hello everyone and welcome back to the nips killer Channel up everybody’s doing all right today so so try enjoy some new Battlefield 5 live stream with the Babu is on the map so let’s go Lillian hello Chopper Moldova death knows objective Charlie is ours all right let’s see what we can do in this game today today hmm I’m I’m stock all right well guys should we play play I don’t think I want to play this gun actually tries to G waiting on you sergeant sergeant that is a little weird so I need to change this this hopefully now it’s better so much base or something I died again all right you don’t have engineering in this game Stop better for it is a soul medic support or sniper you have the engineer which is the soul but of course hook of the leg on and also the other guy guy want a 200 oh my God nice nice

hello hello Williams first two games try to be warming sessions yeah I will invite you you too we lost all control let’s capture the objective oh that was not very interesting interesting star let’s see how this map is going to be I want to do than play from the beginning oh nice nice we got to choose to save it this one is dead you’re mr. ABS thank you very much for the nation brother

yes sir is dead it’s possible to be full to be a winning team team and change go after after oh yeah yeah leaving Louisiana we’ve taken control of objective April think again supposed to be a slide looks like it was a proning moment all the good part of service full again again yeah I can invite sure sure so it was again the the corner was it and I for this guy and it didn’t receive any damage I saw I didn’t receive any damage I was like okay that guy’s dead I guess it was not definitely not where my for this game yet nice nice here’s some smoke smoke Chuck

yo mr. no-name thank you very much for the donation women cheers for the 10 euros the just support thank you very much much bro so it was a long day today next I have the energy right now now it to get in the groove of the game if you doing okay today mr donut we have a job come on now I work every day for you guys I hope so I wish though just will support bro bro you want to join his own place available yo what was that like one second later you can move Soldier soldier oh my God Jim’s lying so don’t have a mission Thompson up some smoke objected objected it is is didn’t see that guy in the nice no way better work I push the bottom for reviled like multiple times later if possible Sherman listen up defend me objective

objective yeah she does she does I got no idea what’s up with you you hm look at agony who’s that the here at just the right now is pretty good should be okay now I don’t know this covid virus is just I think a lot of people is going to have mental issues because of it dog dog oh my God god that guy killed the boy who tried to knife him from you know stand position but a little knife what what is this news of the weird place I don’t know somehow I didn’t receive

the damage and stuff it looks like Korea Korea and they don’t feel I play anything I guess this team was too good actually if you watching the team not really really but yeah all right 38 and for basically the first game of the day day was okay again the other team left what and then I left look at this this balance that is at 21 against 37 what is this game actually doing right now how you can put like 36 37 people on this side against those dudes it is like good players on this side where is the balance like all the good players on this side and let’s put a little people on the other side yeah I know she’s pretty down sad sad sad times really sad times yeah it is all over the world and Lead but when you are like a small country that is you know on the way to evolve and this happens happens it’s so bad man what is this game in 36 against 23 in really really game let’s change its gonna be is gonna be it’s gonna be be one side again 36 against how how many of us I don’t believe the stuff is still in the game but I think it was like on the beta first time when I saw it it the balance is like 37 against against 21 kind of a balance is there let’s find a different hobby that was the jewel all right let’s see try to server hello hello artists hope you’re doing okay okay yeah yeah the money machine is running running yeah I’m part of the you European European Union European Union here here yeah we are all together in this I think somehow this Union stuff with this virus stuff is somehow is like you know encourage the the government may be the convent I don’t know the people who rule the country to do this kind of restrictions and stuff so they’re going to take more money I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know it’s just game channel so we don’t

discuss that that here it was just annoying when the way it is is is just a night in the last two months or three months to I think three months stuff was like a little bitter I mean it was still the you know wearing masks everywhere clean your hands hands and stuff like that but it was okay if I mean it was now we go back to the lockdown and and stuff I just the person this is the person I hate it I want you know I pre-ordered the PS 5 and I put it a as an option I check that option to go in the store and when it is available pick it up so that you know the Courier’s will not the boys who’s delivering Will Not Waste one two days more until I have the PlayStation fan and because of this stuff going now the restrictions and because the store is like blocking again I wonder if I can you know be able to buy it or actually I did buy it I did pay the money I wonder if I can take it from the store because it might be close close nobody nobody knows nobody knows all right let’s invite you again the server was one-sided one-sided so there’s no point playing over there yeah it’s gonna be a look down but it’s not going to be like for Old Country it’s gonna be just for the big the biggest city and I live in Bucharest which is the capital is the biggest one so basically if you are in the rural side you will not be affected but if you are in the cities were actually the stuff matters at least in Romania they’re very affected and it sucks it’s on on oh come on you very much three for being in my way way yeah hopefully we’re going to do that meeting in Amsterdam I wish is going to be next year yeah hello massoud Masood in a way this year was pretty good for swimming and stuff like that is really good for making streams playing games because you had this extra time now but on the other side I think it didn’t matter that much maybe

for people who’s like really involved in this thing thing but I think even this people is not very you know very happy about a situation whatever whatever let’s try concert in the game a little bit bit Latinas wet the heck I don’t believe I didn’t kill that guy I don’t miss the chance thank you dude I don’t know this dude’s is like Jenna gonna no they don’t really play in their own way let them play listen is what he kill me the sugar from their range no way yo mr. Michael thank you very much for the nation brother nothing oh yeah yeah let us show up biscuit listen let us go and all this robbery robbery the sure is a guy there

