Hello guys, welcome to the Mikrotik Indonesia Youtube channel in this video we will discuss the troubleshooting of the Mikrotik router as an example for example you have a router but you forget your username and password combination or maybe you have a router that can run normally but cannot be on the remote or the router you are using cannot boot normally in this video we will discuss troubleshooting of these cases curious how to overcome these problems? don’t go anywhere on Youtube Mikrotik Indonesia Channel and for those of you who haven’t subscribed Please Subscribe and click the bell button in order to get notifications if there is the latest video from our channel Hello guys so in this video we will discuss about troubleshooting the Mikrotik router each of these Mikrotik router devices designed to provide 24/7 services what if the router has been running for months or maybe years the router that you use suddenly turns off or can’t be on the remote you don’t panic before you decide to service the device You can do simple troubleshooting first for example for the first damage condition for example, I have a router that can boot normally marked with a beep sound if there is no buzzer on the router we can see the 2x blink indicator LED if the router used is able to boot normally but cannot remote the device first you can try to disable anti-virus, then the firewall and also windows defender then the second if on a laptop there are several kinds of interfaces such as wireless, vmware, virtualbox, or VPN if not needed can be turned off first so only the LAN interface is turned on the third you can configure using static IP so the three ways you do on the device used to do the remote (laptop) then the fourth you can try using another ethernet cable because maybe the cable you are using is not good so you cannot remote to the proxy device the fifth You can use another interface usually on the latest proxy router there is a default configuration if there are still default configurations you cannot do remote via ether1 the solution is you can do remote devices via ether2, ether3, ether4 and so on if the five steps to remotely router you have done it but you still can’t remote the proxy router then the solution is you can reset the configuration as another example you have a proxy router device and you forget the username and password used so you forget the username and password combination used or maybe you accidentally disabled the interface on the proxy router so you cannot remotely the router the solution is that you can reset the configuration on the device There are two ways to configure configuration, namely soft reset and hard reset for the soft reset the conditions you have to be able to access the router if you forget the router username and password combination you can do a hard reset hard reset can be done with 2 methods, namely using the button and also the pin so you can use one of them reset this proxy router is done starting from this device is dead

so we can first pull out the power supply on the router then we press the reset button there is usually a reset or res text on the button while we press we reinstall the power supply we wait until this indicator lights blink or approximately 2 seconds if the indicator light has blinked, then we can release the reset button with this method, the configuration on the router will be erased and to remote router we can use username: admin password: (blank) or the default username and password for proxy devices and now we will try remaking the router RB931-2nd first we are waiting for this router to do the boot process and we remotely use the Winbox application we click refresh until this device is visible seen using IP which is the IP address of the proxy router default configuration if the device still uses the default configuration you cannot remote via ether1 because there is still protection so you can remote via other interfaces, my example this time using ether2 if it has been detected in Winbox you can do the remote to the router this is how it looks when the router succeeds in the remote after we reset configurations there are default configurations if we don’t need it we can delete this configuration this way the router is ready to be reconfigured according to your needs as a note that the router button on this proxy device has different forms for this RB931-2nD device has a reset button located below and for RB951 series or RB750 series devices has a reset button located in front near the power plug or there is also a reset button that is located behind or beside, so it varies this button is usually written Res / Reset you can search for the text the second case example for example you have a router device that can’t boot perfectly or there is a light indicator that is blinking continuously or can be said bootloop You cannot remote the device and also reset it the solution is that you can reinstall RouterOS on the device how you can use the Netinstall application now we will try to download the Netinstall software and the RouterOS file used by RB931-2nD we can open mikrotik.com then we enter the software menu here it appears there are several kinds of applications that we can download ad Winbox, the DUDE and also Netinstall we can download Netinstall to install RouterOS to our Mikrotik device we can download the stable version after we download the Netinstall application we also need to download the RouterOS file

