(wicked Game Sack Theme music) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack and we are finally, finally doing an episode on the Sega Genesis – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen comments in our episodes like, when are you gonna cover the Genesis? Do the Genesis! Well, you know what? We’re not gonna have anymore of that are we Joe? I mean because the time is finally here and yeah, let’s just get right into it with an overview from Joe – [Joe] The Sega Genesis video entertainment system! – Sega’s true 16 bit console launched in Japan as the Mega Drive in October of 1988 For trademark reasons, the name was changed to Genesis for it’s August 1989 launch in North America However, it kept it’s Mega Drive name when it launched in PAL territories in 1990 Sega promised arcade quality games compared to the wimpy 8-bit consoles that we were used to And it absolutely delivered Sega brought us into the next generation with high definition graphics and a controller with not just 2, but 3 action buttons! Whoa! Eventually, the system got an amazing six button controller (deep bass boom) In order to achieve it’s unprecedented arcade-like quality, the Genesis was supplied with 68000 CPU running at 7.67 MHz It also had a eight bit Zilog Z80 at 3.58 MHz for backwards compatibility and also ran the sound in many games It has a resolution of 224 pixels high and either 320 or 256 pixels wide It’s got 512 colors with 61 of them on screen 80 simultaneous sprites and stereo audio with 10 channels of sound Six of them being FM powered by a Yamaha 2612 Sega released the Power Base Converter which allowed you to play your library of exciting Master System games on the console using the internal 8-bit Z80 CPU Many other outstanding peripherals for the system were released like the Sega CD and the ill-fated 32X The console also had many revisions both externally and especially internally Many of the later revisions produced very low quality sound compared to the earlier models There are more than 700 official games released for the system with some very ambitious new ones still being released to this day Over all, the console is still on the market in some countries on one form or another and has sold well over 30 million units world wide (bad-ass Streets of Rage music) – Alright man, really cool I mean, what else is there to say? Awesome video – Well, there is a lot more to say because what is a system without games? And without further ado, let’s get into those games (awesome music from Elemental Master) – [Dave] The first game we’re gonna check out is Altered Beast since it was the original pack-in game for the Genesis It’s a fairly faithful part of the arcade You play as a Roman centurion who’s been brought back from Elysian Fields by Zeus to rescue Athena from the evil Neff – [Zeus] Wise fwum your gwave! – [Dave] How he got his hands on her, we’ll never know but I do like the cut scenes Neff is pretty tough so you’ll need a little extra power to be able to take him down Each level has these white two-headed wolves that will release a spirit ball when you kill them You’ll turn into a beast with the third one There’s a different beast for pretty much every level and each beast has different powers that are actually fun to use Well, more of less, I don’t really like the bear’s spit ball attack though It’s cool that it turns enemies to stone but other than that it’s just, well, spit Anyway, this is still a fun game to play every now and then but it’s damn short (intense Altered Beast music) (screaming) Next is Dynamite Duke, originally by Seibu Kehatsu In this side scrolling game, you take control of this ugly bastard, Colonel Duke Ripem But you can call him Dynamite Duke though Duke is special in that he’s half human and half bionic with a lethal right arm It plays sort of like Cabal or Wild Guns only different As each level automatically scrolls to the right, you’ll be machine-gunning down all sorts of bad guys, tanks, helicopters, and turrets Don’t worry about ammo since you’ll find enough along the way by shooting random objects This is cool and a little hard to control but the real fun starts at boss fights Duke also has the ability to punch and kick bosses when they rush at him I like the idea but again, it’s a little tough to control Luckily you have the Dynamite Duke lethal arm thingy If you get stuck in a bad situation with a boss or on a level, just hold in the punch button to charge up the dynamite meter Once it’s charged and you let go,

you do have a fairly lethal punch I like this game as there really isn’t anything else like it in the library (gun shots and better-than-mediocre music) Donald Duck even got his own exclusive game on the system called Quack Shot This action platformer is a bit different and will have you doing a lot more than just going from the start of a level to the end You’ll get to a point where you can’t progress and from here you’ll need to call your airplane, piloted by your nephews They’ll take you to another level where you can find what you need so you can keep making progress This can be a key, or plungers that you can stand on to reach higher areas You know that plunger always bothered me in this game Instead of killing your enemies it just stuns them so you can get by without any harm It’s not very satisfying but you know, what can you do? You do have other weapons such as the popcorn gun but you have to collect ammo for it and it runs out very quickly All in