– Welcome back to the PS4 open Series monthly final for North America I’m your host Nameless joined alongside Studyy. We had a great start to the day with the European region It was some good matches. We crowned a champion And how are you feeling after that, Jay? – Oh, I’m feeling good, man. The EU region today, they really stepped up a lot from the past previous finals You know, these guys are running mini uzis today Eleven shout out to that guy once again for being our MVP from the EU side. Definitely stepping up, assaulting their dominance throughout the entire day yeah let’s check out the bracket that we have here for you guys for the north american region remember that these guys played through a gauntlet qualifier and then got into another bracket where they fought their way to the top eight we have spooky season universe breakers crown hold this glizzy and we always pick our favorite team name and hold this glizzy is my favorite team name for sure iu chipmunks one last rodeo so i was talking about this their last tournament dirt bike dad right uh any favorite names for you uh dirt bike dad you know that’s just that’s actually probably his activision gamer tag right there can’t believe he made that his team name but yeah hold the glizzy you know that one’s funny to us man that was definitely taking the cake and we have iu chipmunks as our first match those guys facing off the quarterfinals trying to get their spot into the semi-finals now let’s check out what these guys are competing for obviously being on broadcast fantastic opportunity to showcase their skills but also 800 for first 600 per second third and fourth 275 528 170. so all these guys are guaranteed a little bit of cash remember this is divided into two so you want to get first place so you have enough to get that ps5 or you know just buy some things some nice things christmas is coming up you know you need some cash to get some presents this is some good money from a tournament man but if you guys want a chance to compete in these tournaments you can compete.playstation.com is where you go to join the fight you can sign up for our qualifier anybody even you at home if you’ve never even played you can play in a tournament for the first time by going there signing up and getting your chance to join up and uh and potentially be on broadcast you know a lot of work will go into it but it’s definitely worth it in the end but uh let’s check out the keys to victory and see what these guys are going to have to do to win this 800 study walk me through it yeah so the keys to victory always going to stay the same especially in the 2v2 buddy system is important you want to stick together most of the time to have the ability to trade and retake bomb sites stay on the same pace as your teammate know your limits when to play fast and when to pay slow those amaze those are basically what the keys to victory are going to be for the entire 2v2 all you can do after that are mid game adjustments communication between two teammates you know if you played with each other for a really long time you guys should know exactly how you guys want to play certain tendencies you guys like to take advantage of and hopefully we saw that and even in the eu roster i mean in in the eu finals there was just so many mid game adjustments throughout that entire time and they were just adapting a lot to it well so if the buddy system is such a huge key but also when it comes down to those clutch factors you need to be able to communicate with your teammate and execute that play well well said come said it better myself myself now let’s check out on some of the predictions on the loadouts or strats that we might see now we wrote these beforehand and we thought we were going to see a ton of mp5s but we’re seeing oozies man what do you think is causing the switch i think the uzi is just a really strong gun from all distances like when you are trying to go up and close and personal you have that stock attachment that’s able to give you a little bit more strength than the mp5 does and i think the damage is a little better from distance so a lot of teams are preferring the mini uzi if you’re going up against m4’s cross map you still have a chance in that gunfight yeah you know it shoots really straight it has a lot of damage i mean it just its fire rate is a little bit slower but so far so good in 2v2 it’s a pretty versatile weapon but let’s check out the map pull for the round one this is the quarterfinals to kick things off these guys have played a few matches but going back to some throwback maps we got crash and vacant in this series gun runner map two which is an mw specific map but there’s anything we’ve learned it’s the players that are dominant on the throwback maps that end up doing really well in these tournaments the throwback maps are a bit different you have to play them different uh obviously there are doors and stuff like that so they’re not the same as they once were but players who have a lot of experience typically shine on these maps jay yeah and talking about experience this match that we have coming up chipmunks versus iu this is gonna be a gauntlet battle and i already think i have my powerhouse team and i’m 100 going chipmunks this roster has uh almost combined 600 gold trophies compared to the opposite team who have never won a trophy so off the rip the experience is going to be number one no and i expect them to just they just made their discounts right here and steamrolled them they just made their account august 4th 2020. so you know some brand new brand new players august 4th 2020 and september 6 2020 is when they made their accounts so obviously the quarantine getting to them starting to grind a little bit and you know this is their maybe their first attack at a tournament we don’t know too much about these guys but it seems like they are completely outclassed in terms of experience going into this matchup and you know crash is a map where if you’ve been playing for a while you probably have a ton of experience it’s been remastered redone a few times and it’s been out for 12 years now man this map is 12 years old this is this this map is like a kid man that can talk and and go to it goes to school by now right so this map is older than a lot of the kids i’m playing wagers against bro that’s actually what i’ll think about oh good so let’s just hop right into it man dash and suave versus from fighting in sports i feel like we’ve definitely casted over confident before definitely probably participated in a couple of our previous finals especially wait they made it to a final i believe yeah and he just opens it up with a first blood there on to dash now it’s a 2v1 situation first suave is he gonna be able to pull this out nope all right so yeah if i remember correctly these guys made it to a final or at least they made it pretty far um and i’ve never seen these other guys on the opposing team so i’m gonna heavily favor the opposing thing i think confiding and um in sports are gonna dominate this map but i’m not gonna count these guys out just yet we’ll see that’s just my my first thought just from experience and watching these guys play prior m4 in hand don’t see an uzi just yet i believe they have two m4s no cali sticks either we’ve got that toronto ultra uniform love to see that no methods would be happy to see that so i’m looking at this guy’s tv profile and they ended up winning the last n a finals last open series yeah okay star champion trying to come back and go for the two teams yeah they’re they’re frying bro this is this might be this might be uh like like the bears versus the falcons that we just watched bro i can’t believe that actually just happened too you got blessed with that one but bear down boys was able to win air down cowboys are getting cooked it’s okay it’s all right it’s only we’re the worst first quarter team in the game it’s fine we’re gonna hop right back into this game though hey man listen yeah let’s talk about cowboys just hop right back into this game falls is better than deck all right as we hop into this round number three good fighting and sports both have their dead silence confiding with the first blood literally seven seconds into the round so big win and then there it is this is this is a beat down man this is a beat down there they just tell them tonight they’ve been in this situation they’re coming right back they’re going for the 2p and this is exactly where you want to start your quarterfinals seven second rounds so far for the first three rounds they’re dominating pick it up right where they left off it’s like if you’ve been playing you got to think like if they won the last one right they’ve probably been playing since then they have so much experience they’ve done it before like they’re they’re ready to go right like these guys yeah going up against them they’re playing at some weather vets right now in terms of this 2v2 so their chemistry’s there like what we talk about with like knowing what your teammates thinking like they’re there and they already know that they probably barely even have to communicate and they’re destroying them oh my god chipmunks dominating so far they tried to get aggressive toys at a bomb site but sports is able to win a big one-on-one confiding being the champion being the confident player that he is just slides right through that door ego challenges him able to take him down two rounds away from closing out map number one big facts we’ll see if they’re able to just steamroll in these next two rounds and get the 6-0 goose egg him confiding now he sticks out 4-0 confidently pushing up the middle of the map feels great in the shot remember guys we’re gonna be watching them throughout this tournament and follow their story stun out gonna tag them either one of them have battle heart finishing there there’s one and there’s the second the trade comes in five to zero this map has been going for what seems like two minutes and five rounds have passed if you’re the other team what are you saying right now what is the communication like nah this isn’t our map don’t even worry about it let’s focus on map number two because every single round so far is going only by seven to ten seconds and it’s done now the only thing that concerns me is that chat chose iu to end up winning this match right here with the 62 win and they have no trophies i wonder where these guys are getting their fans from since they just made their gb profiles you know probably are typing in compete.playstation.com to enter these tournaments but they’re just running into a powerhouse right here and unfortunately they lose first map 6-0 i went to go look at chat literally second and i look back and the game’s over what did we just watch all right so 1-0 app count um really not much to discuss there they just got smoked no yeah that was absolutely i think we should uh i think we should just look at the bracket and see if there’s anybody that’s gonna be able to compete with confiding in sports for the rest of this tournament excuse me oh yeah without a doubt man these guys ah 6-0 who do we start off you win your last one who do we have in this tournament because i am just going to assume that this match is is a done deal i mean that was the fastest map we’ve had in any of our monthly series finals they just absolutely obliterated them they were winning all their gun fights yes like hold this glizzy you gotta you’re gonna have to have to get the dub for me we’ll see if they’re able to do it i hope this quiz you actually lost their match i believe yeah they lost their match so they got knocked out so that’s not even the team that we’re gonna watch anymore i believed in hold this glizzy i like their name they lost to the chef hat team and the chef hat team has a lot of experience as well they’re they have the 96 gb rank 15 gold trophies uh and 10 000 challenger points so semi pro it says next to their name so that’s a decent amount of points right some experience so maybe some competition there but as it stands right now iu doesn’t look like they stand a chance in this series at all and we’re going to gun runner next which is an mw specific map but it’s a fast map at that and what we just saw right there was fast game play but they lost every gunfight jay yeah confiding in sports they were just delusionally confident around the entire map these guys were pushing in gunfights that they had no business winning but they were just coming out on top you could just tell that they’re filling that momentum our previous champions champions in our last finals of the na final series and they’re just picking up where they left off man did not skip a beat 6-0 first map that’s a dominant way to open it and i’m excited to see them play throughout the rest of this tournament yep and keep in mind guys this is our our quarterfinal these guys are playing for a spot in the semi-final you get a bump up in cash and you’re getting closer to that ultimate victory so see if they’re able to do it we’re just getting game two loaded on up right now as these guys get prepared to try to battle back into it but you know as it stands right now and fighting in sports picking up right where they left off and i’m now remembering last time sports was the guy who literally hit that 180 world star i forgot who it was on but it was that crazy turn on killer we saw a gun runner and we’re going right back to gun runner so i’m excited to see him get going once again but it looked like they were both on point like there’s nobody carrying in this one yeah they’re both on point man confiding was open it up nice and early picking up first bloods when he needed to sports is doing it on defense rushing into that bomb side picking up those first bloods it’s gonna be really hard man they they showed how good they can be on that first map and just looking at them if they end up winning this map going on to the semi-finals or even the finals if they make it that far once again this is just a team that has so much chemistry between them too you know our previous champions in our last month’s finals like i said and they’re just not missing a beat man they’re six and old friends i’m telling you i would love to see the n a champions play the eu champions in a 2v2 if ping worked yeah properly and it wasn’t like super unfair if there was a neutral host i think that that would be incredible to watch those guys face off because what we saw in eu was great we saw some uzis those guys were we’re trying out some different things 11 was one of the most impressive players we’ve seen the entire time uh that we’ve been watching these and this is what our third or fourth one now so i’ve been doing quite a few and and wow he was impressive man is uh is there anybody is confiding your sports living up to that you think or is it their teamwork just on another level no their teamwork is just on another level when we’re talking about players like sports this is a guy who you said previously turned on someone in the last finals yeah and just made it look easy and you could just tell these players are really confident confiding stepping up from the last finals he wasn’t really playing too hot sports was that all-star for this roster but you could just tell after a month of just putting in work winning that first step in the 6-0 the chem’s there communication’s there everything is there for this team it’s going to be really hard to stop them yeah no doubt we’re about to jump into game number two right now and we’re going over to gun runner can you break down gun runner for me a little bit what is the go-to play what are we going to be seeing on offense so i’m expecting the way that they just played that map number one they’re just going to be aggressive with those mp5s towards mid map you might see combining put a lot pull out the ar which is the m4 and sit around the crates area try to stay in up top making sure nothing is being aggressive towards that b site but confiding in sports man on offense i expect them to play really really quick probably not even plant the bomb just basically challenging every single gun fight because the way that they’re playing right now winning rounds in seven to ten seconds that was the fastest map number one i’ve ever seen yeah so if you’re dashing suave it’s like slow down right like make them look at me like that that’s what i would do oh sniper i’m gonna go back to the sniper see what he’s got cooking up jay this is your realm of activity i’ll let you break this down yeah so he’s gonna pull out the sniper here try to get the angle towards the jungle side it’s looking like they are going to pick up that information and the player is there he’s going for the quick scope world star towards middle map dash is able to take him down now 1v1 dash versus confiding good fighting does have the info that he’s on the back side basically towards their spawn i don’t know if they can collected the input the bomb is down but the fighting with this pistol 21 bullets in the clip i think he’s getting a little bit too confident pulling out that sniper j i don’t think he needed to have a sniper just now um and it might be because of the first map how easy it was for them but i mean you’re in a quarterfinal right now it’s not time to play around so we’ll see if he’s able to close the pistol out okay all right so he just stood still and gave him the kill he had him in a great spot i mean he had an m4 against the sniper in a position where he knew he was at where he had to peek and you know i i just think he shouldn’t have stood still right there maybe pop up and down yeah jiggle peek it a little bit it’s tough though i don’t know if he gained that information that he did have a sniper rifle you know when you turn that corner with that pistol there’s not a glare that’s gonna pop up so he was just head glitching thinking he had the better positioning too bad a slow peek what that sniper effort was going to take you down any day confiding we were talking about him being a little bit too confident with the sniper but it works out at the end put themselves up 10. puts it away puts it away pulls the m4 back out stun out no information dead silence is popped not gonna find anybody as they’re sitting back they’re doing what we we wanted them to do was slow down and look at these guys they had bomb control at b and they didn’t even want to plant it they just run it straight over to a and super confident his sports as he’s busted through all the doors gonna win that fight in a really nice gun fight suave in the back over there but confiding is there for the trade it’s like their communication is so fluid that they’re always there for each other’s trades they win that initial fight and then even if they get traded their teammate is there because of the chemistry and that is what you want to see in a 2v2 that was flawless gameplay oh man watching these guys i said it before the map started they might not even plant bombs they’re looking for the gunfights and that’s exactly what they do right there we thought they were being a little bit too aggressive they had full b-bomb control but they just forced the guns of the opposing team to be pulled up but sports is able to take down dash followed up with the instant trade out of suave there goes that buddy system that we’re always talking about but stunning is going to come in four sports a player pushing around this far right side trying to go towards a he’s gonna be able to back him down a little bit he’s not backing down he’s going on the hunt no dead silences pop he’s just confident gonna slide in the door and take him down oh chipmunks chipmunks chipmunks this is starting to look really good for you guys and if you’re team iu and also chad 62 guys they haven’t even won around what are we doing yeah chad you’re throwing me off here i know what you guys are talking about but we’ll see if there’s something cooking up their sleeves that doesn’t make sense cooking up their sleeves why i say that they have something up their sleeves that figure speech people use cooking up their sleeves i don’t think people use that right i just like never heard that one i just like put two figures of speech together but some fighting oh my he’s disrespecting me how is he not traded what he went for the ishish world star turn on two sports is behind him should be gg yep round okay these guys are getting real number one yeah if they’re this comfortable this

