I am going to be the cop that stops and up this criminal attack it I’m gonna heart you down had enough its gonna stop uncommon for you uncommon smears sheer up your nose all in all not again jaanu here do kids her husband turned out to reduce to use the red cedar certainly not in the York prices up no up your nose there honors this he is huge cannot on the all bassam its Aug it’s the are jerks I’ve done my drug of choice I so we might have a wild show I need you to buckle up okay I now you may be wondering why your choices what’s caffeine and I get quite a buzz of a red in a bi dude too close to Showtime more widely out I power and i buy drugs ineffective Wed possible new have work at Reno’s the me so I we have fun I later the program we will explain to you how politics works that’s tyte 101 okay and we’re gonna really I’m three different issues delve into it and tell you what the reality is we already have the answer for immigration reform what will be the answer you what’s the address go quite that today people so that we talked about a year’s they all which was gonna go you to find out today and I guarantee you that’s how it’ll turn out gay that this in were polled special look it up in the book okay so I will do that now will up on a guy gets arrested on my serve five years in prison for calling a politician a potato so real story I will bring to you a little bit later in this hour are now before we do anything else are you a quick update on something that you should beat any in January whether you’re new hampshire not you need to get new hampshire January 11th January 24th okay no presa Larry Lessig is leading a walk across the state in new hampshire because it wasn’t cold enough outside yes they’re gonna walk the entire affair a new hampshire but it’s not mates we I’ll also be going to tell you a little bit later I’ll when I’ll be attending the March after we finalize it but 11th is so course unfortunately anniversary marriage Swartz’s death that’s when the walk is gonna start the 24th is than ever three granny bees birth if you don’t know granny be she was a great champion for campaign finance reform she walked all the way across country Fort so I love this idea they do in new hampshire because that’s where the presidential primaries are and for three years in a walk across new hampshire not all three here’s three times in January so that when the presidential a aspirins go there aspirin so thickness were to go with the people who are inspired to be president I but the so the people good people in new hampshire awsome over and over again what do you do about campaign finance reform also were to pass the Wolfpack bill in new hampshire so every check that out at and 8 rebellion NH rebellion dot or out or okay that’s fun for everybody and and I think I’ll be out there all day

if one on the day’s walking with everybody so that’ll be great too okay will tell you more about that as we get closer okay now what’s up on with all about pop now I’ll some commentators on TV have decided they’re going on a rampage against pot it is dangerous is for back and lazy people %um getting now literal that’s what nancy grace said let’s begin the festivities do you think legalizing pot to eat before for recreational use do you think that’s a good idea i think is so horrible ID and and I speak not only after or studying at an A rating every shred of scientific and research data out there I after seeing what it does to people on every day level people would dropout work they would become lethargic I mean come on at herself do you want your cab driver to be high on pot you know listen if you do it responsibly aren’t you don’t get behind the wheel what you do it in a in a private confined space you do it safely no harm no foul when a private space like your homers best be taking care of your children or cooking at a gas stove before lining a buyer might mean that like yet now but not a good idea ok I i’ve a lot when I’m at work I don’t want my babysitter high on pot alright does any body the you want your children do you want your parents your sister your brother to be taking care of our driven around by somebody our part because okay in Colorado you know what Colorado gets what they asked for huh I know people are screaming at the television agree with my shirt vehemently disagree way but no one better just a graying are lethargic sitting on the sofa eating chips 0 ride in the back everywhere here and there they are she brooded of Science my bad okay I didn’t know she was gonna come in with all that evidence good see if you disagree I read all the side effects back some research papers on this and if you disagree you’re on a couch right now I know it and your back you’re obese I didn’t know that smoking pot may be a fan I don’t give them I don’t know maybe a bad and lazy or lethargic alright all the scientific papers and ice cream on TV for a leading so I would know all you gotta do what a hoe all-white you’re crazy you got gas tolls there what do you think that in the gas-filled when you’re smoking dope on your couch Bowman explosions obviously a the one thinks those are good point on I if you start smoking dope are you drop outta work I hate a.m. here can you take a shot of Jesus art director for today albright Jesus didn’t show up to work today all that Samir instead that lol Macy Gray said the boy I you these people aren’t supposed to be there people tell you on TV what the big I Troi di re the worrier who listens to all your show it be a fat lazy exploding gas those children male pig in the corner again tonight did not beaten hmm good I cab drivers you want your cab driver smoking pot well I don’t want to load on Barker either both would be