yeah yeah yeah I could have ice sure sure the problem is to do nice dude look at him cheesy so this guy hey you got another one nice play for Tyga I got into bed movement I mean my animation that jumping on the window did I’ll allow my gun to shoot so he got us extra second or something because he did the same oh man doesn’t that another guy over there it was nice nice

how fast oh man what it was a proud of that so we’re going to lose the game actually there’s this guy guy over there I don’t know how this guy can see through the smoke but he can’t hold on I did absolutely nothing on them absolutely nothing I don’t know this game doesn’t have the you know that’s it doesn’t make you to play with passion anymore fire because you play everything in it that everything in it play too much of it probably I mean his days and days sometimes you feel like you want to play sometimes uses life hmm hmm the objective

no No so my smoke over here that I didn’t hesitate I mean I did his day because there’s another guy guy prone and I was trying to get in the car for the other guy and I end up getting shot by 7 seven lame lame what what not sure what happened here here

whatever come on I’m here mate yeah we got to cut you the objective I still got left over there there there are probably a lot of those rooms waiting waiting dude dude have a smoke grenade grenade oh my God god prison prison three sugars that between three three shotguns crazy crazy smoke grenade I think it’s game over hello mr cutter how’s it going on bro

oh my God god I killed because I got killed because I should have met a grenade and I killed myself Xbox Battle 5 servers battle day went back to battle if you want maybe I went to PS 5 is going to be on the market going to play more Battlefield one because going to be optimized or at least this is what they say going to be free to play and optimize for PS5 ps5 who knows maybe I’ll enjoy it a lot oh maybe not not look what I got hello hello you’re having all the points and all the sound we don’t have it nice that guy’s a killer this one is safe smoke I’ll fix you you in a manic medic okay

soldier read some first day for you you that I’m bad at it little Pro Gamer 5:27 toxic again that is this man so it’s going to be a lot of sugars and time two ways so so why not quite why tried play Legend when you can play like this legit hello drank yeah whether one about it all oh okay okay okay okay those are working good actually actually it is working pretty good huh huh got you Soldier it was those two guys the next to each other did did no I got it was another one

when from where like what let’s try killers guys there oh man I don’t wonder switching on a cheaper option you think so maybe they you know prepared prepared the games for the next Battlefield or for the next Council so the server is going to be like you know better on the next gen and this one is Li moved from the old gin gin so maybe they switch staff when they did the maintenance I’m I’m thinking maybe who knows can’t be right oh that was lame two other hand I a lot of different options oh my God where was the footsteps of those guys was like four people you know moving on this stuff stuff nice game thank you very much for that I did wait in that door I mean I was waiting for that but it was silent it’s like okay nobody will come I’m gonna go from this side side I got of the second didn’t kill him from Two Shots three shots look at that dude from miles away is a washout a stupid sugar I don’t believe it it oh game scale scale I’ll treat you pal pal I don’t know how they can see me man in the Smoke because I

really cannot see see them I really cannot see them are they watch their this is nobody really nobody no footsteps nobody we’re more position he appear it was like God make another another I’m Adam magic moment zero footsteps steps I love it all right was another mediocre game let’s go for the next one I don’t think it’s going to be interesting Studios that gonna make FPS games better I don’t think so it’s gonna be still he a service still Activision Activision service nobody else will invest a lot of money in service little Pablo I have GPU I play the PlayStation you see this is PlayStation playstation EEE ee-ee-ee-ee yeah there’s a place I join join it was you and Harvick and I change that server because it was 37 against 23 23 I liked you in the new server but you didn’t join join anymore I pre-ordered and Peter PlayStation five already objective I need that juicy frames frames those juicy frames I need them nice nice how’s that a Miss game game move

you have to come to the objective and then invites have a condensed milk is flying alone a loan for the entire round and when I see they didn’t join no way I missed you guys so much much are they play with random stuff that who’s this this – he’s pleading objective boots boots if room later I’ll join ya Sherman every time it is room you can join right now School I did a vice you from a server to another but you didn’t know Jordan I don’t know know oh nice nice I’m dying in medic thank you thank you you the xiaomi before before and it it didn’t okay can I help – no I got it it I got to try my luck again I don’t know let me try this entrance entrance not a good idea lost everything else on the other side side I miss miss I miss I don’t believe how is this guy still alive that is the question who’s repairing that guy

I’ll see awesome come to the objectives now this is again diva I believe him down sir sir like I really did a move dude little pee on it how you doing man that was a Miss how is that a miss nice nice very very I’m dying please I need help help sorry again 62 62 let’s go for Charlie Batman I that much of matters what you have four steps that’s

why I’m complaining when I you know don’t you them what it’s like for guys rushed it on you on the stairs you should hear them sometimes sometimes it don’t it’ll cross so ski ski but I’m I mean somehow this map Works OK on The Conquest if the team is more balanced is even more interesting interesting I missed it it thank you this objective must be defended no come to the objective mr. Chan – are you gonna spend your winter this year in the cottage or Cottage I believe asses or next year you’re going to prepare for the next year year from the way you know the things going the one tur will not be a winter anymore so so who knows come on on yeah yeah then a diamond it did it dominated this map right now

so you got everything everything nice nice subjective job I don’t know how he shot like double time because he shot in the I think I’m dead notes and after that like in half of a second shot of me me and I think the fiery for that it’s not actually like that a little slower than the another another one there it is again again any of us isn’t it try again nah watching the live function the right is a badass bad that momentum I’m a Manny push me dude I got to stay in my way and I cannot go inside at the time massoud

