hey let’s start the show for thursday may 7th 2020 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested hello and welcome to the podcast this week uh happy may 7th to you we have a lot of holidays this week or you know real holidays and fake holidays there was may the fourth there was cinco de mayo or as some people like to call revenge of the fifth oh that’s terrible there yeah i know i know i’m sorry i just want to get that out of the way hi jeremy hi cashore how you guys doing i’m will how are you norm i’m doing okay welcome back jeremy williams who’s been on spring break spring break 24 it felt a lot like every other day oh is there was there a way you could make it feel like a spring break even at home uh i mean for the first time ever and i don’t know how many other families of four have four vr headsets but for the first time ever we uh we got the whole family together and put on we went into rec room and we did quests and it was such a smash hit that we did it again and again uh we left the house and went into the rec room space and defeated zombies and bats you don’t run into each other with four people in vr like were you in separate rooms yes we were in separate rooms yeah we have two quests and so they were obviously tetherless and then we had uh two pcs with wired headsets and it was uh it was really it was fantastic we all have our name so we got out we’re calling each other by our new handle the handles uh oh it’s fun and i the kids are into it but your wife was into it too yeah yeah well she’s definitely like the least techie and so we uh but she was she was a great healer like and at the end of the first day when we did that because she’s not you know a vr native um she was like wow today feels different it really feels like this was a different kind of day and i suggested that it might have been because it felt like we all left the house and like really did something right it’s just like a tinge of of memories of like having of being somewhere else and uh i i feel like it was a it was a good use of vr most importantly did you complete the quest which quests was it that you do what you did so close um we tried all three and there’s three on the quest rather that so that’s what we were kind of limited to and we uh we mainly did the original one uh it was a golden trophy or something mm-hmm yeah and we almost finished it we didn’t finish any of them i mean as you know these are hard hard experiences we we took many many tries to beat any of them you guys you and i yeah yeah and we’re supposedly experienced at video games right exactly yeah so and presumably it was a teleport plus free locomotion or just teleport for that yeah when we were playing it was i think largely for those experiences it was all teleport you know but now it’s like free locomotion is a main part of the i think it’s the default movement and um so yeah that like my wife would be teleport and the kids and i were free locomotion moving around it’s all very compatible works very well i just i was careful to keep the kids because we had to set them up with adult accounts so that they could we could hear each other and uh so we had to you know make sure that they didn’t go into the actual rec room because you don’t want your 10 year old in the actual rec room with voice on so that was like the main concern we need more of these vr experiences i think vr has has yet to meet the moment and you know who knows how long we’re going to be in this but rec room is one of the few things i think big screen as well where people families can gather together and just feel like they’re somewhere else even if they’re doing something that’s analogous to what they could be doing at home like watching a movie but just having avatars just you know being just the visuals being different than the real world is a little bit of escapism so that sounds fun welcome back then thank you your quest and and your your rec rooming and spring break spring break indeed um i’m full hd guys you’re looking good i like your shot i mean i even did the youtuber

uh like the gary wittes style colored light in the background you know i forgot i had those those are actually speakers that i have like desktop speakers are the one of those things that it’s almost like a dvd-rom drive where they’re not essential at all to the computer experience yeah but for a longest time i still got them every time i built a computer for one reason or another and like these are just logitech speakers uh i got a while ago they have like the the light changing almost like phillips style they illuminate and change light color based on what’s on your movie or you know what what’s on your screen or or game but i never use them they’ve been plugged in and only like it was a happy accident once i had set up this room if you’re watching the video that i realized i had these rgb leds illuminating my back wall behind my main computer yeah yeah i like it ever since i started streaming on twitch i i got i broke down and got the flexible led uh adhesive strips so they’re in behind me but i have my window open so even if i turn them on you can’t see i’ve succumbed to having leds everywhere i mean that’s the thing it’s so cheap to set up like lighting camera gear audio gear uh one of the reasons that my shot looks better this week i did a video last week about and thank you jeremy for including me into that canon uh utility sony utility oh right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah because that’s what i’m using right now my canon dslr and sony has an app as well for live view capture but you know being able to actually use a nice full frame sensor and then i just went on amazon and said okay if i’m going to do this i need to go all out and so i got a ring light i got a couple different camera mounts and uh the video i had last week was about different using different video cameras for your zoom meetings for your skype calls including your iphone including your dslr uh and i’m doing a video this week about audio options so uh preview it if you had to choose between audio or video in this in this age where would you prioritize audio well it depends what you’re doing are you making content are you making no no no just like just like you know normie that’s like you know doing video calls with everyone for the night for the foreseeable future audio easily audio i’d invest money in in better audio and then just use an iphone for for video because iphone is really solid for that or an android phone with the toy cam but people i mean bad audio and part of that is compression part of that is uh internet connection but that’s the thing that ruins so much of these type of virtual meetings and so much of videos i watch on the internet is bad audio you guys sound great i’m seeing a little bit of latency with your with your video yes that’s the one thing uh the dslr setup drops frames and um and there’s the most latency compared to a webcam or an iphone or a capture card but we just put them on a uh nsfw delay just in case because you know norm is yup foul mouth norm yeah no one cares about what you did last week sure how was your weekend weekend what’s that yeah uh we started um we we’ve had for the longest time a yard that has been overgrown with weeds that we don’t use and we finally hunkered down uh weeded out everything set up a table back there i am now like working outside for a couple hours a day wow and it has drastically changed my mood i know it’s a lucky thing to have i i know not everyone has access to an outdoor space but just sitting in the sun with access to uh wi-fi that’s good enough uh to to get my work done it’s it’s changed every it’s a game changer just being able to sit out there and it’s quiet but then there’s also just weird sounds of the neighborhood so yesterday uh i learned that one of our neighbors has a chicken well i live in a city and our neighbor has a chicken is it a rooftop chicken farm or just yeah it might be i can’t quite locate it but i like that chicken right on so he and i get along i know what you’re saying we try to get out every day you know for a walk and the air is just intoxicating like more so than ever you get out there and it just it feels like i’m in summer camp uh it’s it’s something i i wish that we had a backyard we do not yeah all the street sounds they sound quieter you still get like the train lines sure

like what’s do you feel any of that i mean it’s just it all sounds a lot quieter like i live uh two houses away from from a uh a streetcar line and uh the streetcars have essentially stopped because they’ve suspended a lot of public transit and it’s kind of eerie i’m like just getting used to it now after a few weeks of it um i i was just thinking the other day like i went out for a drive how weird is it gonna be when we get back to like traffic and like the normalcy of just how uh things sound uh i wonder i i really do wonder about that because everything’s gonna be louder there’s gonna be just like people everywhere i can feel like the the uptick of activity happening already but i was just i was out on a drive and there was basically no traffic anywhere and i was like this is amazing why can’t normal life be like this yeah there’ll be dissonance for sure i don’t know if there will be so much pushback because it’s going to be in the face of people wanting to feel activity and social encounters but i think definitely some dissonance between the normal that we’re feeling now and the quiet and the isolation and there’ll be a happy medium you know maybe maybe you know places that can support it you know more quiet days um but yeah we were city folk right like we don’t having a backyard having a big front yard is is a a luxury and a lot of people are in apartments that don’t have access to these public shared spaces but every time we go into the you know the the midwest and we go to ohio or indiana we look at these giant giant lawns and backyards and that’s what i’m thinking about those folks are definitely hopefully making the most out of having that space um we watch a lot of house hunters these days that’s our like late night guilty pleasure and it’s so funny because that’s a show that i mean just from a production standpoint is fascinating if you read like the wikipedia page and behind the scenes stories they make like hundreds of episodes a year and have 25 different either on staff or freelance production teams of camera crew producer filming at once and this is of course pre-pandemic so they’re just cranking out on a formula content and that means that you know they have 190 seasons of the show uh some of which were filmed and edited late 2019 and as we’re watching those recent episodes all we’re thinking about is the houses you people on tv are choosing are the ones that you have to st you’re stuck in right now so hopefully they make good choices yeah you’re in a time machine you’re in the future and you know what they have ahead of exactly and i’m just like oh my god don’t choose the construction job don’t choose having six months of renovation you’re going to regret it in 2012 in march 2020 reality tv has never been so real it’s it’s amazing all right norm before we go i wanted to thank you i didn’t mean to deny you credit you lent me one of my four vr headsets um you wrote me the rift s you completed our quad fecta thank you and you gave me the opportunity to see someone in person yeah that’s not in my household even though it was socially distant i got to see how long your hair was in person yeah it’s personal distancing now it’s not social distancing we’re supposed to be socially connected got it physical distances physical sorry physical distance yeah thanks for inviting me to whatever hangout you guys are having shit according to this you could do a little just a walk by or a drive bike ashore we could all waved you know that that’s that’s that’s that’s requires some geometry and trigonometry right if you’re talking about groups of three or more for physical just three people it’s a it’s called a triangle it’s not that complicated but if you if you if you include the city streets and all the the obstacles and walking three three groups navigating traversing a space together is i think more complicated than than just two anyway thinking too much into it let’s move on then to our top story top story this week so i mentioned earlier uh this past monday was star wars day uh celebrated on the internet may the fourth did you guys do anything special for star wars day watch i mean the force awakens is around force awakens uh ryzen skywalker is on disney plus now oh jeremy clearly 3d printed uh darth vader uh is that a prusa print

