well happy wednesday everybody i hope you guys have been having a great week just think two more days and it’s the weekend um oh i was gonna ask you guys i don’t think i did that yet what do you guys think of that music on the intro today i’m just kind of curious and i can guarantee you i don’t have to worry about copyrights because my son made that music for me so um yeah i was just kind of curious to see what you guys thought about it um i also realized i need to do a shorter clip at the beginning of my live streams so that worked just perfect for anybody wanting to know about my watch hours yesterday or no what’s monday’s time isn’t added yet but i have 12.75 to go and so it’ll be just over 1100 in the morning watch hours to go so i’m so excited you guys that you guys are making my dreams come true and i thank every one of you so much so bob’s adventure wasn’t the first one in the house today it was lucretia with burning up the roads thank you so much mayhem rv you come to all my live streams and now you don’t know what time it is wait will you come after the weekend when the times changed that’s gonna be rough if anybody’s noticed i made the comments really small but then it seems to be too hard for me to see can you guys see it very well i’ll make it bigger again there was comments on the fact that my face gets cut off but my arms are only so long to reach my keyboard i’ll change it after oh yeah going great mom an hour early and still not the first one in well that’s pretty cool you guys that’s awesome auntie cindy thank you so much for popping in now this must definitely be a fan of navigation nowhere mike mike mike mike mike nice to meet you arbor season thanks so much for coming in bob’s adventure i heard it’s one of the coolest places to be well darn writes bob it sure is rayleigh creative travel blaine thank you so much for coming in today too fern the camper is here and ready to party fantastic fantastic ah shanna craft is here saying hello to everyone aloha conk is here thank you so much my friend for coming sherry oh we have a viking raid from van lifevagina thank you guys so much that’s fantastic i wonder if i’ll be able to break my my top number it’s like 67 at once oh that would be so much fun ah dreams on wheels thank you for being here stinky banana i saw you popped in where are you there um yeah there you are adventures travel adventures with eric b thanks for coming again oh yeah it is a viking raid she didn’t say it was a naked viking raid so you guys keep your pants on while i get through this forever best friend thanks so much for coming in i hope your numbers are coming back up if anybody was subbed to forever best friend you might want to look her up again and subscribe once again just to make sure you don’t miss her absolutely dreams on wheels a party can start i’m here but watching well thank you badge yes megan there was music at the very beginning you’ll have to watch it later doing redneck things with tony and leon larson thank you so much for being here thank you van life fagina for the viking raid i always love that it’s so much fun timbo biggins thank you so much for coming in you’re one of the community’s new friends as well linda r thank you for being a part of the raid be ready today is part of the raid jenny o’brien is part of the raid oh my gosh you guys are crazy wandering gypsy vanner thank you so much for being here joe sports ministry and talks tv oh you found me through van life at gina thank you thank you so much may i’m rv i’m easily confused so don’t you worry at all oh another new person angler 2058 thanks so much for being here be ready today trisha burbank thanks for coming back again triple c in the joe show elisa lisa oh my goodness you guys kenneth oakes is here gina’s here gina always have a hard time figuring how to say your last name and i don’t want to mess it up

i think i’m almost the end dale that’s thank you so much for coming here you’re the supervisor in the house oh that is so cute so cute farmer hello hello my goodness don’t worry i’m gonna get the show on the road i’m almost through my hellos but i like seeing you all mgm family travel thanks so much for popping in steampunk steve buddy how is your face i saw your stuff on facebook i was all worried i hope you’re taking care of yourself and i’m gonna do like vandarella and call you rfj if that’s okay so that i don’t spell your name say your name incorrectly and ryan thank you for coming out to see obviously your relative i just don’t know which version i am gonna make my banners a little bit smaller again now so my face isn’t cut off and so my guess isn’t and i am gonna bring up navigation nowhere you guys get to meet michael i’m so excited hello hello hello how are you good good i’m glad to be here i’m glad we got some time to get on talk thank you i really really appreciate it i know that you are an extremely busy guy oh i mean no i just we’d like to just keep busy with building and people and the community so we got like three rigs out front right now and travelers always coming through so i mean it’s it’s always a fun show around here well you’re doing conversions for other people then is that how your pandemics going i’m helping some friends so like the friend who’s here right now uh their solar system actually like almost caught fire a week ago or so and they were in the area so they stopped by so we’re actually kind of doing a bit of a solar rebuild for them and and helping out so uh we don’t want anyone burning down on the road or having any solar issues we’re we’re doing that project right now and just helping out there so it’s you know a time where not everyone’s traveling so quickly and you know stuff it’s kind of you know a good opportunity to kind of get some house maintenance done yeah definitely that’s that’s one of the best ways to make the time pass for this whole worldwide event right find other things to do because you’re not going to have a chance once it’s done oh yeah yeah no for sure because then we’re all going to want to travel and go do things and i think we’re all going to appreciate it so much more oh yeah i am thinking i’m hearing a little bit of feedback every now and again uh-oh uh you don’t have your headphones this time no i took them out i took them out just so that we didn’t have any issues okay no it’s good yeah i just won’t talk so loud oh keeley thank you for coming in finding happiness and all you do so great to see you guys so i actually have some pictures did you know that i had some pictures oh yeah i knew that was sent over and yeah yeah i am going to pull them up and let’s just kind of start our conversation from there i have questions michael but it’s like there’s so many things that i want to ask you i just want to kind of see how it naturally goes that’s fine yeah so i’m going to pull up these pictures oh what a cutie patootie you know i’ve been trying to figure out a way to get more female viewers so i got a lot of cute young men on my show lately well i mean you got you’re gonna have badge you’re gonna have jack you got stephen i mean you got you got you got the rally so yeah yeah i cuz most of my viewers are male although this week it’s been increasing with females which is i like to see it more of a balance this was just my way to address it right yeah so let’s go to the first picture this is your bus first plus yeah this is so that’s navi that’s the my my first bus i guess we could say because i’m currently actually building another one um it’s a short bus so that’s my my home of four years i traveled and lived in that bus for four years i still have it it’s actually right behind me outside the window um and uh yeah that one that bus has gone over 150 000 miles i’ve gone to every state in the u.s all providences in canada and that bus has definitely been a great uh companion to me for a long time but um did you even go to alaska yeah yeah yeah that was the first place i went the day i finished that thing i got in it drove straight to montana across the border at sweetgrass and headed north and uh that was the first thing i did wow that’s crazy you oh my how long did it take you to travel all the states and provinces uh well i mean over the course of four years i didn’t i didn’t go too fast not too slow you know kind of

