if if if th th off fifth if Schiff, and if th th if if if welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome well, there we go that’s much better service you guys on welcome to the stream everybody’s a tonic freedom but cool fund are welcome my friend it’s good to see you as usual on your streaming was called enter the dungeon today how are you by the way cool thunder and bunny a error well, and what I was I responded to a just wrote some messages and didn’t show up to very odd when and if they showed up for you guys that when Coloma we get some noise is going on outside as you can tell I hope you can’t sell actually woodland, if these kids too loud. Still, OK no im off today I am off two J some plants and video games if these guys to see my messages are replaced said ascend coal thunder has a goal and are supplied that isn’t funny at all today went through the beginning of the U.S And in turn to god can I sell this is a game that’s hard to

explain we did see OK you have worked in a pool thunder burden on this score on just on the street to see on the strangest of 16 pop up for a road in the disappeared , cool little shadow of war hammer child war hammer this funny shadow of war hammer and get my beer for the bay Sam Adams cosmic some were a robust as weapons into the dungeon so this is a very special game console of five someone posted and can take the tower and have to have power to open 2:00 AM on GE’s yet have taken to take a nap please all will still be around ever after half hour of streaming but cools under are used for you off today as I get a proposal for a , if you ever got Wolfensohn Youngblood it’s as he did as if we can do via the cool off because I have the body pass word actually you need to buy a I have a body cast so all you need to do it’s like we’re the Waco we try to do a way out we have to do is download the trial version of Wolfensohn Youngblood and then we can play styles to one do that we can do a stream later we can play with me, try to get my wife to do it’s just it’s not it’s not her fault is just so many were always busy and we also have you have to have both accounts have to be happy to have Xbox live so it’s like if odyssey she doesn’t expect five dishes and play to us so I’m dealing with Xbox live so I have to buy another month just so that we can play the game together and it’s like it’s not worth it so few I’m assuming you have Xbox five and if you wanted download the trial version, how long it’ll take for a Intel take too long we could even do a way out on stream is 2 to 34 Hemet long nap and finish cleaning and my mom is coming to visit me no problem honestly one E you do what every Gotta do it was great just to see you just to see for a couple minutes is Osgood to see a upright in the streaming cream until they anyway as a captain am golf tournament referee called know why haven’t yet and look at it , it will then a OL Josh a yoyo will do want download the trial version anyway and then whenever you have it completed you we can play that has gone down Josh it’s good to see a so this is a game, but only guys is a really fun game it’s a dungeon crawler slashed Lugar shooter kind of on two dimensional to be on served until a top down a little bit on any of the go through the different levels of the dungeon that called the dungeon in the half to beat the bosses at each level in the key to choose which one between you can choose between one of four characters to the marine which is the one I appreciate of the one I use of the pilots sometimes I use them the lead convict I haven’t used for yet and the hunter I’ve used her she’s OK she’s she’s probably should maybe my second favorite to think I like the marine the best then probably the hunter and then I haven’t read the content, to show you guys with this is like Selig will choose a marine : this is a cool partners of the cultists so I can enter cool off and have some play with the on in that operate you can see I have is is 836 its hegemony credits those of the credits if you get for beating the bosses in and go to the next level this it’s a very interesting game for, inventoried

have missed on which is actually a really good one halves item that I can use called supply drop and then never use school started this week and I and I think I’m going to [email protected] waves in the Clinton just cause was my brother played this game one O. Casey you know about this game are a and then this is a passive ability military training it’s called members of your years of training and reload speeds and weapon Eckersley so he’s just he’s better at basically staying alive on nuts, while I can have only to choose the hunter which she’s got a little dog go to follow surround and she also has which which helps for find secrets that his comments on she’s OK at that I like your but I just I really prefer the marine because one good thing about the Marinas and he he can take an extra hits so he has a son, armor on in the armor allows him to , take one extra damage before actually getting hurt so this guy I found in that the dungeon the fine people in the dungeon and once you find them the kind of unlock them so they help you some of them are like Sellers were like a star like a prison cells like doubt we’ll show you this a shopkeeper that I have to find an unlocked there in here greetings and then her she’s like it’s this guy puts them on service my purpose here and then that hurled back. They’re both in a cell and I had to find a key to unlock them each time you go through the dungeon its bid to randomized so it’s completely different and I’ve only there’s apparently there’s because five levels and only ever managed to make it to the third level to wants a means of survival wants an end of the bosses are pretty tough sell was given world will see if it’s all that , if you still have a way out on your installed AA Liza that’s its welcome my friend of its equipment already have lost my armor Susan see you have three hearts , that have they take out the tickets and it’ll deplete halfway each time to take six hits IE lost my armor which stocks are the enemies of the fight there called the gun dead fact that if it’s pretty awesome actually you’re one done that you have has unlimited ammo into an all which you always start with you never run out of ammo you can find new weapons as this would as a goal and just as great as the body of even OK if called to customer on button , Even welded off O so this is just a thicket of the key press in the wrong button so you can dodge through bullets into a dive through them basically, you have to make sure that you’re in midair after a midair when he passes a bullet