might be a quick tournament no lie we’ll see it looks like they’re most definitely advancing to the semi-final and we’ll be following their journey throughout but uh up four oh man they didn’t lose around last might be there right so it’s 10-0 right now no yeah 10-0 quality if you get 12-0 that does a lot for your for your confidence you’re just crushed dude it’s like all right what’s called work about and these guys just made their gp profiles too so they’re probably gonna chalk it after this they are getting steamrolled right hey if they are brand new though and it’s just like new gv profiles they did a good job making it all the way up to the uh quarterfinals yes they did now it’s all about just making the proper adjustments getting farther they’re running into like the reigning champions so it’s kind of a tough draw right all right let’s see if dash can come up with the win he has dead silence the bomb is down center map so confining has a lot of work to do dash in a pretty solid spot to watch uh a couple entries towards this bomb and he’s gonna oh man this is like everything and anything that can go wrong is going wrong for them yeah that was just unfortunate timing right there or dash he turns the corner to pick up his flank as soon as he does that compiling turns from blue crates able to hit good shots right there with the m4 to put them one round away from advancing to our semi-finals this is flawless gameplay right here man this is gonna be a really hard team to to match if you’re on the opposite side of the bracket you just need to focus on one game at a time but whatever team is gonna meet this team in the semi-finals all the finals if they do make it that far it’s going to be really scary man unbelievable well here comes the first one and it looks yeah it’s looking like it’s going to be a 12-0 both headbands that’s just like the same for this dash does something wild okay dash gets the kill can can they get around jay that’s all i want is around oh my goodness all right guys that’s gonna do it for match number one twelve zero in round count and one of the fastest games you’ve ever seen there’s really not much to break down there they just dominated them they ran together as a pack buddy system and won legitimately every single gunfight they got it i think that combined on both maps they had two kills i believe two kills combined in both maps are you kidding me maybe three actually had three kills come on i’m too mad that’s that’s that’s i mean the whole game you could just replay both maps they were both highlights dude about as long as the highlight reel two i mean nade stuns slide cancel door bust fights like there’s sniping there was just so much to to look at this game and just be like wow these guys are absolutely on point like right there how did suave not end up killing him was just beyond me jumping off of the stairs i mean this is like a montage yeah they literally looking like kamazar here just flying off buildings picking up two pieces doing whatever they want on the map then you got sports pushing up jungle side on this map so slow peaking with the sniper the confidence is there sports just running around they’re not even planting bombs oh man this team looks really confident going into their semifinals match and going throughout the rest of this tournament man this is my powerhouse team man they they were our previous champions before and they’re looking like they’re trying to go back to back yeah a little bit of a easy match up round one you might say is these guys are brand new gb but congratulations to them getting top eight um that was team iu they made their accounts in august so pretty recent and one of them made it in september so i mean congratulations to them making all the way to a quarterfinal it’s very impressive and hope to see more of them in the future but for now this is your updated bracket we’re going to be jumping into uh another match here in a bit we have three more games for you guys two semi-finals and a final so we got some good matches coming up man but we’re gonna go to a quick commercial break here before we get into our first semi-final of the day we’ll see you guys in a bit so many 12 famous players they started online we are good to go for our first match of the streams we’re here for fifa 20 action this will be the overall grand final victim the next playstation fifa superstar i think the level of play that we’re currently looking at and it’s fantastic no one leaves today empty-handed playstation

so so so

so so many 12 famous players they started online we are good to go for our first match of the streams

we’re here for fifa 20 action this will be the overall grand final victor the next playstation fifa superstar i think the level of play that we’re currently looking at and it’s fantastic no one leaves today empty-handed welcome back to the ps4 monthly series open finals i’m here with study we had a cr pretty fast game number one uh chipmunks nominated they are your reigning champs and i’m excited to get into the semifinals and follow their journey throughout the rest of this tournament jay how about you i’m really looking forward to this i mean finals match because the way that they just dominated in that quarterfinals 6060 took like 12 minutes that was the fastest series i’ve ever seen throughout this entire time we’ve been casting these things and they are just looking like they’re really confident everything is clicking for them all their gun fights are going in their favor their communication definitely has to be on point because these guys aren’t even planning bombs they’re just looking for the gunfights to take the opponent down man and it’s gonna be a really scary matchup for whoever finds them in the semifinals yeah it’s definitely gonna be a scary matchup i mean they won so fast that the other match didn’t even complete fast enough to start our semi-final and that’s why we had an extended break i mean nobody here expected that to be so quick there was a round that was seven seconds i mean how does that happen i mean let’s look at the highlights again from that series it was so fast you might have missed it so if you’re just now joining us let’s check those out because i need to go through those once again man i mean they were just frying them like three story on crash they’re running right in lasting them with the stuns and aids let’s check out these highlights i mean this is packed the the entire map that we’re showing here and i mean look at it these are how fast the rounds were it’s like two kills simultaneously the buddy system is the key to victory man when their player is shooting the other one is right there going for the instant challenge or going for the trade every single situation especially on this map right here they did that flawlessly from fighting was playing this back alley he doesn’t even need his teammate here he’s able to pick up both ah man just casting over these guys man it’s unbelievable these guys are definitely showing why they deserve to be here they’re going trying to repeat go for the two-peat back-to-back no drizzy these guys are absolutely crying right now man every single round man oh yeah absolutely i mean these guys are on point dude you can see it in their game play how just confident they are themselves and each other and they have that chemistry and i know it sounds like we’re hating on iu but we’re not we’re actually happy for them they made it super far determined it just made their accounts in august but going up against the reigning champs you could see that they were no match uh they even started to have some fun and like be go for some beat downs and go for some snipes that we have not seen in the entirety of these tournaments i mean this is like our fourth one now we haven’t seen them do that yet and you know it was pretty impressive to watch and i don’t think that there’s gonna be anybody that can stack up against them right like i’m hoping somebody could prove me wrong and give us a good series but you know after seeing that that was the most dominant performance we’ve had in any of these tournaments but let’s check out the bracket is updated with our next match let’s see who made it through to face off against chipmunks we have one last rodeo so do you know anything about these guys have you checked out their profiles yet so i’m on their profiles right now both of these guys made their accounts in 2020 and they both have two silvers and two bronze none of them have a gold so what you’re saying is going to be like the same thing yeah i’m really hoping it’s not the same thing if they can win a round it’s definitely won’t be the same thing but it all starts with that round number one man if you’re able to come out at least make these guys a little bit less confident because the way that chipmunks is roaming around the map right again they’re going for assassinations they’re going for assassinations beat downs doesn’t matter they’re not even planet bombs someone needs to be the answer and you need to be able to stop them early into this map number one if you want to have a chance at winning this series yeah basically like these guys are so confident that you have to gain their respect early in the game because we all know that confidence can go a very long way in call of duty but uh i need to see these maps if we have the map let’s pull those up see what these guys are gonna be competing on here in the semifinal uh it’s very important although i mean they just played a throwback map and a mw map and dominated so maybe not but all right so all mw specific maps for mazda hacking st petrograd uh ramaza a little bit different than the last two maps that we just played uh simply because subs are a little bit more dominant where they were running two m4s so uh we still sports plot to mp5 a few times but uh the m4 was was essentially dom in the last series and now we have ramaza which is like little doorways and rooms and and like dark alleyways and stuff so subs can be a little bit more effective than we have a hacking yard which is a really fast map and you know these guys are that confident like they were in the last one hacking yard would

be a blood a blood fest so we’ll see what they’re able to do but i’m excited to get into this one again to see if they can continue that trend of dominance because that was unbelievable to watch uh seeing a 2v2 where there’s a lot of room for error and blind counters like you can go to one side of the map team just goes the other and you lose the round and it’s just unlucky for them to be able to dictate the pace and control the map like that shows that they are getting to another level and that’s why i love doing these because we’re able to watch people improve and get better as time goes on and i’m glad that we’re seeing them compete here again after the game cycle is done because that shows a lot of a lot of drive and a lot of focus and look at the poll results yeah now you’re doing it right chad 78 for chipmunks is probably i’ll be right there with you guys so i’m a part of that 78 i was actually looking back at our previous finals from the last month and these guys went to game three in a couple of their series and you could just tell the chemistry for these guys has definitely improved winning both of their maps 606-0 they fixed their little mistakes that they had in the previous month and they’re looking in here at they’re probably their peak form right now these guys are super saiyan 3 right now and they’re not skipping a beat they’re not stopping they are going onto the semifinals and like i said if you don’t stop them nice and early to bring down their confidence a little bit it’s pretty much going to be a steamroll again absolutely man i couldn’t have said it better myself to set up the rules right now we’re about to get ready to go into match number two this is semi-final number one of the north american monthly series final this is the third or fourth one that me and study have done we’ve learned a lot about these players confiding in sports obviously rang a bell because they won the last one and you know i’m not going to forget their names this time if they’re able to win this one i mean back to back is a statement and they just started it off with a statement and that’s what this is for if you get an opportunity to be on broadcast you got to make a statement there get those clips so you know people can see it potentially pick you up and sponsor you that’s what it’s all about do you remember your first big break your first big opportunity yeah my first break break was envy i remember i was on justice no you were on you were pro though before that what was your first i mean like your first first time somebody gave you a chance okay so my first time was in black ops 2. um when i went to mlg dallas i ended up getting like top 42 i was playing like ricky solo and someone else and then after that ego ended up dropping one player on his roster which was icons ended up joining them we changed our team name and we went to conquer instead we picked up ricky we picked up gucci and it was also ego on the roster but we went to mlg anaheim that year we ended up getting top eight which and we ended up seventh just beating envy and then eventually losing to you guys i’m pretty sure if you were on unite with saints at the time you guys ended up beating us at that tournament so we ended up blowing you guys stroked brother it’s all right bro because i beat you more times and you’ve beat me in your career so it’s fine because i forgot about that one it’s definitely true right my wins are a lot better in a lot better situations than you i knocked you out of champs what else did i do i knocked you out you don’t have five championships though yeah i got one but it’s fine it’s all good that’s tough bro that is tough but uh i don’t know what’s going on i think we’re getting into the game uh hopefully soon here uh we’re we’re just hanging out all right so i just got confirmation that the game is loading up uh we’re gonna be able to see if these guys can continue their trend of dominance there’s not much else to break down from that last game they just absolutely fried them uh they went into that like they were some pros going up against some amateurs so we’ll see if some of these guys are ready to ascend to that next level hopefully next year you know we see the confining sports playing in some challengers matches or like at least like diving into some of the variant tournaments that’s where a lot of our pro players come from is search and destroy i mean that’s where you came from right it’s like search starting off yeah it’s all it just all depends on like when you want to make that switch like when i was playing certain destroy tournaments even though i was winning a majority of them in modern warfare 3 it was it was between me and fizzer squad but when you go into that next game you could just feel it you could just feel like yo i’m playing really well i’ve been playing consistent in all these sne tournaments i want to take my game to the next level and once you do that you start forming these different kind of groups probably a couple players from the challenger division when i was coming up though i was blessed enough to play with pro players towards the end of mw3 such as killer such as fizzer too quick even you know these are players that were playing eights all the time and i was able and blessed enough to even get into those lobbies and eventually learn the ropes from pro players who eventually went on to win world championships and that’s where the best thing is man you coming from search and destroy you can be so good at one game mode but you always want to take you gotta learn them all gotta learn them all man and we dealt with a lot of obstacles i mean we had to learn new game modes for god’s sake i mean harpoon came i was like whoa we gotta learn this but hey we’re jumping into ramaza see if these guys can continue santa man exile wow what a