illegal no matter what this goes for argument on television alright well we’re not done yet here comes papa bear Bill O’Reilly’s going away let’s begin with the left what is it about the drug culture the internet culture that’s so compelling for some love that why don’t they get compelling but I think that if you start to arrest their children I and give them records and put barriers and prior their futures in their careers I think people say wait a second as you said in the previous segment this this of drug use why you resting and giving this get a record especially minority kids disproportionally they’re the ones who get all this police dealers wine there’s no Carell’s users her know they get here kick it back on he overlooked a colossal the records are expunged if the juvenile you know what the game is here that there is no is not to cry not exactly a actively I pursued by district attorney’s art I’m just gonna discount that argument wash Mary Cascais I lo del redirect okay so it wont they just get tickets they do for small they it nobody ever actually gets arrested for pot really really and what what study did you see that in okay and I can show you a hundred studies that show you the jobs and by we have over and over again on the show I show you over 3,000 people sit in jail for a light a nonviolent offenses okay and most of those were for drug offenses an ass more and more so those were possession okay

so now I gotta you just get a ticket he makes up stop all the time is unbelievable and they’re so one while he was gone there’s no question about so one I’m ago had dismissed that arson I co-op ok up my bad I don’t know you into this mess that ok lol to try again so they try again so down she use ham lady is the government trying to make these important she’s also going to be dismissed did this stain that he shows here like is the woman stop talking I mean what result oreilly you know what he didn’t do wanna lamesa battle what’s this America happen you’ve got a baby you want that baby to be smoking pot who is a hero she ate I’ll here she and I would rather he not know what happened he is 13 14 years old you want the baby to be smoking pipe in moderation do you but I would rather not have resolved a gate and I’m not hearsay but one better what I wanna marry her down here I would not want your child Noel answer my question however I’m answering a question by thing it doesn’t have to be a legal because I can step in and helping so I have to say you want and are you doing damaging their cattle agreement on anything make happen you’re battling you don’t want to engage on December hear words and I’ll make your comment here you’re battling on the back to what I asked Mary Catherine why she wouldn’t want her twelve or thirteen year old arm child to use marijuana whereupon Mary Catherine parted and started to talk about social issues in a general sense you agree with me that by nationality rate Mary Catherine wat ca alright Noah so why do you agree with me that a mass usage obverse of drug like marijuana is going to weaken the country’s gonna hurt children are how awesomely dismissal was at wat Mary Catherine wat you babbling like a woman okay a net anything in Spokane put the woman thinks I put the minority put all that aside okay it basically think higher demand they were making perfectly good points ano there was making a mad cuz you see id that whole tort law I was like oh go boiling up inside him like class out what does that mean class outright he’s you’re traveling your back because he was battling that’s what he does he does projection he had no good point you want your baby to smoke pot that was my point you what your baby is more about no I also told ABB to have alcohol but it doesn’t mean anything and alcohol should be illegal I bought my baby drinkin whiskey okay and a thirteen or fourteen I don’t want to get loaded up on Rome that doesn’t mean I think that rum should be legal or part should be legal your tabloid you’re babbling get off get up at four one back to you cheeses christ what the hell’s go out what’s going on here bill is that your argument sock kites go ahead kites go up I can explain that you’re the only one who can hmm you want your BB smoking pot in I up hoon okay guide me that man is monumentally push it and love this know and I hear you bill sorry about that RJ at the Paul this is you’re gonna get re-build are I hear I I’m gonna your I care hook Republic baer’s original group Ballmer but per kid eyelets and I had too much for this time let’s go forward okay I’m telling him and I unload up-to-date a bigger cricket now we go to this get yeah we did earlier that you paying close attention to the show you’ll notice a graphics art up Paul Browne is I ng illegal aliens so he says and he’s keeping his brown eye out my him his I on that and then he’s not gonna take it I’ll tell you that about proper Paul Browne he’s coupling I can’t take it so tells all about a paw known helps the democrats if we legalize all these illegal aliens in this country who the democrats wanna put on or no federal welfare programs and actually they are unfair where for programs today the democrats want to make them all basically arm dependent upon the federal government so they can continue their radical big-government agenda the only way George is gonna change is if we have all these illegal aliens here in Georgia the give them the right to vote and I’ll that would be it would be morally wrong it would be illegal to do so on rock art law actually there all these illegal aliens or getting federal largess intake in taxpayers dollars Bob and that’s only way that this state is gonna be become democratic again what are the same illegal aliens were getting worried