right there yeah it’s pretty it is it’s a prusa print i actually did uh probably in january super high res though you can’t see it looks great uh i watched uh some of the season seven of clone wars that show is good the animated clone wars i i really enjoy yeah people don’t talk about that enough he has really taken on the mantle as the the shepherd of the star wars universe at least on on you know television and on the long form storytelling but there was a big announcement we’re gonna make this our top story uh taika ytt confirmed to be directing and co-writing a full-length star wars feature this had been rumored a while back but now star wars disney has made the announcement and he will be co-writing the screenplay with uh christy wilson clarence uh what did she do she did 1917 right that’s right with sam mendes yes yes so uh very excited for his sensibility brought star wars he of course was in the mandalorian directed final episode and played um the droid assassin droid the ig droid and he you know he’s in the disney family in the the marvel family he’s still working on thor love and thunder so this ought to fit in his schedule somehow so universal praise i think tycho watidi is one of like the uh most beloved figures and uh going right now so moving beyond that what do you want him to do like where where when what like what kind like like do you want kind of like a comedic take yes he has tended to bring yeah absolutely why not tap into that strength i mean it can be comedic but tonally but can still be epic in all the ways star wars is epic in terms of being a galaxy sprawling adventurer uh with fantastical aliens um i’m hoping no lightsaber let’s have a star wars movie with no lightsaber and you can feel the presence of jedi or sith or whatever i don’t care what era it’s set in but let’s it’s it’s they they have a blank slate right now right the skywalker saga is done they’re not beholden to this traditional the story of you know the the uh the hero’s journey that has been for for rey and for luke and for for anakin uh so it can be whatever and it’s not a it’s not a series that they’ve announced they’ve just announced the one movie so it could be totally a standalone and there’s enough buy-in i think people good will towards hucka’s work that i think he should have the freedom to do whatever he wants they made a star wars movie with no lightsabers you know it’s called rogue one and all there was a little bit of the force in there but very no there’s a lightsaber in that movie oh yeah come on jeremy at the end okay yeah at the end of the lightsaber is that what hans yeah same way solo solo also you could say 99 has no lightsaber but then spoiler when guest appearance you know uh sith lord exit lord darth maul arrives he had to flash his lightsaber had to do it i hope they do i hope they do bring the humor because i still sit hold that my favorite part of the mandalorian was the cold open to the final episode and that was like that cops you know segment and i i’ve spent the past 20 years just trying to trying to get the cute factor out of my star wars and like get it back to being totally serious and i’m not getting that and so i’m just like you just got to go all in on the levity and and make it fun and if so now i i want them to just go all full marvel in the star wars direction i i’m hoping for the hive of scum and villainy movie with him directing so a bunch of very dire kind of characters set in the kind of an outer rim style planet uh with shenanigans it’s kind of like what solo could have been i think with taika with td would have been interesting without spacecraft yeah like something like that the other way i was thinking i don’t think taika with td is the right director for this is i play a movie set from the perspective the empire would be really interesting um i’m not like not from like a lower deck style um uh movie for the set from the the empire point of view and not just for the comedic like oh stormtroopers are uh are stupid i think there’s probably a lot going on with like the war and stuff that you could tell from the empire point of view that might be a different look that could give a lot of depth and detail jar jar rabbit

right i that was jojo rabbit was was from the uh it was obviously a satire a farce from uh the german perspective in world war ii uh but i like completely agree a lower dex style movie would be really fun i was thinking if there’s a chance for them an opportunity here if they want to retread old ground and tie into some of that nostalgia factor to do a kind of rosencratz and guildenstern or dead style through line of the existing star wars story from new characters two new characters or two or a few unknown characters and how they experience all the craziness and really just point out some of the plot holes and maybe plug some of the plot holes with this behind the scenes lower deck style story you may get some of that from the the lego um skywalker series that’s coming out all nine movies has one lego game so what you’re describing is this feels more like a tv series to me than a 200 million dollar you know hollywood film and and that’s the that’s that’s the rub right when you when you’re saying star wars and movie together you know even in a new area where era where trolls world tour can make 100 million dollars uh in invad and um and disney plus can put a lot of money on shows like mandalorian you know a star wars movie is as disney says as disney studios executives is something that should be special and what they mean is that it’s something they’re willing to invest hundreds of millions in the making of but the return they expect would be in the billions it needs to make that nine figure mark yeah yeah so how many movies are in the works you got this one you have ryan johnson’s trilogy i think kevin feige has said that there he’s working on at least one as a producer i don’t know if this is that like this it could be that one the taiko dt one right right um uh the game of thrones guys i don’t think they’re working on the star wars anymore after they have that big netflix steel um yeah it might just be the ryan johnson i don’t was john favreau also working on one there are a bunch of tv projects in the works that they’ve announced uh the creator russian doll we talked about last week um the director of uh sleight uh i was working on i don’t know if that was a show or a movie but that wasn’t confirmed uh that was the exagall based sith one that that one’s more of a dark side story but obviously gears are turning and uh star wars will be forever right whether we want to want it or not it’s going to be there’s they’re going to make movies and tv shows um it’s just interesting that they put it on pause after solo and and now it seems like there’s they put it on pause but there’s a lot in the works so like they’re very they’re very certain about whatever direction they’ve chosen and i look forward to seeing how this rolls out i think what they put on pause was the once of year release strategy that was that was like the active active production i feel like that’s what um they put on hold and obviously now everything’s on hold and uh so now is the perfect time to start just stirring the creative pot and get most i’m most excited about them saying it’s the end of the skywalker saga so brand new stories move forward move way forward in time move way backward until i move sideways but no more of that kind of like jedi versus sith centered tale uh and that that is really interesting this whole series is called star wars and we’ve only had one movie that really gets into the war aspect of of all of this so i think there’s incredibly fertile ground for them to to go into if they as they back away from this and starting with a single movie is the right call because i’m sure if it’s super successful and it’s great they can spin it into something much bigger but let’s just start with a single movie see what happens i think all these movies the burden will be to try to create a character or characters that people fall in love with that the characters themselves can carry a series or franchise and i mean like a grand admiral thrawn type character that they’ve already created charisma is going to be hugely important something that’s going to be a fan favorite like a han solo i mean i think mandalorian is approaching that but it’s still kind of like you know we maybe baby yoda is is maybe the better uh example of a character that people fall in love with that we don’t care what environment and what part of the universe we see the character in but we’re gonna watch it uh but right now it’s like people wanna watch star wars because the lightsabers because of jedi and sith it’s that and that’s simply that

shouldn’t just be the case it should be on on the backs of stronger characters yeah and unlike marvel they don’t have like a they don’t have this source material to pull from you know they have to make it up and i’ll be well see if they can if they can do that to the same extent there’s eu material right they could tap into clone wars stuff but you’re right there’s not 80 years of people imagining characters that they love in their head uh and then really excited to see those characters represented on screen yeah yeah yeah it’s the problem of star wars anyway uh let’s move on and continue to and i’m only delaying to get the music set up here we go we’re going to continue with a little bit of star wars and disney as well disney had their big earnings call and they made the announcement that they have 54 million disney plus subscribers uh sounds like an awfully big number uh and obviously a lot of people signing on because of the mandalorian and probably more people signing on whenever they get those mcu uh tv shows out there but put that in a little bit of context 54 million is about a quarter of what netflix has worldwide netflix says 198 or something 200 million subscribers effectively which is a unfathomable number uh when you’re talking about people paying you know upwards of 12 or 14 a month just to watch that content uh and disney plus obviously still ramping up its content library though they did drop a couple new shows this week also in time for star wars day there was the disney gallery behind the scenes of the mandalorian series i haven’t seen it yet have you guys i haven’t seen it yet either it’s in the queue uh and i’m excited about it and the the trailer for it makes it look just really great or they’re gonna focus on the technology uh behind the show uh it’s a once a week episodic release so the first episode is about directing and it spotlights dave loney uh and his first you know real live-action directing gig uh for the mandalorian and like you said they’re going to talk about the puppetry but i think i’m going to wait until more of the episodes are released because it really is a show that i can imagine uh binging at the same time they also drop all eight episodes of a show that we were very excited for and that’s the prop culture show starring a friend of tested dan lanigan and this is something i’ve been really savoring and um i know we all watch at least the very first episode but i want to hear your thoughts because my perspective it it is checking every box for a show i want to see on premium television right now you first casual i mean they might as well have just made a shows like hey what is tested interested in and just like started checking a bunch of boxes uh i have to admit though uh to be a little contrarian like i think the show is gonna be driven by the um the movie like the the props they they center on so this first episode that i i’ve only seen the first episode um was based on on some of the mary poppins stuff and i’m not a massive fan of mary poppins i wasn’t into it the storytelling is great like all of those kind of components i think when i hit an episode of a movie i love it’s going to blow my mind like you like i couldn’t believe because all of the pieces are there where you they’re like talking to the actual people that either worked on it or or archived it the creation process how is used old archival kind of um sort of footage interspliced in every note is kind of hit there um but i’m waiting for like the the episode that’s like oh here’s the ark of the covenant type show where i’m be like well there are a couple and jim i won’t get your thoughts on this but uh the one quick thing i’ll say is if you haven’t looked into yet uh the kind of elephant in the room for disney is that uh indiana jones and star wars are not represented here uh the eight movies that they dive into range from things like classic disney films like mary poppins to more modern ones like pirates of the caribbean uh but even some cult hits like honey i shrunk the kids and tron um but yeah i’ll get into my thoughts jeremy what do you think well i i really need to watch the toronto episode because that’s the second episode and it’s the one i’m most interested in but i thought i’d go and order i figured you know this i know i’d like mary poppins i actually have become a mary poppins fan since having kids because when you have very young kids

there’s very few films that like are just completely good natured it’s like it’s a sweet film so we we’ve i enjoyed that when my kids were little and uh at the same point like i couldn’t have told you that was any of the props names um i’m not like a super fan but um i i i kind of feel like like the strength of that show is is not only like if you have if you have a lot of emotion involved with the film and you see the props and that will mean something to you i feel like the strength of show is also on the people that they interview like they they interviewed um you know some of the original composers for the music and the choreographers and uh even the cast member and there’s some emotional moments like they actually managed to pull off like some moments where people get a little weepy and that’s very sweet to see i enjoyed those moments i don’t feel like and maybe this is just the first episode but i don’t feel like dan is like a natural show host um and there’s you know i’m just being completely honest like he’s he’s clearly knowledgeable and what i wish that the show did was sort of uh you know explain his uh history a little bit better explain like his credentials because he’s clearly been chosen because of them um and i want to know like what what more about i want to know more about him essentially but it when he’s engaging with the actors and and the people who were involved in the films i i didn’t feel like those interviews were necessarily like what he had to bring to the show in terms of like interviewing them and eliciting information was particularly great and there’s like especially this is one moment that i felt was really really cringy where he’s interviewing the choreographer to the very famous uh dance penguin dance yeah yeah with all the brooms and she mentions offhand like how how she longs to to see one of those brooms again and it wouldn’t like she misses those days and then lo and behold he goes off stage and he comes back with a broom like one of the actual props and he walks up to her and her eyes go twice as wide she looks like she’s about 80 years old and she’s just this nice kind old lady and she asked if she can hold it and he says no i mean that’s who’s watching this episode saying like don’t give that broom to her that just felt that felt mean that felt mean-spirited i wanted i wanted more i wanted but i wanted him to give her that broom i thought it was a gift to to be handed over that’s on the walt disney archives side right like so i’m gonna take a little bit of stuff back because watching show was absolutely fascinating because we 100 know so many of these people that appear on the screen saying from a tested perspective like going through we’re seeing friends of tested fon davis phil tippett you know brandon allenger from prop store like these are folks that adam and i have interviewed and and and know very well including including dan and what i really love about the presentation of this is you know when they announce the show prop culture which is fantastic name great logo they take a a their spin on the hollywood sign hollywoodland sign and pop culture my fear was that it was just gonna be about collectors because we’ve seen these shows mark campbell did a show about like people who collect things you’ve seen these kind of touring shows where they visit people’s collections and and what i you know honestly and much less interested by and maybe the mainstream audience is also less interested by are the stories of obsessive fans who just either were in the right place and time or have the money to buy something from an auction and have a piece in their collection like there’s some you know obviously like you know peter jackson collection is amazing and he is someone who treasures and restores the stuff and he’s creating a museum of stuff but a lot of the stuff the unspoken kind of like elephant in the room is that hollywood does not care for the costumes and props from its golden age and to store that stuff only a disney can have warehouses and the walt disney archives to preserve it and so unfortunately for so many studios that stuff does go on the auction block or sometimes worse yet in the dumpster or left on location and they the interesting stories are how they then fall into people’s hands but dan is a collector right he’s it’s it’s made up front in the first episode it’s something he brings up that he has you know over 20 years amassed a very rich collection of artifacts from films and he’s famously someone who has like the blade runner blaster the actual hero blade runner blaster and adam got to visit it and compare his replica with dan’s so he’s a you know a lover of these things and you know what i think he brings to the show is the knowledge of of the history of this stuff and appreciation and respect and also having been a collector uh he knows