throwback name right there there’s a guy named exile back in my cod foreign okay not the same guy whoa why didn’t he commit to that i don’t know what it’s 1v1 now sun does come out 20 man 29. has a frag to his name bomb is going to be going down for confiding on towards that b-bomb site santee is going to decide to pop his dead silence here he broke that door open so he gains that information the guy is in the building that sounds for confiding in the top you’re gonna be able to spot him in the corner and just like that chipmunks win round number one yeah easy round for them uh he could have went for the quick trade but he knows he’s better and smarter takes his patience or uses his patience and wins the round up 1-0 in a silky smooth first round we’ll see if they can keep it going right now this is semi-final number one these guys are guaranteed i believe 275 at the moment when one more match guaranteed 600 that much closer to that first place finish confiding dead silence pop up and through the stairs into the spawn past the two players gonna catch one in the back for the second and almost got it actually gets smoked by exile some nice shots maybe gaining the respect a little bit of confiding see those yellow boxes on the left-hand side it’s a little bit of a connection thing going on it could just be our observers though so we’ll see but sports left in a 1v1 exile up to sitting at the bomb planting it you liking what you see jay yeah slow and steady just wins the race sports is gonna pop his dead silence 35 seconds remaining on the clock sounds like exile does not have dead silence to his name but hearing that door shut right right underneath him he’s going to give him all the information he needs and sports is able to break through that front door winning another 1v1 puts his team up 200. puts his team up 2-0 indeed and even when he gets to be a close round they’re able to clutch up and i think uh these guys might be a little bit better than last time we played at least the rounds aren’t going as fast could just be the map so far so good for fighting in sports man they’re just coasting smooth sailing for these guys also jay i mean i meant to tell you you look good man got the fresh cuts man yo you cut your hair down more than usually didn’t you yeah yeah i had to bring it down a little bit because you know when you wake up in the morning and you just have to do something with your hair i’m one of those people that just wake up in the morning and however my hair looks that’s how i want it to be like that’s what i did if my hair is really long then i have to put products in you know i have to try something but it’s looking like santee is gonna try a nade and he’s gonna land right on confidence toes now in a 1v2 situation will we see sports and confiding lose their very first round of the tournament so far since the quarterfinals okay sports is going to be able to see him but he gets taken down gaining that respect so we like to see you came off the back of that prenate that was a good nade this is a nice read by santa man going big just walk into making sure he’s ready with his his gun up big win and it’s 2-1 first round loss for them man they’re all right they’re feeling all right um but i wanted to say i’m getting a haircut tomorrow i’m actually gonna i’m growing my my hair out at least like the top out i’m about to get like the oh wow i’m just gonna fade out the sides grow the top out bro it’s gonna look lit and grow the beard out you just you should just fade out the entire like top part of your head turn into ben diesel i’ll just go bald bro yeah just go bald at least i know i look good bald bro you saw that yeah i was looking fire yeah got the jeep okay all right santa man big kill with the dead silence he’s turning up here for the squad he has still has daddy gonna extend it hit the buzzer beater good fighting on a flank right now slowly going through the doors trying not to make as much noise gonna pop his daddy and wrap back around but he’s gonna burn a lot of time in doing so and both players are in three story with some good sight lines and a solid setup spots one not going to take a shot player spots him stun aid out or just stun out doesn’t connect as it banks and the player walks inside and now there’s only 30 seconds left odds are stacked against confiding but we’ve seen great crazier things happen i’m gonna have to find one yeah quickly nope he needed that and he’s injured two to two is gonna be the round count after this solid attempt not enough

he’s really stepping up for that roster right now he’s really stepping up he opened up at the previous round with the first nade and now he’s getting that first blood onto sports man just being aggressive towards that bridge area pops his dead silence really stepping up for his team man 2-2 this is not what i expected from two players who recently just made their gb profiles who only had the experience of two silver trophies and two bronze trophies going up against a team with combined almost 600 golds and the way that they came out in that corner finals was insane but it’s looking like they’re slowing down here one last rodeo might have that rodeo to probably be able to close out this series if they win this they will become my favorites because i put chipmunks at such a high ceiling so it’d be really scary to see them lose but confident see remember ramaz is a bit different than that so a little bit tough to just use your gun skill and win confident gonna trade that kill basically or chipmunks a little bit of a clerical air on the side of the other squad one last rodeo pushing up and gonna get taken out in the heady and i like wicked fighting played that slow waited until you heard him popped up and hits the headshot for the dub three to two is the round count i think they’ve gained the respect of chipmunks and now we have a better game in our hands here yeah i would have liked santee man to immediately go for that challenge i know exile made the call out both of them are sitting in arches he’s one shot you shouldn’t even throw a tactical there you just go straight up to the head glitch you have the health advantage you need to be able to win that gun fight confiding pulls off an insane 2v1 just now but another 3-2 exile is on offense let’s see how he decides to play this looking like he’s going to stun towards that b-bomb site no players are going to be at a but sports is going to be flanking them with his dead silence able to take down one now 2v1 first santee man that science is everything man he gets taken down you got to utilize your dead silence properly in tv2s or else you lost and sports that’s a great depiction of how to use it pops is that he gets the kill extends it plays like maniacs get that information just wins around handedly basically to 1v2 at construction site big win four to two and this is where this is where you gotta turn up man like they’re getting confident again we know what happens when they start rolling yep two rounds back to back come fighting with an insane 2v1 to start that all off now they’re going to go on offense sports did just use his dead silence oh no he won’t have it this side but confiding does have his it’s looking like it’s going to be a b push on the side of him fighting in sports nice and slow after fighting he’s been playing his headless the entire time with the m4 tommy’s going to decide to use that dead silence go right up top middle break do bottom red is he going to be able to spot this player in exile that silence is a key factor so far in this game it’s really making plays for both teams and fighting able to open it up with the first flood they have the information on where the second player is now it’s time to get this bomb down confiding is gonna be headless in his truck what can santi man do in this 2v1 situation what can tanty man do it’s a great question this is a big round as well otherwise the lead is going to be a little bit out of reach great setup on the side of chipmunk stun is out he’s going to connect it doesn’t have battle hardened players super weak but also sans man only 27 seconds to work with i like three challenge but not going to be able to complete it and with 20 seconds left unless he kills a guy right now game is going to be over well round is going to be over one round away from victory they have a lot of work to do jay to come back and this one started off so well man but it just feels like once they figured out what they were doing uh that chemistry kicked back in and they found their groove yeah sports and confidence finding those openings especially on defense they’re always hitting a play with the flank sports is either running right about a middle right through that middle alley he’s going bottom red just playing the corner he’s just playing really aggressive with the submachine gun catching the opposite players off guard both every single player in the lobby has dead silence available it’s looking like it’s going to be a b push for santee man and exile fighting gonna be there nice win right up the middle the media trade though and go for the relentless challenge and wow man like he didn’t even have chance to to regain right there and form a plan of attack you could tell that the uh the call-outs were like chaotic on the side of uh another squad on one last rodeo and then the hip fire comes in and he just connects all the bullets so great weapon work great shots and map one six to two it was close to the beginning and they just pulled away they just got a feeling of how they wanted to play he saw the way exiled and his roster was playing they were going slow towards the bomb site

double teaming the entire time just trying to no individual plays by themselves no island players nothing and it was giving sports the openings that he needed just running right through bottom mid using his dead silence to perfection coming up behind players both times and then you see him right there because fighting was trying to play spoiler in that top window but unfortunately he gets taken down but sports is there immediately for the two-piece and i thought it was gonna go you know a little better because they put a couple rounds on the board but the more comfortable confiding in sports got they were just pulling away slowly but surely and going into this hacking yard just knowing how aggressive these guys are i’m feeling like they’re gonna make another finals how many trophies does uh one last audio have you said they’re relatively new one last rodeo yeah relatively new july 1st 2020 is one one minute account april 14th 2020 is the other um two goal i mean no goals on both sides but two servers and two bronzes together on both sides wow okay so yeah a little bit uh reminiscent of the last series um looking like it’s gonna end up being another quick one hackney yard obviously um it’s up close and personal map it’s super fast whoever gets into that site and the way these guys are shooting it’s gonna be hard to bet against them i mean sports just got the kill immediately challenged and won the second gunfight when you’re winning like that when you win 12-0 round count right what does it take for the that momentum to be nullified what has to happen do you have to get in an argument like like what does the other team have to do to slow you down if the opposite player is playing really well on the opposing team you just have to look at your teammates and say do what we do let’s not play the way that they want us to play obviously there was a lot of openings that were left there in 2v2 it’s going to happen but it needs to be more effective trades and more uh sufficient play calls man like if you’re going to push towards being efficient you kill confiding you don’t rap back towards arches to try to help your teammate and both push out that way if that guy holds the heck glitch right there sports is probably gonna die and the rounds are probably gonna be totally different they just have to take their time be patient because the way that these guys are playing if one player on the opposite team is dying the other one is immediately going for the trade to even up numbers or going for the two-piece so just slow it down a little bit and make the game come to you don’t make the game harder on yourself by trying to rap back on certain bombs trying to get to better positionings you got to get you got to work with what you got and if you had it already in a 2v1 situation you gave up positioning and ended up costing you just hold your places and just take your time and then hopefully it’ll all start falling into place well hopefully these guys are listening to coach studdy and their in their downtime obviously we have a delay but that was some great advice i agree 100 i think just like slowing down right trying to be uh like have like the two or three things you want to do and focus on those things um and take your time uh like going into it you don’t want to try to just like win every single gunfight you want to be together you want to be ready to go and and uh using that buddy system and playing those trades but like getting information and playing off that information right like don’t just go we want to go b so let’s run at b like let’s use our information oh i saw him cross the b so let’s just go away here you know what i mean like and that’s something that uh you can only know by listening to their comms but you can kind of pick up based on their minimap awareness what their comms are like or or what they’re doing on the minimap so we’ll see here on hackney if they’re able to adapt and and bounce back into this one i hope that this is a little bit closer every game but so far confining in sports have been absolutely dominating and this is the best performance and the uh the highest talent we’ve seen so far in any of these tournaments yeah the only thing that scares me for them on the map like this is are they going to plant that bomb are they so confident that they are just going to give that up and just try to force gun fights and that can only bite you in the butt especially on this map you need to work for that bomb plant like i said in like the first 20 seconds that’s exactly what they’re going to do sports is not messing up bomb is going to go down 13 seconds into the round now they just have to peek on flank and eventually both sit inside but that number seven player which is going to be exile spotted sports rapping back towards the base it’s all unconfining is he gonna be able to win his one-on-one and easy does it man 1-0 in the map and he called down b ones and this is what they want man they want the 1v1 fights you know why because they have the superior gun skill you have to play to your strengths if you know you’re losing these one-on-one square ups together get together and execute a 2v1 see so they plant the bomb right there with 13 seconds in these guys are the top dog they’ve definitely been listening to us because we’ve been complaining about that for some time now every time we see a team play this map it’s just not rush planning that bomb gives so much more time for the defense to make a play and just like that sports is gonna come through top middle oh

my goodness outside of the window and pick up both kills another seven to eight second round right there one last rodeo is about to be the last dance right here you’re about to look like michael jordan and the boys unfortunately not gonna be able to close it out but sports and confiding man they’re really turning up on all levels right now absolutely man and sports is that guy with the mp5 he just gets him close you’re not when they’re gonna fight against him i mean he’s hitting hip fire bullets he’s challenging you left to right and he’s absolutely destroyed so i’d love to stick on board with him if uh there we go our observers thank you shout out to them our team doing a great job see what he’s able to do here with an mp5 just looking like that not going to want to play for the bomb plant here fighting does open it up with the first blood around that middle map area it goes a bomb plant towards the opposing side now even if he jumps through the window he has to overpeak to get the kill but sports is going to be able to get out with his life now to gain the information he’s on bomb double challenge and oh my god man chipmunks are looking so good they looking so good nameless i think if we played them right now they probably beat us too oh i’m capping on that one i’m pleased giving months dude but i i honestly oh okay i think i get on and do pretty well bro no lie yeah honestly yeah i played against crim i played against skunk like yeah if you’re going up against me at nameless we’re pro players for a reason yeah we’re adapting to this we’re making this work we’re tired bro tired and happy all right chance man pushing in bottom confidence kill across the map in like light speed i have no idea where that kill happened but it happened and now santa man’s gonna back off he’s shook doesn’t know what to do and there’s two players on chipmunks right in front of him if you blink you might have missed it it’s 4-0 by the way 4-0 these guys came to play they are setting records they are setting records i mean this game’s not lasting so long now that these guys are just ready like they know exactly what they want to do when they’re executing they said they did not want to go to game three in that last finals they went to game three in a couple of their series i think three out of at least the three that they played i’m pretty sure every single series went to game three including that finals where they ended up closing it out but you could just tell that they made those adjustments they have so much chemistry between each other first blood is always going in their favor this is just a really hard team to stop right now oh my goodness dude confiding is so delusionally confident right now 5-0 absolute piecing sports gonna get the information on the last guy like it’s just seamless it’s seamless five to zero they’ve only lost two rounds i mean so right now what are they 18 23 and two round count so far okay 23 and two round count possibly not even planning bombs after the sixth round ain’t playing about twenty four and two round counts at the first round playing it in the first round that’s it they they’re just running around together just going for the challenges every single time we’re going to see it oozy out right here is this the gun that’s going to be able to bring exile and sanity man back i’m just going to have to wait and see but this is how you make a name for yourself right here this is what they’re doing right now is what is gonna put you on the map right i wouldn’t be surprised if these guys got like offers to join like uh some amateur teams like not not top challengers teams obviously but some amateur teams going into the next year and finally getting themselves the squad because they’re establishing themselves as a solid duo and they make it to the back-to-back grand finals there you go the finals is chipmunks in a dominating game that is 24 in two round count i am mind blown how bad they they’re waxing these teams can we please see the highlights when we get a chance yeah they’re destroying every single map so far even though my man confident got a little bit of turned on right there by exalt sports is able to win that big 1v1 kobe to the feet is the only way you can take this guy down even when it came down like the 1v1s like they still just outplayed them like they were a couple rounds i mean they held a prenate and they lost but 24-2 round count j like what more can you ask for this is gonna be the easiest 800 these guys have ever made winning that final only losing two rounds the entire time oh man so far this is the best performance we’ve seen throughout both the eu and think about it now that they’re in the grand final they have to wait so maybe that momentum that spooky or crown gain in this next uh series can uh do something for him going into the grand final but either way i mean that was just a that