went with the travels but uh yeah i mean all over the only state was in hawaii because i like to say buses don’t float well so yeah exactly get there at that one that’s funny so navi that’s the name of your bus yeah yeah that one’s navi and the blue one that i’m building currently is just uh i named it ivan which is navi spelled backwards i figured it would be funny oh that is so cute so are you gonna sell navi after and move into the blue one no i am going to be moving into the blue one family break because that rig i built my my parents and my sibling so that’s the bus that i think we’re going to keep with the family my parents actually lived in it last year for like a few weeks they uh went down to key west and back and and took it on some trips while i wasn’t using it so um i think it’s just going to be a family rig and something that we just enjoy when we want to go on bigger trips uh because the short bus only sleeps like probably going to sleep like four people where that bus can sleep a lot more so i guess if we want to go on a family vacation and we’ll take that one well that’s so nice to have it and i was thinking like even with my ambulance and i’ve named her and it makes it more personal eyes and it’s like gee i don’t know how that would work i don’t know how i would feel about letting her go right because you invest so much of yourself into your build i agree it’s very it i don’t think i could ever i don’t i just can’t i don’t i don’t know i can’t see myself selling it it just like means too much to myself my family that it’s just like i’d rather i’d rather just keep it yeah for sure let’s see what we got next oh tell me about this picture yeah so this is taken down in georgia um this is actually my friend was climbing a fire tower when this photo was taken we didn’t we uh i only recently got a drone i didn’t have one so whenever we want to take a shot like this we just climbed really tall objects and took a photo um i had four people living on the bus with me at this point and we were uh we were heading down to go i think we were visiting dale who i think i saw was on this live so okay so you have like a deck on the back yeah yeah it’s a that one’s eight by ten rooftop deck uh it’s mounted into the the frame rails of the bus and i mean that thing is good for cliff jumping hanging out picnics whatever you want i mean it’s it’s good for anything eight by ten that really gives me a perspective of the size of the bus because eight by ten that’s not much smaller than my interior space i know yeah that that bus is huge uh in my opinion and it’s it’s 37 feet from the nose to the uh to the end and uh the interior spacing from like the back of the driver’s seat to the back wall is 26 feet so i mean it’s a it’s a lot of space um but i mean now i’m gonna go down to like 13 feet so that is gonna be such a change for you yeah so how much solar you have three panels how much solar is that yeah so this bus has 480 watts on the roof um which isn’t necessarily an i would say enough uh for that for what i’m powering on the bus for what it is the way i was moving for four years it was definitely i learned to live on that system not necessarily like an over-the-top large system on that bus it was uh just enough to kind of boondock get around and and kind of live the life i wanted to live but um yeah it’s only 480 uh on a large bus which if anyone out there is wondering i wouldn’t say that i was like super comfortable with like extra power per se it was kind of always coming you were watching how many amps battery storage do you have 480 in agm so like i only have 220 usable or 240 usable okay batteries yeah so what kind of mileage do you get with a giant bus uh well it actually gets 10 to 12 on that big one um oh really yeah yeah when i first bought it it was only getting like five to six about um but we did a whole uh differential change out and some gear ratio changes which really kind of upped the speeds of the bus and the gas mileage so what i figured was the first trip as i mentioned before was to go to alaska so i started playing with the math and realized that if i spent the money to just upgrade my differential to like a better gear ratio that i wanted i would actually after so many miles save the money back and pretty much by the time i got to alaska and halfway back to where i started i already like saved half the money and gas costs for what i paid for the differential so it was like a perfect win you are so smart figuring all that out right well there’s people around me i didn’t know i didn’t know really much when i started it’s more like people like i know badges on here um my my dad and a lot of other people who who definitely know a lot about this stuff that i’m just a really good listener and they’re really good people though well how this is your first build then right and how old were you when you started building this uh

that bus i started building i was 20 23 or i think yeah i think it was i think i turned 23 you know i turned 24 the day after because i bought it may 7th and then i turned 24. yeah so it was like my birthday to myself i bought myself a school bus you bought yourself a home yeah yeah it’s perfect yeah my parents were so happy so what prompted you to buy that school bus um so i originally um i was looking into doing research work for tech companies i was previously in graduate school and doing a lot of academic work in tech research and uh when i finally finished school and i was looking for work i started looking you know the typical like new york city blah blah and then i immediately was like on an interview with the company and then when i hung up the phone i looked at my dad and i was like i’m not taking that job i was like that sounds horrible like i don’t want anything to do with going to the city and rent and all these crazy things and i was like i have to find something else and uh i started just kind of racking my brain with kind of going down the whole tiny living direction and my dad one day was like why don’t you buy a school bus and i was like that’s a great idea and a week later i had a school bus in the driver and had no clue what i was doing wow you know i always have people ask me you know what do my friends and family think and i’ve got great family support and you do too right like your family all around is a big part of everything yeah i think my brother’s on here actually i think i saw his name come up that’s awesome family makes all the difference it really does um gina said wait stop michael’s not even 30 nope nope nope a little bit younger oh it’s ryan this is yep that’s my brother there he is well hello and my brother’s in this stream as well there you go except my baby brother’s not much older than you oh okay yeah um hello rob on the road i’m gonna go to the next picture sorry i just i have so many questions it’s hard to like that’s fine yeah okay where is this oh that’s so that’s up uh in rocky mountain national park so that’s at the that’s just after the peak um going towards uh someone from colorado is going to yell at me but like i think it’s towards fort collins i think but coming down like towards the east um but yeah i was actually this is one of the first trips that my one friend on the left in the gray shirt uh he’s a pa um so he’s always busy always in the hospitals and stuff what uh physician assistant oh okay thank you yeah and uh he he could never get on a trip and this was the first time that he had some time off and we uh he called me up and was like hey can we go on a trip and i was like where do you want to go and he was like i always wanted to go west so we just literally just drove west the day he was free we went out for like two weeks and then came back and it was great that is so cool oh my goodness that is the way life should be right yes okay let’s see what we got here holy how how many people did you take with you uh so yeah so this is actually the same trip um but that’s when we visited a friend’s house up towards steamboat um and uh that’s like a pretty typical day on the bus i mean there’s always people uh i live by the theory that if like someone wants to come see the bus or hang out i try to say yes and just have a good time with it um and all these people i i met traveling and and you know made good friends have you made a lot of friends from all your travels on the road well i think almost all my friends yeah most of my really good friends at this point are currently living on the road i think uh i yeah almost all of them i mean i have friends from college in high school of course but um all of my friends post graduate are pretty much people that i met on the road and they’re awesome yeah yeah are you in that tent no uh my friend lucas who’s actually with me he’s helping me work on the bus um this photo is this there’s such a funny story behind this photo this was the photo that is hands down the worst day on the bus of my entire life and everyone else’s has been the absolute most viral photo i’ve ever posted in my entire life it has like gone everywhere but it’s so funny because it’s like a happy photo but it was actually like the worst day ever and uh the reason was because we were boondocking down in um big pi or big key pine or pines i don’t know one of the one of the keys i always forget um but we were camping and like these no seems which people from florida will probably know what they are those little tiny flies that get through the screens and they got all of our screens and we

got destroyed all night in this spot and it was like the worst night none of us slept we like we all woke up with like welts all over our bodies and uh then we took this photo and it looks all happy and it’s really funny because we’re all like looks like we have chickenpox oh no but that tent is that anchored into the wood uh no um they we just put it up there and we have too many people so right now there’s actually eight people living on the bus right now in this photo um we we went down to key west for thanksgiving and uh we all had thanksgiving in the keys on my bus but everyone who is in the bus lives on a bus so they left their buses at dale’s house um who’s uh one of our friends in the comments and uh they all left their buses there and they all moved into my bus because i had enough sleeping so then we just took my bus to keys and uh had a good week you know that sounds so crazy to me going to the keys for thanksgiving because i’m from canada right like there is no way we’re going out anywhere near water unless it’s ice fishing within a lifetime we’ll say on that one on here’s another angle of your bus on the other side though let me just back up here is this what is down here so so that’s a side table it actually folds down um it clicks out of that side wood and then becomes like kind of like a bar height um so it’s kind of like either like a cooking table or something that can be used as a workbench or something like that i actually built that because before i lived in a bus i used to live in an suv with a friend of mine we traveled the country for like six months and we had this like car table that would never be level so we just got so annoyed with it so when i built the bus i figured if the bus is level the table’s level and then i don’t got to deal with it and i don’t want to pull it away so it was like the solution that i came up with and it actually worked out great and now i i put it on all the the the kind of different rigs that i build because i just love having that outdoor space that is so cool oh my goodness okay let’s see what else we got here yeah where is this now this is a bunch of buses yeah so this this was at a tiny house festival where there was like 20 buses there and a bunch of tiny houses and stuff um and i think this was down in george i want to believe at the united tiny house festival um but yeah it was uh it was cool the the i mean there’s just so many cool buses there like the one in the middle was getting completed but they came and um the one on the left was my friend roman’s um but it was it they’re just fun events um because there’s like so many different people in different stages of builds and you get to like see where everyone’s at and it’s so much fun to just kind of talk about what people are doing what ideas they have so i don’t know i like going to the big events and festivals and stuff because you meet a lot of people so how many like other than this year um how many kinds of events and festivals like that do you normally attend oh uh besides this year i have actually not attended any um i don’t think there’s really been any happening really um oh probably like four or five at least uh maybe maybe more around the country while i’m traveling i just if they’re in the area and they’re going on i like to usually stop in because it just it’s great meetups and stuff yeah i bet you that would be a ton of fun okay now this is your buddy ivan i know he’s such a good bus tell us about ivan so the ivan is the bus that like after living in the big bus for so long i’ve been like dreaming of this little shorty i was just like i just gotta build one and uh one day i was i was out in utah with a friend of mine dean and we were building a vintage camper and i was i was laying in the vintage camper at night looking on facebook marketplace and i saw this one come up and i was just like i gotta have it i gotta buy it so uh it was in jer it was actually in jersey so i called my dad and had him go buy it for me and i was like i’ll venmo you the cash just go just go buy it just like go get the bus don’t ask anything like it it’s what i it’s a perfect bus so no matter what just buy it even if you gotta tow it and then i bought a pink dick and came and picked it up so that’s the new bus right there that guy’s great um yeah so it’s it’s similar to the other one in terms of like some of the styling uh i just really liked the style i didn’t build a new one to change the style per se i really like that already it’s more of i wanted to do different things with the layout and uh you know a couple upgrades of things i’ve learned over the years so so why did you want a smaller bus just mobility actually um a lot of people who start traveling they don’t realize that um if you’re trying to really kind of get super off-grid or through a lot of like national parks or um i don’t know like just just get into some crazy places that i know i’ve gone with like an suv a 37-foot school bus is just not easy uh i’ve done it but you know boondocking and trying to get into

