if if if if if well, if the U.S It’s with, the AFS Very sinister grin and a dodge ash years ago when A images of about two new starting in the fact that a vector its ladies and gentlemen this is what we started with this is what we started the night with service streaming announcer eight billion isolation this was very next game whose new pu as ago the Josh era body to be doing OK over things well did you start school ready by the way also get this guy A Sam Adams 76 shares everyone delicious school started OK to do that’s loud that’s pretty loud as an let me know if it’s too loud , notes to a second turn it down if need be all for love this good that’s also the book radio and now the press start button and load Also you can even the plan anything been making anything you are you’re always really creative making those of portal levels making the finance and Freddie cinema Tronic , pictures and graphics : you have to my old files around and six I played this game five times and the story that I’d beat this game five times those of my sixth time as some have been impossible here is chapter six environmental hazard in possible sorry halfway through, do it and finally can do a guy’s I’m finally playing and beating this game on impossible, get that last achievement that I need is happening in the advent of the C brown five, so overpowering this conspicuous

looks like this is probably the most recent right here chapter five lethal devotion around six insane and playing mind craft tape The past few weeks we’re currently at at Mars and once returns a list of one to there were going to continue on to another month Cool the play was like a server and guessing right moments of service also would sox’s I was doing a play through for with a sniper the two sliver of the fee to and I was about halfway through IE and had been doing like hold the collectibles run an editing of the hardest difficulty and has a two different kinds of those polled bars and those new models initiative often find the bars and of being on the cars difficulty is halfway through and I deleted my saves I was so mad of the cake and the back side of friends are OK gotcha is pretty believe it’s awesome And when you are people classes are you taking in school man if I was so upset that held to be so long as each level behalf. I have to like watching walkthrough and get all the known watched watch them explore you do get all the stuff they sure don’t miss anything to all anyway were jumping on this , this is long overdue and not the mother duck are the fact that has killed my friend as a goal and neuter good to see a body C was just normal school classes for me like math and language images and Alyssa gotcha doing good nice good as the body was to decode men Mr. Brady is the way the palace in the esteem is the way be OK so I sought to fight the virus and who together even the orient myself and RE familiarize myself with controls also it’s way too dark editor of greatness and pulling down the advisable with dow If the connection C that is all the way down because I wanted to be to be a scary as possible for the day become Japanese unit Japanese daily your VMS if the Chinese pro play on planting some college work as well nice good. Good college work, which you doing for with college is the way the jury to have a chat the show this time all yet tried to change things around simplified it , and got the via the game play full size full screen but the few guys like it if you guys don’t like giving go back to the old way, to have the other one already set up anyway just another scene just, it’s just I have two a -I would have to change anything to be honest and called for the game design and P two one what did I miss something I must admit something would you

I thought you were in review you’re a senior this last a school season has been a while and it has Wilson to talk about school year to while doing contracts and put them together, why can’t you were only life of the freshmen via junior I think because it’s only yours you are 17 and I was seventh housed in Jr when I was 17 houses senior metals into the car was my first idea of a guess it’s just me like just thinking about the past as the present so that’s my full looking all the stuff I have good god my inventories I’m playing on a possible on two will hold did on turning 33 this year on turning 33 in like two months while industry lies then turned 33 and two months that some old guys did all he had yet guys to keep you can you tell when second half to give streams since the the incident into my face In my face can you tell them my beard is like 5 inches shorter a dealer can get into the missing a monitored UAL him that as: and just in time will shoot video just in time to see the beard and five in shorter beard murdered as was like all way down here and in the city was a bit shorter yet I cut it in fact if unfortunately and I have to cut the whole thing sorry guys decorate his all-out hits and I do have gray hairs I do it said if that’s good to see Wilhelm welcome welcome welcomes Osgood as you I’ll be doing well know so we enter this way so I don’t remember like it’s been a long time to play this is probably the terribly these of judge me when I wish I could do is to my really good file and just change it to impossible but I can do that had no login of alive I made yet know lurking guys come on you need to subscribe to follow Joan A share like comment donate again if I get a whole game to play a real game of C Oken of nodes again, Owens I can do damage , once again another node vendor who met of your rising revenge and so I have that on a day goes a free game on Xbox a while back and it was also I have been on to have a history of the MPS three and a steam yet it’s so good You would tell me that for a long time and is, why take forever to play game but it just does

