be like because right now i feel like that the microsoft developer channel is really really really spy me because there’s always someone there uh so if you’re interested to the stuff that all on azure does then you could subscribe to this channel and you will receive notification just when we’re live if you like both then you can subscribe to both right now what i do and probably for a few weeks because this channel is not ready yet uh is we stream still on microsoft developer channel but we host here so you will still have everything i think uh yeah why not and you know what like i should follow that channel yeah i’ll run azure now have one more subscriber is it isn’t it awesome you know what i did also yesterday can i tell you secrets don’t say to anyone but yesterday i record my first tech talk yeah i know i know what you say frank what yep like don’t expect me to see me dancing no no no no i did the serious i did i did a video for i want to experiment right so i did a short video like uh a shorts for youtube it must be less than the 60 second and it’s vertical and everything and once i was doing that i was like why why not putting it on tick tock so i created my tick tock account so you can find me now at tick tock f boucheros that’s like same as my twitch account i’m there and i have one video and i already have two two or three likes i will be famous i’m experimenting but you know i think i think i don’t know i don’t know what i think i i don’t think anymore that’s done that was like that’s so 20 20. like that’s pre-2020 thinking yeah i’m not doing that but yeah so uh yeah feel free to go there and uh give me a i think it’s like heart so give me some love over there twit tick tock f charos thank you or you could go on youtube if you prefer if you don’t wanna if you don’t have the tic tac thing uh i have a new video so if you watch it with your your phone the format will be more interesting otherwise just a lot of emptiness around me but that’s cool it’s a 60 second video uh experimenting let’s just explain what’s azure is do you know what’s azure it’s a cloud but have you created a fleet what

fleet oh is it the the twitter video no is it fleet the twitter thing yeah no no like i did it for youtube because like on youtube i have like you know like i have like a nice youtube channel i have a few youtube channel i have this stream is kind of behind behind the scene where i build stuff so i call that behind my cloud so i have a youtube channel just for that but it’s kind of mostly secret because i have like 20 followers i don’t know how many followers i have but not much on this channel i have much much more follower i’m like at 8k now and i create this first short so shorts is a new type of video it’s vertical like i said um so you can find it there i have one in french also i did the same video in french for 43 views that’s pretty good like you know much smaller and then i have the other one that i think i share a few time with you right behind my cloud i like 43 subscribers eventually i will get there but i need to change i don’t like the team and i want to change a lot of stuff in there um and i want to rebuild that stream so maybe during the holiday or like i need to take vacation otherwise i will lose my vacation day so i think that’s what i will be doing maybe next week i will do that but yeah the the new twitter thing i was just in was it videos or was just like a new type of tweets i forgot what it was but no i didn’t use that john i didn’t do it maybe i should is it vertical maybe i should just publish it over there too see what’s what’s working the best i have more follower of course on twitter than on uh tick tock but uh there’s a lot of people on tik tok and uh but i must i don’t know i just want to go where the developer are like the younger developer i don’t know where they are cool so now i have discussion for this project we should go do this the discussion also for admin right tiny blazer admin i have pulled requests over there oh yeah i need to check that too that webtrend thing so yeah and i here same thing i don’t plan to use project or wiki so i will remove that let’s go on settings and i should again upload an image because i like images so tiny blazer admin media there it is that’s cool feature no wikis no projects discussion discussion welcome wow that’s pretty cool so whatever it is i have oh yeah pull request was there okay cool so enough enough with all those things i have only one contributor in there did i not oh no that was in in which project i had jason was it the uh i think it was the url shortener right yeah jason cool okay so now let’s close um i think did i think we did the tour of like this at least the stuff that i’m aware oh like i use project here let’s keep it