all, it’s a fun game that controls well, looks good and plays solid If you’re a Disney fan like me, then you must have this game for your collection (quirky music that makes one envision Donald Duck) – [Joe] The Genesis was known for it’s action games and it had tons of great ones It received great ports of arcade games like Capcom’s Ghouls’n Ghosts This is still my favorite entry in the entire Ghosts ‘n Goblins franchise It’s a really early game so it’s not as good as it could’ve been on the system but it’s still awesome (music that makes you feel like you’re in a fire level) Or how about Strider, also licensed from Capcom? You certainly weren’t gonna find a port of the arcade version on the NES or the Super Nintendo, that’s for sure It’s clunky and weird, but definitely in a good way It’s also short and very easy, just like my first girlfriend Be sure to make an effort to try this one out (music that’s very Strider-y) (amazing music composed by Yuzo Koshiro) The Revenge of Shinobi was a evolution of the arcade game and it added lots of strategy and great music You also had a new double jump to master and now you have to worry about conserving shirikens That is unless you know the secret You weren’t gonna beat this one the first time you played it but it’s worth coming back to again and again (amazing music that you’d hear in China Town or something) Shadow Dancer followed that up and it’s a lot more arcade-y then Revenge of Shinobi And it since it has one hit deaths, most people really don’t bother with this one But really, everyone should play it, it’s extremely fun (sweet music that’s both shady and dancey. Get it?) And let’s not forget about Shinobi III This one is the true follow up to Revenge of Shinobi It’s also an amazing game in it’s own right and better than most other ninja games on pretty much every platform (great music that makes you feel like a ninja) (broody Streets of Rage music) We can’t forget beat ’em ups because the Genesis had Streets of Rage The first game really helped the Genesis stand out at the time as it was two-player simultaneous where as the Final Fight on the newly released Super Nintendo was single player only Streets of Rage 2 really upped the ante as Ancient took over most of the development And it’s still one of the best beat ’em ups of all time Streets of Rage 3 sure wasn’t any slouch either Hell, any game where you can punch a bulldozer is A-OK in my book Yeah, I know I’ve mentioned that before but it feels awesome (quirky music) (punching noises) Of course, lots of third parties were on board to help out like Konami Rocket Knight Adventures was a great new IP and it had tons of potential The initial entry here is great but unfortunately Konami didn’t put as much effort into the followups (music that makes it seem as if you’re an opossum) They did, however, put a lot of effort into Contra Hard Corps This game is absolutely insane If you thought Contra 3 on the Super Nintendo was tough, you haven’t seen nothing This one offers branching paths and multiple endings And also crazy extreme fast moving graphics that, well, frankly put the competition to shame You’ve gotta try this one out for yourself (grungy and gritty Contra music)

They even brought Castlevania to the Genesis Castlevania Bloodlines is kind of quirky in a lot of ways like having gems instead of hearts but it’s still Castlevania and it’s still awesome You’re able to play as one of two characters And since this is on the Genesis, it’s packed with a little bit more ‘tude and plenty more gore than it would’ve been on other systems The music here is amazing, as is usually the case with Castlevania games Everyone should own six copies, just in case (music with many different notes and stuff) (music which makes you feel like a hero) And of course, we can’t forget Treasure Treasure was formed by a group of employees who got sick of Konami’s nonsense So they made their own company and created their own kind of nonsense And Gunstar Heroes here is their unique take on the run-&-gun formula For the most part it works out really well and it’s extremely fun all the way through Well, almost (music that forces out heroic qualities in righteous people) And of course, there’s also Alien Soldier Visualshock! Speedshock! Soundshock! Now is the time to the 68000 heart on fire! And that’s all you need to know about the game’s story Sadly, this one wasn’t released in North America You play as some sort of super chicken and the game is basically just a run-&-gun boss rush In fact, it makes Contra Hard Corps look like a baby game set on easy Actually, this one can get a lot easier once you learn it You’re invincible as Dash and you can do that as much as you want You get a single life and then it’s game over It’s brutal but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome! Keep using that continue feature, you’re gonna need it – [Game Voiceover] Ready, fight! (cool music listened to by aliens) (shooting noises) – Alright man, this is a total solid library so far I mean, a lot of awesome action-y type games – Yeah, but there are some racing games so why don’t you tell us about those? – Okay (amazing music from Midnight Resistance) Okay, Joe, let’s talk about racing games OutRun is one of the best arcade racing games out there and the Genesis port is pretty good You drive a Ferrari and you must reach the check point before time runs out or it’s game over Apparently every other car on the damn road is also racing to beat