some like you know off-roading road is just not really possible um and also like a lot of national parks have length restrictions where i didn’t have like a car or a motorcycle attached so i couldn’t drive through like glacier national park um i had to like you know hitchhike my way through or zion national park for example you can’t get through some of the tunnels so um that bus that the one that you just showed ivan is actually perfectly 21 feet long so 21 feet is the legal length restriction for most national parks so that bus is pretty much like has no restrictions at all and even with the rails even though everyone on youtube is always yelling at me about the rails um it’s so high yeah it’s only ten foot two it just looks high um it’s it’s actually lower than uh navi so it’s it’s kind of funny that like it looks big but it’s actually like totally fine so what is it like 10 9 10 8 that a person has to cap out for height uh 13 6 actually would be legal yeah that’s the legal height would be 13 6 but like i mean if you’re i wouldn’t really go that high because you’re just going to cause problems for yourself yeah yeah the layout’s coming out next week i just finished the rendering oh and for anybody that doesn’t already know his channel link is in the description below and i want to shout out to going green mom to megan she has been dropping a link to your tour bus tour to your channel every time you bring up some aspect she drops a link for it oh cool she’s the most amazing moderator in the whole world i am so lucky oh my gosh yeah i have quite a bob’s adventures dropping links right now too for you yeah everybody’s really good yeah rayleigh creative travels says that theirs is just over 13 feet but it’s 13 6. yeah so there wait so ours is just over yeah 30 yeah so i mean that’s tall but you i mean you’re you’re only gonna have problems in like new hampshire and you know connecticut where they have low bridges i mean i don’t know i’ve never had an issue out west i mean i’m sure someone who’s a local out out west somewhere they might have some roads that they might tell you you can’t go down but i never had an issue in four years in my big bus i mean i drove anywhere i wanted and i can’t think of one time that i i ended up going down a road that i had to turn around or something i really i don’t remember any big issues going on um which is good to say i guess yeah no that’s awesome um mayhem rv says it’ll be cool to see what you designed for saucy the tow boat chef you’re designing for saucy uh i was talking a badge uh about that but i think actually wonderboom might be building that one out now uh i’m not sure i was talking to badge about i mean if badge wants to comment or something or just text me uh yeah i’m hey i’m more than willing to help that’d be fun let’s do it yeah yeah i know she definitely wants to buy something and get it done up i guess there’s such a big group of you right that everybody has their own expertise like good and everything but somebody has a specialty in different areas that she’ll be set she has so many great friends out on the road right yeah well that’s the fun part about the road is like you don’t i mean there’s just so many people out there who come from different backgrounds and skill sets that like i mean if you show up at an event or show up somewhere where there’s a bunch of people i mean it’s almost guaranteed that there’s like some type of skill set in every field somewhere within a mile of you like it’s just like it just it’s cool i’ve met so many people where i’m like you do you did what for a living like you know how to do what and you live in you live in a vehicle now like that’s that’s awesome like i don’t know just cool people there’s a lot more people you know i think that’s a thing that a lot of the general public doesn’t understand it’s not a bunch of hippies it’s every walk of life oh yeah you can be fined out there oh yeah yeah um steampunk steve says stay off any road called a parkway in new york or new jersey low bridges and tolls and toll steve they will they will get you i grew up in jersey trust me i paid my fair share so i had seen you insulated with spray foam in your other bust did you do that in this one too uh yes yeah i literally actually just got spray foam two weeks ago um so ivan is now spray foamed and actually fully sheeted so all the wood on the inside is now done um and now we’re gonna be starting to move over towards like cabinets and things of that nature and putting the walls up and going forward so yeah we’re we’re pretty i mean it’s kind of it’s funny if anyone out there you know follows my build series um they’ll know that it goes it’s going pretty slow for the beginning um but that’s because it’s mostly the prep work because it’s by making that beginning correct the end just goes so fast like i sheeted the bus with uh my friend luke in like no time because

all the angles were already correct all the the measurements were already done so it’s like prep work is key because you don’t have to go back and fix things and you can just steam forward ahead so it’s kind of fun now that like we have it cheated it’s just a wooden box now that we can just go crazy for so it’s going to be fun well and it’s awfully square isn’t it yeah yeah that’s that’s pretty nice what do you think of the spray foam i was going to ask you about that because i’ve got some mine’s almost like a styrofoam board and in other spots i have the old pink stuff yeah but was it worth it was it worth the cost to spray foam yeah i usually encourage people if they’re looking to spray from out to get a quote from a commercial company if they can um because like my my um blue bus i got it sprayed um prepped sprayed and cut for 950 so i mean it ended up being about a dollar five per cubic board foot which is pretty average within commercial spray foam um and and the thing is is like i’ve done the math on it because i know like that me and badge have talked about this um we you know the value of board insulation versus spray foam versus wool insulation so on so forth um there’s positive negatives to each of them um in my opinion when i’m looking at it for my for time money and installation value uh close cell spray foam commercially is going to be the best option in my opinion just because um it’s i mean if you’ve ever has anyone’s ever sprayed with like the home depot spray kits it’s a nightmare you’re gonna spend so much time like trying to spray it cleaning it up you know getting all the mess and it sounds like you know me or something well honestly it’s horrible i i’ve done it before and like i at this point like i think it ends up costing almost the same as commercial spray foam anyway and like i’d rather in my opinion just pay someone the extra hundred dollars and have them professionally spray it cut it it’s like perfectly done and like i don’t know i it’s i i’ve spent enough time cutting poly boards and like fitting them into squares and stuff and then having issues and yeah there was some comments in there when you if anybody’s helping assassin’s build to make sure there’s no tents involved yeah i saw those videos she does not have any luck oh my god i’m actually surprised she’s oh she’s working i think right now too she’s not got no service because she’s usually here too yeah vancity adventure says that they do spray foam in all their house builds yeah it just i don’t know and when you when you really break it down to like the art because like if you do like the poly iso board or any of those um you’re gonna end up with like in a school bus you’re gonna get like maybe maximum like r10 um and it’s really not going to give you a full condensation seal for like all that moisture issues that you have in vehicles um whereas like a spray foam it’s going to cost like more than the polyester board but my buses are like rated at an r21 so i got and it’s a full compensation break over an inch and a half so it’s like i think wow yeah no that sounds awesome that sounds really awesome yeah it’s something to look into i mean every some people have problems with spray foam they don’t like it i don’t know it’s it’s very permanent um so you know it’s kind of hard to rework it once you spray it but um now how many heating sources do you have in than the new bus or the old bus okay let’s go with the old one first okay the old one this has a propane suburban rv heater that’s it um that bus like is mostly like the chase 70 degrees bus um i didn’t really i didn’t really build it to you know travel all four seasons um at that point the new bus is gonna be completely rated for four seasons it’s gonna have a wood stove uh diesel heater and then it technically will have an electric heater in the mini split but i probably will never use it because it just pulls too much power so so okay how many heating sources i know the little the little bus will have a wood stove like a tiny wood stove okay and then i’ll have a diesel heater attached in for more of like a main consistent heat and then technically uh my mini split has a heater in it but it’s i’m never going to use it because mini splits your air conditioner yeah yeah the mini splitter has a heater in it but it it the heater electric heaters draw so much power i’ll probably never use it because it’s kind of pointless on a solar system yeah i’m probably gonna have the wood and the diesel too yeah that’s the diesel heaters they’re awesome yeah yeah for sure for sure so you had propane in the first one and you completely left propane out this time yep yeah

