however long you’re going to get set up additional Einstein field varies on get the reason yes see that line technology test to make sure that my browser is good my adobe reader is good all that’s good and that opens up this important messages page and again I didn’t uh dismiss this so it would show again you guys can see what happens when you login directly so they’re going to talk about anything that’s new that’s changing or that has changed since you logged in last time unless you hisses do not show this again and then it goes away so right now there’s some updates here for enhancements for the broker side of marker or form simplicity so that’s a good feature there there’s your warning to Chrome users that chrome 45 is no longer working here’s your information regarding the windows 10 upgrade errs regarding the edge browser that apparently is not which making too many waves in the right direction these days um so they’re gonna have any new updates in there so you could always take a look at that just close it out in a good way yeah I’m not going to say don’t upgrade to Windows 10 but just know that you’re going to happen not use the default browser yeah internet explorer 11 should still be in Windows 10 I’d recommend that before you upgrade call the tech help lines get their opinion I’m by no means an expert when it comes to all things technology especially when it comes to the windows environment you see them quite Mac centric but that’s me question probably little define good thing cinelli the windows already I don’t know about 11 no 10 just came out no internet explorer 11 that’s a rouser or windows pay you can’t get anymore what I would mean for right here in my life yes gmail is right variant he just say we go this one oh look now I’m worried that I’ve got one go Mike enamel no no it would work that’s the thing it’s just it’s just the browser that you you just won’t use the default edge browser you’ll use the internet explorer crop it’s still in there in Windows 10 as a problem was people that automatically switched then their Internet Explorer icon just goes away and then all the left with is the edge and then nothing works for for simplicity it’s still there you just have to get it back so it’s still in there it’s more not to scare you away from windows 10 just to know that when we do make a change you’ll have to make a couple of changes to get back to using this browser or you can still use firefox on internet explorer so that’s that’s available as well you don’t have to each browser okay let’s be next here let’s take a look at i’m going to review uploading the non-farm realtors form to the active transaction and then we’ll do an e sign here so i’m going to go to my active transaction here is the listing we just created and I’m opening up 123 Main Street listing ok so now at the top of the screen here we’ve got our foots the right of sale um that’s pretty much it for seller now for our non Realtors forms again if we want to add anything just go to at the bottom add file upload a file then choose the file from your

computer and then just upload it to this screen that make sense know you had a question about uploading it but none yeah I just want to see you walk through the create ok alright so now we’ve got our transaction here so I want to send this off to east line well even before I get to that let’s say I just wanted to go the asses least resistance and just email to a customer I’m going to check off the two check boxes because that’s the two forms that I want or two documents that want to send and I would go up here to the top right where it says select command then there’s the drop-down and then here i can email to the customer so let me hit email and i’m going to send it to Bobby buyer here and we’ll see what Bobby get so here is the listing is going to be your subject line to put whatever you want in there this review stand call cliff question okay now we’re going to email that off it’s going to ask me next if I want to enter lobby buyer into one of my contacts now I’m going to go to bobby’s email go back here and we’re refreshed Bobby’s email okay so 11 11 a.m. there’s the attachment there this is what i just sent to Bobby buyer so please review and call me with questions then down here are the two documents i sent them the listing agreement and the bank of america a short sale agreement again any non florida realtors form will be separate so the way these come out when you send it as an email is all of this forms at the top everything that is editable it’ll take all of those forms a big run big file out of it so if we have a 12 page purchase contract and and five pages of florida realtors riders it’s going to create a 17-page document and that will be the one on the right hand side all of the files that are at the bottom those come as individual attachment those one inconvenience with the email version of doing a sign is totally different but the email version will cinnamon chipper documents but everything at the top is one document everything the bottom will come a separate attachment does that make sense everybody something okay the other thing you see in here is right at the top here says send me file simply send them as attachments to this email address this is a really unique thing every single transaction a uniform simplicity has its own unique email address so if your customer wants to email you a document back they’ll say they’re going to have it and attach it email it back to you well they just as they do that you can forward it to that email address and that uploads the right to your transaction forms report already done so if you have a anything you get that’s part of that transaction you can forward it to the email address for this transaction you can keep all of your files in form of simplicity every document that is part of that transaction you can upload it back to your transaction folder using that unique email address every transaction has its own it’s in the email that you send then also when you go back here reza top of your transaction