checkpoints Have you ever seen a normal car or truck going 170 plus miles per hour? What makes this game so special is that at the end of each stage you chose which way you wanna go Left is easier while right is harder And of course, each stage has it’s own background which is cool and keeps the racing from getting stale All in all there’s a total of 15 different stages for you to experience Not only that but there’s four music tracks to pick from That’s right, there’s a new tune exclusive to the Genesis version The original three are really good and they’re long enough that they don’t loop I love arcade racing games and this series is the pinnacle The only somewhat questionable thing about it is that it uses the Japanese stage layout versus the more common international one Why there’s even a difference? I don’t know (upbeat music that makes you want to splash in the waves) If you’re looking for another exciting arcade racer then there’s Hard Drivin’ The excitement never stops and the polygons are super fast and smooth! (laughs) Just kidding This game is neither smooth nor fast as the Genesis is doing all the work itself But the console got a little help later on for Virtua Racing This card uses the SVP chip In fact, this is the only Genesis game that uses a helper chip and probably for good reason as this title was $100 brand new At the time, this game looked amazing and seeing the Genesis run polygons like this was just jaw dropping Looking at it today, it’s really aged Luckily the game is fun and the game is pretty intense Your car controls well and it won’t take long for you to get that great feeling of cornering and flying down straight aways The downfall is there’s only three tracks which seems pretty slim And even if you win a track, you just get a game over It’s too bad the SVP chip didn’t take off as this was a decent first title (upbeat, yet very short music) And of course the Road Rash games are combat racing games Your goal is to get to the finish line in first place which will mean a lot of punching and kicking opponents out of your way The first Road Rash was a great surprise and it was easy to just pick up and play It feels so good just to beat the crap out of everyone

as you’re flying down the road toward the finish line Winning races gives you money that you can use to buy faster bikes The game is great fun but I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the soundtrack (twangy music that does not meet with Dave’s approval) Road Rash II is what you’d expect in a good sequel More of the same action with slightly better graphics and refined control Not that the control needed to be refined since it was already good to begin with I love the ability to steal your opponents’ weapons, be it a chain or a club A plethora of new tracks and more bikes to be purchased makes this game different enough that it never gets old But what did get old was the music It was slightly better but I’m still not a fan (music that still does not make Dave smile) Then came Road Rash 3 I wasn’t really pleased with the direction they took graphically They decided to digitize all the characters It was a popular thing to do at the time but it just looks clunky and ugly and the lighting of the characters looks unnatural The good thing is even though the character graphics are bad it still plays and controls just as well as the previous games This entry has you racing all over the world Not only can you buy new bikes but you can upgrade your current one And I gotta say it again, although the music here tries to match the country you’re racing in, it just isn’t good It doesn’t matter though since the racing is so fun, the music is really just background noise If there ever was a series of games to be called an instant classic, this would be one of them (music that once again makes Dave sad) – [Joe] There would be absolutely no way that we couldn’t mention Sonic the Hedgehog in a Genesis video Neither Dave nor I are the biggest fans of the character, but we certainly don’t dislike his Genesis appearances Sega knew that they needed a fun mascot to help people identify with the console and the company so they went hard to work internally and eventually settled on Sonic His first game was really good and it definitely helped catapult Sega into the realm of cultural awareness and profitability You’re a blue hedgehog and your goal in this game is to go to the right Well, except when you go to the left Or up or down It’s definitely not as simple as just holding right and jumping sometimes as some people would have you believe The game is very easy to get into and eventually it was included as a pack in with the Genesis console itself This was a great idea to help sell systems and sell systems they did (music from level 2 that nobody ever mentions) Sonic 2 of course came next and improved on a lot of stuff from the first game Like adding a spin dash Also, the game was less repetitive with only two zones per stage And they’ve added Tails, who I’ve gotta admit, I’ve never really been fond of… at all Thankfully, you can turn his ass off (music that makes you feel like a hedgehog but not a fox) Then Sonic 3 came along and I always felt that the graphics were grittier in this one Sonic is now crosseyed and looks much worse in my opinion But it still plays like a Sonic game and now you can get new powerups on each stage And you can even save your progress Then Sonic and Knuckles was released and it could be played as a stand