propane as a heat source i mean egg i think with the small bus and just the space like the heater is just really kind of big um for like the larger rv ones i didn’t want to waste that kind of space and i also didn’t want to have as much propane storage because i’m really only using a stove so um i’d rather kind of just have like a smaller tank that can just power the stove for long periods than having to have a larger you know propane storage to run the heater and stuff like that so the diesel heater we’ve already got a diesel tank i fill the diesel tank you know all the time anyway do you have it tapped into your diesel tank yeah yeah it’s tapped into the diesel tank so pretty much when i fill my bus up i’m also filling my heater tank up and i mean it it’s just easier to have less types of fuel i found in my travels where like when you have like diesel and propane and you know all these different you know heating sources you also have to carry that weight you have to carry these you have to find them so one thing i learned was try to limit the amount of you know heat sources you have or types of fuels you have i’ll say um so that’s why i really like the diesel heaters and stuff because ambulances buses vans usually driving diesel anyway so you can just tap into the tank and uh that saves you a bit we’ll have to talk to badge if that’s going to happen for me or not someday i know badge knows how to put those in i know he does oh i know he knows how to do everything i’m just such a pain in the butt hey russ thanks so much for popping in today um i was saying that so okay so you have a couple different sources of heat so if you were to go off grid in cooler temperature how long could you stay off grid then uh for the temperature management so i mean i my plan is indefinite i mean my my green bus i was off grid for pretty much four years and i’d hope that i’m the same in the blue i mean like in a row like some people are only prepared to be off-grid for five days at a time or ten days um i’ll probably be without having to like go get water or like anything like that i mean i should be able to go at least like three or four weeks nice yeah i mean that’s i don’t use a lot of water um you know i’m pretty sparing with my minimalism in terms of like usage so uh as long as i’ve got some sun and you know things like that i am i’m pretty good um we had a question earlier what year are each of your buses uh that’s the funny thing i have bought and now i’ve actually bought five buses in my life now in the last five years and uh every single one of them has been a 2004 don’t know why what i i i have not tried it just happened it’s a good year yeah i i apparently i don’t know every time i bought a bus i i get the title and you know i go and i don’t even look at it i’m like huh it’s like 2004. and then i bought i i said before i bought the i bought ivan on facebook marketplace without looking at it it was a 2004 when i picked it up that is so funny oh my goodness so i don’t know i’m not saying go buy 2004 buses but apparently apparently they’re a good year well it’s been working very well for you yeah um going green mom wants to know how much water do you carry with you um so so navi my my larger bus has 130 gallons of fresh water and it’s racked underneath the frame rails of the bus so it’s external storage so it’s not good for winter and it can um you know the tanks would not be great uh the the blue bus ivan it’s gonna probably have about 50 to 60 gallons um i just haven’t nailed down the exact tank i’m gonna get so i’m not sure if it’s going to be somewhere between 40 to 60 um on that so and i think that’s more than enough so do you have a sink and tap and stuff like that in there then not yet but you’re going to yeah so how are you going to do that are you using a foot pump a hand pump electrode it’ll be on a shirt like a sure flow normal like you know 1.5 gallon per minute yeah 12 volt pump um so it’ll be oh i’ll be wired in so uh it’s i like to build my my buses very um i like to call it like residential in a way because um i don’t know like whenever my parents come visit me or friends and stuff i don’t want them to have to ask how to like use a toggle switch or like how to use rv stuff so i usually try really hard to like make all of my designs and functions to be very like intuitive so that if someone comes and visits they just flip the light switch where they know it’s going to be and there it is and it’s a residential light switch i just use you know standard switches that run so they look residential and you know it’s very clean to me so what are all your power draws going to be in this new bus um so the the big power draws would really mostly probably be um the mini split if i choose to run it off grid that would draw quite a bit of power the particular unit i have runs about 400 to 700 watts of solar dedicated so i mean you could technically run it off of a solar system

but it wouldn’t be long-term autonomous it would be you know for set times maybe during the day um but besides that everything in my entire bus at this point is pretty much 12 volt i only have that one the mini split’s gonna run a 120 line and i have one outlet going to an office desk just in case i have to like charge computers or batteries and stuff but everything else is 12-volt on the entire rig so they won’t be according to gina you have all sorts of fancy lights and stuff even on the deck yeah but they’re 12-volt yeah they’re 12-volt it’s all good they’re like oh it doesn’t count it doesn’t count seven amps it’s all good oh i was gonna ask you i just took a look at some of the numbers for views on your channel and your video school bus buying guide had 276 000 views geez i didn’t even know that actually i don’t look at them much oh it was like a week ago i think that i even looked that up and you have only six of only six of your videos are under 10 000 views all the rest are over 10 000 views that’s phenomenal well thanks for everyone for watching i get i don’t know i don’t know but that is amazing that is so amazing well i think it just shows i think it shows the community of people who are a part of this i mean it’s just cool to see that many people that are interested in this lifestyle that are a part of this lifestyle i mean um i know when i first started living in a school bus i mean um i don’t know how many people are on like instagram and stuff but when i started out on building this bus i mean i had like five friends on instagram who were building buses and it was like the cool thing we were like oh man you build a bus too and now it’s like awesome because there’s like thousands of people building buses and it’s like it’s been cool to see how um so many like just how many people are finding this lifestyle and really you know investing in it so i mean i feel like those numbers just show the growth of the community and where it’s headed so that’s fun i think though there is some really good quality to your videos too we we have a good like even in my videos like i don’t know a lot of people i know who watch them there’s all i always have other people part of my projects they’re always in the videos and i feel like the community is what draws people in because that’s what it’s about um i mean most of the videos that i film are not just me i think probably less than like 25 of them or only me as the person in the video it’s usually including other people um i even think like two videos or three videos ago i actually um dale who might still be in the comments um i actually let him vlog the entire video and i just did the b-roll and or and i did like pretty much like i did like mini talking pieces and i let him film most of it in terms of the talking and we had a really fun like back and forth uh way of doing it but like it was just kind of fun to include someone else and build their perspective where it’s not just always my ideas or my thinking because it’s like kind of fun to show you know the other people that are part of it well dalex actually is asking have you swapped the back door yet no i haven’t why are you ruining that dale okay what’s what’s up with your back door uh i’m i so the back door on buses um they traditionally will swing towards the passenger side and i’m gonna be taking it off the hinges and swinging it so it opens towards the driver’s side so that it actually opens the other direction there’s a whole bunch of reasons why and uh i mean i could explain why but it also goes into like the floor plan and like why i’m doing that we’ll save that for when you do your trigger okay everybody’s gonna want to see i’m gonna say i’ll come back on and then we’ll talk about it and and we can we can have some fun oh that’d be awesome yeah just so everybody knows if you have questions you better get them in there now because i’m only keeping michael to an hour but he is willing to come back again another time um since i’ve been talking with badge a lot and next week kim and jax are going to come on and talk about the the veggie oil conversion is that something you’ve considered doing with your diesels uh no i actually was there when we did the conversion up in canada uh and i think i’m sure badge might talk about it when when he comes on um with you but uh i just don’t see so like there’s an there’s definitely an environmental value to it but there’s not a cost-effective value to it because of the time that it takes to like acquire the oil um it just it’s it’s actually really difficult and you spend a lot of time filtering to run like a hundred percent vegetable oil uh it’s actually not as easy as you would think in terms of like saving money um or like saving time it’s actually i think badge would agree he can comment and yell at me if i’m wrong because he’s the diesel guy but i think we agreed that it was actually better to run like a partial uh mix within your tank where you run partially uh you know oil or something and then you run your diesel so then it’s more of like a 70 30 mix or an 80 20 mix and it’s actually cost