was a late game and i’m just surprised that that ended so fast like to be honest that was wild but we’re gonna go to a quick commercial break guys when we come back we have our semi-final number two uh oh it’s gonna be underway it’s gonna be crown versus spooky season see you guys in a bit so many 12 famous players they started online we are good to go for our first match of the streams we’re here for fifa 20 action this will be the overall grand final victim the next playstation fifa superstar i think the level of play that we’re currently looking at and it’s fantastic no one leaves today empty-handed so so so so so huh

welcome back to the ps4 monthly series open finals i’m your host nameless joined alongside study and we have another semifinals for you guys so far it’s just been dominating i mean 24 in two round count going into this next series we’re going to see if there’s some guys that are going to be able to go toe-to-toe with the squad that we have waiting in the finals i mean that’s the final boss right there spooky season and crown do you think they have what it takes shea oh man i actually had the chance to do some homework on these teams man in spooky season might be the roster to go up against the big dogs and chipmunks man we’re talking about golds on their gb profiles these guys have more than 600 combined they also have a doubles ladder that’s a hundred and oh they have never lost 11th place currently in the doubles ladder for a cross play as well i think they’re the dogs i think they are the team that’s going to be able to go up against chipmunks compared to going up against crown crown are currently sitting at probably like 30 to 40 gold trophies together you know they have some experience but just looking at that spooky season team man they look like they are ready to roll and ready to walk through the semifinals and go up against the big dogs and chipmunks well you got me excited now man you said they got some golds and now i’m hyped to see what they’re able to do and we just saw our bracket and what these guys uh been able to do we’re gonna check out our maps here in a second but it’s gonna be our same semi-final maps that we just had which is ramazan hackney yard and it’s gonna be lit bro i i’m just i wanna see these guys play yeah i wanna see if these guys have what it takes for mazda to kick things off uh we saw ramaz in the last series it was just a little bit slower than some of the other maps because of the doorways and the way the bombs are set up you have to take your time uh we’ll see if these guys have that gun skill to be able to go toe-to-toe we saw an uzi a little bit we haven’t seen seen it quite as much as we did in the european region um but i mean you just broke down their uh their gb stats so they sound like they’re gonna be pretty impressive remember you guys can vote in the chat at the top of the chat there’s a poll where you can pick who you think’s gonna win you guys were terribly wrong in the first match when you went up against chipmunks so i’m gonna expect you guys to be better off this time around but who are you gonna pick in spooky season verse crown 88 for crown jay 88 all right see so that’s what’s going to get me so scared too because crown was the first team to advance to the semifinals when i was looking at the bracket earlier they were the first team in the semifinals relaxing calm cool and collected just waiting for their opponents and that’s what that’s what’s so exciting about this game you’re going up against a team with a lot of tournament experience and these are some new guys who have just been cruising throughout this entire bracket i cannot wait to see how this match breaks down because whoever makes it to the finals has their hands full with chipmunks but it all starts with this rap this match right here it all starts with this matchup right here man i’m excited dude because we’ve had such quick games and you know we like to see like a game three we like to see some some good old gameplay we haven’t have we had a round 11 today we have not no we’ve only had one game three and everything else has been six one six two we haven’t even had a six three it’s always been six one six two or six oh sheesh dude what’s going on today man guys just came to play and some people just are getting pooped on dude everybody’s trying to watch football on their second monitor like us but they’re not as uh they can’t multitask like us today it’s not possible well it’s not man hopefully you know this crown roster the chat does have a lot of high praises for them 88 that’s the highest percentage we’ve gotten on a series today and hopefully man they will be able to prove us wrong man because the chat has been wrong a majority of the time so far today but 88 seems like they’re pretty confident really chat was

wrong that’s wild never would have thought that would happen they’re always so smart omniscient is the chat but we’ll see cali six route as usual playing the drums shadow and clutchery shocked and splashed shickles okay i always wonder how these guys came up with these names stun is out well placed done gonna attack shadow it doesn’t have battle harden on and first blood for flashballs your pick is spooky season right yeah i chose spooky season i think they’re like they’re just more prepared they’ve played in multiple different tournaments now they find themselves in a 2v1 why not happy with that all right let’s see uh shout out to touch up here i’m gonna get taken out in the back in a second yeah yep and there it is round number one spooky season gonna take that and uh well used to a good use of their tacticals they hit him with that pre-stun to slow them down they get the first player who gets through and then ultimately shadows forced to plant that bomb and he’s gonna get taken out on the back of a stun out of shock so good teamwork out of spooky season shadow was able to acquire that dead silence and it looks like both these guys are gonna get theirs going in the next round as well so decent start if your spooky season one round to their name yeah the only thing that that worries me for them is they were running two m4s right there on that setup it’s probably something that they’ve been working on for a really long time but usually a majority of the times you want one player being aggressive with that sub machine gun around middle map we also saw red dot on an m4 we barely see that a lot now recently but yeah shadows and clutchery on defense now looks like they’re gonna have the perfect blind counter first spooky season of them gonna be flash is gonna be able to spot one pushing toward bomb site a nice trade one versus one he’s weak popping that dead silence a small window of opportunity here if he’s able to get close and he says i don’t want any of that i’m going to rotate all the way around and playing a little bit slow which i like trying to get the information and throwing them off right like when you mid around you make that adjustment this is a high level play and splash school’s going for it going for that a bomb plant clutchery is at b still has no idea and that just threw him off completely he’s like dang bro you planted today i gotta go all the way across the map now yeah it’s a 50 50. now it’s 35 seconds remaining on the clock clutch is going to use the stun grenade try to gain some information there or loads of his gun if he pushes it to the front of the front door it’s going to be able to spot him is he’s going for the gun fight and just like that clutchery with the clutch smoking splashacals and that 1v1 to tie it up 1-1 i like that out of clutchery right there man just showing that you have that x factor in you to be able to close out those nerve-wrecking grounds right there because to go down 2-0 after you ended up getting first blood be a little bad but big gun fight win able to tie up 1-1 i love the confidence this door busting right in for that kill dude yeah it’s like yo you’re not going to run over us all right we we came to play we’re here for a reason this is a semi-final for god’s sake can we have a close game for once let’s get a around 11 or something see if these guys can keep on going back and forth splash goals on board with him dead science available for three out of four players in the lobby it’s cluttery splash goes in shock so spooky season with the edge in terms of that silence they expect him to use it this round and get up close and personal behind enemy lines are looking like a beat it’s looking like a b player right now shadow is near b bomb oh getting it down in a really risque spot you can see that from that uh the archway he’s gonna play bottom building has dead silence gonna go out pretty soon shocked with that blue dot we know everybody’s grinding pubs to get that forever dance do you have it no i’ve never gotten it that’s way too much bugs for me oh yeah the blue dot is insane in verdansk and i wish i had it unlocked i’d pay anyone any amount of money just unlock it for me but unfortunately i don’t know i’m still using a vlk you have to get like at least seven to eight hundred kills with a certain site and you switch it up you have to use a different site there’s just so many things you have to do to unlock that last dot on that reticle both players tried to i just don’t even know how they clutched that they had such a good position they gave up the archway died and lost around it’s like you got to ensure that round right like you get bombed down and you can see it from arch you have to ensure that round you can’t lose that especially if you have that control they have that control if i’m down and

somebody dies there’s got to be a trade jay yeah it definitely has to be a trade but even once the bomb went down the positioning’s out of the spooky season it was just so far out you had two players with m4s couldn’t really retake that bomb and that b bomb building and they did not even take control of that just backed out of it left it completely open and openings just happened one-on-one gunfights and now spooky season find themselves up to one splash he’s gonna be able to spot one top window looks like they’re gonna play us a lot slower but splashy gains the information that both players are there now if you are number seven which is shocked look at him immediately going towards that rotation towards a hitting that bridge immediately just not just trying to get there before the opposing team raps back towards that a bomb site and that’s exactly what they’re going to try to do cluttery is going to try to meet them with this dead silence on the back side of his steps they got pieced the tops a couple shots going to go in shocked great rotation there able to take down one now 2v1 that’s that quick rotation and positioning right there like shot got up there faster like if he did if he won a second late he wouldn’t have caught that kill and it could have potentially broke their setup so speed matters guys speed matters he has a smoking network gonna spot one oh he’s missing a lot of shots are a little shaky oh buddy you gotta hit those shots man gotta hit those shots he missed like an entire clip nearly uh she’ll shoot a little bit wide right i thought it was a little bit of an auto aim thing but there’s nobody to his right he’s to his left so tough round for sure as you can see shot gonna pick up the final kill up three to one and starting to get a little bit of separation in terms of the round count see if they’re able to claw back into this one right now looking like spooky season is upsetting the chat poll results you were on point looks like the chat wasn’t shadow has bomb does anybody have dead silence yep shock has dead silence going to be on him to make the play for spooky season on the defense bomb going over towards b i’d like to see them maybe get a quick bomb down give themselves some positioning as really isn’t anybody near that bomb site going for this plant they went for it a couple rounds ago it didn’t end up working out we’ll see if they’re able to execute it this time maybe switch it up same setup except this time shadow’s going to back up near teammate which is what i would have liked to see happen the round prior splash cools i just don’t like this controlling that bomb it’s okay it works with the kill but here’s the trade and now splash goes into 1v1 he’s going to catch shadow shadow’s not going to be able to get the kill and now spaghetti has dead silence he’s getting close and luckily for shadow splashables was still in injured from that first part of the engagement and shadow was able to finish him off there was like a love tap inside but man did that get scary yeah man so far they’ve done the same exact setup twice they oh shadow changes up his positioning there and try to help us team it out a little bit more towards that archway but just still man if you’re getting that b bomb down uncontested unique you need to take control of that b-bomb building you need to either play back-to-back corners in there because you can watch everything from that building they are completely giving it up these rounds are going down to the wire because their setup is not the best that it can possibly be but they found themselves down only one round right now spooky seasons we’re giving them that b site too man it’s wild yeah but here comes the first blood clutchery ran up for no reason up close and got taken out you hate to see that but now it’s two versus one situation they’re looking for him they get the information that he wouldn’t be building and they can just run away if they want to and that’s exactly what they’re gonna do and they have the the cross back so if shadow decides to try to cross they should be able to pick him off and they see him at the top and here goes the rat back to b i love the plays out of spooky season this is some high level thought out plays they bait him out over towards the site he’s still lurking near that bridge and they’re gonna be able to get this bomb planet uncontested while he is located at bottom construction and he just burned his dead silence so everything that they could have wanted right there they just achieved yeah i thought i thought spooky was playing that really slow but then being able to watch that player cross right back from that sandbag area was all the information they needed he’s able to put three bullets into him and take him down now they find themselves up 4-2 on map number one and that that play by a clutcher you ran i just don’t understand it like why are you being so aggressive towards the archways you know you’re gaining all the information that you possibly need they’re not being aggressive towards b you should just slow down you there’s no reason why you need to rush that and force your teammate into a 1v2 bonehead play there out of him but they’re going to need to be able to bounce back in his offense so far that b push has so

has been working they’ve been giving up b if you’re spooky season basically every single round but you see number seven in shock gonna play it from a totally different position to stop absolutely let’s jump into round number seven here’s the first blood out of shock you’re gonna injure the crap out of the second player and there goes the final kill there five to two is the round count will spooky season close it out here in round number eight i’m thinking like they will jay you were on point it was a little bit close man but we have not seen any close games like outside of the beginning of it like once they figured them out they’ve just been out playing them and you could see it like those rotations that they’ve been hitting towards construction they hit a rotation and a rat back the defense they’re getting the first blood like they’re doing everything that they need to do and i think if they make it through by what we’re seeing right now we’re gonna have a at least a solid final on our hands oh yeah definitely this team is definitely they’re stepping up when they need to closing up these closing rounds opening it up with first bloods and splashicles now to 1v2 for clutchery to go back to that previous round oh man they played it so bad if your crown is you know you guys got that b-bomb control every single round but the adjustments by spooky season was huge you saw one player go towards that b building he said pull me one shame on you fool me twice shame on you fool me three times no way i’m allowing it to happen for the third puts himself in that top window takes him off bomb and eventually puts a couple bullets into the opposing player takes him down but just winning in a 6-2 fashion we have not got to 6-3 today nameless i’m telling you all these maps are 6-0 6-1 or 6-2 and spooky season not missing a beat right there even though the rounds in the beginning they were just giving up free beat plants and you cannot allow that it’s only reason the only rounds that they ended up losing but winning first map you got to be feeling really confident going into that hacking yard for sure yeah man what’s up with these guys dude like they’re just close in the beginning they figure them out and they start to just absolutely fry i mean yeah like right there uh it looked like the the other team was competent and they knew what they were doing they had a game plan but then after the the fourth round or so it’s just all out of the window i mean i like that they realized that they were giving up b so they kept going for the plant but i did not like their post plant positioning i did not like their adjustments mid-round and i didn’t like that they kept falling into the trap of thinking that they were going to fully commit to their rotate like when a team baits that rotation out you have to try to get info like you see one cross or get there early you have to make firm decisions and they would rotate yeah sit there and expect like oh they’re just going to commit to it well no if you don’t see anything for a bit don’t hear anything it might be time to go back to the other bomb site so the mind games that spooky season is playing with the other team are working perfectly and you can’t let them have that confidence or else they’re going to continue to do it to you throughout the game so going into this next map do you remember what map it was for for game two hackney is it gun runner hackney oh hacking yard okay so going into the hacking yard i mean it’s just gunfights right like you can’t really get too tricky with it so who are you expecting to win on this one spooky season right yeah i’m definitely going on spooky season you could just tell like open it up with first bloods making the adjustments mid map when they were losing rounds they made the proper adjustments to make sure that was not going to happen again so they look like they’re definitely a lot more on point have that chemistry between each other and going into this hackney if they’re not playing the bombs like i said like we saw chipmunks doing right off the very first round of the rip just going in there and planting it 13 seconds that’s a round double stacking that sight you can watch flank from inside you can watch their side you can watch the middle window you can watch it all you just need to plant that bomb as fast as you possibly can stay alive probably keep your tacticals as well but overall man it’s just all it’s going to come down to who’s going to play for the proper map positioning and who’s going to win these one-on-one gun fights because it’s all coming down to just individual play and so far spooky season is walking away with it so far so good for spooky season uh we’re gonna be having game two here startup in a minute uh but i just wanna see round 11. i want to see something get close i want to see something exciting uh the most exciting thing we’ve had so far is the 24 and two round count from the first two series that we’ve had and wow that is exciting i want to see some close game play but this is what you want to see if you like your team out there looking for some players for next year you want to see some guys that are dominating and right now they’re putting on a show for you so if there are any you know amateur teams out there that are looking for some players i mean check out spooky season right like check out some of these guys and uh spooky season has less trophies than uh the the team we watch confiding in sports but still have some trophies nonetheless right so these guys have been grinding their lives away and even at the end of mw’s life cycle they’re still going hard which is a testament to their dedication and drive which i respect a lot because i’m not even playing multiplayer jay and i know you’re not no i’m definitely not