alone game But the main selling point to this one is you could attach Sonic 3 to it for one giant adventure Basically, this is what Sonic 3 was originally supposed to be with all of the stages intact The level design here is really good and very well thought out More good news is that the game doesn’t really feel repetitious at all Multiple zones are treated like big, single stages and exploring is highly encouraged Although the graphics are grittier, like I mentioned, they’re still really good and have some good effects here and there The music ranges from extremely boring and mundane to outstanding! It’s almost as if a talented and very famous pop star worked on some of the tracks and some other guy worked on the rest Also, you could attach Sonic 2 and play as Knuckles in that game as well It’s definitely a cool idea and Sonic and Knuckle attached to Sonic 3 is usually considered the definitive Sonic the Hedgehog experience (music that forces you to go right and press jump) In 1996, Sega released Sonic 3D Blast which was surprisingly not developed by them Instead it was made by Traveller’s Tales This one is a little bit odd and kind of overwhelming at first You run around big, isometric stages killing enemies and taking their flickies

You need to deposit all of the flickies at the rings to gain access to the next part of the stage It all feels very maze like, especially at first but it doesn’t take too long to get used to the play mechanics The thing that messes me up the most, of course, is the isometric view Still, this game has amazing graphics with tons of cool effects I mean, look at the scrolling underneath the bridge that Sonic is running on Yep, it’s scrolling exactly like Axelay on the Super Nintendo Genesis Does, bitches! Well, I guess the Super Nintendo does too but that doesn’t count It certainly doesn’t help my argument What am I saying? I mean, yeah! Go Genesis! Blast Processing, yeah! Even the music is fantastic and some of it would reappear in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast (music imported from the future At the end of 2017, the programmer of this game, Jon Burton, released a director’s cut patch offer many new tweaks and features to make the game better The additions are beyond the scope of this particular video but it’s still extremely cool that the original developer went back and did this and it’s definitely worth playing I’ve recommend Jon Burton’s YouTube channel, GameHut, before but if you haven’t checked it out, be sure to do so Yes, there’s still one more Sonic game on the Genesis but I’m gonna let Dave talk about that one in a few seconds (music that makes you feel like you may exist in the future – [Dave] And here’s the black sheep of the Sonic library on the Genesis, Sonic Spinball I say black sheep because a lot of people don’t like it and it seems like the ones who do like it don’t wanna admit it Personally, I like it and I’m not afraid to say so In this video pinball game, you bounce Sonic around trying to find three emeralds on fairly large play fields Typically you have to unlock the area the emerald is located by triggering something After you find all three emeralds, you fight a boss and move on to the next level There’s little bonus rounds that are between boards that are a nice addition I actually find the game fairly easy to control and with a bit of effort, you can make some skilled shots To me, the only downfall is the music which isn’t good at all Each board has it’s own theme but the tracks are short and very repetitive Oh, and the game only scrolls at 30 frames per second so it can look pretty choppy compared to other Sonic games But if you like video pinball, this one may be worth your time (dirty, grungy, abrasive, and un-Sonic-like music) Here’s Pulseman by Game Freak You know, the people that made Pokemon or something like that Anyway, this action platformer is pretty intense and was never released physically in North America It did show up on the Sega channel though. And the Wii shop You play as Pulseman who can channel electricity through his body He uses it as a weapon and you can also use it to pinball off the walls and ceilings allowing himself to get to higher platforms and kill enemies along the way It takes a bit to get used to controlling him but one you start getting the hang of it, the game becomes really fun Each level has lots of hidden area that holds icons to collect for health and other things Always seek out health icons since Pulseman can only take three hits before he dies If you haven’t noticed already, the game is super colorful and the background graphics are just plain crazy at times Almost to the point where they’re more distracting than enjoyable Still a fun game and if you get a physical copy of this you’ll need a Game Genie and a code to play it on a US system (music that electricians probably listen to) How about some Ecco the Dolphin to add some variety to the Genesis library? Developed by Novotrade, you take control of Ecco as he tries to figure out what happened to his dolphin pod You’ll meet many different types of sea life along your way Some are friendly and ready to help you and some are not friendly and would rather you just die Not everything is easy in the deep blue of the ocean and you’ll have to figure out puzzles along the way Most are pretty easy but some will have you scratching your head Ecco has both a life bar and an air bar The life bar will deplete when you get hit by enemy fish