All right what’s up everyone welcome welcome back to another PE live

hopefully you guys enjoyed the music somebody was asking what the music was

just looked up Xenoblade Chronicles X Z nobody Chronicles next that was the music just download the whole soundtrack or go look at the whole soundtrack online you’ll hear all the cool tracks one of the greatest soundtracks ever is Xenoblade Chronicles X so make sure you guys check it out Xenoblade games in general you should have every single Xenoblade song on like your phone or maybe not on your phone but like as saved on your playlist you should have every single Xenoblade song like every single good Xenoblade song should be on your saved playlist so that’s kind of what I do whenever I hear a good song I just put it on my playlist for you guys to hear so shout outs welcome to the stream guys appreciate it definitely in good spirits like I said I can’t really talk too much I talked about it last night in terms of things give me your energy thank you for all the positive vibes thank you for all the words of encouragement thank you for all the positivity and good natured people here honestly I really appreciate each and every single one of you guys all of your good energy I mean it’s still like I said I can’t talk about it really I really can’t say anything more but I’ll say this I’ll say this there’s a major step major step until everybody just you know moving on major step I still got some things that I got to do there’s still some stuff that that’s got to go through but if everything I mean basically we’ve been put into a situation to where okay like I said I’m not talking about anything in particular okay but just just situations right there’s got to be stuff like we’ve put some there’s certain situations that somebody’s got to be in and then I also got to be in and no matter what the resolutions going to be this is what’s going to happen like there is no more oh maybe or this or that or that or this or whatever the case is situations to the point to where it’s like look this is what’s going on this is what this is this is what this person has said this is what that person said all right like we’re you know what’s going on down like but we’ve still got some work to do once that is completed it’s over you know and we can all just move on so it’s not any more variables anymore it’s this is the course that gonna be taken when this is completed this is the outcome that’s essentially what it’s at right now that what I’ve been described to that it’s at so no more oh well maybe and I’m not sure and all this stuff I will know my schedule and everything after June so June July so by July everything should be wrapped up done no questions asked now that we’ve gotten other certain people involved in certain situations not necessarily my situation but in situations out there so yeah that’s pretty much set there is no variables you know this is this is this is it this is player essence end game so so yeah ma’am so yeah that’s basically it basically everybody can just be happy and move on and we can all move on with our lives so yeah so that’s it all right so let’s go to move on today to the what’s it called – the ninja news for today we did have two videos on the channel already so please make sure you guys check out my video I had one video on Sega being silly and them realizing oh we made a mistake and then I had another video on Joker and if he’s s tier in the game and he’s if he’s s tier in the game so make sure you guys check out those videos on the channel we will be linking them towards the end as well but if you need some stuff to watch it’s up there also all of my videos in terms of PE labs and all that will be will be done now here’s the thing guys from for streams and for Smash Brothers and all that stuff from going forward we’re probably gonna start connecting them to PE lives and all of that so if we’re playing smash or for playing Dragon’s Dogma or whatever the case is I’m gonna throw up we’ll be back you know thing with maybe like even a countdown timer and it’s just gonna switch right over from PE live I’m not gonna end this dream then restart the stream it’s basically just gonna be one big stream with PE live and also the Dragon’s Dogma or PE live with Super Smash Brothers we are just gonna connect it but there will be a break in between like the back will be right back and then there might be a countdown timer there might not just depends so what I’m gonna do beforehand and it just depends if we’re gonna prefer I think we’re gonna play Dragon’s Dogma repetition I gotta see how I feel afterwards but I’m pretty sure we are we are we’re gonna throw up we’ll be right back to screen probably thought the little time around there and then we’ll get Dragon’s Dogma right after this so we aren’t going to we’re gonna have long basically we’re gonna have longer streams with combined gameplay and also a PE live so we’ll do PE live first then we’ll usually go into gameplay or we’ll

do PE live and then we’ll go into Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart or whatever game that we’re going to be doing for the day ok that’s how it’s gonna work pretty much even with evening if we’re gonna do something in the evening same thing if we’re gonna do Smash Brothers then it’s gonna be PE live at night and then it’s gonna go straight into it cuz I’m not doing this whole like 15 or like other day I have like 6 uploads on my channel and like it’s just screws with the analytics or sorry that the the algorithm way too much of a channel like just random unsub’s and things like that because of flooding in boxes so we are gonna try to connect things a little bit so so yeah either way all right so I think that’s that let’s see here if you can view it whenever was ok gameplay ok gotcha gotcha Shawn alright so that’s that for ninja news guys please make sure you guys hit the like button and share the stream if you can get some more ninja into the village you’ve already got nearly what 80 90 people in here so thank you guys so much for joining me today if you want me to say hi to you the chat feel free to say hi in the chat I’d be more than happy more than happy to say hi back to you alright so let’s see here dragons dog was awesome a criminally underrated game yeah it’s pretty good infernal Sean diamond was good shots ringing out user Sean diamond what’s up DC how’s it going um Dawson 31 what’s up man how’s it going Thank You Dawson appreciate that elite ninja Dawson what’s up tether how’s it going there’s a small bit of Bayonetta news which we will cover today pink grits II know what’s good how’s it going there’s my sister’s texting me focus on me what’s good how’s it going gunslinger status leading to gunslinger elite ninja Alonso vines EDD what’s good man Blair st. what’s good looking cool thank you Tim W I appreciate that Robert with what’s good for those who are wondering in terms of like stuff that we’re gonna be talking about guys just relax and chill it’s a two-hour stream alright so there’s no knees they’re gonna be this don’t worry guys if it’s in the title it’s coming up if it’s in the title there’s something on it okay so just relax sit down enjoy it’s a two-hour show there’s no need to rush through any of the bit of the news here this is for you guys to kind of just chill talk about the news as we go along talk with me so don’t worry we’ll get into it don’t worry and if you’re too impatient and you can’t wait just wait til tomorrow morning I’ll do a video on it and I’ll talk about it in depth in length if you you know if you can’t just wait through the whole thing so don’t worry guys anything in the title we’ll talk about okay we’ll talk about it so just let’s get through it and should be good mr downs was good man how’s it going Alucard what’s up man I did not walk into court with the fly shooting glasses no fly suit nice nice nice I I did I do I did have a nice outfit on though the outfit was very it was I didn’t take any pictures or nothing but it was very crisp it was a very crisp outfit it was it was the most I’ve ever spent on an outfit in my life but then again it wasn’t super expensive I’m usually going to Walmart and buying you know shirts and stuff and like none of the shirts fit it’s all floppy and frumpy to pet the pants rip at some of the seams cuz you guys know how long weren’t dressed those are smells like you know I got to get something a little bit crisp for today so that’s what I did but yeah the guy the guy there like that I went to go get the get it for him I he was actually so he was actually super cool and like he gave me a fat discount like so it was good it was okay it was okay but yeah like I you can just clearly tell I give you if you’re somebody who’s ever like you know worn something that costs a little bit more compared to something that costs cheap like it’s like a night and day difference like my dress shoes that I bought they’re actually comfortable like but I always hated wearing dress shoes with me man these are uncomfortable these aren’t nice but not just because they’re cheap you know what I’m saying like you get it them from Walmart they’re not gonna feel good after you wear them a couple times or after body you know after about a few a few times or they’re gonna they’re gonna get all jacked up at the that the tips and all that stuff but like actually wearing stuff that was fitted and make they take your measurements and you know it felt nice to where I’m like oh man I can get used to wearing dress clothes but I’ve always found my cheap clothes from like Walmart and stuff when it comes to dress shirts and all that and it’s never felt right you know unless it’s like a polo poles are great but like not like dress shirts like button-up so you know with collars and all it’s never felt right it’s already been too big at the neck because I don’t want it choking me or it’s been you know too small so confident I can’t breathe you know I’m saying so it’s like it was pretty cool to actually get something kind of nice you know so yeah cone Atari what’s good man how you doing Chavez touchdown what’s good Diego what’s good man how’s it going thank you guys for the subscriptions as well link link and oh six and Cameron crew as well that you get for the subscriptions I appreciate that twitch boys I’m about to see you guys in just a bit give me one second and guys will pop up I actually accidentally forgot to read up the twitch voice I see you guys though I see you I see you I see you yeah what’s up Murdock logo how’s it going what’s up T dude mr. BES what’s good guys thanks guys for showing up today thank you the artisan what’s good

Benji what’s up man um dressed the way you want to be seen always a good lesson to learn yeah well I mean Walmart here’s the thing though guys like Walmart clothes will look good like it’s not like they look bad like if you go to Walmart if you go something adresses and obviously not everybody is in the position to be able to I mean I’m not even in the position to be able to afford you know stuff like that this was like a one-time type of thing you know for the most part but you know like I said you know I I’m really conservative when it comes to things guys I’m super super conservative when it comes to things so I mean you know I wanted to make sure that things fit and I was comfortable when I was there because I thought it was gonna be like a long big old thing but like I said like I said it’s it’s it’s a situation to where I’m happy I think that’s the best resolution for everybody involved and I think that and everybody can just move on and we can all at least try to be happy you know I’m saying so I think that’s basically what it comes down to is like okay who’s everybody involved can we can we get to a situation to where we’re gonna be happy and to where like we can just you know finish this you know so I think today was a major W in that it’s that you know there’s still some stuff like I said that that’s got to go down but at the end of the day like it’s gonna be a lot things are gonna it looks like things are gonna go positively so that’s good so that’s the fairy tiger but the first donation of the stream and he used super chat thank you so much very Tiger I appreciate it so that’s the co-captain of the Viking nation you can use whatever you want you are the co-captain of the Viking nation so thank you for the ten SEK ten but no message fairy tiger no message did you want a song or something let’s see let’s go ahead and put you here you’re a tiger and then we have the ten SEK I don’t know what I think that’s a dog I think that’s a dollar I think it is so there you go thank you so much um all right so nothing happened Sam don’t worry about it all right so let’s see your night what’s good what’s good Beetlejuice what’s up man how’s it going Robert RIT says 70% boys let’s go all right so I think we’re pretty much wrapped up here and I’ve spent 200 on suits and shoes which i think is cheap two hundred on it on a full suit that’s cheap if you spent $200 on a full suit so you mean like shirt like what do you mean by a full suit so I do you mean like the shirt the tie the jacket that pay everything or do you mean just like the pants and the jacket like would even buy a full suit so if you spent $200 on everything where you got everything with it then yeah that’s definitely cheap that’s definitely cheap let’s hear all right so let’s move on here all right being a girl I can relate all right all right so let’s go let’s move on to the topics here guys we discussing Bayonetta three so Bayonetta three they talked about this game I’m gonna have a video on it tomorrow morning yo what’s up party man set us the rain GaN use the bodyguard party matt is here what’s good shoutouts dude so beta at three what’s up Robert what’s up thank me what’s good so bayonetta three’s design process will be different compared to previous entries in the series so this was in a recent interview I’m gonna go ahead and go over to the article here for you guys excuse me so this was an in a recent interview they talked about a sushi Inaba talked about betta at three and kind of teased a little bit about the game and here’s what he had to say and 29 are twenty nineteen will be incredibly important year for us speaking directly to the number of titles we may or may not announce I can say it’s going to be a year of some major new approaches new challenges and new methods for us basically we’re building a new foundation that in later years will play will pay dividends what this usually means is that they’ve got a new engine that’s usually what that means we’re building a foundation a new foundation that in later years will pay dividends they’re either good in a new foundation or they’re building a new way of monetization or a new way not monetization but a new way of game development process that’s going to make things faster or make things more efficient or basically like a snowdrop engine right or basically a proprietary engine for them for their games that they’re gonna use that’s what it sounds like or it could even be like a financial type of structure but it sounds to me like new major new approaches new challenges and new methods for us so to me that sounds like a brand new engine that they’re gonna be using for like all of their different action games right instead of this game using this engineer using this engine this game using this engine they have like a frostbite or something like that so I’ll be talking more about that in the probably in a video tomorrow dedicate the video tomorrow because I actually have some I have a little bit more that I’m doing some digging on this one here guys so the video will be ready tomorrow morning but that’s what that’s what I’m thinking from the beginning that’s what they’re trying to say he says for us new challenges are going

to be very important so there you go and I’ve also said that platinum is currently designing something that has never been done before and is truly unlike anything else so whether that has any relevance relevance to the switch remains to be seen however now he also talked about the Bayonetta 2 so he said that Bayonetta 3 will involve a change in design process based on Platinum’s experience creating the first two entries in the series so design evolved a change in design a process alright so I think I kind of know what that is to kind of go back to this basically the design of basically design of Bain in it this is how Bain it is laid out right when you play Bayonetta you start up a chapter right you go into the chapter you have verses each time there’s a battle sequence it goes does phases with the music after the battle sequence you gotta you get a score layout right and then you move on to the next verse and then there’s hidden verses in there right that you can go and you can fight and get extra bonuses or whatever for your end ranking and that’s basically how it goes and then it goes in chapters chapter one chapter two chapter three chapter four so let’s set up that way a way that they could be doing which like I said I’m doing a little bit of digging and I’m writing now I think they want to get rid of that process of chapters chapters chapters chapters verse this this this this this I think they want to throw that away I think they want to have it to where you just hop into Bayonetta and it’s a seamless adventure throughout and maybe you get grades and then maybe your grades just pop up you know at the at the end of the a certain plaything here or a certain situation little bit oh this is what you got for for that segment or that boss or whatever the case is or maybe it’s a live score or something like that but I think they might want to do away with that structure here’s what I’ll say about that structure very kind of dated at this point right I think I don’t think many gamers when you talk about what from a broad appeal kind of want to play games like that if you’re playing an action game you probably just want to hop in and then you just want to go through the game and then just have certain safe points and just have like a continuous story instead of stop start stop stop FMV movie not F in the movie okay full action or full action movie okay this is it a manic chapter verse first like it’s a very it’s a very um it’s a it kind of leads to you wanting to like replay over and over or you want to say okay that didn’t go right for me or okay well what was that part or which I did at least just basically like I said it’s cool for some people but at least the kind of like a segmented type of game right there’s so many parts and breakages in this and that I think they kind of want to do away with that that’s what I think cuz he said that beta 3 will involve a change in design process based on Platinum’s experience creating the first two entries in the series so I’m guessing that based on what they’ve done before the structure they want to change the design of how they do it because that’s how beta the games are always laid out but why would you want to change that I’m thinking they want to create a seamless experience that’s what I’m thinking they want to do that beta at 3 we’ll have to wait and see on that though so so yeah shout outs to fury second with another dollar donation and he said one dollar through stream labs this time so I was the fury tiger that does make you the top stream ninja so we’re just gonna go ahead and leave that up on there and he says play something Sega all right we’ll play something Sega this is Bayonetta counts or anything since that’s basically say good mmm or actually no we’re gonna play some sonic with some sonic okay here we go chemical plant zone act 1 let me know how it sounds guys is it too loud not loud enough let me know in the chat play ii say yeah everybody put a sega sound shoutouts alright so what are you guys just thoughts on this um if you guys have thoughts questions comments concerns on anything when it comes to beta 2 3 let me know in the chat I’ll be more than happy to answer you guys questions on that and get you guys as thoughts as well so little low gotcha let’s turn it up here and we’ll also turn it up yeah how’s it not at this point perfect all right good all right so anything on bayonetta guys before you move on to the next topic see dude says do you think that either tada or Kamiya will be directing Bayonetta 3 no banana 3 is not directed I don’t think it’s working right come here but I know he’s like special consulting yeah I think I know he’s helping out for sure jerem Oh yo Frank Rodriguez what’s good my boy shoutouts good to see you here elite ninja special supporter Ambu black