you see right here that’s the unique email address for every single transaction so there’s some of the really cool little pools that are implied here then you just got started using them and you’ll start finding them ok so that’s that’s the email there let me go back here again and then if you want to print it out you just print it out that easy as doing the drop box and hitting print and print it if you want to delete the transaction you can delete it from here as well as anybody ever accidentally deleted the transaction I i believe the transaction because it’s just down here at the bottom it didn’t Baloo it’s not even read and sometimes we move pretty quickly an error up here again just in blue delete the transaction you read it almost well let me say mostly mostly yes if you delete this transaction soon as you hit delete is going to bring up a big red box so you sure you want to delete it you’re going to hit yes again just what you’re going to do and then you’re going to realize that was a big red box that probably should read the word before hit okay what was the word oh my god those my whole transaction you have to call the tech helpline for up to a week they can retrieve it you can’t do it on your

own and nowhere in your system but if you call the tech helpline they can get it back as long as you call within a week so get happening a cloud thing they do they store back on their server for seven days after seven days is gone but if you hit the button and then you hit it again and say why do they hit that bet in twice called stack up one okay so next year um we can go to East line now we’ve got me to documents we’re going to eat fun again any number of documents can be east on the same way so I’m going to hit key sign here now from here this two options I can go to next here and that’s going to automatically include the parties that are participant in the east side transaction earlier when I set up the content tab and i put in Bobby and Bonnie separately and email separately previously well that was already setting up their information for each line later so that’s where I’m going to use the next bus or I can just kick create session hopefully it’s gonna do the same things I’ll have to create them separately they’re here i’m going to just hit next oh like some forms here go back and let their forms then next okay now who do I want to be part of this session well do I want myself to be a part of the signer here maybe maybe not um so maybe I will include myself and the spider now I’ve been through Bobby and Bonnie for now you’ll see this it’s the same thing for you to sign this is fine obvious on the FHA addendum that typically the Asian has to sign this would be a good option for you to sign it as a sign as well if you’re doing this on your computer as soon as you finish and send off the east side and you’re a signer the very next window is going to pop up is now you’re a signing session so you want to leave your computer or you won’t open up an email just go right into that but you can put yourself in that designer or the other agent if they want as well all rights go ahead and create new session you now this takes just a little bit of time there because what’s doing now is taking all of the documents themselves it’s flattening the file they taking all the information that was part of the PDF creating it this is tasting as to that PDF and moving it to wrong oldie website that does the east on the east side is not actually form simplicity it’s a different company called go paperless to see it all the way down here in the bottom left-hand corner there merged together it’s the joint venture between the two for simplicity is hired go paperless to do the east side portion of it so that’s why there’s some things that are available through the east side that you can’t get reform simplicity so this is the main screen here so this is your starting session transaction name is going to pull that over from form for positive you can change it if you want to but it’ll be whatever the transaction name is then you’re going to give it a subject this ultimately is going to send an email with a customer at the end so this will be the subject line for your customers don’t put something customer friendly in there I let say listing agreement or an e sign sticker day and then maybe something nice here is the listing all right please review and sign using the on-screen instruction the instructions are really easy and we’ll say that from the customers perspective long as they read it’s so easy if they don’t read it’s mostly intuitive but if they just read word it goes like a dream okay over on the right-hand side of the East signing free here’s a couple things that I want to point out the signer sequence its default always to this then to one side are at a time and in order the second option is sent to all centers at one this is always my preference when we’re dealing with husband and wife have you been in this situation if you’ve ever done any sort of exciting in the past if you use the defaults n21 center at a time let’s say you send it to him first if him doesn’t open his email then she’s never going to get it and she is going to be telling him well I didn’t get it I didn’t get the email I didn’t get it either even though it’s on his computer