you don’t take any damage to keep pressing them the map but my accident like that , when open that because I want to collect closely observed a need to collect on items Nobody can get Monet and just do my supply drop its only its this is games was really hard to explain if you do pretty good that saw some games and it allowed it’s still allowed into new way down So I’ve been welded-super busy but have been well I let me know if that’s better isn’t way down is a good quarter of the way to a 25% are enough to be added I’m in good just too busy as you wish to have on finally got the day off two of those nice to relax feels good , if a giddy cities controls as I keep a key pressing them at button is in the bosses and the eye and only use my so these are chests that you find you can use your keys on but I haven’t read the reason for the keys and I have right now the guy that I spoke with outside the dungeon feel prepare the elevators in the second elevators, just as an elevator that goes to each floor and so the Decree thing about this game is if you die see even if you run like the fifth floor to guide you have to start all the way back to the beginning again to literally at the very beginning cell in that’s why spoke as it is the boss not to go there yet this game is proof is very very brutal a lot of doing terrible to gotcha excellent was down this way playing as hope you call them very well it’s only to see all of you seriously it’s always really good to see guys , when I finally have time to stream they just sit down and relax and play in any of the U.S As if on another chest or not to open the chest similar to PS event doesn’t like an interesting shots off, half the tickets so much damage on the first level is terrible, to its left eye I’m way out of practice the template this came in like a week said, like the seventh time and I keep pressing the map box and women trying to do the dive into the cool thing is these things stay keep seeing light of homework these things are here

so they turn on the enemies are dead and you can use them to begin Teleport to any one of them into one sole Teleport two this guy here I don’t need to be on the TV on itself ordinance inside enemies and just go right back to waste were before so like presence-B in this room that has hotel corporation under a year just like that someone to kill all the enemies you get that function as a lot of like strange rules about this game, this room of her this room you wanna have little water, something to put out the fire has a secret but I don’t have a water gun have been able to do that yet village as amended that picture life if a right to add let’s go to the boss to get our butts kicked seaweed and get to the next level of the two hits in the second as that’s that’s not as a canal plus we need the money to get some help Mrs. Of 20 start if you if you try to craft a wall of use of life and lasted down avoided know that if you find a crack in a wall use of land of a a wonderful views of life to extinguish the fire , think about it say these things called Blanks is still little blue bullets below my health use those and it takes away loser Paxson 41 of the counts use those to take away any bullets that are like traveling at you basically if Nixon will disappear if you do a way out of us and saying we wanna do it and never happens because both heard of yet if you have it do you have installed as we can do that today the breach of installed if that’ll take me a few minutes to the starting rotation trying to hold gunslingers an inscription to your past have already been the future the races were left by the way this is for those who’ve enjoyed hearing can drink it gets 100 and the Sam Adams cosmic sour turn as a victory go through to turn more toward me to discern the OK from a can turn up my thigh, Chairman Michael this game is super loud don’t know why but just as OK Cooley got installed sweet or even we have to kill your past after the final four 05 and know that interesting so I’m guessing all the time he died in getting it through those floors again are something anyway I listen to the Los sue we can do against them on the is the bullet came I haven’t been able to beat him yet he is tough to two of the whole see how I just went right through old – toll- hold a null, you

told us that those two terrible by the way quick restart some testing the general idea the game now let’s let’s get into this but still the small Fellows you’ve killed in mouth OPS two sons windows buses RE master’s coming out slain got full health and striking as soon get through them about dying a million times is time for the bidding, hints are the problems that I keep hitting I keep hitting via the wrong button when I want guys like you. The map but that’s not helping catching back as the hardest takes a lot of help in just a slot hits the drive to Cormier done for the sole Ghostbusters ringmaster so like the old movies have been answered null percent and when I get hit by and see me there again use a role function more honestly this isn’t half game the old gain like like the original the one the original Nintendo , like the one for like the PS three and 360 if little their actual voices to camp and I already lost my , my armor the conflict tables by the way which they hope to discover The pretty awesome the common touch another Key U.S. cents and a three keys to two, six and really did she S days if I can allocate one the one with the older the actual voices layoff they’ll do their own voices as a small chamber guys I’m sorry if you can hear that the ping I’m really sorry

this thing ever would be if I have if he has another armor piece of armor that if I know he doesn’t fit holster if Milton rock with S and often rock for nacelle nine spike up again Nobody He sounds like a bomb about to go off line now Susan A fact that USC reason it does sound like sums but the blowup fox as a golem and it’s good to see above Paul null, colonel welcome its its debut in like some sort of construction outside or something entirely sure to add its pretty annoying C S is like one of those challenge himself or can you go till the beeping gets you, it’s I didn’t I didn’t want a stream and I wanted a thing is like the keeps the keeps going off and there’ll turn back on her working middle level stop them like okay finally external sale for like 15 minutes and then are like half an hour and then somehow it starts up again I don’t know I was really hoping that they’re done , really sorry guys are playing some romance guy working a lot better with the patch really home and I get a check it out then the almanac to have to check that thing out as I know yet it’s it’s beyond my control but it still very annoying it’s just like I won a stream but you know as riddle IE in heart He simply really need thing really need three Kings , go get his other chefs the very enticing because guns O O. We’ll take it and see if we beat this guy a gallon know I can be to gamble I should let you guys see that thing it would that’s all it does to best terrible of