not not only can can show the excitement of fawning over an original prop but also how to handle it because they’re entrusting him and the production company like he runs to bring things out of the archives and take them to the original concept artist the original costume designers and i agree the best parts of the show are when they reconnect the artists who work on the film and and you know disney again in a rare position where they can keep some of the very first sketches of something from mary poppins uh and then and and swatches from clothing and bring that to uh someone who worked on that film 60 years ago and then they can look at it feel it and say wow i haven’t seen this piece of clothing for 60 years and now i’m getting this flood of memories back about the creative process of designing this film and then they also talk about the influence these films have had for you know multiple generations of fans i think the the real criticism i have after one episode is what i expected it’s like the show feels like an advertisement for disney but you know that’s the c plus right right so i mean i think that’s the only thing that i walk away feeling like having a bad feeling about i know the moment you’re talking about jeremy being a little cringy but like like overall you see all this like really genuine authentic love and appreciation for these physical objects that anchored the stories and uh and i think that comes through in ways including from dan so yeah i i’m excited to to hear more because it like gives a richness to watching the movies i’m really curious what it’s going to be like to go back and watch some of these movies after seeing these episodes if that impacts my enjoyment of the films knowing some of the backstories around some some pretty minor props in some of these movies you know what i’d be i i think maybe i i don’t share that love and affinity for objects from movies as much as you know obviously as much as dan but even as much as as norm or or maybe even you at the marvel films maybe maybe that’s why i didn’t i wanted her to have that broom and i didn’t care about that you know that this the sanctity the sanctity of it and having it put in a museum like maybe that’s where i’m coming from maybe that’s my personal take on it and i think they do find a good balance of appreciating appreciating the physical object itself because sometimes the objects are just off off-the-shelf objects or things that are in such disarray but i think they also tie that to the process of making those objects the the creative process and the ingenuity and also it has a piece of film history a reflection of the process of those that time right something that was physically sculpted or hand animated versus something that was 3d printed today uh they do tap i mean we also might be jaded because there’s so much of this show that intersects with the things that we’ve been covering and talking about untested for for eight years now is that like we take for granted for the fact that this is these are people we know and these are things in places maybe we’ve been to like you know the lucasfilm archives or the walt disney archives or the prop store fact warehouse um but for the vast majority of the disney audience and pop culture audience it’s their first time seeing this stuff and i was so surprised some of the stuff that i didn’t know about and seen i learned a lot from watching the show but pop culture i know people wanted to talk about i’ve been so many dms since the show premiered last weekend like have you seen this show you should watch this and i’m like yes i’m finishing it right now it’s awesome i think you’ll like the tron episode jeremy i’m really interested to hear your thoughts on that since you’re such a big you are the target audience for that yeah i went to the museum of pop culture in seattle took a bunch of pictures of of their uh their costume that they have there behind glass yeah i am very interested in how these objects were made um so i hope that they go into that especially that film has a lot of interesting tricks totally totally um from disney we’re going to talk about uh netflix netflix had a huge success last week they’re just dropping content like crazy uh they had that movie extraction with crimson chris hemsworth uh written by the russo brothers uh directed by one of the the stunt coordinators from the marvel films uh sam hargrave i believe and i think they said 90 million households watched that movie which again if people have been paying 10 or 15 to watch in theaters that would have equated to you know a billion dollar box office in and of itself um but they also have shows that they filmed last year they were uh that may be timely and they had the trailer for space force the new steve carell show he’s on both apple tv plus with the morning show and now going back to some comedy roots with space force what’d you guys think of this trailer

i felt like office part two like a very cringy type humor like a return to that we know steve krill is awesome at that so maybe i think the shtick of this like the the content like that underpins the show is going to wear off more quickly than the office um and i think we have to find a reason to like these people and right now like off the bat there was a lot of people in the trailer that i did not like yeah i think it’s too real it’s too too close to now like it feels like a snl sketch and i i really am struggling and maybe i’ll be surprised by i’m struggling to imagine how they make this show last one or multiple seasons i mean maybe it’s not meant to be maybe it’s something that is meant for a season i don’t know man i the cast is enough for me like jane lynch uh john malkovich i i will watch this absolutely just to see what they have up their sleeves and see them interact with one another yeah no shoulders are talent but also that was that wasn’t what made the office charming if they’re trying to recreate the magic of the office and it is from the the creators of that show the office was a bunch of nobodies that their personas their on-screen personas weren’t overshadowed by their off screen i was surprised i mean i guess not because it clearly is going to bring an audience out but i was going to say i’m surprised that they’ve headlined from the creators of the office so strongly because i feel like this is very different from that and i don’t think steve carell would have signed up for it if if it weren’t um at this point like he clearly went in the more dramatic direction after the office uh in in theaters in in movies and uh this character he’s playing seems very very different than the bumbling kind of oblivious you know office manager well i don’t think it’s the same gag for sure but it is a manager of a department and it’s about the eccentricities of not only that department but also his his character uh in the the sphere of politics i mean it’s it reminds me a lot of veep you know the kind of farce that of modern politics but without any of the edge that hbo show like veep or silicon valley brought to being a satire on those worlds there’s some four-letter words yeah that’s that’s yeah i don’t think that’s what makes this thing but it’s that cringe style humor we’ll see how how much you can tolerate that because usually the cringe style stuff until you find a character you really like doesn’t doesn’t end up working over a long period of time yeah yeah um oh i forgot to mention uh in the disney earnings report they also talked about disney shanghai reopening in four days guys this is nuts so they it can’t be just like straight reopening they must be making some pretty major changes so like what are what are some of the changes that they’re making so obviously uh it’ll be lower capacity and reservation only so it’s gonna be okay so that’s another throttling capacity yeah you have to book the tickets ahead of time to even get in everything will be reservation time based there will be and of course with the fiscal distancing uh so they lost a bill they’re writing off a billion dollars because the parks have been closed in 2020 which is a massive you know part of their business uh the parks themselves being a massive part of the disney business so they’re they feel confident enough that they can at least open it even in some limited capacity at least get people to buy merchandise but i’m curious whether it’ll be staffed at full capacity and what’s being done right now to kind of shape the physical you know setup of the queues and of the public spaces in the park obviously the pandemic is hit differently over in shanghai and they’ve recovered differently than where we’re feeling right now so it’s hard to imagine something like a walt disney world or disneyland being open the same way anytime in the near future but i think a lot of people’s eyes are going to be focused on may 11th what shanghai disney looks like from an intended standpoint from an operational standpoint and then obviously a couple weeks down the line whether that has any whether those measures have any positive effect i mean it’s culturally different than the u.s so i can’t say but i expect initially upon opening a lot of these people will get a rebound effect of people the pent-up demand will be there pretty quickly and then it’ll level off to like whatever we we’re calling the new normal uh at least for a period of time or slowly build back up i i’m curious i’m kind of wondering what the experience is going to be like yes they’re going to throttle the number of

people so then the lines the cues are you going to be are they basically going to be gone because everything’s reservation based are you still going to be lining up six feet away from people i think everywhere in mass throughout the park i think the reservation system is for the actually attending the park uh so yeah and both the lines too yeah i can’t imagine they’re gonna i mean they’re gonna be relying more heavily on the fastpass style system rather than a two-hour wait in line yeah so like if they have the technology they could have people not just wait in line anymore they could be like just come back here at 11 15 and then they they can have only so many people in that line then like you know 15 20 people i think the harder question is like when you’re on those rides where it’s like 50 people in an enclosed room going like room to room to room like like how is that gonna operate are they just running those at lower capacity or or what it’s one thing when you’re on a roller coaster with like one other person next to you and it’s somebody in your party um but it’s another thing when you’re in those like enclosed spaces uh for for a long period of time and then it’s like really like the thing i’m most curious about is gonna be like restaurants bathrooms like uh hours of operation are they gonna close like close the park early so they can like clean them overnight like all that kind of stuff has to come into play the in the logistics where we associate disney as being the king of logistics um they’re just dramatically different and i think it’s going to be interesting to watch because it might be a road map for a lot of public places going forward it looks like they’ve demarcated the queues themselves with ground markings so not unlike grocery stores where they actually show you where six feet is uh they’ll i guess the queues themselves may actually end up stretching as long but there’ll be far fewer people in them and i i think restaurants are easy thing to solve because you they can mark off the cues they can mark off the tables um they can manage capacity but in terms of the shared experience of being in a theme park what does the parade look like what is the yeah the stuff that happens in the big public areas the performances right if you’re in a theater you’re watching one of those stage shows and the theater seating has to be spaced out the energy is going to be completely different and that’s what i’m keeping an eye out for because that will be an example of the other kind of public places and location-based experience are going to look to as well not just from a money operationally can they sustain the workers and at this capacity but you know what will the guest experience be like they’ll be running at 30 capacity which is 24 000 guests compared to the standard 80 so still feel packed that’s a lot of people yeah it’s still a lot of people yeah yeah i’m really curious again culturally very different do you think there will be 24 000 people there next week 100 they’ll feel lucky yeah they’ll be even more exclusive and experienced i mean we saw on social media people clamoring they want to buy buy flights to shanghai so they can get there jokingly so hopefully jokingly so because that’s not reasonable flights are happening once a week now if that and then you have to be under quarantine for two weeks so not reasonable practical from any any measure but it just speaks to the desire the pent-up demand that people have not just for disney but to go out and go to location there’s a series about those people on next season’s disney plus really no okay what are you talking about jeremy i wouldn’t want to watch that uh something i might want to watch very very interested in seeing how it develops is the announced borderlands film this is uh being directed by eli roth but also being written by craig mason i believe craig mason’s doing both the the last of us movie as well as borderlands what and this is the african chernobyl of course he’s in high demand but they announced that uh it might be reuniting eli roth with one of the actors he worked with in his last movie the house of the clock and its walls and that’s kate blanchet kate blanchett bringing hey in anything first of all period exactly it doesn’t matter she’s incredible this is interesting i i’ve never been a big borderlands player either of you no i did the first game i really really loved the first game um it’s one of those it’s a game that surprised me for its uh co like replayability of the co-op right it was a really great co-op game you jump with a bunch of friends and you’re basically you’re you’re hunting for loot for the best weapons