top my boy Frank Rodriguez is here what’s good ma’am Sharma says just played the level today with the new controller played a played this level oh are you talk about Sonic okay cool so W says I haven’t played DMC for but DMC for is a good example of design changes uh DMC for works kind of yeah it’s kind of like that to where like after like it’s more seamless but it still has that like level at a level structure but yeah it definitely is a lot more seamless the movies like from like a Bayonetta standpoint so yeah yeah what’s up mage from Twitter how you doing today my boy and I think I heard you say that you’re six foot three you’re tall dude let’s see here um let’s see uh okay Oh J do you think Bayonetta be a be a trilogy and stop there no I think they’ll continue on I think they’ll continue on afterwards I don’t even really think they’re considering Bayonetta 3 that’s like I like at the end or anything like that I think they’re just considered as bein at at three I think there’s gonna be more done look that I missed the part you didn’t really miss anything we talked about bayonetta and basically them wanting to change the design philosophy of it so I have a more dedicated video in the morning but you didn’t miss too much we already we just talked about it you just you just miss what we talked about in terms of bayonet if we talk about I can’t keep on repeating it over and over so if you guys want just go ahead and just rewind the screen just a little bit and then you can hear what I said about Bayonetta 3 because otherwise I’m just gonna can do people just hop it in same video is there a bayonet it was like I just talked about it now we’re on questions about what I just talked about so I just rewind the students a little bit if you guys want to hear everything that I have to say because it was quite a bit so super on the streaming you’ll be able to hear that let’s see the substances I think you’re I think you’re right maybe a straight story without stopping at a level to a level spring yeah that’s what I’m thinking that they want to do away with that type of stop-and-go structure of it yeah we’re approaching we’re into the topics here guys we’re into the topics so we’re getting questions on the first time like I said I can’t I can’t keep repeating the same food that I’ve repeated over and over so yeah we’re talking about bayonetta and see this the reason why I do the 10 minute run off and this is the reason why I do shoutouts for a while and I do ninja news so we can try to get as many people in here as possible before we stop at toppings otherwise I’m just gonna have continues repeated the same people ask you to about the same topics so yeah basically let me just summarize it for those who just came in we do have 145 basically it seems like vendetta 3 is gonna have some different design choices and changes based on what Inaba who’s the producer of the game I had to say i theorize and speculated that they could be trying to do away with the structure set of my chapters and like the stop-and-go stuff so reverses and kind of make things more seamless for example near near automata seems like it’s going to or near the near game on the ps4 that is like a game passage just like an open structure open-ended right that’s sold really well so I think they might want to try to adapt the bayonetta maybe not into something that’s like in terms of it the open world or whatever but adapt up more to something like that to where it’s more seamless and not so stop-and-go you know based on that so let’s see here Gosling says do you think it could change like I’ve got awarded reducing inputs but increasing visual visuals and story quality I know I don’t think that they’re gonna go that far I think they’re gonna increase visuals and story quality but not reducing inputs because they need a to debated a1 already kind of like it it kind of reduced things a little bit for those who are hardcore intubated everyone but I think banner will paint it on one’s a little bit a little bit more technical at times in terms of timing but at the same time I think that they’re going to make it to where it it’s easier to play for some but I think they’re gonna take away like a lot of the varieties that you can do that’s just not platinum games and though you know although like if you look at near nears not a very complicated game but that game was never like that when it came to in flicks all that so yeah yeah what’s up skip it how’s it going my boy alright so do you think oh I read that I’ll link to hero I will so who do you think will be like the face of okay that’s just that’s a random question so hold on some random questions towards the end guys I’ll answer random questions towards the end unless you’re an elite ninja go ahead and rip away with some of those random questions I might answer if it’s based on something or might not but yeah late ninja answer questions but if I just start answering random questions and we’re talking about beta we’re gonna get off-topic pretty quickly I don’t wanna make sure that I stay on topic and stay on focus for each one throughout the show but hold on to that question and I’ll answer it towards the end or like I said you can do it you can do a donation and then I’ll answer it or you can or you can do it elite ninja non answers but I can’t just answer any questions otherwise I’ll never end let’s see here you think astral astral occupied manpower intended for Bayonetta 3 no not really they have multiple different development teams that Platinum Games so no I don’t really think it’s like taken away from whatever it’s doing they’re working on they’re working on both of them it’s no different than than any other game that where you have multiple teams working on something so no not really I mean maybe a bit but I mean it at the end of the day if Bayonetta 3 was a game that wasn’t going to be done at a certain point and a national chain was a game

that’s gonna be finished sooner and that’s fine let them work on the game that’s gonna be finished sooner I’d rather have beta 2 3 I rather have beta 2 3 later and done better than then pushed to the front forward and then actually chain comes later they should I think that’s a good idea make astral chain now because it’s astral change seems I mean obviously it’s done right so like get that game out obviously that’s good that’s not good beta that three looks like to be the much bigger game the national chain actual times gonna be awesome it’s gonna be amazing for beta that three seems like it’s going to be something like on another level for the most part so because they have what they have a standards in the book too compared to astral chain which is a brain wipe all right so let’s see you hold on to random questions towards the end guys and I answer random questions towards the end Angie gaming everybody who’s asking me a random questions hold onto those towards the end I don’t know how many love to say it’s safe but uh hold off the red no questions towards the end guys and I promise I’ll answer those at the end or like I said become an elite ninja or put a donation if you must have your question answered right away then put a donation and put your question in there and I’ll answer for you says do you think III will have more returning hero beta 3 or at least a trailer yeah I think there will be at least at least a trailer at e3 at least a trailer or at some more information there’s gotta be there’s gotta be so absolutely Shadow King says do you think with this info coming we may see been in at 3 at e3 yeah basically yeah I think so do you think we’ll get a beta in a trilogy when beta 3 comes out all three games physical no that won’t happen that’s the reason why they already released Bayonetta 3 physical right or sorry Bane it it’s 1 & 2 you can get that in a pack and then that you can just by beta into three there’s no point in trying to make a whole new SKU with all three games in there like why what’s what’s the point of doing that because this is gonna be it’s gonna be a physical mess right I mean it’s like you’re probably not gonna want to put the cartridge sighs are you gonna put two cartridges in there like this you’re just better off just buying the game just buying the game separate and having your own having that babe with beta 2 1 & 2 and then having made it at 3 but I don’t think they’re gonna do any type of weird shoving them all into one cartridge or anything like that so yeah you said can’t play Bayonetta too many drift problems just use a pro controller you should be fine there should be no problems at all don’t use the joint cons use it use a pro controller there shouldn’t be any drift problems or just play the game on Wii U or just like I said use a pro can children you don’t have no drift problems whatsoever what timeframe do you think beta 3 will be released at timeframe I think it’s gonna be our early 2020 game early 2020 that’s what I think I think a certain is gonna be a good game to expect what we can get from Bayonetta 3 I don’t really think that they have much to do with each other to be honest I think asshole Shane is gonna be more in tune with near in terms of maybe the structure how it plays like certain things it looks kind of a lot what it looks like near more like it to me where it’s going to be far more simpler inputs than Bayonetta and gameplay or maybe even a structure but that’s kind of like that more so than Bayonetta to be honest because it’s the same director who worked on near and I can see that I don’t think it’s gonna be a complex like input type of game equipped in weapons on your hands and feet and I call Bayonetta is like I think beignet is gonna be more in line with like a double may cry or you know something like that more so than then I think astral chain is a bit of a different type of game just saw your tweet with the major W so congrats man you deserve it thank you I appreciate that I do appreciate that bein in the three will be February 2020 I’m een I think that it could be that I mean I know that the original Bayonetta 1 and 2 launched in February but I think it’s gonna be an early February I don’t know when I don’t know when in early 2020 but I don’t know if it’s gonna be like an early February or whatever the case is but I think that it’s gonna be early 2020 some point first quarter 2020 before the before the fiscal year ends so I think even it could be like a March that could be like the game that they always released and that always releases a game like at the end of March right before the fiscal year ends Bayonetta it could be that game usually they do like that Kirby or they do a Yoshi or something like that in March I know with the switch obviously the switch launched in March so I mean that’s a little bit different but I know like they did an April end of April game with Mario Kart 8 deluxe I know the next year made in Kirby and then this past year they did Yoshi so I think bei that it could be that game I see is actually an open-world but no I don’t think it’s open war I think it’s like it there’s probably some open-ended areas but I don’t think it’s gonna be I don’t think it’s gonna be an open-world game I think they would have already stated if it was going to be I don’t I don’t think so though I think Japan got been in one physical in a collector’s edition they did get made into one physical in a collector’s edition you’re right about that you are right however if you first print runs of Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U those ones have a physical edition in there so if you can track down one of those and if you got a Wii U that’s a physical edition of Bayonetta one for you on a Nintendo system but yeah those aren’t those are hard to find because that was definitely a all right here you guys go here’s a you know this is a you guys want any Bayonetta one here you go cuz I was like a big it wasn’t a controversy but I was like a big thing like we didn’t know that we were getting baited

a one with Bane in it – and like people kept on freaking spamming hideki kamiya as twitter and everything like saying i’m like instead just waiting for them to announce it like they just kept people just kept on and like and then Camille was just like Korea got tired of it was like go ask Nintendo for it and like the whole time that you said that like they’re obviously working on Bayonetta 1 and then they finally announced Bayonetta one with like extras and stuff like that so so yeah yeah and then they did get blocked yeah everybody who sat there and cried to commune all that blocked yeah yeah cuz he got tired of it because it’s like why are you sitting here and asking him for bayonetta one like as if he has the power to bring as if he has like the money to bring back its Nintendo’s decision they’re publishing the freaking game they’re spending the money on development again if you want Bayonetta one then go ask Nintendo why are you asking her lucky Kamiya as if he has as if he has that power to approve a bayonet a one port you know what I’m saying like go ask the Tendo then if you go if you want something Alaskan Tendo for it so anyway alright so let’s move on here do you guys have any other questions on this doctor IDO Eidos hammer says how would they never even Traverse an open and open world I don’t know she can she can turn into a bat she can turn into a panther so I mean there’s plenty of ways that she can do it at a very fast pace you ever played Bayonetta 1 and 2 she can literally turn into a panther and run it and run across the stage at high speed so that’s that’s a very easy way for her to traverse it’s just fast she’s fast as hell dude so so yeah there you go just double tap the what was it the what’s it called the Dodge button and she turns into a panther was right she just runs um let’s see here Donal manases I feel like platinum has Sega’s syndrome – too many games and development where they should just focus on one or two games and make those great how how was Babylon’s Falls supposed to fit into all this um yeah I mean you could be right on that platinum is a big studio though you have to you have to realize that platinum has like 100 in length 50 plus members so you do have to realize that so there’s no reason for them to focus on just one or two games you don’t need the type give me that they make you don’t need a hundred and fifty people on that one game you have to run branzino but Chronicles 2 is made with 40 people you know what I’m saying to 40 people 40 people made Xenoblade Chronicles – alright not saying that that should be the norm but that just kind of gives you an idea of like okay well what can you do if you have an established base of an engine or a game or know what you want to do you know any you need to make a game do you you don’t really necessarily need 100 something people to make this now I know Western development has us all thinking that yeah you need 10,000 people to make one game cuz like one Assassin’s Creed game takes a thousand people but like you really don’t need 152 people working on one game I mean that’s enough for at least two to three games to be honest maybe even more I mean if you split teams up into 50s so I really like one one do a fifty one team in 50 another team of 50 and if they got a hundred fifty people working there you know that’s enough to have at least three games I mean you don’t necessarily need and like people then you have like people that are you know directors that are looking over multiple different things that can help with it but you actually don’t need like the zillion people on the quality of a game that they do and when it comes to like Bayonetta because they don’t spend the money that Western Studios spend on games they don’t spend the type of money like um like the voice acting and graphics like these type of dudes do I mean unless they’re given that money of course I must have given it um so yeah let’s see you’re glad you were in high spirits I’m always in high spirits critter says what did I miss cat I missed a little bit kind of missed a lot great video on Sega thank you which would pinion I appreciate that alright so let’s go to any other questions when it comes to Bayonetta Shadow King 1982 says was the Japanese version that came with Bayonetta 1 have English or was a pure Japanese um the Japanese version should should have been it should have it in English I think but I’m not a hundred percent sure you got a check player or whatever for that oh I forgot to say thanks for staying over the LAN adapter uh yeah it’s coming it’s coming I just saw I I’ve been behind on messages so yeah it’s it’s coming to make sure you use it though jump on I mean because you should already have a LAN adapter so make sure you use it link the hero viral says questions you ready for the next topic I think I’m ready for the next all right so we’ve got a new trailer and release date for blood-stained ritual of the night so let’s go ahead and check it out here guys we’re gonna watch this new trailer it’s actually pretty funny the trailer is funny so if you haven’t seen it I think this will be a funny trailer to watch so let’s do it let’s get into this trailer for a blood stain ritual of the night and we got a release date so we’ll talk about the release date as well let’s just sit back and enjoy this trailer first and foremost more so than anything so we’ll see ya oh wait hold on hold up this is probably really small for a lot of you guys to

text so let’s go ahead and let’s get it to where it’s like that and let me just go ahead and make this make my reaction stuff smaller we’ll just make my screen a bit smaller here all right so here we go alright so now you guys can probably see it a bit better firstly the lighting is the number one thing I want to see improved I have my hopes high but boy does this look rough while the gameplay feels and everything looks good and really wrap the tree open for me they definitely should delay the game make a little bit more power so people basically complaining let’s talk about people complaining all the comments this looks awful aesthetically what brand manager even doing looks like poop so it looks like poop hold on let me replay that uninvited course Napoli tonight well that’s coming out a week later on the switch switch version comes out in 25th they’re all the same price $39.99 now here’s a couple problems though well this is all wall while this is all fine and dandy the game is looking a lot better the switch is probably gonna look just about as good as this however I think it’s come at a great cost for the switch version of the game because I don’t think they have the money or the time in order to make the switch version 60 frames for a second or they’d have to downgrade the graphics quite a bit I think if the old graphics stayed in line I think this switch version would have been 60 frames per second what they’re going for however this is obviously not a simple looking one in two percent like simple looking game I still think it should be 60 frames per second on switch but it’s not it’s already been confirmed to be 30 now there could there be an update in the future there could be but that’s the only issue that I have is like okay people emphasizing graphics graphics graphics well unfortunately it got our it got our frame rate cut to 30 you know so very unfortunate for the Nintendo switch version of it switch version of the game because it’s at 30 frames per second instead of 40 sorry instead of 60 frames for a second so I’m gonna be purchasing the Xbox one version in addition to I already have a backer switch version of the game just because I want to be able to play the game portably so I think portably it won’t be a problem but when it comes to actually extreme the game and everything I’ll probably just trimming on the Xbox one so unfortunately the graphics people emphasizing graphics graphics graphics so much probably got the frame rate cut to 30 because there it’s gonna look just as good the switch version is gonna look graphically as good as the Xbox one and ps4 and all the other versions however I just don’t think they have the manpower to sit there and really work through it based on how long and based how the switch version came out like late essentially like the switch dev kits and all that came late this was supposed to be this game was supposed to be on the Wii U you know I’m saying I think this was a Wii U game so the fact that they had to switch over the fact that you know there’s just so much going on with this game and so much work that they had I mean I’ve never seen so much dude there was just so much pressure on these developers like to get this done because it’s been however many years I mean you’re sitting here to talk about a game it made four million dollars and people talk about the graphics as if if it’s a game that’s supposed to be like maybe like a 15 million dollar budget or something like that this is a four this is an indie game and we’re crapping on the game with the graphics and everything as if it’s a freakin 30 40 50 million dollar game from EA or something like that as if it’s like it’s like Mass Effect Andromeda or if it’s like I mean like I was a little upset with how many people I mean I get it you want the graphics to be better and everything and I understand that you you want things but Jesus Christ man like I think it was a little excessive for the for the budget of the game it’s not like people are acting like the game was like a million I do five hundred million dollars to make or something like that it’s nice it’s a freaking indie game you know so it is what it is let’s see I’m in for this which person I don’t care about 30 frames for a second but to be 100 fair