when we hang out again all these illegal aliens or getting federal largess in he won the he there get large ass yeah I don’t know I don’t know that’s really the case here when a guy does seem to be a little bit obsessed with their I in the aliens okay so look keep it real I’ll what Paul Browne is really concerned about is not federal largess that they’re getting not the welfare that he’s making up that they’re getting all that stuff no he said it right there at the end he said that’s the only way the George is gonna turn democrat so this is all about hey listen we know we can get latinos a vote for school like a man we don’t want to anything to help them we got no interest in them that’s not what the Republican Party’s about and we let them boat they’re gonna vote democratic and when they vote democratic that I’m gonna be brought out on my large ass okay and that’s what Paul Browne cares most about and he made a mistake I made many in at the very end the rest a bit was just crap he says under our current law you know a they’re not allowed to vote so that’s why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote I know that’s why we’re seeing you change a lot up to give them a pathway to citizenship in which case they would be a lot about alright okay all right now I’ve got much more that was just a fun warm up appetizer work for you guys no I very much bigger at immigration story at a time when do for you right now I am and this the will decide okay so in the midsummer story about what’s coming up in immigration debate I saw no what will be the conclusion of that debate so that that’s what do we get paid a small box were here the Young Turks but is to do political analysis for you guys I’m explain what the conclusion of this is going to be and I’m gonna explain why okay so for small other problems are motivated to do some to grieve immigration reform cuz they begin their ass handed to him by the Latino vote and so the more they seem to be against immigrants the more latinos brought against them and that’s why the president got about three quarters ability no boat which helped them to defeat Mitt Romney in 2012 he also got help significantly 2008 by the boren in every election latinos go more democratic because the Republican vitriol against them to republicans want to get rid this issue it’s a well known each other we got immigration reform now the reality is though they don’t want to actually do immigration reform they all want more those Latinos voting so that’s a big problem for them so what every time about immigration reform they say let’s build a bigger wall but that doesn’t really help them with Latinos so and they have a secondary problem which is that big business actually wants those immigrants to come into the country it’s cheap labor so big business loves that big business finance the republicans so they’re motivated now why the democrats motivated to help all personal vault they said they would I know for partition that’s not was arriving at all so and in fact president Obama has been saying that for five years and he hasn’t really done much in five years I know the republicans would fight him on it but it would be nice to try and so now he is trying let me show you pardon the reason that he struck his approval rating among Latinos one from eighty percent to 55 percent who let slip sliding away now why did he do that what number one there has been no immigration reform number two his personal Obama has been breaking records on deportations is already reported 1.9 million people in that five-year span that’s much larger than which George W Bush deported he’s breaking records so he’s not pro immigrants he say members that are already here a throwing them out at a rate greater than any republican president so Latinos are looking around to see and I look I gave you the vote and I know the republicans don’t like me but apparently you’re just came in with me your through throwing us out in breaking up our families at an even greater rate so President Obama there is another %uh know who would listen listen listen okay I know where can around primers but we’re going to immigration reform okay so how did they break this deadlock to the promise republicans 01 with he knows that come into the country to vote as a thing about democratic and Democrats wanna a sub so Associated Press explains some advocates a reformer begin to rally around an idea to grant immigrants legal status in the US and leave the question of citizenship added the legislation in other words they can work but not vote well there you have it its ok that’s what they’re gonna go okay now I’m gonna show you why in a sec right but as soon as ice saw that I was like are okay everybody gets a little P so what they want the democrats get the say hey listen we abt help you and we like we told you we delivered for you right republicans gets a alguien ability to pass this issue but at least a no vote