and they have the system where the weapons are procedurally generated and so you’re always get trying to get you know the the one weapon that’s plus five plus four plus one better damage or capacity than the one you had and they have a sprawling open world uh and wonderfully written kind of like really um tongue-in-cheek story with memorable characters uh but it’s really like a mad max style world so it’s going to have to be a magnum style movie and my baby’s crying right outside the door so hi baby yeah hi baby uh so i don’t know how it translates and uh lilith is the character that kate blanchard playing i don’t know if she’s in the first game but it’s a game franchise that the fans are obsessive about the visual styling of the characters it’s so many people have cosplayed the characters from the games uh both male and female and so the aesthetics will be hugely important to the success of this movie i think okay um we had an interesting question i’m gonna use as a little bit of a detour i know we’re also running very long but uh we’ve been trying to take questions from our discord uh it’s a tested or discord dot gg slash tested and there’s a this is only a test channel where people can post their questions and we’re gonna try to take maybe one a week but the question that we were asked uh this week by echo nix says he’s interested to know what video games we think would make good movies or could be you can see adapted in the future for better or worse and obviously borderlands is a video game that has been that’s going to be adapted into a movie and the reason i wanted to answer this question is because i want to ask you guys what is it about what do you what do you want to see from a video game movie or do you want to see video game movies at all i want to see a good movie and if it happens to be about video games all the better and the the one that seems to lend itself so obviously to me is half-life interesting yeah i mean that’s the right answer um i was gonna go off the board i i think what’s important is that with a lot of these video games especially the longer video games we develop real relationships with those characters and i want to see the relationships in game being brought to life in a movie where you can have more depth more understanding and so it’s those kinds of stories that uh that i think can can really play out in something uh really fantastic the one that i’m worried about that i think if done well could be great but it would probably be terrible is anything zelda related i don’t think i think that’s the the one where i’m super invested but i just don’t see it translating uh the one that i think i uh i think can really easily turn into a movie is god of war because especially with the recent remake where it’s kratos and the and the kid um exploring a relationship with all of like the mythology around them uh going on a quest lends itself to a movie and it’s really intimate because it’s really just the two of them so one way to look at this question is to look at the failures in video game movies in the past and what were the pitfalls and so clearly that in the history of hollywood video game adaptations were greenlit and made because of the money-making opportunity because there was already a bought-in audience right familiarity with a character not having to create a new ip means that you’re assured some measure of success from the filmmaker’s perspective from the studios perspective which you know you could say that the the mario brothers movie was was wasn’t great but the name mario allowed it to have some measure of success right and the same way we could say that the most successful financially the most successful video game adaptation so far came out this year it’s sonic the hedgehog and that’s a game where people is 100 familiar with the character now familiarity is very different than uh like name and recognition is very different than uh the relationships that players have with the story and the characters themselves it’s in the same reason that just because you recognize you know superman doesn’t mean you’re gonna instantly like a superman movie but because you’ve been reading you know marvel comics and superman comics for your entire youth growing up or playing the games because you spent 20 30 40 hours immersed in being the character right that that you have an affinity for it and that’s where filmmakers can get lost in that ability to adapt that emotional connection to something that on the big screen that fits for two hours as well as also making it accessible to a wider audience they almost have to make that decision are we going to make

a write a game you know you can make this perfect video game adaptation that is going to service all the emotional resonance that a video game player may have with that game right let’s say uncharted right being an adaptation coming up uh and then hope that the wider audience likes it as a whole or try to make a good movie but then what’s the point of making it a video game movie in the first place you know assassin’s creed kind of leaned toward that former one tried to make an assassin’s creed movie but was it really like if if it wasn’t based on any video game it would be just a kind of generic science fiction movie with not a lot of character development or resonance it was too much tied to the the hat tips and the the nods to the fan service the things that you saw that people had been you know experiencing through a whole franchise of video games uh the other thing is what you know so much of people’s love for video games is the gameplay right and we saw a lot of video game adaptations try to take that what was unique about the genre of game whether it was a first person shooter might be the zoom adaptation had the whole fps perspective uh or uh with a platformer or an rts or whatever and adapt it and then kind of again have a head nod to the actual mechanics of the game being on film when it’s a completely different medium and a completely different genre and i think that always falls flat which is why when you say half-life jeremy is something you’d want to see i don’t know i don’t know i don’t think that half-life works as a two-hour story it might work it might work better as a witcher style mini-series um but like the witcher wasn’t gonna work as a storytelling venue given how that game played uh but look at what they did i mean but the witch is an adaptation of book series that’s more adaptation of a book series than a video game series i don’t know what you’re talking about how could you possibly say that half-life would not make a good film this is i’m not talking about the gameplay like i forget like i don’t want to see a first person camera like the only time i’ve ever liked that is in ready player one when they jump into like h fighting a first person shooter on a planet and like you’re first person for a few seconds i thought that was doom world yeah yeah yeah yeah uh no i never even saw the doom film like i guess they did that but anyway uh i’m just talking about the you know the the mystery of of the of the g-man and opening a portal and aliens and what is the company doing and like you know using scientists and like just that whole aesthetic and seed of a plot that even half-life never fully develops otherwise people wouldn’t want more you know it’s like they always want to know like unfold the mystery a little bit more but you just said exactly why i wouldn’t make a good movie because one of the reasons why it makes for such a compelling narrative for a game that has those groundbreaking for its mechanics was the mystery was that the writers of half-life could leave so much in the dark because you just see glimpses of aliens or of the g-man and glimpses of what was happening in the outside world and this mystery where that would not be satisfactory as a film because you’re going to need to answer some of those questions yeah by themselves just answering those questions yeah may satisfy those who are fans of half-life but i’m thinking like the closest thing can imagine half-life is like the mist combined with die-hard that’s pretty good right it’s it’s a that that’s the pitch it’s a it’s he’s a he’s a scientist you know caught in this crazy cataclysmic event you know um a time warps or space warping event um so that’s die hard surviving that but the same time it’s the mist because it’s you know aliens and this unknown and this zombie invasion i don’t know i don’t see the problem with that combo that seems like a good combo or just make the mist and or die hard see like what what does half-life bring to that aside from the familiarity you have with gordon freeman i think it brings a certain kind of uh aesthetic like a a slightly more comedic take than you would get in some of those other franchises or slightly more lighthearted the problem is like a half-life movie will take 20 years to develop uh and like have all sorts of rumors um and in the meantime we’re gonna get like stuff like untitled goose game the movie uh so i mean there have been angry birds the movie and apparently that was

people liked it right yeah right right so so what do i know i mean i i think if a filmmaker loves you know one you would hope that the filmmaker loves the game and has a great understanding of what they love and what fans love about the universe of the game less so the mechanics right what about the world building what up the story compel them and kind of separate that love with the actual playing of the game right you know i love warcraft hopefully because of the mythology of orcs and humans and azeroth and not because i have these fond memories of playing the rts and the intensity of surviving an rts game or an mmo and looting in the quest right because you can’t replicate those experiences from a passive two-hour story and then when they pitch it it’s like they got to put themselves in the position i’m sure you know even gary’s had this um has gone through this many many times of pitching two studios where they would have to pitch in almost in a vacuum like what about this story and this this perspective and this this take on a video game story sounds like it’s going to be a good movie without the benefit of it being a video game movie because if you rely on the benefit of it being a licensed property and the familiarity of an angry birds or sonic that i think you’re already pigeoning your you know you’re working on a handicap creatively well it certainly makes you wonder how angry birds and sonic ever got made kids man as you said both very successful films yeah how about this dungeons and dragons maybe it’s a series maybe it’s a tv series now they have to i mean the cartoon when i was a kid was one of my absolute favorites it was it was a good show love the cartoon yeah and so i’m thinking they could certainly bring that back live action tv series 10 episodes and the thing about dungeons dragons is there’s no one character to lock on to there’s no set set of characters you have classes of characters and so right what does that mean for for something that is is a character-driven story i mean can it be done yes yes i think you don’t call it dungeons and dragons like the best video game movies end up being the ones that aren’t the actual quote-unquote video game movies but the fans feel like wow that was a good that’s what i’d want to see out of that game right it’s in the same way galaxy quest is the best star trek film for some people it’s like it’s the best star trek film because it’s not star trek but it taps in all these archetypes that we love from the star trek universe you can say like logan you know even though that’s a license you know wolverine story logan’s the best last of us film or or the road was the best last of this moment because it’s all cyclical everything is a remix right the last of us is a riff off of the post-apocalyptic you know court mccarthy the road style story and then logan is a riff on that as well so you could say like okay like indiana jones that’s the best that’s that’s that’s what i want to see out of a uh uh uncharted movie well that’s because they they reference each other right and maybe it’s i wanna i’d rather see a good movie that evokes all the feelings of a franchise without necessarily needing to have the franchise name or those characters hopefully that satisfies the question a little bit uh we got last couple more things in the pop culture section hey tom cruise is going to space izzy is he tom who’s gonna die in space is he so we have very little information about this uh outside of a tweet from nasa’s jim bridenstine who heads the agency who indicated they are working with tom cruise to shoot some sort of project aboard the iss and uh right now there’s no film studio attached as far as the reporting has gone and there was some early reporting indicating spacex’s involved as well uh my big question is like why do you need to do this like outside like nasa’s position or at least jim breinstein’s position was like storytelling in space will inspire a whole next generation of of scientists and engineers uh around nasa’s missions okay but like you know i watched gravity a couple weeks ago which is set aboard the iss that movie looks perfect i watched apollo 13 a couple weeks ago they shot that aboard the vomit comet so you got the zero g effects i’m i’m not clear like what needs to be shot in space that you can’t get from shooting on earth but that is the tom cruise story like every movie he does does things