Not a problem since all you have to do is eat small fish to replenish it Air, on the other hand, is harder to come by The developers did a good job though of putting little pockets of air here and there and it’s always nice to find these right before you run out of oxygen (music that smells like tuna) Ecco had a sequel called Tides of Time There’s a lot more of the same here and that’s not a bad thing But there’s some new stuff here as well The puzzles get a little bit harder and there’s a lot more enemies you’ll have to fight or avoid I like taking Ecco through the warp gates Back in the day this looked amazing and even today it still feels really good playing through these parts The one thing about these games that I’m not a fan of is the music And that’s probably because I heard the soundtracks for the Sega CD installments before I played the cartridge versions (music that makes you wanna grab your harpoon) Lastly, there’s Ecco Jr.,

which is geared toward the younger kids You can play as young Ecco or one of his two friends It has similar play mechanics like the swimming and the sonar but you can’t eat fish because you don’t want little Ecco killing things in a game for kids, right? I’m not sure how much kids would really like this one though as it’s still slightly cryptic in what you need to do All in all, these are decent games that are worth a try just for the fact that they’re different (music that’s not half-bad for an Ecco came on cartridge) (explosion) (sweet-ass M.U.S.H.A. music) – [Joe] The Genesis was home to a lot of shooters, especially early in the console’s life In fact, we did an entire episode a while back featuring each and every shooter for the system, or shoot ’em ups, as some people call them Let’s look at some of the more notable shooters like M.U.S.H.A This one was released in the US by a publisher called Seismic but it was programmed by Compile, or Compile, Cum pile? In this overhead vertically scrolling title, you take control of a mech It plays similar to the other titles in Compile’s Aleste series You collect little P icons to power up your main gun You also have different subweapons that you can collect as well as little options that you can store These options not only help your fire power but they also protect you So keep collecting those P icons every chance you get to keep enough in reserve Really good graphics for a four megabit cart as well as amazing music will help you understand why this game is so desired and therefore so costly these days (music that makes one envision a robot war in the skies) One very important series on the Genesis is Thunder Force by Techno Soft Thunder Force II was a launch game for the console and it was definitely my favorite of that batch It features free-roaming top down segments which confused and turned off a lot of gamers but I enjoyed them It also had side scrolling stages which was a first for the series The music is amazing, especially for such an early title with lots of power and bass (music that will destroy you and your NES) – [Lady] Mega Flash! – [Joe] Thunder Force III sure kicked things up a notch with even better game play and design Gone are the top view stages and the game is better for it Now, you keep all of your weapons after you die except for the one you were using when you got hit The graphics have improved and so has the music However, this is an entry-level shooter and it’s super easy Anyone can beat it with their eyes closed but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a great time (amazing music full of melody and goodness – [Lady] Hunter! (music that cannot be reproduced on an Atari 2600) – [Joe] And of course, in my opinion, Thunder Force IV is the pinnacle of the entire series This was Techno Soft’s first and only eight megabit cartridge and they squeezed a ton of stuff into this rather small amount of memory The weapons are more balanced this time around and so is the game play It’s not easy by any means But it’s absolutely beatable if you practice This game feels much more mature than parts 2 and 3, yet still very much a part of the same family Amazing graphics, absolutely phenomenal music and outstanding game play not only make this the best shooter on the Genesis but perhaps one of the best shooters ever made! This one was released in the US by Sega and the name was changed to Lightening Force They must have been on drugs or somethin’ But did you know, before that Tengen was actually planning on releasing this game and keeping the name Thunder Force IV and also keeping the same box artwork as the Japanese Mega Drive release? Yeah, it’s true! The issue is Sega had the first right of refusal and sadly for the gaming community, they didn’t refuse Still, be sure to play this game no matter what it says on the title screen (music that will cause old people to die of insignificance) – [Lady] Shield! – [Joe] If you want something a little bit more down to earth and not set in outer space, there’s always Fire Shark In this one, you fly an airplane, fight bad guys and you never even leave the planet! It plays like a lot of other Toaplan shooters but what makes this one stand out is when you fully power up your fire weapon I mean, wow But it’s still a really fun vertical shooter even if it didn’t have that crazy weapon (music that people who don’t leave the Earth listen to) – Dude, I can’t believe how strong this fricken library is I mean, look at these shooters – Indeed, they are amazing, aren’t they?