effective that way where you can actually you know make it happen like for me um i burn all my weight waste motor oil for my buses in the tank so when i change my oil and i get you know six gallons of oil i just filter it and then put it into my diesel tank and then run a few as you know fuel because you can run that in your diesels um so it just so it saves you know six gallons of fuel if you’re running a big bus um but i don’t know i mean they’ll talk about it more and and then jax of course you know he’s been doing it for now two years i think so he’ll probably have a lot of insights on what it’s like to actually you know live with vegetable oil um but i think when we first put it in i think that we decided that it was like a really cool idea but not sure if it’s necessarily like everyone should do it because it’s not easy and uh i mean it’s i don’t know i i think yeah jax might have some more input but i don’t i remember him just telling me it wasn’t that easy to find it so everybody that’s watching in the chat you definitely have to come back to my channel at the same time on monday because then we’re gonna hit them hard hard with all these questions so michael you better be in the chat too i’m up either i mean is probably going to call me like an hour before to make sure i’m ready so so bobsavanter asks what has been a comment that you enjoyed the most on your channel uh that’s a good question that’s a tough question i really i appreciate when people comment like either what they’re looking for um how the video maybe helped them because i do try a lot of my videos to make sure that like i’m making it for a purpose and i’m trying to in some way share something about what i’m doing or something that maybe someone i don’t know they didn’t know or just even if it’s a little tidbit but uh just to know like that people are like hey like that was really helpful that topic it’s helpful because then a lot of times i’ll go write a blog about that topic because i knew that someone found that topic helpful and then i can expound upon it in a future video or write up like i said write a blog about it or things like that so i mean i really like when there’s like that actual interaction with people um i mean some people are just like thanks like i do appreciate it um but it’s really fun to actually get into a conversation and kind of see see what people are interested in that’s cool yeah so i mean throughout our conversation i can pick up you have all the various things for social media but just to go back to the beginning like what what made you think of starting a youtube channel what was your inspiration there my sister uh i actually so like i didn’t it’s funny because i actually now at this point um my entire like my full-time job is within social media marketing and you know uh rigs and things of that nature we run websites and and different you know content around the lifestyle and uh i didn’t actually start any of it my sister when i was building my first bus started me started my instagram and i had a flip phone i didn’t even know how to use a camera or an iphone or anything i went all the way through grad school without anything but a flip phone and everyone in college thought it was funny when i had an instagram and then all of a sudden i was like wait this is fun i like doing this and uh here i am so that’s uh kind of just kind of developed into like instagram it was like oh let’s try youtube that sounds like fun let’s make videos and my friends were making videos so i started making videos and here we are so when did you start knowing that your channel was gonna work out that it was gonna be a successful channel what were some of the the things that made you go oh yeah okay this is cool this is cool i i i don’t know if i would say like i like still see it as like necessarily like successful in terms of like a company or a business or anything like that because it’s not really it’s more of like i feel like i started seeing people interacting you know i actually started getting feedback and seeing the responses um and i think that’s where i kind of knew like hey i want to keep doing this because of the interaction there i’m very fortunate that i’ve been able to kind of turn that into something that can keep me going um because you know obviously if we we all want to keep making videos or sharing content with people there has to be a way to sustain us doing that um so i am fortunate that i’ve i’ve found a way to kind of do that but i mean i don’t know i think about a year ago was when i really started kind of seeing that community really develop on youtube because i already was was doing a lot on instagram um over there for quite a few years i mean that’s i think we’re almost up to like 90 000 or something over there but that’s been going for like five years um so a lot of people on there were encouraging me to go over to youtube so it was just kind of a natural progression you know that’s awesome so arbor season asks um people look up to mike when they’re building their bus who did mike look up to uh i still when i started building let’s see um it’s funny because i’m friends with all these guys now but um like when i was building

uh there was the outside found bus which are a couple and up in montana they sold the bus and they currently don’t they don’t live on bus bus anymore um but i was talking to them uh charlie from chrome yellow if anyone’s looking for a bus build my friend charlie over in denver um so he was building his bus uh he actually just finished it i think at that time people probably know dean um from the schooly or uncool d now uh he was building at the same time as me so i mean i think like we didn’t all know each other at the time but like i definitely looked up to what they were doing and uh it was kind of fun because now i’m friends with them that is so neat badge is still here he says with the the diesel the 30 mix is good with the diesel i learned oh he’s so funny so funny so we have 10 minutes left guys better bang bang bang out those questions oh i mean we can go we can go a little longer if they’re there it’s all good i’m not i’m bum i’m fine okay well you do product reviews too yeah yeah yeah quite a bit of product reviews i try to how did that even start how did you get that i don’t i don’t know it was kind of one of those things so so i i live by this theory when when things come your way you can and it’s something that’s either good not gonna hurt you or like you know it’s something that could be fun i just say yes so like if a company sends me a message and they’re like hey we want you to check out this project i’m like sure why not um and i started doing that and it just kind of turned into this thing where like now some you know companies just send me stuff and i look at it and you know figure out you know how it could be used if it’s gonna be good for kind of what i’m using and if i could recommend it to people and if not then it just kind of doesn’t go anywhere um so if if it isn’t good do you repeat do a review and say it’s crappy or do you just say no i’m not reviewing it no i i don’t i don’t really find that negativity is ever really a good thing um so i don’t really like to you know necessarily like bash people out there like that um typically if it’s something that i really wouldn’t stand behind and i already have the product or something like that i usually reach out back out to the company and kind of talk to them about why i don’t think this would be something i want to use and try to see if it’s maybe something they could adjust for a lifestyle um for instance there was a product i was using that just they had these lines that were for their product that were really stiff and you couldn’t really manipulate them really well and i was like this just doesn’t work for buses or vans like i get you want this to be sold in the market and you think it’d be useful and it could be but like it’s just way too difficult to use so i call them back and you know talk to them about it and i’d let them know like if they change it or they want to reach out again let me know and and you know i’ll take a look at it but i mean it’s more of like for me i know that there’s a lot of information out there there’s a lot of products out there and you know i’ve luckily because of you know hanging out with people like badge and a lot of other friends on the road we we play with a lot of these products so i have a lot of experience with them so i like to kind of help kind of sort through that for people where they don’t have to wonder did i spend 200 on something that was a waste of time or not um you know and that happens a lot so you know well i think that it’s it’s awesome that you took the perspective of giving feedback on how they can improve the product because if somebody’s gonna improve it to work with what we need it’s just going to make our own lives better exactly yeah yeah that’s exactly right and that’s that’s why i i think um you know it is a part of my business model in terms of doing product reviews and you know we all know affiliates and blah blah but you know there’s a balance between like you know hey like if i’m gonna try to market and sell a product and say hey this is a good product for people um if it’s the right product for people because it was designed correctly and i know it will work then it’s going to sell and then the company would make money and people would be happy and it’s good if i market a product that i know is not going to work it’s not going to sell and people aren’t going to be happy so like why would you do that so are have you ever thought of doing another business as well where there’s a particular product that you’re creating that’s your brand uh it’s in the lifestyle uh not in terms of like a product um like a like a for sale product per se um i mean um i do occasionally build buses and rigs and then just sell them you know things like that but i mean those are usually pretty one done you know most people don’t even hear about them because they i usually sell them before they even go up kind of thing or whatnot um the only thing that i am currently working on is i am working on a full ebook series actually of going through the step-by-step process of actually doing and building a bus um so like the first part will actually be coming out in like two to three weeks you heard it here you’ll know um but yeah i’ve been actually uh endlessly typing and working on