null those close this is pretty much the only boss that I can be right now is to get a little this one other boss, can be no knoll us gotten blown last game play on no , if course we did that really sucks are in a C anonymous bunch of messages of course of course Both NMS and into the dungeon have gotten some great free up the patches was an unknown and stature in streaming in high OM welcome a new yes it’s not the stream it’s a fine view card have just one more thing to add to the crappie things I fits very annoying on will have good news is unbeaten boss if UA bad news is I probably have to stop the streams and I can restart it to OK if truth finally allows you to drop bring back the stream see her as a disconnect off for now but some of your games this week so now I’m more active as Mike Wescott one PC and on the quest using virtual desktops are accessed PC versions suite the right to me a second as a NAFTA , unplug the card this is happening too much now this is ridiculous Event should be that tough should be if half of the Heidi welcomed as cheers the Sam Adams, since our editors just might Maya my awesomeness was just too much for the stream to handle to we beat the boss sin or on the second level and saved it so let’s continue to cause excel and stuff that gives me around a really tough to be for me or 8¢ is good with the and welcome back welcomed as you might even fresh the screen some of you may be possibly but should be good now

sorted into his mouth of the 310 fourteenths-fourth the end of the game one , she went back to the store and a : I did not enough anyway were to fall down the the elevator shaft every day this guy three keys used to help fix the letter and the elevators 123 to 5 and bring them here to a no-holds , I can give you just three keys right now I have three keys pro-keys of that is annoying will once this , as you , if wold of it is my armor site that to have sent home loss of its if so where I don’t understand seems crazy stuff into giving its garbage he should have taken your goods I know you should’ve I have for keys just take the four check the print three keys spoken to the 120 some other time would come on all of the vote, and of SL BBS 27 bullets right now is an existing so hard have biases Shockey Of that can even afford the full heart. Now is this the phoenix, looks pretty cool this game is so spunky like spunky spunky like likes what spunky points for Monday to breaking the mirror is bad luck as he knew bad guys every time someone place game yet there’s so many edges closer ties and I’ve never seen before it’s all year ago the middle of a given a view of this ramadan now to one and if you survive for 16 minutes that time guys has come into the breach stain that came out on PC than PS three then PS for a guess You mean it says: cave diving for much of a similar structure , it’s called spunky to wriggle the hunters time to catch and PS three then be as three then PS three made sure that Aikman for king T’s thanks a lot of spin on data command of the dead heat to

have skin is frustrating that’s fun it’s very fun to study was all an already waiting for me and see how good she is I really do like the hunter for weapons used to be pretty useful, did you find something all the key and see that that was all just off the island is that he say that for later the trailer to discard PM to favor a minor be it always die of chaos of Altadena slinky interesting this game is very very fun and very challenging but my god frustrating of the new guy full metal jacket did a few things on the road has excellent seat for full metal jacket laser sight if laser center Venus actually visited I’ve never even seen him before I keep pressing this button to dive it’s taken more than one piece and help away from the these are the games I love always signed a good game plan yes but their souls I think this case heart of the dark souls actually , I guess you could put in perspective dark souls is probably a much bigger game takes a lot longer this probably doesn’t take as long as rolling out as much to do in this game there is in dark souls all true that Schoolcraft to camp and just in that accident I don’t take this experience stolen some items taken anything anything , final secrets in this game five, boss to just over the Vazquez and should be for all the rooms will take that big of a shopkeeper ideas is probably good intentions us if you can’t afford the armor one is as unfinished got from lodestone and moments since the moments came a really want the armor to the governor and the other piece of health that’s waiting for me to

catch and I was through this way action as the messiah of god knowledge as to Fold of what of the period of the god of a man Myers will grab this right is no women get three keys and 120 bullets and to these are not close game nice look to the rooms unless it’s a last ditch effort better break the chest high tea break the chest wall , they contend that so what’s chunk was active me , darn it I were to catch the little Steven action he is ready to see that destroyed a Steeler staff that is not to come back until I can completely gone th I shoot their ego fact you know about the thieves are just as governor yeah I had no idea, I mean and mean to say that IE found out about them than the the crappie way are the SCSI would resist I have to offer again full metal jacket can afford The senate can afford and C4 I can afford to us and get out against the run This beautiful let’s go back to the school excellence is that it’s yeah this game so awesome collection for it EMI deafened by that very much worth it , I just, you know I’m just hopes of getting to level three again being the boss that’s all I need to focus on right now, to focus on doing that guy all its these guys have been a couple of times to be tough but I think I can do it double taped rich winds of

all in all the while, not walled on all vehicles that will come on Figaro, committed to a stop OK gotten a loss a lot of health so while salon and health Thompson submachine gun EA to have to have those moments when a bullet is right behind you and you’re running for your life and if the insight G I’s behind you from what I know jump is useless, OK 77 did the items out of out without making and Joe OK I see by the way I’m going to start getting multiplayer people together for moments guide to get involved in making the route you will, at some via the IE have yet to really dive into the game so though the law, and began S to live: two in just this in just a big one practice to get to the lower levels to 0405 to take a long time with 2 seconds Like from one to have tuned in to just take the two have a I will be heard the man O I like the of the table., Items, table. Shop and tables at blank the table stack of money select an earphone table in a light in stable tech shop and they’ll shoot and live a shotgun blast every time we flew to table a likable shoe line tonight, and she would like her shoppers and that he sold the beach state must often wondered over me come on Can you write see her gun doesn’t have as many bullets as the marine Kirkland , what’s wanted me there’s no way did are you kidding me , where is this guy he’s protected by