so far free to go at discussion here and add your suggestion and stuff now we have that it’s pretty cool um one thing i want to do is uh i want to make sure it’s clear all that things now that i have two version and i need to make sure i have like uh nine pull requests 27 issues i want to prioritize those i’ll make sure to know what i’m working on right now we are version 2.0 on one uh earlier last week i think it was friday i push version two i did some update why uh i did i fixed yeah i fixed 201 and uh the major issue was uh there was a problem with the new version of the uh library configuration uh it could like some sub depend like uh sub dependency were not working in version five so i roll back to 3.1 for that one um so yeah that was that was that was not fun at all um but now it’s working and i fix a few issues so like if you install version two uh now like the domain name follow and everything because now the domain name will have the instruction how to create your domain and everything so to make sure all that information is clear but now we should do the to do so to do done we’re done with the exploration right so now let’s start to do two uh start two voila uh so i just want to make sure nothing is missing so that’s our url shortener it’s a project we build on the stream uh it’s a super budget friendly like it will cost you less than one dollar every month um like it create url shortener it use its leverage it’s leveraging azure function so it’s serverless and the front-end now is done in the static web app and using blazer so it’s dot net static pretty cool and i’m using azure active directory for security so you have no password management or anything and you can add more people the azure active directory that i’m using it’s part of your subscription in azure so it it’s no cost except if you have like more than like hundreds of people so definitely there’s no cuss over there and uh i i got calls from company to use that uh so pretty cool okay now i’m just worried that those company like i won’t say names but big names um because like yeah we’re looking for a solution or like internal stuff like cool uh yeah so say well you know like yeah you could use it but don’t expect me to fix the thing during the night because you have a bug right it’s an open source project it’s a community project but uh pretty cool right we start that thing just for fun and now like few people are using it that’s pretty cool i want to make sure at least the instruction and like the first timer coming to that page will have everything they need microsoft 4ikms um the akms they have a nice interface for that and the reason why like sometime for event and stuff like that i will definitely use the akms uh because it will be like official link and stuff like that and there’s some condition uh for a microsoft employee to create a kms stuff and it makes sense right like microsoft is kind of a big company so we uh we have a lot of people creating links for that and the cloud advocate have even another tool to create stuff but i needed something a little bit more personal where i could see the stats and like for if i want to create a new a short url for every time i have like a a blog or like some stuff i want to share on videos for me the main content was like i want to have the control of the url what it looks like so i could display it in the screen while i’m doing videos because when you’re having like text like this you don’t mind right like if the url here is short or long or short long like this link here it’s just v1 the text but

in reality the url is very very long right i’m pointing to a different branch and blah blah blah you don’t care when it’s a blog but in a video like i need to have something that is easy to remember not necessarily short like on twitter like you want to save character so it could be like a bunch of letters right but in a video you want something that is easy to remember or to read so that’s why that part was really important for me and using the akms while like i’m probably not the first one trying to say hey functions you know azure or azure free or like something like that so that’s why i created that one but now um all around azure is also using his own with the 07f dot ca domain and and yet nobody found what it means it’s funny but uh yeah no again uh stefans i was not microsoft though like some teams in microsoft reach out to me and they won’t they they start using my project yeah so some product in microsoft not necessarily azure are using now my url shortener but other big company like yeah like i was very surprised when they reached out hey like like the the person responsible at microsoft of that company came and said hey like my client would like to use your url shortener can can we arrange a meeting with with them i was like what yeah okay and we passed through the feature and what’s possible and not possible and things like that what could be added and was like yeah but you know don’t expect that like fork it and do your own or parts but that would be even better but it was for internal purposes not external and i was happy about that because otherwise i would be very very worried but yeah so when you land you have a bunch of stuff 12 contributors that’s crazy cool uh a simple blah blah blah if you don’t wanna subscribe okay you can create a one feature one click deployment only currently four yeah i’m looking forward to do the same with v2 created i keep saying it clicks true budget friendly symbols are open source yep version one if you click on version one let’s open it in another tab just to make sure we land at a good place we land we are in branch main v1 that’s cool and the one of the thing i think will be missing is all the new stuff uh then like the plugins i don’t like the ui like that is defended and a few others i’m not sure i brought that in v1 so i will probably need to copy the folder and like kind of do a special merged thing thingy that will be interesting maybe we could work on that today maybe okay so version two why i put v-necks i shouldn’t put v-necks it’s just like this is the version yeah v-necks doesn’t exist we need to fix that right away let’s let’s open the project or should we do like list all the bug we found and then clean that after we could do that right yeah to do so let’s create a card here and let’s add some labels it’s documentation and it’s good first issue help wanted so task at a task um