if the dinner can get smashed and been added to the run on six minutes per second they can definitely do it that’s true they can but they don’t have the development that’s what I’m saying this the reason why I emphasize it’s an indie game they don’t have the development team they’re already being stretched thin as it is and so that’s what they had to bring in an extra publisher because the money that they got didn’t cover all did it they didn’t cover the quality of this game the quality of this game is a lot higher from what I’m hearing and from what the features of the game are the quality of this game is a lot higher than before million that they got there is no way in hell that this is a this is a standard four million dollar game or whatever the case is you cannot make a game with the graphics that it has even in 2d the graphics that it has the game plan the features I mean like let’s let’s look over some of the features there’s no way an indie developer can make a game this high of quality with four million dollars there’s just no way that you can do it but what they’re doing there’s no way so let’s look at the features in the game spiritual successor vast and deep gameplay unlocks spells powers fine craft and upgrade several types of weapons and special items to maintain Miriam’s appearance mix and match gear all of that stuff takes manpower development time to balance all that high fidelity 2.5 D graphics rendered in 3d with 2d sights : this isn’t like pixel art guys this isn’t like the type of games that usually see with barely I mean they have really good graphics and bare-bones like content or bare-bones type of like gameplay mechanics I mean no shocked at Chinon but that’s kind of what shit it is right you have really good graphics and not really a lot of gameplay like in terms of mechanics that’s what they send it makes very simple games they don’t make complex mechanics or RPG elements into their games they just make very simple things because they focus on just the graphical look of the game with a small budget two million three million four million and you’re a small team but you can’t make all the different gameplay mechanics all that stuff and make 3d rendered graphics three point our 3d undergrad our 3d graphics rendered in 2.5 D with all this content in their online modes and offline modes so you have a boss rush you have speed run classic nightmare you have roguelike mode we have games that are literally built with three or four million dollars that are all they are is just rogue games that’s all they are they don’t even have the regular game built into that I mean unparalleled replay value found nowhere else in the genre I believe them when they say that too by the way orchestrated music from Castlevania veterans they also have the biggest castle ever blood-stained game is the world it bloodstains game ruled is the biggest of cozy garages entire career so it’s bigger than Symphony of the Night and all the DS games with a map size almost two times as big as Symphony of the Night there you go multiple characters to choose from aside from the Atlantic Merriam there’s a secret playable characters awaiting discovery so this is a fully featured game there’s no way you do that with four point five million dollars or whatever they got you know so so yeah there’s a physical edition of the game yes there is they already announced that a while back love-love empath says I personally liked the old art style do you think that will be playable along with the new do I think that will be playable along with no it’s not gonna be playable d the old art style is just bad it’s not as good as graphics it’s it’s the same art style the art style is the same this just the graphics are better it’s just shiny er there’s no change in art style it’s just it’s just the graphics are better and films is absolutely true I get that they’re running on limited time and switch optimization but prolong even more totally get it yeah Bay data is almost 50 frames per second with dips into the high forties and being at a poor and switch kind of bad not really it’s actually mostly runs at 60 frames per second it doesn’t really get into 40s or 50s too much it really much runs at a pretty from what I saw from digital foundry runs that pretty much 60 frames for a second with some dips there’s not really much 40s or anything like that the switch port is actually really good and it’s the best version of bayonetta obviously the best version of bayonetta 2 so now I don’t know where you’re in that it’s like 40s all the time and it’s bad it’s actually a really good part of the game and digital foundry also said that as well so if you’re pulling that from them they said it’s a really good and it plays really well so so yeah let’s see y’all know I watched The Gentle foundry video but like it’s not a bad part of the game that’s the thing it’s not about it’s not about port of the game there’s some dips here and there but that doesn’t mean it’s a it’s a horrible port or anything like that so so ya know it’s all good don’t you try let’s see here movin on Shadow King and you forgot to mention that they did say that it’s an amazing port of the game and most of the time it plays 60 frames for a second and a place laud you forgot to mention that ah but it’s okay it’s okay I’ll mention it for you Shadow King neck 32 says this comes just in time for me to play through curse of the Moon and that was as n gets you in the trailer okay there you go let’s see it BC says there’s absolutely no dips in this which residents luck to see no there’s some there’s some dips based on what digital foundry said and they recorded there’s some dips here and there but it’s it’s a salt it’s it’s solid it runs good enough it feels good to play when it comes to Bayonetta 2 it’s and it’s much improved over the Wii U version of the game that has that’s that the Wii U version of the game is like in 40s a lot of the time and sometimes it hits 60 but it’s a lot of 50s and forties the Wii U version however the switch version is definitely much more in 60 but there are some ditches here and there but it’s nowhere near it’s not as bad as the Wii U version of the game so the thing about

it though here’s the reason why I like that you said that though do you see let’s talk about framerate and I guess we can kind of move it to frame rate and all this stuff like that most of the time when you play a game especially a game that targets 60 and you’re playing the game and there might be a dip or two or whatever the case is I can Bayonetta two’s case for example you’re most of the time you’re not gonna be sitting there you’re not gonna be doing that you’re not gonna think unless you’re the weirdos at digital foundry most people when you play a game you’re just gonna play and whatever like you you’re not gonna some internal framerate clock in your head that can tell what it goes from 60 to 57 there there’s no way that you’re paying today if you’re paying attention to that but obviously are not paying attention to the game you know as somebody who’s been playing Bayonetta games forever okay on the original Xbox you can tell there’s some framerate dips there but that game it was still super fun with some of the frame dips or whatever the case was you know in that game actually there’s some frame dips to like 30 or whatever the case is or maybe even lower than that you know but the game is still good still runs at 60 180 when you and you know it’s still a fun game to play when I was playing Bayonetta – yeah I think it’s at some points you kind of feel it but the controls are so fluid and everything runs great enough to where I didn’t really have any problems with Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U so when the switch person came out it was so much more improved that I was like you know this is pretty much just like perfect man so for me it wasn’t an issue oh you’re okay hold up I asked if that was then get to not stating if it was all you asked if it was okay gotcha let’s see no one handheld loaded dips in the the big boss battles okay but but but doc but doc that’s great well no but you made it seem as if it’s a horrible quarter of the game and you made it seem as if they didn’t speak positively even in portable mode the game still runs really good you’re saying oh well it’s kind of bad of a porno but they still said it runs good and it still runs better than the Wii U version of the game so you’re sitting there and saying that it’s a bad app or it when it’s in handheld mode when it’s actually not that’s not the case and that’s not what they said you’re making up your own you’re making up your own thing and based off that you’re using digital foundry from what you want to use them for but then making up your own assertions basement and not saying everything that they did say though that that’s what I called you out on nothing else but if you feel that that’s the case that’s fine but just make sure that you say everything you cherry picked one thing and then when I told you well wait a minute no that’s not the case you didn’t mention handheld and docked you added that in noun after I called you out on that so just just I mean like I said I see what I get it but I mean if you’re gonna say something to be particular about it cuz you didn’t say anything about handheld and docked now you added that in after you got caught out on it because you’re wrong so but anyway moving on um all right so I’ll see let’s here I love em it says would it be okay if you if they make a live-action Fire Emblem movie that’s a random question all that’s a random questions towards the end and I’ll answer those random questions ah let’s see here um let’s see let’s see hmm any other questions you guys have when it comes to if when it comes to any of the when it comes to blood-stained ritual of the night blood-stained ritual of the night anything when it comes to those type of type of topics I missed the release date of blood-stained I didn’t even say it let me talk about it so the release date of blood stain so on ps4 Xbox one PC via Steam and a GOG it’s launching on June 18th so that is an interesting date oh man that’s an interesting date hopefully I can get it a little bit earlier than that so it’s launching on June 18th for the switch version its launching the next week on the 25th so June 18th for a ps4 Xbox one PC GOG and then June 25th for the switch version of the game let’s see questions do you know for sure this which version is bei bei came out and said that it’s not sixty frames for a second 505 games came out and officially confirmed that they said that it’s thirty because but it’s gonna probably be the same graphics as the ps4 and Xbox one version of the game let’s see yeah dude my bad I didn’t want to explain too much it’s all good you don’t have to apologize no no need to apologize my boy no need to apologize influences I’m from the school that’s something like smash and then K I’ve been benefit from 60 frames-per-second a Metroidvania is fine at 30 yeah I don’t think I’m Metroidvania personally for me I don’t think it Metroidvania has to be 60 frames for a second I mean Metroidvania or metroid games or Metroidvania games have ran at 30 before and it’s fine not all make sure the games run at 60 not all Castlevania games run at 60 and they can beat they can be still be good it’d be preferable for 60 but I don’t think if it’s a solid 30 locked and it’s fluid and there’s no frame pricing issues or anything like there it’s very small if it’s if it’s like it’s just a smooth 30 and being able to play a smooth 30 any way that

you want I mean unfortunately they kind of put you into this like a mortal kombat situations where it’s like well I guess I gotta buy both like I know a lot of people who bought Mortal Kombat on switch and on ps4 or switch and on Xbox one so they can have that portable Mortal Kombat experience to where they can play that anywhere play against the friends at work and everything is like that’s that’s what’s been going up Aaron that’s what’s been going down a lot people are taking mortal come back to work and playing on their lunch breaks and for me to be something to where I want to play blood I want to play through blood stay and like and put it on sleep mode like that I got work I you know I played sylvania I used to play order of ecclesia when I was at work just like chillin you know so I’m always a big fan of playing like Metroidvania is whenever I get time like lying down in bed and playing them and stuff like that I’m not really huge on jacking into a TV and playing Metroidvania games or anything like that I rather play Castlevania games or Metroid games portable that’s that’s my preferred way because I I’ve always loved that you know from the very you know from the very start of them even though Cynthia tonight I didn’t play that back in the day when everybody else did but you know all the like the DS the DS Castlevania games is really where they got me like got me hooked I wasn’t really I didn’t have a Playstation so I couldn’t place it the other night back then all I had was Super Nintendo and we just had Castlevania four and stuff like that so um it wasn’t until the D s that’s when I actually started getting into actual like Metroid mania and my first one that I beat myself without any type of stupidity or anything was Castlevania Dona sorrow that’s the first one that I played in B and I played that portable obviously was on the DS so so yeah that’s where I started so I’ve always liked portable Castlevania more so than like jacket intellect I don’t think you need a console to play Castlevania you know what I think Castle mean is a good game line down that for me at least but that’s just me all right take it easy doctor he knows hammer appreciate that what kind of game is what stay and sorry just just got to the stream now um it’s a Metroidvania so think Castlevania think bet so I put them together Metroidvania been handed three this year bro who baited it three this year boom Baron I should have known I looked at I looked at who who commented and I knew I knew it was him dude I don’t think Bayonetta threes coming this year man you still think it is I don’t think it’s coming this year let’s see your link the hero of Hyrule says the creator of Castlevania made blood-stained no he wasn’t the creator of Castlevania he’s the creator of Metroidvania so he created symphony of the night and the Metroidvania style of games not that not Castlevania itself so yeah P podcast tonight yeah we’re gonna have the PE podcast tonight since I’m back and everything’s cool yeah P podcast tonight um let’s see here dumb question but what is gog gog is good old games it’s owned by the same developers who make the witcher they own it and they run it it’s basically like steam but not Steam for PC gaming so yeah any other questions on this one if not we can move on to the next topic guys I think I’ll probably buy both ps4 and Switzer’s and compare because I’m weird like that yeah I mean it’s not a full price game so I mean if you buy the ps4 and you buy this which version of the game you’re gonna be spending $80 plus tax so it’s about 20 bucks more so you can think of it that way think of it as like a double pack think of as a as a double pack cuz it’s 40 bucks a pop so you can think of it as a double pack you got 20 extra dollars don’t eat fast food for the next couple months and there you go there’s your extra 20 for the games let’s see here I’m not answered any random questions guys so I’m not answering random questions right now so let’s see your JC swarm says player since will blood stain live up to the hype well both say live up to the hype um for some though for some yeah it will for some no I think that some people are expecting way too much out of this game like some people are expecting it to be like the freakin greatest game ever that’s why you have all these people crying about graphics and stuff like that but hey if it pushed them to though I mean we got multiple delays I don’t know if it was work at the end of the day I don’t think that graphical polish was worth the delays but hey whatever as somebody who’s an original backer I was not expecting this game to be like the greatest looking game ever I mean people still out here buying city the night playing Rondo blood saying this is great and then I hear crapping on graphics on Blood thing that sold the night’s graphics but hey whatever it is what it is a lot of times consumers sometimes they’ll they’ll they’ll give you $20 and say give me I want I want high-end anthem graphics you know I’m saying like then they it’s not the same type of thing so but so either way whatever um let’s see a bus think curse of the move is such a great game so I expect for tonight to be great yeah it should be good but it’s gonna be like what’s think curse of a moon is it’s so much smaller scale compared to blood stain ritual deny I mean did you see all the features that this game has on crystal movies it’s cool but it doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of content