various , has lost a lot of health is never seen table text other awesome the gray items to pick up without those an enemy of the call my god all U.S Service and they said there’s a crack in the wall use of blank and it will be will of opening up to keep my eyes peeled for that given among many Come on down the whole thing got still there’s still more enemies there ago , you see the bullets cracks in the wall since it did you watch it said the deal for all the state info no on gonna say it’s just from experience but the crack in the wall that the of the shopkeeper told me I was like I was like im because every everything he says was specious bikers are cast in selecting and I’m talking with them and then I just decided to stop them open and he told me that knows they are often are today’s pro like the one useful thing he’s told me how the shot in this of the shop keeps on every shot your weapon in the shopkeepers area is really funny actually be kinda sucks it’s also funny what the heck yes. Health can get him off mission to shopkeepers in the sky has issued the shoppers shopkeeper that’s where it’s a reseller artist and a 57 were almost halfway there Richard time. No prompted no criminal to the stocking up into pieces and the donkey you can try and bus to the chest open the link, these might not be as good OK they go into skating events that it is solely based the women: this event. On sheets shades is revolver full 1851 that goes way too expensive and can justify doing and try to save money here

One A I found the I found the boss you can roll into those guys who would kill them C , Just leave this year I was good the street over some of this war rooms in list of it’ll give us more money so let’s do it , gosh very careful around the Ghana which is this sets up a whole that’s right. I change it around a little bit welcome my dude how are you in a row we’re playing out into the dungeon is still don’t know what was posted here is both a leave something there no , no anonymous posting here are not going to stick around the beat, is that did not give me that much , the demigod in Beaverton enter the dungeon for the fun game to dungeon crawler slash Lugar shooter saw was a gun and shoot ’em up: held dungeon crawler game in the DS fall of cases there’s got to be a room and here is gonna be a fluke rack and will somewhere : Ovitz this room that’s right I don’t know what to do here don’t know what to do a novel

On the city of the room then missed to go back to the shopkeeper quick on U.N. body and soul of the San from snow health anywhere right now , still four guys avoid year ago old god as this one is hard to be holster the even nine : all fell below canal: god -stopping the freaking doorway and might even have enough I had 103 , that really has no he was so close womb and can’t believe that just happen if it’s done in the doorway , he was so close , so close to having three keys and 121 goal whenever bullets and of that you have to really has me off of homes to is so good I was doing so Vicious routed up of wove man of the key for me thinking money of woe

Event just really makes me mad to say that for later a whole heart, it’s crazy shopkeepers this way socking away , gas in there, and installments Can you believe the guys can you believe that any you get all my god , almighty god to keep unnecessary damage than it’s taking unnecessary damage bubble blaster Mccaslin king beating, Jon dishes cover beans Remove OS and some ground this was its first to this good morning sourly morning anymore but had welcome back on the bill will come back again 50 at 50 already known as good as good a really think that between this one in the next one we can get 120 as the new goal failure is not an option to me this, losing to Roe , parent of those options selected have that don’t have the option of buying those are just everything I know there’s another here since the government headed into the body another view, Janice little nap they feel he knew them on a

catch: us ready and 73 bullets that is excellent artist SMS every room of commerce and let’s go gasoline Dylan is animation is funny have the facts myth Iraq two are getting killed two are no way that I did not just taking it is no way there’s no way I just took a second Ide doled out of the way , I just take another hit I’m sorry but that’s not what just happened all yes, I know health really all U.S Looking as full health bowl and the challenge beautiful beautiful be able to have you call PM, cold. And still to need another key votes the pro yet yeah, yeah yeah, why thank you only have three keys I suite is the 30 more 40 or 40 more I can’t match. Now just so technically 39 more in the Gandhi has been an identity to go through the entire level for this one because the am used to judge Y I’m so confused with the fact is that just freeze them that the judge just freeze him very confuse role that S. Hoffman 100,000,000,020 more than all those two fact let’s let’s go

live so let us is alive and able 84 people can call gossip and in both the 70 will move in All in all those entrapment sitting on the what the heck is that they got to catch in full of course called course sure One of two visit to pull my gosh no no no no no nominal the last house is happening behind -the five more bullets guys and ½ to buy stuff region no one wants to do that , to do on my god can all null , boy , do they that since a man somehow I took like five hits and 45 hits in like two rooms I can’t believe that I can’t believe that having to get hit in the room prior to that everything was day and somehow I took a hit of-sight of course the one of course like the one and you have to fight is a guy that’s like almost impossible to avoid

getting it from of , god to 118 bullets and three keys to undergo back to the marina think that in an choose not to get to that 119 but actually isn’t is there someone who is able to find get money faster reduces prices. That’s not exactly an impasse in maximum accounts boom to do, let’s go for the that’s given the green again, I have to go back to the home to the because the fact that she seems to get more money from the enemies maybe it’s because of the dog and I was able to find isn’t a I’m get more money from and serve I now but have them since the man said violin election day any idea any money from those enemies , not getting any money yet I feel if she gets more money from enemies but those guys just a nothing I didn’t get any money , Vienna turned out she was getting money so much faster a good statement that the hunter guys who are so close last time we had three keys and 108 T breaking bullets money bullets when you call are spaces they often it for two Yet 143814 two rooms I was at 11.. Three rooms of worms