that could have been done a lot safer and a lot easier and a lot more traditionally but he does them for real and you’re supposed to know that going into the films apparently and that’s part of the appeal of seeing these live stunt people do these things on film i i absolutely hate this idea but for the record and and this is it’s not like nasa hasn’t filmed on the iss you know four documentaries before they have red cameras on there they have the gear and anyone who’s kind of seen that footage realized yeah it’s amazing because you realize intellectually you know it’s not cg it’s it’s filmed in space but the iss is not cinematically lit and it’s cramped as hell and it looks it’s it’s unromantic in all the ways that space films want to romanticize space exploration it’s boring so you’re asking astronauts to be cinematographers and they’re incredibly talented but you know and they have that i’m not worried about the time commitment right it’s you know they have you know chris hadfield shot his music video in space and that that is incredible uh or the technology it’s like what is it like you said sure what does it bring to a story and how could you write a story that would make good use of it and not just be a you know 15-minute gimmick as part of it also just fundamentally i’m not into the idea of sending unqualified people to space all due respect to tom cruise like we send astronauts that have been through training and vetting and a selection process to space to do specific activities uh i don’t think tom cruise is going through like all of those things to get there he’s like shortcutting he’ll end up shortcutting a bunch of steps and it’s like if tom cruise proves out that he can run scientific experiments on the iss and advance other missions great i’m on board i signed tom cruise up that he can do all of these things but uh all of this just smacks as a use of a of a public resource for like a very bizarre unnecessary uh set of storytelling i am very deeply irritated by this story there’s no promise that he’s gonna be the one going to space anyway right he could just be producing it or his company’s working with them or be a film where he’s on earth and this the footage is in space like the biggest disappointment that i think making for making this announcement so early is that it might come out that you know they’re gonna be sharing some footage but there’s none of this this extravagant stunt and costly you know a hymn going to space that people are expecting i mean the guy’s pushing 60 right and think about this way he’s a young man compared to that woman who didn’t get the broom thank you jeremy you’re not over it you’re not over the broom moment let me think this way okay tommy lee jones in space cowboys was younger than tom cruise is now right so yeah i make your admission impossible movies like i i am all for somewhere sometime in the future like i maybe will be surprised by the way they’re employing you know the cinematography but like undoubtedly there’s opportunities to film interesting documentary style footage in space and eventually narrative but i don’t think it needs to be um you know now might not be the right time or i can’t fathom a creative angle that is actually going to feel exciting um from an action film i think kishore’s got his head screwed on straight here i think i think he’s got the right perspective but but i have always since i could remember wanted to go to outer space and i know i’m not alone and if i and i know i’m not going and it’s so if i can vicariously send tom cruise up there and be up there sort of through him and sort of say okay there’s a civilian up there who went up that i recognize for that moment maybe there’s something there maybe that that’s part of it and it may inspire children you know to to maybe it’ll inspire 100 kids to look at nasa as a career that wouldn’t have otherwise and that’s it that’s a good thing so i don’t know it’s not all bad we’ll see like the idea of that sounds great but there should be like some sort of selection process for it not just like tom cruise sounds good let’s do that um like that’s the that’s the part of that of what you’re talking about that chaps my head i mean richard garriott did it already and if you’re talking about inspiration that was a super nerd

video game designer who got to go to space let that be your inspiration right learn to code be creative i forgot he did that he didn’t go on the iss did he yeah you went on the iss yes wow lord british of ultima i mean obviously he comes from a family of uh people connected to space and uh there’s a legacy there but yeah i hate all of this i hate all of this so much you’re jealous worst no i’m not jealous i don’t deserve to go to space i don’t want to go i should not go to space no one should ever put my name on any list of people going being considered to go to space ever noted okay i ordered this i ordered the iss lego kit oh i have that too adam put together uh did you buy the lighting kit as well there are a couple lighting kits out in the world i did not but i did order the one for the apollo 11 lander oh very nice very nice that i think both of those work well with lighting kits especially in the dark because yeah that’s what they had on the actual you know iss and apollo lander um video games real quick billy mitchell back in the news what’s going on he’s doing now hot sauce convention what’s going on well i i didn’t add this story but i did uh brush up on it um apparently like we we knew that twin galaxies said that his scores were but were just bunk right uh that that he did not deserve to win those scores that he cheated the vhs tapes have been tampered with and apparently like he threatened to take it to court and apparently he did like but like this is not something that just happened apparently he brought it to court almost a year ago and i guess just didn’t make a big deal of it and now it’s been discovered that uh there’s a lawsuit filed and he’s trying to get his name cleared as donkey kong champion number one okay all right good for you yeah a good way to spend your quarantine time it’s fine for those high scores uh speaking of high scores at video games this is a really funny fun story on uh gizmodo uh they shared a video it’s a youtube video of a 1970s is that 77 yeah 1977 uh game called blip from tommy and it’s a pong clone that’s a wind-up mechanical game oh my god oh my god jeremy i know i knew this story was for you the video the youtube video is great because the the people made the video uh tech tangents uh they show the playing of the game and then they kind of x-ray with the composite of what the mechanism looks like beneath this handheld so the handheld has like there’s these two dials one on the left side and right side and it’s a wind-up game so you literally turn this timer dial and then underneath there are no batteries no electronics what you get is a mechanical arm that swings back and forth with a system of gears that actually replicates the game of pong okay but you’re not explaining that how the gameplay actually works it doesn’t you don’t have a paddle the analog moves left and right you have one two and three on either side of the board and the ball only goes to one of those three spots right and you have to determine i suppose in a matter of you know a half second which is about the time it takes for the ball to travel the whole field which one it’s going to go to and i can’t tell if there’s a pattern or not there can’t be a pattern it has to be i mean there has to be a pattern how do you randomize that because you have these nested gears yes in the same way you would have like an astrolabe you’re saying mechanically there has to be a pattern but i’m saying from a gameplay standpoint there can’t be a pattern so i wonder which one it is i there must be a long sequence of pattern yeah in the size of the gears the offsets and maybe there’s some you know maybe it’s something that could be changed with some you know notching system um but you’re right from a gameplay perspective there you wouldn’t want a pattern especially since they’re only three spots and it needs to be a game but it’s just mesmerizing to watch this lever hold this ball go left and right and hit in essentially one of six places in its orbit this is awesome uh it’s available on ebay prices have gone up considerably since this video went up yesterday wait there’s one there’s no there are many many there are many

uh but they’re mostly sold out uh before the video went up and because kizmoto posted the story and i’ll embed the video or link it in the description of the podcast uh they’re going for about twenty dollars working versions uh but now like a hundred dollars but i want to see this in action in person it’s called blip the digital game even though it’s completely analog all right going on my christmas list yep there you go there you go um okay before we move on to our next section in this holy crap long podcast already i won’t let you know that this is only a test this week is made possible by postmates we’ve been uh trying to support our local businesses here and doing uh eating or doing takeout and delivery a lot during this lockdown quarantine period and i have been really enjoying using postmates um i really like them right now because i get food delivered without leaving the house or even opening the door and giving what’s going on in the world they’ve created non-contact deliveries so right now when i order from local restaurants everything gets right left right outside my door they also have postmates pick up so you can order takeout from your favorite local restaurants um listen up you guys need to be supporting your neighborhood spots right now uh and it’s a great opportunity to discover the spots not only support places that you have loved uh doing takeout and delivery from for a long time but finding new spots in your neighborhood and post base doesn’t just deliver burgers and sushi they can make your life easier by picking up everything you need from walgreens 7-eleven or whatever shops uh like you know that you shop at and dropping it right outside your door just download the postmates app on ios and android find your favorites and get anything you want delivered within the hour now for a limited time postmates is giving listeners 100 of free delivery credit for your first seven days to start using your free deliveries download the app and use the code only a test that’s only a test for 100 of free delivery credit for your first seven days when you download the postmates app anything you need anytime you need it post made it and now we move on to give me a second where’s the theme here goes got some big uh updates from both microsoft and apple this week on their mobile side so we’ll start with the microsoft news first they as rumored they have announced the microsoft surface go to if you recall on the surface laptop line they have the surface pro which is the x86 based tablet slash laptop you buy the type cover to make it a laptop it’s essentially a laptop in the tablet form factor there’s the surface laptop which is itself a straight up laptop uh with the same materials but you can’t disconnect the keyboard and you have no hinge in the back there’s the surface book which is their high-end their macbook pro competitor that’s the one with the detachable hinge and it’s all kind of a metal and then there’s the surface go which is really their ipad competitor it’s like the surface pro but cheaper and less powerful the new surface go has a bigger screen 10.5 inch screen uh up from 10 inches and it has a high resolution so it’s 1920×1280 3×2 aspect ratio which i really like on these devices not 16×9 and it uses an intel uh 8th gen core m3 processor so it’s pentium the intel’s pentium mobile processor so base price is four hundred dollars um and uh the higher m3 model is six hundred and thirty dollars eight gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage so still x86 and then their type covers are 100 bucks to make it into a laptop form factor uh good for education and they were reviewed pretty well when they first came out um there’s also a new surface book this is their high-end uh macbook pro competitor and this just is a spec update in the 2020 models they have a 13.5 inch and 50 inch same as last year uh spec updates include uh nvidia discreet graphics so they have now a gtx 1650 max q on the 13 inch and a 1660 ti on the 15 inch not gonna be great for gaming but good for rendering and enterprise customers can use a quadro rtx so it’s gonna be good for your um