that um so if anyone’s like why are your videos slowing down it’s because i’m hyping in the background like endlessly to get all this stuff done because um i think the big passion for me is seeing people who live on the road um do it and fulfill their dreams but doing it safely i’ve unfortunately over the last five years seen a lot of really dangerous and like actually things that fell off people’s buses and um electrical fires and things that i’m just like that is so preventable um why not create something that might be able to help people um so that’s what i’ve been working on right now so uh hopefully in the next two or three weeks i will finally be done with it and then i can put it up on the website um but yeah that’s that’s the kind of the first big thing i can’t even imagine how much work that is michael oh my goodness it’s endless but it’s worth it well once it’s done it’s done right yeah no well no because then we got to do the next one because people have to know how to build it and you know they have to we have to go through the whole thing so we have a very valid question when do you sleep um i don’t i do i just i don’t you just totally hesitated on that i don’t sleep much i don’t know why i’m one of those people who like you sleep for like four hours and then you’re up and then you can sleep for four hours and up like it’s kind of like the captain’s sleep schedule um so like i don’t know i i love what i do i i you know you can’t sleep when when your brain’s always moving it’s just fun like well i don’t have a problem with the driveway and i just want to work on it dreams on wheels says yes sleeps overrated you guys i’m a baby if i don’t get eight to nine how do you have the energy i i won’t eventually i’m sure every like all my friends are older than me tell me i’ll slow down eventually and i’m like well then i better keep going fast now i don’t know good answer oh my gosh so and i’ve asked other guests that are single because you are single right so what is dating like for you i mean i don’t know not even the fact that you’re in a bus but you are so flipping busy michael yeah i i like to say i got the two you know the two best relationships out in the driveway and i don’t know it’s where it is um you’ve answered that question before then i’ve gotten that question a lot it’s like one of those like in every single youtube video it always comes up um i don’t know i i i i always try to tell people like it’s not something that i focus on i i really do love what i do i have a really great group of friends um you know i mean that all most of them all live on the road and like i don’t know it’s one of those things where like i don’t feel like i need to go and date or do anything because i mean i have there’s always people around i’m never alone i mean your life is full right yeah yeah yeah life is when i’m happy so like if it happens it happens if it doesn’t i’m happy you know like that’s awesome you know and i encourage people to live that way like if you don’t feel like there’s a pressure there like go get a van and just go travel or go get a bus i mean you don’t have to wait just go for it yeah uh badge says michael is my american son yeah that’s right except uh badge doesn’t like my new york syrup oh because it’s not the actual maple syrup he thinks canadian sears better i’m sending him some of my syrup when i make it this february and what aunt jemima no it’s right out of the trees in the backyard you have maple trees oh yeah they got like yeah i’m in the i’m up in state new york i’m like pretty much we’re we’re we have the better trees that came down from ontario oh yeah the good ones went south just like our snow birds oh my gosh you’re too much fun so you make your own maple syrup too uh well yeah this this where this spring will be the first time that i’m actually going to tap my own trees because i mean i can’t travel really and i was like i’ve always wanted to do it i’ve never been able to do it myself and i’ve got some really good neighbors who’ve been doing it for like generations so i’m like let’s do it going green moms like they do exist here paula sorry guys that area of the states i have absolutely no idea about absolutely no idea about and genus like trees just walked right down eh she sounds canadian just adds a on there dale asks how’s rick was that to you or does someone else yeah doing good he’s doing good he’s a he’s a friend of mine up here for a lot of guys who come visit they all get to meet him and uh yeah he’s doing good dale go oshawa arbor season where are you coming in don’t don’t even talk i know him hey i talked to a lot of canadians yeah i wonder why oh my oh my what does this say homemade syrup is so good been there done that

isn’t it i agree it’s so better than that like i don’t know like fake syrup sugar stuff once once you go you’ll never go back hmm getting raised uh gina says she’s practicing fruit and vaginal adopter whoa whoa me first i don’t care if you met them first they just won’t let me in the country yeah that’s the whole reason the borders are shut down so you can’t come up here yeah well i wanted to help badge with that trailer we’ve been talking about he’s got that new trailer and you know now he got it he’s doing it all by himself now well maybe not by himself but you know we all can’t go up and help him yeah yeah that’s the thing he does so much to help people it’s kind of like what what can i even do to give back i know yeah i think i mean i don’t know do you does do you have a copy of the commercials or anything or do you want me to do a nice little pitch oh i can run a commercial right now if you want yeah i was gonna play because badge has a really good goal by the end of the year i don’t know where he’s at because i think he said he’s still not announcing where he’s at i don’t know he has a ways to go because he was gonna sell 2020 for 20 20 bars of hero soap yes so if anyone wants to help badge hit his goal uh you can help him by going and getting the bar soap and it supports veterans in canada and the us and uh and yeah i mean if you you wanna if you have a commercial you wanna play go for it yeah let’s pop one in there quick i do have quite a few of them and i just had uh blind views on the other day and he’s the voice behind it except for this one the one i usually play is the only one that isn’t blind views talking over each year thousands of seasonal travelers suffer from a condition known as sns more commonly referred to as stinky nomad syndrome the good news is that there is a cure visit herosoapcompany.com today and help batch and the scorch of needless funk while also helping veterans in need just pick your soap and enter batch at checkout for your discount and help a vet today it’s that easy you’re doing me a favor by buying soap and hero soap companies giving back to the soldiers so it’s a whole pay forward thing this means a lot to me as you know i was in the airborne for nine years and it means a lot i believe in the soap i’ve tried it it works awesome and that’s why i’m doing this man i know there’s our badge i get to see him this weekend tim and l yay except i’ve been trying everywhere to find this halloween candy in town that’s his favorite candy it’s in his 40 questions challenge and i can’t find it well um trying to think where you could find it i’m going to because i don’t live in a vehicle i’m going to go i’m going to go to the next bigger place on my way and stop in some walmarts or something and see if they can find it in the night you know you’ll be fine just spend the night in walmart i’ve done it before i find churches are really good too where are some of your favorite places to stay if you’re in in a city or town uh if i’m on the east coast of the us uh like cracker barrels are my favorite i mean there are some out west i guess uh in some of the more major cities but they they allow overnight parking they have like rv spots like in their parking lots so yeah i usually like those i mean walmarts are great i mean just in terms of like goods park and stop you know rest areas and things like that but they’re a lot more noisy i always find that cracker barrels are quiet because the business shuts down at night so there’s no one there um we have a lot of casinos not like if the the ones that are run by first nations they have specific parking even for rvs and different things like that so i always think that’s pretty cool and you know they have security cameras and they have lights and so if you’re a little nervous i feel like it’s pretty secure yeah but i don’t mind truck stops i stopped at one and didn’t realize i was going to be surrounded by all these giant trucks and at first i was like oh crap yeah but then i was like i just got a half a dozen eyes on me anyways so if anyone does anything someone else is going to see i know hey and i’ll quickly say about rest here because i’ve met a lot of truckers i don’t know anyone like personally or in my family that’s a trucker but i’ve i’ve met a lot of truckers in the rest areas if you’re gonna park there make sure you stay out of their way because those guys are like the one guy was telling me he’s like he gets so mad at the rvs because like they’re commercial guys they sleep for you know eight hours and they have to get back on the road and when we park like right up against them they have a really hard time