i’m just grinding for dance you know verdance is gonna be in the next call of duty title as well so just getting used to it man the only thing is i’m telling you that origin drives me nuts my hair is slowly but surely falling out and that’s why i have to take a couple day breaks you know probably invent this invest into some rogaine here pretty soon uh but other than that man you know it’s just multiplayer is a lot to handle and the fact that these guys are still grinding it even when the cdl season is done respects that yeah game’s loading up we’re gonna jump here into game two right now we have hackney yard for you guys a quick high octane fast paced map and search and destroy you got to get to that site and plan it like nearly immediately that’s like the the meta that you have to play with it’s just the way the map’s set up and don’t blame me blame the game it’s the way it’s set up it’s been like that since day one and when teams don’t go for it they typically lose so we’ll see if shocked and and his teammate are going to be able to do it as they are on offense to kick things off m4 in the hand of shocked looking like they’re running with uh i’m not sure what splashings has but he’s been running double yeah so they’re running double m4 once again i mean m4 is like the do-it-all weapon if you know how to use it correctly so not too mad about it yep they’re playing this round nice and slow but he’s gonna be able to spot him at top window but splash is in a position and he’s going to be able to take him down now in a 1v2 foreshadow bomb is immediately looking like it’s going to rotate towards b once you kill that individual at that b bomb side you know the last player is an a going to be able to catch him on the rat back and just like that splash pushing right up middle is able to pick up both kills easy does it man you could tell like when uh when his teammate went up there like that was all set up for the trademan map i mean flash goes ran through mid he was playing for that first pick he was using the information from his teammate he gets informed that he’s up top and he gets the trade i mean as long as as as they stay alive like he’s fine right as long as his teammate doesn’t die there and just gives him the call out it’s fine and that’s exactly what he did so easy first round for spooky season moving over to defense they even have to go for the quick plan either i just played for the kills that’s what we’ve seen with these guys when they’re confident they’re just playing strictly for the kills so clutchery back in the heady just waiting for somebody to get a little bit aggressive he doesn’t see splasicals i think he might have been able to see the helmet if he was angled a little bit to the right there but you’re going to get the kill on him anyways shock left in 1v2 first kill down on the bomb why are you not crouched behind that bomb why why is he laying down there to where his foot gets shot either way still going to get the dub i thought when splash was going around that backside he was going to be able to win that gun fight but butchery puts himself in a great position he also does have that m4 in hand foot as for those long range long-range gunfights able to turn it into a 1v1 don’t know how long the kill cam was right there but he just jumps immediately through that middle window was able to take him down as soon as he was trying to hop that bomb now we’re at 1-1 look both of these teams so far have not played for that rush plant they’re just taking their time trying to get some information but shocked with the bomb splash is gonna walk into a gun shadows out of the window on a 1v2 situation clutchery is all the way at b if he doesn’t have his tacticals even if he does have his hector this is a really hard retake he’s gonna have to try to find someone here soon with the with the clock ticking down see if he’s able to do it clutchery left dead silence available for splashicles stun out nade following it up shortly not going to connect on the nade and clutchery is actually in a decent position to maybe get a pick here but not enough time really to work with they’re not giving them a good look going to get one i think you should have insta went for it this is the only opportunity in i don’t know he got it like seven he might have got it nah night he didn’t get it no he didn’t get it uh now he played it to the best of his ability the only thing that he could have possibly have done different there is when i was playing this map in the beginning of the season you’d literally just lay down behind the bomb site you don’t want to stand up and just be preeming because that gives the player to just throw a shoulder and run away when you lay down behind the bomb site and you have to time it literally perfect he was just a couple milliseconds off right there from pulling off that 2v1 but he executed that unfortunately they had to so once you peek him like yeah so yeah so if you’re top window and the bottom lay down yeah if you just lay down and just stay there you don’t have to do it you have to time it perfectly though when you’re going to pop back up and challenge that top window unfortunately he was just a couple milliseconds too late the guy also did not he would have killed him if he laid down there yeah yeah like if you lay down and pop up you kill them a lot faster because you get that camera angle but we’re in a 1v1 now shock versus clutchery clutter he does have his dead silence popped shock has both tacks bomb is going to be down

and he also has dead silence to work with as well is he going to be able to hear behind him and there goes the kill all right so they’re they’re working on this map so far they’re at least their situational play is kind of on point these 1v1 so 2-2 right now might have a little bit of a closer game our heads but this is how the last game started it started close and we saw that separation form as the game went on yeah we’ll see if that happens once again but so far so good clean slate you have to nullify that momentum that spooky season has if you’re on the side of another squad because they have a ton of momentum right now crown i always forget their name because on the gb page it’s literally an emoji of a crown 2-2 it’s looking like bomb is going to be going toys at a bomb site but they’re going to take it nice and slow this is what i’m saying you’re just giving the players enough time to just cut off areas of the map but you can possibly be you need to plant this bomb immediately if no one is contesting you he’s gonna just make sure no one is sitting in this deep corner now shadow’s gonna pop his dead silence and try to go up and map bomb is currently getting planted if shadow gets really good timing here as soon as his palm go down is he gonna check this top balcony he lays down and checks it bad timing coming in from splashicles shadows able to win the one on one now a 1v2 situation four shocked no tactical to his name but he does have dead silence here’s a couple of the players 25 seconds remaining able to take down one oh no here comes shadows those semtex gonna force him out great play out of shadows great play out of shadows right there using that nade right there that semtex to force him out of that angle forces him to into a gunfight while he’s hurt shadows eats a couple bullets but greatly executed player right there for them to go up 3-2 on the round team crown is fighting back well played man great aid having that that late into the round it’s really nothing you can do on the 1v2 and so far so good for crown 3-2 this is what we wanted to see let’s get it keep it up they’re doing good so far m4 is out m4 has been so like in europe the gun the metagun of the day was 100 the uzi in north america it’s them for so you can see the difference in the gameplay and what they’re using shocked up top of them for trying to get some info looking at the flank splash was gonna pop that silence and sit still i really agree with this play definitely did not need to do that he’s still just not moving he’s in a good he’s in a good spot so it’s like do you want to give it up yeah would have liked to see him keep the daddy but either way you’re going to get the kill clutchery mid-matt just waiting for somebody to give him something but if they’re smart they won’t give them anything they’ll just sit still bomb is down behind them butchery waiting for his daddy gets it thing is they have him like he should be able to get that kill onto a if he looks left just need to stay alive don’t even force this gun fight bomb is down but wow he forces the gunfight now it’s a 1v1 situation with bomb down by the ladder shock has to gain all this information that the bomb is down he must know something time is just ticking he’s not even going to be able to get a bomb plan off this round should go to spooky season just because they played that so slow but if clutchery had bomb it’d be a totally different brown but great adjustment out of shock there to go through three three to three in a rear in a very slow drawn-out round looking like we’re not going to see a dominating map like we are seeing in the seahawks cowboys game how you feel about that jay i just literally looked at the score and i just killed my whole body thanks man yeah no problem dude i think it’s uh fourth and one and they got stuffed as well all right back to the game shock stun out mid going to connect the kill spy skull is going to get it on to clutchery shadow left in a 2v1 he’s going to absolutely beam shocked whoa that was a nasty kill and now will he clutch up is the question to get the lead this is the swing round splash goes into 1v1 just searching for him he doesn’t know where he’s at shadows slowly taking his time yeah with 45 seconds remaining on the clock you need to get that bomb

you need to work towards that and eventually try to work a bomb site but shadow’s in a really great position to probably be able to hear this guy pick up the bomb oh he has that information at the bottom is down oh splashes look like he’s gonna run right into him is he gonna check his back a lot of noise shots are gonna come down oh no he’s throwing oh oh oh oh my god you can not let that happen bro that is you can not let that instagram bro popular page they just became a tick tock oh my god that’s over this map there’s no way he should have just won that got stripped away oh man that was that was bad that was bad and like even from the beginning when he took those early shots and like like the nervous shots in the back where he didn’t take his time like he already nearly threw it away there and then to get that second look and get turned on like come on son gotta do better i mean he’s looking like clutchery’s in spawn he’s in disbelief like the sp the bombs just sit there he’s literally in disbelief he’s shook bro they’re not even picking up bombs man this is this is getting scary man shadow said i’m done dude is that playmaker trying to push to that a site but shocked is gonna be able to catch him now clutchery has to pick up the bomb and work this 2v1 by himself yo get the bomb fam come on bro you gotta pick it up at this point what’s going on there’s 50 seconds left is he trolling his teammate got smoked and he’s just like ah it’s over still in this bro remember this is do or die for crown they are down 0-1 in the series to four on the map and in a 1v2 clutchery has the opportunity to even out the odds here and go huge for the squad and get that momentum back but he’s gonna shot in the back here right now five to three is the round count both these players should basically have dead silence in the beginning of the next round it’s looking slow jay it’s looking like our finals coming up when i mean this is the closest map we’ve had in the entire day yeah uh won three rounds in a row of your spooky season you win an offense you win a defense now you find yourself on another defense two defenses and one offense to string three rounds together put themselves up 5-3 and we were talking about it man in the beginning of the map it’s always close it’s always close but they make that adjustment to be able to pull away now they’re one round away from making it to our grand finals to play against chipmunks ugh the only thing that’s going to be scary for me is just how aggressive chipmunks play versus both of these teams these guys are letting rounds go all the way down to the wire we’re not even planning sometimes and versus chipmunks this is a team that’s going to capitalize on that with their aggression well it’s not over just yet so let’s see what these guys can do splash goes here pushing up trying to get close and get that first blood gonna find one that’s a big win can he get away with his life it’s looking like he will be able to and now the bomb has a clear path over towards b and you can just see how confident he’s just sliding around and there’s the icing on the cake spooky season gonna do it in back-to-back maps that were close in the beginning and then they just completely set themselves apart and going up against the big dogs that are waiting in the final in chipmunks we have a great final for you guys for the north american region coming up let me tell you also i’d like to say congratulations to this squad for making it all the way to semifinals they gave a decent fight but ultimately they fell and uh don’t give up keep on playing but i’m excited for this final jay yeah i’m excited too man this is our two top dogs on n a side you have a team with almost 600 trophies and a team with over 600 trophies ah this is going to be a battle between veterans a battle between players who have so much experience between each other so much chemistry with his partner in crime running these 2v2 tournaments chipmunks going for the 2p trying to go back to back like drake can they do it man let’s check out the highlights from that game real quick and see uh if you guys are just joining us see what you missed this was a pretty good game uh even this uh ramaza was close to the beginning but they just kept setting themselves apart what they do they have that chemistry uh their rotation and big brain plays were on point you can see how every single time they had like a 2v1 they rotated the bomb and they would either commit or rat back but they always made firm decisions and that’s what i like even when they were rapping like there was a one round on ramaza where they tried to rap from b to a they saw the player jump off the sandbag they saw that information to wrap back to be planted the bomb and executed the round and that’s high level plays that’s something i would expect a pro player to do and i uh i was impressed in what i saw these guys yeah man

from crown man you guys just you know we’re making a couple adjustments in the middle of the round but just playing too slow playing a little too separate giving these guys one-on-one gun fights they almost were able to close out this map right here i thought shadows win this gunfight this was the swing round right here if shadow was able to win this one-on-one versus spooky season which is splashables it would have been a totally different game right there just him losing that confidence right they gave it all the splash splash was able to close it out in that final round with the two piece and wow our grand finals is gonna be absolutely lit spooky season and chipmunks can’t wait here’s your bracket these guys played through a gauntlet now they’re all the way down to the grand final spooky season versus chipmunks i’m expecting a pretty good game these guys have been ripping through the matches today but i’m having a great time jay appreciate you get doing doing your all doing your best analyzing the games but we’re going to go to a quick commercial break we come back we’ll have the grand final so many world famous players they started online we are good to go for our first match of the streams we’re here for fifa 20 action this will be the overall grand final victim the next playstation fifa superstar i think the level of play that we’re currently looking at and it’s fantastic no one leaves today empty-handed playstation so so so welcome back to the ps4 open series monthly finals i’m your host namaste alongside study