yet she gets more money you, as that of her for a while welcome back on A good to see a fish out he her views. Polls his opinions of things. If the menu items are a health good. Good the key a scissor has a different feel it is time we got this more really more action on five more months of the canoe or more enemies in even more so it’s right here since this apparently view extinguish this all that good old auto extinguishes it becomes a door or something that wasn’t what a friend told me to found the Las 42. You can yes says good guys is good looking good thing if getting mafia two cool dude should do it cool thunder more as a fireplace tours the low the lead the lead to a place is OK Can the right now, both in the Perot safer later in the middle of the room that there to wanted her by that some distant, yes this is unlike be so lucky in an

ending of the ball well 61 an excellent , and on every reacted there’s still some put a case that is everything I’ve got ½ Parks that is excellent and 61, looking pretty good guys and give you one more he would go for list of us depending on which bosses , god I have yet to be him to the city today though guys once and his friend by accident , and see that are of the white images died and embedded on good and good the gap is the gap is got off a low of four who you are full 44 assault rifle with us all this is the OK , before we believe that still get some of the health to food to tour us to tour all I am just L @begun collecting finally do that as hard to be easiest for me is the gavel and all there’s still a case of the holster of the issue to kill him I had him a mandate for king had him into this macho left , and last few hits I just like we’re pretty much back to back a just and lost enough I lost a groove a loss to Brigham and I don’t think you should be that hard I think we should be able to get on on them than a case of homes are really hard is this make some beans say which you guys have yet to see state staff state Israel to on the figure could write a ticket that health will give me anything for it so admires us keep going right should just go grab it system and human via them do anything to see what’s this all is said those guys you I know maybe gives you how you pay for something if there is no around and

still the Point I’m still learning this game home and that man to talk to me And the substance in If you grow the state African women have kitchenettes and two fouled the data not hit me while both great : Tivoli edges of that little printing , just ML and L tiny polyphony This good. You can do call for later , they said, at that would get lucky and Isa to get this guy’s got his Cisco loss life is treating me just five all think the big for the continent they dated I need one more bullet guys we did we just did we just images they were 727 visit, Gama government of MMM at the back of the offense of us go net of the giving us in the face of a parts of the birthing care but I’m going to have worsened, from face special from the acquisitions apartment. Can you bring me 10 are you a breezy right now that the U.S Open place your belly of the finale is a power source vigilantism going to need something immensely national chamber $1.00 and seven, comments from some of that he will move into the law firm counter from chamber 16 visit our counter one chamber one O’connor wins server can to one of a guy’s hole us It’s a, QQQ sure in a alloy still have the best of all worlds the lives of im on

a U.S. is right on the active stuff still treat me well of an inactive really her side of my life bombs I misled, weird , Campbell in the filing is stated : feels amazing that feels amazing though it took 1:11:00 or hours and minutes if there’s evidence could be one of you without you a bunny how’s everything for a colleges’ editing and have it selected. We do that again you know and sure there are , too, and then move and lower left back aside like rate, of sign that Mrs. Side of the backside the backside as the left side of my back lower back was bothering me right now the children did in the in stocks of the data guys we freaking did it now all I need to do is find some innocence and powerful from chamber one I’m guessing it’s probably again, to the probably have to do the owl was called the fireplace I did she envisions a fireplace seven, to water down the ground as I can go back to one you know and chamber to , tobacco and first, if any given time now I really don’t want an 82 and one anyway in im. In a cell so good to finally do that on site because Kingery the fall so good to finally do them and care for gifted now that was amazing screw you screw you any screw you stupid chamber thing stupid coffin died like often whenever your name is screw you I beat you IPE this time Owens, vine ironic it’s kinda funny that the last room that I needed I like often die to coincidence I think not excellent abuse but this time and I did it felt great service held by the bad guy actually were to do this first seven shots he

don’t care if no ice yeah , issue shoe and where to hold for excellent guys than and I don’t know what’s all this room either with their looks like there’s a C. He said were here who stole here Sinn fein and cracked crab new possibly here connecting them of chaos to move in TV service for -Z of so what is that his best known physics smoker something I guess that’s all I wanted , it’s a no bids two of these being us, the all white and not be seen this enemy at the accord on the first in which will slow down slow to have a major slowdown of preventing me over all, to open this lull of cases some of them actually come at you later if interesting Killed by the core gun their return to the preach , to use the marine mammal mater E old get them are eight

as anybody else have this came on the switch by the way as if you do if you do it if you call of the familiar to me, we could look until I find that house Thomas let’s do it would still to crack in the wall and see one is as good as is so much better th new lows faster in the Los Astor everything it’s got on data stadium lot of money got to the aid the need is some U.N. weapons if ID he can have it tended It’s the guy whose income over the updated now it’s gone off all review shady and C , Voss if OI think it will use the key to this one the severity of the lodestone and then making it more votes in freezers and demo knew of a Yeltsin that over the steadily Instead