as this game so so yeah I’m not talking any like cut like I’m not talking I don’t care about any cup head frame rate whatever whatever whatever you guys whatever you guys are feeling or whatever you guys are playing that’s the truth if you guys think that there’s some there’s some framerate issues with that sometimes then it is if you guys feel that it’s not there isn’t I’ve already talked about I talked about cut pad on my channel so if you wanna hear my opinion cut paddock impacts on the channel you can look at it yourself I already talked about it so I’m not gonna repeat you know some stuff like random stuff but cuphead we’re not talked about I’m not talking about cut it so people ask me questions about cut better I already that’s all the up on the channel so you guys can get my opinion on that there alright so moving on to the next topic here guys or you can wait till random questions and then you can answer you can ask me the question there let’s see her soon 51 says okay so we got Sudha Sudha is back and he’s teasing and he’s teasing and another announcement for Mohawk on 2019 so you gotta be careful with these Sudha teases you gotta be careful with these soot of teases because when to because sometimes you’ll tease something and it’s not anything really like super great or anything like that so we’ll see Allah people are saying oh we’re gonna get a No More Heroes three announcement I don’t know about that I don’t know about it but walk away and see so go into suda51 Sudha we’ll make another announcement at mumble Colin 2019 during his Chavez talks again with suda51 panel on online panel a lot on online schedule lists for May 25th at 2:30 p.m. Pt 5:30 p.m. ET which will be live streamed on Twitch at mobile con 2018 sudha announced killer7 was coming to steam in partnership with publisher NIS America will have a donation in just a bit it was released in November 2018 in January this year sue the lead grasshopper studio manufacturer released Travis trucks again No More Heroes for the switch l’amour con 2019 runs from May 23rd to the 26th at the Georgia World Congress Center and Omni Hotel in Atlanta so we’ll see what he announces maybe it’s another like PC game like I don’t know something else that he’s done before maybe No More Heroes one two we’re coming to PC I’m not sure we’ll have to wait and see so that’s the Tim W with $0.99 donation to super site thank you so much Tim W I appreciate the donation my boy all right so let’s continue on here lollipop chainsaw 2 okay lollipop chainsaw – um let’s see no more heroes three would be cool but I want killer7 to get a sequel cuz that game is fired dude I don’t know if killer7 is ever going to be you know fixed at all like I don’t know if that’s not fix but I I don’t know if killer7 is like if that’s like that might be like a dead franchise you know to me that could be it that could be a dead franchise so what the way he will have to wait and see on that on on that one let’s see here the best part of the chiller is when Itoh side through the glass accounts at that matter savage has pretty cool that’s pretty cool that’s the year all right any other any other questions when it comes to Momo Khan and suit if you wanted on that and if not then we can kind of move into like other stuff or like rant random topics and all that so yeah I do want to check out a game though called I think it’s called I forgot what it was I was on my Twitter account and there’s this game that caught my eye that I want I think I want to play it’s like a resident evil clone it’s called it’s called resin residents of evil look at this game dude residents of evil hold up it’s on Steam here hold up here my name is Alicia Wallace and I will find out what happened to my daughter at any cost wait is it called quick it’s not called resonance it’s called them and oh sorry Babylon’s you showed them in us where’s the gameplay at though well here we go

no more heroes and shadows yeah residents residents of Evil’s that fan community it’s called vamonos reminisce it’s like old school Resident Evil’s solve puzzles discover the mystery rt6 a little look like already 6 to be rapid Weiss cut that they puke on me just remember that cameras gonna be an issue halation yeah but it looks like revelations that’s what it looks like to me more so than Resident Evil’s it looks like a rebel like Revelations to me the Resident Evil six looks a lot better graphically than this game even on the 360 this looks more like the rest of the revelations for in terms of graphics wise revelations poor demo out them like because the game isn’t expensive this is not like a full this game is on early access it’s it’s $11 games normally 15 bucks so this is not like a huge you know I’ve got to think about it that way guys this is literally like the price of like these pixel games that we buy on this switch you know it’s 15 dollars for this game but it’s early access it’s not done so yeah I think it looks pretty cool for the price and everything looks good looks cool to me alright so if you’ve got questions I’ve got answers feel free to drop questions in the chat hashtag player essence app players and so I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions so go ahead and let me hear it guys I know a lot of guys were asking random questions more so this this fact than not even after I said guys hold onto questions I can answer them at the end people still we’re dropping random questions throughout the whole stream so if you’ve got those questions bring them back out and I’ll be more than happy to answer them guys remember this is a two-hour show so we got plenty of time plenty of time to kind of go over things and all that so let’s do it did you get a chance to see the borderlands 3 gameplay yeah already I already saw it yesterday it’s cool but I mean like I’m already ready for the game like I don’t I don’t I don’t need to sit there and watch a bunch of game play over and over for the game like I don’t like doing that anymore like if I already know that I’m gonna buy a game because I’m gonna like the game then just give me the game I don’t need to see constant game player all that so yeah I saw I watched a little clip watched a few minutes looks good moving on favorite Zelda game breath of the wall got a job interview tomorrow wish me luck man shoutouts hopefully you get the job dude I think just going there be calm you know be collected and just do your thing you’ll get the job dude you’ll get the job prices are they announced being it at 3:00 already did they announce bandit 3 already beta 3 is better now since late 2017 wave Symphony says should i preorder bloodstained also do you think there will be a collector’s edition I don’t think there’s a collector’s edition for anyway that’s not like a backer so no there’s not gonna be a normal collector’s edition and look at

the game did you see the trailer for the game if you think if you like Metroidvania as than yeah pre-order the game a date a date I mean that no there’s not a date yet if there was a date then it would say Bayonetta 3 dated in the title of the video if there was an actual date it would say Bennett we just talked about some of the design consoles and things that they said that they’re gonna be changing with it and we I speculated on what that could be I’ve more of a full video kind of going over my findings tomorrow morning but not if guys if it’s something never gets like a date trust me he’ll be in the title blank Bayonetta 3 dated yeah well it’s not just gonna say Bayonetta 30 in the title it’ll say beta 2 3 dated so yeah Batman says rejoice for the for that deuce from Sega fellas Sega is just it’s hi what do you expect from e3 2019 games what do I expect I don’t know what to expect immediately 2019 games I have no idea but I’ve been doing a road to e3 series where we go over different things so talking about like monolith soft and talk about paper Mario’s so check out those videos that’s what I kind of think maybe could be going down but I have no idea what to expect outside of that you with the title beta 2 3 dated as well let me see it says Bayonetta 3 and then there’s there’s a full stop and it says there was like a bracket and he says blood stain ritual of the night dated how did you read it as bane in a3 dated there’s a full stop there’s a space a full stop a bar it’s clear it says blood stain ritual denied dated and then there’s another bar so clearly separating the topics I don’t I don’t get how you read Bayonetta 3 dated I don’t understand that did you alter I don’t understand how you guys read it is dated I didn’t put I don’t want a quick pic you guys would stuff that’s clearly not there but I don’t I didn’t see it is that but my bad if you guys read it has been here three dated I I thought I’d clearly separated it but my bad my bad if it was that way my bad if I’m sorry let’s see how were the sales for Traverse strikes again back LOL how are the sales they didn’t announce the sell so we don’t know how we don’t know how it was shadow king says I’m how long does the switch need to sell in Japan to convince Nihon Falcom to release trails of cold steel trails trails with cold steel or even trails in the sky for the switch I don’t think it I don’t think it I don’t think the sales matter if the sales matter than they would have already released it on the switch I skipped all the others I just read the beginning and the end okay alright let’s see I think it’s safe to say we’ve all will see No More Heroes 3x day I think it’s all horribly what are you basing the sales off of and what were the sales goals in order for Batman what were the sales goals for Travis trucks again No More Heroes what was the development budget the sales goals and what would be what they needed to sell in order to see No More Heroes three about to hear yours perspective on that Andrej Lauren says lol it’s it’s how it’s how I read I usually speed the usually speed read and fill in the blanks got you my bad dude that might be especially for a P like that might not be good because we have so many topics that need to be discussed so I want to know because I’m looking at it from based on like some of the sources that I have that has data on sales and I want to see where you think it’s to where you’d say I think it’s safe to say we won’t see no more heroes because you sold hope I want to I want to know what what information you got them there all they said is that it sold well they would make no more heroes three when the game released I didn’t even see in the the best sells on the switch shop well one one thing I mean let me get correcting on that they didn’t say that if it sold well they would 100% make no more heroes who they just said they’re kind of looking at that to help out with it it was kind of more PR more so than anything and I’m surprised that you got tricked by a simple PR statement when it comes to those type of things but it sold well we don’t know what well means obviously they just wanted to sell good and they want to sit there and bait you guys in to buy anything well we buy all three buddy buys this then we can get no more heroes three so that’s just Sula playing Paul – oh God give me one second guys I have to answer this real quick give me one second and I’ll finish off with that one second hello hello you my gosh so stupid I already muted myself guys the mute takes a look the mute

takes a little bit of time before it goes over to you guys I already muted it calm down anyway what you guys hear and what actually is happening sometimes it does it’s not always one to one so just keep that in mind anyway moving on the stupid these stupid salespeople keep calling me man like they call me at the worst time so I’ve told them a million times like my internet company stop calling me stop calling me for this and that like stop calling me I don’t want your stupid TV packages and all this stuff like that like they keep on trying to sell me on this stuff and I tell them that I don’t care no I thought it was a number I thought it was a different number but no it was just the same people that keep on calling me to make sure I put it anyway regardless of that moving on either way basically I want to know like I want to know where it says based on like it’s not based on eat up trucks because the game was sold physically as well so the game wasn’t the game wasn’t digital only the game was a physical game too and lot of people bought the game physical so I want to know where what they wanted and you said sells well so what would that be so you base well on a game only on eShop sales you don’t base it on everything else and what was their barometer for what they needed that’s what I want to know well Travis X game was only on the eShop top selling list for a week or two there’s about a 15 on top 300k but there was also a physical edition of the game were probably more people buy the game physical because the physical version of the game was the better than the eShop version of the game so more people are gonna buy the game physical probably because it’s Travis strikes to get it’s no more heels people will probably want that game physical not digital so can you tell me where the sales were so it’s safe to say based off of that where is it safe to say that’s what I want to know like I said we do facts here guys we don’t do this maybe’s or also or make purely put that you’re speculating that’s what I want to know where is it safe to say based off of what based off from what based off of eShop they stop for one week at each shop sales or whatever the case is based off of that let me know let’s see here so so yeah that’s fair enough okay I hear you they never made it clear so you make a good point well there you go they never made it clear so I make a good point exactly we don’t know what they said it sounded more like marketing to me the thing is I don’t get tricked by marketing like a lot of you guys get tricked they’re just gonna say something obviously because they want you to buy it No More Heroes do you probably what it came regardless you know what I’m saying like if No More Heroes 3 does come I don’t think it’s all based off with Travis strikes again if they want to make No More Heroes 3 don’t make No More Heroes 3 because like whatever money you get from Travis strikes again that’s not gonna fully fund No More Heroes 3 so I mean like if they’re gonna make if they want to make it they’ll make it they already know good and well at this game what the sales predictions on what they’re gonna make for this game they know good and well it’s it’s it’s a bait to get you guys to buy the game which is fine you know which is why I didn’t fall into this hole let’s all buy no more heroes Travis strikes again or Travis did you guys see me doing that no because I’m not gonna sit here and bait you guys with this stupidity you guys didn’t see me doing that even though they said that I wasn’t out there telling you guys in campaign and saying by Travis strikes is a stupid it’s a marketing ploy I know I’m in marketing myself I went to school for it I know what they’re trying to do so I didn’t sit there trying to tell you guys dude so we can get no more heroes 3 I was like dude if they want to make no more heroes 3 don’t make no more heroes 3 if you want to buy the game then buy the game whatever this is what they said whatever that’s basically how I handled it you know um so let’s see here um it was very low on the NPD charts dude does that how is it safe to say based off of that that the game is all of a sudden we’re not gonna get it they didn’t give us any type of thing lots of games are very long the NPD charts or don’t show up at all in the NPD charts you know that right but still are profitable and make money you are you aware of that the NPD charts is just the u.s. games are sold worldwide Travis trucks again no more arrows will sold worldwide so what is there to tell me based off of what we know from them this game is not a freaking multi kazillion dollars a mit San indie game made with Unreal Engine 4 with about 10 to 15 people okay that’s about 10 to 50 people that made this game they sold the game at a premium price of $40 okay for an indie game made by about 10 to 15 people that was self-published so please tell me how much this game needs to sell in order for you to think that it’s safe to say that there’s not gonna be no more heroes 3 let me know because you guys keep on BC and you guys keep on bringing up all these dumb points so please feel free feel free to let me know what you think that because of the MPD that it’s supposed to store whatever the case is from a game made by 10 to 15 people okay with a small tiny budget on Unreal Engine 4 so let me know although some people did a crappy job that has nothing to do what you’re trying to say though that’s we’re not talking about the quality of the game now your made now you’re making up now you’re making up other stuff go play your michael chen bc go put go play go buy some microtransactions and dragon quest rivals or whatever you I think you’ve

been you’ve got both place of Michael Chan that you’re not making you’re not make finish your finish but actually make a point stop tagging me and make and and freakin do using what about isms you know and bringing up other questions and other stuff like make your point make your point actually make your point what you’re trying to say don’t just bring up stuff and randomly throw the topic but something else that’s nothing your opinion on the quality of the game has nothing to do what we were talking about the sales first you’re talking about sales then you want to go to about the quality of the game when I make a good point and I say well it doesn’t need to chart high on the NPD it’s an indie game most indie games don’t chart on MPD sales euro well the game is not good at the TV anyway um once again most indie games don’t charge it’s an indie game so so yeah Mick Mick can you make a point can you can you make a poool can you make a solid point that that supports what you’re trying to say make a point if you don’t have a point to make this stop tagging me dude I’m gonna start ignoring what I started knowing your comments if less you unless you’re clearly joking then I get that okay and then I get it and you’re obviously you’re clearly joking and I know you like to joke around a lot but I mean like are you making a pointer you not make it a point I got enough shoutouts to Elvis G with the five dollar donation thank you so much doc VC’s not gonna be fired now VC go back no he’s not gonna be shy I just need to know he’s actually trying to make a point or not because he’s changing the topic we didn’t talk about the quality if you think the game is if you if you think the game sucks that’s fine I mean you’re the same guy who crossed out Fire Emblem Fire Emblem three houses I mean and you promoted a microtransaction game instead of firing three houses this man literally crossed out a god to your game and said go play am i clapping ease microtransaction game so I mean that just goes to tell you what VC things at times you know what I’m saying mental health awareness is something that is very very important I said this on Twitter you know what I’m saying sorry that’s I guess I’ll never let you live that down BC I’ll never let you embed I’ll never let you live that damage you crossed up I can’t I can’t I can’t oh my gosh so yeah let’s see that’s the Elvis I appreciate the $5 old Asian dude Oh J keeping it real I’m just playing around guys I’m just playing around just let you guys know I’m not serious drag Dragon Quest rivals is better than the game that’s not even out yet how does he know the microtransactions told him he bought he bought a card that says this game is better than fireable in three houses don’t worry they told him that all right thanks big subs I appreciate that thank you Ava’s G with the $5 donation um let’s see the micro robots so many Michaels it’s it’s like the same people who but who’s been fief was the greatest game in the world you know so happy first this I bought the madden ultimate team and I got I got I got a primpin dition Pele ultimate card clearly FIFA’s the best oh did you guys see I got a freaking Messier I got a preemie ssin meh seeing level 99 out of this mad and ultimate team pack it only took me about $1,000 and my free time and my girlfriend and a couple showers and my dignity and food but it was definitely worth it at the end of the day not I can skill you guys football style online you know what I’m saying clearly he was the best you know these weirdos that play for you for this shit they act like people’s the greatest No sit there all day spend all their money on FIFA Ultimate Team why cuz he ain’t said that EA said it was because you spent money on it um next year even if they make no more heroes three regardless of for sales of Travis X again it’s still a trash game it’s so bad because it was a bad game how much did it sell and not a new truth how much did it so you said it sold bad how much did it sell give me the sales numbers for the physical edition and the digital edition give me the sales numbers and tell me what sale tell me what sells good in sells baddest give me give me the numbers that it sold forgot to donate before you said Travis strikes again we’ll never get another game shaking my head only way to change Oh James mind LOL what forgot to donate before you said hold up I never said that what do you wait what do you talk about how do we know that fireman three houses is good if it is if it isn’t out yet well there you go we don’t I guess right also FIFA is the greatest sports