your 3d modeling uh and those are way more expensive so the highest configuration on those are like 27 hundred dollars and they use the new intel 10th gen mobile processors uh they also have some new surface headphones and new surface earbuds coming out 200 and 260 dollars i want to say uh and those are the big updates on the surface line uh max also got an update the new macbook pro uh it was long rumored to get a bigger screen so just like the 15 inch macbook pro went up to 16 inch over the holidays last year people were expecting the 13 inch macbook pro to get a 14 inch screen but nope staying at 13 inch but now it’s using the new 10th gen processors as well as the finally the removal of the butterfly keyboard so there are no more macs being sold with the butterfly keys they all go back to the magic new magic keys which are scissor switch keys so that’s the the big mobile update on laptops and the like um what else we got uh oh oh um stephen sinovsky do you remember who stevenson is no he ran windows back god for so long um but bit more most importantly and most memorably during the windows 7 and windows 8 eras so this was right when windows at the peak of windows you know windows 7 and right when ios and the iphone was becoming a thing and microsoft scrambled to transition to something to compete with the iphone with windows 8 and he’s working on a book called uh hardcore software inside the rise and fall of the pc revolution and he did an interview in fast company about you know looking back at his time at microsoft and what it was like when microsoft was feeling this kind of sea change with ios and with mobile and how they you know failed to have a response to the iphone essentially he’s still working on the book there aren’t like excerpts or anything but the one thing i want to call out was he says um the challenge he says that when he was there something that always happens and it’s happening right now is er there’s always someone in some company some startup or some you know analyst saying that there’s going to be a sea change that the next thing is right around the corner and we only remember the times when the actual next things came because not of the technology but because of the matching of the timing of the market and the technology so the iphone you know and not even iphone going back to when windows in office was a success it was a success not because those were the first you know desktop os’s or the first productivity tools but because the marketplace was perfectly primed for those tools to be ready and those technologies to be ready for a company like microsoft to take advantage of them and same for apple for things like the iphone and i think what he’s talking about really applies to when we’re thinking about virtual reality and most recently augmented reality with what’s happened at magically because for ar absolutely regardless of how good the technology is right now there’s a misalignment between the technology and what the market will bear and and what people want to use uh and what people are willing to use and pay for and we’re all wondering whether that is the case for vr as well vr being now well into its fourth year of having you know the rift and the vive and it being in the marketplace and there are a lot of articles that have come out from all sorts of naysayers saying you know even in the wake of half-life alex and you know a million new vr users being added to steam vr uh is kind of by itself in this corner and not growing at the rate that it needs to grow out whatever that means jeremy i mean i just think it’s unfair specifically about vr because you have this completely mature video game industry which is bigger than the movie industry now you know when when i was a kid you know video games were this tiny little segment of the entertainment industry and if you sold you know nobody sold a million copies of of any game it was like that you measured success slightly differently and i think that we kind of just have to enjoy this early phase of vr in the same kind of with the same kind of perspective as the early days of computing and so it’s not going to compete with uncharted and playstation yet it’s not

going to be like a a nintendo switch anytime soon even quest you know it’s uh but it is going it is certainly yeah i think it’s clearly reached a point where it has stuck and we’re just going to slowly incline until you know it’s it’s it’s just a hockey stick moment right i don’t know if we’ll get to a hockey stick moment anytime soon honestly like it’s things have got to get way lighter and more comfortable and affordable and the resolution’s got to go up field of view all this stuff um we can’t tracking issues so there’s a couple disconnects there there’s a disconnect between investor expectations and that’s absolutely true right when people were investing in over hyping vr five years ago six years ago all the projections were looking to not even the video game industry but looking to really the smartphone market and looking if we can even capture one percent of what the smartphone market then it’s gonna be this billion dollar industry and we’re nowhere even near there right so that mismatched expectation but that kind of also was that needed for the investment to be made in developers and in in hardware to get through you mean those promises those promises and and that those those uh kind of unrealistic expectations um to get through the the the early growing pains and the second disconnect is the disconnect between what’s being advertised right now you know uh in vr with it being consumer ready uh versus enthusiasts you know enthusiast ready right clearly it’s enthusiast ready and uh clearly anyone and and the the bar for enthusiasts is always lowering because it’s you know it’s easy to be enthusiast gamer or early adopter way easier to be that now than it’s ever been because of all the supplemental media around it right like building a pc 20 years ago to make you an enthusiast that borrow is much higher it’s much lower now to be a to be more than just a console game and the market’s bigger too um but is there a mismatch between that expectation of it being a mainstream gaming platform or computing platform or social networking platform and where the vr you know where like as you say it still needs to slowly grow before we eventually hit a hockey stick moment i don’t know i don’t i don’t know what the expectations are on the part of the investors at facebook um valve has no investors uh so i i don’t know it’s uh it’s just it just as long as expectations are in line with reality i think we’re going to do fine it’s just going to take more time and i have no problem with that i i because right now the generation to generation leap is so much more interesting in vr than it is anywhere else in cell phones or computers uh we’re seeing like the early console day leaps and bounds uh in resolution and capabilities and in just technical tech capabilities um than we than we have in any other segment right now and it’s and i think that that’s exciting and that does also speak for the uh the improvement in experience you know generation to generation and which will result in higher sales but i don’t know about a hockey stick moment anytime soon yeah and then if you make the analogy to either video game consoles or uh mobile hardware right it’s it’s not you know when we saw nes to snes to n64 right those are big jumps every generation but even the very first nes was a mass-market device that had had more penetration than vr has now so are we not talking about we’re not even the nes era but we’re still in the commodore and atari era where it was you know available to mass market but still felt a little more niche in the same way that when we’re talking about mobile hardware we’re not talking about iphone one to 3g it’s a four in which every device there was a massive performance sleep and brought new things in user experience but were in the pocket pc windows ce and palm pilot days where you know it was available to mass market but it was really an enthusiast product yeah i i mean i’m with you if if that’s what you think i i would agree with you yeah work with palm pilot days not iphone one days and uh we’re waiting for the iphone one moment i think it’s probably closer than i think than we think um i i think the i i don’t think even the quest is the iphone one of vr i don’t think the next quest will be either i mean who knows but uh i don’t i think we’re a ways away um all right uh i’m gonna get through a bunch of these tech stories relatively quickly uh intel has released its uh 10th gen

desktop processors now again these are the comet lake processors uh and they also have a skylake s which is their uh past gen but more cores 10 cores and and 5.3 gigahertz but they’re really pushing like as we discussed in the past weeks on the like on the mobile side the uh just the frequency that they can push on these because they’re still on a 14 nanometer plus plus process as opposed to a 10 nanometer which they’ve moved to on the ultra portable side on the desktop side you’re not worried about that power and you’re worried more about what you can what the reliability um and so uh those chips are out now um and to be clear the 10th gen mobile processors have been in laptops for almost a year now like they were in yes they were in dells nine months ago right but they have those weren’t and on the intel side those were still they didn’t move on to the 10 nanometer process uh until more recently um and it’s a different strategy because you know from a fabrication standpoint amd with the ryzen stuff has been on seven nanometer you know of late and that’s been doing real well on the mobile side and while they’re not pushing as high frequencies and clock speeds uh are getting a lot more performance per watt uh and when you look at rumors of apple going to their own arm base desktop chips the rumors were last week that it would be a five nanometer process so intel definitely has a lot of room to to grow maybe they’re going to surprise us after they’re done with this 14 nanometer plus plus generation um more computer stuff speak of some io uh the spec for usb4 is out and it will include displayport 2 support up to 8k hdr monitors usb4 is confusing because usb is confusing i could not if you put a gun to my head tell you difference off time i had between all the usb 3 versions after things had been renamed three 3.1 3.2 gen 2 all that stuff hopefully the usb4 will be a reset of that of the renaming uh but it’s 40 gigabits per second uh displayport 2.0 and uh the ports will be backward compatible of course with the existing usb with three it will it will support all the different ports that usb has now i would i don’t know what the ports will be presumably there’ll be a type a port and a type c port i can’t imagine they’re going to have a mini type b port because the usb c usb 3 mini was such a debacle that’s the one that the long and the short connected where the long was usb 2 essentially and that extra nub made it a usb 3 it’s what’s in essentially most usb 3 cameras and uh and portable hard drives before usbc became a standard and which itself had its own problem um this uh raspberry pi speaking from the most powerful computers we’re talking about the most basic computers raspberry pi has a new update it’s a camera update there’s going to be a interchangeable camera a lens a camera sensor with support for interchangeable lenses yes it’s absolutely wild looking like the actual sensor itself isn’t doesn’t look much different than the original raspberry pi camera which is basically a tiny little cell phone sensor soldered onto a circuit board with a long ribbon cable for all for the input right which connects to the proprietary ribbon cable connector on the raspberry pi so it’s a way to take advantage of like the built-in uh video decoding on the raspberry pi without taking up a usb port it’s very handy i use one on my 3d printer but this new one basically has a huge plastic connector so you can attach a lens onto it once you have a lens on there it’s as big as the raspberry pi it’s it’s pretty fantastic looking and and i can’t wait to see what the quality is like so if if you’re somebody that has a bunch of spare lenses around i don’t know who in our who on our podcast that could be this could be an interesting test and it’s it is a bigger camera sensor i mean relatively speaking it’s using a sony 12 megapixel uh sensor uh which is higher than the original eight megapixel one and the mount is it’s gonna be a c mount which is standard in film industry for 16 millimeter cameras c mount and cs mount uh i don’t have any c mount cameras i think it’s also the same as what you would use for like a security cameras lenses uh so it’s there’s no shortage of those lenses um and you can do things like change focus change uh focal distance um make your projects that much more versatile uh apple has announced its virtual wwdc this year it’s gonna be free to attend focus on developers of course and it will be on june 22nd online not much more we can save for

that except that again i think we talked about last week if apple is planning to do a major transition off of x86 to arm on the desktop side or the laptop side they would hopefully not make it a surprise they can make the hardware surprise but they should this would be the time to talk about it at this wwdc and allow developers to start porting their applications uh it would obviously be a big shake up for their suppliers and i could see intel stock taking a big dip if this was to be announced uh but they would have they ca they can’t just say here’s a new macbook with arm support and we’ve been working with 12 developers or x number developers privately under nea to do this they got to open it up to all the developers uh way ahead of time i remember happening next year when they switched to intel steve jobs got up on stage and brilliantly as always said that we don’t just have the most recent version of os x working on intel we have the last five versions of os 10 all running on intel like they’ve always had this skunk works office with engineers keeping the the os you know running currently on intel in case they ever wanted to make the jump so i would hope that they would be just as thorough and if they make the leap to arm that they will have everything running and have had everything running for a very long time and that’s i think everyone expects that to be the case and people have kind of uh confirmed privately to uh you know people in the know that that that is the case uh i don’t know how they’ll present it you know on on on stage whether it’ll be with as much flourish as steve jobs did but that confidence i think should be there whenever they make this announcement uh somebody speculated about a couple of those what would apple do with face id once you know everyone’s wearing masks and we got an answer uh sooner than i thought it’s just gonna be a software update uh apparently uh face id will still be the normal thing and the expectation is whatever they had plans for for the next iphone face id will be the way to unlock it it’s not like they’re bringing back touch id because of uh the pandemic and people wearing masks but they’re making it easier to switch from face id to ending your passcode to make it a shorter delay so you can swipe up to enter your passcode and swipe that delay so you bring up your phone and swipe up to enter your passcode right now you can even if you don’t have software update when it says the word face id on your phone you can tap that and that will bring up the keypad for you to type in your passcode it’s a little more of an inconvenience but it’s an apple way of saying deal with it because their hope is of course the face mask thing won’t be long term will be the next like three or four years who knows uh last bits of video game news uh ubisoft announced the new assassin’s creed uh it’s valhalla so they’re going nordic and uh it’s gonna be you know assassins set in norse history with vikings and stuff all right i haven’t played an assassin’s creed game in ages but uh i’ll bet it’s gonna look good they’ve done greek history they’ve done you know they’re basically pure fantasy games now right they’ve done pirates they’ve obviously done uh italian uh the renaissance and uh they’re just kind of globe trotting around the world tapping into different cultures uh something was really cool though to announce the game they did a live stream that was like multi hours long i know exactly how long but then artists capture the screen and paint digitally paint concept art from the game and people watched it and it slowly unveiled the time period and the the era uh and the culture in which the game would take place i thought that was neat you kind of buried the lead it’s uh this holiday for xbox series x and ps5 so that was my next thing uh with no e3 going on i know there are some the game publishers are still going to be making announcements and they’re going to be doing these you know virtual press conferences strong back to back to back but microsoft says they’re still planning on launching the xbox series x this year and the assumption is that that’s gonna be a race with ps5 as well uh because they want to get they want by holiday season they they want to make sure they they can get something on the shelves playstation already said they’re gonna have to limit uh the number of units produced i wonder if we’re going to hear a similar announcement from microsoft in the in the coming weeks playstation i can’t imagine they said that they were going to intentionally limit because they felt like there wouldn’t be the demand so i think there’s got to be supply chain things too i would expect there to be two but but the way they’re spinning it is it’s all you know it’s their their strategy