it’s mail address, nice but first a little heavier weapons for civil I just prefer using his regular gun of infinity anno of their egos of church basis of age at noon. Where are our new borrowers who what the eye can see anything scenarios in your face the move OL routed via a 7B1 house and in so much now holds seven was crazy that Cesar water and admission of women to do so A LUNOL O U.S Got to a all this is the revoke a R replace a blank no student work , Five and one of the my only hope help the only one of my only hope, hope is that the treasure chests is one. So let’s grab he and let’s do it over a coal mine god as fall below the five do the OK I let’s go back to the ER know that’s the way it was that room was as this one that was up here as this one sentence of death IO god is , no I need two more keys are you kidding me he’s not selling he’s a sea of you have to be jumping the

five I had these lucky to get the water down so it’s not like I have a choice JUI S-all fours of the boss gives me a two keys of his first try this again and go to wonder if there’s a water bottle do anything to and that she does not that much though to be honest of its I pressed them all and give it no light is almost dead Carlos Botha my shield so did he did you get me to be did not give me an E C’s of a subservient to Iceland It is a snowball are oldest and ice water bowl that’s pretty cool places he’s an I can’t leave any keys crafted that just doesn’t make sense why they would want to give me a T they can unlock the chest that gives me the water gun but not give me more keys in the level two unlock the door if there is a destiny some level of intention writers to be so some level of purpose is not old completely you know randomly generated and if it isn’t, on where my of my chances are the odds have to know you know the 82 5/8 to 82 bullets

after I bought he already which we don’t have 100 something already insane : seven. Sony so much money have selected beginning may be are one to go back in the gold is laterally if you are no Freeze the locks its really innocent fraction will somewhere to get chances like the best chance ever I got the gun I needed the exact gun that I needed and fruit in a shield , guys to know to do if just wondering if five messengers working still think it is the standard tests to S FS Sousa On the into a kind of stumbled to do I really want unlocked that hatch was a match the Angolan , as we think it would do is no point continuing because the portable table devise some

of what portable table has fallen so low the YE a pool of EST : YE from several that is so must be a night of the ms its were not , sorry as announces a little boring but -eyed edges comb the area I am saying that combed the area to see if I missed something his own evidence that hatch that’s that’s really what I want to us at probably shouldn’t use that he did have one right now I’m unable to life for eighth inch S and still get the contents was taken a lot of chances there has taken a huge risk I would not one and have done that , known as the descent to restart tried again and its list of minutes and Mr. T in the years, he’s in the new boss area gasoline gonna an D BU loan to MSN N a alleged in her hell into UC system and the mall home loan that, it’s

where of us have you have the luxury of just not sure FAA wanted the basis of vegetable. Maybe it’ll be here next time of the day, they reveal the U.S. and won’t have a division of a news service levels will C of possibly have no insulin. They they could be just they may go home to a vision plus there could be another fireplace down here in on chamber to its possible the strong backing from June 1 halves opens 571. And here it’s Gotta be from the active in study from the hatch , if the fights of one was mention of these who knows , no teeth as if not can get any of those how things will averaging one of an important thing is I got everything else on a couple 120 credits splash and shop that are inundated that way

120 praise of forget the MK theory goes off for king jerk say the Asahara chambers, of rooms when you have a lead coffins with FERC and I know whenever it’s called OK so he’s the armor and he said he instead phoenix is probably a really good weapon the lead coffins are too often if they yet to find a crack and will or I needed to someone looking for live was a practical point is and has a lot of things that look like racks of those systems that there’s a bunch of cracks and this will be no big is this a crackling as the giant hole for you know to cancel or the seventies of the error of saying that new staff SS if the the key has pretty cool lull nine Though , straps and They have stated C, polis if I would say if : FM skill in the of the ING Roeck wife so I’ll be right back

if if if if an have been an us and Enos noon Dora wrote of that I its testing testing 123 127 E transition own

have thank you and thank you thank you, you as well to-back side wasn’t just a little bit of pain this morning you know when I woke up and now it’s just like kids can worse I really did something and hold something a parent’s to six in my arm to sew a coyote and offer still watching the pentagon for little bit of a way out if you’re down the hall of bringing back dudes me and the text cool thunder of Rio De berry is just busy on the problem by A Vaughn added good to see a I’m glad he’s still here II know you guys are your your view watching what you’re doing other stuff and totally fine with that I have nothing against that whatsoever OK solely a stowaway outdid on and probably gonna have to I might not even be able to add money than half the stop the stream actually just looking have you on the second monitor suite if I’m only is, I’m a second monitor me and about 34th monitor what an honor that that’s pretty cool you Gotta like multiple monitors I wish I had multiple monitors I have my TV tonight from a games on the consoles than one monitor from an computer yet he wanted better Michael Fortier again another brisk he CNN’s CNN’s Boston lot blast in London to amuse and my shadow of war hammer a bottle opener six pretty cool actually some of us have seen a lot of stuff is of the best bottle opener was the coolest and it was the fifth so if I love it and saw my work keys and SB rage two lanyard and paint rage two slandered with well that’s good , you can Both of them off, fifth home has a new and updated as I I have too many wires and stuff of them in your eye on interest and it being here is too much stuff fact that the MI please shut it bad I can’t say again Stoudamire severe head the issue of one minors act and between two to , VSE can suddenly stuttered your your main known together had that issue