it take a firmer play games, starting the game you know what I should only use a health Students : Nolan of this for you, against Roy will welcome back to the game I guess right of the exhibit space if ago to go the flow and the fact the fact that the Navajo do that legitimately scared to grab me and I’m not even joking is is the fact all of them dawned on I get no help , use the space is a member did all my god did all know all know all know too OK , because and streamline their schema, earl there was a fishery thing that nobody’s needed. They are sorry guys to happen a lot at this would bring this came off as it’s pretty hard hits on the possible like I can help it all and there’s no O I’ve been trying to do the most readable role there’s no role in this one , 88 of a new one to finish everything I can use in the discord featured a stream S&P containment breach here server from once you get to that you can stream onto a server with the discord feature that sounds also is for that reason, because it’s still in beta form OK to that’s also unlike in that room just like to do that to do like discord streams only a it’s in Yemen, you should do that you should stream to the server he can do and all to this could crack me is a tiny bit input lied about the lie is a little bit of input like it’s not much really it’s just it’s just that varies slightly it’s I think it’s because of its I’m playing on the Xbox 1:00 AM playing Xbox360 on the Xbox once it’s like two has to go through two type of menus are never liked all inputs have to go through it has to go through the Xbox one and then emulated to the Xbox360 probably to the theater screens are better screams are bad is to be contained a breach bring so much

of the noise wise and I wanna see if my friend division one spot in particular that I remember is so hard in this game is a long hallway for knoll to some other guy has some of the governor you can’t read the win CE locked door like tres [ U.N. role Gotta try using first you don’t succeed try and try again yes to be that connectedness can all take that my friend year are all for working scare the heck out of the while gives a given the Estonian scare me know I think it’s just because of the fact that there can be anything right behind corners of the running behind the that’s a scary yet like Al that one day creek upon the that scared me evidence of its affected the affected so scared me right now is because , I could die at any moment it’s not I have another possible so it’s really hard to think that’s what’s causing me to be scared it so much easier to die does not like that low that that layer of protection than I normally have looked like playing on normal Allegis are you a year and monsters oh my gosh: gosh : a dish sued not: Bert chicken attacks there’s something else there’s something else is in their new back and save them, fennel and a far stronger as something of that comes out and gets the heart so containing breach to one and where when and where Cody when and where one when we be streaming it I’m assuming

the where only on discord a one server your server to else’s server while really repair technician, let’s super super helpful super handy when I need to go-go that way so two suits over here, click that if there’s a C there am there from the A tonight at 6 to 7 o’clock on my from my server only as that is in no time zones to six or 7:00 it’s like 4 hours times it know I’m sorry it’s like 3 hours will hang on a second 6 to 7 o’clock five of the underfunded be busy you can do that if you want but I’m not to be able to make that , I can do later Nine , I have a dinner of arrangements I’m having a family over OK given to the one you like 9:00 thus you so yet so it’s 9:00 we’ll be revealing 6 hours , the judge in crudities in a new TV of the teleconference and so that’s one of an energetic right now and then finally of the day off cash So guys only got I’ve been working my butt off for the past like week voted in working with, for for a while but it is like even more so this past week because all of our store managers for games that are out of town the role of the conference right now so literally every soul game stops store manager will say we literally just a higher but every game stops or manager is in Nashville right now at a conference so the assistant store managers me of our running the stores yet I and running a store I’m running a case of IE I know that’s scary trustee I’m just as scared as you are so I didn’t like just making sure everything runs smoothly which means I’ve been there are longer than they should be everyday making sure that everything’s fine Surely make sales made sure that we build tasks done they were doing everything on schedule : it’s been taken up a lot of my time and I’ve been very stressed so I’m just really happy that a given day off today and action tomorrow off a list of my guitar lessons tomorrow that’s that’s nothing I can think that’s a big deal but that’s been sentenced a of lights and I that I can play the NS C will serve 830 and so it’s of little ferry and [email protected] pain now you’re the charity right gives the always ask the OS S&P one. Charities are like a like they would you like to donate to the new live alone would you like to donate to me as, do , give this person no opportunity whatsoever to