Rahi me jeez let’s go for next one hmm are you guys got you have the new games I didn’t play this Need for Speed payback I was trying a little bit before the Stream it’s pretty fun to play if you want if you like this kind of a games or if you lining full speed it’s free on the PS plus now you can take it you can download the game in a have some fun with it if you didn’t play it 2017 I believe so it is a three year three years old game but it’s cool it’s nice a lot of fun on it I like it I’m wondering if I could buy the new leases feed because Kevin J what I experienced a little bit before the the stream play like one hour or so then do you stream with a because it’s an old game and also got a lot of music in it so it’s gonna be a lot of copyrights if you stop the music somehow the game is not an you know enjoyable enjoyable anymore music is kind of adding to the need for speed games it’s nice to drift with the cars it feels like the Hot Pursuit I believe the one on Xbox 360 and PS3 ps3 the car is drifting crazy and I am is the same on this one one or Burnout Paradise if you play that again again close to the mechanics when you breed a car a lot of fun I like it nah nah it sure is going to be people in that corner over there but now they’re on the other side side I’ll pass I don’t believe you didn’t buy this this those explosives was everything and he didn’t die nice did you for that guy

let me go with STG STG how old are you ready to see see movies the movie I hate it when I get stuck in those Little Rock’s Rock’s oh my God I don’t believe that guy was chilling prone and watching this in this place I don’t believe it I should first in the guy nice nice it’s been done for the next winter like this winter or next year winter you don’t want to stay there forever forever okay okay so can I save and good luck to you hope your life is going to be the way you want it it nice nice

okay do you not the time no No Ruby movie Jesus Christ it it I’m going from the city don’t want to unplug completely okay okay call hats this go I was thinking the other side side Cole’s Kohl’s thank you man

I cannot fire that it 300 ping ping you can adjust three hungry sighing to do a blind eye on that guy come on no no way he was still in there gun gun doctor see it it hey call me why you rushed now I mean what was the wedding that Cora and after he killing you rush what’s the point I smell I see you to hold on so yeah with this with the stick you don’t do the buying it it I wonder why I let me check melee attack Bonnie charge this should work actually actually isn’t it yeah I don’t know why it doesn’t work it doesn’t whatever whatever you lie in the nature as a Canadian I believe you be kind of of you know raised like this yeah yeah hey all right let me change this because it doesn’t work anymore anymore I don’t know what what it should work is buying it command but it it doesn’t

he tells them Sean is the other team even on the map I feel like Miss Saigon the way it was a his shop that was the battery out how you doing bro time to buy me why Bonnie aren’t you a little bit harsh on yourself yourself fun fun hello Manuel little kid mode so it’s okay and most of the balance it is me not on a Queen by the way most of the changes everybody’s like you know and I’ve cleaned on a clean but it’s me most of them I got to go you like abuse all right abuse with love and that was some bad at all all no it was another guy with unit yeah I got that do something something nice nice what is good nothing I’m waiting for the goodies but the PlayStation five for the you know all the stuff it was going to happen because because it is a lot of restrictions again with a super virus so far I’m kind of enjoying this is a game the Need for Speed paper I didn’t play it I didn’t play it when I was on the market I was a little bit of Need for Speed fan before but the last one was like not really impressive this one is fun I really enjoyed playing it this is what I do and is a new stuff stuff starting today you cannot map behind me because of Molly there’s

your answer answer sure love her you do I love her too much with the with the food I think you give her too much food actually actually you playing do material I think it’s a new one comment right now isn’t it you spoil Molly too much I don’t know Max got the same you know treatment treatment she does like the cookies cookies downloaded using Xbox game pass they got a really good deal with that and the library for the games is really good good I mean that’s why PlayStation is kind of giving pretty good games lately it kind of want to compete with that you know and also the library for the beginning of the PlayStation Plus as the games it is very impressive very impressive I don’t play Daisy Gun so I definitely gotta try and give it a go now a PlayStation 5 5 also the battlefield one they goes blonde born old saying that it’s pretty impressive yeah so that’s why the casino that this is why the competition is actually good for the end user as a consumer nice it’s very nice nice really good shot it sorry Theta we go to single tire shop gun instead of this is it thank you oh my God god like it was not enough that that loser loser is camping it was another one the launch of I don’t know what you asking for me the through lots of Subs subs oh no No the still got it it

where is this guy guy that’s where I was as a guy for me is rocks I don’t know where is this guy suicide right there there not to cry for Xbox I don’t cry for Xbox oh my God it’s sliding quick again got got to change that gun is also almost dead dead yeah so that gun is better than this he’s five dominates in Europe and not easy yeah yeah it does it does how’s it going to react react whoop whoop his daughter no is the guy my back but I just think it is like Mars well left

