how are you guys here with another video in working clothes without shaving because I’ve been very busy I know I haven’t made video I’ve been super busy and a lot has do do with this with this truck I am in as you can see its not my truck before a continue my friend this truck is Andres Urgelles jr @chillinandres_ many of you know him many don’t for you who don’t know him it’s a sad story I will tell you a bit so you know this kid he suffered from depression and other medical issues that didn’t let him work 100% with his truck Sometimes he spent time at hospital Sometimes he spent time working over the road it came the day that he couldn’t support that situation and took his life….REST IN PEACE so this is his truck well so I was in Mexico when this happened I found out about it I actually never met hin but oh well… I was already making t-shirts if you didn’t know by now I do make t-shirts American trucking league that’s me I started making t-shirts later I found out about it and I thought of making a design in memory of Andres some guy reached out to me I won’t say the name he told me lets do t-shirts!! then I said NO I won’t take advantage of the situation this is a sad news and I don’t want to do firewood out of the fallen tree and then you know I kind of of get depressed sometimes that’s why it hit me hard the point is I told this guy I will ma them T-shirts with the only condition that we will donate the earnings to his mom so his mom can pay the funeral expenses etc etc and that guy told me I don’t care as long as you do the tshirts and a said ok so had the control of it I can sell them and and donate the money we made the t-shirts I will put the design up there so you know what I am talking about let me get out of the truck because its too hot in here the truck isn’t running and can’t stand the heat longer as I was saying that story really happened so I sold them t-shirs the earrings were close to US $500 I had them there I didn’t know Andres mom back there and neither Andres girlfriend I felt in my heart I had to contact them to fulfill my goal cause that’s the reason why I did it I move earth and sky as they say to contact them I contacted the girlfriend then his mom and was able to give them the money it was collected from the t-shirts then we kept the friendship I call them once in a while or send a text to see how they are doing

because I know they had a very hard loss and the other day as I was talking with a friend I just met from Panama he start talking about the Andres case when we finish the contestation I said let me call them to see how they’re doing and that’s what I did and ask them hey just wondering what did you do with the truck? they said they still had the truck and were willing to sell it they told me are you interested? I said well let me go look at it first if I can afford it I would like to buy it for what it represents to restore etc I didn’t know it was in so rough shape I will show you now so they let me go look at it I went to check it out wheret hey hide the truck because at the yard it was before they were taking parts off it the people don’t have any respect as I said they do firewood out of the fallen tree so I went to see it, I took pictures and videos I will show you if posible some pics and videos of the truck so so Andres’ mom asked me for help wether I keep it or not she wanted the trucks out of there she didn’t had any trust in the place so we put a plan to go get them we agreed on a price for andresito’s truck here it has a bent stack so we got to agreement she ask me as a favor to bring this one and the father’s truck here we also got the father’s truck ill show you now so you can see it there it is and here is mine and there is Andres’ father’s truck can you see it? my brother is working on it she asked me if I can help her get them out of there she didn’t trust the place we went to get them the first time I went to check them trucks they treat me bad, they didnt wanted to let me in to go see them even though the lady had already told them I was going the second time I went I wanted to crank it up ill show you now the truck already has a ignition fixed I can crank it up now I just fixed this myself but before the cables were all loose they’ll put al wires together to crank it ill put a picture so you’ll see it then after that I wanted to see it running son went again and they kicked me out fortunately I was able to crank it up fortunately I was able to crank it up as you know I have a liftgate so I took batteries off my liftgate I put them here meet my dad there he goes!! that’s my dad! so I put the batteries and I was able to crank it up and the truck sounded really good I will put a videoclip so you can see it well after I cranked it up me and Andres’ mom agreed on price and everything so I told her I will pick it up from there ASAP I arranged things go the next day

so next day I called the lady I told her I am going to get the truck and she said ”please help me because now since you went to see them trucks they want me to get them all of the equipment out of there” they didn’t like them you going there but why? well so the next day my dad, my brother and I went to get all the equipment out Which is this truck, the other truck andresito’s trailer and dad’s trailer which is right there as you can see so we went to get it all I wanted to record the entire thing for real so you guys can see the entire drama we went through but my head wasn’t for it so and literally I couldn’t record because I just wanted to solve this issue so everything will back to normal and then the next day me my dad and my brother went to get all equipment we took batteries an extra ecm, sensors I took everything need it to make run a 12.7 Detroit engine after it sat for long time well so we arrive there and remember I crank it up the day before batteries charged up everything good we arrived then this truck didn’t start when we where able to crank it up the truck sounded like it was working with half the cylinders ill put a clip so you know what I am talking about well after that said it can’t be if yesterday just yesterday I heard the truck and it was working fine thank to GOD I took many pictures Somebody I don’t want to say who but either the yard owner, the security or the guy in charge of the trucks exchange the ecm and put one that wasn’t working this was a total drama like you can’t imagine to get this truck here Somebody didn’t want us get the truck Somebody wanted to keep it I don’t know what to say but it was a tough experience thanks GOD I took and extra ecm we installed the ecm I took and it starts right up and as it should so I told my dad and my brother lets go because this people don’t want us to take the trucks they want to keep them so we put the ecm it starts and we take it out on the way home we had issues as you know the truck is been parked for long Electrical issues also had no diesel so we stop to put some fuel but finally they are already here we have both trucks here they are safe Daisy the owner is happy we got the trucks here after all everything came out all right the only thing wrong is that they stole the ecm the original because the put one that doesn’t work andres’ step dad told me the the original ecm had a tune in it so that could be the reason it got lost so we rescue the truck we are going to restore it thanks GOD truck is already here and if you are watching this video means that thanks GOD the truck its under my name and I will restore it