This RB931-2nD has another name, hAP-mini this hAP-mini device uses the type SMIPS RouterOS therefore you also need to download the RouterOS file type SMIPS for now we can use the stable version 6.45.1 if the device you are using is the RB951 series or hAP series You can search RouterOS for the hAP router version you can adjust it to the device you are using for example RB951Ui-2HnD This RB951Ui-2HnD device uses the MIPSBE version of RouterOS so you can download the stable version of RouterOS MIPSBE for your router after the download is complete the file that I downloaded earlier I saved in this APP folder so this is the Netinstall application that we will use to reinstall RouterOS and also the file Operating System need to be careful to use the Netinstall application most probably will open directly without extracting the file first usually just run it like this it’s true that with methods like this the Netinstall application can run so that the Netinstall process can run smoothly, our advice You can extract the Netinstall file first we can right-click extract (if you have a Winrar application) the file has been extracted then for you Windows users you have to run As Administrator so that the Netinstall process can run smoothly and perfectly the appearance of the Netinstall application like this the first step to reinstall this RB931-2nD device we can set the Netinstall application first we enter into the Net Boot menu we activate the Boot Server Enabled parameter then the Client IP Address parameter we fill in a private IP address that is one segment with the device for example I give IP then we click OK so configuring the Netinstall application is quite like this then we also configure the side of the laptop that we use to run the Netinstall application if you have an interface that is more than one and not used you can first disable it so this time for the active interface only Ethernet is used to connect to the Router device then we give IP static one segment with the Netinstall application for example this time I gave IP I fill in the subnet mask or prefix / 24 which is still one segment with the Netinstall application on Netinstal and on laptops using IP if we can click OK we close unnecessary windows for the next step we make sure the cable from this laptop is connected to Ether1 on the device why use ether1? because on this RB931-2nD device ether1 is a boot ether maybe you often experience the Netinstall process unable to run

or a connected router does not appear in the Netinstall application Make sure the Ethernet cable from the laptop is connected to the ether boot port on the device usually ether boot is located in ether1 for certain types such as the RB1100 ether boot located in ether13 so if you want to reinstall RB1100 you have to attach the cable to the ether boot in ether13 for this time I use RB931-2nD which has ether booted on port ether1 to enter Netinstall mode we can unplug this power cable first then we press the reset button we hold the reset button and enter the power plug again then we wait until 15 seconds or until it appears in the Netinstall application as long as the router device has not appeared in the Netinstall application we can still hold the reset button if it appears you can release this reset button detected in the Netinstall application is not just your router here I see the router that I use RB931-2nD with the Mac Address it looks not only my router device but also the storage partition on my laptop too be careful in using the Netinstall application because because if you choose the wrong device, it could be your laptop that has RouterOS installed, so be careful make sure you choose the router that we will reinstall here RB931-2nD then we look for the operating system file that we downloaded earlier for example here The routerOS that I downloaded was in the App folder if it’s correct, the RouterOS list that was downloaded earlier will appear we can choose here are the parameters keep old configuration if we check this parameter then the configuration on the device is not lost but if you forget the device username and password if this is still chosen it will be useless because you still can’t enter the router then here also there is the apply default config parameter if you want the default configurations from the router you can activate this option if you don’t need a default configuration you can uncheck it after making sure you choose the router device correctly after that you can press the Install button we wait for the process to finish if the process is complete, the status will change to OK and there is an additional status below ie Installation finished successfully after this Netinstall process successfully runs perfectly we can close this Netinstall application then we try the remote using Winbox here my device has been booted and looks like it uses a MAC address and managed to enter so because I did not choose apply default configuration so this router doesn’t apply default configurations and there is no IP address and this router device is empty and you are ready to reconfigure it first you can add IP addresses and others we have a little note here the first is not too strong in pressing the reset button

it is feared that the reset button will be damaged which resulted in being unable to function the second before you run the Netinstall application You can turn off Windows Firewall and also Windows Defender and also anti-virus if any for the third condition, for example, your router device is totally dead can’t do the boot process especially on the remote seen on the indicator light also turns off the solution is you can use another device adapter that is appropriate We suggest if your router uses a 24V adapter You also have to use an adapter that is 24V after you use another adapter and still can’t do the boot process or the router device still cannot live we can be sure the damage occurs to the router hardware the solution is you can consult the vendor where you purchased the Mikrotik device this tutorial is like this for those of you who experience forgetting your username and password on the router then the router boots but can’t be installed or the router you have failed to boot you can try a few steps earlier Thank you for watching and for those of you who want to discuss directly with us please follow the training that we have held for the schedule is the link in the description column for those of you who are not yet happy Please subscribe to this channel first and also click the bell button to get a notification from us if there are questions you can write them in the comments column and so that this video can be even more useful You can share this video on each social media Thank you for watching see you at Mikrotik Tutorial next

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