he never opened it he ever completed it but she’s never going to get so if we said knit in order it’s going to go who was on top then to the next person and down the list i sent it everybody all want everybody does their part once every is done then everything to get a second email saying everybody’s done here’s the completed session they all have completed cops this is the most easy way so you can’t use to be whole row sorta 2000 no no right here just change about click the second button down but unfortunately you can’t change is to default descent at all I’ve made that argument I’ve lost that argument which form so but this is a big change I always changes and sent to all sides at once this way everybody gets the email at the same time all right if you’re going to include yourself as a signer you can add yourself in now as well and forgot to add yourself previously you can add yourself again allow the signers to delegate another person this is a tool that allows you to send the east side to one of your customers then they can forward that email to somebody else the Sun in the rehab almost like a mini power of attorney so do you want to use this sub see the powers neighbor but up to you if you want to use so maybe they have the sum of all the attorney they want to review the contracts you can do that as well forward it unless you click again because this is going to use their email address as a way to authenticate who they are so if you allow them to delegate it they’ll authenticate who they are and then it’ll allow them to delegate their spawning portion to somebody else so be cautious with that that’s what I would rather than just automatically including that I generally want a reason why they need to delegate somebody else the fun on their behalf ultimately when we send a document over facts and they fax it back to us do we know that it is that person that signed it I’ve heard this from more than one I’m picking the ladies y’all usually the problem here listen baby said this a statement I signed my husband’s name better than he does yeah so do we know that that’s happening I don’t know that that’s happening so that’s the same reason that we have a delegation proportion as well bring this down for the takin yeah I think they can print it out of course oh yeah that’s what Lee yep and I can also send a cc final documents as an attachment with somebody else too so i can add them the attorney of state for instance as a carbon copy here as well yep okay so we’ve got our main screen setup here i’m sending it to all centers at one now we get to the invite signers window but we’ve already invited them because we did that back in form since list already put in their email addresses we already put in their names if i didn’t do that now would be the time to add them and it’s just as simple as hitting a decider here and then typing in her name let me show you how that works we’ll add a signer and let’s say Bobby the why put his email address in here and then authentication now I have defaulted to none which means that it’s just going to use whatever their email addresses let’s ignore their email if they get that email they get the link that’s in the email well them that’s them as far as the authentication is going to go I we can use some other tools here though under authentication there’s que VA que VA is there for knowledge-based authentication have you ever gone to a website that asks you to verify who you are by asking you questions this distance your life game so in 1987 you had a car what’s your car this this this or this one of those colors you did have they will say your monthly payments for your car was between this and this and this and this through this and this you have to play that game well that’s what the knowledge-based authentication does uses the data that the credit reporting agencies have on that individual person to identify them do you want to use that do you need that level of authentication probably not but it’s there if you need it if you do the KPA i do believe as a charge I don’t know I’ve never used it i think it’s like three dollars per transaction but there is a charge for that all the risk there’s not password here you can just create a password for

this transaction so it’s a double leather player authentication one they have to get the email so they have to click on the link from their email then number two you would call them and tell them your password is whatever the password and then they were typing that password so that works too the other thing that you can use is the SMS text this is very cool you can put in their mobile number here now once they get to the e signing session you know what let me change yeah I’m going to change one of these here get out this one I’m going to change it Bobby here you to the f text you can see what Bobby gets and I put my phone number in there too as well Bobby gets ready to sign here you’ll have to click on the authentication and it will send a text message to Bobby’s phone then Bobby about the typing whatever code possum on just another level of authentication determinate code you on the SMS code no um the password you created so if you want to creep ok now we’ve got Bobby and Bonnie in here I guess Bonnie’s get the text better so Bobby and body or our ciders they’re already in here now if i was going to move them around so if i was sending it to one person at a time and i wanted to send us a bobby first i would check off Bobby I would click move up now it’s going to move Bobby to the top on the box this case it doesn’t matter i’m sending to all Thunder of m1 all right I’m going to click next here now it’s going to go to the upload the document session it’s automatically pulling in everything I have some forms report so there’s nothing else that I need to do from that side you and I’m going to run out for one second i’m going to get my computer’s on low power you all right now we’re back okay go this moves right into the template page here so we know we got two sons the father we got fun we’re or Bobby and Bonnie signing so we get seller number one seller number 2 asian one and broker one you know I didn’t bring myself or the broker into this transaction for signing so I’m going to leave those blank a seller one let’s put Bonnie there hello to let’s put Bobby now over here you see this little link here to supply signers to all templates all of the florida realtors for everything in that form of library already has its own temperance so the eastside knows where all the signers portions are going to be for sellers or buyers when they’re going to initial where they’re going to sign where they’re going to date all that automatically in there now if we had more than one florida realtors form there will be another here it says template title you supposed to write a sale listing group then if we had the seller’s disclosure statement that would be under here with the spots for the seller’s fun there so if i click the