they’ll have no opportunity whatsoever to inhabit these closer to having these bodies that’s right up the high holy and lovely to see how many shots it took to kill the one they they’re coming after me man holding only : a moment and fish and game tomorrow in them if you want to I was I might also stream tomorrow to do like to do all the ActiveX tree I still hate that line will line the addictive long shots I was keep on going guys you know it is it’s not improve life actually it’s the dead zones are not yet it’s the dead zones is not the excitement of my the dead zones are too big , moving my stick back and forth. Not since the moving all look into my palm moving , the cancer that the moving of a knot is not moving at all the dead zones are too big, Steven fix that controls survivors of slavery link below Subtitles: please the Hyatt all you do see OK make us whole again Isaac yet that’s stats was thrown me off to wonder why and how and if they notice wasn’t like that for the 360 I wonder we’ll see is amusingly different controller is possible that it’s not there wasn’t like that it’s likely even own a it’s like com there’s another gain was like that or the dead zones were terrible will keep all know you it was like this originally because of an airplane on the PC and Osgood use a mouse the mouse and keyboard but the dead zones were awful so I couldn’t use the mouse I remember that the dead souls were way too big so I had to use a heavy user controller specifically for this game did will salute the guys around really fast: Craig BLK so if it was originally like this one I think is that the noise here that said something needed to be open

cup, depending arm off there hasn’t made a solid year make this port city in Hogan year ago someone’s lying wonderful that C its arts. Over here , do and why And as one might is going hillbilly and one run and then old saying RALOOL bangs all TV that you that right now where you are doing you a date data you do, not hitting you and all will buoy all of whom have any more ammo for this poll got 8:50 oh, oh god says terrible why would they put spikes like that was the purpose of that it’s been really like what’s the point that didn’t what’s the point and owns so clever OK to one of waste all my am only oh one time was mike can I die yet if it’s now been allowed to you have to sift through all of my cons like the store visit is required when you mean like me going to be going in my store in streaming in its daring as if that’s the mean that’s never happened actually I think it’s illegal for me to do that anyway to all that tennis tour yeah OK storm as it is definitely required it’s a work crew were meant to move scale we move

this to a guy’s O U.S. space the Gamez the guys again with state and don’t waste the bullet where is a folder is a odd and get a call and get it had time for mike to be super Fabio had I got it so does this one the blood on and no two there another one , thump you out there is another one here in Minot, fishermen use us get a native of IF he certainly was killing 1111 love and a ago goodbye love the thunder the race to be a master of this game and scared and deaf and doing anything right now by making through this chapter all be happy that all those here 88 with the guess they produce beef level of explosive when exposed to fire , thanks so what would guess only a guess you talk about their very gaffey of a super scooper gash of O O the guest of the weeklong monster move to not necessarily , I’ll play goal gases are flammable of the living really the the

part that’s when was the oxygen or the not enough level but like the part that makes it explode as the amount of oxygen it’s in the the combination of chemicals known Ana screw that this is Anthony OK movements, due to the facts, and governor Two where is it taking the city and Acura., Let’s go back down to and will yes so the fire its already basically that’s causing the fire is the fact that it’s it’s it’s eating is consuming the oxygen room that everyone must be their key possibly these days I don’t have a lot of the shatter going on which makes sense in Austria nearly as often as I used to , not as entertaining as it used to be either a base the two strangers to play arrives stream stream just a stream to slacken play games one streaming Ro -Ro you needed I will sit here and tell all of a dying down at two shots in two shots , to shout well as public to shop only was there one more that was on all that’s the other side that’s right Well O will accept last car would mean as part of what S. Macias nothing around here not here for two shack Tony it’s as though the less time than I thought so again ago but all the giver one day and into the soup events we did kill way for we’ll see them in to fulltime jump on as soon as I can learn to Lassen cutter. The damage see you later the

mission is to close the mission of innocent Steve is so good C C building and buying weapons will fly there was really nice to force connection C A edition has forced forced to upgrade all the way is like the best one in my view of flavor is hopeful that, just suspect some , like in the division OC polls rounds for AIDS who have a vision and, of new energy Anything : celebrities and conducted the bases It was the force and it’s in removing march. Pack over his own ideas and that they know me a beer cans appears spaces pack 505. One ranks Our supplies, that should be good tax law and they’re worth the organic growth, suppress the shipments and substance of the result of interest to sells most closely resemble bacterial and viral behavior like materialism and faxed other cells through osmosis then mutate and produces help Ackerman genetically , what’s amazing is the speed at which rose a single bacterium reproduces appearance, and a reduces twentyfold in just 1 minute I’ve never seen anything like it I just stayed minor into a double singer additionally I think this may be genuinely inline four fares are wholly few residents of habitat transformer levels of gashes of one or two