I’ve never really had double monitors some sometimes all plug my TV into my graphics card at graphs and Manuel technically emigrants, my computer on the city that when I would stream PC games I had my PC monitor and they would use the TV is as the actual , that was my second actually second monarch is bigger site can have all the stuff on there the info in the check box and everything I can just play the game on my PC monitor 144 8 to 68 CH Kurtz, catcher and I so, do is , I’m gonna have to figure this out how to do this as I don’t know of a bias and he and former and have to be a boy E areas of the picture, given that fact that the E: E SP -hopper, again back and get all the characters in Alton alliance still bill bill be a bill be too excited about this one, actually happens I was borrowing it’s from the teams that are the policy is that you can employees are able to borrow games for up to four days per game so I knew it was awesome dumping raw but its $35.00 its 15 , Nintendo and show and as much as I love having physical paths games as less than half are just waiting to get a mystique are basically the party that eye on He then open and just distant C hopefully I’ll have to stop the streams and creeks seamless let’s let’s see that works to see the works out her since she us here CC Manassas sheer at a rate than if you read my Xbox controller of murder in and council, OLNCS and ago ago in evidence in its that’s a nice sound into key the kids sound UAL had worked on closing ticket session game I know if it was a lot of fun as a lot of fun what marvels of the alliance, the

is a shoe saying that was that that’s great to visitors So one of the game one of the wonderful a soulless takes forever and they stop the one stop The signing of quick I barely lower payloads watch and enjoy the mom dies its collection done mixture only a soul: and streaming a streamer M, but it is make sure I have this installed all that I don’t have that if the CI, DBA second , and if all that spray today, switched yet it is pretty funny I enjoy it In addition the 740 votes in the game the Rio De partition take that long pools under a good download the trial version right wall one lead nine downloads not knowing who still trial would go tough The difference in space and old and not take office space and stupid luck, I get a lot of games on us like to play but to visitors will have the time to put state’s key to download that years ago , a year ago of luck. It stays home, and will hold sign that this is all these fences. Origins will convince us on the S-VVMU return to our homework and some C will deliver the U.S. when the bruins forces on these is actually pretty fun through

O117 digs for his will for what might even have this installed : Molly what I had this game installs S790 eighths was that something has to play with somebody with is a two player into the wrong one, storm of cool from its you can produce four here’s a four to the signature feature live below you do so Novellus eight years for the government to take off guys I don’t see anything often have to live servers into is always fun to play his because, goof around and just drive slot, all I only need to remove 4.3 gates OK that makes it easy, goes in the later and move , this is taking off and the thing because we were going to flickers for together last time I was over and never happened may be that could’ve been a torchlight yet the butterfly , you know that is to stand here Cool and Q while the needs 10. Cents over a Physician new story for we have here is their two that’s why there’s the update as reducing the gets a spike 8 GB maybe 7 1/2 seven digs a double take that long to an alliance that Calypso hundred hundred megabits per second of five that’s what I have a year ago to hire given high and had in the meantime separating the two RE master of A violent 379G795 and G79. So much for following my friend

you are awesome become legal backing the F tried the packs again soon season two is all about NT rice 849 disk and another shot I guess you know , if it’s install one year no evidence of my other spots Stocks won its that’s right, playing on my crappie and older acts of one nutcracker, when you give the pony thank you thank you for the blessings money that is still very much appreciated Reference volume only nation do but watch three full right into making the votes if you want to you don’t have to do this if you recall of all you’ve seen this again us a few I’m not really interested in this hearing Stasis will grow that’s copyrighted by that state’s : limited said Dragan H interesting EL turning up the game ball and again to O

sounds a lot like driving age one of the things they can do it. H A , and I’m not impressed by the way someone like interest at least apps along apps alone Sorry, the unprovable Booth stop and a steam only OK The second was a sponsor of person who were the games anything else we dug in around it doesn’t it doesn’t look terrible it really doesn’t it’s just I think I’ve played so many of those kinds of games you for sure: with a fortune packed inside may have a really want to respond if my of my opinion on it now, teacher got to know it is look at it you might actually be a fun game, konami and see if maybe a little bit like to which are and mike dragon age as some of the beasts look like something from the Witcher and it looks like, like your beast hunter on switching to the which are in need of an acting and writing each had a lot of elements from that to sell the suit is all about its carnage is coming through in-flows of bonus called cool house of a also, not some, but for those of a pound at too many call you know what you find it That’s coming out real soon to let me show you may be guy’s a permit its coming out very soon there is a dog pitches Mannesmann down one to sell video for a two a year ago. As to say this is the super massive games a day until the

yet until the fields and that’s because they buy the same company have super massive games so they didn’t begin until dawn they did on the date of a blinking on the name now on is the shorter game that you can play with the friends with your phone is, like until done as well , can remember such second one more quick check a tassel of yet until the project and out hidden agenda that CNN a minute move math. I’m as laws like some of the Norton: combine all you I have actually seen that I’ve seen that on the ball was in the two, was a channel that I was always have and blank game ranks game ranks each game ranks to the video on upcoming war games and that was one of slick, showing off sprinkle at how we do women time you a beginning old via S event I’ve always been like that a little bit to ramos their C1 S. Eliot at soldier codes come and to the im getting all the time and that’s a broad statement was even switch to my other headphones here to see if the sound that is still hear the sound was this one has to visit life