apply diners to all templates it’ll put bonniest seller number one and Bobby a phone number two on every single docsis I don’t have to do it manually so in this case I only have one so I don’t have to do anything else there sure when you recently change bobby singh why is it I never did change it Oh from and everything changes didn’t I did but I never change it on the contents tab for Bobby as the actual Briner boss that was the contract named Habib another sunny in yeah I got it I thought it did it everywhere it’ll change it on every document but it won’t change Bobby’s name as I had it into the eastern portion that I have the e son is it’ll deliver but every other document that would have come up would have changed Bobby to be 0 BBY so every rider would they bother with the wine yeah yeah yeah and more than likely you’re going to know if you actually have a name spelled wrong to go back and change now we’re those those changes happened the most part we’re changing terms of the contract address changes things like that so just the body with a wine you know does happen name change to have to do that separately I couldn’t do it here but I can go back to the last window and change it from Bobby and in my address book yeah I can change him there when I went back and change the authentication for Bonnie and adder it authenticated with the SMS text message and that same window there is going to change for me to change the spelling that’s just editing who you have in your address book in the east side as well so you have address books inform simplicity you also have address books in east on so if you’re somebody who sent over over again you probably have them these magic book change it there I’m going to this point we’re analyzing oh crap i forgot change go back yep so what i can do is just go ahead and cancel this window here yep not a big deal cancel okay okay now i’m going to go back to my invite signers and we want to change Bobby here go to actions change Bobby Bobby knew why I wouldn’t write back here to invite signers yep and then over on the right hand side with the pencil in the paper that’s my symbol for edit the final click on that that can bring up Bobby’s information and from here I can change there is the option you see on here as well worth the finding in person so if the customer is actually with you you can do the east sign that way why would you want to do that put make any sense you might want to do that if maybe the buyer with a couple one half a couple with you the other half a couple is not with you she’s a whole signing session at the e sign session this way whoever the with you is going to sign their portion right now the next person is going to get their portion they’re going to find it by email and then the whole documents already done in one shot otherwise you would have to kind of a person in person and then scan everything here’s another option to using the same e-sign program let’s say we did have a paper contract signed by one partner and we want to east side in the second part but we have a paper document you don’t have an importance of cooking and we printed it behind it feeding all we’re going to do now is take that paper document in email to our cell and then uploaded here through East line you can upload it here through east side or we could have gone back in a form of simplicity the bottom files the upload a file so remember we can upload any file there so it’s uploaded right from there or we could have forwarded that email and to that transaction would have gotten in there too then check out that box and take you sign the only difference and the only thing that will be even a minor inconvenience is since now we have a scanned copy of that contract there’s no template so everywhere is to be a signature lots of Marcus signature reference so it’s almost as easy if you were in person and all of you do this but when I in personnel typically get a highlighter and highlight a response that person is

going to sign so basically the exact same things of the e sign session instead of a highlighter just dragging down initial initial initial initial sign sign sign date date date and then when it gets to them everything’s alright so we got our two buyers we’re going to go forward again here with this and hit next uploader documents maybe we get to this screen and we say oh my god I forgot to get that document that was in my email so we can upload documents in here as well so add files now you can add files from these locations your local disk that’s your computer on your computer you can get it from there if you use Dropbox one box and box cog George you can get it from those cloud storage locations well this is even if it’s not even form simplicity never uploaded it there you can still upload it right to the east side session than that icloud not in here yet you but they have their own forms hi cloud inclusive women only said within we get something done that’s a read if I’m that’s in the form of complicity side yeah without on the east side or revise oh okay so now we’ve got our two documents and we’re going to hit next the screen is going to come up here and then usually give it a second and normally this top portion here doesn’t populate right away wait about three seconds and it pops and then all the colors show up now you know it’s me ready to be marked up now the first document we’re looking at is the listing agreement so this is a florida realtors form this has a template which means every spot for the sellers to sign already marked up for us so we can scroll down and see that’s been done it’s not been done I think you didn’t check some boxes on the left before you said next let’s go back no there’s no template attached why is there no template attached it might be because oh this is why when I went back and changed the name and I cancelled out they can’t throw out all my template all right yeah kind of