game ever without microtransactions FIFA’s the greatest sports game ever without microtransactions the reading goes Jenny in one swoop my boy with the fifty yo Jenny what’s good and he says fifty you’ve become the stream boss hokage mode for the month also top stream ninja and almost top weekly Ninja either way you got the you got the trifecta the trifecta armed player says thank you so much man yo let’s go Jenny and he says I missed a bunch of your streams the past week so I hope this makes up for a smiley face yes it makes up for it shoutouts the jetty man thank you so much and I know you said that you were kind of busy with a lot of supplement work and things like that all right so I mean obviously you know you’re an elite ninja here you know like I said you’re a good smash for those players so I appreciate the support man let’s go and get you up here on the leaderboard you guys give some loves give some sitting guns give some emotes to my man jetty with the 50 man I appreciate that dude I really do beef is so popular here in the Middle East I hate it haha beef is popular everywhere dude beef is popular in a lot of places Oh Jay how do you want to see Metroid Prime for a gameplay I don’t know I don’t know to be honest I really don’t know how I want to see it I really don’t know how I want to see it i processing the movie it’s been stressful yeah man moving can be very stressful moving can be very stressful did we get those sales numbers yet for for chopper trucks again No More Heroes what’s that what’s the sales numbers at and what was the budget of the game and what would it take so are those sales numbers in yet what do you think what do you think earthworm jim returns after 20 years as it in television exclusive oh yeah am i talking about this just a little bit I’m not huge on earthworm jim so yeah I’m not really sure I’m not really sure like I like the game and I played it back in the day but you know it is what it is is what it is we’ll see when it comes out you can’t even find it because it’s so low okay what are the sales numbers for what are the actual sales numbers for amp though can you find those those numbers or what are the actual sales numbers for Metro the new Metro game that come out or what are the sales numbers for let’s say torna the golden country what are the sales numbers 420 the golden country what are also the sales numbers for what’s another game that we can add what are the sales numbers for how about like certain VR games some of the VR games that ever came out give me sales numbers for all those two as well um do you know what happened to mama mercy I haven’t seen her in a while oh she still watches she still watches she’s just got some issues that she’s doing but she has she still watches so yeah so what are the sales numbers for torna I can’t find those that means they’re really low right and the game sucks since we can’t find my sales numbers for Toni at the golden country it must mean that the sales are really low the game came out physical and it came out digital and it wasn’t high up on the eShop charts when it came out so that means the sales were really low and it sucked it was horrible it was bad right yikes can do we have a so we have a shovel here ovc hold up here hold up here shovel emo there’s no shovel emote there’s no shovel ebo get this man to shovel keep digging keep going though yeah this is fun where’s the sales numbers for another golden country must have sold like trash then right why does the white is digital or why does digital have faster loading times when a game than a physical copy because of the memory that it because it’s what it’s running off of your system and what it’s running off of like the flash memory or the memory that’s used is faster speed than then cartridge memory just like loading times can be faster on the switch because it uses cartridge memory over optical media whereas like a SSD solid state drive loads fast because of the type of memory that it is no spinning disk no slow loading its BAM it’s right there it’s instant coffin let’s see we leave in simulation world rip-rip a man he’s invested he’s investigating hey guys let me let me tell you guys something let me tell you guys another thing a lot of games that sell sometimes don’t get sales numbers sometimes companies don’t announce sales numbers sometimes they do

sometimes they don’t it’s a secret industry trade from what I searched anthem was the best selling games of February with over 2 million copies sold so that’s way more than Travis writes again so 2 million is that what are the full sales numbers though and how much was at how much did anthem cost to make compared to Travis strikes again compared to that what was how much did it cost to make compared to it because they wanted to sell 5 to 6 million copies of that game and you’re saying that they’ve sold about 2 million copies of that game so how much does anthem cost to make and what was the profit from that so you’re saying 2 million is way more than Travis strikes again that’s fine – millions way more than choppers have skin how much the Travis strikes again cost to make compared to anthem and that game sucks – by the way anthems a very trash game as well which you bash Travis trucks again for being trash but then you also brought up another game in terms of sales numbers that game is trash – so so how much did that game cost to make and did they make their money back on that game I wasn’t angry to see more than I didn’t look it up on Steam so I mean like I said like I said VC what are the sales numbers for Tori the golden country you said that you said that Travis strikes again sales were so low you can’t find them so then what are the sales for tone of the golden country so any game where you can’t find sales numbers that means they’re so low right you try but it’s all good I think at this point I think I think I already buried you I think I think we’re done here I think we’re done here this is what this is what we this is this is what we concluded from VC he’s claimed that if you can’t find sales numbers that means it’s so low that the game the game you know what I say it’s so low because you can’t find him and again he refuses to answer the whole tone of the golden country question on top of that he I’ll top of that he brings up anthem which you didn’t find the most up-to-date sales numbers he said that sold way more than Travis trucks again but they were looking to felt they were looking to sell five to six million copies of anthem not two million copies and anthem costs like a gazillion times more when it comes to the actual size of the game anthem Acosta’s iliyan times more and anthem is already discounted so you sell two million copies but what does that accomplish you what does that get you when you want it to sell five to six billion by the way they wanted to sell five or six million by this time so okay fine I’m like unlike Travis trucks again tourism asked me but no that’s not the point VC we’re not talk about the quality of the game I don’t care about your Claudia to get the quality of the game once again you took a micro transaction mobile game and you’re promoting that micro transactions a mobile game I don’t care about your opinion in terms of the quality that’s not what we’re talking about here you said the games were you said that the game since the game did not sell you know what I’m saying like the game did not sell it didn’t sell enough you’re saying that it didn’t sell it sold horrible I asked you to find ourselves you couldn’t buy my cells you said well sold I can’t find it so then I said okay well what about torna what I’m trying to say is that sometimes you’re not gonna find game sales even if the game sells really good you’re not gonna sometimes you’re not gonna find game sales I’m not saying that’s the case here what I’m saying is I’m trying to get your silly your silly stuff that people do online all the time where they just make up assumptions and then they don’t have any facts to back it up and this is the reason why people don’t do debates because a lot of people online think like you they’ll sit there and they’ll debate all day all day all day about things and then when you ask them for actual facts or numbers they can’t tell you then they’ll revert back to their opinion oh well the game sucks that happened all the time right like it happened with with I’m gonna call his name I’m not gonna call them blank or as it happens with blank rez it happened sometimes like when I was talking and endo Prime on their debate that we had it happened with with retro death they’ll sit there just we’re back to their opinion when you get beat when it comes to facts you’ll just revert back to your opinion and then you’ll push your opinion as fact or you’ll push your opinion as well this is right because it’s my opinion nobody cares what if you think the clawed game is called that’s not that that’s irrelevant you play microtransaction mobile games and think those games are good so that you can’t even understand so I’m not worried about your opinion on what you think is good or not in this situation I asked for facts you didn’t give me anything so there you go moving on let’s see no blank raius blank Gris JC storm says Bioware Bioware shutdown imminent I don’t know why we’re shut down imminent I’m not sure about imminent but you literally said Tauranga had those cells no I didn’t you’re not understanding I did I didn’t say that I didn’t say that I basically use that because you said well the sales are so low of the game I can’t find them because the sales are so low so I said okay well or sit or I can we apply that to torna so that means torna sold like like like trash and everything because we can’t find the sales you were trying to say that since you can’t find the sales of the game therefore it’s so really bad well there’s lots of games you can’t find the sales of and it might have sold good we don’t know that’s basically what I was trying to say it’s all saying well I guess toerner sold like trash and everything that you camp on the sales right obviously that might not be the case with torna we don’t know

that’s what I’m trying to sit here and say vici like are you not understanding anyway moving on once again I’m not addressing that anymore if you can’t understand I’m sorry for you go play dragon go play the Michael go buy some microtransactions I’m not really sure what to say um let’s see yeah I brought Tony because oj wouldn’t stop talking about it torna is really good according to reports are sold sold over one copy well there you go so buy trash one copy says LJ go one copy Oh Oh V Phoenix says what do you think about Rockley developer being acquired by Epic Games I think it’s um it is what it is there I understand from from their standpoint you know what they wanted to go for obviously being acquired is good you have a permanent home there and rocket leagues gonna keep selling but the me about it what makes this interesting is because rocket league is sold a ton on Steam um is it gonna be delisted from Steam is it gonna go over to Epic Games stores an exclusive and Mike so have to wait and see on that one I don’t like fire amber much but I think Xenoblade is better that’s an opinion that’s fine I like Fire Emblem more a little why should I can go out the same but I think Fire Emblem I think Fire Emblem has more polished to it at times but at the same time they’re both I think they’re both really good so I mean I don’t really care you guys as individual opinions are fine and that’s four out but like you guys as individual opinions don’t make one thing fact or another you know what I’m saying like no matter what you say that’s fine we’re here to give opinions but sometimes people push their opinion as fact people push their assumptions as fact and that’s exactly what VC was doing he pushes his assumptions as fact and that’s what I said that and that’s the reason why debates don’t work and that’s the reason why debates don’t work because a lot of people debate just like VC they’ll say something they’ll try to prove it they have no evidence and then they’ll revert to their opinion and then they get mad when I try to say well your opinion know if that’s just your opinion Oh my opinion doesn’t matter you know and then I’m just like no that’s not it this is fat so we do a debate this is facts we’re talking fats we’re not talking your opinion your opinion can be anything there can be something that rolls into here and says well you know what the best reach he’s there what a system ever made there’s no games there’s noticed important there’s no nothing and then you can just sit there be like okay it’s his opinion you know what I’m saying like it’s a pity he’s got an opinion great for him we see those people all the time right you guys see those people on Twitter they got opinions everybody’s got opinions that’s fine i’m i here to debate your opinion that’s fine uh I know you’re not mad though Lisa I know you’re not mad I’m not mad either no you’re not mad um oh yeah okay cause I I know you I know why you said that because you’re trying to I’m it seemed like I was grouping you into the other people they got mad okay my bad my bad let me separate those two yeah VC is not like that right and looks again I don’t have a problem with any of the people that I’ve talked with before in the past when it comes to it but I’m just saying this is what usually happens when we discuss these type of things like it gets to okay give me facts because somebody makes a statement and then I say okay give me facts you don’t got back so you got very loose loose evidence for it and I say well clarify and then it revert back to opinion so let me separate the two VC is not mad you know but some of these other guys got mad got mad got a little mad at me so there you go OB Phoenix not necessary not Nintendo prime know he was cool but the other the other two kind of got mad at me um let’s see your OB Phoenix says what do you think about Borderlands three microtransactions uh yeah I think it’s interesting how Randy pitchfork said it or what he was what he said about the microtransactions and everything like that I think it was very interesting what he had to say and kind of what what he was trying to go for obviously there’s microtransactions in the game but I guess Randy said that to cut him a break because he said right before that there’s not gonna be any like game play type of microtransactions it’s all cosmetics but I guess it’s just a big mess it’s just a big mess right now apparently you know so so yeah so yeah I mean I don’t know what are your thoughts over you Phoenix I want to hear what you guys had to say about this whole Borderlands thing torn us all between one and hundred three hundred billion copies that’s safe to say safe to say is Randy pitchfork a boy or a girl Randy pitchfork he’s oh he’s a boy he’s a he’s a young man and he pitched for a young man he’s a he’s a he’s a great guy that does his best to market stuff the best way you know what I’m saying so yeah it’s basically what it comes down to basically what it comes down to oh my gosh go crazy tourist Falls 300 feet into a Hawaiian Volcano and somehow still survives hmm interesting

hmm what’s the chosen what’s up man a little late I call him Randy rah rah yo Randy rah rah you know imagine falling into a volcano imagine like that’s like that’s like some freakin like spongebob stuff right there I mean like imagine falling into a volcano thinking well you know what it’s about all over now at this point that’s not good that’s not good see this is the reason why you probably shouldn’t be going around volcanoes I mean you could fall in there’s a big hole at the top of a volcano and chances are if you get very close to that you can fall into the volcano watch your step guys volcano crossing volcano crossing I mean this is horrible there’s that’s definite something that you don’t want to do Joe versus the volcano our a problem with the cosmetic microtransactions but I think they should have been more truthful about it yeah I think they should have been more very very clear and apparent about it yeah very clear exactly exactly you should do more Naruto videos I should do more not a total video stone-cold you’re absolutely right about that I really need to do more 92 videos I might do some like what do you like whatever another two videos you want stone cold cuz they actually perform really well in the channel I don’t know why I stopped doing Let’s Plays for not it though ultimate ninja storm like those actually perform really well on the channel I said it just kept it going there and like those all did really well so what type of videos you looking for stone cold Phil says not sure if you talked about this but the sonic movie directors they’re going to change Sonic’s designs thoughts so there are going to change Sonic’s designs I hope so because it’s not looking very good not looking very good so yeah not just not just badou toe I don’t really do I don’t really mean boruto I don’t really do butoh stuff like that so there’s it’s called a cosplay cosplay is Itachi okay clash of Ninja maybe let’s play 1v1 not a dog’s ninja storm you upload the set to channel no I don’t want to do that I don’t want to play one I don’t want to play Naruto I hate I hate competitively than nothing to Albans those games suck they’re broken he’s trash like Smash Brothers though naked mole-rat more attractive than the movie sonic because you get bopped sure why not just like you get bopped in Smash Brothers um let’s see here uh I glad they changed it I bet Sega stepped in lol I bro gangster’s paradise sonic from the hood the lag and storm makes games and play well the games aren’t competitive it’s been it’s been a minute since we last play what do you talk about the last time that we played we just played just last week what we played last week like a week and a half so a week ago how was that how was that a minute last week what’s your what’s your percent as those Michael Chen sexist got your perception of time all wonky what that policy well Wade even through this week yeah where I was literally last week with the win yet um what’s your thoughts on kromm he has he has the hype died for him I mean I think the hype is kind of died for Chrome yeah I think the hides died a little bit for him well you can’t buy my connection with playing dragon cuz rivals in America stop you can buy you can you can buy what Japanese credit by microtransactions if you have Japanese uh you can get like Japanese eShop cred I don’t know how you’d be doing it man oh man all I know alright like I said all I know all I know is this dude play gave me he can’t understand and has microtransactions and he crossed out fire nothing else that’s all I gotta say that’s all I got to say it’s it we need more sponsor tournaments we do need more sponsor tournaments absolutely Andre I’m working on that the only problem right now what sponsor tournaments is basically just getting the structure down but we definitely need more sponsor tournaments I plan on doing more of that stuff that’s why I said I’m going to connect I’m going to connect PE lives and with gameplay sessions so after this session is done I’m gonna play Dragon’s Dogma and then probably like tomorrow we’re going to do we’re going to do like Mario Kart will do Smash Brothers but yeah we definitely need more sponsored Republic on Saturdays sponsored turbans absolutely I’m trying to get sponsored with Wendy’s mana i’ma try i’ma try least he made a Japanese account for those my kitchen sections he did man he did OB Phoenix’s Randy Pitchford just confirm that there will be no borderlands 2 micro section at the recent gameplay reveal event he said