Jeff sure to check Im and self If the conviction if the headphone jacks were just terrible homer controllers check them Check and have a OC-AM and five you that the guys here that when the scrolling at a church character MFN in an banking committees on mixture of all for the 70 and five or fewer sent the game seven invites you gain actually evidence we have to do is if you have a injury N the hood swim and sent the game than 78. Five have been OK in his way to get the game got to Also in patients tales of its Della Palma De to its bad there is this doable and will have room to try new and vintage OK Peru so you pick your character movie in all The other guy L encoder can hear me

, we restart your if we are ready a events can SMS the out and they’re the big continue to deny hear me why do I hear my own voice so that’s not helpful the idea do you hear me And receiver , and he isn’t considered P1 I sat back to me it’s so we can hear him when he became heroes , during the woods, pools under cool , cool, cool, dare I say: the new year. Fold under of a yearly thing double its OK, too Say something funny, the fact that the very interesting be a U.N. here, the that’s weird guy like an echo the guys are like an echo

news to you. Okay limits must just be well O Bachrach it must just be me that year : it is also on their face a little until very estate keep going until I go through the fact that an the enough had an and they’re going 11 Several mid- if who they are the CIA , looking down on you were going on in, myself and more than to turn off: Megan TV

Moon , was a naked those the events of that schools under on the other guy, told a the big nose aback a button really goes making his you know he’s in jail to seven jail just and prison where is the home of skus the presidency and ladies and given the one to : Five six th seven th ey nine 10 Dominica needed, the heated pools under oath th, F th of faith and death blow or alone at 20 baby daughter, he could do it every time a badge and the guy are the deleting 15 pushups who said , babies whose go ahead

, so you can have and have and have an N half of the data, the keep going to take them as much as you open space in if you don’t have to try the hard as long as you go live in faster than via seat of the faster than that of the came right then you find so that’s without having to really push it that hard , still going into just a fast and a link that that is still going yet after a young was going on if you guys yet not like that have as I do it events give that was disappointing As one more person top O LS RO OO O So if all the props Only her a

Sosa just acts and wine law was enacted to justify their religion roundhouse muscle areas jujitsu the overall watcher, the cabling vis the breaking of SL is on the front cover the A S, weigh how to live. Said only to variable papers or call am sorry by the event viewer, homes Still a problem isn’t there. The VR actual cord is really short of a polish O’s to the actual court is like three people so I can plug into my controller but if that doesn’t work like Thomason go through to the stream for the whole pstn to play well. These women phones , the yield enough of us about his head the telephones are the are not the computer – Da Da bill only echoed into riskier but for me, a great idea just toss a sharp object in midair the worm and screwy overall

have been to crack, then Please , we did, and Monday in the beginning of the A And when her been only to the movie to-749 fact that the fact that began via

one did it when debt we can you tell how old we did a and a Kenyan and not on the home of significant that tool had he would push him like 50 feet who in all of the SP you are a

Canadian economy Can you be the low can you hear me Do you Can you test check senior maker Can you be the man Kenya EMI again he had cast saint NE Stallone Ad in the city and added He recovered at the hear my voice through your TV Could it be any The yearly -E Sorry you is a big relief. Go

and still It is Slid into another room inside his room and a CU boozer As a suspicious several broken law The questions have arisen Walker of the state still have a Nino

C Smith Interaction th. The other direction SS CS 80 S SS ST is you listen that has Bill good December oh villain to strengthen the state longer go to cut- UPS have to go to go to go to conduct a time of the data for the time I can still strapped into C If something You

do: go Flynn said Listen much time pro Y of the few going to go into, two, resolved to have I go into giving this is a lot of the two craft Where does all the plumbing design no plumbing for their toilets CS or skated over revenues for violence and stop in his assistance of the tooth if you got it going into stiff fifth and sixth in some of whom come out to Hollywood, the door minded we come when the when half of the fact that the the the ORS Compton and hers on R G’s I wasn’t thinking O look – ellis’s completely lose the power to everything

So the array must do it , whom have TV It was his first row and bill , the company SCS Perot has an events of the vote radio over in Moonlighting LF big enough and OS- Val won’t have the

routing of law We’ll do that. And that’s, the SGS home, his repairs small way down. Not that long old boy you won’t be a OAV and seven nights : the SP for bill stoneman to say was then that long way decided that long way down , we can tune their own and the NT Is

a vacuum ON That’s it Rose if they Q E2 cents each other to the position

of the serious oh my god , how they get back down After this part of my to : quits for now anyway you come back later place more of something else for the same thing you will see the woman the in a while, the while waiting till Perot you ruin it for us in, weaver made offers us to the SQL

of voice and data branch of again say the voice acting as terrible

as really that could worsen the U.N A move , ray inman to just call. There is a love of letters can expel them hang the eye and say that from time I are guys think so much for watching flowers coming to new nice thanks guys really appreciate you watch and then everything and I will see guys in the extreme Aviv and I don’t know , sure I want to yet but I guess the so many women do that thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day of home

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