no i did a task um did i do it no i didn’t do it correctly so add a task change version two instead of the next i think it was a small v voila boom okay so deployment so how to deploy version one maybe i shouldn’t have the two deployment but what it’s better should i keep like those two things here the thing is like if you’re a first time i like the like a lot of people will be very uh appeal like well like looking forward to uh of it because it’s a one-click deployment like it’s super easy you click that and you’re done so that’s why i i kept it here but maybe now it’s confusing what do you think i will keep it there i think for now maybe a little bit and then eventually i should remove it um right now the plumbing version versions but less go to the deployment page so now if we go in deployment page we have cool and explain everything i think did i hi hey code with sean hello welcome aboard how are you so cloudy is you know the question now what’s my next question to uh karwichon codwood sean did you watch get up universe keynote yo you look like i forgot to lock the door behind me what oh gone what you got visitor john oh because code enter now i understand i didn’t watch the aquino you mean yeah took me a few seconds it’s a good one uh yeah you should it’s only 15 minutes kodu chan it’s pretty cool as you can see that there’s no dark mode there’s a new cli the github cli is now like fully support there’s now a discussion tab so have a look that’s pretty cool so it’s a fine place to go

there there’s a bunch of stuff very very nice very well done polish 15 minutes keynote um oh because that’s in the tiny blazer i will need to fix that there’s some stuff missing create a function and blah blah blah blah blah it’s a safe place you can totally stay did you uh did you do your show with um um i forgot like 450 like the identity team called witchon okay so now to add the custom domain you need to go there why why it’s the middle of the post add custom domain oh because i changed the strange on the link didn’t work at a custom domain okay so here blah blah blah so we explain all that and one thing i fix i fixed that this weekend you postponed to january okay you do this i explain now this this thing is all there and yeah okay add settings that’s the thing i did now you need to specify this and it’s working cool okay so it’s all there pretty cool whoops went too far i went too far so that’s cool and the updates section so so deployment pass deployment configuration and here like how to update i will need to work on that eventually also right i get the portal select and forgot what’s in how it works oh yeah that’s the we should update those okay contributor glow board oh so then like i only have one feature we’ll i will do it the cryptographer 89 i think you’re leading today yay yay yay new ice core pretty cool uh so yeah so that’s one quick fix okay so cool let’s go see what i haven’t pulled requests oh web drain uh bump entity framework yeah that’s not sure i will do that like this thing here was causing me issues eight days ago not sure really not sure i want to migrate those things i may i may postpone them whoa

chris chris jones 98 that’s awesome fantastic fantastic super great um yeah the reason why i’m not sure i want to migrate to uh version five is uh the settings it was causing an issue um if we go and get kraken if i go here and we look at my last i did a lot of quick fix and stuff so here i was just uh yeah so in here we’re just pushing to explain like how to um to add the settings and also i was pushing some update to version five and the one that i need to uh go back was where is it oh that’s the front end i’m in later you know that’s not that one shortener tool in the proj yeah that one so this one here the microsoft extension configuration in version five it doesn’t work well like it’s looking for something it’s not there so it was crashing the azure function was not working so i needed to roll it back to three point uh where was before i i’m assuming then i could go higher i think i’m three one zero now so i could go three one nine uh so yeah so i roll back so um but i won’t go at five until this thing is fixed it’s a well-known issues like the error message it go everywhere so like if you look my history then like yeah quick fix and like quick fix and quick fix debugging and quick fix because the prod was crashed yeah that i thought was this but i think i think i put some comments somewhere like see here i put like oh yeah so it’s abstraction so it’s looking for abstraction but it’s not looking because apparently configuration is not bringing abstraction so it’s looking for abstraction so yeah that was a big problem so last thing i did is revert to the previous version oh cool i put 110 well that’s cool so i’m higher than i was but at least it’s stable i will stream i like that yeah take time off it’s all cool all of you i’m not sure if you have any plans i know it will be a strange thing a little bit will be good does will azure function support.net 5 oh yeah yeah yeah john don’t worry about that for sure for sure um it’s just right now there was some glitch it’s probably just a bug i will be fixed very soon i’m sure but you know since i was pushing that and i’m using those tools and i’m like i create bunch of links so anyone like it’s not like million of people right but some people i don’t have bad experience so i was like it’s our roll back i think i did create an issue and then bring it but like uh definitely i’m not sure you know what like i should which one it was again why can i come on well let’s do this