democratic and most importantly the guys in charge big business that give to both of those parties get cheap labor but then they don’t have to worry about those latinos another it immigrants they came into the country actually becoming citizens becoming one of us I don’t think so now wait a minute if you the democrats but we’re top they actually wouldn’t have to go with this compromise the to say listen were for pathway to citizenship I see a majority in the country agrees with that so winning issue for us sad day for you on a vote against him and kick your ass in every election going for but they’re not gonna say that how do I know among the people who work for immigration reformers a Louis gutierrez he’s democrat a bill in order and he says I don’t think is a good idea because citizenship is important but I don’t think it is a big deal breaker either I saw that and I thought it’s over it’s over whenever democrats as well it’s very important but not a deal breaker that means I gave up I give up that’s a deal we’re gonna make okay I remember President Obama said public option is really important health care but not necessarily a deal-breaker and I said it’s over a public option is gone and I remember when liberals like on OJ you don’t know he said public art is really important no no citizenship for immigrants in the country gone it’s not going to be in the deal a good terrace is not on the little guys pushing hardest it’s not gonna be in the deal okay so well I gotta idea about another corollary to that I’ll share with you in a second abut it in other two reasons why this is eg going to be the deal that we see in the end I be able to live and work in the US they haz latinos here legally without the threat of deportation well it was more important to them fifty-five to thirty-five this is a ship so it polls well among the people they’re trying to reach so it’s not a citizenship is it important to them it is they like but like the most important things I don’t want you to break up my family want to be able to stay here and work here okay given those two choices they say 5535 in that direction so that promise I’ll then finally again the people who actually make decisions country are the chamber commerce so ready Johnson from the chamber says this i do. doing this compromise where they get to stay but they’re not actually citizens they’re not what I was quote that’s a seismic shift in the debate and he says that smeeting we like it okay that’s exactly the kind of shift that we wanted the US chamber commerce is very much a paper that compromise they’re also in favor although that cheap labor now I knew that we were going to get a deal the minute the chamber commerce came in and told republicans we’re gonna do immigration reform I’ll tell you who runs the republican party 100 percent the US Chamber of Commerce big business so now in the end latinos congratulations and others yea but mainly latinos of course there make up the lion share oh the immigrants in this country that are undocumented at this point you’ll get some sorta papers n you will get I had to be I am while not citizens not americans but our help hey I got an idea why don’t we give you three for citizenship know I know it’s a very offensive idea where is this idea which is the one they’re gonna go with is not offensive at all we needed cheap labor we bring them in to be cheap later but they don’t get the call themselves American come on they’re latinos donate the messenger that’s the message you know believe me wait and see that’s exactly what they’re gonna pass alright night somebody was talking to me today answers you know like 0 you know you guys look like you’re in pretty good position um you know you guys might really a make something to the show CA we make something the show its kinda number one look so it’s the largest online new show so mmm and we get that way by me both shooting you and then be wrong and over and over again now when I want I’m wrong from time to time of course of course there when I tell you right but this is how we got you guys to watch because we do this and I’ll see you see you thing I see that a mouse on TV you think you seriously upon a break that down and then say yeah it’s over that’s what they’re gonna do and then but you know tell you what the reality of that dealers knowing the keep you watch it we gonna run into is Nancy Grace a bill or out as we run into eyelets let’s move on I now a the next one is also something you see you all over the median it drives me crazy now it’s a big statement call something done was talking point ever a

but it’s driving me crazy and I think it’s heard so what is well it let’s break it down into two sections for small bob Corker is gonna start the festivities and he’s actually use the oldest %uh miss talking point ever now let me explain what is in context for now they’re talking about unemployment extension should extend the benefits or not that’s an interesting topic and we debated that on the show before but in the mid said that debate bob Corker says out the democrats are doing this actually extend unemployment he says quote I think everyone understands this first phase is nothing but a political act okay but I’m so tired at the all this dumb as political point talking point is are the Democrats or Republicans are just playing politics with this but of course they are you know why cuz they’re paula Teixeira earnings that’s what they do that’s what they get paid to do and bob Corker your senator from tennessee got news for you you’re also playing politics with it and I don’t blame you that’s what you all are so please spare me that now says but that’s not what I’m referring to in specific here he’s talking about playing politics because there he saying that this is not about I extending unemployment benefits so having oppose explains in this instance they say other Republicans including wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have said democrats are only trying to distract from the president’s rocky rollout on the health care law up for christ sake now this is the a tee time I’ve seen this what is a president supposed to do I had a rocky rollout of the health care law I’m go to suspend all other policies I want the whole country folks on this for time immemorial UK I’ll be taking the next three years upper body just focus on that rocky rollout okay he has an agenda of course is gonna go out with his agenda now every time he brings