hell my sessions with this project go right ahead very good Virginia trees it yep all right so we’re going to go back here again go back to e-sign hit next let me keep Bobby in his old name yeah when I dylan’s it out that session ideally that whole the templates which is the process that we want now you know don’t don’t hit cancel okay listing agreement all right you know that that says to please review something nice and follow the on-screen instructions Bobby and Bonnie all right here is Bonnie the phone about the ancient Bonnie’s seller number one Bobby’s the seller number two and next this 120 sums up all this is saying is that there are signers who we didn’t add in there that means I didn’t put anybody in there for broker I didn’t put anybody in there for ages it’s not a mistake it’s intentional but it’s always going to pop up just hit okay also I didn’t change the authentication for Bobby to go back to the SMS text message so that won’t happen when we descend Bobby for signatures all right so now this is the next screen here this is what we were missing pre before it’s a template right here this is the template before voters it’s four pages and there’s 16 signing locations that means is a spot for each celery to seller but you know oh yeah yep okay now we should have all of our

templates in there and there they are so it’s bobbing and bonnie of they both have these active initials that look like the same one but trust me it would be different initials now if we want to have something else for them maybe we’re going to add in a spot where I want Bobby or Bonnie one of us who have to choose who’s going to make checks and checkboxes let’s say I want them to decide cash or conventional for financing I can grab the check box up here at the top drag it down and put the check box there grab another one down here put it next to conventional one down here for the next to VA and one down here next to FHA they can decide which ones they want to select where it matters is you see up here in the upper left hand corner is I’ve got Bonnie up here selected that means bonnie is controlling the check box the bobby has no control over what Bonnie checks somebody’s going to have control over the check box I’ve decided to give you the funny now what I can also do is next to each one of these check boxes is a little grey circle it’s a little gear wheel that’s a settings wheel and that says this check box is optional or I can make this a required check box that they can turn it forward unless they check this checkbox or I can make it conditional if I want to make life difficult for myself I can make a conditional that means if this box then not that box is this end that box and then this box optional optional is very very easy so you tell them check the checkbox alright so that’s the check boxes they’re on you have form fields let’s say you want to have the buyer put in could you read any second check box down there in some field if you wanted both parties for initially I could sure okay yeah if I wanted Bonnie and Bobby both the only difference i would do is i would rise to steal them for for price change or foreign initials i’ll show you how to do that tonight all I would do is though if I want Bobby to sign it is I would switch to Bobby in the signer change the Bobby then bring a new check box down for Bobby okay Steve once providing graded once Rob once we’re Bobby there the form field here is anytime you want them to fill out information maybe it’s you want them to put in the personal property that’s included in the sale so there’s no default language or anything that they have to physically put in there they can leave it blank if they want to but if you have a field that you want them to enter information on their own you would use the form field for that initials obviously is your initial date and time you can probably figure out what that one is and signature signature the radio button is just a dot that’s all the radio about you pretty much kind of like a check mark I feel like like the too many if that check mark will just give adopts that’s a regular but I rarely ever use those okay let’s look at the mark-up tool this is the question you had regarding one of the clauses the customer didn’t like so over here on the right hand side he says markup and there’s a green button there to open that up and this opens up your markup tool now from here let’s just start with a highlight so i can highlight something to make sure that they see it they can drag it out that this is now highlighted make any changes but it’s me highlight them is me see this clearly if i want to underline something same thing here you you underline now that made the strike through the same thing as an underline but is red now you just put that where you want it to be and you can stretch it out however you want it to be add text so let’s say we wanted to put in the the price was wrong here let’s say we’re going to take our price we’re going to change that no longer 350 we’re going to change the price to the four fifth take text drag it over here and put 450 so that we’ve changed the price for 450 pound I’m going to get rid of lines and I think it’s confusing people okay so now we change the price and we’re going to want them to make sure they initial that change as well so if I want a separate special thing for that I’m going to take Bobby add a signer I’m going to have Bobby initial right there