side not not of the day you re screw this game yesterday not sure when I’ll play it again as it is one of those games isn’t it it are you playing on Xbox from the police station how many what the dude how is that happening in the grenade didn’t touch him unbelievable unbelievable some days I’m on point I’ll come on man I didn’t expect this from you some days I’m on point in the 50 kills then the next day I feel like a complete noob Pokemon in on something you got to play like three rounds you know ps4 well you should join the sky from time to time mr. Bruce send me a friend request and maybe as a scholar got a jam or just saying hello Japanese but Chinese it was nothing at I don’t want you saying every time when you start a game first three rounds is like hard hard and again that that her name is again just like like that nice nice oh my God cool cool no No come on me how’s that a mess why didn’t shoot why the game didn’t shoot that that rocket no idea no idea idea dude

how old every time when I gen on the game and I played the first two three rounds and I do it on streem immediately you’re gonna see my game is kind of bad if your recipe and after like three games you know the aiming the movement the focus is a little bit of no you didn’t do that is having a help for there pregnant pregnant credible Duty or amazing yeah you’re amazing look at this guy what an amazing plan plan what an amazing amazing player shut up up who me or you me or you Muhammad Muhammad it’s awesome didn’t go there

since you made the one near the look at the time flying flying this guy’s amazing again again chilling chilling in all the places I mean you are one the wonderful person Muhammad now go away you can go away now now but it’s like about them this is amazing no I don’t have it it nothing to do about it it at least he rushed she didn’t wait on that corner corner I don’t have a big chance so so change it to the members only is no no point and I like to hear what the trolls are saying about me so so let him say say you know people people is normal that people hate you it’s normal if you don’t if you put doesn’t hate you then you’re not successful this is where I believe so if they hate you is okay when the passion of heat for you is crazy then it’s not okay okay but just to hate his okay where is it I’m sure he is some of the isn’t it is it got there Sophia guy that all right no way wait you see the lagon that is like going back and he

died I got a lot of love no homo cheers for that bruise bruise you know when the energy is positive around is okay I mean you feel like you kind of tried to give it back but it’s hard to be like every stream you know like very energetic very positive very because I work on a day and then I’m do the Stream and then I’m a human and I’m not the most you know younger person that makes three three so getting close to 40 and when you get well after 40 you kind of go to the you know to the very grumpy very serious serious person it’s it’s crazy and now this virus stuff around the things things well tea geez the promise that you’ll see little bit jeez I think it was probably I want to join if he’s online I don’t see him online proud player different people it’s funny that people would waste their own time time on hating someone they don’t know know it will never meet but they don’t need to hurt you know they don’t need to hate the real person person of you do you want to heed the person that it is on the internet I mean this guy over here was like watching and playing this game they want to heat that person not the real person you know and it’s okay it’s fine it’s really fun I’m 40 and you will see nothing nothing change that’s we are the new 30 I like the positive thinking about it it you’re 35 I’m 36 right now time we are very close to that age as server still gonna go are we gonna change change mmm welcome back Pro Gamer gamer the Dirty 30s oh yeah Mr Monica with the nation again just so that bro bro yeah we go to come to the objective you have a great Outlook cheers Cheers thank you ready he is is

I got you bro your online now let’s go somebody just join if you’re going to unlock yep I got you you come on on kind of feel the monsters back for me watch out you have peace do it no No thank you get him Harvick every time every time it’s not loaded love is full full I heard a I think I’m see it on wasted Channel Channel now the console players doesn’t have service they have lobbies lobbies it was like okay but the lobbies is on the servers it’s kind of funny nice nice can I push some of the bees yo the wonderer I Know who you are so no need to usually if I don’t know if you are from the chat you know I don’t approve but I know you you I hope the PlayStation just didn’t die come on PlayStation all right the the prominent I think I have used used it I don’t know dude the PlayStation is struggling to work out out yeah yeah watch watch Chuck Frank see I kind of watch you to all the veterans of the battlefield see what they got to say about battlefield oh my God it’s so many people did it I’m dying nice people there hmm try a little bit of plain plain I feel this game is going to be over very soon soon everybody switched to the war zone this is the biggest problem of the battlefield right now yo for let’s go that guy seems to me

little bastard and I got a blimp a backhoe so so and I’m gonna die yes nice to blame about it it really hey what do you got a big a channel in battlefields dead because this is what it is right now better for the vid you gotta us wish for something that is active and yeah he did it for the war zone because I should if the game was working proud you know like properly like it does on the battlefield 5 would feel The View with all the goodies that you have on a PC I was switching also or at least I was planned plan but because it didn’t yeah I cannot play it fix me Anna capture the objective hmm I was amiss miss all right I love it when it is like that man I love it when the command is not happening happening I love it no No the children over here here well the other team really sucks when you are a YouTuber domani’s all that matters as a youtuber but you do it with passion on the beginning it doesn’t matter for you and you know when you have my level doesn’t matter that much but if you start to have a level it’s going to be important as my guys guys Chargers be checked it’s going to be a boring run now now

has been lost I should have changed this play play should go for the phone the biggest advantage of this guy is the play that they have the healing in this plane doesn’t have have that you know I mean I get it to you know do that looping in the base forever forever and just going to heal themselves and just gonna heal themselves and with this play and you don’t have that that is the biggest issues but I think I got a different version of it this this one yeah I think I want but it’s not available and with that thing you can like be more competitive against the Canaanites and Starla all right it was a very boring game but this map is like this too many planes too many bombers after this round we’re going to switch for some

breakthrough kind of have enough constant quest for poor today come to the bloody objective thanks I don’t see him with his next to me there’s a guy here here isn’t credible the way they camouflage in those stuff everywhere help me man man see you now man I’m very spotted again I don’t know where is the spotting but does it got a bug yeah got you buddy