– Uh, yeah – But we still got more to go Let’s talk about one of your favorites, Gain Ground – Yeah, I love that game (sweet music from Vapor Trail on the 16-bit Sega Genesis) Gain Ground isn’t anything special to most people For me, on the other hand, I simply love this game I love the ridiculous plot where the people of the future have gone soft so the government creates a computer program to help people learn how to fight for survival The computer goes berserk and captures everyone and now it’s up to three warriors determined to survive and help save their fellow men and women The game is simple as all you have to do is get your people to the exit of a single screen board Certain stages will have captured people that you can rescue and use on future boards Some are good at killing enemies that are higher up while others have long range shots that can go across the whole board So yeah, there’s a tiny bit of strategy to be had here It also helps that the game has a good soundtrack Definitely a great game for your Genesis library (moody music that reminds you of the ground) Hide your kids and hide your wife, it’s the handsiest, grabbiest character ever, Ristar! This title came out in early 1995 and a lot of people overlooked it since it was right before the release of the Saturn This dude is all hands and that’s not a bad thing This unique take on a platformer is fun and easy to get the hang of He uses his hands and long arms to dispatch enemies and bosses He also uses them to grab on to walls and trees to make his way across levels and avoid spikes and other pitfalls The levels are all well designed to take advantage of the clingy game play They’re pretty big and there’s lots of things to discover The music is pretty good as there’s more than a few tunes with catchy melodies Ristar does have a few digitized voices but God, they sound like crap! – [Ristar] Play with me? – [Dave] No thanks! If you have a Genesis, I recommend finding a copy of this one (music to grab things by) And if you like strategy RPGs then the Genesis has you covered Not only are there great games like Master of Monsters and Warsong but also Shining Force This one was originally released in 1993 and it took the world by storm! Well, maybe it didn’t but it sure swept me away The awesome cover art really made me wanna battle skeletons and all other sorts of medieval characters I love everything about this game since it’s so easy to get into Battling enemies is fun and straight forward as each of your characters has a set amount of spaces they can move and an attack range There’s a nice variety in characters and as you advance in the story, you’ll meet more that will join you They’re all interchangeable and it’s up to you who want to send into battle It won’t take long for them to start leveling up and getting more powerful This is one game that I wish were longer than it is I felt like I was just getting warmed up when I was fighting the final battle (music that forceful, yet shiny) It’s okay though since Sega released Shining Force II a year later Again, I fell in love with this game mainly because it was more of the same Sega didn’t change anything in terms of controls so it’s still super easy to navigate The menu system is straight forward and everything was labeled so there won’t be any confusion You do have to watch the computer move it’s own characters around the map but it does it as quickly as possible with very little annoyance There’s slight upgrades to the graphics with a bit more animation during battles The music is still pretty darn good and I like it just fine for these games When people ask me to recommend some good Genesis games, these are usually some of the first ones I talk about (music that will make you want to save the land) – [Joe] While the Genesis didn’t have nearly as many RPGs as the Super Nintendo, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any good ones on the system The three most prominent JRPGs was the Phantasy Star series Phantasy Star 2 was an early title and also a sequel to the most popular game on the Master System It takes place 1000 years later and introduces us to a lot of different characters that we can have at our party There were some disappointments like only being able to fight on a blue grid background when the original game featured lush graphics in the battle scenes Also, the amount of grinding that you need to do is pretty high It’s a well playing, fun game but the story is often very sad Regardless, I’ve played through it completely at least three or four times And even today, recording the gameplay footage, I found myself wanting to keep going because it is kind of addictive once you figure out how it all works Which isn’t that difficult, by the way (music that makes you wish you were a blue wireframe grid) Phantasy Star III came out only a year later which is extremely quick for an RPG sequel While this one doesn’t feature the science fiction setting of the first two games and feels really out of place, it’s still worth playing through The battles are fast and peppy although there’s not much animation Still, there are multiple endings and like I said, it’s worth playing