and it’s been a long day of european action and then north american action well i should say a short day of north american action because we’ve had some blowouts but we have our grand finals really ahead of you guys and it’s going to be lit man you excited for this jay oh hell yeah man you got spooky season versus chip monk season two got two teams with 600 plus trophies on both sides chipmunks going for the back to back trying to be the two-peat note drake oh man i cannot wait to see how this one is going to unfold man all right so on one side of things you have chipmunks 24-2 map count we watched both their matches they absolutely dominated so i’m gonna go with them as the favorites in this series but on the other side of things you have spooky season who we watched in one series they looked pretty darn good so far right like the teams that we watched chipmunks play they had no experience on their side of things they had just made their accounts and spooky season played like a pretty decent squad at least i had a little bit of experience a couple goals so i mean strength of competition spooky season higher uh chipmunks on the other hand dominated a little bit better but we did get to watch two games so bigger sample size as well but i just don’t see how spooky season are gonna take this 68 of the chat is voting for them though so a bit interesting uh if you look at chipmunks roster they won the last one so they have the experience right like they’ve been playing for a while they’ve we saw them dominating on classical maps and mw maps uh this is gonna be a crazy matchup let’s check out the map poll for this one because the maps might very well dictate what we see in the series uh and we’ve watched both these teams play ramaza they both look solid on it watch both and play hackney they both look solid on it we’ll see what we have here very shortly but it’s looking like map one is gonna be vacant you know that’s fine with me too yeah we could skip looking at the maps again right into the action i’m ready to go vacant is map number one in in europe this was uh the uzi map i thought they wouldn’t usually ended up using like three of them but in north america it’s looking like it’s m4s once again yeah so we’re gonna have vacant arklav peak and then followed up by the one and only crash that was basically the finals maps for the eu region they’re probably the same for the n a region now but we’re gonna hop on board here with splashy and just like that he’s able to take down combined with some sick shots over a head glitch he does have the 10 millimeter bullets on he has 10 millimeter bullets on that makes your gun a lot stronger the only thing is this ammo can cause you in the end but him just having that really strong m4 able to win both of those gun fights and three bullets and that’s something that we haven’t seen is that people’s trap on that 10 bullet attachment that will make your bullets really strong you just only have 10 of them like i keep saying instead of 30. 2v2 but it works out right right there and 2v2 it’s working i mean especially in search and destroy something that uh to look out for might give them a little bit of an edge and we were talking about like the break and how much it affects you because these guys are sitting around for like probably like 45 minutes now waiting for their their series in the grand finals so it might take them a little bit to warm up

so i’m expecting a pretty good solid series once we get a little bit into it right now sports just playing with his food right now jumping back and forth baiting him out gonna get that information where uh number six that’s going to be splash goals is that excuse me and now confiding gonna back up he’s got that uzi out so a little bit of european inspiration trying to get that first blood they’re on defense they don’t have to do anything just waiting gonna spot the gun on one of them nate is out to get to a better position he’s gonna back up and i don’t exactly agree with giving up the site that’s gonna be site control now on the side of the offense yeah wow they’re scared yeah no they have to give it up because they have two players that are both running sub machine guns no m4s to contest those players from long range but that number two player sports is coming up right behind them at that a site splash is going to be a big win right here oh he gets away back to the spoke and the fighting’s gonna actually get that first kill and i thought they were set up for success but they played it too slow jay like as soon as they backed that guy up they didn’t realize he went all the way to the spawn they and they reset wrapped all the way around they could have just got site control and played from the site but they tried to set up the plant and spawn spawn lock because you can see that from over the heady and it doesn’t end up working out i like the plan if they would have done it like a little bit earlier but ends up not working one to one as chipmunks have awoken yeah chipmunks are shooting a little bit of bodies here they know this is the finals man you got to leave it all out on the table and that was a good response i mean responding round right there out of them to be able to win that defense especially with the positionings they ended up having spooky season definitely had the power positions on both sides right there they just took too long at that bomb plant like you said trying to rap back and watch everything instead of just taking control of it tossing them in the end but a couple shots are going to go down from splashy sports is going to be camping outside of this a bomb site look at that number seven though which is gonna be shocked shock is going around the long flank but i think confiding has read this perfectly he’s gonna be able to take him down now it’s a 1v2 situation for splashy can splash and pull this off we’ll see it doesn’t look like it and chipmunks are they’re rolling man this is what you wanted to avoid if you’re spooky season don’t let these guys get going you started off great it’s not out of reach so gotta neutralize them right now in this very next round on the classical maps that we’ve seen confiding in sports fry and in this one you said what is it vacant then what arklov peak and what our club and oh man that’s that spells disaster if you’re on the side of uh if you’re on the side of a spooky season i was looking for the name there was like what is it spooky it is spooky season isn’t it it’s about to be october you know it’s crazy my girlfriend’s birthday is actually october 30th so we always combine halloween yeah we always come by halloween and her birthday together just or an absolute banger when’s the next friday this year oh my god it’s in november dude we got one coming up it’s lit all right let’s see there we do shocked with kill on the sports yep 1v1 really really far from each other all this time that shock’s waiting he could have got this bomb plant down he’s gonna get so tired before confident to be able to rap back i mean he still has a lot of time but i mean he’s it’s getting suspect now he took so long to plant this bomb could have uh ate some time off the clock but now fighting’s gonna be in position to try to retake he’s so sure that the players can be coming from in front of him but now bomb is down he’s running right at him he’s getting like the greatest timing ever and shock just has no idea that was just cod timing at its finest the cod god’s gonna bless him a little bit two to two taking his time and getting the round win man right there i like that that he uses that silencer to secure the round i hate people who just sit on dead silence when you could have used it and you could have possibly made the play to win the round if you’re gonna use your dead silence to make sure you’re winning the round that’s the best way you can possibly do it doesn’t matter what kind of kill it is 1v1 1v2 doesn’t matter use your tacticals use your abilities to your best of your power and that’s exactly what it did there now you’re going to see shocked whipping out the boomstick stick isn’t going to get able to catch someone but the only thing is now he’s stuck with this sniper splash has a 10 bullet ar what he has a sniper this is gonna be a difficult task that was a bizarre grenade that we just saw

go for the quick scope of course i’d be going for it you’re in finals your delusional confident at this point number two that sports he’s going all the way around confiding setting the tone getting pushed up onto the b site trying to create a lane for his teammate nate is out good tactical usage and the kill now don’t get overzealous here just take your time you have side control if he dies here that would be terrible and he did not need to do that that was a useless death and now sports is left in a 1v1 the bomb is planted not enough time for splashings to go all the way around and sport’s going to be able to clutch it up but wow what a waste of a death out of confidence that could turn me a little bit for the rest of this game but still going to be able to get the rounds yeah man him challenging that 1v1 almost costed this team the round but the opposite player just using that sniper rifle wasn’t able to line up a shot there and that costing him in the end if he had a regular gun there probably the gunfight would have went in his favor he was in a better positioning just waiting for a player to pop up on that head glitch on the b bomb but spooky season down 3-2 apparently they come fighting in sports chip monks going for back to back once again shocks gonna be able to spot one in the b hallway the sports are just going to back up let’s play his life on the back side of this bomb site at the same time you’re going to see the fighting pushing right up mid map but he’s able to get out with his life he also spots the other player stun a flash does come out he’s gonna look like he’s gonna push straight out down try to catch him off guard good turning burning right yep yep smoked bro he literally ran away turned around and played the positioning flawlessly if the player just waited like a second to hit him with the bunny hop he would have got the kill but and you could see just the fire that it lit under him to go for that next challenge gonna sandwich him get the kill three to three these guys are a lot more evenly matched than any match we’ve had all day today it’s a pleasure to watch this let’s see you could separate themselves here in the swing round as we are 3-3 vacant man this map can just be so frustrating at times the way the bomb sites are set up it’s as little doorways you have to push through you have to use your tactical as well and so far so good on both sides both of them going back and forth who’s going to be the deciding factor which player is going to step up one dead silence available on either side of things sports and splash schools gonna be the ones that try to make the play bomb in the hand of sports also has the daddy nades are getting thrown out of a not going to connect there goes the smoke i love the attacker usage now use something do something with the smoke okay so sports going to push through it and lay down inside he’s going to get a pretty good spot here almost gonna get the first kill nade out and he should be able to pick him back kill no gonna get taken out it’s all for nothing where was confiding during that debacle he needed to be there to help him out he has a sniper out he’s sitting back yeah he’s throwing he’s literally throwing why did you have a sniper out jeez dude if your strat is to smoke out the sight why the hell would you have a sniper that is you should be up close with an automatic weapon and throwing your grenade to help your teammate out all good though still four to three still an opportunity but a wasted round right there if you ask me these 10 round bullets on this m4 first splash is insane man he’s winning some of these gun fights that he has no business winning especially up close and personal versus those sub machine guns even long distance man if the fighting keeps him right here a little bit too much he’s gonna be absolute one shot gives enough time for his teammate to push right in and that’s exactly what shox is gonna do able to take down confiding hopefully it stalls enough time for sports to come around the backside but both players are just going to rotate this towards that b bomb and sports is dead silence is going to round it i love it heads up play the aggression once they tagged him with a couple bullets they pushed through to b sports almost got that joe’s gonna end up getting it i’ll get back to the stun nade is out gonna hit him 180 has an opportunity to clutch this he doesn’t know where he’s at though yeah that’s tough that’s tough he should have been misread the situation yeah he thought he was behind the pillar but yeah man that 10 round is really affecting the game a lot confiding peaked it for a second got hit with two bullets it was automatic one shot no hesitation out of spooky season right there popping the smoke grenade shot goes immediately in and that rotation play to go towards b was such a heads up play man they’re ready for this grand finals and they’re ready to prove me wrong because i thought chipmunks was the top dog but spooky season like you said man that played tougher competition so they’re probably a little bit more prepared for this moment yeah that momentum i thought uh would work and it’s

end up working out for them you know sports and confiding coming in cold after watch for a bit he does have dead silence to work with bomb in hand number one that’s confiding he’s getting aggressive into the bathrooms but there’s nobody there they’re set up right now for this play somebody’s gonna have to make something happen here back’s up against the wall calls set up just putting down shots and wasting time off the clock a couple of their tackles have already been thrown yeah they’re so terrified man and that there’s the wasted the botched stun splash school’s in a great position they’re gonna have to challenge together to win this fight as the players on defense are still pretty split and sports doesn’t know what to do he just keeps speaking he’s like i’m gonna need your help they’re waiting for the other guy splash goes playing this patient he’s making the right play love it better get out with his life and i guess it’s gonna make enough time to come through middle map right through bathrooms gonna be able to take down one now shocked opening it up possibly picking up two just like that spooky season man winning round winning map number one in our grand finals they just played this map so well like rotations gun fights just not panicking when they needed to splash is staying alive that entire time in as soon as the push comes in he’s able to rap back and play his life perfectly oh man i was not expecting that man chipmunks they came out flat at map number one hopefully they’re able to bounce back and map number two to force a game three yeah man they played that great like you said the rotations were on point and the big thing was the patience every time that they got tested they backed up like right there what you saw out of him was he was sitting back there today he was waiting for them and he was just taking his time he wasn’t getting thrown off by the jiggle peeks he kept injuring him back him down wasting time any time there was a stun thrown he was getting ready to back up to avoid it he dodged two stuns and a grenade waited for his teammate to come in for the help and stayed alive the entire time that his textbook how you play that bomb site if you’re going for the split that’s what you do even when they went for that a-bomb plant they were able to get that first kill inside and then they pushed through all the way to b right so those are the plays that you make right those are pro level plays vaca’s been out for 12 years and that’s how you play those situations and they knew how to do it so as we talk about those classical maps and we thought that chipmunks had the edge they did not so let’s check out the maps right here vacant arc off peak and crash vacant gonna go on the side of spooky season at 6-3 victory uh still can’t get to that round 11 that we want but we have our club peak next which is a pretty big map uh we saw this one time earlier it was uh not a close game whatsoever but uh we’ll see it now and hopefully it’s a little bit closer jay what’s gonna scare me for chipmunks is the pacing that they both were playing at in their first two series they were standing right by each other they were just going immediately for the trades and on a map like arkalov peak you cannot do that it relies on a lot of individual play we’re probably going to see that 10 round mag on that m4 once again on the side of spooky season but just the way that they were breaking down their rounds man spooky season looked a lot more prepared a lot more in-game adjustments when they needed to and it’s looking like they’re going to be able to go to this map number two with some confidence underneath their belt winning it in a 6-1 versus a team that was 24 and two round count before they even met up in this finals it’s gonna be scary man but spooky season i think for me i think they’re gonna be able to close it out right here you think they’re including no no no no no no listen bro it’s going to a game three round 11 we need it for at least one series and what better series to have it than our last one of the day in the september finals i mean cold war is right around the corner like these guys want to go home with a banger they want to have they want to end their mw with a huge round 11 game three victory and we’re gonna see that bro this map is gonna go on the side of chipmunks in the next one on arklov peak and we’re gonna see crash to round it out and i’m i’m speaking into existence guys i’m never wrong so it’s gonna happen all right that’s true i happened they’re wrong yeah yeah you’re never wrong brother never wrong like yeah but don’t forget yo facts don’t forget guys you can join the competition if you go to compete.playstation.com you can have your opportunity to be broadcasted in your pick of the prize eight hundred dollars for first six hundred dollars per second just go to compete.playstation.com and you can sign up and get your opportunity and come have a great time with me and study here on playstation twitch but yeah these guys are competing for some good money eight hundred dollars for first and uh spooky season is one map away of beating the defending champs and getting that 800 bucks that’s enough to get yourself a playstation 5 which we know that can change your entire career i didn’t have a ps3 couldn’t compete i ended up winning a tournament getting my playstation 3 and i was able to compete remember back in the day you know i don’t know if you if your parents said did your parents fully support you when you