Krakens eh smoker smoker I thought you chum chum it’s not even there why that guy on me it’s like jumping sliding in that place I jump wherever on the map is going to be a grenade waiting for me I jump whatever is going to be a rocket waiting for you nice go back up to the object it I think it is a gun thumping this little Bridge what happened to that dude

oh my God I didn’t see him because of that stupid outfit he was prone and Emily’s and of course face-to-face 100% 100% heel of course one shot of the ninth course the me is like two or three because the game consider that why not not one up up poker night got you Soldier how long a let me go oh my God god same dude same dude this waiting waiting I think this game is promoting promoting face-to-face night not you know prominent position or or or backside choose for subscribing and bkv bkv thank you man oh God definitely I think this is it they got to go on the other side watch out there I think I heard a guy this this house no No hello quid a weed a week I believe I don’t know how to pronounce your name sorry

hello Kevin what I mean the king of the meat meat the King of the the beach how to make bacon but I said well that tell you king of the the meat there’s a guy there smoke grenades going out my meat you have a mouth I gotta go DIA dia I don’t see them too here are the coordinates we need a jb2 as strike there there the other guys also that did hello mr. Casper how you doing your body wife wife a new car car then you got a good heart maybe you’re not dumb maybe just have a big heart what can I say you choose it you choose to do that maybe you still love her because this is how we are is the main we are weak against the woman that we love at least once in a while life first thing for you Soldier easy I’ll help you get a good charlie all the time kind of like this map from conquests I don’t know it’s okay it’s fine salar bullets bullets no dude

unbelievable looking at trouble over there I think it died there’s a guy here oh yeah of course this guy dude every time this guys get a be prone somewhere stinky little Dennis Dennis you can enjoy those thing kills that he can do like that couple of this position smoke grenade die loser you don’t deserve that the game is going to favor him is what the game does does hello a bus hymen okay so do we need an artillery barrage of this position oh my God I was bad bad this is that guy now the other guy is going to be that guy did you Mario level level three help me I’m not sure where he is I think if this game was thinking like I don’t know two

more minutes you’re losing the game what an amazing player you are dude all right let’s go for the next map map that boy is on the map though we tried go for a breakthrough breakthrough it’s my was ugly on Conquest it is ugly ugly strange exchange uh-huh so from four Dudes one it didn’t approve who is that guy there’s no name is it yeah yeah I think so I sure as Harvick but it’s not Harvick it is no no name okay okay all right let’s find a different lobby mmm mmm come on game do it let’s see what we have hmm join here maybe and go from this I know you don’t want to join any more mister mr. no-name hello Guido Little Devils

choose to subscribe and was it devils thank you very much much man always wondering how those bees get always 50 kills well when it is too many of those you will not get too many kills is like who’s having the lock to find more people you know it’s crazy so many guys Olli Olay he’s got there no dude oh my God I got shot from two places places crazy crazy man let’s go broke since I’m buying a car for somebody I hate I give a to someone I love noobs and Anna cheers for that means given thank you very much for your love and for your support bro appreciate it $10 dollars American American money power power serious man you buying a piece five I pre-ordered it I you know give the money already already they have my money I need my counsel now at least in my country if you preorder something they take your money now now now open up I’m good yeah actually that amazed they’re very good until this point it’s going to be bad for them if they going to lose it is nice used to you know make it until this point point

probably got with you amore no No hello mr. Guido Guido yo bro bro this is left to right when he I don’t know maybe the bullets is like spreading a little bit less Sarah move my God I didn’t expect that thank you you I had a doughnut oh my God oh yeah yeah of course hey I don’t know if it’s going to be a available problem I know that it was the day that they release you know the pre-orders and one of the same biggest Thorn that it is in Romania Romania finish hold all the pre-orders and it was another one and eye catching that one one a bit I’m waiting 19 November if if the problem is that that I put the option for you know taking from the store what is going to be available and it is a lot of restrictions now with the covid stuff and I hope that the stores will be open so I can go take it it because I gotta option option check this is bad how do I get to see me though let’s go is crazy dude I’ll pass No dude you blind you could have killed me me how do I have them Edition I guess 59 58 likes let’s go you can do more how do I have that bullets bullets the guy burp burp

any bullets look at it incredible kind of sucks when you push until the last Flags than you lose lose let’s go all right 28 and 2 2 kind of like the Moss again I don’t know know feels good for medium even to close combat it’s good you got a 60 likes boom boom right but score per minute this Katie on the map let’s go for next one hmm mmm this disk and PS5 is joke joke oh talking about the hard drive yeah it’s not really that much space space isn’t it kind of sucks because I understand the game’s on the PS 5 is going to be really big big so yeah it does sucks and pull on the want border closed this is not funny many cases yeah it’s going to happen again dude just like it was a March is gonna happen again again sucks sucks okay okay see you later tiller – Kevin cheers for the nation bro you got to go oh my God I watch twice in that place please it was nobody a tree