up something I have minimum wage trying to destroy up all night people not rocky rollout any print this stuff and I’m not blaming oppose this case but every article takes a seriously like all oppose made an interesting point all the president strongly today say they say the president is trying to distract what I if you’re the president if you’re the president what are you just will say okay okay I set up my hands okay atm now we had about all I dunno health care law your okay well you know I’d love to do something about Afghanistan and figure out an exit row I don’t have struggled okay those in the park ok i don’t understood permit no of course you have to go on this is so old stole credit and it’s so ironic because every time their problem say that what they’re trying to do is distract from whatever that issues and now they’ve use it on over a dozen issues they’re trying to distract you from extending unemployment benefits and get you to talk about President Obama Care rollout which they claim is rocky to waive changing the topic are we didn’t extend unemployment benefits we look like assholes but yeah but the president is trying distracted for to over there although Obamacare Obamacare I literally do this with my three-year-old I don’t wanna look at something I go look a bird okay but on employment we look heartless because we’re not extending the benefits book Obamacare all up okay now ok thank God gene sperling actually fought back against this is a top White House economic adviser and he’s had a good suggestion for that means a look at anybody suggest that somehow we wanna fight for the minimum wage extending emergency unemployment for political reasons as opposed to being the right thing to do I have a really good solution let’s get them done right now in a bipartisan way I love it or you don’t want to talk about extending unemployment benefits great but she got it unemployment benefits except a great let’s talk about Obamacare a look-alike want to argue all day and you know we could talk about it just do the deal it appears that ironically maybe bob Corker his friends might be playing politics from Young Turks do do dry that money on card alright a guys can I get us on the monitor I so I love you you have sagged to RT live nobody you know writes in why should dress appropriately when sworn in you shoulda wanna metal call under say plastic for the weekend about the bus fare yeah okay point very fair year McKay nobody you know I don’t know you into okay who can move forward I’ll get a lot a great source for your augment go yes update on the Rodman

story which I absolutely love Dennis Rodman has been in north korea he’s planning on playing basketball with North Korea’s national league on what day and this is all part of Kim Jong wounds birthday celebration his birthday extravaganza up and recently %uh Robin decided to talk to CNN Chris Cuomo to be specific about his reasons for being in north korea and he was rolling deep okay had a number a basketball players are former basketball players with him and then it got a little uncomfortable after Cuomo asked about Kenneth bAE ok and a bailout was captured in north Korea has been detained and originally robin said that he was going to help set him free but that didn’t really end up happening take a look you do have a relationship with this man you’ve said it many times we’ve seen it demonstrated us for whatever reason are you going to take an opportunity if you get it by to speak up for the family a peek at bay and this say let us know why this man is being held that this is wrong that he is sick if you can help banish will you take the opportunity lot lot lot law says I have no money the one thing about politics campaigning Afghanistan I’m gonna Muslim would kill him but he did yeah do on this team what he did what did he do you know entry you tell me what you do in and a no no no don’t tell me huge army why is he held captain they haven’t released any charges babe 22 he’s now officially defending Kim Jong Un’s position is in Thane he’s captured an American citizen will let him go I you look what indeed can Baidu inside North Korea I have no idea right but for dennis reimer to go on national TV and a defender who like that and and by the way okay what what did can be your the one say no you have you knew what he did inside this country okay official North Korea spokesperson tells what he did yeah he has no idea what he’s talking about but I will say this and this isn’t meant to defend him but he in north korea as this interview is taking place so is he going to be critical love the North Korean government while he’s there I mean I think that would be a little risky to do that so I don’t know blood pressure in your weak ass don’t know tree in the first place right I don’t put yourself in that position where you’re going to be forced to if he is forced that might have been convinced about the case to defend someone who is brutal to his people so up no respect at all and and his answer is ridiculous what he’s an idiot easily island were making apologies for this guy mean every subtle I all but look and even jesse jackson was like wow I’m glad he went you know any opening up with a liner patient we need to send someone that has like to bring so they get the rub together so they can make actually Charles Smith shined in this you they had him leading this whole thing the rodman couldn’t help himself he jumped in there to do is demonic he disses voice sound like the more like he was possessed like our dryer are you done and I was there are about as bad on purpose or as much an oz boy thats is its whatever right %uh because he spoke in a lotta anyway at Charles Smith who most baseball