that there’s no merchandise or that’s it that’s a fine a fine or you mean lie Theory tiger donated $1 is I’m tired facts play Zelda Zelda a little lullaby absolutely fury Tiger getting ready to go to bed my boy I know what’s what is it is 1:00 a.m. there 6 12 12 19 a.m. in sweeden yeah man time to go to sleep probably at work tomorrow morning all right let’s get let’s get you some music and get you out and get you out of here so you can go to sleep whoa whoa you still can’t understand what’s going on to the game BC whatever you can sit there and and beat people that are garbage or whatever at the game that’s fine but you still don’t understand what’s going on no matter what you try to say go let’s go Avedon what the Toby Lester says my boy music Final Fantasy 7 fanfare yeah Avedon we got to talk later my man I gotta explain a couple things that – thank you so much ma’am thank you for the 20 honest you guys get some love give some shoutouts give some sudden gods for my dude avid armed with the $20 Toby bless you thank you so much man I appreciate that all right so here we go you know it sounds guys and I’m writing a Final Fantasy music after this so we’ll end out on those two where do you rank Little Mac and Diddy Kong for smash I think Diddy Kong is a solid B B or low eight here I think Little Mac is like a C or D tier I think is about a seats here character people put a Mike the more Scudder in the game but I don’t I don’t think so you just got to be really creative getting back to the stage but he’s so strong on the ground you know he’s so strong on the ground I don’t I want to put him in Mike the horse track going again he’s super strong on the ground so I put him like a seats low C tier character new uh might be loads here but played well and he does damage so yeah he’s very strong and he can do a lot of damage that he has no protect now so you can get zoned out but I’m gonna say like a character like wolf you can just get zoned out by wolf any character that has projectiles really that’s stopping your tracks Falco it just has a lot of hard counter pigs like if somebody picked like willow Mac I’ll just pick know if they’ll just shoot lasers all day you know and I’ll just avoid and do dash attack and shoot lasers it’s just tough link is the worst in smash what or one of the worst he’s horrible that’s that’s not true at all that is that is you’re more wrong than BC was this whole string but that’s not it that’s not sure it all went is actually a very good character and smash ultimate links very gonna begin I mean if you mean maybe too late but even to link is actually getting a lot better in Japan there was a Toon Link player that I think I beat Leo or something like that there’s a really good tooling player in Japan to link he’s looked at as the worst link out of the three but I think still to link is still like a B or C to your character there are no bad links all the links are gonna be game all of them are good I just gonna W now because I’m ever you just came to W Brett oh my god yeah I guess yeah like I don’t know MF SK play I don’t know where you heard that from or why you think link isn’t good but link is a very good character you didn’t actually so yeah links actually really good at links okay let me tell you let me tell you MF s quickly I’m not gonna tell you that you’re wrong let me tell you the reason why it links really good let me tell you the reason why links really good I’ll give you guys a crash course and why link is good in the game I guess we can end up with this one link is a very good character in the game very very very good character in the game and we’re gonna boot up smash I’m gonna tell you guys the reason why I link is good like I said we’ll finish off with this one and then we’ll get into some gameplay I just do smash again since we’re already playing smash alright little actually no I gotta put I got a beat Dragon’s Dogma I got and I gotta get I gotta get a review up for you guys who trip so we gotta put jack and so I’m sorry about that no why are you telling me it’s a bit loud I told me now the music’s a bit loud I guess thought me down a musics good now dang it worse we’re smash character my opinion or I don’t know who the worst fast character is I honestly I honestly don’t know who the worst smash character is i Abaddon will get your music in just a bit let me let me show you a couple things are two guys what makes link good these but he’s still not trash um I’m not really sure who’s the best let me tell you out what makes link good I didn’t I didn’t pick my I didn’t pick my that young link and that is the best

link that’s debatable the reason why link the reason why link is really good there’s a couple reasons why link is really good let me tell you guys this let me move all this stuff over here let me move this stuff over here we move this over here move this over here you guys gonna see like a screen go blank for just a little bit cuz it’s a little bit laggy because I’m not playing off my monitor so I’m gonna pop I wanted it real quick okay all right so let me tell you guys the reason my wink is really good in the game link is super good in the game one of the reasons why link is good here’s a regular crab that’s the first thing that makes link good in this game he has a regular grab he no longer has a tether grab the next thing that makes link really good in this game when you air dodge what happens it’s hard to recover after our air dodge right so you can’t spam stuff when you’re off stage the off stage like edgeguarding game and Smash Brothers is a lot better than what it was before link has something in this game that a lot of characters don’t have actually is one of the very few characters that have something like this and that is a remote bomb he can control when this bomb detonates now remember what I said about off stage game right if you air dodge the chances of you getting back are very slim okay link can manipulate how you recover back onto the stage because when he throws this he can blow it up whenever he wants so the edgeguarding game what link it’s very tough to get back onto stage comfortably against link because he doesn’t have to go out here and try to GIMP you you know like a normal character would have to do or he doesn’t have a predictable trajectory for his bombs and stuff sorry for his his edgeguarding game so that’s one of the reasons why link is actually good is really because of this remote bomb and because of this changes to the way that you get back onto the stage that’s what make in my opinion outside of just like the other stuff this is what makes link really good not a regular bomb that Toon Link throws or the other links they like or OH – link or young link those ones like you know those ones explore that they they go in a certain time you can’t control it has to hit the person for it to explode whereas this bomb this bomb like you throw it and then you explode it when you want to to me this is the best addition to link is this bomb right here you can set it up you can throw it on platforms you can fight and then the other opponent has to worry well you have to worry too because you can blow yourself up but the opponent has to worry about that bomb what they did to counteract it is fact that while the bomb is being held you can’t explode it okay so that’s one of the reasons that’s the big reason why link is of is actually really good in the game is because of the bomb but another thing that makes link really good how about something that the grab in the bomb is it they changed up a lot of the properties for his attacks like his Nair or sorry cuz there has a lot of they kick this snare can kill if you hit him with the strong hitbox that can actually kill which is a changeup from what they’ve done before also like his back here is like he has a combo potential I can you do his back here stuff so like like it can drop so a lot of times like you can you can catch people in certain situations with links back here and you can combo into things like a forward tilt or things like that also stuff like his down tilt is also better he has just a lot more combo potential then he then he’s ever had um and his movement I mean he’s not my bastard but it seems like his aerial movement has been tweaked a little bit to where he can be more nimble across the screen than what he was before you know so I mean that’s the reasons that’s the things that I like about link you know um that’s also really cool to when you have zero percent damage you actually throw out a little blade there but to me the best things what makes link good is a couple different things here remote bomb right a regular grab combos like stuff like up till set combo down till that can get combos like a down tilt to like that stuff like that that you can get that he didn’t really have before and then also another thing about link that I really really like I really really like this about link once again the Nair I mean I talked about that the links in there is so good in this game it’s just if you kill it’s fast it comes out it’s just this is good this is the good move it’s just really good at moving a house priority and of course like his boomerang key still has the arrows you know he still has all this toolset that he has from before the up air the down air all that stuff but like see that like me even like when you turn it around like look at that hitbox on that thing look at that did you guys see that look at that I’m not even like all the way towards him you just turn around you go a little bit and you can get the

strong hitbox and I even turn around as long as you’re above in that if you’re a little bit below them then it won’t like if you do it late and you won’t do it like they won’t do it but if you do it to start on the taller characters at least on the sort of character you might be able to get on below one but like even turned around you can get that wonky hitbox off with with link which is believe it or not guys there’s some characters that when you turn around and you do an air it doesn’t hit them like you just whiffed completely but link so I mean like you can throw people off you know and kind of like go backwards and I throw people off with with an air you know it’s like they think away but we gonna come okay you’re gonna pivot then throw out an air so and like I said it has priority over a lot of other moves and it just like I said it just it just hits and it seems like you always get the meaty hitbox something there you know I guess it has a sour spot but it doesn’t feel like you get that a lot of the times like you can be like in any situation and you still get like that I mean you pivot turn around and you still get like the you still get the media hit bark something Eric you know all right so that’s basically it sorry guys I wanted to explain it why links good there’s other reasons too I mean he has a lot of other reasons why he’s good as well but those are some of my reasons why I think link is is really really good you like salem’s link I love Salem’s link it’s really good it’s really good link his aerials are good the only thing that I don’t like about his aerials like like his just forward air is just like a little laggy but I mean it does have combo potential you know like that if you like if you do like this forward air with certain stuff you can’t kind of like you can potentially get combos and based on di and stuff but it’s just like a little little laggy I rather personally for me I just rather do NER but um fair is good on sense twisting and fair kills by the way all these aerials killed narak and kill up air kills back air I think is the weakest but it can still kill and a fair really kills but once again fairs laggy but it does it does 18% you know on that so I mean it’s links good links really good guys but for me than their the err boomerangs bombs you know arrow all that stuff basic link has a great tool kit in the game I think he said he’s a a tier character that’s what I put link is he’s a a tier links really good he’s actually one of my he’s actually one of mine things that I use that’s the thing that’s wrong with an air though outside the fair like like you can’t can’t really I mean you can’t really short hop it like you got to know that you’re committing to the short hop it’s got to be a commit short hop for you to get it if you delay or if you’d like to lay it it’s not gonna come out at all that’s why I like their cousin their delay even late let’s go get like a hip marks on their wares in there we’re sorry we’re it’s fair you can’t i’ll just thought up the animation then he won’t do it so I like I like to mean air in the neutral more because the fair did I you lonely get one hit sometimes or you just it just or just won’t get it at all remote bombs saved me from death so yeah I’ve learned my lesson by saying that link is garbage artist scary remember the bomb in the grab good stuff I think they should get more a new moves like some of the moves from brought to the wall like Bob slowdown or something dog slowed down like I don’t think it needs a dog slow down I don’t think they should I don’t think they really need to change his tool kit too much I think he’s fine with this tool kit that he has given him a grab giving him the chicest slate I think that is his moveset as good I don’t think I really need to like you like weirdo stuff like that to be to be honest to be honest I don’t really think they need to do stuff like that like still at the end of the day it’s still like he’s got his boomerang that he’s got he’s got his arrows that he got he’s got his remote bomb which is the really good thing you don’t think but they don’t need to change really more so than that but from Obama’s Ori in my opinion the remote bomb and the fact that that happens is already that’s a pretty big change see he has more he has another projectile because he already has one two three and if you’re at zero percent he has four projectiles I think I think that’s enough personally me I don’t really think he needs like anything like they didn’t that completely changed his toolkit to be honest but I could see like as a casual I can see why you say that though as a casual like its legs in it shut up hunter let’s see shut up psycho pie let’s see here alright so just minor buffs on his kill moves against speedy character and nimble characters not link doesn’t need any buffs link doesn’t need any buffs on his on his kill like on his on his like like on it’s fair or something like that I mean cuz that’s a kill move cuz Mara can kill to like if you’re talking like a speedy character his NER can kill like if you’re off staging he hits me with an air and they’re like Atta if they’re it’s like a character like a sheik I got a hundred something percent it’s gonna kill him I mean depending on the I I guess and rage

it’s gonna that narak you kill the NER kills the fair kills the up air kills in the backyard can kill backyard not as reliable as everything I don’t see why you think that he needs buffs for his kill news why he’s already super strong he teaches piranha plant oj9 teaching desperado planted a intg are on a plant today not today maybe some other day maybe sooner maybe not not front I’m not really grateful I needed somebody I don’t know who this VG 2335 guy is but stop spamming my boy what are you trying to say got like the back air you can combo that into a or two depending on where you are hold up babsy i-25 any no GI you can get that or you can get a grab off of it and even like after grab and get up till combos and that’s it and this is like that’s actually this is actually real like but the first one is so if you do that that one’s real now they can get out of the next ones but sometimes they don’t di correctly but they don’t get out of it so you can just sit there and combo them up or you can even get into something else so for it to but not di incorrectly grab resets even like their reset them again links really good guys I don’t mean the power I mean be able to land it hits the hitboxes or less lag frames but what’s the problem I don’t I don’t think link I don’t think link means any buffs though I mean you’re seeing with with hitbox with us like all the speedy characters but he can I fought against the sheikah she could super she kicked as a fast and I thought link versus seeking the hitboxes were fine he has he has all the tools he can edge guard he can warp a bomb whenever he needs to his back here has super fast and isn’t really super lack I mean like I don’t see what the problem is here like what are you calling for bus for he’s already really good you don’t need you don’t need to you don’t need to change anything I mean he doesn’t really need buffs on that though like there’s other characters that need buffs more than link links kill boobs are fine no no I don’t I don’t get it but I don’t understand why I mean it skill on speed like you you can’t adjust damage to a certain type of character so Tim w8 you’re saying like oh well they need to buff his kill moves on speedy characters you can’t buff a kill move on a certain character if you change the power of a kill move or like if it’s stronger or more knock back it works for everybody it doesn’t just work for certain there’s no code to where oh for this character it kills like it’s a stronger versus like characters compared to heavy characters but knock back and the damage is universal across the board is universal across the board Kim W so I I don’t understand why are saying like how do you how do how do they buff hitboxes and leg perk for against speedy characters like it’s gonna be against heavy characters too so link is just going to get superest I’m Lincoln over to kill heavy characters like link doesn’t have a problem killing against heavy characters or like scared so I don’t get it I’m not pulling for buffs you’re not then what did you say I don’t mean the power I mean be able to land hits with the hip boxes or less lag frames but I don’t see what the sense thing I don’t I don’t that’s a bluff cuz your that’s definitely a buff though because you’re saying that they should make things less laggy so he should be safer when he does certain moves right he said less lag frames so like does lag frames already like everything’s the only one that’s bad is the fair NER back err sorry yeah nutria NER back hair are pretty safe fair not so much back air and there are safe up there not as much but I mean I don’t really see what he needs to be adjusted at an air can kill off stage and you’ve got remote bombs to kill op Stage two that have a big radius to hit people so I don’t see why he needs I don’t see why he needs a buff like and that was just by the way that was on Ganon and it hit a spark at 87% you know so I don’t see where he needs that like Oh extra light less lag frames like I don’t understand that because he has no problems killing that’s what I can’t understand they need to remove the boomerang and give link like a kitchen sink maybe I’ll do it harder I think it’s fine I’m just saying for pro players who would say wink wink to the best top tier like Oh Lamar I okay I mean I I guess but I mean I don’t I think that’s how you break a game though in my opinion you sit there you say oh well this person is gonna be really good against this character and then all the sudden that character is too good you know so I don’t I don’t really think basically if it’s like it’s just like if