that price change I’m going to switch up here at the top left which to Bonnie bring Bonnie down never initial that she saw that price change as well we can use this when we’re doing counteroffer I opened it by taking the green button right there yep now I’ll tell you that once you mark up the document and you finalize it is locked you can’t go back later on and delete it off there so it’s as if now right now it’s still okay but once they look in the next document it will give me a warning sign saying this is going to be permanent changes when you sure you want these markets we permit it’s just as if you took a hard copy documents wrote a line on it the lines on it now so before you switch to the next document make sure that the markups are what you want because often do it all over again and if they still want to come to action pattern i canna marketing in the dishwasher you can do another does it right open right no can do this again strike your Deanna yeah okay so then you see all the spots for the customers sign if you don’t want them to sign a place I can take their signatures off here I don’t 1 i’m there don’t want them to find their I don’t want them to sign automatic arbitrations if I wanted to add in additional clauses i can add an additional clauses here just using my ad text tool from the markup side so you see down here we’ve got the signing spot for Bonnie signing for bobbing date and date all right now we get down here to our non floor real transform questions to remove a spot the sign anytime I hover over any spot where there’s a signature day initials anything like that on just to the right of a see a little red X then the gearwheel the red X is delete your will is additional person alright continue scrolling down so now let’s say we want the address here to be on the document itself so often I could do two things 1i can grab the form field and I can put this all the way across now that means Bonnie you got to fill out this form or this is just the address I can do that i’ll add the text field and I’ll just do it myself so 123 Main Street a tab you for extending Lucy I could do this with a four different form field or and face it over that verse is about too ok so I’ve got the address in there they don’t have to fill it out purchase and contract agreement dated so this will be whatever today’s date is in fact I’ll just put a date and time their little date stamp it whenever they find it all right buyers name again I can use the form fields they type in your own name or I can fill it in for them either way but for times sake I’m just going to put signatures here but put Bonnie signature there Bonnie’s date there then we’ll move over Bobby here Bonnie’s Bobby signature and Bobby’s date ok now we’re dealing with everything we’re going to hit next the next screen is first hour mark ups they’re going to be permanent if we hit next begin here so we sure we want those markups I’m sure I’m going to okay now those markups are permanent it can’t be removed later this is the review screen this is to review everything that you’ve already done so if you marking up a lot of documents or adding signature lines go through it make sure you have enough signatures everything looks good here it next again one last chance to review the

email you send to them and then hit finish announcements in the document so Bobby and Bonnie bowl so now have been invited you see here this screen Bobby and Bonnie are invited will get emails both body and Bonnie now you as the agent or at your computer you’re here and yeah you know that these were sent you can keep hitting refresh on your computer if they opened it once they open it will tell you pending and then always down at the bottom gives you an itemized detail of what’s happening in Bobby and bond when they get the document they open it set the terms for the e-signature all that stuff there so let’s go to what do we have here Bonnie let’s refresh Bonnie’s email and bonnie is going to get an email from me and there’s bonnie bonnie got an email from me just now listing agreement so Chris Albanese have invited Bonnie the buyer to sign this listing agreements read this review and sign shoes they hit the green review inside now this is going to open up the east side session so now we’re all Bonnie now here’s bodies aim values initials Bonnie can change her name here spelt it wrong in the first place but then she’s going to choose the signature she can choose a signature from here or if you want to draw up her own signature with a mouse she can do that and what’s terrible i recommend she just choose one of these nice fancy ones now she has to go down to the bottom and I agree to the consumer disclosure don’t worry about what it is just agree then it starts this is where most people go wrong the big giant button they’ve been colored says decline the button you can barely see this is starch so a lot of people hit the big green button and it cancels it out so don’t hit big green button that case okay real yep if they go back to the link and open it again yeah go right back there I generally do it okay yeah I’ll usually call them with a female this thing i emailed us you can get it open your gmail now okay I’ll walk them through the first couple steps are we writing multiple offers these days before we get one to stick once the virus been through the first time you’ll get to this contract back five minutes they’ll be in a meeting at the office and you’ll get it back it’s so fast once they get the hang of this and it does not take long they move really really quick on it after that okay so now what bonnie has to do now is just hit the start button as easy as that and now we made Bonnie enter some information here this is a form field so she’s going to enter washer and dryer are gonna stay then is next we want to hurt initial price change there so she have to put her mouse over the initials and just hit the initials and now if you notice they went from regular orange to the fancy handwriting BB for Bonnie then we’re going to go to next here are the check boxes so Bonnie want the check cash she’s going to check cash and hit next conventional and next she doesn’t want VA no check mark just going to hit next doesn’t one VA no check mark she’s just a hit next we made those optional so it will allow her to go through without checking that check box so we want her to initial so check and next check next check her name next now she’s going to sign which is just going to click where her signature would go going to put in her signature next click where the date should be puts in the date she hit next initialed again next here’s the additional addendum from bank of america we want to turn a date stamp that wonder sign here and we want to do a date stamp here bodies on get to all fields of complete would you like to complete your signing session yes now she can download a copy the session as it is just her signature or she can wait to get the full version Bonnie now is completed and me is the ancient I’m going to get an email saying bonnie has