fans know is a loser a actually did a good job of being eloquent about the same look we don’t want this to be about politics that’s a fine answer right now you can give that answer I can’t believe all these guys when they’re been Baker Kenny Anderson these guys will like my entire fantasy basketball team lineup the one year that I played anyway let’s not evolve into okay I so so there’s more can we get yes so what kinda second video and inject will continue to read pac-10 nice college guys you didn’t understand that we do and we appreciate that now we wish them well was home to let me know of him know I’ll have the I went last Saturday Australian you the geyser market here but that is not what don’t use them as an excuse but OK you that your make sure you enjoy your show money RG one thing mall home all only one day do haha right now you but the guys here don’t mind me more to go back to America and pigtail do you happen to be use will be okay short me know don’t know Monday Monday this too was home open what okay I don’t know what happened he’s on in outer space Penn he he’ll he sounds like a like a their world dictator by I got a little like with Viper Room like I he’s holding the cigar large are you doin that unit land ironically the other guys look like they were in a

it in a hostage video yes big hit impacted by I what there is one guy that really caught my attention let’s go to the third video if you take a good look at the kind the purple he looks like you’re really worried don’t be worried about what’s about to go down first I like I don’t know what a day column that highlight leading away from like doing alright you alright you don’t trust men lie like let’s step in dog piss let me his panel is recycled mandolin okay and the guys in the back row I want stricter let me break so no no he’s a disaster man I know that that they’re doing this for published city in like I said one day maybe rodman it would ease a saying is we’re taking abuse but one day you’re gonna find out where CIA an enemy a movie about us that we’re all gonna be stars I don’t look that’s the best possible scenario maybe that’s what he sayin and I hope that’s what he said right otherwise he sounds like an absolute madman and I feel so bad for the other guys there yeah it’s definitely unfortunate because if they had if Kim Jong Hoon was a fan a more intelligent basketball player well maybe there would be an opportunity for actual conversations between the united states and north korea right but there’s no chance for diplomacy if if Rodman is the person who is representing the United States I mean okay I mean he is also open to michael jordan when as michael jordan’s you like north korea go to North Korea’s has a real I why we got a good career the reason is ron is going is because he’s a clown and that’s the kind of attention that he loves I look thank you for the 18th time I hope to God we find out one day use a whose you know undercover spy for us and it’s something important and relevant in north korea but until then this is a Grade a disaster because all it does is celebrate the Birthday a brutal dictator who now apparently not only kill his uncle might have also killed his van let alone the hundreds of thousand people he’s giving keeping in prison camps and it just it validates came Junoon for no reason me sitting there yelling at Chris call more for asking perfectly reasonable questions yeah why would you even go on the program if you’re not gonna be willing to answer very I guess predictable questions I mean if they are undercover the CIA’s gotta be only are were we darn put the week good one we do Centro slim we know we can score but at least we got a grab a Borders a but I can say that about our own but alright Michael Bay with at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and he was supposed to talk about a new Samsung TV he went up on stage and it didn’t really work out for him take a look my job as a director as I get to dream for a living Hollywood is a place that creates to and you were escape and on what I tried to do is I as a director I try to I the type is all of sight but under swing this tell us what you think yes with this will weigh it right now um I takes to try to take people on an emotional ride and arm the curve how was it I do think it’s going to impact a have years experience your movies she’s now I’m sorry I’m sorry okay lays down a bunt thank Michael may be joining us so a big disaster who I was all those people are going to every part was that other do any news like alright what thinking about what paper joining us today everything dick I looking got under 10 someone else’s CES a big big deal kate is we’re everybody’s going rate and take up my comp AD introduced their new Samsung TV it’s ok giant deal for them he so excited and they got the script worked out and it’s on the teleprompters there go back and forth it’s gonna be great kanin this meltdown happens meal in his head the Samsung guys they do perfect thank you who gave but like externally is like all right thank you round of applause for Michael Bay yeah they didn’t like the crowd I so there is a movie like I although mapping factor shows you i mean it’s good incredible how difficult it is for such a big name public figures to just speak off the cuff just a hint you have to talk about your move me if that’s what you do for a living you relatively easy time talking about that particular topic right these guys are so produced Arabia guys on TV like proper prompter produce like they don’t have mine either now Michael Bay’s not a professional in that sense he’s not an anchor a teaser director producer et cetera but his movies are so tightly produce