members which is why it’s also bad luck to win basically we don’t know if you posted higher nice are listed his mother trucker is dead , another shush all three of them but ended an ovation given the roof of the the desire to win the thing and finally, down from the coffee for that and take all will guide do that scare the graph, the that’s good. The phones and other creature and Howard and on you, surprisingly I’m not tired even though I woke up so early in the events only by wake up so early AM insulin will get a view of a retired 58, and O the orange in the old line god I’d forgotten about this are : I’m ready for this , ready for this bill unless you can get beyond here you probably can all yet he gets OK where my starting from two of a event for action to take a one to go back and get more supplies as I get enough that the women have I have all the yeah, the more stuff That’s about all of us use the so far to divert even scarier, there’s too many bodies here over seven in all 5 minutes of freddy’s it scares you at first I feel like, not Mr. Liu just in general scares people at first but then like to get used to it and it’s just may so scary thing water to Joe scares the music OK the excel for actually unless it’s like: no is it the polls and the of the unknown like you think there’s a limit on a dare you not sure you know god in it’s still fun game though , to buy some more

that splits by some are of the assist the plasma was just implies, but that’s the best is the cheapest will try that we’ll see how that there’s that’s any better. All you know in which progress moral facts or grab some OSHA scraps of a dent, right as whether there for a there’s a bug in use of the stockpile, so I literally can’t let him hit me what’s basically let’s get a hold of, I’m just I’m not ready to add and I’m not ready I don’t place in more than one play this kind of, and I not only to keep this game as 5:00 AM good I can go to go to have to do is to get the following on wait a second, will who all events and have-two spaces packs OK and should be OK if I should be OK I should be OK did not I’m really scared of the body can all come all that’s right body still like to feel that of the inner life, that feels to the R us right OK I need another thing like now the poll : N , grove medical of a hit on all the like of Lutz two hits and, hour home that was really loud as has OK, take a look to have all the stuff they just got no idea not OK, as the back so I should probably save OK guy is UA I know I shoot and that any more ammo we are, have you do get it and they did silly and space at us moving all over to another one

to a rate of highway quickly RE storm I am stasis stairway as homey, saving in real quick to cologne plane down in fact that it E and I hate is dead men love this game but right now IE I’m just thinking is there a quick way to other than going here is, the quick way to restore right as that’s not good , Y brings up the menu and then OK OK. This winter’s freeze in the last time I freeze and will bring up the menu and use another one that’s often as it I get the skies again nobody is only vegetative anomalies , as an opposite of this committee broke a month, a lot of not working out working hard and Fellow and a member, color, where is the land of us all should OK are writing ago ago as a numbing and I know we have we gotten we Gotta we got a committee broke them on Tuesdays that is that for a loan soccer , weighs about four shots into tears and down , god forbid the response is he the right now that the screw you know all year baby. The two cities and tries to come back we’ll be able to do for an that serve only as you get

the answer to get Perot gets achieved yet the salary shall meet your blood , in a shower mean you’re not gonna show me love, and to see if I’m really getting ready up all the men on the Idec team to ms if ms and if he and the F TE 7 F If MFN if enough and that if the if the if then the NL if th FF F FAFNSFS th NSF fifth SA, that if the MF NSF us if and if the S.F If -if th F AFSS M. Ickes if th visits S SS F if

F th Laredo that’s better homes I fixed it if you if the error , are they tell the whole does it have something on TV and cable TV static as where does a better should be better now should be better now , are so as asking the four, do you , when you when you play right now the city still playing a dark signers three : is still on that and also, because those didn’t mention of for PlayStation plus the free games for PlayStation plus is a dark side is three and I think that an arc and nights to branded as one planning a OK hoops to the remnant cocoa cool so rented from the ashes right inside the dark souls like game souls born game in the genre of souls born all know that this part I know that I know it’s happening right now , it’s about to happen OK year ago that of a body of OK. That’s the one where what was that they knoll of the doll won’t as it shifts Condit : good lord is mail this came omega man out of you that’s for darn sure it’s yes oh so what’s funny about it the bout the only place I haven’t looked yet while Perot really , that