(music that makes you feel kinda lacking in animation) But a few years after that, we finally got Phantasy Star IV, The End of the Millennium And this is the sequel that the fans deserve It takes everything that was good about the previous games and makes it better You have the zippy battles from Phantasy Star III You can see the characters attack like in Phantasy Star II And you have really nice battle backgrounds like in Phantasy Star one It also had 24 MEGA POWER! Yeah, you guys were waiting for me to that in this episode, weren’t you? The story even acknowledges events from the previous three games which made me enjoy it even more Everything is also much more visual this time around with lots of character graphics popping up during the dialog And the battle macros that you can create really make the random battles and boss fights a lot more fun This is one of he very best RPGs that I’ve played and you are absolutely missing out if you haven’t tried it Especially if you like RPGs (energetic music that plays during the game) Follow Game Sack on Twitter @gamesack and @gamesackdave On Instagram @gamesackofficial and check out our Patreon if you want! – [Dave] Splatterhouse, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated series out there The Genesis got two entries starting with Splatterhouse 2 This title is a great sequel to the first game The evil mask that you wear has a mind of its own and it’s beckoning back to the house to save your girlfriend Jennifer The action is basically the same as the first game where you punch and kick your way through tons of enemies to finally reach a boss fight at the end of the level At times you can pick up weapons, which are great and it’s always satisfying seeing an enemy splat against the wall after you hit it with a 2×4 And I really hate that Rick drops his weapon at the end of a level instead of taking it with him I still love the creepy graphics and the soundtrack greatly adds to the scary atmosphere This is just an excellent game that’s fun to play and full of different patterns to memorize (creepy music which forces much fear upon you) Splatterhouse 3 came out a year later and I was all pumped up for the same style of action I mean, you have a great formula, why change it up? Well, Namco did just that and this entry is now a side scrolling beat ’em up with a twist You must fight rooms filled with ugly, fleshy, puss-oozing enemies The twist is you need to reach and defeat the boss within a time limit And for someone like me who likes to scavenge rooms for items, a time limit does not bode well There’s multiple paths you can take so always consult the map Along the way, Rick will pick up crystals that will fill a power meter He can unleash this power to become stronger and do more damage It’s ideal to save it for a boss fight if you can The story is horrifying and I like how it plays out between rooms and levels with digitized graphics Not quite what I wanted in a sequel, but honestly it’s pretty good (intense music that will tighten your bowels for days) You know, Sonic wasn’t the only one with ‘tude on the Genesis Both Toejam and Earl had a ton of it and their game oozed that 90s ‘tude that everyone loved The first game had the pair searching a randomly generated Earth looking for pieces of their spaceship Yes, this is Earth As you make your way around this overhead world, you find many bizarre enemies that would love to hurt you Even though your characters are insanely slow, it’s still really easy to avoid these baddies You’ll also find presents just laying there for the taking These are the most enjoyable part of the game since they contain things that could either help or hurt you (funkadelic music to walk around by) Not long after this, Sega release Toejam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron This time the game is presented as a side-scrolling platformer Earthlings hitched a ride with Toejam and Earl all the way back to planet Funkotron As you’d expect, these humans are making a mess of the place so it’s now your job to collect them in jars and send them back to Earth Earthlings will hide behind objects so you need to shake things to find them The presents are back but they’re far less interesting as they mostly carry points or on the rare occasion they’ll have something useful Still, the game is decently fun and has a lot of humor which I like (jivin’ music which really makes you wanna find earthlings) How about Wonder Boy in Monster World? Don’t let the cover of this game fool you because it’s actually quite a fun game to play Monster World is, well, infested with monsters and the queen needs your help to eradicate said monsters and make it a nice place to live in again To do this, you’ll have to fight your way through hordes of enemies that all carry money Collect that money since you’ll need it to buy the usual stuff a hero needs, like better weapons, armor, and items that’ll make his quest winnable Monster World is a huge, interconnected land

that’s fairly easy to navigate Each area is loaded with colorful graphics and catchy music Wonder Boy controls well and if I’m allowed one minor complaint, it’s that I’d like to have the swords and spears have a little bit more reach when you’re attacking Other than that, this a great game and a great addition to the series and also to the Genesis library (music that maes you wanna search the treacherous catacombs) – [Joe] There’s bunch of amazing games that most people never think much about anymore that are only on the Genesis Games like Alisia Dragoon from Game Arts In this one, you’re assisted by several different helper dragons but you can only chose one at a time They level up independently and have their own life bar And yes, they can die It’s very stylish and you wanna make sure you explore every where you can (music that makes you ponder dragons & dragoons) Or games like Greendog! Okay, well, probably not so much Greendog But you know I had to bring it up in this episode How about Landstalker, Treasure of the King’s Hole? In this isometric action RPG, you’re looking for the fabled treasure because you are a greedy bastard! There’s lots and lots of fun exploring to be done here The incredible 3D graphics are created by the all new Diamond Dimension System, so you know it’s good! The music is also quite enjoyable in this one However, the control can be a bit weird some times because