getting out sometimes so if you’re gonna park in a rest area with your big bus or something think about a trucker because i’ve been told that apparently like sometimes they have some trouble and if we can help them not be frustrated i feel like you know do something so i always like to say that because i’ve had quite a few guys tell me that and i’m like if i can do that it’s good to know you know that’s really good i mean they’re 60 foot 48 foot long and they gotta you know pull around you you’ve got to leave them some tail swing otherwise you know they’re gonna have some trouble so uh you know and they will wake you up and move you so wow wow so well where i was parked it was almost like a giant field just covered in gravel and so i just picked a spot and it came alongside actually i parked in behind one big one and then the others came alongside no one came behind me yeah but it was all good yeah no they’re they’re great spots sometimes a little loud because they run their generator but whatever not everything what’s maybe been one of the worst experiences that you’ve had on the road other than the no seems well i was going to say that was definitely one of the words one the second worst night of the road when i was living in in navi was uh i was out i think i think i was in west virginia and uh it was like january and it was 30 degrees in the valley and i was going over 71 towards virginia and there’s this rest area which i forget what it’s called but it’s like right at the border and it’s at like a pretty high altitude for west virginia um and i decided oh this is a great rest area it’s empty i’m going to park here for the night and it dropped to like negative 10 and i was frozen absolutely frozen and it was one of those nights where i was like should i just get up and drive should i just stay there i had no clue all i know is i had like a million blankets my sleeping bag and all my clothes which is like two jackets on and uh you know there we go that was a little like just know that when you go up in altitude less than learned it gets colder you know that is good stuff for me to know because you’ve been through like this schedule in alberta i live in the prairies yeah well you guys oh great you get that you get that arctic wind coming through you still know but i mean altitude i would have never thought of that oh yeah yeah that’s because we’re just one straight plane yeah if you go up like a thousand like literally like i remember i was in arizona by like the prescott forest which is northern arizona um if you’re up in the mountains you’ll get like feet of snow but if you go down to phoenix it could be like 90 degrees but all you did was like go down like you know a few thousand feet in elevation in like it’s completely different areas so like definitely something to think about when you’re going through your like boondocking map on the you know on your cell phone like take a look at the altitude because it might be an awesome spot at 9000 feet but if it’s december you don’t want to go there probably um you might want to find somewhere else yeah do you have a phone dinging uh yeah it’s my brother texting me about all the things that i should be mentioning right now oh is it yeah go ahead take a look what should we be hearing so what he was saying is like a good example is last week i took him up to whiteface mountain which is up in northern um northern new york by the canadian border it’s where uh um like lake placid where the olympics happened back in 1980 and 32 i think it is um but white faces the olympic mountain where they did all the the skiing and stuff and when i was there with him actually two weeks ago um it was like 30 degrees at the base of the mountain at the top of the mountain was negative five and it was only like two thousand feet of elevation gain so like there’s a good example of like complete snow like below freezing fahrenheit and then down at the base of the mountain you’re like in a sweatshirt wow that’s crazy vancity adventures daryl likes that gina asks um how did navi start after being that cold uh not too great um my so both my buses have diesel block heaters so like i can get them started um but they have to be plugged in yeah yeah they’d have to be plugged in so if it’s really cold and the bus really doesn’t want to start uh i’ve i’ve never had it not start but it’s definitely been one of those things where like you just have to kind of let it go let it warm and uh try to see if you can go through but i mean as long as i mean i’ve had it start in like negative 10 no problem um you just got to let the glow plugs go through and kind of let the engine just do it i’m trying to think of what that would be because you’re talking fahrenheit oh yeah so so it’s colder it’s colder than i’m hearing uh because isn’t 30 freezing for you or something i forget what it is it’s like it’s like double the number minus seven or i don’t know if i figured it out i know once we hit minus 40 we’re all the same quite counting it’s probably it’s probably as cold because badge said it was negative like

celsius it’s about there so badge says ask him when he sleeps when he gets in a truck in a pass and as a passenger oh but you fall asleep every time you’re a passenger oh my gosh yeah i fall asleep every time i’m a passenger i really do 32 is zero okay rob on the road do you want to look up what -10 fahrenheit is in celsius oh justin and christine is here too awesome yeah maybe you guys can let me know if he’s saying -10 fahrenheit what does that mean to me because you know i always thought maybe canada was so much colder than places in the states but really when you hear the numbers oh yeah fahrenheit versus because i thought zero was the same for everyone no i mean you got you get you guys definitely get colder i mean where i’m at like where i’m currently at and where i’m from now uh we definitely get cold because i mean we get in fahrenheit i mean last year i saw negative 35 without windchill um but it’s also like my very localized area for some reason gets really cold um but i mean you i feel like you’re where badges at and where you’re at in the prairies i feel like you guys you guys get that like minnesota cold you guys get that i mean oh there is several times a year like our school bus systems once we hit minus 44 with the wind chill school buses don’t run yeah and we have a we have a fair bit of times in january and february where the school buses aren’t running yeah yeah so rob on the road says so that was equivalent to minus 23 celsius thank you so that’s our normal cold yeah yeah thank you justin and christina they got it too yeah zero fahrenheit is minus 17 so basically a british summer now everybody’s checking the temperatures for me oh because i mean i know whenever i cross the border they get those big signs they’re like think metric and i’m like what how do i think metric i don’t know how to do that um all our stuff is multiples of 10 right so it makes it easier but i grew up where in certain things i know both systems and then other things i don’t like as far as temperatures i know that 70 fahrenheit is room temperature which is 20 celsius yep right so i knew that they just didn’t know what the cold ones were i know inches versus centimeters miles versus kilometers it’s we kind of because the older generation did it the way you guys do in the states yeah but we learned the other way in school yeah oh i did not you know that that’s pretty interesting yeah hey johnny’s jenny thanks for coming in so yeah multiples 10 not for temperature for measurement of length and distance 10 centimeters is blah blah blah 10 meters is blah blah blah you know what i mean no it’s not yeah i was going to say i know it’s more logical in terms of like easy to know but we just i mean unless i feel like you’re in like chemistry or maybe some forms of engineering maybe i don’t really know i’ve never used it at all well you know what i find it really cool the way we have it to figure out how long it’s going to take me to get somewhere because for example badge is just over a thousand kilometers away from me and we go 100 kilometers an hour so he’s 10 hours away oh there you go easy peasy i know i know badge is a lifetime away because i’m not allowed to get there oh what did i just miss here steampunk steve says i lived close to lake ontario and listen to toronto radio and watch canadian tv i can think in metric well he can think in it a few weeks ago did you no well aren’t you lucky i know i was lucky you’re like someone needs to check on that man i know he like whacked his face pretty good have you seen it on facebook i saw oh my gosh that’s terrible no steve you better be okay you had the bus issue at first and now you know you you fell or during your walk or i didn’t get to read the whole post yet but i mean i gotta watch it we gotta we gotta see you again so you gotta take care of your bus and yourself yeah i i had the pleasure of interviewing him on here as well and got to meet him that way and i mean i’m not having the opportunity to meet everyone in person right now but this is the next best thing and it’s awesome i’m meeting people that i i would have been it would have been rare to necessarily run across them on one or two road trips right but now i’m meeting all these people from all over the place and it’s quite exciting yeah yeah it’s it’s i mean it’s a good opportunity too because like you were saying earlier like because we’re all kind of somewhat stuck where we are in a way um i mean why not it’s a it’s a good

opportunity i mean it’s fun yeah we know a lot of people in a lot of places steve says he’s fine i’ll be pretty again in no time oh you’re so pretty steve pretty with an owie on your cheek oh man i almost wonder if we get started to any other topic it might take a while i mean hmm your brother say there’s anything else you need to mention you just want to make sure i mentioned about the temperatures on top of white face i the one thing i’m afraid to do and i mean i only had the ambulance i mean you’ve driven stuff so much bigger but i’m afraid to drive in the mountains sure yeah did you have any difficulty with it or uh no i i mean i think if you’re if you’ve never driven in the mountains um obviously i mean you got to be wary of like the roads like if you’re driving in my opinion you’ve never driven a large vehicle and you start seeing those like yellow signs about trucks follow those not not the white ones that are about cars and and you know other things like when it says slow down use lower gear just listen to that one um because like i know like my big bus is like 20 to 21 000 pounds that’s a that’s a pretty heavy vehicle and it’s got air brakes it’s something we’re like you you should listen to that sign um so i mean you’re totally fine it’s you know not much different than driving a car it’s just that you got to think that you’re having a bit more weight so you know you just want to take things slow and uh you know i like to say you just live life in the bus lane just take your time ah look at you with all the catch phrases i don’t know i think oh man i don’t know like i’ve driven in the mountains in a small car that’s one thing but no i’m still getting used to driving such a big vehicle you know who’s a really good teacher who madge we only got so much time when i’m out there that poor man’s gonna be just worked reagan when i get there everything is put it on the list put it on the list exactly right if i know badge he’s not gonna not get him done he’s gonna be like you need to learn how to drive all right let’s do it i mean he doesn’t leave any stone and unturned so i uh i have been told that if i ever have to replace my brakes i should look into the brakes that they use on tow trucks don’t have to ask badge about that one yeah you don’t know much oh you i came across something right but you have a mercedes engine in your school bus how does that happen that can’t be normal uh it is it is in the freightliners from i think 02 to 05. they used to run the caterpillars and then they switched the mercedes for a few years then they went back so it you can find them in certain vehicles they’re it’s funny so everyone always laughs at me about the mercedes because they’re like oh like that’s such an expensive engine and like oh that must cost so much money and i’m like actually it’s like the cheapest mercedes you can buy because it’s made in detroit so it’s all just freightliner parts and like you can get them at any freightliner in the country and it’s really not that expensive and uh i know because i’ve talked i spoke to badge about this it’s a great engine and we love it it’s like the engine you can’t find and everyone thinks it’s scary but it’s like super powerful straight six like i love that mercedes engine nice hand down you know that makes me think of something else um there’s some people that i’ve watched that have traveled into mexico and depending on what year their motor is they’re concerned about the type of diesel that gets put in it now the 204 in my 2005 were pre-emissions right i think so so that does that mean different grades of diesel will work better in ours i actually don’t know so i’d have to refer you probably over to badge in the comments or any other music mechanics yeah that would be when i actually have to ask him i’ve never had an issue um so i i don’t know i wouldn’t know the differences between different engines i know the engines that i particularly have and i know the engines i’ve worked on but um that’s about where where it goes so i have a lot more to learn once the borders open in a specific place in squatterville where i can learn more about engines and tinker so i mean hopefully there’s there’s a lot more there there is a lot of satisfaction in in knowing that like the learning of of doing things yourself and knowing how to fix it or how to change it or you know when i started like i did my own solar as well but i was very intimidated at first and then you you know you watch so much you break it down like i didn’t even know there was ac and dc power i had like like lit i knew nothing michael nothing yeah yeah so it’s just so rewarding to go okay now i i know how to troubleshoot a little bit on that