Miley wrongly but big by and so when things go off-script like date there they don’t know what they do like my movies I about I don’t know anything about my movies the problem was gonna tell me about my movie but okay and a right now goes like we could talk with the curve that he really well got bad for you got well I new girl TV you crazy I get him to do you think about my movie yet the panic that set in that was just way too much for him to bear in like you you feel really bad for him in that moment as well like YouTube don’t want to be in that situation public speaking is a difficult thing to do for a lot of people so having that teleprompter there is a safety blanket you know if kinda protects you from making a fool out of yourself but you can also go very fair on it and he looked I actually like his apology a lot yeah let me read it because I was worth it is offline to raise a reason to come back and be like to and halfback me is like da proper guy is never going to work in like a three-state area okay yeah but he’d like it seems like his apology was pretty good is the party was pretty good but we should also note that we did obtain footage up him a backstage and we kinda saw what his reaction was the people that were running the teleprompter let’s take a look at that it now I can read it there’s no there’s no words on it her up wit Michael Bay seems to have gone back in time a little bit much as a little bit ago different but he’s younger so okay well let’s see we’ve got more yeah show there’s no words there to play us out what does that mean to play us out I B Michael Bay my to create a better I more more fuckin thanks Sox I believe you yeah I think that this was the backstage your firm I Porter Anna it you’re going to surprise you to know this part but we also actually have footage a Michael Bay practicing with the teleprompter ahead of time let’s watch that you stay classy San Diego I’m on burgundy I axes somebody was messing with them during the practice is to low and then this happened out there and I’m Ron Burgundy go fuck yourself San Diego you this add to his I think Burgundian O’Reilly actually handle that better than Michael baby oh yeah I feel about okay let’s get to Michael Bay’s apology I’m you know you feel really bad for a specially after you read this he says wow I just embarrassed myself if EDS I was about to speak for Samsung for the often curved 105 engine you HD TV I really want my name to any products but this one is just stellar I got so excited to talk but I skipped over the exact BP’s it roll I’m and then the teleprompter just law got lost then the prompter what up and down when I walked off I guess live shows art might bang yet now look there he’s got a plug a thing like he was suppose to so yeah matches the grade XYZ TV whatever that thing was play us out without me but okay out but then he’s like legrand I guess live things is my baby I’m sorry that was I you know I blew that so I I hear you on what you want about human right that party yeah you know when he came up pretty quickly if it was his PR folks they made it sound genuine yeah and they did a good job getting up quickly so I’ll give him that right like you P actually fired every teleprompter in Nevada then OK then ok we have bad up there was there with you before now we just feel bad for the guy I mean he did say oh my god I am holy holy totally old police are there some kids have overplayed it a little bit ok it again are board right former Cosmo editor Leo hearty is raising awareness about an issue that she dealt with when she was working a cosmopolitan and its editing I’m photoshopping very very been and figley models to make them look like they’re healthy so other few examples that we can show you sometimes models are so incredibly malnourished that their hair is thinning the ribs are showing their collar bones are obviously sticking out and as a result what the editors will do is they will Photoshop the ribs out or their Photoshop to make the caller but look soft or the hair fuller to make it seem as though they’re they’re healthy but they will also add breasts and a bottom to the model to make it seem like they’re proportional a normal which is so unbelievably ironic considering the fact that the fashion industry usually pressures these women to be malnourished in the first place so I feel a little redeem my wrists to be honest with you okay I’m glad that you took away from the store he s yes I did I’m because I talked about how the models were on naturally skinny and it turns out even the fashion industry think they’re

on naturally skinny and is so easy let’s put the pictures and I wanna sure the before and after right okay so the before is the picture that you see on the left and of course camera India’s and they actually edited out her a I don’t forget that muscles called oblique right nailed it I don’t you yeah and every their bony thing on her head it’s not boney its muscle well good for a but apparently that was not considered sexting up and said this is the really interesting yeah up for one that because out the one on the left looks like Mike she has significant health issues like somebody’s in captor away from food like let you know what I’m saying like she’d I don’t want to say anything further for you you understand where I’m it’s just not healthy she doesn’t look healthy and that image and ride is not sexy that’s like you wanna like checker in the hospital yeah and then they have course Photoshop it to make make it seem as though her chest is you know not his bony in her ribs are not protruding like that and n it look some people might make the argument that hey you know what this is good they wanna up share a healthy image of women