done her side but if I look here this is my agent screen here back on the east side session so if I hit refresh again I’m going to see now that body is completed here the bottom signing completed by Bonnie buyer signature created and disclosure approved by Bonnie buyer so those are the steps that Bonnie took the completeness we know Bonnie son all right now when you pop so what I’m going to do here is I’m going to have Bobby i’m going to open up Bobby on my iPad you okay now we’re looking at my iPhone so bonny Bobby Bobby’s email he’s got an email from me look on that so Bobby’s not the same thing he’s going to click review and sign you you ok open Chrome well I had to go to meetings on here and yeah alright so now look just like Bonnie’s was on the computer right I said now we have Bobby Bobby has the unique ability here can Bobby now is on an iPad but stylist so Bobby can draw his signature now actually wasn’t good we knew why you now Bobby has his actual signature on there you go down to the bottom same thing is going to agree and he’s going to start say that it’s a start button you you get an initial now if you notice the actual signature now instead of the automated signature and hit next initials and next initials next initials next Bobby Stein eight initialed two spots that we’re done industry someone sure come yep that’s is Bobby you’re done say yes you I was going to bring him to that same screen that bonny had her she could download the attachment itself with what just Bobby signed but they’re both going to get an email with everything okay have you noticed Bobby just got an email saying that signing session is complete and then Alzheimer’s are done Bobby can download everything from self here now if i refresh my main screen I’m going to see on my screen as the agent both fires are complete if i go back to form simplicity now i’m going to go back to my active transaction here and now at the bottom of this transaction the east to New signed documents that i sent off for signature are now down here so I’ve got four pages sent at the bottom with digital signatures there’s the buyers the closure with big digital signatures and the certificate of authentication all in my informs can put these files so I’ll just click on the contract and here’s the listing agreement with all the signature there’s their certificate of our education at the bottom there so that will line up with the other doctrines at CoA and from here I can take this I can print it out or if I want to send it off to the listing agent or buyer’s agent whoever i’m sending this to i can use

the form of publicity tools like an email to that customer as well the east side huge benefit again it doesn’t have to be anything real estate-related any document you can upload it through the you sign you’re just going to enter it to inform some so so that’s that question when everybody’s own time yep how does that happen we will will get an email from our selves saying my all parties have signed the session and at the same time everybody else is going to get the same email so here we can download the document like that sign for simplicity used to use DocuSign as their Eastern service and there’s still an ability to use it it goes so high in I don’t know the specifics on it i’d recommend you contact the top helpline it is possible because if you look down here under the East line all the way at the bottom down here it says use docusign so I know the functionality is still in there it’s just not there the regular preferred vendor inform no no docusign / be final yeah is is already built into form simplest yeah there’s tons of other inside programs out there that allow you to upload any document you want um they’re all very very similar um but what i have found already honestly I don’t make any money off and form simplicity is that the east signs are for simplicity it’s 60 bucks to the year or $59 DocuSign is a monthly service most of the other service companies are a monthly service that are more than 60 bucks a year and I don’t think you’ll get much more of that benefit so but there’s tons of mount there so I’m cheap so this is a cheaper way to do it I’ll find it so before i upgraded the $59 one I tried every free version I did you free version about you sign I did a free version of Hello sign I ferraz robust of a program as it is for 60 bucks for the year and 12 questions education yeah oh how did it get on form simplicity it’s automatic when you send it off for east side once it comes back it’s going to give you this document here so this is this maybe you’re sending this down to a bank and they want to make sure how was it authenticated the document it’s going to record the IP address of the computer somewhere with signs so it sort of has an electronic paper trailin and if you did any additional authentication like SMS text or a knowledge-based authentication or password that would all be listed on this document as well yeah most lenders are accepting the east signs now most of the hug vendors have you doing HUD sales will accept them as well depends on exactly which hood subsidiary you’re dealing with I think we’ll foreo with the f4 e-signature another one no more more bad seeds intercepting electronic signature so this is the way forward definitely not necessarily this program but each signature is special the other question well thank you very much well thank you all for coming ah keep a look at our website is we’re going to do something similar to this um you once a month I think my next one might be like a that are good for technology or real face of apps that we can do so i think i’ll do an ass plastic

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