don’t believe their lives read what they’re really saying the mother really say in so there’s the Offerman and then until has released a written somewhere you can actually decipher a few one to decipher a descent for its you can decipher that’s the bull by the way in a high school two guys but I’m going to Hawaii next week and to the awesome and under a windy, cold for a whole week taken a week off from work and which is why the year just yet for the week and are going to be enjoying that love netmeeting was going was the wife anonymity go on with our friends , and we’re in the visiting a friend who lives there would be only lose their fur he’ll lose their fur, another like a month and have maybe so all get hold of an up yet since it’s in the superfund like I’m really excited and even us to reclaim the Saturday night to get there on Sunday at some point is if you were layover in 7 hour layover in in California somewhere I think, when you remember and then we’re gonna from there to fly to Hawaii E food I’m so excited I can only , so that that’s on and it’s gonna be fun so ROR Albee string of it is an obvious on for that week , and if I switch so I get those fool who can use that will take them there ago the idea of soaps and outs of Phillips added Hawaii eight I don’t know which parts of the old wine in Goma won’t be the most important thing is that I will be at work that’s the more important thing I will be at work for a whole week he’ll be amazing , mays bowls unseated a very good job ads EA and visceral did a very good job acts, improving the core game play of this of these games so number two and number three are they control the handle so much

better than this one out and going back and playing this one it’s definitely not as smooth and as typed as the second in the first was Foxworthy as: welcome to the stream to showcase for PC and try to figure out why can’t they preached for weird are extreme on pretty much everything to other is a stream of everything actually, butts , I don’t typically stream of PC resistant on consuls for what I do I have everything the console basically not every council and I have all the you know the major ones his foreign stocks one switch of the no peers three access to 60 we have we you and me the handheld success of the De and switch on some slowness are one to one million man what about you Lewis Foxworthy the transition appears four for fun but it always is an offline and only streaming from itself was wondering if anyone knew anything up, that would help smokers to mention some commonly a router summary said it inserted like his four of the work of pool scene of fox the caster nice did , to back this way you I’m not really sure I really don’t know the answer to be honest hostile press are no more back to me all hand might be able to help you know , is pretty good at that stuff who didn’t say I am not have the will of Seattle and continue this allows stop the fact that one play something else to go into the third have already introduced in two and choose which fishing since their last minutes and string of full well what was your old fishing because the stand he been dead for years of which was loose to RNCS games nice did and said it was done and one for something else

and goes down either way though it’s good to see above welcome back , and you’re used to someone would you find of did a really it’s lonely stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid capture card I will then have to reset the stream so I was able to do ones without having every seven but to set for massive emissions from a card and had the gun a donations none Now a unit that enough and only copy can you guys are always wanted, and IE now, won a comment on that route just feel like it’s one of those things were you know you have to be like fulltime streaming more like a charity are something of them playing inside is my favorite game of fulltime but which doesn’t seem to like it that’s a pretty cool game ever finish and myself to resolve for second : the server might use a while of New Zealand and fix it without having to turn off the stream for, say I was OK with taking a break from the game that gave his certainly you know it’s tough on insane are impossible and considering replay reclaimed of war it’s just that What the new one if you do it on the gimmick of war to begin on giving Gotta worry if I have not I played give me a challenge beat it and start restarted it to the new game plus on giving god of war, never a can really get that far off , play through the whole story of redemption to again because I liked it that a lot to build a good one of those of you were a thought about going back to Redmond mention the first one And the Russian root of the bench in O that’s going on video capture wheeling refresh and the refresh of routed the KG of fact if unintended intention guys in stocks

to be directed the tension go DTG configure video of soon as I unplug invited back in stock in the final work is just not going to it’s that too Yet even capture card this happens is literally is happening now every stream every time a string of this happens if sometimes even as far as of high enough I have another mini USB cable is some anyone is uneven micro USB is too many USB and sold the sins S.F. as many close to shore it is many the best way to shore and maybe not actually this track is indeed a new computer small and if if it’s if dress And read of something, will the real as reading off the NSF if FAS if if MFN if it’s tough

enough in the FF if the F if it’s just enough of us if ms half NF if F if

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