i don’t know this doesn’t it seem like this is the time there would be a high demand for video game systems i mean every every metric seems to be uh going in the right direction for video it’s just disposable income isn’t it no i mean i get what you’re saying but it’s like i’m a little surprised that that’s the spin they’re going with and maybe the demand is skewed for mobile right like mobile gaming definitely on the rise and switch gaming on a massive rise but spending hundreds of dollars you know 400 plus dollars whatever it will cost for a dedicated next-gen console plus the game to support it uh that might there might be a little less appetite for that i think there’s an opportunity here for google to jump in and nvidia for their streaming game stuff um and obviously sony microsoft have plans for that as well uh but uh we haven’t seen either of them kind of i think they’re they’re more bracing for supporting the current player base and getting through increased usage now uh then trying to on you know fast track new features and even if they do we wouldn’t see those announcements for a little while okay uh that does it for technology news let’s move on to now it’s time for a moment of science so apple and google released uh some more information about the api they’re co-developing uh that they are now calling um what what’s the actual name here it is exposure notification api uh which was renamed from contact tracing api so first a qualification every expert that i hear talking out there um every uh other country in the world talk about technology being something that helps with efficiency with contact tracing but it’s not the leader in it like we still need boots on the ground to track when somebody develops the cases and track back who else they might have infected and generally phone calls knocks on the door that’s the way this is gonna get done but this can help with scale it can help um at the periphery uh in a lot of ways they’ve set forth some of their um first policies on it and they’re they’re you know fairly stringent i think one is that there’s only going to be one app per country that has access to the api so there isn’t fragmentation two there’s multiple levels of user consent that goes through this so uh one they have to the user has to consent that the api is being used at all then it has to consent um to receive um or to share a positive test result before broadcasting any information uh they’re going to restrict access to any location-based data so you can’t through this api request access to any geographic location um they’re only going to um they’re going to limit the amount of information you can access generally and there is severe restrictions on gathering any information used for anything like advertising or non-covet related purposes so this feels stringent they say they’re still on track to release this api by mid-may which is i don’t know next week so uh lbc curious if they’re on track and what this turns into uh into development around the country a lot of public health agencies are already using apps that and some have geolocation capabilities to them uh so i think this is just sort of a augmentation to that uh again this is not like a panacea this isn’t going to be the dominant thing but i think you’re going to hear a lot of news about this when the api comes out next week all right i’m going to keep it short this week next week what i want to do is a listener uh q a episode uh the the discord is starting to fill with with some general questions people have so i’d like to do a just a full on let’s just answer any question you have about covet next week so start generating those questions uh i want to talk about the models what they say might be the pathways forward and there’s a few different scenarios that seem to be kind of aligning right now these models aren’t meant to be predictive about numbers of deaths or anything else like that they’re tools to make public policy decisions and there seem to be three scenarios that are emerging uh so one is uh that we have a rolling set of what we call mini waves after this so we went through like a peak period right now in a lot of cases some uh here in the us

some of those uh areas are still at that peak uh and others it sort of been a slow decline but one of the scenarios is that we’re constantly at this kind of steady state where there’s thousands of cases at any given time and that period can go from anywhere from 12 to 24 months and will only really be ended when a vaccine or a really big therapeutic comes on so it just becomes this background thing that just exists there’s always a few thousand cases there’s always people in the icu there’s always people kind of um contracting and uh unfortunately dying from this disease over over that long period of time um that’s a that’s kind of like a what i would consider sort of an optimistic scenario because it’s the kind of scenario that you can return to a lot of functions of society outside of like large gatherings uh and feel somewhat comfortable but it’s going to be this it’s going to be this sort of strange period where you constantly feel like coronavirus is a thing for 24 months that you’re that is in the background the second scenario is what’s generally referred to as the 1918 scenario which is that we go through this peak it comes down and then we have a massive peak in the fall that’s exactly what happened in the 1918 flu epidemic um we have measures that should limit what that looks like um this time around there’s better communication there’s better tools there’s a better understanding of what leads to that but as we’re having discussions of reopening there’s always the potential that we could go into especially this fall a massive uh peak again where cases just really flare up and i think part of the concern that’s driving that model is this fall we’ll have another flu season at the same time that coronavirus is still going around we don’t know how uh big of a flu season that that will be uh but if the flu season and coronavirus come together in a way that amplify cases we could see a pretty large peak at a lot of people getting sick at once and overwhelming healthcare capacity pretty quickly um i don’t think this scenario is well favored by most uh epidemiologists that that i follow but it’s a possibility and the third is that we have something that’s more sort of localized with lots more peaks and valleys so uh like detroit’s gonna have an outbreak for a period of time and then come down and then maybe like wyoming’s gonna have a peak and come up and down and so we see these peaks and valleys that are kind of spread geographically where you go through these higher peaks and when you go through those higher peaks probably those locations are going to go through some period of of the kind of like shelter in place type orders for a period of time and then open back up so it’s the kind of like rubber band effect those are the three most common scenarios they all have different consequences to what daily life looks like for us what and it could be something completely different from all of those things but those are the scenarios that are most often being discussed what i think is most likely based on discussions is something that like is probably in between all of these it’s not going to perfectly look like all of those scenarios but it’s gonna probably have elements of both uh i think there’s a lot of reason to believe if we continue to restrict travel we’re gonna see something similar to the last scenario where we have peaks and valleys uh and there may be communities that have to go through like a shelter in place and come back out just because um and i’m speaking about the u.s specifically just because we don’t have the testing infrastructure and the contract tracing infrastructure that would give us a lot of confidence that we’d tamp that down i hope i’m wrong but i think that’s what i’m starting to prepare myself for is this idea that i’m going to go into this rebound effect where there’s going to be a lot of back and forth with how this is and there’ll be periods uh and the fall is one of those periods where we might have to be more stringent um as people go back out and we’ll have to rebound forth and people as we go farther along are probably going to be less likely to to obey shelter and place and social distancing as time goes on it’s just sort of a natural course of action and that’s sort of built into some of this thinking and so i think that’s all a lot of where i am sort of um that’s a lot of where my head is right now based on what we’re hearing all this is very fluid all of this is based off of theory and projections on what we’re seeing in other countries what we’re seeing early now so this will all dramatically change but that’s kind of where some of the behind the scenes thinking of a lot of epidemiologists is right now uh i wanted to address one last um

thing that came up there was a big la time story that suggested there was a new strain of coronavirus going around of sars kobe 2 uh and it specifically references this mutation on the spiked protein if you recall me talking about a few weeks ago uh and it’s the d164g a 4g mutation uh what this uh paper that the la times story is based on uh said was basically like when we do the genetic analysis of the of the virus as it first appeared in wuhan versus the the one that is largely spreading in north america and europe and other places right now there’s been a mutation on that spike protein and it’s a different one and it might be more contagious than the the previous one uh science aside uh really what uh what that translated to is there’s a new strain uh going around and it’s super contagious and that’s just not true um uh as far as i know uh right now uh from looking at all the genetics on this and you can go to sites like neck strain which i’ve referenced before there’s one dominant strain there a virus that is largely everyone is encountering right now uh so there’s one type of protein on that one spike protein that everyone is largely seeing there has been a mutation in that spike protein from what originally was in wucon but we are not seeing any differences in transmissibility or death figures we haven’t done that kind of control so we don’t have any evidence that this mutation is any is operating any differently than the one previously that we saw in muhan and there isn’t multiple strains transmitting and then the word strain itself is a weird scientific term that doesn’t really mean anything viruses undergo a lot of mutations all the time uh and vit even mutations in things like the proteins that help enter the cell we don’t those mutations don’t always translate into like a different functional form of how the virus operates and so typically we use the term strain when we see a like a real functional difference in how the virus operates so like flus from year to year have different stains because they like physically operate differently and that’s why different vaccines have to be developed for them uh the coronavirus that we’re seeing sarsko v2 is mutating at a rate 10 times less than a than a typical flu virus mutates so it’s unlikely that we’re going to see a strain a new strain of this develop based on its mutation rate right now it’s natural mutation rate right now um this is again early evidence but i i think a lot of the hype around that l.a time story has been tamped down by epidemiologists that’s it for me always the good news sorry i had myself muted because uh there’s a baby screaming uh how much of this i know you said you talked about this is mostly framed around the u.s um but has there been talk about what operating procedures would be like between countries even whether it’s us and the rest of the world or even between countries that you know that have maybe flattened the curve or better states than we are i mean heck even within countries we’re going to have to have this conversation of what uh internal travel looks like because uh um you know a california giant state has largely had a pretty flat curve if we have um a pretty open um travel between uh new york let’s say which is still quite the hot spot in california how does that impact long-term trajectory of the virus uh the the short answer is we don’t know um there’s still uh two-week travel bans or two-week you know shelter-in-place restrictions for a lot of travel between these countries i think that’s going to persist for a fairly long period of time as a measure of control but i also think the other thing that we’re discounting is i just don’t think we’re going to see demand for that kind of travel and that’s going to actually deeply influence what we see in terms of the policies as well even with rebound effects of people being like i i want to go here to visit friends and family i haven’t seen much i think you’re gonna see travel uh on such a decline even domestic travel uh even over the summer when people are usually traveling uh that we’re going to see uh more limited impacts than what we’ve seen before but at the end of the day if people are using some of the measure the public health measures like wearing a mask and i’m going to start from wearing a mask keeping physically distant washing hands