yeah and that gives you like that’s so much more confidence like driving down the road if you’re by yourself driving the road boondocking like it’s a lot of confidence to know that if this thing doesn’t start in the morning you have some basic working knowledge to be like all right what can i do um because i mean that’s the scariest thing is like what if i get stuck what if i break down you know what if something happens and like the more you can educate yourself and the more you can surround yourself people who you can learn from like the less and less worried you’re going to be because you’re going to become more and more confident i mean that’s like number one thing that i’ve learned because like when i started building my first bus i mean i had basic construction skills um i knew how to use power tools but like i did not have any bit of the knowledge that i do now it took me four years of just learning from people and and just listening and talking with them and trying to put all the information in my head um and like now i can say that like oh yeah i can do those things but that’s not where i started and i mean i think that’s hopefully similar for a lot of people you know like you may not know a lot now but as long as you keep learning and keep persevering i mean um you’re going to pick things up along the way well the motor like all of that engine stuff is what is going to be the very last thing i want to learn um okay but i found too like i i had a false sense of security thinking well okay i have caa which is like your tripoli um if i have a breakdown you know but because it’s an e450 i’m not covered so what did you like what would you have done with yours because you would have be bigger yeah um so uh i i i this is one of those things like i don’t encourage anyone to do this but i kind of pulled a badge theory where like when a tire blows in the rear i just cut the tire off or like pull it off and then just run on three wheels until i can get somewhere to get a new tire um my differential fell out uh because my u-joint broke so like i just jerry rigged it up and got it back together and then just like drove to the next place and got a new u-joint um i know like bad just taught me a lot of that kind of stuff where he like broke down and i’ve seen him fix things with like stuff we found on the side of the road so i mean yeah but that’s bad yeah right like oh i’m just happy i got to learn from him because now it’s like i can think outside the box of like oh this is just an engine it’s fuel in fuel out here we go you know how can we get this thing running you know it’s kind of a way that i mean i mean i’ve started to think about it so um i actually don’t have any way to get a toe or anything i never even considered like needing it till i i actually blew my turbo up in the the yukon um i was driving up to uh past white horse towards teslan you know that area watson lake and i was driving south at like two in the morning on the alcan and my turbo blew and i heard it go i just heard it start whistling and i was like i turned back i had three friends on the bus and i was like well our turbo just went and uh if anyone doesn’t know that pretty much means in a diesel like you have no power you can like step on the gas and you’re not going to go past like idle it just you just can’t do anything without the turbo um from watson lake to tesla or tess yeah teslan t-e-s-i-t-e-s-l-i-n um but it’s like far it’s a yukon and i just idled for six hours until i got back to town through the middle of the night that’s what i did and i didn’t get a single person the whole way because there was no one there i guess you do you have to do but yeah you’re out there you’re so isolated yeah yeah but i mean you’re in your home though so like my theory is like what does it matter like i got my kitchen i got my clothes i got my computer i can work i can do whatever so like if i had to stay here for three days what do i care like you know i forgot that yeah when you’re gonna be doing that you’re living your lifestyle so things will be different yeah it like nothing nothing changes that i have no choice in what i’m doing and uh what i like to always say is like my bus is a character in my life it makes decisions for me sometimes i i wanted to go south i wanted to go back to the states and like go visit some friends but the bus wanted to stay in the yukon so we stuck around in the uconn for three or four weeks um but it was the cool thing is is like and this is something like i know i push on my channel and and i and i try to encourage people like take those opportunities because the one thing that i’ve learned over the last four years is that when the bus breaks down it’s usually when i meet the coolest people and i like i i think outside the box because so often we want to drive we want to we want to get to a location we want to do something and we miss everything in between and like when the bus broke down it’s i was stuck in teslan which if anyone’s gone to you know the outcome they’ll know where it is it’s a small town and i lived there for three weeks and i met like so many people in town um i met some of the people from the first nation up there and they took me on some of their trapper’s lines and they took me off like i figured what it

was called but it was like they’re like spiritual hike to one of their mountains and like we got to go with them and they invited us and like i would have never done that um if the bus didn’t decide to break down so you know you can look at it positively or you can look at it negatively and i would encourage you to just look at the positives and just know that you’re with your home and it doesn’t matter oh my goodness you are so inspirational why is beyond your years because of the older people around me that have taught me well you know what i think it’s because maybe you listen to them right there’s a lot of people that are surrounded by people that have all sorts of wisdom we just meh slough it off right but you know that what they have to say is valuable and that’s made a huge difference there’s so much wisdom on the road there’s so many people out there it’s amazing wow okay michael we’re like a buck 26 here now an hour 26 minutes i’m gonna have to let you go i’m starting to feel guilty no no it’s okay because we probably could sit and talk for hours because my next question is like where’s your next adventure going to be when you can go anywhere you want to go that’s that’s a fun question actually i have two i have plans um i just don’t know they’re going to be able to happen necessarily so like i have plans to take the new bus and the old bus actually on like a fun joint trip where we’re gonna go out and like visit some friends out in like california and baja mexico but i don’t know that’s gonna happen um and then i also have this one big plane where i’ve actually never been to the only place i’ve been in north america is newfoundland and uh i really want to go but i can’t get to canada so like i don’t know if i’m just gonna keep building things or if traveling’s gonna open up a bit where i might just head back out on the road i don’t know um i’m gonna probably just kind of wait and see what happens because uh yeah at some point things are gonna change at some point you’re gonna be able to do that that’s awesome yeah and that’s when that’s when i’ll i’ll head back on out and uh we’ll go visit visit people and hang out and uh it’d be fun yeah i’m excited to get back out there on the road that’s great michael thank you thank you thank you so much for everything today i’m so glad you came here it’s so nice to get to know you and talk to you i know it’s been fun i’m still i mean and like i said if you if you’re uh doing more talks and stuff and you want to have some fun i’m more than willing to come on and we’ll we’ll have some fun conversations and stuff i mean i i yeah i just love everything about the ideas of buses vans box trucks the community traveling it’s just fun so i mean yeah when it’s fun to meet with other people who are also excited about it it’s it’s always a good time so thank you so much for being the inspiration that you are thanks and thank you for having me but uh say hi to badge you know give them a hug for all of us because most of us can’t give them a hug and uh everyone because you know we can’t but you know it’ll be fun i will definitely give them each a hug from you thank you so much and we’ll have to have you on again yeah for sure so you

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