G’day ya buggers how’s it goin I hope you having a bloody fabulous day my name’s max from League of earthlings and welcome back well not back welcome to the first episode of Far Cry 5 so I’ve actually heard quite a lot of it this game and I haven’t got around to playing it yet but I’ve heard it’s a really good game it is a first-person shooter which I’m usually absolutely horseshit at so you know we won’t get our hopes up right so I’ve got to choose will can be a Sheila or a bloke so last time I looked I think I was a bloke so we’ll do that confirm yeah so that lovely yeah but I’ve heard good things about it it is a first-person shooter so yeah I might be a bit kack at it but you know you’ve got to step out of your comfort zone every now and then yeah apparently it’s the only way you grow so let’s do it so who’s this bugger he’s the father apparently he looks a bit of a rum one doesn’t he it’s been using crayons on his back so yeah it’s yeah read quite a lot about it I’ve never actually played any of the far crys which is a bit bad really we’ll get this one I’m sure I won’t sort of need to of played the previous four it’s a bit like the Rocky movies isn’t it yeah you don’t have to watch them all you soon catch up with what’s going on yeah well I hope you doing well guys hope you having a good day and I hope you enjoy the episode so let’s get going montana big sky the treasure state hazus looks what noise people got a lot of names for it looks its own a bit like Bunbury where I live pilot Hall we lived here my whole life still amazing how beautiful it is maybe that’s what blinded us to how ugly the people will get okay you won’t saw a living here you don’t understand no one took these groups seriously they were different religious militant it was a goddamn cases that’s a bad combo they started buying up every fun for miles than the radio station not long after that they even had the fucking cops their own sovereign logistics tasers built right here under our noses it’s happening I wasn’t I’m gonna help us this government can’t do shit we’re on our own people don’t want to believe groups like this exist people are scared man wish to harm us some will wish to destroy all the we’ve built here together some sky looks a little bit like Conor McGregor no boys capable their leader Joseph seen they call him the father all right I’ve come out star to that guy why do not believe I have no faith no J’s is this doesn’t that good from sea there is a nice guy his name oh dear rookie Rookie wastes no time there’s no signal I run over the hand bein now L crazy that’s when you know you’ve made it you’re gonna bloody statue of yourself sorry why the shit’s gonna hit with that we approach the compound Nancy we are unfortunately still trying to talk some sense in our friend Marshall

maybe we should have brought a Nancy along with us instead of a pierogi miss Peggy’s wouldn’t fuck with her Pratt why do you keep calling Peggy’s project hey Petey Peggy’s this what the locals call no he started off farmers a few years back now they are armed to the teeth now they’re looking for a fight sure we’re here compounds just below I think that could have been a yes big trim doesn’t it hell it’s gotten kick as a house it chases Winkeljohn stay away from the guy with the flamethrower we don’t want to get Paul be killed dispatch you don’t hear from us from 15 minutes sitting everyone call the goddamn National Guard’s you have two friends only four of us company okay okay stay sharp let’s go right and we go access your new vehicle at any garage in the world in the church strict clothes I actually did buy like the limited edition of far cry so I think it got some sort of additives stuffs like vehicle also clothes no stars or something have a little look at that again good I love how’s it goin just tell it’s all gonna go tits up once I mean we go to the church and see Jesus he’s got a beard and wear sandals I think I would have brought a few more people to do anything stupid relax Sheriff you’re about to get your name in the paper you’ll be fine yeah we should add you old confidence lob you can feel the chain well aiming out creeping toward the edge and there will be a record that is why I would start the project because we know what happens next yeah they will come they will try to take from us take our guys take our freedom take our faith we will not let that Sheriff we will not let their greed whether immorality whether to pray but he hurt us anymore sure there will be no more suffering on fuckas joseph see I have a warrant issued for your arrest on the suspicion of kidnapping with the intent to harm now I want you to step forward and keep your hands where I can see them now they are locusts in our garden see they’ve gone from me jay-z Scott is looking like a gang of the Vikings they’ve come to destroy all the wee we knew this moment would come we’ve prepared for this car looks a little bit like director doesn’t he Matthew McConaughey is his name or something

like that let them take me first CEO when I heard as it were the noise of thunder one of the four beasts a common see step and I saw and behold it was white horse yes that’s the sheriff’s name isn’t it white horse brookey cuff this son of a bitch yeah let’s do it why not me just shoot him God be a very short game but uh I don’t think we’re gonna get it no here a lot Oh sometimes the best thing to do okay all right let’s take him out let’s go yeah late jaysus is this as fast as we can walk will be take as a bladder bloody week to get to the helicopter let’s go nothing to say here boys don’t worry about it that guy’s got his shovel girl just loads of them jaysus while the guns are out shit let’s get into children beggar Oh yeah that’ll do it Cheryl I told him to come down right that went well I can say we’re in this shit all right it’s emulsion go is he still alive father Oh God she’s just a bit of a freaky bastard his name we’re upside down and helicopter if that helps your last batch everything is just following him oh there Ron so he’s got the bloody police force in his pocket well everything to get out of yeah God’s plan I’m still here with you