first started gaming probably not right no no no definitely not because we’re still to gain it yeah i was in high school you know wasn’t really working i worked at wendy’s for a little bit but quit that right after and then i didn’t have a job like from my junior year my senior year it was just nothing but gaming hardcore and i would like those are the times where i started to travel but my mom obviously she wanted me to go to school she wanted me to get a degree and do all the stuff that a normal human being would do and not become a gamer but fortunately for us man when we were 18 19 we lived in north carolina and made dreams into reality brother and ever since then bro it’s just been our lives man i’m so grateful not saying that school isn’t for everyone but it definitely wasn’t for me and i’m happy i found a career choice for me for sure and it all started with yes you said do all the things normal people did and yeah like we did uh the furthest thing from that right i keep going yeah program moving to another state so it’s just awesome to see these guys starting their careers and um getting it going and you know all those trophies that they have finally being able to watch some of these guys and see what they’re capable of and you know big thing is just that exposure so it’s great to broadcast these guys and give them a chance but you know if you guys are at home and wondering how to get noticed it’s important for you guys to stream put clips up on twitter let people let your presence be known in these tournaments playing in things like this is extremely important so people know that you can rise to the occasion when the time comes and even when the game’s life cycle is done grinding throughout that offseason like that’s when people are gonna notice you you know go back to these other games play some throwback wagers like get some clips because whenever we’ve noticed somebody in the amateur scene j it’s been them beating us in a tournament randomly even like a gb or something and then tweeting a clip and people figuring out about it or putting it on the reddit right like that’s how people make it in cod it’s just through s d and through challengers yeah brother you just gotta get your soldiers out there you gotta expose yourself brother there’s some everybody’s watching when you might not think people are watching people are 100 watching and they’re waiting for their next up-and-comer man we saw so many new rookies come into the cdl this year and make a name for themselves players like mack players like draza just stepping up and putting themselves in a respectful spot to be starters for next season as well man and that could be you it just all starts with one little tournament you getting your name out there getting you know just flowed throughout the pro players you know being consistent with it being a great player overall takes a lot nowadays it has to be a combination of communication obviously gun skill but just composure as well man like a lot of these young rookies have that they have that edge to win and it all starts with them playing in these little tournaments such as this man and if you just get your name out there and just stay strong keep pushing forward nothing’s going to stop you well i was inspirational love to hear it but yeah no everything you said is facts man it really is but let’s try to get into this gameplay here it’s one oh spooky season we’re on our clock peak confiding gonna get that first blood set the tone here early on can shock clutch 1v2 and absolutely destroy all momentum that chipmunks trying to gain he’s got the bomb down definitely doable m4 in hand gonna lay down behind the bar here i don’t like the play of planning and then hiding when you’re not when you’re in uh a disadvantage uh in numbers i like poking out trying to get a blood and then playing your life yeah that’s just the way i do put yourself in a corner yeah when you put yourself in the corner you’re only giving yourself one chance he’s gonna be able to spot one take him down now smoke is in plain walks right in front of him shot bucko no shot [ __ ] oh no way what did we just [ __ ] they just lost closure bro oh my god and i just remember going back into that round when confiding picked up that first blood he was shooting the body of the opposing player and then he ends up getting 2v1 on that’s not the energy you want man you’re down on one in the series now currently down to one on map number two you just need to be playing fundamental call of duty man just stick with your teammates stop trying to be cocky because so far it’s not really working out for you and shaq just pulled off an insane 2v1 clutch that was about as insane as it gets man up one on the series and then to win that round one two just like they did unbelievable shock popping the dead science gonna get pushed up and i couldn’t play the heady there they’re gonna shoot his body talking a little bit of trash lighten his body up actually oh my goodness relax brother down there you go one to one chipmunks gonna even it out you could tell they’re angry they yeah he made them look stupid now they’re angry he definitely saw him right there at the corner of his eye switching to the m4 able to take down that gun fight ah sports and combine and they’re playing really confident right

now even though it’s tied 1-1 they’re just shooting bodies every single time so you can just tell they’re trying to get them angry trying to get into the opposing team’s head and right there they were able to win that round now it’s all about china you got a world star though you can’t talk crap after you get smoked like that like he actually got smoked if that was on landlord i’m standing up and screaming at that guy it was weird because look at you like butchered the play and then it worked out like the only way he won that confiding mid map and the injured shocked aid out not going to connect his shocks going to back up wisely so with the bomb this could potentially be our final map of the day guys 1-0 to spooky season we’ll see if they’re able to close it out confiding making his way out here around the statue splash was going to pop his dead silence doesn’t see anybody located on that a site there is a player in the trench will spicer goes check it though is the question looking like he’s going to going to catch sports in the back that’s the first blood of the round and now two versus one situation shocked is across the universe and confiding is looking like he’s gonna rap back will shock commit to this b-bomb play confident gonna get the kill probably gonna assume that the players at a but confiding is wisely playing a super slow and no shock what are you doing why would you do that you wanna eliminate any margin for error when you have the information on the opponent he’s got two options he’s gonna wrap that towards a or he’s gonna go back around towards b you have time to just hold that cross there you don’t need to make any crazy plays and he does just that jay what would you have do in that situation just hold that cross right there man like confining was in the back side of that l there’s no reason why you need to even try to get a better positioning obviously the guy could have jumped up into that top window but you just trying to reposition yourself just cause you’re there like i said you have to work with what you have and unfortunately he did he’s got a rabbit around right he just killed him over there at eight i mean like he’d be he’d be brain dead if he didn’t try to go over towards a so a bit of a throw chipmunks finding their fitting and there goes the big trade out of sports love to see that good fighting gonna fall down early and now it’s a one versus one situation i love this aggression out of sports trying to get this bomb down quickly will shock get there in time before sports gets away and shocked sees the doors are closed taking the long route sports is chilling on the bomb the back right corner here comes the nade he should injure him with his happy information and he’s actually gonna get the kill no eod on the side of sports and oh man shocked easy reads with that made just takes his time he probably eliminated every single position but i don’t know how he had that information that guy was in that corner but well executed nade right there and this is what scares me for chipmunks the only rounds that they’ve won so far is when they’re playing really aggressive and it’s working out for them on the other side for spooky season they’re letting rounds develop unfortunately they lose that 2v1 versus confiding which they had man advantage but chipmunk they just like to play really aggressive man and if you’re neutralizing that it’s going to be really hard to even see them at their full potential well said two to two this is potentially match point if they win this ser win this map the series would be over and we would have a final on the side of spooky season chipmunks backs against the wall sports gonna pique the door try to get the information i don’t know if you saw anybody up top there but they’re definitely working that b push sports gonna get taken out he wide peaked it you have to jiggle that you can’t wide peek it like that now they have the free reigns to go over towards be shocked gonna stop if he kept sprinting he might have got away now confiding is in that doorway there’s gonna be a gun fight and splashing’s gonna get it that silence is everything when it comes to the 2v2 three to two on the side of spooky season they’re three rounds away from closing it out jack taking their time man they’re not having aggressive pushes and it keeps on catching chipmunks with their pants down sports saw a couple players when he peeked that bottom door at the bottom head glitch and he tries to reposition himself to go to the top window but shocked was there waiting for him you see confiding break through that middle door but i just love the adjustment right there out of spooky as well they did not let confident get away he pops his dead silence and waits for him to repeat knowing that that’s the kind of player that he is find themselves up 3-2 on map number two up 1-0 in the series and if you’re chipmunks man stop shooting bodies bro you got to focus up man you’re about to be eliminated from the tournament lose a grand finals you’re trying to go for back to back here and you just need to [ __ ] stop being so cocky and focus on yourself right like this is

the time to not really worry about them and what they’re thinking it’s time to focus on yourselves because what they’re thinking is clearly working out for them so you got to switch it up so sports are confining now playing the buddy system trying to get some information and push it up towards b checking all their corners clearing all their bases doesn’t find anything so far number two that splash goes across the map right now all the way into the statue i think he spotted shocked up top and i love the play going for the bomb plant i respect it two that is splash goes trying to close that gap and get close the bomb is planted splash goes going to go up top and sports wrapped back anticipating the play but loses the gunfight unfortunately for him splashing out there secondarily now shocked and splashables in a 2v1 but they have no info on where confiding is that and he’s hit a pretty smart flank but misses the timing opportunity and confining going to win the big one-on-one splash hills has been way too far away this entire round it took him too long to get here and now he’s stunned should be a round win on the side of chipmunks yeah the fighting ended up making it really good play there yeah it took way too long once you gain that information the guy was pushing around the back side you need to run straight up to that bomb site and play it from there 2v1 they would have been uh obviously way better off they both players are still alive but confiding making that heads-up play popping that dead silence pushing through broken going around a wall winning is 1v1 to tie it up 3-3 instead of 4-2 huge swing round right there yeah it was a really big round let’s see if they can use that for some momentum one dead signs available on either side looking like there’s a little bit of a split this round this is worked out more often than not for them classical spot sports but he’s not gonna be able to get the kill and he’s in the wide open gets away with his life luckily and now b is wide open okay so if slash girls can stay alive and buy some time they can get this b bomb down and he can just play up top for the kill on the site so this is this is a great situation to be in all you guys have to do is play your life and play your time let’s see if they executed jay they set it up properly sports in a position to play spoiler he has to get the kill up top there’s not a lot of time he’s jumping up i believe he popped at silence splash just played this beautiful yeah he did and shock should be able to get the final kill on the site here in a moment yep and that is going to be the round and that was a great play man splash distracting allowing him to get that bomb down getting away with his life and then finessing like he did oh some high level gameplay right there and that they had a game plan going into the round and it worked perfectly like you said if they don’t get those kills early in the round it’s been tough for chipmunks and right there no whenever they got it they went on to splash it was over yeah yeah splash he hit that rotation went towards b bomb was planning he goes in blue but he realizes that a player is 100 gonna push him out which is going to be sports sports is going to check that top window but as soon as he realized that the bomb was down he knew a player was going to be coming on the flank he pops his own dead silence to make sure he’s not going to get caught off guard and eventually reposition himself and comes right back to the window catches both players going through that front door uh if chipmunks don’t open up the round really quick with the first blood man so far these rounds are not in favor for them they need to be able to bounce back in this round right here it’s looking like we’re gonna have a b push looking like we’re gonna have a b push four to three the side of spooky season bomb is planning for chipmunks this is like a must-win round at this point will they get the win you will see there goes the first kill confiding huge win and look how far away shocked is doesn’t know what to do in 2v2 when you get that bomb down at b it can be so frustrating but he’s about to pick up a kill right now and there’s no way he should be able to win this there’s 13 seconds left he’s on the site he will he turn around and get this kill and plays the clock well played four to four and we might get our first round eleven of the tournament jay we wanna get our first oh man this attorney if it continues like this this is the deepest round count we’ve had for two teams all day today four four comes down to who’s gonna win the first two you have a potential chipmunk push towards map three spooky season becoming our champions they’re gonna go on offense here they really like that b push delayed b push just forcing a lot of noise over there towards a and then one player just pushing up straight towards b getting that bomb

plate down for free let’s see how they’re gonna decide to play this offense the fighting is that player that’s usually playing around that mid map area but he’s gonna decide to go back towards a slow and steady wins the race man time is ticking who’s gonna make it indeed it does they’re taking their time trying to get that info splashables getting some info in the trench number one that is gonna be shock push all the way up through mid map with the bomb if he doesn’t get a co here this would be detrimental to the squad gonna pop that dead silence waiting for the player to peek that’s gonna be confiding and he might be able to pick up his kill here and he shoots a little bit too early would like to see him wait a little bit now gonna be in a little bit of a weird situation the silence available on the side of sports and splash schools bomb going down they’re in a decent position we all know how scary this bomb plant can be fighting still up top doesn’t know if there’s a player below him or not 30 seconds to work with one map away from elimination with the advantage nobody’s on the bottom just yet 20 seconds left gotta stay alive spooky season that’s one and that is two five to four j they are on match take out the reigning champions and become our ps4 monthly series open champions for september this is lit man we’ll see who’s able to clutch up would you like that round yeah what i liked that round was their play just wrapping that towards a just putting it down and immediately both back it up to their respective spawn you see him confiding he was in that top window i would have liked him to peak to at least see where the opposing team went after he planted the bomb he can’t shoot you while he’s running away so unfortunately the guy gets out of the positioning they wait so much time wasted so much time trying to rap back to their spawn 15 seconds before they were even close to that bomb eventually ends up costing them right there but at game point for spooky season this is exactly what they do best slow and steady wins the race confiding and sports are playing really nervous right now and you can tell and we need to fully screen this game see what’s going on here confiding here rapping back over towards b they don’t know exactly what they want to do but they have a little bit of time to work with not too much though as there’s half the round is gone sports has the bomb dead silences popped and here’s your opportunity backs against the wall where you rise to the occasion you’re shooting bodies you’re talking all this crap it’s time to back it up sports going up the stairs at that time should be able to pick one up here in the back that’s the first blood that’s exactly what they needed shock left in a 1v2 to avoid the round 11. walbing not going to catch anybody not going to get the kill you saw that a bit earlier in the mat in the day it worked out wonderfully shot clutch up when they need him most to avoid this round 11. there’s 30 seconds left on the clock it’s a very tough clutch throws the knee doesn’t connect but he spots him looking for the other one catches him outside but it’s going to get taken out we have a round 11 i called it we’re going to round 11 chipmunks for a spooky season who is going to win man she’s in one mat one round away i don’t even know who has the momentum at this point it’s just their hearts are racing right now nobody remember second round 11 nobody remember never five five for fighting and sports on defense trust me i know nobody remembers second we got second-hand champion i swear people forgot it’s looking like a fighting he’s gonna play aggressive towards mid-map but a player is probably gonna be able to beat him to the fountain he’s gonna be able to spot his shadow take him down now a 2v1 for sports he’s that they know sports likes to play b they know he likes to play but they’re not going to joke and there’s the 1v1 sports is the one he’s the player who’s been frying all day long will he get the clutch this is about as nerve-wracking as it gets splash calls right next to sports he’s up top right now sports dead silence is gonna disappear and there’s the angle to his right if sports pushes up to that building he’s gonna kill him this is to avoid a map three if you’re splashables you have the opportunity to win it for your squad right now if you’re sports you have the opportunity to extend the series potentially going to win and get that momentum 25 seconds left on the clock sports is not moving man he doesn’t want to give it up for that silence yeah they’re both waiting for the dead silence