as I said tom his mom to conserve it and to honor and in memory of Andres urgelles “Andresito” so now I will show you the truck here is the truck as you can see it has his visor I think its 20″ on the outside and 19 in the middle or 18″ if you know this truck you already know it but for who didn’t ill show you it has the aastainless mirror brackets or Miami star has one piece-all moto mirrors seem this piece is also custom the hood is custom molded It’s super heavy now I’ll show you the bad the Guy in charge he bent the bumper as you can see there and besides that if you have realized by now he also bent the stack but well here is the truck there it’s rims its dirty now the tool boxes it has cab extensions with all its lights here they covered there I will remove that piece because I need to check the chamber since it has lots of leaks for been sitting we had to unlock the air chambers on the trailer to be able to bring it because this truck won’t send air to trailer it has a leak somewhere in the chassis it has a plate down there I know many know this truck it has lights behind cab its fenders this truck its not in best same anymore the idea its to restore it to preserve andresito’s memory there is the t-bumper which I will change it I will put one that will end up straight there to chassis I don’t know maybe ill change it we’ll see the other fender haas its details for been sitting the cab extensions which they were cut this side don looks so bad the fuel tanks, the cab extensions this stack is in mint condition the mirror as I showed you on the other side this trucks has already the one piece window conversion I also had the as says “ak trucker” a door chop and again as I said people makes firewood off the fallen tree they stole them they stole them where it was before ill show you the inside now here is the inside I can see they put this fiberglass cover it has all wooden pieces but all broken by now we gotta fix them an has this wood pocket we can restore it has air bags I’ll show you if I can lower it it ran out of air but this is an air bag system I was afraid they were bad but seems they are holding air and here well you already know Everything normal they took the cables out to crank it ip I have to hook it back up I was just guessing were they go we can start it for now as is it was like that when we got it it has airhorns the handle is missing chrome fire extinguisher

its shifter this truck has a 10 speed I will upgrade to 13 speed later on you know its better so you can see all the chrome 16 inch I believe steering wheel city horn doesn’t work we going to fix art it has a cb radio seems its not working here is its wood floor its little deteriorated we will change it for a vinyl one or maybe an epoxy one so stay tuned this truck would love make it of epoxy look it seems andresito like it this way as u can see seat is missing it has a fridge I think it works and well you know the rest about this trucks it has chrome button covers with it looks very good well there it is the truck as I told you the idea is to restore this truck to make honor the original owner Andres Urgelles jr he won’t like to see his truck in a junk yard parked abandoned he wouldn’t like to see this truck people taking parts off it so therefore when the lady told me she had a good feeling and wanted me to have this truck so I took it seriously the lady is Christian so am I so I took it seriously and we are going to keep the truck and we are going to restore it the best we can to make honor to Andres so his truck will keep on running so his truck will keep making him proud Wherever he is ok friends here is the engine Detroit 12.7 I think its a 470hp seems the engine was swapped at some point because it has the junk yard markings it has lots of air leaks here there is one I have to fix we just fixed the solenoid the cable tip was broken we couldn’t start it as I said a 12.7 I don’t know if you can see it has air bags I just pray GOD they are no leaking it seems they’re fine until now I will buy two extra just in case when I start driving this truck there is the other air bag this one has I believe they told me I has a borg warner 171702 turbo same as in my truck it has this cover which they say its good Supposedly makes the turbo performs better I haven’t proved but that’s it it has oem manifold as you know this have issues it cracked there as most of them it had its train horns there it is look to put it back on the road

its going to cost a little bit of money I don’t know if you can see tire are not good have like a deeper groove there we gotta put tires and many things has electrical problems you know how it is when truck is parked many problems come afloat there it is 12.7 with a 10 speed I don’t know the rears yesterday when we installed my ecm truck didn’t wanted to go over 60 mph we couldn’t go faster they also stole this sensor this one I had it there but since I couldn’t get bot screws it was leaking air maybe once I change it properly that will help they also stole the wiper system people don’t respect as you can see missing motor and mechanism the other side the arm itself let see how nice the truck looks once washed it has an air leak inside there as o said earlier it seems and abs valve it seems that valve sends air to trailer yesterday we hook it up to trailer and we could pull it we had to cage the brakes yesterday to bring the trailer look the filter its very clogged for been sitting so long thing that happen when the truck are sitting here it is guys we will restore it as I said here is mine we will put the feeders soon as you know here it the dad’s well guys just wanted to show you what’s going on thank everyone GOD knows why he does things why I end up with this truck GOD knows why well thank you guys for watching this video there will be more videos soon the whole truck restoration will be here don’t forget like subscribe that helps a lot don be shy and follow this channel to won’t miss good content thanks for watching! see you on the next one blessings and until the next one

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