really regularly even with that travel we’re going to see some pretty reduced transmission rates if if there’s infrastructure to test all of that i think you could see a more thoughtful coordinated uh uh curated set of decisions but i think what we’re going to see in the in the short term and by short term in the next six months is just two week shelter in place for anyone traveling between countries all right uh and then non-pandemic science news this one space exploration uh nasa unveiled uh i guess it had been works for a little bit but that as a part of the next mars rover uh the perseverance that there would be a potential and i guess this is still hopefully on track a helicopter drone it’s a quadcopter yeah it’s not a quadcopter it’s it’s two two propellers stacked on top of each other oh fair enough but but it’s like it’s like a drone right it’s like like it’s almost like dji made something that looked like a nasa device yes as part of the the rover payload uh this is called the ingenuity and the idea is that this helicopter would be a i would be able to test the the first kind of robotic flight on a different planet the information i’m looking for that i haven’t seen yet is with the martian atmosphere density being really different is what do the flight mechanics look like and i’m sure this has already been modeled out and tested uh but like what it takes for lift and a a lower density atmosphere is uh pretty dramatically different uh the power needs like the flight time all of that kind of stuff is going to be super different so i’m super interested also the the martian soil how that impacts like its uh ability to go certain places yeah very interesting analysis of this there are there are winds there right you have storms and the idea is that uh it’s not the same the wind is very light and the storms are very light compared to what you’d see on earth this is not supposed to be long-term flight this is five tests planned by flights of 90 seconds each once per day uh and the uh they’re hoping for operation we’ll find one or more flights within 30 days a four pound total uh payload for this helicopter and its max speed will be uh horizontal speed so will not just go up and down it will actually go out into the world into the mars into mars uh 33 feet per second or 10 meters per second maximum altitude 16 feet so that’s a big limitation there in terms of how high they want it to to fly up it’s gonna be great for surveying taking photos it’s gonna be awesome i i hope i mean i hope it’s i hope they do it and i hope it’s a success i’d love to see that that would be very inspiring i’m just amazed that this is something even though it’s been obviously developed in development for a couple years now that it’s still not ready but they think it can be ready for the 2020 launch to arrive in 2021 yeah that’s awesome right that shows like their confidence in making this this type of robot and the versatility in the perseverance payload that it could be something that makes it or somebody doesn’t make it but obviously it’s a test bed for all these experiments that they want on this next rover um that does it for science and we’ll go to our last segment which we’ll go through relatively quickly as well the vr minute virtual reality this week you know norman people there are some people that tune into this podcast just for this segment and yet you leave it for the end and then you often say let’s run through it quickly let’s do it like only one minute let’s go quickly let’s do it it’s called the vr minute jeremy let’s invert the show next week jeremy yeah let’s do it okay well the big news in vr uh this week is a rumor and that’s why it’s not so much big news and uh bloomberg had a story about uh their reporting that oculus facebook oculus has plans for a smaller quest as their next headset and that it was in development to be released by the end of the year uh smaller being a lighter uh as well as controllers that would be backwards compatible with existing headset that is not news none of none of what you just said is news we have you mean it’s not confirmed either

but none of it are new rumors there’s existing rumors dude package as the news story sources and oculus have confirmed already like months and months ago that the next quest would be smaller and lighter and better in every respect like they have said that that is public knowledge and then you know a week week or two ago we we saw more leaks about in the firmware for the new oculus uh quest you know firmware uh you know traces of another headset another other controllers these jedi controllers and we could and they’ve always said like as of the last oculus connect they said the next quest will be backwards compatible with current quest so that that was on stage so i’m just saying i’m just saying there’s a lot in this article that is not news to anyone who follows the industry yes uh what would only be news is timing if any of these plans for release was is going can be delayed or more limiting capacity i’m sure that’s at odds with the momentum that they see from the quest and roof desk being sold out during this time and kind of the hunger for something that’s you know then maybe next maybe there is less of a hunger uh because of the current headsets being satisfying you know they’re still straining to produce it or they might want to get ahead on whatever playstation might do with next psvr with the ps5 which we haven’t heard anything about yet either that’s an interesting point like they certainly have been on the phone with sony because they have two previous well it’s no longer exclusive to sony but a couple titles that launched on playstation vr coming to quest uh that that had you know either leaked or been put onto the coming soon section so clearly they’re friendly with sony uh i wonder if there’s gonna be any kind of parity between whatever sony’s got in mind and whatever oculus it’s working on in order to tie the vr industry together i wouldn’t read anything into the upcoming non-exclusivity for the games being a relationship with sony i think that’s just like contractual timing more so than anything that’s more by the development studio being relieved of their exclusivity obligation after a certain time after being funded by one company or uh another uh the big question i have for whatever quest follow-up comes up is if oculus decides to make this their also their desktop headset as it was demonstrated at the quest link how they can better support the quest link ecosystem the ability to run steamvr and desktop rift games on the next mobile headset either with a better type of included tether or better ergonomics for the tether uh or improvements on the software side for reduced latency and better visual fidelity or even options to customize you know frame rate and resolution and compression i think the streaming from the pc side i think the tether is a stop gap and we will see that disappear on quest perhaps even but certainly on the next generation there’s going to be wireless streaming that’s the hope right that would be hope i i i i find it hard to believe that a physical tether as much as in the long term it’s a stop gap would be in the next version be considered as loosely in integration as the quest link is right now yeah i don’t know it’s insufficient a tether for me um i mean virtual desktop is already so good and if they had if if if a guy who designed who developed that software had oculus’s access to their you know own apis internally i i bet that they could reduce the latency even more but that’s so hardware dependent more so than just the the radios but the the the uh the routers that’s gonna require a much more user setup well carmax suggested before he left the company that you could solve that problem with a dongle so you just place it you make it point to point from the computer to the headset rather than going through a router right usb 3 dongle yeah i could see that that would certainly make it much easier than uh um because you want to be relatively close i mean you can be relatively close to your pc running the game anyway yeah yeah interesting um software side so you alluded this earlier so tetris effect was previously exclusive on psvr uh it’s one of those things that we’ve long said it was on a tetherless mobile headset that would be so much fun and it looks like it will be coming to quest it was found on the coming soon page it was then taken off the coming soon page but yeah it was briefly leaked and screenshots screenshots were captured and i am excited because this is a really good game i mean it is the ultimate drop in for however long you want and jump back out kind of experience and it’s a it’s the best version of tetris in my opinion i love it i actually it’s the only game i bought on the epic game store because it does run on a desktop vr if you buy it from there

and then the other psvr previous exclusive coming to looking like it’s coming to quest is mini motor racing x i haven’t played this before what’s this one about i haven’t played it either but it’s a it’s a racing game it looks like um it launched on flat screen and psvr and um i have no idea it looks like a relatively you know mid-budget good-looking racing game that’s kind of got arcade aspects to it and then on the flip side a previous oculus exclusive which was a vader immortal from ilm x lab uh that’s making its way over to psvr i’m telling you they’ve been in talks i i hope i hope that means that pc is going to get um the robot game whatever that was called which robot game you know the awesome one the good one with all the little robots you run around the first party playstation game oh astro no no no why not astrobot i because that was developed internally see both all the games we’ll be talking about when we’re talking about tesla’s effect mini motor racing x vader immortal these are third-party studios that were paid for exclusivity uh as opposed to an internal studio i think sony still sees the astrobot stuff as proprietary internal uh competitive advantage for psvr there is no difference between internal or external if the proper amount of money is spent on external uh so if we don’t go for it we don’t know what oculus paid for vader immortal but it was a lot of money because it has not gone on steam yet and there’s been no talk of it so it’s possible it’s possible we could we could there was some sort of trade um i’m just i just fingers crossed because i love that game you’d love to play astrobot uh rescue mission on a quest i think more people should play it i mean the problem is that you would need a track controller that’s the thing yeah uh or you’d need to convert the controls for yeah whatever for touch controllers uh and then on the uh side quest side there is a new game called davigo is how you pronounce it d-a-v-i-g-o this is um been following the development of this on on reddit for a little bit but this is a asymmetrical multiplayer game for vr where in vr uh one player plays as a giant head and then other players play on a pc running around with tiny characters fighting this giant head there’s a version of this on psvr where you would have a vr headset versus players playing with the uh with characters on uh on your tv and even on the quest side you had that squirrels acron game uh that was also those mobile versus vr and this seems to be another version of that but the aesthetics are more basic here uh and the i think the humor is what people are going for uh and so it’s in public alpha now you’ve got to join their discord i’ll include a link in the show notes uh and you can try it for yourself dude public beta echo arena on quest nice also is the case it’s so good have you tried it i haven’t yet it you this is arena not combat though no it’s just it’s just arena but arena is to this day far more popular i mean it is the free ver it is the free game um echo arenas has been free for all oculus users of any headset and now it is open beta on quest so if you go to the app or go to the store inside the headset you can just add it to your account for free and play it and i played it yesterday with my son norm man this is they did a good job they did a really good job i mean with the tracking everything like the graphics these are big environments there’s a lot of people in them like their voice and the interface all of the procedural hand movements when you grab things it’s all there i mean the texture resolution is lower and i’m sure the geometry has been compromised but the guys already at dawn know what they’re doing like they have some real cred when it comes to doing a lot on you know mobile processors and they have put that to use on the quest to great effect i mean i was i’m really surprised by how well it runs it’s full 72 hertz it’s awesome and this is not cross-play so it’s quest only it is cross-play it is cross-play interesting oh wait wait that might be coming i think they had planned to launch that with debate with the open beta but that might still be in the works uh don’t quote me on that’s it but it’s coming if not it’s already in all right well that does it for uh this week’s episode of this only test any last things you guys want to shout out uh i’m doing a weekly twitch stream where we watch movies and then talk about the science

uh last night well by the time you’re listening to this we did alien uh which is awesome is this with a netflix party uh we’re doing different depending on the movie it’s different systems but yeah there’s different watch along components very cool and again if you have a question you want to ask us we’ll be answering at least one question every week from our discord just go to discord gg tested and there’s a this is only a test channel hope to see you hanging out there we’ve been hanging out there as well and we do have a new outro for you this week very excited thank you for creating that this one comes courtesy of black powder engine i’ve not listened to it yet but if you want to create one just search this is only a test raw outro you can find find the soundcloud file for you to mix something together uh we have a lot more videos on the site thank you again for listening thanks for supporting us thank you guys jeremy cashore for being here and here is our outro for this week hi there i didn’t see here the mandalorian baby yoda aka the child not the child stop it stop it it’s baby yoda just you’ve lost that battle you’re right kishore i’m not going to listen to what the corporate overworld tell me the way i should you know envision all caps or or do it the way their corporate logo and branding want we’ll call baby reactions on both sides thank you really good thank you for that i needed that and thanks for creating that outro file we’ll see you guys next week bye

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