of the perspective Still, not a whole lot of people mention this very often and it’s absolutely worth checking out (isometric-sounding music) Light Crusader from Treasure is mentioned even less often This one has a very medieval feel to it Oh my God, what is he doing to that cow? Stop it!!!! You start the game looking for people who’ve gone missing from the town This one also uses an isometric view however, it doesn’t use the Diamond Dimension System which is probably why it’s talked about less than Landstalker This one is a bit more arcade-y and I feel the control is still better than Landstalker though it can still be goofy sometimes But really, it’s not bad at all – [In-Game Announcer] Beat them! (music that makes you envision crusading, lightly) Did you know that the first good Ghostbusters game on the console was on the Genesis? That’s right! This side scrolling action platformer certainly wasn’t the first Ghostbusters game but it was the best one for a long time Programmed by Compile, you can chose to play as Egon, Ray or Peter as you battle the supernatural Yeah, Winston isn’t in here and that sucks It’s actually the games biggest flaw But everything else is superb, form the level design, the controls, the visuals, and especially the music This one is best played with a controller that features rapid fire (music that makes you miss Winston) The best version of Gauntlet is on the Genesis called Gauntlet 4 But do you know the story behind this one? Basically, a few guys in Japan ported the arcade version of Gauntlet to the X68000 at their house just for fun and word has it they just eyeballed it, not even looking at the source code Then they showed it to Tengen of Japan since they figured they had the rights to Gauntlet Tengen suggested that they port the game to the Mega Drive if they wanted it published Tengen Japan really didn’t know what to do with it so they sent it to the US where it landed on the desk of Nintendo champion, Chris Tang While he was certainly impressed, he didn’t think that there would be much of a market for a version of Gauntlet on the Genesis with fewer features than the NES version I mean, that version had music, a password system, an ending, all things that the arcade version did not So he wrote up a design proposal that requested the addition of many features like a quest mode, shops, currency to buy things, multiple endings and the like Many months later it came back with most of his requested features in place He was blown away! Those guys in Japan really wanted this gig I mean, this was their first game so they were happy to make the changes in order to get something actually published Eventually an amazing soundtrack was added from Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata The voices were still really rough though – [Broken Male Voiceover] Kill Thief To Recover Stolen items – [Joe] So Earl Vickers, who did the sound for the original arcade game came in He ported the voices over directly from the arcade to the Genesis with much better results – [Male Voiceover] Try this level now – [Joe] After that, the game was finished up, Chris wrote the manual and it shipped! Oh, and those guys in Japan who ported this game over by hand?

Well these days they’re known as M2 You might recognize them as the masters of porting as they’ve brought countless things to the 3DS, Switch, and other platforms Gauntlet 4 was their first big break so a huge shout out to Chris Tang and to Tengen US for giving them that chance Chris would go on to win the Rock the Rock Sega World Championship two year later in 1994 (applause) His skills at Sonic and Knuckles could not be matched He was presented with a giant check for $25,000 by CEO Tom Kalinske which I would’ve loved to see him try and deposit at the drive up teller window at a bank – I’m gonna buy more games and play, play, play (laughter) (applause) – I wish we could get everybody to say that (laughter) – [Joe] Chris is still in the industry today developing fun and exciting new games as you see Dave and I trying out here It’s coming and it’s gonna be good (intense Gauntlet 4 music recorded from a real Sega Genesis) – You know, Chris is a really cool guy It was really fun to meet him in person and hang out with him Play his game He’s just an all around cool dude so – Agreed – But there you have it, there’s the Genesis library It’s not all of it, of course, but some of the most amazing games you’re gonna find anywhere on any system can be found on the Genesis – Absolutely The Genesis is very, very special to me In fact, for most of the games in this episode except for the ones Dave played, I used my own personal Genesis that I got back in 1989 So it was really fun And what are some of your favorite Genesis games, what do you think of the console as a whole? Let us know In the meantime, that you for watching Game Sack (Sweeling Sacks, the credits theme of Game Sack) – [Greendog] Okay, I’m pissed off I got less than 10 seconds in this whole episode I swear, Game Sack is getting way worse And between you and me, they were already some pretty shriveled up sacks to begin with What do these other games have that Greendog doesn’t? Altered Beast? How dumb! Greendog doesn’t need any altering! Get the hell outta here! Sonic the Hedgehog? The Genesis needs only one mascot and that mascot is Greendaaawg! Streets of Rage? There aren’t no rage on the streets of Greendog See ya! Phantasy Star IV? You honestly think you’re special because there’s four Phantasy Stars? Well, I can make more that four Greendogs Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh Attack! (screaming) That’s right, Greendog is the only game you need for your Sega Genesis and/or Mega Drive! (crappy Greendog music)

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