I miss you did oh man man no nobody does from those guys nice thank you for the Reba I mean for the state No oh my God it is a bit no name is enjoying it what is like waiting right now he’s basically waiting there’s no place there’s a few Lobby I drive is not a problem I don’t know man I’m usually I mean right now I got a one terabyte and I got Only Need for Speed and Battlefield that’s all that I have and if I check if I check for the space right now I got a lock like a lot let me check I don’t keep more than two games in the council look at that all I have is like 154 from the 861 it means enough you know there are three games it is enough it’s bombs and bullets with the MMG let’s do it hey Sean Sean amazing amazing he’d pass time in a while Bon Appetit brother lock it up what is this explosion set watch it it yes on the PS plus here it’s pretty fun game to play reminds me of the the Hot Pursuit and I did like it it I think I need a medic of it even the best it Maids meds meds no made snow no meds thank you is there

the cute No Where’s the look where he was I didn’t see that it’s safe the guy next to you is not not my guy I have download and I played but this control is funny the light of control and you put speed I think it’s pretty good if you have great cars properly properly oh man man I know dude how is Tommy the best I need the medic I gotta go to the minute hmm mmm thank you thank you thank you amazing amazing thank you again thank you for the stupid animations that he put in this game if I do the same for a guy who’s going out from the tank I don’t do damage okay did every single every single shot shot George Walker here here mate there’s a guy on top top of course man hmm Coulson gonna watch me look at this guy what is my losses theme do and why they don’t push it the flag why don’t we don’t have the flag in credible do smoke grenade nice nice very nice no No it is that guy in the back and he doesn’t do nothing about it is amazing how this team is

actually the the finish oh no that was the guy that I was wondering if he’s going to kill me or not oh my God that stupid mmm jeez what would I do unbelievable what a loser team I have why does think your team I have have unbelievable of course if it is like a lot of this guy’s like you know they got a lot of those guys of course like of course hello Alec they finally push inside what an amazing teammates they finally push inside that was all they needed is push aside at that that was all they would need it it’s going to zone all that was need a mint unbelievable unbelievable aichi ready no No set charges over here here for unbelievable

look at my thanks camping miles away the back miles one today a miles away outside from the please own I don’t know what that’s allowed is is Miles Away outside of the play zone this is a request for an artillery barrage can I go inside of the other set why is that guy that’s a little see that it does I got old so one of those it it yeah you got losses in your team this is what happening need a crocodile this is what is happening when you have stinky stinky players I gotta be too late for this this amazing this amazing you so much thank amazing now why does that gotta have that in the bag I don’t need that game that is I don’t need that stupid fire fire Earl it’s Gaia cheers for the 63 likes I don’t know that is a fact probably probably look at this I don’t see because of the fire now

look at that it’s my think that Sharona it’s like doggy style matang look at that dog is time with thank yes yes yes stupid I’m done dude I’m done I told you I’m done I am done done Frick and loses it it that is the next level of porn dude that sucks but with losses that we have is impossible to win again again later abracadabra abracadabra I mean we players like this guy’s 0 10 a player like this guy 0 6 you know that the players over here most of the players if you watch 4,000 points how many 20 people 20 people people losses 20 losses so yeah stinky stinky players it only 768 whatever players try and it is impossible when you lose his attacker on that map with five things you suck you suck suck as a team kind of Shame you know it’s kind of the worst lose ever ever the worst lose ever ever I hate it I don’t think the name of joy never isn’t the sky basically but it’s not in the Scott I don’t try hard tears on PC don’t thank you guys for fighting against cheaters you know the last message from them when they say Battlefield 5 is dead is in a coffin whatever they said don’t worry about it we’re still fighting against against cheating yep don’t worry about it they do what did you hear I didn’t hear the Galaxy but the car so I said hey I’ve been on the seventh cheating

that is even more lame I’m Battlefield 4 if you play on PS4 ps4 if you kill i23 guys that is friends with the admins or whatever they got a bunny for no reason just because and and what is even more weird is that people that play on this and that game is this those pieces instead of choosing the official ones and that is even more more weird you know Eric’s to me are you going to kill me oh my God is very close to me I believe that okay this guy proof from no way from the Wonderland the Wonderland what is ours who better I don’t know I don’t care that much about the bed I really this is crazy are you it’s a lot of sweaty dudes over there there’s a lot of mixed Thief mixy Mixy a lot of next to you live strike you know sliding all over over a lot lot of that all right I want to redeploy please no no no maybe it’s the sound Maybe yeah my PS4 is focking low not very long mouth is like a yeah oh my God this is really intense