splash school’s going to pop that daddy try to make a play but i just think he wasted a little bit too much time and i don’t i don’t know if he’s gonna be able to do it now oh my goodness dude he doesn’t even plan it he just choked what doesn’t even plan it and chipmunks are able to force a map number three what was that that was like two gargoyles just posted up waiting sitting on the top of a rooftop of a building and unfortunately the dead silence takes a really long time to get done but that was the worst play i’ve seen all night no lie get off the i didn’t understand that one i didn’t understand that one at all that was the worst play i’ve seen all day long right there and he played such a good game but to make that play they have to have just lost so much composure i i don’t know how to bounce back from that i mean i think he was just gambling the player was above him the whole time but you have two options there that’s it two options you plan it immediately when you pop that daddy or you run up the stairs you had all that time to figure out a play to make and that’s the one you make i am disappointed but we have another map they have another life we’ll see if they’re able to do it but it all comes down to this in this game number three we have crash it’s gonna be exciting uh who are you picking man i i don’t even know who i’m going chipmunks i’m going chipmunks if i am spooky season after that map i’m losing composure we had a 2v1 we could have wrapped it back towards a the same player has played that same exact bomb site every single round in sports they decided to just go on headstrong unfortunately they lose that one-on-one gunfight they stall so much time in that 1v1 just waiting on their dead silence they lose that round as well and don’t forget we saw sports and confiding play this map earlier and they won it in about six minutes every single round was so fast they have their strategies on this map confiding pushing up that back galley sports playing towards that three story oh man if you are spooky seasons your mind is just all over the place right now you cannot believe you just let that one get away obviously you’re gonna be moving towards that map number three but for me i got chipmunks winning it at all well let’s see if they’re able to do it looking a little bit like the cowboys right now down 28 to 30. they brought it back hey that’s a good thing they’re coming back we got ball too man you’re lucky yeah don’t worry about it dude you’re bears won we’ll see uh but yeah no that was a great game right there and i think what you just brought up about crash is important because going into this crash we saw them earlier on it they were lights out they were absolutely frying on crash and the game is loading up we’re gonna have map number three here for you guys here in a moment i’m excited man to crown our north american champions the level of play here is a lot closer than it was uh it’s not just uh 11 dominating like we saw earlier so man i mean the chat pick spooky season confiding in sports said we ain’t going out like that we won our clock peak and now it all comes down to this who’s gonna get exposed who is gonna reign victorious and be crowned your september finals for the ps4 monthly series let’s get right into it jay oh man let’s hop on board right with shocked pulling out this mp5 a stun coming over the top to make sure they don’t get into that three-story but you see the way chipmunks are playing this they’ve been playing for mid-map control every single time they play this confining jumps on that plane class to pick as much information as you possibly can but no one has seemed to be spotted yet that bomb is going to be rotating towards b shock look like he has read this play beautifully he’s going back and forth from the spawn towards mid map i miss ticking though and this scares me a little bit for chipmunks because we saw how confident they were in their quarterfinals match on this map every round lasted six seconds this one’s already going more than a minute yeah these guys are pretty evenly matched like you said you saw it earlier it was super fast a little bit quicker now 1v1 sports has been the guy who’s been shining been clutching up for the squad so lucky to have him alive also carrying bombs so he’s going to get that down splash goes left in the one versus one sport’s just gonna hold the corner and play his life i like the play make him look for you make him make the make him make the mistake him and now he’s shooting bodies right back a little bit pissed off about that loss and he should let him know it man sports had that positioning right there with that mp5 i thought he was going to be able to win it but his reaction is a little too slow for splashicles he’s able to win that with that m4 and now 1-0 on map number three

for spooky seasons i know they definitely are still taking thinking about that map number two and how this this thing should be done already but shooting that was definitely definitely at the end you can’t just get rid of it like that it’s definitely still lingering on their mind right yeah we’re on the throwback map and they were good on throwback map they won that one 6-3 pretty handedly well i think i just squeaked wow did you hear that yeah i did but it wasn’t really that big of a difference you’re deep your voice is just deep so it doesn’t matter all right i would have laughed if it was that bad my shirt sm7 my shirt sm7b it’s the good mic makes me sound better than i actually do what it these challenges cross the map with mp5 this guy is confident got dead silence he’s playing his life m4 is out the blue dot god i wish i had that blued out man just too much grinding for me to get that though that could work so slow around like you said these guys respect each other jay they respect each other the fighting is gonna be sitting basically all the way in the back of the spawn just trying to watch that alley push try to watch over b site it might work out in his favor though time is ticking he’s going to be able to spot the player that’s going to jump down onto the bomb side here any second doesn’t have a line of vision around the back side able to take down one bomb is down 17 seconds remaining splash needs to pick up this kill and work this bomb plant takes down one 1v1 situation sports is completely out of the play here the bomb is going to get planted and you can just tell man yeah you can tell these guys are pretty good i mean every time there’s an engagement every time there’s an engagement there’s a trade and it’s just like whoever makes the one or two big plays and there goes one of the big players right there right like when when it when teams are evenly matching the 2v2 it comes down to those trades and then the player that people make a big play clutch right there we saw splashables make the big play and get the clutch comes down like one or two of those a game and so far up 2-0 and these long drawn out rounds chipmunks don’t seem to thrive that much so especially on these throwback maps we’ll see if they’re able to do it now they clutched up last map can they do it once more fighting looking down back alley sees both players he’s there to know one player is rushing up that back alley kills his thunder in the corner but his teammates gonna be putting down a couple shots do they have a nade to eventually try to take that guy out but it looks like they’re just going to go immediately for a bomb plant gained all that information and multiple players going towards back alley now if you’re shocked yeah bomb down your great positionship player oh no that nade was on the button that was a perfect grenade and now they just lost their advantage and i thought they had a great setup but shock hits him with a kobe oh man oh man spooky season coming up big when they need to man splash with the insane aid onto them fighting that’s like the third day that he’s hit him with this entire series so far you gotta strap on the eod you can’t be letting your setups get broken by a nade spooky season of 3-0 on map number three and it scares me for chipmunks man because we watched them in the quarterfinals when we watched them in the semifinals it was just immediate trades they were they were standing basically right on top of each other holding each other’s pockets and just getting that trade if they need be but right now these guys are both playing really separate the fighting’s laying in the back of the spawn sport is pushing their spawn they’re just not on sync right now and spooky season is looking like they want to walk away with this one right now we’re on board with splash schools they are up 3-0 shock has that silence gonna get the first blooded man shocked and splash goes are frying slight skills is 5-0 they’re hitting their nades they’re doing what they need to do and you could tell they were worked up about that last maps lost in the round 11. yeah and now confining gonna run out mid-map it’s gonna get spotted and that’s like why here in 1v2 yeah yeah he wants to shoot them in the back so bad that he’s just running out in the wide open he’s getting getting red man you’re gonna have to you gotta work for it there’s gonna be no easy rounds if we’ve learned anything so far from the series there’s no easy rounds you can’t try to do that now gonna find themselves down 0-4 and this is the last map there are no buybacks there’s no gulag you gotta you gotta clutch up here odd stacked against them and looking like they’re going for an all-out push into three-story shock spotted sports he knows where he’s at sports has the bomb bottom three it’s gonna come down

to a gunfight dead silence pop confiding isn’t in position to get the kill if he was there a second he might be able to get the kill and there goes the first gun fight peeks and sees that the bomb is there the trade has not come in because fighting is located inside of blue and now there should be the second kill yep every time they get the kill onto sports they know confiding shortly after he’s gone sprinting out yep oh jeffy no fighting is their soul player come fighting is their slow player man every time you take it down sports come fighting is gonna be sitting in a building just trying to play for the 2v1 clutch but you can just tell man chipmunks is not the same team that we saw in that quarterfinals all that semifinals they’re just not running together they’re just trying to make individual plays happen confiding is going to whip out the sniper that’s how you know it’s basically chocolate if you go down 5-0 and you bring out a sniper i’m i’m a sniper from experience even though i’ve never done that because that’s such a horrible play that’s when you go you’re down 5-0 that’s when you literally go like all right screw this bro i’m pulling out a snipe yeah yep stuns out sport’s going to get tagged by it confident going to pick up the kill with the pistols splash schools get a little bit overzealous and now he has a sniper and an m4 and he somehow survives that he’s super weak one versus two situation gonna go back to the new area on the map 50 seconds left on the clock this is still doable he has bomb and they’ve given up three story confiding if he over peeks here that would be absolutely tragic but he just jiggle peeks it pretty sure he spotted him as well yeah just holding five seconds remaining only bound three story right now yep only 30 seconds left what will shock do is the question looking like he’s going for the plane jump there it is chipboard get on the board man they get on the board i guess the sniper worked out for him even though he didn’t get a sniper kill he ended up getting it with the pistol but i don’t know just one round of anything he just like slowed him down put him in position one round away from spooky seasons to be able to close this out and become our champions hey at least we got around 11. do it here yeah we got around 11 last map this one’s a dominant map but hey you know we’ve seen full sail before it can happen they would have to be nearly perfect and sports is going straight up mid and i like this play out of sports if he’s able to win the gunfight but nope shocked read him like a book and confiding is left in a 1v2 and we know he can be a little bit slow dead silence is pop there it is splash cole’s gonna back up play his life and they know where bomb is at shocked waiting for confiding to overpeak playing patient that’s what you like to see fighting is trapped up top here he wants this kill so bad he’s able he’s going to be able to get one the nice flight of him splash goes kind of overpeak that what will confiding do he doesn’t have a lot of time thing is will shock get impatient or will he wait fighting has dead silence get shot here yep good shot but gets away with his life and not a lot of time left confident gonna have to go for this bomb looks like he’s going over towards a i love the play out of confiding he’s finessing and splashing does not want to win he’s over he when he over challenges he’s losing the round and he’s putting him in such a tough spot fighting also does have that sun grenade he’s gonna be able to hear the player coming up from underneath kramer’s coming in three shots go around here comes the shoulder now he has to reposition himself two top three he does have that silence to work with he’s gonna pop it doesn’t really matter if you’re dead he’s gonna decide to go straight down for the bomb but shock is gonna read it perfectly and he’s getting on the bomb and just like that spooky season we’re gonna walk away as our champions he rage quit instantly dude and we’re seeing the start of the career for a lot of these guys and that’s how it’s done that’s how you get a championship these guys are making a name for themselves online fantastic victory out of shock and splash school spooky season taking the victory chat was right the monthly series open finals are or finalists the champions are spooky season congratulations to them getting that win that was a big win man it was a good one too it wasn’t just easy right

like they had around 11. they lost that they came back and they won the crash uh let’s check out some of these highlights man when we get them let’s let’s pull these up and see what they were up to if you’re just now joining us just an epic matchup and man thinking back to this map is like so much happened in this series from the 10 10 millimeter bullets to the clutches that we saw to the round 11 the sniper i mean it’s just a wild game jay yeah man chipmunks they just did i guess they just didn’t have the top competition the way that spooky season had because the way that they ran through those first two maps 24-2 map count is just something you don’t expect especially in the 2v2 now you end up in the finals probably you know these guys are coming off of a match so they’re probably a little hot but they were just playing fundamentally better from fighting in sports they were just trying to challenge way too much being a little too cocky but their gun fights ended up costing him in the end but congratulations to spooky seasons man definitely a tough road that they had to get here make it all the way versus what we thought were the top dogs in chipmunks and they ended up taking them down and becoming our champions absolutely man some wonderful game play today from the european and the north american region a couple of guys on my radar i’ll be looking out for them in the future and i hope they continue to grind if there’s anything that we learned today is that don’t stop grinding you got showcasing talent today from both regions on the amateur side of things the game’s life cycle is done and they’re still grinding it so respect to these guys here’s your final bracket remember these guys played through a gauntlet and then another gauntlet to make it all the way here spooky season beat our reigning champions to get the victory so congratulations to them and remember anybody can play in this you can compete you go to compete.playstation.com and that is your opportunity to play as a bunch of different games that we have here so join the fight even if you play another game join the fight and try to compete it’s a great time you can get your skills broadcasted to an array of people and have some fun while you’re doing it showcasing your talent man so join the fight at compete.playstation.com to get your chance yeah man i had a great time today jay you know so i’m watching some cod watch some football it’s a good time it’s been a minute since i’ve watched people play search and destroy and it just reminds me that why i love that game mode so much you’ve seen players make plays when they need to 2v2 stepping up 1v2s all around the board we saw 11 from the eu side we see spooky season here ah what a day man well well what a day we had jails as always it was a pleasure shout out to our production staff and our league ops and esl and sony for making this happen but that’s it from us guys we’ll see you guys soon thanks for watching so so so so huh playstation you

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