like it’s good to have a little more meat on your bones but no that’s not what’s happening oftentimes what happens is they refuse to Photoshop the way for the waste remains very very small and then not had breast to the image and make it seem as though she is normal and healthy in proportional a lot of time these models are so malnourished that their skin is not in good condition right it’s blotchy in a in it looks like they’re dehydrated or something and they have to Photoshop it as well in fact me a hearty I’m talked about it in detail want to read you a quote she says thanks to retouch in our readers never saw the horrible hungry downside skinny that these underweight girls didn’t look glamorous in the Flash their scale skeletal bodies dolphin hair spots in dark circles under the eyes were magic two-way by technology leaving only bill or a cold fish limbs and Bambi eyes so now I really loved what Rahman Derek said he is the creative director a bogus a lot of people now chimed M on this he said I spent the first ten years of my career making girls look thinner and the last and making them look large wooden so that was always forget to get dinner on your them enough we’re gonna Photoshop array then they got so damn thing because of the pressure like going to push up to make no make them look larger but the really don’t think the you pinpointed there and as the most important part is that is unnatural if they just showed them either way as they are that would be one thing but they kept keep the hip size 1 and then add me to the airport yet right which is not possible add me to the area the female’s body that its words it considered the most desirable right so she’s got you know a backside she has full breasts but somehow she has like a 20 inch waist it’s not normal you don’t see bodies like that and then it forces not forces but it convinces women that that typeof body image is achievable as long as you stop eating and as long as you live in unhealthy lifestyle where your mouth Norris and so I like the fact that she’s coming out and she’s talking about what’s really happening in the beauty industry we already know that models are pressured to be extremely skinny but and we know that photoshopping takes place but now we know that it also takes place to hide the fact that somebody’s models are extremely unhealthy Robin Billy hearty ads no wonder woman you’re in to be super thin when they never see how ugly super thing can be 10th and then finally but I got in some heat not trouble cuz I don’t really care when its we talk about the fashion industry before and I said somebody would Sohus then that it looked unhealthy it sad people jump down my dog I just say that that you stated such as their natural state that’s just how she is she eats like crazy and she absolutely superb then i cant believe youre saying she’s unattractive and that’s the kind of woman they’re looking for okay so let me quote be so wat in this case this isn’t then about shaming naturally thin women she explains is about calling out an industry there requires women to be on healthy and then hides the harmful consequences and acknowledging that even people warp are that industry don’t necessarily have the power to change in okay meaning it’s not that they’re naturally skinny yes one of them might be right couple them at most might be but most of them are in it industry do with airport gate given a tremendous amount of pressure to be super on healthy and skinny in a way that is not attracted to the average male or anyone else in but they do that sort all that looks so good on them oh my god the 02 hangs just like a coat rack the 1i use a fuckin coat rack okay and then a drive these women to dangerous conditions and then the drive the audience and the whole society it into a dangerous psychosis where they believe they have to lose all this way to look terribly a natural

in a standard they can literally never be I think the best thing that I’m seeing right now is the emergence abuse campaigns that tell people to get healthy as opposed to get then right like you see these fit %uh you know gurus or whatever on Instagram and I love it you know they talk about what they eat and a lot of times it’s like clean eating whatever and then they really emphasize muscle tone and having like a bit built body as opposed to a very skinny body and I like the fact that we’re moving away from that model S image and focusing more on what it means to be healthy yes I am that’s what I but folk singer you know not not so much the same thing just a full body in you know a lot about having a full body though yeah I I needless day okay mile-high I think you should go and I think he felt really someone knows there’s bears tears in their but hey forward but I would never want to take that big but I don’t appreciate over his different look I here though okay a effort on your part well CNN will but no seriously %eh air and I were talking about this before the show today a Fox News made fun amo say respect oh yeah it they the name the same was crying pierce or some like crying game summer crying times thank you which makes no sense by the way children crying in writing me with with the was crying where like trying times but maybe paper was times anyway okay I am and the like her she cried yeah you drink yeah I do you think the year party did you any good that’s why we’ve been criticizing right because your party can help they just took it like how we wine we we got her to ban and we got to everybody think I’ll oh yeah she just as racist as we are thrifty Car anyway right next up let’s take a break yeah week a rack will talk about a satanic monument

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