man yeah this is really pushing pushing hot it’s fine with a a I look on the mini-map I hope you will be yeah I better for sex it’s gonna be a good game game I hope it’s not going to be so hated because if this game was not so hated right now we were having the Russians and because it is heated we don’t have it you know don’t do that ring I did thank you man this is crazy dude we gotta try and push that be some huh no this is that guy’s bombing the bullets like crazy crazy man you with your super car you gotta do that love can I still doing it man what the go Buster’s busters happy order the Call of Duty because bias is because that is the only reason reason oh my god dude man come on bro bro copy paste my opinion is that Call of Duty still Call of Duty same crap the

only good thing that it did they choose the perfect you know perfect period of time the Cold War imagine the battlefield the Cold War it was the only good thing about it only good thing and on PS4 Wilkes works and works like a crab on all Feliz okay receive any damage man this is sweaty got them people who are you sweaty dudes over here man a bunch of trihard has Jesus Christ oh my God I guess they about 80 Mike they come to listen oh my God I want to read the chat but I just cannot it’s them chaos hey a suit oh man I guess gonna spoil the bullets of you you booth booth hey John please I want to know oh my god brother everybody likes that is already here around you man it’s all that you hear around you everybody sliding left and right Jesus Christ Christ where’s and service running on a 18-hundreds maximum 20 Hertz this one is 30 Hertz 30 Hertz so it’s not a big difference yeah yeah hello Cabral I don’t think Call of Duty gun you know shitty service I think the problem is that people is playing from all around the world and you cannot see like in

this you see you see the ladder and sees you know who’s playing from one position we got a 266 lat on see you know it is a laga you know you should know that and Call of Duty but you don’t that is the problem I believe I don’t know if it’s pushing me man just push me me what happened happened now listen this right now listen listen we made it and it Gigi’s for them but less people man with less people they did it lets people no way that I got that in there I told you it is a sweaty Lobby on the other side it is is EEE ee-ee-ee-ee I’m not a tech guy so what can I say kill that was almost a triple almost triple I got the fan be I can’t find him well has war zone no way this is not all I heard a rumor that the next Battlefield is going to be around me April June I don’t know food is true because the rumors lately about the battlefield kind of sucks kind of sucks sucks my poor watch it it nothing to do about I got kind of want to go there maybe my name is going to be better next time oh my God I can’t I move look at that 400 damage

and I was trying to save it you’ll see Everyone likes thank you very much for all the lies guys appreciate it seems really trying hard no way it is the guy throne man isn’t a guy there it is my aim sucks I like it is going to play some Battlefield want to sell it yeah yeah yeah I’m going to do that for sure nice really that can make it like this this people is nice with the with that with bad hose for be okay okay don’t lose it boys don’t you dare lose it it I can I go too much and son why that guy that that died oh man I was was a sweaty sweaty lobby oh my God god twenty-four thousand points let’s go bad boys on the map Gigi’s Gigi’s I know Russian

you more language missile what more language now I know only Romanian and only a little bit of English to a look at the score per minute 1,000 it’s cool Bros I was sweaty lobby Gigi’s Gigi’s Gigi’s the movement will feel slow after battle fat you saw how I was like moving like like everybody’s doing that in this game you know everybody and you know what mean you do have that in battle if you want but it’s like it after that you shoot you know it’s very slow everything is very slow and first time it was like in battle through five but people was complaining about it is like the dolphin move was something like this it was cold and the Nerf it but in Battlefield 5 they left it and I think it’s a very good addition very good addition all right the problem devils this is it guys I’ll fix you up there he is tremendous tremendous the kill you too we got more people outside feeling I them all right yeah the slide if you do custom commands like I have right now you can’t like you know slide aim team you can like do slide aim tea bag all the moves that you have is just very fast it’s just fast and right now by the way I play with to hunger to you give me some change for the commands is another feels a little more fast than little better I don’t know where was this guy this guy all he knows is just like Melee kills every time that’s all all he knows is with the sliding and Milliken sliding and medical only this mom I got it I got surprised surprised by taiga trying to see my boy though can I go there

you go sir set limp music childhood you know it is more creepy about it the fact that that song is gay parade whatever appreciate it right now and that is really creepy about it it and I think that the tank is just going to be over on this man I think that was it it I told you this guy is all that he knows yes Malik you that’s all he knows mainly kill manicure is pain Spam that butten so much much everything everything but then my chickens over here that that they don’t want to push their chickens chickens chickens chickens little little chickens my God how many grenades you have all of them hello hello I don’t know to revive people Jesus Christ Christ see you later mr. speaker have a good woman cause that is a loser there no way man man this team sucks

sucks oh my God oh my God I don’t oh yeah of course level nine let’s let’s say prone let’s let’s do that let’s do that I am stay Brown this will fix you you it’s crazy because them the the map works okay it doesn’t starter you don’t see that much too much on this map that this Council in 4k HDR and all the crap I think you kind of like flipping flipping isn’t it I must fall asleep was that Super Show guys do prison prison please I need help help are we going to the fan b or we gonna try and push a a you can see through this moment he’s eleven nine he’s a player what a player what a play it no No we got it nice did you see say yo whoa whoa whoa what happened why was