okay so i think close the pull requests what’s the proper way to uh depend on requests yeah if i do comment it will just add a command just like i did right what’s the difference well my comment appeared twice yeah i’m not sure not sure but now it’s it says reviewed let’s remove that one and i will add a label i would say invalid for now won’t fix on fix cool and this one let’s do the same thing does your bots are running from a raspberry pi sorry there at your review i think i will just close them like their noise i won’t do this right now and in a month anyway the trigger again so i think i’ll just close that did the drop is broken drop is not even working on my system there it is it’s fix maybe there’s some uh cool down i don’t know can you hear the the hammer or the music island i will be part of the stats today that’s cool let’s go to see the scores jason no landing surely dev long landing frag bird no landing but you know it’s kind of expected i always think you’re an imposter sure dev when you land john 95 did you use your cheat code again okay come on cannot be rigged you’re leading the guy says like yeah

rigged well you’re the second in place we all saw chris doing like a perfect landing he deserved it that’s a cool snowman fagburn oh it’s part of the the the logo from oh you know what like here what let’s all think take a moment to appreciate this i don’t want to touch you because you know i want to push you well well done well done okay um vanity change changes oh yeah shuffle the character yeah i need to uh yeah we’ll need to have a look to that it’s look pretty cool though um can you hear the hammer can the mic pick that i’m assuming no since you cannot hear the music then i’m assuming you cannot you’re not hearing also the hammer uh what was funny was that i got the lan message before several seconds before my stream show oh yeah yeah uh could be delay my pc is not running very well so i’m assuming buffer must be heavy well spotify is slowing my machine right now i’m not saying spotify is a problem but um there’s something going on on my pc so i’m running it from a phone connect to a like a speaker so music is in the room so i cranked it a little bit so the mic could maybe picked up a little bit of those things um yeah so that’s pretty cool uh the change i want to make sure like i need to add some tests then probably probably to make sure like if this code is the same code is generated twice or something like that there’s some kind of validation so uh that would be cool but i probably need to write some tests that would be cool write some tests i like unit tests i like when i create automation and things like that oh yeah it’s true when you’re running from your phone yes you know john this is an open source project right you know that you know what i’m trying to imply here i don’t have you in my uh you know like you’re you’re not you’re not uh are you there no see i don’t see any john galloway here i have room for you i add some test i will be very happy for it look at the time what oh look the time yeah 20 minutes oh no not today not today though but um okay so what’s that one hmm hardwired and you got like that many i was ignoring your tradition look a bird look over there i’m lame canada uh yeah okay so introducing blazer fluent validation for handling validation oh yeah it’s true introducing the storage helper inject storage upper via dependence injection

oh wow what if i click definition from oh yeah it’s mr iris did like tons of uh of work right introduce user location service call free joe ip service obtain user click data country origin okay update all user function inject storage table that’s pretty cool uh conflict file yeah because this is changing all those things but it look amazing how did i miss that wow this is an enhancement it’s super cool um front end backhand eye right he’s touching i’m in tool url shortener a shortener tool yeah he’s touching both although admin tool yeah whatever um yeah that’s pretty cool i missed that one that’s pretty cool i need to how can i have like a octocat icon no no that’s not what i want that’s not what i want i want those not sure how to do that you know how to add those things fact you may not yay since octocat is redesigned train market of your uh no no no but i want to use it on getup i thought i was possible

well mr irus you will just have like a very nice work um i’m very impressed by the work that’s pretty cool did i miss anything in the chat it’s pretty cool okay so let’s go back let’s refresh cool collagen between yeah that i need to uh i need to fix that that too cool so that’s all the pull requests already wow seven pull requests i think next stream will be just on that and now i have a bunch of stuff documentation also woof did any one doesn’t have any tags nope all good cool uh you know what i see the time and uh i need to buy a break so let’s have a look uh if we can find someone who’s streaming right now since i switched to and uh live coding with code rush oh we could go sequel brush what are you working on today adding anchor support for image oh that could be interesting and user a new hobby project custom what custom diabol diabotical ladder website in elms cotton um i think i any preference i think i will go with the our friend code rush that’s right so i will do a stop so congratulation today core was uh mr chris no it was plural sir like that so cv is pointing the the champs of the day uh so congrats to uh the winners congrats to your score um hopefully i will be able to stream uh friday with jason last time it was not going well this time if we have issue we might i will make sure it’s possible uh maybe i will run on from my laptop shouldn’t be that difficult to stream from that other machine uh and we’ll be working on a react project so jason and i are learning react building trivia game so feel free to join it will be super fun same channel same time but friday so with that stay with me we’ll go raid our friend code rush if you never saw a stream it’s definitely worth it really awesome streamer so with that i will say see you next time bye

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