it’s a bad match if it’s a bad matchup for 70 characters in the game the game’s not gonna be complete like where every magic is good that’s the whole point of a fighting game and playing competitively if you have to do a hard counter pick then do a hard counter pick but there are hard counter picks all along you know there are you know characters that you can use you don’t need to make link better because he’s not as good of a matchup for Oh Lamar they’re our picks for Oh Lamar too I mean and that’s my but that I guess that’s my opinion I don’t think you need to start doing that like well let’s make link better against alarm you know and then what happened but what if link becomes too good then what we gonna do let’s make this person good against link okay now let’s make this person better against this matchup like that that’s the reason why I don’t like that like because links already a really solid character I don’t think you need to make him better there’s no reason there’s no reason to make him better cuz he’s already really good that’s my point they should focus their time and effort on characters that aren’t good you know what I’m saying like kids like they should focus the time and like another problem is that like you say against Oh Lavar but the thing about it is that Omar has no hitboxes on his recovery so a remote bomb could be the death of Olimar you get Omar off stage with link you can Zee drop a remote bomb and blow him up he doesn’t have a hitbox Oh Lori has no hitbox on his recovery he can be easily blown up offstage an edge started you can go offstage and nerim you can throw you can shoot it with the arrow you can throw a boomerang to mess with Omar so I mean I see what you’re saying but link could be a hard counter pick you might be a little bit harder to hit I mean the hippo mark but at the same time I mean like I don’t really think like I understand what you’re saying but I just don’t see why he I don’t I don’t see why he needs it I mean if you talk about fighting against Omar Omar has no hitbox on his recovery out there hey it is what it is spamming almost famine neutral B isn’t talent neutral B with – with the hallmark hey look Omar takes Omar takes Pikmin management I hate I hate using Omar I think I think Ola mark is a tough to use and tough to fight against because you got to worry about certain Pikmin you know and all that and I don’t want to do all that stuff I don’t I don’t feel like doing that I don’t feel like doing that yeah if he had a kitchen a sink I’m a fest game play then he’d be a lot better if you have the kitchen sink all right so let’s go ahead we’re gonna stop that let me go ahead and put this on that um all right okay guys so I got to play Avedon’s music so we’ll end this stream on that shout outs to everyone who who watched for today but we are gonna put some music and answer some more questions wow that well that went a lot longer than I thought it would go like I thought we were just that went way longer than I thought it would go what the heck that’s okay we’re gonna roll right into some Dragon’s Dogma anyway so it doesn’t matter that to see you situation worked out of Carly yeah yeah well it’s working out the best that it could have worked out for today at least so let’s get let’s get avid arms music going you wanted a final final fantasy seven bad bear I know why bad bear alright alright let’s see let’s get in a little bit longer I’ll get it a little bit longer all right if the Peapod castellan for later tonight or does anyone know in the chat yeah the P podcast is coming on later tonight tonight i’m gonna play pit I’m gonna play I’m gonna play Dragon’s Dogma for a bit I might even have time to play Jagan’s boggle now that this is no longer c4 I want to play for at least two hours but if we have to pee podcast then okay ma’am we might not be able to do dragons boggling because I gotta get ready for the PE podcast that’s gonna start by 6:00 I won’t have ample time to actually get it done example roll right into it so I don’t want to pick like only like an hour something like that with Dragon’s Dogma unless you guys want unless you get you guys okay with an hour of Dragon’s Dogma cuz I probably have to stop at about a nap I got five o’clock my time so you get you guys okay with an hour of Dragon’s Dogma you consume a tiny bit of Dragon’s Dogma okay if you guys are okay with like an hour okay all right so I’ll answer questions while this music is going on

how’s the music sound I’ll answer questions for just a bit and then we’ll get into Dragon’s Dogma so yeah the podcast still going on tonight thanks but I’ll practice with him a bit more all right yeah it’s all good just get some prime salem just look up salem SI lem then look up blink salem link and then watch watch him play and i’ll give you all that you need to know about how to use link sadly is it to Boreas maximus with the subscription thank you so much to various Maximus I appreciate that welcome to the village homie where do you rank ice climbers so far do you ever use them yeah I actually have ice climbers in in elite smash and I like ice climbers um I probably write them a solid seat to your character maybe beat you miss the stream recap of the news not I I ain’t recapping everything man there’s a lot of different stuff going on um you can rewind the stream though if you want to rewind it but I’ll basically be talk a little bit about beta 2 3 changing some gameplay conventions we talked about a new announcement for suit of 15 ones making and then we also talked about basic alerts in the title but that’s it’s too much to recap everything that we talked about man since he missed the whole stream and we talked about the the release date for blessing Matilda night is June 20 I think 25th or 26th on the switch and then like June 18th on the ps4 Xbox one and PC so I mean that there was more to it than that but you probably up to watch the replay or rewind the stream what are you guys talking about what this whole thing going on here the true like what do you guys dank meme and Link the hero of Hyrule what are you guys talking about what’s what’s the discussion here guys I scribers are not Opie and ultimate I can’t waffle combo that’s true they can’t wobble they can’t chain grab either so oh yeah but they’re actually not bad hojae’s I’m not gonna read it I didn’t recap everything though I didn’t recap everything I just basically went over at a very basic level like it wasn’t like the full recap you know what I’m saying I could have went more in debt but I mean obviously he didn’t learn that much more information than what he could have just really the only thing that I told him was like I told the actual release date for blood said other than that there wasn’t really much of a recap to be honest so that was pretty crappy read that but in my opinion I scribers aren’t very good online dude you have not fought against there’s not a lot of good ice climbers players but holy smokes I fought against a really good ice climbers players with and he trashed my wolf a few weeks ago I’ve gotten better at the game since then no it was like a couple maybe like a couple of months ago a month or two ago I fought against this isyes player and this guy was really good you would be see he was beating the crap out of me he was beating the crap out of me I probably could have done better if I was not I mean that’s a really good I think personally I think ice timers are really good counter picked on wolf at times seriously like he was really good he was super good Lync was saying that cloud player spammy neutral B isn’t talent it’s not I was saying all not all clouds do that yeah you’re right yeah that’s true if blade beams somebody spamming blade beam is not really it’s not really talent no and not all cloud players spam spam that because a lot of characters can absorb like if you’re link if your kness or Lucas or if your Rosalina or if you’re anybody with a reflector you can just look like this but you can spam the B and just reflect it right back at them and a lot of characters have reflectors or absorbers or all sorts of stuff so so yeah so what’s the problem here a lot of clouds do spam neech will be bad yeah bad cloud players will sit there and spam neutral beyond you online yes that’s true good cloud players will use it when they need to use it and will actually instead of spamming neutral we will probably charge limit or they’ll try to condition you with certain attacks so they’ll use clouds you know narrow I mean clouds there’s it’s so much worse in specialty I just got my clouds elite smash yesterday guys and it took me a little bit of time it took me longer than I thought because clouds there is really bad man it’s not very good in Spanish ultimate I mean no it’s not bad it’s just nowhere near as good as it wasn’t smashed for it and like the sword they’ll go like right through people at times like the hitbox on the sword like ill literally touch them but it doesn’t hit them the hitbox doesn’t like in order to newark just like the buster sword is so big in order to nerf its own capabilities they literally make like that the very end of the sword not have a hitbox so that’s the problem but cloud and that’s why people say he sucks or whatever the case is but outside of that all these tools are intact you know but as there’s just not nowhere near as good as smash 4 and

also the limit the limit it’s it’s not doc you can’t dock a limit like you can’t hold it on deck like it goes away after a certain time that also makes cloud a lot worse or nowhere near is good but he was kind of opium smash 4 so i think now in cloud is like a solid p or AIDS like right where he needs to be but yeah it’s tough it’s he’s definitely tougher to use but at the same time he still gots a lot of tools he still gots good frame data he’s still super super strong he’s still a good character yeah limit limit moves have less power the finishing touch has less range you can’t do as much stuff combo lean into it I mean yeah you’re right he’s been nerfed across the board but he’s still he’s still a viable and solid character that can depending on who you are obviously can get you in tournament you know higher like I’ve seen zero you know zeroes cloud is amazing if he kept if he actually played in tournament and was serious about smash ultimate I think zero could win a tournament with cloud you find shulk to be load to your shulk is not loads here at all oh my gosh Shulk is not loads here why do people schanke’s definitely not load to your shulk is a solid beats here maybe even a tier shulk is a great character in the game he can edge guard he can get back to the stage he has amazing range like he shulk is very good in the game he has monado arts that can make you the strongest character in the game the heaviest character in the game the lightest character in the game one of the fastest characters in the game he can he has a lot of setups for different situations and people that you’re fighting against and once again his edgeguarding any character that has good stuff – edge guard is automatically better in this game right I could link with the remote bombs Shulk it can edge guard really good because of his sword his sword has a hitbox on the whole thing like you can hit people with the tip of his sword and it still hits you unlike cloud shulk sword is actually the whole like hitbox is the whole sword so like when he does his ner that whole ner hitbox that’s why like whatever you fight against a good soul player you’re just going to get hit with a lot of nares you’re just gonna get hit with stuff because the hitbox on it he sweeps around his whole body and it just covers him it just is it’s just hard to fight against you know so yeah good show players are tough to deal with shulk is a great character in the game he’s a great character well this just I can’t play yeah you probably just can’t play just because you can’t play a character doesn’t mean the character is bad I think that’s what people on of casuals don’t understand that looks like oh well I suck with them or I’m not as good with them or I’m losing therefore he’s not good right whereas when I use this character I do better well no it’s not necessarily that because the character sucks this is because it’s not it doesn’t fit your play style shulk is a fan tactile trust me when I see this guy when I say this guy’s shulk is obviously he’s not like a s tier but shulk is a solid B to a character that can win back in that can win he’s not a character but you’re gonna feel like oh you’re hopeless when you’re using him he’s a very good character in the game you know if you get to use him if you get to know his moveset and use him you know the other day when I was playing against gunslinger I was like yo like I mean shulk is freakin good I think smoke is really good where do I rest in it where do I read Ness in this game he’s a neces of B /h a character in the game Ness is what makes Ness really good is his back throw neces back throw kills everybody at low percentages like messes back throw is so good in the game Ness is nothing he can’t be anything lower than a beater because of his back throw you grab people and you back though them they’re usually dead and that’s heavies too you know like they’re at 100% or something little bit of rage they’re gone heavies included let’s see here okay then who do you think is bad a bad character I don’t really think there are many bad characters to be honest the only one that I would say is like where I can maybe put his bad character is like is like Little Mac and maybe Kirby but I mean like even then those characters can do work to I don’t really think there’s a lot of bad characters in the game I think there’s a lot of good characters in the game to be honest um so yeah I hate oh yeah Robin’s not good there you go Robin’s not very good in the game I think Robin might be the worst character in the if you want me to be honest I think I think Robin might be the worst character in the game so yeah Robin’s not very good really is a CVT C beat here alright guys let’s put some Dragon’s Dogma let me go to the titles here all right I don’t like King Dedede all right guys um I will be right back with

some Dragon’s Dogma dark arisen horizon reason in just a bit all right so let me plug this oh actually wait a minute no we have to switch we have to switch switches here I think I think it’s on this switch all right guys I’ll be right back with some Dragon’s Dogma and yeah everything went well today dude I’ll be right back with Dragon’s Dogma so give me just a little bit of time to set everything up when we right back with the stream okay guys I’ll put on I’ll put on some music for you guys too you

so make sure that you guys can’t hear that audio anymore okay so how’s the

audio on my end guys once the music starts up you guys let me know can you guys hear me clearly can you guys hear like the and everything once we get that done then we can just head right into it I guess all right so let me know how everything sounds for you guys I don’t know what’s azumi’s talking about in the chat guys but Suzu me you’d be making up I don’t know Suzy maybe coming in here and saying the wildest things sega’s not selling off the sonic to you I don’t know why you say something like that all right it’s good okay everything everything sound good why not cuz why would they ask ask yourself why dick why they would said it’s a little low it shouldn’t be Sumbul the top of my sweat scream got cymbal are you talking about me it shouldn’t be low it should be good let me take a look are you sure your volume isn’t just low cuz it’s at 90 I don’t want it to be too loud gonna put it at 95 you guys let me know how that sounds ninety-five on both ends we added that we added at the same volume last time so I don’t want it to be to where it’s too loud to where you guys can’t it’s like overpowering the volume so let me know how it is sounds okay I was applying to Nintendo buying a second Nintendo’s not gonna buy Sega it’s stupid I’m not trying to be mean but that’s just it’s not happening antennas not buying Sega Nintendo is probably not

gonna buy the softer side antennas not buying say say it’s not gonna solve the Sonic Team minute that’s happening in the past in the past 30 years of Nintendo doing video games Nintendo has purchased three outside companies they’ve purchased intelligent systems which was actually part of them to know that left and they just purchased them right away so that’s basically not even a purchase it purchased model of soft which was floating around all over the place which isn’t a publisher like Sega is and they’ve purchased retro studios which is a development studio those are the three they in 30 years plus they’ve purchased those three studios they’ve made literally zero major game developer purchases or anything like that yet you’re saying that they’re probably that they could purchase Sega why based off of what it’s not based on anything that’s in reality EA is more likely to purchase Sega and Nintendo they bought a fourth studio what’s the fourth studio what studio there’s no need for Nintendo to buy sega useless pointless you can’t just buy companies like like you’re buying water at the store or something like that yeah what’s up Quinn Quinn cling how’s it going good feel yeah but good feel already worked a lot of the people had good feel already once again worked internally with Nintendo though like good feel and even like a real acquisition that stock weapons other then I give this done to somebody else good good war get it where’s that stone good bass travel is that it gotta see what it actually it it’s a no I don’t even I don’t have a monocle I didn’t sell it for anything I already I already saw that I have Sniper Elite on my switch I’ve already checked it out myself but anyway yeah I’ve seen it but yeah I have the game every week I have a review code for it okay so you said in the innkeeper’s inventory is an eyepin the innkeeper’s inventory so this guy over here so out of the 300,000 you get 3 in 2004 but you withdraw what do you mean the inventory so what you will here’s the end keeper so where where is the item at withdraw okay since some type of monocle you said oh okay I see so wait wait a minute hold up so I can just get these items from him like all this stuff I can just get I think they didn’t even tell me that oh

okay cool cool all right let’s go what’s this these are just mine to keep that’s that’s awesome alright let’s just get all this get all this stuff but what does the monocle do those why what if I don’t want to sell it what if there’s some type of special thing about it anyway let’s get it off it’s not good okay those are off with it the head their torso man that’s what I helped me out with some other early admissions if I would have known who can wear all this stuff is this stuff broken they got to be a certain must see about all this stuff you know I meant like is it gonna like break the game is this stuff so good it’s gonna break the game like I’m out of this stuff seems like super good nah okay oh there was like oh man there’s also stuff there’s a pickaxe I’d have to go buy one and seek your stuff it relic another age of rarity how much does that sell for first journal entry this stuff I already put in alright uh thank you Tim for the 99-cent donation I appreciate that Tim thank you appreciate that my dude is the game online only I don’t think so I think you can play offline but you can access all like the pawn stuff and all that it’s a single-player game you can play it offline ok this is really good elemental resistances piercing resistance it is this is good say he said this monocles trash yeah it’s not as good as it’s not as good as this thing right here and it looks dumb is how this thing looks stupid but I think it’s the best one but I think it looks dumb let’s 171 61 170 oh well hold up the magic DDoS actually now this thing might be bad a little bit better actually just different resistances look at this outfit yo that’s cute unfortunately guys like I’m only play this for about an hour before I have to get ready for the PT podcast tonight so that’s the unfortunate situation oh wow straight up oh this thing’s freaking oh this thing’s Opie you said there was no old piece this thing’s kind of up for a while Matt this thing’s kind of Opie right now bro can I actually wear this can I actually dude I can actually do this thing’s freaking amazing though it looks stupid as hell but it’s amazing I can’t better all right dude this this this is look at what I was weighing compare I compared like look I was wearing like this is way better yeah some of this stuff is really good this is really good this dress is really good this dress is really good I wanna get some I want to get some missions in so we’re gonna wear this dress I’m gonna move on oh but it takes up both your