what what why was Lynette look at her come on A hip-hop game will suffer I like Prodigy alike a lot of songs from hip-hop I’m kind of a you know kind of a kid Bob when it comes to music nice nice oh my God that sucks why don’t you die today he’s not Billa Billa city hey guys look how are you crazy crazy looks like mr. no-name got enough enough crap crap it’s very sweaty right now is very sweaty people on the other side is absolute absolute sweats absolute sweats that guy doesn’t move from that place you had a problem the PS4 and kick you out now okay oh bro they’re absolutely like absolute ghosts I can I see them when they stay like that I can I see him and when you go from under the tunnel outside of

the light is like like you you watching the sun you know you see nothing it’s a lot of white grenade of course of course every time every time that your name is going to weigh me every time every time a smoker night excuse me man come on man is nobody behind really really I don’t think we’re going to breach on the other side I mean to finish the map you know I’m gonna chill here just going to keep trying keep trying keep that that that is like the Call of Duty move what you saw there there Call of Duty move Uncle Nate oh my god oh my God I don’t believe believe that I don’t believe that that going for flying dude whatever go outside a loser Hey hey shut up I play on console for 10 years 15 years I don’t know how much I think from 2010 I kind of play only console console well good night out doubt it’s clean clean give me a smoke now it has got his okay no no it’s okay this guy’s okay it’s very balanced balanced yeah it’s very balanced this guy killed me multiple times every time like a loser every time how many kills here I don’t see him actually now I started with a Xbox 360 360 Xbox 360 slime is the Harvick Rage Quit

quit erase good made now when we about to win the game all the losses prune all of them that’s enough for you Rage Quit Rage Quit quit no problem Gigi’s good game no I got stuck in whatever I could not move what was that Barbara wire frickin me and I hit every time I get caught on stupid yeah we need a smoke easy easy prison food food no man man on two guys doesn’t look good listen to me Soldier we need a smooth powder on these coordinates it’s got his located it’s pretty good pretty balanced okay okay guy here but I cannot kill kill him why me me all we got to do we got to Cydia as Murphy Murphy man look at mr. Hogg instead of winning the game he quit quit what a wanker what a wanker wanker oh my God stop doing doing that you’re going to kill ourselves

trying to give you minutes yeah of course that guy whoo thank you you sexy wanker ping pong grenades at you cannot Escape her like thinking thinking thinking stupid but sometimes it’s useful I prefer like this instead of how it is about if you want everybody’s bombing all the grenades and you can’t do this nothing about it like nothing he’s just gonna die die goes the build-a-bear man it’s Browning is out of control in this game game out of control well good night out out that it he did dude you confuse me mom’s father father dude I shoot in the face of that guy like it them diamond that’s like pre firing and everything no way way it’s not because it should be only a a she only only you know controllers like only control is nothing this is how it should be but it’s not man I really try you were like that close to do it that close close but we did play against sweaty people so yeah yeah that’s a good game of bro all right the most points the most kills we we lost we lost

lost hmm this flag capture really travel it didn’t happen man people rage quit on the game so it’s impossible to win like this it is impossible EEE I think we should change to to find a different lobby oh actually it’s kind of late isn’t it yeah I think it’s kind of lean I don’t know should we play more what should we call it it a day the me’s the next day but it was so sweaty that I didn’t realize I didn’t realize no problems to no name cheers for the support as well bro thank you very much much I think we should call it a day or should we play one more I think you should I think we should should yeah okay yeah I think we should isn’t it I mean play here one more one more let’s let’s try but tomorrow is like the bear has and it for the Cold War and I should be able to download download something again again no idea let me check hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm no PlayStation cannot do it right now boom looks killer come on game you can do this man Crash Bandicoot features games let’s see games I think oh he isn’t explore Explorer no where is it way to play EMA EMA this is the word Zone are you doing baby maybe like this call of the duty I’ll come on Call of Duty Cold War open better I think I found it this is the one isn’t it the open bit I did it tomorrow is open bed our is like close close something it’s releasing and six and today is is eight what what so this game is like available what what it’s like available today or tomorrow tomorrow or I didn’t have the game pre-order so so I don’t know you what what this is six and is eight today so basically it is available

right now now what what I don’t know and understand this is it isn’t it the Cold War Black Ops ops beta whatever yes this is it oh man I just throw all that stuff is gun whatever I think this is it but it says release date it is 6 the changes we make it to eighth is not 6 anymore is 8 eight okay okay I guess okay this guy who’s this guy guy hey bro I play against yesterday you are a really good player oh thank you 31 Giga bytes all right it’s okay but it says the release is 6 is not eight days eight eight is it available ready this is this is my ass can actually whatever we do with the finding oh yeah we’re gonna go for the the next map and we’re gonna try play it and enjoy it it if the people will stay on this Eva Eva I hope they do next map it is so low Moon I see you you going to give us something different than the alpha we’re going to sleep all right let’s leave then let’s sleep in I think it’s the Linea yeah it is late it’s almost 1:00 o’clock at night time yeah yeah all right thank you very much for all the support she was for the love just for the nation today from ABS no name mr. Michael double new subscribers and also mr K-Dog thank you very much for that just for all the likes today 72 likes I hope you guys enjoy the stream today today I hope to catch you guys on the stream tomorrow with called of Duty hopefully it’s better than the alpha it is on the PS4 is not going to be enjoyable because a PS4 is not a dribble the field of you know nothing and yeah hope to catch you guys on the next one bamboo is for life peace peace

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