we’re seal has been broken we will take what we need kill all boats who stand in all oh yeah and I’m shit we’ve got to get out of here come on laughs let’s get out of here and shit right you’ve got her come on thanks cab come on get cake seatbelt off remember those are applying safety instructions when you go on holiday to Spain pull the latch let’s get out that’s bloody run let’s go bloody leg it run for Christ’s sake so press all free to run right we’ll do that it’s blogging like it did section meter fills up as anyway spot you if it’s full and flashes you’ve been detected and close enough and undetected to an enemy press are free to perform a takedown quietly okay I’ll do that crab to remain stealthy we can do that now right across the sound down here I’m not sure we were going I need a weapon down all right what about what pipe right okay that left there it’s gone I thought and I wear them guy would really light over this way someone uh is that the Marshal okay let’s head to let’s head for this trailer is that okay are over here brilliant let’s get inside think it was the Marshall that wasn’t it yeah Jesus Christ Brooke I’m sorry I thought they got you come on come on I do their shooter wrong Rock oh dear sorry guys that they have bad windy pops today Jesus I had no idea we’re putting this whole family away all of them looks like the gladiators family we’re gonna get out of this rookie first things first got arm ourselves here Mike all right he’s what we gonna do there’s a road out there we’re gonna take it with a head northeast it’s probably only a few hours back to Missoula hey let’s throw it gonna come back here with a goddamn National Guard and when I take out the rest of the company all right let’s kill those

bastards let’s say okay at least I’ve got a guy you know and I’m sure okay okay right I’m trying I’ll throw stones at them or something or insults or something else or oh god no that didn’t go very well those bloody mission and ballsed it up okay that’s right again oh okay tell them coming let’s get out of here due date right right let’s get there later yeah yeah thanks very much we can ship the beer let’s have some tea they’ll Road new Hey throw the dynamite stay back nice is it any sky and nurse what we will them nudee I’d kick again the slain in for a minute yeah I think he’s dead right right right or it meant the cows in front dry

come on and eh got stuck again use of my come on fella let’s get out of here it’s went to the light sorry tranquil music is met I think we’re out I’ve shit so it looks like they’ve got the marshal everything the authorities who tried to take all right hopefully this guy’s not a bad guy hopefully won’t try and probe us or nothing yes as this guy looks a little bit like one of my exes father that shoot means he was a bit of a dickhead it means the roads of Auburn closed means the phone lines have been cut it means there’s no signals getting out of this valley but mostly it means we’re all fucked yeah it looks like it goddamn collapse they all think the world’s coming to an end now they’ve been waiting for it for years waiting for somebody to to come along and fulfill their prophecy kick off their goddamn holy war well you sure should get smartest thing for me to do we just do the hand you all know called don’t do it come on Boulder you know you don’t want to yeah I think this guy could be a good guy get out of that uniform we need to burn it listen first close there when you get changed you come and see me right let’s see if we can unfuck this situation okay I was not gonna dress me in a like a French mind’s eye have fit I was not a bit funny okay so let’s go and get changed wardrobe just here it’s wrecked what can we put on please make some choice before we press a to character customization okay all right okay so we need to pick someone who sort of looks like Mayer they all don’t look like they have the percentage also be as ugly as me but okay would you know what we think we’ll go with that guy why not that same I sort of heard Oh okay let’s save that for now yeah confirm that lovely lower body we’ve got so we’ve got like car goes Brown car

goes green car goes and camo you’ll have some brown car goes show me let’s head there and the body a nice Oh check it bat nap she was go that one sleeveless numbers I think we’ll go for the blue blue flannel sounds nice doesn’t it Edward got some caps we’re all right for now and were so brown gloves bent bandages skeleton black and red well either thin out I think now that was really confirm right so we got our new club thankfully didn’t dresses up as a french maid so hopefully it’s not gonna be some sort of weird oh then I’m gonna see you it’s gone again are you ready to work I didn’t properly introduce myself back there most folks call me Dutch good eye I’ve been trying to piece together what’s happening up time it ain’t good little I can gather is that your partners are alive for now really seems they then split up each one handed off to a different member of Joseph’s family you want it back I get it I get it I got friends to be taken to the problem is there ain’t no help coming nobody knows what’s going on here and they won’t know until it’s too late yeah there’s got to be people out there willing to fight back against this cult we just we need to show them how we need to build a some resistance yeah so the first thing we’re gonna do is get control of this island okay I got some breathing room we can figure out what’s coming next let’s do it there’s a gun and a map I’m safe over there baby I’ll give you a call on your radio once you get your bearings all out nice let’s go and get the gun hi Ross is just here so and ganya looks like that and we’ll speed up the girl out there it’s crawling with babies so we got a map as well that’s good diet for that psychopath that’s weak okay any other supplies we can get here have you know oh right that’s it’s good to know that’s what we’ll do okeydoke yeah no worries right so he’s a good guy they’ve done Dutch looks like we’re going to use him a bit so we’ve got in there Oh brilliant right so we have got a map so I think I’ll do guys we’ll call it a day for this episode one I hope you enjoyed it it’s gonna take a bit of time to get used to controls and all that and like I say I am a bit kack at the older

first-person shooter but we’ll be fine we’ll give it a good go it looks a good game though so yeah I think all day we’ll call it a day thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it and we will hopefully see in the next episode I do upload daily with this sort of content so if you do like this sort of thing and you would maybe consider subscribing that would be absolutely bonzer but until next time guys have a brilliant day and I will see you soon cheers guys

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