that takes up your both your hands and it takes up bolt spots though so that’s the thing so later once you get better equipment for the legs it might not be as good but right now and it’s super good because look at all like the dude like look it’s a matted debilitation resistance look at the elemental resistances this thing is really good for right for right now and it’s super good so yeah we’re gonna wear that hold up just don’t like the look of it to be honest but hey it’s like Princess Peach oh this is all the armor you don’t get you don’t get anything on your head either so that’s another thing so yeah later it won’t be as good but right now that’s good yeah well I already know my palms can you don’t get it something I already know pawns can wear other armor dude I think you don’t got to tell me that oh very where that punk I know that’s well that’s why I was giving certain armors to pawns and on it so I’m really aware of that I’m never told me that oh all right so let’s see here um don’t got you don’t gotta like walking by each like step by step though guys this is like I said just relax I got it I got it I got stuff like that that’s the simple stuff um all right let’s see what else taking we’re here to say people that I always podcast with look at this nun outfit 1:44 this is bedded 138 210 that’s not good that looks really cool oh it looks really cool I like the look of it just rolling around like this yeah look at this though no show that nothing we got to get her something that defenses go up so much this is cool too we can’t you can’t wear that you cannot get oh yeah okay we can’t we gotta we gotta just give this to somebody else then cuz he can’t wear those but can you wear though you can’t you can’t wear that either yeah what’s up Mensa I think she needs to wear this I think this looks a lot better on her I think it looks a lot better it’s wearing it okay hold up everybody hold up hold up all right the other two are fine they’re good and soccer I hooked up so we good Schwartzman drink do I have on right now blissful nails all right as you will all right let’s deposit some stuff why does she have all

this stuff this game good so far yeah this game is amazing dude I love this game this is a dope games I’m sorry I’m doing kind of like boring stuff right now but the game is actually really good I’m just trying to get just trying to get set up so you said that that monocle sells for 300 thousand so we can we can definitely get that later Oh Mike y’all lookin up a class extermination 50,000 all matter of requests and concerns posted here every year more and more pull up every year more more and more animals fall victim to monsters monsters assaults these unfortunate injured beasts go wild in their pain attacking indiscriminately won’t you do the right thing and put these poor souls out of their misery slay 24 giant bats okay 24 giant bats 24 giant bats let’s let’s go slay these giant bats yo let me ask you guys a question where’s the where’s the easiest place that where giant bats at are there some giant bat bats inside here or other giant where at work or in that one place I don’t know exactly where I remember giant bats are y’all know where giant bats are so we can get this done quick I don’t know where exactly where I don’t remember where giant bats are or is it only out at night with the giant bats yeah I need to know where the giant bats are though and over where giant backside alright I don’t think you guys know where giant bats are so that’s okay we’ll get a different question some claim goblins were docked holdup bullet okay thirty Dobbins okay yeah that’s what that’s a better ones I know where goblins are obviously just told you what there yet area at least all the backs are in this this region this dis dripstone cave where’s the drip where’s the the drip drip stone cave is that the one that’s over on the way to the where you first meet up with Mercedes no not where you first meet up and where you do the escort mission with Mercedes is that over there there’s caves in general okay I know where there’s a cave in Jeff okay just caves in general okay that’s of all kind brilliant juice wait let’s proceed with caution oh yeah the Dodgers the Dodgers map to a freakin that the fact that you have to oh my gosh the fact the dogs take any yeah okay doc doesn’t take any stamina to use all right so probably got a Dodge

guys finally got a Dodge oh my god oh my god this game is freakin amazing let’s go we are here I totally I hear dragons I’m right solji we are here Dragon’s Dogma whoo but that Usain Bolt run dude let’s go alright boys let’s go you’re doing The Legend of Zelda I think is faster than just walking normal yeah can you recover its stamina this game makes no sense dude you can freaking dodge roll and that uses no stamina but when you sprint that uses stamina barely uses when you sprint normally that uses just too much stamina as like quick sprinting this game’s crazy Oh Oh Benny never go oh that I missed oh whoa whoa they can go right through my attack stop doing whatever you’re doing oh I miss the suturing your but when you run away you run but you can’t hide such a small point I’ll kill you next game could be Dragon’s Dogma – it could be that’d be dope dealers I’m just

one healer but two healers what is this guy doing let him try to fight okay thanks thanks for the help guys and get this Apple oh hey Apple Apple Apple Apple that’s my own son just double jump is dope dude I heard that fireworks well we gotta we gotta get these gobblers check up again yeah it’s a good game twenty nine bucks too thank you thank you sir let’s get some more goblins oh we probably should have taken the if I go into the encampment and go back out into the goblins reappear that’s just the faster way of doing it than running all the way over here I’d rather just do it that way I think I’ll probably just do that you know it’s a good game when she was playing it instead of smash yeah that’s true I only play this game though like I don’t know it’s kind of wonky playing the game joy Khan’s so I only play the game when I stream it down just because it just feels weird I think maybe because of the drifting or because of whatever the issue is it’s just it just it just feels weird a little weird to me play it portable I mean it runs well and it plays well portable but it just doesn’t feel as good to me maybe with just playing doctor man I don’t need to skip leg

there I can already I can already double jump and I can dodge ulti I don’t know I don’t think so but I don’t know it just feels it just feels a little weird maybe not much I think it’s only one I use mice these joy cards that I have if I use my other joint cuz it doesn’t do that so maybe it’s just because of my mental Joe Connelly because it doesn’t always do that close depend on what joy Kahn’s I use just sometimes it feels better than other times right so like do the enemies not Reese they don’t respond I need to know where the goblins just respawn they don’t respawn if I go in and out of the place they don’t respawn how long does it take for them to respawn I mean oh maybe I should go sleep at the N or something like that maybe that’s what will happen if I go sleep at the N or if I go sleep and then come back we just won after 24 hours okay 24 hours of actual game time of course actual time that double-jump gets me no height is your home no but the game does the game does play really good importable mundo I’ve done it a number of times I just I guess I just rather stream it yeah sleep it’s old morning exactly I’m just gonna sleep until morning just be back also shutouts – I think it’s Ezekiel Marquez with the subscription thank you so much as you could appreciate that welcome to the village homie appreciate that just missed that one g5 has up the last eight comments on here it’s like this is what I don’t like I got it can you turn this off what is this accessing server thing and this is what I hate like I should never do this in a single-player game can you turn can you can you turn that can I turn this crap off from the main of the main menu or something when you’re connected online your main pops attributes will be uploaded every time you rest at it in I don’t need to upload my the main part you could can travel to other worlds online to assess other players in the travels these adventures can result in new knowledge items and equipment they bring back when they all nevermind it ok your main parm will gain boon earned in other worlds at the end as well there’s often to keep your current ok nevermind it’s actually beneficial to thee to your game ok never mind never mind no not it actually helps out they bring back items and stuff ok that’s I think she’s pretty cool that’s pretty that’s pretty cool like I didn’t know about the whole bringing back items and all that I didn’t know about all that I just want that Chavez strikes again Paul that’s all I want psychotic you see suckers you can’t wait be locked whoa long jump over this let’s go

yo what’s up all oh I didn’t I don’t know if I got these ones last time is there’s three of them in a pack so have more time to do more quests guys I just don’t have enough time to do everything we sidequest we do it a hundred percent sorry yeah I see you online g5 alright let’s hope there’s some more goblins over here all right let’s go rest at the end okay how many more how many more do we need okay we still got it okay we’ll finish out with this then I still got a a bit more this is a place quite restful to my god how’s it traveling he spoke over can I do you for you seem tired cousin chubby just accessing and was this accessing server thing loaded quicker though all right seems a fair place to rest yeah I already saw that my boy the yuba score Yuba Court follow me on Twitter and you would already known that I reached we did it and I talked about it I also had a piggy live where I talked about it where I said blood statement told that I dated yeah I already knew I already know do this well living baby so yeah I know well you can rewind it’s the same stream so you can rewind this stream where I talk about it and like I said just follow me on Twitter if you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know what I talked about and if you’re interested if you’re interested in what I have to say or stuff like that then follow me on Twitter and you’ll owe ya Oh J knows about he’s gonna talk about it you know on a piggyback yeah my Twitter link is in the description below you do subscribers alright no it’s all good I’ll get no farm just explaining how things go around here so yeah just yet hit me up on Twitter and you’ll know what I’m pleading out on what I think and and if you find some information there’s something you can have uncovered it yeah yeah feel free to tweet at me let me know there but yeah any general stuff like stuff like release dates for like popular games yeah I probably I’ll probably only gonna know about it you know more so than anything let me know give it keeping the look out I appreciate that and whatever reason is this rivers come out a week later it is what it is and

then a week from by the ps4 Xbox one and PC version are you screaming instead of defending yourself oh man you got stuck in my face the border the shadows crawled with hey but uh you’ve asked or thank you for subscribing though man I appreciate your subscription homie Pablo’s we’re losing time cousin Jimmy hey do a g5 or somebody who’s watching do more goblins come out at night DMV it what the hell’s the DMV I’m from California DMV area the DMV like the DMV at the freaking like when you go to the you gotta get like your car registration is that DMV hey I’m still like DMV that I know of and I hate that place DC Maryland and Virginia Nam and I’m not an East Coast guy my sister went to school Maryland though she went to the University of Maryland the Terrapins that’s thought that’s the only time that I have to the East Coast like well not to the East Coast but tough but to that area is my sister wants to score the house it might at least for play all right there’s more goblins out at night we’re gonna come back at night dare you rabbit get away from those flowers who told you just you told you to be there rabbit drop the bag that’s way bigger than him what are you talking about if we buy the switch version dude then all we’re gonna

we’re gonna get DMC we’re gonna get DMC five if the Swiss version of Dragon’s Dogma sells did we get DMC not Dragon’s Dogma – they’re gonna they’re gonna like they’re gonna tell us the buy some other game to get to get Dragon’s Dogma – oh the switch bro I’m going off of what they said dude it’s not even about why not both I mean you talking about oh well by this we get dragons they didn’t say that they said by this and maybe you guys will getting the mc5 that’s what they say tell me what Capcom sin traveling time shabby no guys guys stop playing it to this whole politics what developers say if you want to buy the game then buy the game don’t buy the game because they say that this is gonna come or not don’t do that just if you want to buy Dragon’s Dogma because Dragon’s Dogma is a good game and you want to play it then buy Dragon’s Dogma but don’t get into the whole game politics PR garbage stuff like don’t fall into the into that ploy please don’t because I don’t ever push that crap on my channel don’t fall into that stuff if you want to play Dragon’s Dogma then buy Dragon’s Dogma and play it but don’t don’t think you’re gonna get anything from buying this one and then get something else or whatever the case is like whatever happens happens but don’t guys don’t get yourself caught up into that by Dragon’s Dogma if you think it’s a good gaming you want to play it that’s the reason why I bought Dragon’s Dogma is because it’s a good game not because they said oh we can get like don’t believe all this garbage PR stuff I mean and like I say this one developer say that’s if I said guys don’t be buying into this stuff just if you want to play dragons dog with them buy the game to play Dragon’s Dogma if you don’t want to play it then don’t play don’t buy it because of the hope or praying that we’re gonna get some type of that’s that’s nonsense just just if you want to buy the game then buy the game to play it but no don’t get into it like long gonna buy this so I can get this that’s that’s stupid that’s that’s that’s not that’s not something that you guys should care about if the game if the game is destined to sell good then don’t solve it if it’s not then it’s not playing it simple there’s no there’s no need to just sit there and play PR Olympics with these people if it comes it comes it was meant to be people will buy the game if they want to buy you know and that’s fine I’m like if you feel that okay this game isn’t worth it for you you want to save your money for the other games and that’s fine but don’t buy a game just because they said this or that could have happened like if you want to put your girl’s dog well then do it but I want to get into all that guys that’s that please do that that’s the type of stuff that we saw in Wii U and it never worked out so like don’t play into that game when you start playing into that game you lose I’ll tell you that right now because ps4 and Xbox one dudes don’t have to do that so I don’t see why we got anyway you know now I’m good with the loading the palms though guys I’m good I’m good with that I’m good I’m not trying to my time through all that right now the honest man thank you thank you for the offer though every city where’s the goblin ass okay you’re already not interested in the game okay cool cool that’s that’s no problem with that I think enough people are mine to be

honest I think at 20 at the 29 price range in our lobby people didn’t play the game originally this game is gonna do well enough oh my go this oh my god no oh there’s a bunch of goblins okay during the day they’re usually in are they down here are they down this way oh yeah oh there’s Sun on the beach oh there’s a whole bunch of them here but tomorrow I’ll just run showing us potatoes they got body let’s go gig all right it’s 5:02 guys I’m gonna go save and then I got it I gotta get the I gotta get the PD podcast ready for tonight I gotta build my stamina for doing these all-day streams man I really do that’s I’m gonna be working on that guys cuz like I don’t really have the stamina right now to be streaming like this but trust me I’ll get the stamina to go straight from PE Live to go into game play so we’re gonna start getting streams where they last like like longer hours at least minimum of line for five hours streams during the day minimum at least a few days out of the week so I’ll build my stammered on that this is my first time actually doing this where I connect the stream like this I don’t know did I do that when did I do that did I do that that’s another point but either way this is my first time and I don’t actually feel too bad what though okay I’m gonna have to save it right here then we’ll pick up from right here where this guy is after we’re done you have a birthday stream I did do that but that’s a different case though the birthday streams a little bit of a different case because that was like a special stream I was sitting there drinking freaking I drink like 12 of these throughout the day I was like eating energy bars like that was a whole different type of thing and yeah that’s by the way that sucked oh my gosh I was exhausted after I was done with the spawn cast I literally fell asleep in a second like I I instantly fell asleep and I slept for about a good 13 or 14 hours I knocked out and did not wake I didn’t I was out I don’t even I didn’t even drew I always dream I’m a very vivid dreamer like I know that I’m asleep it’s a lucid dream right I know that I’m asleep I know that I’m dreaming I think about concept that I’m gonna do while I’m sleeping I’m literally up thinking okay here’s what I’m gonna do in the morning okay here’s what I’m gonna do hey I’m probably got about I’m probably gonna wake up in about this amount of time I still get my sleep but like I know what I’m sleeping you know I got a lot of times not the whole time that I’m sleeping but a lot of the time when I’m sleeping I know exactly that I’m sleeping if I’m a dream and if I’m flying or if I’m like I don’t know like slashing somebody like doing like source if I know that I’m doing I’m just doing it for fun I have most I have controlled my dreams for the most part most of the time I do most of the time I do but like that night I fell asleep and didn’t remember anything I fell asleep and then woke up like 13 hours later which I have not done since I started doing player since full time I have not done that so it was crazy all right so let’s see here yeah it was glorious

sleep dude it was glorious sleep I just fell asleep and kid like a brick did not wake up until 13 hours later I was like well that was the most intense most boring sleep that I’ve ever had it was great it was great to have that alright guys I’ll be back in about an hour for the PE podcast this whole stream will be up live so you can watch both I’ll title it PE live plus Dragon’s Dogma stream and so yeah there you go that’s all we’re gonna do going forward because I’m putting out too many notifications for you guys I want to reduce the amount of notifications and I want to increase the stream time so and I want to build my stamina for streaming so like consecutive streaming because 2 hours is usually my limit but now I mean I did what did i do I did like a 5 hour stream or for our stream Oh accent knows three hours and 35 minutes but that’s only we’re only stopping because of the PE podcast otherwise I’d go longer so anyway alright guys thank you so much for watching I do appreciate it I’ll have the post up for the PE podcast in about 30 minutes or so and I will see you guys back here in just a bit alright guys PE podcast starts in about an hour a little bit less than an hour we’ll start up alright guys alright well see you guys so the next one Boosh

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